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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> plus attention metro riders. safe track surge 11 is nowrick 1 under way.der w this is a big one. what riders along the orangeheng line and silver line need to know. >> live look outside on thisn monday morning, november 28th.rh weather and traffic on the 5'sti at 6:05.:0 good morning to you, i'm i allison seymour.lison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m welcome to fox5 news morning. sg first up at 6:00, the 6:00, t president-elect back oniden twitter making it clear he ist-i eanot happy about a recount a r effort under way in wisconsin. his latest t fraud in virginia newnia w hampshire and california sonia s why isn't the media reporting ri on this.on serious bias.>>riou big problem. >> fox's kelly write has moreasm on what donald trump is also iso saying about the popular vote and who he is calling crylingry babiesism a twitter post over the weekend president-elect donald trump claimed millions voted this as th ce greenlavo party'sl stein pushes for a vote vot coununt. the recount is being sought in
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pennsylvania. all states hillary clinton lost to donald ho do t >> we'veru never every turned it this country through a we've never reversed ther rsed outcome of even a 10,000 vote v margin so highly unlikely. >> reporter: republicans areubca slamming democrats for tryingorn to overturn the election sincenn democrats are critical ofl of trump for refusing to say iff he would accept the results if he lost. >> why in the world can't the t democrats "accept the election o results quote. >> rep people for his cabinet, cabin republicans are becoming increasingly vocal against thehe possible nomination of mitt romney as secretary of state. sa >> i can tell that you there is just been app ground swellunl of people that are reaching rch out to their members ofbe o congress and say how in the t world can you pick governor romney. >> reporter: democrats havete been critical ofr: d trump'sru choices saying they are inexperienced but even senator n bernie sanders is hopeful the t
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administration. >> if he is serious abouthe prs otecting working families,ae yeah, we'll work with him. him we will not work with him if hii he talks about xenophobe ya',be' if he talks about racism racis sexism. >> reporter: after spending thanksgiving weekend at his floridater: e astatvie,ng w mr.l continue interviewinger potential cabinet picks in new e york this week. week. in washington, kelly wright,righ fox news. new >> and today wisconsin wiscons election officials arere expected to meet to discuss as a possible time line for a recount but say it will federally required deadline of december 13th. 1h. >> ?? >> let's bring it back home b right now. happening today a trial beginsrg day a in rockville for the mankl accused of killing hisling his estranged wife and then two thew montgomery county residents acor day police say eulalio tordil shotdh and killed his wife at their thr daughter's high school inch prince george's county back ineb may. he has been accused of going gog on a shooting rampage the nexthx day in montgomery county andtgco killing two people in separate shootings.ti the 62-year-old facing life inen prison.on also in maryland, the man m
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avenue 14-year-old in capitolyer heights will appear in court for a preliminary-oll a hearing. 22-year-old freeman ofan southeast d.c. is charged withgh the murder of todd webb.eb webb is a one of six peoplea ons shot last month onix walker mill road. 18-year-old brian davis ofold northwest d.c. was also shot and killed. investigators are stilld.c. trying tin to find davis' killer.inda >> right now all d.c. police pol are searching for the shooters responsible for three separatehs and deadly shootings.otings they all happened during theri t day in southeast.thea the most recent was yesterday.r. road and mlk avenue. a now earlier on sunday a mana m and a woman shot on the cornerne of seventh and l streets.trts the man did not survive.urve police are still looking for sti the person hoop shot 16-year-old breyona mcmillana ml of i street in southeast.theast she was killed just beforeefor noon on last friday.da family and friends say they saye don't believe the shooter wasers targeting her. h a community crime meeting willcr be held tonight toime address e ongoing violence.lee. and last night mayorht mayor muriel bowser held a pressowserp
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about the deadly shootings ahoos large group of dirt bikes bik buzzed by.ed b now, this is an ongoing issue in the district where the bikes are illegal. te ilgal. take a listen. >> (roaring engines).in >> that's video from am previous incident in the the summertime right t that's the video from the fro te summer is.suer i but in that sound from last last night's meeting where you sawrew the mayor you could hear the speaking. our crews on the scene sne estimate there were at least a a 20 bikes. d.c. police are offering $250er2 rewards for information that leads to the arrest of a atv or dirt bike rider illegal. >> metro safe track surge 11 1 kicks off. ck this has riders along theonghe silver and orange lines who have to pack patience now.ience >> this limb packet riderslimb across the dmv. fox5's melanie alnwick liveck lv in falls church at the easthe es falls church metro stationurch t
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to expect today. tay mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning steveep andor allison. s looks like we've got a train w coming into the station andnt that is good newso forth thesee rider who's are having to wait i 20 minutes between trains even during rush hour and there isres what the situation is going to g be like here all along the the orange line and silver lines from now until december 20'sembr first. one thing that metro is i warning riders is that, you know, don't feel like because you've been through safe trackec surges before and it wasn't that bad that you'll be able to get throughha it t t if you are plan on traveling tli during the peak of rush hour,ou they are telling riders too find another way. these trains again, it's notot just the northern virginiaginia portions of the orange linege le and the silver lines, we're we' talking about problems thatblema will impact the entire line.e. so, they're saying the orangee line all the way from viennam en to new carrolton, the silvere sr line all the way from wiehle-reston east to largo
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even telling folks if they normally take the marc trainrc to new carrolton not to get on o the orange line but insteadnste take the marc train i was the is way into union station,tion shuttle service is going to beog extremely limited as well. only taking riders from ballston to either rosslyn or the pentagon.entagon. also talking about very crowded trains and platformslats telling riders there's a possibility that you might notht even make it onto your train. t if you're trying to get on o in the middle of stations during the height of hh rush hour it might be really difficult. orange line and silver lined sil raiders say they're ready fore r this to be >> being as though that's our only commute back and forth, fo, they should give us some typeype of alternatives to get backetac and forth to work on time work m 'cause that's going to make ao k lot of people >> it's just something thatng ta needs to be done in order --rde- yeah, in order to have aha better metro system. ste
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is going to last through december 21st.mber 2 lots of local resources, ifes, you go on metro's web site for local buses, that sort of s thing to get you around. again, goes through thrgh december 21st but it is, steveb, and allison, the last safeast track surge of the year and yea safe track will take a pausee au during the month of january. jua live in east falls church i'mhum melanie alnwick.mela >> i heard the dmv say hallelujah.ah we need a break.we need a break. >> good morning.>> >> hey, good morning., od mor morning. nice weekend, though. thoug >> i saw terrorist on the car.ri >> did you?>> dou? >> uh-huh. >> on your car. >> no. >> yes. yes >> we got a little frost outfrou there. 20's off to the west and 38 atn8 reagan national. this morning back to work back c to school this will be ourl be o coldest morning of the nextng oe several days. we have a nice warmup to lookaro forward to.foard >> but it's officially thell the holiday season.ean. >> you just told me that. j >> so we can do this.ust this. >> so, unofficially we're nowe
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>> officially. oiall >> officially. >> yes.>> yes >> officially.>> oicially. >> hey, cloud cover increasingcs a little later this we'll probablyer t see sunshineh for the first hour or two andtwa then the clouds will move ine pretty quickly.etty qckly we've got a storm system well w out to the west but it will bring us first cloud coveroud cv today and then as we get into i tomorrow, guess what we havet wh in the forecast? fec >> rain. >> rain. >> okay. temperatures.rare hey tuned for. that looks like we got a couple days wayooks good chancen for showers around here, badly needed. little early sun a turn cloudy this afternoon. 56 your daytime hig don't need your em well today.ld you'll need it lots of details momentarily.enty >> thank you so much. thank >> let's check in with erin. eri >> good morning.d we have so muchmo breaking newss a big crash oncologistville road southbound if you're you making your way towards ther wa beltway give yourself somerselfe extra time to get to that location. two lanes are blocked. it's just before the beltwaybefo this morning and you can see a y lot of police activity.of
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boulevard. traffic stacked up for several we'll keep you postd on thatd ou postd one. o kind of checking out the scenent there viace that camera. cer let's switch it over tos swit virginia. 66 on the eastbound side also backing up this morning as weng forward our cameras as you can see a lot of volume there 234 t2 prince william parkway all thelt way through 28.hrou 2 you need a good 20 extra minutes through that westbound side much better all the way throughro gdeainsvill m. we are tracking several other delays this morni northern maryland shady grove at crabtree way. we'll keep you updated on thatou 1n u virginia 95 north is jammed from 17 to the aquia harbor.r. at least a 35 minute delay d from fredericksburg through touh stafford this morning simplyrnil because of volume.beca volume also picking up on route one northbound.thbound. aside from that things backingha up throught dale city as you yu cross the occoquan this morning you'll need a lot ofu' time and then volume continuesnt through lorton. thingslort on 270 southboundutod backing up past the truckuck
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track surge 11 impacting theacnt sliver and orange a a cndloser look at that next. back to you allison and steve. e >> erin thank you. you. the world continues toworl react to the death of fidel of l castro but while some are some mourning others aretherar celebrating. >> also ahead, if you have plans to shop onlineahea today,t is cyber monday, a record a recd number of people expected topele cash in on those deals. dls coming up what you will likelyke save the most money on.n. back in just 30 seconds.
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>> 6:11. heavy fighting in mosul atosul iraqi special forces continues to take back the city from isis control.isontr up to 150 patients arrivingar daily. doctors say they just don'tust n have enough beds or operating s.oms. >> tense moments in the>> t philippines just outside the u.s. embassy there afterenpine polis. ece inmb manila safely s de explosive device. the suspected bomb foundomou inside a trash bin.rash luckily no one was hurt.asur developing overnight a 5.4 magnitude earthquake struck s near mounts everest in nepal.n a many residents fled theirled the homes after being awakened by b the quake.the there are no immediate reportsep of casualties nor damages.r da nepal is still recovering fromlr last year's earthquake whichqu killed nearly 9,000 >> the first public memorialli m begins today in cuba for longor time cuban dictator fidelictatol castro and this morning world leaders continues to react to ad
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some of those statementsme o though coming under fire. president obama offered cooundolences togh cpresid castf pope francis expressed sorrowrac over the news and while theis canadian prime minister isinist clarifying his originalis origi remarks praising castro some u.s. senators are callingli those comments disgraceful.isac. >> you shouldn't be doing what g barack obama and justin jus trudeau are doing which is celebrating fidel castro aastr murderous communist dictator. >> a lot of people have left cuba for better dreams to dre fulfill their aspirations no the cuban economy is amy disaster. no, no, i do not praise fidelra castro. >> in revolution square he'lle be buried on december 4th.ember with tourism in cuba up 12 percent today.nt tod american airlines launchingaunc commercial flights from miami to half van. in the coming weeks spirit s frontier alaska and southwest will follow suit from different airports in the united states. >> manhunt this morning afters e
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orleans french quarter leversuar one person dead nine others injured.inju two men opened fire on bourbon e street after an argument. it's believed thene sreusetpectw out of towners.out of towne police say they did not knownoto the victims. a 25-year-old who was killedwa was out celebrating his birthday. ly. >> small liberal arts colleges in massachusetts sparkedchusettd outrage over the weekend. dozens oftrag vetere ans protesd after hampshire collegempsh stopped flying u.s. flags on campus. students burned an americanents flag following donald trump's victory. in response the college bol blod flags. gathered yesterday at the college waving u.s. flags. u.sf. the college says it welcomedco the "peaceful protest." prote >> one lucky football fan willil win five decades worth ofes worh super bowl tickets and that lucky fan could be you. y >> a live look from skyfoxky right now. some trouble spots out there.he here's one shady grove and crabtree way in gaithersburg.gai a lot of backups on thislot moay morning.g. incidents there. weather andnt traffic on the 5's coming up next.s c on erin will have your details.
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>> ?? >> welcome back.>> hope you had a great weekend. hope you had a good long holiday weekend. getting back to work andad a gok school today. t we are looking at increasingasig clouds.. going try to make it fancy butyu i might as well make it simple. increasing clouds today. no rain todaysing but along with rain showers tomorrow weor have milder temps on the way.r it's cold out this morning.tempg overnight lows back in theackn h 20's for much of the 38the the city. 37 in annapolis.ann but you can see once againe a we're breaking out in the 20's just off to the west.e cold enough you'll want your winter jacket.ket. dulles manassas twenty 26 insa culpeper.ulpe you guys in the mountains areais all in the 20's as well. well. 27 winchester, 24 this morning in martinsburgis.rg. there's a local look at your you symptom tracker radar.tom not tracking rai not expecting rain today but i think much of the daye d will be cloud filled.illed. clouds quickly moving in from ir the west and we have a pretty pe vigorous area of low pressure. r that's impressive area of low ow pressure right there.essure you can rea rlly sigee it well f
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morning. still on the backside. lots of rainon t and a cold fron stretching down across acr midsections of the country andnd this will be what brings us some rain showers during theg th daytime hours tomorrow. tomro i think 24 hours from now for nr tomorrow morning's commute we'll likely have some raine ran showers around as that area ofa low pressure continues to spin n there off to our north andf west. all right,tond the upside.he up. warm temperatures.emperatures. today mid-50's so not terribly warm but by tomorrow andw and wednesday, our daytime highsme s should top out in the mid to t uppe showers. in fact we may have enoughenou energy around on that we get aet thunderstorm around here.rstormo 66 today.oday. couple very warm days throughy a the end ofrm november, tuesday,e wednesday and then back in bk in that sunshine for early december with temperatures w falling back to near normitalr m levels by friday and saturday. that is a weatherda update. upd. welcome back to work andor a school. erin how is it looking. >> i know, seriously we havely e such a quiet day on friday i fr got spoiled and now it's back bk to a lot of problems on the
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gaithersburg closer to the t rockville area. are shady grove road crash atrasht crab's branch way.ay. you can see a lot of police,fic the fire department out therehe in the intersection.ion. police are helping and the t fire department to direct traffic so as you make yourr way out at that intersectionersn close to the gas station andhe g the shopping center please use some caution there.on t again traffic getting by being b directed by fire and police. pic let's go ahead and forward fward this to our cameras. a crash just outside the justsie beltway in maryland as well onel colesville road southbound.outho right lane had been blockedne h and we're sadeein volume building from fro university boulevard towards tor the beltway on colesville roadid southbound. because of that you can still t lights bhautt they but the zoom the camera on slow moving n traffic. as we look at our maps otherth problems around the roads andoaa on metro, southern maryland in i accokeek northbound 210 slowsuns from fort we also have a crash in forn accokeek northbound 210 atund 21 berry road so caution there.he that's causing some additionalia slowdowns in southerner maryland. 95 nor thbound jammed from 17 fm to the aquia harbor and 95 a 9
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66 super slow.w. you can see all that yellow yelo picking up especially fromiallyr prince william parkway throughgh the area of 28 and then againgan gets slow past fairfax county parkway. safe track map dealing withling slowdowns on the orange linerane and silver line today as safe aa track surge 11 kicks in with continuous sings between westetw falls church and east falls church. crowded conditions on thoseeast trains. tr trains even during rush hourn du only running every andring 20's' minutes between vienna new betie carrolton on the orange line t a as well as wiehle-reston eas and largo town center on the o silver line f you're takingakin the blue line. l crowded conditions betweentw rosslyn and consider alternate transportation maybe caraybe car pooling metrobuses especiallytr during rush hour since this iso the first day folks adjusting.ui the rest of your metro commute u on time right now.e right now we have team coverage thisage is morning. melanie is tracking the latestrn on metro as well. wl. allison and steve. ste >> cyber monday is here. 1 million more people thanplth last year are expected to shopoo online today. so, what are you buying? not
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here at work but you. y. we're going to check in withn wi the fox business network inbusit new york after the break.. >> free super bowl tickets forks life how does that sound? do s you have what you need strikeha gold? we'll talk about ityoe' comingll up. it's 6:20. :20. ??
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?? ?? ??
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>> when we talk about businessal this time of year it oftenk e of involves shopping and of a o theline variety today cybertodae monday. first let' joining us from foxt buslein essess network studio hope you had app fans holiday weekenday weekd lauren simonetti good morning. >> reporter: i did. good>> rep how are you what your holiday weekends? >> it was good, it wha was good.oo we were here holding down then t fort making sure everything eveh flowed smoothly but saved usy b from spending last money -- a - lot of money shopping. >> reporter: and did it.orte >> it >> leading up the to theding u holidays not so great.p thdaot s we've been on such a good rundun how do we look now. look now. >> reporter: it's awesome.ter:
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the dow such about 10 percent0 this year much of that gain thaa about a thousand pointst a happening since the election.tho this is very much the start of o the santa claus rally and it is certainly atrium trump bump pulling your four i 1k up. 1k we love it. love the big question is does ido it last through the year? and does it carry on into nextnto nx year? so, i did say and i did d note we have a pull back this morning. dow futures down about 50 points. the big news comes on friday.n this is the november jobs report about 100,000 jobs added.dd. >> does all this the fact thataa we know we have more moneywe hae coming in they want to spendto s more money going out and helpel out the economy. econo black friday sales, now cyber monday sales. i'll be honest lauren i be ho seen anything thating blows me away yet but maybebe i'm not looking in the right r place. >> reporter: well, you know,w, for me and this has beenee traditional for me over the years, the whole black friday wa shopping bonanza i don'ton
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stuff for myself. m i know i need one particularrtic thing and i see a deal on it on but there's nothing thathing tht they're selling me that i say ty oh, that would be so great forgr so and so. s it's kind of like, you know, a mishmash of things. tng on black friday we saw three points $3 billion in spendingbin a third that of happenedd so, black friday is kind ofnd o like cyber friday in a way and today is cyber monday. monda we're expecting 122 million22 people to shop o computers and spend billionsnd n of dollars doing so-so whato-soa are we buying? electronics ofec course, we see that everyevery year. toys.oy you can find deals at amazon azo of up to half off the nerf. then the mermaid tail blanket. t target is having atarget isa surprise deal today. today dell is offering hourly dealsdea on laptops and tv's and gaming gear. gear. so so many of the stores have
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i say plan a hotels are offering deals.eringa >> i've seen a lot of travelfve session much specials but seemed like we went from black l friday sales to black fridayk weekends sales and cyber monday sales none shame in saving for yourself.ou let's get to super bowl. if we wants to go to the nexts o super bowl for every 50 g yearsa what do we have to do.e to do. >> reporter: buy bud light. if you get the gold can you can anti sweeps stakes where yous sw can win super bowl tickets life. >> buy the beer, find the gold l can beat out 37,000 otherer people we go to the super sup bowl. i got it. i thanks lauren. see you tomorrow. >> reporter: good luck. >> thankep you.orte>> thank you. >> reporter: >> speaking of wind chill. chi >> mermaid blanket is the mosths watched thing on amazon. ama >> is it cheaper than $25 'cause that's what it was.s wh >> it's the most watched.wahe it's not necessarily the most tm basement so many peoplement so a waiting to see if itny's on sale today. >> i want one too. too
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fishtail but it's a blanket. >> lying a >> put a tail on it.ail >> it's the new >> cool.>> cl. >> and i didn't win powerball.ol one person won in tennessee.nese >> who is going to win theg to e super bowl.r bowl >> i'd rather win the powerball. >> yeah. >> 51 years in a row. 51 i don't know if yei would want to go to the super bowl 51owl 51 years in a row.ow >> uh-uh. >> 38 in washington. 38 inng mid 50's today. cloud cover increasing.r creasi. back to work, back to schoolchoo and although it will be a b rainy day. it will be a rainy and mild day tuesday and a . look at daytime highs. near 70 degrees to ends to d vembmber. >> that's amazing.>> that's aman >> not today.g. >> today will be mid-50's. w that will be tuesday,il, wednesday. >> i was thinking when does it get like super cold becausenkins we're in decemberuper col ad nde still pretty much.uch. >> january tip pickly.anua >> january, february andrynd then -- okay.kay. >> say the next 10 days we'llexd get a good shot of cold air.d ar >> all right. >> hi, erin. good morning. >> good morning. low remagoins me>>s of sunshine and it makes me --e
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le wle warmth. >> i wore black because it'sblac monday and i'm sleepy. sley. skyfox went out. it's not that dark outside i we'll switch to our cameras.amer wanted to show you a view ve of a crash shady grove at crab a branch way. br caution there. taking a look here a crash a that was on 29 southboundouth colesville road did clear.le al rl lanes opened so delayselay dissipating but a little heavyvy back to university.versity. we'll take a look at safek at track surge 11 next.ack surg keep it to fox5 news morning. we are bace kox5 in just a feww
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>> ?? >> welcome back. safe track 11 up and going. 11 d live picture there.icture there our melanie alnwick is outs that were seeing how day onee si goes.goes it is going to be a doozie.oo it covers most of the dmv, theee lines that we're talking aboutro and mel will be along shortlyho to let us know how it's goings o at in the meantime welcome backco to fox5 news mmeorning.orni. weather and traffic of cours coming up on the 5s is the the -- 5's at 6:35. : jill stein has asked for a recount and plans to do the same in pennsylvania andylvani a michigan. hillary clinton's camp has h joined the recounts effort. president-elect donaldes trump is slamid this mover. thi. he tweeted "in addition to winning its electoral college ce in a landslide i won the ion t
6:31 am
millions of people who voted illegally."ll other news now communitiesos meeting is set for tonight tois discus ss theet ongoing deadly violence in parts of days. o day over the weekend three peoplendo were killed and three, n-three-t separate incidents inents in southeast washington the most recent yesterday a man gunnedt d down on howard ray aoad and mlkm avenue.enue earlier yesterday a man and arda woman both shot on the cornerthe of seventh and l streets thets t man did not survive hisis injuries and on friday a teenager a teenaged girl was slot and killed off of street glen southeastlen washington. staying in part of d.c. now the search continues for aaa robbery suspect who shot at an n officer on saturday night.ig this all began when three menree robbed a barber slop in seat pleasant. police chased their get away vehicle into the district quickly arrested the driverhaser and another man but the third tt suspect did get away.get a he fired at police as he was running. >> federal police joined theic investigation of a mail of a m
6:32 am
officers spent sundayof searching for clues.ficeching fc this happened in the edgewood eo neighborhood. police cents out a tweet c saying there they were looking for two men dressed in no word on the conditiondr of the mail carrier. >> larry hogan earcon hogan ear researching people to shop inin maryland for theg pe holidays. y his statewide tour kicks offercf in ellicott city where the t small town shops need a boosteet more than ever aftermore devastating flooding thatooding happened this receive over to you.rece >> top of the morning line. let's talk a little sports after a very busy o extf enthden weekend of it. bradley beal fined for $15,000. going to the throat of magic guard in the fourth fou quarter. he and other players involvedol in that scuffle got a technical file. f beale fined $15,000. $,000 wizards host the kingszard tonight.nigh sunday night football kansas city and denver.sunday
6:33 am
simeon 20's of 24, 368 yards 3 and three touchdowns by fary his best game as a pro. p offensive line though gave up five kansas city didn't let upet capitalized on denver's mistakes cents the game intoam i overadvertisement as time wase w bo to expire chief's kickers from 34 yards out squeezes ityad in. it hit the lefs tes u iprtight g bounced through and that's and ' good fluff to win the game 30-27kc. redskins idle on sundayds after playing on thanksgiving down in dallas.kinsaying team ha hit the road againwn f r sunday's game against the one of the biggest questionsheie hanging over the redskins the future of quarterback kirkk cousins. co very good chance we could cou experience deja vu with theen next cousins contract becauseced espn reporting that the team is willing to use the t franchise tag on cousinsns again. inn they can't come to terms on a long t cerman deal beforelo free agency begins in march. m sound familiar? exactly whatly we were talking about thisabouhs time last year. last y this seals son under the tag t cousins is earning about
6:34 am
little 4 million-dollar raiser r to about 24 million for onene year. he's in the top threeophree quarterbacks in the league.eea just pay the man.just pay the m. give him a contract. ctr kirk's standings in the nfcth east cowboys first place giants second and the skins aths 6:four and that darn tie from london.ndon all three teams will make thellk post season though.po sea the eagles are play five and five. they play tonight. tonig they play next week right hereih on fox5. fox >> that little one makes mee angry. >> i would take 44 milanliongr over two years though.ears thou. >> now you already -- if you would have done a five yeare ar deal with him you'd already beeb 44 million in. i >> would you? maybe youou would -- >> you would do a better deal if you had done a long termon deal last year.ea >> but would you still take 44 million? we can't really't r jump. we he nono idea. >> let's do the
6:35 am
forecast? >> let's hope so. d>> the rain so rain i'll say yes. >> okay. >> not rain today. but we'll have rain tuesday and wedne>>'ll hasday. 40 in new york city. chilly start40. ita much of our area just west is wt in the 20's early. the0's early cloud cover will increasecover i quickly here today. but monday our day back toack t work and school remains rainn free. can't guarantee tuesday and tued wednesday will be dry.y ll b in fact looks like we'll haveloe showers around both tuesdayue wednesday and wednesday nightayt as you see a cold front out there portions of michigan in here overnight. overnig rain showers in time forn me tomorrow morning's commute. cmu mid 50's today, increasingodayir clouds. >> thank you. >> uh-huh. >> all right. let's check back in on the roads. cheche erin. >> 6:35. it is a busy monday morningmor back. skyfox this is in the derwood rockville area. shady grove road at crab at branch way. we're dealing with a crash. cra you can see traffic diverted. dr this is causing delays as youcae make your way outlays in derwooo so please use caution.tion
6:36 am
395 we also have delays thisys s morning as you make your wayway out. as we take a look at our cameras across the 14th street bridge just some slow trafficus picking up if we can get there camera you can see a lot of a lt brake lights from pentagonligh across the bridge. three way traffic backingac up u as well as you make your way towards the third streetthe tunnel. let's take a look at our maps. m those earn the only> thos problems we're dealing withms is morning.g. we' there's also a crash -- excuse e no, sir maps right now., we'll get tosir them in a momen a crash in the outer loop by oup georgia causing big delaysig d back to we have safe track surge 11.fe lots of traffic to get throughfg this morning. ew'll have more in just a few moments.nt allison and steve. sve. >> thanks so much.>> in the meantime we have some breaking news now. the mrew this is out of maryland. myl we're following up on reportsg r of a shooting on chillum roadumr in hyattsville.yatt. >> that's where bob barnard se r he joins us live with theiv details. what happened, bob?d, bob >> reporter: steve and allison we're not a> hunredredd percent sure yet to be honest bo with you because this is the shoppers food warehouse. you can see there's shattered sa glass in the front.he front we have heard reports thatorts t
6:37 am
confirmed for us yet.for us yet. you can see there are stillti people inside the store.there. we're not allowed in although ao i did walk in before they told o me it's still a crime scene, sce you can't go in't go ie this is prince george's countyco police.po this is on chillum road right near queen's chapel roadhl in hyattsville.svil i've been running back and forth with the police sergeant t here trying to confirm these reports that it was gun shotshe that shatteredthat the windot w here. we just haven't been able to confirm it yet.irm it y there are only two or threewo o officers here so it's not it' major crime it doesn't appear anybody'>>s been inj> itured but shoppers food warehouse here in hyattsville a crime scenerims this morning that may haveng tm been gun shots fired, a formeroe employee or some kind off disgruntled we're still working on thatstil and we'll bring you the latestet when we can, guys. guys. >> bob we know you will. we kn u thank you. y what someone trollingat s google maps did topom trumprump tower over the >> disney enjoying a recordec year at the box office andffice this morning where you can getet your hands on tickets for the
6:38 am
it's 6:38. 6:3 >> ?? >> ??
6:39 am
my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
6:40 am
>> ?? >> on the web on this monday morning. need a little bit more bit m fanfare. [applause]
6:41 am
working it out. someone renamed president-elect donald trump's manhattan building on google maps over the weekend theect bul unknown person changed trump tower to say dump tower. tow users noticed the change onha saturday. the trump hotel and tower t location in columbus circle renamed to dump. google has changed it back andh says contribution by users can lead to inaccuracies at times. s i would say so.i wod sa next up, single powerballowl sold in the small tennessee town hit this weekend. $421 million. that was the jackpot. just one winner. officials confirmed it was sold ins co lafayette, well, wl, that's kind of awesome a the t lump sum payment 255 million. m the winner has not come forward.foar weighing their options i'mns i this is what was left of aww nike store in in >> my goodness.oodness. >> after black friday.ft >> what are you doing? that'ser terrible. >> what has gone on here. h is this gentleman stillman st
6:42 am
pictures of the storeline.toren. employees say about 20,0000,00 people tore through that store, 20,000.0,00 people were even stepping allppa over shoe boxes as they walkedwd around.ou some shoppers say they saw others just kick the boxes outot of the way. w >> i don't understand this.andhi so you -- y - >> it must be a warehouse.areho. >> they're not what you wants n so you just throw them on theott floor. >> you just leave them. the let me tell you something n myem days in retail that is thes worst. >> it doesn't clean up itself. l >> no, it does not. >> i feel like i wasted my powerball winnings.rb i won eight dollars. dla >> you did day. >> spent 20. i got eight back. i go check. check i bought three tickets myself. >> but i feel like i got i f eight. i didn't get the 400 million.lin >> it's okay. baby steps.s you're still a winnebar byfor su >> still to come this morning something else that isthinse t trending. new update on kanye is he out of the hospital? we'll find out in today's fox beat. an reminder before we headd to break if you have a news tip share it with if yo us.
6:43 am
6:44 am
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>> ?? >> i see a metro platform. >> uh-huh. >> but i also see a beautifuleea sunrise in the background okay. >> which looks very nice. n very colorful this morning. >> i see safe track orafe whatever we call it. i >> safe track 11. >> i was trying focus on thehe positive 'cause it looks nicet n out.t. >> nice sunrise. temperatures today in theerat mid-50's.ur no rain today. t
6:46 am
it's been literally hundreds hdr of days since an inch plus of of rain across much of theof southeast. >> wow. >> i'm hearing that might'm hrit change, though.though. >> so we have some rain in thea forecast tuesday andfo rewednesday. not today. not toda you don't have to bring they.n'a umbrella today but we'll haveayv clouds around.roun increasing clouds. clouds. cold temperatures to startem yourpe morning. morni we'll do the numbers first here. 38 in washington.irst i38n in baltimore.more. look at frederick, 23 degreesgrs now manassas you're 23, 25 culpeper 29 in hagerstown 27ero7 this morning in winchester so cold start.ol clouds, they're going doey're i quickly increase here. maybe a little bit of sunshine i for the next couple of hourse ou but we'll jenlyly be cloudylo today. look at this.lookt t we haven't had a whole lot of storminess to talk about.. look at this impressive stormivt system area of low pressure into the dakotas and a corresponding cold front which is going to march into ouring nt area overnight tonight and tonig through the day tomorrow.ugh tho so, we will have rain showers se in the forecast much of the day tomorrow as we are going g to be not only rainy but onny b
6:47 am
in fact daytime highs tuesday td and wednesday are likely toel top out in the mid to upper 60's.60 we may do a 70-degree0- temperature across the area by tuesday, wednesday, but look at this.nesday not just washington butt ju areas that have been just desperately dry getting muchnguh needed rain around herearou her tuesday and wednesday.edsday there's futurecast at 5:00. we're mostly cloudy again late this afternoon and this evening and then thely r cainisi showers arrive in time for that morning commute tomorrow. so, plan accordingly.. roads are never fun then we the not fun. rain showers ling near tomorrow afternoon's commute.aih wednesday we could have somee so thunderstorm activity as the front moves there's your sevenrmfron day. d couple days of rainays rai showers tuesday, wednesday and then cooler and drieserda by the end of the week. daytime highs friday saturday in the low toat mid-50's.s. what do you think? do you? do approve? >> not really. ake it miserable for drivers. drivers. >> it's already miserablet's so -al- [laughter] >> that's the spirit.hat' right now 6:47, skyfox overver
6:48 am
avenue as you make your way as out you'll seeyo that crashhaash blocking the center transition t lane there. traffic is really slow from father hurley pastthe 28. we have another crash reported closer to the spur. so you need from frederick ondei down because of the congestionso by the truck scales about 40t minutes to get from 70 to the beltway.ltwa give yourself extra time. average speeds checking inckg under 25 miles per hour.25 mes p we'll switch it over from theovm 270 crash and take a look at loo our cameras. cameras. ooh, i do not like what i'mnot a seeing on 66 eastbound.tbou there's a cra left shoulder out by route 50. e this camera just east of of monument drive and you can seean how crowded all those lanesan are. another crash all the way back by 234 prince william parkway. coming from 234 to them 23 beltway it's a 45 minute to an n hour delay.elay and that's simply because ofuseo congestion and those crashes.sea this is a look the outer loop op there's a crash at georgiaeorg avenue. because of that this is byof tts colesville road you can seele r how heavy trafficca is from 95r past georgia.eoia it's about app 25 minute slow s down with
6:49 am
another crash in accokeek 210cc0 northbound byberry road.hbound watch out for that one b slowing you down.ow in addition to that safe track surge 11 is single tracking is orange line and silver lineine between west falls and east falls church that could cause crowded conditions byn westurcht stadium-armory on the blue line as well. get anm-ar early isn't that right that ri northern virginia if you'regini taking metro. steve and allison.allis >> a big project begins on thesn bw this is up in laurel. lau in about an hour wssc crews will start repairing a sewer main in the median. this for commuters. northbound lanes of the bw parkway will be closed fromd om 7:00 to 3:00 p.m. between 410en0 d d 450. one lane will stay opened stay n during the construction. the project will that continuett until mid february.un so, just a headsti up if you'reu traveling up there. tre also on the roads thisso o week the final two public pub hearings over the northernng extensions of ts he 395 expresse lanes are set.s are the project will extend the express lanes near edsall roadne for 8 miles. the public is invited to theo hearings to express concerns. t
6:50 am
6:30 bryn mawr park elementarymt in alexandria.ndri thursday another meeting atnothi 6:30 at lee high school in springfield.ngd. >> today three abandoned dogs from kosovo will arrive atl arre dulles to find new loving memes. the dogs were delayed getting here though because of thehoug german airliner lufthansa wasanw on strike. the fate of the seven dogs was w in jeopardy but volunteers vol helped to get the dogs here on another coming up at 8:00 the progrm manager for lucky dog animal rescue will join us on fox5 to 5 talk about the rescue hinges a e tense situation for police in pi north dakota and protestors working to block the dakotaota access oil pipeline. the u.s. army corps of cor engineers plans to shut downow the protest camp today;, tay excuse me on next monday december 5th.cemb the corps of engineers sayrp they have no plans to forcibly remove protestors.rost hundreds have been camped outut for months standing with the
6:51 am
indigenous lands.digenous we'll see how they actually doht remove them then.he >> ??? >> we will find out. out >> we'll glee kevin is away celebrating overseas for an extended period of time. time. he's offer the next two weeksexs so we'll try to cover the best s we we'll start with kim kardashian nursing her husband back to health.lth. >> according to us weekly kimkli is sleeping by kanye's side helping to feed him.g to fim he was hospitalized after heliz started acting the health scare came hourslth c after the ranker canceled thecee rest of his tour.r. he's said to be suffering fromro exhaustion. >> the mental issue he had exhaustion and inability toty feed himself. himse >> it's strange. it's weird. wei >> i didn't think it could gett much stranger. >> i think the news of it for those wnkho are the saying what' the news of it there aret th thousands of concert goers who g are out of tickets.t of >> right here in washington.erei >> including in d.c.>> incding remember that at verizoner center. >> december 27th. >> okay.
6:52 am
and the beast fans lookingbeasta forward to the release of thehe new live action movie but don't count on one legendary actress. she is feisty when it comes to her role stany d protecting her legacy. >> that's exactly what she'ss ec trying toy do.o. we're talking about angelat anla lansberry who voiced the character mrs. pots and sayss dy she doesn't understand whyryd wy disney would remake the according to her the first the t movie set a very high bar andara she's not sure how it could be improved. >> who could forget murder she e xa exactly. in cartoon form. nine new -- the new movie is out december 13th.ber 13th. >> she's very talented. ten just a-you know ---younow >> and protect tiff. tiff. >> she's done this before.e th i think it was a remake of w a m murder she >> there's an animated barack just for you. you >> disney's moana sailed to sd the top spot at the box tours.os the animated film made m $81 million.$8
6:53 am
tucker, that deserves a roundsad of applause, the second highest grossing animated filmm to open ever on thanksgivingiv trailing only "frozen." "fr which also means disney nowisy owns nine of the 10 top thanksgiving day debuts of allaf time. >> guess what i bet we get w next thanksgiving.sgivin >> live action moana.oa >> all aisles on a movie that comes out in three weeks.eeks the latest in the star warswars series.sees. tickets for rogue one went t on sale at midnight.on this s december 16th.6th. ticket sale lapse as a new trailer for rogue one wasler fou releasede yesterday much to tho delight of star wars fans. f i don't know how much they were selling at the box officetn overnight. if you were not able to get tickets let us know. were ets o i don't know if it's the kinds e of deal where they're alreadyre selling out theaters but itut seems like -- lik >> can i ask you -->> c >> the side story.>> s >> yes. >> is it>> still -- i asked youu
6:54 am
is stars staar >> it's our facebook fan of the day. good morning to michelle andngel ron howard.ow holly ran into them yesterdayte at the dallas fort worth airport.or >> awesome. they had traveled to the lone star state for thear s cowboys-skins game and though they were disskapins pointed wii the loss of course they were oft super excited to see holly and her family. that's's awesome they said they love the wholehoe morning gang and they don'tgangt start their day without us. >> ron is still wearing theeari skins hat representing.s they made a nice longha weekende out of it. >> i think that's pretty cool. c >> how does a part sound?ou? >> the city's mayor and thatnd a city in japan promised to build the spa museum park -- spamuseum. >> if this clip gets more than -- i neef d everybodyth tio stop and look at the -- what wha was that going. >> i need to you stop and look at what's going onto y there. te
6:55 am
>> if this -- if this town -- t this looks like a saturdayday night life sketch.ife sketch. >> this is not really. >> spaamusement park. par >> we need to make this we happen. according to local news media there are 150nesg to l voluntees stripped down for the promo.. who is that dude in the front? u it's ade little -- even babies can go. >> 19 50's technicolor. 19 >> is that real or50 not. n >> adds to the beauty of all. >> spamusement. >> let's do the forecast. fec >> went to the movies this weekend. >> what did you see. >> don't remember. >> but i i do remember >>the w>e huge crowds. cwd >> what did you go see. w >> who was in it.hat >> arrival??rriv?? >> jake gyllenhaal was in it.en something bad happens and then -- i stayed awake throughou the whole thing. >> awesome.
6:56 am
anyways you guys distractedra me. moana there was a thousand thoun kids. kids >> kevin's job is safe.s >> see you in two weeks kev. back to you. >> nocturnal animal that's tha what i went to z mid 50's today with cloud cover. rain showers out to the west. they will arrive overnightday wn to snighhothet and during theili hours tomorrow and we're going g have a couple days tuesdaysd wednesday where we'll have all h good chance for some veryery needed rain showers around rn here so maybe even a thunderstorm on >> how was the movie.>> h >> movie was good.ow >> i love a>> m good mystery.tey >> movie was good. was goo >> hi erin. >> i wants to see nocturnal animal. >> i'll give you the full review. >> tucker barnes movie m reviewer. skyfox over 270 southbound crash at 28. heav y delays back to fathero father hurley boulevard.oulerd south of that point on thepoin spur 270 southbound crash as well sou blocking the shoulder e
6:57 am
let's forward to our cameras. we're seeing auslet' crash causi problems on 66 and in additionn to that on the right lane over the legion bridge on the outer t loop. keep it to fox5.
6:58 am
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news >> straight ahead at 7 o'clock k this morning, breaking newsing n
7:00 am
shots fired inside a maryland grocery stored insi overnight.. allegedly at the hands of a disgruntled former employee. live with the latest.e l >> president-elect donaldside trump taking to twitter oncenton again blasting efforts a recount in some states and making claims of voter fraud in the election that he won. >> plus, attention metro metro riders. once again safe track is under way. way. this is surge 11 now undernn way. this could be the most the mos disruptive yet.ti what riders along the orange org line and silver lines need to to likely last for weeks. w >> first though a live look isn't that pretty? let's justtt take that in before all thatallh news. it's monday morningonmornin november 28. weather and traffic coming up for you on the 5'sd traf at 7:00 good monday to you.onday ou i'm allison seymour.m lison seym >> and i'm steve chenevey.nevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mg >> this morning we arehis following breaking news out of reports of a shooting inside ins the shoppers food warehouse onee chillum road in hyattsville.svi. >> bob barnard on the scenecene


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