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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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? ?. 5at630 let's get the party started. president-elect is naming more names, who else may be joining the trump team >> you can see it on the side of your screen be this is the hottest story at 6:30, we want to know what's on your mine? what are you thankful for this political season? even if you're thankful it's over? tweet us that. nikki haley as the next u.s. ambassador to the united to serve as south carolinaly governor, considered arising star >> offered the roll of hud secretary to ben carson. he will decide whether or not to take the job after thanksgiving. last week he said he wasn't interested in cabinet job at all. betsy devoss, is the latest selection for education secretary. she leads an advocacy group, a
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republican party. she is not nikki haley. >> president of vote america now a nonpartisan organization that engages millennials and minorities, chris thanks so much for joining us. let's start off the bat here with ben carson being tapped as possible hud secretary. i don't know about you >> let's remember what he said last week. not only he said he wasn't interested. he said he's never served in government. he doesn't know how government work that is he would cripple the potential incoming administration >> which i thought was weird because he was running for president. what do you think of him being tapped as hud secretary or surgeon general or health and human services >> it is a surprise to me. to your point, i thought he was certainly not be tapped as hud secretary. it's as surprising to me like it is you. it's something he'll think about and consider over the thanking holiday.
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nice guy. had the opportunity to interview him few times. real good guy. quite shocking to see he would be asked to take that role >> it's not something that he would imagine to be in his wheel house, maybe he has ideas we haven't heard them. let's talk about nikki haley. this is where you say politics makes strange bed flows, she endorsed marco rubio. >> she certainly talked highly against mr. trump during the president-elect trump -- during the campaign. i think mr. trump is definitely trying to show a level of diversity, so he's definitely, obviously appealing to that and of course, her being a governor of south carolina, she has a lot to bring to the table, government experience, i think realized on any side of the aisle he is the president-elect of the united states and has to show a level of diversity and strength. he's going to be bring in anybody who is intelligent, smart and he feels can be the job adequately.
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as the education secretary. how do you think this could impact the future for students across america >> her and her husband as well, and first i'll say this, she was a big proponent of common core which president-elect trump strongly was against during the campaign. that certainly -- an odd mixture. interesting to see how she trans sends into her new role. of course, she said to pleasure the president, she do. it will be interesting. she a big fan of charter schools, which certainly can be a good thing. and of course, her business background i think that can be great for america. especially going into education, bringing that charter school role. it can be a good thing. these are surprising picks and folks kind of never guessed, so to speak. we'll have to see how it goes.
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tomorrow? turkey? >> i'm certainly, yeah, absolutely. it's been crazy. so >> thanks a lot >> happy thanksgiving. >> betsy devos is the daughter-in-law of the founder of am ways. >> there's a whole lot to talk about. about the new people in the trump administration but what about the impact they may have at the gas pump >> these are those retail politics, you may not care aut who's at the un. you may see the gas and a lot of you may use it but today i talked to one expert and asked him will we see any difference come january? >> whoever is in the white house has very little direct impact on retail gasoline prices. that's really because there are so many things that work that impact global crude oil prices.
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administration deliver? we've already heard that it's probably going to be a more favorable environment for something like the keystone pipeline. he already said he wants to see less regulation. you know, even if that were to happen, let's say the keystone pipeline was approved and they put it in, there's no guarantee that that, in itself, is going to have an impact on retail prices. what it might simply do is get into national markets. that in and of itself does not represent a great deal of change for american consumers. >> think about all the talk when george w. bush took office, he had an oil background, what he doing it to benefit friend in the oil industry? it was dictated by wars and natural disaster >> people always say it's the
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do you need a moderator at your thanksgiving people? >> there's an ap for that. is live at reagan national. people are gearing up to get out of town. fitz tell us about it. >> reporter: this started were any conversation in the newsroom. ellen degeneres had this hysterical skit. you can have an ap, it's not real but you can call up a moderator to moderate any difference it's at your dining room table. you ow warming stories at thanksgiving, about people what they're thankful for. >> they say ain't one of them >> that's not what we do at 5at630. >> what do we do? >> reporter: what we want to know is what's the one thing you won't talk about at that table because you know grandmom and aunt betty are going to go at it and start throwing marked potatoes? we sat out in this airport and
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one thing, the one topic that you avoid on thanksgiving? >> no. >> money. >> money? >> money. don't talk money. >> no. >> and what happens when you ask about getting more money from mom? >> i got a job. >> reporter: that's how you got the money >> yeah. that was easy. >> technically maybe skills. >> reporter: parenting skills? does that get a little contentious? >> yeah, i mean, we're all adults, we just try to tell each other -- try not to tell each other what to do. >> reporter: what deadline talk about around the thanksgiving table? >> fox news. >> reporter: what subject do you avoid?
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>> it can. >> i think all families should be talking politics at thanksgiving regardless of whether we're obligated to. >> there's nothing you can't talk about? >> nothing i can't talk about. >> that was easy. >> reporter: is there any subject in your family that you avoid? >> politics. >> you don't talk politics >> no. >> reporter: your former secretary of state newt gingrich. on you can you for the talk about it? . >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, mr. speaker. >> that was easy. >> reporter: not so sure i don't believe that the did gingrich family doesn't talk politics, if
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reagan's words. no, no, no. shawn, jim >> happy thanksgiving >> i'm thankful for you >> we're thankful for you. i'm curious, what's your favorite thanksgiving day dish? what will it be? >> i got an irish name but i grew up in an italian family, so the dinners went from 3:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 at night. my little chubby face would eat for six hours, my my little italian mother's corn can i say role. it was most delicious in my life >> we'll talk, compare recipes. ok? happy thanksgiving. a lot of people hitting the roads going from point a to b. parts of the country dealing with snow the last couple days. sue here looking at what we can
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that recipe too. >> in our next half hour, we'll be trading recipes >> i'll give you my recipe for apple cran berry crisp. tomorrow is thanksgiving, we have so fortunate. there are a couple of light sprinkles in a few spots and you ma i see one or two tomorrow morning. the air is terribly dry that i think it will be mostly just clouds around and a few showers if the turkey trotters might see. we're going to get up to about 55. don't think of tomorrow as day. a little dampness maybe before the noon hour and a spotty shower, if anything, is left. kind of the same deal for friday. black friday shopping looking good. 59 degrees. the weekend is sunny and bright. we're warming up a little bit next week with a few showers possible tuesday and then again on wednesday, i might add, we need that rain. we are in a moderate drought. happy thanksgiving to everybody. jim and shawn, i'll see you little bit later and we'll swap recipes. we're going to talk about
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thanksgiving dinner, they got a pardon, tot was named national thanksgiving turkey and at any time tator is the backup. they will live out their days at virginia tech for the remainder of their bird years. keep those tweets coming at
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? ? pittsburgh pirates in the world series? he's from pittsburgh >> many people thanksgiving is a trip home for the holidays. what could go wrong? >> not my president.
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? i believe the united states made a terrible mistake. >> we know the election happened and we have to face the results. >> when you live and work in dc, it's easy to forget half the country may not think the same way as you when it comes to politics >> some maybe re members of your own family might have disagreements. our own ronica cleary is live with advice and tips. ronica? >> reporter: hey. shawn and jim. well, i just want to start out
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put together this amazing meal for me to have a conversation about of thank you so much for being with us today. this is fabulous. i imagine people over a beautiful thanksgiving meal tomorrow, some people are feeling a little bit of hesitation and concern about maybe parent who have different philosophies, an aunt or uncle don't want to broach the topic of pol is on everyone's mind. how do you handle >> we've always been told never to talk politics or money or religion at the dinner table. this year is a little bit different on everyone's mind the elephant in the room. it may be a topic that comes up tomorrow. >> it's funny to have this conversation, because it's something i actually look forward to at the holidays and you are right. i remember growing up and
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politics and sex, what do you do? how do you handle that in way to let you get through thanksgiving dinner >> i think during this election cycle, we block out of other people's opinions, maybe it's a good time to listen to learn a little something and be open to what they had to say. as opposed to to getting them and trying to encourage a fight >> i think that is a good little piece of advice for us. it would be in a way rather than sitting around the table with people who share our which is often fun to do. maybe you can go into your thanksgiving dinner and say, if you know somebody that doesn't feel that way, could be an opportunity to learn and grow from your family and we were talking, there are a lot of people in this election and probably in others as well where maybe different generations shared different ideas going into the voting booth. so maybe we can go in as a younger generation, and teach our parents some of the things
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do you think >> yes, and to learn. while this conversation may come up. know you're having special guests at this dinner, maybe your fiance >> can you imagine going into that conversation you're just getting to meet the family and have to talk about politics? crystal thank you so much. and thank you for this amazing meal. and cheers guys and you can come here tomorrow with thanksgiving and get one too. cheers to pleasant, >> thanks ronica. we appreciate it. >> thanksgiving, as you guys know is a great time to reflect >> we're going to show you how a local artist is doing that with a special mural when 5at630 come it's right back. there it is. this looks family back after this.
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5at630 on this this
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created a mural to make us all reflect. >> michael, we appreciate and tell us where you came up with this concept for the mural >> i was inspired by the museum because they have a lot of good exhibits there. when they invited me there, tried to fit with the theme of the museum >> you painted this at the museum >> partially. started at home and brought it in >> you at home may have seen michael starting it on 5at630 when tom fitzgerald was at the museum that night >> i actually did a of fine-tuning to it today. you know, all the quotes come from the museum. they have a beautiful balcony on the top floor there and the wall has quotes regarding, you know, the value of a free press and expressing the truth and all of that. it really inspired me. i wanted to express that >> tell us exactly what this means >> we have the declaration -- not the declaration, but the bill of rights.
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congress shall make no law respecting or abridging the freedom of speech. i thought that's very important element of our society. even if an opinion isn't popular, one of the great things about our country is we let you say it. so that's what i really wanted to bring out. >> free speech also in the form of being an artist and doing something like this. >> yes >> i can see, if you can't see at home, woven is symbols for all of the networks i can see fox, nbc, abc, what do you want them to walk away feeling >> i want them to think about looking deeper, don't just believe the first thing you see or hear, even myself as an artist if i feel like i'm slipping, i got to go practice as a marshal artist. if my punches are getting slow or weak, i got to practice.
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organizations, you know, there's been times in the past when things haven't gone the way that maybe people wanted it to. that's the time for. >> there's many ways of doing it. >> absolutely not but not least what's your favorite dish >> i love pumpkin my. >> there you go. pumpkin my and turkey. >> do you use cool whip or not >> heck, yeah. >> michael, thanks so much for coming in. in your mural. keep your work going. if you haven't even had thanksgiving dinner yet >> we're talking about the left overs. we have an idea. we're going to show you 5at630 comes back after this. >> there's a lot going on in the
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thanksgiving dinner is great. the left overs are better.
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chief of cuisine in dc. pop overs i guess we can use to deal with the left overs >> simple to make at home. this is actually one of our signature >> i cannot make this at home. that's why we're going to come to blt. tell us about the different pop overs you make. >> we have one with roast beef and we have baby arugula, with nice sauce then we have char, when you cook it and you have the left over you have to flake it and put it with lettuce and we're serving that with really nice cherry, and we have turkey with some stuffing, with chestnut and saw sausage.
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>> for those of us who never made one, what is the secret >> make sure you have 350 degrees, nice and warm. then you have the pan and the batter. the batter is simple, milk, little bit of cheese and we have flour and eggs >> you can't keep opening it up >> they're going to be cooking 45, 50 minutes, do you want to, what do you want to do is open the door and make sure you're flipping them, >> what's next. >> nice and fluffy here? >> there you go. >> almost looks like a appear >> we're going to grab some stuffing we already made. we have chestnuts in there,
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bread, butter, a little bit of rosemary, sage, flavoring everything up, then the roasted turkey. we're going to grab some of that. in here. >> is your mouth watering right now >> we got about 45 seconds left. >> and it comes right here to the plate. going to grab a little bit of the gravy. you want to make sure that you dress it up >> the secret sauce? >> extra virgin olive oil. a little bit of salt. >> there you go. where is blt
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we're opening 3:00 to 9:00. >> take us out, jim. here we go. happy thanksgiving everybody.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the biebs packed a punch in barcelona for sure. >> this fan goes inside justin bieber and justin puts his hand out of the car and clocks him. you see the fan out there, his lip is like busted and he's bleeding. he's like freaking out in spanish. eak in barcelona.catalan they >> oh, p.c. -- harvey: it's not p.c. it's just inaccurate. >> there may be a little bit of a silver lining with kanye being hospitalized. the insurance policy he has on his tour may kick in. > if i was kim, by the way, i would be really pissed. i just went through this horrific experience and he decides now as the time to go to the hospital. >> story of my life. now you have a nervous breakdown. >> gucci mane, went to the game -- atlanta hawks game


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