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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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?? rain. mother nature giving us a messy end the mott from fog to t possible thunderstorms, tucker,c is tracking everything she hasie to offer. breaking overnight, the president-elect is stepping bacg from his business.ins. plus new details about thatha dinner with mitt romney and thet latest names donald trump has th added to his cabinet.. closing the door.r. president obama dashing the the hopes of democrats promising his wife will never run for office.c
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house as the first familyamy celebrates their last christmas at 1600 pennsylvania and later, your first lookfs at legendary actress phylicia rashad from empire debut.eb good day at 9a starts right now. ?? it's raining it's wednesday but look on theot bright side.ight it's the end of the month. t we're closer to christmas.istmas it's the beginning of good daydy >> all good thing. t >> all good thing.. notify 30th.tify om mom martin. holly morris, maureen umeh, steve chenevey we're ready to to go. go >> we are ready to go. to ahead this morning kanye west is crisis unfortunately.te the rapper has now beenn hospitalized for a week. we'll go live to tmz for updated on his condition and we're alsoe going to talk to a local l psychiatrist about the stigmati that surrounds mental healthl ha issues and the black communitynk and whether two high profile cases could lead to changes.
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mother nature throwing a littlei bit of everything at u we've got rain, we had fog early this morning. mni humidity. really made it a mess out there on the roads this morning. morn. y you can imagine. ouwell now guess what,t, thunderstorms could be on the way. and more changes after that.fter tuck is back now with all thehe details but we don't often talkl about thunderstorms onout thund november >> west don't . d't but often don't talk aboutk abot 70 degrees either.her so that's in the cards as well as we're looking at warmm temperatures and almost someos m tropical moisture out there waie until you step outside.side reagan these are warm temperatures.ras dulles 57.lles 57. up in baltimore 5 i do want to mention we're menti getting heavy rain now right across parts of the area here. . just to the west of the city.e c in fact looks like northwestorth d.c. up towards bethesda in aa i little pocket of pretty good pre rains i'm getting tweets tuckerc fox5 tweet me what you're seeing. ought along 66 pretty good rain up to 70on ig n66 london andondn montgomery county up towardsds frederick pretty good rains ases well you get the idea what we'rt featuring today. yesterday of course we had they clouds and some showerof activit
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approaching an inch by late thii afternoon ton name let me add ta the rain chances will stay in cl the forecast along with that tha thunderstorm threat through latt rnoornoon. through the evening rush hourthu we'll have some showers aroundsd here's the bigger picture and very vigorous we haven't talked much about rain up and down the easternhe e seaboard in weeks and months. m. but today we have it unfortunately severe weatherat overnight back in alabama andamd mississippi up through two dozen tornadoes reported down thereow and several fatalities. fatalit activity here but this front iso strong enough that we can be ent looking at the the potential for thunderstorms later today.r t in fact under a marginal risknar for some severe weather around a here i think the primary threatt is going to be gustyhe winds p h any thunderstorms that developtl but heads up.buhead there could be pretty good g downpours during the course of s the day here best chance ofnce those thunderstorms will be this afternoon.ternn here's your forecast for your yu wednesday. 70 glorious degrees. dodging rain storms and storm potential thunderstorms.erstor
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i'll have all the details on tht seven day. it will feel more like december just in time for december. d i'll have details momentarily.oa >> look forward to that. look fr thanks tucker. th >> that rain as you can imagine causing very slick commuteery around the dmv.he d the outer loop has been jam been packed with traffic for most ofr the rush hour. fox5's annie yu has been out inn the mess all morning and shend s joins us live now.ow what a frustrating morning,ornig annie. >> reporter: oh, no doubt,oubt, holly g morning, everybody. i traffic in years working thathat early morning shift, and i do do not envy those who have to sitat in this of day.. we have been stuck in traffic like all morning long except fop the early early hours. h but here we are.we we're on the inner loop of the e beltway we finally made it hereh for awhile we were stuck on o route 28 then got on 29 and thet jumped on the beltway. beltw we did this because we werese trying to bypass all that traffic on 66.n but i'm in the sure that this is any better as you can see. s
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somewhat lifted.if it looks like it's starting tot sort of come back believe it orr not. visibility isn't so great. g but it's still just a very difficult morning commute due te the rain the rain is definitelyi picking up creating slick spotss and slowing everyone down.evernd i mean it's legit rain coming c down right now. now. the dense fog advisory a technically was lifted at 7:00 but i know the warning wasw extended in other parts like lie carroll county howard and anne arundel until 9:00 o'clock orclr so. guys, one of those morningsse mr where visibi weather because of the fog orogo because of the rain, um, and it sounds like it's going to be gng this way for the rest of thehe day. so even your afternoon commute m might be a bit of a mess. mes it is just a messy morning.ning running into a lot of stop and p go traffic everywhere.rywher drivers just use caution. cauti keep those eyes on the road andd just go light with that foot.hat don't accelerate too much andnd keep your distance.r diste but i mean really we've beene' b just crawling throughout theout morning for the last like two lk and a half hours.ours. guys, back to you in the studio. >> be careful out in.e ca
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much of the area. are >> thank you. >> not just us dealing with mother nature, of course..ot juo a mucf h worse scene down southu at least five people dead, fourf others critically hurt after aha line of storms possiblyy tornadoes slammed into alabamana early this morning.. most of the northeast part of pr that state. officials say 20 buildings weree level in that storm you saw somw tractor trailer flipped overillp there. one of the buildings destroyedus was a 24 hour daycare center. ce also a baptist church. crc entire shopping plaza.laza. that system now moving our waygr parts of georgia, tennessee thunderstorms until just minutes ago there were tornado worriesnr as well in those areas. those storms continue to rollnut across the south. sou all right. 90:00 sick is the time rightsis now. we have breaking news from thest president-elect this morning. donald trump tweeted that heedh will be leaving his businessesin in order toes focus on running e country as president. president. trump took to twitter this morning to make thatrning announcement which will be madel formal next month. next month he said quote in part i'll be leaving migrate business in total in order to fully focus os running the country in order tot
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while i'm not mandated to henceo legal documents are beingareei crafted which take me completell out of business operations.tion. the presidency is a far more important task. tas meanwhile the anwh president-elect still hard aten- work on his transition and heiod continues to announce new new cabinet members. members >> and despite dinner with mittm romney last night we still don'l know if the former gop presidential candidate is anyday closer to a job. j donald trump's melanie alnwick is down in thent newsroom with details on that on and how the president-electdele al promise. mel? >> reporter: maureen, for all, a the talk of disarray and chaosos early on the trump transition tt team has now filled half its cabinet positions with 11 to go. most closely watched of course is secretary of state. s this may not look like the mostm comfortable dinner in the worlde but there was president-electsie donald trump and his incoming in chief of staff breaking bread with mitt romney last night.astg >> we had another discussionothd
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worl >> reporter: romney wouldn't wot say much afterward but this iss the second time he's met with mw trump a mid speculation thattiot he's being considered for cdere secretary of state despite opposition from many trump tru supporters.ter at trump tower in new york,w y meantime the parade of job candidates continues. con georgia congressman tom pricen o selected to head health andea ad human services.human servi former goal man sacks steveacks minute new chin pick for for treasury secretary.ecta and elaine chao. all nee s >> her husband is senates s majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> somebody asked stew if i was going to recluse myself. mysel lie not be reclusing myself. >> trump preparing to head outoh on victory tour this week with w rally planned tomorrow in ohio.. another stop in indiana wherehee carrier air-conditioning juston announced a deal with trauma tacony-palmyra keep 1,000 jobs 0 in the united states. state and then there's nancy pelosi. she's up for re-elect today as y house minority leader facingin real scepticism from some of hem
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including one tim ryan from ohio who is running against her. >> what i've been telling him, h lock, in one vote, your going to rebrand our party.r party you're going to have newve you'll have a new message andnd you're going to have a guy likel me who will run all over the ove country and campaign for us. >> reporter: also nominated nom this morning billionaireng blion businessman and investor wilburr ross to leave the commerce commc department. the 79-year-old is a vocalocal critic of free trade deals.ea. homeland security, epa, e among the cabinet positionsns still steve? >> mel, thanks very much. m let's get quick uelpdates, n stories around the nation'satio' capitol. first up a man wanted in manante connection with shooting deathow of a 16-year-old girl the dayl e after thanksgiving has turng hat himself in. detectives say evans was caughtt on surveillance camera firing an gun 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was killed talking to friends fn outside the potomac gardensar apartments in southeast whenthen those shots were fired.e shed investigators believe the teen was not the intentedator targeto that shooting.g. d.c. mayor muriel bowser bow
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council's plan to offer paido oi family leave to dc workers.. council will vote on tuesdayay whether to impose attacks on businesses to fund 11 weeks of s paid leave for the birth orr adoption of a child.hi it would also provide up toovidp eight weeks of leave to care fof a sick relative. new payroll tax on businessesuss would fund that program if it i passes it would make d.c. one of the most generous cities in thet nation when it comes to family l leave. at the same time the mayorer wants city council to approval a proposal placing tighternge restrictions on homeless servics under the proposal people woulde need more proof that theythe previously lived in the districr before they ended up on the opponents say it bill would make it difficult for homeless peopls in the city to get the help they had need. thousands of women havethou booked their flights to d.c. fo. a women's rights supposed to happen the day aftet the inauguration. inaug but a paper work snap snafu s could have them changing plans.g we'll have all the details a little later.ater >> a promise to rebuild after ar devastating wildfire tearsildfis
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holiday ever for group of metal workers who just struck gold ana cash gol got a check of smatter stories o making headlines coming up nextt ?? stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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check of the other stories making headlines this morning. good morning to you allison seymour.n seym >> ioft's tdl minyor mniottong it's nevert's nev about the money. i don't care i didn't win thened lon't ttery. >> you know what -->>no >> are you trying to convince tc yourself? >> good this morning, thousands ofands o people back in news are unsurens if their homes are still standing wildfires continue tooo rage in the southeast. at least 15 of those fires are uncontain this morning includini one in tennessee that's believee to have wiped out an entire sortrt. the flames there have kill at least three people. left many more including thehe town's mayor homeless.eless but he has promised the community will rebill.. to brazil now overnightig soccer fans gathered to mourn tn the players killed in a plane pe crash in columbia.a. vigil was hell at the club'ss stadium just six of the 77 77 passengers on board survived. the team was traveling alonglo with reporters to compete in the finals of tournament in columbia. authorities in columbia are hoping that the recovered black ities covere boacxesk will help figure out ww
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to cuba this morning an procession has begun carrying cg fidel castro's ashes from havana for a four-day journey acrosss the nation. nation. he'll be laid to rest on sunday in santiago. the route traces in reverse thee victory tour that castro and his bearded rebels took after overeo throwing the forces of battista in 1959.95 last night thousands of people p lined the streets of havana to t pay tribute to fidel castro.. well, speaking of lotterytey newest multi look how happy they look.y l a group of 20 co-workers from a metal shop in tennessee claiming their $420 million powerball jackpot yesterday.ay the payout for each person, about 12 million bucks.uc not too shabby. s the group says they buy lotteryt tickets twice a week and have h done so for years.. they've been named tennessee 20. congratulations to them. tm and talk about an epic blunder with under three minutes
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the side lines dabbing up a veteran jason terry while thehie man he was supposed to be guarding tony printed to theed o basket and recorded the easiests two points of his career.s cee smith admits he wasn't payingayg attention saying quote i didn'td even know i was in the game. g my bad. >> really, wait a minute. mut >> professional player you don'n know you're in the game.ou'r >> you didn't know you were inn' the game?t >> you didn't sub out. o >> he says, my bad. b. >> i didn't even know i was iniw the game.ame >> for a second that that look like my rec team. you're the coach --ch -- >> nothing. >> nothing because he gets paid any way. that's professional sports goodo spreally? he's notor even payig attention.atten. >> right. r >> he gets scored on.>> he >> here's the thing.>>ere' they're playing the milwaukee me bucks. they're the defending champs. cp so does it really matter in then big picture. >> i think that should be somehd penalties. >> i do, too. >> you can think that. do, too u >> i think he's just embar craar >> nothing will happen. nothi >> i didn't even know i was inn the >> he'll play tomorrow. he' >> you're always in the game.. >> with that fly around here.
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[ laughter ] >> thanks, al. she sold that.ha >> right. [ laughter ] >> like she meant it. 9:17 is our time right now.ow it's supposed to be a march on m the mall in support of women's's rights. but a mix up could actually mean big changes for thousands off people planning to take part.akp we'll have live report.ept.
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camera behind us lurking.rab >> there it iseh.hereis >> i thought that was -- >> great shots.ho >> i thought that was anht t ornament for second. sec >> thank you.. >> just continue.tinu >> 9:20 is the time.>> are you getting into the holidad spirit just yet? from hipstermt nativity scenes to beard b ornaments. or or are hipsters going too far? f that's the question thishe morning. are they going too far? >> that's goodare th question.ue we'll answer it right now.t t n >> we' tweet us let us know what you y think. we're calling all hipsters onero good day and apparently there'sy a fair share in the dmv. have you seen the latest holidad trends? it's from our artwork for your beard to toilet paper.p now we showed you this one y t actually a couple days ago we'lw bring it back.k hipster nativity scene.y scene gone are the robes in is mary is holding a starbucks.. joseph complete with a beard ana man bun taking a selfie and cann you see the solar panels op top of the manger? no because righr
9:21 am
segues delivering amazonerinazo packages and if you look at the shepherd he's a 100% gluten free organic cow that is and he's instagraming the birth of jesusj this is from the website modern nativity and is available for $130. are we buying it? it? >> no. >> absolutely not. >> no. goingtheven going to the house that has it for fear that itha will be struck by lightning. and let's talk about hipsterer toys, though. legos advent cal lengths are let back for 24 minnow models come in the star wars city and friend themes.themes. the star wars advent calendar is $39. the other two versions are 29 bucks. bucks. they're available on amazon andd the lego shop. s i don't have problem with thosee right? righ >> advent calendars.>> a how are they,, whdvat are they a doing with the advent calendar.r i don't understand.nderan >> there must be figurinesre mug countdowns the days till days t christmas.stmas it kind of gets your kids intook the advent thing. thi i don't necessarily have arilyav problem with that. tha
9:22 am
>> i'm not spending a dime ong that either. >> if you don't want to be a tool for yule there are less l expensive decorations likeatio these. places like amazon actually sell beard ornaments if you rock a yc beard you could really get intot the mood with glitter or someor festive ornament balls like that the glitter beard kits are being sold on et cetera see. >> seriously -- >> i feel like you have the fee beard you don't need to makliken additional statement.nt >> were you date up to you with a balls on hisis beard?bear [ laughter ][ hter >> no. >> that's why we'll move on to isis. cameras in the bathroom. >> her mouth opened. opened. >> tend to be a little creepy,le right? not this one, though. this is polo role toilet paper p makes that bath rom break little more fun. see it looks like a polaroidd ramera. the tp holder actually dispenses a sheet of tp just like it's a piece of film..
9:23 am
>> one don't shake after using this. t you can snatch one of these bade boys online.boys oine >> do millennials know what a polaroid camera. >> they're back. they're hot right now.>> t >> they couple kids cpley berth today parties they've dony the till little tin knee ones.e >> i've been to adult birthday h parties they have them.they hem. >> i have question for chris.qur hipsters have been around forend much longer than cell phonesl po have been around.eeoun what is the definition off hipster then? is it somebodyt d who is adverse is on top of trends? how do yoo define it? defi >> that works for me.. >> honestly i don't really knowy >> come on now.e on now. >> i don't really know. ion't rn all the things thatow hipsters s into are trends now.. the beards like november allemr national things that go on. >> you're our resident hipster.t >> are they trend leaders thougt or followers? >> i think it's a little bit ofe both. both. >> chris, you consider yourselfs a hipster?hiper >> i mean, no. not >> we do. >> attributes,. >> you're hipster effect.
9:24 am
>> if you are not a hipster weer have no hope. >> explain to me why on earth on you would come up with concept e of a camera even though it's non real, what is the fascinationti with the whole --le >> it's funny. it' >> throw back things.>> t >> it's funny. >> it's kitch. >> hipsters like being involved >> really? >> that's why there's all theseh likey santa you know con with t costumes and things like a way to be part of thing.. >> okay, chris. against the main stream. str >> that's what they're supposed to be but i twhhinkat somehow they're rebelling --el >> they're ahead of the curve.fc >> i would say so.woy so >> in theory.hey. >> but again, i come back to -- >> chris i consider you >> if i define -- if you said draw a hipster they're wearing the where is waldo sort of hat, beanie, and a plaid shirt. shi you know what almost grunge butg does that make sense?se? >> like a cleaner grunge look. >> physical standpoint i couldsd e ththat. >> cleaner grunge.rung
9:25 am
>> i'm confused by this entirest segment. worry talking about with thing on their beards and face --and >> it's time to move on. itime >> that's probably a good idea. >> one of us is definitely not n hipster on this couch. >> yeah. >> don't want to be.>> i'm not taking a picture of af toilet paper -- paper >> okay grandpa wisdom. wisdo let's move on. >> 9:25 right now.t now. what else can we talk about, mo? >> put junk on my face. >> we have an expert coming inog with mental health issues. >> he can maybe help us this we're talking serious issues. >> better not put stuff on my om face. >> kanye west battling personala demons. could this high profile caseses get rid of the stigma in blackck communities about mental health we'll talk to an expert that'st' coming up serious informationnfn that you can use.thou c we'll get with that after the a break. br >> tucker barnes he's coming upn because he'll be talking aboutag weather.weatr severe weather sweeping its wayh toward werashington, d.c. big changes on the other side.. check of the seven day as welchw that's what he's talking about.t
9:26 am
christmas party.s p we actually have the directors c of the new holiday comedy whichh stars jennifer aniston and jasos bateman. they'll be in town.n town we'll talk with them about whata you should do or should not do at your company holiday party p and maybe we can get horn rimmed glasses for wisdom. >> how about fancy toilet paper to wipe my behind with.ind >> that's it.t' >> in the corner, grandpa.. >> can somebody find him a snickers?kers >> snickers won't
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>> ?? >> song of the summer justin timberlake can't stop the feeling making a new list maybe not the one t yheoulake m cigng. who crowned as the worst song os the year. the coming up on good day at 10 at 0 we'll tell you about that >> point taken. point taken >> we're moving on. movin. 9:29 right now.ow. hundreds of thousands of womenom who had planned to march on washington on president-electnte donald trump' first day in i office might have to change ch their plans. >> their permit was submitted behind seven others. others. bob barnard joins us.s us. obviously it seems like thatike date, that location, very popular among people who wanted to be there so what happens noww with this march supposed toseo bring in women from all over the
9:30 am
vowing to continue their plansia to beat here in washington onn that day.ay. the saturday, the day after the inauguration although their alth plans to meet here at the meet t lincoln memorial and march toaro the white house are going to have tohous change. because national park service says they've issued a permit fof the lincoln memorial on that y day. and with all of barricades for the inauguration, the next dayt is the anniversary of row versuu weed wade and right to life l march that day, the sunday, don't know what there happen. h. frankly the folks who arelkho a organizing on facebook and they've got more than 200,000 20 people liking it, this women's n march on washington, they sayhey they're going to come up with ch some other plan, but they don'tn want people to cancel their flights or their other bus transportation, other wayser way they're planning to get into get washington that weekend.t week they don't want them to changea their plans, but they're goinghe to come up with some other kind of venue to hold their rally.
9:31 am
national park service.erce >> quite simply there was an was plick on file for the lincoln memorial for the one for thehe women's marcum in report roart a they say their event will go onn much it's just a matter of whero that's going to happen. goingo p is that it from your vantageanta point?po >> correct. se are work wig the organizer to find an alternate location to accommodate their needs, andnd that's fairly common with any permit plick.perm plick it's very rare that an application comes in andnd everything they're requesting is immediately granted. there'slw negotiation and trying to find t mutually agreeable solution whee there's conflicts of time and a place. but we make every effort tofft ensure that we find a place soo these groups can have their first amendment rig exercised. >> reporter: if they wanted to do it today no if problem except eep here except the weather iss pouring rain here at the lincolo memorial today.ay so, again, we haven't heard thee definitive plans from the people
9:32 am
march to washington. but theyhi insist it is going to be that day.ay the day after the inauguration.r just where they're going to meem and where they're going to go tt that needs to still be work outt guys.. >> bob, do we know who actuallyy has the permit for that day anda is it expected to be a large group? >> reporter: we haven't been bee told. we know that the answer cole ce which has sponsored some of thee anti trump protests over his new hotel here in d.c. was one of we weren't told which onehich o because there are some issues,ai because ofss the inauguralural committee, there are going to bt other things going on aroundgs o here, and frankly, the peoplee planning the committee that's planning the inauguration hasn'n necessarily freed up this space. so it's not definitive who ishos going to be it is not going to be this grouo which, again, says, you know,no, they're not happy with electionn and some of the things thatthe a president-elect donald trumpelec said during the campaign.inthe so they want, you know, women's
9:33 am
heard by him. h just how it all will work outort we're not really sure.e. so, again, who is going to beoit here that day has not actually l been officially confirm. >> all >> bob's umbrella workinga woing overtime as always does.s tucker it's coming down outgown there.there. >> yeah, it is. i can't remember the last time we saw umbrellas in some of our life shots.liho feels like it's been a long ag time. rain is coming the going to be a wet warm and windy wednesday.sday. wild wednesday.sday. as we got lot of forecast today. od up side of the forecast for temperatures. they'll be near 70.they'll currently 60 in washington.ashio look at leonardtown 63 degrees.e 64 in fredericksburg. big big push of very tropicalroa air out of the south here and it it will feel a little springe s like out there today withod wit daytime highs well above normala as mentioned even places like frederick and hagerstown whichsw are 50 should be near 70 this ti afternoon let's get to it lotsts of heavy rain right across acros inside the bell way at this hour you saw bob's live shot downtoww and we are getting heavy rainvy here locally. locally
9:34 am
showers now pushing to the north and east.d e beltsville, college park getting the heavy rain working up 95 9 toward laurel and columbia colui getting heavy rain as well.el we are not done with the rainhei showers we've got more out to the west and we still have our o frontal system well out on the o west and until that movesov through, later this evening,s e, we'll keep the chances for rainr in the forecast and let me let m mention the potential foral for thunderstorm activity as well. l so we have a couple different dt threats today. potential for some pretty goodyd downpours and if we get any we y thunderstorm activity at all today we could have some pretty out for that as well.el all right. let's take look at our surface a features i mentioned the coldhel front and when this gets east of us, late tonight, we shouldho start to clear out and we'll bee in in for a cooler and drier day tomorrow, feel a lot more likeek late november early december.ece tomorrow the first of decemberfr much it will feel like itt tomorrow with temperatures inwit the 50s.h tethe but we got to get there first.rr let's take look at future cast s together. i'll just so you the rain showeh threat continues throughout the day. there we are at noon. might get a bit of a break.nues it will remainwe ot verca asbitr
9:35 am
tropical air that warm air humim air a lot of moisture in thee t atmosphere will serve as fuell for some thunder storm activity to potentially develop thisophi afternoon at 3:00 o'clock.k the threat for showers and srs a thunderstorms remains in then th forecast through the eveningning rush hour and even into the i t evening hours.g urs. there we are at 11:00 o'clock11l tonight. we should eventually clear outle and be in for much nicer day d tomorrow. 70 day. there's your december forecast ember friday into the weekendst. daytime 40s to about 50.bout showers and storms temps near nr 70. all right, maureen, that's thete latest. i'll be back in few.ll be back to you. >> tuck, thanks a lot.uc thanks can i get prompter, please.e okay. mental health issues we'reealt talking about this morning. tough for anyone to talk about o and for african-americans it can carry a huge stick m can two c recent high profile cases makeak it easier to talk about?
9:36 am
the top of his game. apparently he's been harboring a dark side. >> kanye west we're learning len more about what happened in the moments before police arrived and sent the rapper to thefore hospital for a p psych the eval. >> the rap community usually all about money, cars and women, now reality when it comes to issuess like mental illness. ?? >> but kanye is not a statement on his facebook page admitting he check into rehab tb deal with depression andionnd suicidal you weres. ?? >> kanye west is report thely still hospitalized afterer suffering a melt down. dn. the question now, will thesel high profile examples help hp eliminate or at least change tht stigma surrounding mentalenta
9:37 am
>> here to talk about it is dr. ike. you know it's so hard to talko t about especially african-american communityommuty there's such a stigmatia surrounding mental first of all, why is that the case? >> well, i think generallyally people are statement i always aw hear people are scared of beingg labeled as being crazy.razy and generally mental health is refer to as seeing somethingom that is a sign of weaknesss generally and until we gete get passed that and realize that t me like any other disease like diabetes or high blood pressurer it will continue to be somethint that people will try and keep i the closet or use their own own means to self >> other groups for susceptible to mental he willness than african-americans? are the t groups for susceptible.le less susceptible?? no.o. i mean is ever wally susceptiblb in the us at least african-american adults are 20%%
9:38 am
poverty is in people in the inner cityff a lot more prone to mental illness. but right now because of the stressors people are going through, the amount of mental mn illness is definitely increasede significantly. >> i know there's a history behind this becausew th froerm e time of slave reece sufferingfe was sort of normalized and african-americans were told to be tough and if you were someone who was maybe mentally unstablea you were treatly harshly. harly from that and then religion plaa as par all but there's help out there.e do you think that with starsnk t like we talk about kanye west, kit cudi talking about theseut e issues do you think that will help others suffering i'm not in alone this is something thatth happens and there can be helpd out there?ther >> i do think soou.t thero. definitely.finitely i read the statements made by by kit cudi in particular and he a described depression to the teat he was so candid and so honest s with his own feelings.ngs
9:39 am
going now people will realizeze that they have the same thing hh has and follow his leads.. if kanye west when he recoverss fully also gets on -- jumps on s the band wagon and actually kind of helps to push this it willil make difference to people.e >> sayers so many layers tos so this. in treatment we find african-american who's seek helo treare not diagnose p properl p there's even racism within thatt treatment. how can someone go about getting the help they ne eegod? are the free resources out there? whata can they do? >> one big one is the departmenp of behavioral line like the gatekeeper tope mental health in washington,lth d.c. for the government.en >> say that again access helpach line. >> okay. number 888-seven we help. >> okay.kay >> there's on the clinics liken the one i work in. nbi health services (202)388-4300.)388-4300. and these are inner city clinici
9:40 am
minority or at least minority sensitive providers who are used to -- >> free care.>> fca >> it's fro care. it' use medicaid or if you're you'r uninsured we'll make sure weee will get you insurance.uran. >> doctor, bottom line when itoo comes to mental health and thent african-american community, if,f there's one overriding messagese that you want to get out there e this morning, what would thatlda be? be? >> one, you're in the alone. two, that you can get help and d you don't have to feel the way t you've been feeling all your whole life. lif it's really not a big deal. dl. the word crazy doesn't really come and get the treatment. we've got people who are a definitely take care of you. you come down and see me. i'll turn you around. aro allll will. it's a team effect. >> it takes village it.lage it. >> takes a village.>> tak >> you're not alone. you i think that's so very important. this is the tip of the iceberg much this is atip very multi facetted topic here. he. thank you for a least broochingi the topic.e topic. we've got your number on theur n
9:41 am
if y we'll try to tweet it out later. (202)388-4300. he's medical director of mbialt health services. serces police make use of this if you. it is so very important. importt we're leaving far too manyooan people to mental illness and itd doesn't have to be the s not at all.not at all >> thank you dr. d >> you're welcome.. >> 9:41 time.ime new addition to one direction.en coming up next we'll go live too tmz for a look at which member i could be the next toch welcome o new bundle of joy. 9:41 time. t back in a i
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
?? >> all right. topping the fox beat louie tomlinson not only dad in one direction.rection. plus, new details on what mayay have push kanye west over the edge.edge >> for details we turn to tmz gary trock live in los angelesis this morning with all of theh at details. good morning to you, gary.o g le one direction because --se >> good morning. - >> -- somebod>>y is about dobba daddy apparently. >> he'll be going in manye goinn directions.dire ughtughter ] >> yeah, possibly so here's the deal. de liam pain from one direction hee was seen leaving the saint jamem christmas carol out in london the -- yesterday actually withyw his girlfriend cheryl cole. ce and she appears to be have a haa baby bump now they have not -- t if you see the picture there, t
9:45 am now i was told my whole life, not to assume that they'rehere pregnant until a woman isan is pregnant until she announces itc so i'm going to say it appears s she may be pregnant.t. the couple has not nounsed it yet. yet. if she is, and it looks like sh is, congratulations. it's unclear how far along theyo are, but, you know, this is onen of those things maybe this phots will get them to make the make official announcement. >> i'm with you on that.u on t you probably shouldn't ask hersk but it look pretty evident. evi. isn't looks like it >> it looks pretty evident.y >> you don't want to be the guyb or person that steps out thereat and you're like, oh, boy.oy >> that's the worst feeling inei the world.. >> yeah. >> no part of that. of th. >> yeah. hey, listen you got u>>pdate on kanye because i know a lot off people -- i think as each day passes and he remains hospitalized, obviously the concern gross. >> absolutely.>> aolutel we do know what triggered hisggh nervous break down. down. it's all centered around miss m mother the death of his mother e
9:46 am
she died in november. her funeral was held ond november 20th and thatt actually is the day that kanye cancel his concert at the forumm you know, the other week. right before he cancel thece t entire tour, and right before he had the break down which landedn him in the hospital.. so you know we're told that hee never really got over, you knowo the death of his mother as farhr as g he really never got to goo through that whole processro because kanye is know, thousand miles a minute. t and the whole deal with kim anda the robbery, the stress withtres that, the stress with the tourht and the clothing line, coupledou with the anniversary of thesa death of his mother really drovl him over the edge. so still remains hospital live.. we're told that, you know, he'ss been sedated and they're kind of trying to get him on the rightht track.track kim has been by his side prettye much the entire time. t but it's unclear when he's goins to get out. to get he was scheduled to be releaseda on
9:47 am
the right time yet.time y so he remains hospitalized today. >> i know i've been reading than kim has been there for the mosts part for the entire time but tht kids have not because she justus doesn't want the kids to see him like this. >> i read those same reports. rr you know, we haven't confirm coi exactly what is going on with the children.e ch i can imagine that she does wanw to shield them a little bit he is special physical he's in thit state where, you know, as hisis really in a very very bad statea and having extreme paranoia.. so i can imagine that kim is only looking out for the best os the family, but she has reallyly given up everything she was w doing and like we reported r yesterday they actually evenyve shut down production of keepingg up with the kardashians. kardash there were going to be filmingei through the holidays but because of what happened with kanyeha wt they've decided to kind of justs stop and it's unclear when they will resume that. resume tha you know when the kardashiansths turn off the cameras, it's
9:48 am
definitely. well, we wish him the best for f sure.. and so listen, the dj, he says i didn't grab it. i i just touched it. talking about taylor swift, sft right? >> yeah.h david mueller i don't know ifllr this is the best idea in thea t world but he went on radio shows and made, you know, for the f first time and made his defense about the whole taylor swiftwi butt grabbing incident rememberr he sued her for defamation after he got fired for allegedly grabbing her butt during this h yeah, photo appearance actuallyy in denver in 2013. 2 so he says that when he went tot pose for it, he made contact but it was accidental just likeik happened to be but it wasn'ttas with an open hand end definitelt didn't go under her skirt and grab her butt like she said dide he. so that's his case.e you know, i think there was this photo that a lot of this, you ty know, case was riding on that wt actually got, we got a copy of y
9:49 am
of shows you know the moment of the incident that taylor described. you can judge for yourself.e fof but this looks like it'sthis l probably going to go to trial because they definitely bothte b sides have not been able to get any sort of cement together. tog >> wow. >> interesting. definitely doesn't look likely e he's up under her dress. >> i'm totally interest in this story.y. >> what are you going to do with that picture inyou court?rt? >> it's going to be very interesting. hand place many it was weird but i was not under her ski she says that he actually went w under her skirt and touched her bare butt. butt. >> tay tay. >> we'll see what happens. ig all right. >> thank you. you >> interesting.ntesting >> yeah. >> no problem.>> n >> that was the sleeper story. right?gh >> fascinating.>> reminder by the way you cany catch tmz weekdays at 3:00 and n 7:00 right here on fox5. >> that is fascinating.cinating you going to take that to courtu and say, look. >> how many of us have taken
9:50 am
>> no i mean you've taken -- ten >> you're empty buying it.'re >> no, i'm just saying when i'mj take a picture my hand doesn'tdt just go there.justo th >> what if your hand is behindsn somebody and it drops.dy anddro. you're not touching.ouchg. >> yeah. >> you know what i mean? i mea >> you're behind like -- >> like hyped. >> you're like this and theye et catch you just -- i don't know.. >> you can't tell if it'sou touching or not. t under her und h casn'an squirt. >> no exactly i agree. >> see this is why i can't lookl at that girl.. >> coming up next wish come truu for a local boy battling threatening disease and one that keeps getting bigger, the wish w that is. 9:50. ?? ?? ?? ?? at t.j.maxx, marshalls ?? and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love.
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(softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. ?? one of the most rewardingewi things we get to be a part of of fox5 dc cares partnering up witt make a wish mid atlantic.lti we've shared stories so far ofor local children and their wishese and help inspire to you get morr involved or to give and which wi ever way you this morning we want to you meee eli. eli. he's a sweeten-year-old boy.d by he didn't wish for a trip or a o shopping spr his wish was very simple but as
9:54 am
grow.. ?? >> my wish is to have a legoo house.hous get a lot of legos and my lego g kits and my my name a eli irving. ?? >> it's a disorder when thehe white blood cells particularlyai type of white blood cells justls can create tumor somewhere inrei his body for him it happened too be in the area of between hisis eye and his skull. ?? >> they gave me surgery and medicine. ??
9:55 am
building things. >> his brothers of course triedc to convinceours him to pick something that they could also a participate in like a big trip p or disney cruise or something like that but he was dead set oo the legos. ?? >> he just burst into happyo hap tears which, you know, i never n seen any of my kids do that berere. so the lady a done. you know it was really -- it wat really pretty great day.ay. pretty great day.ay >> i built mind craft sets. i've built a building.g. i've built a cafe. cafe. a bike shop. and a gross row store.. >> he spends so much time out there still so it will take himm long time to get through allouga
9:56 am
be ?? >> there are a loft little kidss out there going through tough tu times and they're families are,, too.too. so, um, make a wish helps makepk that all a little bit better for ?? >> great stories and make a wisw obviously needs some help tone keep it going they neeedd someem money and air miles wishes for those who do want too get w so many sick kids in our area aa waiting on wish.iting if you can help, please go to mid atlantic-season of to donate. >> important work.or. important work being done thereg okay. okay. much more to come on good day at 10a.10 office christmas party have youe heard about this movie? the directors are here in house andd will talk about it.ll talk abou >> in the meantime, we'll talkal about it at the top of the 10. 1 we'll tease it coming after ther break. >> it's been a tease all seasonn
9:57 am
phillie is a rashad is finally l coming on tonight and we have av first look.ok >> in the meantime coffee time.m good day d.c.ay d if you've been eyeing our cooloo good day mugs listen up we have a new good day dunkin' donutsn's mug to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donutskin' dt coffee. ors our face become page at d.c. to.ct enter our mug contest.onte. one lucky winner selected bydy random drawing but hurry youry y only have from now until 11am tt enter. ti
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go ahead, enjoy. ?? >> the must see moments you'll be talking about onlysee in ono spot this rainy morning good day
10:01 am
>> it's back! secrets, bomb, b shells an little love.eov we preview tonight's empire.mpie >> it promise to be one epic christmas party and from them trailer, it sure looks like it.. office christmas party starsta holly wooder hottest stars. s the directs join us live at 10:30 to dish about their new n laugh a minute flick film we'ree serving up a full plate of celebrity dish, maori ya, betty white, brad pitt while they're all making news at 10:15. good day at 10a starts right now. ?? >> made my hair bigger. >> thank you. >> ?? note.ote >> we have a real diva surprisee a little later.. but miss ross is in dc rightig now. now. she's going to perform at the pt ken dough center tomorrow.row.
10:02 am
you have a standing invitationao to come into the loft. lt. >> that's not her.t h. >> it's the next best thing.hig >> if she showed up we would wou love it. >> exactly much it's the next'st best thing to diana ross. >> here's something else we'rege doing much there's new movie out about office christmas parties.s so we have the directors thesers guys have done a ton of movies e blades of glory one of myy favorites.favo >> that is hilarious.isarious >> well talk with them.ell here's what ytaou want you to do because the movie is about thehe office christmas party if you io have any great office party stories, good, bad, hilarious, happened to you,ou, something, tweet us and thenhe we'll put it to them and we'llnl see how that matches up againstn some of their research and theie office christmas party stories as well. we'll have a littleas fun with . >> i don't think any of us havev any. >> i got a couple. e. >> here?>> >> from here. >> from channel five.chl fi >> yeah. >> all the way back.ayac >> you going to way back. >> all the way back.k. >> we did have epic christmas parties.rts. >> come to think about it i havh one, too.
10:03 am
parties in 13 years. so -- >> it was way back.ack >> it was about 14 years >> it was 11 years ago when weee had a big one. one >> i miff one out of through irg was here for. thanks for staying with us forhs the 10a. i'm steve alongside holly, holly maureen and wisdom maybe they'l' share their epic stories coming up will little later. later. we have to talk about thealout h weather because we have talkedee about this drought that we have been in for so long. lon we're making up for that. it's gross outside this morning. earlier this morning we had had really heavy fog now a lot of o rain and h not because the temperatures are going to be pushing 70.e pushin7 late on we can see thunderstorms as well it is a mixed bag today. tucker trying to keep tabs ontao all of it down in the weatherhea sent. se hey, tuck.he >> hey, steve. perhaps the weather should be >> perhaps. perhaps >> clever, huh? let's do the focacast. yeah, we're looking at conditions out there which tohih say the least are a bit challenging particularly on the roadways. 60 now in washington. now in humidity up 100%.
10:04 am
much of the area waking up tog t fog advisory with visibilitiesie in that spots quarter mile or less. rain showers had a heavy batch b move through an hour ago much that's pushing off to the northo and east but we're not done witt thrainin yet. we have showers on the east side of the beltway and aasdditionala showers out along 81 in thein te mountains, and as we get into gt the afternoon hours, we got too be focused on this frontal f system approaching the west w you'll see it here there you goh that's very warm, very moist, expected to be near 70. 7 we believe it or not would fire up thunderstorm activity aroundn here n addition to rain rai potentially heavy at times weimw could have gusty winds and ofino course if you have any -- hear-a any thunder make sure you take y cover and be prepared for thunderstorm as officially we'rw under a marginal risk this putki out by the storm predictiondict center a marginal risk for 74 u7 that storms later today. t quick look at the forecast. lay daytime highs near 70.r 70. enjoy it.joyt. cooler weather on the way.eaer winds will pick up out of thee
10:05 am
again rain showers potential for thunderstorm activity rightyight through the evening rush hour.i. in fact i think it will probabll be sometime later 10, 11:00 o'clock tonight beforr the rain chances really diminiss west to all right.l rit. guys. i'll have the seven day cooleror weather for december. have it for you by the end of e the show. >> just for you we'll say it'st' time to check what else is i >> first up disappointment forap some democrats and fans of the current first lady president psi obama putting a definitive end d to any speculation that is may one day run for office.ffic. social media set a blaze after the conclusion of the 2016 201 election cycle with supporterslw pushing for michelle obama tomat make a run for the presidency in 2020.20 a lot of people inspired by herh appearances on the campaignig trail for hillary clinton and bb her speech at the democraticocra national convention over the summer.summ but in an interview with rollinr stone magazine out this month,, president obama said "michelleme will never run for office" he added "she's a talented a persor
10:06 am
the american people but i jokeoe that she's too sensible to want to be in politics".ics". the president did assure readers this won't be the last they sees of mrs. obama, though, saying sn she will likely stay involved ii grass roots fundraising and and advocacy after the first familyy leaves office in january.uary >> whatever she does, she willhi be dynamic at it. it. no doubt. >> meanwhile it is beginning too look a lot like christmas at tht white house.e h maureen and steve. steve the obamas are decking the halls for the last time at 1600 now yesterday first ladyayst lad michelle obama showed off the immaculate decorations toio t military families.ry fams. this year the theme is, the giff of the holidays to reflect onleo the joy of giving as well as the gifts of life, service, friends, family, education, and good health. health among the decorations 56 lego ginger bread houses one for eacc state and territory made frome o more than 200,000 legos. l that's pretty cool, right? alss many christmas trees each
10:07 am
the white house. hse here's a look at some moreeor christmas decorations. this is vermeil room with threeh white trees. tre. check out michelle obama withh her dogs sonny and beau gigglinn with all the children there.n te there you go.eryou and then there's this. thi which they always have gingerinr bread replica of the whitehe wte house.use. ginger bread white house dates d back to 1970 and it has graced the state dining room since thet nixon administration.. >> very nice. >> do you eat that?t? >> no.. >> not that one. >> it's been there since 1970.c. >> might be a little moldy.oldy >> might give you a stomach acho if you eat it.if you eat i got it. it >> look how excited they are. a. >> that's cool.ool. president donald trump commentst about burning the american flagg created a fire storm.tea fire sm he responded after students newn hampshire college inirllege in massachusetts burned a flag ins protest of his electiobun.ion trump tweeted this outsut yesterday.yeer nobody should be allowed to burb the american flag.ericlag. if they do there might beig consequences her happens loss oe citizenship or a year in jail. i
10:08 am
with several active visits iniss new yo supporters of the nyc revolutioo cup burned us flag outside trumu tower in the protesters were part of a communist group who also burnedd a flag at the gop convention in july. >> trump' communication director echoed the president-elect'sct sentiment saying quote flaguo fg burning should be illegal end of story. the position may betion b controversial it's nothing new.. there have been past attempts ts make the practice illegal including the effort b clinton when she was in the senate. the bill prohibited flag burninb if it was considered to bee threat to public safety that tt bill never came up for a vote. . as for donald trump threat to revoke a flag burring citizenship, revoking anyone'sos citizenship is unconstitutionall punish many much the many ch t constitution would have totion o change. if you are looking to be high roller donald trump loo'ski inauguration you better reachony pretty deep into yoou betur wale because it could cost you up to $1 million to get special accesc to the new leadership. l
10:09 am
you pay for. $500,000 will get i was seat ata donald trump' dinner table.le. >> okay. ishat t all? >> we don't know how big this table. it could be a table for thousann for all we know. >> exactly many.ctly >> 250 thus san dollars will ger you two tickets to the ladiess luncheon to meet the ladies ofis first family.y hefty prices being offered toer big donors willing to chip inhii and help over the estimated $75 million cost of thef t that's the money the t inauguration committee is hopinp to raise. >> wow! >>inaugurations of pre hsidentot obama, two times, cost, anyone e know. >> i don't know. >> i didn't realize they cost - i knew it was a big product.rod. i didn't realize they cost in e mimillions. >> i feel like each time theyimy cost more.e. you know what i mean? in yeah.h >> could be totally wrong. wrong i don't know. >> i just want to be invited tot just one, any event. >> 250 grant, mow, cough it offf >> kick start.rt i'll take it. >> if money does a kick startera and gets >> you think so.>> >> probably, yeah. proy, yea >> all right.
10:10 am
3.3. former redskins quarterback sids lined with an injury since one week on the losing clevelandleve browns, by losing they haven't n won game. won game. they might not within one overne the weekend he and his and h girlfriend were a victim parkini lot thieves in that was the tip of the icebergg then there's this in the midstht of his nightmare week, someone m claiming to be his estrangednged wife rebecca started tweetinget rgiii brought up how his new new girlfriend blocked her on h on twitter then she went ono depose the question how do youod have a girlfriend when you still have a wife? you promised mee forever july of 2013. and you lied again. again the account was deleted aft thet tweets went but they were saved and screenn cast.. rgiii actually acknowledge thege tweets he tweets a lie will gett halfway around the world before the truth. >> let's hear confucius.fuci don't tweet back.t twt ba this dud i'm done.. >> yeah. don't acknowledge it. >> right.
10:11 am
pretty rough week. wk. i'll give him that. t all listen, if justin timberlake's can't stop theke'ss feeling sales like nails on a chuck board do you guess what gw you're not alone. >> queue it. it. >> ?? >> meanwhile he's laughing allsa wait to the bank but time tim magazine crowned jt's summer s tune the worst song of the yeara >> from all the progressives ata time magazine. >> exactly. timberlake hadn't released a had song in three years when he camm out with this pop song. of the year.he yr >> almost became unavoidable asb it took over the radio waves. ws here's a look at smatter songsts on the list as well. well. number two, meghan trainer. >> number three, team iggy azalea.. number four ghostbusters, i'm i not afraid.ra fall out boy and missy elliot. number five, bad things from fro machine gun kelly and number si who i do not like this song i took a bill by mike bows they bh
10:12 am
>> i agree.gree. that one, can't do it. ocan' >> i still like this >> they are partially right.. >> wis. if you pick a handful randomly some of the top songs of thegs e year you'll find some peoplel nd love them and some peopl didn't. absolute can't stand them. >> yeah. c >> i can't stand the feelingan that's all i'm saying. sta >> what?'s all>> wt? >> i remember somebody walked in here -- i'm just saying. say somebody walked in here and talked about how great that sono was going to be. and he's standing over therere right now i won't call out his s name. >> jeff our executive pro douser. >> he loves that song. there he is right there. he walked in here e --lohe i here -- [ laughter ] >> and said, justin timberlake's can't stop the feeling will beeg the song of the summer.e summer. it's going to be so great.. >> wisdom, we have pulled ourur major resources to get you this because lord knows -- can younou come in close? because lordecad knows you're just not feelingre yourself any more.ore. >> yeah. >> i think i am feeling myself. >> toss it over here. h i'm going eat it. i
10:13 am
>> oh, great.. >> which one is that? >> took a pill. pl. >> i didn't know that was thet n name of that >> let's move forward to therd t office christmas party season.n. few live up to the insanityan about to hit the big still ahead at 10:00 o'clock the directors behind the comedy thec office christmas party will join us live. liv if you have a good christmas office party story tweet us #gooddaydc.. >> mariah is letting fans know o what they're in for store whenhe they tune for a new reality show.. ?? >> it's a baby crazy edition of celebrity dish coming up next.
10:14 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
10:15 am
10:16 am
?? oh yeah, now this is real musics this time less music right here. that will always be on the list. >> see.. yeah. ye i didn't get a chance to eathant this. gosh.osy >> please eat it. pleas >> time for good day celebrity -- here you good dayity -- oops, bad pass. good day celebrity dish rightig now.. >> we'll do a christmas carol cl for each story.tory >> i saw mimi kissing someone new. >> wow.. >> did you? >> um-hmm.m-hmm. >> what? >> she's kissing somebody new.nw >> she's kissing someone new.sie >> i don't want -- i mean in i don't,, what?
10:17 am
>> oh. >> remember the guy -- r-- >> the guy that came in. >> she reportedl gy was justy wj friends with.iends th. >> yeah. >> and her hot -- they broke upe in grief and they had the big tb do over him.r him well apparently they were ine i hawaii saying aloha to each to a other n was it a kiss kiss or a like -- >> they were all over each other. >> well, are we sure about this is there video evidence of t wet because it could be a situationa where steve talk about this one time. she could have fallen or needede medical coming out december 4th.ber 4th. >> yeah. >> i think this weekend. thi they even -- people that worke t with her are talking aboutg a broken's big crush on her.. >> right.. >> and how that's whole realho r deal thing and she opens up oneu her show about the break up because she's like, you know, yo hey, it's live, and that's whata reality show is.ow >> she also talked about beauty secrets as well how she stays fit and keeps her skin goodn looking and all that kind ofl kd stuff. >> how she never wears sweat wes pants.
10:18 am
>> you know what, if she's in se her own surroundings, nothing wrong with that. >> he can check out mariah'ss world december 4th. >> yes. >> you ready. >> ?? i'll have blue christmashs without you ?? >> i miff it. mif what? >> oh, my gosh. you're losing me on theing men h christmas. i gotcha. i see now. >> please give him the snickersr bar. i told you shall have eaten it. >> throw meet snickers bar backc >> kanye has not seen his kids,d kim is being around him even thoughho she's been at his constantst bedside in the hospital. hosta >> right. >> she just doesn't want thean t kids in that and we don't really have much of update other thanta kanye is not doing very well.l. >> right.>> right. >> and so it all continues. >> yeah. yea we talk about this with garythir trock from tmz earlier. obviously they shut downt production of the kardashianarsh show so that's pretty serious. and the stories are the kids thk have not been to see him becausc she doesn't want to expose themt
10:19 am
because he's in such a bad state. >> this is an easy one.s isn ea ?? what child is this ?? ? >> this is easy one talkinge tal about somebody particular one direction whose about to apctparently have ioa baby becae they won't say anything butin bt let's pitt up the picture.ictu. the evidence. all right. this is liam who was with -- he used to be -- [ laughter ][ laug ] >> he used to be with oneith on direction. this is liam. know who liam is from is f one direction.ecti >> where allison seymour. this is her band. cheryl cole, do you know who that is. >> yes. >> yes. >> that's who that is in thats h green sweater. they were out somewhere and you see how the sweater is out like .out soe sweathat they haven't confirm this. you don't walk up to a woman and ask her if she's pregnant. >> evening i know that. >> the word is she's in heror second trimester.d that's the word on the street. >> she is much older when she was 25 and he was 14 and she was married and she was ae wa judgen the show -- >> they won to become one becom direction if you want the real juice i'll give it to you now.
10:20 am
back. >> the little one direction they ares are upset about that whole relationship.e onpset a >> continuing on the baby news, though. >> go ahead. what's the next song. riedwhat i'ss also a pregnant. >> i thought i was going to get a >> what child is this works forr all the celebrity babies.yab >> i thought you were going togi do a song for everyone.ngr eveon >> oh, my goodness.dnes. >> baby, baby, baby.ab >> who is the baby daddy. dad >> that's not a christmas song.t any way, the baby daddy is thomas sudofke of course it'suri her fiance' and she announced it >> there it is. >> they just got engaged in eng september but now they'll have a baby and she's super h. we're still talking aboutl lkin celebrity kids.brit >> yes, we are. are we are.. ?? ? >> how about little alicia keys. >> okay. allll right. alicia keys and they got baby. b play the song that the baby is i playing on the piano. pno let's see that veo. can we turn it up a little bit? >> wait the kid is playing it.. >> he wrote it. what? ? >> and he's six.ix
10:21 am
>> cute as a button. >> look at h he's not even looking at the the piano looking at the camera. >> now apparently he can playy lots of different songs he can e play the charlie brown song, hi, name is charlie brown. >> he can play little drummermm boy. so when you take two musicalal geniuses and put them together.h >> can he do chop sticks? to if he can't do chop sticks don'tchp talk to me. s >> it's so basic . okay. oh holy night the stars are brightly shining.ning what's the theme with that.ith . >> without makeup.itho >> okay. so i got that one.t o okay. i see now without make up. perilly calendar, they'rehe apparently doing a calendar witw some celebrity women famous women without, well not withoutt >> minimal makeup.akeu >> some of the people on thishis list uma thurman, julianne moore, lupita, jessica which iss steen greed to go near make up p free for the grown up shoots.p s
10:22 am
>> what's near make up free.up >> they barely have on anyrely n makeup. make >> that's not true.ue >> what? >> they probably did a fulll cover little like nude lipstickc you know make up --p -- >> the big they know about thiss calendar it used to be nearly naked women or people and it wat very, you know, so they'reow, taking a whole different turnret and just kind of celebrating how women naturally look. >> less makeup. makeu >> listen, alicia keys ---- >> i'll be home for christmas.. but i wasn't at thanksgiving >> okay. i thought we were doing bettyoit white. >> i thought we were doing bradi pitt. pitt. >> we can do both.>>can do bot go ahead don brad pitt. pit brad pitt he was in turks andurs caicos for thanksgiving that'snk where he was, and the big headline here, is he with none of his kids. kids. all of the kids and angelinangin they celebrated thanksgivingnkin away and this is a big deal a bl because they used to make such a big thing about holidays being family time and we're all goingg to be together. toghe nonetheless he was on the beacha >> all right.>> aight.
10:23 am
betty white.hi. >> rock aig round the christmash tree because she is still rocking. >> she's single and ready to sin ming she's 94 years old apparentlytl she told al roker, hey, if you,y want to -- you want to hang out she's ready to roll. rol >> was she saying that to hal roker.. >> no.>> n talking about in general.t inenr >> she was saying she loves menm and no one asked her out on datd because who will ask a 95 year5 old out on date? d >> she's amazing.zi >> shots what she said. sho it was in an interview.ew >> i'll bet she has more datee offers than anybody.. >> everybody in here >> she was very sweet heras ver husband died in 1981 and shend s said she never remarried becausb how can you topper if he can. h >> i love that.>> iove weet.sweet. >> we love betty white.te >> wait a minute.>> waiin wait, wait, w >> do not throw it. it. >> ya'll hated on the no makeupu >> can you throw the thinghehi properly? good night.d t >> bad hands. h >> that's why he was actuallys cut from the >> thank you. >> he's a gentlemen.. >> wis. >> 10:23. coming up empire welcomes a a
10:24 am
family.fami we do have a first a fs. >> bob barnard this morning has been running around all over the dmv and he's about to tackle one of his biggest stories ever andr we're literally talking biggestt we'll check in with next find f out what he's doing up on theont hill. hill. >> keeps ting it. i'm going to eat it.g to e it. >> really? >> really. >> it's a no hander.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
little less than an hour he isre going to go one-on-one staringrg right into the kneecaps much knh former nba star shaquilleille o'neal.o' bob joins us now from southwest d.c. what shaq doing in town, bob?? >> reporter: well, by one-on-one with mean interviewew we're not playing hoops hereng this morning. shaq is here in town to go up to capitol hill to talk aboutut impaired driving. not from alcohol which lawhi enforcement around the country has been able to well but for drugged driving. distracted driving people are oo their phones texting and what aw have you, there are tests to to show how much alcohol is in your system, but what law enforcement across the country is seeing isi that more and more drivers are a driving drugged and it's justs hard to really go after that. and shaq shaquille o'neal is a reserved police officer inn florida.ida he's work with the los angelesns police department and othert ote agencies. he's campaigned on cam toll hill in the
10:28 am
the folks from based in arlington county ralph black mam the ceo is i've laid it out a little bit,, ralph. lp we've been talking.alng n our viewers as to thisohi challenge and you want to getant congress involved and state governments involved to go aftet this increasing problem of o people driving drugged. is that correct?t? >> yeah, that's exactly correctt bob.b. ultimately, what we are seeing is while traffic fatalities haiv come down over the last 25, 30 years, drunk driving fatalitiese have come down even fas that. that but what we're finding is thatht the nature of impaired driving i is changing.ngg. and so even over the last year y or so, we've edged up a littleil bit over the long term maryland, virginia, d.c., alcohol impairee driving has gone down but b drugged driving is risingisg >> and by drugs you're talking t about people who might be onht n prescription metter indication or abusing one and officers area kind of tied. tie how do you rate that? how do do you judge that? is that right?
10:29 am
police officer who rolls up onpn the scene you may have a driverr that they administer ainr a breathalyzer to who comes in under the legal limit. yet still shows science ofce o impairment and the officer veryc often is not trained to be able to understand what impairmentaim that i the other side of it, is we know that many high ba crest driversi and repeat offenders also involve drugs and in many cases almost 40% are mental hellel so the officer on the scene without more training, without t better laws, without a lot of of science that is still yet to bet done really has a tough b >> reporter: ralph, thank you very much. and one of the things thatha shaquille o'neal is in town to do, guys, is work with the folkl from and som of the police officials from fro around our area to lobby members of the senate and house, their staff, to help kind of fund the training and help encouragencra
10:30 am
tackle this issue which isch growing and using the statue of shaquille o'neal to help makeo e the point loud and clear this ce morning on capitol hill. hl. >> bob, thanks for that.t >> we look forward to your interview with shaq coming up cg later as well. >> interesting shaq does that.t. a couple years ago he came toe t capitol talking about binge drinking on college campus. cpu >> he's really involved anddnd passionate about stopping young people and stopping this wholese alcohol thing from becoming ainr problem to people w drunk driving or getting drunk k on campus.onampu he's really into this. >> using his celebrity in a good way. >> we saw kirk cousins gettingsg involved with similar projectro when he came to paying attentioi behind the wheel.el >> yeah. >> let's take break from and get to the movies to enjoy ourselves. office christmas party can be as par can recipe for disaster. maybe you know knhat maybe you experienced it firstst hannity new move vote same name it is a comedy gold mine andmove coming u gp theol directors behd the new jennifer aniston movie e join us live in the loft.he lof we'll chat with them.'ll chat
10:31 am
we'll talk next.they'rl talkext. ??
10:32 am
10:33 am
?? all right.> al i made a list of my first rounds of layoffs. >> give me that. >> no, no.t of >> are>> wo,e s nure about this? >> say you won't make budgetake cuts. who comes thing into guy. into g everybody will get a bonus orus >> suck that back n you suck y c that back in..
10:34 am
>> you know i took new year's of krav ma good. goo >> carol you're turning blue. you got to tap out. o tap out. tap out.ut >> all right. r >> you okay?>> >> that's how it get things done around the office. o that's a clip from officeffice christmas party about a tough ceo played by jennifer aniston who wants to close the branch o the company managed by her brother played by tj miller they throw an epic christmas party to try to impress a potential client and save in clients. couple guys no strangers to laughs blades of glory director who's both join us live in the loft this morning for ourin epic paper cup prosecco christmas chs party we're throwing in the lofl this morning. this do you it right. mrit >> nothing but the best for your guys. >> you really broke it out for f us. >> you poured.ou cheers to the new movie guys. >> thank you very much.ou very . >> good day office christmasdace
10:35 am
>> this is what you get. you >> better than what we've had in past years w. >> come on guys.ome on guy >> you should feel honored.ho we have cookies for you aul sana hat and lights that actually acl blink of once in awhile.nce inil >> i like that. >> how much in depth research went into this, because -- yous- guys have known each other since college. co >> yeah. >> you go way way back. >> have you ever actually worked in an office environment you gea through christmas parties. pties >> we took some of the bestmethe stories from this, you know, and we also -- the second that wed e said to people we were doing aoa movie about office christmasis party it's amazing how many howy stories. you probably heard that a me ted million times. >> it's dangerous night you'rehy one drink away from ruining thet rest of your life and we and we definitely feel like we captureu a lot of those great stories ins thmovivie. >> it's funny too because youecu read more and more this time ofo year articles on the properrticr etiquette for christmas partiess >> yeah. best one we read somebody said you have to write the worde ther tomorrow on your hand to he soeo when you're reaching for that fa fifth drink remember there'smbe tomorrow. >> i like that one. one there's valuable advice gettingg right here on good day. ood d >> what does that say on your
10:36 am
good to go.good >> we got it. we it >> we got it. >> obviously it's a great cast c here we saw tj. who's idea was the hugo scene. e >> this is something will hasism brothers and sisters and i think everybody who has siblings knows what it's like to be kind of pinned down to the ground. grod. you just like take the scene ans own it. >> oh yeah. >> i think jennifer definitelyel wanted to something fun and siblings between her and tjer ad miller they get unhood of it.d the wrong way that morning woulm you have made them do that scene 50 more times? >> they did it a lot actually.y >> did they.>> d >> that was tj's first sceneirse with jennifer.nir. >> nice welcome. good a little intimidated andimd that was how they met. >> really?>> reall >> yeah. >> what more memorable way coulu it be? >> exactly.ct >> jennifer aniston, jason bateman you had them in movien m before together. >> we did movie called thed movl switch. switch grereat movie. now when you the switch, when wn you have people that obviouslyio have chemistry on screen scree
10:37 am
we'll get these buys guys backgc together. >> yeah. we wanted to give them the opportunity to -- we knew theywt work well together. we wanted them to give them the tune to do different jenn is the bad guy. she's very brave. it's great to see them take them risks and try different things.. >> if somebody is directing dec let's say a different genre andn an action movie or a horrororro movie it seem like there's t obviously different things aiffe director is looking for to makee that stand out. do you get all get mean is that kind of what you'rk going for as the directoinr? t? get the timing down? what dot you look for.. >> we wanted to make movie aboua an office we want to make sure s you always identified somebody as an audience the it guy or ceo. we wanted to -- we set out tout have a big ensemble of 15 to 188 actors and our fantasy, youanta know, loading up the bench withh everyone from indicate mckinnonn from snl. jillian bell, courtney whoseyho amazing on the oj simpson mini series..
10:38 am
wanted to have an across theoss board sort of diplomaticc democratic system of comedy and i think we really achieved it.ed >> did you at any point poll them about their best or worse christmas party stories they. s. it't's funny. tj miller actually worked in the building that we shot in inn i chicago. and had been to a pret awful -- >> why does this not surprisepre me. me. tj is the one person who wouldrw have epic christmas partyas p ories.s. c epic stories. right. surprising. >> all of them actually reallyth emloved because they're actors o time the idea of being in ann office.of we each -- we gave them eachm ec their own cubicle. >> isn't live funny sometimes.ym who has that dream.o has that de >> not a lot of people who workr in offices want to be moviee mov stars. >> we want to have christmashris party really. >> here it is.ere its. >> christmas party we all wantew to go to. now we feel like we've been doed it. it >> that's fantastic. let me ask you about you guys.>g because you do all those moviese together. >> yeah. >> always going to be that way? i mean, why break what's notot broken.en >> we'll see how this intervieww goes. goes [ laughter ]
10:39 am
>> i did intentionally get youou drunk and keeping you cheapap prosecco we bought at theght at drugstore across the street. str >> it's one of those things whe it works and it's been working w you want to keep doing it. doini i'm sure they'll be a day some o day. >> i think it's a great combo g r you guysys. but you did -- you do go back to school, right, film school whenc you started working.king >> we wept to film school schoo together at nyu and startedd stt doing short films together and t we started writing scriptsngcr together for studios directing n bunch of commercials together. g all the geico work we did and ad bunch of stuff. don't realize they see the feature films and see your name attached to them. >> exactly.. >> people don't realize all the work that goes into it.don't es. >> it's a great art form in fm i itself it really is.itselfrealli >> i do have to ask you one of my favorite movie all times the epic blades of glory. g who pick out the costumes for that and how much work went int it. >> we a great costume designerr judy weiss who is incredible. but we took our influence fromee
10:40 am
olympics.cs. >> yes.>> >> was definitely jumping offinu point for john being a peacock a you're not drinking steve.. >> cheers to the >> cheers. people always say it's a bigs ab loud movie blades.lades. we call eight documentary about the skating.ti >> are you kidding me? me? >> i'm taking a drink. you made me laugh.u made >> it's what you do.>> is wh movie is out. it will be out friday.. >> december 9th a week from fro friday. friday. >> open for everybody.evody. >> go check it out much guys, gy appreciate you being here. h >> we appreciate being hee. >> enjoying our christmas pear.t are you soliciting or welcomingg other people' stories when theet film comes out.he >>film there will be a sequel. e >> is there going to be a so quell.l. >> i don't know. the next story.tory >> warm prosecco and cookies. >> whatnot to do at your officef christmas party. >> i think that's a title forpa the nextnk tha one.. >> cheers, fellows.. >> i seen you take a swig. now you walk out with it. with i
10:41 am
>> thanks for coming in.. >> merry christmas.isas >> if you need an extra. a [ laughter ] >> bye i'm available.ille. >> wisdom, i'm available for thl next >> eat your snickers. all right. r after short thanksgiving break empire returns with an all newll episode tonight but first weut f have a first look at miss felicia's rashad's debut.ebut why she and cookie are buttingtg ads.s. 10:41. we're back after this. afterhis. ??
10:42 am
be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together.
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pressos, and donuts.
10:44 am
>> empire is back with more thi week. lady lyon throws a dinneris parr take look >> you want to show me up for me tomorrow to help me get my new man's mom in a in line.n l >> fit helps you get overve lucious i'm there. the >> i'm already over his bleep. >> sit in between had a kim and andre.e >> better wear a helmet.. >> well done, mother. >> so where is cookie lyon? >> i don't know.'t
10:45 am
>> you don't know?w >> i don't, mother.other >> am i to understand that i'm i being stood up by this woman? after whole world saw her naked photo? we're supposed to takedk it to our people she's not thata kind of person.f pern. >> i realize that.>> i >> this will never do, >> that's not all cookie will bl dealing with.h. family secrets also being bei exposed tonight.. and just reminder you can catchh that all new episode of empire r tonight at 9:00 right here on hn fox5 and tomorrow of course tune in at good day at 10a for 10a f another episode of ome we'll dish about our favorite momentss you can too.u cao >> it will be good. g >> looking forward to it.o it. 10:45 is our time right now. n coming up next, good day gets it twisted.
10:46 am
best with one of the most fearss drag shows in town. tow we've got a treat for you cominn up next. up next. don't go
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?? no cure for good times herer on good day. we're about to have another epic win. wi mary wells, the four tops,r top temptations and rick james ifd you love the musicri from the fm motown era, you are sure to t enjoy our next guest who is coming out in tribute to the motown diva miss diana ross. her receiving that presidentiali medal of freedom.reom the legendary singer isger i performing for three nights at the kennedy center but if youfou weren't able to get your ticketc to that show, we have the next best thing. d.c.'s best drag 16 shaquita lee is here stopped by the loft in i the illusion of the motown diva herself diana ross. r
10:50 am
?? >> i'm coming out, i want theant world to know, got to let itt show ?? >> ?? i'm coming out, i want the world to know got to let it show ?? >> ?? there's a new me coming out and i have to live and i and just want to give, completely positive i thi around i am going to do it likek you never knew it, oh, i'll makk it through ?? >> ?? the time has come for me to break out of the shell, i have to shout that i am coming out ?? >> ?? i'm coming out, i want the world to know, i got to let it i show ??
10:51 am
show ?? >> ?? i'm coming out, coming iog want the world to know i've gotg to let it show ?? >> ?? i'm coming. i'm coming out, i want the worlw to know i've got to let it show ?? ?? i've got to show the world w all that i want to be and all my abilities there's so much more them just understand i got it i from and how i have plans ?? >> ?? i'm spreading love there is no need to fear and i'm feele so good every time i hear ?? >> ?? i'm coming out, i want the world to know, i've got to let l it show ??
10:52 am
world to know i've got to let ii show ?? ?? i'm i'm coming out, i want the worlw to know i've got to let it show ?? >> ?? i'm coming out, i want tht world to know i've got to let it show ?? >> girl you are coming out. >> whoo!>> wo >> more ways than one. mor look at that. just sit on the sit o if you're in the wearing it i am. am. >> you can wear it. >> it's so good to see you.>> >> so good to see soyou as goo l >> we also were watching as youa were performing here live in the lot of we got to see wonderfulrf video of you performing at theg white house. is it fair to say the first drag fst queen to ever perform at therm a white house? >> first of my knowledge. k i'm the first.thfirst >> tina turner. tell us about that.t. >> i was asked to come andnd perform for the trance jenteen community briefing and i do so o
10:53 am
trance jent community i'm notot transgender.tran i'm a gay mail. mai. but i worked a lot with the the transgenders in our communitymu and part of my cast of salute te divas i have a couple of transgender people on my show sw cast as well i do lot to give tg back to the community and so byy me doing so much and givingg back, they asked me to come anda perform at the white house.ou. >> how did it go.ow didt go >> twaite nominal.>> it was amazing i performed t for the reception.ti i didn't perform at the briefing there were trance jent people tt but i performed at the reception and it was mazing.anas >> what song dud.ngud >> i did proud mary there.ary t. proud mary. i love it. rolling on the one of my favorites.avorites you have your big show at theg t how war theater. >> it's not at the howard. i was at the howard theater forr >> we're now at the bethesda blues and jazz supper club. cb. i'm the first drag queen.g que i was the first drag queen at qn the howard i brought drag back to the dback
10:54 am
the july well box review the bethesda jazz and blues supperer case is giving me thecases gi opportunity to showcase mye m talent there i took my showy there we're having a drag saluta to motown twisted. twisted >> we have nine lesbian womenomn that look like men that play the temptation, four tops, rick james, stevie wonder. the drag queens will play -- the mary jane then we have a young michael m just drag salute to motown m twisted. >> i tell the shows are amazing. i remember when youe fshirst ft brought it back to the howarditt theater. i was there we did the whole thing.ere >> you did beyonce'.id bce' >> oh yeah.>> oh ah. in single lady. >> i was beyonce'. >> any way, i'm no rally knocksk i did my best that morning. why do you think these showe are so well received? >> um, i feel that there are soe many heterosexual people thatple love to see what we do and lovel the idea of our makeup and our o costumes and and stu
10:55 am
to a gay establishment or gaynty bar to see the shows.hows so i branched out on my own andn took it to the theaters and sond that everyone -- it's venue vene everyone can enjoy and everyonen can come and see that you don't have to be gay, straight,ght, bisexual or whatever, your, you preference in life s you have av fun filled place like going toeg las vegas show the diva show sho >> going to amazing show ing shw general.ral go to be entertained. do you have a favorite charactea that you >> i play tina turner and dianaa ross. >> do you like one over the >> no? what do you like aboutbt diana? >> her costuming. >> um-hmm. >> and the wigs.s. >> admit diana -- if miss dianas was watching right would you sas to her. >> i'm coming to see tomorrowmor night.ght i have 11 tickets i'm on the'm t second bring me out and pull me on on stage. st >> do you go at the diana rossis as diana ross. >> yeah. >> i love it.t. >> they told me not to do it.ot >> you go and put it all out alt
10:56 am
>> i saw tina turner at theat verizon center i went in drag. >> two shows that the bethesda blues and show summer club. clu 3:00 o'clock show and sho and 8:00 o'clock the 3:00 o'clock scioscia quoteo at a lee chicken and watches yoy can drag at drag brunch att nellie's sports bar. if only she did something,ng, right. all right. thank you so much. as always. thaslway >> thank you so much holly for f having me.ha >> back over to you all.k overoo >> i'm impressed.mpreed. >> thanks a lot, guys.hanks lot, >> i have a feeling we'll see w pict center. >> i think so, too. that's mazing.>> i >> time to check tweets beforeae we run out of the timeck twe tod >> let's put them up right nowin real quick.uick maureen can't stop the feeling f is not on the level of suit and tie. >> franchise gamer, no.amer n >> all right. ling itiop the feeling is a time less tune talented jude justinn timberlake. i agree. i agree. i >> got that sunshine in myy pocket i i >> wisdom, please. please. the snickers.e >> eat that tickers >> already eating and i'm stills the >> oh, no. >> keep doing it i want to brini snickers in every day..
10:57 am
watching this. >> that's our goal in life.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? i have a great show for you! we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ cheers ] ?? >> now, here's [ wild cheers and applause ] ?? [ applause ] >> wendy: okay, okay. thank you very much for watching the show.


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