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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. this hs fox5 local news at 10. right now a man armed with an assault rival taken down by d.c. police after after he stormed into a pizza place that's beenn the focus of fake news. then more bodies discovered ince the rubble of a california warehouse fire as families ofile those still missing wait for news of their loved ones. and the feds welcome structure
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fight is far from over. thank you for joining us, i am i'm lauren demarco than a i'm matt ackland. let's start with a d.c. restaurant that made national after an a man with an assaultlt rival entered the place. fortunately he was taken into custody without anyone getting hurt. it happened at a pizza along connecticut avenue which had already been threatened and harassed after a threatened online conspiracy marina maracco is live with thei story. >>reporter: thes conspiracy is known as pizza gait online. this restaurant that you see behind me called ping upon at the epicenter of the conspiracy theories of the restaurant tot hillary clinton and her presidential campaign and the allegations that there was criminal activity happening inside this restaurant thatstau involved children. now you're looking at pictures of witnesses being escorted oute from the restaurant after 45ur
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authorities about a hoof ablockk away from this restaurant. now you're going to see cellphone. >> video operator: ohio by our producer. you're looking at the right hand of our screen as 27 year old madison turned himself in. he drove up from salsbury northr carolina and he drove with the purpose of targeting this restaurant. vestas a private investigator looking to internet there wrist.tern here on the sceneet place say ts man walked into the front door. he pointed one of these three guns including a rival at one of the employees and gusts immediately evacuated. they called police, the suspect according to police made no threats, made no demands.nds. weapons one of them he fired into the ground, fired more tha one shovel thankfully no one wai injured, no hostages taken. police here on the scene saying
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unclear. interim police chief peterer newsham saying he was aware of these social media conspiracy theories and he set up the time at about 6:00 today that he believes what happened hereened today was not tied to those conspiracy theories calling this quote, very unusualusua circumstances for this part ofso the city t. however, tonight, d.c. police confirming that, in fact, thisct man confessed saying that he quote, sell came to investigate these onlinee suspicion theories known as pizza gait. g we saw a bunch cluster due diligence around and all running this way down connecticut and then someone told us that the shots that had someone come in with a gun and told everyone to evacuate. 45 minutes after the people ran in backing backwards with hisars hands in the air and then he
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and he was immediately picked up by the police and taken away. but you didn't see a gun. >> i didn't see a gun.n. > we should all condemn the efforts of some people to spread malicious aand it letterly false accusations about pink upon. a beloved d.c. institution. let me state unequivocally theso stories are completely false. what happened today proves that promoting false there wrist dol come with consequence easy hope that those involved with fanning these flames will take a moment to contemplate what happenedt here today and to stop right away. tonight that 28 year old north carolina man has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. that weapon a gun. > live tonight in northwest, marina maracco, fox5 a local news. > and to oakland, california now where the death toll from that warehouse fire continues tn climb tonight. officials say at least 33 peopla
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out friday night during a dance party. we're learning up to 100 may have attended that event. fox's adam housley reports. today our district attorney,torn nancy o'malley did activate a criminal investigation. too team is on the site and working in concert with our other law enforcement partners. the mayor of oakland criminal investigation team been activated. this as the agonizing search and recovery re continues. with the debris we are literally going bucket full by bucketful. when we find a victim we have to to. we have to then conduct an investigation. it has to be thorough. it has to owe offering has to be documented. g onfighters announcin sunday that some o af the victis
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to tell youel that we have 17 yr old victims. no small children, about but teenage children who are stilll children in our eyes. investigators say they havey several daze of work ahead of them as family and friends desperately wait for answer. like everyone waiting to hear he kind of did what he wanted. he was living his life. and the recovery effort also hitting close to home with the sheriff's oneiff' of our deputies that wek with lost his son in and so we're still dealing withn that as we continue to deal with the other victims. > the warehouse was home to an artist community and crews say the condition inside made it a death trap almost impossible for people to escape as the flames a went through the building. oakland, california, adam housley, fox news. > now to developing news from north dakota. the u.s. army course corps of
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the pipeline.ine. it says it wants to explore other routes forth pipeline andn test the impact. the they say the pipeline is bad for the environment and cuts across sacred american land. they call it a serious mistake. > let's turn to weather now and take a live look outside.ide. i hope you had a great weekend. a beautiful shot the washington monument. now you might see some showers or even some sleet in your antibody hatched it is rainingcd right now outside the studio in northwest d.c. gwen will this rain be stickingg around for the monday morning commute. we will have some early morning showers, yes, definitely, butitl then we'll see a little bit of improvement in the afternoonerno with some mainly cloud skies. but you'll have to deal with itt overnight as well. we've had reports of sleet far
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gaithersburg, brings toe, hagerstown, areas to our west and so we did anticipate seeing some of that, especially to the northwest across the higherighe elevations where we have an advisory. but this rain is going to continue in the overnight hoursi and what's going to happen is we're going to get an in flux of warmer air so once we get past midnight it will change to all rain so if you're a little concerned with the sleet sticking around in the early morning hours we don't see that happening because of thear > we have winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 a.m. the freezing rain in higher elevations for sure. temperatures right now into thet 30s and also we have some 40s there on our map as well. it's getting pretty cool out there, folks. our he ever night lowe's will be above freezing which is good news with temperatures in the 40s and the upper 30s also. i'll have more details and aails look at the seven day forecastev in just a abouten it. > it's the night the best in
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in d.c. the annual kennedy center honors were presented tonight. president and mrs. obama were in attendance along with some tope names of entertainment. fox5 lindsay watts is live at the keep dissenter with more. who is it going? >>reporter: this is a 39 year tradition, but it is my first time being here and with an amazing night it has been. so much fun on the red carpet. it's quiet now because the ceremony is underway. hallway in the theater there. incredible talent being honored in there for their lifetime achievements. we have actorral pennsylvania chen oorwe,ral the eagles and ss as well as average contain pianc player. this is one of the events thatf is taped the now and broadcast r so you're not go to bible to see it until after christmas.stma that's why we wanted to be here
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scenes. it's a night where worlds collide, politician, athleteshlt and hollywood celebrities. how are you? let me look at easy to get a little star struck here on the red carpet even if you're a star yourself. for me, those records were huge for us. we listened to them all the time. we would sit around and try to write songs like james. i'm here she had a huge influence on me as a singer loving gospel, loving soul music. i know he so am actors that want to em ultimate al pennsylvania keen owe and everything he does. linda carter couldn't pick a favorite among the honorees.rees it's james taylor and the
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the entire ceremony tonight, all of it. some of the honoraries skipped the red carpet we caught up with singer james taylor. it's sort of a life achievementv sort of a thing. it's a pinnacle, it's a high point.po agreement from fellow honorary gospel singer may have a she's had a 60 year career from performing at president here. how does this stack up? >> sweetheart, it is -- it's the highest note. this is a higher and no higher. this is zero and no higher. none above this one. this is the best one. this is the best one yet. once inside the honored gueststs were welcomed by name. while he would were advised not to talk politics on the red
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his welcome. distinguished honorees, politics, diplomats, endangeredg swamp dwellers. the honorees were sweated around the obama, the couples' last c time here, at least in this role. prior to the party they got to go to the white house for a preparty of sorts so they did get someone on one time with t if you want to catch the event it will be airing january 7. > lindsay, first of all, youu look beautiful tonight. second of all, i'm wondering -- >> thank you.>> > i've done the red carpet a couple of times itself and there's always one person that sticks t out. were you overwhelmed by anyoneoe tonight? was it really interesting to meet one particular person and who was that? >> james taylor was rushing by because it was at the very end when the event was about to start. we thought we weren't going to
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i kind of dived in with a question so being able to talk to him was and may advice really stood outd to me. she was just so excited. you you saw. she had tiers in her eyes as she spoke to us and you could tell that this honor truly meant thet world to her and to see that was something special. i just saw her perform and shed was amazing. she's so good. > lindsay, thanks so much. > all right. we've got to do it. we've got to the this afternoon the well rested redskins took to the roah to face the cardinals, the redskins offense failed to find the end zone in the first half,, but early in the second half kirk cousins would change that. the first big play of the game, cousins connecting deep to deshawn jackson.son. set up cousins for a one yard sneak and 13-10 lead. it was back and forth the second
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times. a 26-yard touchdown to wide opep crowder to make it 20-# 17. the game would be decided in the final two minutes, the cardinals go for broke, carson palmer with a homerun ball to jj nelson, the redskins down ate still with a little bit of time final minute, cousins pressured intercepted by patrick feeder son and redskins lose 31-23 and now trail the buccaneers for the sixth and final playoff spot. after the game, the head coach lashed out at his team for not being ready from the start. i don't like the way we cameme out. i don't like they had 16 playay drive right down our throats to start game. i don't like our offense answered with two penalty storm system and having to punt.nt.
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the road. i don't like the fact that we lost the game. it's a good football team. i feel like we under achieved today and that's very frustrating. i've always felt the sense of urgency, whether it's week one or week 136789 i've whether we won this game or lost this game he we would still go to philadelphia with the same approach. we never go in and take one objection to the form regardless of record we'rehe f going to ply hard all the way through and our different regardless of how this game turned out. just four games remain on the redskins schedule. next sunday at the five and seven eggs monday ight they host the christmas ethan new years day they host the 8 and 4 giants. with the redskins losing today, dallas clinched the playoffs, so a little bit of an early christmas gift there. they lost but you nailed that
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> come on now. we he do what we can when the sports guys are off. up next, the green party now says it's not giving up the recount in a. the money wasn't raised in time to challenge the vote in state court. so jill stein and company are switching strategies. and celebrating 100 years in cleveland park.park that's how long the northwest d.c. neighborhoods firehouse engine 28 has been around. a look at the house' coming up. . your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor
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> the latest now on the greenes party's efforts tot demand a recount of the presidential t election inhe papa.papa last night the party announced it was dropping its efforts saying they didn't have the h million dollars needed to proceed in state court. but hours after that partyfter
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they now say they will go to federal court and demand a recount through the federale fe court system. to cuba now where fidel castro's ashes were placed inside a grayy bolder that will serve as the dictator's tomorrow.dict the funeral took place in santiago the city where he launched his resolution.olut we hear more now from fox's stieve harrigan. >>reporter: cube answer bury id fid in the city of sanity nation owe this morni nine-day period of public morning. the ashes went across thehe country on a three-day tour.ur. tens of thousands of cubans coming out to line the highwaysh to pay their last respects to the man who ruled the island nation. 11 million people for 49 years.. of course am of those cubehose answer there had a sincere assessment. others to go from work.rk. the cuban government still responsible for employingempl 80 percent of all cuban workers.
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figure even after his death. praised by some who broughtroug literacy to all parts of thef t island of cube a. he's also been condemned as a man-man dictatord who imprisoned or killed any political opponents and also as someone who inspired the cubanca missile crisis in 1962 bringing the world to the brink of enucleation already war.leat he leaves behind his power rawle castro 85 years old. than his older brother. he also said he would stay in power another two years.year we could still see another generationation al shift in the next two years. under the obama administration we've seen a reel warming, a normalization of those relations. the us embassy closed down for 50wn years, reopened under president obama but alreadyut
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president elect trump. he took to twitter quoting he would terminate the deal withl i the cuba unless he could make a better deal forth cuban peopleap and forth united states. > in miami, fox news. > back here at home to thethe district where a major milestone took place in northwest today. it's the 100 anniversary of firehouse engine company 28. in cleveland park residentsiden showed up to thank the first responders for their hard work. fox5's alexandra limon was there and history of the fire station that first opened its doors in 1916. it may be surrounded by restaurants and bars now, but, when it was constructed 1000 years ago engine company 28 wasa the only building here on this stretch of connecticut avenueone others in a small lodge. cleveland park residents gathered to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the
10:23 pm
since 1916. when it was in poor shape a few years ago and it had to be really redone almost from} top o bottom it was very, very important to keep the facade looking the same way and one off the challenges is the firere engines are a little l largerger than they were back 100 years ya ago. the firehouse recently had a $4.7 million renovation and while today the facade mayade appear very similar to the original, it that, a facade. when the building was originally built, the front of the building held h up the roof, the second floor and the roof. it no longer does that.that in fact, the arch doorways were originally intended to accommodate a completelyplet different type of fire vehicle. this was a transition time fours. t a the look of the companies hera were horse drawn. in 1916 it was only about 16 companies that were motorized. despite the infra structure when
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engine company 28 was one of the first in the district of columbia to get motorized vehicle also. while the history of the trucks and the building is fascinatinga what stands out most is the work of those who serve here at company 28 and all they do. there was a fire at the mountmo vernon nursing home fire which occurred i guess about '66 or '65 where tragically a lot ofot the patients in died in a that was probably one of the biggest fires that this company was involved in. that's precisely where dozens of community members big and smalll showed up to say thank you on this 100 birthday celebration. reporting in cleveland park, fox5 local news.oc > there areal so many beautiful firehouses throughout the thr district. >> there are. > and then there are some that were built in the 60s and '75s75
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> i love the his billings. up next a new addition to the short list for secretary ofry o state. we've got the latest on how president elect trump's cabinet is shaping up.
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> president elect trumps stilll filling out his cabinet and buzz is swirling around d.c.c. over who he might pick as secretary of state. the short list has included mitt romney, rudy giuliano but newest reports suggest the president elect could turn elsewhere. t get theur latest from fox's kristin fisher. >>reporter:kr at first the race for secretary of state seemed ts be centered around two people, mitt romney and rudy julian oh, but today one of the president elect's kelly and conway confirmed that mr. trump is
10:29 pm
of the most prominent and powerful prominent positions. the secretary of state is a powerful position this week we'll have additional interviews with other candidates. one possibility, john hunts man the former republican governor of utah who ran for president back in 2012. he was also the former ambassador to china. a company excellent to the united statesni over the phone call of trump with taiwan. and speak say is.peak he addressed his critics head on this morning on abc's this week. what i would say to them is wave ' acknowledged for a number of years. five years ago i made a serious mistake. i acknowledged it. i apologized for it. i made a very heavy price for ir and i've learned from it.
10:30 pm
to be announced this week starting with retired james as secretary of defense.nse. the next stop north carolina on tuesday, in washington, kristinn fisher, fox news. > coming up next tonight, the washington monument staying shutdown over two more > what the national parkth service ise saying about the elevator repairs that will keep the landmark closed to until 2019.ti
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> this is fox5 local news at
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washington monument, well you'rl going tol have to wait a while. it will stay closed to visitorss for more than two years due to ongoing problems with the elevator. the two to $3 million needed for the fixes were secured thanks to a philanthropist of the region. it's not supposed to be opened until 2019. a loft buildings go up within a year let structure that's already there take that long. that's really disappointing. d when i first moved to d.c. the scaffolding was on top of it i it's one of the best views in t d.c. it's a shame.e. we got an idea of the vows from workers helmets during the repair of the earthquake of 2011. that kept the washingtonngto monument closed for about two
10:35 pm
entirely. the computer system that runs the buildings' largest elevatoro dates back to 1998 and it's failing. the monday uh-uh had to be closed # 1 times because it often became stuck with tourists inside and imagine trekking down down to the ground floor. mike liters with the nationals park servicewith says they needd time to fix it. we going to design, and then install an entirely new operating system, a new computer brain, if you will, that operates the elevator. also we're hoping at the same time that we can build the long pending permanent screening facility where people will queue up, get their bags checked before they go into the monument. so those two projects, if we can do them at the same time, twome years is a long type, but that's considerably short than if welys
10:36 pm
the national park service iss asking for funding for thee screening facility and its presidential budget request. but patriotic fill and the exist david rewin stein is footing the massive bill. over the years the man has contributed tens of thousands of dollars, including the giant panda program at national zoo. lit wrist reverse to him as the bruce wayne of d.c. it seems like any time we have e project that we need help with he's there with a i s is terrence and our appreciation enough. while the work is being done we'll have to continue to admire the monument from the ground. at least you can still see ittil from the outside. i have some housework that he can pay for. >> call him up, mr. rubenstein, i need some personal funding.ndn he's forgive if you talked about this, but why can't you walk up why won't they let you do the stairs. >> that's a good point.good i think the stairs is a last
10:37 pm
900 steps, i don't know how manw people are willing to take that on. they're trying to do a wholehole renovation of the area where people are screened for security to go through. theoretically there will be a lot of work going on. it's really a tiny space up there. the much anticipated mgm grand hotel and casino is gettingng ready for itself ' ' grand opening it sure does look good. it's happening at thursday at 11:00 p.m. gaming offerings did a controlol demonstration to make sure everything was running smoothly. we're told that went well. as for travelling to the casinoo that's not going to go so well. the beltway is expected to be very congested around the exit for the first few weeks. so you may want to loot other option like maybe taking metro or even that nice water taxi from alexandria. that's a nice thing. if done that once that water
10:38 pm
it's a nice little trip. you get to go to alexandria, go on theal boat. why not. gwen, did you say there's a little sleet possibly in thessib area tonight? >> yes, we have reports of sleet in many of our neighborhoods tonight. the good news is we're going tog see some warmer air it's going to change to all rain.ra this is just a little bit that's happening now that's not going to be stick around for too long. we don't want everybody being really concerned and worried ini terms of the morning commute. happy to tell you that we will get a overnight hours. we do need the rain. in fact, am of our neighborhoods reporting that on twitter. we've got some reports on the national weather service fromom some of our squatters out there. we've had reports from hagerstown, from the district,i, as well as silver springs.ngs. just many areas that are seeing some of this. don't be surprised if you see a little bit of that sleet going through. as i said it's not going to be around for too long because ofng the warmer air. a the rain is really coming downg
10:39 pm
to continue into the overnight hours and into the early part of your monday as w. we'll show you futurecast in just a second and give you a little bit of a timeline on it.time but we have a system that'ss bringing all of this through and we did anticipate it. as i mentioned we did need the rain. areas to our northwest is where in the higher elevations where we have the winter weatherthe advisory happening much that'sas until 6:00 a.m. in the morning 6789 here they're even seeing some freezing rain as well as the sleet that they have to deal with there. we're seeing ing in neighborhoods here there hasn't been any accumulation at all even at dulles.lles national weather service reported that they've had some, but no accumulation. 43 in the district. 39 at dulles, 39 at manassas, 42 at baltimore and 40-degrees at fredericksburg. as wefr move through into tonig, for the overnight lowe's theye' will be above freezing.eezi that's the good news with the southerly flow that we're getting because otherwise we could end up with an ice situation.
10:40 pm
to happen. let's take a look at what's going to happen to with winter. 17 days until the official staro offfic winter. we're requesting to want the calendar on that one.e. in the meantime, here's 2:00 in the morning and you can see already it's all turned to rain, the exception being at mason dixon here.dixo but it's pretty heavy rainfall. and then here's 4:00 in thein morning and then we're going to proceed to the morning commute,e 7, 8:00 in start to see a clearing trend ad we start to get back to some partly cloudy conditions.tion the showers tonight into the early part of tomorrow morning and then we'll see dryer conditions by monday afternoon. tuesday is another story. we have another system to deal with, a reel soaker. that system coming up from the south so tuesday is going to be a pretty wet day as a result. you get a little bit of a break on monday afternoon before we
10:41 pm
40-degrees, mostly cloudy skies. some of you seeing a little bit of sleet there, as we move into tomorrow 55 for my daytime high. winds pushing in at about five miles an some of the lingering wet weather forth early part of the day and before the morningre t commute we'll see it out of here's a look at the fox5 accuweather seven day forecastse for you. temperatures are going to take a dip later in the week and that's one thing we're going to t watch. weary ' down to the 70s. what those lower temperatures we could see maybe a little bit oft mix. we're going to watch that. a little too early to call, but just to let you know.ow we see temperatures in the 50s e where we should be by the time we get to wednesday and thursday. more rain on thursday. plenty sunshine by the time we e get to friday. so we have those mixed conditions right across the board and once again that whole roller coaster temperature thing is happening. > thank you, gwen. developing tonight, a group of veteran leaders from across the
10:42 pm
to safe a special visa programgr for rev gees seeking asylum inmn the united states.tate 29 members of veterans for american i deals gathered in the district this week. they're pushing to safe the program that protects afghan interpreters and translators serving alongside american troops. if they say if it's not renewed thousands of families will be at risk. this is not only the right thing sense. this is not a partisan issue.e. we're hopeful that in the next administration and with the new congress that we can continue to keep this program. the program is set to expire on december 31. meanwhile it's an ongoing debate whore not women should be forced to sign up for the military draft.
10:43 pm
quo, a male dominated military should incorporate women at all levels, but changing the postani office situate would need an act of congress and there are no signs lawmakers will budge. right now women can volunteer to serve in the military but they are not required to register for the draft.. > still ahead tonight, it was a back and forth heavy weight fight between the redskins and the cardinals tonight. the final result determined by just a couple of plays that didt not go the redskins' way.
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a guts situate call by the cardinals. the redskins lead by three in the third quarter when kirk cousins dropped back to pass. he gets hit from behind as he tries to throw and fumbles. the cardial scoop it up and return it to give the home team a 20-17 lead. the first turnover proving very costly. the cardinals up one, they go for the big p play and were it gives them an 8-point leadnt but still a about it of time foe the skins. final minute cousins driving at the cardinals 28, but he has intercepted by patrick peterson with 4 # seconds to go. a second turn over ending anyg chance for a cousins come back.. the redskins lose 31-23. the most frustrating sac wasc only at a three-point lead andaa the ball. we took a sac fumble and let
10:48 pm
credit their past rush their scheme and they made the plays. they were inside the five yard line or something like that, the second down and they stored on third down.n. it's frustrating. > all plays had a big impact, certainly that one was one of them. they made a good play.good it's going to happen through the course of the game going the top defense in the nfl you know they're not all going to go perfectly. you hope you make enough to come away with a win at the end and we weren't able to do that else in the nfc the giantse taking a six-game winning streak against th wein steelers. the l steelers dominated the first half, ben off burger finding antonio brown for a 22-yard touchdown. thowe steelers lead 4-0 at half.
10:49 pm
third quarter. he see it there? the giants lose 4-14 with the win. the steelers and rains are now a tied for first place with a 77 and 5 records. also in the nfc east the eagles on the road where they've only one won facing the been gallons. the been gallons built a 20-0 lead. the eagles lose 32-14 come down to earth after starting the season 3-0. with four games to go. the cowboys have eleven in a row. the giants at second place at 8-4. the redskins are 6-5 and 1 and trail the buccaneers and the skins' opponent next week the eagles in the basement at 7 and 5. but the eagles have won four of their five home games.
10:50 pm
alabama will face washington in the peach bowl. kickoff at 3:00 p.m. number two clemson and numberd u three ohio state will battle in the if is that bowl. the winners will play forth title on january 9 in tampa. > nice job.job. >> and i can breathe.eath > you did great. > good job. up next are you one of people who like to take pictures of your food and then put it on instagram? ever wonder which restaurants have the most interest grams? m we'll break down the top spots
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my gumy cookie exchangeled. is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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> lauren, are you listeningn,
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chocolate flavor, the snicker doodle who the cocoa is now available at participating locations. it's made with steam milk, and topped with wheat cream and a dusting of sugar. it only has 100,000 l california wrist. there might be a 4-hour starbucks. > do you like the pumpkin spice. >> information i'm not a pumpkin spice lover, but i like pretty > treat yourself more often,en, matt. there is a coffee that ms the t firsht of its kind much it's called brew buds. the company makes individual pods of coffee. it can be used with a keurig machine. in addition to coffee it also sells tea and who the chocolate infused with dfc.
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troublesome for everything that goes with coffee. like donuts. the caffeine spikes you out. happy and hungry. in the eyes of instagram userstr some restaurants are more shareable than others apparently the social media sites put out the most instagram restaurants in the country. number one is the sugar factory in new york city. it's a restaurant and candy factory also made the list. in second place is no peds. it's a sue shy spot in malibu that welcomes many celebrities including the car dash sunshines. toa in h is it in vague as.s. >> no, in new york city. > there's also one in vague as, just so you faux. > all right.
10:56 pm
city. that's famous for corned beefef and pass tram i and has made ann appearance in the movie when harry met sally and rounding at top five is black cat blacksburgs and beer in new york city. itself a it's the home of some elaborate milk shakes.mi we neelkd to get some d.c. restaurant on that list. > i haven't taken a picture of my >> i have. and d.c. has restaurants. come on d.c. > we're back in a moment.
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. > this is fox5 local news at 11. thank you for joining us i'm lauren demarco and i'm mattmatt ackland. we start with the frightening moments after a d.c. restaurant
11:00 pm
rival entered the place. fortunately he was taken into custody without anyone getting a hurt. it happened at comet ping uponn in chevy chase. these a brings that had already been threatened and harassedsed after an unfounded conspiracy theory. marina maracco is life with the story. >>reporter: employees here including the owners and the gusts have been harassed more than a month now. this all being linked back to what is being called fake news. these are conspiracy theories that haveve been o made online tieing this restaurant owner to hillary clinton and her campaign andd saying in this restaurant allegedly there was criminal activity involving minors taking place, mpd saying that they looked into the allegations but they were completely unfounded. and then fast forward to 3:00 this afternoon and a man barges inside with a handgun and a


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