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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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dulles. more heavy rain showing up just to the west. we see that across portions of southwest loud inand into montgomery county. let me put it in motion. up toward montgomery county we seen it starting to move north. that will continue pushing from southwest to northeast. i'm putting this in motion the last hour. that's headed up towards frederick, howard county, you're going to get in on a little of that. 66 interstate, a good batch of making the commute for people along 66 also, this is moving up from southwest to northeast and getting closer to eastern portions of louden. going to take little while but we'll see all of this sliding through later tonight. i wanted to show you this goes way down to the south, what about weather for us? we're not outlooked for stronger severe storms but i have to tell you georgia, atlanta even portions of florida, they not
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we've had eight reports of tornados today. these are the reports of tornados in the last 24 hours. heart hit in tennis ten. good news for us, we may see a rumble of thunder but we're not expecting anything terribly severe. futurecast, the frontal boundary swings on through. we'll keep a close eye on it and update you again in a few minutes. >> thanks, sue. he's a prominent community leader. now, council member mel franklin is facing charges for driving while under the influence of alcohol and causing a crash that sent two people to the hospital. fox 5 alexandra limon is live in upper marlboro with more on this.
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of rear ending a mercy at a stopped at a red light. b but driving under the influence of alcohol and the suv he was driving was registered to prince george's county and he tried to flee the scene of the crash. it happened monday around 11:30. franklin reportedly hit the mercedes heart enough for the air bags to deploy. both people were taken to the hospital. police s flee on foot but first responders spotted him, an officer saw him wondering in the center median of pennsylvania avenue and arrested him. he had a blood alcohol level of .10, according to the maryland state police department. frankford is a known activist member of the prince george's county county n a c p.
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on november 21, 2016 my client was involved in a motorist accident. this is a legal matter. and these issues will be addressed in court. the only comment issued by any prince george's county official was a statement to frankford has given up his county issued car and no longer has access to any county vehicles. reporting live in upper marlboro, alexandra limon fox 5 police asking for your help trying to identify a person wanted in connection with an assault victim says the person seen in the surveillance video was armed with a knife when he physically and tried to sexually assault her on saturday night. it happened inside the grand hyatt hotel in the 1,000 block of h street if northwest. during the altercation, the victim was able to run away. if you have information, you're
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>> before we can regain their trust, we need to restore their service. >> back to good. that is a new promotional campaign that metro is calling their campaign, and you're looking at the promotional video they put out by the transit system >> comes on the one-year anniversary of metro's general manager paul weidefeld taking over. >> at the national press club. paul weidefeld gave progress report and his goal for 2017. fox 5 matt ackland joins us with >> reporter: paul weidefeld says that a lot of work has taken place since he took over the transit system, but remember, he complained when he first took over that there were too many maintenance, too many safety issues to take care of. and he says that is simply not the case anymore. today, he talked about his accomplishments in 2016, let's take you through some of those just to tell you what he touched on at the press club today. weidefeld said one of his hardest decisions was shutting
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you'll remember that one. he knew it impacted everyone but he said safety was more important than inconvenience. also, new cars are in service. currently 20 new rail cars are being introduced into service each month. and getting the budget under control, that was big for weidefeld. he said cuts especially laying off hundreds has been difficult, but definitely needed. so let's look forward in the new back to good initiative. weidefeld says track work, that is still a priority. he says that wednesday's track is done. the system should be much -- in much better shape, not perfect. he hopes -- listen to think, to have a 50% cut in the unscheduled track delays. also spoke about efforts to put cell phone service into tunnels. this to give a better customer experience. >> it is amazing to me to see the transformation that is
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i know that you don't feel it as much but the reality is, you know, literally the miles of work we've done, it's just unbelievable. the biggest thing i've seen is our employees now are bringing up the issues, which is exactly what you want in a safety culture. some of the speed restrictions you've seen are not coming from management. they're coming from the line people out on the sem. that's exactly where they should be coming. >> reporter: so also, at that the metro board jack evans. he was there to applaud weidefeld and the work has done. he says don't forget what terrible situation metro was in. just a year ago. >> we have grounded a system in chaos but we have an enormous amount of work to do on fixing tracks, trains, making it reliable. >> reporter: there is still a
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and weidefeld could come against some political pressure. tomorrow in fact, there's going to be the discussion about the hours remember, there are some leaders who say we can't deal with having four hours of service. weidefeld says listen, i need it to get this maintenance done, that will be discussed today. then a big meeting on friday on capitol hill. members of the metro board will go back in front of congress, they're hoping congress will give metro a bit more money, jack to testify. live in northwest matt ackland fox 5 local news. dc body camera footage and the public's right to see it >> paul wagner will have that store after the break. no charges against the officer who killed a black man in charlotte north carolina. how text messages found in keith scott's phone played a role in that verdict. and the fbi revealing new details tonight about the attack at ohio state and the role isis
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those videos i think are game changing. it's for the purpose of airing out the fact that try it new information on a story that we've been following on dc body camera footage and the public's right to see it. since last summer, fox 5 repeatedly been asking to see the court to conflict drunk drivers. the dc attorney general has refused to turn it over. claiming the law is on his side. it's a claim that now appears to have fallen apart. fox 5 paul wagner joins us with the story. paul? >> for months, dc attorney general has been steadfast in his claim that we cannot see police body camera footage used in court to convict drunk drivers. and if we want to see it we have to ask dc police.
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u.s. attorney general's. asking for a recent unredacted body camera video used in court for a criminal conviction. take a look at what we got. >> last july 31st in the 38 alone block of southeast, two men got in an argument over two could first could drive into and out of a parking lot. one of the men pulled a gun. when police arrived, as see, there was confusion. the man in the car who had gun is actually the victim. at the request of the us attorney's office, we are not showing his face. he then points to another man who police then quickly dis arm and take into custody. his name is robbie davis junior and he was convicted. the video was turned over to fox 5 at our request, unredacted, without having to go through the
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has refused to do. >> the fact that the us attorney's office is giving you the same material when you asked for it, that comports with standard public records obligations and it shows that the pd and the dc and attorney general's office deviated if the way the public records have to be handled. >> reporter: when carl refused to hand over the videos from five drunk driving case, we act request. with dc police. asking for those same videos. in return, we were told by dc police they would be redacted, meaning, we could not see them as they appeared in court. he has years of experience prying records away from the dc police department that it did not want to release >> the point is for transparency, it's a response
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accountability, and what dc is doing turn that is on its head. they're basically seeking to take the police body camera footage and put i it back into the shadows. >> reporter: fox 5 has been unable tos any of the vice we have asked for from either the attorney general or dc police. >> earlier day, we reached out to phil men dellson. chairman of the city council, kevin donahue and kenyan mcduffy, the dc who has oversighted the police department and helped right the body camera statute. we wanted reaction but we've heard nothing. we did hear from a spokesman from the attorney general carl raseen who stands by his that quote the district's clearly vets the metropolitan police department and only that agency with the responsibility for receivings processing and responding to requests for body worn camera footage.
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this one of a deadly police in contact in north carolina gained national attention sparking several days of widespread violent protest. we have learned no charges will be filed against the charlotte police officer in this video. accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old keith lamont scott that officers brent lee vinson quote acted lawfully >> they claimed he was holding a gun when he was killed. scott's family contends he was not armed. charlotte mecklenburg assistant district attorney showed surveillance video just minutes before the shooting and appeared to show a bulge in his pant leg that looked like a gun. during today's press conference, the da also said scott purchased
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he also showed reporters text messages from a person who admitted to selling scott the weapon, and admitting to feeling like he played a role in scott's death. >> now, i'd like to speak to the community. i know there are some out there are going to be frustrated. i want everyone in this community to know that we meticulously, thoroughly reviewed all of the evidence in this case >> family released the following that said, in part, we are profoundly disappointed in the decision not to criminally charge officer brent vine son for his action in taking the life of keith scott. while we understand that many in the charlotte area share our frustration and pain, we ask everyone work together to fix the is my that allowed this
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place. family ended by asking that any protests remain peaceful. >> we go do ohio where we're learning more about man that injured 11 people on the campus of ohio state university. investigators. this is the first time the fbi publicly said terrorist influences may have played a role in incident. artan slammed his car into a crowd of students and staed investigators have spoken with his family members and coworkers and continue to search through his computer and cell phone for clues. officials also ask for public's help at a press conference as they continue to piece together the timeline of events. >> we have basic information about the purchase of the knife. we know the time of the attack. we also know we have some footage from the university about where the vehicle was.
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purchase and the arrival on campus that we want fill in so that's why we want that public help to tell us if they saw something, what did they see? where they saw it, what time it was, help us fill that timeline in. >> three of the victims in monday's incident still are in the hospital. the terror group isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. president-elect trump responding to isis claiming responsibility saying isis is taking credit for terrible stabbing at university by a somali refugee who should not have been in our country. there are now four confirmed deaths from wildfires in tennessee. none of the people killed have been identified. the flames spread very quickly through the great smoky mountain region of tennessee monday. high wind gusts pushed the flames down from the mountains. more than 14,000 people evacuated just from the town
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businesses have been damaged or destroyed. the red cross is accepting donations for evacuates and first responders and allowing them to register on the red cross website to find each other >> if you would like to help respond you can give $10 by texting red cross to 90999. the arlington food assistance center is asking for your help to purchase a new cargo van to families in need. their other van broke down as volunteers were attempting to pick up groceries. they raised $15,000 but short of their goal. if you would like to make a donation, we have put up a link on our website an instructor at a lower summer camp arrested for sexual assault >> police want to make sure there aren't any other victims. what you need to know if your
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a school tooter is accused of throwing a 7-year-old boy against a wall and fracturing his jaw. hear how the tooter is putting the blame on the kid >> we have long known about the impacts second hasn't smoke could have. but they're warning about third hand, they're saying breathing in fume is not the only way pets are affected. we'll be right back.
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. keeping a close gli eye on radar on this unusual last night of meter logical fall. we're seeing november go out and a mild note.
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humid. tracking some very heavy downpours starting to move into portions of western montgomery county and across louden county. let's go to radar. i'm keeping a close eye on a pretty heavy downpour watching not too far from germantown around the poolsville area. that's going to be getting closer. you can see that it looks a little odd. it's close to the radar site. some of that heavy rain in the leesburg and middleberg area. also pushing into the poolsville region, heavy downpours, bright re that is going to be pushing across 278, woodfield and kingly between now, still in the seeing any lightening. we haven't ruled that out with the frontal boundary but these showers look like they're coming through without lightening but moderate to heavy rain for the evening rush hour. continuing with this line of rain showers south of 66, down into culpeper county.
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southwest to northeast, so more heavy rain pushing in your direction, gainsville and okton eventually that will get to you as well. we're going to have to wait for a frontal boundary to come before everything shuts off. we're glad to get some of this rain, can't rule out thunderstorm. by 7:00 we'll keep it showers and 64 degrees, by 9:00. a little bit of thunder could be showing up. by 11:00, 60, we're going to keep it on the mild side. that is for sure. this frontal boundary be crossing us with a final round of rain between about 9:00 and 11:00 then we will clear out overnight and see our temperatures dropping back for the first day of december, meter logical winter to about 55 to 58 degrees for tomorrow. we'll have another look at your forecast in the seven-day coming your way in a few minutes. sarah and laura? >> straight head at 5:30. president-elect trump making a big announcement about how he plans to transition.
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donald trump says he's leaving the family business behind but what will that mean exactly for his hotel here in dc? we'll have that store. >> well, donald trump came out and announced 1,000 jobs he is protecting but the white house says that's not really big deal because it's not job creation. we'll have that story next. laura? nba great shaquille o'neill in dc on capitol hill. star wants lawmakers to pay attention to.
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this is fox 5 local news at
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woman. wanted for murdering a man in front of a grocery store in manassas. she was involved in a fight with him and another man in a food line parking lot. jackson was shot and died at the hospital. brandon still on the loose. if you know of her whereabouts please call police. prince george's county investigating the death of man found on the side of the road this morning. he was discovered by officers in the 5300 block i man has not been identified. this is ran done miller, a martial arts instructor in falls church accused of sexual assaulting a 13-year-old student. an investigation on miller started in august. he finally turned himself into police on sunday. now detectives are trying to find anyone who had children that attended his summer camp who might have more information about the incident. if you know something, you can text crime solvers at tip187 or
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is accused of throwing a boy against a wall and fracturing his jaw. the mother showed photos. charges have been filed against the tutor. timothy randall core, he's been fired from his job, an employee of the baltimore curriculum project which operates city springs elementary a baltimore city charter school. core claims the boy threw himself into the wall. >> he can't do all of that by himself. he only seven years old. he's so small. >> baltimore police say there is video from inside the school. they concluded what happened was a crime after they saw the vigilant core faces multiple charges including first and second degree child abuse and first and second degree assault. a big announcement from president-elect trump this
5:32 pm
international hotel here in dc. trump says that he is leaving his business empire to focus on being the next president. but there are growing concerns trump could wind up breaking the law on inauguration day. fox 5 tom fitz is outside with more and this is just a twisted web of business and politics. >> reporter: good evening, sarah, often during the campaign, donald trump was heard to say that he was going to get to pennsylvania avenue one way or another. either at the white house up the street here or here behind us at the trump international hotel. but with the president-elect now set to take office 50 days from now, trump pledged today to leave his business behind are leading to new questions here in dc tonight about how far he will go to avoid those ethical situations like the possible continued involvement here at
5:33 pm
so take a look at this. early this morning, before dawn, donald trump starts sending out a series of tweets. in it he says, quote, i will be living my great business behind in order to focus fully on running the country in order to make america great again. adding that while i have not mandated to do this, i feel it's visually important as president in a way to have no conflict of interest with my various businesses. that being said, there are still a lot of questions about how donald trump is going to do this. none these tweets spell out how this would work. if trump names any of his three children to run his businesses, that could be a problem because they're part of his official transition team. now, in a deep dive between his apartment of the interior and the trump organization, by georgetown law professor, published in the government that found that in that lease it says that in government official, which trump will be on
5:34 pm
connection to the deal. furthermore, dc attorney and ethics expert george clark tells fox 5 it is nearly impossible in the opinion of many to see how trump could avoid these government conflicts of interest giving his far reaching business connections. >> he said on december 15th he's going to di vest himself. is that possible >> what does he really mean by that? if divest means someby going to sell it. it's going to be gone and not going to be involved in it. that's one thing, that's not what i hear him saying. i hear him saying when he says divest, i'm not going to be making day-to-day decisions. that's not the same thing if he's still the owner, beneficiary of it. >> reporter: he ads giving the complexities of the trump organization, it would be hard to see how donald trump himself could have been named as a cabinet position given the
5:35 pm
interest requirements that go into such jobs. trump himself says he will lay all of this out at a news conference on december 15th in new york city. tom fitzgerald gerald fox 5 local news. now over to ronica cleary. we got more on him. he always said he would be a jobs president. he's starting to pave the way to make good on that promise. announcing that he has worked to help se carrier plant. the cartier plant is an air conditioning company based in indiana and keeping those jobs from being moved to meeks. carrier confirmed this announcement on twitter. we are pleased to have reached a deal with president-elect trump and pence to keep close to at a how to jobs. the details we know in part have to do with changing the tax code
5:36 pm
climate for company so they have an incentive to keep the jobs. the white house responded saying this is good news but tears difference between what donald trump is doing here, which is saving jobs and what they say president obama has done, create jobs. now, we're going to hear from donald trump tomorrow. he's going to give a full speech about this job saving measure, then he's moving to ohio to begin what he's calling a thank you store. he's going to stop in a variety of swing states win the race. now, let's talk about the department of housing and urban development. they've just set forth a new plan to ban smoking in 700 federally subsidized housing units. this is already in place at 200 units. they say they're doing those protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and while cigarettes are banned, cigars are banned. other smoking items are banned. e cigarettes are not.
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o'neill. he was on the capitol today. and he was there to lobby congress to work for more federal funding to tackle growing problems with what he's calling our nation's drug driving. shack and the arlington base say that local police have done a great job cracking down on drunk driving but need more training, the right tools to make cases against people who get behind a wheel while high on not illegal drugs but legal drugs. >> a lot of people, when they take a few drinks or they pop a pill or two, and nothing happens. again, we, you know, we developed that, hey, i'm invincible. i know what it says on the bottle or i know what happened to my friend but it's not going to happen to me. we want to prevent all these things. and we want these officers out there properly trained.
5:38 pm
with the local florida police department and gone on patrol with the la pd to see first hasn't the dangerous of drug driving. reporting live in northwest, i'm ronica cleary. fox 5 local news. we want to get to breaking news. happening at prince george's county. not the health watch but breaking news. police are on the scene of a barricade situation. it's happening in the 9800 block of west alexandra limon is live on the scene. what's happening? >> reporter: well, you can see it is a very active scene her. here in upper marlboro. take a look, you can see the prince george's county police department has closed off this street because of an ongoing barricade situation. a stand-off with a suspect. what we know so far is that the police department received a call around 2:40 in the afternoon for a call of breaking and entering into a single
5:39 pm
now, that's all the information that we have at this time. i just spoke to the prince george's county police department on the phone to ask, is this suspect armed? were there people inside of that home? they told me at this point, they cannot confirm any of that information. the situation is still ongoing. you can see officers coming and going. we've also seen a police helicopter circling above but what they did say is they are not issuing an evacuation order for any of the residents. th telling neighbors at this time is they should remain inside of their homes, even if you see all of this police activity for your safety it's the best idea that you stay indoors for now. we will continue to bring you more information as they become available. live in upper marlboro, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. >> are there a lot homes around there? are there schools in the area? what else is in that residential area?
5:40 pm
neighborhood. completely residential. there's a church. if you take a look over here, there's a group of people, residents waiting to get into their homes. the street is closed and we presume not safe for them to go in at this time. >> alexandra limon will be following this one. if anything comes up we'll break in and bring you the latest. coming up a wish come true for a local boy battling a life-threatening disease and more thunderstorms heading our way. sarah and laura, it's been a wet and warm day, another round of showers pushing into our western suburbs. that's heavy downpours across sections of louden and northern montgomery county. looks like the rain will be arriving within an hour or so. i'll have the timing on possible thunderstorms and a different forecast for tomorrow. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5:00 will be right back with the
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dc scarce partnering with make a wish for season of wishes campaign. we've been sharing stories of local children and we hope the stories will inspire you to give or get involved >> we're going to meet eli, a sweet 10-year-old and he didn't wish for a trip or shopping spree. his wish was simple. it >> my wish was to have another house and a lot of legos. >> a disorder when the white blood cell, particular type just
5:45 pm
and it can create tumors somewhere in his body. for him. it happened to be in the area between his eye and his skull. >> tried to convince him to take something they could also participate in like a big trip or disney cruise or something like that but he was dead set on the legos. >> he just burst into happy tears, which, you know, i've never seen any of my kids do that before.
5:46 pm
done, it was pretty great day >> i built mine craft sets. i built a cafe, a bike shop, a grocery store >> he spends so much time out there. it will take him a long time to get through all of these lego sets. there's a lot of little kids going through really of times and their families are too. make a wish has been making it a little bit better for them. >> make a wish really needs your help. your money and air miles to help grant wishes and there are so
5:47 pm
on a wish. go to midatlantic-season of in order to donate. >> it's always so touching how strong the kids are. the parents are immense strength but how strong these kids are. and even helping their parents get through this, eli -- >> they grow up fast >> they so resolved in fighting this and eli is an example of this, so hats off to him for making such a speci sharing it with us. we appreciate the entire film. today was ugly. >> no other way to put it. i woke up to the sound of pouring rain. that's odd. haven't heard that in a long time. it was tough to be outside. as we take a live look right now. that's an interesting sky. we've had late day clearing but we've also got a line of showers towards our west. on the top of those clouds, that couldn't have been live: what
5:48 pm
shouldn't they know the sun set by now? it's dark out. i guess it was from earlier. brain power of weather days like this to be tested. let's go to our weather loans were, something i can talking about with more confidence here. more rain around this evening, it's dark. we will have rain after dark leading up to the midnight hour. and in fact, that cold front comes through, we could have brief gusty winds and thunderstorms, much different tomorrow, the sun is back. dry and cooler and by the weekend, we look down right chil. of shower that is started to move into the western suburbs, there are heavy downpours associated. mainly north and west of the district including up towards i 70. you can see off to the west or east there that extends down through montgomery county towards gaithersburg, germantown, rockville seeing heavy rain and that would be further west, that extends into
5:49 pm
little skewed. steady band crossing 66 into more central portions of virginia. here's the cold front as we zoom out and this is all ahead of the cold front, everything from boston through central pennsylvania down into virginia. this is the actual front back here. so even though this is going to bring rain through the evening, it's not until that front crosses around midnight that we'll see the chance of showers to diminish. and that is severe weather yet again across portions oh of the southeast after a deadly evening last night. they've got severe thunderstorm watches there. it was a warm day, we got to almost 77 and felt humid. rain cold air towards at the north and west. then really cool air behind that front. look at the disparity, 37 in chicago, 50 in detroit and then 70 in richmond, 73 in raleigh. i want to show you this
5:50 pm
that band of showers will remain north and west of his from baltimore through our western suburbs till about 8:00. between 9:00, and 10:00 that band comes through, watch for brief gusty winds and downpours, the front comes through midnight and we should clear out after that. here's your seven-day forecast for you. 58 breezy and cooler for your thursday. 52 and a chilly weekend in the 40's. we'll see another chance for rain by next tuesday, a bit of an active pattern will pick up as we start off the month of that's a quick look at your seven-day forecast. much more to come with sue at 6:00. we will sends it to break and be back after this. we will sends it to break and be back after this. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! we will sends it to break and be back after this. i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams as it affects how well it works. brilinta helps keep my platelets from sticking together and forming a clot.
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or dying from one. it worked better than plavix. >>don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. tell your doctor about bleeding, new or unexpected shortness of breath, any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. >>talk to your doctor about brilinta. if you can't afford your medication,
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this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. in touch much needed november rain. mother nature giving us a messy end to the month >> i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy, from the fog to heavy rain and even possible thunderstorms, let's get to sue palka tracking everything from the weather center >> we're getting pretty good downpours now across montgomery county and i'm seeing some evidence of a stronger downpour, not any just yet across fairfax county as well. little bit of a tough trip up 270 with some moderate and heavy rain is pushing on through. everything moving from southwest to northeast, as i put this in motion, pretty heavy rain from democracy down to rockville and just exiting germantown you can see there's heavy rain around reston, no lightening showing up just yet but heavy downpours and a lot of road spray poor visibility.
6:00 pm
has not seen much rain this fall. you can see that's moving quickly across 270 to the eastern side of montgomery county and it will affect places like wheaton, columbia, savage between now and about 6:23 as it continues in that motion. pack your patience. further south we still have a little bit of activity. that's the northern portion of fairfax. most of this activity north of 66. you see a little bit of a weird weather radar site out at dulles international. so you're seeing the national weather service site. it's a little close to that radar picture. it gives ace weird signature. bottom line, we still have a little bit more to go. the severe weather, the stronger storms down to our south to the carolinas and into south carolina and georgia. we've got that frontal boundary that will be crossing us later tonight. here is a look at your evening's futurecast. we're going to go see those showers and storms getting closer to the district between


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