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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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final push donald trumponmp hillary clinton going all out on a campaign blitz in several key battleground statements. while hillary clinton is bringing out the big starse hint trum tp still focusing on her e-mail scandal even though the t fbi cleared her for a secondecod time. >> murder mystery he in princeer william county a.m. young woman shot to death in ao death parking lot. pa what police are saying about this crime and the search for a suspect thimes and morning.or >> giving you a live look outside, it is monday morning, everybody, november 7th.ber 7th. weather and traffic coming upafu on the 5s at morning, i'm allison seymour. so >> and i'm steve chenevey. i ste welcome to fox5 news morning. mi right off the top at 6 o'clock o breaking news overnight.vernht we've learned of the passingsing of jaunted reno he who servede s as the first woman attorney general. she died early thiras morning ao the age of 78. 7 reno suffered with parkinson'skn disease for many years. years. during her eight years inrs office reno he oversaw somersaws major legal matters including the siege in waco texas t seizure of elian gun lez and the ran the olympic parkpark >> clock is
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both candidates continue theirdo multi state stops.tate stops. >> last night donald trump wasg scheduled to speak at a rallyaly in leesburg virginia but hesbur dig d nviot start until after midnight. that left a lot of peopleeople waiting a very long t anjali let me hill in manassas s this morning with the good morning. >> reporter:good well, goodel gd morning guys.uys. it's dark quiet and cold outoldo here for now but that will notot be the scene here later todayatd at the red rose banquet and event center where donald where trump's daughter ivanka will hold a speaking event. eve this is of course after a late t night in le trump whose event that wast was supposed to be at 9:30 p.m. 90 last night was delayed by the h hours. he didn't even start speaking until 12:30 this morning. morni now, despite having to wait w the thousands of supporterspo who showed up were reenergizedeg once trump got on stage.ta you heard lots of cheering and chanting and trump used his his speech to continue to army his opponents hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton isnts the mm corrupt person ever to seekn evr
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of the united states. (chanting lock her up). she bleached and deletedel 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena.uben and you ea you heard about today. but right now she's being protected by a totally riggedald system. >> reporter: donald trumponald u will be in five states latertest today. today. his daughter ivanka has twoas town hall events here ins re virginia today, the first onesto of course here in manassas. mas it starts at 2 o'clock.'c then she heads over to thehe trump national golf club in i sterling. she has an event at 4 o'clock oc
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lawmakers and grassrootssss supporters. supp also in northernor virginia forr the democrats tim kaine willkain be holding a rally at george mason's campus the north plaza p at 7:30 tonight. t then he's off to richmondond virginia at the richmond ricon international airport for anortr event that's set to begin at 10:15 tonight. so, a lot of events heading heai into the last day before last do election day. live in manassas anjali hem hull fox5 -- hemphill fox5 local >> little hill has decided noecd to the talk about the e-mail e-m scandal and the news she wasshe cleared once again by the fbi. instead she says she'll focuse'c her message on key swing key s states including new hampshire.hampshire. >> president for allnt for americans, those who vote for ve me and those who do the vote for me because we have to heal this country and that's going take everyone. >> today secretary clinton iss
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battleground states michiganmi north carolina an rally inchin philadelphia. bruce springsteen will join the democratic presidential nominee on stage.springmocratmia >> also following develogep.ingn story coming from universig tyui of maryland college parkcoll police looking for somebody driving aroundeg c lampusooki fa bb gun at students. sde two male students werematude reported being struck by bb pellets in separate police say they'repa looking fog a two or four door dark colored vehicle. vehic >> in prince george's county acg murder mystery. police trying to figure out who killed a 26-year-old woman tville. she was shot in a parkiryinng at on atlas way -- atlas walkway around 6:30 last night.0 last nt the victim was flown to theflowe hospital where she later died. investigators say it appears app the woman was targeted. t so far no arrests and police are trying to determine a motive for this shooting. sot it is the county's 20th murder e of the year. t yea a maryland man beaten to bte death during a weekends tripndst to toronto and this mornings mog the search for his killers continue. cont police say 26-year-old julianul jones was in the little italy ia
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party when he was attackedd outside of a bar early saturday. police say this was unprovoked. unprov joins johns was repeatedlyepte kicked in the head and stompedmd on. police have not been able tobeeo track down the two men men responsible.on jones was a close friends of fro the groom's and also he wasd ala engaged to be married himself.lf >> happening today another t protest over the death of o terrence sterling. sing. organizers say almost twors says months after d.c. police shot and k still far too manyd st questiono protestors say they won't stop to expect this to be the largest mobilization yet for sterling. st that's this evening from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. >> ??>>?? >> 6:05 on a monday morning.orng hello. >> good morning. >> how are you. >> good. how was your weekend. weend >> great. thank you. >> excellent. >> excellent gala on friday. you. >> very good. >> all right. >> went to the wizards game.
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we're responsible for their tir only win. >> so far. >> take the credit.>>ake let's do the forecast.oras sun is up an hour earlierli 6:42 i think.nk >> he oh, yeah, i enjoyed theent the extra hour of sleep. sep >> yeah, so, of course we've moved back that clock and a sunset will be at 5:01 so planla acrdinglgly. don't forget getting darkngar earlier later t 46 now at reagan national.ationa it's chilly out there. dulles 41. bwi marshall 41.arshall frost advi41sories continue for parts of the area nc generally all the counties coune that are just east of us, west w of the chesapeake bay. b write that down. take extensive notes.veotes. >> did you say 5:01? 5:01? >> yes. lots of sunshine today.ts of su beautiful day. cooler than yesterday.strday yesterday we hit 70's.stit today i think we'll be luckyuc to get into the he low 60's, 60' maybe 62 but should be aho a beautiful afternoon.beauti i took a couple very nicey ne pictures of >> i saw those. those
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peeping. peeping. >> he's a leaf peeper.s leaf >> all legit. and should be another beautiful day. >> nice. >> thanks tuck.>> >> let's say good morning to erin. good morning. s >> good morning.ayg to >> we can hear your laugh frommo over here.rn >> makes us >> mak >> thank us listening toiste t ke$ha all morning in the traffic officea al trying to hye it up for monday morning.for mor i was a little sleepiertle sepie earlier. not going to lie. traffic increasing in college park.noin you can seecrea all those brake lights on the outer loop from 95 ton the georgia already it'' about a 10 minute d inner loop much quieter fromte f connecticut to 95.nnecticut to i'll let you know about that. ta no crashes to report. rep you know the drill top of the te beltway outer loop is just jamming up with a lot of dy ou congestion. we'll switch it over from skyfox to a look at ourl swit mm and show you what else you're eu facing this morning.faci you can see that yellow line yee that's where skyfox s look at 395 from 95 as you cross the mixing bowl making your wayour past duke street there's's congestion starting to build there. th through cheverly 50 inboundchev from the beltway really to 295eo you're going to hit some s stop-and-go traffic because of a volume and then 50 on thehe
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295 on the southbound side sid from 50 through about easternten has congestion. 95 traffic is flowing on theowin northbound side. however, as you make your way through stafford not flowing so nicely anymore once you y past that point things openngn up. it's from fredericksburgdericksb through about courthouse road r you'll hit some stop-and-go hit traffic. same story from dale city to the occoquan as you sry f head o the beltway stop-and-goel fiaffic there. things starting to jam up for j sure on 66 eastbound, 234nd23 through 28 and again fairfax a f county parkway to the beltway.ey just a lot of stop volume buildingtraf on 270 south from 70 down through urbana uan pretty big stretch right now.htw it's about a 15 minute delay from 70 through urbana.rb things open up as you try topen get into rockville. rocil i'll keep you posted on that. o. metro is on time except forept safe track surge 10 impacting i the red line. the any questions at erin fox5t en d.c. on twitter.d.c. otwitter. steve and allison.steve al >> keep an eye on gas prices. a earthquake struck oklahoma. oh
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behind bars. a big break after a missingis woman was found on a south a s carolina man's property lasty st week. >> on this election eve we'llwe get a visit from the mayor. mayr muriel bowser will join us oner good day this morning.ay thi i don't think we'll talk abouti the election but we'll ask the mayor about filling two of thege top jobs in the city, thebs in h police chief and the schools soo chancellor and why one ofcellora those may be a priority overr the other.oth. the mayor joins us at 9 o'clock for good day. >> ?? after all donald trump has said and done... you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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>> ?? >> a powerful earthquake rattled a he key oil hub pow a 0 quake center here cushing okayeh he can a town where major pipe p lines come t hit last night beforet st n 8 o'clock was felt in severaln a other states parts of texasf kansas and missouri.soi part of damage to buildings, minor injuries nothing major residents described what itnt felt like when everything started shaking.s de like >> heard the whostle houseartede shaking and i went outside i heard the rumbling in the ground and nothing in our house broke or fell offer the or walls. >> i came flying up off the couch because i felt it shaking. my aunt grabbed her cousin offae the bed and we ran outside. the after shakes were justakese crazy because they were justus like -- >> nearly 60 million barrelsy 60 of crude oil are held in above ground storage tanks in that town. so far no damage to that has been reported.o da the 19th earthquake though tug reported in oklahoma in thelaho
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>> 6:10. in south carolina more human remains discovered on then t property where a missing womansn was found alive campaigned inne a storage container.iner todd kohlhepp a realtor and convicted sex offender was arrested for the crime he led hl detectives to two bodies on his property. ppe one has been identified as the missing woman's boyfriend.. kohlhepp also confessed tonfesse several murders including killing four people at ag fo motorcycle shop back in 2003.ho0 the fbi and homeland securitycu are assisting in this >> overseas this morning majoroj flooding in vietnam has killedni more than a dozen people andn destroyed thousandsa of homes.m security forces are on the scene to help evacuate evacu residents to safety. saf heavy rains also triggered tgger landslides damaging a numberes of roads d there. u.s. allied troops in both b iraq and syria closes in on i isis this morning.g. overnight iraqi fightersght irai approached agh town near mosulrl also held by the islamic state. kurdish forces also working towo remove militants from the city of >> coming up next an update to u there transit strike in strike
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the polls. >> and a live look outside as lo we head to breokak o outn thisso monday morning. morni there you see mgm in the background. weather and traffic on the
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i'm luann bennett. over my 35 years living in northern virginia, i've learned a lot. how to raise three sons and build a successful business after my husband passed away. how to bring people together, set positive goals, and get things done. that's what we do in a diverse and inclusive community like ours. that's what we need in congress to get it working again. and that's why i approve this message and respectfully ask
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>> ?? >> hey, good morning. there you go. traffic running>> hey smoothly.hly i don't really know where.he but okay. okay. okay. outer loop of the beltway.loop just the usual delays. you can see he somehe bre uaksrk there but otherwise -- why amy m i giving you traffic? t thi i can tell you this.s. the weather looks fantasticer out there early this morning.e hey, brlack to school.chool. you excited this morning? d thig yes, let's do it. i bus stop forecast, it's chillysi out there. the. overnight lows have fallenave f back in some cases into theses t low he to mid 30's. 30' make sure you got a jacket jacke handy much yesterday we madech d to it 70. today more like low 60's for daytime highs but notice thatigc once we get rid of the chillf tc we'll be sunny and pleasantt and beautiful this afternoon. ti should be a nice dry day ands da we're not featuring a whole aho lot in the way of rain showers e any time soon.n.
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frost advisory.frost adviso earlier we had some frost fo and freeze advisories right upst and down the 395 core do.. it has been reduced. now it's just prince george'se and anne arrundel county.ount at this point i'm not sure whyi we're showing you that becauseha we'll start to warm things up. frost advisory for a few more hours. here are your y 46 in the city, 30's off toou our south and west.the cityr h quantico hane is 39. 39. below freezing manassas 30 degrees.. ly 33 he in culpeper. cpe 38 good morning fredericksburg.rg. of very cool air cold air in some cases. martinsburg 34 degrees as we're waking up with highh hi pressure right overhead. orhea very quiet weather pattern.tern that's great news. gre not only will today be -- near r good shape tonight, tomorrowpe t for election day sunshine,unsh temperatures in the low 60's. i about where we should be forshlb this time of year. our next frontal system outal s there in nebraska right across s the midsections of the countryfc he will arrive wednesday, so,o until then, we're just j featuring lots of sunshine and high pressure overhead and asuns
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so, erin, get out there and enjoy those leaves next coupleve of days. day >> beautiful leaves.utul l >> yeah. 62 today.62 today sunshine.ns 68 tomorrow.hi or we'll warm it up up ahead of our next front for election day, should be a beautifulul afternoon. couple showers wednesday and then we're in good shapehoweregd again. do want to mention next weekend looks chilly; maybe may cold. e more like low he to mid-50's and overnight lowsow may get very close to freezing z by sunday morning.or that timeni of year.ea sad emoj. >> right now 6:16 tucker.uc we'll take a closer view oflosew what you showed everyone justonj a few moments ago.ts this is the top of the beltway e in college park. the outer loop where you seeop u those brake lights from 95 over to georgia we don'tbr hakah any crashes, it's just the jt morning volume right now. now it's about a 15 minute slowe down from 95 to georgia. georg you know the drill. you can always take east-west-ws highway.ghway. otherwise just factor in thatact time before you before inner loop moving along fineing from 270 spur.pur. over to 95 you can see volumeeem increasing there as well.easiwe just not nearly as heavy ass
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we'll look at one of our cameras. 66 inside the beltway righttway now as you make your way fromr r the beltway to washingtonashingo boulevard really heavyulard traffic. looks like we lost that camera a so we'll go to our maps. just be mindful through falls church into arlington traffic is definitely pack backing up.p. 270 southbound in frederickn fre there is a crash within then delays at 80 so that's slowing o things down even more from 70ro down through 80 and then a you're slow a little bitre s through urbana as well. some caution there. there i'll keep you posted on your y 270 commute this morning.orng northern baltimore-washington parkwaye- still quiet 95 from the icc down to thewaqu beltwieay.t route one and baltimore-washington parkway in both directions past powder mill looking good. you can see that yellowe-warectn on the top of the beltway top o that's where we showed youou where skyfox is. southern maryland quiet driveylt is starting to pick up. five inbound as you make youre way from the 301 split through t brandywine into inton starting to see volumeee volume building there.buildi there. 210 on the northbound side from accokeek up through forteet washington, traffic buildingon, as well. and then four inbound threwnbout
6:18 am
house starting to taking a look at oe urst wide ve right now. ght things aren't terrible inside ie the district but 295 that linet of red right there from 50 on down to eastern you're're starting to see a lot of a l o congestion slow things down.own. same story 95 southboundthbound through we'll keep you updated with your morning commute. mor that's your look at steve andou allloison.. >> well, it was just a drill.ri yesterday metro and firstirst responders working to makeking t sure that they were ready toad t help you in case of a real emergency.ncy. a full scale emergencyle eme response dri southern avenue station. stion the prince georges county firere department teamed up with d.c.ea first responders and metro for f the drill. it gave first responders theer e chance to rescue people from a smoke filled train in a tunnel. >> philadelphia, pennsylvania, the transit strike is overlp for now. early this morning workers andor the union reached a tentative deal. de last week workers went on strike then halted busesbuse subways and caused major m traffic tieups throughout theghu city. >> election day deals. next where you can cash in on your vote. v
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>> back now is the stocks he reacting this morning afterocks h the fbi cles hillary clinton again.ll joining us now from the faroxhex business network studio on an monday lauren simonetti. simonet good morning. reporteter: hey there. goodr: hey morning: how is it i going. happy monday. happy mo happy less than 24nday hours unt election day.on >> i know, right. it's s>>urreal that the day isey upon us but i you know, folks are reacting ren to the news that the fbi says, okay, she's cleared again.ared n >> reporter: right. well, the stock market sellingke began right after fbit directoo james comey said they were he re-examing hillary clinton's cnt e-mails from her private server and last night theyy cleared her again and with that clear skies the stock market goes up in a big way. well noeees ded relief because a you know the broader marketader was riding its m longest losingg streak in 36 years, nine days, d
6:22 am
rally, i really mean it.eall mea the dow is up 240 points.oi the s & p is up one and a half percent as is the nasdaq it's not a rally just in the u.s. u it's worldwide. worldwide. when the polls were tight were t fling and they are still tightth but when theyey were tighteninge no one really thought, oh, president trump what could that do to the market since we e saw a selloff. sel >> so interesting how political science.political scie it's very interesting.y interti. >> reporter: yes. >> let's talepk about some abo e stores that are cashing in onha the election andt heyar maybe e get a free slurpee orlurpee something. >> reporter: so, the first so, t polls open at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. to and you can get a free coffee cf if you head into you have to use your mostly youy cloudy app to get that. look, zip car, this is a coolcao one. now fortunately thenow philadelphia transit strike isii officially over. however, zip car 7,000 free,000 rentals are going out during dun
6:23 am
your polling location and castit your vote. vot gold's gym is giving you free y access if you have an i vote v the i can't wait to get myet sticker. st not sure i'm going to gold'sgo gym but i'm certainly going to vote. >> but you could go to bob y cou evans or maybe white castle. cal >> reporter: there are tons aret of places that you can go ands get something free becauseth yoe voteed. .> love it. okay. >> reporter: what do you think? doepor you think there'y going to be huge turnout like we're seeing with early voting or do you think it's ghuoing wng be low turno tut overall. overa >> you know i really don'tll don for the first time ever iti eve voted early because i thought io maybe it would be really crowded tomorrow but -- or i --o just wanted to have my voicee m heard so it's just -- nothings u is what it appears this time t around lauren, that we canha agree on, right? right >> reporter: 100 percent.ercent >> 100 percent. all right, let's talk aboutbout facebook trying to creep intoep our televisions with ads. a i moon, it's ingenius but it'sts also infuriating.nfuriating. >> reporter: gosh darn it there's not enough room on your mobile phone screens no oro
6:24 am
another advertisement so a facebook might as well take over your television screen and they are this weekok mig the reportedly this report comes from recode working on ways to get advertisements on the big screen. should you watch tv via, yousc wknow, apple tv or rokuv oroku something like that.someing they teamed up with a and end that's one of the companies to p show you advertisements on television.tele why would they do this? well,th yeah, there's room on the television. also there'stele about $200 billion in tv ad spending that's up for grabs and most of the 18 or so billion 18 orili dollars in the last quarter qrt that facebook made came from marketers. >> it's amazing. it's ama i remember the conversationsveao like how does facebook make mak money? now i think we know. >> reporter: u kh-huh. >> lauren thanks so much.h. >> reporter: ads, ads.ds, ads. >> ads, ads and more adds. have a good day. we'll see you tomorrow for thewo the big day.the day you, too.oo >> 6:25. the forecast is looking pretty good for electionst i day. >> looks about 70's tomorrow with with sunshine so, yeah. yeah. >> beautiful time of year.of y
6:25 am
you. with overnight lows back ins bai the 30's culpeper now below he h freezing. freezing 46 here in the city.46e in t winds out of the north at 10.t it's going to be a cooler dayooe than yesterday.esterday yesterday we made to it i today more like 60, maybe the my low 60's here in the city but cb lots of sunshine and anothernd a beautiful afternoon expectd asea we've got high pressuree overhead and look at that, t really no storminess. no stormi. not even much in the way ofay cloudiness even several states away here. we'll get out to central partstp of the light rain. looks great tomorrow for election day 68. thisrs thi of showes grrs week will be wednesday.ednesday. notice the temperatures get ahe little cooler particularly byula .ext weekend. we might do our first actualst a freeze here in the city by next weekend. >> all right. >> ends of growing season. sso >> thanks tuck. >> let's check in with erin. what. >> this is the bottom of theis tbeltway inner loop by braddoca
6:26 am
springfield interchangentch towards 66 you'll hit someom slowdowns. reports of a disable vehicleleee blocking the shoulder.ho legion bridge starting to see ts a lot of heavy volume on the vom inner loop and outer loop right now specifically the now inner loop coming up from s66u across the bridge. bdge. we'll forward our cameras c again. again. those aren't the only areas the where some congestion isgestn building this morning.orni we're seeing a lot of she downs on 66 eastbound as you 6et come past sudly road from 234 f3 to suddenly it's about a 10 to0 15 minute delay.elay. those delays continue as youlays try to get to the belt beltway to washington washington boulevard we're also seeing sin some jammed up traffic. tra this is the 14th street bridgerg where a lot of folks patiently f trying get to the freeway thiss morning from the bottom of the e beltway as you pass duke street trying get past thet t pentagon and crystal city it's c about a 15 minute delay ofdelayf stop-and-go traffic. key bridge starting to seestopg some jammed up traffic from trao rosslyn into georgetown.eorg as we forward our cameras 295ams on the southbound side from 50 down past eastern a lot ofrn a l brake lights there because ofht volume increasing.ncre
6:27 am
northbound 295 jams from the bottom of the beltway to the 11th street bridge.f th11th st we also brhave a crash 270 csh 2 southbound by 80 as you makeu me your way out from frederick frei into urbana. back to you guys. >> final push and a campaign caa blitz in northern n where the candidates and their r teams will be today on this election eve.tion >> super busy day.ay joe flacco will to come out ofiu yesterday's game for angame f a unusual reason and the and t internet went crazy. the morning line is next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves!
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>> ?? >> welcome back everybody. 6:29 on a monday mournincog.meon welcome to fox5 news morning. mg look how bright it is at 6:30it6 in the morning. hopefully everything went well with your turning your clockck back daylight saving time. welcome back to fox5 newsay liome bamorning. we'll have weather and trafficea on the 5s atth 6:35.:35. meantime developing overnight ot a late start to the donald trump rally last night inht leesburg virginia. donald trump didn't arrive until after midnight.titer the start time for the rallyr ty was supposed to be 9:30.supp he didn't take the stage again n until after his daughter ivanka will be in manassas this afternoon for as o town hall style event and tim kaine democratic tim kaine k will make a campaign stop inn fairfax to urge virginians togin get out and vote.ot during hillary clinton's cnt final push she has decided notet to talk about her e-mail scandal. in the news that she wasscan the cleared once again by the fbi. instead, her camp says she'llayh focus on her message in key swing states.swintes. today clinton is scheduled toedd make stops in michigan mga
6:31 am bruce springsteen will joinsprig her at a rally inly philadelphia.ilad today's other big headlines for you, the murder>>t of a young womanhe in princeri william county. count meals say the victim was shot ws in a parking lot on atlas o atl walkway in gainsville around 6:30 last night. investigators say it appearssars the woman was targeted.s tge so far no arrests. no arres this is the county's 20th 20t murder of the year. yea and we're following a follo developing story from the university of maryland collegeyo park this police are looking for someone o driving around campus firing a two male students reported repod being struck by bb pellets inels separate incidents.sepa police say they are lookingy arn for two or a four-door darkdoorr colored car. and breaking overnight, oveg janet reno the first woman toomt serve as u.s. attorney generalal has died.has die she died early this morning. mni she was 78 years old.ld. janet reno he had suffereduf with parkinson's disease forea r yea years. during her eight years in office reno oversaw some majore
6:32 am
siege in waco, texas, the seizure of elian gonzalez andzaz the atlanta olympic park bombing.mb steve. >> skins bye week officially over right now team gets back to the p brayectice fihtel ndsod after we'll hear from thel ar f player and head coach. last game we all know ended in e a tie that was the londonheon game. this week they host the the vikings and the vikings gotinot off to a hot start but haven'tuv won a game since the gink off october. back to the burgundy and gold t.o during thego off week josh wk norman fined $25,000 for his00 comments following the london ln game directed at a official. since 2014, norman has the dubious sting of being tiedei for the most money fined in the nfl.e n. with his rival odell beckhameckh jr.jr norman says he plans to appealpp the latest fine.ine. norman will be at fedex f field today joined by redskins owner dan snyder and wide receivers he pierre garcon andan desean jackson.sean jkson they'll join volunteers tos t give out thanksgiving food basketss to thousands ofet families in need in princess in orgege's county. this's year's harvest feast. fst
6:33 am
deliver some 30,000 pounds of turkey. last night raiders provedded they're the real deal took over sole possession of first position in the afc west. murray three touchdowns. oakland won 30 to 20.o scare for the ravens fansr f happened during the thirdthe thd quarter against the steelers. sl flak he company ran on third onh ground slided awkwardly appeared to injure his knee. turned out it was just his j knee brace. not his knee that was team tweeted out a picture of pf the brace after the game andnd flacco later apologized for "putting everybody through that." orioles catcher poked a little l fun at flak he flahec he took to twitter postingting this video offering a 101 lesson in sliding.ling raiders beat the steelers dueelu in part to one of the worst w kicks you'd ever he see. s botched on side kick and youe can't kick it twice in the nfl. still questioning in it wasquesi the worst kick ever including myself.myse kicker chris boswell tried toed
6:34 am
obviously it didn't work out.. he pretty much knocked thehe ball off the tea. he was penalized for kickingenar the ball twice. game over and the ravens win. w that is ugly. >> but he looked he was going to kick it in that direction anyway. >> i don't think anybody understands any of that. from this angle you can donrstal see the behind the back --ack -- >> it's a comedy for the internet. internet. excited to see what theci internet will come up with.ted >> it was rolliilng lastl nigh. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i feel like i could do that or maybe >> you could do that.>> y i think a lot of us couldou usou probably do that. t >> that's kind of hard though, g little irish dance move. >> completely unnecessary incess football. >> it wasn't like they didn't know what was coming,. sn't lg, >> right. >> not exactly a surprise. suris >> maybe he was sleepy. sep >> maybe he was sleepy.le all right, let's get to thehe weather. that is a sunrise -- that isat not today's sunrise.noto there its from two days ago but that is our jack frame. fme
6:35 am
the reason i mention it theont sun is up an hour early today ty at 6:43 a.m. >> really amazing. azing >> yup. >> current temperatures 46 in nt temwashington. we have 30's outside theave beltway though. in fact lowfacl 30's, places like culpeper culpe this morning are belowel so plan accordingly.ording it is definitely a cool, cool c morning and it will be ad wil cooler day than yesterday.yestdy daytime highs only about 60's 6 or so.s all right, otherwise, quiet weather. weathe the east coast featuring feari sunshine the next couple days.hp we look great today. fantastic tomorrow fornt election so, if you're waiting in line make new friends while you're voting tomorrow.omro >> make some new friends. newrin >> maybe not talk politics polis while in line.whil >> no. >> that's over now.>> t >> talk about the redskins.abe . >> now we >> yeah. 62. sunshine and a cool afternoon, winds out of thet he north-northeast at five.e. >> looks like a nice day. d erin how are we looking in traffic.
6:36 am
>> [inaudible] >> thank you ally son. i tha like the mood. in the hood for the electionctio tomorrow.ow southeast-southwest freewayre inbound delays disabled vehicle just before the third b street watch for those slowdowns.for t you can see the westboundslestb delays. we have reports of a crashe before the third streetre tunnen as well. so problems on the freeway in both directions.tis. 395 northbound from thed from t beltway to the 14th streeth st bridge about a 15 minuteinut traffic gets really heavy down by 236 and then again acrossos the bridge to the freeway. out 66 eastbound from t we're seeing a lot of congestion into arlington sontno give yourself some extra timeime there. 95 northbound a disabled vehicle blocks the shoulder indi dale city right now. now it's right north of woodbridgedb blocking the shoulder butul b that's adding to the already aea slow moving traffic. traff as you make your way from dale l city an cross the occoquanccua some extra time needed there. 295 kenilworth southboundhb visit to the 11th street bridge somt toe very heavy traff right now. ri look at that long line of red of causing big delays throughshr cheverly.
6:37 am
we have a lot of heavy volume on suitland inbound pastbound st alabama.alama. 270 southbound crash at 80 within the delays causing some a slowdowns. new crash reported by 118 on by 118 the southbound side. give yourself extra timeextr there. we'll keep you covered thisou ct morning. that's your traffic.r tr metro is on time except for exc safe track. allison and steve.teve. >> new christmas trend thiss year. why you might want to savet toae your empty wine bottles. btl tell you about it coming up. >> plus how would you like toule spend new year's eve withit justin okay, how about you maybe? you m you can but it will cost you. yu what's hot on the web next. after all donald trump has said and done...
6:38 am
...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and now republican congresswoman comstock is trying to run away from trump? i mean, come on. look, we just can't vote for comstock or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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6:40 am
>> ?? >> 6:40 now on this monday0 no morning here's what's trendings on the web. on tvictim avenue bizarre candyan theft got a sweet reregard. reg can cans state universitycans student made headlines after somebody broke into his car s anmad sdetody brole his kit-katk he shared his bad luck on it went viral. her she's decided to give him a break.. >> people are taking to socialat media to show off their creativity. captions clever. beginning to look a lot like lok wine clock. want to spend new year's tos eve with justin bieber.e wi
6:41 am
mime is he offering a five day package include with a penthouse suite luxury cars l shopping sprees. sounds good so far. f there's a stage side table for t justin bieber's concert. awful this quarterback can beane yours for the mere price ofricef $500,000.00 a half little to party with the biebs. >> i'm not looking at you. wine bottle christmas tree he h yes kit-kat bar. b >> no kit-kat bar.>> that gets the thumbs up.ththum >> car full of kit-kats. >> yes.>> i would like that actually. thau thank you very much steve. ste marvel's new movie provingog to be a big box office hit plus kanye west back in theack headlines for what he did to t his interior designer. dig kevin mccarthy is coming up up with today's fox beat. a reminder to your. i don't know why it tickled me that kanowye has a wn interiorr designer. of course he does.he does. if you have a news tip shareav it with us.e call 202-895-3000 or e-mail
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> is that now? >> yes it is.>> yt is >> it's only 6:44. >> did we change something.ometg >> sunrise was at 6:43.:4 >> all right, daylight saving time everybody. >> came to an ends ontime earlyr sunday morning. >> so the downside is everybody will be driving homed from work in the dark today.k t. >> yes. >> but it will be a nice . it ute ths morning
6:45 am
are driving home it will bet wib getting dark and people on the e streets. h- uh-huh. >> just a quick reminder.inder. otherwise sunny and beautiful today. >> i was going the say it willnt be warm before whee s get to 5 o'clock. >> it will be mild. low 60's>> it yesterday.terday yesterday made it to the 70's. ' not quite as warm asarm yesterday.ster good news is this weekeek features another week of quiet weather. nothing too there's a lot of action on the e planet but it's all over asia.r. our country he has been pretty iet.t. heat up in minneapolis.rdayp ins >> you love it don't y.ou. don'. >> of course. >> as a. climatologist you love it. >> you can never get enough. en. sunny and cool for us today.ay happy monday morning but again, temperatures here early r this morning are at or belowelow freezing for many spots. spo so, just keep that in mindin that we're pretty cold outy there in spots. spo frost advisory continues untilrn 9:00 a.m. for prince george'se r county and anne arrundele unde county this morning.rni. sa manassas. 32 culpeper.ulper. that you go frederick is
6:46 am
both leonardtown and fredericksburg were in the 30's last lksbuasur. 40's in fredericksburg.rickurg. 39 in want he company, 37 good morninghe to the mountainss 34 winchester and we neveres forgteet our friends out in comm lands we know we know you're out there 32 degrees offer to the north andno ww est32 deg son spots here at the freezingez mark early this morning.orning bright beautiful couple days.e tonight looks good.toni tomoghrrow fort election day fantastic.nt we'll be warner tomorrow uparnep ahead of our next front whicht w will arrive on wednesday.ednesdy that's our next chance foror some scattered showers.ttered ss we've been very dry for past couple we could c use that rain andn a this is going to be our best bes chance this weekend. what we get will be pretty ptt light. just a few showers on a fewrs wednesday. otherwise a nice quiet week for the first i'm going tooing t make something up. first full week of fall -- nol - first full week of dry conditions sunshine and asha nice couple days here. her 62 today. today 68 tomorrow.or there's your showers one' wednesday.s yodnesda do want to mention a cold shotno of air next weekend may bringay
6:47 am
morning. about 37 -- that 37 might be ath little conservative.serviv might be colder than that. col that's a weather update. uat let's find out about roads out with erin. >> 6:47. bunch of crashes popped u skyfox over 270 on theox o southbound side. beautiful view of the treesheres tucker from a weather perspective.pers loafer we'll move to thelle to traffic. southbound side crawling through germantown right now. crash blocking the rightoundrm shoulder aanttobloc 118.t 118 as you come down from fatherromh hurley past that pointerpote you'll hit a lot of slowdowns.o. north that of point the from 70 to 80 you jam up a lot t as well. wl. as tucker mentioned beautifuleaf view of those fall trees. trees let's take a look at our cameras. heading out in woodbridge thists is 95 northbound a stall from an earlier crash blocking part p of the right shoulder and right lane.righrighlane passing 123 you'll hit heavy hea volume and slower conditions. south that of point inh that ofn stafford you really backt in upu past courthouse road.d. you're jammed up through daleghl city as well.ty asell. let's take a look at our maps.ap some other problems you need yon to be aware of this morning. mo. westbound side of the freewaysio
6:48 am
disabled vehicle before theve third street tunnel. you can see that he slow moving traffic coming uphiird o the 11th street bridge. bdg we'll see if we can forward our maps.ap keep in mind 395 northboundth also jams across the 14th the 1 street bridge.reetdg if you're taking 66 through thru west false church eastbound ch a side very heavy volume. vum it's slowing over the beltwaytw right now coming inbound from vienna. right lane blocked just past the dulles toll road. blol ro because of that crash we'reof te seeing some really heavy heavy volume leading towards that there. some other problems we'res 'r dealing with. w there's that view of 80.s th this is giving you a wide perspective of 270 south0outh coming from frederick all the a way past that other crash by 118. whole lot of traffic. traffic you have did you self about 45 extra minutes to get from 70 fr to the beltway. the outer loop there's a crashot by 29 colesville roadblockingdbo the shoulder and look at that, , south of 95 now so basicallyly from route one past 95 all the a way to georgia it's about a 30 3 minute delay..
6:49 am
the icc down to the beltway. btw safe track surge 10 impacting sr the red aside from that the rest ofe st your metro commute is on time. back to you guys.u g >> happening today, the famous mascot of mgm the signaturetu lion will arrive and be be installed at the new hotel andea casino at national harbor. hbo the lion weighs 2 tons, it's 18 feet the lion will take twot days to be installed today and tomorrow. >> looks like when it wasks lik leaving las vegaswhen right thee congratulaon hoyas shut out marquettearqu two-nil on sunday and thatanthat makes them champions. ncaa announces a playoff pairings today wishing themisngt the best as their questue continues. >> all right. with mccarthy is here today's fox beat. bt. >> hey steve and allison. allisn ooh, wow. that's a monday morning phlegmge right there.
6:50 am
>> zero out of five for that.e a >> big weekend at the boxeekendx office this weekends includingni dr. strange. $84.9 million at the box t box office. one of the biggest openings ofso this year so far. f by the way worldwide it's madead $325 million so far.25 million i absolutely loved this film.s . it's in my top 10 of the year. . i highly recommend seeing itin i in imax 3-d.x as i mentioned on friday just imagine the matrix withxit inception and harry potterdry having a baby. that would be dr. strange make sure you see it in imax 3-d. it's the fifth highest ratedated marvel film on rotten tomatoesot in regards to reviews. this weekend was troll. that move eve made mad $45 million, huge movie formovir that. justin timberlake and anna kendrick. as i told on friday it was ait a great weekend for movies. funny film with a great message. so far $149 million worldwide. steve you mentioned this lastnth week the song can't stop theto t feeling they actually do a new n rendition of that in the filmint
6:51 am
timberlake on the finally mel gibson had a a pretty solid debut for an r rated film roughly less than a n thousand theaters less than dr. strange 14.75 million for14o hacksaw rip. r rated 40 million-dollarllion-o budget roughly 30 percent lessts than it cost gibson to make m brave heart 20 years ago in yeai about half the time.ouhalf very cool for him. him great film if you haven't seen that. all three are very solidyol films. >> all did very well. all d >> this weekend snl was a hit benedict cumberbatchbeatch dr. strange hosted the shownge he. >> so funny he. >> there was a great moment on the show this weekend where bill murray joined the chicago cubs to sing a classic song. watch this.hi >> i'm anthony rizzo. rizzo [cheers and applause] >> i'm david ross.avidos [cheers and applause]
6:52 am
[cheers and applause] >> ?? >> this is a great moment on snl. was sing. was sing. they made a joke it was the wase final contestants of the voice. it was very funny. was very fun. it was on the weekend updated ut portion of the show. sho benedict cumberbatch hosted hos with solange as the musical m guest this past weekend.week huge news. this is announced on friday fda but i'm sorry i mentioning it again, dave chappelle is hosting this week's snl way tribe caed guest. that's the coolest lineupp ever. ev both making their snl debuts and by the way tribe called cale quest has a brand new album coming out this friday, firsty,f album in nearly 20 years andea q-tip announced this on o facebook talking about the passing of fife dog and obviously how he left thet t blueprint for this album hethlbm passed away back in march. marc. by the way i'm hoping thatg that they will just do a medley of their classics. they need to do a sen fair he h yo', award tour, they need
6:53 am
coming out. >> i do know l>> do get one medley andan one new. >> you get two livewo liv performances on snl. snl they should do all the classics can i kick it can i ki obviously the war tour and ind think they need to do a new a n song there but low ends theory, just play low end here e to he rethe entire time. te. >> i wonder if they would do a homage. my question is this. thi dave chappelle is hilarious.rios >> yeah. >> roll on the floor funny. floy how do you think he's going to o be in this vehicle.ehle >> >> for me growing up the dave de chappelle show on central i've seen everyral i' episode five to six times i to i own all the box sets.ets. i think that's the funniestunnis show i've seen on television.evs >> you would have to thinkld h that the cast members are allll f ns of his. >> remember the keeping it real goes wrong segment.g t. >> yeah. >> the one with making the band. so funny. funny next story is trending right rig now it involves kanye west andv a lot of pricey furniture.urre west and his wife kim kardashian hired a celebrityeleb interior designer to hand pick k
6:54 am
just one problem. problem kanye west apparently hatedyat all of it. shocker. kline you had a $30,000 couch. we all have oned a of those. sources told page six he demanded all the furniture be returned but the vendorsrs reportedly refused to take it te back. so kanye tossed it intont storage. sounds like tucker barnes lik here.e he then hired a new designerne and spent another fortune on ana new set of furniture and kim k by the way reportedly is frustrated with the holdup anddu just wants to be settled into >> put some stuff on an auctut somion somewhere and peoe will pay five times whatevers we it cost. >> who doesn't have a $30,000 $0 couch though? i don't evenon ee have $30,000. $30,0 >> people get to see waitple ge looks like in the end.end. >> by the way if you want moreoe on snl this week i'll post it on my facebook page. cumberbatch did a great jobd a g hosting the show.ho ifst you haven't seen'tee dr. strange highly recommendigye did you see it. >> no, the kids saw strolls. .di kids t they think >> they loved it.>>it >> great. really positive plm if you want to feel good, walking out of trolls greatout
6:55 am
>> 6:55. hello tucker barnes. let's getllo to our facebook f of the day before we get to g t tucker. >> hello to ronelle jackson. jan a jazzy lady.y la. today is her birthday and she is turning the big five-o al. >> yeah, 1966 babies rule. re. ronelle says she's a true die t oxrd fox5 fan. she says he she can't go a day d without watching us to see s what's going on in the world.. thank you so much ronelle and ad have a very happy birthday. bir. >>ight right. >> look at those gla. tour tucker. tker. >> good to see you kev.ou k >> good to see you.ood toee y doesn't work out -- if kim if km can't afford the furniture shetu can just sell the ring. >> no, glebe too soon.lebe toon. >> she doesn't have it.he doesnh >> too soon tucker. tke >> let's go to the forecast. fo. >> they he might find it.he mht 45 now in washington.hington. winds out of thewi north-northeast at nine.nine humidity 60 percent. 60 perc low 60's today.o we're looking at quiett qet weather. we're looking attribute full ful sunshine and a nice ball afternoon.aftern
6:56 am
yesterday. today more like 60's formore dayt lime highs.e highs tomorrow looks great for f election day.elec get out and vote a few showers e on wednesday and then veteranset day and our three day weekend looks great although chilly chil around saturday and sunday we don't get out of the 50.get ou we might do he freezingre temperatures even inside thehe beltway by sunday so, plan all right. erin , how are the roads. >> 6:56. some problems a crash just cleared 270 on the southboundond side. you can see all lanes opened. oe that crash moved over to theve t shoulder has cleared out of the way. the th but still you're dealing withdeg really heavy traffic. north of that point we have a crash 270 southbound in urbana by 80.0. involving several cars stilll l blocking both shoulders.houlde as you come down from 70 give yourself about 45 extra5 minutes to get down to the dn to ur.r. moving over from skyfox we'll take a look at our camera camer right now. woodbridge.oori crash blocking the right shoulder 95 northbound by 123. some heavy volume there fromhero stafford on through you'reou'r going to hit a lot of a lot of stop-and-go traffic.op give-a yourself exrather there.. 66 eastbound a crash by the
6:57 am
as we continue keep it to fox5 x news morning. we're back in just a few.
6:58 am
dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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>> ?? morning. mnix5 news >> right now at 7 o'clock theck final push with just one dayon d to go until the election. electo hillary clinton and donald trump make their last ditchast h efforts on the campaign trail. how they are spending the their
7:00 am
over a possible cyber attack atk that could impact million at mit the polls. po >> a bachelor party turnsur tragic for a maryland manma beaten to death while celebrating in canada.inan what we are learning about the e so-called unprovoked >> new details in a serialia killer investigation in south ih another body found on thero fou suspect's property as he confesses to murdering numerous people. people. very latest just ahead.justad. >> first though a live looke lok outside on this mondays mon morning. a live look at the white house. it is weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atand tr 6:oh, 7:05. welcome do fox5 news morning. mi the countdown on now.tdown now a day to go before thefo the election. >> today the candidatesandidates crisscrossing the nation inro one final push to get the vote out to winssin tpushhe presiden. hillary clinton will makey clin stops inwi michigan, northgan,oh carolina, pennsylvania. donald trump making stops in florida, north carolina,arol pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan.gan. >> both campaigns will alsoh ca send the big guns right herempu to our area. a


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