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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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arrest now for a seconds time t charged with abusing students. >> plus, the trump transition. some saint looks like he couldos fill his cabinet from people fro on his old enemies list. former candidates and gop leaders who ripped trump in tmp the campaign now meeting witheet him for top jobs. job >> more safety concerns for metro. me what could be wrong with an entire fleet of rail cars that may be putting you at risk during your >> a live look outside at the ae executive mansion the whitehe we house. friday morning november 18th.beh we'll have weather and trafficac good morning to you, i'm i allison seymour.lin se >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome to fox5 news morning. first up this morning mountingnn evidence that president-electha donald trump is trying to buryp the hatchet with formerhatcth critics and the latestd e late speculation about a possible pol cabinet pick has some tongues tu wagging. >> doug luzader joins us from capitol hill with more on theza trump transition process. pross >> ?? te reporter: good morning. well, you consider er:veryone ee that's been in and out ofin ando trump tower over the past fewasf days. days. no one is getting morene i
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to be meeting with donald trump tomorrow.omorro could this be the nextex secretary of state? formerr gop presidential candidateandida mitt romney will meet withmeet t president-elect donald trumpdonp tomorrow.tomoow. the trump team won't sayum much else.p >> i anticipate, you know, meeting of the minds and ofhe mo two equal partners in terms ofmo those who love their country and want to make sure we have h a peaceful and democraticnd transition into the nexte ne administration. >> reporter: but consider what's already been said betworteeen them.r: alr ee personal qualities. the bullying, the agreed, the te showing off, the third graderd threatt tricks. >> reporter: i don't like romney. he thinks he's hot stuthorffilti hate people that think they're hot stuff and they're nothing. g >> i think bringing in romney re whether he gives him a job or not is quite a him signal. sna that was one of the bitterestitt
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his own party ever delivered d omney.ney. >> reporter: but an electionleio can change everything andange trump i es no doubt hoping toop broaden his support amongn his week emmetteeme with former primary rivalval texas senator ted on the on the other hand he'sthe apparently turning to a registered democrat for theed do influential job of nationalr l t security adviser.ri the associated presse reporting that genaseral michaea flynn a top trump supportersu has been picked for tpphator job he had served as defense dse intelligence agency chief under president obama beforeiden administration critic. criti back to mitt romney for a moment.nt this is all just speculation spi that he's being considered foror secretary of state and the truth is there are a lot of a lo names being circulated for that one job alone.lo. back to you guys. >> all right, doug.>> aht we will continue to wait and see. see. 7:02 right now.7:02ht n overseas this morning theas thi sitting president, president obama took part in a roundin and table meeting with keyey european leaders. leaders this meeting in in be. on the agenda the > on trelationship between the e
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president-elect trump preparese to take officers.akfice after wrapping up in germanypinn the president will head tod t peru gore a global summit ona gl trade that. there that will be the last stop of his tri at wil t other news let's bring itnes back l former montgomery county c teacher arrested back in junen e for that sexually abusingat sex studuaents is under arrest again for the same >> this happened at cloverly elementary school that's ir nthh silver's in we findsilverre fox5's bob barnard who is standing by with the latestes now. now. bob. >> reporter: allison and steve good morning to you.orte . yes, mr. john vigna was a third grade teacher here a you mentioned he was arrestedrre in june and charged withed with sexually abusing two of his students, two girls. well, in the months since his h arrest made news, three more mor alleged victims have comeom forward with similar one of them now a young woman in her 20's says she was abused during the 2000 school00o years. another girl says mr. vigna sexually abused her in in 2013-2014 and the third sayshiry
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in to police yesterday. he's now facing more chance. he's being held without bondon and detectives want parents ofvt all of his former students to ask their children about their interactions with mr. could there be more victims? and guys, if you recall, this t is the same school where back on halloween the principal had canceled the halloween parade. d we were out here on that story s that day talking about this story, mr. vigna's arrest fromto june and parents seemed to be spt. teacher, said their kids loved v this teacher.. others said their kids wanteds d to avoid his classroom and the e allegations seem to be that he e would sometimes put some ofpu these kids ont his lap during class. cl and some saw that as a loving an sign, others saw it more imo sinister. >> all right, bob, thank youht,a very much. appreciate it. >> coming up on 7: 05 right now. tuck joins us. beautiful outside and it looks s like it's going to be a warmgoib one today too. >> yeah, wear your jacketrac right now because we're backe'rk
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however with that sunshine and a southwest breeze we'll be near a 70 later today. tay >> >> love it.t. >> going to be perfect.fect dry afternoon an dry evening so the next 36 hours look loo fantastic and then more winterwt like by the end of the t weekend. en >> get out and rake leversake le today. >> or you could just wait for the 50 miles per hour wind gusts tomorrow to do it fesor you. >> let's hope they blow in thee right direction.thrid >> exactly. >> okay, cool. plan. plan. >> i've told you before my neighbors upstream they ares up very attentivest to their leavea it coming in. >> yes. >> so, you know -- >>o,kay. >> it's a one-way y>> >> strategy. >> back to the 70's or around ao 70. upper 60's to 70's thiss th afternoon. quick look at your cold temperatures early. 32 atk looktemper dulles, 30 maa good morning fredericksburg, 35 degrees, 36 leonardtown., 36 you get the 43 here in the city.heit we're all chilly to start thertt day but with bright sunshinesh and look at that, a quietui midatlantic.mida we're going to allowgoing llow temperatures to get good 10,d 10 15 degrees above normal andnd again a dry friday for youou
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close to 70 so enjoy anjoy beautiful day. day. tomorrow starts much of the day will be very wil nice and then the bottom drops o out on the temperatures later in the day. t the weekendke flatted a minutes.flatte >> thankd you tucker. >> maybe we shouldn't talk about the weekend. we abt th focus oe n twehat.hat. >> focus on today exactly. exacy >> how about this morning erin n how are we looking. >> taking a look at the roads 7:06 skyfox shows a beautifuleaf view. look at those trees out in out reston tucker. tucker. isn't that gorgeous? and look at thata parki on seven eastbound crash did clear baron cameron avenueeron u both lanes o delays still very heavy backy yk to reston parkway. parkway. watch for residual slowdowns.ow traffic on the westbound sideide moving along just fine.ust fine. love that view of the trees.vie the colors artre incredible. let's switch it over fromro skyfox to a live look. loo 66 out by 234 business busin crawling along with speeds spe under 10 miles per hour from f 234 prince william parkway par through nutley street dealingin with about a 35 minute slow down because of heavysef he volume. lu as we forward our camerasard r a right now let's show you whatowt
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this is 95 northbound at a washington boulevard. we have some heavy traffic here.. delays because of stop-and-gose traffic from the beltway all the way through oom t this point the 14th street bridge.tree bri. about a 20 minute slow downlo altogether. thbound jammed dale cityit to the beltway. beltway this disabled vehicle inis lorton is blocking theab right shoulder and hov as far back through woodbridgedi you are stacked right now withko a lot of stop-and-go traffic. that continues to the bin laden. we have you covered and happy birthday tou cove our executive producer matt gaffney who justtw walked in the studio.thudio >> happy birthday. [applause] >> developing story last breaking news as anbrea nea entire family is now dead ineadi an apparent murder-suicide.suicd >> it happened in staffordta county on yesterday and that'ssa where we find fox5's anniee yu who joins us now live withiv the latest.the . just a horrible story, annie. ae good morning. >> reporter: allison and allisnd steve, this is justs ust heartbreaking and i know so inoo many including myself are wondering why, what could have caused this family -- whatily w could have -- what could theyldt have been going through torough result to this, to think thatnka
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so many questions right nowht n and police just aren't able to o answer them. i just got off the phone with w the cher rivers office. o they're still not releasing -- - cher rivers sheriff's office.ic two parents a small child and a 18 month old baby found inside s this home behind me on willed many wilderness court in theurit wind sore forest subdivisionubsi here in stafford it's a very's y quiet peaceful single family fil neighborhood.ig the homes are abpart and we're familiar with this family. en ithe been in the news before because one of the members of the family temporarily went missing butwe as of this morning we are not going to be releasing their names.mes. the stafford county sheriff is i still working to notifynoti relatives and they're callingan this a very delicatethery lica investigation so the sheriff'shf department also calling this aln triple murder-suicide right now. they were notified to come outti to the home around 9 o'clock yesterday and that's whefine ty found all four inside theide th meme.
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but detectives worked all dayald into the evening hours to to search for evidence even after e the medical examiner left,iner , detectives were still not able l to answer much for us.ors. we don't know at this point thit when the murders and suicides se took place as well as causes asu of death. of so, again, there are moreore questions than answers at this h point. we did talk to a few neighborseh to try to get a sense of whoho this family was and they all say they're stunned by thetunneh they often saw the family out sand abouawt t taking walks. ws none of them recall hearing hrig anything suspicious or gunr gun shots in the area but say even if they did, they really rl wouldn't think much of it mh of because this subdivision backs up to quantico marine corps base. base. one man says the horror of t hor this is so unexpected.xpecte take a listen to what he has h to say. >> it's somethingto s that you y don't expect anywhere let alone, you know, in a place pla like this.hi a lot of folks that live here he
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former government, so it's i kind of a -- i don't want to say upscale but it's as comfortable neighborhood thatnet we don't normally see things -- well, who seesl, who s anything like this? thi >> reporter: so just a terribly sad incident allison and steve and hopefully wee will learn more throughout the day and bring that to you.brin that's the verg yth latest heree from stafford virginia anniean yu fox5 local news.ews. >> meantime a teenagerrereenage accused of practicing medicinee without a license in floridan on fraud charges. charges. malachi love robinson was arrested in stafford county indi september after he tried toe ieo buy a $35,000 he had helped from a co-signer an elderly woman he said was his godmother.odmother employees became suspiciouss bei and googled his name.his n that led to an arrest. >> bus aide due to appear inn court today. he cop anti plea of chargesnti
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speculation since the allegedlld abuse was not caught on surveillance search continues this con morning for man who sexually assaulted a woman at thean a silver spring metro station.taon this happened just after 6:00str last night.ight the victim told police that a man grabbed him behind whileindh she was on the metro station's it's believed that he then gothe on a train and left thet t station. police are now going over security camera footage. happening today, students se in prince george's county arey r planning a walkout. election of donald trump. trump of course this comes severalevel days after walkouts fromfter wal students in d.c.kout and then te montgomery county and thisnd ths morning on former -- this morning former fox -- excusecu me. former montgomery countyontgomey school superintendent dr. joshua starr will joihooln j live with a critical look at students protests. protest that conversation at 7:30.:3 >> in the meantime moreor trouble for metro this morning. new concerns about how safeut hs are you when you take >> coming up we'll tell you tl about those concerns and how anh
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fears and to fix it.ix i
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temperatures are chilly rightre now. going to be real nice. be tuck is with us right here.ere. we'll check in with him in an second. john wall hosting a thanksgiving dinner for dr fo students at malcolm x. x so during dinner the mayor's mor officers will present theesent e wizards points guard ways resolution for his suppoport of the d.c. community and then tn after dinner each family getser a turkeyfa courtesy of giant food. so nice job by john wall andal his charity group. gro should be in a great mood too mo because they got it done last wizards won being the knicks. >> you don't have to do any ofih that. that's above and beyond andavof that's what i'm, you know, i'mno here for that, above and on. and >> wonderful. >> yeah. outgo out and speak to schond sols. maybe don't have the pockets to give everybody a turkey. tur. >> give high-five toss t everybody. >> that's right.. >> goes a long way. >> i'm going to go above rightbg here with this forecast. 70 this afternoon sunshine forir the middle and ends ofle ands november.novemb temperatures 15 degrees abovees1 normal. in for a beautiful day.5 co or aeaol this morning, cold.uti.
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20's and low 30's north andth a west but it's not cold inin chicago where it's 59 degrees.9e i mentioned that because we'ree' going to be tapping into thate p warmer air here for the next heh 24 hours.e notice the cold out in rocky mountain state.taintate last hour we mentioned the blizzard conditions which seth e up in parts of coloradoolorad yesterday and then workingng across nebraska, south dakota dt and now up into minnesota, up to six to 12-inches of snow. ofo 40 to 50 miles per hour winds and first winter storm of thef tier of the o that cold front west of cold frn chicago will race through ourh r region tomorrow and it's going to bring big changes to our t forecast and to our air to our a pattern here.ttern he we'll go from 70 today and and early 70's tomorrow during there million dollars of theio afternoon. if you got plans tomorrow go for it.n p i don't think that rain willla efoink th until 4, 5, 6, 6 o'clock in the afternoon butften once it gets in here the winds pick up, the temperaturesemperau plummet and we're into wintertime or at least atime o wintertime feel by sunday, sun monday, daytime highs in then t upper 40's. maybe a few flurries for parts u
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afternoon.rn >> which parts? pts >> north and west. >> okay. >> more mountainous the areaino the better chance you'll see aye few flakes. >> thank you. have to squeeze in the last run of the season tomorrow. >> you can run when run it's colds. >> i don't like run willingin it's below 50. doors.d.ust run in >> indoors. get outside tomorrow. hi erit oun.ts >> good morning. 7:17. 7:17. just chatting with tail getl g ted on twitter about the the skins game on sunday nighthesu taking on the packers at 8:30.:. if you are taking metro getetrog there you can use the morgan moa boulevard or largo town c but keep in minds the last the l departs at 11:27.. metro service stops atservice sp midnight. they're not staying openednoing late so make sure you plan how r you're getting home whetherheth it's carpool uber, whatever whar your mode of transportation and if you are going to take the roads keep are in mind usual delays around game time when ti the game is starting at 8:30 8 outer and inner loop delays around central landover roadoad and arena drive. metro cutting offer service at midnight.
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95 northbound jammed dale city to the beltway a disabled carle in lorton is blocking the right shoulder in the hov lanes. heavy traffic through woodbridge leading towardsavy tr that location and then againge h towards theen beltway. beltw inner loop not terrible acrosses the wilson bridge right nowrie i just light volume.just light vo. back to you guys. >> all rightback erin thank youk very much. >>7:1818. fox5 tracking metro. metro where concerns about safety saf prompted the head of theed t transit agency to reorganizeeore 4000 series rail cars. safety concerns could cause those c trains to go too fast. . >> fox5's melanie alnwick is i live this or latest now. late so what's metro doing,st n mel?l? >> reporter: well, we are talking about a fourth problemhm with the speed control.he s we're going to see right herepet if dave can slow you, you canan see on this train here the 4000 series car, this is what wa metro is now doing for they're putting them in the the middle. that's what they're callinghat bellying up.thbellyi now initially metro had decided to pull all 4000ll 400 series cars off the tracks and s that would have meant fewerant r eight car trains for then afterai looking at more m data it was decided the cars cs
7:19 am
now metro says these 4000 series cars are the least reliable in the fleet. little back history these 4000 series cars haves ha been in service since thehe early 1990's. there's 80 cars in all. all that there used to be 100 so beo 20's have already beenea b retired. it's only about 7 percent of the fleet. it's a very low risk issue risk issu according to metro but still taking this action really rea because they want to put safety for most when it comestom to issues that it is mades thate aware of. let' that you guys may remember.embe this is an issue from themhe past. p remember this car door flying opened? that led metro toro pull the entire 4000 seriesie off of the tracks in 2010 and10a again in 2015.n01 both for the door issue. iss now we're talking about the automatic train controlol system. that is the problem this there is a possibility that a control board could fail andld f that would lead drivers to get g incorrect speed commands sondso they might be told to speed upe
7:20 am
times when they should not be doing those things, that automatic train control deals d with the trains spacing andpacia speed restrictions as well sowe if you don'tll get the righthe r commands we know that can leadkw to a collision and furthermore, metro says thate, m it lacks the specializedci equipment that's needed too test these atc system on the 4000 series rail cars and thatah was recommended by the t manufacturer that it gethat itet tested every single year and a we're just finding out nowng out that that has not been donen so, that's what metro is doing right now. rather than pulling all of the cars out, they're just makingpun sure that they can no longeran r be the lead car which controlscs the entire train.rain. they'll be bellying them upp putting them in the center and of course metro says the plano e is it is well on track to do t d this to retire all of thoseho 4000 series rail cars by 20's 2' 17 with the new searchthe new s thousand series that is comingog in. in. live in grosvenor metro station i'm melanie alnwickelank fox5 local news.fox5
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the microscope once again overpo the harambe incidents.idts >> that investigation investigan continues. we have the latest for you coming up. it is 7: 21 now.ow
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>> ?? >> 7:23 right now and ann arizona police officer caughtpo on videoli pceunching a woman in the face during an arrest nowret on administrative leave.e l the video hard to watch. wat
7:24 am
is launched an internaler investigation. the police chief said the chiaih officer claims the woman kicked and kneed him in thehe groin before he hit he te however, those officers' accusations were not caught on camera. >> in iowa days before scott s like cal green allegedly killed two police officers, heif sent a float to one of theirhe department's praising theg officers for their in an e-mail he thanked themed for keeping the communities safe and apologized for priorfo run ins with the law saying say his quote dark days were o for post traumatic stress disorder ." t daysra after the e-mail was sent was green shot and killed two kille officers in ambush-styleyle tacks.s. >> minnesota police officerneso responsible for the shooting death oftable philando castilee in july will make his first h fr court appearance later today. officerrer? ran -- yanez. yanez
7:25 am
in a renewed debate over the the relationship between law enforcement and communitiesemen theyt serve. ser >> flew federal report aboutfede how a three-year-old childr-ol ended up in p harambe'sambe enclosure. that gorilla at the cincinnatiit zoo in may alleges that thehat zoo could not have known thereeo was a problem with the enclosure's barriers because they had never been cited forcif the short the zoo currently faces no penalties in the incident. the investigation is ongoing.ngg >> 7:25 right now. now still chilly out there this t morning but look at thet the year just a couple hours away a from big jump in temps rightps t tuck.tuck >> going to happen real highs 25 degrees warmer than t where we are 43. 43 we'll be in the upper 60'sper 6' maybe a few spots hit 70's. 70' we're going to go 70 nearr washington. humidity 82 percent but that will fall off here h it shouldo be a gorgeous day.ous d look how quiet that willhat will midatlantic satellite pictureti much is.c sa there's nothing happening locally but clear skies andhay sunshine. this is our fronts for fro tomorrow afternoon.ow that's going to really meano rem
7:26 am
big way so today reallyeall pleasant, 70's degrees, cool toght.t. we're going hit 70 tomorrow ino the earlyin afternoon. then we get showers with a strong front seconds half of ha saturday. i think about after 4 o'clockr o locally.loca most of your day will be fineay but then the bottom falls off those temps, winds pick unmany we could see winds gusting 40 4 maybe in a few spots 50 miles0 an hour around here saturday saa night and sunday and you canan see what happens to our temps. daytime highs only in the 40'sgy here sunday, monday and weynd we ke i our thanksgiving week holiday. d so, get ready for much coolerhoo air after a couple really nice days. did i mention it's friday?day? >> whoo-hoo! did you also mentionu al temperatures of 70's degrees today and tomorrow for fridayura and saturday? >> gorgeous. >> beautiful weather. really happy. it puts in you a good mood. right now unfortunatelyght rt dealing way crash.ra center lane blocked coming from rosslyn towards georgetown making your wayyor from the key bridge to mdgto street.stre you're going to hit some big delays this is causing some
7:27 am
lanes to get around this.s to gt we'll let you know as soon as all lanes are reopenedo butened again a lot of heavier volumee than usual on the key bridgeri issue. police are not yet at this y accident scene.cidentcene we'll take a look at our maps.u. that's not the only crash orsh o problem we're dealing with. wit southbound new hampshirehbou avenue at university boulevard there's a crash in langleygley park. park. delays all the way back to all piney branchto avenue. anu some very heavy traffic on o southbound new hampshire thisndn morning. as for northern maryland forew your widore viethwer right now w stop-and-go traffic through montgomery county. about a 30 minute delay frommodr and the outer loop jams 95 toamt georgia with about a 15 minutee delay.lay. bw parkway northbound andund and southbound stop-and-go traffic f by the goddard space flight spa center. 95 southbound lookingcet good. but as you can see those delays north of montgomeryntgo county from 70 to clarksburg,rk 270 southbound as well.0 so steve back tuto you.e backo y >> all week students have beenkt walking out of classrooms andt a into the streets protesting prog against president-elect donalded trump. now someld say they should stayu in sool. others say they're supportingup their efforts.or >> why some school leaders lde
7:28 am
yonder the -- i don't -- i do understand the classroom.lassro. up nix we'll talk to formeror montgomery county superimontendent joshua starrntn who says
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
?? >> thanks again. >> we prefer they express theirx political views on campus. >> no kkk! >> i'm not a trump supporter bub i feel like he got and square. squ >> since the presidentialrent election last week hundreds ofa local high school students havev left their classrooms they've t' taken to the streets in protestt to president-elect donald trumpu in many cases they had thecasety blessing of school teachers and administrators. that was until a young trump untsupporter was assault add fd days ago. ago. montgomery county schoolch superintendent did an about faco telling students to stay inudent school or face diss plainer act. even before that though manyhan questioned whether it's thether place teachers or administratorr to encourage the student walk w outs.
7:32 am
lesson of how democracy is tos accept result of a fair f election? even if you don'tvent agree with the out come.e th joining us now dr. joshua star the ceo of find out capita international.ational which supports kindergarten through higher education and former superintendent ofhi montgomery countyer s public schools. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on.anks appreciate it.nks >> it's an interesting question. i've talked with a number a num parents of montgomery county cou school children in the lastre couple of days.up of i asked, was this the kind of kd thing that was encouraged byged staff, encouraged by teachers? response which was, they didn't discourage it. is it your feeling that adultss were behind this, kind ofin o encouraging these students to go out and protest?d protest? >> so i'm not going to speak fok anything montgomery county mco public schools has done orr hasn't done. de. that's not my roll. you got to talk to officials,ff, you know, such as theknowsuch superintendent or anybody else. i think that, you know,no educators have really tough job here. you have to acknowledge that tha kids are upset, right. rig you have to acknowledge thatacoe
7:33 am
voice is important, and the and election of donald trump has clearly unleashed something onn all sides and adults have oh toh respond much that's our job much this is a truly teachabletrteac moment. the superintendent, principles,r teachers are in a really reallyl difficult position. how do you embrace studenttunt voice? how do you embrace the e fact that kids need to feel safe psychological as well asl asell physically? they're reacting, n and how do you make -- also makm sure they stay safe which is ofi course number one job. job so it's real challenge here.gee. it's not easy, and, you know, i, know that the folks great job handling it, but it'ss certainly not my job to talkal about in any official capacity.p >> it sounds like a challenge al teachable moment but also soundd like that's really only half thf equation here.on he. so how do you teach civics inivn the classroom with that in mindn the points you just made butt also the realization that this is how america works, this was a fair election process, and the,t person who was elected presidene was elected president by thesidh majority of the way the system s works the electoral collegeollee
7:34 am
>> great examples around countru how teachers are engaging kidsid in criticals in and doing so dns even prior to the out come ofe o the election, right? doing soog by examining the kind ofhe kindf speeches that were being givenha by donald trump, bt eing given b hillary clinton even ones thateo obama had given talking aboutngo rhetoric things like that.ha there are ways to look at this t and put it in history. histo look, i got to assume there area teachers around that may have mh been protesting when they werety students in the '60s and '70's.s talk to them, engage them.he but the important thing is, kidk need to psychologically and physically.y our kids of color many of them t do not for good reason.ea and teachers have to protect pro them and they also have to value their voice and engage them inn company constructing some of tht learning. you can't just say no, thatha middle schoolers, high schoolers they will not respect at that aa all. you have to engage them and tal to them about it. >> let's look at a couple of things on the national scale right now which is part of loona your organization does now toiow try to help students and helentd teachers all over the country.. when we look at some of thesemef walk outs we've seen not just in
7:35 am
places such as in los angelesel where the teachers union is nows behind these students saying wee support them in the walk outs.ut should the teachers be gettinget involved to that extent? extt? >> teachers have to make sureakr that kids are safe, right? anda that safety means physical safes tearing it also means psychological safety. you got to look at the rules. tl you got to look at theooat contracts.cont ethical issues, of course, c issues of parents and notifyingf them and making sure that, you know, again they're notified ife they're supporting that kind ofr thing, steve, the fact this isth unleashed some really serious elinings. we now have, you know, the guy y who national security adviser an avoid, you know, race bader witi muslims. it's terrible what's going on.. and some of the rhetoric thatri we're hearing.wehear our kids feel it then need toee know they're feeling valued andd protect and loved bite educators. >> play devils advocate anotherv side though in this an lot ofoc trump supporters in this couugnt as well there are saying, look, let's focus on the process thata
7:36 am
election fair and square. s so why are we just focused right now on one side of the issue? is >> i think what we have photoot focus on the vitter recallreca directed towards jews, towards lgbtx, towards girls right misogyny that's out there.he kids of color, right? many kids don't feel safe because of this election. whether or not that's actually going to translate into policies, we don't know, right?t we don't have crystal ball, but we know that the rhetoric that a got -- supporters, right, you know,u k have seized on and some of hisis initial appointments has doublel down on affects our kids and we have tick mauer sure protect.e t >> i think this goes beyond they classroom. >> sure. >> a lot of america is in thisii this position we're worried about things we don't yet know w what's going to's g we don't know.'t k from the education perspective,e is that a lesson we want toe wan teach our kids to worry aboutryo something that we may not knowok how it's going to work out?ut >> well, i think we do have toav teach our kids how to analyzeze
7:37 am
objective view every things.ry i how to say, look, rhetoric iss different than policy. pol to talk about how, you know, tht different, um, divisions inision power and checks and great opportunity to read the federalist papers, right.ight really great teachable moments here to understand what actualla may happen once, you know, hee takes office.ff and we have to balance that witw the fact that people are feeling really nervous about it, because of the incredibly just divisive vitter feral that has surrounded >> do you think schools wouldu have supported it if it went the her waway. if students were protesting thet opposite side? if hillaryf hill clinton would have won then wou election and students were saying, that's not my presihadem and walked out of class? >> arguments about counter factual are really convenienty t for people who don't want to whn accept thet t fact that there ii something real going on. o so we don't we'll never know.r know it's counter factual.'s c you just simply don'tount know. so who knows who,, what we knowk is the situation at hand.tan the situation at hand is that
7:38 am
unleashing a strain of anti semitism, misogyny, racism, etae cetera, in our schools and our d country, and schools are on thee front line of it and we have to deal witness. >> we won't look back at thingsh and try to change things we can't change at this point but b the let's look forward. forward when we look at the lesson atn the future h we look back atlooa this moment what lesson will wel have learned? learned? >> i think we will have learneda a lesson about, a, i think we tk got to talk to students up front. one of the great things about montgomery county that ihe a gls loved is just how organized thee students are.ents are how smart they are and you havev to engage students and talk to them about it.themut i right? i think teachers have av lot to say as well, and i thinkd they have to look and be free te think about, um, how to teachch history, how to teach english,sh different subjects that can embrace some of the current the things that are going on, notint just, you know, stick to thestih curriculum, frankly and i think we have to be d ieeply engagedng with our communities and reallya be talking to them better faithr based communities, certainly the
7:39 am
officials i think have done as h great job of saying, you know yo what, this is an issue thats ss we're going to be a safe spaceea for folks. fks we don't accept this.t ts i think this talks the need to t build a lot of bridges. bdg that's what we need, bridges, b, not walls. >> learning and listening alwayn been a key.. the uncertainty will be there wt but a lot of questions still tot be answered cstarr thanks fornk joining us this morning.. >> thanks for having me. >> i know your ears are openrepe when you hear montgomery countyy schools. drink consumption leads to aadt drop in sales. sal plus have you ever wanted tw know what inside a package before opening it? i think allk of us, right now is your chancec more how one company is offering its customers x-ray vision. whohoa! >> i know. i
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
?? maryland on a mission to help its and it seems to be paying off at least in one area of the state.. howard county has seen a soda sales drop 20% between 2012 and 2015 according to a new report.. the results are due to jointoi efforts by community groups andd education officials who push too make healthier food and drinks s more widely available.le all right.>> this is kind of> cool i guess.s just to time for the holidaysays amazon giving x-ray vision forif our gifts.r gif there's a catch. don't get too excited yet, al.e,
7:43 am
you can see inside using air una quotes your packages withoutours ever opening the box. ong the bx >> i love it. oxi bu know what's in which b for which person all you have to do is click on the camera in the app press package x-ray and scaa the bar code on the shipping label and it will show youand ih what's inside theow box. >> perfect. >> here's the thing. you can only check items tha>>ts you actually ordered yourself. >> perfect. >> so, you know, the girls can'c say, i'm going to look in the t box and see what i'm getting fog the holidays. hidays. >> this is amazing if do youngdu online shopping. what do i have to do, download a the newest version of the. >> right.>> hey, tears the dishes i gotearst tucker i'm going to send him the box now. >> okay. i'll do that today. if you are looking for ai'll part-time gig and, you know, a k lot of folks are, ups is hiringn the company is looking to hire 95,000 additional employees to e help out with the holida season. >> great. >> a lot of folks. although the jobs are part time it can b>> jes aar stepping stt full-time employment to applyt y head over to ups's website.. >> every little bit helps. hps >> there's some companies that m have really excellentnt
7:44 am
in. >> there you go. love it. 7:43 right now. 7:43 rigw it is a side of president-electe donald trump we do not see often. >> freddie is standing in the i he dies de at 42 really from alcoholism. >> never had a drink because ofc my brother. >> coming up donald trump shares his story behind photos letters and other cherished momentos hee has acquired throughout his
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
?? >> yeah! >> ?? .> it's friday >> friday -- >> reagan national if you're yor traveling we'll do travel tra weather the next couple of daysy let's focus on the here and now and the right here and we'll start with our dry conditions.dn not your imagination. we've been talking the lastbeent couple of weeks how dryalking ii been.. but there you go reflected in re this map. th officially now under moderate mr drought for parts of the areahee with rainfall deficits for their year in hagerstown six and three quarters here int washington. over five out at del dulles. charlottesville seven.lle we need the rain.s not in the foreceeast today. t what is in the forecast, wonderful temperatures andratusn sunshine and about 70 thishis afternoon.afte 43 now in washington. wasng leonardtown 36 degrees.ees. manassas is 30.0. dulles 32. frederick 30. new move going here. here. you can't quite see my move isev lifted it off the ground. gun i don't know what that's allknow about. any ways freezing temperatures off to the west. and after a cold start we are wa
7:48 am
in some cases, 30, 40 degrees0 e from where we are right now.e an all right. lots of sunshine, quiet weatherr our next frontal system west ofo chicago.ic chicago right now 59 degrees.w e hasn't arrived in chicago yet y either. and that is going to bring ari real big change to our air massm in other words we'll go fromr wo nice fall like weather to wintry conditions around here by late l saturday and sunday.unda high pressure, dry conditions,oi beautiful afternoon.oon if you like to to go out for outdoor happy ho rooftop -- hint, hint. >> are you inviting me. >> i got free time.ree time. >> i'm in. >> temperatures about there's your cold front.ur cold. this is your set up for tomorrow. tomorrow during the morningrni hours early afternoon we'll warr temperatures up. we should be fine until late lae afternoon when this cold frontot arrives that will bring us ath period of rain showers probablay between 4:00 and 7:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. and then very very blusteryery conditions.nd winds pick 30, 40, maybe 50 miles an hour. this is set up for sunday we'll' have mountain snows and we mighg
7:49 am
off to our north and west by b sunday with daytime highs that a don't get out of the fours get t ready for a big cool down hereor by sunday and monday government to the redskins game sundaya night it's going to be cold witt wind chills in the 20s so bee prepared here for cooled hfor temperatures.temp look at that.look a tha thursday right now maybe a fewew showers, 50s perfect for eatingn lots of food.oo >> and falling asleep watching n football on the couch. >> after the, yeah, cowboys redskins game. g >> game doesn't start until 8:33 last metro trai 11:27 p.m. game shouldn't be over untiluldt :3030. plan how you'll get home from ho fed he can field this sunday thu night.nigh right now inbound key bridgeri crash did clear just before mefe street but look how stacked upcu traffic is from rows land intoto georgetown.. secondaries backing up oning wisconsin and m street as wellew through georgetown.through switch it over to our maps. m some other areas we're dealing a with slow downs this morning. mi 210 there's a crash just northtr of old fort washington road onnr the northbound so that slows you down towardsow oxon hill. oxon the inner loop is officiallyffia
7:50 am
typical spot.pical stop and go traffic 301 to the five southbound new hampshire avenue a crash at university bamoupslea delays back to piney branch brac avenue causing slow downs through langly park.rough ly p aside from that metro has beenab pretty quiet all morning longng center for safetrack surge 10 noma-gallaudet on the red lineed buses replacing trains.ra here's a look at the redskinsedk packers information 8:30 again0a metro stations available morganr boulevard and largo town centere don't forget the last train doee depa 11:27.11 back to you guys. >> good advice. thanks so much. it's rare look at our new ow president-elect.t- donald trump as you may neveru e have seen him before.een hibefo >> tonight fox news channelews n takes you behind the scenes in trump's home with tmz harveyy levin. le maureen umeh joins us now studio with a preview of a special apel airing tonight.airi ton hello. >> hey a lot of people anxiouses to see this one, steve and allison. alli one hour special called c objectified donald trump it airr at 10:00 p.m. on the fox news nw
7:51 am
president-elect as he shows h harvey levin a variety ofiety o objects of his trump tower tow penthouse.penthous and tells the stories behindesen each peace.ea. here's a sneak preview.. >> that's a pretty he can h treatment thing to send your kid away to upstate new york. y what kind of discipline problemm were you having?aving? >> well, i was just somebodyas y that was rebellious. >> president-elect donald trump up close and personal.l. >> my understanding is businesss school was not your firstfirst choice. choi >> tonight tmz and fox news are next commander in chief likehi l you've never seen before.e >> well, i wanted to be in an business that you're verye v familiar with. otion e m pictures. i absolutely did. i was going to apply to ufc. ufc >> what was it about -- that'ss shocking.shocking why -- wh >> just -- what was it thathat literally was going to make youk break from what your dad did and start a career in film?n f >> i just liked it i always likl it. i like the glamour of movies. >> tmz creator harvey levin satn
7:52 am
surprise election win for for first-hand look at his life. his home and some of his mostos cherished keep sakes. he learned what happened in thed future 45th president's live l that fuel his rise from trump tu tower to the white house.. >> freddie is standing in theg n middle there.ddlehere >> right.. >> he died at 42 really from >> i never had a drink becausenu of my brother.roer >> does it worry you that you might have that gene, someth drink, um, you wouldn't stop,n'o you might turn into whattoha happened to fred and does it ant scare you?scare you? >> hmm. okay. you'll have to watch tonight ana find out again objectifiedbjti donald trump debuts at 10:00 a10 p.m. on fox news channel withanh special end course saturday andt sunday at 8:00 p.m.ay at 8:00 p later on today on good day,ay steve and allison, we're talkini with harry levin.ev maybe he can share insight about
7:53 am
walters style interviews in the >> it's interesting when you talk to the person who does thed interview. as you're well aware you can't n get everything into that one ttn hour special.. >> exactly. >> it will be interesting for harvey to pickll u bp one the thing. ing. >> especially because this waslh done -- thon.fore the election. >> exactly. it will be >> we'll see weights.e'll >> tune in and a watch >> thanks, mo. >> 7:53.>> that's coming up at 10:30 thishs in today's business beatea after months of ignoring civil lawsuit filed him by bobbiob gordon was ordered to pay the family $36 million for heror wrongful death.ul death in september gordon was deemedad legally responsible for bobbi kristina's death, of course, whitney houston's child bobbi kristina after he failed toeaile appear in court. bobbi kristina is the daughterae of whitney and of course singers bobby brown. bobb she died back in july 2015, 6 months after she was found
7:54 am
>> leo dicaprio visitingit scotland much it's a goodwill gw trip to highlight homelessness.n he was greeting fans and signing autographs as he arrived at at local cafe in scotland which donates its profits to projectst supporting the homeless.s. he's scheduled to speak at the a scottish business awards thinkdi week.week harlem globetrotters notrte strangers to setting records tht become team once again smashedih even more records this year they set nine guiness world records,, beating set last year.r >> the longest basketball shot, blindfolded.olde that was by ant atkinson.inson >> well done. de >> thunder law breaking theer le record for the farthest fth basketball shot made whilehile sitting on the court. court he tossed it nearly 59 feet.9 check it out.eckt out. let's see. >> and you know it will be good. >> oh, my gosh. g >> we'll leave it up to the experts. >> that's all we can do.ha >>t' i don't think i could maket anywhere close to the basket.e .
7:55 am
of the season for fox beat freee friday.frid this is cool. one viewer can win four tickets to the six flags holiday in thee the tickets good throug january 2nd of 2017 this prize at approximate retail value of $264. >> go to between now and 11:59 p.m. for. your chance to win. w one winner will be selected byed random drawing on november 21st. all entrants must be 18 or older. complete rules and online entry again availableules m >> let's say good morning to oug faceoobook pan of the day it'say kind of a two for today, right? >> okay.>> o >> 12 legged. 14 leg. lisa ferry. and h er dog sophie.e. >> they tune in every morningrym they tune in their pj's how glamorous. they are living iney are fredericksburg v have a.ic before lisa heads off toks works thanks for watching.orching. so you probably starting to geto dressed right now i'd at least the first part isar straight pj's for your chance ta be tomorrow's fan leave aan lvea comment and selfie blow police p
7:56 am
something tucker wears on thear weekend. >> it's a little ted bee bear ba not a little dog in the backk pocket.pock we didn't know wawa it was. >> booties, too.ties too. >> did you see the littleeehe l booties. >> i didn't see the booties.e ti >> don't want the tender feet te touch the cold pave many. m 47 in washington. whing we're looking at high hh temperatures today about 20 to t 25 degrees warmer than this. t up near 70 this afternoon shoulo be beautiful day, and a rain a r free day. just gorgeous afternoon for usou end enjoy your friday bigda cold front out west of chicagoha bringing big snows up to opinion minute at this hour.minute that is going to come at slammg through our area late tomorrow o afternoon winds will pick up pk period of some rain showers this is tomorrow afternoon late ande then very blustery winds along a with cold temperatures dive inte the region overnight into earlyr sunday look at your daytime highs on sunday only in the 40ss enjoy your 70 today and tomorrow. much colder air bite end of the week again redskins game will be r air chilly.eds ga and we'll keep thech cilool nexn week into our thanksgiving weekk holiday.
7:57 am
from the great outdoors.doors. erin.erin >> i'm joining wait for me.or m right now, 7:56. and 50 eastbounds you make your way out crash blocks all lane. big delays on 50 right now in fairfax.fa 66 dealing with slow downs.ow but i'd avoid 50 heading eastbound.ead there's look at 66 eastboundastb 234 all the way to nutley streey a lot of stop and go traffic. and four inbound pennsylvania avenue a crash at mel wood road delays as well.lays al. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi
7:58 am
7:59 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.. straight up 8:00 o'clock onc friday morning.orning. good morning to you.od mning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve schenn z thanks fo joining us here on fox5 newsews morning.rning. outside today it's a friday. >> going to say sore but they'llll climb.b >> they are. >> for sure across the region. o it's 43 now but we'll be in forr a nice warmup as we take liveak look outside on this fridayy morning. rn we are excited about today. tody we may even get a taste of let's say springtime.ingtim >> before we do that let's lookk at what's happening in otherhapn parts of the country right now.n it will make us feel even warmer here. north dakota they're not feeling it as far as sunshine and warmtr they get the very blizzard theae season hitting the state ste overnight.nigh some parts could get a foot ofof
8:01 am
that is a 20-mile backup on a colorado highway because of thet snow that they received.. but here --e >> nice. >> let's switch the seasons donn 180. >> look at these two. two is there going to be a little - did you guys work out a little l scene.ene. >> yeah.. >> little dance party. pty >> we're about to go into ourgo great acting, aren't we.te. >> yes, we are.. >> put your hood down. your hood a little chilly outside rightdet now still.w >> it is a little cool lo you want to bring a jacket heree early.y. >>or s sure. >> fashi >> little jacket.act >> you won't need this later tst today. up near 70 this afternoon.n i took the hood down. >> beautiful.. >> with just beautiful skies oui here. gorgeous start. back to the 70s ogor around 70 7 later today. t i can't guarantee full 70s.0s whole decades.ades >> for sure.>> f sur >> probably just 70 today. but it should be nice afternoonn let's to temps. t overnight lows back in the 20s and low 30s and as we get into t the afternoon hours, again watct these numbers soar. here we go.
8:02 am
hanging on to the 30s north anda west. frederick still hanging out at 32. 32. 38 in fredericksburg and 34 cool degrees here in winchester.este quick look at our our satellite/radar.llitdar. it is quiet, it's going to be gt beautiful it's going to be sunnn and bright, and as we get into t the afternoon hours, we're going to see temperatures about 10 tot 15 degrees above normal. norma how about 70 later today?ater ty >> i'll take 70 later today. >> all right. r >> big changes for the week andt more on that.he w how is traffic. >> traffic it's slow. right no outside the station, hey, it's s kind of slowing but we do have e some other problems. proems we'll get over and take look ato our maps and cameras and showho what you're facing on the roadso this morning.orning. there's 50 eastbound in fairfaxf a crash blocking all lanes at at waples mill traffic getting by g on the shoulder.der 66 is your best bet to get around that the eastbound side d of 66 a long line of yellow not terrible indicating speeds are under 30 miles per hour. hou average speeds between 20 and 30 from 234 to the beltway. let's forward our maps and showw
8:03 am
if not we'll go take lookk outside one of your 66 eastbound better look at your delays right there. inner loop tollly slows down d through annandale on 395 parkedd from the 14th street bridge onre up and there's the key bridge. g traffic is moving along. along >> all right. >> a lot better since the crasha cleared, tucker.. >> i like my job better thanetrt yours. >> because you get to tell tel people fun news about sunshinee even get to tell me cranky me ck sitting in their cars. car >> exactly. we're working on our dancerkin g routine. we'll have it ready to go bitetd end of the show.of see 8:30 outside. >> practice makes perfect. >> let's get to developingevelog stories. former montgomery county teacher arrested back in june foror sexually abusing students istuds under arrest again for the same >> this happened at cloverly cly element row school in silver inr spring and that's where we find fox5's bob barnard standing by y with the latest.ates. this school looks really rea familiar. you were out recently around halloween, yes? >> reporter: exactly.xactly on halloween because the
8:04 am
the parents took their kids to the park next door that day to y kind of do their own thing. thig and while we were here, they t were still talking about this ti teacher john vigna who was w arrested in june.une. some saying he was a great was t teacher and think kids loved him. others saying they had their e suspicions and their childrenndi did not want to be in hisld cres as you mentioned, this teacher john vigna long time third gradr teacher at cloverly elementaryme school was arrested in june jun charged with sexually assaulting abusing two of his students, two girls.girls well in the months since his s s arrest made news, three moreee m alleged victims have now come c forward with similar allegations. one now a young woman in her 20s says she was abused during the 2000-2002 school years. mr. vigna sexually abused her in 2013-2014 and the third says shs was violated last year. mr. john vigna who is 50 years a old turned himself in to in to montgomery county police
8:05 am
bond. he was out on bond sboince his h arrest in june. detectives want parents of hisfs former students to ask their thr children about their their interactions with mr. vigna. via they're wondering, guys, couldsu there be more victims? >> bob, he wasn't in the school after the arrest, right? he was no longer in the school afterer june?june >> reporter: right. right that's right. he was a long-time third gradere teacher here mr. vigna, but, no, since his arrest in june he wase not in jail but not back in in school. but since his picture was allasl over the n here a long time somebody peoplp have come forward including this student who child here 14 or so years ago.go >> new allegations, all right,i bob, thank you very much.ri youu meantime prince george'smers county school aid accused of o sexually assaulting two children with special needs is due toue t appear in court today. michael patopie could enter a et plea in the charges beinges bei brought against him. his attorney argued his arrestes was based on speculation sinceon the alleged abuse was not caught on come rah.onome
8:06 am
six past the hour breakingan news concerning trump's transition several media outlete are reporting trump picked alabama senator jeff sessions tt be attorney general much he'sgeh been a staunch supporter ofrter donald trump and was an advisere to his campaign early he's former prosecutor who washw elected to the senate back in 1996.19. unlikely name believed to b on the list or for secretary ofa state. we're talking about mitt romneye many former republicanubli presidential nominee will meetme with the president-elect thiss weekend and you in march romney called drum app phony an fraud.raud. mending fences is among themo t items on their agenda.nda in the meantime, donald dal trump offered retired general michael flynn the nationalflynn security adviser position stillo unclear if the former military intelligence chief hasef septembered the job.ob flynn is a registered democrates but has been a close adviser tor trump during his campaign andnnd long criticized president predet obama's administration's fightht against isis.. and one of the president-elect's companies hass refiled a lawsuit on the taxablx value of his newly opened hotelt
8:07 am
trump's attorneys filed ailed a petition in d.c. superior court alleging that an incorrectin standard was used to calculate l the hotel's $1.7 million7 min property tax bill. tax b ethics experts have alreadydy called on trump to terminate the lease ahead of his inaugurationo on january 20th. it is 8:07 now.7ow we're tracking metro this t morning where concerns aboutncet your safety have prompted the t head of the transit agency to reorganize all 4,000 series rail cars. there's a safe this could cause the trains torn go too fast. and inherent with that 4,00000 series.ries metro had previously taken thehe cars off the rails in 2010 and 2015 after doors flew open likel you will see in this video. vid the automatic train control conr system is the issue this time ts and metro says it lacks the specialized equipment to testo e that system each year.r but because pulling all the carc would have caused a shortage ofo eight car trains for riders,er
8:08 am
not in the lead position.osition >> all right. they push them in the middle of say they'lld they safafe there. >> okay. >> police arrest ohio teen thata broadcast himself shooting ahoot rifle into his neighbor's home.m >> he posted this incident on facebook life. ?? police tell us why the teenel created thel us post -- post -- gunfnfire ] >> threats. 8:08.
8:09 am
8:10 am
>> that teen has been arrested for firing those shots at his neighbor's us h he live streamed the whole thing on facebook. you can hear him laughing in the video while he shoots. he's just 15 years old and police say he lives with hisng s grandmt hisother.grandm it happened in akron, ohio. fortunately, nobody was hurt. in arizona a police officerf caught on video punching a wom now on administrative leave.eea video is hard to watch. wch the police department says itt launch an internal ierna investigation. the police chief says the woman kicked and kneed the officer inr the groin before he hit her, however, those actions were note caught on camera. al? a new federal report aboutoo how a three-year-old ended up ip a gorilla enclosure is thehe cincinnati zoo in may alleges as
8:11 am
have known there was a problem o with the enclose insures'nsur' barriers because they had neverv been sight cited for the shortcomings. zoo the faces no penalty in thii incident but the investigation into of course harambe becameece almost a cult sensation that wat the gorilla who was killed indn that incident. the on-going investigation doese continue, of course. coue a happy ending for a pitbull stolen from baltimore home during a robbery on yesterday.t. he's been found safe and sound.. tied to a tree half block fromlo his home around 1:00 in thehe morning. gofundme account raised over $8,000 to bring knox home whichw his family says will now go to o local animal rescues. >> country music christmas kickk off tg shepherd helped to ushero in the upcoming christmas seasoo at a tree lighting ceremony in memphis.his he flipped the switch at theh graceland ceremony.eland mony the event lights up the iconic home of music legend elvislvis
8:12 am
attendance get the holiday spirit started country style.le really that is fake snow. >> i would think so. baltimore teacher goes ballistic on over students and of coursef it was all captured on cellcoonl phone. >> get out! leave! it.ea! >> gets worse. gets w what else she said to herer students that got her fired.. it's 8:12.
8:13 am
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>> 8:14. what you doing, al?at >> just being sillily. >> who is that walking over there? it's tucker. jus is th >> hey. >> what's up, buddy?t's updd >> you know what time it is?e ii >> time for some fun andun a cuteness. >> where did the morning go witg you guys. ys >> flying by. >> the just nice by.>> the j >> i know. hash tag blessed i am. a and look at this. t >> you know who else is blessed. >> adorable.e >> happy birthday to you. >> i heard rue nay. >> her parents are blessed. par >> you got thaentts right.ight >> we got a birthday. she turns one today. >> aww, the first one. >> yay! >> happy birthday. >> big >> what does she do on hero on birthday she gets up early. >> she has this amazing cake ine her future hopefully her parentr let her dig her hands right intt it. >> it's her birthday. she can do what she wants.her na >> right. . herig dbig day she got perfect weather for herh birthday, too. go out to the playground all d day. all right. here's what she loves loves loves -- let me say what shet s >> go ahead, steve.>> go d, s >> she loves just not fox5 but5b
8:16 am
walk.. >> babies love tucker.ucke >> you know what you have to do, tuck. do it for the birthday >> she's got less experiencexper than me i could probably take tk walking tips from her.rom h >> you probable.. very similar gate. ge >> she's so cute. c little jeans on.tteans o >> i love it. love >> um-hmm. >> we appreciate you watching and we want to wish you verypre happy birthday. >> that's how all the teenagerse take their pictures you don'tout look right into the camera youoa look off.ok o >> of course. >> you're dreamy looking offki she's prepared.. >> super cute >> all right. let's remind you to go to our fox5 web page fox5 dc send usen your beautiful picture and wendw will try to get them on. >> facebook page. >> fox5 d.c. pace book page.k p >> you got it. it. great big help birthday. let's do some weather. weatr hey for her big birthday we gotg perfect weather to get out tout the playground all afternoon.ftn >> love it. >> it is her birthday she can gg play. 47 in washington now. in we are going to be up near 70wa this afternoon.erno it will take a couple more hours
8:17 am
good 10, 15 degrees above norman little later today. today 57 in chicago.chicago see that little tongue of very mild air st. louis 65 we'll getg on that later this afternoon and then i also want to helpinglpin what's going on well out to the west. we're at 17 in denver. that's our visitor for the end e of the weekend we won't be thatt cold around here we'll get thata air modified by sunday andunda a monday. monday. all right. the big dividing line the winte rin storm you see out into nebraskab the dakotas, minnesota, six t 12-inches. big winds up there.biwind 40 to 50 miles an hour.r. the clouds you see towards tar chicago that's a cold which getg in here tomorrow and big big a b change to our so 70 today. seventy two 70 tomorrow up ahea of our front which will bring us a period of showers tomorrowower afternoon between about 4:00 an4 7:00, and then look out.ut. blustery and cold conditions se up later saturday night and niga sunday. sunday might be a few flurries northth and west on sunday.. daytime highs in the upper 40s0s overnight lows in the 20s andnd
8:18 am
i'm being wrapped but i want tot remind that wind chills will bee in the 20 if's you're going toif the redskins's game. g >> brrr. >> sunday night.rr >> look at that little turkey at the end of next >> turkey at the end of thekey e week. >> thank you. >> erin, good morning. >> good morning. on king of skins game on sund nighsut,ay kick off 8:30.:30. last metro train leaves at 11:27.:2 so make sure you plan how you'ru getting home from fed ex field.f if you're heading out in o i baltimore want to point this ous heading in that inhat 70 eastbound is closed at 29. a2 look at that backed up traffic. well before 32 all the way back caution there. you'll need to plan alternate 7e eastbound not a great option fof you this morning.ning. 50 eastbound this chris waples e mill road cleared but delaysut d remained you can take 66ake 6 eastbound from stop and go a traffic 66 eastbound you can see those e delays extend all the way backab to suddenly road.oa live look on 270. 270. 270 not looking terrible passeds clarksville road the southbounds side is flowing once you getflon into germantown you y will hit stop and go traffic as you make your way down the spur.r. factor in 15 extra minutes.inuts
8:19 am
safetrack surge 10. steve and allison. >> erin, thank you very much. v. trump transition is on if ii could have the prompter please.e thank you. p with so much speculation about t who will be in his cabinet it appears to be a mix of strongong supporters but also former political enemies mitt romitt nearing ted cruz talked aboutke for top jobs. jobs. let bring in someone who's topsp in his job chris wallace host oo fox news sunday.fows s that was written for me but ie would say that independently of any writers, chris, good, goo >> who he have wrote thatrote tt deserves ace raise k question about i good morning to you. >> i agree. >> i will say this.ut ig to people who are i wl loyalistsss getting the jobs.g ths. the people who were formerr antagonists are getting meetings but none of them offered jobsedb yet. we've learned that mike flynn mn lieutenant general who was reala the top foreign policy adviserdv to trump throughout the campaig is going to be the nationalional security adviser. we've learned that jeff sessione who's was the first and for aora long time only senator to backok
8:20 am
there's a lot of talk about thee fact that mitt romney who was a fierce critic of trump duringrup the campaign will be meeting with him on saturday out at trump golf course in new jerseyy but a lot us doubt whether or wr not he'll actually get a job. j it's important as a kind off unity moment and republican party surrounding and embracing the new president-elect but i'll be very surprised if he actualll gets the job. there's talk about him asim secretary of state >> chris, let's be honest. hon he doesn't to do that what did t we take from this extension ofeo the olive branch. >> i think it's a positive signi it's a sign that, yoveu know,, o there's ban lost talk that trump nurses grudges, that he pridesis loyalty and punches back at hiss critics he's showing asng president-elect he met with tede cruz. he's meeting now with mitt he's showing he wants to embracb the entire spectrum at leasteast with the rope can party and also
8:21 am
head of the top democrat in thei senate some members of the t opposition as well that's what a president needs to do and look o he won. why would he nurse grudges?? >> exactly.>> e can we talk about steve bannonto for moment? a lot of push backk arc lot of criticism about his s views, but he is someone who has been named in a top spot. spo do you think that perhaps president-elect trump will backc away from his appointment due to the criticism?? >> absolutely not. n no. i mean this is the loyalty side of donald trump, and steve was the head of bright bart at t time when bright bart washen igt putting out a lot of sexist and seemingly antisemitic headlinesn has taken a lot of criticism anm i think justifiably so, but heuh was a very close aid and basically was the ceo, he waseoe kind of the person in charge of the campaign, and apparently did a very good job. trump won and trump values his
8:22 am
who has been leading the charge about draining the swamp onmp outsider shaking up washington.s shaking up the establishment,me and i think you'll seent this ti tension in the trump white housh because on the one hand you've v got people like prions priebusri who will be the white house h chief of staff very much an m insider and then you'll have yoe people like steve bannon andn it's going to be interesting tos see how trump balances that outa in the end he'll be getting competing sources of advice butb he's the one who decides what advice he's going to take. people win in the long run.the r >> yeah. going to haveo he reince priebus the new chief off staff on fox news sunday anduny we're also going to have chuckvk schumer the top democrat in then senate interesting because heau and trump he was trump's senatot in new york have a longon relationship and interesting tos find out what areas he thinks tk they can get along on and whatnd areas the democrats will oppose trauma glom not always a goodalg relationship with chuck schumerw another one on that list.her chris,on thanks so much.souch. >> you >> okay. oy > alall righty.
8:23 am
the architect of the capitol is scaffolding is off. off get ready for the inauguration.g he will be on the show onn sunday.. >> a lot of work was done to th capitol you can't see.l can't >> right. >> behind the scenes.insc we'll learn about that on sundaa g.rning. calling out of work when you'ref not really sick. w have you ever done it? maybe ae mental health day. >> sometimes you need a day.imee people with kids sometimes youou need a day.ay >> tell it to the boss. >> uh-uh. i'll just call out sick.ic there's a formula to faking it.i faking it. >> that's okay.s
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> incredible. one of the worst performances of my career and they neverred itri for a second. how could i possibly be able tot handle school on a day like is?s? >> i think i had a crash on matthew broderick when this camc out.ou >> who didn't? he work thehe we system, al. al. >> he's like my generation. >> there you go.ou go. >> he really >> which takes us back to thehe '80s classic scene might havee motivate add few people to takek a sick day back in the day.ay who would ever do something likn >> okay. >> not tucker. >> not me. .. not you, al >> but if you the viewer, if yoe need a little me time, have youu ever wondered in there was thehe perfect time to call out sick? c >> well it turns out there is as
8:27 am
a new study suggests the perfect time to call in sick is on a, a, way for it --t -- >> okay. oka >> tuesday morning.ueng >> which is the best time to to fly, too, right?? >> it's cheaper to fly on a a tuesday.tuesy. apparently, less of a chance tht boss will think that you're juss kind of jonessing for long long weekend until the week send ovee you came back to work on mondayo and now tuesday -- tuesday - >> you're not feeling it.'r >> right now we e'reno being sup snitches we're telling the we're bosses now they can look -- loo >> they're not listening, al. a. >> okay. oka >> by the way if you want a little extra incentive, apparently the boss is mostost likely to believe if you claim m stomach problems or what'swhat's making you sick.kiou s apparently people don't follow,l v to follow up questions theyioe don't want to know the details.i >> i have another one.ave on if you're a woman there'st's another one. >> of course there is, al. >> especial physical off maleurm boss who doesn't want to geto gt involved in that >> exactly. ver thindo not ever think about calling out near thek abo holuty you'll be busted for that in noo time flat.time ft. so remember tuesday morningsorng stomach problems.
8:28 am
>> right. >> yeah. >> on to your game.>> oto you >> we've all work at those those places everybody takes friday fi off. >> yes. >> you know what i mean? >> or monday. >> what did you saynday.? >> those places everybody talkss friday off. friday o >> i don't know what yourff. talking abouton't kno. >> an a rotating basis.g bas >> would you like to name namess >> he means in a prior life, ala >> growing up. gng u >> in prior time.>> in prior tie >> let's do the forecast.. >> we're not going to do the tot forecast. >> see ya. we'll be right back.'ll right >> i'm calling out sick.utic >> you have to go outside, tuck.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> get out of my closet! good! o get out!ut >> leave! get out! leave. >> baltimore teacher out of af job this morning after what became a racist rant and it wasw posted online. she's a science teacher at harlem park elementary and middle school yelling at thechoo mostly black students in her classroom.lackcl teacher called them idiots andid asked them if they wanted to geg an education or end up broke.roe this happening in baltimore cito and baltimore city publictyubli schools released a statement ana said in part, no form of discriminatory behavior of any a kind is or will be tolerated. >> meantime devastating das community down in staffordn s county searching for answersnsws this morning after entire familm was found dead yesterday.te police now saying this is aths a murder suicide.. >> and two victims just small children.dren. fox5's annie yu live withve w stafford from the latest on thii
8:32 am
annie, good morning.d morng >> reporter: hey good morningor allison and steve.son an we've been in touch with the sheriff's department thisiff's t morning here in staffordhi couny and they let me know they areth still working to notifyto nif relatives and so they are notd e releasing the names of thosefse victims.vict. but we know that it's an entire family gone.. two parents and a small childhi and an 18 month old baby. bab they were all discovered dead inside this home behind me and a you can see this is we're toldel that this is annie question tree yann neighborhood they basicallh own this entire land here.ire l. they were found dead inside this home on wilderness court.s crt it's in the windsor forestt subdivision here in stafford str county not too long ago, we saws a man drive up and place a noo trespassing sign at the end of o this driveway he spent 10 minutes inside and then left tnl without speaking to the media. so we're not sure who he is and we certainly want to respect the family during what has to be ana incredibly difficult time.e. stafford county sheriff's say they are dealing with triple t
8:33 am
suicide actually took place. pla we know that police wereolice wr notified yesterday aroundfied yy 9:00 o'clock.00 o they responded to the home hereh we don't know who made that me call, but they certainly spentep the entire day into the eveningg processing the scene andcene searching for evidence, but but right now they're remaining r pretty tight lipped about thebot details only calling this a very delicate situation.ittion detectives have not released the causes of death. d we did speak to few neighbors no who say they're just absolutelyy stunned by the news and none of suspicious as far as gunshotsun do. they say they didn't heashotrsdt anything but did add even if evf they did, they really wouldn'twn think twice about it because the subdivision backs up to quanticc marine corps base you often heaa gunfire here. we did speak to one man who sais that the family is often outen o walking around, have seen theene baby in the stroller, and sayss that the horror of this is soso unexpected. unex take a listenpe.ten >> i mean, it's something that
8:34 am
alone a place like this.s. a lot of folks that live hereere are military or government or former government, so it's kindd of, yorks want to say upscale but it's a comfortable cfort neighborhood that we don't normally see things -- well, who sees anything like this? >> reporter: i can tell youl you that folks here are absolutelyut shocked. shoc we had a gentleman drive by andd just kind of sat here and shaking his h his head around what'shat's happening. a lot of people just can't understand why or what caused c the family to do this and sond we're going to hopefully have he some more information for youe throughout the day.infohe. the sheriff's office says they'll keep us informed and wea certainly will pass that along o to you on our website and and twitter and facebook just searca fox5 d.c. that's the very latest here froo stafford, virginia, annie yuieu fox5 local news.ews. >> also more breaking news thisi hour concerning the trump conin transition.
8:35 am
picked for attorney now we're hearing kansasansas congressman mike topped tappedod to be cia director and he isndei accepted that position.osio congressman has extensivessman x background in military and intelligence matters again he'sh a congressman from kansas. one of the possible key members of president-elect donald trump's transition teamit has said in an interview thatewt the new administration couldatnu push ahead rapidly on construction of u.s. mexico border, a wall, withoutithout congressional a >> wait and see. >> say the of state crisco backc who helped write immigration law told reuters donald trump's policy advisers discussediscuss drafting a proposal to veto v muslims entering the united u states. the transition team did not respond to reuter tosses.s. controversial billboard raisingd eyebrows in mississippi. billboard along highway 80 many0 are upset over its apparent
8:36 am
era. the company used the donaldonald trump's slogan make america great again. up normal, growing concernrg the temperatures still are wellw above seasonal despite the fact the sun isn'tui rising and much of the arcticrcc the region is super hot for thef second year in a row. a row it's a situation that could setd the arctics ice up for thin conditions and possible recordbc low next year which change advocates spells bad neww for global temperatures.ratu >> our temperatures here kind od all over the place the next 48e8 hours or so. tucker barnes outside right now. let's focus on the good first i see you have -- it's arctic barnes and erin. >> they switched jackets. jke >> flip flopped from the top ofe the hour. >> we're trying something knewd ry and differenting .sorent. >> tucker like the fur hood andd wanted to borrow the.. >> i'm showing you the outfitut you'll need for today -- this ii ridiculous.lo >> this is the outfit you'llou
8:37 am
because it's going to be cold c around here by sunday.. >> we're fashion forecasting.eci >> that's why we're out here.. >> we're trying something new.g >> i like it let's do the like forecast for toditay.or tay. jacket early.jack ear >> light jacket. jket. >> probably go shorts sleevessls with temperatures knead near 707 by afternoon.ftnoon. >> happy hour outside. hap >> 47 now in washington.ton. 46 up in pittsburgh.bu. 45 in new york city this morning. all right. quick look at the satellite and it radar. it's feature t th ing quiet conditionsonti and sunshine. bright conditions and beautifulf out there.oure upper 60s near 70 a dry fridayra afternoon for you. you tomorrow starts promising and bd early afternoon we should upd here 70 again but the clouds quickly build.quic here comes that cold front itt will slam -- >> brrr. >> slam into the region tomorrow late afternoon with some rai tni showers then very very blusteryr conditions saturday night and si sunday.ay and the jacket i'm wearing right now you'll want for sunday foror daytime highs in the upper 40s.. >> maybe some mittens an hat,, too. >> how are roads.oa >> right now roads i will sayl tucker i really look this jack j
8:38 am
the last time we were out here. >> yeah, it is. yea >> roads are slow.>> dealing with slow downs as youny make your way out on 600 eastbound a crash before 29 you2 jammed back to 234.o 234 you can see volume lightening ug but that crash blocking shouldel still causing some delays between gainsville andtwee centreville this morning.ning if you're heading out inheg ou baltimore we're dealing with some big problems on 70 eastsas were take we take look at our maps 70 east is shut down shut n traffic is not getting by and gy because of that, we're seeingee huge delays the crash just before 2 delays back to rocks berry mill road. exit there old frederick, marchm yachtsville and baltimoreal national pike seeing an overflor of traffic as folks try toy tooy it void that closure again a a whole lot red on the map ifap you're you're making way out ini baltimore. as we forward our maps someforw other slow downs you need toardo aware. key bridge heavy rosland into georgetown and that is becauseha of at n earlier crash that we wr up against as we take a whitee w view of the area you can see the
8:39 am
70. 123 to the rose vest bridge.rid. metro on time except for safetrack. i love this weather today. ts we the trees are beautiful outat hr as well. as >> beautiful out here the laster couple of weeks.e >> back to you guycos.. >> i'm surprised tucker can c squeeze into erin's jacket.. >> you know he likes smedium. >> look at the ex zen ways of the hips. >> he wear it well unfortunaa unfortunately. rather tragically. >> smedium with fur. thanks guys.ra still ahead>>me unexpected surprised sur at the emergency room.enm. we'll tell you what happened to one of our four patients who pat ends up in the er. one out of four. fou back in a moment. men
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
?? 8:42.>> welcome back, everybody. it is a beautiful morning. it's friday morconimeng. ba be. we're glad you're watching fox5i news morning.ning. back to the news, though, t, we're learning disturbing newine details this morning about thata bear attack in frederick countyt >> wre attackearinged.atta she was attacked ickn her ownwn driveway.drew she's now recovering after under going surgery.ry. wildlife officials forced to ofr shoot and kill that bear.ea we're hearing her 911 call,all, though, just after at tack. tac here's part of it. >> he's broken my arms and my legs. i can't move. i'm bleeding and i'm going to die. die. >> the woman though is in goodod condition this wildlife officials believe theit woman accidentally came betweenb
8:43 am three, 50-pound cubs before the attack. we're glad she's okay.glhe's >> here is some news aboutbo going to the emergency room thao you may not want to hear but yor should be aware of. many emergency room patients end up with major unexpected costs. >> according a yale university study, nearly a quarter ofy art people who went to the ers within their networks treated bd an out of network doctor.oc now that led of course to muchem higher bill.high for instance, out of network err doctors charge medicare the average bill came out to $622.$622 >> whatever ends up happeningpei with the insurance system,ys that's got to change. >> it's got to change. it's >> you go to the hospital that'e in your coverage.e >> but because they rotateotat doctors and now the doctor thatr actually sees -- you're going to the emergency room for anncroom emergency.em >> it should be covered if the hospital -- >> you go to the hospital in your plan. >> exactly. >> then a doctor that's not nowo u get ado rctidoriculou tsha bib >> right.
8:44 am
situations you don't have time t to really ask a lot of thoseot h questions. >> and you can't wait for that other doctor that's win your plan to show up a day canctor lt >> all right. allight okay. do you have what it takes tt make the guiness world record books? >> yesterday plenty of peoplerd tried. but only a few succeeded.ed we'll talk about it. grana is s but only a few succeeded.ed we'll talk about it. grana is s it's 8:44. for your very first christmas. i hear you're quite the expert at waking people up in the morning. let me show you how grandma does it. your daddy made this when he was a little boy. this is your dad at my house, where he had his first christmas. thanks for making the coffee. well look who's up. i'm really glad you're here mom. me too.
8:45 am
8:46 am
?? tuck sixty four dancing, al. >> that's my favorite song ong
8:47 am
i'm sure some of the lyrics l might be questionable.ble. >> your favorites change quiteet often.e >> i said right now. >> i understand. i s>> i u >> on the radio.nderstanradi >> that's the beauty of radio. >> right.ig. >> always evolves. >> thank you matt in audio. >> it forty seven. iforty what's going to happen now.ppenn >> tucker is dancing right now.. we'll let him calm down and catch his breath and give us the forecast in 10 seconds. >> all right. let's start off with troubling news with all the recent sunshine we've had. mall drougsuht goingroht here officially moderate drought.drt. hagerstown 10-inch behind normad rainfall about seven whoever in washington. close to six there at dulles. bottom line, ntoeed six the rain.he r not in the forecast today butt y what is more sunshine and more d warm temperatures after a cold overnight. 47 now in washington.ashing it's still chilly out there. i was out there a moment ago.eno
8:48 am
40 in culpeper.peper 44 in fredericksburg.risbur cool temperatures for all of alo thus this morning otherwise it'i beautiful outside.side bright blue skies, sunshine anea gorgeous afternoon.eron again, daytime highs about 10 to 15 degrees above normal. n maybe we'll do upper 60s to 60s about 70 this afternoon.ftnoon so should be a very veryy pleasant day. plea all right. our next weather maker cold front steve has been mentioningn mentioned a few times snow up in minnesota this will comeill charging across the eastern teaa of the country here up ahe big push much very warm air up u ahead of this cold front andro near 70 this afternoon.noon pleasant tonight but cool andooa then near 70 early tomorrowomor afternoon and then the front will arrive by saturday lateyat afternoon. afte in fact i'll show you here onhoe future cast and then the bottomo really falls out on ourls outn o temperatures.te so first half of the weekendf oe near 70. 7 second last weekend we'llll struggle into the mid to uppero 40s by sunday afternoon. all right.all there's future cast tomorrow ife think we'll get an c early 70ly tomorrow afternoon.
8:49 am
showers around here at aboutbo six. but this gives you sense of howo cold that air is right behindhtn the front. th that's snow flying in the's snot mountains off to our north andtd west, and they're going to haveh accumulating snow in parts of pennsylvania and west virginiat in the mountains by late l saturday early sunday.da there's your seven day. 70 today. that's a cold air behind theehit front late saturday and sundayu and monday.nd mon and we'll keep a cool next week right into thanksgiving ant ant 50s. we want it to be cool much coolc that's good eating weather as we guys, back to you.. >> tuck, listen carefully youly may wall fall into this categoro as well. t do you have what it takes toes break a world record? >> thousands of people tried all sorts of stunts yesterday toay celebrate guiness world recordss day. people broke some bizarre some r records, too. rds, ke this guguy. he's british professional bungyy jumper. he said a record for the highest bungy did you know.d >> what. >> he dunked from platform 240 feet in the air he went allt
8:50 am
biscuit into a cup of tee tea. >> do you know how focused you d have to do that. >> that's how do you it uk uk style. >> would you were you ! that's o serious focus. >> tell us about -- tell you tl bother another one. one. another british man set the t record for most magic tricksic t performed in a single sky dive.v steve, i'm sure you come a closo second. se at t zero. >> he did 11 during a 15,000-foot dive at one point hi was free falling at a speed of 120 miles per hour.r hou still got 11 tricks of rabbit out of his hat, al? [ laughter ] >> even the harm let melet globetrotters got in the fun.hef they set nine records themselvet in san antonio yesterdayio including the titles for longest basketball shot blindfolded, bl, farthest shot while sitting thag was 60 and longest shot under a leg there's the shot while sitting. at this point there's the between the legs shot and it's i like nothing, right? yeah.? ya walk in the park.he you don't want to be the, you
8:51 am
records you don't want to be wao teppth who didn't.ppth widn't. >> right. >> got to be something for everybody.ot t >> that's okay, mike, you'll get okay, them next time. [ laughter ]ug >> let's check in with wisdom w and maureen to seeis what's comm outpatient on good day d.c. we set a record every day for the e longest continuous newsou n broadcast. >> we really do. ord for readingec the most good day d.c. teases ds like this one.sne epic end to an epic week on goon day d.c. straight ahead. a tmz harvey levin gets a rare and personal look inside donald trump's live.ums li about his fox new specialty spei bowing tonight.winght >> also on on good day d.c. d.c. football star clinton portison p will join us live in the loft. l he's brought along a surprise for us as well.el he talks about how he's givinges back later on otod and exclusive keep oncomingm one the hottest fashionas designers around david meisterei is here and -- i'm all chokedlle about it. he'll show us how to turn headsa as we turn our outfits from dayy tonight. gh >> this isn't an exclusive but
8:52 am
comedian heather mcdonnell mon she'll here live and ready to at give us juicy scoop. >> tgif. what a show. a what week.wh wee good day just moments away. awa back to you guys.youuy >> look forward to it wis-mo.tos thank you.ou. good stuff. good stuff. from time to time you see those of us in the morning singingto g karaoke on good day d.c. but --t >> have you seen our friends at night? they're getting in onin the action, too.actiontoo >> can we see it?e i >> yeah. check out tony perkins and shaws yancy on the streets of d.c. >> thought it would be a greatd idea to take a cab ride in a karaoke cab. >> all right. >> this is my jam. it's time for cab karaoke shawnw yancy and tony perkins coming tm you live on fox5.5 has anyone every broken yourour heart? has a man just walk out, baby. >> friday night i crash your you party, saturday i said i sorry. >> ?? i know how i love i know o
8:53 am
i've got all my love to give, iv will survive, i will survive ?? >> hey, hey. >> ?? start spreading the news, i'm leaving today, i want to beo a part of it, new york, new york ?? >> get some food real quickck girl. girl >> did you want anything fromg f bowie mongers.. to the club, i ain't thinking about you, me and my ladies -- don't know what that says ?? >> ?? tell me why, tell me why ?? >> ?? why do fools fall in lovee ??? [ laughter ] >> ?? more like beauty queenut q
8:54 am
>> ?? whoa, whoa, whoa! ?? >> ?? under my umbrella, under d my umbrella, ella, ella, ella hay, hey, hey ?? >> that's many. >> ?? just want to dance baby, just want to dance with mh boy ?? >> you want to get in? >> okay. >> hey, girl. g >> go girl. >> we wered r there. tre >> ?? i don't know what to do, we're living in... ?? >> i really need you tonight, forever is going to start
8:55 am
start tonight ?? >> ?? i was falling in love and now i'm only falling apart,, nothing i can do, total eclipsee of the heart ?? >> oops. [ laughter ] >> ?? total eclipse of the hearh ???? yay! >> turn around bright eyes -- e >> i >> i'm addicted to karaoke.. >> ouch. >> is it over? >> tucker, is it done.t don >> i think -- i think we said s another guiness record for most side eye in one story.tory >> thank you very much. >> and shawn and tony. ton [ laughter ] >> set a record for -- for >> i don't know tuck there was'k some kind of record k i'm not sure what it was. listen, props to them forgetti g
8:56 am
uber. >> it's a challenge and stevea t and i accept, shawn and tony.on >> do we.>> d >> yes, we do. ours better be on the night nigt show. >> 30 seconds. >> all i'm saying. >> good morning to our facebookc fan. >> high lease san sophie. sop sophie is the is lisa is the lovely lady on theyt left. >> she is so pretty. is pre hi lisa they tune in everyn e morning in their pj's were theyt start watching fromchin fredericksburg, virginia.rgin but then lisa heads off to work and, you know, sophie is thereei waiting for momma to get backet home. thanks for watching. >> we love it. >> yeah, we do. away. >> still recovering from that. is it me, too rec., o naive is bleeding, i think.nk >> steve, is it check. che >> there's's trick >> thanks, shawn.s, sha >> 12 seconds for weather andsee got a six minute karaoke withh tony and shawn it was cute. was 49 in washington.hi 70 today with bright skies andtd beautiful conditions expectedcoe around here later. get ready to enjoy beautifuleauf friday. friday not much to talk about today. t tomorrow big changes. cha cold front tomorrow afternoon. up ahead of it 70 but behind itt
8:57 am
get a couple showers tomorrowrst afternoon and then look whatoo happens sunday and monday. mon upper 40s.r0s that's not good singing weatherh erin. er >> no. >> uh-uh.>> u >> you know what is good singing weather? 70s. 70s >> all right. sing it. to. invite ya'll y on a carpool karaoke.araoke i think we can do one. one. what do you think. w i know we can. >> it can't be worse than that.w >> we accept the challengeorse . >> unless that cab driver is nos deaf and can't work.or >> cab driver, call me. m >>kay.y. eastbound 70 reopened delays tos rock bury mill road you may beae doing your own own v carpool karaoke when you'renou sitting oh the 70 eastbound0 eau delay. around the beltway outer loopp jams 95 to georgia with about 2o minute delay. gw parkway slow to the roosevele memorial bridge.rial redskins taking on the packers s at fed ex field sunday kick offo 8:30.8:30 you can use the morgan boulevard officer largo largo townarow stations to get there. the last train leaving at 11:27. 11: find a good way home. that's your last look atkt
8:58 am
>> fab5pics. send me your picks.e yoicks >> i just send one.d o check your twitter.chyour >> you might see it in good dayy >> check your your tr >> let me see.
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, burying the hatchet. >> i don't like romney. i don't like him. >> one of drum many's most vocal gop critics could be his futurer secretary of state..


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