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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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plus, >> patriots indeed are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government. helping us to make america great again. >> new chews and what a donald trump presidency may look like as he outlines his first 100 days in office. details of latest plans and proposals notably left out of his newest message to the nation. >> and ready? set? travel? thanksgiving underway already. comes amid new travel warning for americans that may head overseas. from one local airport means new addition that cot make the experience easier. live with the details. >> all about easier steve and live look outside november 22. 2016. thanksgiving week weather and traffic coming up on the fives for you at 7:0 5. good tuesday to you i'm allison see more. >> and i'm steve chenevey welcome to "fox 5 news
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breaking news stories while you slept. >> a package explodes and school bus driver under arrest after a deadly crash that claims lives of five children and close to home a person found on a sidewalk with burns to their body. and that's why we begin the show no one. >> bob barnard live in trinidad in north east with all those breaking developments. bob. >> yeah, guys we're in a neighborhood not far from gallaudet university and there's a street blocked here this is 1200 block of holebrook street and as you see there these ar investigators here and what they have on the street are clothes that a woman as apparently wearing when she caught fire:30 this morning. according to sources here at the scene this appears to be an accident. the victim is a woman who has been taken to the hospital and we're not sure of her did. if you look to the right investigators are coming out this apartment building here 1200 block of holebrook street. this woman's wig may have caught fire.
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clothes were on fire. and you can see we've been seeing them lifting up it looks like a pair of blue jeans they're been looking at and we're not sure if any other people were involved and it's a big scene here and still now this one block the 12 0 0 block is closed and we have a woman injured in what appears to be accidental fire and investigators looking at her clothes right now. and her condition we're not sure but we believe she is alive at a nearby hospital and what started this we're not sure. looks leaks they're y find the source of ak sell respect what it was that fueled this fire that may have started with her wig getting caught on fire, guys this morning. >> bob we appreciate the update. we found out as well surveillance confirms it was some type of accident there it doesn't look look anybody else was involved in that situation there in north east d.c.. let's get to philadelphia now. breaking news now an explosion happened a couple hours ago inside an apartment center city area and that blast injured one person a 62-year-old man and
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opened a package that had been delivered to his home. that package was believed to have contained medicine it's unclear ft. explosion was intentional or some type of accident caused by something in that package. and the man is in the hospital unclear how bad the injuries are. and several nearby apartments were evacuated. >> breaking officer overnight in tennessee police arrest this 24-year-old bus driver involved in horrific crash that killed five children. jonathan walker is now khaned with five counts of vehila homicide, investigators from the n. it sb are sxeinged to arrive in chattanooga tennessee today and 5 students ranging in age from kipper gar ten to fifth grade were on the bus at the time. it's unclear what caused it to veer off the road and slam into a tree. however speed may have been a factor. school will on today with grief counsellers on hand. well looks like district school class lor and physician is a step closer to being filled now.
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nomination for the position today. maureen joins us in studio with the latest. >> let's get to it, steve, allison, mayor becauseer is ready to name the next d.c. public school chancellor poing has been on since september of this year. he's name is antoine wilson head of oakland california school system. wilson con irmd firmed the move in letter he september out overnight to oakland unified school district. "fox5" found at least one tweet fr posted that letter and in it he said he will leave oakland for d.c. in february. he's led since april of 2015 previously head of denver public school system. wilson will be introduced at an event this morning and he replaces kai henderson who resigned if september after serving six years as chancellor. will soyn will be confirmed as
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school with announcement from mayor becauseer on hand. >> we'll wait for details. >> thank you. >> turning to politics now. donald trump trying to reassure americans as he lays out priorities for new administration. >> in a video released yesterday the president-elect says agenda will "put america first" while addressing trade, immigration he vowed to withdrawal from transpacific and president-elect touched on perhaps for >> i will ask department of defense and chairman of joint chief of staff to develop comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from sign area tacks and all other form of attacks. >> notably absent from the video buding a wall around the mexican border and re placing affordable care act. >> donald trump video came on the same day he met with five major met works.
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the media and expressed frustration on how some networks portrayed him during the election season. >> 7:05 now. tucker is joining us with a look at weather. 35 on this tuesday morning. >> yeah, cold temperatures overnight. winds still with us brisk day more january like and temps mid to upper 40s. beautiful and sunny bright day. no rain ep reagan this morning and bwi marshall 32 at dulles and 33 degrees an wind chills at this hour remain in the 20s. current wind chill 28 washington an you can see regionally in the teens and 20s. so definitely lots of layers here as you head out this morning. all right. otherwise featuring sunshine. bright conditions. quiet conditions and just plain old cool. breezes pick up again occasionally north and west 25 today. and all systems go for nice travel weather later today.
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weather across the country if you get on a train or bus or plane all places around the country. >> speaking of all that let's check in with erin and see how the commute is going so far. >> that was perfect transition. i worked up a get away report for you. if you make your way to bwi inbound traffic heavy 32 towards 95 and bw washing way and baltimore washington parkway slow south of 2 as you make your way to powder mill vod if you head to bwi northbound better bet southbound bert side and if you head to reagan national gw parkway route 1 and 395 looking good right now. much lighter traffic on 95 and gw parkway than we see this time of morning and on your way to dulles airport dulles toll road 66 and 28 we have usual morning volume picking up on 66 inbound and jammed 234 to 28
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dulles this morning. if you head out for early morning flight we is a crash slowing us down southbound canal rhode island. extra volume there and again you see a little congestion building gw southbound toward the roosevelt. back to you, allison, steve. >> erin has you covered on the roads and thanksgiving get away continues from the airport. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is live at bwi marshall with conditions there and something new opening today to help travelers and try to get a flight away out of d.c. for thanksgiving week. >> reporter: somewhere warm wouldn't that be great. unfortunately that is not in my plans this fall even not over the christmas break. one can always dream, right. this is new d and e security gates they spent 105 million to renovate and upgrade eight security gates now to try to get passengers through here wicker. one of the passengers that is going to be through security
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>> headed to kansas city to kansas area to visit my mom and sibling for thanksgiving. >> terrific are you excited about it. >> stoup are excited i want to be spoiled rotten lots of good food. >> do you fly often? >> when i can. we've tan a few trips here and there. flown out to different mission trips with my church and visiting family and stuff. it's mostly pretty nice. it moves pretty good most of the time. maybe most of the time it runs good. >> great thank you very much we'll let you get on way and get through security line. so, bwi is expecting to have two times as many paerps as normal beginning tomorrow and also that will be the situation at dulles as well. ring an national expected to have three times as many passengers as they normally v now, again, state of maryland up investigated 105 million in this new terminal and connection to international
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not only last year but also for 10 months in a row here they're adding more and more international flights as well. they even had few more international carriers come on board. so that is really good news for maryland are economy. good news for workers here as well. and something the state really want to invest in. aaa mid atlantic says this is record breaking year for thanksgiving travelers and the most travelers thanksgiving weekend since 2007 so keep that in terms of when will i leave the house and when will i get to the airport and how much time am i going to need. to make sure that we're not late. you never want to miss a flight especially on short weekend, guys, look looks things are moving good here. but more and more people starting to show up. back to you. >> and travel alert now for the state department this morning folks headed overseas and u.s. citizens traveling to europe are to be aware of heightened rick of terror attacks during the holiday season from the statement department and
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lambic state is the continues to plan terrorist attacks around the holidays. >> a man accused of killing a san antonio police detective said he "lashed out at somebody that doesn't devsh it" oat is mccain is under arrest for the hooting of benia min marconi. he shot him twice in the head while he sat in his patrol car. >> meanwhile officer shot twice in the face as he sat in traffic is recovering at the home and the gunman was shot by police. >> kanye west, what we know about his condition hours after reportedly receiving treatment for exhaustion. >> and nfl south of border monday night game in mexico not coming without controversy.
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>> an earthquake that struck off the coast of fukushima daiichi japan measured 7.4 pretty significant an prompted tsunami warnings.
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triggered massive tsunami that killed 20,000. the tsunami yesterday was in 5 feet range. >> my goodness. >> still scary though. five years after the fact. >> no doubt about it. >> look how frety this is. >> absolutely georgous this morning. beautiful sunrise, 6:59 this morning and it's cold. don'ting fooled by picture. it's chilly out there. >> yeah. you. >> won't be fooled by the picture. >> those trees. >> as yeah it's definitely cold out early this morning. chilly this afternoon. sunny and bright. looking across the country you do travel weather. 36 here in washington. lake effect snows and lots of cold air there to the north. and as you can see boston 32 this morning and no real extreme cold across the country and international falls 28. let's talk travel weather if you travel today lake effect
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there is a storm system across central sxs of country and a little bit of storm system in pacific worth norm west. most of country fairly quiet i don't think rain showers across the country will slow air travel. as we get into tomorrow that storm system will march further east. and it will bring rain to some of the bigger cities west. and eventually rain showers to us but i don't think tomorrow. if you drive tomorrow up and down 95 you will be in good shape. hereelly thuring morning. thursday morning when i'm here i'll be saying hey look at radar. we have light rain showers across the area. >> i'll be here too. >> canned wait. >> are we going to talk to the butter ball lady. >> i hope so. >> we do that every year. >> i hope so. >> there you go chance of rain showers here on thursday morning. it will be quick moving and most of your weekend shuk great, friday, saturday, sunday. >> good. >> we'll take it. >> check in with erin and see how the commute it. >> 7:16 problems on the roads
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malfunction vienna orange linl experiencing delays in new carlton. keep in mind if you take the red line this is last day of safe track surge ten impacting red line. replacing trains you can easily take green or yellow line between for the totten and gallery place and keep in mind today brookyln and rhode island station closed and free shuttle service available. heading to road right now there's a crash on westbound delays lay hill road. caution red on icc 97 georgia avenue coming down from ol any also dealing with heavier congestion this horng as we look at northern maryland outer loop japd. take a look at that all away back to route one as you head to georgia. earlier crash cleared in silver spring coalsdale 30 minute delay because of congestion. 95 south super heavy knowledge of icc to inner loop and bw
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southbound side 3 past powder mill if you head to bwi to flight 95 northbound best bet. more traffic in a few. we'll look in virginia back to you guys. >> happening now d.c. police searching for two people wanted for salt that had happened a month ago. this is graphic video happening october 13 l street south east 6:30 at night a nearby camera caught attack on camera. if you recognize the suspects there's a $1,000 reward for information that leads to arrest >> police in montgomery county searching for whom ever vand listed a 77-year-old veteran as home. a swastika spray painted sunday morning the man's american flag was also stolen and investigators believe the man support for president-elect donald trump may have been a factor. earlier this year the trump pennsylvania line was stolen
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for hosting a white whiteallist group. magianno's posted a apology on the facebook page. it does not realize it was hosting a banquet for national policy institute. the post said the group made the rereservation at the lasts minute using a different name. as soon as it found out they donated profits from the evening to anti defamation league. >> model gigi had impression of melania trump at the american music awards while cocoasting the music awards. many were quick to say she was being insensitive yesterday she tweeted this saying i removed or changed anything in this script i felt took the joke too far and whether or not you choose to see it what remained was done in good humor and with no bad intent.
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>> more kanye west news the rapper hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. >> lapd visited his home as part of disturbance call and once arrived discovered a medical emergency. kanye was transferred to a hospital. he cancelled his concert in la sunday. a day after he had ten minute political rant where he praised rum trump and criticized obama, beyonce and jay-z and more and last week he said he would have vote ford trump if he voted. he had 2 including d.c. december 7 those shows all were cancelled. breaking news out of northern virginia. take a look sky fox over ash burp right now. fire crews putting out a plays at what is believed to be abandoned structure this along belmont ridge near gloucester parkway. just want you to make you aware if you see smoke in the area this is where it's coming from again it's abandoned truck structure. >> thanksgiving week may not be
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no, no, no, this morning there's new concerns about dangers of yoyo dieting how it could affect your heart. >> first though "monday night football" in mexico and but southern show down fueling controversy this morning after players were taunted on the
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>> "monday night football" last
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second time they ever played there allison in a regular season game. >> yes, oakland raiders taking on houston texans. >> wisdom joins us now to breakdown the game and all the other activity. >> this is why i'm not a fan of actually all this international stuff when it comes to the pro football. we'll get to me in a second. let me tell you what happened. let's talk about the matches right now. the game went off without a hitch. what was happening on the field almost ahead for both teams and fans traveling to mexico city. first highlight. technically this was a home game for oakland raiders and both teams have plenty of ganz in the stands and derrek car caught two touchdowns in fourth quarter and oakland beat houston 27-20. players had to adjust to the altitude the stadium was 7300 get above sea level higher elevation than any nfl stadium. they had to deal with that.
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defense had to call a timeout to catch their breath. boy or to game before you got oaf there texas players september a home owe warning them not to leave the hotel property and leave expensive jewelry at home and not to use at mz. other issues include a green laser pointed at the texan quarterback brock oswele re raiders fans were accused of shouting out controversial slurs, homophobic slurs during the game. i will not say what the chance was. google if you're interested in. it it's a huge controversial chapter usually heard in mexico national soccer games. and on monday night when the texans were kickoff of well that chapter could be heard lawsuit and clear coming from the stands. >> but it was not personal it was what the fans -- >> it was a again eric.
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>> it's a lot of -- connotation about it i'll leave it at that we don't want to repeat what it s it's a lot of different ways to interpret it. all of them are negative. >> normally what happens at soccer games. >> it just happened now just the same. >> when you start talking about taking professional athletes from your multi-million dollar league taking them to another country and telling them don't take any expensive jewelry and don't leave the property and then have stuff going on at the stadium well i'm saying maybe it's a good idea not to >> what's the point. publicity. >> publicity. promotion. >> nfl is getting money out of it. this is largest stadium to put play n they'll move a lot of money nfl has a huge fan base in mexico. >>bition eliminate outside of the united states for nfl in one way catering to the fans there and also getting business. >> always looking out for that green money, always. >> let's look at tucker outside. >> i think part of the idea is they want a team in mexico city
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washington. winds west at 1. we're chilly. we're going to be cold right now. chilly this afternoon. upper 40s. lots of sunshine. traveling today in good shape. nice and quiteet here. locally, mid atlantic looking nice and quiteet today and tomorrow and rain showers in the forecast for our thanksgiving day holiday. and nice looking weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, looks good. erin is back with roads. >> breaking news rights now 7:27 icc crash we've been trucking now has westbound side completely closed because of that accidents investigation. georgia avenue you can see that long line of yellow and red leading forward that sceeb. you can detour lay hill and take belt free to get around that. give yourself extra time we're tracking that and rest of tuesday morning commute.
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?? get away week, steve. great get away week. w >> let's go for that.t >> all right.>> a great get away week.k. >> what are you saying on theyo surface. >> looks like a beautiful. it's chilly thourfghks. loug. >> okay.ka 36 degrees on a tuesday morning. let's take a look at our top stories this hour at 7:30.:3 it appears d.c. mayor murieluril bowser ready to name the next d.c. schools chancellor.ncelr he is antoine wilson currently e the head of the oakland california school system.l s wilson confirm the move inove
7:31 am
the oakland unified schooloo district.di fox5 found at least one tweetstt from a teacher in oakland whoho posted that letter. l in it wilson says he will leavee oakland for the district inn february.feua wilson has led oakland schools o since april of 2,015.15. last april. he was previously head of the denver -- >> assistant superintendent innt denver. sin >> okay. >> he was the assistants e assit superintendent in denver for the public schools, thanks, steve.t. believed that wilson will belsoe introduced at an event at 10:00. 1 he replaces kaya henderson who o retired last month as servingvig six years as chocks lar.cks he'll need to be confirmed biteb d.c. council. >> police are a revved theice ae 24-year-old schoolbus driver involved in horrific crash that killed five children inhild tennessee. jonathan walker charged withed w five counts of vehicular homicide. 35 students were on that bus att the time. it's still unclear wha t causedhaau that bus to veer off the road r
7:32 am
however, speed may have been aea factor. the school will be open today ty with grief counselors on hand. >> investigators in the ntsbrs e about to head to chat into goo o to investigate that crashtigatet speaking to the media gatheredae at reagan national airportir before they head down to dow t tennessee and that's what you're seeing right there in that videv a live shot.a ve s we'll let you know what we hear. police still investigating s the cause of a deadly multi ctii crash that happened last nightt in gaithersburg, maryland., marn to drivers died in that crash.ih it happened about 8:00 on:00 airport road which just reopenee a come hours ago. police say a car crossed into the westbound lanes striking two other vehicles. v a fourth car was also involved d in that crash. to texas the man accused ofd killing a san antonio policee detective he quote lash out at somebody who didn't deserve it. 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain c now under arrest in the murder of detective benjamin marchn m coneage he told reporterseportes yesterday that he was upset ove a child custody dispute when he allegedly shot marconi twice ini the head while he sat in his
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more about the president-elect'e as jenn today and the first 1001 days in in a 2.5 eye youtube video vid donald trump addressed trade, te energy and immigration and vowew to withdrawal from theom transpacific partnership andip lift energy restrictions thatont will create millions of high pie paying jobs. he also talked about ethicsthics reform. >> as part of our plan to drain the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on executiveti officials becoming lobbyists lis after they leave the administration and on executive officials lobing on behalf of a foreign government.n >> donald trump did mention meni immigration.immiation. he said he will direct thed he department of labor tor t investigate all abuses of visaia programs that under cut the t american worker but did he not mention building a wall. wall fox news anchor megyn kellyk opened up about her very publici and at times contentious relationship with the withe >> appearing on dr. oz show shee
7:34 am
past that war of words.. kelly and donald trump clashed during the election season after she moderated a debate earlier r this yr. >> howard stern is a friend ofsf mine. i wouldn't have done his show.eo we have fun.we have fun. we have fun an lot of peoplef pl understand it. we have fun.. >> what's your reaction to what mr. trump said? >> well, with respect to the stuff on howard stern, wiitard understand that, because stern a provoke couture, i've been on bn that show, you go on there, you know, you understand it's goingg to be a body exchange. but, of course, donald trump has made controversial comments evet in the past year while he was hw running for office.r o so i don't know that you can excuse every controversial thini he said with that explanation.. having said that i understandd trump's explanation to me for f those comments i asked him about in the debate which is we'vee' gotten too politically correctlc what i say is what i say and yoy can debate about whether thesehe are appropriate comments for hif to be making ever. e but i do think that society hass
7:35 am
police culture. >> the dr. oz show airs locally of course on w d.c. a my network tv weekdays at 1:00 p.m.. of course that's my 20 right pre teens and teens may bee social media they're clue lessel about what it is they actually a find.. >> a stan for university stutter revealed 82% of middle schoolere could be distinguish between ana ad labeled sponsored content ana real news story two out of three middlehree mid schoolers couldn't see any valid reason to mistrust a postt a p written by a bank executive exeu telling them they need mored mor financial planning help.elp. they're not savvy enough whatenh the study is showing.wing many students also judge the credibility of news tweets basew on detail they contain oronin whether a picture was attached rather than a source.rc
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>> we're 36 here in the city bub the wind chills still hangingng out in the 20s and the winds are back. little arrows you see pushinghig northwest to southeast.. that's showing wind direction so northwest winds with us again us this morning. ittsburgh.h let's 29 chicago cold temperatures across our section of the country for a change here. lake effect snows slowly dyingwi out continuing off oratory oto north. no sunshine to start the dayhinest generally sunny skies. ski it is going to be school mid to upper 40s and the breezez are back so it will feel coolero than that with daytime highsti h even with that sunshine in theee mid to upper 40s and wind chillw in the upper 40s.0s. you'll want a jacket latert l today. momentarily i'll be back look at travel weather into wednesday,ed thursday and into our longo o lg holiday weekend momentarily.moty let's get back to erin and findd out about roads, trails and bike trails. >> that was clever. did you just come up with that.t >> i don't know where this isst coming from today. come up wit >> you't knocomi tryng troo stmm martin's poetry.oetr
7:37 am
shut down between morris and oats streets northeast.ortheast bob barnard has been out there.. take florida avenue orvenue o bladensburg around that.arou tha give your is self a few extra moments.s southbound canal rode a crash between fox hole road and whitei hurst free wage look at thatt tt delay really heavy traffic canac road inbound a lot of extra time needed george washington parkway start to go back up from 123 as you try to get to thehi kngeytock ui key bridge is heavy from rosslyn into georgetown your secondariec in georgetown backing up as as well southbound delay on gw parkwayar and the icc shut down westboundb between layhill road and georgio of a big crash you'll have to he deter there. back to you guy.o guy. >> erin, thanks. 7:37 right now.igow so it's probably not theproe best time to talk about dietingd it is thanksgiving week after wt all. >> let's do it any way. >> should be the big n-o.-o new health concerns this morninn putting the spotlight on the o t dangers of so call yo-yoo-yo dieting. we'll have details next. n >> i will listen, al. >> okay. >> i'm not going to love it.ot i
7:38 am
>> sure. of course do you. of ba partll be a part of history.hiy time right now 7:37.:37.
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?? the company that makes theae epipen is refusing to testify at a congressional hearing nextearn week. that hearing is to discuss milan's 465 million-dollar settlement over claims it over build medicai odve fort all drug. congress grilled the company ceo
7:41 am
increase in the cost of the drug. the full price of a package of two rose more than $600 from600f fifty seven dollars in 2007.veno the company says it will startwa selling generic version of the t epipen for thee hundred dollarsl a pair. still $300 right. repeatedly losing and regainingg weight may increase the risk of heart death among certain postt menopausal women it's known as n yo-yo dieting. researchers put women into four categories.ries stable weight, maintainedain we women considered normal weightli at the start of the study into i lost and regained weight were wr almost four times more like toe the die from sudden cardiac deaths.deaths. >> interesting.>>. well, we all remember the ae ice bucket challenge, right? igt that moments of well it was social mediaia movement that everybody dumpingi ice water on their heads to raise awareness for als. als it picked up steam when formerne boston college baseball captaina
7:42 am
pa florida golfer credited withditt starting the challenge. national museum of americanfme history will diss plate bucket c starting november 29th part of2f a permanent exhibit calledit cal giving in america. america i'm going to assume that's goin to be the bucket from the person who made it go viral. credited with raising 115 mel i5 don't know dollars to helpp scientists research als which ih got part. pt. they raised lost money.d lost >> you got that right. y over and above,ou right.ig >> two days until thanksgiving v lot of people spending a lot oft time with family this holiday.oy discussion? what's it going tog be such an an elder battleded election.on. >> the do's and don'ts ofdon'tso thanksgiving talk from our fm
7:43 am
you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice.
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?? >> the great get away, the gre gentlemen.gentlemen. >> um-hmm. >> although we're all staying si local we'll be with you onh y on thursday morning when yousday m probably won't be with us. u kind viewers. viewe >> just in case you can't sleep undo get up early you got an an extra large turkey that needs start. start. >> let us join you thanksgivingv morning. in we're family as well. ael >> don't tune us out or not turt the tv on. o >> we'll all be here.. >> our friend on sweater nadined wanted us to wish her sweetwe daughter dominique a happy 30 30 today. 30 is a good age.30 igood >> happy birthday.>> happy >> we need a good forecast forfo her.r >> oh -- >> not that you don't alwayst ya deliver. >> i know. prurt of birthday pressure. >> um-hmm. unshunshine. it will be beautiful a little lt >> did i mention the winds out s
7:46 am
>> how about a birthday walk. >> little cute jacket.ute jac >> this is for you dominique.iqe happy 30th birthday today.. okay. ?? >> you doing a good job.b you should have eaten a een chocolate bar for her today. >> oh, my sexy -- >> tucker does quite the lessonn in how to eat a chocolate bar. facebook, right?? >> yesterday, yeah.h >> okay. [ laughter ]er ] >> didn't mean to you give you too many things to think aboutha at once. >> let me load up on sugar and r hour. >> okay.y. >> let's dot forecast. l another chilly andet breezy dayy happy birthday dominique.iniq we're looking sunny and brightni d bebeautiful. it will be a nice day but a cooo one. 36 now in washington.asng notice those cold temperaturesee off to our south and west.est. manassas 23. 23. culpeper 17 this morning. 32 in wind winchester. leonardtown freezingfreezin temperatures. gaitheburgrg 30. everybody very cold. col cold temperatures and then windw
7:47 am
cooler so even though we're 36uh here in the city, it feels likee 28, 23 up in west 24 martinsburg.. and in hagerstown.erow very cool temperatures thosese winds out of the north and westn bright sunshine should beine shu beautiful looking day we have av few more clouds than yesterday s off to our south and west we may get a few in here today. t a partly sunny afternoon. lake effect snows i want too mention our next chance for rain is this storm system across aos central sections of the countryt if you're traveliiongns today,od that's going to be the onlyhe ol trouble spothi storm but there will be rainbe i showers for some of the biggeror cities across central sections s of the country later today.ay a little snow towardsw tow minneapolis and up into parts oo canada. this storm will get further east tomorrow if you're drivingeri tomorrow up and down 95, you'reu in good shape. sha. not going to get any rain untilu early thursday morning that wil be our timmoing on this rains rn shower activity early thursday.a first half of our thanksgiving day will have showers around and then i think we'll get by laterl in the day maybe little sunshinn
7:48 am
49 today. there's your thursday, friday,r, saturday, sunday time frame oncm the rain is out of here thursdas early afternoon great shape fore the weekend em temperatures apea little mid to upper 50's. >> erin is back with roads. roas she'll be here thursday, too.y,o >> i am. i'll make you thanksgiving daygd breakfast.t. >> that sounds fantastic.unds f. >> me personally? perna >> as well as the rest of thef team that has to work on thanksgiving.thanks >> you're still special.ou'r police investigation inion northeast holbrook street shutte down between morris and oatsorro stre around that area.hatre opt for florida or bladensburg. southbound canal road there wash an earlier crash at fox hole h road between that point and white hurst freeway they have heavy delays.el george washington parkway alsohg backs up 123 to the rooseveltrov bridge sluggish slow from rowsrr land into georgetown on the keyk idge.e. typical delays on 66 betweentwe falls church and arlington onrln the eastbound side as well. wel lehigh way backing up icc goodco news here. he. earlier crash on the westboundeu
7:49 am
moved to the shoulder betweenulr layhill road and georgia avenueu bad news you're backed up back b to new hampshire avenue.reve so you may want to try to find d work around any way.. icc westbound not doing so hotns right now.right now outer loop still jams throughamh beltsville as you get all the a way up the top side passed georgia with 30 minute delay. dy closer look at bw parkway next.n back to you guys. ?? today the president willrent participate in his final fin presidential medal of freedomom ceremony at the white house also be there. 21 people will receive theeceivt nation's highest civilian honorr many of the recipientss celebrities including careen can abdul jabar, ellen degeneres, robert did he noor row, bill and me lynn gates and diana ross. >> looking something to do withg your familiar on t thanksgiving? well if you'll be in the d.c..c area, you can head to the us botanic garden.c g the garden will be open onnn thanksgiving day throughhrgh january 2nd.y they'll be wreaths, garland,arla
7:50 am
exhibit, and inside the westes gallery one of the largestgest indoor trees in the districtistr will be on view.. us botanic garden is free open o every day from 10:00 to 5:00. to >> trains for the holidays, too. dye that when my parents were ii town a few years ago much it's i lot of fun. lot of >> is it? >> ver fy f .tive. decorated for the holidays.holis very nice. >> look who is here fraser.r. >> sarah fraser is with us tuesday talker.. >> what are we talking aboutingo today? >> the first thing we wanted tot talk about how to avohiid the politics being big this year.r do you have any suggestions?gest >> well we're hoping you havewer the suggestions.e [ laughter ]ons. >> right[ .la via couple that have workeduplet really well in the past. i think someone has to be call l it and immediately and go g obviously it's been an interesting year an election anc we know some of you have ame ofa tendency to talk politics, no. . just don't. don i think that always helps. hel >> via question. do you guys -- are you all all right, al? >> no. >> don't worry about me.boute. >> go ahead.o ahead.
7:51 am
always have small gatherings for thanksgiving. >> me too. >> you see the movies and hear s theout lit'bout like it' always like horrificc thanksgiving because everybodync is there and they all have allav different things to talk about. maybe it's like --mait's >> i don't have that either. ehe >> certain number of people atue the table. >> or mixed company.ompa like if you have like -- where-w you going?yooing >> i'm going to be i?n detroit.o but my family also is from maini and we've had really pleasant pn thanksgiving and then some thats are not so pleasant.leasant. >> you've had some.>> y ou>> most those have more abouto family issues that come up. >> who will sit at the kidsheid table?ta >> not again.>> n >> i know, please.ot>> i k i'm, why am i still sittingi'm ther? >> right. >> but i think someone has to bo the moderator in the sense ofe f like calling it.alling >>igight. >> especially if you knowlly ifk there's politically chargedtiy h people. i also think, too, at least myst family lots of holidays weiday actual dollar something. s last year it was really warm wer went out and played kick ball.kb if you get people involved inved doing something aside from f sitting around, it also really r helps. he >> i agree.
7:52 am
>> yeah. y >> can we talk about -- whichhi one? let's talk about man slamming. >> explain it to>>to i wasn't aware this was a a phenomenon.enomon. >> he's not a man plainer when e man tells us what we already alr know and explains something toot us like we've already said. so, for example, it could bee anything.hing finance this job. you could be saying somencthingg about the camera and lighting ag and you're like, al, actuallyct the light should be this way.s w >> i'd be like -- i would say thanks foreman explaining that,t steve. >> i know you're an idiot i j >> you take that chauvinistic role. role. >> i'm glad i didn't know whatdw that was.ha >> this is really fascinating inng i sweden they have a hotline man explaining hotline where men and women can call in and basicallyc vent about someone who is mansan explained them in their life.her >> so funny.>> sfun >> men and women -- >> you're just sharing theri t stories you won't believe whatie tis guy said to me.guy said to . >> you're getting therapy how th deal with it if it's somebody ii your life, let's say, a boss, bs someone you have to work with,ok
7:53 am
help you work through that. that >> for you -- >> i'm that's cool.>> i >> -- worse thanksgiving wouldn be a thanksgiving of manf m explaining or politics.s >> man explaining. explaining. >> right. >> that's easy. .on't man explain >> we want one of these in the u.s. so far they just have onet sweweden. >> i'm surprised by that.'m sist i would think with all the all t youtube videos and everything wy have here somebody would haveule jumped on that already.that alra >> i think it will be coming.eom >> you should be the moderator.r >> here i was am.ere . >> done.. >> this one is quick but i'mut if you have a wedding, dry wedry ugh don't serve alcohol forohol eaatever reason. is that insulting to your guests?ests >> what do you think. what ou t >> i say no. i say no. it's not. >> you think --nk - >> you know what -->> you cash bar.r. >> cash bar i think is -- >> i wouldn't like the cash barb >> i think it depends on thet n reason. i've only been to one dryone wedding the both and groomndroom they're faith wasn't about't alcohol so -- see, right.. >> people just asked people tojd be respectful peo of their faiti
7:54 am
like i don't want to pay for y alcohol.l >> there's difference betweenwe cheap and trying to save costs.s weddings are expensive. >> sarah said have a cash bar or something so people could stilli drink. dr if it's a p.m. thing. you don't believe in alcohollc then i don't have a problem wite it. >> more and more people aree anl doing it they actually aree ar u saying it's not about calostlybs necessarily it's about thatut ta guests get so drunk. >> i've also been to wed wherewe is guests are carried out andrrd that's embarrassing for the bride and groom the.ide and >> wedding isn't about you it'si abou greegreed. >> you've -- i'm with if you i-i had the money, you know, openn >> if i had the money.e mon >> at least have to have cashha bar if you want it to be fun. f >> i think though there's alsors two camps. two i think there are people that get married and people we gete w married we want to throw party p for everybody and it will be ai big blow out. people have open bars. >> i'm not -- i don't feel the if you have like -- i mean dry d is dry.ry but like wine and/or whatever.r.
7:55 am
all the liquors out for you too drink. dr it's not -- it's my wedding. wd. >> i will say. >> the one i went to that wasth dry was it fun. f >> it was the shortest reception i'd ever been bn t and there were meet up placesce afterward.afte >> exactly.>> e >> you've got to like either dor cash or i think the dry weddingd is ridiculous.ou >> you don't like the drip werie hadding. >> you don't have to drink and't pa hrticipate.rticate that's the whole reason you wanw people there to be fun, to be celebrating.cele >> you have to drink to do it?oo >> no, no, no. but i think, you know... i d >> momma seymour card on car through. >> no, i didn't.idn' you're there to celebrate yourr friends. i don't know.n't maybe it's me. maybe it's me.mayb's me. is it me? okay. oka maybe it's me.ybe it m >> i need one drink. >> okay of okay. can you bring your own flask.n k >> yes, b-y-o-b.-y >> people will do that no mattee what. what >> let's go to tuck and get a g look at the forecast.o toe reca >> allison, here the rule.he i get you a nice gift i get too tie one on at your wedding. wedi you see the exchange there?here? >> i feed you, i give you a goo time and maybe i just want w through because i think you lovk
7:56 am
wrong.i'm rong i'm probably wrong. wro >> 37 in washington.ngn >> i love you. i le yo >> hey, we're looking at cool - cold temperatures out thereturet early. and later this afternoon onlyero mid to upper fours winds out ofo the south southwest at sevent ae they'll pick out of the north oh and west about 20 to 25.o won't be quite as windy as a yesterday. ye still breezes. cool temperatures. lots of sunshine to look forwarr to and easy travel conditions ci here weather wise if you'reou're headed out on the roads laterer today. this storm system will be ourwio next rain maker early thursday t impacting us tomorrow whenro everybody is on the roads.isn th >> whoo! good we'll have early showers thursday before we set up for nice weekend returning on sunday looks great around here.r sunday afternoon highs in the i mid 50s.. >> hi, erin. >> imitate the turkey for me. fr >> we'll do that >> promise?>> p >> yes. >> i'll hold to you it. traffic sluggish i'l ol n 66 we have heavy volume from 23432 suddenly road.oa things open up and you get --et then again you jam from fairfaxi
7:57 am
a lot of stop and go traffic.ra. you know the drill leave thehe house 20 minutes early. not terrible right now.htow. today is the last day of safetrack surge 10. noma-gallaudet to fort tottenot outrated line.. buses replaces take the grown or yellow betweet fort totten and gallery place.r. give yourself a few extrara minutes. nu metro back on time across railsr lines much thanksgiving travelra begins today.od. 295 southbound jams from 410 fm down to the 11th streettree bridge. 50 inbound slow through cheverle more news, weather and traffic t more news, weather and traffic t in a few. in a few. in a few. today we're gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado
7:58 am
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8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good morning everybody. ery. i'm allison seymour.seymo >> i'm steve chenevey.teve cve welcome fox5 news morning.orning thanks for joining us thiss ts morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on tuesday morning, november 22nd. 5 news newt's on the o fn ox morning menu >> fox children killed in alleda schoolbus crash happened inapd n tennessee. the bus driver now behind barsen this morning.ning ntsb is investigating.ti and the high price of protecting president-electside donald trump and his family. new york city shelling out bigyo bucks to keep trump tower safeef and secure, and some taxpayersae not happy. hap >> the struggling d.c. school. s district getting a new leader. e we'll take look at who is i expected to be the new chancellor ahead in a live a le
8:01 am
another chilly day out there.ute this is live look outside your thanksgiving forecast weather and traffic on the 5's coming up at 8:05. ??? >> let's get right to breakinghn news developing overnightig involving tragic school crash in tennessee that killed five.div police arrested 24 year driver charging him with vehicular homicide and reckless 35 elementary school students su were on that bus that went off the road s land and its side. within the last hour the ntsbts investigation team left reaganaa national airport and is now onnn its way to tennessee. before they left the chairman ca talked about the challenges investigators will now face.ace >> one of the first challengesen is to make sure we get all perishable evidence before itor disappears. we know that memories, forw mem example, are very perishable.ise we want to get that as quickly i as possible.ossible. we also need to dig very deep into the way that the companypa
8:02 am
the bus itself. i we need to dig into all of thoso circumstances and the challengee are different with each accident but we take them all the way asa far as we can go to determineet the cause in order to prevent pt from it happening again. ain >> it is believed that speed waw a factor in the crash. ntsb says it will definitelyte look at whether the bus had seaa belts as well.. breaking news this time outt of philadelphia.lade police tell us that a package containing medicine explodedde inside of a city apartment.rtment it injured a 62-year-old man.-o. he was taken to the hospital.pia the extent of his injuriesnjur unknown at this time. time. no one else was hurt here. investigators are trying toors n figure out if the man wasut if targeted or if the explosion wao an accent. back here at home now too northeast d.c. police and d.c. . fire department investigatingga after a woman was found on a a sidewalk with burns to her body. this happened on holbrook streer in northeast around 3:30 this morning.rning police say her wig may haveay h
8:03 am
critical burns to the woman's's body. it was deemed an accident.ident. she was taken to the hospital. steve? this morning we're hearingoi more about the president-elect'e as jenn today in his first 100 t days in office.ff in a 2.5 minute youtube videotuv donald trump addressed trade,rae energy and immigration.ti he vowed to withdrawal from thee transpacific partnership andshia lift energy restrictions that will create millions of high hih paying jobs.payiobs. he also talked about ethicss reform.. >> as part of our plan to draina the swamp, we will impose a five-year ban on e officials becoming lobbyists lbs after they leave the administration, and a life-timei span on executive officials offs lobing on behalf of a foreign gornment.t. >> trump did mention immigratioa and said he will direct theec department of labor to investigate all abuses of veesfv have a programs that under cutgu the american worker but did he d not mention anything aboutthg building a wall.. apparently thousands ofands green cards have been mishandlee over the past three years.thears some have gone missing.issi this according to new report byw
8:04 am
they say computer errors toreore blame at least 19,000 cards were issued as duplicates with theite wrong information includin wrong names, dates of birth,f b, photos, gender zone on.. >> the reports conclusions arece quote overstated.ed. a popular d.c. restaurant is apologizing after hosting a a white national lift group for ar event on friday night.. little it until friendshipendsp heights says members of the national policy institute bookee their gathering they told the t restaunt family reunion and didn't usen'u the organization's name. nam photos from that event though were posted online and somend s people who learned the all white group was at man gianna'sa's protested outside restaurant. >> that's wh y we are what wet we are. but it's equally important toor keep those demonstrating groupsp separate and apart so that theye both have their own platform without -- without it resortingi
8:05 am
>> they closed the restaurant o friday once the protesterstester showed up.showed management says it took that action to protect its workers and other guests. gue besides the apologizingz restaurant is making $10,00000 donation to the anti defamationo league here in d.c. they're not profiting off thatit group dining there.grp di well protecting proct president-elect donald trump isi it costs new york city more than $1 million a day to protect trump and his family according i to new report.. >> meanwhile palm beachm arrival mr. trump will bemp staying at his estate over ther thanksgiving holiday weekend. wd officials there expected eec increase in traffic in the areai dung the v viv. palm beach will also seels increase in security along withw road closures during the visit.s all right.all ight 8:05 right now. now arthritic degrees on this thanksgiving tuesday. tuesday. is that a thing?? >> sure. >> i think it is.>> i t i >> okay. o >> a lot of people are doing ofa vacation thing now.cationng a lot of folks heading out ofngt town today. to >> yup. >> it feels like the holidays. >> i think we're getting theres.
8:06 am
another cool one today. tay however sunshine so we'll keep k it dry.. >> find the sun spots andnd just -- >> be on that sunny side of the street. 37 at reagan national.l. preferably away from theom t northwest wind which is will bei blowing again. inds w 35 at bwi marshall. mshal wind chills still in the 20s.0s. well, 32 now in the city but yot can see lots of 20's so the real feel there is below freezing.. so lots of layers if you'll be'e outdoors later today, even witht that sunshine it will be a coolc mid to upper 40s.. plenty of sun for us. there is a storm system out toyt our west which will impact our it look like thursday morning. g so thanksgiving morning we'llngl wake up with some showers across the area. which is good news.ich isood we need the rain and the otherhh part of the good news it will il not impact our traveling trali tomorrow. i know a lot of petoople are ono the roads tomorrow.morro 49 today. 49 t breezy chill out there guststs around 20 to 25 at times thisest afternoon.afte seven day i'll have all theall t details on our holiday weekend
8:07 am
that's all i'll have coming up.g [ laughter ]laug ] >> that's a lot. >> all right, tucker, thank you. >> hi, erin. eri >> good morning.>> goornin 8:07 right now. n we got our eyes on the roads.oa some big problems and delays.el take look here. her the outer loop is just crawlingl along at braddock road that isds because of a crash south at thaa point blocking the left lanes. . give yourself plenty of extraxt time to get from 66 to the to t springfield interchange and then take look at the inner looper l those taillights -- brak from the springfield interchangn as you make your way towards the american legion bridge justegiot really heavy traffic let's take a look at our maps m that's not only place with heavy volume thanksgiving travel hasra gun in addition to typicalypic tuesday morning for lot of folkf in the area outer loop jams frof route 1 all the way across georgia avenue if you're headina out in colesville new hampshire avenue southbound closed with aa crash between venice drive and d valley brook drive use 29 or9 o georgia around that one.t one bw parkway 95 southbound veryun heavy. back to you guys.
8:08 am
now another top story this t morning 8:00 o'clock.o'clk. potential new leader for d.c..c public schools.oo >> antoine wilson is his name. m the head of oakland schoolschoo currently out in california hasa been tapped to lead the dcc school system. sysm. wilson confirm the move in ahe a letter he sent out overnight tot the oakland unified school schoo district.ct >> bob barnard live this mornini in northeast another at eastern senior high school witness wit details expected to be biged tog announce. an bob. is this a done deal or this deai still has to be through theroh t approval stage? sta >> reporter: oh, absolutely.utel d.c. council needs to approve any nomination from d.c. mayor r muriel bowser who will be here h at eastern high school at 10:30 this just a officially to talk aboutt further improving public education in the district of dis columbia. no confirmation from the mayor's office forty four school officials here in d.c., but usca mentioned, antoine wilsonil himself confirm the move in this letter to the oakland unifiedoan school district last wilson has led the oaklandakland public school system for about a two and a half years before that
8:09 am
denver's public schools.ool he is 44 years old and from thet best we can tell reading updi about him, he's a proponents ofs charter schools which isls w important for the district, anda also main streaming special education students.tunt now he would replace kayaa henderson who left the job of d.c. school months chancellorhal this summer as we mentioned evee though it's nothing official yet, we believe that antoinene wilson, 44 years old, will be b named as at least the nominee te lead d.c. public schools but d.c. council would need to to confirm his nomination in then t coming week. guys. >> all right. bob look for the announcement later this morning. for t 8:09. there is a call to end studenttu paddling in all schools this t morning comes from the education secretary john b. king, jr. asking governors of states thata allow the practice to stop doing so. king asked leaders to row placea corporal punishment with lessits punitive disciplinary practicess
8:10 am
days states.tate >> i did not know it was stillai legal. a look now at our other toph stories at 8:09 on tuesday.ay. dc police searching for twot people wanted for an assaultss that happened last month and non graphic video if you want toif t turn away but we're asking tog o listen to the information.orti the incident happened back onn act 13th on l street int i southeast around 6:30 in the evening.g. nearby camera caught the attack. if you recognize it's hard to hr see but if you recognize or knoo anything about this incident,idn police want to hear from yo and there is a thousand dollarsa up for grabs for information leading to an arrest.ton ar police in montgomery countyu are searching for who many evere vandalized a 77-year-old vietnae vet reason's home. h police say a swastika spraya spr painted on the front door of the home in silver spring sundayday morning. the man's american flag was was investigators believe the man'si support for president-electdentt trump may have been a factor.y earlhaiever this year his trump pence election sign was stole wo friend from the front yard ofro his >> police are investigating thet
8:11 am
happened last night int i gaithersburg.rsburg two drivers died in that crashdt around 8:00 last night onht on airport road which just reopenee a couple of hours ago. a police say a car going one waynw crossed into the other way lanen eastbound crossed into westbounn striking two other vehicles. vee a fourth car was also involved l in the crash.ra if you're headed toded to grandma's house for the holidayy something you need to know tonow before you travel.ra plus a welcome sight for 93-year-old world war ii vet. ???? >> oh, sweetheart. >> that story, man, reunited and it feels so good. g a heart warming moment between a man and his beloved best friendf you'll need the tissues. tsu it's a tear jerker.erke
8:12 am
listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs. is is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine? users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully. do a yoga handstand. and be in a magician's act. listerine? kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold?. go to to join the bold percent for the chance to win
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8:14 am
?? 8:14. you know what time it is, tucker. >> good morning. >> cuteness time. >> warm up. >> we've been delivering lately >> y.een debeenel >> we'veni got morece t great l. >> look at that sweet face.eet c >> somebody is going for a ridef >> it's my first feet -- fox5 first five feet toast day. this handsome little gentleman is c >> hi, cameron.i, c >> cameron is five months old day.y. big five months old.g fi >> big boy. >> here's what he likes to do.a >> okay. >> he like to get up in theget t morning, smile.rning,le. >> um-hmm. >> and then watch fox5 before hf takes off for his big day atayt daycare..
8:15 am
reaction to go right there? to he's probably having mgoemoriesf tucker's walk.k. he loves tucker's walk.. >> cameron will be soon learninn to walk.k he wants to, you know --no >> he's trying to walk likealkik uncle tuck.uc >> right. he needs a visual >> probably looking for some fom hips. we love your picture.ictu to send us your child's picturep go to our facebook page fox55 d.c. and any time you helping mi walk and the fact you like it -e >> it gets on he's a cutie >> a note to cameron's parentsar little strut an spin move we mow need that on video.eo >> yes, we, d >> we need to see that. we ne >> i think the cutest thing ever,.,. >> he's plotting right now.pltig >> when babies don't have any teeth all and they gum your face when you give them a hug.them a. i miss those days. cameron v good day. day >> if you hang in there for fewf more years i'll be able to gum u you. yo >> thanks. not the same. >> not anywhere close. erelose >> it's okay, tuck. nice try. >> okay. >> okay. not quite as attractive, is it.i
8:16 am
>> cameron, we lov e your pictureouri good but thanks.nks. >> cameron you know what? whenn you're ready to walk yourdyo way parents tweet me and we'll getml you in here. h do you care your first walk wito me. >> yay! >> i get to play with him.h him >> we love that. wlove >> all right. all rig let's do weather meanwhile. we are 37 in washington.hi we're going to be chill mid to upper 40s this afternoon.eron plenty of sunshine.unshe the breezes are back.e back they never really left. lef 20 to 25 out of the north and te west today. cool day even witness sunshine.n storminess out to your west andd just want to touch on traveling forecasting here the next couple days if you're getting on planen or headed out there to the wests that storm system across mids section of the country just rais for the most part. pt. snow on the northern tier nothing major here over the nexn uplele of days. that storm system will approachh us tomorrow f you're travelingwa up and down 95 tomorrow, itorw, should be dry. d we'll get cloudy during the dayy tomorrow, but it should be dryil and then the rain showers willil get in here into the mid mid atlantic by early thursdayhurs morning. so that morning thanksgivingg
8:17 am
55 degrees.55 des otherwise, sunny and bright as s we get into the weekend friday,r saturday and sunday looko fantastic and notice a little ll warmer lose the wind mid to mido upper 50s. 5 nice fall weather returns foror the weakened.the weakened. >> i'm okay with losing the winl the last couple of dosays. >> thanks tuck.s tuck. check in with erin.. >> 8:17. been really busy tuesday mornini drive. we're dealing with our usualali morning rush and a lot of folkwo heading out of town. town. right now this is a look at thet bottom side of the beltway inner loop taillights that's typicalic delays from the springfieldthngi interchae outer loop atypical delaysca des because of a crash just after braddock road. as you make your way down d towards the springfieldringf interchange you'll hit a lot ofo exu'tra outer loop we'll move it over to our maps.m we're slow in other areas andres also dealing with problems likel in colesville. new hampshire avenue southboundh remains shut down between venice drive and valley brook drive.ri you can take 29 or georgia g around that because of a bigig crash scene. scene 29 southbound super heavy 95 95 southbound jams from north ofamm the icc down to the beltway anda
8:18 am
they get out of the way very heavy as you make your way from 32 downshin to po outwdouer makr top side of the beltway outertwo loop jams from green belt realll all the way across to the 27070 spur. sp need about 30 extra minutestrain there. clifton road remains shut down between swift run trails andils take henderson road around thatt one. back to you guys. erin, thanks so much. 8:18. >> just before the than> ksgivingak rush today bwi martial airportrt will be debuting a new part ofe the airport.irrt >> this goal to help helpp al airport. airp melanie app wick is live toive t explain the plan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,orni guys. bwi has become increasinglyasinl popular with travelers among tht area. it now ranks higher than dullese or national in terms of passenger load. loa broke a record in 2015 and has h 10 consecutive months of record-breaking passenger load.r and that's one of the reasons rs why the state of maryland invested $105 million in thisn t new security checkpoint..
8:19 am
people can get through, and a really they're going to -- premiering it this weekend so to speak knowing this is one of the busiest travel weekends of thesf year. tomorrow exacted to be by faro f the busiest day for airline travelers.eler 4 million people according ton e aaoplea will be traveling by air this thanksgiving weekend, andka also this is going to be the the most thanksgiving travelers airr and rodes and rail according to aaa since 2007.007. so you'll definitely have a lota of company with you as you hea roads or to the train stations. not only did bwi add more security screening lanes here,er the other thing that they did d with this expansion connecting t the d and e terminals they were able to add more room for for international flights.lights. that's another big thing that ii happening here at bwi. their international traffic isri up some 22%, and they're addingn even more international airir carriers so definitely it iselii
8:20 am
right now things not 22 bad2 bad everything seems to be on b o target. let's see if we can finds e if somebody who perhaps isfibody pr traveling for the holidayolay weekend and see -- see wherere they're going. goi. let's see. can we talk to you guys realuysa quick for channel five?iv >> where you guys going?oi >> we're trying to get -- >> chicago. >> you're going to chicago.. >> okay. have a great trip!ri >> see sometimes it works when you try to talk to them live and sometimes you just got to let tt them go. any way through the security linesit l really quickly, though, guys, and that's one of the greate ofg things here. so governor larry hogan will beb here 10:00 o'clock this morningo to kick off and do an officialic ribbon cutting.ti. but looks like everything is i going well so far here at bwi airport. back to you guys. to youy >> going to be very busy placeor the next couple of dayy s. o >> thanks, mel. mel still ahead kanye west pulll the plug on his latest u >> now he's said to be in la in hospital. ho details neck in the fox
8:21 am
8:22 am
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. ?? serious entertainment news today. not really fun at all.all kanye west.t. >> right. >> really having a moment here. >> we just got this obviously iy think he's a musical genius. >> i too, do. d >> a lot going on.
8:24 am
was hospitalized for psychiatrir evaluation.evaluati he was checked into ucla medicac center in los angeles. to give you a recap, yesterdayes we told that you west canceled c his los angeles concert ononcern nday night.t. now he's canceled the rest of his tour and this is a day after he had a 10 minute mitt cal rann on saturday night where he h praised donald trump criticized president obama, beyonce', jay-z and more and i remember lastbe l thursday, he even said san joses concert he would have voted forf trump if he had voted. now tmz is reporting that lawt enforcement quote responded to a call yesterday for a welfare check on kanye around went 1:20la time p.m. and reportedepr quote acting erratically at his trainer's tmz also reports that lawha enforcement sources say kanyeay was handcuffed to a gurney a gur during the transport to the tohe hospital. >> i mean that's serious.spn thr that is like -- that's horriblel if you think about it, right.ig >> that's horrible.rie >> kim kardashian supposed tod tend the angel gala foundation
8:25 am
her late father roberther rob kardashian skipped the event toi rush to kanye's sidepp.. obviously this gala was going to be kim's post robbery event and kanye still again had 21 tourado dates including one right herehr in washington, d.c. on december 27th.dece those have been canceled.led if you have tickets tweet us i'd love to know how the refundef process is going. >> haven't heard anything. a >> from ticket master tweet usck and let us knowet. >> but i really feel like because of his actions, peopleeo get tired of h they turn it off.. he's this, he's that. imagine if you will if you canfu search for the humanity hereyer he's handcuffed to a gurney.ur that is horrifying.hfyin i really hope he gets the rest r and help he needs. nee >> anybody who has negative or s positive things to say about him this is human being going through a psychiatric and menta element. >> horrifying.>> >> he needs help. h next up,>> obviously i love bad santa one.ane sequel opening up this wednesdad for bad santa two. billy bob thornton is actually l
8:26 am
and he has to curse around youny children same wondering as anwo actor when you have to do that,d do you apologize to the parentsr whe are onset. ? how do you curse in front ofn a young kid and just not be okaa with it. i watch this.. >> you're saying these cursehesc words. what's going through your mind? i know you're acting but is itui weird to curse in front of younf kid like that? >> on the first movie in the in beginning it was.ginn but then after awhile you geteou used to it. kids usually they're not even ne paying attention to you.ono y they have learned their line orn tw >> and they just sort of starinr at you like a deer in the headlights and when i kind of - plus i'm so drunk, you know, kw, kind of slur my words i'm not even sure they know what i'm saying. movie i wouldou apologize to the parents. paren. oh, no, it's okay. we know it's a movie. yeah, but --- >> do these kids end up actually seeing the movie eventually, dod you know? you >> i can imagine that some ofsoo these kids would see it.ould st
8:27 am
like six or seven.ev >> he totally the op sift hisis character he's actually reallyel nice guy in real live.l l >> it sounds like he really likk kids in that >> he doesn't sun like he likess kids at all in that clip.t all a that movie opens up tomorrow.or review tomorrow morning. >> thanks kev. >> appreciate it.reciat >> all right.ight >> excellent. in the meantime -- >> there's tomfoolery going on g over there. >> i don't know what's happening over >> o kay. >> there we go.>> thee >> coming up next -- >> coming up next i have yourave weather forecast right here, >> i have your traffic and also heading out for the thanksgivinv holiday we'll have that and your tuesday morning commute as we continue. >> back to the movies.
8:28 am
8:29 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, rown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:30 am
?? live look outside 8:30. we take a look across the area.e in virginia, people can now buyy the opioid overdose treatmentnt drug which is called until lock son without a prescription.ptn. health commission order yesterday allowing thatn a change while also declaring theg state's growing opioid addiction problem a public health emergency.ncy. some pharmacies in virginiaa already provide ma locks son without a prescription she wants to make sure the overdoseos antidote is available throughoui the state.. time to talk to allison right now. goghod morning.orng >> all righty.>> allight thank you very much, steve.. just talk we can our next gueste such an important topic.ant topc think about this. thi
8:31 am
chest pains, a puncture wounde u you think someone has brokenas n bones. those sound like pretty good reasons. every year in the district,d li nearly half of thear in calls o 911 or deemed low emergency meaning they don'trg really need ms response or ambulance much a you can imagine that's a big a b drain on now, a new plan looks to respond to true emergencies while stille trying to help those who have hv some sort of a need. nee joining us this morning d.c.ninc fire and em. chief gregory dean.y dean. good morning to you.od m >> good morning. goo the city'swi interim medical director dr. robert hole mon. mn good morning to you, doctor., d. >> good morning.>> >> what's the big headline here? what are you trying to fix?ryinf >> well, the big headline is the fact that we brought amr intonto the diss trek starting firstrtit part of our april.r il our response times have improveo that.. our unit availability has goneie from 82% to 93%.3% that we've had more time to doo training with all our people, pl and the fact that we've beenve b able to get a handle on our our
8:32 am
ambulances and everything.thing which kind of leads us to the te work that dr. hole mon is doingi >> there's a problem in that.ha d.c. residents are perhaps perha calling the wrong agency when wn they have an emergency that's ta not truly an right, doctor. >> right.>> rig so we have about almost half off our patients of our callers are what we deem low acuity calls. s that really don't need emergency transport and they really don'tn need to be delivered to thehe emergency department. >> tell me how the two of you h work toget how are you working togetherethe with this mission to try to cutc down on some of these calls? >> we work together in number oo ways. so dr. holman is responsible fof the medical training of all ouro emergency medical technicians,hs our paramedic.ed he's responsible for ensuringor that we -- how we dispatch andha we send the right units. uts so what we're seeing is -- wee work together daily. daily. so what we're seeing is, is thaa the work he's doing is trying to divert a number of calls so that
8:33 am
respond to true emergencies.rge. >> doctor how are residentsr simply using the service wrong w if perhaps they don't nowhere ne perhaps there's not a doctor on staff? what are some of thereom examples of using 911 incorrectly? >> so we have looked at this,, and not only have they low a l queue witness calls but actually some of the calls are for soar throats, bladder infections.tion >> okay.>>kay. >> even a toothache or mosquito bite will have our callersalle calling us to deliver them by emergency vehicle through traffic with lights and sirensnr to emergency departments andenta we've determined that th really could be done much bettee by not only diverting them fromm the emergency departments but to diverting them to a more appropriate primary care locatet >> i think we actually have a graph that shows exactly whatlyt you're talking about here with the low emergencies and then a going up to the high gradient is the real emergencies here. chief, tell us what we're tel looking at.l lo
8:34 am
types of you're looking at what we wouldd call advanced live support.. you're looking at our, um, our basic life support and you're yr looking at the different types p of calls. cal those that were transported by amr and the very top one reallya telling you the over all numbere of responses we had in thead ihe district.stri so what we're trying to do isdoi just be able to reduce theuc amount of time that is we're we' responding to calls that, um, people need to be seen by they t emergency room. very expensive and also we'reoe' able to reduce that that meansea patient that is have trueave t emergencies can get in d.c. in n timely fashion and get back out. >> right. here trying to divert some of - how many calls do you getou get roughly a day?rougy a >> a day we get a little overitr five hun dead calls day.say >> you're trying to take 200 of those roughly and divert them oh other avenues. avenues. how much would that cost the city? >> any idea? >> so, again, it's hard to put a dollar figure on it.t.
8:35 am
it, emergency rooms are stackedd and they're stacked because wede have 500 people that we takeee there and really this shoulds so only be 300 people there. >> okay.>>kay. so we have facilities andie a clinics around the district andd so we need to re-educate the public in the best way.ay so that's really the work thatoh the doctor holmes and his groupo is doing is trying to help divert them from the emergency room. room we recognize people still needle assistance we recognize tha have transportationha so we're trying to find a fin mechanism that allows it tos i t address all of that while still getting the assistance theytanc need. >> i would imagine it's wou retraining for a lot oldf 911 operators if they call doctorl r i'll ask you what are quickly qi some of the criteria to get g people to other areas? >> what we have, washington w we're planning to do is too institute a nurse triage lineein where the 911 caller after determining that this call isl s probably low acuity would thenhe
8:36 am
nurse would then do a secondon evaluation, determine that this is in fact a low acuity call and then connecting that individuala to a more appropriate place of care. >> is 311 an option right nowigt until all this a work out? >> 311, again, for the publiclic was not understanding their needs, 911 we could alwayslway divert them to 311.11 what we're saying we'll divert t them to a nurse practitioner tot a nurse actually noty n practitioner a nurse to t >> what timetable do we havee dv here? >> when do you hoped to this.oh. >> we're in the stages now ofgew putting all this together.etr. >> okay. >> we just finish the work of the committees. collaborative group they endednd up with five different headings from, um, using a nurse at 911 to, um, to the transportation tt how do we advertise and do the t media with this. so we have our work cut out forr us. us. >> okay.>> oka >> but we are -- since we'vece w
8:37 am
it has allowed us to moment toot try to move to the neck phase. >> amr what does it stand >> american medical response. >> thank you. that thatd to ask you before. thank you so much.than >> thank you. >> hopefully this helps theully residents of d.c. tof d that's what we all want in thean end, right. yeses, we do. >> tucker, over to you. >> thank you allison. tha a it's cold. 37 in washington.ashing 34 dulles. bwi marshall 35.l 35. winds are back.winde ba not as blustery as yesterday.rd still a busy day. d. generally a sunny day an cooln c one.e. daytime highs in the mid tohe t upper 40s.0s the wind chills will be in the e 30s think system will bring us rain rain showers by thursday more on that momentarily.tarily. 49 today.49oday and again breezy chill winds win forth west 10 to 20.o 2 erin, another look at roads. rds >> another look at roads we havh updates on crashes we've been tracking this morning 8:37. thanksgiving travel begins today and also battling that typical morning congestion 50 inbound0 i that was cheverly very slow. slw outer loop crash after braddockc cleared to the shoulder in youry opinion delays towards 66 police investigation wrapped up wholeho
8:38 am
street northeast traffic onceicc again flowing.wing new hampshire avenue southboundd this crash between venice andend valley brook drive oneri o southbound lane is getting by. to avoid that big delay take 29 or georgia.rg keep that mind 29 very heavy vey traffic as well. 95 dealing with very slow-moving traffic southbound side wellde w north of the icc down to the beltway. outer loop jams as well. metro on time except for safetrack. we have you covered thise you morning. keep it to fox5 news
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> this is history. u.s. navy ship docks in new zealand for the first time in more than three decades. it was diverted to help with>> earthquakefor re t d relief neat coastal town can cora. uss samson sailed into the citye today. prime minister met with tyheh t sailors on the ship and thankeda for them service a broad. bro president obama willidenamal pa presidential medal of freedom om ceremony. first lady michelle obama will also be there. >> 21 people will receive the re nation's highest civilian honorh it's presented to those who mado contributions to the security or national interests of the unitei states to world piece or tocet cultural or other significantfit public or private endeavors. ee. many of the recipients this tims are celebrities inn clueingluei ellen degeneres also athlete kareem abdul jabar.
8:42 am
melinda gates and diana ross ass well little mix there. so do you ever spend ao yous little time oh and line wheninen you're at work shopping?pp >> i don't get that. i donet >> sometimes.etimes may be a couple things markedke down off your christmas list.sts >> turns out that a lot ofa lo o people do. builder survey finds 49% of 4 o people use their work computer m or their cell phone to shopp while on the clock. clock. that is actually up 7% from lass year when it was a mere 42%.2% but beware, the boss may be 11% of employers say they firedf somebody for holiday shoppingppn online. on close it out, al. out, a a lot of employers say they care if their employees spend time t doing non work related task likk shopping even if the work is not affected. i'm just teasing she actually. has hestr fox t5easi facebook p. >> well done. still ahead a welcome sight fort world war ii veteran.. >> oh, lord. oh, sweetheart. oh!
8:43 am
>> the heart warming reunioneu
8:44 am
don't miss our black friday specials, at havertys furniture. big savings in store only. this friday, eight am to eleven am.
8:45 am
black friday specials, while supplies last. friday, three hours only. with havertys, your home can be perfect, even when life isn't. don't miss our black friday specials at havertys. life looks good. >> still holdly on to a littleho more of cover and with all the winds we've had holding on to leaves today. it looks really pretty. >> let's start the countdown your forecast comes upldlyver 'a looks sta just
8:46 am
>> steve, ask and you shallte receive. another chilly and breezy day that's the bottom line. a lot of, lr chil the thatbreeze'ss wona lot 't ss we had yesterday when we had 35 plus miles an hour wind gusts wn but still breezy day and look ak your temperatures.empe cold start to your day. manassas 27. 2 good morning frederick 32. leonardtown you jumped to 36 but you're 32 last hour.t hou 36 in annapolis.nnolis 37 here in the city.y. quantico 29 you getted idea very cold temperatu you mix in those winds and it feels like it look like just j about everybody below the freezing mark this morning.zingm lots of layers if you'll be oute feels like 21 in quantico. 21 in west minster. min 29 out at dulles as we're in for another unseasonably cool our daytime highs will be in thw mid to upper 40s should be in sd the mid 50s.mi 5 we will see those temperaturespu warm a little bit here by her thursday and friday. fri but for today another very coolo one with that very strong str northwest flow.tlow. still leftover lake effect snowo
8:47 am
system out to our west.. which will be our next rainex ri maker it look like that rainiket shower activity will get in here early thursday.rsy so as far as traveling this is i your travel forecast next couplx of days. this is this only real trouble spot i'm not i sure how much trouble it will be will be across central sectionss of the countryti looks like the frontal system strong enough toh bring thunderstorms to dallasor and houston later today ifoday you're flying in that direction butd otherwise, quiet conditioni and little further east duringag the day tomorrow. so if you're tomorrow up and down 95.n5. it will be a rather cloudyr cud afternoon but i think it will bi dry afternoon and again these at showers will get in here afteret midnight wednesday into early thursday. as most of the rain we'll get w' around here will be pretty lighg for the day on thursday.. that's what's ahead the shower s activity for thanksgiving day should be out of here by earlyly afternoon, and we might even gen a little late day sun if you'llu be out throw the football withol the family that kind of thing before the redskins gameskins gm there's your seven day. sev day 49 today.
8:48 am
50s great looking win weekend wd for all things outdoors withor t sunshine less wind andeswind a temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. 50s. that's about where we shall be this time of year. time yea al rright. guys i hope i fulfilled all youa weather needs. >> did you, tuck. mormuch >> now i have a yearning to finf out what's coming up on good dad today. m and maureen can c help me out. >> they are back.y are . awesome.ome. >> we'll do more than our best.r we always deliver with thelwayse goods. d.c. brace yourself because wecb have an epicecau good day headea your way this morning.or >> we sure. coming to one local show thisonh morning and you know it's good day dc.y dc okay. okay. let's hit it >> coming up at 9a we just saw9 him in the back. b ray jay is here, yes, the rayay jay. r and b star reality show star he's live in the loft.he l we'll talk to him about hisbo h brand new single, whoo, it's ono fire. fi i'll leave it at that. lea >> it's hot. >> he'll talk about that, and a whole lot more. he's doing a loft differ thingsi >> empire fans you won't want to miss good day at 10a live in the
8:49 am
tracy braxton our friend to theo show part major even last nightn in dc ill they'll tell us al tea about that.about that. >> also live at 10a from the bachelor to the er international tv show as dr. travis stork hass very important information he wants you to hear about in aut regards to your health.r h >> what a show. good day d>>.c w. we told you iu the only place to be. b right minutes away.. steve, passing over to you.. thanks very much.> the quote av shell out nearly $1,000 duringdu the holidays spending more thant half a of that amount online.e. now, that adds up to more than $3 billion on black friday alone. another $3 billion on cyber monday and another $2 billion in sales on thanksgiving day. the money is flowing.lowi so will you stick to your budger this year to help us out techh expert online shopping guru regina lewis has smart h strategies for the shoppingorhes holiday. always good tow goo
8:50 am >> a lot of thing. pull outleveryone will all the but i don't think you have toav buy into the sense of urgency.. after all every day is cyber cer monday we have these thing inhei our pocket on our computer compu screens. >> right. >> have a plan and think about not just w hena pl you're buying, but how you're buying. bing. using reward points.ward point how are you paying? when ishe that payment going to be due and really have a game plan and tryt to stick with it and not buy buy into the hype. typ >> you did some of the leg workg for us. let's talk about some of theta things you yound let's start with amazon. to that site sometimes peoplee are disappoint it feels like a tag sail. sal. a random cough me mug a slipperi they have show stoppers sto including get this price 32-inch tv for 69.99. 69. i had every child in my home m h can't i have one of those to art my bedroom. it's not a name brand but tv'ss really break. so you know if you're soe inclined to go ahead they'reheae practically giving them >> 10 of those in the livinge lv room watch every nfl game onn sunday. >> you have to pay for cable.avp >> that's true.
8:51 am
>> i guess you can't do a y can splitter 10 10 that would be frowned on.ould be wal*mart what's going thon?n? >> wal*mart interesting in youmt go to that site it's almost i it thought i was on amazon theyy have so replicated model. 4 million items for sale faror more than amazon -- the wal*mart store.stor fraction of what they have onono amazonwhat but things like samsg chrome books. laptops is a fraction of then price. they have bulk buying they're able to negotiate the deals. >> and target. noleavnot leave them out. >> yeah,he gods they really want to youhey come to the store. tthe so all of these players it's called omni channel retailinget they have multiple ways buying n new phone, laptop, supposed sobb seamless hence the omni channeln phrase. ph target wants to you get you intu the store because they sellhe grocery. gr we're online come to the storeho don't be surprised if you seeeds that. they're selling vacuums, x bockk things more oriened to the homem >> is it typically i know youly have some other tips put up on n the screen while we chathilee interesting you just thatst tha
8:52 am
few these throw big named itemss out there to get you in theth store.ere the >> sure. that's all been the case calledd lot of waiters but don't try toy outsmart the model they shophe o against each other.ther they know because something called dynamic pricing online o when they need to lower the t so i feel like if -- it used toe be oh, my my gosh i got an advanced copy of the circular. they want you to have that. >> they put it out weeks a wheae of time. tim >> i don't think there's any beating the system whichon't mei you have to be your own advocatc and say, okay, i'm in charge inc here. what am i spending? what do wew really want? l about it. i and not >> in general senses in store or online this year, where will wee general fine the betterte bargains.ns >> somebody like target wants t you come into the io th online has traditionally beenlyb about deals now i think it's th' about even people paying a premium for convenience because i don't havo to ship it which is amazon'szon' play. have i all the addresses i wantw to you sign up for prime you'lll pay for $69 tv probably not sigs up for prime and it pays for for itself.itse they have long-term modelsm mel
8:53 am
they also steve want to you sigs up for their apps and newss letter. letter. sometimes they may say, nice tre you signed up for news letters l before. open a new e-mail address whatrs do you care and 15% off.. >> cancel it later get that appt on your phone they want to havev a long-term royal loyaloy relationship with you not just this seashipson, this 52 year holiday -- 52 day holidayol period, but throughout the yearr so play their game.e. let's be loyal. >> i know we ask this every yeaa as we see thing change everye ey year from year as far as whens w people spending the money.e so if we're looking now we cyber monday on paper is aroundo the corner.r >> sure. it comes after black friday doo we wait for certain thing or buy things on friday? is thereays h general rule of thumb as when tt buy versus wait? wait? >> it's a great point.t'grea thanksgiving day is actually thy fastest growing holiday botholit online and off line. line because something called price d protect it doesn't reallyoesn ra matter. because if you buy an item andnm the price lowers you can go bacb and say hey i saw it's on sale i'd like the new price usually u you have 30 days.ay electronics i'd caution peopleeo
8:54 am
period starts when you buy theut item not when someone opens iteo der r the tree. you buy eighties this weekends e you hit that 30 day mark quickly many as soon as the child opensc it of course when do you open ii even i don't really love thisy camera it's not exactly theact e laptop i wanted you'll pay'l pay restocking fee of 15%. electronic be extra careful. car >> good news the sales are outnl there. >> they're out. >> decide when you want to actually put the money d>>ownecn that credit card however youer u choose to to do it. regina, good to see you.o see yu >> thank you.nk you. >> we'll take a short break.
8:55 am
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?? what a welcome sight for 93-year-old world wa veteran. >> oh, lord. .h, sweetheart >> they said those two doaid everything together.hing and so here's the story. roger leclair of downeyowy california was reunite with his one and a half pound tiny littll tea cup chihuahua according to a neighborhood boyy a woman in a red car drove up and snatched lola from the front yard.ya leclair posted science offering reward for her return over thert weekend he got call from woman m who spotted that little tiny dog it led to the reunion but i wasw reading more about it.bout i like, i mean, you know how muchm we love our animals.mals. >> sure. >> and how much our animals lovm us. us >> right. >> those two did absolutelybsol everything together.he >> best friends. a might be aht be al little bit older as well. as this is just the best thing..
8:57 am
>> we are going to get tucket t you're standing much we're going to do traffic.raffic. you'll have to do whatever youe want to do, tuck.tont tdo, >> erin, good morning. mning. >> good morning.ood moing. >> sorry. i was waiting for tucker. tucke >> push him out of the way.. >> it's all right. r >> right now you have roads -- [ inaudible ] crash within the delays 95elas southbound back to the icc. icc. bw parkway really heavyvy southbound traffic. if you're headed towardsra bwi r early morning flight traffic looking good. keep it to fox5 news m .oring good day at 9a coming right up. ??
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? straight ahead, a parent'sha worst nightmare. >> they don't know where my whee other daughter was.othe she was on the bus with them >> schoolbus flips and crashes h into tree killing at least fivee children.dr this morning the driver undernd arrest facing multiple charges.g now the ntsb is on its way to tennessee to find out why hehy lost control. breaking news.ew the d.c. school system has found its next leader. an mayor mower yell bowser hadow to go all the way to the westwat coast to find her new h n chancellor.ance we'll have a live report. today i would like towoulket provide the american people wite


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