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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  December 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> redskins are fresh off a win of three games and 11 days culminating with thanksgiving loss in dallas. today, they're in arizona, fired up in the valley of the sun with their playoff destiny in their hands. >> we don't have choices. we have t this is the time of year. this is -- you get 16 cracks at. it every game you have to be fired up. >> people may forget how you start. but they always remember how you you finish. >> they finish with a five game run that determines thit their playoff race. this starts today with the cardinal team they should not take lightly. >> his receiver will have it.
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game time starts now. >> game time on "fox5"oym brody logan. ken harvey, grant paulson, santana moss, gentlemen, this say stretch. determines whether they get to the playoffs or not. you have to love these games. let's get started with the opening drive. >> opening drive, brought to you by your local kia dealers. >> all right time to get started with opening drive. on those for cardinals there's one thing you don't want to do. >> you can't let them score the first touchdown and go down on the road 7-0. this redskins team has done a good job throughout the season coming back from def sixts i look at cardinals as a team that is light on copfy dense right now. things have gone against them for much of the season. you're the better ted team today. you don't want to keep them in the hunt and start to believe they have a shot. get off to a quick start. 3 and out and force a punt an
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>> cardinals defense is a dominant defense and if you let the cardinals score it's about believing. if they start believing anything is possible you. >> don't want stipulate jury defense to be stingy. we see the cardinals play up and down thing with offense and defense. i think if you allow the defense to be as good as they can be they'll fire off. >> they're-0 against top ten defense this is unequivocally the best they've fence the best they've fence all year. >> second best against the league in the pass. you have to get rob kelly going. >> got to get rob kelly going. frankly this is typical any week. thanksgiving against the cowboys kelly was not up to standards of previous couple weeks. going to thanksgiving day he led nfl in attempts and yards in previous two concepts and dallas helped him in check. kirk cousins got his numbers
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effort and even though they controlled the passing game and running game stays balanced mid play down the field. got to do that today cardinal can rush the quarterback. they're top team in percentage. everyone is thrown off grd a little bit. then they have film. everyone is watching film. and then after they start picking up on tendenceys they get back to the game. they have to start running the game and give them the ball and get stronger and get the baltimore. >> i think they would be a little more uning attack this week because you know with the pressure cardinal can bring you want to get rob kelly going early. you'll see a more balance add tack this week and i'm not worried about offensive part i'm worried about the same part they make each week making sure they score in the rhythm. >> get a few tries deep to desean jackson early on.
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he had a few balls caught in the warning attraction this season and said a few deep. foul, hooking down the line and got first bolt of the year. game against cowboys from 0 plus yards distance. another reason this is pivotal today here's the home run i'm talking about. no jordan reed. i think vernon dive davis tight end will catch 7 or 8 patsies and he has a little santana moss to him, shift, nimble, love this kid i have a map crush on him. something easy is where is that is easy button from staples you have to find a way to get chunk yards and number 11 is the one guy that can do that. >> it could be a set of games because desean jackson has been hurt a few times and has not been as productive. we're going to look at him and say cover him one-on-one. and with that type of setup you get the big plays out there and then they're over thinking they can do something. >> and you know this, defense like the cardinals is dive
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yards de shawn can help you because now all of a sudden three plays and 80 yards and into the end zone. >> how does that on up. >> last time desean played against a guy like peterson they say pete that's your many think they'll exel desean jackson don't see no man. he doesn't seaman coverage it has to be a cloud or double team or zone down field to him. man to man he would beat that every time. >> well a man redskins defense needs receiving game and backfield, david johnson. >> this is a special weapon. for me he's one of if not the best players in all of football. 91 rushing yards and one of the leaders in nfl. he averages 55 yards for reception out of the backfield. coach preseason saying best catching back since marshall folk. my guess 160 on the ground and has a big day as stepher as well. he's done that all season and a
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half the wins are against the 1-10 an francisco 49ers. make them his but tlebt one dimensional make it the passing game they road deep into the playoffs and this has not been there for them. >> this is the guy back in the day against larry centers who would find a way to catch the ball and destroy you off wards. make big plays happen. he's the type of guy. so you have to attack him early can't do one-on-one type of tackle you have to be group and team to get him down and if you can do that you can little bit. >> i will be honest he's been in my fantasy all year and this team, oh, no, end of the day you saw something good. let him get it. he's one of the guys going to get heels he find a way to do it in passing and running game we have to put a minimum to what he does today. >> who is your man crush. >> jamison crowder. but it you're cardinals fan it's david johnson s here's a problem redskins tackle poorly
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this guys breaks as many tackle as he does in the league that's a massive statistic. number of times people don't get him to the grounds. you get a chance to bring help. but you getter get him into the grass. >> my man crush is you that's why i'm signature next to you. >> i want to ask the way they split david johnson why put him in the slot. is that big on crave epz to follow him around maybe. >> yeah and that's why you get a guy like crave eps him like that. ft. cardinals had a -- >> car sop pammer has senter is blocks for feet. last week sue craven spied on dak prescott. wherever david johnson goes you go in passing game. i like that. >> that mighting leemal for them. i've been waiting for him to have that kind of match-up and i'm looking forward to it. >> redskins game time is back after this with a lack at key
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advantage of to help boost your advantage of to help boost your fantasy score? .
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>> welcome back to redskins game time i'm annie yu here with today's navy federal trivia question. question who holds red skips
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run against cardinals and hit us up on facebook and let us know your guess and we'll have the correct apps for you later on in the show. brody. >> thanks, annie. >> well, it's time to take a look at improving fantasy team with the at that pointcy facts brought to you by d.c. toyota dealers. what's the first match-up this week. >> i would like to thank offensive players in the same teams and games i like to for shootouts play indoor and throw the ball alow lot. i have two on the field the same time. lions and saints i think we'll have 70s combined points potentially if these two teams reach max on offense. one guy to look ot for that might be available in yearlong fantasy is josh starting to replace kobe queener as go to guy passing game underneath. i expect receivers on each side of the equation today to go over 100 yards.
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coors field. you take the over and you get a lot of points. >> absolutely, drew brees goes for 00 and brandon cook the passing game they make big plays down the field. both conferences the buckaneers gotten hospital hot. they're on heels of washington red skips. and beat san diego charges out west and afc better than their record. these are two teams throw first at this point. unlike terrell 7 or 8 catchs in 100 yard game for the bucks you cannot go wrong with guy touching touchdown on left side of the screen mark evans one of the most reliable infancy football. he cost you a ton. that's a freight truck type player in daily fant. he's worth it. he's the guy every week that makes sense and in this match-up against the charmers i would be surprised if he did not have a big day. >> you mentioned josh hill for
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out for the year and vernon davis what due think about him as an option. >> he had tremendous season an way more left in the tank than redskins knew he did when they brought him in. one no show though is opponent today s has done a good job against tight end. cardinals this year if you look at what teams allow don't give up a not fantasy and i think that changes today. redskins more yard than any other team in football. part of the that is b jordan reed. davis had two big games including catch of the season with read out. 6 or 7 catches probably 75 yards for brandon davis. >> he trusts vernon davis as much as jordan reed. he'll still target him. >> sdes pit last week's is loss in dallas they're improving in the red zone. taking a look at two key plays when redskins game time taking a look at two key plays when redskins game time returns.
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>> i'm on this surprised morning it's a chilly sunday morning in washington. lot of clouds out there. that will be the theme of the day here. not so much where the redskins with plague in the southwestern united states. redskins at cardinals coming to you 4:25 this afternoon. ofle degrees and lots of sunshine. it's an indoor game. no worries weather-wise for the
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here in d.c. 49 for a daytime high. early sun will turn into a mostly cloudy afternoon. again rather chilly day coming our way. let's check the forecast. back to the guys at the desk. >> this is red zone play of the game. last week analysis two key red zone plays both involving someone not playing today jordan reed. jordan reed catch right h let's take a look. one-on-one on slant just short of the goal line. what did you guys see on that. >> i see one-on-one and guy winning match-up which has not happened nearly enough this season but they had man coverage. last year great in the red zone jordan reed was tearing people up and they have a lot more man even teams are playing more zone. you can dictate matchups if they go spread, thin, thin, they used to run that speed basically to the right and you
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the more you go one on one spreading people out and dictating going to dbs on space. the more jordan reed can win. he cannot be covered by one defender that close to the goal line. >> jordan reed exited the game earlier in the game and they deposit have the plan for him and he came back in there and was dominant in the red zone. i think all this year you've been seeing them try to find jordan reed that's a reason for the redskins flaws. >> you look at a guy like jordan reed i look at exlinebacker one-on-one so fast everybody over jumps him tries to play inside because of speed and they know he's a weapon it opens so many things outside. having a guy like that not playing today could hurt a little bit. >> that was with not his only red zone catch in the game. second td pass here. jordan read comeing across back of the end zone and just great grab. my goodness. up the ladder. athletic. first time uses route running
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dribble. this is acrobatic i'm more athletic and physical and will attack the football. this is a great throw kirk cousins can get it and more important man coverage one-on-one inside leverage you have no chance there. if you play that defense against this guy it's kurt see you later thanks forever trying and thank for theism is points. >> you put your best corner on him and say we have a corner on him now he'll not be able toe do the things jordan reed shows you that's why he's so special on he can play against corners he can play against anybody. >> that's a guy wanting the ball giving a happened and lock at me i'll catch the ball throw it to me. you see so many plays area talk to kids you have to want the ball. kids short change themselves and that's sacrifice and they come in after injury saying give me the ball make something happen. >> red zone struggles six by jordan reed last week and no jordan reed this week.
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can do the same on the red zone. >> i'm confident they have crowder in the slot and vernon davis will be the backup. but i think in time they will fix those flaws and have a chance to you know redeem themselves from all these flaws they have all year. i think this is the time now. you see probably heavy dose of them trying to run the baltimore and mix it up and give short passes here and there. you have desean jackson revving more. he is caught and in the dproov and last two teams have the >> crowder has six touchdown passes on the year he's the weapon today that replaces jordan reed at the goal line. one guy to look out for has a sdaept day in the red zone. inside the five yard line he's good at getting inside leverage winning on slant, it's physical making catchs with people on his back. i would like to see him targeted down by the goal line. >> what's amazing we talk about one person and you have to talk about three or four people to do what that return person can do.
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credit is that one person can make the difference in a game. fortunate thing redskins have enough weapons outside weapons you can use to also back that up. >> and crazy thing is jordan reed was doing it with one arm for most of the game. he's amazing. >> he played 7 snaps and caught step balls think about that. he would be on the sideline come on the field for 3rd down obvious passing down where cowboys knew this guy is limping out pass again and catch the pass and get off the field. >> he reminded me of myself. >> i've been there before. >> i one time ate a whole meal while was not feel good. >> and just even. >> and just each and was not feeling good and i ate it anyway. incredible. >> redskins game time is back with two players, grant paulson has his eye on in today's game.
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i stood outside, assessing the situation. i knew it could rough in there, but how rough? there was no way to know for sure. hey guys.... daddy, it's pink! but hey. a new house it's a blank canvas. and we got a great one thanks to a really low mortgage rate from navy federal credit union. pink so she's a princess. you got a problem with that? oorah oorah open to the armed forces, the dod and their families. it union. >> redskins game time. d.c. cheverolet dealers write give you player to watch on each team and stat of the game. let's get to it for cardinals and offensive side of the
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bad man and for some reason they didn't meet him. they have eight sacks on the season. one-on-one if you don't help on the left side today banged up and what presents problems though we can talk about ken to this in a second and moves all over the place sometimes off the right and line them center. and you cannot allow him to redskins picked ver monday davis because jordan reed is not only banged up but ruled out. he stepped up huge in the games jordan reed missed earlier this season one in detroit against the lions arguably his biggest game of the campaign and redskins found a way to use him in every game except for once when catchless even when jordan reed was on the field. i expect boot leg play action
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one-on-one in the backfield. expect shawn mcvay to spend couple days as oc designing couple looks for vernon davis. stat of the day. kirk cousins on fis throw for 5149 yards if that sounds like a lot it's because it is. three quarterbacks have ever thrown for those yards payton manning, tom brady and drew brees. those are three great quarterbacks of this era, 51-49 first guy under 30 to do it kirk cousins in the distance that's a truck backing up because he's about to get paid you. >> mentioned kirk cousin and chapped sler jones and campbell with stretch armstrong arms. what does the pash rush for cardinals look like they'll be matching up against. >> if you have a guy you can move around one things in football is like they say if you're on outside you're right outside and you always contain, always contain you're limited
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if you get an opportunity to move them around then it's not so much you're one-on-one and will continue and do inside outside moves and harder for outside lineman top adjust to what you do. then natural athletic ability comes over and you can dominate a guy like that. >> examples about being fired up. >> those two pass rushing moves by the way he's got the windshield wipers move. you try to input your hands on them and he goes to this move. he'sik >> it's cool. here is balas you comma around the corner. >> what i love these chairs have wheels and this stage. >> he's pulling me around the edge. >> and this has an edge. >> we get to ken harvey demonstrations and we'll all fall off. >> you got me hype. >> all right. well, we're back in two-minute with the keys to the game. and take a look around the league with guy lambert. redskins game time on
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>> and starting off the second half of redskins game time. yeah, you here that. got the keys. keys of the game brought to you by nissan. all right, first question key. you don't want cardinals to hang around you get confident. without a doubt. and you get confident in the game and have a good defense. defense once game and takeover. you got to get them early and keep founding them like a boxer you cannot let the person have a chance to get back in it. >> more wins on the season and not indicative of the talent of the team a lot of people ikd picked them to be super bowl rep out of nfc they can feel like maybe things start swinging their way. not just today but rest of season. if you let them hath around in
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kind of season. hit carson palmer fumbled 11 times this year. they will start feeling like here we good again. >> on the redskins side of ball say hi let's take add van annual of every opportunity and every driver. take three or six point every time you have the ball. >> you want to do like the grown bay game when you get them down keep them down. but you also have to get to carson palmer. look you said he's got so >> defensively you got to get to him but make them pay. every time he feels it getting up off the ground god i have to go back in again. >> old knees. >> yes, because believe it or not he'll start getting down on himself and start rushing ball and making mistakes and that's boosts defense more. >> has a rhythm thrower he remind me of kirk cousins in the sense that if he starts to get into the flow and think and dunking and hitting people in stride he can light you up. he's a sharp shooter from the
7:32 am
that hits the first four or five jumpers. you cannot allow that to happen. this is lucky for redskins first time in couple weeks you have aaron romzers to beat you to your feet and dak prescott guy immobile. middle of pocket. force him home. he's off his mark. when you hit him the ball has come out. you have seen fumbles he's in mid 30s completing 11% of passes down field or more and that's not car sop palmer like in the offense. >> i see a big day like big swage. you have kerrigan and murphy and you have big swage sitting there and he's honing. we have our card day and he's saying i have to get more sacks. i see a big day for him knowing he has to step up. >> because he's stationere you can try different roads. it's not just outside or one thing you can try inside, all the different techniques because you know where he'll be. >> it's been one of those good
7:33 am
week. and one of the good problems maybe need to get special teams. big play in special teams today. >> special teams always they stay in the locker room kickoff the game and be key points. i think with close teams and cardinals have a close team with redskins special teams plays a large part and smoomz a large part can be mid field goal or whatever and you have something. >> on the road for the most part this season their game is decided by special teams tie against bengals should be one. here's a punt return in baltimore against ravens in a game she score once on offense and have to win on defensive struggle. it's a fake punt completion. what they call their fake punt down the field. when they won on the road generally something happens on good teams. >> speaking of punt rrnz i
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especially from cardinals team. all they have is running back to me. passing game deplete quhd it comes it other guys making plays and a chance to step up big and punt returns have to be ready to block for them today. he can do special damage on punt returns. >> now you talk about getting carson palmer and maybe template for that what the falcons did with vick beesly against this team in the bass rush. pass rush. look at this run. you see what they can you can de invoice a team if you dump the ball out and just let your back be your back. make the moves and put the speed on. and it de moral lies as i team as well as beats them with the score. >> taylor gabriel redskins close toast him is probably jamison crowder. i expect in addition to throwing smoke and bubble screens like they did with you all the time i would like to see chris thompson split out a little today. they had problems with smaller
7:35 am
factor in offense. let rob kelly pound the football. they'll do some of the stuff they've done all year with chris thompson in the backfield giving it around the edge and space and swinging the football a couple times on the outside. that's the thing they struggle with. you mentioned topping falcons play book. atlanta has a similar offense to washington. >>al mowing the same offense it's a copycat league. we say that. it's a copycat league. when you watch films throughout the week you see what atlanta did well. shawn's meeting room he picks and chooses plays similar. you can find this guy outside and get him off the backfield he'll be special today also in the passing game. >> one thing to keep an eye on whether chris thompson or someone in the slot you have to deal with honey badgers quickly what does he bring to the game? >> maybe he may missed it. he's doubtfully the game time decision.
7:36 am
if he does play this is a guy i think if you're kirk cousins you have to locate them at all times. it's like playing against ed reed or something like that. when he gets his hand on the ball he has sean taylor ability. he picks it up and full speed. that's what he does. hunting badger is a player. >> his been excellent but hampered all year. so you know a guy like that knowing he is lethal when helmy i would say hey i'll watch for him but at the same time i will give them something to make sure he knows healthy as he wants to be. >> hope bamer has been good all year. guy lambert has been great all year. he's here to take us a look around the league. what's going on? >> we're starting segment off on a somber note. this morning there's still more questions than answers. this is nfl continues to mourn the death of former nfl running back joe mcknight he was shot and killed earlier following road rage dispute in new orleans the man that shot him
7:37 am
released and yet to be charged with committing a crime. he since claimed self-defense appears to be within his rights citing louisiana stand ground law which allows people to shoot to kill if they feel their life in in danger. mcknight approached the vehicle to apologize when he was shot and he took over mcknight body and said don't you f with me before firing again. jefferson police version. forensics suggests he fired back-to-back from inside the vehicle. shooting angered a number of people including buffalo bills reggie bush who preceded mcknight and spoke to cnn earlier this week. now during that interview bush said "there's something that needs to be done it's not okay for read rage or whatever happens and somebody loses their life.
7:38 am
pretty angry."he will wear custom cleats when he gets to the field. he has touch up work to do. the birth date sin create. he get stated he will have it fixed by game time. >> speaking of cleats later 500 nfl players get a chance to strut cleats as part of social campaign to raise awareness for different causes dubbed my cause, my cleats they will honor feet. among those participating skins quarterback kirk cousins who claims to wear he cleats to bring attention to international justice mission. it seeks to protect the core from violent through the developing world and pierre garcon will help his helping hands foundation. this is the first year of the campaign and with many players embracing opportunities it
7:39 am
annual staple. >> how about fitting this under the tree for skins fans. this is redskins fanbulance a decommissioned ambulance perfect tailgating vessel for sale in virginia cost $8550 and it has 43,000 miles on it. his wife want it out of the drive way but for the record she is not making him sell it. >> finally likehe guys -- >> my wife and i debated a lot she asked me to get it out of the driver way. she actually has not asked me to sell she just want it out of the drive way. but with two little kids now it's hard to get out and tailgate. my main motivation is getting it to somebody that makes every game and can get good use out of it. >> i'm not making himself it we with talk about how he thrown
7:40 am
one. >> i had 25 people reach out to buy it and two people out to the house this morning to buy it all cash on the spot and had another folk offer to trade me his redskins hummer straight up for the fanbulance i don't think they'll be issues selling. it question is whether we pull the trigger or not. >> i know who can buy it denver broncos star vom miller. he scored major groupie point with number of players on and off his team after he sent custom bottle of whine in a thank you note. even the guys on practice squad and injured reserve got a bottle. tally that up equates to 300 bottles within a thank you note told employees to thank for the accomplishment. it features signature autografts. i have something with my image on it. give it to you later.
7:41 am
his division and von miller is sending you wine, how do you take it. >> you take it any way you want to. i remember game ocho cinco sent pepto business mall to the browns one year. i don't know how you do it but he's known as sacking everybody he meets. i would take that not easy. >> i know how i would take my wife saying you can't tell but it can't be in the drive way where the cars go. that means sell it. else he is going to do. >> cars for kids. >> put it on the street? >> if kirk cousins was part of the justice league which character would he be. kirk cousins justice league who would he be. >> i don't know who would he be you have this one. >> aqua man. don't get any respect but throw hardcore right? >> i mean justice league with -- >> i like that.
7:42 am
>> i'm thinking here now i i would want to be a part of that. one cause i've been supportive is of upper sipper youth. santana moss foundation and my cause i support yunl showing them they can dream. they're the dream. basically letting them know we're not guys you see on tv you cannot touch. we were once in your same situation. you can be for the dream. >> you need to wash your hands before you touch me though. would go with batman. although kirk cousins doesn't have super powers he's about to be really rich. >> ohh. >> i thought about it for a second. >> this year skins say christmas eve and new year's day after playing on thanksgiving for skins fans the holidays and football go happened in hand. we're in the kitchen ep for redskins tailgate segment. we're preparing holiday snacks for us. redskins game time is back
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>> all right. welcome back time now is 7:45. now time for the "fox5" first five fan of the week brought to you by united medical sent erin today's fan is jesus marka. >> hooking great. >> you look great buddy. >> he posted this and says
7:46 am
i'm a redskins fan until i die. love that. thank you so much for your mean. meanwhile what would football in december be without comfort foods and holiday treat. that's right tough jay is joining us again for redskins tailgate and this theme is comfort foods wrapped in finger foods. >> it's holidays right. >> yes. >> we can't be all about football we have to be a bit about holidays at the same time. tail gates. >> and -- >> there you go. how about holiday friendly appetizerry arery single bite type things right? >> yes. >> i like that. >> i like that. >> app tiesry and everybody can sample these wonderful delicious things. this is cranberry cream cheese bite mouthful withal moe mond sprinkle topping. all it is cream cheese mix i have here with fresh herbs and
7:47 am
>> what kind of herbs. >> i have cilantro, khivz and parsely all ground up. >> and so i put cranberries on that and sprichingle my spastic spice because i'm mr. foodfastic. >> we fold those up to a little purse situation and that's how it goes into the oven like that. it a try and let me know what you think. >> these are fresh out of the oven. >> i know what you're trying to say. >> wow. >> i like the sweet with savory. i enjoy always things delicious. >> believe it or not this taste look a little bit like pizza. are you with me santana kind of taste like pizza.
7:48 am
of those must havens i got when i was young. >> i'm taking him back to his childhood. >> really good. >> we know who don't travel much. >> mr. putah this is wombastic. >> i have this here which is baked apples and refused balsamic. anybody want to gave that a try? come on. >> kid has been eying back there waiting for time to jump in. >> i know you're going easy this morning. >> wow. >> this is actually good. >> is it good. >> very good. >> like it? >> look how simple it is. >> simple and easy. these are three, four ingredients that's easy part of. it i also have for you a crap berry mow heat owe which i'm finishing off here. >> ut, oh. >> i didn't know how many people would be here i need four. >> this is my usual breakfast. >> i don't usually drink 8 a.m. in the morning. >> ladies first. >> and that is the key to mow
7:49 am
minute. so i want to give a quick demonstration of what that means. it kind of means hammering it down. >> mashing it down and getting those essential oils out of minute to come out. it's fragrance exactly. and you add that with cranberry juice and rum and finish it off. i like ginger ale myself and i can use sparkling water. >> this is fancy ginger ale like natural >> and you can do non alcoholic you don't have to add it. >> you're always so giving and i checked out your instagram you have a big event coming up listen closely. >> it's called table for ten what this is is honor to single mom's my mom was single mommy want to give back. i have an event where i'm having ten well i select single mom's and give them evening of dinner and do like a five course dinner for them and swag bag and hosted by michelle
7:50 am
north east december 14 taking nominations until december 10 they can go on my web site thought this forum and nominate somebody and we'll pick ten women to hamper them. >> that's great. >> december 10 is cutoff date. mark calendars. it's chef jay >> awesome thank you so much. >> what do we think about this mow heat owe anybody try it? >> a lot of people don't think about mow heat owe when's you think winter drinks, drinks, mow heat owe is like summer drink. >> hoe meet heat owe is all year around driching for the ladies. >> i love it year round myself. >> this is pretty, too. >> exactly. >> there's nothing in there. >> i'll let you all drink up your mow heat owes and red skips game time is back for picks of the day. before we head to break apps the redskins trivia question who holds franchise record for longest run against cardinals
7:51 am
touchdown. >> oh, billy wells. >> steve harvey remembers this 1954 longest run in franchise history for the redskins. >> why would i remember that? >> weep be right back.
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>> it is time for comcast picks of the day all season long picking games in nfc east. here's where things stand so far. and look at that. kent still in front and grant can't believe it. >> it's just not correct. records have been tabulated improperly og 1 is great show but can't do math he's a g producer but can't do math. >> there's no way you can have that score. >> what i'm saying the proof is in film. let's week let's do cutups of every week and we'll spend an hour getting bottom of this. >> first game eagles cincinnati 1 p.m. kickoff. >> i will go with eagles. no good reason. >> i'll go with eagles as well. i want to take bengals here but if they didn't have all injuries.
7:55 am
they would philadelphia lost a couple straight it looked like their season was going to go off the rails. i think they get a win and sal van themselves sghi think eagles win. they're going against pretty de fleeted team. >> bengals are a completely different team without a.j. green. >> stealing my style. >> second game maybe we'll get differentiation here. giants heinz field 4:25 kickoff again steelers, guys? >> looking forth ken. >> i am. >> towards end of year they always pick up and start doing well. i'm taking giants to do it. >> steelers beat them they're the better team. this is beginning of pittsburgh offense to the top of its division and they will -- here's my big pick for the day not lose again this season. i think they get to 11-5 win 6-0 down the stretch and make the postseason red hot and i pick steelers. >> it's hard to say the giants want a win.
7:56 am
that's the thing to be here key ingredients so far in the wins. i say giants win. >> i keep saying every week giants are not for real and they keep winning. i'll go with steelers. they're at home and ben lodge listberger is at home and they prove me wrong. >> glendale arizona kickoff against cardinals. ken are you con flicked here. >> how did you know. i'm getting ready to say that. i'm looking at it and saying who do i pick xing i love both i'm thinking redskins will pull this one out. >> santana? >> redskins, redskins within you don't have much to say i think when it comes down to what they're trying to do all they have to take care of is what is in front of them. that's what they're going to do today. >> i'll take the cardinals in close game. i actually undulated all week long on the picky think i picked redskins friday on the radio. i think it's close game. i think arizona keeps season
7:57 am
themselves the rest of the way. >> what redskins do well cardinals do well at stopping and vice verse a either way i'm going redskins. i think they pull it out on the road. go with redskins it will be close game. 28-24. >> you have to learn how to say undue late. >> i know that is a good word. >> does that it for redskins game time 4:25 here on "fox5". that does it for us. >> i'll pull my the day. >> you need a calendar i have one of those word ever the day
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning. >> hello. >> it's surprised. it's december 4. we're just weeks away from christmas. the loft is decked out. >> i love it. >> it's magical in here. looks fantastic. good to see you sunday december 4 i'm tom fitzgerald. >> i'm annie yu. us it's a chilly start and cold. >> oh, yeah it's cold. >> and freezing. >> ep it's cold in the studio now. >> what is the weather forecast looking like for us. >> cold. it looks cold and cloudy. >> it is cold. >> looks cold. >> chilly december. good die stay inside and watch football. >> there will be a lot of people getting their christmas trees today and running around doing those errand. they have to bundle up i guess. >> very true. bundle up.
8:01 am
weather, sweater weather is back in d.c.. here's a look at headline for the day today. it is cloudy. chilly, and going to be cold as we head through the course of surprised and temperatures right now hang around in the 0s and low 40s. we're 40 here in washington. 34 gaithersburg and 32 at frederick and 34 westminster and 31 martinsburg and winchester 30 and mannasas in 20s. 28 degrees this morning in mannasas. there is goodew that were pesky will be calming down as we thread lieu the course of date today. feels like 36 outside in d.c.. again winds are light and any wind at all with temperatures like these you'll certainly feel. it 28 it feels like in mannasas the actual air temperature. weing mipster feels like 4 gaithersburg. bundle it up if you head out and about this morning and afternoon because clouds coming in and once those clouds settle
8:02 am
course block out a little sun that's source of heat. so we won't be getting as warm today. yesterday we only made it to low 50s today. probably staying upper 40s. look just to the south we have moisture coming through kentucky. southern virginia. trying to push to west virginia you see it turning out to the east there. most of that moisture pushes south. there will be a wave of epiphanny princeer jury waving up through the hours tonight. >> surprised, 3:00 you see clouds stick ago around. day today. there we are 8:00 tonight showers and even some snowflakes and sleet and freezing rain mixing in over the higher elevations out to the west for winter weather advisory in effect. not here in d.c. though i won't say we cannot see sleet we possibly could but mostly rain overnight tonight into the morning commute tomorrow or rather first half of morning commute. you can see by the time we get to 7, 8:00 it pushes out over eastern shore and out to sea it
8:03 am
sunshine by the afternoon. tag a look at forecast for today, 49 is the high here in washington. most will stay cool and cloudy today we take a look at week ahead in just a few minutes. >> all right. thanks so much mike. >> all right till a look at top stories 8:03. investigators will be back in oak land, california at a warehouse this morning looking for more bodies from a friday night deadly fire. nine people were killed. during electronic dance party at a warehouse. ther still missing. the death toll there they say could reach as high as 40 people. police say squatters may have also been living inside that warehouse. and developing this morning in spotsylvania country. >> gas station clerk attacked and killed yesterday off jefferson davis hoy way. "fox5" alexandra limon jons thus morning with the latest on this investigation. good morning, alex. >> reporter: this is a pretty disturbing story.
8:04 am
spotsylvania country sheriff office calls it a vish us tack and one person is in custody for questioning. david jr. washington was taken into custody at apartment complex in fredericksburg two miles from where it happened. shortly after 1:30 in the morning saturday the 54-year-old clerk of sunoco gas station was brutally attacked and killed. the gas station is on jefferson davis highway in spotsylvania and that victim who was found by a customer, identified. initially police received surveillance from inside the gas station of a person of interest that turned out to be 50-year-old washington saying he was wanted for questioning but again he has been taken into custody. >> it makes me worried you know? i work here. in this area. and it should not be just easy to come and attack someone or
8:05 am
all this like public area. >> reporter: police have not said whether any weapon was used in the murders saying only that the investigation revealed the clerk was attacked for no apparent money. alexandra limon. "fox5 local news". >> thank you very much alex and in fairfax country this morning an elderly man is dead after fire swept through his home. the fire started yesterday afternoon on logan court in alexandria when firefighters arrived there. flames were shooting out they were able to rescue an 82-year-old man but he was taken to the hospital and died along the way. man's pet cat i doed also in that fire. investigators determined an electrical problem started the fire. >> time now is 8:05 happening now fidelel castro ashes arriving at cemetery in sapt ago owe cuba. they ended nine days of mourning forecast row. he was in power half a century
8:06 am
victory in cuba and communism that defied the power of 11 u.s. presidents. >> couldn't versusy on capitol hill after trump talked with taiwan's leader and how the call is impacting our relationship with china a mike will be back with the weather
8:07 am
8:08 am
?? ?? ??
8:09 am
>> time now:08 we're following news with the trump transition. jill stein is dropping efforts to have a recount in pennsylvania. reason, money. the lawyer says the party cannot afford to post the $1 million bond to proceed and meantime associated press says president-elect trump ait ahappeneded a costume party by some of his biggest trump is likely moving along way from two of his top choices for secretary of state rudy guiliani and mitt romney and now considering other options. >> meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is not packing down from the conversation he had with taiwan's leader. >> this comes despite the fact that his cause now a diplomatic rift with china. fox's brian yennis has more this morning. >> reporter: concerned president-elect done done has rattled a complicated
8:10 am
over the phone friday. it's the first too many a u.s. president or president-elect has spoken to taiwan leader since 1979 when u.s. formally broke diplomatic relations with taiwan. china and taiwan relations is betterly contentious issue. taiwan is part of china and taiwan declares itself a sovereign nation. on saturday china foreign ministry filing a formal complaint after mr. trump's phone call warning u.s. to proceed with caution and care and avoid interfering. "we already made solemn representations about it and to relevant u.s. side and it must be pointed out there's one china in the world and taiwan is inalienable part of the -- and president taiwan called me today to wish me congratulations of winning please densey. thank you. interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan billions of tlarz of military equipment but i should not ak september a congratulatory call. u.s. sold more than $45 billion
8:11 am
to taiwan. the white house reacted quickly reassuring china in a statement that nothing has changed. trump senior adviserer kelly anne cop way say trump new ram if i cans of the call and it was planned. critics like the democratic national committee called the phone call foolish and a late this to national security. in new york city, brian yennis, fox news. and "fox5" has you covered with latest political news be sure to join tom fitzgerald and ronica clear ci for "fox5" owe on the hill show and tune in every night 5@60. >> and we'll change locations on you a little bit. we're going to look out to the weather right now. this is in hawaii and when you think about hawaii you might not think about packing your skis. but it turns out we would be wrong with that. as you head there any time soon you find hawaii's two highest mountains are under snow right
8:12 am
in effect for voll capic peaks and up to two feet of snow has fanen since thursday and another foot today. it's not uncommon for it to fall on the mountains but the ever hade snowfall you're seeing now this the is pretty unusual. >> beautiful though. >> in addition to hawaiian shirts and shorts pack ski polls and snow shoes. >> probably view spectacular. >> more snow than here. >> >> maybe a little later this week we could smk up. >> there's two sidesed to every argument i'm on the snow side you're against it. >> i'm on standing outside in it for 14 hours at a clip side of. it i have a investigated interest in my position. >> let's do a little weather and walk. do i have music? hey, hey, okay, okay? >> okay. juju on that beat?
8:13 am
on that beat? >> that's it. >> that's all the beat i have for this sunday morning. >> how about running aman on that beat? running man on that beat? there you go, move faster move faster there you go. nice. >> all right, annie, that's enough. >> i have some weather to do here. hey, hopefully that woke you up on this sunday morning. hopefully you didn't change the channel. mostly clouds this afternoon. well if you head out and about it will be dry. chilly out there. in fact so far this december. highs in the 40s. we need the sweatshirt, gloves, hat, whole kind of get up there. rain does move in during the overnight hours through early monday morning. should be out of hereby 7, 8:00 and should not affect the whole morning rush. expect roads to be wet as you head out. can't rule out ice pellets. isolated pockets not too widespread and nothing to affect the morning commute here. if you happen to watchest with,
8:14 am
could be freezing rain that could cause headaches in the morning. here in d.c. nothing too extreme. sun moves back in monday afternoon as well. looks like we could be partly cloudy toe mostly sunny by noon or so tomorrow. 40 your daytime or rather your current temperature here at washington. look at all the cold air north. binghamton 30 and pittsburgh 32 detroit 35 and 34 this morning in couple bus. we'll take a local view at temperatures. this is cold out there. if you head out to early definitely had need heavier coat, 34 gaithersburg and mannasas in the 20s this morning. 28 degrees and 5 at dulles and 31 martinsburg hager town 35 and leonardtown and southern maryland this morning 36 degrees. all right satellites and radar generally clouds starting to push in. maybe we had peaks of sunshine early today and you see all the clouds moving in from the south sticking around throughout the day today. it's the big picture here.
8:15 am
the snow s chicago expecting to 4" of snow with little system moving through. it's this piece of energy that swings through our neck of the woods as we go to overnight hours toments and first part of the morning tomorrow that could bring us a few showers and again i mentioned that sleet. here's the setup here. low pressure well south. it's throwing up moisture our way that will get some of those showers again late tonight probably at 9:00 i would say. it should be as most people getting back inside to prepare and should not be anything that lipingers too far into monday morning either. begun i mentioned by 7, 8:00 tomorrow morning i think mostly drying out. high pressure north cool and dry and low pressure mild and wet to the south and that kind of clash of the air mass there is recipe for a little bit of sleet. i will not rule it out. pockets of sleet possible even here in d.c. and i think the best chances of this will be out to the west. and out to the west there is a winter weather advisory posted
8:16 am
a little travel trouble early tomorrow morning. but again here in d.c. even if we get sleet shouldn't be anything big enough to cause headaches tomorrow morning. 40s and 50s for high temperatures as we head through first half of week and late week we warm up previously wednesday talking about mid 50s coming back and then real, real cold air starts to push the way in here as we get to end of week and we'll see that now the forecast coming your way. 49. mostly cloud ci skies today. we get showers sleet pellet or two overnight lasts early tomorrow morning and get back to the sun by the afternoon. tuesday, does look wet and chilly at 48 degrees and wednesday that's that brief warm spike and look at next week. friday high of only 40 next saturday, lows in the 0s. teens and 20s to start. with high of only 39 degrees. winter is coming. annie and tom. winter is coming. annie and tom. back
8:17 am
sunday morning i know i do. sunday morning i know i do. check this out. world's first pancake printer
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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8:20 am
>> it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. the nation's capitol will awb little christmasy especially on capitol hill the next couple days. house speaker paul ryan set to lead the 016 capitol christmas tree lighting ceremony left lawn of capitol this annual ceremony you know this time honored traditions go back more
8:21 am
featuring 80 foot tall spruce. that's a little bit bigger than last year. >> little bigger. >> little bigger than me as well. thousands of hand crafted on aments from ida hoe will be used. for my money this is with all due respect for the white house that is protestest tree in town. >> i love it, love. it thank you for singing there. >> very nice. >> and happening tonight, "fox5" will be at the kennedy center honors the eagle singer paccino and martha algaraves will service a lifetime musical achievement award and president obama and michelle obama will be there you can win two tickets to the star studded show and mipingle with d.c. and hollywood elite. there's using #send me to honors. >> i would go. >> sweet for the eagle this year. they were supposed to receive it last year and they asked to lay it until this year and then
8:22 am
year. so it will be nice that they get their due this evening. they're one of the great rock and roll bands this country has ever produced. time now is 8:22. that does it for now. coming up we'll have a little preview of what is coming up on "fox" news sunday. >> and we'll get conway's take on trump's controversial phone call that and more ahead on be news at 8:00.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> chris wallace is the host of fox news surprised he joins us now with a preview of today's program. good morning, chris. >> good morning to you ronica. >> you have kelly an conway on today and there's been a lot of talk about the phone call donald trump took from taiwan. i imagine conway will defend tr do you expect more than that from her today. >> we'll see at the top of the hours. it's interesting because you know some people were asking her right after the fewer or over the phone call started did trump know what he was getting into was he briefed and she said he knew what he was getting into which races question then does he intend to change our one china policy where we recognize beijing recognized china and taiwan has a kind of second class informal
8:26 am
the top of the hour. >> it certainly gifts us insight to what we may expect if a trump presidency now that he's on his way to january. let's talk about jill stein leading recount effort. you know is he keeping momentum and is there really an outcome that will benefit stein. >> there there is one outcome that already benefitted stein. she raised much mover money from the recount effort from 140,000 donors tha for presidential campaigns in 201 or 2016 at the very least and some a say that's objective. she built a war chest and expanded her list of supporters dramatically if she decides to run again in four years. it seems very, very unlikely it will change the outcome in any state. the most votes ever switched in recount is 1200 in florida back
8:27 am
change more than 10,000 in each of the three states. >> it's pass it fascinating to watch unfolded we'll be watching you at 9 a.m. thanks, so much, chris. >> thank ronica. >> "fox5" on the hill, don't >> thank ronica. >> "fox5" on the hill, don't miss it ahh...stil i'll take it from here. i'm good. i just took new mucinex clear and cool. ah! what's this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. wow, that sort of blind-sided me. and it clears my terrible cold symptoms. ahh! this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief.
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>> we have tom fitzgerald here an a senior fellow with the london center for policy research joining us this morning as well let's talk about what is trending on the trail. well, donald trump everyone is talking about it he's filling cabinet. the most recent announcement i'm eager to hear your take on this retired general james mad dog matt acklandtis will be president-elt defense. general mattis ha a career in the marine corps for nearly 40 years and he served as commander joint forces command and replaced general david petraeus ahead of central command. here's what trump had to say about him during surprise announcement this week. >> he's the close eingts thing to general george patent we have and it's about time.
8:31 am
>> and could there be an issue? prevent being him to be secretary of defense. he's not a civilian would be the first to lead this department and have this military background. but i know marines are really excited about this. >> we're he can statistic. first of all general mattis's representation within the military and marine corps is bar none, hold back on nothing leader and we need that. instead we had a poodle in the defense department. now we'll get a pit bull. when you go to guard your house you bert have a man that knows what he needs to keep this country safe and general mattis has a proven record of doing that. >> how does it work as far as though in the military this idea that you know mattis is a guy that i would say is ref eerd to the point of some marine looking at him as messiah in some ways. there's a facebook page marines of helmet promise ape urge anybody to check it out it's
8:32 am
at the same time. mattis is their central figure. but are qualities that make a good battle field commander which clear le he is the same qualities that you want in somebody to run a defense department. >> absolutely. >> will he be out of element. >> not at all. he understands what face he would go into fox holes with junior marines to see how it was in the mudd and dirt and fire and with that concept he understand what's it takes to
8:33 am
what is your take that there should be civilian control over military and if we're turning people over too quickly we're basically happeneding the car keys back to the military when it's supposed to be civilian control of department of defense. >> this say reasonable concern. absolutely. we're not talking about average general. we're not talking about politician handling procure -- >> apparently he's >> do marines like this. >> patten. >> no general puler is our amazing general this is it. he was not in charge of procurement he doesn't have benefit off the military. oui need this in pentagon. we got to pre world war ii levels he understand what's it takes to win on all fronts. >> you talk about mike flint white house handling
8:34 am
at david petraeus as possible secretary of state and then you have general mattis at the pentagon is that too many generals. >> i don't think it would be and he said global warming is greatest threat to the united states. that characteristics the entire message of the trump campaign. but general flynn i appreciate because general flynn and mattis were fired by obama because they stood up to him. i need a commander in chief that him and say no you're doing it wrong. >> handling the crystal seems absent to the conversation for some reason and he was renowned xhapdner afghanistan and removed off the comments in rolling stole. why is crystal not part of that. >> maybe he's enjoying retirement. >> let's talk about the other cabinet picks in the last 24 hours there's been talk guiliani and room any no longer part of this secretary of state conversation. that actually doesn't surprise
8:35 am
just watching all of this unfolded today and really kind of remembering donald trump selection process for vice-president and how there were people being considered i never thought were being considered. what is your take on that? and now reports that huntsman may be in the mix. i think that seems quite possible, especially because of history of ambassador to china a what is your take on that. >> huntsman is probably excellent choice and bolton he was hard on state department because of abuses they had allowed and i think that's a good place to start to cleanup the house. and so i'm glad to hear room any is out of the mix. simply to me it feels like a fox in the hen house. what he did to try to defy donald trump all the way to election day i'm sorry -- >> i don't think he even entertained it so much. i feel people write donald trump off as cannot as strategic as he is.
8:36 am
man so he won't be your enemy further. he doesn't need to go into the white house and have room any soliciting all of of this negative energy and they have to get to know each other and they have and hopefully he can be an ally. donald i disaagree with this versus a press conference. >> if you will unifying the republican party is it possible. >> oh, my goodness we're so splintered up great question i think democratic seem to misunderstand why voters voted for donald trump they're calling us racist and home owe phones and all these things and the reality they wanted change and they put bell osy back to house leadership role. we need a khaevrping and democrat you understand that too. >> if we're talking about grains of swamp through the whole campaign. so what are we bringing in here? we're bringing in elaine chao who has served in previous administerings and we're
8:37 am
governor of south carolina. we're bringing in people who are establishment republicans and not really quite out of the mainstream of what the republican party -- was not the trump election all about upheaval and about bringing in new blood so. what is all this old blood going on. >> i would not call chou part of the problem in washington d.c. or nikki haley i would not call her part of current >> majority leader. >> she did a great sglob but she's not part of establishment. >> i didn't say she's not part of establish i don't think she part of problem. the problem has been people that resisted change in. in washington d.c. metro area where this is airing all us have to relies we benefit off the government and that's why there was resistance to trump in northern virginia our median income is 89,000 and the rest of nation is around 49,000. there's a huge disconnect
8:38 am
area we have to understand that. >> doesn't that look bad? >> i mean it definitely is true. what he's bringing in mitt romney and -- >> mitt romney has not been smrekt the and we have 4,000 appoint hes. he has 4,000 appoint hes. you must bring in some people that have experience dealing with washington d.c. and he's trying to unify the party. by blocking out the people from the past who are successful is ignorant, too. you want success with >> but at times this drape the swamp looks like frogs jumping around lilly pads because we keep seeing these people, career people and sarah pallin who people loved to make fun of and loved to mock, sarah pay lip came out with a strong op ad in last 48 hours about carrier air conditioning deal saying when she looked at what went on with carrier and with the state of indiana and mike pence and trump she saw that as
8:39 am
corporate crohnism and sarah pallin is one picking up this manhole of saying we need to kind of keep the momentum going. >> i'm sorry that's unfortunate because americans whose jobs were saved sure as heck do not define crohn yix if it benefits americans when it benefits americans it's great and when benefits politicians it doesn't. when you have campaign run by woman benefiting off saudi arabia and qua tar that's a problem when it benefits americans and country and stimulates throwing stones at. it she's right there's an element of crohn yix look at who it is benefiting. >> and i wouldn't necessarily -- she did play herself out of cabinet position i think i don't think she was truly considered but let's talk about the whole taiwan phone call and tweets that followed. >> in a lot of ways some remains seen we don't know who
8:40 am
is will deal with so. things going on the last couple weeks since election and in this case donald trump speaking on the phone to the leader of taiwan early this week. and now we know you know we have had diplomatic relations with china we have a one china policy in this country however donald trump says why don't we talk to these people. why don't we have kvrpings and you know, when you think about because what -- where have we gotten with the idea we don't talk to people that we don't agree with. >> we turned our back in taiwan in 0s that was unfortunate because that's free economy with free people and we turned and went to communist opportunityry. trump is making a clear statement we need free xheez and countries to work us with and if embracing tie twoon enable that to happen is a good
8:41 am
reading about this fist of all we just had had a president overturn a 50 year embargo to cuba rights because he said it's not working it's more of the same. and now we have a president-elect who you could argue is saying a similar step to say look it's been decades of a policy i don't see the purpose of and suddenly highly criticized. i think it's interesting to watch reaction to it and also this tweet obviously tweeted about how they called him 1st and then says interesting how the u.s. sells taiwan millions in should not accept congratulatory call. more than meaning of tweet we knew donald trump took to twitter to help win this race. now he's leading a conference about policy via twitter and i just think it's fascinating to watch any conversation of i'm not going to tweet or i might let go of it during the campaign that right there talking about policy it's not the end. >> he'll be the first tweeting president. >> we need -- >> for better or worse. >> that's fine.
8:42 am
substantive issues than whether or not you like alec baldwin impression of him. >> you know what? why should he change. this is what we electd it's silly. >> he got elected with the same platform. >> it's silly. >> we don't want -- the american people want people candid and up front. i'm confident he'll polish his style over time if he engages people and has them talking about politics and has them engaging on issues that's a good thing >> we'll move on we want to talk about democrats you brought this up a minute ago. democrats you know while everybody was talking about how republican party was fray ago part at the edges throughout this entire campaign the democrats are in a way right now because nancy pelosi staffed off a challenge to leadership and they are you know in flux right now because you know tim ryan from ohio challenges her and she's been khechinged before and dispensed
8:43 am
kind of do not seem to know what direction they're going. we had is voices from the past come up. >> we're looking at howard deep taking himself out of the chair of the dnc and bernie sanders saying it has to be representativeelson and the only way forward. let's listen to howard dean talk a little about stepping back. >> we cannot allow this to be proxy fight and hillary clinton's people and thi needs start again and we need to be together. >> and jessie james you came through campaign where you saw republicans go after republicans. i know you're not in a position to give democrats any advice and and what would you say about what you saw the party go through and why you feel you're in a better position right now as republicans. >> i would say shake it up quit going with what did not work. you're sticking with your old familiarities and clip top
8:44 am
why is it it was predetermined she would be your nominee and ellison i'm sorry he has radical ties to the muslim brotherhood which has been on terrorism watch list for six other can'tyes only because of president obama it was not put on terrorism watch list is this what you want to do alienate more people and nancy pelosi she's from san francisco and doesn't relate to rest of world or america. >> i fully appreciate bern didn't sanders stepping into this whether or not you agree with the person he's pushing forward or frustrations of watching the disaster of debbie wasserman schultz followed by donna brazil cheerily working for insiders in the democratic party and not doing what they're supposed to do. say what you want about ellison and sanders has ever right to push forward in the way he is and try to attempt to afengt change for millions of people who are behind him.
8:45 am
tople and he said a lot of things democrats should listen to you have to stop looking at electorate and hillary clinton coined basket of deplorables and ryan says that a lot of how the democratic party viewed electorate a basket here and there and group here and group over there. i have never been accused of being a racist until this last elect. what happened in the same people that elected president obama turn around and legislation elected donald trump. you tell me in eight years they all became racist that's a false and lousy aring the and when you have no substance anymore. identity politics makes black people think one way, white people think one way and women think one way i'm a female i don't think like all women and
8:46 am
character. we're americans red, white and blue and that is what can unify us for a common goal for freedom, good economy, jobs for americans and protecting our boarders. i think -- >> i want to see american flag behind your head now. that was inspiring. >> thank you for being with us. >> jessie jane duff thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> fox news on the hill sunday morning december 4 will be
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> we've seen let's talk about this we've seen cubans scenes crying and being 'motional and areking on how much of that is dictated by the cuban govrmingt ordered into the streets to participate in. >> we do know there's many in cuba who had been threatened to
8:50 am
disodence likeel saxto and worried about his safety at this point. >> people are are encouraged to participate in this. >> they'reen can'ted to support rej even culture of intimidation and fear since 195 9 on island and disodents are killed. >> if castro's brother is still in power is it really -- i mentioned to tom last week cuban american who said that even though this is not necessarily a change in cuban policy it is symbolic and means something very powerful to them to see his passing but what is the future for them? is it just the same. >> unfortunately u.s. diplomatic opening in last year and a half has done more to solidify the communist party control with raul castro and younger generation of castros. what we should be talking about
8:51 am
the cuban people. but, of course, future of the communist party is secure. because they've got access to international capitol and legitimacy. >> well castro says he will leave in 2018 and we don't know if he will leave in 2018 and yet there seems to be this concern right now things could get worse for cuban people in this in between time. castro has been out of power officially for ten years now. but, is there a concern right now people yo this government this cuban communist dictatorship will clamp down and get clutches fighter now to dissuade anybody of any ideas from making move on castro regime. >> we should have de mapped economic or political reform as part of diplomatic opening. we did not and so it looks like yes, they're going to stay in power and you know, they're going to survivefiedle and
8:52 am
a corrupt leereders and power comes 1st and human being an people serve the interest of corrupt tote tall tearian state. >> quickly we have 30 second. do you feel cuban americans from your take do they feel hope from trump president denny or concern? >> well i think it's hopeful that we're talking about victim of fiddle castro trump made that clear n tonight we're filledle castro. we've heard about fidel the man an leader and revolutionary we need to hear about fidel the murder are if we know the truth of what happened since 59 we can get closer to justice and democratic reform for the cuban people. >> literally passes on to the ash of history now and we hope the best for the cuban people. we appreciate you coming in to talk about this issue. the counts down for christmas has begun. >> we're he aid home for
8:53 am
circumstance a19 45 we'll be circumstance a19 45 we'll be back.
8:54 am
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8:55 am
? >> a historic georgetown house as new exhibit that remembers christmas of 19 45. take a look. >> president true map called
8:56 am
christmas of 19 45 one the war-weary world prayed for. families from across the country reunited with loved onesen including at tudor place in georgetown. i'm here with grant qutormis curator at tudor place. >> tudor place is a significant house designed by william thornton the same that design capitol building owned by peters from 1805 until 1983. marm apeter was martha there's a significant collection of washington objects here. >> i love story of christmas tree and why it's artificial tell me about that. >> in caring with our theme of home for the holidays in 19 45 due to war time short am as i lot of people had to go with artificial tree that year because live trees were hard to come by because of labor short amings for harvesting them as well as transportation difficultyes to get the trees to market as far as ornaments
8:57 am
in the 1940s things like brightly colored glass bulb ornaments. >> tell me about the rooms in the house. >> visitors can see object related to the theme and decorations in every space of the house in serve apt sitting room visitors can see how servants are preparing for christmas holidays and challenges that anyone would have faced because product like sugar were still being rationed even though war was over of with. you can imagine trying to bake all these christmas desserts and not having a lot of sugar to do >> now nothing artificial about the joy artificial tree brings.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. president-elect trump takes a victory lap and previews what's in store when he takes the oath of office next month. >> i'm going to discuss our action planning to make america great again. >> and trump is already acting, intervening to keep jobs in the u.s. and naming a re general to lead the pentagon. >> we are going to appoint "mad dog" mattis as our secretary of defense. >> then, insults fly when top officials from the clinton and trump campaigns meet at a harvard forum. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> no, you wouldn't. >> yes. >> we'll get the latest on that and the trump transition live


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