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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's tom fitzgerald. >> i was gone a couple days. >> you were >> anything happen >> just a little bit. >> changed the size and shape of the bars. >> that's the big story >> no seriously, fitz, you did a great job on top of fox news election tower, so to speak. and today, you also got to talk to trump campaign manager, kellyanne conway. >> we had a meeting today, as you know, kellyanne conway been the happy warrior of the trump campaign for weeks now. really railing against the media story line that have been going on until yesterday that, you know, hillary clinton had this insurmountible lead in september and yes, she hit bumps in october. we got our polls, and kellyanne conway continued to be the voice saying we believe we're going to win. i asked her today, what was
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she said there was never a moment last night behind the scenes that they felt that they weren't where they wanted to be because the reason they had this internal polling they paid for themselves, and this looked to people, not just generally of what they thought about the race because you know, let's be honest. everybody had an opinion. the trump people wanted to know, we're not so interested in what people think of the race. who is going to go vote? because at the end of the da the time. the only thing -- sounds like a cliche but it is so true. we learned that lesson again last night. it only counts on election day >> you were telling me in the newsroom. you saw little exchange on the streets and sort of a small microof what we're seeing around the country >> it's an amazing, seeing around that area, new yorkers
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anything they're thinking at any moment and they want to tell you what they think about things even if you haven't asked them. what we saw in front of trump tower you had these people going to work. the sun came up, people still had jobs to go to. the buss were still running, the horns still honked. but there was a turn-out of people surrounding trump tower and this was remarkable. clinton supporters and trump supporters. and they weren't yelling at each other. they weren't screaming at each other. they were, wait for it. talking to each other. >> really? >> like human beings >> working it is out >> what kind of conversations >> there was a young woman, very strong hillary clinton supporter just gentleman probably in his late 40's said he was a college professor, big trump guy and they got into this conversation about, you know, i'm somebody who's over here, you're somebody over there.
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middle? where can we agree? and there were a couple of things they agreed on. they think trade policy helped in this country. but it was refreshing to see people at least talking to each other. obey, there was some screaming. i don't want to -- you don't like the that's to you bad, you know, that's the way. there was some of that. but a lot of what we saw today was very people talking about this, people trying to work it out. at least having a conversation with each other. >> thanks so much for your perspective. it was great having you out there all night >> get sleep now >> i want to sleep the next three days. of course, we know it was a shock to most election analysts. thanks to poll after poll. what changed? >> here to help us, republican strategist, democrat strategist
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media get that so wrong >> that's certainly the $64,000 question. there's a lot that came no play. you've heard talk all day about the fact that, you know, the minority trying to figure out the american turn-out wasn't as strong as it was for 2008 and 2012 for president obama. i think actually the, you know, the double wammy saying prices go up onea course, the james comey letter maybe didn't help the undecided say listen, i may not be for hillary. and you have to give credit to the trump folks, they got their people out to vote. not in the traditional get out to vote, through his rally and presence he got his voters to turn out >> i'm not entirely clear that pollsters did screw up. i think it's what we talked about a couple weeks ago, it's under reporting.
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but i think it's very much like 68 and nixon we said will it be one % or 4%, i think under reporting is 4 or 5 percent pictures that is people are afraid to say i like donald trump, because it's politically incorrect. the other factor is there was very little, if any polling done in wisconsin, which is really the key to this. i mean, in 08 you had a lot of change. now you got change plus i don't think we go we realize what perfect storm it was for donald trump until last night >> i want to point out. you made no secret of this early on. your mother a donald trump supporter but you were here on sunday and you said i think he's going to pull this off but i want to ask you guys, this is the second time in about 20's years a democrat won the popular vote, not the electoral. the popular sdroent really mean anything but does this mean that the trump administration we got to find common ground here or
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>> you would hope they would try to seek common ground here, as you know you talked about in the previous segment, there are things that people can agree on. as a country we need to come together. you know, we don't know what a president trump will do. he talked about so many things, there's a few things he said he was going to do, trade and the wall. >> there will be common ground, i think trump will prove very astute finding common ground and compromise, but first what will come well before that first out of the box, he has to solidify a very non-slid if i did republican party. he got to apeace conservatives. i think one of the best thing he could do is start out with either the supreme court or the repeal of obamacare. he needs all the conservatives singing from the same h ymnal. it's not yet time to reach out
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saying, he needs to solidify his party. our country needs to heal >> i think our country needs to heal. look, as you just pointed out, hillary clinton got more votes nationwide than donald trump. you do have to reach out to those voters. this that happened, as we know back in 2000 with al gore, for certain time, i think president bush tried to reach out. we'll have to see. of i think he should try to reach out. jack is right. certainly the republican party is dividedan question that it's going to be a struggling and not business as usual. >> one thing to remember. if elections were about popular vote. they would be handled differently. republicans would be in dallas, houston, west texas, democrats would be in new york and la, and that's all you would see is focus on the big populations centers. popular vote nobody really cares >> i'll bet some do.
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$2.95 will get you small cup of coffee >> we appreciate your post election thoughts there. >> thank you guys >> and you heard brendan say this, monitor turn-out in the election of 2008 helped president obama win those swing states that have republican strong holds, is that where hillary clinton lost her edge >> nicky the chairman of latino network and former member of the bill clinton and administration joins us, let's get right to it. how much of the monitor vote played a role in hillary >> well, without a doubt, the minority vote continued to grow. there is some evidence that, in fact, the support for hillary clinton wasn't at the same level as it was for president obama. yet, i can tell you from the latino community perspective we're very -- our community showed up in a very significant any we now have evidence of 13.8 million showing up as compared to 11.2 million four years ago.
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in fact, a 23% increase over four years ago. so certainly, i think that the latino community stood up in a very big way, and of course, while we're focused on the presidential election, i think it's also important to understand there were very significant latino leader victories down ballot. there were eight new latinos elected to the united states congress including the first latino from the united from the united states senate. former attorney general. and in addition to that we'll have seven house that will be in washington, dc, 26% increase in the congressional hispanic caucus >> the trump said all along in spite of the rhetoric, they saw a good amount of latino support. do you believe that there was
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may have helped tip the scales? >> without a doubt, i think the latino community in a significant overwhelming majority supported hillary over donald trump. when you combine that with the significant increase in the turn-out, 13.8 million latinos compared to 11.2 four years ago, and the latino community at the same time i think it's important to recognize isn't the monolythic community. but when you start approaching, i'll, this is still very early on as to what the numbers finally will be. when you realize the diversity, the kind of numbers we're talking about, 65 to 71, that's significant. >> yes, thank you so much for coming in. what was appreciate your perspective tonight. maybe this isn't a news flash to you out there. the media doesn't always get it
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that effect on social media. fox 5 ronica cleary is lear with the five things we got wrong. >> we're going to admit it and take it in stride. let's look at the five things. i know the guest were talking about maybe the polls were right. on the surface, the polls appear to be very wrong, yesterday i said of the 15 most recent general election polls posted on clinton in the lead. certainly giving you the perspective that she was going to run away with this thing. that gets me to the second point they don't want the make, we thought, because of those results we're talking about i don't know if we can bring that up, we thought tuesday would be a very early night. as you know, it was not. i stayed up with it. i watched it until the president elect made his remarks. he started at about ten to 3:00
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you about it has something to do with ground game. one exit poll found that clinton contacted twice as many voters as trump. this would be a classic strategy in winning votes. as we know, it certainly at least wasn't enough. number four, we thought that maybe establishment republicans would be hurt by donald trump, but then we saw victories for senators john mccaine and marco finally, donald trump will never win the republican primary. donald trump will never be president. this certainly isn't a mark that every person in the media that said but it was a resounding theme that we heard regularly from many people in the pundant and analyst space. taking a look at these things, we definitely don't always get it right >> the moment marco rubio won last night, the 20-20 republican race started
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i'm sure he was really sweating that. many people say hurt his -- he damaged his reputation at those primaries. talk of hands, that may be something he regretted. i'm sure he felt a great sigh of relief to have that victory and john mccaine as well. >> ronica cleary. thank you very much >> we saw a little bit of everything, the rain, sun, sleet >> we actually saw a little bit of hail from some of those backing up for a second, my favorite tweet last night and it has to do with ronica's story, one of my fellow meteorologist tweeted, so it's not so easy predicting the future. is it? says the meteorologist. that was alan august loved i tonight we're watching a frontal boundary move on. it did produce a couple of showers and gusty thunderstorms with small hail across calvert and st. mary's. we're going to go see that area of low pressure pulling in some colder wind fors later tonight and helping to drop our temperature back into the 40's
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and there. it's going to get chilly again overnight. i wanted you to know that only for the next hour or two especially south and east of dc we'll head down to 44 in the district. clearing overnight. 30's in the suburbs, tomorrow nice gorgeous day, grab your sunglasses, we didn't get a whole lot of rain of what we had today, couple 10ths of an inch. we should get to about 62. you will notice that northwest breeze at five to 15 and occasionally 20 miles an hour. th and the weekend looks cooler jim and shawn. i think a lot of people will be ready to hunker down. it's been a long week >> bundle up, fire up the fireplace >> thank you very much, sues >> we want to hear from you, keep those tweets coming or get them started. >> that's right. >> house #5at630. >> if you have questions about how to talk to your kids, tweet us right now, we're going to ask our expert when we come back,
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? ? this has been a tough election cycle. >> as we move forward, the president elect communities across the united states really started to work together. national catholic is holding special services all day. devoted to reconciliation in post election washington >> earlier we saw hugging in dupont circle. people are trying to do their heal. >> this as if really just about a candidate. it's about the entire process and how bruising personal and course it can get >> family therapist friend of our show #5at630 is more about how we move forward, talk our kids and how people can get through this if their candidate didn't win? let's start with the kid thing. i know i had to have tough conversations this morning with
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groups. duke to your kids and tell them this is ok? >> i mean, i think you have an honest conversation. so if your candidate lost and you have feelings based on that, be honest. the likelihood is you've already been having conversations throughout the process. continue and acknowledge the feelings that you're sad or to disappointing and talk about here's how we move forward -- we don't have to it's ok to feel that way >> first educating them on the process this is how democracy works and then dealing with emotional level. if there's a kid like a young girl looks at hillary clinton, loses at eight, nine, ten, may not be able to process that, >> it's important to pay attention to where is your kid in terms of age and development but also their level of emotional engagement in this process. particularly for girls. >> let's skip forward and talk
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voters, some of them we seen protesting even at a u today. they were upset and feel like their votes don't matter. what do you say to those guys >> this is the process. same thing. ultimately it becomes the same thing. saying this is the process and opening up the conversation which i think is important for all of us across all age groups >> what do we do? social media once again lit up their adults you can see people going to work walk around, sad faces,ap -- you know, how do we heal? >> i believe we have to start by allowing ourselves to feel those feelings >> particularly if you're on the sort of losing side and your candidate didn't win, to acknowledge the fear, the sadness, the anxiety, pay attention to that, what is going on. >> i think what's most important is not just saying you know people that are different than you that have different political issue, this is the time to understand them, where they're coming from and have those dialogues, no matter who it is.
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next step forward. once you sort of acknowledge what you're feeling, you have to have those conversations. you have to come back because at the end of the day, we all want the same thing, to feel safe and secure and be optimistic about our individual futures >> i like the sound of that i feel like we need to hug. >> thanks so much for coming in. >> absolutely. more with #5at630. more with #5at630. i'm going to hug esther now. i'm going to hug esther now. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. more with #5at630. i'm going to hug esther now. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now.
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they're going to mexico, they're going to jina. if hillary knew how she would have done it already period, end over the story, i won the debate. >> he may have already boosted the job market for alec balanced
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to the dismay of donald trump himself. twitter users assured he will have the role at least four more years >> between snl and match game the thing about alec b aldwin is, he plays very well with sarah palin. you know re wondering who's coming around? is bald wynn >> he >> regardless of which side you're on, the election is other. >> we're going to be chilling out with a sweet treat to help us all breathe a sigh of relief. >> i can feel this already. >> go jim. i was going to get the blender going. >> come on, guys, fire it up >> no pina coladas, i promise
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little bit more flavor, mander in orange. then we use fat free frozen yogurt >> eat healthy, fat-free, oranges, carrots, >> topped it off with ice. >> i feel bad. properly introduce him when they came in here >> we got the ice in. put a lid on it blend. >> so the blender part is always one of the best. they're blending it up. >> absolutely. >> i will definitely try it out. let's do it >> where are you located >> nearest is near the premium outlets. we offer a variety of >> 15 seconds here. >> pour it up.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: there is somebody who is not at all surprised by donald trump winning. >> killer mike, he said why hillary clinton wouldn't win. >> what i said to black people was, demand something in exchange for your ote or threaten to stay home. >> i feel vindicated to a degree by the outcome of all of this stuff. and i'm definitely hyper sensitive on racial issues. >> no, not you! >> miley cyrus just posted a video balling. >> thank you for inspiring all of us. harvey: celebrities lost in this election. the most powerful person in this election, possibly it worked against hillary clinton that she supported her, michelle obama. >> michelle obama would be a great president. >> i was just going to say she has no experience, but apparently that is not an issue. >> van jones on the state of america. >> this was a whitelash. harvey: there was somebody who


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