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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and killed by police. pic the latest developments and video of the scene just coming n in. we'll have it straight ahead.he >> plus another busy travel t day on the roads and in the the air on this christmas eve eve. e we'll take a look at how a how things are running over atning t reagan national coming up. u >> christmas eve eve. e e >> christmas eve eve. e >> sure christmas eve eve. e a live look outside on this thi friday, december 23rd.ber 23rd. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atand tr 6:05.5. happy friday everybody.verybody and good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.i'm i welcome to fox s5te news mornini and guess technicallyhnly christmas eve eve morning.eve em >> christmas eve eve >> yeah. let's get to breaking niceakingn right off the top atright 6 o'clock. this coming out of europe.t urop the suspect in this week'sweek's deadly christmas market attackak in we are vin dead killed in a shootout with police in italy. a the interior minister saidtesa it's beyond a shadow of thehado doubt that the man killed in kie the at shootout is anis amri. a they asked to see i.d.
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reportedly pulled a gun from guf his backpack and the shooting sn began. a police officer was hurt but of will beic okay. o and this video just into fox5 f of the scene there earlier in milan. milan. amri was the one who rammed ahoa truck into the berlin marketto i on monday killing 12 peopleeople and injuring 50 others. we've also learned this morning german officials arrested twoing brothers overve suspicion they were plotting to carry out an attack on ary oa shoppin ng mall an terror ploteo planned for christmas day in australia has been foiled byen y police.poce. several then custody this morning. >> they are. investigators say the attack involved setting off atorinvoives throughout the city of melbourne.ur it's believed they were self radicalized by inspired by isis. >> ♪♪ >> developing overnight now at 6:01, here locally detectivestis in fairfax county on the scenehs of a suspicious death near springfield. they were first called to thed scene around 8:15 last night. ng they found a man suffering sferg from trauma to his upper we'll have a live report fromfrm the
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>> police on the scene of af a deadly crash on ordway road in centreville. one person was killed when ad wn vehicle rolled overcomingvercomg around a sharp curve.harpurve >> and developing overnight inrg the district d.c. police say. pc two of its cruisers wereerwe involved in a crash in southeast. this happened near mlk jr.r. elementary school around 10:00u1 last night two officers were transportedras to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, both are expected to be allted right. no word yet on what led toted t this crash.. >> we do expect another busyy travel day at the nation'sn's airports.orts millions are high tailing iting out of town to be with family wf and friends for christmas. chri. >> melanie alnwick is live at aa reagan national on how you can c avoid getting held up in the security line. i. all ears, mel. this is magical. good morning. mor good morning.>> reporter: t.s.aa has tried to reach out to travelers to be more proactive c and inn letting them know what o
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security lines like this, thisis is where people tend to reallyer get held up when they get here r to the airport and so anythingth you can do to speed your wayay through the checkout lineou especially if you're not if someone who is in precheck oreco global entry you really wantealn to pay attention. attention first of all t.s.a. talks tal about the no-nos.out theo-no we really shouldn't have to't ho tell people, right, you cannotan bring knives on to the plane.toe anything including a plasticla knife. any kind of blade needs to go in your checked baggage. baggage anything that is a replica weapon, if it looks like itt loe could be a weapon you've gotu' put it in your checked bag. confiscated things that lookedda like a belt with bullets on on it, looked like ammunition orito anything like that. just leave it in your checkedr c bag or leave it at home. h you also need to make sure ifur you have an e-cigarette that'sta got to go in your carry on luggage not your checked bags.te there's a lot of qckuestedionn abouts what can i bring andcan what can't i bring. i bri t.s.a. has a w
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handle at ask t.s.a. manysk people can go onto that stevent and allison and they can either ask directly or theytlyr can even take a picture andre a tweet that to the folks at fol t.s.a. and they'll let themet t know whether it is good to go g or not. some of the thingsor we saw w s which were very interesting,y it yes, you can, steve, wear yourrr jingle bell shorts through theht security line, if you want to. . if you're planning on going your full elf regalia home forom the holidays you're good with that. cooked eggplant parm, you canpa bring that on the plane.the pla you do not have to share withrew fellow travelers. whole coconut. coconut. wrapped gifts t.s.a. says you can bring them on but thegirefte always the possibility thatlityt you might have to have themhe opened by t.s.a.opened by t.s.a and we can't promise thatwe cse they're going to be as careful f with the tape as some people sop might be when they unwrapra their gifts. i don't know. k but anything you can do, thato,t is one of the greatest things tg there, go onto at ask t.s.a. t.s you want to be able to speed
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through those checkout lines,i those security checkpoints aspos quickly as possibly back to bk you. >> mel myself and my jinglemy jl shorts are very happy to hear ha thews.ews. thank you so much.h. holiday made. question is can they handle this. >> right. t's hat's not even the full getupnot yet. y we haven't even gone full f christmas yet.s >> oh, yeah, the hat comes in cm a little bit. >> oh, we're going to save that. th >> yeah. >> we have something to look forward to. >> that is an heirloom in case you didn't s a ordi forbeen wearing thin s f years. once a year i get to wearear that. th >> granddad's or just dad's. >> grandfather. it's my connection to my past. p >> awesome. >> right. >> give me a christmas high giv-five. >> i love it. on't ton't think it's any long ier -- >> it's a classic. i >> i think it might be at' smoking jacket. jac i don't think we do that anymore so much.uc >> no, but you look sharp.ook sr >> thank you. >> that never goe>>s out of style. [laughter] >> he was bigger[l man than me apparently. this jacket is too big. b. looking at 33 in washington.asho got cold again overnight 30 in0n leonardtown. yesterday we were in the 40's off to the south and east.y we w quanti tcohe is
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looking -- everybody is pretty much below freezing thisth morning. annapolis slightly abovetl freezing. cold start to our day. d. what can we look forward to today? cooler than yesterday. we'll be part to mostly sunny. we'll get some clouds late l today. our next chance for rain wille n get in overnight and early e tomorrow morning for ouror christmas eve and hanukkah.e and we'll have some showers aroundrn the first half of the day.theay you see those developing out across central sections of theof country.un more on that coming up. u enjoy your 49 degrees.49 yesterday we made to it 60. >> 60 i think.hi it felt like it too. t and then it got cold >> today is christmas eve eve. e >> exactly. >> right. steve started it and we're stte just celd ebrating.ti. >> okay, christmas eve ee >> christmas eve eve.maeve >> mike thomas actuallyuall started >> mike did it.>> me di >> yes. >> thank you mike. tha and erin good morning.orning happy christmas eve eve. e e >> i love today.e t puts me in aod good we have been listening tong christmas music in the trafficha office all morning. >> yay! >> unfortunately if you're hitting the roads trying to get toortug the work t
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starting your holiday travel plans you have crash you need yn to be aware. 95 southbound crash between icc and powder mill left lanewd blocked. no major delays as youer comeome through beltzville but i'llltill let you know if they pop up. pop you can always keep to it keep baltimore-washington parkwaye-wa or route one to get around that and if you're headed to an early morning flightet at o i northbound side of 95 is nices n and taking a look at a deadlyy crash investigation inestion centreville ordway roadyoa remains shut down on the dow northbound side at comptonat cot road. utioion there. we'll let you know as soon as aa that crash investigation does wrap up. now,ti ifon you're taking metrog this morning, all rails on r time f you're taking metroro tomorrow, from 8:00 p.m. until l closing the red line betweenthe van ness and dupont circless and will b deup single track sewingn please allow for extra timextrat there and then also keep in kee mind for christmas eve, christmas day as well asell monday we will be operating atra a 7:00 a.m. start time for for metro so something to keep inkep mind. if you have any metro quesiftion ysou at erin fox5 d.. twitter. as we look in southernther maryland we have some light soml volume increasing on 210 as210 a well as five at the 301 split 3s
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there. suitland parkway inbound nice pr and quikwet past south capitol.p not seeing any slowdowns on 295 southbound relatively relatl lighter volume than we usuallylt z what you would expect forxpt o the eve of christmas eve. back to you guys.u gs. >> erin thank you very much. muc now to a fox5 exclusive. a prince george's countye's couy resident took action after he t kept nook oticing things includg cash and a pair of uggsf missing from his bladensburgbu apartment. so he installed surveillancevelc equipment, a surveillancepmen camera.t, he called police after catching the thieves right in te the act. both suspects are facing t s burglary anduspect robbery chara right in his apartment.rtment. that's very frightening videohtd to have to review but there it is. brazen thieves. all right. well, thanks to montgomerytn county police more than 40ha40 stolen holiday packages arekager making their way back to their t rightful owners after twoerwo 17-year-olds and a third a t person under 18 were in your weu own words by witnesses who sawss them swiping the goods earlierdr this month. this police began returning giftsng s yesterday just in timeor
6:09 am >> update on the deadly roadead rage shooting that left at three-year-old dead inyear-oea arkansas. that's next. plus good news in theus goos fight against >> first though a holidaygh a hd message from a service member stationed oversees. >> to all our friends familyy partners and allied throughoutht the world. >> happy holidays!olid >> see more greetings from ourtm troops at com.
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>> ♪♪ >> developing stories overnight. first this just in breaking>> d news coming from maltt a whethra possible highjacking situationit is under way.. the malta airport a plane fromno libya landed with two possiblesi highjackers on bottom of thes beltway the prime minister of the small europeanony th isle ai nation also tweeted about the at incident calling it a "fourth "r highjack situation.." internal libyan flight which was highjacked and has justjaeda landed in malta.ed i in arkansas an arrest nowana in the road rage killing of a three-year-old boy.e-year police in little rock say theyat worked with the suspect'sith ths family to convince him to surrender. they were also assisted byisted u.s. marshals. m the toddler was just in hist i car with his grandmother oner saturday when another driverer r opened fire because he thoughtct the grabbed mother was notas moving fast enough at a stop sign. >> overseas in syria the
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full control of aleppo for thee first time in four years. the last convoy filled withll w civilians and rebels left the le ancient city this is a major victory forcien president bashir assad and assaa major turning point in then t syrian civil war. many people say they hope the city can be rebuilt as soon as s possible so that life can tryata to get back to normal >> the president-elect raisingri questions and fears thises morning in a tweet dtionald donl trump called on the unitedled ou states to expand its nuclear nle capabilities and that hasn't been u.s. policy in nearly 40 his comments followed antfollow similar one by russianby president vladimir putin aboutt his own country'svl nuclearuc bibition. asked about the tweet a trump spokesman said trump was referring to the threat ofing tt nuclear proliferation and the critical need to prevent p looking ahead to theead to t inauguration jimmy carter iste so far the only former f president to rsvp to theto t celebration next month.t mon >> major medical breakthroughsro in the fight against ebola. e final test results show an show experimental vaccine iss
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the vaccine is still waitingll w for approval from regulatorsat here in the u.s. u the recent ebola outbreak ineak west africa killed more than 10,000 people.eo well, it appears a drivingri force behind this year's year' christmas tree sales donaldna trump. we'll explain. >> also a live look outside as we head a tlio break on thisreakth friday morning. you're listening to "merry christmas, darling" from them carpenters. >> this is my worst christmass song. >> worse than paul mccartney.ary >> just trying get your feathers ruffled. >> sends us your favorite s l■ooundhan m stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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♪ ♪ with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy!
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>> we'll be on the warm side wm of things i want to mentionen we'll get clouds this afternoon and eventually some rain showers will moveand ievni overnight tonight and during a the morning hours tomorrow foror saturday we'll have showers around with conditions expected to be nice for thefor day on sunday. there you go. high pressure off to our west ws and there's your christmas dayis forecast. 50. just a fewcast. clouds. cloud looks nice and here's a lookce at the seven day with temperatures expected to bee
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next week. monday, tuesday temperaturesempa near 60 degrees. all right, erin. e i can't wear it yet. y. >> i'm sorry, i didn't know we re w waiting. i got excited. >> how are the roads looking.ret >> roads are bad.he right now metro>> problems. earlier police investigation capitol south.ou residual delays on the orangee blue and silver keep that in t mind if you're taking metroing m this morning. your metro commute tomorrowetro between van ness and dupont cned red line will be single be singe tracking 8:00 p.m. to closingo l and monday as well as saturdaysr and sunday service beginningin at 7:00 something some to goomto keep in mind. 95 southbound throughthth beltsville a crash south ofille the icc.rae i left lane blocked between the icc and powder mill. now the good news is there's not enough volume to cause any u big southbound delays yet. yet i'll let you know if and whenife that deadly crash investigation ontio ordway road in centreville.trev all northbound lanes closed atee compton road. e a livee a ld and tak look outside. outsi if you have an early
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traffic on dulles moving along just fine.e 395 also looking great if greatf you're making your way out toayt reagan national for an early flight. not seeing any problems on the way to any bwi. bwi that's your look at traffic. t. back to you. >> coming up next thank youing erin a popularup fast food chaic making a bold move to stop s accepting cash. >> in the meantime let's takemek a live look outside on this friday morning.fridor taking you to break listeningkte to the classic "little drummermm boy" tucker's least favorite christmas song.ristmas >> i can't understand it. can't >> and it was on the list of my four least it. >> but he's a little poor boy li giving of his talent.alent. >> it's nothing about thet's noh boyly. >> i can't deal with hoanw do dea you not like this g what? >> it was your least favorite. why don'tyour you like it? >> i'm a poor boy too. too. >> i'm not saying it's not notan about the message.. >> send us your favorite oravor least favorite holiday song. use #fox5 christmas.
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do not talk about -- abo - >> ♪♪
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>> still tracing the elusive the 20,000. >> reporter: right exactly. yesterday here's the numbers or
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the dow dropped 23 pointsin closing at 19,918. that's 82 points away from 20k0k for those keeping track. track. nasdaq fell 24 points clearingsa at 5447 and the s & p down dow four points closing at 2260. 226 >> we'll keep an eye on whatwhat happens there today. let's talk about christmas t trees. tr is there -- can we, can c someone draw a link noww a linkw between donald trump andn nald christmas tree sales. tresale >> reporter: all right.ight here's the dell. d president-elect donald trumpt-ec appears to be very good for christmas spirit becausemas spir christmas tree sales are up by 10 percent this year. in fact, analysts are sayingre s that's the biggest jump we'vewev seen from holiday season to holiday season and this is is something that trump has saidasa on the campaign trail thatign tt when he's elected, people arele going to say merry christmas chm again. well, he may be right because a lot of people are buyinguyin more christmas here's the deal. t d the states that trump won in november, those are selling a te lot more christmas trees butes the states that hil
6:24 am
are down there now, there isn't a investment funded traded stock on theck one market for christmas trees but r we do have timber stocks and sck those have been up 8 percent 8ee since trump was elected. ect so there may be a link herek h but otherwise, we do know thatnt a lot of people are buying a bu lot more christmas trees thise i year. >> well, one way or anotherne wy however the numbers work outthe hopefully everybody has abody h happy holiday and a merry christmas. let's talk right now aboutlk r w what might make folks merryksery and that's going to lunch to luh going to get some fast casual g food and youet don't eve sn neen your cash anymore. anymo >> reporter: that's right. so, sweet greens is a freshs are food chain across the countrye y and they're going cashless which means if you got cash in c your pocket you can't eat p there because you need aockebeu credit card or you can usean their app.. here's the why they're doing thd this. they tested this out last year r over a few stores then said itat work out great. g. now they're going all in in 2017.2017 starting january 18th you're going need
6:25 am
their app to buy anything fromif their stores and they'rendhe deploying this all across the as country. here's why they're doing this. d because they say goingay goi cashless is going to improveomp and speed up their service by 10 percent. right now cash sales only make k up 10 percent of all their the total sales so they're cutting g that out and they say it also as eliminates the risk of themhe rt being robbed because theybehe don't have any cash on hand hand which is kind of brilliant irilt guess if you think about it. >> yeah, it definitely makesel it easier and if you're notou going to keep the money thereey somebody is not going to wantgot to come in -- i guess they guest could take salad but not nearly as tempting i guess.ue >> reporter: a differentr: a dft nd o of green. >> hopefully we'll see youe'll y soonism thank you steve. >> you got it. bye-bye. >> i remember when those guys came in here. h they were either right out off georgetown. geor they were just getting startednd and now what a success >> just blown across the acroste country. >> amazing and i keep hopingeepg to they'll remember me when ir e go in but i still get chargeha add good penny for
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like 12 1 >> i don't like2 the idea of of places being cashless. chl you should have the option ofpto paying cash.yi cas >> sadly it does not affect me at ally.lly. >> doesn't affect me either.'t a i'm not going there.m nogoing t >> oh, no, i'll go but i will w never have cash anyway. anywa >> really? >> i never carry cash which is not right but --ut - >> i carry several creditre cards over their limit so lit better for me to carry cash. >> well, that's true. >> hey, we're nice and chilly cl out there. t we're looking at daytime highs about 50 degrees, cooler thanooe yesterday. we'll get some clouds thisloudth afternoon and the storminesstoin you see towards saint louisntou will bring us rain showers by sy tomorrow morning. when youto get up tomorrow tom morning we'll have rain aroundld the first half of youre rs saturday. e we'll cromise we'll clear out late in the day butle we'ar' dry out late in the dayt late i tomorrow and then we should besd partly to mostly sunny for to mn stmastmas day.ny f so, there's your weekendkend more on that in just a couplee minutes.mi >> thank you very much. >> let's say good morning to say erin get a look at the roads.atr >> right now 6:26 and it's at's busy travel day for
6:27 am
the eve of christmas eve. look at the beltway already alra seeing a lot of congestion outut by 450 so give yourself someelfs extra time to get through thatht area heading to and from the fre bottom of the beltway throughf e largo towards bw parkway you you may hit some congestion.gest as we forward our camerasam we'll show you what elseou whats you're up against thisu're u morning. traffic looking much better right now as you make your wayce out on 95.n northbound side, southbound side flowing through newington. we have some metro delays.side e we'll take a look atme metro d s we continue.onti >> coming up next, an update upd from the scene that of suspicious death investigation in fairfax county.nt >> also two breaking newsbreak s stories from overseas.ories froo the berliven suspect reportedlye dead this morning and ad highjacked plane just landedlane in the nation of malta. mta it's 6:27. it back with that and more. more.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back to fox5 news morning. looking at the linesme b at rean national. nati melanie alnwick is there foraln us and she says it's movingt's m pr goo good. that looks like a pretty longtt line to me, though.ho we're going check in with her shortly. shortl also weather and traffic tra on the 5s with erin andnd tucker at 6:35. 6 we are also following follog several breaking news storiesew topping the news this morningth at 6:30. firse net, from europe the suspt in the berlinus christmas market attack is dead. d anis amri was killed in ale shootout with police. this napped milan italyappemila overnight. the shootout happened when police on routine patroloutine t stopped him and asked to see his i.d. papers and he pulled hp out a gun.. also breaking out oft o europe, an update on a
6:31 am
in a plane from libya landed onde the island of malta about an aba hour ago.go officials saying with two with w possible highjackers on board. malta's prime minister say emergency operations are under u way right now at the airport.noa it's a elf diddingir story. sto. closer to home detectives tt in fairfax county are on the scene of a suspicious deathous near springfield.neprin our annie yu is live on thee on scene with the very latest.t. good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodorte hey,o morning, allison.g, allis good morning, everybody. fairfax county police areol calling this a suspicioususci death at this time.ath at they got the call last night around 8:15 to this home ts behind this is the 6400 block oflockf blarney stone court here inourt the springfield area.spngfield this is still a very much active investigation and sotiond that is why officers are still e t h here. we still have detectiveset arriving at this hour. hou this is 10 hours after thehe crime.ime. they're making sure no one no taints the crime scene.ints they have i tt all taped off t o from the front lawn area alln ea the way to the cars here in her the lot where it's
6:32 am
cars, an suv as well as a taxicab and officers on sceneo are unable to tell me why ate wy this time. we're told the victim is a 22-year-old found with traumah to the upper upp he was found dead inside hiside home and they are telling me that an autopsy -- or his body b was sent to the medical m examiner's office for an oice autopsy and that willy anthat determine the exact cause of c o death. but right now they are askingskg people if you have any any information to give fairfax county police a call.countyolic they're asking you to call 186-6411 tips. that's the very latest herestere from springfield, virginia, viri annie fox5 local news. >> ♪♪ >> time for the morning linefo right now. real quick cher ck on last night's football action thursday night two nfc east teams at it. i giants blew their chance to bleh secure a playoff spot losing to the eagles int philly 24-199 final drive new york with adriv chance to win it eli manningnn threw his third pick of thes ir so with the giants loss thes lot cowboys clinched the division ds and home field
6:33 am
throughout the conferencee playoffs. giants still sitting pretty stis good in the number one wildil card spot. spo let's talk about the te big christmas eve matchup in chicago. short turn around again.und aga. >> it is a short turn around going into cold s aoldier s fied in chicago. chica keys to the game will be what?t? >> man, i tell you watch oneou thing i'll say this. man, we got to run the ball. >> run the ball, more r. kelly. >> it opens everything else up. >> yeah. >> and we've been having a problem in thatopens else we' area. >> easy street by the way.ay >> i look, if they have a problemrobl in chicago they don't deserve'te to go to the playoffs. pyo >> you mean chicago.cago >> if they cannot get througheyc and get this win in aanin in relatively easy fashion --ason >> yeah. >> -- tenure not a playoff playf team. >> so, the giants did them ahem solid.d. they did them a solid lastolidt night by dropping to philly. this has found in a crucialoundl matchup. we knew they had to win all these games aw nythway.eyny
6:34 am
advertisement i agree with r.met kelly should be a huge key key factor in this going up in chicago against acan rookie quarterback and it is aek bad team. t on paper it should be an easy game. game on paper should be an easy game for sga for s >> right. bettee.r be. >> but what are some of the wha things they got to look outt t for. >> well, i think defensively ihf we got to shore up our guy.ur g i mean, we -- what they're saying is and don't quote me on this that cravens may bevensb going back there to safetyafety position. they said at practicethey sai yesterday he was lookingd atkig those backs so i think the defendants has to step up and our pass rushts, h man,as come o man, our pass rush got to do better. >> yeah. >> big matchup will be jeffrey r josh normal noon see if he shadows in the whole game ifhole you can take him out of thef th equation because then you haveu younger less experiencedxp receivers but you never know. k. it's whole field and teams andea play up when they're at home,e, most teams play up when they're at home. >> most teams. most teams. >> plus we know they're nots going to the playoffs. we knowwe t khating chicago --t guys are ri
6:35 am
>> this is a saturday game,ga all right. so,me come sunday morning whenor everybody is celebrating christmas, will we be singingin what do the lonely do at christmas -- which is a sad song, or will we be singinginng this christmas, which is aich i happy song which is one of my personal favorites based on this game if you're a redskins fan. >> i'm going with donny, donny y hathaway. >> this christmas. christmas. hang all the mistletoe. >> ez as the redskins. redsk >> you not going with your withr wham song.wham >> it ain't over yet steve.ain't >> i think we'll be feeling shik hope on chris btmas >> okay. >> i think we'll feel that we nk are still in this. weear there's still a chance and let's hope we have some good goo friends in the nfl that helphe us out. >> okay, all so come sunday i hop oe>> o that we're not saying last l christmas i gave you my but the very next day youay threw it away. >> i knew you had it in you whiz. >> this year, safe me some tears, i gave to it someonesomee special. >> there's too many whamhere lyrics. >> i just happen to know that song. >> tha
6:36 am
>> always goodamt happhat>> t tk football fellas.ellas. merry christmas ez street. >> 1:00 tomorrow early game. >> it's an early game so tune g in support the burgundy andnd gold. gold. >> let's send things over to s tucker and allison.entuck >> wait. do we get scores from you guys. >> ez said, they can both said t the redskins are ghey oing to ww >> what about you.>> >> i think the y win. >> they better or i'm going to i move to canada.anad >> the score is going to be 28 to 19 in favor of. >> wisdom always -- of all a weeks pick the redskins. rsk >> the producer always says alw wrap when i'm doing my configuration. >> it's never been good bitats e vebur t he just keeps going witw it. .> right. he's got stick to itness.s. we lov
6:37 am
this line makes it seem likeeeml it's christmas eve eve. let's get -- >> quickly, people want peopl wn weather as they're headed outd t the door.thdoor. 33 washington. whington. cooler than yesterday.ol we'll be in theer t 40's this0's afternoon with increasing clouds. we'll keep it dry today.l if you're travelingt locally today, you're in good shape.oode i'll show you the travelyou thal forecast coming up here in up re just a couple minutes but thisus afternoon mostly cloudy byoon late in the afternoon, upperrnop 40's. 40 cooler than yesterday butut again dry until after midnightad tonight. much more on the weekend weekend forecast momentarily. >> thank you master barnester sir. erin good morning. morning. >> good morning. right now 6:37 and we're goingei take a look at skyfox off the t top. top. doesn't it look like christmasos tree lights right now? this is 66 on the eastbound side. s headlights coming towards usts c through centreville. right now volume ithsro increasn but hey, we're still moving min along from 234 to 28 and thennde again inside the beltway. beltw. let's switch it over for aswit look at our maps show you whatuw else you're up against this agat morning. police investigation earliernvei this morning in capitol south. residual delays because ofual there on the orange bruin silverdee on t
6:38 am
wiehle-reston centreville earlier crashra investigation wrapped.atio ordway road all lanes opened right near compton road sod keep that in mind things tha moving once again. 95 southbound crash moved over o to the shoul south of the icc.soh of that's your look at traffic.raff more in just a few moments. mom keep it to fox5 news morning.or. >> ♪♪ ♪♪ >> seasons greetings. wish y'all happy holidays an>> a wonderful 2017. ♪> ♪♪ >> christmas sometime coming and i'll be going home ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:41. we're back now with what's trending on the web on this friday morning much first up a backng un on itedninguch airlines frim houston to ecuador forced toado return to houston afterston aft reports of a stowaway.way. the airline says sounds were coming from there cargo hold h but they weren't able to findo f this stowaway. stowa now they say it could have
6:42 am
get some more details on des what happened there in thatappen story. also in the skies as a different kind of turbulence for ivanka president-elect's oldestt-electt daughter was en route tohter hawaii for a vacation with her w family when a man berated her h accusing her father of ruininget the country. c other passengers say ivanka trump hearne husbands remainedne very calm and distracted their yo hunang children during thed e incident. ivanka repeatedly told jetblue personnel she didn'tidn' want to cause a scene and the unruly passenger and hisnd h companions were removed.oved russell wilson went all out for his christmas giftstm gs for his teammates.eamm he not only gave tv's to hiso h offensive line but he boughtug the entire team first lasfirs l class tickets to wherever 33ev wanted to go on vacation. vacio wilson isn't the only thenly quarterback to give amazingma gifts to his teammates. broncos quarterback trevor simeon -- hold that thought. tho >
6:43 am
fox news morning. morni >> i don't have that he's provided his teammates tmm with skittles dispensing parkas.rk i don't know. ru son wins whateverins w that is. >> i saw theth picture and they're kind of cute. cut the parkas had a littletle skittles dispenser.nser >> that's any other a normals thinang. >> it's denver so -- >> parka with skittles in itt but they're not first class firc ipip tickets. >> they're not but it's kind no of funny though. >> that doesn't even belong inbe that same story as far as, yousy know, also in a gag gift, thatit kind of >> maybe he just felt thatelt tt that's what they needed.'s w >> maybe so.>> so. >> sometimes it's better thanbet nothing, >> maybe so. i would like to be a see hawkee instead. >> okay, well, there you go.herg you don't get to choose that tha unfortunately though.ately thoug >> kevin mccarthy onin marth location for the filming of thef his new movie assassins creedass and he's giving us the gift of o showing us his action scenen sce that he went all the waynt the w across the ocean to film. fox beat coming up next. it's 6:43.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> good morning cindy porter. p >> good morning cindy >> he says today isg the day d before the night before christmas.stma >> the day before the night before christmas.ay b can weefbefo all revreel c in te beautiful sound of paul mccartney's wonderfuldeul christmas song. >> is that what that is? >> ♪♪ >> it's not is it. i >> this is n
6:47 am
christmas song. son mine is -- >> that's what i thought ithougt was.wa l gel get it. >> that's what happens when a joke back fires on, steve.s ev >> no matter what i don't likeik that song. here's what some other folks are saying that they like. silent night. >> kelly price does silent night, yeah. yeah. got a beautiful pic. p >> jury listening to a a different version of the songn s allison. it's like a mix version oron o something. you'll hear it all of a sudden. >> really? >> yeah. >> i'm not familiar with this. perhaps i like it even less amili like i the original.. >> thank you angie. aie >> the temptations silent night. when he comes in on that basss h i like it, too. t thanks jay well.ks jay well. >> thanks for sending us your favorite holiday classics. >> classic. >> hi tuck.. >> hey. >> okay. >> time to do the weather.eaer jacket tradition and i have a hv new tradition i started last lt ar
6:48 am
>> feels like it's bonbon aonboa long time. im >> years and years.. >> time for me to do thee r me weather. >> that says christmas in your face.e >> let's do the bus stop forecast. last day of school and you o have a week off here.f ve a temperatures a wreee goik ng to be -- temperatures below 50 this afternoon. so50 t chilly conditions thison afternoon way cold start tort t your day.ur d here are your current numbers. we're lookingr cu at 33 in washington.ingt. 28 -- >> ♪♪ -- >> and a flute jam.lute j doesn't get better than.n. that 32 in frederick.2 in fri 30 in leonardtown.eotown cold temperatures to startpera your day. sunshine here early.yo we areurhine going get clouds ts afternoon -- i can'tan concentrate when there's are's flute jam. feel like i need to dance.d to n this storm system is going toysi get in here overnight tonighte v and early saturday so we aerreoe going have some rain showersin s around for our christmas eve for hanukkah.anukkah. clears out for sunday on out f christmas day. santa should have no problemsrol with his deliveries earlys ay there we are at
6:49 am
tonight. you can see some cloud cover and again the rain will holde sd off tonight but it will bewill with us tomorrow that's tomorrow morning atorro 7:00 a.m. through probablyw h ob early afternoon tomorrow androwa then i can't promise we'll we'll clear out tomorrow but weut w should dry out by tomorroworrow afternoon.te 50 for christmas day with a w nice looking afternoon andon there's your seven-day forecast. forecast. mild temperatures early nextratu week and we'll cool it down down late next week. we'll hit 60 again by next nex tuesday. that's the latest from santa's helper. >> i got excited and tried torit put the hat on you during one d of your earlier reports. repor >> i wasn't ready for it. >> that just completes theju outfit. right now big delays on the delays inner loop.on t there's a crash bottom of the beltway by two tent as youo tent approach the wilson bridgedg you'll hit a wall of backed up traffic. atypical delays there. there the outer loop looking very very nice by van dorn.n dn. no problems as you cross therost wilson bridge either. eit right now on 28 volume iss building by frying pan roady r but nothing terrible right now n so if you're heading t
6:50 am
traffic won't slow you done. don quite on the way to reaganan national and bwi. 95 northboundorthbound baltimore-washington parkwaywa outside the beltway lookingshion good. go let's move it over from ourve iv ercameras to a look at our maps. some other slowdowns you needou to be aware of. ntoawar just a little bit of o congestion building and alsolda keep in mind this situation sitn clearing up. u we had an earlier police elier e investigation at capitol south. just that some residual delays left on the orange blue andd silver franconia vienna and wiehle-reston east. look at the green from 70 down7w to gaithersburg commuters and joy u that commute. back to you guys. hankhanks. 6:50 right now.ow let's cue the music for kevin's fox yesterday he just had the today we're doing the wholeho big deal. >> yeah, this is the full.s he l >> the full monty. >> look at the cuffs. cuffs >> now my lace is stuck in the wheels of the claire. o the movie
6:51 am
opened up on wednesday and i traveled to spain to shoot an insane action sequence. sequenc i can't twenty eight show this. >> are we going to see this now. >> this is the full actiont tweo green this is thinesis the fullr >> world premiere.remier >> nobody has seen this. >> nobody. >> we need to think of af nickname for action superstarpes kevin mccarthy.m >> this is me in spain filming i an action scene similar to simir what you'll see in assassinssi cue the music. >> ♪♪
6:52 am
>> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> that's a long scene, kev.ev. >> it's done now but that was just the -- lie to go back -- b [cheers and applause]pplause] >> ooh, yes. >> well done. o say that washa was awesome to shoot. >> i love that you had your you
6:53 am
nobody would expect that youthat would whoop some behind.wh >> that guyoo did not let mee beat him up at all. all he wasn't even -- he justn't evn happened to be a - safety mat i the middle of this courtyard. >> don't tell the movie secrets.ets. suspension of disbelief. we loved that. tha >> that was me flipping.t was i a mctualle y jumped out;,ut through the magic of editing eti it can make it look like i'mikei falling longer than i am buti it was cool.l. >> that's awesome. t >> i know you love to make movies. this had to be a little to a le insight from you from allro all aspects of it.cts >> it was fun. assassins creed in theaters.ers. >> action nickname for him weni have to come up with something. >> three movies opening up in theaters this weekend starting today and two open uckpnave o tn ovies s we sunday.sunday. first off is why this movie made me lauh honest i needed this movie.ovie this has been a crazy year.r. this movie made me laugh solah hard and james franco and a bryan cranston star in the film. bryan cranston plays thecrston father. fath his
6:54 am
james franco's character they ce go to visit him and it becomestm a bit of a dramatic and hilarious element.ous very fun to watch very raunchy u cle r rated.e r ra a four out of five. of fiv h rth seeing. just do not take the kids. kids. >> bryan cranston wasn't in it t would you still like thehe movie. >> he's great in it but the best parts are megan mulally. >> breaking bad is off.ff next up fences. fce denzel wow.denzel wow best performance of the year oea by an actor. aor denzel destroys it.nzel destroy he's incredible in this film. directed this film. thisilm. it's a broadway production august wilson both starred inst the shinow. e >> i want you to ask yoursk your friend wisdom martin to do his impression of denzel doingon o this scene.cene if denzel gets an oscar wisdom o needs a razzy. razzy >> we'll have wisdom do that tha in good day.ay tune in for that. tha that movie four and a half o
6:55 am
of five worth seeing highlywortg recommend it. mmfinally in my opinion theo most important film of the year hidden figures this openshn up in d.c. on sunday. only at two theaters amc hoffman center and regaln center gallery place and then aerpl aceverywhere upon january 6th, about 3 incrediblee african-american women who womew worked behind the scenes at nasa and were the main brainsn behind some of the first successful space mission.sion. >> i have an exciting update u for you and me. jannell monet hamptonnnel university graduate. >> yeah.l iver>> yh. >> 757. >> everyone in this movie is the music by far veal vea incredible. i'm telling you right ninow if i you want to have a big smile big on your face on christmas day take your family see it. pg. i cried happy tears at thehappyt end. t this is a beautifheul story thaa no one ever talks about. got run.un >> great movie.ov >> see ya'.>> see >> hey tuck.>> h >> hey guys.>> h >> kev i think the must see thie movie of the year is why me because everybody asks why me.
6:56 am
hold on second.ho do you get it. that's okay. [laughter] >> 32 degrees. 32 degree hey, we'll be 49 today with cooler temperatures settinging in. clouds this afternoon but we'll keep it dry.ep itry i know we're doing last minutete shopping getting ready for thede big weekend so the good news the is we will be dry thisryhi afternoon but noticeablybly cooler than yesterday andrdaynd again mostly cloudy by afternoon.aftern here's a look all rightlight weekend forecast.we rain showers tomorrow we'll dry it out tomorrowro afternoon. things look bright and cool onln christmas sunday 50 all right erin is back with a last look at roads this hour.ou >> i am. got you covered this t morning.rnin 6:56 and we're dealing with ah quiet commute coming out of stafford 17 to the aquiaia harbor problem free.rb p i would say overall it's a much quieter commute around aron the dmv this morning.orni. the eve of christmas eve.rist ee so if you have to head out and o about work traffic shouldn't be too big of a problem. probl nooks see we're dealing withwe'h zero delays on the way to thes y beltway but the bottom side weme have a crashut
6:57 am
inner loop local lanes causingei some slowdowns.owns 395 is wide opened to the 14th t street bridge. in fact all of our area inbound bridges respect cruising along without anyng wht delays. roosevelt memorial key.ev we'll keep youelt updated on ti friday morning.orning. keep it to fox5. we're back in just a few. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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6:59 am
be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪♪
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>> first up at 7 o'clocklock breaking news overnight from f europe. the suspect in the berliner christmas market attack isack dead this morning.. how the week long manhunt camehu to a violent end just ahead. >> the holiday travel rush is in full swing and fox5 has itas covered this morning.orning. we're live showing you thelive lines at reagan national andnata bwi marshall. mshal we are check on dulles.nulles. everything you need to knowhingu before you head out the door.d . >> and if you're not traveling this morning, you mveight veryhv well be out shopping or are you? we're live at some ofme the stores that have beenes opened around the clock for t cr days and don't plan to closelo until tomorrow night but areorr the shoppers coming out? o >> they were out where i was that's for sure. live look outside though on tug this friday frirnin it's christmas eve eve december 23rd. weather and traffic coming upan on the 5s atd traf 7:05. 7 good friday to you.y you. i'm allison seymour.i'n >> and i'm steve chenevey. i welcome to fox5 news morning. mg while you slept we learnedel of major breaks news the suspect in the christmas chm market attack in berlin is bli dead killed in a shootout with police


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