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tv   Fox 5 News on the Hill  FOX  November 13, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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i pledge to every american, this is not the outcome we wanted, what we worked so hard for and i'm sorry that we did not win this election. the values we share and the vision we hold. >> a divided nation moves forward but tensions between the two parties still riding high on the hill starts right now. this is fox 5 news on the hill. good morning, it is sunday, november 13th, i'm ronica cleary alongside tom fitzgerald. >> i love that music at the start of that show. gets you such a great mood >> i was out of town a couple days this week. did anything happen? >> yeah, just a little bit. >> so busy.
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headlines for anybody who may have been under a rock the past week across the country from the day after trump was named the president-elect. also the museum receives more than 800 electronic front page each day and chooses 80 of them to be displayed outside of the museum. there you go. there was a lot of talk about headlines and how the headlines are influenced by maybe some bias and the decision on what to cover, the disappointment of the democrats or maybe the >> donald trump, the winner, he will be the 45th president of the united states in 68 days, three hours, 28 minutes and 29 seconds. if you're keeping score at home. >> sophia, everybody who has a poll or was pundanting last week seemed to say yeah, yeah, race is tightening, but hillary clinton probably going to wind up being president.
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>> on election night, one of my very best friends high up in the hillary clinton campaign and i don't want to call any names but i got a little panicy around 1 a.m. and i said i think we have a problem and they thought at the firewall was wisconsin, michigan and nevada and that collapsed on them. i think what happened was couple things. number one, the blue firewall they had, trump had a rust belt strategy. he had to get the south and cut this half, which he did, but he wasn't supposed to win pennsylvania, 1988 was last time they voted for a republican. wisconsin, 1984, reagan, last time they voted republican. i don't think the democrats did a good job of protecting their home turf and i think they took for granted that that firewall would hold and i don't think they also -- kellyanne conway, who's been a dear friend of mine forever, said something i think was very important, that 48% was the ceiling for hillary clinton and they saw she couldn't get
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in places where obama had gotten 51%, hillary was topping out at 48. so there was room for them. so the pollsters missed it. they didn't see there was an enthusiasm gap which i wrote about. particularly with the african-american vote. it did not come out for her and the intensity. white women 53% voted for trump. >> to your state, watching the results coming even for virginia i know clinton had a victory, that was not supposed to be a state that would be so close. for me, that was the first sign where i said, you know, maybe this -- even though she why didn't, i thought, this is not working out the way they expected. >> why couldn't the democrats get out there to vote? you have a candidate and a republican side who i was saying
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saying things about latinos, left and right, week in, week out, apparently, if you would listen to everybody through this campaign, was saying these things that was so going to offend the electorates that there was no way he was going to be able to get past this own word. you would think if that was true, wouldn't is that have em boldened the democrat voter vote. the country wanted hillary clinton in their but with the electoral college we got what we got. number two, it was obama's third term. it's hard for an uncome bent party to keep the party with the white house. ? >> the lesson you don't come to a change election with a candidate who's been on the political stage for the better part of three decades.
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tell you, i'm stunned about the experience gap. that hillary clinton, i think is probably the most qualified person to run for president, if not forever, she's up in the top five of eisenhower, most qualified >> you heard from obama she was of the most ever >> i don't know that she was the most ever. against donald trump i'm more qualified. points of the matter is they don't, you said it was changed and what the democrats missed, i grew up in the south jersey area exit 3 and a. c o, somerdale. that was their base once upon a time and that base moved to the republican party, god guns, country jobs gone. the democrats just >> >> you're speaking about those voters, let hear a little bit about what voters told fox 5
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>> i'm gitty. totally unexpected. >> i'm incredibly pleased that donald trump was elected president >> my personal reaction is shock, sadness and i believe this is going to be a sad day in american and world's history >> i love hillary. wanted her to win. sorry about that, too. we all have to learn to get along. >> i was hopeful he was going to win. i'm happy. >> i think america will be all right. i think the people have spoken. know. >> we love to hear from you. so let's talk a little bit about the transition team. now, governor chris christie was appointed early on. now less than week into trump being the president-elect. he has been taken off as the head of the transition team and replaced by vice president elect pence, few others who will be on the transition team, kellyanne
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trump's children, jarred kush ner, ivanka's husband, pam bandy, let's talk a little bit about the turmoil. does it say there is a concern for what's to come or is this part of a transition process and sometimes there are growing pains? what do you make of it >> what donald trump is about to learn is government works different from the world he's been used to. if he picks ste chief of staff, he he's got a problem, reince priebus is probably more consensus guy, kellyanne would be the best choice, not just because i like her >> kellyanne chief of staff >> yes, that would be my pick. i do think i'm concerned about the lack of adversity on the transition team, not surprised by it but concerned dr. ben carson being the only person of color i'm aware of. no women of color, unless am
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i think you're about to see how they're going to governor by the choices they make with secretary of state, defense, attorney general, those are like the big three. then you're going to go see who he puts in the top positions in the white house but i do think that pam bon di, >> at first you think governor christie was taken off because of the bridgegate ruling and i really think that has nothing to do with i think it was an internal idea of loyalty and rumored and reported on bad blood between kushner and christie >> christie prosecuted donald trump's father-in-law, especially after what was viewed as disloyalty in the wake of the access hollywood situation. the larger question about what's going on with his transition is
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still does not seem to know. apparently there was a story in the new york city that kushner asked the white house staff how much of the white house staff will be retained. none of them are retained. . if you're going to campaign on draining the swamp, which, get viewers in the bread bask, that is what they want. they won't like what's going on, they don't they don't like things not getting done. if you're transition becoming rudy giuliani and sarah palin and, you know, these other faces, newt gingrich, that have been on the political stage, we just said a minute ago, don't come and we're -- in regards to hillary clinton, don't come to a change election with somebody who's been on the stage 30 year, don't come to a changed
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have been on the stage for decades. >> lobbyiests are apparently running the transition >> bannon maybe would be the dose of medicine. >> he's scary >> that's what people voted for >> i was going to say i think there's something to be said. if you have -- who did you say? jerry kushner, if there is this level of lack -- there's this lack of knowledge. there might be something to be said for a bal establishment people who have been around for awhile to just sort of help lead the charge, but, you know, there's now reports that if priebus is in, there will be uprising >> if we talk about bannon and i walked with dave bosty, when barbara comstock way back when the clintons were in and they
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money gate to tree gate and whatever. the bossy, banon, wing, i'm a christy whitman republican and they don't exist anymore. so there is this move. you listened to bannon, he's serious about they don't like the establishment, republicans like ryan and these guys i think there's going to be a lot of fighting. i think you have to find somebody who can reach out >> ask yourself this. it's been well documented that steve ryan, who speak now for the hearts and minds of the republican? paul ryan or steve bannon? >> i think that's easy to answer >> but you can't governor like that. trump got to learn that governoring is different from running casinos and a big empire. it's -- go. moves slow. he's going to be frustrated and angry a lot >> if you look back in history, one of the last presidents we
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dwight david eisenhower. the biographies of eisenhower, his first term was extremely frustrating for him because, geske, commanded forces in world war ii but he was a general, and generals were used to pointing over there and having that moved over there, when you're in politics, you can't just have people follow your orders, you got to convince them to follow your orders >> you got to have concensus, compromise >> that's g fascinating as we look at this first term of the trump administration in that can he translate what he has known in the business world to the political world? because boy, you're in for a big change. it don't work in government like it >> here's my bigger concern, which is if you go on facebook right now and on twitter and you look at the news over the past week, it's like the republic is
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anger, you have a lot of racial tension, a lot of gender tension, there will be a million woman march right after the inauguration apparently. the kka is on the march in north carolina, when is the last time we've seen the kkk openly congratulate. for me, it's about making america one again, we have to come together, i'm looking president trump to pick and choose people who will bring us together. governor, yes, he won the election, he has the right to have his agenda put forward. however, he has country that he has to protect and lead and he stoked the fires and landed us where we are >> he's going to have something since no republican president had since 1928, a republican congress to back him up. >> bush had it
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one. they did chip away at the current majority. they are going to have an ability of holding 191 seats from the democrats. when the last waning weeks were going on, we heard from the republicans they were going to be the stop gap begins the white house. if you keep us in congress, firewall, to quote you a moment ago against this white house. they might wind up still doing it. if we're in a situation where, let's say, bannon has a more powerful role than a lot of people would like to see. how does this white house, if it's run by steve bannon, work with speaker paul ryan?
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priebus is my guess, kellyanne works but she got four young kids. i don't see how she does -- that is a horrible job. you don't have a life. i think that reince priebus becomes the guy because he and ryan are close, which is good. and he will be able to move an agenda for trump has to get the wall built if he's going to do it. obamacare repealed. trump has to get immigration reform, a number of things that he's going to need support >> one of the big things that barack obama in his first weeks of office what you have this fight with rom, emmanuel over obama. he wanted to do the economy first and wait until the second term for obamacare. what is the singular issue of all these things that trump talked about >> immigration >> can that wait or does that have to be number one >> i think the kind of campaign
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been sifting through the exit polling, the country has concerns about national security. they have real concerning about immigration, the economy is always forefront. my concern about the economy is that jobs ain't coming back, we are no longer a manufacturing based society, we're technological. china, india, russia, other third -- not third world but developing nations, they have >> those are the promise that is donald trump made. which may more than anything else lead to -- it's way too soon, people are talking about four years he's done, there is a question, how can he keep those promises? a lot of people voted on those jobs and the economy. obviously, let's give the man a chance. we want to thank sophia nelson for joining us >> you got a book coming out >> i do, there it is right there. in january.
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and reclaiming their vision for united america. our motto out of many one, we need to come together. we're divided, come together. >> are you going to come back >> i want to come back again and again. >> as we head to break, saturday live reflected on the presidential election with a somber but comedic tribute to the late leonard cohen passed away this week.
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(vo) how can we really improve health care? bring back the housecall? open walk-in clinics in convenient places? help more moms get prenatal care?
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er health care costs? maybe help doctors spend more time with patients, not paper work? what if you did all of this, and more? because it's all connected to better care, and better care means better health. unitedhealth group: built for better health. looking at the presidential election through the eyes of the member of the media. students had a chance to experience it up close, joining us are university of maryland students, who covered the election from london. you're a little bit under the weather, so we'll listen closely when you talk. what was it like experiencing
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people were so informed about our election in way we're not always informed about global elections. i was a little bit surprised to hear people's perspective because they were so well thought-out and caught up. they were just so shocked at where we were. >> i want to ask you a comparison, at least i've made quite a bit was looking at these results and saying this is like the brexit. were in the united kingdom and was there a sense of understanding of where the american people were coming from in the decision they made >> we talked to possibly wednesday to get reaction and a lot of people we talked to said, you know, this is your brexit. all of the polls showed differently than on the day it happened. that's what happened here. people are -- people there are maybe less concerned in like a negative way than people here.
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donald trump's policies, he hasn't specifically laid them out as specifically as past presidents. we don't know what kind of president he'll be. >> let me ask you about what's been going on, college students have been taking it on the chin a little bit from difficult because of these protests and because of some of the things that have been going on in this country. i've heard the words snow flakes used. i've heard the word cry babies used because of the reaction to donald trump's election. here, what's going on and does the college age student digest, get, respect the results of this election? that's something donald trump was getting a lot of grief over about a week ago. now, seems like that turned on its head >> i think the big issue is that it's a lot of an echo chamber. you're around people younger, further to left and believe the
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hillary clinton was going to be our first woman president and that's not what happened. on college campuses it's shock, grief. and on college campuses, you have a lot of people who are women, minorities and reacting to the things donald trump has said, they're very concerned. >> did either of you have classes cancelled? please tell me no. >> i personally didn't >> i had friend who had cancelled. i know this was hard on you. we'll delay the exams >> the emotional reaction is beyond just college students. >> i certainly respect anyone's reaction but the idea of cancelling classes. what an incredible experience you must have had. we appreciate you joining us, frost hill. coming right back. stay with us. >> as the transition of power for the presidency is in the
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mike pence and his family are also preparing for their move into the official vice president's residence here at one observatory circle. our fox 5 cameras were given exclusive access to the home and the ground, and i sat down with carlos eliz ondo, the vice president of social secretary to find out what it was like to spend the last eight years working for the bidens, having a front review to meetings. join me monday at 5:00 and ten and i will have an inside look at the residence, the history you may not have known and the place the pence family will soon
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president-elect donald trump moves to take the reins of power. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. >> as trump gets ready to name his team and set his agenda, we'll discuss both with top adviser kellyanne conway, live only on "fox news sunday." then the republican congress begins setting its priorities, what's in store for obamacare, trade and boosting the economy? wes' talk with house majority


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