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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we'll start the 11 tonight with what's been a deadly weekend in the district. three homicides in three days.
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girl who was home from boarding school for thanksgiving break. >> in all three cases police are serving for the killer. tonight d.c.'s mayor and interim police chief held a rare weekend press conference asking for the public's health. "fox5" lindsey watts was there liver with the story. lindsay. mayor muriel bowser and acting chief peter newsham spoke with us tonight at district headquarters northwest and while they don't belie connected there's a common thread there. all three happened in the middle of the afternoon in southeast d.c.. we'll show you a map now. the most recent killing happened around 4 p.m. today on howard road and mlk avenue a man was shot and killed there. not a lot of details on that one. and earlier, just before 1:00 on the corner of l and 7 streets police say there was argument and a man and woman were shot. the man did not survive.
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16-year-old brianna mcmillan was shot and killed and we were with her friends and family earlier tonight as they gathered for a vigil. they have a message for everyone involved in the violence we're seeing in d.c. >> i don't understand why our kids and everybody just want to pick up guns, you know? >> we heard outrage in addition to heartbreak. >> wake up. >> wake up. >> because we're really, truly -- a gun does not solve anything. >> the dozens of people that gather todd remember brianna mcmillan hard a passionate message have speakers. put down the guns and stop killing heech ear. her great aunt says candles and balloons are not enough to honor her niece. >> it's about putting the guns down and putting more love out there. and leave the guns at home where they belong.
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whatever get rid of the guns. >> at a press conference new details about the shooting that happened potomac gardens housing complex. >> it's our belief there were several people outside at the time of the shooting and it appears at least one suspect fired multiple times discriminatively during that occasion and as a result of that reckless behavior we lost one of our 16-year-old kids. >> acting chief peter newsham says he doesn't bel was untinded target and we ask him about residence calls for more police patrols in south east. >> i don't think the shooting that occurred the other day was because of a lack of patrols. so to the extent that folks are asking for more patrols obviously we'll step up patrols because of this incident. >> the primary reason for today's press conference was to ask for the public's help with the killings. you could be eligible for a
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information leading to an arrest. looking at d.c.'s overall homicide rate right now d.c. police have not updated tally bit by our count with recent cases we're at at least 14. for comparison for all of last year there were 162 homicides and theres with a significant spike from 2012 when homicides were down to 88. looking further back though homicides overall are dramatically down from the peak came in 1991 when there were more han than 480 killings. live in southwest, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> while the mayor was holding a news conference this evening to talk about the violence another issue that has been frustrating d.c. residents was right there on display. illegal dirt bikes and tavrment vs i take a look. [ revving engines ].
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>> you can har the riders buzz by as mayor was speaking. this is file video of dirt bikers in the district. our crews on the scene today estimate there were at least 20 of them. there illegal dirt bikes have been an ongoing problem we have done countless stories on "fox5"and d.c. police offer a reward for information that leads to arrest on illegal dirt bike or on illegal dirt bike rider or are atv rider mt. story "fox5" first told you about last night. federal police have now joined investigation of a mail carrier robbed and beaten in northeast yesterday. this was the scene today in the edgewood neighborhood. officers searching alleys, side streets and even grass for clues, a source tells "fox5" the mail carrier was robbed and pistol whipped saturday evening and police sent out a tweet saying they were looking for two men dressed in black and the source also says
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wept off in the attack. so far no word on the condition of the mail carrier. elsewhere in the district police are searching for a robbery us is sbhokt shot an officer in north east d.c.. this all began when three men robbed a barbershop in c pleasant yesterday evening and the men drove by. it ended a short time later and the van driver was shot when one of the robber's guns went off during a pursuit. the driver and another man were gotta we and fired at police while he was running off. no officers were injured. >> well it is back to work tomorrow and for some riding metro well, it won't be easy tomorrow. surge 11 kicks off tomorrow morning. this will impact riders across northern virginia and along the orange and silver lines. arlington and fairfax county officials are warning commute others to have alternate plans. "fox5" alexandra limon tonight
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expect. it's new safe track surge and this time comes with even bigger headaches because according to metro it will have the biggest impact to customers yet. we're talking about surge 11 and kicks off a monday and lasts through december 1. we're talking about almost a month worth of work and the agency will be working to repair and replace portions of the track that are crumbling and also doing work that has been me gleked for years and that a m silver line riders will be greatly impacted because of things like single tracking between the east falls church and west false church station and also rush hour trains will only run every 20 minutes between vienna to new korlton orange line and to largo on the silver line. metro wants to warn customers toe expect very crowded platforms and crowded trains and even the possibility that you may not make it on to the
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d.c. and so, i came back and it's like rush hour and traffic and just it's caisy and i actually hate it i hate catching the train. i used to love it. >> being that's the only commute back and forth they should give us alternative to get back and forming to work on time. lot of people will be late. >> it's something that needs to be done to have a better >> keep in mind metro will not run the normal shuttle bus service it typically does during the surges instead there will only be limited shuttle buses between boston and areas like claireton and rosalyn and also to pentagon station. but that's pretty much it reporting in lar ling ton. alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> a lot of people will be happy when the safe track program is done and over and let's hope the system improves and there are not as many
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>> a lot of people simply are not riding as much these days and traffic is so bad maybe it will change when it's all fixed and ready to go. >> president-elect trump continues working to fill the cabinet. >> and trump's transition to the white house and what his senior advisor is saying about mitt romney as possible
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>> we are less than 8 weeks away from a news president taking office and this week president trump makes good new appointments to cabinet. >> we hear more from fox's kristin fisher. >> and privately with mr. trump and today she took them public in a very big way on three separate sunday shows she blasted mitt romney as
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of state and questioned credentials and loss in 2012 and most importantly loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor room any who went out of his way to question the character in the intellect and integrity of donald trump president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet most of all secretary of state and that's a decision one can make and i will respect and support 1,000 will respect and support 1,000%. i'm reflecking. and forler un ambassador and retired general petraeus. mr. trump made four appointments to his cabinet. kansas secretary south carolina nikki haley and alabama senator jeff sessions for attorney general. all four require senate confirmation and today florida
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taste of who should sale throughout process and who will likely go into sglubl. >> i never do. and i think it was a good choice. >> the interview process will continue tomorrow in new york. mr. trump said to meet with eight people for various eyetive roles in administration. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news. >> election officials in wisdom martin plan to meet to timeline for recount of the presidential results from their state and former green party candidates jill stein asked for recount and plans to do the same in two other states pennsylvania and michigan. donald trump holds a narrow lead in all three states over nominee hillary clinton. she has now joined the recount effort that is not sitting well and says the outcome will be the same. >> everybody is talking about it aren't they?
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people on the trump side. >> it gets the media all stirred up doesn't it. >> absolutely. >> it's time to head back to work tomorrow after the long holiday weekend. >> gwen is back with what the forecast has in store for all of us as we head back to work. forecast has in store for all of us as we head back to work. stay with us now at havertys furniture, it's our after thanksgiving sale. everything is on sale, now through monday.
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>> a lot of people are saying they have to go back to work tomorrow. hopefully the weather will be nice. quhaen do you have to say. >> serve it up. >> serve it up all right. >> that's good news. it will be so warm. >> it will be warm but not tomorrow we have to wait another day for that and yeah you know okay you know what variety is spice weather was the same all the time -- we're making sure it does not get boring and we're serving up all kind of change this week. starting with cold night tonight. light winds and temperatures into 30s. last night dulles hit 28 for overnight low. on the chilly side. inle morning hours we'll have sun. then we'll see clouds by the afternoon. and that's all ahead of the sfim is that the going to bring us much needed rain that we
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and folks welcome the rain ape fall for the area and we're talking about temperatures all over the place. and talking about roller coaster temperatures we'll go from 50s to 60 s and back to again and 60s will be fairly into the mid up toer range wait until you see that. many in the meantime temperatures today were exactly where we should be in the low 50s. same as yesterday we were seasonable and right now getting cooler and 41 in d.c. and dues fredericksburg that hour and 30 gaithersburg and same in baltimore and 38 in annapolis. quite chilly tonight with overnight lows mainly into 30s and cooler to the north and forth west of course. and bundle up. this no gusty cold winds or wind chills to think about. we have clouds moving in though all ahead after i system that brought a fair amount of rain to mid section of kupty and
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high pressure in control and that gave us all the nice sunshine we got to enjoy and that is moving out. it's opening up the door for this cloud deck to start heading our way and we'll see partly cloudy skies tonight and once we get past tonight we'll talk about approach of system and this will bring us two things. first ahead of it we'll gets a nice warm subject of air and we're talking temperatures heading into the mid to upper 60s as i mentioned and tuesday and wednesday then once the frontov ahead of it and along it while see rainfall and on the backside of of that the cooler air. we have that combination thing going on and warming up and cooling down and as i said, that rainfall greatly needed for us. we really do you have a deficit. take a look. we're actually almost 8" below where we should be as far as rainfall is concerned for d.c. and look at hagerstown almost 12" below where we should be and we need that rainfall and
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and remember we're going give you a warmer die you go with it here's a look at future cast. early morning hours tuesday for morning commute by the afternoon hours still have rain stick around right through to evening hours and another piece of energy by another system will affect us wednesday. high in the 50s and cloudy skies in the afternoon and into the low 50s by midday and 38 for tonight as we wrap it up. tomorrow we're talking 53. let's have a lock at fox accuweather 7-day forecast. rainfall, 60s, almost 70. unbelievable by wednesday. we'll be back after the break.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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>> it was a rare surprised off for the red skips. the team is still making news. >> espn reporting redskins are again willing to place the franchise tag on quarterback
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come to long term deal before free nast marx. heeds throw for 445 yards and 11 touchdowns this season. he's earning nearly 20 million into the franchise tag and next season it would pay him under 24 million dollars. >> meanwhile today the only nsc east team in action the giants facing browns in cleveland and it's another big day for giants wide receiver odell beckham jr. he caught two to yards coming in second quart to give the giants a 14-13 lead. play of game took place in the fourth quarter. jason pierre paul catching fumble in midair and take a look returning at 43 yards touchdown. giants went 27-13 for their 6th straight victory. browns are now zero and twelve. >> here are current standings nfc east cowboys winners of 10 in a row or 10-1 and giants
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in third place at 6-4-1 and if the playoffs started tonight all three teams would make the postseason. the eagles are 5-5 they host parkers tomorrow night and next sunday skins face cardinals in arizona kickoff 4:25 p.m. on "fox5". >> and just up the street baltimore ravens hosting bengals, baltimore off to quick start scoring on first dry of game. joe flacco to yard touchdown. star of the game justin tucker made four fieldgoals three over 50 yards to tie a record the ravens they win 19-14 now tied with steelers for first place in the afc. >> and this afternoon local college basketball georgetown back from maui invitational hosting howard at verizon center howard fell and james hillier did everything in his power to get the team in the
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and but georgetown received another big performance rodney prior robert morris transfer scored 26 points including 5 three pointers and georgetown wins 85-72 howard has never defeated hoyas in eight all time meeting.
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420 million rip are a sing are powerball ticket sold in tennessee hit last night's powerball jackpot this was twelfth largest lottery jackpot of all time. my gosh. one winner lump sum payment 255 million and odds of winning powerball one in 292 million so. hard. so far that winner has not come forward i cannot blame that person. >> i'm calling my mom she lives in tennessee, maybe. >> i think i would have heard about i you. >> i don't care about you matt bye. >> call me. >> call me. >> she would call gwen and lauren first. >> you know, maybe. >> right. >> weather looking good? >> yeah. you know not bad at all. we have rain on the way tuesday and wednesday and we need rainfall. look at my temperatures tuesday and wednesday. taking you to the 60s folks. not bad. >> bring the umbrella. >> have a good week, everybody. >> take care.
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>> today on matter of fact. the president elect takes on the nation's challenges. as we consider the accomplishments of the obama administration. >> obama came in on a wave of magic. >> how will you remember his presidency? then -- new at 11:00meet the man who traveled 100- voters. >> how much time will they give the new president to deliver promises? >> plus,what's it like to live meal to meal? what you need to know. but first. did the president who campaigned for hope and change hit the mark? i'm soledad o'brien.


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