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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at # 1. right now at 11, breaking news, a man shot during a robbery attempt at a maryland auto shop. we're live. plus, a long time school teacher faces child sex abuse charges that date back years. did the school system do all itl could to keep receive the threats coming from isil. increased security this holiday weekend amid new threats of a tearer attack. we begin tonight with the breaking news in prince george'i county. police are looking for thethe gunman who shot someone at epapa auto shop in clinton. the shot is on aaron lane which is right near old branch avenue.
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the scene.the what do we know at this point.ts >>reporter: we don't know aknow whole lot more than we did an hour ago. we do know the police are the looking for the suspect rightght that is rocky's auto repair it's behind the chain link fencf and that is where the office in which this shooting happened. somebody walked into that offict and shot a man in the chest. we don't know in that man is an employee here at the auto body shop or if he just happened to be in that office. information on that. police left here about an hour ago. so you can't really tell thateal this is a crime scene other thae the fact that the crime scenene tape is herein side of this dumpster here. police right nower are looking g the suspect who walked into thao office and shot man in the in chest. the man is now in criticalcrit condition at the hospital being treated. no word whether or not somethini was taken from that office and no identification on the
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right now. but we're trying to get a little more information. we'll bring that to you just ast soon as we get it. we're in clinton, laura evans, fox5 local news.s. a wayne state police officer in detroit, michigan is in critical condition after he was shot in the head after an incident off campus much the shooting happened a few blocks from the school. we're told the officer was investigating possible theftsatn from cars when heg was shot. police say they have a person on interest in custody.tody is the suspected gunman. even more breaking news thishis time in charles county, maryland. police are looking for the driver who ran from the scene of an accident. sky fox was over the scene on route 5 a near sun station road in waldorf a short time ago. two cars collided, one driver ran the other was trapped in one ofe the vehicle also.e ve there is no word on that driver's condition. a concerned parent tells fox5 montgomery county public schools has a seven offender problem and
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covering it up. just last week 50 year old john big na a former teacher was arrested a second time over allegations of sexual abuse of young girls at clover leave elementary.el sarah sip once is here with what the school has to say about it. >>reporter: john big in a is charged with sex counts of sexual tonight i talked to a sexual treatment provider and a montgomery county mother. she believes the school system is dropping the ball and children are suffering.en a i think there's a massive problem here and there has been for many, many, many years. jennifer owe bar owe is not only a licensed social worker sherker worked closely with montgomery w county public schools a few years ago as part of a workgroup dealing with sexual abuse. during that time she came across this. we found out that they had a
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staff members that they hady suspicions of abusing children, that they admitted publicly had not reported these people to child protective services or the police department.artm alveolar owe says she has no way of knowing if former cloverform leave teacher was john big in a was on the list.t. all vary owe says she was even more troubled by the lack of answers last night at a community meeting elementary. nobody knew last night if or how or who would reach out to older students who had been in that man's classroom. now, a spokesperson with s montgomery county schools saysso they are working diligently to protect students over the past year, the district says that itt has taken a hard look at employee training and they've implemented an employee code of conduct, beefed up background checks and implemented safetyd
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> tony. a charles county sheriff's deputy is facing child pornography charges. our camera was the only one rolling as alexandria sullivan left court today.le that is him on the right. detectives began investigating the 10-year law enforcementnfor veteran last they got a tip from the national center for missing and exploiteo children that someone was uploading child porn to a cellphone in charles county. investigators linked the phone number to sullivan and arrestede him. a judge release detention. > new at 11, a massive marijuana bust in the district. police say they arrested four men this afternoon at a businesi in the 2300 block of wisconsinsn avenue in northwest.thwe they faced marijuanace distribution charges.on c we're told they had three and aa quarter pounds of pot with an an estimated or worth an estimated vote value of nearly $59,000. the great get away is on.
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48 billion people will hit theit road or fly during this holidayy weekend. here's a live look right now of i95 just outside of the beltwayy it looks like everybody is e moving out there. in fact, it seems a little heavy right now which is no surprise. sue palka has an update on what travel conditions will be ifif you're hitting the road them. >> early tomorrow morning,ly t weather wise you're not going to run into any problems on the what we will be watching is the approach of some wet weather out to the central planes.l if you're flying that way, maybe even towards chicago, with we've got snow across minnesota and wisconsin and then it's kind of a mix of snow and rain intond r chicago and then it's rain and thunderstorms between chicago, memphis, dallas all the way doww to houston. here's a look at some of the snowy weather that we're gettini a across minnesota.
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michigan.mi there's been a little bit of bit snow mixed in with the rain, but it looks like it's changed over. maybe a few delays in centralnta part of country, but it shouldn't be anything disruptive.. there's a good storm moving into the pacific northwest.rthw that's affecting central california and they're getting rain with snow in the higher elevations. those are the two areas that we'll be watching tomorrow that could slow you down if you're're flying into locations around the storm system and speaking of the storm system that's the one may bring us a few thanksgiving morning showers. bulk of any shower activity that we see here.we s it would be wrapped up by theby noon hour or so. that will give us a day tomorrow that will begin with sunshinewih and end with more clouds and it is mighty cold start that we're expecting, especially when wewhn look at our 11:00 temperatures.a and it's 25 at culpeper, manassas, martinsburg and 28 in frederick, dulles.
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travelor day and the big get awy continues tomorrow.tomo shawn. thank you, sue.. > d.c. public schools may soons have a new chancellor. mayor muriel bowser nominated the superintendent of oakland, california's public schools.choo anton wilson met with students at. the former teacher, principal also served as a top official in denver's public school systemtem prior to his job in oakland. wilson says he will every child to eastern mr. .ild the fact of the matter is we dod not have a young person to waste. we cannot afford to say thatsay because a young person had a bad day or a bad month that we are going to now advocate our responsibility to ensure the system works for that young person. > the d.c. council still has to approve wilson's nomination. tune into fox5 news morning. tomorrow anton wilson will beill here in our studios at 7:30. he'll share more of his vision
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still to come d.c tonight,. mess of love and hope left at a locaa mosque ahead of the holiday even. plus, it's a thanksgiving tradition. find out how police plan to useo garbage trucks to protect the crowds at the macy's parade, among other thing.
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> law enforcement is on highnf alert this holiday weekend.orce the department of homelandpa security has warned thatrt isisi calling on its followers to usee trucks as weapons similar toimil what happened this summer in knees, france. new york city police have increased patrols ahead of the macy's thanksgiving barricades already up and parking restrictions are in place. received the threats coming from isil from the ramie a magazine e where it says that r the paradee would be a good start. we understand that. we accept that much that's our operating premise each and everyday.ev > thousands of police officers will watch overpo the parade roe r. dozens of sanitation truckssi will also line the route and
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to act as a bear yes too often these days we'rebe reporting ono messages of hate, sometimes left at mosques around the country, including here in our area.area but recently words of love, not hate appeared at a mosque inosqu northern virginia. fox5's marina maracco shows us. >>reporter: it's been an emotional and hate-filled couple of weeks animus limbs animus lamb february a has been high here.he the messages left showing a turning tied. a heart leading on the way to the front door with words inor chalk say we love you.ou. we're your brothers and sisterst love, we are with you. over the past year there have been several mosque in our aream that have been theos target of e crimes.. here in virginia, the muslim association holes were cut intoo the air-conditioning unit back in july and february vandals trashed the mosque breaking t
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ornaments. the council on american islamic relations stepped forward offering an a reward ofard information that would to anan arrest. this is all anonymous.onym >> this is all anonymous. there are security cameras that have captured the people, but the time, whoever came in, we do not know them. it was really heart womaning and seeing that sort of s very important that people who are in the area and they would want to leave this sort of message. tonight's vandalism here in chantilly had a different color, one of love and hope. > in fairfax county, marinaun maracco, fox5 local news.s. > its so nice to see the positivity like that. >> yes, it is. > it is awesome. let's talk about the weather forecast. >> i had to look down at the screen. 41-degrees right now. rig so cold.
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20s. the district maybe about 34-degrees. another very cold start tomorrow. no big travel worries if you'ree going to be heading out. i spent a few minute, i'm just running across the street, whatever. my hands were freezing.eezi > i have to find my gloves. i thought about that today. i thought i'll just get themm tomorrow, mistake. if you still are awake and you're listening and you have to be out tomorrow morning, you doy want to be expecting that you'll need your temperatures are continuing toea tank as the air is super dry and the winds are not as strong. that's why we know tomorrow kn morning we'llow be pretty cold. we wanted to start you off with a beautiful shot. it's a judicial look at thet weather of the day and yes, i completely agree it's amazing out we're looking a the supreme court and the justice department and i said, you know what, guilty as charged that it was a beautiful day. meanwhile, morning sun for us
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day should be dry here, but very late tomorrow night and intod thursday morning a few showers may approach for thanksgivinging day. hard to believe that tomorrow it the day before, right. got here fast. d.c. 39-degrees, culpeper,ulpe manassas, i showed you these temperatures a few minutes ago but really towed to take a second to absorb it. high temperature right on top of us. it's also keeping our big weather system in the central planes at bay can get to their destinations pretty easily tomorrow. 20 #-s and 30s for the cold start tomorrow. we will continue to see lightert winds. i have to mention this.o we haveme ant hurricane that is approaching central america, costa rica may have its first ever hurricane, the coast of costa rica is under a hurricane warning, nick wag a as well. it has 75 miles an hour. moving north, northwest.
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it will likely cross centralross america as a category one and come out into the pacific ocean where it retain the name of otto. > we'll let you know whatw happens with otto as it approaches the coast of costa rica tomorrow. sunny and cool but we will see clouds beginning to increase ahead of the weather system that will be coming through the planes and approaching the ohio valley and the tennessee valley spreading showers in direction.di most of them in the morning. not very heavey. we have a moderate doubt droughb in this area. this thanksgiving day and you're doing running around i wouldould imagine you are not wanting it to rain. maybe some brightening of the te skies in the late afternoon. maybe we'll get a peak of theof sun as it goes down. maybe some isolated or potty showers in the afternoon.
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you're going to be dealing with tomorrow, with a little bit of snow falling, wisconsin,scon michigan as well.s we most of the rest of us dealing with that rain maybe mixed withh a little sleet up through pennsylvania by thanksgiving the s'mores move through prettyo quick limit youve can see by non most everything is east of 95 with maybe a spotty shower lefte later in the day and some thing of the clouds south of d.c. for our thanksgiving day.y. for tonight, 34 it's clear, it's cold.d. it's not as windy tomorrow about 52-degrees with more sunshine in the morning. then we'll be seeing in the afternoon. we're going to wrap it with your fox5 seven day forecast. day friday a few showers if you're doing some shopping, grab the umbrella. and then it's a run of sunshine,nshi saturday, sunday, monday getting a little bit warmer as wee approach tuesday with the chance of a few showers then. itself he ' pretty good travelod on both sides of the holiday. i hope the redskins can do just as well.l. we'll talk to jim in a surprise, jim.
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hi everybody it is nice to getdy the national i spotlight for on. for the redskins they show thew nation and all the cheese heads just what they could do. will the late night cost themm against the cowboys when theyhen face off less than 48 hours. sunday tonight's game ended. it game of gave the redskins about 88 hours of down time. don't forget the travel. jay gruden said they the cowboys game plan during the bye week. i think this time of year we're in good shape. guy feel pretty g. they're little beat up now, but i think come thursday they'll be readydy to role. everybody was saying a beginning turnaround. we have a mid-day game. it's football. there's been worse situations, like london. that was worse.
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in the first half bradley pulse down the rebound and then the hoyas break. 18 opinions, georgetown down 3s, at the g half. then in the second half it was all badgers. he heads down into the lane. he's d goingow to jamb it, two f his 19. also dominated with 15 reboundsu the hoyas lose 73 to 57. meantime any brook in the second half. the junior with a game high 21 points, meantime michael is a vats ski, he dunks it but then he gets whittled for hanging ong the rim.e just barely. he's wondering what the heck happened. there you see it, no t. the terps win 77-63 to improve
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meantime seventh ranked virginia, anything but entertaining for the tigers early on. devon haul behind the back to jack salt. jack salt down. wow. cavaliers scored 26 straight points. meantime kyle guy had it work long distance. he scored 20 points in only 13 minutes. virginia up 30 at half. now 4 and 0 on the young season. and it's back to the future for the us mens national soccer former coach bruise arena is back. he led the men's team from '95 to 2006 moving onto mls. he'll replace ewing on mass who was fire. > back to the future. it's almost like bringing joerig gibbs back. do you know something we don'twe know.ow. >> no, i don't.n't. > not in that regard.
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finally tonight, cheetos has been in the snack food industryr for decades as we all know. now they're diving into the fashion world. why are you laughing?ghin >> role the video. thank you. the temporary online store, the most expensive item, eggs sold i with a matching ring. i can't wait to have that. they're made with orange sapphires and white diamonds. they run $20,000.un check it out since they're already out of other items include chat owe perfume, which smell cheesy and other cheat owe owes inspired clothing. i saw the flaming who the pants. they're sold out. is this a joke? >> you always have that yellow stuff on your fingers. > that's an issue itself. thanks for joining us.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the i'm very proud of him.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: kanye west, he has been taken to the hospital. on a psych hold. there was a report that he was going to get violent with cops and he had an interesting alias. >> kanye west doctor, he said his patient's name was jim jones. >> because we're all drinking his kool-aid. harvey: he's you're showing your age. >> he's a rapper. >> he's a raer harvey: he's a rapper? >> jamie foxx. he's catching footballs from what they call the jugs machine but at 100 miles an hour. harvey: what's the idea? the hand motion, the thing you're trying to do. >> you're trying to catch it. >> you also don't catch like this. [laughter] >> the dad award goes to d.m.x. >> how many kids? >> he went to his daughter's quinceanera. he's pretty much dancing in the video. harvey: i would like to introduce myself. i'm d.m.x. >> she looks like a nice little


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