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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 8, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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right now. >> rights now at 11:00. two states troopers are recovering after a suspected drunk driver hit them and wait until you hear what happened next. >> plus, we are exactly 24 hours away from the grand opening. vring you need to know about the mgm national harbor and impact on the area. >> and push for some extra z's at the nats station debate on "fox5"local news at 11. thanks for staying with us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins the fight ep keep you safe in the city. shooting tonight highlighting the struggle to curble crime in some areas. >> the victim is in critical condition after someone shot him in southeast. but it apparently deposit matter in the gunman it all
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cameras. marina morocco had more. >> here in the anacostia neighborhood south east a 26-year-old man shot in the middle of the street 16 and w on southeast and right on the sidewalk a daily reminder of the violent crimes here in the city and another crime scene. ironically the man taken to the hospital with 11 gun shot wounds was shot under the watch of not one but two crime cameras set up npd and this is electronic electronic billboard cct cameras in use by mpd in this area. >> do you think these signs on cameras are a deter sfwlent no. they don't mean nothing to this -- this younger generation out here. and it's evidence of that today when they shot right in front of two cameras a crime camera two crime cameras right in the middle of the block the individual just shot they keep telling us they are getting
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more gun violence and that's a cry to me that something else need to be done to get the guns off our street in southeast. >> sources say shot spotter picked up ten gun shots and victim despite serious injuries is expected to survive. southeast d.c., marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> and new tonight a brutal beat down caught on camera. just problems away a block away rather from d.c. popular union market and now warping for some may find this video disturbing and police need your help catch ago attacker seen in this video and this happened around 3 p.m. on november 26. and a group approach a man on moore street northeast and knocked him to the ground and punched himself times and the attackers took the man's phone, debit card, id and took off in a car. and police are offering a 10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and a conviction in this sglais awful.
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tonight. police say the metro bus hit a car as it was mikeing a turn from malcolm x avenue south east on to south capitol street south east and we're told ten people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. and eight of those people were passengers on a metro bus and there's no word yet on what led to that crash. >> this is bizarre double dui case one for driver accused of hitting two maryland states troopers and other truck driver that was called to tow the cars. >> ruth runyan was driving drunk monday 301 south of small wood drive charles county and they say she slammed into one car and spun out of control and hit a state police cruiser with two troopers inside. and officers say when the tow truck driver arrived on the scene they could smell booze on her too. not annual was she charged with dui but tow truck driver was arrested for driving with suspended license.
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denial that it could not be but at that point, i realized that anything is possible. >> and another crash this week in st. mary county was much more serious and a 21-year-old was charged with dui after hitting a sheriff's depty. corporate shawn carberry was seriously hurt and is still in the hospital. >> excitement is building for mgm national harbor doors opened 11 p.m. tomorrow night. lauren demarco joins us liver with a preview what you can expect and the traffic, too, lauren. >> reporter: you bet the big thing tomorrow 11 a.m. there's opening ceremony all mgm bigwigs will be there prince skornl county executive baker and larry hogan and tomorrow at 11 p.m. it's moment we've all been waiting for when doors
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it will be a black tie event going on a big party and also fireworks. but as you said the big concern is folkset getting here not just tomorrow but in the days, months, years ahead with all the traffic. take a look at we drove up here tonight it was quick, beautiful trip around the ramp 210 you had capitol wheel lighting up the distance and you comma around and see the brand new hotel and casino shining bright asking you for either to come in there and spend your money. ands as you pull sikt mgm lion at the entrance it's pretty. we had zero problems getting her at some time. it's well lit and signs clear and tomz and days ahead there's an entire traffic control center police will monitor they're facing congestion thursday to sunday night and 10 million has been spread on road
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9 to 10,000 vehicles tomorrow night are expected to be on roads. prince george country police will be out at intersections helping to drengt traffic and avoid oxon hill road and use indian head highway instead and they want people to be aware and careful of pedestrian around this national harbor area. and if you are heading out here you want to really consider your alternate options. you don't want to driver not tomorrow and in the future maybe but think about metro. and king street in alexandria and you can catch a bus from all the rail stations. nh 1 and 2 buses will take you here to mgm and water taxi or regular taxi and then once you're here there's so much to enjoy. more than 300 rooms, 24 stories. there's a spa, theater, restaurant by well known chefs
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voltagio brothers and artwork throughout the hotel and casino by bob dillon school tough and we also have coming up in the next few weeks we have during ran during ran will be here and bruno mars and boys ii men and a lot of people will come out here week niingd, weekend nights, think ahead. prince george county has an alert system you can sign up for for text messages, emails. let' traffic patterns if you travel through this area. put it out on my twitter l demarco "fox5" you can find it through prince george county web site and all that. may be a good idea to sign up for it as we head into the future with brand new mgm grand at national harbor. that's the latest here. >> big traffic test tomorrow night for sure at the same time exciting as well. lauren, thank you. >> here it is take a look the cover of new time manage
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it goes to pen or idea that has the most influence on the news and the world. and the president-elect called the naming a great honor. although time does not really consider it an honor necessarily. before announcing two new administration hires fox's joe waldman has more from washington. >> another day and another high ranking military leader is expected to be added to team trup. . president-elect has settle odd january callly tapped to head department of the third general hand picked by mr. trump. the retired marine chosen in part because of his expertise on the southern border and his time leading southern command. earlier in the day iowa governor terri brandstat accepted offer to become u.s. ambassador to china he's a close personal friend of china's president. >> we felt great ahead of schedule he is when you compare to past administrations. >> among the investigators
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mayor rahm emanuel and president obama former chief of staff and mayor handing president elects a letter signed by more than a dozen mayor's uring him to keep mr. obama's plan in place for shielding young, undocumented immigrants from deportation. >> we welcome them because they're achieving an striving for the american drem. >> another president chief of staff carl rove who worked for joj w. bush giving trump an ear full for khaingttizing bowing yesterdaan calling for new air force one contract to be cancelled because of its exorbitant price tag a figure under dispute. >> he said something not accurate that had negative impact on the stock namely there was $4 billion contract. >> president-elect trump transition team indicated his choice for secretary of state will be announced sometime next week. in washington, joel walden, fox
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? [ taps ]. >> a solemn ceremony at the world war ii memorial today marking 75 anniversary of attack on pearl harbor that left 200 service men and women dead. world war ii surviving veterans were honored including 7 pearl harbor survivors each was presented with a wreath at the freedom wall. >> coming up next products that parents with babies use all the time. but,he about their safety. >> and the story that got a lot of people fired up on facebook vrnl the push for napping stations at a local facebook vrnl the push for napping stations at a local collegement back after this ? ? come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on!
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>> parents you may want to think twice about happeneding your bade a teething ring to soonl their aching gums. many baby teethers sold contain low level of pba it's linked to cancer, childhood anxiety and i obesity and the product were stowedid all containing some
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non toxic. it's not yet known how much of a threat these low levels pose to children but they recommend using a frozen wash cloth or carrot instead of plastic teether. >> the university of maryland may soon have a new perk to help sleep deprived students catch a few z's. student government association is asking school officals to set aside a room in student union for students to take a nap between classes. those who use the napping pods would be limited naps. leaders are calling on school officials to finance the napping stations through the student facilities fund. >> a lot of people than in libraries any way. i'm an architecture major it's known people nap in the architect you're libraryy. >> i would like it i feel like there's times i want to crash in a comfortable place.
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sorry we're laughing a little bit at this a few colleges have napping stations including james madison university and university of michigan. let me tell you, this story got a lot of people fired up when we post today on facebook. here are sovrm the responses dennis wrote and enough with the safe spaces coloring books and counciling and nap stations. yeah, prepare these young adults for real world. it's tough in the real world. others like the idea like christophe w everyone has time to go back and forth for home tore for a snooze between work and however many classes they're doing. >> we were talking about this earlier i said in the student union they had douches it was like sleep on the couch. >> do what we did growing up sleep in class or in the library. >> put your head on disk. >> that's what you do. >> right. >> that's what a lot of people were saying. >> i don't know what's going on with this generation of college students. my problems with pods if limited for 30 minutes i would be done.
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hours. >> come on. >> can't wait up. >> set an alarm. >> definitely oh, my goodness. that will be a talker for a little while and we'll talk about the old cold air coming into town tomorrow night you'll be lulled into a false misperception of what is coming tomorrow. we could be in the upper 40s and have sunshine in the afternoon. cold blast comes any was thinking about this we'll notice it 11:00 tomorrow night and just when they're getting mgm doors on so people will rush the doors and i'm thinking wear your layers over there as we are expecting winds to pick up tomorrow afternoon. and really calling thursday during the daylight hours the day of transition. transition is big theme in d.c. and we are transitioning from 50 degrees tomorrow to 42 on friday and which does not sound that bad except that the wind will be a factor which makes this 4 feel like it might be in 20s. especially in our suburbs. so, wind will pick up tomorrow afternoon and evening and what we're noticing tonight are the cloud starting to thingen
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morning here and there, there could be a couple lights showers and maybe a flurry west. certainly is getting cold out there tonight and we're 41 in district and 30 gaithersburg and 3 baltimore and dulles and 30 winchester and culpeper 31 fredericksburg and 34. chilly start clouds coming in and you can see the cold air is making a big push from south and then over to the east. it's pushing south out of canada and it's one below zero now in denver. fargo and 16 minneapolis and chicago 23. it sinks south 1st and oozes east but there's plenty more cold air to come. we're really going to see two pretty big out breaks of cold air. one this week and another one at the end of next week or at least starting wednesday and thursday of next week. that looks even cold are by the way. so planner tomorrow, 8:00 in the morning, cloudy. maybe a couple showers here and there and not a lot and 40 degrees and by noon 47 we may
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breeze picks up and that colder air start coming n wanted to show you our future cast for 6:00 tomorrow night is showing a lot of places in the 30s. not terrible. but again the wind will be significant and wind chills will be in the 20s. let's take this to 11:00. when maybe you're heading over to national harbor for mgm opening and 33 is actual air temperature and wind chills in the 20s and we'll have air temperatures already in the 20s as well. 7:00 in the morning friday, that's a pretty cold start. that's for sur 27 mannasas and culpeper and near 30s south and east of town and by friday, 4:00, you can see most places are still in the 0s. and even at 11:00 we're back down into the 20s. cold shot coming and that cold blast comes in behind the frontal boundary and those wind chills with breezes out of northwest at 20 to 30 miles an hour and at times on friday. we'll definitely bring that wind chill into the 20s and 30s and saturday, 40. still breezy. not as windy as friday and we
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sunday and we will watch sunday night because there could be a little mixed precipitation starting sunday night into monday morning. and we'll eventually see it getting up to 50 on monday and next cold shot starts on wednesdayment all right, sarah that's your 7 day forecast. >> all right. thanks, sue. >> a big payday for prince william county 8th grader eleanor won the 25,000 top prize at a national science competition and she's a benton middle school student from mannasas announced at assembly she called it rockets nozzles and thrust oh, my and she has lofty goals for which she grows up. >> my dream to become first person on mars and i want to be the first one to touchdown and little bit of family competition going on my own sister wants to be the first person on mars but i will be. >> did you go together. >> we'll go together but i'm stepping off first. >> you're the neo she's the bud. >> exactly. >> i love it eleanor beat out
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grader to win the national prize in society for science and public. >> that is great. >> i love her reaction too. all smiles. >> that was a great picture. >> i wanted to be the first person on mars. >> really? >> i want todd be raingt row put that is the first person i wanted to do. >> you were going done a very different path. >> yes. good we like having you here. >> thank you. >> glad you didn't go to another planet. >> thank you very much. >> coming up with phrase and what they are saying about the big trade today. saying about the big trade today. >> we'll be right back. hello my name is command sergeant major jimmy nugen 29 division deployed to operations and i want to wish family and frnd a merry christmas and happy new year and i hope to frnd a merry christmas and happy new year and i hope to see you all ? ?
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you this is adam eaton he comes over on a deal that send lucas and two minor leaguers over eaton is not a super star on level of andrew for the nats it mean a guy with reliablebility to get on with speed. why it makes sense. >> high energy guy edged and plays the game the right way and good hitter and defensive player and both center field and outside corner throughout the career and we see the arrow going up with him and he's the guy that have years of control
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many more things. >> caps hosting bruins, drive together net. puck over to justin williams who fires it past and williams second day of the game of the caps. wait until the third period.. now 3-you 2. bruins on a power play. colin miller slap shot beads braden and in over time, it's all about passing and caps they have it right. wait, and he scores. that's it. caps win it, seven straight wins over the bruins. college hoops action one and five howard over d.c. line to face 8-1 maryland bison and starting up ice cold 0-8 then heated up solomon hitting the three and howard up three and reason to clap exaggerated but there you go terps pull away breptly for the alley-oop jam
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for the. >> on the road versus temple gw up by a dozen at the half. final seconds tied 63 tyler cavanaugh with shot clock winding down hits the three pointer with 7.86 to go 20 points for cavanaugh up three. temple with time. job brown trying to draw a foul. that doesn't happen it goes to dani tie it no good. gw wins 66-6 to win 6-4 and george mason on the road against penn state. marquise more takes the pass drive. and we'll keep going own tell you this they cruise 85-66 to improve 7-3 that's a look at sports. >> well done oh, my god. >> you were the best.
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