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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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hi everybody is, >> we're talking transition, all these names bouncing around. >> as you can see from the run down over here, this is one of the hot talkers today at 6:30. we invite you to join the conversation. tweet us and let us know what you think. use the #5at630. donald trump is building out hits administration, and by now, we have a pretty good idea of the direct he maying headed in. kansas congressman mike pompeo is his choice to head the cia.
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could face a rocky road. 30 years ago, congress rejected his appointment over allegations that he made racially incentive comments. also trump nominated michael flynn to be his national security advisory, he was a close advisor to trump during the presidential campaign even seen as a contender >> diana is here for ben carson. what do you think so far about what you see put out there? we're hearing other new names >> i think first of all, the transition team seems to be on pace with past administration, that's a good thing. i think that the names that have been presented so far certainly are in line with what president-elect trump said he would do, the types of people he's nominating certainly seem to be people who would carry out his agenda. i think that that things are
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going around. we heard tulsy, gab better in some sort of ambassador role. do you think there's -- that the president-elect needs to find some sort of moderates or some people on the other side of the aisle considering the fact you still have the fact that he did not win the popular vote >> but he did win the presidency >> we're talking about the populus as a whole >> what he should do is men and women who will help carry out the agenda. >> you saw rudy giuliani. this is ridge grenell, they're considering him as well. and steve manuchen, fans chairman >> we're seeing faces here. therefore critics that have said so far, a lot of the faces or most of the names that we've
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mentioning. to jim's question about this inclusion do you think donald trump needs to look to that as we sort of move forward and all this talk of healing our country >> i think that he is looking at people outside of white men, i've heard other names bound around. i won't say them here. there are other names that are being considered heavily. and i think that president-elect trump will build a diverse cabinet and to your poin vote. i think he recognizes that. from my view, i feel like the people that he has -- that he's tapping so far, the people that he will continue to tap will be men and women who will work to build a greater america. i don't think like, i don't have a problem with the pace which he's going and i don't have a problem with the names he's picked. i'm looking forward to seeing more diversity and as i
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>> to be fair, there seems to be this slow face. it took president obama weeks, let's talk about mitt romney a guy who did in the like him in the primary. maybe he might be in line to be secretary of state. what are your thoughts >> i think he's a cable man, a leader learned the respect of the republican party. i think he's a -- a, he's great option. i think it's -- you know, i agree with you, it's interesting that he did hav negative things to say about president-elect trump during the primary, but i think right now, we're in a place where we are the party is unifying and weary building, i think it's great that mr. romney had a chance to sit down with mr. trump >> we know we will be seeing you again soon. although, you didn't give us
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us >> maybe. >> maybe. in addition to picking a cabinet. donald trump also has to fun his trillion dollar agenda. rolling back affordable care act and growing the military and rebuilding the infrastructure >> melanie of the at a. these are -- spending on infrastruc cornerstone of his campaign really. it was one of the few issues that even got a shout-out in his acceptance speech. he said we're going to rebuild the infrastructure, we're going to put people back to work doing so and stimulate the economy. he's come out with 100-day proposal. it's a rough sketch right now. but the cornerstone of that plan is getting private capitol off the sidelines, and back into the transportation system
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will be? some analysts say this could cost the treasury more than 7 trillion dollars over a decade and for last eight years, republicans talked about, you know, not spending so much, not growing the national debt. >> that's right. i mean, the big challenge here, as with most things on capitol hill is finding a palatable offset, a way to pay that's going to pass congress. conservatives have come out and said we're not going to support anything that isn't fully paid for that ads to and it certainly is going to be a challenge. now, his trillion dollar infrastructure plan it's important to note it doesn't call for a trillion dollars. he's asking to provide about 130 billion to private investigators, vest tors. >> that seems to be the main difference between this and when we were talking about, why can't i think of the off the top of my head.
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in the obama administration, where we're seeing these road projects >> that was a 2009 economic stimulus plan which was about 800 billion but only 100 billion of that went to transportation projects. obama proposed another, 500 billion plan in 2011. the same idea using private capitol to invest in projects. but republicans bulked at the price tag and said expensive, concerned about adding to the deficit and also questioned whether it really would stimulate the economy. it's going to be interesting to see how things play out. republicans right now are sounding cautiously optimistic. so we'll see. >> melanie from the thanks so much for joining us. happy monday. >> is that a thing >> it is, you're supposed to be happy on monday. a popular dc area italian
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got themselves in the middle of a trump protests. a group at what dinnerer found out there was a violent clash and people had to be called in >> the question is should the dc region expect to see more of this especially during the inauguration, tom fitzgerald is live downtown. >> reporter: i believe this is about as physically close i can be to you two without being in the same room, we're literally about a block away from the >> here's what's happened. it's nice to see you too. i can shout loudly and you can hear me. >> reporter: this was the situation. friday night, a group called the national policy institute, they have an event. now, what the national policy institute is, is what they described themselves is an old right group with the southern poverty law center describes as a hate group. they were in dc over the weekend
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of donald trump's election. they came here to maggiano's, calling them according to management and saying they were a family reunion. the president said he had no idea that the national policy institute was in fact the people who had booked this room. had no idea they were this group. that's the reality star. tia, giving the nazi salute upstairs. she tweeted a pic standing in front of the trump international hotel as she was attending this national policy institute event. now, maggiano's took to facebook, issued an apology to this community to their customers, own employees for what happened here on friday. they say they do not support anything that mpi is about. they say they were duped into renting that room when the group
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did not identity themselves as to who they actually were. here we are, 59 days before this presidential election, and it's no secret, we're going to have a lot of groups coming here in the coming week, protesting both in favor and against donald trump's administration. so how are the security officials going to deal with all of this? we want to go see an old friend of ours today, john tomlinn, united states secret service. he said, look, this is a situation you're going to have to allow people to demonstrate peacefully. however, he says, when they put these plans together for this inauguration in january, tomlinson made it clear, these types of groups, pro and against are going to have to be separated so their harsh words do not turn no violent acts. listen to what he had to say. >> that's why we are what we
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but it's equally important to keep those demonstrating groups separate and apart so that they both have their own platform without, without it resorts in violence or the potential for violence. >> reporter: steve is the president. they feel badly about this, this is why they issued that apology. they did not want to put out words, $10,000 to the anti-defamation league, a major organization in this country which fights anti-hate groups. they are an anti-hate group and they have $10,000 in their conference tonight. courtesy of maggiano's after the incident on friday. >> put their money where their mouth is. let's get inside and get warm >> get some la sagna.
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>> it's probably warmer than it is outside right now. sue palka looks like it's cold out there. gloves and big coat >> we talk about this, shawn and jim. until you feel it, bit hit of cold weather, the wind has been ferocious. happy to tell you the wind is better but it will still be noticeable tonight and during the day tomorrow. we're going to call for another chilly and breezy day. here's what's new. this is the coldest temperature we have forecast for dc sfa if we hit 30. that will do it. windchills will be in the 20's, the suburban areas are heading for the 20's. air temperature-wise and colder windchills, the breeze is better thursday, northwest ten to 20, occasionally higher. 49 degrees and a lot of sunshine, so that is some good news, our seven-day forecast is going to show you for thanksgiving day, a couple of showers expected. 55 degrees. other than that, no big weather
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shawn and jim >> thank you very much. we go from turkey to pizza and they're two things that go hand-in-hand. >> when we come back we're going to be live at n pizza explaining why they go hand-in-hand.
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earlier today, you met with officials from dc to talk about
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wage here, i know in dc, they have passed a $15 minimum wage. you made pizza here three years making more than minimum wage. how does that make you feel as an employee and make you more committed to the company? >> i already was committed because i saw the interest they had in my personal like, what i had to offer as a person besides being able to make pizza. when i found out they paid more than minimum wage, it gave me that much same reason why everyone says we look happy when they're working here. we enjoy it and they take care of us while we're in here. >> reporter: let's focus on the pizza, which is important. we got sauce on this. let's put -- this is going to be classic -- this is for me you are going to learn i'm weird about -- no cheesesteak, let's put extra classic. i don't like it. so you spoke with these officials today from dc.
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do you think that you may see changes in other restaurants? do you think there is an appeal for the way it affects the culture of a company as well as making your quality of life better? let's come down here >> well, as far as the culture of the company, i think it's going to spread when people see we george working here and other people don't retain the same energy and connection with their guests. it's going to have to force other people to make changes and be more like you want everyone to be themselves in here. it just, it's everything is about being yourself but taking it to the next level >> it's a real issue. jim and shawn, you know there's obviously both sides to think but looking at dc where a lot of our viewers are, that $15 minimum wage is now a law. we know it's one side, but talking to people like jason, this is the life he's living at this company.
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shared. jason thank you so. let's make the rest of my pizza. >> what else are you putting on that pizza? what else goes on it >> ok, mushrooms. get mushrooms. >> anything spicy for you >> banana peppers. >> awesome. going to be a perfect pizza >> we'll get some let's see broccoli. >> she's making the pizza healthy. >> it's worth pointing out they're not just dc, they have one in bethesda. it's interesting when these people adopt these policies >> they're all over. alec baldwin was back on snl, the president-elect wasn't too happy about it
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snl has a history of making fun who is in the white house. alec baldwin turned with his. the newly required presidential duties. what is isis. oh my, 59 million results. siri? how do i kill isis? >> the black berry. donald trump things baldwin's
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it's an unfunny show. nothing funny at all. equal time for us? alec baldwin responded equal time, the election is over, there is no more equal time at my that was interesting alec baldwin fired back. as we move forward, we're probably going to see alec baldwin. >> we mentioned equal time. keep in mind when he during the primaries, nbc had to give a lot of equal time to his republican rivals. that happened >> there you go. there's your equal time. i don't know about you guys, if you prefer to drink your calories, >> do we have the perfect holiday cocktail for you when when we come back at fox 5 at
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talk about politics at thanksgiving. instead have a cocktail >> that's right. beverage director. you guys have a fun twist on thanksgiving. who needs to eat thanksgiving when you can drink it. tell us what you brought in. >> thanksgiving is something new to me. so i really want to capture the essence of thanksgiving and bring the meal and the flavors through the cocktails. >> i'm from so i traded the drinks line of cocktails, just for, you know, recapture. >> what do we have >> stuffing, pumpkin my, cran berry sauce, pumpkin my. >> not too sweet, of course, then we got a turkey >> ok. >> we got marked potatoes >> what are we going to mix up
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>> let's make a pumpkin pie. >> get the ice going. >> how much? fill it up >> what -- ok. >> i'll be back to order in a second. >> marsh mellow. >> put it inside the glass. >> perfect. if you want to it would be awesome. >> can i torch it for him? >> i want to get this, i'm going to torch it. >> just brown it a >> drink it really get the flavor of, mushrooms, perfect >> see? all right now how do i turn it off? no, i didn't break it. all right. lovely. >> we need some bauer been >> that's one of my favorites. >> smooth and beautiful. >> you put a little bourbon over the ice after we torch the whipped cream.
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it didn't want to make it too sweet. we take pumpkins, the juices out of it without getting the heavy -- it's not as sweet >> what's that >> fresh lime juice >> ok. >> pumpkin and lime >> and a little bit of cinnamon >> got about 45 seconds here. let's see what this is going to taste like. i'm excited >> i like fact you're pumpkin in essence supposed to the artificial pumpkin flavor >> that looks yummy. >> 30 seconds. >> so can jim try this one? do you want to try this one? i'll grab this pumpkin my that's finished up. tell us where you're located >> virginia, about 20 miles from here. >> this is delicious. >> it really is. >> all right, this is the best
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thanks for coming in. happy thanksgiving. this is delicious. >> see you tonight at 10:00 and
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: something's going on with kanye west. we broke the story. he canceled his show. kim's getting on private jets. something's up. >> goes on stage, rants about the trump thing and then walked off stage after 30 minutes. harvey: is he having a pbreakdown? >> something is wrong with kanye. >> maybe here's narcissistic. has anybody thought of that? >> the hamilton actor who called out mike pence, doesn't feel like he >> we wanted to stand up and spread a message of love. >> if i were on stage, would i ask to see him backstage and have a talk with him. there are more than nine gay people here. >> there are way more than nine people at hamilton! way more than nine people. >> rae sremmurd at l.a.x., black beatles. started the whole mannequin challenge. i say can we please do one here, one right now at delta check-in? >> everybody's got to do it! >> they're shouting at the delta employees.


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