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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ahead at 7 o'clock a7 o'cck a violent night in both bot montgomery county and prince ani george's countie in one case a man and a womanom shot while they sat in their car. also live in temple hills l where a man was that foundive wo dead in his drive way.ay. >> today's other big story s waking up to bone chillinge chig temps. it's cold out there folks and ad those digits still dropping at this hour as we take a live l look at dupont circle one on this thursday morninghursy mo december 15. >> do you like anything sonythg much that you would sleep outside in these temperatures to be the first in line? in that's what some folks are are doing for the new star warswars movie that comes out tonight.. >> good thursday morning. mor those are some star wars star ws loving folks out there. the >> hardy souls. >> good morning, i'm allisonmor, seymour. i'm >> and i'm steve chenevey. te chene first upve waking up to a blasta of arctic air and the wind win making it feel even colder.olde >> in fact temps already low tem enough to cause some schoolsc delays out to our west.ys o to take a look. grant and hardy county schoolso in west virginia both on a on two-hour delay because of thef bitter cold.tter cold. >> so what happens next? o whattucker joins us on thisoi u
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we saw right off the hospital hl clock at dupont circle, ccl right now 26.6. >> tumbling temps that's thes te theme around i was looking at garrett gre county 5 degrees way wind win chill minus 15 and we're goinge' to get a taste that of laterofat this morning. 29 now in washington.ngton. look at what's happening north and west. zero right now in chicago. unfortunately with our very o vy brisk northwest wind we're going to tap into someto int extremely cold temperaturesre and i think we've already seenee our high temperatures for thereo day in the last couple hours. current wind chill in washington has fallen 6 degrees, now 14, nine gaithersburg, here it comes, cos 22 in quantico.nto. much of our day our windur win chills will hang out in then single digits and low teens. please lots of layers.fay if you have to be outdoors forso any period of time make sureeur you're prepared for a very v cold day t sunshine plenty oflet it and a dry afternoon for us.s. it will be that big dome ofbig e arctic high pressure thatigh keeps things nice and dry soe an it will be a nice dryl be ae afternoon for you but it will bi be a very cold ver temps in the 20's. 2 wind chills in
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single digits this afternoon.igt all right, guys, ples nty morenm weather coming up.g back to you. >> back to tuck intera minute.r. let's get you some headlines from overnight. breaking in montgomet yory couny a man and a womgoanme shot in their car.r. the gunman still on the loosethe this morning. police say it happened around midnight in aspen hill. victims say a suspect in hisct h late teens early 20'sns ear0's approached the car talked with them briefly and then shot andnh them.them both victims have that nonlife-threatening injuries. ir still unclear if the victimsearc and the suspect knew each other. >> a murder investigation m under way after an officerurde f patrol found a man laying in ag drive way on colebrook drive. >> annie yu is on the scene for us this morning and joins us now with more.thehis mous good morning, now with m annie.n >> reporter: hey, goodeporte hey morning, allison and well, detectives are still onre the scene here five hours later. the officer came across theoss body shortly after 2 o'clock as he did a routine drive byrive in this neighborhood.eirh this is the colebrook drive d 2700 block. bck we just had the fire t f department leave after theyve at cleaned up. i know they removed the bodymovo aselell.
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officer that that happened toapo be drive through discoveredve the body. this is a thr residentialidti neighborhood. found the male victim lying inci the drive way of a home.y of a h you can see three cars there cah parked in front of that homehath and we saw at one point anpot officer looking in one ofe o ose e cars. no one has been going inside ind is s home. we don't know if the victim thti lived here as that's still being investigated.ig but officers on scene do tatelll that you say some of the you residents actually hearddents multaciple gun shots andts commotion around that time butne police say no one ever dialediae 911. it's unclear again if thehe victim lived here. h i can telling that you there yoe were several evidence markersnc near the driveway that they tt h were processing.ssing. we haven't seen, again, anyone n going inside or the lights l flicker on or anything likethin that but certainly this home c eris part of the crime scene and i just checked back withd ba prince george's county police. theckrge' public information off letting me know that theyg now still don't have anye a information as far as aform a suspect goes.spec it's still very early in thee investigation. we also asked if this wasd if tw connected in any way
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shooting over at the -- near- the iverson mall area a yesterday. they had a shooting victimhootit there. he said as far as we know ats wt this time there is no connection to either...,.. linking the incidentsthe indent together. that's the ver y latest here from temple hills maryland. myl >> just down the road at down ra separate incident at iverson i mall. a man who hadncrson been shot dv into the mall's entrance after a asking a security officer for help. police say calls to 911 to 91 reported the victim's carca being chased by another car car 2 miles from iverson mall. m that other vehicle is i described as a white suv.hite s at last check that victim wast a in critical condition.on >> happening today tay a-preliminary hearing for ronald francis jr.r. he's charged with first degree murder in the deaths of twoaths women who had worked at the oede same group home in woodbridge erica jannell hixon and lizeth yadier were colleagues. hixon went missing back in
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airport. both eventually were foundwe fou dead in wooded areas in the woodbridge area. >> closing argue utilities in the case of dylann dylann roof.r he could face life in prisonri or the death penalty. penalty. defense attorneys wanted tos w present evidence about roof'sand mental health buencet a jump rud that it was irrelevant whetherer he's guilty in this case. t >> here in the district aisict a petition with 400,000h 4000 signatures will be deliveredi to the new trumpve international hotel over potential conflictsos of interest.of i this will happen at noon todayhp and iten couples after the the general servicesrv administration said trumprati would be inon violation of theoh lease when he's sworn intos swoo officers. donald trump had planned to discuss the future of his trump businesses today but postponed p until sometime next month.some similar petitions will belar pei delivered to other trumper trump properties in new york, in chicago and in las vegas. >> all right.ig. 7:05 right now. 32
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>> yeah, look, we're down 29.o >> hey, 29 >> yes. >> seems cold. wrongng the wrong direction tuck. >> one of those days where the sun gets up but theth temperossun atures go down.atur. >> right. eading w heading the wrong direction temperature-wise.tures >> where are we going to gng t bottom out. >> later tonight we'll bottome't out in the teens here in thehe t city and there might be a few single digits off to the northif and west by tomorrow morningw mg so one of those days. 29 now washington.29ow your winds out of the northin and westds o at 28 miles an houh look at your wind chill. at that's here in the city cit 14 degrees and as mentioned, offer to the north and west ands there are plenty of singley ofin digit wind chills.gind c obviously headed out to schoolus this morning walking to worko wk riding the bike make sure you br are ready for a very chilly --l- very, very chilly might be ane understatement a very coldy col start to your day t wind advisory was hoisted by thest b national weather service about an hour ago.ervi it's in that effect until 3 o'clock. 3 o'cl it's just giving i was headswass up that the winds are going tond be gusting at times tos 30, 40, maybe even 50 miles an hour so s we're going have very gusty
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cold and wind. >> seems like they goepp handoep in hand like peanut butter and jelly. >> or like heat and humiditke p. >> or like santa and his redeerer. >> exactly.>> ectly >> uh-huh. uh. >> yeah. >> okay. i guess we're winding this upp because my maps are gone. gon bottom line temperatures willra be in the 20's. plenty of sunshine today dryay but extremely cold.ely cold. i'll have details on the seven day. there's some wintry mix on it.o. >> or go together like tucker te and erin, weather and traffic. f >> that's right.hat'righ >> like piece and carrots. carr. >> there you go. >> never done peas and carrots o together. >> separate them. >> forest gump. >> like kevin and the movies. mv >> all right. we'll move ton traffic.l ve t >> thankfully. >> let me know on twitter ifwier you agree with the peas andwihep carrots. right now outer loop crash after 450 degrees delays. inner loop crash at arena a drive jammed at 50.t 50. through largo looking prettyre nasty right now. make sure you give yourself at least 30 extra minutes m
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delays on the outer loop 95 to georgia about a 15 minutthese is slowdown with congestion onestin the outer loop. icche iccquiet from the on down. dow bw parkway southbound howeverowv as you head down towards the tot beltway you're going hit some traffic, congestion as youstionu pass powder mill road. road. 270 southbound heavy volume from 70 down to 370 really asy you get through rockville.kv kind of connecting down to theot spur right now with theur rig heaviest volume from 70 to the7t truck scales. right now it's a morning where w you want to leave that typicalyp 30 minutes earl to get from 70m down to the beltway.elway 66 eastbound delays 234 toay sycamore and then we had an earlier disabled vehicle on the inner loop.r jammed from thedisath mixing bop towards 66 now. n. earlier crash byy franconia-springfield parkwaysp cleared on 95 northbound.orbo look at that heavy line ofeavyef red. very heavy traffic todayffic tod coming up from dale city asit you cross the occoquan to the beltway. wa right now i would say you needou an extra hour of time to get from fredericksburg to the the beltway. another crash 95 northbound bytn centreport parkway. pkw in laurel road work route onewoe southbound
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blocked there. so that is causing somesing slowdowns as well and s then 100 down to about 198 you're heavy h 95 southbound.d. metro is on time except fore exo safe track. alli son and steve. and >> time right now is 7:08. 7 let's check some news from just day after a failedled attempt at a ceasefire insefi in syria it appears rebels and civilians have started tohave sd leave the western part of thee a city of aleppo.le there are still reports of shelling in that area but surveillance many officialsll say a planned evacuation of tens of thousands of civiliansaf is c oilngoiiang.ngoing. still hearing from activistsg fv overnight that ambulances havet been shot at while trying to leave aleppo injuring severalg e people. >> 7:09.>> 7:0 new this morning president barack obama has decided not to sign legislation that wouldiw renew sanctions against the decades old sanctions billal however does not need his signature and the will stille ll become law.. iran's president has vowed to vd respond if the sanctions weree renewed arguing they violateyioa terms of a nuclear deal. d donald trump has been sharply sy critical of that nuclear deal. d
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but we just found out lastunou night that the data from more than 1 billion users was w stolen from yahoo. >> tech giant says it was thegin work of hackers who got into got the system back in august of 2013. 2013. here with more on thisre with m frightening story andthis whethe yahoo users should bee concerned mauer 15 with us. hey mo. >> good morning to you t as yahoo user i'm concernedcern because frankly i'm confused. is this a new one? is it from?f the old one? what exactly is ey out there? it's bad newie news for yahoo second announcement of a major hack mac in the last three months.ree m the tech giants says theyiants t believe that the incident is likely distinct from the distine breach it disclosed back in i september when informationt dib associat ied with at least l 500 million users' accounts' aot was stolen from its network in 14.4. now, yahoo says the stolentole user account information mayou have includent the names, datesd birth and e-mail addresses as well as encrypted or o unencrypted security questions o and answers in some cases and one internet security expert ser says it's frightening as the yahoo br
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be the beginning.inng >> being able to access thats t information is probably what's ' most critical and because it's a stepping stone into othernto sites so even if that person p doesn't keep their financial information or medicalored information online, by havingg the credentials and logging in it's he's city spoof that he's person, it's easy to act as that person. per >> yikes. okay, donaldson says peopleays o tend to use the same user namera and the log in information fortr multiple sites. if their information was was hacked in this breach their other e-mail and social media accounts couldn thmail a also nw the at risk. users who have have beenhave impacted by the hack shouldack have received an e-mailved an ei letting them know that their t account has been compromisedhas but experts say some otherpert signs to look out for, nott receiving any e-mails, your accounts sending spam tong spa contacts and if you see log a ins from unexpect tndheect locations on your recent your re activity page that is a sign pan that you may have been a victim of this scam but againamb steve and allison, very frightening for people who m
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who you just don't know what outut there. jus >> a billion people now it's no' and them to protect themselvesly.emselvly >> yup. >> thanks mo. >> uh-huh. >> was russian president vladimir putin personally as rimir p a hack on the presidential elections here.tial that's a big question asuestn a members of congress demand dem answers before the electorss bee ofalcially vote. more on that this hour.our. >> we continues to track the t dangerous cold sweeping theep d.c. area. tucker is back next with thes bn late effort look at the temps tm going down. dn. bob. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. it's balmy out here -- no,moalmy it's not actually. actll it's freezing cold. wear your hat, wear yourr y gloves, wear your layers and if you're a big movie fan, a fan of "star wars" get underet the covers because we alreadye a have some people waiting inop wi line for the tonight's opening of the new and latest "starr wars" movie. we'll talk to the people" mo unr the tarp there this morningrp te when we come back.e comeac >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> this is what we like to do.h >> where is this? >> to>> w make eight little bit easier deal with here we likel i to show you otherth people's miss regional rail this isail is cleveland ohio right now.oh rig you know they get lake effectge snow. keep in mind if you don't like k the cold temperatures and maybe a few flurries in the next couple days here it couldod be
7:16 am
cleveland getting almost a alm foot of snow. sno >> i feel like it could beke itc here and i'm reminded of theof t miss regent actually makes met c feel worse. >> there's one school that says hey if you'retu going h 's o hav all the cold why not have the snow with it. >> no. >> that's my school. t >> that's your private >> yes, private school. schl. my own class. css i had a lot of my own classes cs were when i was growing up.n i >> i think it's better withoutwo all the slick stuff.ictuff >> here we go. the amazing thing is how muchhoc of the country is experiencingin this arctic outbreak. out as steve mentioned earlier outet to portland oregon dealingn deag with snowy conditions which iswi pretty unusual out there but b take look at -- these are not n wind chills, these are actual aa air temperatures.pera zero in chicago, minus eightusit in minneapolis and then you y get newspaper canada and places like winnipeg and swanann river, minus 12 to minus 15. 1 >> swan river.n river >> there's a swan actually inct
7:17 am
>> i saw that.hat. >> there's your satellite and radar. radar. we're looking at clear skies. ss wind chills around here, winde,w chills will be single digitsigit and low teens. t our currents air temperaturestsa 29 but it feels lirike 14 so so please be prepared here for ad r very cold day.d y. don't leave your pets outsidesie all day. and check on your elderlyckyour neighbors make sure the heatmake is working that kind of thing. g they'll need it the nextheex couple days.upay good news it will be a two day a blast of cold then we'll warmarm it up this weekend.nd. downside is it looks like wes have a wintry mix earlylitry miy saturday there could be with us for a few hours inhere thosee morning hours. hrs just stay tuned.ju we'll have a -- i don't think we'll get a lot of snow but we may get a e -noug- h tlot o cauf issues early saturday morning. okay?ok >> highlight in the weekend.e ed >> by saturday afternoon we'llde be fine. temperatures will be in theures il40'sl . >> okay. >> all right. >> quick rebound. n.>> q withrin with eri good morning. >> good morning. 7:17. we're dealing with a lot ofling delays.dela taking a look at our maps m first we have two crashes right now on the inner loop loo and outer loop
7:18 am
you down through lar outer loop crash after 4 delays back to 214 blockingckin the shoulder.ulder. inner loop crash at arenare drive jammed back to 50 right50g now and you can see 50 inboundnd through cheverly slow to 295.w 5 295 southbound delays from visit to the 11th streetto the t so a ton of congestion therenhe this in northern maryland outer loop remains heavy 95 over to georgia.a. 95 southbound some congestionng picking up on the southboundund side through beltzville.tzvill let's take a live lookivlook outside. earlier issues have cleared up on 95 northbound we wereund dealing way crash bywe centreport park way. even throw cleared some slow traffic coming u cple across the rappahannock bridge from that t 17 in stafford side of thingsng up past centreport parkwaykw you're heavy.revy then again you delay to the t aquia harbor. earlier crash cleared 95ared northbound by newington butngtot still delays to the beltway.eelw this is the inner loop by by little river turnpike. turik delays from the mixing bowlrom i all the way upng to little river turnpike. earlier crash begall lows putowp a damper on things. on things. overflow of heavy volumevy volue there. slow across the legionw s bridge.
7:19 am
safe track surge 11 impacting s the orange andurge silver lines west falls to east allison and steve.te. >> it's extremely gold outd t there and getting colder byr b the hour.ou bone chilling winds cannot stop determined "star wars"ermie fans. a few camped out overnightvern uptown in northwest. northwest >> they are anxiously awaiting n the new movie and it opens our bob barnard has joinedn them. bob, they are a determined bunch. good morning. >> reporter: they are and they're wishing this thing was coming out in the summertime but no, here it is mid-ordecetember.r:in here's the uptown and tg ake ina look. look this is camp uptown here andn rd you've got a couple of guys. we met john snyder last hour. h he was not actually sleeping all night but here online. onlin there's paul, paul you look l comfy. how are you doing? all right.ii >> doing well. >> reporter: we're going we'reog crawl back i hope i don't step on somebody but david casterlineasl is here first in line. line. pulling this thing apart i hope not. n nobody center there is there? et okay i'll step on this.'ll on you've done this before. first ofll
7:20 am
getting ready to go out how do d you describe this weather this i rnining. >> probably the coldest.babl >> reporter: are you serious. rep >> at least sleeping outleep herism people wondering why.hy it opens tonight.pens tight 7:00 or 10:45. 10:45 you can go why are you here doing this? rei you've been here for a couple cl days. >> to be first in line, theinhe experience camping out with other fans and seating in. in. theater. >> reporter: where is homete for:r you at a. >> fairfax virginia.airfax v this is no longer a george ge lucas franchise but it still has an appeal. appea >> oh, yeah it's still "starll r wars." they're not going take it tooin far away from star wars w simplet you've done this before? last year the mostost recent "star wars" movie cames"m out it was raining when wen we were out with you guys ons on line. when it's all said and dones al and you go home tonight toig fairfax will it have beenve been worth it? wort >> absolutely.olutel yeah, of course., of >> reporter: to be first, to have the seat you want.nt. >> yeah. it's a huge theater so this line will be around the blockhek and i'll be first in the door. o
7:21 am thank you very much. i hope i don't mean step ondon's anyone. take a look at paul.te arp e youke a comfortable paul. >> i'm doing great. great. a little chilly. cll >> reporter: there's cement underneath you. again hunow would you describe this weather this morning forert people who are just getting dressed and heading out.hiho are >> chilly and feels icy even eve though it's not actually icy.lli >> reporter: thank you paul.aul. get some more sleep if you can. guys, the key out here is theree wind. there's a wind advisory in the district and it is whipping so n it's not only cold but it's windy so kids layer up on youruo way to school because it is is going to be cold from home to the.e. >> bob i happen to knowob there's like a starbucks right there. can you at least i h a tak se tm some cocoa or something? theyne can't get out of line now.t >> reporter: no, they can'tou n but their buddy johno, w tho we interviewed at 6:30 has been0 ha shuttling between the coffeebeff shop and bringing some hote hot stuff for these guys.hese guy they've got friends with themit but david is number one inr one line and he's not moving. movin >> all right david. d see you later.. thanks bob. b. >> spending all night an
7:22 am
>> hey would you keep my spotldy sure. >> sure thing. t next thing you're in theout balcony. >> you're number two. two d.c. public schools employeeye getting backlash over a socialil media post about white men.hiten we'll have >> plus, one week after its big opening another exciting night on tap. t. at mgm national harbor. harr. we'll tell you why.hy it's 7:22. 2.
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>> ♪♪ >> far from the end of the road for these guy still going strong frohese making history.. >> ♪♪ we know they're the bestthee selling r and b group of allup l time and now breaking grounding once again they headlinehey ad locally tonight when theynhe become the first performers onr the new stage at the new mgm national harbor. >> ♪♪ >> what happened to all the rha andppen b groups? the boys's' groups now men's groups and and where are your shoes tucker? oes i cannot . cno >> steve maybe we should startae a new band ba toge. >> if you're going to beoing to barefoot we're not doing it. wet >> you guys got to do r and b. >> we need to talk to one ofo e our doctors about hot feet.eet. my feet get hot. h i don't know why. >> i think you needi your ownwn medical segment. >> wimp 14.
7:26 am
winds and the coldhe c temperatures. obviously going to be with usy throughout the our daytime be hthigrohs we pry have already seen them alr see overnight lows in the mid 30'se' and by the afternoon we'll beno' in the mid-20's, extreme cold.rc please take it seriously.erusly lots of sunshine that's good news. news. it will be a dry day for it's just we're a looking at loa temperatures well below normal b for the next couple days and again wind chills thishis afternoon in the single digits and low teens.and very cold tonight.onight cold and then a wintry mix early e saturday that transitions toio o rain for the weekend. wke okay, that's a look at aook weather.we erin is back with the roads. roa >> i don't understand. >> what? >> wha >> tucker ist? not wearing shoei and it's very cold outside.ld oi i'm confused.onsed. right now 270 southbound crashra blocking the left lane at 121. 1 heavy delays all the way back wc into urbana so right now iow would say it's a day to leaveve about 45 minutes early gettinget from frederick down tots spur tr because you're going hit moreyo' volume leading tore g the beltwy something to keep in mind. right lane is getting by.lane it we'll keep you updated on that a crash. aside from that oute
7:27 am
jams 95 to georgia. georgia inner loop looking good past connecticut.eccut. 95 southbound from north ofd fro the icc down into beltzville bel some sluggish traffic and bw parkway southbound by powderd br mill road also slow. s outer loop there's a crash athea 450. delays to 214. to 214 inner loop crash at arena drive jammed to 50. t heavy delays there as well.delal that's your look at. traffic. tf >> all right erin thanks.hank a new report this morningepr that russia's president likelyik gave the go ahead for a cyber attack that targeted ourd ou presidential elections.lections >> what do voters think abouthio president-elect donald trump thus far? next the results of a brand new fox news poll. 7:27. 7:
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>> you know the old saying theth early bird gets the worm. >> i've heard te bird ghat. >> if you were up early at 6:00 o'clock you would have bee out inwe 30-deougr wee temperats opposed to the 26 degrees the dupont circle clock is nowow showing. >> i'm willing to let that warmt go by the way side. not that big of a return. >> look at the flag on the leftf side of the screen it's the winn chills you really are going to o feel this morning.fe we'll get you all the detailsls coming up in just a second.d. news breaking overnight in montgomery county maryland a mam and woman were shot as they sats in their gunman on the run this morning.g happened midnight in the 3800 3 block of palmyra lane in aspen hill. the victims say a suspect in hih late teens or early 20's 20'
7:31 am
them briefly then shot them. fortunately they are going to be okay.ay. non-life threatening injuries. 7:30.7: and to temple hills we30 go a murder investigation is underway after man was found dead just after 2:00 this morning.ning. victim was found by another ath officer on patrol in the 27000 block of cole brook drive just t blocks away from where shootingg victim crashed his car into the entrance of iverson mall mal yesterday afternoon. this morning, a disturbingin report on how deep the alleged g russian hacking of our presidential election went. >> nbc news citing intelligencee officials who say russian president vladimir putin wasvlad personally involved in the hack. linking putin to the linked lke e-mails from the democraticemoc national commit teamteam intelligence officials describe this as putinffic's vendetta agn hillary clinton.on >> this news comes as some inomi congress demand more answers ans about the russian involvement before the electoral college isi set to vote next week.eek. and as we
7:32 am
about voter sentiment.enment. doug luzader is tracking all ofo that from capitol hill just asta really tangled web here, good morning.orning >> reporter: good morning. mor we'll start with voter sentimeni because this is the first foxth news poll that we've conducted t since the election to get an get idea of how voters feel aboutou the out come. ce. pretty interesting pretty clear majority, 59% say they are either somewhat or verv hopeful about the election outct 50% say they are relieved. 45% say they are embarrassed. >> donald trump meeting with w tech leaders at trump tower.ow. high profile gathering off individual who's by and large le did not support him in the election.ecti trump suggesting this is allinl part of a turn around in sentiment. >> very honored by the balance.e everybody in this room has to h like me little bit.likett >> the bounce he's talking about is real in one respect.ct new fox news poll shows his his approval rating has gone upe u substant
7:33 am
before the election.ction. but he hasn't really expandedxpe from his election day numbers. >> donald trump favorable is now about his ballot it should beldb higher. when you compare him to past p presidents at this time, usually you get a bounce. bounc after you win.ou win. >> reporter: back on capitolit hill more calls for ann investigation into allegationsao that russia hacked democraticc e-mails to tilt the election too but calls for intelligencence agencies to brief members of of congress today on what they know were rebuffed.ufd. stunning some republicans. >> this violates all protocols o and as if people in the intelligence community arety a carrying out a diss informationn campaign against the t president-elect of the united states. >> all of this as the electoral colleg e preispares to as vote on voto monday. associated press poll of many lectors suggest few are willing to overturn the results of last month's election.lection. >> i'm getting e-mails constantly saying that donaldt d trump did not win the popularar vote. that hillary clinton won theclno popular vote. however, that's not the
7:34 am
determine our president. >> reporter: meantime donaldd trump continues to assemble hish cabinet with the voters thinkshi about his choices thus far pretty split. 44% say they approve of cabinet -- trump's cabinet cabin locations of selections.tion 46% disapprove. back to you guys.uys. >> all right, doug, little more perspective there.he 7:34. in the district major backlashkl this morning against d.c. publii schools after one of the spokese people made an offensive post ot social media. hillary tone is thee is t communication director for there d.c. public school system.te she responded to news story tory about form her texas governor rick perry being name as donaldd trump's energy secretary.ecry that was a department perry saii he would em hell 98 back in in 2012. if wanting to get rid of something qualifies to you run i want to be secretary of white men. that post gotme a lot of tractin on social media and has people buzzing.g >> i mean we're all
7:35 am
our personal opinion, but if you do represent the city in somen s way, shape or form in any aspecp i don't think it's appropriate. you have to be a little bit more mindful about what it is yous yu tweet.eet >> it's racism.m. racism goes both ways whetherayr you're black or white orhite o whatever it's racism.acm. >> that sounds a littlehat prejudice to me. me, myself, i wouldn't have said that at all. >> i don't think it's attacktt against white men but it is ands i can see -- - >> she wants to eliminate white men. how is that not attacking white men? men? >> what do you call that, ratio. it's really bad choice of wordss >> as far as officially d.c.. public schools would not tell fox5 if tone is row receivingvig any disciplinary
7:36 am
7:35 right now. really one of our top stories. s talking about these colderolr temperatures. >> we've been brace fog it butn you know what, tucker, it is nre now. >> yeah, big story not onlyot o locally but nationally all the way from oregon and washingtonho to the northeast here we'ree wee looking at bitter coldol temperatures. 29 now in washington.ashito as steve has been mentioning m temperature has been falling the last couple of hours.hou. our wind chills with windsin blowing here out of the northreo and west at autbout 30 are currently 14 in washington.hingo we're seeing single digits starting to emerge off to the t north and west. actual air temperatures. detroit seven.en. chicago zero.chic. wind advisory in effect for mucc of our region including here inr the city until 3:00 o'clock thi' afternoon.rn believe it or not winds whichinh are already blowing at 20 to 30 could gust at times to 40 maybe even 50 miles an hour because oo that wind advisory was issue bye the weather service a few hourss ago. all right. storm tracker radar nice ande quiet. qu the up side of the forecast lots of sunshine and dry conditionson
7:37 am
but do not be fooled by thaty t sunshine. it will not be a warm day. daytime highs in the 20s but0sut wind chills will be in thee t single digits and low teens tee throughout the day.ugho the cold and very gusty winds outino there this afternoon.on all right.all right. lots to talk about weather wise. we have a wintry mix on then the houri son. when will it arrive? what can we expect? eec [ laughter ]lauger ] >> i think i'll have the answers. >> erin has your roads. >> you looked like you had au third thing to add.. >> i probably did i feel like il need to wrap it up. u >> i like that.>> i i weren't to know what's going k on with the weather.noe athe inner loop delays as far as the roads are ar we have a crashe conc at branchn from branch avenue to the wilson bridge the left lane is blockedd at branch avenue, so, again, agn outer loop crash left lane block at branch causing delays there.e the inner loop delays are heavye simply because of congestion.get so got that straightened out.ut. bottom line through oxon hill.l as we make our way on 295 heavy congestion across the 11thhe 11t street bridge outer loop crash after 45050
7:38 am
crash at arena drive. largo and towards baltimoreti washington parkway allow for p extra time and cheverly 50 isari all jammed up as you get to 295. 295 southbound jams us a make um your way down towards the 11thst street bridge and then top sides of the beltway outer loop 95 to georgia about 15 minute slowuteo down. do 270 southbound really jammed upu into urbana a crash out by 121. allison and steve?? last year's trend was the t upside down christmas treeas tre though i missed it. missed it. did you see that one? >> okay. o >> catch you up on that one. upt sales of a o new kind of tre are way up. up. we'll take a look next.ext. >> what i get for not beingng trendy, al. >> me neither. >> kevin sits down from two ofmo the stars from one of the most anticipated films of the year.ea it is 7:38 now.8 now.
7:39 am
7:40 am
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♪♪ after days of record highsog the dow jones industrial average it fell more than 100 points pnt yesterday after news broke thatt the federal reserve would be raising interest rates for justj the second time since the stock market collapse back in 2008.00 the effects of the interest ratt increase on the economy isnomy expected to be small with ratest still far blow their pre-recession high. high. more video coming toto
7:42 am
the social media giant says it'' in talks to buy own video shows. now facebook talked to tvv studios and other video v producers about scripted shows,s game shows and sports.po so far reports say facebook is just kind of experimenting withm different formats is not n committed to any big investments like what netflix and amazon has already done. >> you are not seeing things. tg check it out right there it's the blue christmas tree on the e left as far as i'm seeing it, and if you're starved for spaces there's a half christmas tree ot the right.t wacky holiday decorations are making a splash on way and way you're welcome. the company sales have picked up for the foe greenery by 300%. way fare says white, blue,, blu, silver, gold, brown trees are ae their best sellers. no note on how much that willill half tree will cost you. >> it would fit nice until a una corner if you got a small placee studio apartment it would bemewl great.t. >> 7:42 right now.ow list of america's sexiest cities is
7:43 am
one local city is in the top t t three. you'll have to wait to find outt which it is though. though. first a holiday message from a local service member stationed overseas.seas ♪♪ ♪♪ i'm cabin jones in bagrambin jo airfield. want to say hey to all my famill and friends back in virginia ana tell them happy holidays.oliday.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> we'll get to you erin in just a nu
7:46 am
395. this is the 14th stetr weeemts i and apparently the main lanes os the bridge coming into d.c. are closed right now.ow there you can see one of thehe official vehicles that isicles t blocking off traffic. ora according to erin hov lanes area still moving but slowly but thet main lanes 14th street bridgetri northbound going into the district are closed right now. n so we'll try to get i was betteb picture in couple of minutes ast to what's happening there and a erin is working hard to get yout all the details. keep gas gas in the car keep thp heater on. you'll need it this morning.d io >> that's not good. >> i have your music for you>>.y >> do you? >> ♪♪ >> cold >> i'm mr. white christmas.hriss >> i feel like i need to have ae little something in my ear toy t he this.s. 1920 style. >> let's do the forecast. obviously we are experiencingxpr our coldest temperatures of thee fall. really one of our coldest daysas of 2016 as temperatures continuu to tumble, and wind chills willl be ith
7:47 am
teens. >> your theme music continues tn play. >> let's do itpl. >> all right.ll rig in fact -- >> ♪♪ >> really? >> now it's your real mellow mel >> for now on i'm going to havev f i'm going to do this walk i'ml going to ---- >> i'll pick it. t.e to p me to pick i >> you'll pick the songs. songs >> we need a talker walk playy list. >> this music is little more lie juan tee than this mus playing. >> right. >> summit songs you can walk to. tucsos ker's play list. lt. >> steve, excellent idea.nt ide >> let's get right to it. ght lots of weather to talk about.ut single digit whipped chills.lls. single digit wind chills as a we're featuring unfortunately as mentioned here dangerous conditions later tis afternoon temperatures continue to fall.ol 29 in washington. 32 in leonardtown.. hour ago these temperatures wer in the mid 30s falwlen for orr 5 degrees. 5 23 in frederideck.derick 19 in winchester. 20 in hagerstown.. wind chills 14 what it feelst it like right now in here we go.
7:48 am
starting to rear the ugly headot in gatorring burr seven,ring bre frederick seven. sev hagerstown one.harstown one. garrett county it currently c feels like minus 15 with anit a actual air temperature out thert of 5 degrees. so it is extremely cold.ol all right. right. arctic high pressure building in. our front blasted through lastdh night didn't get much in the waw of snow thought we might get aea few bursting of it we'll be b looking at plenty of sunshinesh today. don't be fooled. daytime temperatures in the 20s with wind chills in the single digits this afternoon.ernoon lake effect snow flying off toig our north and west.d w want to fast forward little bitb to saturday morning.toatur it looks like we might get a a wintry mix around here earlyeree saturday.rday eventually lit transition to rain as that warmer air moves ii but that process could take aouk couple of hours. we could have a bit of a snowno and sleet accumulation aroundun here early saturday morning. mor so just keep that in mine. sunday will be a mild day. mildy we'll get this front throughront here sunday afternoon.fternoon. back into the cold by early nexx week.we but again, we could in some in cases have our first light accumulations of the season here by early saturday. earlyur that's tonight at 7:00.t 7 we're
7:49 am
just clouds tomorrow and remaind very chilly for friday.ri i'll fast forward it real quicki here to saturday morning.ur there you go.daeru go future cast saturday morning trying to give us wintry mix m around here by 6:00 a.m.00 keep that in mind if you've gote travel plans or any activitiesie early saturday there could be ac couple issues. allison, don't by afternoon it will be rainingr and temperatures will be in thet 50s.50 >> thank you.>>hank >> big birthday party saturdayay night. pp i appreciate it. >> let's look at the seven day.l erin is back withook obviouslys problems out on the bridges.rid. >> actually improving right now. 7:49. you saw all lanes blocked look o at it now traffic once againe aa flowing but residual delays fros that temporary closure remainsrr over the 14th street streett ste bridge jammed back to pentagona really heavy traffic.ff second crash reported in hov lanes so we're seeing a lot of t red on the map.he let's switch it over for a lookl at the map i wanted to show youw once again traffic is you can see how backed up we ara again that crash cleared but a b second crash on the 14thh street bridge and hov lanes anda jammed heavy back t 27. t that's the majority of the
7:50 am
hope until will start to dissipate now that it's clear. r heavy delays gw parkway inboundu as well leading down towards tht bridge. also keep in mind georgia andiad arcola as you make your way outw in maryland dealing with seriour crash there we'll debt thatdeb t mapped for you with your next yn lo at t traffic. two delays on the beltway innerr loop and outer loop a fewop andr crashes you need to be aware off as well as outer loop crash c blocking the left lane at branch avenue. inner loop delays from bavranchb the wilson bridge.ridge so we have a lot of trafficff moving slowly through oxon hillh this morning. morni here's closer look at the outero loop delay from morning sideng from before four now all the waw up passed 50. four inbound slows through uppeh marlboro and suitland parkway jams very heavy traffic throughr stanton we'll clear up what exactly is going on over the 14th street bridge. inbound traffic is moving butd r with heavy heavy del back to you guys. >> all right. r and ooh, la-la forget bestt cities in the country. pure romance it is seller of relationship epp hans manyan product. >> i think i know where this isk going. k
7:51 am
of -- >> let me guess alexandria. >> sexiest cities in the unitede states. >> i guess alexandria.>> i >> we're honored to be among gu them. >> district came in third placep behind philadelphia and detroitt >> that's great.ha it is d.c.t' >> usually it's election lexn because they have had someey h businesses -- >> it's d.c. now. process.cessis >> that's right. >> any who philadelphia comes in number one your second yesterdat city in in america. >> are you surprised by that. y >> yesou s. >> are you surprised detroit isi number two.numb >> we're number three. so you know what, this is what>s we do in d.c. i don't care whatc the survey is we want to bet to mbmber one. >> you got that right. >> we're stepping it up. i >> don't say that.ay tha. >> good thing.hing >> yeah. y >> good thing. we actually dropped. dro we were number two the last few years.yes. dropped to number three. thr we are number one when it comesm to awesome movie reviewer andwed the talent that comes with it. we have the best in the businesn and kevin mccarthy is back withw us. >> i was on my honeymoon recently speaking of puref pu romance.roma i want to mention about this pertains to the packa
7:52 am
about to toss to with chrish c pratt and jennifer lawrence much there's this is us on the honeymoon.. sidney harbor bridge in i australia my beautiful wifeutif lauren there's reason why i'm wy showing these, trust me. >> to make lauren happy. xa exactly. here's us in literally wherere they shot the hobbit and lord or the rings for the hobbitbit sequences. i was geeking out beyond belief. that's a koala named there was a koala named oprahedr because oprah was at the exact same spot seven years ago whenrw one of the koalas came out of o the pouch. they name it oprah. >> so cool.o cool. this one is us with the sunset.. obviously it's getting a littlee sappy now. >> what's the point, kev. kev. >> last one.astne. a little sappy.ttle s they shot great g so in the middle of all of thisi amazing honeymoon lauren reads this story about chris pratt ant the fact that they're going to show his butt in and she gets really excitedlly c about this.abouthi so i'm in the middle of
7:53 am
i can't wait to see this movie. i'm ewaxcitited to see t chris - >> you're like i'm trying to -- >> what about my >> trying to embrace this lovee we shared together.oget you're more excited about chrisr pratt's butt.ut >> another man's rear is being discussed on my honeymoons. hono two days after i got i sat down with chris pratt and jennifer je lauren.ur >> i'm sure he loved the story.. >> ask him i can get advice whye i'm hearing about other men's's butts on my hahn noon.n >> i'm in the middle of my honeymoon she's talking aboutalt another man's rear. do i have anything to worry t w about? can you give me somecane tips? i'm wonder wagon i shoul do? >> man -- >> squat. squ >> squat some dead lifts. squats dead lift in that order -- >> stand a certain way in the cy shower. do i stand a certainsh way? i need to do this for my wife. we. >> all about the properut the lighting.ligh you know what i mean?you ow w >> can i just say i'm so happy h to hear two men worrying about o what their butts look like? >> hey, we did it. >> we reached equality
7:54 am
>> you really did.oully d >> i want to get morton to comeo in there and shoot it for me.t i'll work on this. >> 15 to 17 takes in the showero on a friday night. >> good god. g >> we did many takes of every take. ta morton is a passionate guy.siony he loves to gather a lot of rawo material and, you know, there kt was a lot of material there ande it was all pretty raw. r you know what i'm saying?ay >> i'm a huge fan of members are made. jennifer i love the concept of how a film was shot. that pool sequence blew my bw m behind. i saw a clip online i was soi ws shocked by it when i watched thd movie i found myself holding myg breath for your >> yeah. >> i'm wondering how is thatondw shot in the sense are you onn wires in water? how are they ty moving you? >> there were a lot of different -- i was in a tank>> t awhile for being in the bubble,b and then i was in wires andes ad water and then i was sitting ong like a weird bicycle seat that had like a green pole on itn where i'd go up and down. d >> you were actually in water? r >> yeah.
7:55 am
>> wow. like with the moment you comeouc over and you're about to go intt the next piece t of water, like you are like swimming downward.r how do they even shoot that? hot 's insanane. >> that i was swimming, i wasg,w either swimming -- that i wouldw just hold my breath go under inr the tank and then they would --d it was really cool scene. s i had never seen anything liketg it. >> unbelievable. i was literally holding my breath the and tire time. s >> so that was mliyea hthoneyt chris pratt butt was part of iti >> that's cute he played along.o >> yeah. one of those things they've beee on this tour for awhile. this is his -- her first sexirst scene in a film so it's abouts a the idea of like they've been getting asked, questions a lot.l i wanted to make it a little bie different hopefully. >> they've been getting asked -- >> wanted to make sure you gotdo the k in there. inhere >> did i say it the wrong way. >> you slurred eight little bitl >> it's all good. it's good it goes witness theme of the most. >> a-s-k-e-d. >> there you go. ev. kanks, k >> i can't wait for the awkward transition to tucker will try to three, two, one. one >> kev i still don't understandu why we had
7:56 am
pictures of your >> first of all -- >> why couldn't he he just say j he was on a honeymoon.moon >> segment the romantic mood. m >> i see. >> plus the pictures were kind of cool. >> they were way cool. >> i'm jealous.ealous i'm basically jealous.lo >> now i have to work on mykn squats for my butt. >> all right. [ laughter ]>> >> 28 in >> i'm holding back. b winds out of the north and westa at 24. 2 wind chills at 14, guys. guy it will be very very cold today. obviously that temperaturestu seems to fall. wind chills in the teens here it the city and north and west inen the single digits it will be itb bitter cold day.erd d please be prepared for cold dayd don't leave your pets you know don't leave anybody ine a car for too long that kind ofd thing as the temperatures arepea going to be dangerous here fors the neck 48 hours. 48 hou good news we warm it up thisp t weekend looks like a wintry mixy to rain on any problems we have will bee l early saturday. most of the day will be justthel kind of cloudy and with lightith rain around. okay. erin is back with roads. roa maybe she has some comments
7:57 am
>> i just have lot of hash tag g traffic to talk about. a take look at 395 northbound.orto huge delays right now 14thow 1 street bridge temporarily shutrs down traffic once again movingiv but you're jammed all the way wy back to edsall road with almostt standstill traffic in then mainlands there please bes thpl prepared for that heavy delay on 395 northbound. it will cause you at least an an extra 35 minutes of f now, look at this. as you make your way towards ths wheaton glenmont avenue georgiag of a northbound at arcola rightr now you can see several lanes are blocked one lane getting by. huge responder scene there.he we'll keep updated.. some sun glare also big delays on the beltway by 202.g bel by keep it to fox5. fox we got you covered this morningg ♪♪
7:58 am
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8:00 am
at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. he broke in and violated usd i had to call channel five toiv get help.elp >> new at 8:00 d.c. woman says s police weren't straight with heh after a burglar is caught on o camera breaking into her home.. she says cops took a report they say they didn't but wait untilut you see what happened when wen w got involved. good thursday morning to yoa i'm allisony seymour.. >> i'm steve chenevey. we'll have that exclusive from f our marina morocco coming up inp seven minutes.en mines. >> big talker of the day is the. temperatures have been dropping
8:01 am
winds we are in for bitter wind >> no doubt about it. you can see on the n cloo ck bdn us that was at 30 degrees atgrea 6:00 o'clock this morning.ning. about 26 degrees last hour. now 24, tuck.k. >> heading in the wrongng direction. >> really going in the wrongg io direction. >> sun is going up, temperatureu ing dodown. you mentioned the wind chills single degenerates around here.r out to the west it's i extraordinary.ary minus 15 in places in western ws maryland.ryland. so bitter cold here to stay, and it will be with us for a few a f days. >> breaking any records withanyd this. >> awfully close tomorrowlose tw morning. it gets a littlemo bit complicat when winds are up it's hard to o get the really cold temperatures the winds have to settle down a little bit. .ve to et to it yout t ihe current numbers num behind me. in washington.ngn as steve mentioned that number e continues to fall as the coldthl air moves from the north andortd stst. hagerstown 19 degrees.9 des. out in winchester 19 degrees as well.ll. wind chills 14 here inere washington. wa now down to four in gaithersburg. at ds.out at dulles. 2 degrees up in hagerstown i mentioned the minus 15 inin 15
8:02 am
so pretty extraordinary how colc it is considering it's only thet middle of december.ecbe we have not started winter yettt and these temperatures reminiscn accept of something we might get at the end of the storm tracker radar sunshine.unn dry conditions a nice lookingng day. but it will not be a warmn be afternoon. temperatures in the 20s thisest afternoon and check out yourk or winds north and west 20 to 30. 3 there is a wind advisory i'llori scholl that you coming up. u all right, guys, i'll toss itss back to you. y more weather momentarily.tarily >> some peel are not competitorn letting the cold bother them ate all for folks waiting outsidesie the up town theater to see the latest star wars movie rogue ono which starts tonight.onht kevin is on his way to talk witt some of these folks who havee f been there throughout the cold night we'll check in with themhe later this hour.latethis >> clearly the force is on their side. to brave those temperatures. had d to do t happening today d ha president-elect donald trumpeled continuing his thank you tour.ou donald trump along with the vice president-elect mike pence willi be making a stop inke p hershey, pennsylvania.lvia. the tour continues tomorrow andd saturday with rallies in floridi and in the ment
8:03 am
armed with petitions are sayingy not too fast telling theo fas prt esident-elect to dump his businesses before he's sworn ins >> those petitions are beingetio delivered to his propertiesrope across the country including the trump hotel in the district. fox5's bob barnard is live ther with the the story. what's going on, bob? >> reporter: 100,000 signatures on petitionspetitions basically demanding the president-elect explain how he' going to divest his businesses interests. they're picking today to go toig new yoro k, las vegas here too washington as well in thehe noontime hour because donaldse l trump was supposed to have aavea news conference today to tellel the american people what he wasw going to do with all his all h but he's postponed that until ul january.ja basically these public interestt groups are concerned that he cct might put his own businessiness interests ahead of the country'u and that's why they've got these petitions.s. basically calling on donaldg ona trump to sell his businesses,in, put his assets into a blind b trust and they are calling on congress to investigate.te
8:04 am
democrats in the house who have positions on sub committees that deal with government cracks sayy that the general services administration has told them att least the deputy commissioner told them yesterday that donaldl trump needs to get rid of his interests in this hotel. hel the former hold post officeost e which is owned by the federal government for which he has recently established a long-tere lease to run this as a hotel. jerry connolly from northern virginia one of the congresshe c members who says the deputy dut commissioner has told them thata this is violation that once he becomes president and a federall employee he'll be in violationia of one provision of the federall lease for this hotel, and, therefore that he needs to get t rid of it. but, in an official statementtae the gsa said they haven't reached that conclusion.onclus that that's not the officialffia position yet of the generalal services
8:05 am
donald trump will have to be b forced to get rid of his business interests in this hotet and perhaps everything else, guys. >> he said that he would address it presumably before bef january 20th, right? just? us because he's pushing the the announcement from today, right yes. >> reporter: till errly errly january. and apparently what the gsa is s saying that they still need their staff needs to meet with w his business representatives,ate donald trump's businesses representatives to figure thise all out before they will officially force him to sell his interests in the new trump trump international hotel here just aa few blocks from the white house. >> complicated issue but, um, u they seem to be entirely serious. >> reporter: it. >> democrats seem to be blowing the whistle on it,>> too see.m bob, thank you very much. >> reporter: you bet. >> 8:05 right now. and developing overnight inightn montgomery county, a man and a woman shot as they sat in their car. car. the gunman is on the run this t morning. employees say this happened say around midt. itas
8:06 am
palmyra lane in aspen hill.ill. the victims say suspect in hisn late teens or early 20s 2 approached the car, talk withalw them briefly and then shot them. both victims fortunately havelyv non-life threatening it's unclear whether they allhel new each other.ther now to prince george'sto county where a murdee r murder investigation is under way this is in temple hills.n tele h >> this after a man was foundou dead just after 2:00 o'clock0 oc this morning. police say that victim was found by an officer who was patrolling the area. th the victim found lying in an a driveway at a home on cole brooo drive. dr now he had been shot fox5 talked with the person who lives at the home who described the scene sce this morning as kay yacht sickas and confusing. take listen. >> i heard a banking at the door around, what, 2:00 o'clock ino' the morning, and then they said oh, there's body in yourn y driveway. we're looking . we see it. we didn't know who this brotherb was many we didn't know who shot him, how he got there. tre how did he get there, any of,ny that. so we were all taken a back bykb what was going on.n >> t
8:07 am
investigation is happening justj blocks away from where a a shooting victim crash hits car r into the entrance of iverson ivs mall yesterday.rday police say at this point there'e no known connection between those two incidents.idents. well we say it's 29 degrees. what do you say? >> i don't know. don let's take look.oo get an update together.ogher. [ laughter ] >> maybe that's how we'll do iti i thought the clock said -- 24 degrees. >> you know what's extraordinary, we've had this debate for a lonary, w time. reagan national can be one thini and everybody else is somethingg >> we have reagan national.onal. 29. >> 28 at reagan national. >> somewhere between 29, 28 anda 24. >> look, it's cold. loo it' >> bottom line wind chillsd c currently in the single digits t and low it's cold for everybody. >> okay.kay. bundle up at the bus stops,he bs kids.ds. >> look at your current numbers these are actual airese ac temperatures.atur columbus three.. now, negative two in chicago.hio detroit is six. six some of the coldest air that'si' been seen in years and years yrs across the upper midwest for tht month of
8:08 am
get this much cold this early. y it's still technically fall. f >> right. not even winter. wr. >> there's your wind vice rower in effect until 3:00 o'clock this afternoon. winds currently gusting at 30 a may gust to 40 or 50 miles anmi hour for a time or two heretwo e during the course of your day. y so be prepared for very cold blustery conditions although weo are expecting a lot of sunshineh you can see it clear outarut overnight and it will be dry b afternoon just very very coldste temperatures. those are afternoon forecastss air temperatures. 27 here in the city.ity. and you can see 20 and low 30s s but wind chills throughout the day will be in the teens and single digits.. h. yeah. >> okay. >> not good. ck iet's check in with err rip busy morning on the roads.n ot >> that's right, steve, 80:00 s: t ght now. we're taking a live look at a parking lot on 395 northbound.t. this is a view out by they the pentagon because of temporaryemy closure on the 14th streettreet bridge you need 35 extra minuten to get from the beltway acrosscs the 14th street bridgedge heaviest delays back to edsall s road again from the beltway toay edsall stop and go traffic.raic 35 extra minutes to g
8:09 am
hit all of that stopped traffic. let's go ahead and forward our r cameras. not the only problem this thi morning. we have other slow downs.her slw this is look as you had he out in the wheaton glenmont area. several lanes blocked boy a boy crash northbound georgia ateorg arcola avenue readjusted the camera to show you the backup au lot of standstill traffic there. beltway heavy by 202 as well. 270 southbound stack. a closer look at that next. back to you guys.o youuy >> we turn now to story you first saw right here on fox5. if you report a crime to policec you expect them to follow up f much that's how it works.orks >> one woman said when shedhen e reported a break in d.c. policec failed to file a report ort or investigate.. fox5 marina ma rack company with that story.. >> the deck would come later.. so, okay, i'll waited for himorm all night.ight. nobody showed up or >> reporter: six days ands a counting and jean darlingtonto still hasn't heard back from bam d.c. police officials or even a detective.. >> you sure they had polic
8:10 am
there? you sure they just makek up something.. >> these kids are 37 and 19. 1 come on. >> six district officers evensve questioned if her two sonss called the police when an intruder jumped her fence andend tried breaking in through herugr basement but the surveillancehea video doesn't lie. not one but two officers showede up to take report and now nearln a week later the report doesn't exist. >> why wasn't this report taken ma'am.m. >> december 8th.. >> it's not in the system. syste possibly were you mixed boop itt a number? >> nope. 16207 bleep.le >> nothing is coming up.hing ici >> if she would have did what she said she was going to dong o have detectives come they wouldu have his picture out.ut she they probably could have h caught him by now.caughtim by nw >> the picture is c.lear is dayy clear as day.ear as day. >> reporter: instead of thisr: i man is still on the run. r >> it's really scary.ry >> reporter: darlington losttont
8:11 am
and called the mayor's office oc hoping for help. hp but instead was told -- td -- >> somebody made a mistake. just go file another report.ept. why should i have file another report? you going to tell meelm walk over there or drive over why should i have to do it? o i they made the mistake.. why they come to me.o m >> reporter: now she livesiv with fear this man will be backc when she's not home and her h blind 89-year-old mother is leff to fend for herself.hself >> my mother is 89 years old and cannot see. if something happened to her, does something have to happen tt people before the police come? i'm wondering if that's how it'' supposed to work. work >> reporter: do you thinkte because this man just broke ar:a window and didn't really steal e anything that they thought thist was a waist their time?im >> i real dollar think that'snk' what it is. i really do, because you didn't' even make a report. rep i had
8:12 am
get help.. >> we're glad she did.shd. fox5 called d.c. police and alsa the mayor's office. offic we have yet to hear back. less than an hour after we after recheat the vick tip says sheaye got call from detectives.. it's bump in the road foroar uber self driving cars. cars. we'll have more on that coming m up next.up nex. >> yahoo says its users are oncc again the target of a major mor security breach. we're talking historical breachc here. details on that coming up.
8:13 am
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♪♪ coming up on 8:15. hi tuck.. >> cuteness factor. fto warm up today ded. >> let's do it.>> leto >> let's do it. we got cuteness. gotes great time of day. >> hey, wait a second. >> kind of cute. >> wait a minute. e>> but weutre adorabl have some questions we neede answered here.e. >> yes.>> >> it's not too late, antonio. o we can still -- sti >> you can come over. >> to the good side. sid >> new star wars film is outrs s tonight. we suggest you go see it.. >> you would have been one rogue in your familye i'm guessing inn you were a skins fan but you can do it. do i >> we love you either way. >> fox5 first five photo of thee day. this is antonio, everybody. he's 18 months old. old his mom kimberly says this is i how you post when -- this is hoh you post up when your team iss 11-two. trash talking for you.ou he's adorable.. so -- so -- >> yup. >> yes. >> she says fox 5 is one of hisis favorite things to watch e
8:16 am
and every morning. mni >> one out of two isn't bad. b. yeah, antonio. you're so awesome.. >> very cool picture.ictu um-hmm. >> yup. >> you're looking good in yourod colors. we're very proud. pass.wet aass. looks like a big boy. boy >> he's only a year and a half.. >> burgundy and gold would stils look good under the christmashrm tree, wouldn't it.dn i >> yeah, would it.>> yeah, wou >> we'll send you some. >> we just wane'llt to just, yoy know, we like people from all fm walks of life. >> of course we do. we just joking a>>nt oonio you'r have a good day, mr. sellers.. >> i wonder if we'll getll g pictures office browns fansffics tomorrow. >> why not. they don't seem to be a vocal as v locally as the cowboys. cowbo >> it's not the same rivalry here in town. town. we welcome it.elcomet >> hey, temperatures latertures today, you're looking at them, e 27 degrees what we're expectingc later this afternoon.. very very cold temperaturesem across the area. and wind chills which are thehir real story here are expected to
8:17 am
be unfortunately only in the the single digits and low teens.wee our wind chill right now in n i washington 14 degrees. so the temperatures are reallyp tumbling out there. there. don't be fooled by the sunshinee it is not going to be warm m afternoon.. very bitter cold tonight. very cold tomorrow.rrow. and then we'll start gradual warmup.up. saturday morning it look likenge we'll start with period of o wintry mix around here probablyl little bit of snow very quick lk go to sleet and maybe evend e ev freezing rain before the warmerr temperatures get in here.. so if you have plans early saturday morning keep close eyee on the forecast.. most of the weekend will feature temperatures in the 50's beforer another cool down next week. >> just to be clear the rede clr banner is marking the weekend. >> that's our like weekend,ke weekend, weekend. >> just in case people wonderede wh's it's the'she w >> pointing it out.>> p >> we're pointing it out theit t weekend. >> like we do mentally everyente monday that was thursday, erin.y >> you mean friday eve? >> exactly. that's what i like to calll 8:17. things have gotten worse on 395
8:18 am
on the northbound side. hov lanes moving little bit b better but main lanes ares stacked from the beltway to the beltway to the 14th streettr bridge because temporary closurc on the bridge you're in for at t least a 45 minute delay rightht now from the beltway to acrossor the bridge. please factor in an extra time.. super jacked up in this cameraet out by the pentagon.. let's sweat itch over to our too look at our maps much that's no' the only big problem for your y commute. southbound 16th street there's t a water mainre break it's blockn a lane at somerset placelace northwest.hwt so caution there as you makeou k your way out in the area asrea well. ll coming down from silver springg typical delays as you make yourr way out on the fine. 270 southbound from 70 to the t spur a ton of red.. we had earlier crash out by 27 7 and heavy into urbana right nowt it's about a 60 minute delay an hour of extra time added from 7 down to the spur please ber pe e patient if you're waking up ine gaithersburg or rockville.vie. metro on time except for saveav traffic allison and steve. sve all right. thanks so much, erin.chin
8:19 am
confusion about whether the on o again off again truce in aleppoo syria is on again.. late yesterday syrian rebelss said it was on but similar ceasc fires have come and gone withouo success in the past. pas there are already reports of res problems with this latest one.t cease fire comes just one day after a previous evacuation deaa unraveled in the face of iranian opposition. meantime here in the unitedi states, in south carolina, specifically, closing argumentsn expected today in the case ofas dylan roof. rf. he's accused of killing ninelinn black people at an historically african-american church inrch charleston. jury will decide if he's guilty of federal hate crimes.ri he can face in live in prison or the death penalties. defense attorneys wanted to wand present evidence about hisis mental health a judge ruled itt was irrelevant whether he'sva guilty in this case. in minnesota layers for thet police officer charged in theici shooting death of a man during a traffic stop asking for thestop charges to be dismissed. dmi
8:20 am
killing philando castile as he h sat in his car. car. girlfriend live streamed theam aftermath on facebook.eb the officer's lawyers claim that castillo was negligent that his own death because he was driving while high.ileig an autopsy revealed castile low did have high levels of thc in his system at the time.m at t tm in california the stateseta department of motor vehicleshicl putting a stop to uber test of self driving cars. c the ride share company wasny was operating the self-driving solel voce without a state issue a sti permit.permit they must stop testing until the dmv issues the proper documentsn to date 20 companies includingui google and tesla have received dmv' permits to test on pmits california roads. yahoo says it has beenasee hacked the company says the s t major security breach may havee resulted in the theft of data associated with more thanha 1 billion users. the breach happened back in 2011 in august to be exact and itt involved passwords and phone aho numbers but apparently not financial information.tion this is separate from a 500 million account breach thatb had the company announced
8:21 am
in on top of the billion it's a new thg.g. okay. okay. instead of watching shows ot television you can be watchingeh them on facebook.em ofacebook. >> it's interesting so thes social media company now isos ns trying to explore new ways to nw create new shows.ho first though before we get toe g that story here's holiday cheerc from one of our service memberse overseas.seas ♪♪ this is chaplain dawn tailoi deployed in the middle east. eas wishing everyone in farmville, virginia, especially those heritage baptist church a mer im christmas an happy new year.ew .
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> more video coming to facebooo social mediami giant says in tas to make its own video shows. facebook talked to tv studios si and other video producers about scripted shows, game shows,, sports. sp so far reports say facebook is just experimenting with wh different formats.differ though i did haveen job intervi, steve.ev >> did you? >> c
8:25 am
>> i did not. it hasn't committed to bigtg invests like netflix and amazonn >> we don't want you to goou tgo >> no would i want to go.go. >> super mario brothers rejoicec the classic game is coming ting cell phone near you. super mario run released ios. nintendo may be planning android release that will come sometimem next year.ea there you go.. >> super mario. >> super mario is a great game. everybody loves super mario. >> very cute. >> yeah it is. never too old to play it. >> notoo d .>>o >> to the forecast.. cold.ld trying to think of other way too describe it but -- >> uncomfortably frigid. >> bitter. >> frigid came to mind for me. >> it is frigid.. 28 degrees now in washington.hi notice that wind chill bottomoto left hand corner of that screen. 14 degrees. winds out of the north and west at 24. they've been gusting to the n at 30, and we are in for one of our coldest days of 2016 even thougg it's s
8:26 am
not going to feel like it todayd afternoon temperatures in thes e 20s. wind chills in the singlegle digits. lots and lots of layers if you y got to be working outdoors maker sure you take frequent breakss try to shelter yourself from the wind. because it will be a dangerous cold around here for the next 4 hours or so.or s warmup this weekend.eeke looks like a wintry mix to rainn on saturday.urda but early hours of saturdayy probably through nine, 10, 1 11:00 o'clock in the morning mam be a little touch and go. go >> i feel like if you're going'g to have the weekend you need balloons to set it off. off >> the red bar is not doing it g for me. fo this is justr helpful --elpful >> it means danger.ger >> you need to put blue bara around monday.da >> monday blues.>> >> yeah. >> the weekend should have a big party feel to it. should it. >> maybe like happy emoji andmoi monday has -- has -- >> you could do that. y do emoouji cs.s >> monday has this.his. >> right. >> i don't know. >> okay. erin is a creative type.yp she can help out.can help out. >> the weeknd you touched it iti zoomed out with balloons.baoon >> that would be so great.. >> i said balloons would bed great. >> oh, i was wouldn't wrack ira
8:27 am
[ laughter ] >> thank you for that one. one >> oh, boy. >> moving on to traffic now. 395 northbound is jammed back tc the beltway in for 45 minute min delay from the beltway to thetwt 14th street bridge.ridge hov lanes are moving a littlevil bit better main lanes completell park. we earlier crash that closed ala lanes temporarily on the 14thnhh street bridge and what we'redgeh dealing with now is huges ge residual slow downs. downs let's move it over for look atot our maps much that's not the not only big problem you're up u against this morning.. right now we have new crash crah inner loop on the ramp to eastbound 50. 5 that's in the mix of really bigg delays through virginia on thegi beltway from the mixing bowl up to 66 inner loop is seeing hugeg slow downs. slow more traffic in a few. tra allison and steve. 8:27 right now.. some may think women handlel being sick better than men.n m >> is it fact or fiction? weon are actually going to gong straight to a doctor. we will consult with an expertar next. next. >> we'll see how we do. do.
8:28 am
once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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8:30 am
in today's health watch fdaa are saying using unnethes nearsr ya may harm the brains of somets people. o fda said repeat order lengthyen use of general anesthesia or iss he dater drugs for childrengs ci younger than three or pregnant women in their third trimester r may affect the developing brains. they've informed health care providers about the use officefc these these risks repeatedly. it ored manufacturers
8:31 am
warnings to their product produ >> teens are less likely to take drugs.. survey shows that continuingtiin decline in the use of marijuana, alcohol and tobacco and the the misuse of prescription drugs among teens annual survey which has been conducted since 1975 15 meshes substance use among eighth, tenth and 12t graders. we talk about this yesterday a little bit. >>eah,h, we did.out men are accused we di ofd. beind babies when they're sick. s big old >> i heard you yesterday.terd i heard you just now.. >> new research shows that theyy could have a good reason.eason >> we're talking about the so-called man flu.d man f is it really worse for guys helping to separate fact from fiction our good friendriend dr. shilpi agalwar joins us this okay. >> good morning. >> we have to bring you to>>o settle this >> yup. >> we were disputing yesterday. >> when steve calls and he's like allison i just can't makeam it, i'm really not feeling welll he's not wrong. wng that's because we've got some ge new research that actually justs came out very recently and whata it's sayin
8:32 am
was the idea that men kind ofdf have more severe symptoms and a they're bigger babies about sit actually and the research came out ofut london out of the universityvert hold away university and what the researchers found that thend viruses themselves are actuallyy changing their makeup in order r to kind of hang out in womenen because women are better hosts s for these viruses.. so whatever the virus lives inin man or woman's body that'sy tt's considered the host. the ht >> wouldn't it seem we then we t would be the ones complaining oo being sick and the whole who thing -- thing -- >> you get along with theet viruses better. a once they get in there --here >> right. >> you guys play nice withig iti where the guys try to fight itot and then it becomes this battlet that's going on and it lastsst longer or gets more severe, right. >> you can't hierarchal. what happens is virus can' goali to replicate -- >> that's a man explaining it ti me. >> did you ask. >> was askhilphilpi. go ahead shilpi.lpi >> perfect explanation, steve.te >> really? really? >> thank you dr. shil
8:33 am
>> unfortunately he is right. hg when viruses enter the body they want to find a good host toos maintain a good host, they don'n want to just completelyometel annihilate them.nihilate t they want to alter their body ss they can stay and for women it's really important that they stayy in there because then the goaloa is to be passed on to othero oth people.le so mother to baby meaning mni through breast feeding or ther t birthing process whereas in men, they complete goal into the bodd and destroy everything that'sy v why you end up with moreer sevee symptoms.toms >> that is the weirdest >> it really weird.rely wei >> so why? why? >> it's weird in like a science way. >> i don't understand what is it? is it -- under how are we o genetically different besides b the obvious to be better hosts h for these pathogens?? >> in the medical community what we used to think is that viruser act different until men versus women and we know that's thewe k case but we thought it wasnow us because of differences in bothi of our immune systems.ys. so men have slightly differentit immune systems than women and wd attack things in a very v different way.. however, now what this study is showing us the virus itself is
8:34 am
changing its genetic makeup it i can hang out little bit longer e in you than somebody like stevee for example. >> how do we fight it between ib the sexes?the es? >> we both fight it by creatingn antibodies and immune response,s but because it's not acting so strongly and severely in women,n we're less likely to completelyy ear rat cade it.t. men they have those more severev symptom but it gets stomped outu in women it wants to zimmer ande get passed on to other people. p that's what makes women a better host. ho >> it's really fascinating when you think about it. >> it's really ths red >> the science part. i was not trying to take thehe man's viewpoint in this. thi bought i said that there aree some men and there are somere sm women who obviously handle it it differently that's comes down to our pain tolerance or how it affect it's our individual indiv bodies, >> absolutely. for men there's a few thingse'ae that you can do in general toer keep you from getting thesenghe viruses because if you are hitrh harder you want to be able toe know how to fight them. so the first thing is mores sleep. i tell you guys all the time. tm sleep really does boost up youru immune system.tem so aim to get between seven andd nine hours.ou
8:35 am
anything less than five andn fid you're really cutting in on youy immune system. >> so i have harder time withimh them i don't know get my five'tk hours sleep,no al.l >> i'm just saying. >> hydration -- >> i'm cranky and sick -- >> the stronger sex will pull cl you >> i'm not going to argue withuw that. >> thank you my friend.riend. >> thank you my friend. f >> you're welcome. >> 8:35. let's check in with tuckerucker barnes. can you explain why tucker lovel it when it's like 0 degrees outt and still walks around if his bare feet we like nice tropicala is thendre a science behind that >> robust immune system fromtemo that walk he takes. >> ah, see.. very smart doctor.octor. you guys listen to her. >> i think that everybody can aa test erin i don't ever complaino about feeling sick i'm not suree what she's talking about. aut >> never, never.v. >> okay. money is over there. >> thank you. t on the table. >> you promised me m and m's.'s 28 now in washington. we are in for the big chill c 23 out at dulles. 24bwi marshall. m i'm getting tweets from people p saying wow you're not kidding ii is really cold out here and thir is part of the reason wehy.
8:36 am
look at the wind gusts. gusts. 32 now in washington.ton 37 in gaithersburg. 25 in leonardtown. it's really really cold out whee you put winds on top of airir temperatures in the 20s it feels like single digits and teens ouo there and that's with bright bgh sunshine so this is one of thost days even with abundant sunshine we just aren't doing to warm upm afternoon temperatures in thetue 20s overnight lows back in the e teens and again wind chills atls times will be near zero this ts afternoon.tern 20s later today.teroday winds north and west 20 to 30 3 plus very very cold afternoon. seven day, stay tuned you'lled l want to see it.want tsee wintry mix on there. there. let when you know that arrives k coming erin is back with roads. >> you complain about more than being sick? >> i don't eabver >> bad traffic. bad traffic. >> oh, yeah york like to sit inl that. >> he's the worst.>> not that anybody likes to sit ii this but do you not want to bete in a car with tuck consider conr sitting in traffic like that.e . unfortunately if you typicallyil take 395, fourth street bridgere reopened temporarily shut downn earlier. but from the beltway as you pass this area by the pentagon, maini lanes are just completelypletel blocked up with heavy traffic.
8:37 am
about 45 minute delay at least. hov lanes little bit of betterfe shape. want to switch it over and shows you look at the inner loop iner virginia.viinia disable vehicle blocking the shoulder. this is as you make your way upp towards 66 from the mixing bowll towards 66. 6 jam pack with so muc congestion those trends continue across the legion bridge on the inner loop coontie which is really stacked up tonraffic tlly st. let's move it over to our maps s not the on problem areas we'rere tracking. take look at all of this re onso the map. map cabin john inside the beltway bw into clara barton super jammed,e outer loop remains heavy passeds new hampshire, two earlier elier crashes on the inner loop and a outer loop so stacked up througg largo this morning. the outer loop jams as you makek your way out from branch avenuen all the way up to baltimore balo washington parkway.wash inner loop slows as well esinlooppecially from five acros wilson bridge and give yourselfl extra time there's crash on the ramp to eastbound 50 from theomt inner loop.p lots of traffic.ff metro is on time except tour tou safetrack g don't think i'mg coming in nextdo time you're sic we're on tv. >> thanks friend.hanks >> you're travel
8:38 am
roads, the skies you won't be be alone.on we'll break down the holidaywn d travel numbers next. >> holiday tradition for our fur fallen service members no longen in jeopardy but you can stillti help out.. we'll tell you how.we'l >> we'll getl yteou a forecast, too, if you are going help on saturday..
8:39 am
fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep.
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emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. >> is that snow? it looks like snow but it's leaves blowing around. is it snow? it'ng 23 degrees the dupont circl
8:41 am
ours is a little bit off becausu we report out of reagan .ational. bottom line it's cold out therel and it can be please be careful in the cold. l >> dropped 7 degrees in the lasl 2.5 hours.5 hours. we're going in the wrong direct right nowin t.w if your direct to head out d of town you'll be joined by ay record number of americans.meca more than 103 million set to t travel for the hospital holidays and news years. aa says that's the hig yheeastrg number on record. on rd. a lot of folks will drive.ofolks 93 million people will hit the i ads.s. 2% more people will be flyingg this year than last so you'll yu have full flights despite gasesi prices rising in recent days any weeks there's still among thel t lowest gas prices for the the holidays since 2009.00 good news this morning afteg facing a major shortage wreathst across america now says that it has enough wreaths to place on t all the headstones at arlingtont national cemetery.y that gets a big old thumbs up i few days ago the organizationrgo said it was still in need ofeed wreath donations they are now an all set to lay more than tens of thousands of wreaths thishi saturday at the ce
8:42 am
if you'd like to help, they are looking for volunteers. the wreath laying will begin at 10:00 saturday we sure hope thee weather cooperates get out thert and pay tribute.and pay tribu >> this is something thatet we'e really excited. eed one day away from very specialyl morning right here on fox5 for r very special little boy.. little hear hero to be honestons partnering with make a wish midm atlantic for its season of wishes cam pin this is kaheems e he's five years old and he has h leukemia and he's in treatment right now. righ but his wishes to be a super hero. he wants to help others. >> so tomorrow we are workingork with make a wish to make hisis wish come true with the help ofo local firefighters and police.ol we'll have coverage live on fox5 news morning and fox5 news at 5:00 and 6:00. you can donate at mid atlantic-season of >> whole bunch of surprises andp what we hear is that he is goini to be a super
8:43 am
tomorrow. he'll have busy day. >> oh, mhey goodnes'ls. >> ease going to have to save t whole bunch of people.bunch of l exciting day. t.know he's up for i >> super hero kaheem. olympic swim her welcoming newcg addition to his family soon.yoo we'll tell hugh that is next.t >> plus kevin out bracing therag cold this morning.hi i hope you give this five out of five, my friend. >> oh, yeah, i didn't dress warw enough for this apparently.ppar. i'm out here for the new starewa wars film which is openingspe tonight right there at the up tu town. i'll be back with some of thesof fans who are outside in the coll already waiting because they'ree i'll be right back.
8:44 am
z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> all right. your forecast is coming up in ond.ecast ny sec >> help me, steve. >> one works, three, four, five -- you need more. 10 seconds. >> i feel like we need the coune from sesame street to do the countdown.n >> ha, ha, ha. >> single digit wind chills.d c. you'll be counting on your y finger the wind chills andlls they'll be less than 10 here for times today. today. as we've got extremely strong sn winds gusting at 35 miles per ms hour out of north and west here at last look. 28 the current air temperaturepe in 30 in leonardtown these temperatures have been fallingeb since i arrived early this mornin
8:47 am
mentioned garrett county, they're now down to zero with zo wind chill of minus 15.. so it is dangerously out there.. that's your current wind chilltl 14 in six in gaithersburg. gaithersbur two in winchester. winchter. hagerstown 2 degrees.wn 2 d 18 in leonardtown.rdtown. it's going to be a very verybe e cold afternoon.erno our afternoon temperatures don'd get out of the 20s. 20s so plan accordingly. according i know it's bright and sunny any it's going to look locate a nice day out your window it will notl be a warm day. a warm day. this is a little piece of thatf vortex that we talk about durind the winter months it's upon us u here. all right.l righ lake effect snows they're eff kicking back in with that verecr brisk northwest wind. last look chicago minus two the cold air is across the lower 48r here all the way from oregon ana washington to maine experiencing temperatures well below normal.a want to fast forward.orwa today tonight and tomorrow veryo cold we transition into warmerar air pattern for the weekend, wee are going get a little stormlilm system out to the west.system ot it looks like it wants t too bg us a period of b wintry mix arod here early saturday this will be saturday there might l
8:48 am
sleet before it transitions to rain and then eventuallyua temperatures on saturday will b in the low 50s. so we are going to warm it up.. but it could be little touchtl t gone for few hours if you have e plans early saturday morning.or there may be a few travell let me just show you on futurent cast put it in fast forwardtwa here. that's 8:00 o'clock tonight.cloc we'll be clear all day today.lly we will have clouds around but we keep it dry tommoorrow ad then look what happens by early saturday oops i fast forwarded d that too much.that t early saturday morning we'llsa have a bit of wintry weathertu h before it transitions to rainn around here by afternoon. aftern there's your seven day and the red box that's the weekend weeke forecast. steve, allison, i know you guysg are big fans. >> i don't love it. >> the red zone >> the red zone.>> the red z there you go. >> red zone sounds bad. >> yeah.>> yh >> hot zone. >> the hot zone.>>he h >> we need like -- >> he's right.e's rit >> we need confetti or somethint for the weekend.kend. >> yeah, we do. >> tuck, remember when you werew ryan lot key for
8:49 am
fox5 halloween party. party. >> i heard he's been busy backrd t the news again. he' two months after popping theft question to his girlfriend kayla -- ka ic great picture. >> he's going to be a new dadin and he shared the exciting newsg in this instagram photo with the caption, my christmas gift camet early this year, can't wait forr next year.neea it will be their first child c ryan and kayla started datingrtd earlier this year.rlier is yea good luck to them. >> sometimes love moves, babye , much moves fast. fast. >> 10.5 until our next halloweee special. >> it moves fast. >> what will we be. we b >> we'll figure it out a goode a week ahead of time.f t let's check in with maureen andn holly find out what's coming upn on good day.on gd day. >> who will play the baby? >> aww. >> tucker?ucke >> we've got year to do so or go so. thanks, guys. big show coming up.g showin we continue to track the bittert cold that is setting in over th d.c. region.egio tucker, of course, will have usl covered all through good day.ou >> also, much more on that majot hack of yahoo's e-mail accountsu should you be concerned if youri have one? we'll share s everything you really need toee know. know then we've got music
8:50 am
movies. britney spears, james brown anda much much more.. will perform live in the loft. l >> my one-on-one with legendary director and baltimore native john waters.s. interview inside waters eccentric baltimore home. >> okay. looking forward to that one our good day favorite thing spotlight on the hard to shop s foreman in your life.n in you lf ladies and guys out there payrey attention because there are lote of hard to shop for guys out out erere. muss ome our take on last night's big fall finale. did you watch? w >> it was was big >> huge. >> it was big. , ga y just moments away gang. thank you very much. see in you couple minutes.> thoe >> speaking of waiting the wai i is almost over now the firstir showing of the latest star warss movie rogue one actually comesls out tonight.nigh you'll see it on thursday nighty people have been lining up liniu though outside of the up towntht theater in northwest since yesterday. kevin mccarthy is there nowhere
8:51 am
a very thin little jacket.t. he's live good morning. >> remember kev they slept out l ninight. don't complain about the coldcop when you're out therela for, you know, 15 minutes. >> yeah. i thought i was a big star warar fans these guys put me to shame. apparently. i didn't dress warm enough foruh this hit.isit. i can't even feel my mouth whenh i'm talking so have i no idea io what i'm saying to you guysuy right now. i'm hanging out here with david and tujan david, you've been here since tuesday. what is wrong with you?withou >> what's wrong with people who didn't camp out, that's my my question.ti >> i get the whole fan thing.hi i love you guys passion for thih movie. you've been camping out for lonn time. talk about what this movie meane to you. to y now tonight for people who don'd know rogue one is opening inng n theaters this film takes betweet episode three and episode four f in the star wars universe it'ss about how the rebels stole thelt plans for the death star.thta talk about how long you've beene doing this and while you'rele yu here. >> we start the camping out intn the prequels '99.
8:52 am
year it's back tradition. to my brother and i and all my m friends just star wars it's bigb part of my life and big part of everyone's life really. rea >> i joke around when i say jokw what's wrong with you i totallyl get this. thi i'm a big fan of movies.. but this a bit extreme. now are you actually sleepingy g have you slept soundly? i can'i even breathe right now. >> i don't sleep whole lot inhon the first place.e i didn't sleep. i >> did you sleep last nigdihtdnt >> i attempted.ed i got about two hours maybe. >> you guys are here freezingezg cold. the movie is at 7:00 o'clock.o'k what if it's not good?? >> i don't know the toons thatos because it's star wars. >> the first three prequels though were not that except for i will say revenge of the sith the ending was awesomeo have you ever seen the tow for f grace edit where they cut thecut best scenes together. that's cool. >> talk about were you're t re y anticipating to night? do youi expect it to be as good asd episode seven? sev >> it will be as good
8:53 am
different kind of a new feel,f f new touch to the saga so it wilw be good to see mixed up a littlp bit. >> people who don't know againeh this is not -- episode sevensodv came out last december.ecembe that continued after return ofno the jeddi.the jeddi. this is going back and kind of a stand alone slash prequel whereu we are currently in the starta wars universe. wars obviously fans are excited.ousl i'm seeing it afat 7:00 o'clock' tonight. but i'm seeing it in a theaterht walking up right before ite starts. i will not be sitting out hereuh these guys are awesome.weso i love your fashion for the filf and thank you for being out herr this morning and back to you guys in studio and i need to buo a warmer jack. >> yes. >> or just stay inside until the film opens. opens >> tis the season of giving. gin one boy from our area leadingadi the way when it comes to givingv back. we'll share his story next. nex. >> all right. 8:53 a. ♪♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> tis the season for giving ono little boy from right here in our area is leading the way when it comes to generosity. >> tyler and his mom areomre collecting items for homeless hs veterans and they have been going off a list of requesteduet items all started with gofundmee page but after some time the online donations slowed. slod. so they began heading out withuh can and they started collectingt money the old-fashioned way.. tyler's father, grandfather and uncle all help.elp. this is a cause that obviouslyus very close to their hearts. hrt how can you possibly say no to t him. hi >> you can't.>> >> doing a great job helping out veterans in the community. in t way to good example .le >> little sweetie.tle swtie. >> um-hmm. okay.
8:56 am
sir. >> good morning. gmorni steve, guess what the temperature is as of 9:00eve, a? >> 25.>> 25 >> 26. yes. >> yay. >> nice guess. a couple hours ago it was 32 wa3 even with the sun coming upp temperatures continue to go down. winds out of the west northwest 20. t wind chills dowhe wesnt to 12 degreesdegrees that is serious cold.ous cd. take it seriously we saw kev k live outside you want lots and a lots of layers and limit yourit exposure.exsure. honestly the weather conditionsi can be dangerous later today many plenty of sunshine shouldul be nice looking day dryay dry afternoon for us and we're going to keep it the next couple off days. red box that's our weekend, andd we'll get milder for the weekend looks locate we may do a quick i mix here saturday morning beforb transitions to rain by saturday afternoon. quick look at rehoboth.oth >> it's a sunny and beautifuleat looking day and a gorgeous daygd steve to get out there and get a tan. >> yeah. >> there's some sun out there. e >> in addition to sunscreenunscn bring your layers. it will be down in the 30s withh wind chills in the teens. always a beautiful day to
8:57 am
a walk on the beach. >> deceiving picture.ving p >> if you look out your windowro anywhere locally today it lookss >> you see kevin and his poorino knows is so red he looks so coll i want to give him a snuggie ana hot chocolate. >> fry eve commute, it's friday eve we have bad traffic. havd tr gw parkway inbound jams up key k bridge from rosslyn intoyn int georgetown. cabin john into clara barton bao slow. southbound fairfax county parkway right lane blocked at a old keen mill road. roa we're dealing with crash therere out in donovan's corner. c as you come between fairfax and donovan's corner delays 66elay66 eastbound remains heavy itvyt hasn't been terrible thisle thi morning but from 234 to sick aic today more street off and onn delays and heavy traffic leadind from newington up to the beltway. keep it to fox5 news morning. good day at 9a is fox5 coming r up. up ♪♪
8:58 am
♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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♪♪ straight ahead, old man m winter arriving early.. temperatures just tumblingin overnight and we could see ouree first dose of winter weather byb this weekend. but it's nothing compared to what other parts of the countryy are dealing with.aral we'll have a live report. new proof that russia russia interfered with the us electiono coming up why americanmerin intelligence agencies are underr plus the new concerns the president-elect's business coul be benefiting from a white house win. a major warning for yahooah users. 1 billion accounts hacked moreac than three years ago and we'ree' just learning about it now. now what that means for yourou personal privacy


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