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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ?? ng.wsor is fox5 news morni >> right now at 5:00 another night of anti-trump protests across the country this onantiei happening in los angeles. angels while more protests aremore proe expected once again in ourednceg region today. >> and hillary clinton making her first post electionn appearance.ap what she told a crowd right near d.c. d >> good morning to y thank you for joining us.
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>> and i'm holly morris.or gary mcgrady, erin como, mcg they are of course here ase as well working hard on this friday eve. they'll talk weather and traffic coming up at'll 5:05. . first though, at 5:00 we have0 h a developing and very a v frightening story out off frederick county marylandnty mar where police say a bear attacked a woman in her own hero drive way. it happened in the 7600 block of iron gate lane around 9:15e o last nig now, that's between frederick fi and middletown.ow >> the woman had puncture had pt wounds and we are told overnight at a hospital in hagerstown. the maryland department of naturalryla resources is stilll searching nor bare.g r ba >> we do know they found a 50-pound cub in a tree nearbyea and there's speculation that the woman may have comeman mahae between the cub and its motherr prompting the momma bear to attack. attack. which would make sense.ic i mean, that's obviously --h wot but obv nonetheless -- -- >> yeah. >> very scary.>> y >> absolutely. and bear sightings are notar shn unusual in that area. a i know about a year and a half h ago i did a story in that areare
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this is the time of yearea we're encroaching on their territory they're coming down into ours. u you have to be extra careful. cf glad she's doing okay. oka hopefully that will be thel be final outcome that she's okay. a >> fundamentally just don't think you're going to be attacked by a bear in yourk yo driveway. >> not at all. >> we'll keep you updated on ku that story and her condition.oni 5:02 right now. of course the trump transitionro continues today with some oftoda the country'sy most prominent politicians set to meet withet h the president-elect. among them former secrethtarye y state henry kissinger andsi nikk haley is being considered forre several posts includingpoincl secretary of state.ary ofta trump will also sit down sid with the prime minister of japan. that's shinzo abe taking off o from tokyo on his way to newwaye york there.york tre this will be donald trump'srump first face-to-face meetingface with a world leader ass president-elect. abe is likely to seek reassurance that is trumpsuranc remains committed to thee thathe alliance between japan and the united states. state >> develop overnight hillaryop o clinton is now speaking about se her election loss. l
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this as protests against thegahe president-elect continueiden across the country.across more than a week after the election. college students fromcoll calie stfornia to new york to nk participated in peaceful demonstrations and walkouts wko yesterday voicing theirir opposition of a trumpmp presidency. there were some issues in some areas as you saw from that som video but for the most part par the marches were peaceful. clinton meantime acknowledgednoe the disappointment caused byd b her loss saying she feels theaye same but that her campaign for the white house was "neverr about one person or even one election."ti as you said protests prost against president-elect donalded trump have rocked the country for a wveeek no rwoc including r here in the dmv. d this afternoon university ofon e maryland students are planningsg a walkout beginning the -- become, rather the latesthe group of college students to peacefully demonstrate in thelyd wake of the election.emkee >> and this comes just one daytn after students at richardic montgomery high school marched o to the courthouse in rockvillekv to protest against the president-elect. prompting mcps superintendentere jack smith to respond the the
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from rockville with more onithor what smith had to to s good morning, annie.good >> reporter: hey, good m rep morning, holly and maureen. superintendent jack smith isende stepping in. things did turn violent duringig yesterday's protests here withsr the richard montgomery students, hundreds filed out., u they walked up to rockville town center where they heldndald rally right up the steps of the courthouse so, yesterday he released this video message to parents andarea students and in it he's asking a students to stop protestingstin during school hours and to he also said that, you know, k while mcps supports everyone's right to assemble and expressnds their feelings the fact thatel these protests arein takingakg place during school hourssc poses a very serious security threat and when you haven yo students being injured orng injo threatened in any way, they, t definitely take that seriouslyuy obviously and their goal at the end of the day is to keep k all students he also addressed the recentec increase in hate-based speechdpe
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in montgomery county callingeryl it deeply disturbing, wrongg, wo and illegal. take a listen to what he had to s >> i am asking and expectingti all students to remain inn school and participate in then e daily educational program as intended. in if students do not comply withpi these expectations, they mayhe m be subjected to the regular disciplinary actions that tha align with whatever infraction is involved. >> reporter: now, this is video f where hundreds of richardic montgomery students leftry studt school around 10 o'clock and then they marched upk t ahere about 2 miles from the school.hh unfortunately things did turn dd violent along their route a17-year-old is now facingar-o second degree assault chargesulg after another teen who was wearing a make america greatri g again hat was assaulted.aued words were exchanged and they te got violent.t violent we were told by policeice yesterday that the young yng victim was transported, he was
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to bekay and recover from his hir that's the very latest heret from rockville, maryland,aran annie yu fox5 local news. >> ?? >> 5:06 on this thursday morning. gary mcgrady, it's cold. mrady >> yeah, out in the suburbsub especially. temperatures have dropped off into the lower 30' 3s. some down at freezing and not a little bit below. b bus stop forecast here. her bundle up kiddos this morning, 30's and 40's but look, it's a layer type of day becauser ty we're actually going warm uppeg with lots of ternrnoon. 61 to 65 degrees.5 grees. and that's pretty much theuch range of the high temperatures e around here later on thiser on s afternoon as well. wel chill to start and then mild sta in the afternoon. let me show you thefter nnoumbes this morning.or manassas you're belowma freezing, whicnah isss so typicl you're usually the cold spot. winchester is 37. frederick 37 and hagerstown att 45 degrees. westminster this morning 43.term and it's a gorgeous morning in n annapolis there, temperatures right now are only in thet no lower 50's.e
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to about 49 degrees or so. great looking forecast. i got the seven-day made. i'll be upstairs with that here. next time you see me we'ree' talking weekend weather and seven-day forecast which has --, you'll be interestedes in this, of course next week,tee tuesday, wednesday, big get away days, they're on there on e seven-day forecast now son- we'll talk about that.'ll ta >> on-time traffic brought toffo you by toyota. visit buy a fora.como special offers.ial >> thank you gary. crossing my fingers for a rainyi free wednesday and thursday thua next week for thanksiv right now taking a live look 95 northbound north of princerti william parkway volumeol definitely increasing on that ot northbound side.hbnd s so leave the house a touchhouse early through dale city. south of that points as youhains head out in stafford volume increasing by courthouse roadhos as wie. moving across the beltway ascroa you get onto 395 flowing395 fl freely on the northbound sidenoe out by edsall road. from the beltway to the 14theltt street bridge you're quiet.ui southbound traffic headingound a down towards the beltwayff t looking good as well.l. once you get there the beltwayel
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270 southbound at montrose road traffic is flowinglo southbound. volume increasing a touch here as well but not enoughre taso t cause any slowdowns.ow northbound side up towardsnd sew 70's is flowing. is flowing. we'll take a look at our maps right now. a wide view of the dmv shows us we are crash free andare crhr really delay i'll let you know how thingsowhi are shaping up 50 inbound fromod annapolis cruising right now. back to you holly and maureen. e >> we're talking about milk of course. whole or skim? why whole mayho be a better choice for kids. >> c thousands seeking refuge ine i our nation's capitol taking center stage at the city s council as mayor bowser vowsows to keep d.c. a safe haven. haven >> it is 48 degrees out there. we are back in just 30
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>> ?? >> 5:09. happening today the 19-year-old man accused of killing a wedding caterer in augusta wedding reception inhape fairfaptxio county will be in kempton bond has a hearing. hri bond worked at chantilly parkilp and he got into an argument argn with the caterer over chairs or prior to the deferredlyerrey stabbing. >> mayor bowser under fire from immigrants saying she'sor b not doing enough to protect
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protestors crowded the mayor thm right there. righ >> however the mayor says d.c. d is a sanctuary city and todayody the d.c. council will hear al h resolution on creating safe s havens for those our melanie alnwick live frome the wilson building now within the latest.ates mel. >> reporter: good morning.orter: and goo after donald trump's election mayor muriel bowser sent out a statement reaffirming d.c.'s status as a sanctuary city.tuary c d.c. police do not checkhe immigration that arrest.atest. d.c. allows illegal ill grants n to get driver's license andnd other forms of official photoico identification. now the city council wants toci approve aty c resolution of sors to oppose federal immigrationmma raids. it was first introduced in april. council firin member brianne nau says they spark fear in her constituents. more than 400 mothers and children who crossed the w southern borders since 20's 140' have been caught up in raidsaids
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nadeau blames the obamas the ama administration for targeting the migrants the majority majory fleeing violence in theirir countries of core gin.ore some asked that the resolution n could be dangerous by allowingon criminals the feds are looking i for to go free. f >> i am very committed to ensuring that we take seriously any accusations ofio crime, that we are not harboring but the fact is that in thesen ra are not criminals get swept up u and we do have the intelligence, if we could be more particular about how we go after criminals to not do these sweeping id and i want to see in any administration a little bit b more specificity and a littleitl bit more care taken when wehe are going after these criminals. >> reporter: now, to clarifyo cf this is a resolution, so it'st's more about making a statement. e three other points in thents t
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that raids are -- they fosterhet distrust between residents ander law enforcement which can harm h public safety efforts.ffor. also says that many of the migrants are fleeing gangants threats murder extortion rape ar poverty and social exclusion. also says that when families fam are detained because ofbee of immigration status issues,at they're often held inthey i conditions that cause themm further trauma saying thattraumy this is inconsistent with thet t values of the district of othe columbia. so, it is a resolution, again, not a law, therefore, it onlyy gets one public hearinghe instead of two. today at 1 o'clock. olock so anyon.e who wants to sign up to testify in favor or infa opposition of it may do so and d then it would get voted on in december.cember live in the d.c. councilou headquarters i'm melaniequar alnwick fox5 local news. >> 5:12. with weeks left in officeeeks le president obama preparing hist b administration for life afteraml the white house. how he's using social media to do just that. >> and later newsing details in a deadly commuter train crash.ra
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condition that may have led to that accident.
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>> 5:15 right now.>> and we know, we know, you've seennow, this countless times, mannequin challenge but you'vel probably never seen one like it was posted on twitter by ryan t. it's gone viral.'s g you can see why.see how can we get this guy to come and train our dogs. o d is that a real dog? >> wisdom said he's calling is that a real dog. dog >> is it breathing? >> is his tummy going up and down. >> that's a statue. >> that is not a realand>> t do. no real dog holding a doritoo in his mouth and not eating, ean it right. >> that's not a real dog. d >> no, no,og no.o. >> but it is a very pliableery l dog. >> it is clever, i will give c if himle points for creativity.. i do not believe those are thosa real dogs. d >> i think whiz is right.nk whir
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one but now you're seeingeeing several. >> what we're seeing right nowht is the washington monument. men it's a clear morning out there. cool, very, 48 degrees.gree i thought it was cold. col >> i concur. con >> gary is doing the mannequin e challenge right now.chgh your turn.n. >> seriously yawl are sayingusly something on line is fake? f >> i know, shocker. >> breaking news, gary. just in. >> the dog's eyes were moving.ov did you see that.did you se >> no. >> the dog's eyes were moving.ym >> in the first few. in thrs >> in i don't know about the >> maybe the first dog is ds real. >> the rest i'm calling bogus.lg >> i don't know. that's pretty impressive that t a dog can sit there and have doritos all over its face and fa not move. reagan national is 45. i that's obviously a cool a c mannequin challenge.haenge the others it's cool but maybe e it's over. 34 degrees for dulles and baltimore is 43. 4 bwi marshall.aral listen, here's the setup for thekweekend. i did make a couple of weekendke changes. had to because it does look doe
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in a little quicker on saturday and so, therefore, we, won't be as warm as what maybetm we were thinking yesterday fortf saturday but with this highhi pressure to the south of us ito will be bringinsogut up southerr winds in advance of a frontal ft system and it's a fairly faiy significant frontal system and what we get is whatt fr we call prefrontal warming.ntal warming so we will be warm on warm saturday, even as clouds comeouc in. we're going upper 60's and some of us i think will be 70l if not 70 plus. p i just don't think now it'sdo going to be here in d.c.n't once the front and there will be some showers along the front, it will bee cold and windy behind theind t front on sunday and what we'rere not showing here will be somell of the lake effect snow and snod some of the snow flying around r at higher elevations back outack to the west and northwest.orthst so, i still think somewhere she north and west, say, western maryland, northwest maryland mad could end up with a few flakes w flying around in the air comeom sunday evening and sunday afternoon as that cold air col comes rushing down.comes rush so, there's the weekendee number. 68 on saturday. sur
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how about today? chilly this morning, sunny skies ates a lunchtime. sunny for the evening too and a temps will be making it upll beg into the middle 60's today.dle d i'm telling you today andday and tomorrow look fabulous.morrow lo we're still going for it,e st ayay. we're still going 70 tomorrow t for a high temperature andturend sunshine, really, really nicey and then once the fronts comesrs through saturday afternoon,turdn saturday evening it's going tovi get cold. ge showers are now possible onen wednesday. of course that's a big get a bit way day before thanksgiving obviously possible but a lotbl of folks -- hey, a lot ofot o tuesday looks good up and down the east coast.oast. here's erin. eri >> that's good news garys gary 'cause tuesday night isause tue populasdr travel time as well. w >> i think tuesday's becoming bn a more popular travel day at day least driving.ast >> i agree, i agree. and also wednesdays a lot of people like to, you can youe toa know, do family things thi together, get the whole grouphoo well, right now we have anrighte outer loop crash just after jusr baltimore-washington parkway. we're not seeing any red on the map just yet so that's good newse- butwashno wt e'sellt know if things start to slow too
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parkway. parkway itself is quiet north and baltsouthbounditse olfutsidt beltway and inside the beltwaydl for in matter as it turns into d.c. 295 things are cruisingisin as well. 95 route one and 29 are also ars looking good as we take a wider view at northern n maryland and look at 270ooat coming down from gaithersburgaig through rockville we're widerocr opened. north of that point from 70 tort the truck scales a little bit of volume. volum still overall a quiet commute cm there. we'll take a look at 66 next.t. maureen and holly. hly timnoe now is 5:19. w let's take a look at thek at e stories you're engaging with eng the most this morning on mornino social media. mia >> wisdom is standing by at b a our realtime news tracker. track whiz. >> good morning to you both. how you like yourmorn pizza? u -- >> there's a reason i ask thisss esestion. >> i like it loaded. lded. >> loaded, okay. hold that thought.t th first up. this is some interesting newsinw here. have you seen the naked pizza robber? because that's whos the baltimore county policent want the public to keep an eye e out for. apparently on november 10th,emb,
5:20 am
restaurant, stripped down to his birthday suit and stole a s cash from the f i don't knowro how he carriede i the cash out. o he was captured ontured surveillance video.surv if you recognize anything anythg about this man, contact the baltimore county police.ol >> move the square so we cano wc see who that is.ha i >> it's a family program. progr it's early in the morning. morng we're just going to go withust that and we're going to moveov on. >> recognize that box. r >> next up. t's years,ea theseec milk still does the body good apparently. new study finds kids who drink d a whole lot of milk are slimmer.imme they have higher vitamin der vin levels than kids hoop drink dri low fat or skim milk.skim mil over the years whole milk m consumption has dropped quiteio a bit. it's actually about half ohafe what it was about 30 years agobt and in the meantime, childhood d obesity well, it's tripled. trid next up, the ends of an era as a president obama's term winds tei down and those who have been tho
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going to be out of a jobg th bet the president seems to haveav their backs. th he brought in some reps from ref facebook instagram and other a o dose help them navigate theavige job georgetown universityrsity customized a program called future 44 to teach them how toto position themselves for life t o after the white house. so good luck guys and thank andt you for all your hard workd w during the last eight years. finally congratulationsnall are in ordery for nats pitcherh max scherzer.chezer. well, he was rewarded with his h second cy young awardung ard scherzer got 25 out of the 30 first place votes outpollingutpn chicago cubs jon lester and kyle hendrix. they still won the worldtion t series but you can't have it he all. >> no. >> you can't win everything. >> he's one of thosean't blue eb blond eyed people.ond eyed peopl that is weird. i love that though.i >> i think as a cy young winner you should get a better picture. pict >> who me? >> that's how you bring it torii the ground. >> he's in the zone. >> in the zone. >> kind of like the pizza guy>>h when he goes i ln aike nd strips
5:22 am >> what's your favoriter topping? to >> don't say it. say it. >> okay, we'll say this. we'll be right back. >> ?? >> ?? dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back
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>> the train's engineer suffers from undiagnosed sleep s app knee yam it's unclear iff his condition contributed tout t killed. more than 100 others hurt when the train slammed into the into terminal in september. septemb >> tragedy striking inragedytrik .llinois. one person is dead nearly aad n dozen others recovering fromg injuries following a gas a explosion in downtown cantonntoa yesterday. this morning the exact cause cau of the explosion remains under investigation.vtig >> health officials in thelth south are warning residents resn about dangerous breathing conditions resulting fromting fo wildfires that have scorched 128,000 acres of parched land.
5:25 am
weeks of drought. the fires have yet to reach any heavilys ha populated areass but officials say smoke is now affecting air quality in majornj cities as far away as atlantatl and charlotte.harlte >> incredible images comingges g from the caribbean where heavy rainfall prompted severempte flooding in the dominican republic. thousands of people are forceded to evacuate, a nationalatio emergency has been declared.en e heavy rains is expected there again today. >> ?? >> all right, no rain for cooler but i do remember from early in the week you saidin the there was a warmup first,k you right. righ >> yeah, 70 coming our way. >> right. 65 today.od >> ooh.>> >> 66 tomorrow.>> 6morro upper 60's 70's probably inbabli some places on saturday. >> okay, we'll enjoy that tt while it lasts. >> there you go. i mean the next couple days -- today, tomorrow, fabulous.s. okay.y. >> fabulous. >> i'll take it.take i >> and then saturday obviouslyio some rain is coming in the the afternoon sunday is going toayso
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really cold and blustery and wintry weather and i know and io there's those of you out therehe sunday, monday, tuesday willndau be your days and it loesoks like we warm up a little bit moree bt going into thanksgiving.nksgiv thanksgiving still a bit of avia question mark here. h 45 degrees temperature outrees there right now. f 30's in place out inut the suburbs. martinsburg 34. 34. dulles 34 degrees anddegrees and gaithersburg is 37.s 3 annapolis is super nice thise th morning, only 51 degreesgr there. there. fair skies this morning. s we wakkie up a lot of sunshine l and that will be theot trend at least the first part ofar o saturday. there's your forecast. now we'll get to yourer trae'ffa this morni erin como she's here. >> 5:26 right now gary. g crash we're tracking on the beltway. let's get to that on the outer o loop has moved over to the shoulder after after baltimore-washington parkwaye- because no lanes are blocked we're still seeing green onno the map. lstill didn't cause any slowdow ns.owns. 95 from the icc down to theown t inner loop also moving along a just and baltimore-washington parkway through greenbelt is quiet. 50 below that point moving inth frroisom annapolis inside that e
5:27 am
wide opened and i don't seeon any slowdowns there.any down northern maryland you can see mr plenty of green righylt nowt n through colesville and olneyln through rockville kensington.en. not seeing any problems on ourn maps right now.. 270 southbound volume increasing by the truck scales and in virginia 66 eastbound eab quiet through manassas. back to you. >> all right, thanks erin. >> parents, here's a questionres for you. you is your child's booster seatch safe? ahead at 5:30il which one scored among the highest whenhen it comes to protecting yourctiny child in the car? we're backe' in just a few minutes. high schools though thinkinghoug about walking out of class tos t protest donald trump'sotest election win.. well, there's a warning for f youdenudents. we're live with more on theore t consequence they could nownce face. more fox5 news morning after now
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thousands take streets once again. a stern message for high school students in our region. as one school leader warns of possible consequences for leaving the classroom to protest. a safe haven for thousands seeking refuge in our nation's capitol. the issue taking center stage at center stage. keeping your child safe on the road. knew booster seats safety ratings are out.
5:31 am
highest. fox 5 news morning starts now. is this fox 5 news morning. 5:30 is the time. thank you for joining us, i think wisdom martin >> they're talking weather and traffic coming up. in the news, a developing story and a scary story our frederick, a bear attacked a woman in her driveway last in his, this happened outside of a home on iron gate lane between frederick surgery for puncture wounds, she's going to be ok. the maryland department of natural resources are still looking for the bear. they found a cub and they think the womanmy have come were between the cub and his mother. 5:31. he's due to meet with henry ris kiss sinjer. >> her name is being tossed around as a possible candidate
5:32 am
trump will also have his first meeting with a foreign leader as president elect and that will be with japan's prime minister in new york today. developing overnight, protests against the president-elect. college students from california to new york participated in peaceful demonstrations and walk-outs yesterday of the student at the university of maryland are also planning a walk-out. a local is sending a new m to high schooler >> one day after richmond montgomery high school marched to the courthouse with violence along the way. annie yu joins us more with what the superintendent is saying. >> there have been multiple student organized protests since the presidential election over a week ago. and for the most part, the ones taking place in montgomery county as well as in the district remained peaceful without violence. and that all changed yesterday.
5:33 am
montgomery high school in rockville filed out at 10:00 for this march-out, and things unfortunately did turn violent and now superintendent jack smith he's asking students to stop protesting during school hours, and warning that they may face disciplinary action if they continue. this is the video that he released to students and parents last night asking all student to remain in school and learn, he is mcps supports them expressing the feelings, but fact protests are taking place during school hours poses a safety issue for schools. goal is to keep students safe. he said that they were doing their best to keep students safe by working with local police and any student who missed class would receive an unexcused absence unless they had a note. in this message. the superintendent makes it very clear warning that anyone who
5:34 am
he also addressed a recent increase in hate related vandalism on school property. >> these are deeply disturbing incidents. vandalism is illegal. this type of horrible vandalism is illegal. it is simply wrong. our security team is working closely with the police department to investigate these actions. any students found engaged in this behavior will be subject to a discipline in accordance with all ncps policies. montgomery county is diverse, they make up the population of staff and students and families in our schools. our schools must can't to be safe places. >> those comments following incidents where swastikas and
5:35 am
bathroom walls over the last week or so. this video message following that protest yesterday, the students here, they walked up to the rockville town center and rallied at the courthouse's things turned violent along the route. a 17-year-old is facing assault charges after he attacked another fellow student wearing a make america great again hat. and again, he's facing some assault charges. this is the only incident so far th all of the protests that the students have been engaging with over last week or so. that's the latest here from rockville maryland, annie yu fox 5 local news. hillary clinton making her first public appearance. since the election. she hasn't made a direct reference to the
5:36 am
engaged on every level. senator bernie sanders speaking to students at georgia washington. >> he told students he was disappointed with the outcome of the election. and pulls to pull back on steve bannon as the strategist. he's set to make an appearance at johns hopkins university. sup about federal immigration raids targeting criminals because families who are not criminals often get caught up and the timing coincides with mayor bowser call to make dc a sanctuary city. 5:36 is the time. let's talk about the weather >> stepped and i office here. >> i'm in the front row. >> good grace >> you got
5:37 am
passing notes. >> somebody else is taking notes for him. >> good grades that's why i asked you about good grades. >> here's what's going on, 30's and 40's this morning, cool conditions after school nice and mild, 61 to 65. temperatures out there right now, 45 here in town. manassas continues to be the cold spot at 30. just everybody else is above freezing, culpeper is 34, dulles sitting at 34, gorgeous at 51. wait till the sun comes up. leonard town, 42 and fredericksberg 40. the packers cold and windy skies will generally be clearing and i don't suspect anything will be falling sky, kickoff time sunday that's a big show. 30's and 40's but it will feel much colder than that. take whatever you need to take
5:38 am
blankets, coats, extra things, those things you put in your pocket. you're going to need it where temperatures will be in the 30's and it's going to feel like it's in the 20's. here's erin como. >> 5:38. georgia town pike closed because of utility work because of a crash from will have the night. and v dot telling us it will be closed 234 is starting to slow you pick up those mapts quickly. 234 to 28 we're starting to see volume pop up. causing about a 15-minute delay no crashes as we forward our cameras we will show you what it is you're up against on the roads. some other slowdowns you need to be aware you have, on 95 by prince william parkway. traffic slows and through to stafford, also seeing slowing
5:39 am
get to land over, blue line delays up by springfield franconia anyway. 5:38. two headlines the parents will want to hear about. involving what your kids drink and what they sit on in the car. details coming up next a heart warming update on a little boy stolen our hearts. we have the latest ons had fight for a second chance at life. dunkin's sweet black pepper bacon sandwich is back with twice the crispy, caramelized peppered bacon. experience a breakfast sandwich made for bacon lovers.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
5:42 am
. 5:42. good news when it comes to keeping your child safe in car. the highway safety finds child aboved seats are getting better. they have theed 53 booster seats. 48 received the highest ranking. who not recommend. child between two and eight are 45% less likely to be injured in a crash. after all these years, milk does a body good. they are slimmer and have higher victim d levels. it's jumped about half of what it was 30 years ago. in the meantime, childhood
5:43 am
they don't know why drinking whole milk was associated with lower bmi >> maybe consider driving instead of flying, thanksgiving are the second cheapest in nearly a decade. 2016 is looking like a popular year to head home with 1 million more americans taking to the highways, skies, and seas. 5:43. a twitter tirade coming a super model that took to the social media site to complain about sports. what happens when an unsuspecting teen gets an invite to thanksgiving dinner from a woman he doesn't know? social media goal. the hilarious story coming up. >> live look outside as we head to break, 5:43. temperature 45 degrees.
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happening we're getting a first look at preparations for donald trump's inauguration. the joint task force of the national capitol region will be highlighting some of the ceremonial units. that includes the air force, army, and marines. here's the best part. fox 5 is getting exclusive access to this before anyone else in dc.
5:47 am
bob barnard will be with those units. >> very cool >> we don't care about the others, we only care about those who do, >> traffic was moving. it's gorgeous out this morning, little chilly. and i have great weather coming up the next couple days. not that i control it. i am just saying the forecast will be real nice. >> we love you as the messenger, >> it's rare i get that. 45 in the outside to have the belt and couple spots below freezing, columbus 35, bing tim gorgeous. new york city is coming up at 50. new york city is warmer than we are, and boston this morning is warmer. here's the jet stream position. this is not a real stormy or cold jet stream position. and you know what's going to happen over the next 24 to 36 hours, it's going to move to the
5:48 am
shifted. it's this other little storm system drops into the nation's midsection, it puts a buckle in the jet stream or a trough in the jet stream. see those trough then you end up with -- valleys if you want to call eight valley and we're living on the other side of that trough which means temperatures will be warming up. today 65, tomorrow 70, as we get to saturday, saturday's temperature all depends on how much and how quickly the clouds come in. we'll have a morning of sunshine saturday. temperatures could get up some places 70, maybe 70 plus. if the rain holds off, it will be really nice on saturday. right now, we're changing saturday a little bit to bring showers in for the afternoon. sunday much colder, front comes through blustery, temperatures are in the 40's feel like 30's on sunday. much colder. it's a chilly start but beautiful, we're going up into the 60's today, very mild, 64 will do it. winds out of the northwest about
5:49 am
comfortable this afternoon. lots of sunshine, and seven-day forecast shows the next few days enjoy. showers thursday, and then much colder, heading toward the holiday week >> i'm excited, i like the cold water for football naps. 5:49, if you're taking train malfunction at addison road, blue line, residual delays to franconia anyway spring feel. fort trotton on the red line. you can take the greenbelt or yellow between fort trotton. you can use the free shuttle service that will stop at those closures, aside from to that, slow downs, 295 southbound.
5:50 am
falls, georgetown pike closed both directions spring veil. food truck workers are recovering after their food truck caught fire on the campus at georgia washington university. falafel broke into flames around 2:00. cause of the fire still under investigation, a gofundme set up to help the victims. what's trending on social media this thursday morn >> good morning, first up tuberculosis scare. somebody was diagnosed with the illness. the health department is working to see who might need to be tested. topic berk los is an airborne exposure. next it's one of his last actions as president. president obama will once again
5:51 am
it is the highest in at the u.s. many include bruce springsteen, michael jordan, diana ross and tom hanks, they will be presented on november 22. the material girl is the latest, in car pool care yo key. the ride around manhattan sources say early next month. super model kate upton going on a twitter relevant to complain about her pitcher boyfriend not winning the american league cy young award. rick pour chel low of the boston red sox got more second place votes.
5:52 am
baseball and who writers didn't even have him on their ballots for being out of touch. on an up note. max scherzer won the cy young award and as wisdom would say, kate upton, stay in your lane. there you go. >> now for an update. we're so happy to pass along, do you remember baby blake? we've been following this story as he awaited a liver to treat a rare form of liver cancer, >> he received his transplant. doctors say he should be back up on his feet and being his happy several no time soon. good news for him. >> wonderful news. speaking of happy updates. here's one involving a text
5:53 am
when a 17 yard arts teen received a text from an unknown number asking him if he was coming to thanksgiving dinner. when he asked who it was, the person responded, your grandmom. unconvinced. he asked him to send him a selfie, to which he received at his had picture. he was not the woman's grandmom. he receive a thanksgiving plate. she said of course, the teen and his parents are planning on spending some of thanksgiving with each other. the text has been shared tens of thousands of time on twitter. i love that story. that is so funny. >> have you ever gotten a text from a number you didn't know? >> all the time. i just ignore >> how do people have your
5:54 am
worms >> i didn't respond. it didn't matter then i just block it. time now is 5:53. pink diamond stole the show. all eyes on the and we know carrot pink diamond and sold for a whooping $18.3 million. it had advertised. it was the pink diamond that crushed it sold for $15 million. overall, the action fronted more than $136 million. >> we saw the sky blue but i don't think we saw the pink diamond. >> what do you do with that? >> well, i would wear it. >> really? you would as well that? >> yes. no one were be it was real. >> yes. >> that's amazing. that was gorgeous. i'd have taken the 15 -- i'd have taken the blue one
5:55 am
>> i would too, 5:54. is time for our facebook fan of the day. today it is patricia brally. looking good. she's the birthday girl. we say happy birthday >> he turn to say 46 day. she's been a fox 5 fan as long as she can remember, watches every single morning. to be our facebook fan of the day, post your selfie underneath patricia's. >> anything, please tell me what eye cream you're using. look great and the weather looks great >> it's in the water. i don't know what they're drinking but wow, let's bottle that. 30's and 40's this morning, for pickup time for the kids. cool out. but draw too, sun will come up and we'll see lots of it. it's going to be brilliant. after school 61 to 65. temperatures now, 49 here in
5:56 am
fredericksberg is 40. annapolis been talking about annapolis hovering at 51. it looks really nice today, lots of sunshine, temperatures are going to get up into the middle 60's, throw mid 60 -- tomorrow we're going for it tomorrow. we're just going to go for it. 70 degrees for a high tomorrow super nice and showers saturday afternoon, much colder on the back side of the weekend, 48 it will feel like it's in the 30's on sunday. 5:56. some problem, great falls, georgetown pike shutdown both directions spring veil road is for utility work because of a krarnl keep it to seven to get around that if you're heading in from leasberg, georgetown pike not a good option. aside from that, 270 southbound. it's about a ten-minute delay, you can see the yellow and 66 eastbound look at all of that
5:57 am
28. keep it to fox 5 news morning, blue line delays as well.
5:58 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
5:59 am
i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. fox 5 news. straight ahead peaceful protest turns violent, now the leader of a local school
6:00 am
message. there have been a few times this past week, when all i wanted to do is just to curl up with a good book or our dogs, and never leave the house again. it's thursday morning, everybody, it's a little friday. november 17th. welcome. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. i'm allison see more bear attacked a woman in her own driveway in the 7600 block of iron gate lane around 9:15 last night. that's between frederick and middletown >> the woman had puncture wounds and we're told underwent skufrl surgery in hagerstown. the maryland department of natural resources searching for the bear >> we do now they found a 50 pound cub in the tree nearby and


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