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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 29, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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> here we go on a tuesday night, as you can see over here on the run down on this side of the screen.reen
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guys to weigh in.h you guys have been weighing in about this already, tweet us and use the hashtag, 5@6:30. the first it came up last night. tom bryce, a huge critic of the affordable care act will leave the. he's a third generation doctor who previously ran an atlantic-based orthopedic donald trump also named seem am veer ma who was the artic of medicaid changes in indiana to run a crucial section.ion. it's reported that verma has close ties to vice presidentside mike pence. >> which would make sense. > show you was mom name id tomm serve as the department of
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through the senate, she'll be the first american asian woman who hold a cabinet position. the big question is who will be the secretary of state. >> mitt romney met with thee president elect.pres a lot of the names going aroundg right now.righ we're going to bring in another, been syringier. he joins us tonight via skype.y. what do you make of this, this paneling try where we keep seeing all of these names into trump tower and other places. >> that's right, trump comesp from the world of reality television. he is arguably master of suspense. he has us all glued to the set. he has the country tuned in. he has our attention and if that's the goal, it's working. > donald trump said before hehe wanted to drain swamp.ed what are we t to make of his choice of elaine who and alsonew
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leader? >> that just like barack obama, a president who came into office promising to alter drastically the culture of this city, itty, turns out that when it comes down to actually staffingtual government and making decisionss that you end up dealing with familiar faces. all of you were quite followingw along,in i would assume the sagy conway said that donald trump t seems toh beat keen on the idea. this is either a bad hydraulic chair or a camera. >> i've been in both places before. a lot was going on over theer weekend with that. what do you take away from thata with kelly and conway when she donald trump..ay was disloyal t-
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president elect for whom loyaltt is paramount and two that this is a click that airs their dirty laundry for lack of a better word. knows that lump watches television and often gets their message to their boss that way. and it sort of contributes to the reality television fuel ofli this whole process. tom, or ben, i'm sorry, let me ' askm think it is to form a cabinet of people who are your guest people? i think we saw barackrk obama of people who were do you think donald trump needsp to head down that direction? i think that -- i may not be qualified to advise the president elect. obviously there are people who subscribe to the team of rival's view.
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anything he has acknowledged this in talking about how he would staff his administration wants people with government experience to make up for the fact that he has no experience working inside the some of his pics are outsiders like him, people from the world of business who don't have federal level governmentnt experience. going to needhe's a loft people in his cabinet who or veterans of washington and of government. > all we hope you work on that chair. we are glad er okay. > thank you, ben. t with all the interviews taking place at trump tower, this one came as a bit of a surprise. bob johnson says he was offereds a job earlier this month. he says he declined that position because he doesn't want to be a part of government.nmen johnson also says doesn't believe the new commander in chief is a racist. he even praised donald trump fo
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on party i'll tell you what is interesting there when you think of bob johnson, he's another billionaire, we've seen a lot of different people who are in that category who donald trump hashod talked to oron mentioned or even tried to bring in. coming from all different backgrounds he made his fortune in the media. >> that's right. donald that' trump took to twit, talk about flag burning. nobody should be allow to burn the american consequences.eq he went on. since the election some peoplee upset with the outcome have protested. in some cases we have seen this. flag burning in new york, seattle, california, chicago anc right here in the district. can the president elect change the laws to actually punish flag burns? on facebook, a lot of you i'm all about constitutional rights, you burn the americanicn
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too many men have tied. i hate it when people burn the flag because it's disrespectful for the people who died for it.. i can understand jail time, but you huge time, but loss of a citizensship doesn't make sensek at all. i would never burn our flag, but i'll defense some thae would's right to do so. democratic strategist carter turner joins us via skype. thanks for join ultra. >> thank you. think it's first importantst to point out that it is not ille the stream court twice ruledm co that it wasur protected than the right of free speech, we heardrd the president elect tweet thatat there should be punishments. do you think it's possible or likely that we could see auld change once he's in >> no, i don't think so at all. the courts have been really consistent about this. certainly it's protected on the first amendment right of freeee speech, but it's also protected
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citizenship as punishment for crime is considered to be cruel and unusual punishment.ishm it would take not just onee constitutional amendment, but multiple constitutional amendments or it would require a reel change in the courts. i just don't think that is going to i think this is donald trumpmp being donald trump. it gets people upset for a couple of days. it gets people worked up, but there is absolutely nothing tono it's a symbolic tweet. i don't think there's anythingyi that's going to of it. on the other side of the k-9, back in 2005, flag for protection act proposed by ben feather, hillary clinton and a d senator from utah which caused for a year in jail or some kind of punishment didn't go anywhero at the time much what's thee difference between what wasetwe proposed in 2005 and what donald trump did today. >> the difference is that the
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explicitly stated that the punishment would be for people to burn the flag with the intene of causing a riot. the intent of causing a reaction that would cause harm ratherhe than just political discontentil with the country. so that's the difference. and so that's a big difference in my mind. > we know you a democraticmocr strategist so your slant is there, but let me ask you, what do you think about the president -- i guess it's not even the president.e we know that donald trump makess all sorts of tweets and people, like you said they get advertise i for a couple of days or a couple of hours. do you you think it sets a bad precedent when we're talking're about the president elect tweeting these sorts of things?g >> well, as you said i am a democrat and i am a little slanted. > right. >> i do -- look, we need leadership. got -- we are a badlydly divided country right now and wd need leaders who can help bring us together and tweeting things like this that are just kind of
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really, really worked up, it elevates our differences. it signs spot lights on ourr differences. it's not the kind of thing that we need right now. our divisions are serious andriu they really are a risk, i think, to the country. certainly to the general the functioning of this country. so i want him to be a leader. i want him to be above the freev i want him teo be able to see te needs of this country from a 10,000-foot prospective rathe p get him the left is responsible as well. we need to quit taking the bates on these kinds of things.s. i have felt for a long time that trump is masterful of controlling. i think he does that not only because he wants to control whal we're talking about but he alsoe wants to control what we're not talking about and i think thee people on the left need to learn that and they need to quit
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matter. appointments matter. carter, we got to go. you get passionate and you getdy into it.into we appreciate it, though. > thank you carter turner. we'll see you next time. >> you got it. > he was on a role there. i can't believe you did that. you got to go, you got to go. the cuban connection in rockville has been a long time gathering place for cuban have a very personal connections to theon cuban government. fox5 a's tom fitzgerald joins us live at the restaurant. >>reporter: you guys have no problem cutting me off, right? i've seen that before. listen, this restaurant, cuban corner, this has been here for more than 30 years. for years this was the onlyly cuban restaurant in this era. you don't have to look hard. there are cuban americans lining
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one of them, the creator of amazon, there are portraits on the wall over here showing the cuban both lift over the years. one of the people who left way back in 1962, well, that waswas what keep car prepare a.eep he started this restaurant. he is a proud cuban america ande he doesn'tri likeca what he's bn seeing the last couple of days in regard to this reaction fromn the white house to the death of fidel castro. why in well, he is ve over the statement that thent t whiteha house put out on behalff president obama expressingexpr condolences to the family of f fidel castro, but he says and you'll hear this from him, he ih very angry that there was no mention made at all about the ab people who died, suffered or were imprisoned and had to fleee cuba because of the brutal dictateorship. i'm disgusted by his statement.
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how can he possibly ignore the sufferings, the great sorroww from the cuban people that have suffered so much over the last 54 years and offer his condolences for the person responsible for this tragedy. disgusting. emotional about this. i always asked him would you ever take the opportunity to goo back to cuba? he said under circumstances, as long as that castro government remains, evenn though fidel, that government is still in place he says he will never go back.. > a shame to see what happens as donald trump takeswhat offic. he's made some thoughts or some -- he voiced his concern for his positions, maybe renegotiating the deal with cube a. it will be interesting to see what happens. thank you, fitz. > you know, it's interesting -t never mind.
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i was going to say, what do you make of this video that we've been showing, these people lined up in havana going to pay their respects. >> he says next time you seeme that video don't be so sure about what you're seeing. remember back when they add all those people crying. >> he believes and this is his strong belief here that there's some choreographer i at work with the cuban government tryinr to paint a in cuba a to fidel castro's death. what cheap believes that mightee not actually be the case. thank you much. >> we didn't cut him off. we let him talk. let's check in with sue palka.. give us everything you got. >> we have to make sure you have your umbrellas for tomorrowmorr again. we need this rain. it looks our morning commute may not start with some rain butrain
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very mild start to our day. by noon we could be pushing 70, rain and some isolated thunderstorms around as well and as we had through the day for the evening rush hour, 67-degrees tapering off with the rain, but we definitely needinit every little about it of it we can we don't have any am rainy days in our future.ur tomorrow is a good one with a temperature of 60-degrees. we'll see temperatures in themp heading into the weekend, it looks like a nice one, coolerler for sure as december begins officially on thursday with a chance of showers sunday andd maybe again on tuesday. definitely trending cooler towards the end of the week. > that's your seven dayseve forecast. all i want for christmas. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. after the break we're going to i show you what you can expect if you'll be visiting 1600siti
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check this out.. it's actually when you walk in. you go down this hallway.llwa we're going to safe all the rest. we'll be right back. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really...
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michelle obama welcomed us service families. >> as we celebrate my last family's holiday season in thein white house. i'm thinking back to when weh first came here to washington
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house to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. the whether it house 56 lego ginger bread houses one for each state and territory made from 200,000 legos. >> that's a lot.t's it's going to be beautiful. she didn't quite win the election, but hillary clintonbu still has t a place at the white house right between those two snowmen. it is hanging in the cross wall of the white h balls and other decore. it shows a smiling clinton standing by a table with her book it takes a village by her side. > there you go.> as you know t some of of the biggest days of politics have been meeting at the presidentsie
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> this is something you don'tom see every day, donald trump'set' former campaign manager was serenaded this week. i didn't even know he had a sidekick until i saw this. i thought it was him. the famous new york street , that's kelly and reward. > the crowds gathered to get a glimpse of the naked cowboy, bu, no one seemed to note is why ish a former vice-president hangingi out at trump tower. take a look. >> dan quail was joined by kelly and conway. > he really looks just aboutst the same. he was vice-president to george h burke. aides did not respond why he was
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>> they did mention that thatat was dan quail. as we prepare ahead to the holiday season, a little l tweet to keep you l warm. > we'll show you when fox comes right back after this. we're going to be warming up over here in the the kitchen. always wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars
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> we're heating things up. i love that. northeast is here. thank you so much for coming in. vegan what is that?at? >> all chocolate is vegan. it's cocoa. so we mix our own syrup with whn the water cocoa and then we use either coconut milk or soymilk. i got it.. let's get started here. tell us how you make this. >> we premake our syrup.
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> i love the logo. >> stars and stars. a that is such a creative logo.og. > keep going. super fun. scott, don't listen to gym. you're already a chocolateolat lover. >> i love chocolate. the great thing making your own you can make it as dark as you want and as sweat as you want. and you're not a huge chocolatel lover. >> that's okay. i'm not that i just like chocolate. that's how most people are. pepper meant chocolate is my favorite. the specials we have for the season are my absolute favorite because of the pep mint. > you can use the coconut creamers. you don't boil the milk, you yo
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milk. you garnish with an actual peppermint. a little peppermint extract and sugar. and then -- we're not done. either one of you can use whiskey or contact lieu a. >> my santa is fun. > where can you find you. >> you can find me at either colombia lights than a then our diner bakery bar is farewell and that is on eighth street. >> bakery and bar, we love that. ??rt(??cym?x#vq?&?kp,?w3!?jp fdf that is on eighth street. >> bakery and bar, we love that. >> jim, she's not?ixde1 j?j in. ebm4?zom 7bjcoldf?/-ja/;uxs?!??+ > that's good.. il6kw;n
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thanks for us everybody at 6:30. > we'll see you tonight at 10 and 11. i'm going to drink this now. cheers. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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>> i don't know why he did it but wiz khalifa really took a shot at kanye west saying that marijuana is good for all that ails you. >> kanye west is paranoid, he doesn't need to smoke weed because sometimes you can freak out. harvey: ok, we don't need an expert right now. [laughter] >> tyga is in some serious, serious trouble if you ask me. new hot rapper, 21 savage. he put on a blueprint a while ago that he wants kylie jenner. he put a picture up on instagram of kylie jenner. we got him last night leaving ace of diamonds. >> you have a thing for kylie? >> yeah. >> really? >> "i am bolt" premiere, a movie about usain bolt's life and justin bieber was there. harvey: who's the bigger star? i think justin bieber. >> i think bolt is more fun than justin bieber.


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