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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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to help put out the fire. three employees were on the bus, two women an man. the man stepped out, according to witnesses and tried removing the generator and whatever was aiding that generator that caused the fire to help avoid it from spreading but it was too little, too late. take a listen to this witness >> we saw that there was fire coming out of his generator side. that's where the major smoke and fire was happening. then after saw people dragging the two girls out of the truck, then the owner was on the outside of the truck trying to pull something out of the box or something out of the back side of his generator. he was trying to pull that out for the most part. >> a lot of these food trucks have propane and gasoline, to fuel their grill and whatever else is necessary. to run for an operation for the truck and something like that. >> what it looked like, from the initial what i've seen, was some minor burns and some scrapes and blood, for the most part, i did
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what i've seen, three people involved. >> reporter: and witnesses ran in to try and rescue those women, they were able to pull them out from the bus eventually. fire rescue personnel showed up and took them to georgia washington university hospital where we understand they were taken in critical condition but tonight their injuries are nonlife-threatening. marina marraco fox 5 local news. happening right now in prince george's county, rescue crews are working to free a who is arctic blasted in that trench right now. these are live pictures from skyfox over the scene. matt ackland is there. this has been going on quite a while. tell us what's happening. >> reporter: right around the 2:00 hour, it started this drawn rescue personnel from all over, prince george's county fire here as well as howard county fire officials came here not too long ago do help.
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saw it from the helicopter. really, a lot of firefighters have been coming out. they have a been covered with mud. they're working very carefully to make sure they get this man out. i want to bring in mark brady. you can take a look at the helicopter. mark tell me about this. you're really, really being careful about how you get this guy out. he's above the dirt; correct? you can talk to him. what shape is he in? >> when this whole incident started. he was covered above his head in dirt. hole, moved dirt away. when we got here, he was up to his chest in dirt. firefighter and rescue personnel have been down there moving dirt by the handfuls, moving out slow and tedious project because we need to maintain the safety of the victim as well as our rescuers as well. >> reporter: were they just dick digging a new ditch
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removing old sewer or overflow lines and getting ready to install new lines. they were getting ready to put new ones in when the trench collapsed. >> reporter: you said this should be wrapped up soon then you said there were other complications. can you talk to me about what you found >> the dirt down there, as we got deeper and deeper into the hole to try to free the victim, we got it to the water level. so water started to fill the hole. and we had to continue our efforts. we're to point now where one of his legs is free. we're still trying to free up the other leg. he's injured. he's on iv fluid. he's relative safe at this point. we just need to get him out. >> reporter: you said fatigue is an issue, the firefighters have been working about three hours. is that why you called in your neighbors in howard county to come and help >> exactly. our tech rescue teams are
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caked in mud from head to toe. we need a fresh crew. when you bring in a fresh crew, sometimes they giver you a different perspective about maybe how to do things. countries are walking around taking a break while howard county is in the hole >> let's show one more time, laura and sarah, before we leave you, this is the ground shot here, just over that ridge, that's where i'd say about 60 firefighters have gathered and since we got here, i'd say two hours ago, they've been working, and as ago, they are making progress but this is a slow process. before we leave you, if you want to see this, we're streaming this. you can keep an eye and we will have an update coming up at 6:00. live in prince george's county, greenbay, make fox 5 local news. now to the district. developing story here, police trying to track down three persons of interest after a
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video shows one man friday tried to shoot another over a pair of shoes. alexandra limon is live with exactly what happened and why police need your help. >> reporter: this is incredible. let me tell you how and why this shooting was caught on camera. about six months ago on this sam street, we're on. place in southeast, there was another shooting, and because of that, the owner of this home right here decided to get some you can see them mounted on her house. she did it through the dc government program that reimburses homeowners for a portion of the cost if they allow the dc police department to look through their footage, if and when there is a crime. and that is exactly what happened here on sunday. and take a look at the video that was captured by those cameras. you can see a group of men, met up here on t street in
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the offer up ap, and you can see the victim has a pair of jordan shoes he's trying to sell and the would be customer picks up the shoes and inspects them. you see two other men approach. but then instead of pulling out money to pay, one man pulls out a gun. and according to the police report, he shoots it not once, but three times. you can see that all happens at point-blank range. now the, the victim swatted the gunman's hand and tha the only reason he wasn't injured and instead, those bullets hit his car. now, police are asking for the public. help to try to track down these three different persons of interest. they say if you recognize them, please contact the dc police department. now, today, i interviewed the woman who owns those security cameras, and she told me her daughter was right inside that house when the shooting happened. >> the bullets flown in.
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house. one of gentlemen ran out on the lawn and the bullet hit somewhere up in here. we did get the camera with the dc police department, dc government's program. and it does work. so you need to go get one >> i don't know why anybody is not aware of that. if you want to do criminal activity, you know that the place is wider. there's cameras everywhere, it's stupid >> the mayor is listening or refuses to acknowledge the fact she needs to put the vice squad back out here. let what you see day for day speak for what needs to be done or what southeast needs. >> now, neighbors who live on this street tell me they actually think that somebody it is who doesn't live here has been using an address at.
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they say this happened several time in the past. reporting live in southeast dc, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. straight ahead. gun violence in the city. that audio, actuallily recorded by police on their system it. dc police record the gunfire in the city. you ever wonder how much there actually is and what it sounds like? have that coming up at 5:30. charges brought against a police officer accused of killing a minnesota man while his girlfriend live streamed the whole incident on facebook. the emotional reaction following the announcement ahead. university of maryland students shot with b bb guns while walking to campus.
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athletes were behind those attacks. we're going to have the story next. first the weather. laura and sarah, we had a weak disturbance come across the area this afternoon, maybe a few light showers or sprinkles. moving away quickly despite those showers and the clouds that we have, we managed to get up to 67 and that's just a little preview of what to come in the days ahead. we got lots of changes on our seven-day forecast and we'll give you a first look at what you can expect coming up in just a bit. fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be
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told them to get his head out. >> you told him to get his id sir and his driver's license, please don't tell me he's dead. >> new details about the shooting death of it gained national attention when his girlfriend live streamed the gruesome aftermath of the shooting on facebook. according to a criminal complaint, the minnesota police officer who is now charged with manslaughter told his partner that castille looked like a suspect in a convenience store robbery. investigators have ruled that out. report also says one of seven bullets fired by officer yanez
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young daughter of castille's girlfriend was sitting. prosecutors say the officers' fear did not justify his use of deadly force. >> it is my conclusion that the use of deadly force by officer yanez was not justified. accordingly, we filed a criminal complaint this morning in ramsey county district court charging officer yanez with second degree castille and two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm that endangered the safety of ms. reynolds and her four-year-old daughter. the two passengers in the car. >> we want peace. we don't want protests to get outrageous and i support protests. but it's a matter to have things done.
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came to this chapter and it's the beginning to a different chapter, and we all hope and pray that the right thing is done in this issue. >> officer yanez is due to make a court appearance friday. two maryland football players charged in connection with a series of b gun shootings on campus. wide receiver darryl turner and runningback lorenzo harrison are charged with assault and recollection leg endangerment both played high school football. at least three college park students reported being hit by b b pelts on november 6: they were spended and did not play. a missing university maryland student is safe. caitlin george this morning was located in houston. the 21-year-old has been missing since november 10th.
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friend for a hiking trip but never showed up. just day later she was captured on video boarding a bus. beautiful sunset. let's check in with sue palka and get the latest. >> we got a couple of days going to be approaching 70 degrees. you can see the clouds from the disturbance that came through this afternoon starting to clear out. that's going to be the trend. it did bring a little bit of light rain and some sprinkles through the area. but that is all pushed off to our south and east and that will be it out of this little disturbance, i'll put in it motion and you can see it tracking through frederick county, montgomery county and moving quickly away. we watch for those temperatures to begin to drop and that low pressure will continue moving its way out
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we're going to be chilly but i don't think it's going to be quite as chilly as last night. we'll stay in the 40's overnight. and those skies will can't the process of clearing out but before that disturbance came through, we got up to 67 degrees, that's well above average now. dulles, 64, bwi, 65, and as we check temperatures around the region, mostly in the 50's to near 60. so pretty comfortable evening and it will definitely continue to be dry. so by 7:00, we still expect to have cloud cover around. south and east. by 9:00, 55, by 11:00, 53 degrees, and wow, love this picture that was sent in. that is her view across the potomac in brian's road in charles county. sunrise tomorrow at 6:54, temperatures about 48 degrees. warmer than it was today. and as for your thursday, sunshine is back. mild temperatures are back as well. things are looking great as the sunshine returns way cool start, not too terribly cold in the
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mid 60's, maybe a few upper 60's tomorrow afternoon. that's first look at your forecast. yes, we have warmer days coming. in fact, when you see the seven-day forecast we got almost two seasons we're going to be showing you. caitlin we'll talk more about that in just a bit. i'll send it up to you. ahead at 5:00 peaceful protests turns violent after montgomery county >> after a student i was trump shirt. details about that assault coming up next. fitz? >> reporter: good evening. do you need a new job? well, the new trump administration has to fill 4,000 of them. coming up we'll tell you what you can to land a paycheck at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. first, ronica cleary. >> reporter: a lot of people are weighing about this debate on whether or not we should keep the electoral college but replacing it with a popular vote make the system better?
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i'll have the details to help you decide later in tonight's
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peaceful protests turned violent this morning, students from montgomery high school gathered and marched to the county courthouse where they protested the new president-elect trump. on the w, altercation with each other over a make america great again hat. one of them was wearing. >> the young male wearing the make america great again hat swung and that's when the three boys beat him up. basically. they attacked him. they hit him. they stomped on him. they were punching him. when i ran up with other students to try to stop it they
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>> the injured student expected to be ok. >> police have identified a suspect in connection that attack. speculation continues over just who president-elect trump will select for his cabinet. he tweeted this last night. very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are, but there are more than just cabinet positions available. there are 4,000 jobs the trump administration has to fill >> 4,000 jobs. the district. you're in the right place. there's more to it than just sending in your resume >> tom fitzgerald with more. >> reporter: often during the campaign, he was going to get to pennsylvania avenue. much of the transition has been centered at trump tower in new york city, but it is here that the general services administration building on 19th
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started to take shape. if you want to get one of these jobs, this is what you need to do. there is a website that the trump transition team set up. it's this one. it's called great again. this is where you need to put y'll information in to get one of these jobs. less thanking these jobs it is not as simple as pl this website. here's why. fox 5 spoke to a prospective trump administration employee today, and this is what they told us. now, we should tell you this person asked not to be identified. they don't want their current employer to know. yes, you submit that resume, but this is the only step and only the first step. administration candidates are
5:24 pm
reach out to many of the major think tanks here in town that specialize in different areas of government that they want work in. they're doing this in order to debt endorsements and vouchers for the qualifications. now, officially, the trump transition team is handling all the resumes. that is not stopping people from using their dc connections to get them in the best possible position p. we wanted to know. we went over to and talked to visitors. if you want to be skilled, you could put to work that the new administration, what would they be? what job would you have? what area of an administration do you think that you would be interested in? >> i'm in accounting, so i would work with number. >> reporter: you can run the budget >> yes >> security. >> social secretary >> are you a social person?
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>> probably would be good at being technician. >> tour guide. i think i would be a good tour guide >> walk people into the oval office? >> absolutely. >> you're not supposed to do that. >> thought i could. >> reporter: we'll give her a break. this is what you do when you get to the site. there's a tab, called serve america. we'll bring it out for you. this introduce all of your resume information, now, once we said these called schedule cjobs. these people serve at the pleasure of the president. the inauguration is coming in january. one way or another, they have to fill these jobs. why not you? we're live in northwest tonight, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. >> you don't realize 4,000 jobs. some speculated he didn't quite
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probably a lot of who you know too >> absolutely. >> getting your foot in the door. >> straight ahead at 5:30, gun violence >> and it's being recorded by police. paul will tell us about that. >> reporter: we asked dc police to turn over the gunfire that they recorded in just one day in the city. what they turned over we found to be astonishing. we'll have that at 5:30. back to you. a gas station robbery caught on camera. one suspect faced a judge today. police n his accomplice. >> we have an update on a story we told you about. father of a three-year-old boy who brought a loaded gun to school, he's in court today and the decision that the judge made in that case. we'll be right back.
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00. father in prince george's county is charged with murdering his two month old son. police say antwon beat the boy to death and his wife helped bury the body. genece is charged with accessory after the fact. state has to decide whether to indict her or reduce charges. the father whose three-year-old son broug loaded gun to a school in backpack appeared in court. the judge order anthony childs to be placed in a high intensity program. a security guard found the gun tuesday morning childs faces multiple charges including carrying a pistol without a license. the man accused of shooting police dog joseph conway is facing capital murder charges
5:31 pm
shooting a police dog. a police k9 officer named duxs was hit twice. the dog was able to make a full recovery. about a decade, dc police have been relying on technology to help officers respond quickly to the sounds of gunfire throughout the city. >> all of it recorded by a system that pinpoint its exact location. it's called shot spotter. tonight fox 5 paul wagner has obtained the recordings from just one day. you have an eye opening look at what it sounds like in the city. >> reporter:as putting together a story about a violent night. i wondered how much gunfire there had actually been. i filed a freedom of information act request for all of the recordings made by shots spotter in one, 24-hour period. july 30th, a saturday. and what was turned over to his was eye opening, to say the least. on that day, shot spotter recorded 30 the different shoot in question every section of the
5:32 pm
? ?. >> reporter: listen to what it sounded like on chesapeake street southeast at 1:45 in the morning. seconds later, a gunman opened fire on southern avenue. is what it sounded like on georgia avenue northwest. once the network picks you want sounds of gunshots it sounds an alarm to officer monitoring the system at police headquarters where a software preliminary try an lates the sound and provides an exact location. later that morning, officers were alerted to the shooting at two men inside a car.
5:33 pm
killed. there were two other murder that is day. one on good hope road and one on 14th street northwest. and there were people wounded in shootings as well. dc police keep those recordings, they're archived and that's how we were able to get them. on this map here behind me shows you the l these shootings took place. beginning at just after midnight on july 30th, all the way until just about quart to midnight just before it came into july 31st. you can see up in upper northwest, across the river here, all the way down here, the only place we didn't have any recordings of gunfire were down in southwest. and keep in mind, also, even though there were 30 recordings, these sensors that pick up the sounds of gunfire are not
5:34 pm
in upper northwest. where our station is. ladies? >> wow. it has been incredible, paul. i can't believe how much you can hear in that time. i'm curious how accurate that shot spotter it >> quite accurate. it's not as good as gps but very close, a couple of years ago, they had the sounds of gunshots recorded on martin luther king junior avenue. officers were told they had jus recorded them, they came up to martin luther king avenue anded found a gunman coming the other way, they were able to stop him and make an arrest in a murder. it can be very accurate and pinpoint locations for officers >> can the officers, can they hear those recordings themselves >> they can. so when they're dispatched to a location on their computers inside their cars, they can actually play the recording themselves so they can hear wait sounds like as they're either heading to the scene or when
5:35 pm
them. >> what helpful tool to have. >> they can see a they're rolling into? >> right. >> fascinating. in montgomery county, a gas station robber caught on camera will spend 16 years in prison. paris allen was convicted of robbing a shell station last year. they entered the store armed with a gun, got away with cash and packs of newport cigarettes. allen's accomplice is still on the loose. to now, where police are showing of a their latest high tech crime fighting tool. called smart water made in great britain. a liquid used to mark your property, jewelry for instance, it can only be seen under u v light. if something marked is stolen, they can trace it back to you, ideally catch the thief. >> reporter: smart water is a silent and invisible witness
5:36 pm
now can be tracked back to that crime, days, week, years later. >> a 50,000 investment from the police fund and prince george's county crime solvers helping to launch that program. prince george's county is the first police department in the area to employ that tool. part of what chief hanks called the department progressive aggressive policing as president-elect trump prepares to move into the white house. changes made to apartment buildings in ne y feature his name. workers removed trump place from the buildings along riverside boulevard on upper west side and that comes after more than 600 residents signed a petition demanding management take down his name. the building is part of a large complex along the hudson river that trump helped to develop in the 1990s, now owned by equity residential, they will be rename 140, 160 and 180 riverside boulevard. espn reporting at least
5:37 pm
be staying in trump branded hotels when they go to both new york and chicago. the multiple walkie, memphis griesslys and dallas mavericks say the move is an attempt to try to avoid any association with the new president-elect. another team that remains under contract to stay in the trump soho hotel said they plan to switch to a different hotel. >>. there has been a great deal of talk since the election about the electoral college. the reason? hillary clinton won the popular vote but because electoral college, donald trump will be our next president. >> viewers tweeted us in their thoughts. some asked us to share more information about the process and why it is the way it is. fox 5 political reporter ronica cleary is here to give us a closer look. >> reporter: it can be confusing. it's not something we think about every day. let's talk about the fact there is no doubt the electoral college is controversial and it
5:38 pm
now, most recently, in the 2000 election americans debated the decision when al gore won the popular vote but george w. bush became the president. this has been four times this happened including that to 2016 election. when the electoral college, in all of these races, it is always affected democrats adversely in those four examples. in other election the will of the popular vote has been reflected in the electoral college. for the number of election tors are given based on the number of representatives a state has in the house of representatives. two more for the state's united states senators. in almost every state elect tors from a state will vote based on who the candidate who wins that state. now, with this system, candidates often focus most on swing states. you heard us talk about these quite a bit. states seem like they could go either way.
5:39 pm
tremendous amount of time because of this system we have in place. florida, michigan, pennsylvania, north carolina and ohio. they looked at virginia as a swing state as well. so we did have a lot of campaigning close to home. but that's also why we rarely had visits from candidates in the district or maryland. they aren't swing states. they are historically overwhelming supportive of democrat both trump and clinton knew all of the electoral votes from dc and maryland would go to clinton. so why campaign there? now, if we switched to the popular vote. you shouldn't suddenly think that the candidates would be campaigning in our backyard every day. instead they would likely focus on more populated locations, states like texas, california and new york. they would suddenly be places where the candidates would spend a tremendous amount of time.
5:40 pm
arguably be inconsequential since they have such small populations. with a folk on our viewers here, there would be little incentive for candidates to spend much time in the district, maryland and possibly virginia. i don't want to tell you you should support the popular vote or electoral college. i want to give you more information as you think about your opinion. and if you will, however you feel about the system, it really seems unlikely that it will change. been 700 proposed constitutional amendments to changes that you electoral college in the last 200 years. i don't know. do you think that the efforts now to change the system are actually going to stick? let's discuss on social media you know where you can find me on facebook an twitter an ronica cleary. back to you. >> president-elect trump had said the whole system was
5:41 pm
>> it's amazing. >> suddenly. >> yeah. >> looks like it's going to stay around >> damned if you do, damned if you don't. how to tell if a guy is actually creepy. according to science. what a researcher found to be the common attributes of a creep and the jobs that will put you in the creepy category. listen up, ladies. and as for dictionaries has announced the word of the year and we'll give you a political election. caitlin? >> hello. by the way, there wasn't tv broadcasts under the creep category. right? >> i hope not. >> we do have interesting characters. no names. all right. ladies, interesting forecast headed our way. it's been beautiful but we're going to go see those, the temperatures flip considerably saturday into sunday. few showers out there this
5:42 pm
tomorrow's forecast and that changeable weekend coming up when fox 5 news at 5:00 returns
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. have you ever met someone you immediately thought was creepy? a new study tried to find out what exactly makes someone creepy. and answers several questions what they consider to be creepy. >> what is considered to be creepy behavior. not looking you in the eye. watching people before interacting with them. >> asking for a picture in someone's intimate details. and showing either too much or too little emotion all fit in the creepy category. >> too much or too little? >> everybody is creepy if that's the case. >> so does your job make you
5:46 pm
you're a clown, which come on, really? >> not, not, of course, there are clowns -- that's kind of the >> they got a bad rap. they got a bad rap. >> i feel sorry for the innocent clowns. a taxi dermist, a funeral director. family >> they're looking dead people all day. maybe that's the creep-out factor. >> then there's this guy. >> it's your -- it's -- it's, ok it is jim lokay's one-year anniversary. now he feels comfortable. he's been holding back. last question asked, do most creepy people know they're creepy? nearly 60% of people took part
5:47 pm
there you go. >> most people don't think they're creepy. >> they're in denial. if you knew you were creepy you'd try to not be >> or they embarrass it. >> sometimes i i mote too much. . >> that doesn't make you creepy >> more like what jim was just doing. >> it's like way too. >> i know. let's take a live look outside. switch to weather. >> it's dark. >> it's creepy. all right. yes. sunsetting before 5:00 p.m. by the time we get on the air at 5:00, it's already dark for everyone. those days slipping to less than ten hours of daylight beginning tomorrow. rapidly losing any light in the morning as well. anything that we gained, i believe, back when we -- by the way, that looks like a live look outside national harbor at the casino there i think. horseshoe casino big opening scheduled with major acts coming
5:48 pm
going to be fun in the district. let's get to your weather loans were, went did definitely have a lot of clouds, even showers that came through. with a trough flung over area, pretty widespread and should be moving out. more sunshine definitely expected tomorrow. we stay mild, 70 is even in sight. friday. and saturday. bright sunshine friday, different story saturday but we're out ahead of a is strong cold front. both days look uncharacteristically mild. that's why we got 70 in the forecast f the front will bring showers late saturday. snow showers for the mountains. we turn sharply colder on sunday. this may be a rude awakening as we go from springtime weather to weather weather pretty much overnight. dramatic changes by sunday. satellite and radar, a lot of cloud cover especially washington and points east. here are some showers and sprinkles that developed along the trough pushing through the delmarva and across south jersey.
5:49 pm
the overall motion of those showers more confined to southeast pennsylvania northern delaware and south jersey is from northwest to southeast. you see back behind that, we're not looking at anything, we got pretty clear weather. high temperatures today, well above normal. 67 reagan, 64 dulles, 65 at bwi normally in the mid to upper 50's. that's where we stand right now, 57 baltimore, 54 westminster, 58 at dulles and 55 at winchester, and 50's. nothing too cold yet. but by the time we get to next week we'll be talking about cold temperatures, something we haven't talked about at all really in november even this whole fall season. fox futurecast shows clouds clearing out sunshine tomorrow. we should just see bright blue skies, it will be a gorgeous thursday. out ahead of this cold front, high pressure towards our south, southerly wind pumping in, warm, dry condition, we're talking about 60's thursday.
5:50 pm
and saturday. the weekend though? we start off really, really nice. 70 probably in early high temperature. we'll have those showers along the front, those showers will pass. by early sunday morning, temperatures are in the 30's. major cold air pushing in. so we only see highs in the 40's, winds will be how long out of the northwest, gusting over 30 miles an hour making it feel colder than that 46 degrees. light a fire at home or you know, just get that heat ready to go by sunday. temperatures overnight, only in about the 40's. high the 60's. 65 there in washington. all eyes on the weekend here. enjoy. thursday and friday. two beautiful late fall, november days, showers saturday, there's the big change to the colder weather sunday. we stay really cold. freezing temperatures are likely in the district. monday and tuesday morning, will slowly moderate as we head towards the middle of next week. that's a look at your seven-day forecast. it's time now for sports with jim. jim, you're not even confined to
5:51 pm
>> there's 50 feet between you and me. i don't think that's coincidence. major league post season award season no kinder than the actual post season, tray turner locked out corey seeinger rookie of the year, dusty baker, third of the year. they can't beat the dodgers, tonight. max scherzer up for nl si young award, his competition no dodgers here, we're talking scherzer becoming the third pitcher ever to strike out 20 batteries in a nine inning game elvis left the building. arlington's own dawned full elvis attire over the weekend. finished in two hours, 38 minutes, which is a world record
5:52 pm
costume. we'll autumn with him tonight at 10:00. we're back after this. stay tuned. we're back after this. stay tuned. oad. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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one of the winners will not travel to receive this honor. swedish academy said bob dillon sent them a letter saying he could not attend next month's ceremony due to prior commitments. the musician told them he felt very honored to receive the know bell prize for literature. >> prince's record label filed a lawsuit against jay-z. claims he overstepped an agreement with late musician. n p g records said the two had a deal to stream prince's last album exclusively for 90 days. following the musician's death in april.
5:56 pm
oscar dictionary named host truth. >> oxford dictionary said the word could be tributed to the rise in false statements by several political leaders. >> host truth. all right. there there you go. >> thanks for being with us. fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts
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this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. a major rescue effort is newer way in prince george's county. thank you for joining us, i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. about 60 firefighters as you can see are working hard to free a man trapped in a trench in greenbay. fox 5 matt ackland is live with the latest. matt, what can you tell us? what is the situation? . >> reporter: shawn, you're seeing it as it happens.
6:00 pm
the firefighters are pulling this man out. you may have noticed you can see in the background, it appears that he just came out of the trench. they pulled him out with a rope. we're told that he is on some kind of stretcher. there he is there. this has been underway i'd say about three, three and a half hours today. and it all happened, we're told, by firefighters around 2:00. trench. replacing some type of pipe when all the dirt began to cave in on this man. we're told when this happened, the dirt actually came over his head. at that time, the people working with him then brushed the dirt away. they actually cleared a passage for him to breathe. firefighter responded. you might not be able to hear it but people are clapping as he is


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