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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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has not seen much rain this fall. you can see that's moving quickly across 270 to the eastern side of montgomery county and it will affect places like wheaton, columbia, savage between now and about 6:23 as it continues in that motion. pack your patience. further south we still have a little bit of activity. that's the northern portion of fairfax. most of this activity north of 66. you see a little bit of a weird weather radar site out at dulles international. so you're seeing the national weather service site. it's a little close to that radar picture. it gives ace weird signature. bottom line, we still have a little bit more to go. the severe weather, the stronger storms down to our south to the carolinas and into south carolina and georgia. we've got that frontal boundary that will be crossing us later tonight. here is a look at your evening's futurecast. we're going to go see those showers and storms getting closer to the district between
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through and that pushes the strongest of the activity along the 95 corridor by about 9:00, 10:00, still straggling showers and storms by midnight. but then it clears out and our thursday is going to feel quite a bit different. we got up to 69. we'll stay in the 50's. and have a very mild evening with this welcome rain coming through at kind of a tough time. another check of radar in a few minutes and look at your seven-day forecast ahead. tony? thank you very much. out of prince george's county. police are on the scene of a barricade situation in the 9800 block of west fail lea road in upper marlboro. >> police building the suspect barricaded himself inside the home. alexandra limon is live on the scene for us. alex, what have you been able to find out. >> reporter: well, i've been able to find out that police were actually called at the scene about three hours ago and this situation has been ongoing ever since then.
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close. in upper marlboro. now, what we're told is that around 2:40 this afternoon, the prince george's county put police department qualified for a report of breaking and entering into a home. they've been here on the scene ever since then. what we still do not know is whether the suspect that's barricaded is armed or whether any other people were inside of that home and perhaps still are. those are questions that the prince george's county police department says are still not because the situation is still ongoing. we've seen a police helicopter circling overhead and also a lot of people, residents, waiting to get inside the home. here's what they had to say. >> what's going on, but when i got here, which was probably about an hour ago, my street was blocked off. this is ridiculous. >> we've been waiting about two
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i had to go and pick up my niece because the bus couldn't drop her off. i have to go to the school and pick her up. we've been waiting here a long time. >> reporter: i do have brand new information. the prince george's county police department now says that they believe the suspect may be running around on foot's hdpeb, we're in the area of west feel ia and they're urging residents to be safe, stay indoors, if you see something that appears suspicious or perhaps arm, urged to call 911. again, stay indoors. reporting live in upper marlboro, alexandra limon fox 5 local news he was once recognized for being a stand-out young politician in prince george's county. he's facing dui charges. police arrested prince george's county council member mel frankford monday in upper
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county issued car when he hit another car hard enough to cause the air bags to deploy. two people in that car had to be taken to the hospital. authorities say frankford had a blood alcohol level of .10. he's a known activist and a member in the county's naacp. he's served his second term as council member representing upper marlboro. a school tutor in baltimore is accused of throwing a 7-year-old boy against a wall and fracturing his jaw. the victim's mother shared photos of her son's injuries. to look at. today, police announced charges have been filed against the tutor, timothy randall core. he's also been fired. he was an employee of the baltimore curriculum project, which operates city springs elementary a charter school. he claims the boy threw himself into the wall. >> he can't pull himself into his car and press on his jaw by limbs. he's only seven years old.
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he not going to do that damage >> police say there is video from inside the school. they concluded what happened was crime. after viewing that video. core faces multiple charges including first and second degree degree child abuse and first be second degree assault. there is new information tonight about dc police body camera footage and your right to see it. for months, fox 5 requested the body cam video that's used in court to convict drunk drivers, the to me. refused claiming that the law was on his now it appears that may have fallen party. fox 5 paul wagner joins us with the latest. >> reporter: let me explain. for months now, dc attorney general carl rasen has been steadfast in his claim that we cannot see body cameras used in court to convict drunk drivers. we had his claim to the test and made a similar request to the
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attorney's office. last july 31st, in the 3800 block of south capitol street southeast. prosecutors say two men got into an argument over who could first drive into and out of a parking lot. one of the men pulled a gun. and when employees arrived, as you will see in the video, there was confusion. the man in the car, who police first suspect had the gun is actually victim. at the request of the us showing in case. he then points to another man. who police then quickly disarm and take into custody. his name is robbie davis junior and he was convicted earlier this month. the video was turned over to fox 5 at our request unredacted without having to go through the dc police department. something the attorney general has refused to do. >> fact that the us attorney's office is giving you the same
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that comports with standard public records obligation, and it shows that the m p d and the dc attorney general's office is deviating from the way the public records have to be handled. >> reporter: when carl raseen refused to hand over the videos, we filed a freedom of information act request with dc police. asking for those same videos. in turn, we were told by dc police they would meaning, we could not see them as they appeared in court. hayden hill yard has years of experience prying records away from the dc police department that it did not want to release >> the point of the body cameras is for transparency, it's a responsibility to demands for police accountability. and what dc is doing turns that on its head. they're basically seeking to take the police body camera
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shadows. >> reporter: despite months of asking, we've been unable to see any of the vice, from either the attorney general or dc police. >> earlier today we reached out to phil men dellson. kevin donahue, it's document mayor for public safety and to kenyan mcduffy, and who helped write the body camera statute. we wanted their reaction to our story. at this hour, we've heard nothing. we did hear from the attorney general carl raseen, the district public record statute clearly vests the metropolitan police department with the responsibility of receiving processing and responding request for body warn camera footage. paul wagner fox 5 local news. we're learning more about the man behind the attack that injured 11 on the campus of ohio
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have been inspired by isis. this is the first time terrorist influences may have played a role. artan slammed his car into a crowd of students and stabbed people with a butcher's knife until he was shot and killed by police. three of the victims remain hospitalized. meanwhile, the terror group isis claimed responsibility for the attack. no charges will be filed against the charlotte police offi killing 43-year-old keith lamont scott. prosecutors announced today that officers brently vine son acted lawfully when he shot scott in a parking lot. officers claim scott was holding a gun when he was killed. but scott's family contends he was not armed. >> metro is launching a brand new safety initiative called back to good. it comes on the one-year anniversary that metro general manager paul weidefeld took over. he shared a progress report from
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2017. as far as the accomplishments, he highlighted safety repair, rail cars and also budget cuts. >> it is amazing to me to see the transformation that is occurring out there on the system. i know that you don't see or feel it such a but the reality is you know, literally the miles of work we've done is unbelievable >> weidefeld hopes to finish more safety work, cut the unhe and work to fix limited cell service in those tunnels >> a tribute to the late fidel castro. the 500 mile journey has begun across cuba to havana. a scheduling snag, latest on the plan women's march on the national mall. we'll tell you what happened here.
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showers pushing through montgomery county. they're moving so fast to the northeast at about 40 miles an hour, so they've crossed 270. gustings maybe to 30 miles an hour as that he cross. so far, we have not seen lightening but we'll keep an eye out. there's still possibility of a few thunderstorms as this cold front gets closer. we'll have a look at your radar as well as the seven-day forecast minutes away.
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. a procession has begun fidel castro's ashes across cuba. he will be laid to rest sunday in santiago. it traces in reverse. the victory tour he took after overthrowing the forces of batista in in the event 59. last night thousands of people lined the streets of havana to pay tribute to castro. hundreds of thousands of women he don't planned to march on washington on donald trump's
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change the plans. they submitted a permit but it is in line behind seven other permits. and now the million women's march on washington may have to find a different location or reschedule the event. simply, there was an application on file for the lincoln memorial before the one for the women's march came in. they say it's, their event will go on, it's just a matter of where that's going to happen. is that it? >> correct. we're working with the organizers to find an alternate location needs and that's fairly common with any permit application. it's very rare that an application comes in and everything that they're requesting is immediately granted. there's also a bit of negotiation, and trying to find a mutually agreeable solution when there's conflicts of time and place. we make ever effort to insure that we find place so these groups can have their first amendment rights exercised
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scheduled. no word if plan to reschedule. we invite to you weigh in, let us know what you think about that or any other topic using the #5at630 then look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. nba hall of famer shaquille o'neill caused quite the stir. the retired basketball great is in washington to lobby across for more federal funding to tackle a growing problem on nation's roadways. drugged driving. shack and the arlington based group say local police have done a great job cracking down on drunk driving but need more training and the right tools to make cases against people who get behind the wheel while high on drugs. >> a lot of people, when they take a few drinks or they pop a pill or two, nothing happens.
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invincible. i know what happened to my friend but it's not going to happen to me. we want to prevent all these things. we want these officers properly trained >> shack is a reserved officer with the florida police department and also gone on patrol with the lapd to see first hasn't the growing dangers of drugged driving. these pictures of him are amazing. usually when we see him, like when he's covering basketball games, he's surrounded by other athletes. you forget how big that g >> i was thinking to myself, imagine if every police officer was like shack's height? >> we might have fewer problems >> i think you're right. little intimidating. >> indeed. >> you probably heard the term brain food. there is a restaurant that claims its food has brain wellness property. how about that one? have hipsters gone too far >> what is that? come on.
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>> stop it. no. >> that's got to be a joke.
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. a restaurant menu created by a doctor to improve brain wellness >> what can we do to create a restaurant with great food and plaintiff >> he's one of the co owners of honey grain. >> we created a menu according to five different food groups. whole grain, vegetables, fruit and omega 3. >> there's something else that
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huge anti-oxident components. a honey bar lines the wall of the store and a substitute at the coffee bar. but if honey isn't your thing, honey grain has a wide variety of juices they tell us will meet all of their customers need. >> we have juices with active ingredients which can help focus, pro athletes who need recovery after working out not only good for the body but for brain >> a new restaurant with the hope of how we eat by providing customers with what we should eat, not to avoid. melissa fox 5 news. comfort food now brain food restaurant >> i will take the comfort food. >> you want the comfort food? >> i'll take both, actually.
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other the other day. >> whatever works. >> this is 70 degree temperature >> weird >> and this humidity. the due points way up. >> it is just unbelievable. >> it really is. it's a bizarre ending to what is meter logical fall. tomorrow is the first day of december and we consider that the first day of meter logical winter. it will feel more like winter >> it's not the first day of winter >> no. >> makes more sense. >>, the astronomy. short term, here's what we got. a weird feeling night. dramatic low clouds and more rain in the forecast, and visibility is an issue again, we got started with a lot of fog early today, and fog may be around a little bit later tonight. what we're focusing on now is the fact that we've got heavy downpours coming on through even at this hour, and up to our north and by the way, i have to keep saying this, we need this
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now we begin to see it pushing into the district. we'll get a little bit closer and also through montgomery county as i'm a few minutes ago. this is all moving really fast to the northeast at about 40 miles an hour. we saw this right to the west side of 270 when we began our if you say at 6:00. now the east side of montgomery county. as these pass by, heavy brief downpour. not seeing lightening. you'll get a gust to maybe 30 miles an hour as it comes on throug bethesda, we trail it down into fairfax county where it's more scattered, across louden county, but the frontal boundary is still out to our west. so there will be more showers to come through later tonight. what about severe weather? well, we expect some thunderstorms but the severe threats seem to be down to our south and by the way, they had quite a tornado outbreak yesterday. there have been eight tornados, i believe 29 reports of tornados
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south. and at this hour, most of the more severe activities across the carolinas including that red area, which is a tornado warning. so that's not in the cards for us. what we are finding are a lot of airport delays as a result of this weather, including right here, reagan national delays of 60 minutes, dulles 45, philadelphia 89 minutes. newark, 124 and on up to jfk and laguardia even boston seeing delays as stheerms and strong winds are coming on the frontal boundary will cross us tonight around midnight and then after that, shortly after that, the rain will shut off. we'll be dry overnight. your thursday will feel a lot more like typical december. in the meantime through tonight, if we're fortunate, we pick up another half inch to inch of rain and we can certainly use every drop of that. let's look at fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast. we go from almost 70, 69 officially to 58 tomorrow, cooler through the weekend as we
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getting into the holiday spirit? look at christmas our lights. >> look at everything >> that's enough. from hipster nativity scenes to beard ornaments >> have you seen the latest holiday trend from artwork from your beard to toilet paper? for those into hipster toys, lego's advent calendars are back, 24 mini models come in the star wars city and friend theme. they're available on amazon and the lego shop
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ornaments. this is yup to me. >> if you can get into the mood with this, how about glitter or festive ornament balls >> i dare someone to show up at a holiday party >> this is -- >> toilet paper >> it make that is bathroom break a little more fun. what is it? >> it shoots out paper.
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