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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> today on fox5 news morning, g safe track surge 11. 1 metro warns riders in northernon virginia to bring their patience.ti >> presidential tran sis not so fast says a thintiard party y recall effort in three states. e >> take a live look outside onso this monday.onda cool out there right now. we're only at 36 degrees but a
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>> bring it, bring it. i >> bring sit right.ring good morning, thanks fornkfor joining us.s. i'm holly morris. mri >> i'm maureen umeh. today is monday november 28.emb. let's get you caught up ont the news this morning t it is back to work today for manyyohiy after a long holiday weekends.ed and for some of you riding metro, won't be easy. eas surge 11 as i just said sai kicking off today. tay >> this limb packet riderslimbae across northern virginia alongag the orange line and silver our melanie alnwick live in false church now with all the wh details. hey, mel. >> reporter: good metro is warning customers cus that it's not just going to beog northern virginia impacts but impacts all along the orange ora line and silver line all the t away through the city and into parts of prince george's george' county even saying it needs nds half of all customers thatt normally ride metro to stayo off of the rails, at least for these first two weeks when this severe service reduction
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riders have seen before in the t past. that is because metro isuse meis saying continuous single singl tracking here meaning trainsras only coming every 20 minutes mis even during rush hour.ou and like we said all the way w from that vienna to newvina to carrolton on the orange linerann and then between wiehle-restonet east to largo on the silver s ne.e. metro even warning that right in those later stationstin very, very crowded trains, possibly so crowded that youtou might not even be able to on the train that you wants.hats now, imagine.magine. that you're going to miss yourtu train and then have to wait wt another 20 minutes. really they're telling riders rr it really in some cases may m not be worth it. i even shuttle service is going gi to be very limited only from ballston to either rosslyn orosn to the pentagon orange and silver riders this will be their fourth safe track surgeths they've been through, 91 days totaafen tl they've hhrad more n
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to be over. ove >> being as that's our only commute back and forth, theyorth should give us some type of alternatives to get back and bad forth to work on time 'causeimec that's going to make a lot of people late. >> there's something thatet tha needs to be done, yeah, ineah, i order to have a better metro system.syst >> reporter: now, there willreil be some local resources as far as fairfax county buses, all of the local counties areie what they can to give riders rer some alternative options including vre as well asell perhaps driving to otherer stations. really the best ah advice we adv can give is you get out hereut early. earl these riders are the ones thatth are going to be able to get on g trains but the first two weekswe going to be severe serviceservic impacts and then they feeland l like they might be able toy miga bring a few more trains inblmorn here give a little relief down n the line. lin live in east falls church, i'mhi melanie alnwick, for locall news.
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thanks mel. >>olicc. police searching for the shooters responsibleg forif three separate and deadly shootings. they happened during the daynedg in southeast days. the most recent was a plan was that gunned down on howard road and mlk avenue.k then earlier on sunday a man man and woman they were shot one sh the corner of seventh and lthndl streets. the man did not survive. survive >> last night mayor muriel muril bowser held a news conferencea e tows address the issue as the t mayor talked about the deadly shootings, the largest group gro of dirt bikes actually buzzedzz by. by. this is an ongoing issue in are illegal.e illega take a look. >> (engines). >> interesting. >> now, you could hear the riders buzz by as the mayoray was speaking.pein our crews on the scene sne estimate that there were ate at least 20 of them. the d.c. police offer a $250 reward for information that iti
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rider. >> ??>> ?? >> right before we get toht bef orweather let's talkr let's talk presidential election and the at president-elect donald trump continues to slam plans for apl vote recount in three of there states he won in the election.n. today election officials in wisconsin plan to meet to meet discuss a possible time lineosb for a respect counts.pectnts. former green party candidate caa jill stein has asked for the recounts there and plans to do t the same in pennsylvania andniad miiganan. now donald trump holds aol a narrow lead in all three states over hillary clinton. clinton's campaign has alsos joined the the recount effort ef and the move is not sitting sitg well with donald trump who calls the recount effort sad. >> 5:05 right now, 36 time for us to check in withith gary mcgrady this morningcgra and temperatures going to ease up a little bit but we mdyightus get a little wet; is that; is tt right. >> thwart. it's kind of a trade-off. inthink it's a good trade bed cause you ofknow,k it's we'r dry and we need the rain and a
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chance of rain we've had in hadi quite awhile.ite while. that's not going to be wetbeet today. today is going to be dry. go be sorry kiddos you got to goo back to school, okay. holiday weekend is pick up is 20's to 30's. 3s. it's really chilly out therethee this morning. kind of frosty, too, in give yourself a little bit of extra time if you park par outdoors because you might need to scrape off or cleanle the frost from the windshield.di after school 54 to 58. now, the 58 degrees should beoue south and west of us.s. the cloud -- a lot of high o clouds today and as progress into the afternoone afr and evening, those high cloudshu are really going thicken un.en u i think by 4, 5 o'clock todayod we should be mostly cloudy, all limited sunshine by late afternoon.afn. rain holds offer -- off until tonight.toght. wednesday showers, thursdayda showers potentially even someves thunderstorms as well.deto i think the best risk of that oh is going to be on wednesday.edne temps outside especially intsid the suburbs continues to get colder and colder.e s co a col
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high clouds on top of us right g now. here's you were forecast.ou we o seven day recomes up next timeie you see me and right now let'sht see erin como who is in with traffic. >> on-time traffic brought toroo you by toy visit buy a for special offers. >> 5:07.>> 5 taking a view of the area, a this is 95 north and a southbound and as you can seeane traffic flowing fromowinfrom fredericksburg all the wayksrg through lorton as you get to get the beltway problem free. fe. same story on the southbound side. little bit of volume pickingki up in stafford. in i'll let you know if thatifha changes. once you cross the mixi and continue on 395 northboundou from the beltway all the way past pentagon to the 14th4t street bridge you're wideridge ' opened. i like those conditions.ons. same story on 66 eastbound.tbou. volume is definitelyely increasing as you head past p 234 sudley road but not enough e to cause any slowdowns yet y with congestion as youn as y continue on inside the beltway w through falls church and arlington this morning. morng westbound traffic quiet qet through gainsville and as weinil take a look at the top of theop beltway by connecticut innernner loop and outer loop cruising without any issues. same storywithou on 270 southbou
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i'm seeing there. there safe track surge 11 impactingacg the orange line and silver line a closer look at thatha next. next. >> all right. thank you erin. > coming up on fthoxan5 news5 nw morning police in philippinesipe they're investigating a bomb a b scare near the u.s. embassy.ssy. >> cuba is preparing to begineg nine days of mourning afterourn the death of fidel >> as we head to break a liveiv look across the d.c. region.c right now. it is 5:08 and it is a prettyrey cold 36 degrees.ees. but it's warming up. u more fox5 news morning m after the break.k.
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>> 5:09. developing overnight a 5.4ng magn oitude earthquake struck sr near mount everest in nepal. nel many residents fled theirhe homes after being awakeeing awae concerned by the quake.he quake no immediate reports of casualties or or dam. nepal is still recoveringis sec though from last year's yr' earthquake which killed nearly l 9,000 >> to the philippines wherere police in the capitol city of manila diffused a possibleble bomb found in a trash can near n the u.s. embassy.the no one was injured. iured a street sweeper found a cell a phone tied to a bottle withottli wires in it and then calledn ll police. no word yet on who may have he planted that device there. t >> starting today, the peoplehee of cuba will observe anyone aon days of mourning to honor their former leader fideleader l castro. he died friday in havana at the age of 90. 9 on wednesday castro's ashes
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across cuba retracing theng t march of his rebel army from the sierra mountains to the capitol. his burial is set for december 4th. >> this morning a manhunt under way in nes wmorn orleans t a shootout between two men reportedly arguing left nineeft people hurt and one man deadd overnight. happened on the famous famou bourbon street. the nine victims hurt five hfive have been tree itd andd released from the hospital.os four remain hospitalized inai and stable condition.n hod st c the victims range in age from ao 20's to 37 and include two m and eight women. wen a preliminary investigation led to the arrest of two men carrying illegal firearms. firea >> black friday sales reachedria a new record this year fory thr online shopping. shoin for the first time black friday online sales surpasseded $3 billion.$3 this b according to numbers to s compiled by online retaily onner tracker adobe. a that's nearly a 22 percent increase from last year. year. the firm also says the amounthen of people using their smartphones to buy things grew by 33 percent. now, retailers are hoping hn
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cyber monday.on especially amazon which doesoe big business on cyber monday. m. last year customers ordered o 629 items per second. secon later this morning we'll beis mg live from amazon's fulfillment center in baltimore for ann bair inside look at how the companyoy handles all those orders. oer >> let's talk about san today.ay santa spotting in new yorkrk city. check him out. old saint nick took a spin on si the ice at rocks fell her icel c rink.ri red and white suit posed for pictures.ur. look at that. that now did he do any triple axle?ea >> i think he's more of a triple --trle >> check him out. >> wow. >> he's graceful. >> who knew. kw. >> clearly working on hisnis skating skills in his tree t time at the north pole.the >> i am impressed.reed >> go nick, get busy. busy. >> and he can carry his h
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impressive.imprsive. >> he's not impressed withnot ph santa. >> 5:11. coming up on fox5 news morningng angela lansberry slams the newms beauty and the beast remake. rem >> oh, no. dr. strange is now marvel studio's highest grossing hhest single character debutter. debut >> as we head to break let'sre go ahead and take a live lookoo across the d.c. we are back at it today,t tay folks. everyone back from the holiday weekend, back to school, back to work. we can do it.ot. christmas is on now. 5:12 is our time, 36 degres the temperature.ture. gary going to talk weather in in -- gary is going to talk
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>> in the end, the chiefs
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let's talk about it cllom ring n on 5:15 right now. we're talking about a warmup under way.alking garundery mcgrady i know a lot d peopley thinking okay can i c bust out my shorts just one juso last time? >> i'm sorry, bust out what?t? >> your shorts. >> i was going to say it might be a day to put up youroingput u christmas lights.ligs. >> that's true, too, in yourtr,, shorts. >> it looks like it's going toso bein wet, though. tugh. you guys had it all plannedll pn out. that's good. g shorts, christmas lights. light all that good stuff. stu you can wear shoots shorts butob it'sot to put up lights because iause i think the vein going to settlevn in. we need the rain.we need the ra you know, we're over 6-inches ic below normal actually approaching 7-inches belowhe b normal with the rainfall. rnf precipitation if you will since september so, we are desperately dryry here. here. reagan national 36 right now.igw dulles at 25. at 2 it's cold out there in then t boonies and suburbs.boonie today we're dry. 56 degrees. we're starting out -- somestarti high o shiatelghliteatelte picture in just a second. a sec. high clouds are taking overuds i and as we progress through the h
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will thicken up.cken u so, i suspect by 3, 4, 5, 5 o'clock, we're going to beng to mostly cloudy.mostl we will stay dry today. tod high temperatures gets up toatu about 56 degrees or so. or and then it will cool off rapidly in the afternoon with the loss of sunshine. ssh rain showers tomorrow. temperature of 67 degrees. listen, there could be, i'm b im not going to guarantee this, t but there could be a thunderstorm out there isolated tomorrow along withalon the rain showers coming on across. this is what we're seeing -- we what w look at here, we loo temperatures and then theeratur temperatures are converteded over into colors and these are the highest -- the coldesthe coe temperatures so they come upom real bright but the coldestt tht temperatures in thetemp atmosphere, are the highhe ouds.s. since they're so bright whiterie here we know they're high w clouds and you can check frome f observations as well but this bt is initially what's taking t place right now. the high clouds are streaming on across.loudcross. ones the sun comes up we'llesp see good sunshine and back out k to the west these cloudsud thicken up so as the entirent system gets closer to us byto ub
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okay, here's what it looksoks some high clouds today butay mostly cloudy by late thisis afternoon. aftern temperature gets up to aboutp ta 56egrerees or so. winds will be south, that's tha five to 7 miles per hour.r all right, here's your you seven-day orec just so you can see. 56 today.od 60's tomorrow t upper 60's on0' wednesday.we i think a better chance ofhae thunderstorms believe it orrsto not with that next system onrmhs wednesday. and then we cool off again. right now showers possible possl again sunday. that looks iffy. i i think this sunday is still ati big queson here's erin eri how about those 60's, close to e 70 erin? >> i'll take it that. sounds like the day to put upik yoe urth christmas lights in yor shorts as maureen and holly said. as ma right now your monday morningin drive traffic is looking we have a little bit ofave a tte increased volume.ume. not enough to cause slowdownsns in cheverly on 50. things are quiet on 295 on 29 southbound suitland parkway still looking good 50und insids arlington moving along withoutit any issues. iue at 5:17 metro geared upro ge for service. today is the firstic day of saf track surge 11 and that issurge1
5:18 am
with continuous singleous single tracking on the orange lineng o and silver lines between west w falls and east falls church. chu expect crowded conditions ons all orange line and silver line trains even during rusheven hour trains every 20 minutes only between vienna newen vienne carrolton on the orange line and wiehle-reston east and and largo town center on thent silver line. that could cause crowded conditions on the blue line. consider alternate travel oponons. maybe carpool telecommute take t we'll keep you updated.'l on twitter.. back to you maureen and holly.ol >> time now is 5:18 and let's:1s take a look at the storiesat the you're engaging with the mostwis this morning on social media.ngd >> wisdom is standing by ating a our realtime news tracker. track >> first up, great number ofbero beauty and the beast fans areeas looking forward to the release e of the new live action movie mov but don't count one legendary ln actress as one of them. angela lansberry who voiced the character mrs. potspo
5:19 am
movie. the new move movie is due out march 17. iron dr. -- dr. stranger. sn has made more mondayy money than ire man raking in a total of $616 million worldwide. however, the iron man sequels are still ahead of dr. iron man two pulled in 624 million and iron m t but in $1.2 billion and it wasoa a bad movie.ov i added that in for free. f it's probably safe to say dr. strange also will get a shot to flex its muscles in a sequel. they already set that up for a sequel. se finally take a look atat this crazy scene right here. h this is the aftermath of a seattle nike store after black friday. horrified shoppers shared thed s pictures ofha that store onre thursday and friday. fri
5:20 am
thousand people tore throughd pp the store.le the sto they were even crushing shoeg sh boxes walking shoppers said they sawopai others just kicking stuffng s around. it was a free for all. w so, asthere you go.ereou g hope you got a deal out oflo that seattle shoppers. shoer >> not necessary. not i mean come n on. >> shopline. >> exactly.xaly. >> you got to get that $10t tha offer that pair of nikes so ness you got to get up at 3 o'clock c in the morning and go throughhr all of this.his. >> cyber monday you can wait moo until today and those if i can keys.if can >> thanks whiz. >> new technology will allow you to turn yourechn selfie inta sweet treat.trea >> and wells fargo is seeking to solve any possible lawsuitsts disgruntled customers may bed sm seeking to five. >> it's 5:20 and it is 36 degrees. 36 d more fox5 news morning after
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>> fox5, 5:22. wells fargo asked the court to resolve disputes in privateri arbitrations instead of court.ft wells fargo made the requeste t in response to a class action lawsuit.t. the financial giant hasfina already agreed tonc pay pay $185 million in penalties and a $5 million to customers foror opening up 2 million unauthorized deposit and credit >> here's a perfect gift for someone who loves selfies andnd sweet. candy arts has the ability to t whip up a specialized gifts inei minutes by outside ago o picture. it takes five minutes for anuteo special 3-d pointer to maked pom the edible portrait and the selfie designs are about $15. $5 you can have candy gummies gummi made of your own design. dign. >> how about this. how do rat burgers ground.
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>> okay, just stop right now. n >> let me explain.>> l >> no, no.o. >> in russia chowing donee d down on them.down they say the burger is simple tasting full of nutrients.ri he says the burger contains only the meat and liver. the burger sells for about $8.50. >> i'm seriously just doneer right now. >> and itio tastes like chicken.hick >> okay. >> rat burger. > rat bur >> you probably wouldn't know that that was a rat burger. b it's probably a mind over matter kind of thing. >> well, my mind is shot so itm doesn'tsh matter.atte >> i think it's called river r rat but nutria has been a staple in louisiana for yearsloo and years. >> listen.n. >> it's tasty. andrew zimmer on that bizarre eats showed how he -- no. any rodent i'm sorry, just get g eight weigh from me.ght
5:25 am
dinner plate. >> you have offended all our o rodent eaters. eaters. >> i know of some places wherese they've eaten rodents because of starvation issues and thatio was the only food availisablee but that grossed me out, too.. i digress. digress. i've just disgusted.dius >> it's not bad.. i've had nutria. nutri >> you would try it.ouould t >> i would. would. >> it's not it's not bad. b >> am i the only one.thonly >> here we go.ere g here we go. don't officer fend our rodents viewers maureen come on.n. >> our rodent >> 36 degrees this morning.greer i'm out of townni now.ow winchester is martinsburg is 28. you see how chilly it ishils in the suburbs. here's the forecast for high clouds initially.tial they're pretty thin to start.ety we'll end up with a lot ofd up sunshine for the first part of t the morning and thehen they'll ' thicken and we'll be mostlymosty cloudy by late this afternoon. high temperatures will briefly get up toture about 55 to 56 degrees. again briefly and then coolthenl off again in the afternoon aer with the clouds and thehe
5:26 am
we'll stay dry today.ay showers tomorrow.omorrow. showers and thunderstorms on wednesday. and tuesday and wednesday temperatures are going to be and es awell up into the 60's as thi warm moist air comes up from air the we'll have more detailsl hae look at your seven-dayr n-da forecast. right now let's goater line isrs looking at traffic.raffic >> yeah, that's right.eah, >> have you ever had nutria. >> 5:26 gary keeping on eye one the roads. we're not stheeing any yellow or red on the maps yet. t as you head from f through gaithersburg we'll let l you know when that congestionn starts to slow usth down. d traffic on 40 looking goodoo in both directions.irecons. problem free on 355 towards let's show was else you're uprep against this morning int this mn northern i like what i'm seeing on the outertr lt ooi'pm between 95 ad georgia. no congestion slowing us downn s just yet. 95 north and southbound andd a baltimore-washington parkwaywash north and southbound quiet. so if you're heading tod sout aa from the baltimore beltway to bo the capital beltway you're inbe
5:27 am
flowing without any issueswith right now. a little bit of volume pickingmi up by 234 sudley road but nout major slowdowns.wdow we'll keep you posted this morning 95 still cruising fromtl dale city. back to you maureen and holly. >> thanks erin.hanks erin. coming up on fox5 newsew morning the power struggle forpg control of house leadership within the democratic party p heats up. >> and burgundy and gold qb gd kirk cousins he keeps winningepg and keeps asking management ask you like that? well, you'lll, l be surprised by their answer. look across the d.c. regionre on a monday morning after a holiday weekend. everything is looking pretty is good alotok 5:27. 36 degrees. a little cool out there but coor it's going to ware m upbu gary says. sa we'll talk all about weatherther and traffic on the other sidethe plus the news that is making m headlines this morning.nes th fox5 news morning back rightck after this.
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>> today on fox5 news morning,no presidential transition.ion not so far as says a thirdsays i party recall effort in states. safe track surge tcs metro warns riders in northernsi virginia to bring their patience. patience and you like that? the. redskins front office says notin quite. fox5 news morning starts rightsg now. no >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> good monday morning. thanks for joining us.ksor j i'm wisdom martin.artin. >> and i'm holly morris.lyor today is monday november 28.ove. >> erin como talking trafficraff gary mcgrady talking weatherradi in a moment but first let'sstet
5:31 am
election officials in wisconsin plan to meet todayn py to discuss a possible timecu line forss a recount of theth presidential results in theiruls states. now, former green party candidate jill stein has asked for the recount and plans torecn do the same in pennsylvanit aana and michigan. michiga >> donald trump holds a narrowao lead in all three states overtas hillary clinton.llarclin she has now though joined the recount effort.un eff the move isn't sittingmovest well with the president-elect donald trump who calls the recount effort sad.unt we are joined now by fox news' n doug luzader as we all try to to make some sense out of recount effort and doug, i i mean, i can't -- we can't goo without saying it's a little bit ironic because going into it election night, the hillaryil camp was so adamant aboutab trump needing to concedeo c graciously when he lost andt a now it looks like everything turned out a little differently.en >> reporter: well, there are wee all these concerns goodes morning by the way that donaldtd trump if he lost the electionion would question the results and ultimately everything ended up u
5:32 am
you have green party candidateti jill stein questioning theioni t results in three states in particular, three big swing states that all went trump'st au direction or amt leap'st trendig trump's direction in the casedie of michigan. and we don't know yet the timeie line for this recount.un the first one up may be wisconsin. officials there are going meett today to determine thousand tusd proceed here with this vote recount. no one can really claim anyai a evidence of widespread voterd v tampering at this point soing it's not clear ultimately whatit this effort is going to been issuing one tweet afteretft another over the course of theof weekend angry about this and his chief spokesman in this regard his incoming chief of staff reince preibus taking takn issue with the clinton camp inai particular for joining theoinint effort jill stein's effort to go through this vote recount.e n it's going to take some's time and no one seems to g roiea expect that it's going tong alter the results in any meaningful way just because ofca the margins by which trump wonmp these states or is trending tre again in the case of michiganhi
5:33 am
so it's not clear ultimately uim what this is going to do but the stein camp will tell that you they're doing this just to ensucare tmphae tdo votes in tht five counted properly. prly. >> which is interesting whi is because i'm intrying to figureog out that may be the case butut what actually is jill stein doing here trying to get the spotreligh tt? i mean, what isi the ultimate motive here? the t it's not like she's going tooint be >> reporter: yeah, tdehat's yeas right. she -- she barely registered in some of these state.ta really gain much as far as any potential path to the n presidency bmuypotent these r. now, there is certainly theerin potential here for things tohin swing in hillary clinton's cntos direction although it seemsion l really remote and even the clinton folks acknowledge that that these margins by which by h trump won is just larger thatge you would typically see awould retycount overturned so it's non clear what jill stein's real motive here is certainly her detractors say this is an effort just to engage just to eg fundraising. she says it all has to do withot
5:34 am
helping to unify all of usg to i post election by any stretch stt of the imagination. >> reporter: right. listen, this is a divisive election no matter what side s of the aisle you stood on.isle right now the president-elect is going through the process of thr trying to unify republica here based on the choices he's making for his cabinet and cet other key administrationat posts. post so, they're still movingth forward with that effort.eyth tf trump spent the holiday holiday weekends in florida.weeken in fl he's backor in new york nowrk nw where he will be interviewinger more tower. >> all right, doug luzader we lw always appreciate it.alwa thank youys much, sir., sir >> thank you. y >> 5:34 is the time right now. happening today the trialenin begins for the man accused ofg t killing three people in aheing h reviolent two days in maryland. police say you'll eulalioalio tordil shot and killed his kil wife at his daughter's highhi he's accused of going on a a shooting rampage in montgomery county killing two people ineon separate shootings.separa
5:35 am
>> another round of metro safeae track starts today. t it will run through december run 20's first. t this is surge 11 affecting rider on the orange line and the shriver line. shri according to metro will itl have the biggest customerus impact yet.pact yet on the orange line you can expect continuous singleousi also rush hour trains thats th only run every 20 expect the same on the silver se line between the the reston and largo stations. >> ?? >> time now to talk weathere wi mcgrady. good morning to you, sir. good to see you again. morniod t >> all right, so,o see you holy wisdom is all jazzed up aboutp u this warmup which you guysuys want to wear shorts, so let'st' see -- >> no, no, i don't want toonant wear shorts. we i want to put up my christmas lights. >> might not be that good 'cause it's going to be wet.igh. >> okay.>> o i'll wait for the next warmup. r >> it's a 50-50 deal becauselec you have nice warm tempsm s starting tomorrow andst wednesday but also some wey but desperately need the r. we're almost 7-inches belowhes w normal, guys, 7-inches belowow
5:36 am
this is a great chance at getting some rain. tuesday, wednesday significantii rain could be moving through. t i think, you know, we're kw, we' talking about some placeslace could get half an inch, maybeh,m a little bit more than that if you get under one of theseer one storms. right now we just have somet hae high clouds coming on across.s. that's while it's soat bright white. whi this is just real high icelig crystals in the atmosphere. so, muted sunshine by lateat this morning early afternoon. ao i think we're mostly cloudy clo late in the day.udte in da look how cold we're frederick 25. culpeper 26. winchester 27.he 27. in town middle 30' t we'll warm up into the mid to md upper 50's. we'll have that forecastl coming up.ha co right now let's get to erin ter it's monday's m folks got to get back toonda it,er. >> that's right.>> thari 5:36 post thanksgiving cyber monday and monday morning morni commute. traffic starting to buildg to b volume wise. wis still seeing quiet conditionseig in terms of crashes. qin t no crashes to report right now around rig the dmv. d but keep in mind as you make mak your way out on 270 lightligh
5:37 am
increased volume fromom frederick down to the truckick t scales.o about a 10 minutes delay.a 10 my a quick live look outsid.eo in virginia. 95 northbound out by dale boulevard volume increasingncren from dale city across the occoquan.occoqu a closer look at the safeat thee track surge 11 next.trac back to you, to u, w >> all right, coming up on righo fox5 news morning, thousands tun flee aleppo as the syrian army gets ready to begin an begin a offensive on the city.ive on c >> north dakota pipelineipin protestors continue to be thetob subjects of attacks. attac >> as we head to break here's a region. 5:37. 5: the temperature is 36.ratu is 3. back in a moment.aomen
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5:40 am
>> 5:40 is the time.>> 5 several thousand residents of eastern aleppothou have lesaft t area on government providedtro buses as the syrian army andy allied forces advance.ance the area is under theunder t control of rebels. reb residents will shelters and governmentovernment controlled territory.contlled civilians on the bus expresseded their support tour syrian syr president bashar al-assad. >> protestors. u.s. army corps of engineersf en plans to shut down theans demonstration by next week.trato hundreds of people have beenplee camped out for months upset upst over an oil pipeline they say will harm drinking water and native american sacred sites. >> talk football now. turning our the a ten>>si ton ti the burgundy and golds and the a future of quarterback kirkk
5:41 am
could be experiencina g vederyju all over again with the next t n kirk cousins contract. contr espn reporting the team is willing to use the franhe f complies tag again on cousins if they can't come to terms on n a long term deal before free agency begins in march. mar now this season under the taghe cousins is earning close toloseo that $20 million. million. next year to it jump up to 24 -- just under $24 as i said earlieron he's winnini either >> good for >> winning big time. >> you know. h.>>ea >> what's the point of nott's tf signing him to not a long term deal. >> pennies or trying to pinchg to h pennies long term. >> not sure i'm understandingpen that. coming up on fox5 news new morning a muslim teen hopes too break stereotypes as sheess competes to win miss minnesota u.s.a. >> single ticket sold iningl tennessee is the key to more than $400 million in jackpotllij winnings. 400 million.400 millio >> unfortunately i was not in tennessee. >> and neither was i. >> for the thanksgiving holi>> aday.nd f >> i was working.or t >> as we head to break let's hea take a live look across the acrt
5:42 am
36 degrees.36egre fox5 news morning coming rightoi back after this.
5:43 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too!
5:44 am
>> ?? >> 5:44 is the time right now. it is officisia tlly christmas season.on. christmas music in the air.mas a >> getting you in the mood. t m >> a little cocoa. c >> i would lover it better ifld
5:45 am
version instead of christmas brown. >> only wisdom martin couldtin late on christmas music. play the real one mr. grinch.r.i >> he has to approve which artist sings that. >> go with thearti classic do my best to get his that's hit right times. >> ?? >> there you go. >> see what happens when youppen bully.lly. >> yeah.eah. >> see what happens when you bully. you bully them into wha you plag that version.ersion. >> ?? hang all the mistletoe ?? >> 36 in town. town. cincinnati 42.nati they still can't win a game.'t g saint louis is 49 and thens 49 little rock is 49 degrees. 4gree let me show you there's a lothee of warm there's kind of a ribbon of rbo
5:46 am
all the waye up. what in the world, minneapolisip this morning forty fiveth degrees. come on now. chicago is 42. saint louis is 49. in theis 60' mse and 7 indown i texas so all this warm air is i being listed up from the gulf of mexico, the deep southlisted here m,exic too. there will be thunderstormsnder and severe weather down there.n here's the setup for us.up we have this area of lowaf pressure sneaking through andre then byth tomorrow, everything changes around. a big trough down to the westtru of us. we're going to be wgharmest with om's tomorrow. we're talking about mid to m t upper 60's. now, it does look like we're wre talking about showers tomorrow. there could be a thunderstorm tomorrow but thecould better ce of thunderstorms will actuallyil be on wednesday, okay.ka so, tuesday, wednesday, warmnea with showers and maybe aaybe a storm. st dry today, 56. 5 more clouds though, increasingrg ds.uds. rain tomorrow with showerswe maybe a thunderstorm.nderst high temperature gets up toturet 67. 67. here's the deal on the clouds.hd again very high and thinn vt initially and then theyy thicken up as we progress. four, 56 o'clock we'll bek we'll mostly cloudy by dry. d
5:47 am
morning.rn today's commute morning and evening dry. not the case for tomorrotod' we'll have morning showers and s then by the afternoon looks like we'll continue to have more showers, again a possible s thunderstorm as well.well tuesday's rain goes throughin gh and then there's more rain on wednesday. this is just one storm of two o that will be hitting us onit u tuesday and wednesday. wnesd right now this is a fairly fai significant storm. sto a lot of severe weather down see through texas louisianatexasia arkansas places like thats like today. 56 for a high for us. for aigh winds will be out of the southo at five five to 10 something likeke that. a possible thunderstormspo wednesday. the better risk of thunderstorms should be wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. thunde temperatures there will be upwes clos te theo il70 even with thei and the clouds and then an early shower possible possi thursday. we cool off going through thehe weekend. right now looks like sunday there's at least a chance ofekte some rain. r not too comfort in that. i i think that could change. chan. here's erin como. >> thank you gary. 5:47 right now. n
5:48 am
track surge 11 rate now allk su1 rail lines on time except fore e the orange line and silverorangi kicked in today with continuous single trackinginglcg between west falls church and cc east falls church on the orange and silver line.e. crowded conditions even duringsn rush hour trains run onlysh hous every and 20's minutes o orange line between vienna and new carrolton and silinvee r lie between wiehle-reston east andaa largo town center. cen blue line expect cloud crowdedec conditions between rosslyn and stad overflow of passengersmo waitini portrayals on the orange linet and silver line. consider alternate travelnse options especially during rush e hour asspecia we adjust to the s track surge 11. you can take metrobusesetrobu carpool telecommute.carpool tele 93 any questions at erin for er d.c. on twitter. as we move over for a look at lt our maps overall still seeingti a lot of green on our map around the dmv despite the fact congestion is growing congg especially 270 southbound asally you make your way out from frederick to the truck scales light volume continues s down through the spur through gaithersburg.
5:49 am
through dale outer loop 95, 270 and bw parkway in northern midatlantic looking good close to the capital beltway.tic tw problem flee kensington.fl kens. 66 eastbound volume buildingui as you pass sudley road.d. back to you holly and wisdom.y . >> thanks erin. tnks federal police joined thene investigation of a mail a m carrier robbed and beaten in a a northeast over the weekend. officers searched alleys sideys streets s even the grass for grs clues. the mail carrier was robbed and pistol whipped saturdayd sad evening. they were looking for 22 men 2 dressed in black. so far no word on thed far nwod condition of the mail carrier.. >> elsewhere police are stillewp searching for a robberyolice ar suspect who shinot atg an offif in southeast d.c. d this began when three men robbed a barbershop in seatt pleasant saturday evening: ni the van driver was shot when w one of the robbers guns wentrs off during the pursuit.f dung t the driver and another man were quickly arreste ad but the third suspect got away.twa
5:50 am
express lanes are seven. the project will that extendtend the express lanes near edsallnel road for about 8 miles. m public is invited to theited to hearings to express theirarin concerns.gsr the first hea ring is thisng is thi wednesday at 6:30 bryn mawraw park elementary school in alexandria. then on thursday there will behe another meeting set for 6:30:3 at lee high school in springfield. >> time now is 5:50.ime nois 5 let's take a look at theat stories you're engaging withg the most this morning on social media. >> maureen is standing be ymo withy our realtime news tracker. track >> good morning, guys. first up giving hope to hiv researchers e and today in south africa a thousands of volunteers will participate in a full scalee human trial that officials areia calling the largest and most advanced to d four years ago a test vaccinet c exposed a previously unknown vulnerability in the virus.. so now scientists beganientist exploiting it to reformulate the drug. if all goes well it wouldweo be historic for hiv research.ea. next up the nestle bottledet water company wants towacomp increase the amount of groundron
5:51 am
state of michigan from 160 gallons per point inoi 400 gallons per minutes.s per m. michigan's environmentalchig agency hasn't approved the hasnv request but state conservationists may seek toeekt block that move.ock th they sued nest tea over the negative impact the withdrawal l could have on the environment. n now nestle wants to up thenest water to amounts they werets thr sued over back then. finally a minnesota thisneso evening made history as theing firsmat woman to compete in the state's mi wearing a hijab advanced to the semifinals despite nots winning the entire competition the 19-year-old said she jointoi to it break negative sttoereotypes and miss mis conceptions about muslims. musli she hopes her presence wouldsenl inspire other muslim women's and i would have to say it has.thi wo back to you guys. g >>d fod for her. >> listen unall you instagramtar no more taking a screenngcre shot of someone's disappearingpr
5:52 am
users can now see when theirir followers screen shot a disappearing photo.sappearing the feature only applies to disappearing public photos. >> i did not know they had h disappearing photos. pho >> i didn't know that either. >> disney's moana sailed tod the top spot of the box office.the to animated film starring dwayne the rock johnson made $81 million. mo grossing animated film to openmo over the thanksgiving holiday hl trailing only "frozen."trai that meansli disney now ownsy ns nine of the 10 top thanksgiving debuts of all time. fantastic beast and where toc be find them finished seconds with $66 million.. dr. strange allied and arrival v rounded out the top five.e. overnight all eyes haveye been on a movie that comes out in three weeks.hree wee the latest in the star wars series. tickets for rogue one went on o sale at midnight.
5:53 am
the ticket sale happened as a new trailer for rogue one wasueo released on sunday. s much to the 38 as you cann imagine of star wars fans. >> 5:53 is the time right a single powerball ticket sold in tennessee hit this weekend's $421 million powerball jack p it's the 12th e largest in lottery jackpotteryac history of all time t the t lurch sum payout $255 million.2 the odds of winning thef w powerball are one in 292 million. so far the winner has not come forward. >> 'cause he's still in >> yeah. >> okay. time now say hello to our facebook fan of the day anday ad this morning guess who it is? ut look at it.look at it's michelle and ron howard. hw we ran into each other yesterday at the dallas fort daa worth airport.wort >> they had traveled to thevelee lone star state for the dallasr cowboys washingtonst redskinsn s game and though they weree disappointed in the loss theyoit were super excited to seeediteds holly and her said they love the whole morning gang and don't start't s their morning without us. >> ?? >> ron said wisdom quit being
5:54 am
>> on? >> everything . [>> e [laughter] >> okay. all right, ron, i'll work on that. at >> he likes you. he lovers us all. they were super sweet. s i was really quited to see them. we were i was in the holidaye i travel mess together. >> cool. awesome. >> ?? theid you get stuck at the airport for awhile.wh >> no,. no i'm here to tell you high super smooth travel and on wednesday and sunday and i times. ti >> last time i was there eight g hours. >> no, no, no we were own no, n, there will a little over an ne l hour. that was our layover. our layovr it was great. >> cool. i hope everybody had that kindha of deal. listen 20's and 30's this 30's morning for pickup for ther kiddos it's chilly. lots of sunshine to start. o we have some high cloudsf meigh coming on across. after school story 58 towl storw temps aren't that bad.te i mean,mp i guess you'd almostot say for this time of yeary for that's almost mild. lots of sun early and as wee get towards the latter part ofpa the afternoon i think most oft the sun is going to go away.o ga
5:55 am
will change tomorrow.rro here's numbers right we're 's n38 degrees here in tos that's up a bit. gaithersburg is 30. i super cold in frederick thisderk morning at 23. culpeper is 26f manassas 25.ass and fredericksburg is 29. 29. here's those high cloudsigh clo coming across.comi acr they'll thicken through the thin day today, okay. so, good sunshine to start and d then increasing clouds by the t afternoon. again, i think by late this le afternoon we're going to be're o mostly cloudy.most needed rain on the way tomorrow. showers, thunderstorms possible on wedne 70 degrees. we cool off a little bit.f a lib listen, i think thursday ishursi dry even though early, early, er in the morning there may bere my one or two showers. showe we're back into the 50's by friday and saturday andday a sunday, too. su here's erin como. >> 5:55 right now. n we definitely have increased ine volume on 66.n 6 this is the eastbound side as you make your gray 234 prince23i william parkway to 28. give yourself about 15 extra5 e minutes. minu you'll need it.te you' westbound traffic looking muchd better. as we forward our cameras 270er2
5:56 am
are starting to see some increased volume this morning mg on 270 southbound. you can see things starting tbot slow down some brake lightsbraki there. north of that points we're'r definitely jammed from that 70lj to the truck scales. t sca about a 10 to 15 minute delay d there as well. ta king a look at our mapss metro dealing with safe track surge 11. if you're heading out northernce virginia on the orange line orre silver line continuous singlesil tracking between westerly andng east falls church. bethurc watch for crowded conditionsondn on orange line and silver linee trains.trai are running every and 20 minutes.mi orange line between vienna andi new carrolton, silver line between wiehle-reston east andoe largo town center. tow because of that you could see cd crowded conditions on the bluehe line between roslyn and stadium-armory.. also keep in mind crowdedd crow conditions on trains andnd platforms. have patience. you may want to consider conside alternate travel optionstrav o especially during rush hour. prance metrobuses carpool and telecommuting. any questions about safe track f or your commute at erin fox5t
5:57 am
keep it to fox5 f it is monday n and our 6 o'clock hour is h i coming right
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mg >> straight ahead at 6:00 just t when you thought the election to was all over with, we're still i talking about it this morning. g a lot of drama over the weekend that has thehahas the
6:00 am
>> plus attention metro riders. safe track surge 11 is nowrick 1 under way.der w this is a big one. what riders along the orangeheng line and silver line need to know. >> live look outside on thisn monday morning, november 28th.rh weather and traffic on the 5'sti at 6:05.:0 good morning to you, i'm i allison seymour.lison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. sg first up at 6:00, the 6:00, t president-elect back oniden twitter making it clear he ist-i eanot happy about a recount a r effort under way in wisconsin. his latest t fraud in virginia newnia w hampshire and california sonia s why isn't the media reporting ri on this.on serious bias.>>riou big problem. >> fox's kelly write has moreasm on what donald trump is also iso saying about the popular vote and who he is calling crylingry babiesism a twitter post over the weekend president-elect donald trump claimed millions voted this as th ce greenlavo party'sl stein pushes for a vote vot coununt. the recount is being sought in


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