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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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controversial proposal to cut ct metro hours.. details about a grilling ahead e on capitol hill today. tay >> and a live look outside. outi it is friday morning. mni we made it everybody. everybo let's call it friyay! we're so excited december seconds weather and traffic coming upang on the 5s at u 6:05.:05. good friday everybody, i'm, allison seymour. seymo >> and i'm steve chenevey. i welcome to fox5 news morning.'mx let's get ri5 ght tneo the big t news overnight. first at 6:30 this morning,ni the search is on in northeastor d.c. for a group of men wanted w in connection with a deadly deal shooti now.ight annie who are police looking for? >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, allison and steve. ande good morning,, eve. well, right now d.c. police polc tells they're looking fors th about fiveey or six maler x suspects but are not able to t provide a description.ip we still don't know how this all went down or a motive.ot but i can tell that youou homicide detectives respect det expected to be back out hereaco once we get some daylight too further the investigation. hopefully we'll learn more.l ar if you look behind me we still i have a couple cruisers whors
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guarding the area, some 10ome 10 hours after the shooting. shootn this is the 1900 block of capitol avenue in northeast.. it's in the middle of a residential neighborhood.dent we have video from last nightia that i wom lant to show you thaa we took just after thestfter shooting took place. too p police say they got the call thc for the shooting around 7:30 7:3 last night and when they got thy here they found two men whoen w had gun shot wounds. sadly one of the victims whoic was shot did not make it. make the condition of the second s victim is unknown at this at time. now, d.c. police again sayinginn that they're looking for fi to six male suspects thisthis morning and they're asking thehe public enough any informationti to give them a call. ge them that's the very latest heret her from northeast d.c., annie yu, y fox5 local news.s. >> annie thanks.>>nnie thanks. still an active scene in sci culpeper county where an alleged intruder entered a eer house and was shot and killed ke by the homeowner. police spent the night t nig processing the scene. tce we'll update this story as stora soon as we find out moreout more details. >> a northern virginia aorther teenn ager will be sentenced sed
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frankford prescription drugsd ps to another teen earlier this year. 17-year-old alexia springer of o centreville died back in marchir due to an overdose. ord an autopsy revealed she hadopsy several drugs in her system. r 18-year-old david evers pleaded guilty to supplyinglty s springer with a morphine pill. he faces up to 40 years ineas i prison. >> newpr details about theut t alexandria man wanted foror setting his girlfriend on edward reeder set 64-year-old4-e delores williams on fire lastwil month iiamsn their home shelf h later died from her injuries. ie let's goat metro news now.go more answers this morning toat that train derailment near theea east falls church metro m station in july.ion inuly. in a new report ntsb says s metro failed to properly prope inspect the tracks.insp the agency also found spacingun between the rails was nearlyy 2-inches wider than it wasesha supposed to be. metro officials today getting ready for a meeting on capitoll
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discuss ate agency's safety saf and budget challenges.hallenges. >> this is in the middle ofs metro's conistrov iersial newsin proposal to cut hours. hrs plan is not sitting well withith fox5's melanie alnwick liveck le from metro headquarters in headn northwest now with more. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison and yooruteann know, it really sounds likeik this is turning into a test ofet wills among the metro board, boa metro's general manager and d.c. officials despite a lotte l of controversy and the cityy coming out back in october saying it disagrees it wiedefeld's plan, committee cmie yesterday did go ahead and a vote yes to the proposal to t curtail those late night hours even after the safe track safe surges end and that would be taking effect sometime int so july 2017 if it is approved bypd the full board. so, let's show you what thosehao hours will look like. 5:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. mondayon through thursday, 5:00 a.m. tort 1:00o a.m. on friday, 7:00 a.m.a
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sunday. that does allow that many extra eight hours a week fora maintenance and inspectionsnancp that paul wiedefeld said wasec w needed to keep the system in amn state of good repair after the intensive care is done. don now, wiedefeld said he wants was the service cut backs to lastast for two years but d.c. officials are pushing back hard. hard ward two councilman and metro board chairman jack evers says s he will not accept that time th frame. >> we are not willing to gowill beyond a year. mr. augustine's resolution and at the end of this meeting i will inform the general manager and the boa irdnf that w intend to exercise ournten jurid sdictional veto at the vhe board meeting and then we go back to 3 o'clock and it's not a threat, mr. goldman.go it is what i. >> [inaudible] >> no. >> [inaudible]inau >> it is the position of the district of columbia.uma. >> there's no way we're going g have this preventive maintenance program up and
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it's just not realistic.eali >> reporter: so, jack evansac e says that he will now go back and consult with the mayor and the city council to see reallync if they want to goil forwardorwa with this veto and again, ifgaii they do, that means that metro would have no choice but to b keep those late night 3 a.m. closing times once safe track is over. the final board vote comes upd c in two weeks so we'll have to check in steve and allison,is and see how wrangling continues. continues. back to you. >> everybody will be paying attention to that mel. thanks so much. mike thomas here with the forecast today. thoma , mike.forehi, >> steve. little cutetle te fresh haircut.h >> i know, i saw that.w,aw t >> looking sharp, mike. m >> looks like picture dayks likr today. >> shout out to the guys ato th the barbershop where i've goneee since i was a kid.nce was >> really. >> i heard you try takeake mr. tucker there too.oo >> tucker goes there now.. >> right. >> he's got his picture on the wall right next mine that.ext upsets me. >> so if somebody goes intonto
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barnes' picture. >> they can. >> make way for steve chenevey's photo.chen >> i know, nevow everybody iss going to be going. goi >> that's a really sweeter yweet to. >> they watch us every the morning. they're huge fans.ugfa eal col cool. >> 24 hour temperature changeat here. here. this morning you can feel the conild, ng ymuch colder than tht past several.past sal. 22 degrees colder as you step outside your door this morning in leonardtown,r do 20 degrees0s colder in fredericksburg,derisb, 18 degrees colder at quantico. t 9 degrees colder here in thehe so, yes, it is chilly. chi grab the jack this morning you'll need it. here in washington andnd we're one of the one of thee of warmer spots.wapots 36 manassas, 32 the freezingther mark in leonardtown, 31rdwn fredericksburg and culpeper, cpe 40 this morning in martinsburgrs again very chilly out there onhe this friday morning. morni satellite and radar snowflakesa flying untowards the great lakes. here around d.c. just u ant fewa clouds to start the day.ds to sa we'll get back to they. sunshine by this a sunny bright but a littleit breezy and cool friday heading our way.our
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the 40's off to the north andth west so a cool friday but all things considered a nice one. >> sweatered. sweed. >> sweater weather. >> sweater weather.>> s >> okay. >> hi erin como. good morning. >> adorable sweater dressess weather. >> thank you. >> so cute. e's nd i like mike's haircut as well.haircu >> isn't it cute. i't i >> he looks sharp.ks sha thahanks erin. >> do you have a date thisyo weekend. >> i don't. do you want to go somewhere. >> oh, hello.ello. >> chris is running upstairs.rut >> we need to find -- >> i'll switch over to traffic now. i set that up but i'm sorryitchf foicatp that right now the outer loop of the beltway in college parkea volume is building but you're by still looking really niles. nils you can see those taillights making their way from 95 overr to georgia so an increase inncan that stop-and-go traffic. s it's about a five minute delay because of that buildingtop- a i inner loop looking good. kind of a beautifulr lo view ofe the city there. still pretty t dark and calm and quiet. let's go ahead and take a lookho at our maps right now.ow aside from volume building oninn the top of the beltway, a lot of green on the map.of little bit of congestion ggeion building on 95 northbound
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then 270 southbound delaysd dela building 70 to as you make your way down. d and then in northern maryland you can see that little bit of e thcongestion. i think my dress might bess migb keying out. >> just a little. >> oops. i do have backups so that's>> ckups so that' goods news. new >> but it looks like it'slike is animated so you're even moreevem on fire.e. >> you're sparkly now. n >> do you think i need to change or are we okay with >> you're okay. >> a a new backgrounds everyro y hour. >> i'm not at the green screenes from 4:30 to 6:00 so i didn't st know. >> let's leave it for awhile. le isee what w >> i'm in a happy friday mood.yd back to you. >> we are too. we are t next up famous astronaut aro buzz aldrin air listed out ofte the south pole while visitingleg there this week. >> donald trump's first stop's on his thank you f tore and thea major announcement he madeen mad about a key cabinet position. po
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>> ?? hour hn minutes past the right now. we're learning this morningning president-elect has narrowedt-el down this pick for the vacanthen supreme court seat to three orr four candidates.ur candate he told fox news' hasn't int in the he'll be unveiling that soon. fox's patricia stark has theas latest ohio. >> i'm here today for one maine reason, to say thank you to ohio. >> reporter: president-electter:
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in swing states who helped himt win the election.eion. he acknowledged howd controversial his win has been n as it sparked riots in citiesn t throughout the country. count >> we are a very divideddiv nation but we're not going toe'e be divided for long.on i've always brought people i knowge up mind hard to up mino believe. >> reporter: democrats say hiortes speech has done nothings bring the country together.toghe >> i haven't seen anything yetyt to make me think he'se's actually, you know, going tooi t outreach and be some type of leading -- a least our country r that wants to unify.ts to unify. this was a very partisanpartisan political speech.tica >> reporter: republicans a leader. >> as he goes on this tour, isr, think people are actuallyre actl seeing that donald trump's notdp as divisive as i think he is.hi. >> reporter: the biggest announcement was thenoment nomination of his secretary ofry did he first. >> we are going to appoint mad dog [cheers and applause]he] as our secretary of defense.
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>> but we're not announcing itni until monday so don't tell anybody. >> reporter: but there areorter: road blocks a bheutad as militay leaders have to be retired for seven years before they cane eyn become secretary of did he first. >> the congress is already working in the house and the senate conin t to get that waivr general mattis because thereec t will be tremendous support forrf him. >> reporter: mr. trump mr. tmp hasn't held a press conferenceoc since winning the election butct says he'll have one on december in new york, >> new jersey governor chriser christie could be moving on to another high profileseould role. he has been discussing the idea with the trump transition team beethe this week. ???? >> 6:11 and there are newe e n developments overnight out of tennessee. those wildfires now blamed forlr 11 deaths and this morningth several people remain unaccounteds severa for. the charred city of gatlinburgar still days weigh from
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back visitors this afternoon. dollar parton has pledged ple $1,000 a month for the nexthe n six months to each family that a has been left former astronaut buzzut buzz aldrin wake up in a newe upn a zealand hospital this 86 years old now and he was air lift there had from theft t south pole after fallinghe ill during a sightseeing visit to antarctica. aldrin had fluid on his lungs os but is that responding well to o antibiotics. aldrin and his son were partnd s departed from cape town southn h africa on tuesday on a tripn a t that was supposed to last justt over a week. >> can i just say for an 80orn something to vacation at then ae south pole i love that. tt. i love it. who does that, right?ig? >> who does that. >> somebody who goes to the>> moon that's who's d woingebody . >> the finest we got.. it mail breakfast dunkin'fa' donuts and pop tarts teamingea up. yes. we'll explain. >> hear more about that. a live look outside aear s we hh to break on this fridaynhis morning. it's pretty mild out there this morning, temps in the, temt
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december sec. weather and traffic on the 5s next.r an next.
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>> ?? >> before we goat mike and the fork want to take a look at the outer loop right now. volume is starting to buildwe g out by canollege t patoouter ia you can see some activityctit actually doesn't look so bad sob right now but if you look upk up ahead to the right, not so good. we'll keep an eye on it. erin will have your details ine a minute. >> guess what? you ready fory a good friday weekend? and? pretty good friday in storeto here. he another sunny and breezy day bre coming your way so all thingshi considered for december 2ndecemd not going to be too bad today t but definitely feeling aeeng a little more like december outem there this morning. 45 degrees in washington 39 gaithersburg, 37 westminster,esn 43 for frederick.or freck. look at the chilly air just airs dune to our south.dto leonardtown 32 degrees forn 32 s you. winds are a little lightergh down to the south.
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winds and that will at least a l help it to feel a littleittl colder. this is wait feels like as you k step outside this morning.his mo 42 here in 32 for gaithersburg, 31 at westminster, 34 martinsburg,arts 33 at winchester there soesere o again it's definitely aain it morning where you'll need the heavier jacket gloves andand everything as you get the kids offer to the bus stop thiss he morning. mornin certainly a chilly day.ainly ch. don't need the umbrella umb though. we have clouds that have have started to push across theoss th region. that will be the case for the t next few hours.foneew h once the sun gets up these clouds should break up and sunny after noon a gorgeous twenty nine end the work week and get outer loop weekend started.t ou here's a look at futurecastuturt through friday afternoon. aftno lots of sunshine here and offend to the west just like just like yesterday we'll hold theerda clouds over the mountains. overo that will be the caseunta as wes roll through your friday intori your saturday.da saturday looks beautiful lotsif of sunshine but a coolerbua co afternoon with highh hi temperatures right about 50ight here in washington but a 40'sgt' for outer loop suburbs.r outer o we roll our way through thrgh sunday, clouds start to build.ui up from the south but sunday sua does look mostly dry here dry h
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snowflakes flying over theakes f mountains that would push overh maybe give us a shower or o twot looks like after seven clockev here sunday night so somethinghg that shouldn't ruin your shoul weekends by any sense of the word. 58 degrees for your daytime you high today. against mostly sunny.lyunn just like yesterday cool and breezy from time to time withro winds gusting 25, 30 miles anm hour. tonight a chilly cold december m night, 37 just a few clouds out there. the should be a nice friday night n if you're going out thoughho make sure you pack the heavierea coat. fox5 accuwea forecast, 53 today, 50 forod50 f your saturday.ururda sunday cool and cloudy, 49 clou9 with maybe a late shower. showe monday looks like a mix ofix clouds and sun. and s best chance of rain is next n tuesday.da that's a check of theth forecast.'s erin como hopeful ly less busys bus today on this on ti >> i am lesss busy and i by changed my dress sole we could l match. i match your tie now and iow and match the brake lights.s. >> i love it. and you're not sparkling.sp i like the sparkle.rk
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distracting. taking a look at the outer the o loop from skyfox in collegeyfox park traffic is backing up. you can see as you get off the f exit out there by colesvilleolvi traffic towards 95 slowing. swi outer loop 95 to georgiaeo you're dealing with about a 15 a minutes delay because off volume inner loop pastnner loopt connecticut looking good. we'll move it over for aecticu o at our maps right now show youhy what else you're facing thisacis morning.morn relatively quiet commute. commu we have a new metro problemtr p for you ar train malfunctionalfi at huntington.tin. yellow line residual delay to dl mount vernon square.ayrnon squa. please be find full of those. o. as you take a look at youre a lr little delay on the outer loop through college park 95colleg pr through dale city building inda vole clume and 270 delays buildn 70 to clarksburg only about a at five to seven minute delay but y i'll let you know if that changes once you get intos onceg montgomery county trafficra still flowing in gaithersburg and rockville.owing cille and in northern maryland you can see 95 and baltimore-washington parkwaywash still relatively quiet.ui 66 eastbound still lookingoo pretty nice. to 234. allison and steve. >> i didn't know you had a whole wardrobe hereidn' erin.ree >> that's beautiful.
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sweater. >> i'm going put it backea on o for good day but just for traffic map purposes. ppo >> i understand. >> substance over style.ubst >> good thing i spill enough to have backups.eackups >> you and erin look very christmassy together. tet >> i lover that. >> the ceo of starbucksrbuc stepping down but why. the ultimate breakfast.reakfast. dunkin' donuts and pop tarts tar per perfect.peect. >> the team has only need theee punter 29 times so far this 2 year and that's9 ti the few wess punts in the nfl.punt that's a good apology to make.o apwe'll break down the matchup m in arizona coming up at 6:30. ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ?
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:21. new jobs report due out this morning. first though we'll check the
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seminary. hi, lauren. >> reporter: happy friday. good morning. how are you. >> matching blue on i like that. >> reporter: i know we dog that aorter: i lot. >> i know, right. so markets have been exciting ec news for the last month or so. >> reporter: yeah.h. >> maybe down a little bit today on dow the open again mayy >> reporter: yes, tech tec sector seems to get beaten upeap the most lately.the mo lat futures down across-the-board. yesterday the nasdaq was down dw 72 points, a solid percent.nt the dow did rise and it'snd going to be a close call but the dow could be higher on theot week if that is case it would il >> but we're looking at theookia jobs report today and what arete we seeing there.g >> reporter: yeah, this is yea i going to be market we're expecting 175,000 jobs75,0 were added and the t unemployment rate to stay the te same four points 9 percent.erce if we get a number better than t 175 that sends confidence toe to the feds that the economy canan that handle higher interestdle rates. the last time the only time inet about a decade that the fed i fd could rates was this time lastwa year so we'll see when theys ty meet on december 14 butr 14ut
6:23 am
the band-aid and push up the rate that you pay on yourhat yo mortgage, your car loan, youroa balance on you were credit card, et cetera. >> i was going say it seems like just yesterday but it was this time last ye garoingst we e talking about will they do itl o before the end of the year. endr >> reporter: yeah. y >> looks like deja vu there.ike >> reporter: yes. >> starbucks making mo>>re r changes. big change is the ceo is reassigning himself but i didn't realize these reserve coffees how expensive theysive t are. >> reporter: like 12 bucks.. >> i haven't par taken in taken 12 bucks. >> reporter: some of them of the are. regardless if you go to one ofu these special reserve shopsve ss there's one in starbucksrbuc hometown of seattle the coffeeoe is at least double what you're r nation a regular starbucksr star shop and if you think thend if regular starbucks isthink expensive, well, the reserve rer is just out of this world.or it is an experience it's aerien retail experience and eerience starbucks ceo howard schultzd sz wants to focus that he's all about innovation.inno so he is leaving his job as ceo, he's handing it over toto the currents ceo of theo of t
6:24 am
schultz can focus on thats on reserve line.rve li. the market doesn't like this. stocks down about three and a tr half percent aren't the reason o is when you think of apple youlu think of steve jobs. j when you think of starbucks stac you think of howard schultz soho not having him in that key in ty role is a big deal to a lot of o people. >> all right. well, we'll see what happens.l h i'm still tryinatg to decide ifd i would pay 12 bucks for a cup of coffee or not find some way to make it. >> can't make it mainstream.ns >> reporter: very popular. veryo >> keep it limited and chargeeda i would pay $2.50 for a box of f pop tarts. that's happened before and it might happen again.pened ght haa >> reporter: me >> now w re have moreepor optioo >> reporter: this is likes li breakfast in heaven. hven. dunkin' donuts and pop tarts por teaming up for these two the t flavors you can buy them verybuh soon van untilological lattealat and chocolate mocha dunkin' donuts coffee flavored poped pop tarts. yes, please.
6:25 am
al which would you like. >> reporter: me too. >> chocolate mocha. >> reporter: vanilla latte l is sweet. >> three boxes of chocolate cho mocha. mocha. yay! >> have a great weekend.e a gr >> reporter: you,eat too. >> enjoy. >> here's was need to knows wasd abstevsteve. to you got the $12 that exclusivexe cup of coffee. he hates that kind of stuff. >> well, $12 -- wel >> he's a man of the people. pel am i right or wrong. >> yeah. of the machine.of mac >> for $12 it ought to be a golden chalice.hace >> it's not that's problem. prol >> people who really need toy no spends money other places wantln to do that because it's like l what other people who appear aer to have more money will try to t do. >> i have to look into it. >> it's like -- le >> i'm not familiar with it. >> i'll look it up. >> anyway -- >> it join my two dollars cup of my tw coffee. coffe >> me, too.oo >> let people know who steve
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>> getting the kids off to the he kt'sp this morning i definitely cool but it's dryry so no need for the rain jacket today but definitely winter jacket. 30's and 40's to start t dhe daf t d for the kids at the bus after school still on thel on te cooler side and a little breezy as well 47 too 54 degrees.54 degre 50 is probably here in they here district and points south, sou 40's off to the north and west. here's your planner nearlar washington. egrees by 10:00 a.m. a10:00 a. a chilly start to the morning.orni low 50's this afternoon butnoonb with the breeze out there, it will feel a little bit coolerler than that. >> all right. erin isne what color wearing this minute. mute. >> i really messed up my hair uh doing the quick change so --o -- >> oh, yeah, it looks horriblere erin.. >> yeah. >> i thought i fixed it.ed i you know the good thing ishing allison and i can hold the poinsettias and take a christmas picture. >> promise.>> p >> pinkie swear way kiross.ear outer loop volume building but pretty quiet commute y want to n
6:27 am
the dmv we are in such betterr say. let's switch it over for ait look at one of our camerasch.urr this is 50 on the inbound si.e. inside the beltway you startta to slow. slo this camera at 202 from 202 to t 295 just about a five minutee me delay because of volume.e ofum outbound side super quite allqul the way through annapolis.nnapo. let's go ahead and switch over to our o we have some metro problems pros you should be aware of forof for your friday morning commute asru we.l. that's where chopper s you saw s that outer loop delay. del yellow line residual delays. keep i fox5. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side,
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>> ?? >> absolutely love this timeutel of the year. i love the music, i love the the good feeling between folks for f the most part. p of course we give you a lot ofot bad news but it's the holidays.lidays. welcome back to fox5 news tfox5s morning. weather and traffic coming upaf on the 5's at 6:35.:3 first though at 6:30 i still an active scene in thenhe district. distri police on the lookout for fivcte to six men wanted inan connection with a deadly shooting in northeast. this happened around 7:30 last0 night in the 1800 block of capitol avenue. police say two men were shot, s one of them was killed. kille >> on capitol hill today, theod safety of metro front and a center at a house oversight hearing. he lawmakers will get an update upd on the service and budget challenges. they'll wants to know if metroco
6:31 am
operations.operio d.c.'s mayor in mexicoc.'s e this morning for a summit onmion climate change. c muriel bowser will join dozenss of other city leaders to learn n about cutting edge work beingwbi done in cities around the world. she'll also share lessons from the progress madeo sh here in te district. $1,000 reward now being offered to help,000 r officialsa figure out how an oil plumeme ended up in the potomac river. the oily substance was first w f spot the last weekend near nea point of rocks maryland.ks maryl the hydraulic fluid or lubricant.ubt steve. >> 6:31. let's get a quick check on sports right now. msporning line. l capitals with a shout-out onhouo the ice unfortunately notnaly their they lost three-nothing.-not scoreless two periods and then the islander netted three net goals in the third. thi caps 2,141st responder round41st pick made his debut lasteb l night. that's a good thing. just got the call up fromthatrom hershey. next up washington heads toeadso tampa bay tomorrow night.ight cowboys pulled it off in i
6:32 am
boring thursday night games inra the history of the n. barely n got past the viking last night. dez bryant scored the go ahead touc shdown in theco fourth quarter. vikings rallied.ngs rad. they scored with 25 seconds to play. final o score was 17 to 15 so 1s they did have a chance to win he at the very end but up until that points snooze fest.oze fes skins have a big gameskin sunday ins arizona. arizo at a tuck mohr about that t wisdom martin ez street.tree >> before we get started on stao what's to come what do youhat do make of all this talk aboutta at kirk cousins and this whoe contract, all this is rumor and innguyen dough right now. >> i say he stays and doesn't go anywhere.go anywh >> got to give him the money.o h who else is out timhere. the >> you don't have a plan b.. he's not going anywhere. awh this is all talk whether he gets franchise tag or they give him long term. t he'll be here. >> you can throw a half a billion contract but if youf guarantee three years worth ofte that money you lock him downim n keep him around. aroun last year i understand doingoi
6:33 am
proved himself throughed hself three-quarters of the seasonf th this year whate else do youlsdo have to do? >> >> we've had 35 quarterbacks had in the last t >> we got to keep this guy g man. he's the real deal and if wef don't man we're in trouble. trob i mean who else is out there? >> right. r there is no plan if youisplan don't -- so, i think they know k that and i think they're good gd with that.ha so we talked about thet franchise tag and all thechista things with kirk cousins. cousi let's talk about arizonas bo coming up and let's talk about our boy josh norman because he was already talking hadn't got d battle with patrick petersoneter another defensive back.ther defi they're talking about who isut o the best.e are you annoyed by all this allt conversation this back andion forth with our guy josh normanhr or does it matter.or >> i'm not mad at all. mt al >> you like the back and forth. >> i love the back and forthde but when it bacomesck game time when the ball goals in the airge you need to shut that guyuy down. >> you better represent. if you're going to talk umgointm better represent. you don't care steve? doesn'tbt >> ier like the trash talk onrat the field i'm okay with that.'m i don't like it off the field tf
6:34 am
shut up. get the job on.on. >> get the job done.ob don >> i would like to see them cover each other sometimes. oth >> that would be that d >> the whole dez bryant thing was way over the line. >> that carried on.carried on. no need for that.rha >> after the game.>> >> yeah, yeah. hat.hae of t leave it on the field. field >> some people i think they thit have to to elevate >> right. >> they have to challenge themselves sohey ha if they tal lot of smack it's like hey now h i have to back it up.have tback some people truly believe theyit are the best and like to run >> talk motivation.>> t >> that's what we call it.t' >> is that what it is. >> he's got larry fitzgerald to cover. cover let's see how it goes. g >> we got to shut him downim d bro'. >> advantage-disadvantage. let's start with thelet' quarterback.quarterback occurs since versus carsons ly. ly
6:35 am
too. >> he's been defense proof so far. >> on offense in general, soe il arizona offense versus the versh skins offense in general. generl >> johnson is tough. >> he is tough. >> he can catch the ball outthet of the back field, too.oo >>htight. >> it's tough but it starts s with the quarterback.h if kirk has a good game advantage the redskins. redskin jordan read if he plays or not.not. >> i don't think he's goinghis i play. >> they they still have vern done davis. >> we have to depend on d.c.'s.c >> give a score.>> ge a >> we win by two touchdowns.wn >> okay. >> i think it's going to benk i' low scoring this time.w i'm goingsc 24-16. 2 i was only off by three pointsot last week up. >> pretty good. to go 95-19 favor favor of. >> you that's a big spread. you better have a winner. >> our producer told me it'sd mi time to go. >> you did it >> lynn keeps telling me i'mkeep out of time.
6:36 am
later. later. >> why does he do it.>> why [laughter] d >> thank you anyway . >> [laughter] >> coach, can you give us a score? are you checking tch, hn game. >> you know what i think the redskins are going tonow win 21 to 1 >> that's what i was thinking,aw too. >> really? >> yes. >> you're like a psychic.'re lip >> thank you.sychic>>nk y >> you're good.ou're goo >> don't ask me about the the weather no. n no. >> that's your job.ur j. >> how does it feel out >> feels great. >> feels all right? not too all bad. >> i'm not complaining. complai. >> nope. >> i think it's a little chilly personally but you were thisoll close on thay t one. >> thank you. you >> 45 degrees near washingtongre right now, 39 in games muchs gaithersburg, 37 westminster,tmr 42 at baltimore, 46 inre46 i annapolis. down to the south a littleite colder. fredericksburg this morningic chilly akstbu 31 degrees. 31 gr satellite and radar here juste n a few clouds to startd the dayd high thin clouds.hi t they will quickly burn offer also a the sun gets a little higher in the sky and we'll benw back to mostly sunnyck tmost conditions this afternoon butnst we're going to keep it cool a little breezy ashiing to well.el here's your two day forecast planner.anne today 53 degrees arc little breezy once again as we headlin towards the afternoon hours.oonu
6:37 am
sunshine, highs though evenhouge cooler only 50 degrees forees daytime high.igh. that is about typical. typic >> i know. >> for december 2nd.ember 2n >> i really have no i r complaints. >> good. >> yeah. >> that's what we try to do in the weather department.whatr pat >> give me a month and a half. h >> before what. >> and i'll be complaining,ni when it's like 15 i'll be >> when i have to pull out the snow pants and have to stand in blizzard coverage.ovage. over the outer loop of the beltway where volume is news is no major slowdowns.lons just about a 15 minute delaye from 95 over to the 270 split. l let's switch it over right nowc and show you a look at the lat map. you can see a little bit of volume building in som n e othersee locations through cheverly 5050 inbound slows just a touch from 202 to 295 and 295nd 2 southbound from 50 touthbound fo pennsylvania about a fivebout af minute delay with volume.ol no nothing like what we were liw up against yesterday morning.sts 66 eastbound as you head to tysons a little bit sluggish.t taking a look at 270 delays0 building 70 to clarksburg andrk
6:38 am
county you can see a little bit of you yello cw there come m you know germantown intoow germt gaithersburg.ow all in all it' wn about a 10 about a to 15 minute delay from thatelat 70's all the way down to theowto spur which is really goodoo shape considering what we arerie normally up against for my for m commuters coming down the twoheo 70's all green all good as you makeom your way out on 95 north andorta southbound from the icc to the beltway. let me get out of the way as well as baltimore-washingtonbaln parkway. normal service resumed on the yellowervice line. lin let you know if any othery o metro issues pom.pom. allison. >> all right erin thanks. first at the mall of americall l th man posed for a mug shot with his pet parrot.t pa well, why not really, right? r we'll show you the picture. pice first though a holiday messagese from a service member overseas >> ?? >> my name is sergeant briangea smith currently station inion bagram afghanistan born andnior raised in baltimore i love my ravens to death i love my team i-love my city. c shout out to my family tellfami them i lovely them happy theha holidays.ho
6:39 am
i support y'all the wholert season the rest of my life.ife. >> see more greeting from our fm troops at what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving
6:40 am
i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones.
6:41 am
more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
6:42 am
>> ?? >> it is 6:41. happy friday morning to you. what'sidayh what' trending on the web thisding friday morning. first up the obama administration wants gender equality when it comes to military drafts. administrationratility w declared support for requiring women to register for the draft.n to r it's a step towardss incorporating women at all a a levels of the military.ility. the support comes at an unusual time just two daystwo dy after congress agreed to stripop a provision from its annual defense bill that would forcethd women to register. regis next up, talk about a jail j bird. check it out steve.teve an oregon man booked in washington county on monday with his pet parrot. p and look at the look at the parrot. like what did i do. >> a mug shot. sho >> or is he like dad's going,lis i'm going too. gin he brought the bird with himwith to court not knowing he waswings going to be be he left the bird in a tree outside before court.ide be when he was arrested he askedskd if he could get his he was getting his mug shot
6:43 am
dad's shoulder. sul sometimes you don't have anys yo words. finally it's a first for minynnesota's mallll ofy amerii a black santa many people applaud the movee m saying it's about time santa s represented a wider range of believers but you can believeanl there's a whole bunch ofunf people who don't like this athia all. anyway, we're talking about it. it's trending this morning. >> i can't get over the bird,ver the parrot.earro who takes -- i'm not going to nt ask the question. qst >> did you see the parrot. >> the parrot looks like is lik don't want to be a past it. going down i'm going down too. o >> the guy didn't think he did h anything wrong and the parrot p will rat him him out you know that. >> hilarious. h steve with the joke of theof t day. day. >> celebrity baby news to talk about plus the nationals doing t some last minutes holidayhenutiy shopping. who they're in talks with to t bring at m.v.p. to d.c.: before we head to break if youre have a news tip share it with
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> come on steve. >> ?? >> beautiful. bea >> around here, mike, weut lovev this song, feels so goodbye chuck mangione. manon have you ever heard it. i >> can i be honest.>> c >> it's a >> maybe w>>e i invite you to oo next soft rock concert we goo to. >> what's its name of -- hes meo plays the trumpet.
6:47 am
trumpet. it's a trumpet.. [laughter] laugh.[laughter] l i thought it was like a flugle horn. horn. >> plays it very >> it'yss not a sitar i can tell that you.that >> feels so good and that's how it fee slso ogoutside yes. >> yes, it feels pretty good. p. sunrise was beautiful.utiful >> does look nice.ok ne. >> good start to the fridaytart here. you'll need the jacket but how w long will it be until we see wee this. >> what are you showing all this winter scene forar me ike.. >> we're counting down to thehe start of winter. >> when do you think we'll see our first snow, mike.ou tsnow m >> you kno now you're putting me on theon t spot allison but it wouldn'twoul shock me if maybe not next week but the week after we saw s something. >> i would only ask 'cause ik ' know you know that kind ofkind f stuff as well.f wel >> i have nothing better to do o with my life unfortunately.nate 19 days until winter, maybeter,e some scenes like this comingom up. we're waiting for them. december 21st, 5:44 a.m.:4.m winter starts in less than twoho weeks -- christmas i'm sorry'm y less than three weeks andn the e christmas is about three weeks
6:48 am
temps outside right nows ou feeling cool but again not toots bad for december 2nd.2nd. 45 in washington, 39 gaithersburg 37 with theywith t 36 manassas.anass. chilly 30 degrees this morningge in culpeper.inpepe taking a look at satellite and radar what's left of our big b storm system kind of fallingd og apart but still relatively relay strong pumping a lot of winds of down from the north and west brinthe ging snow showers off to the north this morning.nort hereh this in d.c. you saw in te live shot this band of clouds making for beautiful sunriseunri this morning. get a picture sends it in. in. we would love to see by the afternoon hours we're we' looking at mostly sunny things will be pretty good.nd po 53 degrees here in washingtonasn to today. 48 for gaithersburg.thersbur 48 for frederick as well. another breezy day sunnyunny pleasant for december.emr. fox5 accuweather 7-day 7ay forecast again 53 daytime high today. tomorrow mostly sunnyostly nny 50 sunday the cool day lots ofs of clouds around maybe a late day y shower but i wouldn't let it i ruin any plans you have hav outdoors but yes definitelyefin chilly at 49 degrees. monday up to 53 and then our best chance of rain in the
6:49 am
tuesday does look like a soggy wet mess. ms. that's a check of the the forecast. erin como has got the roadsoads this morning which are morng w hopefully calmer thanlly calmert yesterday. >> not so great right now.o we have some newgrea problems b lie say much quieter than yesterday for the mostday for tt pennsylvania. look at that. disabled tractor-trailer enteedr t lane.r lan this is 66 eastbound at 234 2 sudley road. police have gotten to that location. keep it to the left or right orh lanes to get around geta with the cenroter lane blocked b it will cause big slowdowns.usew we're seeing aboutdow a 20 minun william parkway top sudley road.road. so please be prepared forre that. they'll try to get that overto g to the shoulder. the i'll let you know once all a lanes reopen but coming frominom gainsville or manassas you'll yl hit that slowdown.thatlowd as we look at skyfox they are te along 270 right now on thet nooe southbound look at all that volume from clarksburg to the spur turning i into a bit of a sluggish riderie with stop-and-go traffic fromro urbana down through germantowng and gaithersburg.angait right now from 70 in frederick k all the way down to the spur thr you're in for about a 30 in
6:50 am
simply because of volume as you can see no crashes ton see report right now. n. hey northbound side's really quiet if you're taking thattakig this morning.this mor as we go to our maps right now yellow line back to normal sol the only metro delays we ares a up against right now is safe ise track surge 11 continuousontinuu single tracking on the orangeck line and silvering line betweee west falls and east falls church. some little vase delays building through oxon hill on the inner loop but dhrough nothg major since we are gearing upge for the mgm opening next w we'll take a look at thosese traffic on that hundreds hundr shrubs with your next look ath r traffic. back to you. , two, one. one [cheers and applause] >> all right.eers that was president obama's o final time flipping the switchlp lighting the national christmas tree at the ellipghsep he was joined by first ladyrst d michelle obama and their youngest daughter sasha.sash the lighting ceremony included performances by garth brookses b and kelly clarkson chance thehat rapper james taylor i mean
6:51 am
so many other great artists. ars >> great collection. >> 6:50.:5 something for >> hi.g >> happening today, theappe wininners of this year's marinee corps marathon and 10k races ras will receiver their awards. that race was held in the back of october o takes awhile to finish the data to confirm the results in each age today's award ceremony will beeb held at the u.s. navy.s. vy memorial.memoal look at all those people al. good workout in no doubt.ou >> all those people and i'mnd not among them nor be. >> you never know.>> >> oh yes. y >> britain's prince harry and p pop starry -- rihanna hanging out. out. >> rumors are going to start.e a >> he's in a fully commirttted relationship. >> it's their third meeting. >> it looks like a ring ceremony. >> looks like something special. sp >> they were honoring --org -- >> you feel that.>> y please don't, please don't. don >> so dreamy. >> they were honoring world aids day.
6:52 am
adoringly. >> this is why they're taking wy their t hiv testa drop in center there. we were is it a drop in center encouraging everybody. >> they look good together.ethe. >> both testing negative.egiv >> they are cute together. selena gomez is the queen ofue o instagram this photo sharing shi site released data from theomhe past year and shows gomez with h 103 million follower.ion follow. >> wow. n>> is follothwers and itt shows gomez there the 24-year-old was alsoso responsible for nearly all of the most liked celebrityelebrity posts. gomez beat out ariana grandearae taylor swift and queenueen beyonc?.?. instagram has more than t 500 million users worldwide.orli >> i wonder if she reads allr is her comments. comnt >> i don't think she ever hashe that amount of time. >> it's a boy.
6:53 am
kunis and ashton comper welcomed their baby boy. boy comper said he suggested tote his wife that would be the name hawk eye which is cute in honor of mash.ash. >> mash. >> she shot that name down.ow >> we've narrowed it down tod io every name in the world.n >> i kind of like it like hawki is a really cute nickname. nicam >> maybe that will be the nextex one. >> or your first grand baby.y. >> time for today's fox beat b free friday. join a true holiday tradition ti with the magic of the nutcracker always sump a greataa one viewer could win four w fou tickets to the washingtonashingn ballet's nutcracker. tickets are valid for any showos through december 23rd.emr the winner may request up to two dates.. >> the prize has an has a approximate retail value oflu $360. go to between now and 11:59 p.m. for.o your chance to one winner selected by random sc drawing on december 5th.r 5th. all entrants must be 18 or or
6:54 am
entry available on >> washington nationalsas looking to make a major offhing season mover. fox's ken rosenthal is saying s it might be with the pittsburgh pirates reportedlyy discussing a deal to bringng de 2013 national league m.v.p. andrew mccutcheon to the nationals.nations. mccutcheon had his worstis wor offensive season of his career r last year but a couple years removed from the m.v.p. still in his prime at 30 years old. yo they had talks last seasonast ss fell through. tiger woods back in actiono for the first time in 15e months after back surgerygery playing in a beautiful courseeau down in the islands al. >> on. >> woods ruined an otherwiseui impressive returnne with twotwo double bogeys on the final three holes. >> he's working it out. ofe's won 17th place out an 18 man field but he's in i 17th place and that course ise just beautiful.just beaut i thiifnk it's in the >> just working it out.ut >> pretty. >> skins fans something you f might be interestedans in.
6:55 am
owned by zach crow. it's on salt on craigslist. it's kind of cool. $8,500, $8,500.8,50 >> looks like the ultimate tailgating vehicle.ehicle his wife wants it out of the driveway . >> [laughter] >> craigslist post says it only has 43,000 miles oslisn iti comes way satellite dish for tv viewing sirens andir loudspeaker still work and ofr k course and it's painted burgundy and gold. >> maybe the would want to buy it.ul >> it amazes me mike i knowd waw you see this too because youou go to these sporting eventsents the people that are dedicated, vehicles that have beenes tt ha completely transformed justns for the game time >> that's impressive.impreiv >> but you go like 10 times a10 year and you like have all this awesome stuff. a >> i think that he should try to sell that it to dan snyder. >> yeah. >> he has his own vehicle.s >> not ahis vehicle but somethi could be throb somehow. somehow. >> like a little icon.ika >> i'm just trying to get thatt
6:56 am
>> it's like a grille pops out of the back instead of thed gurney you. >> never know. >> satellite and radar here just a few clouds out there to start the day but genlierallytel speaking it is a pleasant ple december morning.deceer m 53 degrees today.53 d should be sunny and trialnd t later on this afternoon.on but t a little breezy from timef to time. keeping it cool but dry this co weekend. next chance of showers maybe aoo couple on sunday night buty ght really the next chance of rain not until next all right, that's the weather. . traffic time with erin como. wec >> some new problems 6:56 6:5 right now. now. taking a look at 28 on the southbound side big crash is at frying pan road so from thefr dulles access road to frying fry pan road keep it to the lefteep and watch for big delays as dels you head down towards 66.6. let me get out of the o you can see just that left thate lane crawling by.lane speeds under 15 miles perles ur.r. volume building in the area thea because of that we'llof tt we certainly keep you updated. aside from that good news right here. he. 66 eastbound at 234 sudley road app disabled tractor-trailer that was blocking the center lane moved over to ther-tr c senhoulder. se speeds increasing. inc we have you covered thise you co keep it to fox5.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
?? >> this is fox5 news morning. first up at 7:00 o'clockclok this morning another deadlyning shooting overnight in a d.c. d now police are on the hunt for a killer.kill we have live report. and the great metro debate.d the plan to cut late night night service hours not sitting well with everyone.with eon
7:00 am
around this time next week e you could partying at the new mgm grand.m g. the big grand opening bringing g lot of celebrities to town. tn we'll tell you a few who are w e coming in just a bit. folks, we made it. hallelujah hands it's friday f morning what a beautiful day itd will be today. december 2nd, 2016.016. we'll have weather and trafficnf coming up on the 5'sic at 70:55a fox news morning at 7:00 startss right now.ri good morning to you i'm allisons seymour.r. >> i'm steve schenn z welcome to we'll start with developing devn story this morning. search in northeast d.c. for afo group of men wanted inantein connection with a deadlyith a dd shooting.ting. >> annie yu is on the scene livl now with the latest.t. anything new this hour, annie? >> reporter: hey, good morning g allison and steve. steve we're still waiting on the t detectives to arrive here soere they can finish processing the scene. sc i know they still have to takeok photos don some other things t here. but this is the 1900 block of capitol avenue in northeast, ana it's unclear right now if thehe shooting happened in the middlem


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