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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> straight ahead at 7 new details tails in better line being called an act of terror what we're learning about the suspect that was behind the truck that slammed into the crowd. >> skins give an effort last night. monday night jinx at home continued. not a good night overall for burgandy and gold. they're not out of it yet. first lady prenrekting over the past few years and what michelle obama had to say about her husband's biggest achievements. >> first a live look outside on tuesday morning and hey it's december 20 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. good tuesday morning everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.
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right off the top it's cold morning. there's a traffic alert had tied in with those subfreezing temperatures. a water main break fairfax. sky fox is checking out the season scene. area roberts drive. there is slick conditions out there with all that water that was out on the roads this morning and temperatures below freezing. be careful. >> fairfax county now break news real tragedy elderly woman who was missing in berk overnight has been found now deceased presidential fairfax county police put out an alert that a woman was seen last around midnight with nothing on by shirt and blue jeans no coat very cold they put up helicopter and brought out blood hounds. but again she was found dead within the last hour. >> 7:0 1 the other big
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a terror attack. earlier this morning we learned 12 people dayed and 50 more injured after a man drove a tractor-trailer into a crowded christmas market. what the scene looks like in daylight. these are live pictures from berlin now and you can see the overturned christmas tree there in the street smashed market stalls and shops and prayer service took place in berlin an hour ago two and we should be getting updates from german law enforcement within this hour. >> meantime tragedy raised concerns about safety right here at home. melanie alnwick is live in northwest d.c.. melanie. >> good morning, guys, just to let you know what the reaction has been so far police in new york, london and other capitol city around the world said they are increasing their patrols and also taking another hard welcome at their protection plans through the holiday season with so many gamingerring outdoor gatherings plans for the holidays and orgaze
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marketel it us they have been in close contact with d.c. police. shoppers at d.c. downtown holiday market at and f northwest were not deterred by truck attack in berlin though this collection of food vendors and popup shops is a small version of european counter parts and it still present risk. last month u.s. state department had a travel alert warning americans to be careful at markets and ganlerring places in europe. security experts we talked to here last night say people need to look around and be aware of exits. >> you just put yourselves in shoes of terrorists and see what is the way. for example if you're in mall or crowded street or anywhere or public place even in private places meeting board meeting remember in california what happened or in you know night club such as what happened in orlando have insignature of being counter terrorism
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situation. >> reporter: now even before yesterday's attack this market organizers tell us here at "fox5" they hired private security some invisible and some we're told is not. and this morning president he pledge the the united states supports and will help with what is needed in investigation. >> live in norm west i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thanks so much. the investigation continues into assassination of russian am bar door to turkey it happened at a photo exhibit at turkey capitol and the gunman you see there thoughted do not forget aleppo he was later called by police and russia did not believe turkey is at fault for the shooting. >> hours after that there was shooting outside of new jersey. overnight the. >> this also new information
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about a deadly attack inside of mosque in switer land. found not dead far from the mosque. they have not identified the shooter and the mosque is used by somali immigrant and the violence is got at this time considered ak of the terror. it does not appear to be kkted to attack in berlin. 7:05 now tucker is back with us. cold sart to the day. i'm guessing clear overnight and that led to cool conditions. >> nice call, steve, 27 in city and in the teens norm and west and this will be coldest start for the next 7 days. last day of fall and yeah. >> will they clear overnight meaning sunshine today. >> ambiguity full day get to it. >> you like a you little warm on the side. >> end up ins steve whether sfoop. >> in a good way though. >> no it doesn't go
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image. >> magnifying glass? >> 19 dulles and 3 bwi marshall. all right. yes, cold start to the day. obviously running out the door to take the dog for a walk or go to school here. make sure you're ready for a cool start as temperatures slow to barroom warm up. sun up by more than ten minute and shoulding a beautiful looking day and a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday we only made to upper 0s and today low to mid 40s. we have a lot to look to ward to weather-wise i think you'll love the seven day. >> coming up in a few minutes. >> he goes a long way. when he gets a joke he goes a long way. >> got give him credit. that was awesome, steve. >> okay. >> over to you erin. >> hi, erin. i got a fwreet sharon that said steve clip on man buns don't do it. >> she says no, i say yes. >> i would like to
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day with a suit and clip on man bun maybe a fake earring we'll see what happens okay moving on to traffic. crash 395 northbound side knowledge of sduk street blocking left shoulder and left lane that is causing a big play. watch for that m coming up from the beltway past duke street and once you pass the crash we have backups through presidential pentagon. this is a look before duke street again. brake lights and traffic moving under ten miles an hour. again 25 extra minutes 14 street and we have earlier water main break out on main street as you make your way past 123 the right lane right shoulder blocked and icy conditions because of that water main break and cold conditions. traffic is getting by. because of those slick spots please use caution there, they're assaulting it. you company see the tire parks. >> and a t
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are is usual slow downs bottom side of beltway as you pain your way to wilson and then 66 eastbound police activity blocking right lane at the truck stops on westbound side and that's causing eastbound rubber neck delay big slow downs 234 to september areville 8 and 270 southbound gaithersburg crash blocking should 0 and urbana through gimingersburg 70 to 3780 give yourself extra minutes. a whole lot of stop and go congestion as well earlier a crash by georgia because of that from route 1 all the way over to connecticut and you're in for about a 40 minute slow down and volume building 95 southbound toward the beltway and things back to normal at brookyln on the red line and residual delays lingering largo town center. that a look at traffic. allison and steve. >> sam says no to climb on man
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>> you have to grow it. >> i wanted to go it clip on. >> it redskins make the playoffs. >> just celebrate. >> can i style you for the day. >> of course. >> and skins have a lot of work to do if they want to get there. it happened last night tag a step closer after monday night football lost to call line apanthers. even if burgandy and gold went out they very two games left. they need two other teams in order to clench playoff spot. tampa buccaneers and backpackers each need l
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remaining games they have to lose everything. redskins got to win them all and those two teams win them all. this is the time of year teams not going to the playoffs usually get exposed and everyone is turning it up and turning it on and this was just sloppy all the way around. washington 7, 6, 1 facing 6-8 car line apanthers that by the way lost four straight until last night. cam newton 00 yards passing first time in three months he got well last night and saferty dante witnessner busted coverage and cost of 7 points on 0 yard touchdown from newton to ted gint vernon davis missed block and got kirk cousins smacked on play on first play of second half and leading to another 7 points art callly not a factor. cousins missed several throws. there were several dropped passes. i mean by the 3rd quarter offense had
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it's cold in witser time too. chicago say different kind of cold. that's a different kind of cold and you know, chicago while they are bad team on paper this is going to be a hard game to win. and then you talk about winning against chicago and against giants who have a better record and on paper are better team and this a lot of factors going. and you need a miracle basically to gets into playoffs miracle. >> miracles happen. >> miracles happen. >> it's a season of miracles. >> however. >> usually miracles. >> not in the football league. >> just to be technical they don't have to win al they could win one game and make it. but if they do that then tampa and green bay would have to lose two and minnesota would have to lose one. as a lot of math.
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that has to happen. >> look if it does mapen think of the story. that's what i'm talking about. that's what sports is. >> here's the thing it will set up a great last game of the year against giants and get division rival playing at home. you know that will be packed. >> yeah. >> right. >> it's -- it is what it is. here's the thing if you back into playoffs and i know the giants people talk about how giants backed in both years with eli manning and won the super bowl that's hard to do and back to the employ-off sfwlz it's easier thanking in the playoff. >> not impossible. wisdom, thank you very much. >> 7:12 now highlights on low lights of game game in 4th quarter skins quarterback run out of bounds taking somebody down with you. kirk cousins took out a cheerleader and yard annual worker she wentz on you right on her face, ouch, good news is she was not hurt. >> wow. >> ah, looks painful. >> today in districts the counsel l
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proposal or vote on proposal to give workers generous paid leave in the nation. bob barnard has a closer look next. >> plus emotional surprise on hardwood for a notre dame basketball player. be back with that story and more 7:1. k8 skl walked around the shelter, no intention of adopting. he was the very last kennel in the very last row. emaciated. he was skin and bones. usually what you see in neglected dogs. it was one of those complete, meant-to-be moments... i totally fell in love with him. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped the aspca save nearly thirty thousand animals so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate another two hundred and fifty dollars to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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>> would you stand outside to pick up a old video game version of new this is a picture outside best buy woodbridge virginia everybody waiting to get nintendo classic gaithersburg game nes classic sold out the first morning it was released a month ago black friday mini version of original nintendo system. those people are not in line anymore because best buy gave them tick totes keep their place when the store opens. the problem if other people line up and don't know people were out earlier. >> too bad. >> that's what i say too. >> anyway what elimination is going on. >> hi. >> let's get to it. people are traveling to get ready for the big holidays. bution news, beautiful scene. nice country road, tuck.
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wipts area rivz tomorrow morning 5:44 a.m. >> all right. >> okay. >> now that i said that it's not going to feel like winter for the next several days with exception of this morning with overnight lows in teens and 0s. lots of teens forth an west. starting off our day cold. detroit 4. notice most of country is not as cold as where we were 24 hours ago. remember yesterday chicago was minus 13. they're 19 this morning. 30 degree warm up in the last 4 hours and denver in teens. 38 degrees. cold or extreme cold at least temporarily retreated north which is good news for all the traveling people are doing the next couple days. quiet if you travel today. locally warmer than yesterday. low to mid 40s daytime high and plenty of sunshine and we're actually going to have a warming trebd around here and pleasant. not too
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last christmas had a warm christmas in the low 50s and this time of year unfortunately doesn't look like a snowy christmas. >> no white christmas this year. >> i can't remember when -- have we ever. >> it's rare. >> yeah, we have had a handful in the last 100 years. >> don't remember all those going back that far. >> i remember some of them. >> do you. >> yes. >> i remember last year it was 70 christmas eve at least. >> hi, erin. >> hi i'll tell you since i went to philly friday night a woke up saturday morning and there was snow everywhere just a light dusting i got my christmas snow fix. if you're traveling tuesday morning college park this is topside of beltway outer loop by new hampshire route 1 to connecticut jammed with 5 minute slow down and dealing with earlier medical emergency blocking lane by georgia mixed in with busy rush that's what you're in for now. let's show you the maps. metro delay. earlier
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brookyln that wrapped and watch for a few residual delays same things or store write line rest ineast moved delays to town center and single tracking west to east falls church orange and silver a wide view of the commute and delays upper loop through oxon hill and suitland parkway super jammed by silver hill and 28 southbound crash walking center lane before frying ban and 66 eastbound big plays from 24 to 28 and still southbound crash gaithersburg blocking 370. delays urbana through gaithersburg this morning and once again rockville things on up. we have you cost any questions for your commute eastern fox d.c. on twitter. >> and giving workers most generous paid leaf in the kupt
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>> liver at the wilson building in northwest with details now, bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve, allison, this final vote comes up later this morning. the council already passed this on first vote earlier this month. and basically it would as you mentioned offer the most generous paid family leave and personal leave in the country including two weeks if you're sick yourself. here's proposal though. weeks of paid leave for the birth of child or for when you adopt a child and six weeks of paid leave if you need to okay care for your child or parent. now, the proposal as it stands right now would pay for this with new yesterday two members of the counsel ill came up with alternative. new investigation which would basically provide the same amount of generosity to those private employees in the district and fund in different way. what they're
7:21 am
ininstead of paying a new text we want businesses to pay for employee's time themselves and then they can apply for 200 per employee tax credit each year. and basically a different way to pay for it and that's one that is supported by majority of business associations here in district which also taken out a full page add in today's washington post and if original version which already passed on first vote is what the council adopt today they would ask for mayor bowser to veto that laejlation. so standby it would be very begun russ a lot of people who work in the city live in virginia and maryland guys. >> it's complicated this year and we'll see what the final bill looks like. >> the fist lady reflects on past eight years
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"oprah" with that interview. we'll hear from michelle obama coming up.
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>> back with hairt warming message after notre dame with colgate last night. a soldier reached out from afghanistan to his brother. matt ferrell. look what happened. >> for us home is where we'r
7:25 am
being home with you soon really, really soon. >> well, you can guess what happened next farrell was not in afghanistan as thought he was in the arena in the tunnel and that's his me emotional brother point guard matt farrell from foter came moved todd tears reunited with his brother who was not supposed to come home until february nice christmas surprise on the basketball courts of notre dame. >> that's nice. >> that's everything. >> everything perfect. >> love it. >> all right guys let's see not sure you'll love the cold temperatures, 27 washington now. wind chill 19. it's still you know winds will give it quite a chill out there clears skies and warm-up. yesterday 0s. low 40s later today. quick lock at 7 day. i want to mention generally mild
7:26 am
as it looks like cold retreats to north for at least a week or two. and those temperatures few above normal and let me mention winter begins tomorrow at 5:44 a.m. i just tweeted that it's big news the wait is over winter is here. >> yes. >> that's the right attitude that's what i was looking for. >> there you go. >> let's see if saern excited. >> woohoo. >> and tag a live look outside bottom side of beltway inner loop jammed by 414 branch avenue five to wilson bridge. >> you'll need 15 extra there and outer loop good and upper past miving bowl through annandale and 66 moving from cameras let's look at maps right now. some other issues 236 main street in fairfax slick conditions after 123 roberts road and earlier water main break slushy kind of icy mix
7:27 am
roads salt trucks requested and traffic getting by and please reduce speeds and watch for those slick spots tag a look 295 northbound crash east capital that cleared we're dealing with residual delays and 11 street bridge on through and southbound side new crash reported pennsylvania jamming all the way back to 50, inbound through chefly heavy 28 southbound crash blocking center lane before frying pan road. traffic out of sterling be prepared for that one and keep to fox news morning looking at metro with the next look at traffic fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
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♪♪ back now at 7:30. 70. our top story this morning,ning overnight tragedy in fairfaxrfax county. an elderly woman who went missing in burke overnight hasrs been found dead. you can see inbe these live le pictures here police remain onno the scene in the area ofa wilmington and woodward drive. e fairfax county police put out alert a woman had been last seen around midnight with a shirt ana jeans no overcoat.t they put uply helicopter and and brought out the dogs in an a desperate attempt to find the te woman shelf was found dead. dea >> series of attacks in europee have u.s. cities ramping upng security for the holidays suspected terrorists incidents highlighting differences between president obama andpresob president-elect donald trump.el >> doug luzader life thisect lue morning with usr li fromfe
7:31 am
hill with the latest.h thlate doug, good morning.ood mor >> reporter: good morning, anin, number of cities around the t globe really on edge thise morning. in fact there was a gunmanthe wa arrested right outside the u.s.s embassy in turkey after a series of what may be terroris attack,. in turkey the russi an am bad door gunned down during a press conference at an art center. cee his killer shouting god great. specifically referencing russias role in the syrian civil war.. in zurich a gunman wounded at least three ais lamb mick centee and a truck plows into a crowd c at a christmas shopping marketie in berlin killing al least al la dozen and wounding nearly 50. the alleged driver arrested.rre. the motive still unknown but b some see a clear >> the symbolism is very i important here. this is theport infidel holidayt they're attacking.ttacking. >> reporter: in the wake ofter:a those attacks, reports that t police in new york are beefingef up security ahead of christmashs and in chicago police are are keeping a closer eye on popular christmas market there where ono vendor from germany said the the be
7:32 am
>> i thought it's really, reallr sad but i was not surprised toit be honest. because the christmas market isi an easy target, and i'm rather e surprised they didn't really anticipate it. >> reporter: president obamant o in hawaii for christmas vacatioo was briefed on the attack beforr heading out for golf.r he spoke to german chancellorlo angela merkel by phone this president-elect trump quicklyumc took to twitter saying todayod there were terror tax in turkey, switzerland and german 19 it iss only getting worse. the civilized world must changee thinking. >> meantime, the fbi office in berlin offering assistanceista german officials as they investigate the incident there.e steve and allison.on >> doug, thanks much of theh t first lady gives her final interview to oprah and she's nos holding back from her meeting mg with the trumps to pack much shs tells all. >> holly joins us with theit t latest on this really juicy juiy interview.. holly g morning. >> good morning.>> goo one month frm
7:33 am
move out and the trumps move inn i guess you can call this her exit interview.view a chance for first lady michelll obama to reflect on her eightert years spent at 1600 pennsylvanii avenue. she didn'tright, hold back. back. especially when it came to theot election saying it was painfulul for her. h. she actually went to bed noto bn knowing who won and found outout when she woke up the next n morning. actually saw it on her but she also spent a lot of timm talking about her husband'sr hus legacy and in her opinion, hiso, job well done. >> barrack didn't just talkt juk about hope because he thought ii was a nice... >> obviously we're havingious trouble with our audios there. i lyapologize for that our but h candidly asked her about thehe fact that his whole platform plr from the beginning eight yearsha ago was on this platform of hope. hope and change. and did she feel like throughouu it all that he achieved that? h? and she was very
7:34 am
answer and talked for some timet about the fact that if we don'tt have hope, what do we have? and she even brought it down too talking to a child when they have a disappointment and they y can't understand and that yout o have to be able to explain too them that there is hope for a a better option, a better tomorrow, and that she really rl hopes that they can target in on that feeling and continue it.e i so if we want to take a listen e let's go ahead and hear exactlyt how she explained it.. >> your husband's administration, everything, thee election was all about hope. do you think this administration achieves that? >> yes. i do because we feel the difference now. now. >> yeah. >> see, now we're feeling what -- not having hope feels like. you know.w. hope is necessary.. it's a necessary concept, a
7:35 am
barak didn't just talk aboutk hope because he thought it wasit just a nice slogan to get votess i mean he and i and so manyany believe that -- what else do you have if you don't have hope? >> yeah. >> what do you give your kids id you can't give them hope? you know, our children respond topot crisis the way they see us respond, you know, like the t toddler that bumps his head on n the table. >> that's right.>> >> they look up at to you figur out whether it hurts and if and you're like oh, my god, they're' crying if you're like, you knowo babe it's okay.t's y. it's okay. >> yes. l that way about theuthe nation.naon. i feel some barak has been thatt for the nation in ways people po will come to appreciate.ppre having a grown up in the white e house who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, tul hey, it's going to be okay, let's remember the good things i that we have. we h let's look at the future.look a let's look at all thfue thingshs that we're building. buildin all of this is importa
7:36 am
kids to stay focused and to feel like their work isn't in their lives aren't in vain watch do we do were we don't havee hope, oprah? >> you can see the full full interview which lasted an hourn tonight at 8:00 o'clock on ownno which is the oprah winfrey network. now like we said, she's veryer candid.nd. she also emphatically confirmedd she will not be running for anyy political office, and then whene asked about her mother, the t first grandmother who has livedv with them in the white house the entire time, she said, marion ii going back to chicago.hica in fact the direct quote from qf the first lady was "she's goingg back to chicago. she's like bye felicia, grandmad is done "the president madee cameo during that interview. >> i cannot wait to see it in it its holly, thank you very much. ver. >> um-hmm. >> watch for sure. watchor s 7:36 right now.ow also keeping an eye what's happening outside.haenin hopefully lots of sunshin later. >> yeah, got lots sunshine in e foforecast. cold start to
7:37 am
overnight lows back in the teent and low 20s.d low 20s later today how about a low to t mid 40's. 4 little warmer than yesterday.ane let's go to the numbers.goe show you regionally here.y he. 27 in washington. still cold across the midhe m atlantic and new england. e. look at boston 18 out to the west four in detroit. 19 chicago. so still plenty of cold air in place. we'll transition to warmeacr ata person here the next couple ofco days and today we'll reallyeall start that warming trend with w highs about 5 degrees warmer w than yesterday. should be plenty of sun and nici afternoon for you.. we'll go 42 degrees at 4:00 and it will still feel cool outt there with a lot of sunshine non bad day.baday. seven day coming up in just an a moment. first day of win ter and off course our big holiday weekendee forecast take a closer look at that after -- i don't know when. in a couple of minutes. >> erin has got traffic.raff yeses, i do. some breaking news out ofut of kensington right now popular route for you, y, northbound side of connecticutct avenue as you head towardsards wheaton glenmont there's a big'a crash at university boulevardy e blocking three lanes. les traffic is see
7:38 am
shoulder so that could cause cae some big slow downs in thatt area. that's just outside the beltwayy aside from that, 236 main streee out in fairfax, slick conditioni earlier water main break afterft 123 at roberts road.oa please watch for some slow downw in that area.rea there's some slushy icy icy conditions from the coldrom ld temperatures. they did have salt trucks out o there traffic getting by butut slowly. 295 southbound there's a new a n crash on the pennsylvaniaa avenue. stacked up from 50 all the way down. northbound side starting toartio ear r up. earlier crash northbound 295 and that was causing some big delayy by east capitol.itol still sluggish from the beltwayy towards the 11th street bridgetg and then again as you get upp towards 50. 50 inbound through cheverly sloc as you make your way towards tos 295. 295. keep it to fox5.ep ito f we are back in just few withewit more news, weather and traffic.c ♪♪♪♪
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♪♪ ♪ it is 7:41 and we're backrec now with what's trending on then web this tuesday morning.orng first up, lead poisoning issuess have been well documented inumed flint michigan but according too a report by reuters news agencye it turns out that there aret th thousands of areas in the unitee states with much hire ledirle poisoning rates including some areas of baltimore showedrd elevated rates of 40 to 50% oveo the last decade. next up, a michigan ubernbe driver arres
7:42 am
passenger over the weekend he wd told police he did it because he felt his vehicle was quote police say the driver picked up two passengers, got into an altercation with them becausese one of them tapped his windowdo before getting in the car. car police say he took it assign of disrespect.disr the victim suffered stab woundsb to his chest, his back and his face. the uber driver was charged witt assault.ult. finally, miriam webster hass selected it's word of the year.y some say it couldn't be moree fitting.fitt the word is "de ja vu". >> lots that's lie.. word is >> don't you love it when theyhy define a word using the word t d film that's one of those -- whaw is it really? it's an >> it's surreal. >> um-hmm.. >> i used it. it. >> back to you. sci-fi space romance hitsfie theaters this week in case in ce you're in the mood for sci-fi sf space romance. coming up next kevin s
7:43 am
with one of the stars of passengers.. michael sheen but but first a holiday message from a serviceer member stationed overseas. ♪♪ hello my name is satisfy sergeant ari, currently deployed in tougher keep i want to send a message to my family andily friends, thank you for yourou support, and merry christmas, happy hanukkah, happy holidays, happy new year and hope to seeos you soon. ♪♪ ♪♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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♪♪ >> welcome back. is that our newest attraction? >> looks like the casino. >> in the distance toohereks. l. >> you can tell by the trail of 3 million cars that are trying to get in >> it might be a pretty goodoo time to head to the casino righg now. >> right? >> i would think.>> >> o ikay. od -- r i was down at national harbor last week. last i heard the parking situation has gotten lot better. betr. >> good.>> gd. >> okay. >> just in time. >> i'm not going to casino at 7:00 in the morning stage in my life. life. >> you will be soon.>> y >> yes. y >> at some point it might it mig happen. not yet. .. oh, boy >> what's it look out there, .uck. >> ♪♪ >> you're going to walk now?♪ino >> i guess i a you never know io you're going to walk -- wk >> you hear the music, you walk. >> i like how he stretches nowre before he walks.fore he s >> steve yorks want to hurtve yn myself. [ laughter ] >> stretch, then walk. walk. >> get it, tuck. tuck.
7:47 am
>> that's right. right >> party like a rock star. >> sounded like -- i feel a little more confident here. >> you need a beat. >> right? >> yes. you need a beat. u needeat. >> beautiful scene. aww, so peaceful.ful >> steve i think those two are t exactly the same.exy let's do the forecast. hey the reason i'm showing you u this because winter is on the way. it arrives tomorrow morning at 5:44am. so we'll be having a party inty the weather center i hope you h get to have a party as well. w let's move on to our christmashm day outlook.daylook. it looks, you know what, ithat,t looks like it will be nice and a mild. that's great news if you want to go out for walk in theor walin t that kind of thing.d ofng. sunday afternoon temperatures will be in the low 50s for ourur christmas day.stmas day all right.t not low 50s right now it's 27 in frederick is not going to say balmy, 16 degrees. 19 in dulles.uls 21 in fredericksburg.cksbur 25 leonardtown.rdto 28 annapolis.ol everybody well below freezingowf here ely
7:48 am
clear skies and lighter winds overnight. stevensville 25 okay. sunshine, beautiful looking dayd a little warmer than yesterday.y daytime highs about 5 degrees d warmer than yesterday. than erd. i'd say low 40s if you'ree traveling today, no travel t headaches towards new york andta boston. >> yeah. >> at least not because of weather.le going south onas 95 towards atlanta things look good a well. most of the country pretty quiet here as that big arctic blast ww had is retreated to the north r here at least for a couple off days. days. all right. we are looking at nice a loo conditions around here highere h pressure scoots off to the east, and as mentioned we should be ii think the low 40s honere iedn hi washington later today, and a nice and noted warming trend t here they'll be no real extremet cold for the next couple ofupleo weeks i think across the t washington area. a as you can see we'll be up nearn 60 by early next week. w we have milder temperatures to look forward to. maybe if i get christmas shortss i can wear them monday. >> is that a way of tli
7:49 am
you want shorts for >> i need new work out clothes.o >> work out clothes, okay goody they're pretty old.eypretty old >> that's what i asked my sistes for. she said what can i get you forr christmas this year? i said sai yoga clothes, too., >> me, too. >> i'll add to that the list.hes there's slow downs on the inner loop as you head up towards thet legion bridge.legion bridg you can see by old dominion drive we're stacked up outer're loop a little heavier but not a heavy as the inner loop from 66 again across the bridge. bri you'll need about 25 extra 25 e minutes heavy traffic in tysonss also keep in mind cabin johnaboh inside the beltway to clara barton parked inbound.ound tons of congestion.t. let's take a look at our maps. p we also have some other delaysel to tell you about as we takeeak look at our rails. rls. green line trail malfunction ata mount vernon square delays thata both directions.ti wide view of our roads right non you can see that slow down in dn glenn echo also seein slow-moving traffic on gwc on gw parkway down towards 123. 123 key bridge from rosland intooslt scratch town is heavy yourheavyr secondaries in george everyrge y georgetown heavy as well look al the inner loop top side of thelo beltway in collegeop park, we hd
7:50 am
georgia thick in with thatin wia congestion, they've minute dela from route 1 over to connecticut. and then northbound connecticut avenue just outside the beltway in kensington a sorth ybot ououts head h towards wheat didn't glenmont going to hit a delay.elay there's three lanes blocked at t university boulevard shoulderho getting by. one.t ot for that as you move over to fairfax,rf from earlier water main break,rk some icy conditions.di they did salt it watch for slick conditions out by 123 on main street.. 66 eastbound a bit heavy by sudley. sudley back to you guys.. >> thanks erin.o you rig>>ht now. n next monday maryland will playly boston college in the quick lane bowl. that will be in detroit at ford feel. some of the terps may tribute te the motor city in their versioni of carpool take a listen. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:51 am
>> members of your terpsour t football team now again the t terps play the fast lane bowl i detroit atlane 2:30 on monday af you're following along you knowo your music kisses detroit rocktc city and little eminem.m. >> are we are missing is kid ckck. >> kid rock, yeah. >> and motown.ow >> yeah.>> y >> like all of motown. >> okay.. >> that last genre it's allsll good. i think they did do more than t just those two. i think theyjust had -- h >> that's pretty cool.ool. >> very cool. speaking of eminem, underratedea movie >> good movie.ovie. >> great film. like it really holds up.ds i love watching that >> except i didn't like ma can a pfeiffer in that movie.eiffer >> i didn't like him.idn'like >> his wig. >> miss wig.>> miss wig. when i first started my wife lauren her dad had the 8-mile 8m ticket stub he took her to see when she was young i'll neverer forget that on the fdg
7:52 am
>> like when my dad took me toet see cary.y. >> he's a great dad. dad >> friday the 14th as fours fo yeared oh it wasn't that bad.thb >> i think we buried the lead.d >> her dad has ticket stubt stub collection too. t. >> yeah. >> this is how this all came about. >> her dad and i could bee brothers somehow.omow. >> and now you are. >> that would be really weird.. >> i'm married to >> yes, but -- but >> we're not related.. >> any way --- >> awkwardness. >> passengers opens up today in theaters -- i'm sorry tomorrowor in theaters jennifer lawrence and chris pratt they're onn shares ship going to differentpo planet while on the way there, they both wake up 90 years tooeo early. so the question is, what do youo do? how do you fix the problem michael sheen play as robot onn the ship who is a bartender, and i wanted to talk to him about this epic shot where he throws s his face into the bar. b but i also spoke to jennifer lawrence
7:53 am
>> when i saw this trailer i knew you were going ask himer about that. i know you, kevin.. >> jennifer lories and chrises a pratt are also in the film. remember the whole idea back inn the day when you were a kid when you passed notes to girls sayiny will go out with me, yes, no orr maybe. where did that go.o. >> ever since i saw the trailerl i wanted to ask you about thebo moment when your character layss his face into the bar.. >> what do we do. d >> how is that shot done? is is allyly you? >> is it dummy? d >> we waited until it was mys m last shot of the whole film evee just went for it.t we for >> you literally through yourghy face into it? int >> no. it's a bit of hollywood move ise see magic.. whole team of people went into n doing that i'm in that there's s stunt guy in there. >> cool.>> c >> there may be some rubber implements used as w >> okay. >> it's a mix mixture of thingsi >> do you actually do the dive e into the thing?inhe t >> i'm essentially at the essena beginning and the end of it.andn >> that's so cool. >> i love the moment when you zen the machine oe thver ande k to go on a
7:54 am
>> hello. >> are you asking me on date? d >> she didn't seem thatseem tt impressed. >> for me it reminded me when i was seventh grade i would sendld notes to girls and say will goil out with me circle yes, no, orr maybe.mae. >> yes. >> yes. >> did you ever deal with that e when you were in middle school behind school? did you do the notes?veere >> yeah, of course. i feel likeool? >> y there's a -- an art a form to the love note, and it's' sadly passed. pasd. >> i agree. >> you know, everything ising i digital now. digi we text now. n facebook and -- like there's lights and emoticons there usedu to be like whole prison system e for passing a note.e. had to go through seven or eighe hands before it got to the otheo person. >> did you get them when you were in middle school, yes, no,g maybe ones you circle them willw you go out with me? >> maybe always puts in you an uncomfortable now if i say yes i'm going tongt sound d
7:55 am
now i have to say maybe.. >> right. >> i was wondering -->>asonde >> or sometimes if it was no, ii would write comma, thank you. yu >> that's >> yeah.h. >> aww. >> movie opens up tomorrow in ou theaters people were asking mewe did you ask michael sheen aboutt his -- the idea of him quitting acting that. interview with him took placeooa december 10th there was a 10th a story that broke that michaelat sheen bro wanteked to commit aco become more politicall involved. there was interview he did that interview he was taken out of c donteid txth. "i'm not quitting acting it wast taken out of context".conxt that story blew up out of out of nowhere.wh they took him out of context coe completely. yeah, if you're wondering,, interviewed him a week ago.eek a >> back to you and lauren's dadd non law, that was a movie that was really b >> paulie shore.. >> it had to be -- we'll makee'k this happen.thappe i think. it's like step -- he and lauren's dad -- >> he's the reason i married lauren.en. he watches the show and said yoy should talk to this guy. >> damien, i love damien.
7:56 am
father-in-law.w. >> tucker g morning.ning >> sometimes i just don't know how to finish youres i sentencec >> note do i.>> i i just hope you'll pick it up iu somehow.someho >> i met aim at your wedding w much he's awesome.. >> gave a great speech, >> let's do the forecast.orec looking at weather coldther col overnight in fact everybody wely below freezing even in the cityy here 27 degrees this morning.. so cold conditions start your su day. wind chill 20 degrees.ees. we warm it up into the low 40s 4 this afternoon plenty of of sunshine nice quiet tuesday for you. if you'll be out and about doing shopping that kind of thing o ti you're in good shape, really fof the next seven days here we aree getting off easily here as fare as weather concerned.ceed generally quit conditionsrally u through our holidayit weekendeee which is great news. that's weather. be back momentarily and show yow sae same map. >> err rip is back. >> great promise, tucker. >> really great tease.. >> kevin liked that too. i have bad traffic to talk abouk the inner loop out by old dominion drive. what we're dealing with disables
7:57 am
blocking the left traffic slow from 66 across ther bridge. outer loop just a little heavy t with your usual morning volume m towards tysons.ysons. we'll switch it over for look ak our maps right now show you whaw else you're up against thisinstt morning. a lot of congestion throughn toh college park. out outer loop from route 1 ovee to the 270 spur really upp against about 35 minute delay. outer loop through largo heavy,a inner loop to oxon hill slowsl o from branch avenue across the wilson bridge and then as wes take a closer look at the outere loop you can see those delays 2s inbound backs up. more traffic in a few. in a f we'll be right back.k. ♪♪
7:58 am
once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event has helped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. good tuesday morning everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve schenn z thanks for joining us this morning. 8:00 a.m. on this tuesday, december 20th. here's what's on your fox5 newsd mornin on youfox5uenug us. on. terror tack in berlin leavea officials overseas and here at home on high alert.le just before the holidays.ays we'll have the latest on theonhe deadly truck attack at a a christmas market and the impactt it has on security here.. breaking news overnight outo of northern virginia.ern rgin just a tragic end after ann elderly woman goes missing in i subfreezing temperatures. and perhaps an early holidad gift from the d.c. a vote that could make the cityc one of the best for work livek l balance but there are some s catches this morning.orng live look outside on thiss very cold tuesday
8:01 am
temperature right now 27 degreer at 8:00 o'clock.ock. a little look at best buy in woodbridge, virginia these folks in line trying get their handsds on intern tow classic.a the store is opening right nowhw we'll have more on that plusts weather and traffic on the 5'ste it's all coming up. ♪♪ right now 8:01 though breaking an elderly woman who went w missing in burke, virginia overnight has been found dead.. >> fairfax county police put out alert the woman was last seent around midnight.t apparently not wearing a coat aa just shirt and jeans. police put out on the alert the woman again had been last seenae then they put out by helicoptere and brought out blood houndsod s desperate attempt to try to fint her but unfortunately she has turned up deceased.eased our other big storyhebig 8:00 o'clock this morning the to truck attack overseas in berlinn germany terrorist attack. attac. earlier this morning we learneda 12 people were kill, 50 moreor hurt after that man drove hisros truck into a crowded christmashs mark.rk getting a look at the scene this morning. live pictures from berlin youre can see overt burned christmas
8:02 am
tree in the street smashedsh market stalls and shops.. a prayer service took place seri about two hours ago.ho ago >> this tragedy has raisedai concern about safety right hereh at home. our melanie alnwick is live att outdoor market in northwest d.c. w.w. mel? >> reporter: steve andve and allison, already police in newe york, london and other capital t cities around the world tell usl they have increased securityit presence and they are alsols taking another look at their the protection plans. dc police have just told usd that, of course, they monitor mr world events but they are notre going to comment on any operational moves or staffing aa this p the organizers of this holidayoy market tell us they are always y in close contact with d.c. police.ce shoppers at d.c.'s downtown holiday market at eighth and f streets northwest weren't weren deterred by the truck a trackck monday in berlin though this t collection of food vendors,, merry minstrels and pop-up shopp is a small version of itssi of european counterpart, it can itc still present the same risks. rs last month, u.s. state. ste department issued a travel alere warnin
8:03 am
at holiday marks and other oth gathering places in europe europ because of the threat off targeting by terrorists.s. security experts we talked toket here last night say you need too look around and look for the t skits. just put yourselves in the shoes of the terrorists.rosts. for example in a mall, if you i are a crowd street, if you are anywhere or in public place evee in private places i mean mn meetings, board meetings,eeting remember in california whatt happened, or in -- nightclubigcl such as what happened in orlando, have the april stinks of being in a counter terrorism situation.tuation >> reporter: now, even beforeore yesterday' as tack this market'e organizers tell us they had alss hired private security, some isi visible they say and some of of their security measures are not. president obama this morning mog spoke with german chancellorr angela merkel.erkel the united states stands withwh germany and pledged whateverr support, whatever help germano might need in that inves
8:04 am
investigation. live in northwest, melanie nort news.x5 local ♪♪ happening today, marylandayd mother accused of poisoning her five-year-old son and trying too cover it up with a car crasharrh will be in court today.. the 33-year-old woman claimed cm car crash killed her son back in june, but police believe she murdered her son and stagednd sd again that accident. toxicology reports showed the rs little boy died after drinkingrk an entire bottle of allergyy medicine.medici. the mother is facing firsting rs degree murder charges. murr ch caught on camera dangerousro foot fight inside a maryland mar high school sends three students to the hospital friday duringurn lunch at central high school inn capitol heights.eights school officials are saying racc may have spark the whole thing.g parents we spoke with are wh a worried for their children'sldre safety none of the studentsone involved were arresteofd howeveh they are being punish.. no longer a reality fort f washington redskins after a losl to the panthers.tohe panthers. they need help. they have to hope tampa andampad green bay each lose at some s point along the l
8:05 am
skins really technically theyalt can get in with one win but thet really need to win out to geto into the playoffs. it is uphill battle now. now they had great shot but lastas night hurt. >> it makes for more interesting -- >> the drama is going to be is there.the. drarama. >> no doubt about it. it. >> i'm not there yet.ot tre yet >> okay. it's all right. rht i stayed up late last night.ight >> you watch the first half?alf? >> die,, to >> yeah. >> that's late for us.s te for . >> i was hoping i'd wake up andp they would have had a good halfl time speech and come back and score 30 points. >> yeah. didn't >> yup.up >> all right.ll r let's do weather.let's that's looking bright anddo w s. >> that's good news.s. >> and hopeful. heful. 27 at reagan national. bwi marshall 22.l 2 18 at dulles.s. low 40s later today with notablb warming trend here as we get we into our holiday weekend.kend i mean it's not going to be thet 70-degree temperature we hade h last >> okay. but we might do 50 or 55 by b christ pass day. >> that's reasonable.reanabl >>
8:06 am
go for nice >> go for nice walk this ts afternoon low 40s. little warmer than yesterday,ay less wind and pleasant afternooo if you're out and about shoppinp no weather issuesin while you'ru looking for parking.. >> low 40.ow 4 >> looking -- finding parking will be the. yore ian't help you were i that. that. maybe erin can. as far as weather you're in gooe shape.r >> okay. >> thank you, tuck. >> back in a minute with the tha seven day. a mday. >> check in with erin get a look what's happening in the roads.o. >> i'll park in the corner of c the mall and walk the mile. mil. >> me too. >> as opposed to driving around. >> i'll dot exact opposite. not because i don't want to walk.use i competitive nature in me i'mture going to find a parking spot. >> really? >> i try to do that, too.oo. >> really?ea >> going up front first see whae i can find. w i ca >> my level of patience is so low i'll take the spot in theint back. >> i got to get involved ino t n this. this i'll park 2 miles away. just tos walk up not to do that. >> really?>> really? >> yeah. >> no. we all have the same mentalityei on opposite ends. >> i'm a >> i'm a circler,,. >> you let us know on twitter wt want to hear from you your p
8:07 am
parking strategy for the t >> are you a walker or a a circler.rcler. >> i'll be frustrated by i'll'l take the walk. >> steve look likes a circler. l >> i don't even know what to eve let's move oh every over to t traffic. hey market route 15 northboundbo closed due to a extra time needed that that'sha just north of 66. 66. we'll certainly keep updatedat thon crash north at 66 route 151 closed. we'll have to have you detour ta around that. that's breaking news thisws this morning.g. 66 eastbound there was someounde earlier police activity on the t westbound side out by sudley. eastbound side remains veryemaiy heavy passed the truck scales. a excuse me truck stop. 270 and 66 isn't that kind of to morning. as you make your way passedrn tt truck stop you'll hit some congestion through centrevillegh and again lucy cin a end slow traffic.affi northern maryland outer loop non looking hot at all. all from route 1 over to the 270 spur about they've minute slowhw down from north of the chrism ci to the beltway. 95 southbound jammed route 1 rte through beltsville dealing withl stop and go traffic on theletrf southbound side and 29 2 ou
8:08 am
towards the beltway super slow.. really big delays right now on 270 southbound earlier crash has cleared all lanes opened by 3703 through germantown and gatorring heavy traffic 270 we got you g y covered for your steve. steve. >> thank today in the district d.c. council could takaye i itsi final vote on proposal to givee workers some of the mosts so oft generous paid family leave inaiy the country.y. >> fox5's bob barnard is live at the wilson building with detaili now.w. bob? >> reporter: good morning.orng the benefits aren't really reall what's a dispute here. h it's how to pay for this. the version that is currentlyly before the d.c. council whichncl will be voted on later thiser ts morning as it stands would provide two weeks of sick leavea for the actual employee, up to six weeks to that employee toyet care for a six child or parentrn and eight weeks of paid family l leave for the birth of a child or for an adoption.doion. the version that passed earlierr this month on first reading would basically pay for that tt threw
8:09 am
employers here in the city.s he what d.c. council members jack k evans and mary cheh representinn wards two and three haveree he proposed which will also be up u for debate today is to encourage those private employers toivoy actually pay the benefits, pay for their employees to take the time and then apply for a 200-dollar per employee taxax editit. that is a version that ist supported by a large segment oft the business community whichty i took out this full page add today in the washington post onn b4 encouraging the council c members to go for the versionsi that members evans and cheh aree putting forward or encouraging e mayor bowser to veto the original legislation if that isi what passes. and mayor bowser has been on on record, guys, saying that she ts does not support the original version because she says most oo those benefits to the private pa employees would leave the city.t would go to those who live in i virginia and maryland.arylan and in terms of that tax credit, that
8:10 am
the benefits, that would only apply to businesses that employy 70 or fewer people.eoe big businesses would not be abll to apply for the tax credit indi the version that is the second n version come brag the councilth later this morning.this morning guys? >> which will be vestst interesting small businessinbu standpoint as well what it doese with council.ounc bob, thanks very. other d.c. business.ins mayor bowser announcing two keyk appointments. chunk as the deputy mayor ofor health and human services.vis donald director of child and family services agency.gency in the news year millions ofs o workers will be getting a raise. the minimum wage going up in 21 states and 22 cities including i here in d.c. and in that will happen in july.ul in other places the minimum wagg will go up starringing january 1st.ary 1s in maryland the minimum wage will be going up to $8.75.. in montgomery county, though, t, the minimum wage will go up top $10 and 75 cents. cts in d.c. even more.or
8:11 am
to $11.50 an hour. tomorrow state legislatorsio in north carolina are planningn to hold special session to repeal the bathroom bill.. north carolina house bill two or hb2 requires people to use public restrooms which which correspond to the sex on their birth certificates.cate the bill also excludes sexuall orientation and gender identityy from anti discrimination protection.on >> coming up, overseas we'llse' have the latest on theatt on t assassination caught on cameranm more on what led to thathat shooting. >> and new details throughout is the missing malaysian airlines e thirty eight 370.ight 3 we'll tell was investigators are saying now about the search.rch. ♪♪ ♪♪ when you have a cold,
8:12 am
this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®
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8:14 am
>> area of sunshine today.a of that you it's.that you i now we could use a warm upp factor.fa we have the sunshine.he maybe straight cuteness.enes >> we got a lot of weather toeah look forward to and superand per cuteness to look forward toor right now.. let's get to it.t. my first five feet toast day.ast i love the smile. themi >> what's going on here?e? >> love the smile. s >> we got fox5 first five photoo as mentioned this is two cerealr add son. ad >> hi, add son.on i wonder if her family calledyal her addy. her addy >> i love it. lov >> so cute.e >> addison is from clements, clt maryland. >> okay. >> here she's getting her very v first pair of mittens at atens a recent christmas party over them weekenasd. >> oh yeah. now.l my fingers are warm now. >> yeah
8:15 am
she even tried to open her otheo presents when she had the whesh mittens on.mis >> she probably didn't want tobn take them off, right, steve. >> that's what you do. >> right. tha >> keep those on because they'rg a present.e on a presen >> i thought she was busting ats little new dance move.ce m >> it look like she just gotot done break dance organize oan >> whipping and nae-nae orppinga something. >> you can tell from all thee-na othe r faceans s the'sel totally entertaining everybody.dy. >> clearly a fan favorite.avorie >> start of the show every day.w >> super cute we love youroveou picture add son. >> to to send us your child'shid picture, she's got the righthe r idea, the hat and mittens andtes rest of go to our facebook page fox55 d.c. d. no pressure but we like holidayh pictures this time of year. >> oh yeah.eah >> mittens something that younss out grow in life. ou.noom >> mittens all times. all times mittens. >> actually herd -- >> mittens all ways.ll w >> because the body heat ally a stays together.ogether. >> obviously. >> why don't we wear mittens. me >> because you can't -- we got to do things.his. i fine it to be a little -- lit- >> the gloves and phones ands ad everything i guess it makes mak sens
8:16 am
>> one of the best gifts you gog me -- even before they wereeyer super popular because little l tech head was the glove that you can still do your smart phoneho with. >> they were like old school. l they literally had big pieces of metal on them. >> but you ahead of the curve.ur >> as a guy i feel like i can't wear mittens any longer unlessge it's minus 30. >> that's right still cute.t st >> now i know what i'm get ughn fowhr christmas.. >> get tucker mittens forns christmas. >> you get one, i'll get thesteo other. >> deal. >> speaking of bess what we havo to look forward to tomorrow. >>f beforw christmas. >> one of the happiest times of the year. first daythe ha of winter arrives at 44am.m. steve, you were one day closerle to your beloved summer when it'' 112 and humid every day.ay >> that's me. steve you're more of like a lika spring guy? spring >> i like summer. >> you like hot hot.>> yik >> i like hot hot. h >> i was born in july. july. i'm a summer person.suer person. >> all right. washington.ton. let's take a spin around theroue country. steve, you would love miami.e mi guess what? having theirghe warmest december in history. number two.erwo every ot
8:17 am
in the 30s. 3 >> then you get down into dow florida. >> one little place in floridaii it's 70.0. >> 70 degrees. you got it. although cold that's not the het can treatment cold we had fewtmd days ago we had temperatures minus 10, minus 15, minus 20.in2 if you're traveling day most of the country fairly quiet. q pacific northwest gettingng another storm. storm. down into florida we're lookingi fairly quite here which is great news. quick look at the seven dayt thd warmer today than yesterday.esry 43 it will still be a coole a co afternoon but a little warmer than yesterday and then a nice warming trend 50 or betteret wednesday and thursday.y and into our holiday weekend wew are looking nice and quiet weather wise which is a lot of people getting in thent car. getting on a train. tin getting on a plane. pla locally we'll be great.llwe'l >> good point. all right. cool, thanks tuc k.. >> those are good mittens. mitns >> going home baking cookies c after afternoon.r afternoon. >> you are? >> today? >> um-hmm. >> now wait a minute i thoughtt that wasa yesterday's --'s- >> i made sugar cookie dough d yesterday but it's in the fridge chilling now. >> christmas tree,.re >> christmas tre
8:18 am
ornaments, we have gingerbreadrb men. i got the frosting.g >> we'll see how it turns out.uo >> i thought we were making wwem peanut butter ones with theith t hershey's kiss.y's k >> that's today, steve i wantedn them to be fresh.resh >> thank you. >> you got it. >> i requested those.. >> i'm glad you did. >> don>>'t worry w ie got it goi on today. >> right now unfortunately breaking news on the gainsville.insvle route 15 in both directions juss north of 66 between that point p and latener road is shut down sd with a big accident scene. that's causing delays on 15ays south of 66.6. your best bet headed westboundod jump off on 29 take it to 234.34 continue on 66 avoid 15 rightigt now pick any route you can to get around that this morning that will cause some bige big problems for our gainsville commuters 66 eastbound heavynd y delays from sudley to 28.m ey t just congestion no reported repe delays and then you can see 28 through manassas up towards 66ow also pretty heavy through throu annandale the inner loop from lo the mixing bowl to 66 all backed up southbound gw parkway veryayv heavy volume 123 to the rowso ts vessel cabin john from the beltway into cla
8:19 am
congestion. want to take a live look outsido right now because the inner loop in mc lean out about gq parkwayr there's a crash. cra you can see how backed up thingg are. crash activity block the lefthel lane and right shoulder.houlder. keep it to the right and watch w for big delays coming out tysons from the legion bridge. that's your look at traffic. >> russia turkey and iranian foreign ministers will meet in n moscow to talk about what'suthas happening in syria one after russia's ambassador to turkeyur was assassinated.ed witnesses say off duty policeol officer that mannite right therg shouted don't forget aleppo among other things, don't forget syria before opening fire. fir suspect had worked as a riotiot police officer in ancora for twr and a half years he was shot w s short time later in shoot out with turkish police.. pentagon officials say china has returned an unmanned dronedn which it found in the china seaa last wee now the chinese navy returned the drone near where it wasre iw us plans to continue to investigate this incident. inci.
8:20 am
searching for the missinge miss malaysian airlines thirty eighte 370 concluded that the debrisha will not be found in the currenc search area.searrea. so now they think the plane mayy have crashed in stretch of then indian ocean more to the north.r the news could mean the search c could continue beyond next montt that's when crews are expected p to finish their deep sea so nor hunt of the current search zoneh west of the australia in the the wind yann ocean much it's been b several years now. n >> world food program is tryingy to get hugh manner aid to peopll trapped in eastern aleppo.. the organization says they haveh fed tens of thousands of displaced syrians but they sayhy around 1 million syrians stilltl live in areas under siege andiea can't and reached on a regularul basis. so the electoral collegeol mate it official. it donald trump will be the 45th president of the united statesds surpassing the 270 votes need tn do formally within the electiont he tweeted out and thanked his h supporters who helped to put hit in the white house. >> with 32 days left in officeno president barack obama hands out a record number of chr
8:21 am
pardon. he pardoned 78 people andar granteddone 153 commutation it i the most acts clemency granted by united states president evere in a single day. uber driver loved hisoved vehicle so much he decided toect attack a passenger that he feltl was disrespecting his vehicle. c that story is next. is net >> first holiday message from af service member who's stationed overseas. ♪♪ airman kyle arby marylandyl air national guard here ine turkey.tuey i want to say hello to everybody in rockville.e. my family, merry christmas,as, happy new year. year.
8:22 am
stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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8:24 am
>> families torn apart by the tragedy at pulse nightclub in orlando or suing noble media outlets. pulse sui filed atlet federal lawsuit against facebook, google ande a twitter saying they make it easier for islamic and others to radicalize users. mateen pledged a legion to isis before he killed
8:25 am
>> uber driver arrested fortefor stabbing his passenger over thee weekend. now police were told that he h felt that his vehicle was quote disrespected. police say jacob matthew almondm picked town passengers and got g into an altercation with them because one of them tapped ontad his window before getting intono the car.e c. police say he took it as a signa of the victim sudden stab wounds to his chest, back and the driver was charged with w assault. none of the vehicles in thae story were the one we were talking about in that t if you were watching theinge cowboys game sunday night you saw ezekiel elliot up? andt upa right into the salvation armyonm read kettle after scoring a scoi ucuchdown. apparently that inspired someirs fans because the salvation army said in the 12 hours after heer did that, keep in mind he did it at night, in the 12 hours after that leap they raised more than $180,000 in online donations 61% increase over the same time tim period last week. w great job.ob >> do you think he did a little, um, you know,
8:26 am
to do it if i do this will youly pledge a dollar or something? e that would have been cool.en c you know what i mean? mea >> i don't know if he was doings a matching donation or not after the fact he wears number 21.r 2 he would donate $21,000. $21,0 >> that's awesome.>> that's >> that's a lot of moneyaw.. >> every little bit helps.elps >> if my uber stabbed me i would give him zero stars.ta >> that's very frightening story. >> zero star and phone call toll authorities. >> definitely a zero star.itelta you take down the rating theyth can't drive any more, allison.ln >> he was stabbed in the faceta much this is not funny. >> 27 in washington.hing winds out of the east northeasta at six.ix. wind chills 20 here.nd chi20 low 40s later today.od big look at the country here. hr most of the country quite if qti you're traveling later today.od. the exception is pacific pac northwest a lot of mountain snoi there and more rain actuallyct it's good that it's rain forai portland and seattle they've th' been having snow as well up up there.. but here i'll get out of the out way. locally we look fine and we'lln' be warmer than yesterday.terday. daytime highs in the low 40she s later this afternoon there's t your seven day warming trend tre
8:27 am
50 for wednesday.nesd might be a sprinkle or shower oo thursday and again on saturdaysy but anything we get next week or so will be just liquid no ice ni like we had last weekend. which is great.. >> that's cute.hat's cute. matches you perfey >> i took it. >> this wasn't little candy cana i'll eat when it i'm done withit traffic for breck cast because it's that time of year tuckerare you can eat cookies for f breakfast. right now dealing with big crash route 28 northbound mcclearen road delays really heavy back tt willard road you can see the y n traffic is just basicallyly parked.park so if you're heading out in chantilly 28 northbound notbod looking so hot. h we'll switch it back over to ouo maps right now and show whatha else you're up against much continuous single tracking for safetrack surge 11.1. tomorrow is the last date of safetrack surge 11. green line back to normal afterr some other issues we weres weere dealing with.gith. delays in both directions. watch out for that one.h ou more news,t weather and traffic in a second. i like to say tsay that. that's my thing for today..
8:28 am
>> can you sing me a theme song allison. >> news, weather and traffic.ic. >> this might be the best dayhet ever.ev [ laughter ] >> it gets better. does gender play a role in whatt type of medical care you get? a new study says yes.. >> plus, we all know the grinch's heart grew larger whene it was filled with joy.oy coming up we'll chat about howtt the holiday season is good for r your heart. now encore, al, encore.ore. >> news, weather and traffic. t.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> there's live look at there's white house this morning on this tuesday morning. lots of sunshine but chilly conditions. flag is not moving that means you will have no wind chill lths rightf suns nownot mo hav 27 degrees at ray dan nationalao airport.. sleeping in the first 24irs2 hours after a traumatic eventume may help people process thero t memory more effectively and therefore reduce symptoms of o most traumatic stress diss people who sleep after viewingii traumatic events had fewer bad emotional memories than those tt who stay awake. they think the reason sleeping s may help put the memories intono context. further research still needed to determine exactly why that may m help.. >> sadly though after a bigter b event normally you are awakewa because you have to be awake. >> right. >> do you know what i mean? >> you don't get a cknhancing tn home and sleep.nd sleep >> you can't turn it all off. >> exactly.xa >> that's very interestingt's vt sty.y. okay. we've all heard of pregnancyna brain, right,
8:32 am
complain about that, but itt turns out pregnancy actuallyt p changes a woman's brain for upp to two years after the child isi rn.n. scientists say it alters thehe size and structure of the braina of areas involved in perceivingn the feelings and perspectives of hersrs. researchers believe it may giveg new moms an advantage by helpini them recognize the needs of o their child. cld. they're basically -- that makesk sense to me, too.sensto m they're focused on their kid.. it's like mom thing takes over.s >> there you go.>> theou >> okay. >> science.ence. well-known medical factwn m bringing joy for the holidays good for y jouroy f heart. >> ask an expert like fox'e doctors hello g morning.g mor [ laughter ]laught >> steve, allison, how are you both? >> listen, we're great you're yu the polar opposite of anythingfg grinch like we want to tuckan tc about this study coming up in an i want to talk about the studyhe when it comes to doctors, female doctors, female patients.ies correlation here, yes, no, whatw is it? >> reporter: well, very
8:33 am
what they found was that when they compared women doctors to men doctors, women doctors werer more focused on the patient, pit they tended to do more thingshi for their patients. they were data driven and thisnd led to in their estimate 32,0000 lives saved if you went to a woman doctor.. now, being on the other team, ii must say in all due respect i have wonderful women dr. colleagues at penn.. co they're fantastic, but whether e or not it's a man or woman, youu need to find a doctor that is your advocate that loves you, y that cares about you, that isha willing to do what needs to be e done to get you better health,ea and be your advocate and sond s there are really great men doctors. there's really great womenom doctors.ctor in my opinion, it just comes c down to really great doctors
8:34 am
>> let me ask you becauseet m obviously you know it from first hand experience as a doctoe r ad also all your colleagues. you if somebody is looking for a new doctor, you know, when you first go in with that doctor, is itr,s just something that you sense s because at some point you justts have to kind of take a chancee c with them and say this is who io wanted to be my doctor.octo >> reporter: well, look, next n to marriage or your significanti life partner, whatever, comes the dr. nurse practitioner, physician's assistant patienttap relationship. and that is sacrosanct and ift d you go to a health care provider and they don't seem to be theree they're thinking about other o things then you need to unload them and find someone knew that actually cares. there's a book called "whereverr you go there you are" by john j calf vet i teach medical students to read it and live it, because i'm want a doctor that's listening, and i tell peopleeo medical students all the time, m you can litigate with a patient
8:35 am
you listen to what the patient says and you both will have a a happy relationship.nsp >> all right. i like that. that's great advice.ic let's get back to the holidaysoy as it correlates to being happyh and maybe you can answer did the grinch's heart really grow multiple sizes because of the su holidays and why? >> reporter: well, let meet first of all say i take care of several grinch families and the have allowed me through hipaah h regulations to discuss theirss t medical care. >> thank you. r:ne of ter: one of them i happened to take care of cameofc back from whoville comes to see me is the grinch that stole tt o christmas and i have some data here as you can see clearly thaa that grinch had a heart that was two times too small.mall and when the grinch, and i had a discussion about the trueherue meaning of christmas, his heart grew three sizes. s. in fact, he had the strength of 10
8:36 am
unbelievable.evab >> all right.>> all right >> so the bottom -- bottom linel is that, for grinches any way,ay they get a bigger heart whenrthe they know the true meaning of the holidays.ay it's love and caring and a compassion.compas it's all about that, not so much the material things and i canndi tell you i've taken care of aara lot of people and on their deatd bed no one ever said dr. mike, , wish i had had another, youtheru know, cadillac or a lexus before i die. no one ever said that. now, before -- wait a minute. whoa! hey -- mr. grinch came.h m how are you, mr. grinch. mr.ri [ laughter ] >> thank you for coming.nk for i appreciate -- i love you man.m you know what, you look great. you've lost lot of weight. he's eating low fat garbage.. >> he's listen to you. stay aig way from the red meat t remnants.reants the trim from the roast >> he's happier now.ierow >> the heart is bigger.heeart the heart is now healthier.hier >> he's happy.
8:37 am
>> everyone should have ald he a dr. like dr. mike cirigliano vca ayautiful day. we'll see you next time.u next m >> fantastic holiday, t >> i love you both. love you. ve >> love you back.e back >> love you. >> eight cot 36.6. heart above and beyond. beyond. >> he's a goodman.s >> that's what he does. that' did you see the grincs h cam,m tucker? did you see the touchht of the grinch cam? >> touch for me to follow you fo up.up >> you do a good job as women.on that was pretty amazing.retty zi >> 27 now in washington.hi nine in detroit.. 19 in chicago.hicago teens, teens across much of our ar.a. >> dulles 19 clearing out, lots of sunshine. low to mid 40s it dry he dry h conditions expected for tuesday. i'm sure you'll be out and about running around here gettinget ready for our big holiday weekend, and you should be in in good shape.ha upper 30s north and west. west. momentarily i'll have the sevent day. first day of winter arrivesrr tomorrow. what does it have in store. details coming up guys.oes backit toilco youmi.. >> tuck, thanks very much.
8:38 am
couple of minutes.inut. 8:37 amazon working to cut outut the middleman when it comes to o getting your products deliverede we'll talk bout latest endeavort there. >> cell phone company accused of selling unwanted services to to meet sales goals.oa. we'll tell which you one comingi up.choming up. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪
8:39 am
♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
8:40 am
>> live look outside. live looki there's the washington monumente front and center..washinont ce national cntathedral on the lefe side of the screen.the ree such beautiful city, don't we. .
8:41 am
>> 8:40 right now in washingtonn d.c. across the east coast.oa how about amazon? uber of of trucking perhaps much there's aa new report out that says amazona developing an app now thatow t matches truck drivers withit shippers. just a couple of alcoholics people would be able to schedule and track truck shipments of thf stuff they buy.uff th buy the app is expected to launcho n next summer.xt s so we really want to know downnn to the minute when our stuff isi going to arrive. >> i understand. you're waiting for somethingor m important.impo goodod it. does t mobile have lofty lty sales goals.oals. according to washington post article a labor group is agroups cushion the cell phone companypy of selling unwanted services tot meet those sales goals. goa in a complaint filed on friday the labor group says t mobile says sets unrealistic goals and workers feel the fresh so muchuc so they sell customers thingss they don't really more phone lines or added aed insurance. >> it's okay to say no if it'ss not something you're lookinginue for. good news for thousands ofs retail workers acrossfo thes country. six big companies including aera pass tal, disney, pack sun, carters going to stop using onn call shift
8:42 am
>> workers will no longer beongr required to be on call forn calr shifts that may be canceled with very little notice. n 15 other retailers have said sai they've already ended thised thi acactice. >> keeps workers happier.appier. that's a good thing. good thing. let's check in with wisdome and maureen find out what's whas coming on good day. hello.heo. >> good morning to you p the grinch pay as visit to fed exx fans denying the burgundy and goal fans a win on monday night. we'll play tuesday morningning quarterback with grant paulsen. >> michelle obama opens up to t oprah and quiet frank about howw she feels her family -- feelsy s about her family leaving theng white house and the nation. >> mariah carey out of touch or giving an additional diss too someone? we'll dish about whoho the pop diva claims she neverev heard of. heard >> r and b o singer rah heim did you von is live in the lofthe lf ahead of a huge show he's putting on in the holidayoliday theater. don't miss were one we do christmas car okay yo key withet him.
8:43 am
s we. we. >> we're speaking spen we shareg great news great last minute gift ideas for all kindss of people in your life.r lif the pros and cons of giving aa pet as a present. >> all right g day d.c. next. >> thanks wis-mo we appreciatept it. >> wis-mo. i love it. >> stars say they're final fin goodbyes to actor alan thick. ti >> what about margo robbie didto she tie the knot or not? see that.that tie the knot or not. >> get a laugh from somebody. >> did you know who marital kta status before this story. story >> i either.ithe >> now we still may or may not n know. kevin will talk about it next. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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here's look at the capitol domet looking pretty and shiny. >> all regal ting pr. >> bathed in sunlight thished morning at 8:46. question is, will the sunlight i remain throughout the day todayy your forecast coming up in one, two, three, four, five -- let me do the rest. 10 seconds. hey, steve, i can guaranteee the sunlight will remain throughout the daylight hours, r today. going to go out there and say that. >> is that a dig i was talking about sunshine, not go ousay li. >> okay. it was a little bit of winter solstice on the way.. beautiful little scene.. i'm not being grin chi.n chi i had too much sugar one dayne
8:47 am
until winter. guess what it arrives tomorrow morning at foe 44:00am. just wait it out couple daysoupl we'll started aing slowly each e day little bit of light to each afternoon. add will little bit of time. tim christmas forecast, looks greatg 53 will be your daytime high anh it looks dry right now.ry rightw kind of a partly sunny day toayo look forward to on sunday.da cold this morning.his morning. very out there early.utre e 27 in washington.ashing look at dulles, 18 degrees.degrs 14 in frederick clear skieski overnight and winds lightened uu and it was really able to cooloo off overnight. 19 in 21 culpeper.ulpe 30 in leonardtown everybody well below freezing this morning ever across the t bay cambridge and stevensville innsl the 20s to start the day.ay sunshine. it will be nice and quietd qui afternoon for us little bittle b warmer than yesterday.rmer tha high pressuren overhyeead willl start to scoot out to the easthe and winds will starting to beto pushing out of the south hereou and will allowof gradual warm uu so yesterday we were in the 30s3 we'll probably top out in the in low 40s today and near 50 50 tomorrow with quiet -- best part quiet conditions for the next tn couple of days a losteo
8:48 am
traveling across the mid atlantic and conditions reallyta couldn't be nicer for travelingt over the next few days.ays seven day 43 today. 50 tomorrow. tomor winter begins tomorrow! yes,inm we'll have big party.. and maybe a sprinkle or showerho thursday and again on saturday.y but anything that falls will bee just plain old rain we don't w have to deal with freezing raini like we did last weekend whichke is great news as we get intoet i saturday i know a lot of people will be on the roads.oads steve, allison.llison toss it back to you guys.. >> wisconsin post office isoff i continuing a tradition whichhich goes back more than 70 years.ea >> post office is locate the ini rudolph known for world famous rudolph postal stamp. smp for week people across the globe have been sending their mail mai just to get it stamped in the reindeer's native city.ive cit a hand stamp trademark post master says a sign of integrity. started doing the hand stampingn back in 1945.94 >> that's pretty cute. cute. , ♪♪
8:49 am
>> that's how it's done. d just like that. >> you can even hear it. it was like swoosh.e swoh. >> literally nothing but net. nt there it is. oosh.h. >> that's thunder lost from the harlem globetrotter showing offg his cool shot coming off the roof of the nrg stadium. >> globetrotter attempt trickri shots off the roofs or stadiums they play in the world famous tour kicks off nrg next year. y >> that's how do you it. you that's how you shoot a ball froo the top of a stadium.. >> steve, i think i can makei ta that shotn. >> just like that. that. honestly how many times do yous think you'd have to try' >>ha the headline is i think i do it. >> okay. i definitely have better chancev of making that shot than did you knowg g a babb. >> really?lly >> you have to be able to jump j to be able to do that. >> you can't dunk? d >> not on like if you bring thet hoop down foot
8:50 am
>> disappointed.inted >> can you dunk. can y >> i can dunk on a 5-foot rim.. not 10 feet.feet. >> i'm 6-foot three.'m 6oot t >> you shall be able to dunk.abn >> you can dunk. >> i always wanted to do that>>o thing at the wizards guy jumpsus on to the trampoline and does ae flip. i would total dollar that.l dola >> tucker tried that once.r you should ask him about itouldm before you do it.ouo it >> i'll totally do it.tolly do . a lot of news happening in entertainment world thisworlthis morning. we know that a week ago todaytht alan a w thicke passed away sund night was his memorial service and mr. thick we know him fromio growing pains obviously but apau loft his cast mslemy bers did ad the memorial allison wereon w discussing this morning how cooo it was that mr. leonardo dicaprio was attendance thee t beginning of his career he was a nobody at that time and he camem in towards the end of the showhs but he did make the time to go t to the ceremony including tracyy gold, jeremy miller, kirkk cameron season joanna concernson were all there.he this daughter-in-law did postt facebook some of the photos ofoo the memorial which i have seene but they've been removed from af lot of sites. ses so we didn't want to show the
8:51 am
for privacy issues. isss. >> anything wrong with them?ing >> no.>> i don't think anybody had the rights to show thethinmk . >> paula patton posted them. thm >> on the daughter-in-law. daughter-in-law.-in-w >> another daughter-in-law.r-in ea yeah. not -- no, not robin thick, no. and the actual site according to just the post iheos believe holly thick was thehicke woman's name who posted theted i'm not sure which side of theht family that comes from.mes fr the post itself talking about robin thick brought up dear dads best friends bob saggot, bill ma her and alec trebek she wask shs posting on facebook.oo we know margo will be bee fromrm suicide squad. sta star. she pan hal secret weddinged yesterday in australia.tria there was a story that originated on women's day which is australian website, and people were saying did she getid married? secret wedding? sheds did take the instagram i don't d believe -- here it is. instagram with non captionedcaio photo of herring. hring >> just be clear that is a ringa fn
8:52 am
>> correct. not a middle finger, correct. cr >> i do want to say that this is all over the web yesterday as a rumor more she posted this photo so are we saying this isis confirmed she's married because then the daily news -- >> i think it says stay out of f my business.ess. >> daily male found photos of pf the actual wedding on thehe website as well we're n entirely hundred% confirmed from publicist team yet that me is as sign of yes, i got married, butb leave me alone. >> let me know so i can get can through the rest of my day. d >> i know. any way moving on, lindsay lohah won't be spending christmas witw her family.famil 30-year-old actress plans to plo continue her work with refugeess camp in turkey.. lohan said the dates haven't't been final lived this past falll she spent time in turkey supplying energy drinks to thee refugees and told page six sheai will be bring ringing in the nen year in the middle east hostings new year's eve at zero gravity i in due by. b cool. cool. giving back. >> i didn't know she had takente that mission o hn.. >> that's where she was when shs hu
8:53 am
>> is that right. >> amazing do good.d. thanks, kev. >> take a short break and haveav talk more about donald trump tht wax figure coming to life. l >> all right. we'll get a sneak>> peek of whaw it's going to look like.ike now all i see is the hair. hai >> we have to pick the hair. h why would they release it with the hair like that. >> very good question.
8:54 am
>> want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day.o s
8:55 am
look at her hair she did this for reason. she has a rudolph reid noticed c hairdo very cool. >> look at the background and her sweet expression. you know she's a teacher, r eig corey's mom nominated her to beb fan of the day.of day she says that she is a fox5 fann her daughter corey is, and a first grade you know her students love her.. yesterday was crazy hair day at the school and that's one way ty get into the holiday spirit looking like rudolph right onudt your little bun there.he too cute. looking good corey.or >> we're getting behind the behn scenes look now at the president-elect's new wax figurg skull tours at london madam tussaud's wax museum workingeuwi around the clock to finish fouru identical figures of donaldcal trump in time forfi the inauguration. >> as you can see, they areyou still putting the finishinginisi touches on his coloring and his .air. trump's wax figure will go on display at mad sam tussaud's's locations in new york, orlando,, london and right here in theht t district. >> all right.>> aig tucker i would hope that when they do o wax figure
8:56 am
show it until at least the hairi is right. >> right? >> it seem like that a was a creepy version. versi hair is so long. yeaeah. >> right? >> it does to me, to ah. >> it's amazing how -- how - >> so realistic.liic >> yeah.ea. every crease.ree. >> reagan national 28 dulles 24. bwi marshall cold start to the day. daytime highs in the low to mid 40s.40 plenty of sunshine.plentyf su beautiful day. best part a nice dry afternoon.o so i know a lot of people areofe out and about doing some shopping and last minutet planning for the holiday weekend and you're in good shape for iti f you're traveling today locallc we're doing 43 today.43 tay 50 tomorrow for the first day oy winter right now looking ahead to holiday weekend we're ine'rei pretty good shape. good e. temperatures on the mild side.ei any shower activity saturdayy sr will be just rain. freezing rain -- no freezingezin rain like last weekend. weeke >> i'm all pepped up on sugar.u. >> me too. >> i need to either cookie coo before i crash.ra 28 on
8:57 am
up a crash mcclearen road delays back to past willard road. roa keep that in if you're heading i out in sterling. center lane block.ce forward our cameras problems on 66. 66 on the eastbound side dealing with a crash at waples mill. m it is blocking that left center so traffic funnel to the rightun lane or to the left lane and yod can see the shoulder is blockedk as well big mess out there. thee delays are backed up all the way passed 234 prince william parkway. so this is a typical for thisisa time of tmorningyp. hey mark route 15 reopened between 66 and lightner roadhtn still jammed back to 29.ed bac 2 traffic getting through.. keep it to fox. fox good day at 9a is coming rightor up. up.
8:58 am
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♪♪ >> ahead on good day at 9a so s close.os the redskins playoff hopes hop fading fast in a tough monday mn night loss at home. home. but is there any shot of them te scoring that final spot? thena good, the bad, the in between. n we'll break it all down. dow stepping up security following g deadly attack in germann christmas authorities here in the dcthe dc region now on high alert watchrt they're doing to protect you ini the final days of the holiday season. first lady michelle obama getting candid.di >> hey, it's going to be okay. let's remember the good thingsoo that we we have. >> reporter: with just weeksjuss left in the white house mrs. obama opens up about life l in washington and her hopes for a post obama presidency. and later, is it the purchase infect pre


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