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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm erin como. >> and i'm wisdou m mar traffic. gary mcgrady is going to talk about weather. that'soming up in just a mcgtalk moment. first let's talk fox5t in prince george's countg where police are working tong to bring a man to justice who is suspected of raping a teen girl more than a decade ago. police say richard taylor wanted for the rape of aed for 15-year-old girl. the r his l15as-yt known address is in temple hills.te a dna hit linked taylor to the imime. detectives obtained warrant for his arrest but haven't been able to find him.s ar findm he's believed to have used several aliases. now let's go tolet' washington, d.c. where a man, da accused of attempt to go to sexually assault an employee in northwest under arrestnd after police used his metro met card to track him down. d >> the suspect was in thenhe metro transit system in the the train system. sysm.
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landover station area where he had exited out of the metro meto system and detectives fromti metro transit police hadolice h recent video from that day off that individual using thethe metro card and they were able a to locate him very close by, stop him, our detectives detecti respond out working veryrkg v closely with them, we were w able to identify him and obtained an arrest warrantest wn that >> the 18-year-old suspect whoys has not yet been named now faces charges for assault with intent to commit first degree sexual assault whileo comm armem >> also developing thiselopin morning, a sheriff's deputy on maryland's eastern shore is in critical condition after being shot in the line of duty.uty. authorities say deputy warren we scott hogan was responding tondn a domestic disturbance call at s a home near chestertown whenow he got into a shootout without w man inside that home.home. the man was shot and killed. kie body cam footage of thishis incident has not yet been released. a taxi driver in critica
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condition after being shot inn an apartment complex in anne arrundel county.ou skyfox was over the scene.r thes it happened just before 6:00e 6: p.m. on ben's drive in annapolis. police say the driver left thele scene before calling for help.el at this point police do noto have a suspect or a motive.ot >> more questions remain this r morning over how the man man accused of murdering tricia mccauley acknowledged freely ack walk the streets after so many run ins withtree the law. mccauley was a local yoga teacher who was that foundho waa dead in her car earlier thiser t week after going missing on christmas day. d police say the suspected killer adrian duane johnsone jon failed to show up to get a gps t tracking device he had beenbeen ordered to wear.r. >> we have new video thise haeo morning to show you after a deadly hit-and-run right here hr in the district. dtric this dark colored suv was dar captured leaving thek scene following the accidenthe aid wednesday in northwest.orwest jacqueline cole was walking along the crosswalk on 14the crw street and parkwood place when w she was hit. hit the driver just took off.k cole was r
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hospital where she later diedrel from her injuries.njurie if you have any>> information about the car or driver, please contact d.c.tactc police. >> 4:32 is the time right nowe t let's get down gary mcgradyry m and talk about the last friday of 2016. 201 >> can you believe it's the youl last friday?stri >> it's gone baby.t's moving ton a new year. >> partying into 2017 tomorrowom night gary. gh >> let's go.>> let g no doubt about it. abo i i'll have that forecast fororecs you in just a second here. just one of the things today wengdayw deal with is the wind.ind. now the wind is not too bado now but it is going to get better -- wait, hold on, not not better, it is going get worse w because the wind speeds arepeeda going to get stronger as we head through the day, okay., ay. right now sustained wind outd there anywhere between just a j little bit on up to look at martinsburg, thyrsus taint atust 21 miles per hour there.iles p winchester is sustained at sustd 15 miles per hour.r ho here in town again not too badad but this has been fluctuatingfln throughout the last couple ofut hour ts oher so. wind gusts now -- we're- wre starting to get some prettye good wind gusts up overd gusts r 30 miles per hour.30 that will be the trend today. td i think easily we'll have a ease ton of wind gusts up o
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some up over 30 and we'llll probably end up before the day d is out we'll have somee register up around 40, okay,kay, because a pretty windy systemys coming this cold front is bringingfronn temperatures down asg well. w the wind chill factor ther feels like in the 20's mostly north and west.rtd we we're going stay in the 20's this morning and we'll be m moornistly in the 30's with thet wind chill factor all day long. long. temperatures will only warm upes here in town w to about abo 42 degrees.42 d a lot of places north and westre will stay in the 30's and this is just the actual airl air temperature, so it's going to gt dyel windy. it's going to feel colder thanor this with the wind out there. te new year's eve forecast fortor all the partying going on out ou there, this will be tomorroworrw night. temperatures will stale it looks like starting off onff saturday temperatures will be in the upper 40's to right around 50.arnd 5 by the new year's eve, byy midnight we're probably low 40's just about everywhere, all right and we'll drop into'l the 30's. a couple ofth pe laces in the suburbs could be 30's bysy midnight but i think most of mo us will be lower 40's. 4 there will be some clouds outsoo there but it's going toud beng chilly and it's g
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dry so no need to worry aboutora anything like that.anyt just be careful out there and listen, since we have extra time here let's show this holiday weekend forecast. it's not looking bad.'s nooi tomorrow good sunshine, we'llin have some clouds, a few cloudslo especially in the afternoon.ft temperature gets up to, oh, 47h4 p-48, something like that.some so generally upper 40's. and then for sunday, first dayos of the year, happy new year,ear, everybody, right, we're going wg to have some clouds, we'llloudsw have some sunshine, too andhined there's still a very slighterslt chance for a spotty shower.potto may not happen. hap may not happen.p but it looks like we coulde we u have a couple of spotty coue of showers for the new year andyear looks like the first severaler days of the new year going tong be mild. mild. 60 degrees next week he said. here's erin como. com >> thank you very much, gary. 4:35. 4:35 friday morning commute rightmuit now. traffic is looking reallyng rea great around the beltway. bel we're not seeing any slowdowns.ow 50 inbound coming from the bay bridge to cheverly problem to free. been a relatively light weekble leading up toght the new year's weekend so good news there ifsog you're waking up inoo virginia,i 95 northbound quiet.ui
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on the inner loop right now.oog and if you take a look at 95 a northbound delay free fromree f dale city to the thew problem free across thes t occoquan, route one is looking good, all of our secondaries sea in stafford fredericksburg nonissues in richmond.d. if you have an early flight to t catch maybe you want to head toh somewhere else to celebrateseo e the new year's eve ball dropro tomorrow night, well, noell, problems getting to reaganreagan national dulles or bwi.ulleor b there's a look at 395 where5he we're moving along just fine.usf things in arlington areinon okoking good. things in falls church are cruising. and let us know how you're getting around tomorrow night. we have the millert usound light ride program, the safe ride program and then miller ride giving three ridesri midnight until 3 o'clock. 3 o'c. we'll have options for gettingei around the district. disic if you stay put we want to w wat help you get around safely.afel have a designated driver.ri metro gearing up for serviceup f at 5:00. we'll keep you updated. updat whiz back to you. >> time is 5:3wh6.:3 coming up on fox5 news morning, face scrub fallout. f ap
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women aren't wasting their time with one face wash any because they're suing saintuingi ives for millions of dollars.ol what they say one of the company's face scrubs doesface straight ahead. a live look across theacrost dmv. the temperature is 37 degrees7 at 4:36 in the morning.. fox5 news morning fact rightac afr ththis. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back now with what's trend other web. first up the unitednow wi states hastate slapped russia with new penalties for meddling in the u.s. election. as it turns out the u.s. is no i stranger to the practice.ractic the los angeles time reporting i the u.s. government has a longta history of attempting toptin influence presidential presidenl elections in other countries. ci as many as 81 times betweenet 1946 and the year 2000. 2 and the times says thatsha doesn't include milit
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and regime change efforts following the election ofowing l candidates the u.s. didn't d like notably in iran, guatemala and chile. c >> next up two women suing s skin care company saint ives i over its apricot scrub face wash. they pack it with crushedith cr walnut shells.ut she they claim the scrub was way way too harsh on the skin andkind causes acne and accelerated aging. ag the lawsuit says the product pdu label dermatologist tested ist i misleading because it's tested but not recommended.ommeed the women are seekingeeki $5 million in damage.$5 milli >> i have that in my showern right now. >> throw it away. >> all right then. > aight that's a development.ment finally we're learning allle bit more about singer george michael in the months before he died. according to tmz he was reclusive and struggling with his weight in the monthsth before his death.befo his pictures taken back in ten b september of michael at ael at a restaurant in london show thew h singer had that gained at in significant amount of weight. w. tmz also reports he was rarely l seen out in the months beforetho his death. george michael died in hisn h sleep on christmas day fromay heart very sad story
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>> 4:40 is the time. t time. coming up on fox5 news morningng want a free sweet treat today.ty >> yes, i do wisdom martin. mar find out what fast food joint fo is serving up an icy treatre free through the new year. yea >> we're going to break with art live look across the dmv.e dmv the time is 4:41.:4 the temperature 37 degrees. 37 fox5 news morning back right after this. this. >> look at clouds this morning. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> right now at 4:43, the u.s. putting sanctions on at russiai for hacking the u.s. u. presidential campaign.tial cign. we're live with what this means as tensions grows.. >> plus, it's a phone call it' that could mean the difference between life and deathean but t with more and more emergency eme calls coming from cell phones, the ability to pinpointbity to t exactly where the emergency ise from is also more we've got that story straightt ahead. >> we say good morning to you.o. we've made to it friday. thanks for joining us.ksor j i'm erin como.omo. >> and i'm wisdom martin andismt today is the last friday in i 2016. >> can you believe it?an y >> oh, i can believe it. time is flying by. when you get oldti lmeike me ern time just flies on by.fls on >> wisdom when you hit yourr 30's like me time just goest g like that. >> i remember that last yeart y when i hit my 30's.it3 >> i know. >> 4:44 is the time. tim gary mcgrady -- i'm endingdig this foolishness now. n >> one of is you not t
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the truth. >> one of us. us. >> i listen closely and one of is you not telling the truth.ngu >> i admit it, i'm 25. i'm sorry for lying. lng >> goodness gracious.dn you nailed it. that's exactly what i was thinking. >> i knew it, gary.>> i kne >> that's right.>> we all know wisdom is the oldheo man. [laughter] >> not nice, gary.e,ary. >> what is it your kids callidsl you? mr. duncan. dunca >> old man duncan.n. >> terms of endearment.ndeaen >> i don't know wait meansaitea except for the old part. f o >> kids are all below 14 it's 1s not a term of endearment .. >> [laughter] [laug >> after they turn 14 it getsheu to be a littlern 1 bit better. e i think. maybe, maybe not.ot i don't know. 34 degrees here for gaithersburg right now it'sburg the first number i saw, right rt 37 for baltimore.alti here in town we're sitting atnga 37 degrees as well. fredericksburg is 38. culpeper is 35. 3 hagerstown is 35, too. too a lot of middle 30's out there t this morning.orng the wind speed is kicking up.kig it's going to be kicking up all day long. l let's check it out. wind speed right now, sustained winds, that's wa
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from, so it's 6 miles per hour6 here in towpenr but notice bacb out to the north and west, the sustained wind is a lot stronger.strong. winchester is blowing at 22. gusting even higher than that. martinsburg 21.urg 2 frederick 10 miles per hourk 10 and winchester m is 15. so, what we're going see here,e, the winds will ramp up aamp up little bit more through therohe morning hours.g hou. so we're going to be sustainedin today 15, 20, 25 miles per5 mile hour with gifts to 30, maybe mae even some gusts up to aboutbo 40 miles per hour or so and aond little bit of that that wind is kind of driving snowngno flurries over the mountains moui and in our direction. direction. i'll show that you in a second. right now wind chill factorw how it feelswind outside based o those sustained winds feelseels like 32 in winchester and itr a feels like 23 and it feels, n-gaithersburg 32 here.burg little bit of light flurryight y activity coming through.ty c we'll see some of that thishat h morning, maybe occasionallybe o today as well. l but definitelyefinel blustery and cold.ry a cold. there's you remember how some erin como she's doisong doublee duty this morning.orni. >> we got it
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4:46 right now. now look at that. we are wide opened on 95 on cruising past dale boulevard.oua i love what we're seeing. sg. no problems south of that tha point in stafford or fredericksburg.eder north that of point throughf t t newington towards the beltway bw very light volume. volum pretty much representative ofntf the traffic patterns we'ves wee seen all week so enjoy thishi final i'd like to call it thethe holiday week commute. commute. if you have to head to work today, you're not any all green all good top of thetot beltway in college park. pk. 95 towards bwi looks good. between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway wide opened. same story on 270 southboundth through rockville.rockvie. wisdom for all the gaithersburg commuter outommute there it's been dream. dream know issues all week long.uel let's show you what elseow you a you're facing thist traffic looking good ining od i no problems on 70. metro is gearing up for service at 5:00 that is on o time so so that's great news tea any questions at erin fox5rifox5 d.c. on twitter. >> all right, 4:47 is the time m right now. let's talk news this morning if we could flip
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seease. thank you very much.r this morning the u.s. strikestrk back. ck. the white house has handed han down a sweeping set of punishments for russia. rsi >> this comes after the u.s.tet accused russia of trying toryino sway the presidential election n for donald trump. fox5's annie yu is live fromivem the russian embassy with thesy very latest. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, erin anepr:d well, a number of the 35 the diplomats and their families f that have been ordered toed t leave the country within the next 72 hours live right hereigt at the russian embassy in i northwest d.c. and when the t news broke yesterday we sawaw several unmarked trucks leaving the however, the embassy has not released a statement on thisn ti matter at this time.tter now, in a bold step the white te house handed down a set of punishments for russia yesterday targeting russia's rui spy agencies as well as a diplomats that the u.s. says u was trying to meddle in the presidential election anden president obama says "alltial americans should be alarmed byey russia's actions and the move freezes their u.s. assets and blocks measures americans om
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shaft it shut down two russian government owned compounds one in maryland and the other in new yod russia denies the hacking allegations is thatga threatening retaliation and wer caught up with a lot of people o yesterday, there's been a lot of reaction over this. thi we spoke to one woman, aan a russian national who liveshoes right here in d.c. and she and s believes the sanctions arensre senseless and political games. s take a listen.isten >> it seems to me quitee q strange because i think thatt american president is leaving la now so his actions like thisthis are really strange foror russians. >> reporter: now, n president-elect trump has trumps repeatedly rejected the claimsla of russian interference in thenr election and last night he and h released a statement that read in part "it's time for our for o country to move on to big ando a better things. i will meet with leaders ofde o the intelligence community cmu next week in order to be updated on the facts of this thh attuation ." that's the very latest hereest r from the russian embassy in northwest, annie yu fox5 local >> 4:49 is the time. 4:4is t also in the news this morningism as me
4:50 am
phone calls are made from cell phones, the ability tobility to pinpoint exactly where the e emergency is is becomingxa more difficult.icult. current technology uses cellch towers tono determine where youy but the tower your phone pings to may be miles away or evenve in another jurisdiction.d the fcc mandated by 200021, 202 911 centers must have accurateha locations of 80 percent off ers.ers. >> well, if you don't knoww cpr, you may want to learn it i after this next story.. when an employee at ae at southeast supermarket wentmark into cardiac arrest, one ofne o her coworkers jumped rightped rh into action and helped to save her life. cassandra minor was rushed to the aid of karen stuart after she collapsed in the middle of m a bidusy mainer an customer performederfo chest compressions for moreio than 10 minutes untilns emt's arrived to help.el >> she was like, girl, you just drunk. and she said i just went intoo action. >> scary. just to see and not knowing
4:51 am
exactly how long she had been bn laying there before i got backeo >> now, karen is sore, bruised s and tired but she is heading hdi home so that's great news and her cardiologist saysst says cassandra is the reason why. why >> that's good she was able toaa do that. do i know a lot of times when i'mnm coaching in the little league basketball and baseball they and teach you the cpr training bas t you just notify know how you'll'llct. >> exactly if you'll be ready to spring into action.n. >> 4:51 is the time. t time. coming up on fox5 news morning, we're on eagle watchwac in south florida.lori eagle watch. >> eagle watch? >> yeah. >> here's a live look at thatk t eagle cam and these twohese two eaglets could hatch anys coul moment. we're told one of the eggs iss already cracking. details ahead.s a that's so cool.that so i hope it happens live on thehe show today. show t >> that would beoday nice if the were able to break the storyto right here on our air. a >> did you see what you just see did right there. >> i saw what i >> i set you up.ou u
4:52 am >> that's like basketballbasketl teamwork. this've had enough of foolishness right here.e. we're going to break.e goin b 4:51 is the live look across the dmv. 37 is the temp. theem we're back in a moment. >> we're rocking.ways bea >> more jokes. stick around. we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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>> ♪♪ >> 4:54 is the time much new this morning officials in prince george's county say property values in some parts of the county are risingis t moo faster v than in thealue cou rnf maryland.ry. commercial properties havecial increased 14 percent while residential property valueser vs are up 12 percent.rcen the reassessed properties are mostly located in wealthierealtr portions of the county outsideut capital beltway including laurel bowie and upper marlboro.rlboro >> mama aisha anu
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donald trump in its i presidential mural.enti since 2009 the restaurant has featured every u.s. presidentret from eisenhower to obama onba o the side of the building but the owners' official positioniao on adding donald trump is that a it's "not in the budget." >> 4:55 is the time right now rw on this friday morning. morni good morning to you gary myo mcgrady. od to o see you. happy friday. >> what's going on >> it's good weather news forews us for the new year. y >> yeah, i think we do. yea it's not going to be crazyoing y cold. we don't have to worry about abo any type of frozen precipitation. we don't have to worry aboutto a any rain.ain. maybe a little bit on new on ne year's day but that's it. that's let me show you the wind chillic out there right now because bau it's kind of shockingly coldingl when you step out this step t th morning. much colder than we have beenha this the wind chill factors are at 31 degrees here in town.egre lots of feeling like it's in the 20's up to tfeheel north anh west and we've been chasing a flurry or two. i saw a couple on my way inmy wy this morning.orni these will be most prominent prt north and west but occasionally some of this som
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and you'll see just a flake orle two flying around the metro area. area. no big deal. more on the forecast coming up.n the right now let's get upstairsps to traffic.raffic. hey, erin. >> 4:55.>> 4 take a look behind me.k hind traffic is moving alonglong without any problems as youas head around the inner loopnn l through annandale and problemrol free on 95 and 66. overall virginia commute is quiet. let's switch to our maps.s sw it's the same sittory as you sta make your way out in all over the dmv we're seeing really quiet conditions.on there's 95 up to the beltway.ay metro is on time at 5:00 a.m.t m we'll keep you updated. updated. whiz, back to you.wh >> 4:56 is the time right now.hw we're still on eagle watch this morning. mng some eaglets are set to hatch th before the new greer florida. new year in florida.fl american bald eagle harrietan b and her mate areal waiting for the two eggs to hatch. the pair has been taking turns incubating them. t harriet has been turning and tua rolling the eggs on
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basis. ba we've got harriet's why don't we have the other the eagle's name? i'm just jus saying. i'm just saying.ay you're watching fox5 news5ew morning. back in a moment.
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>> mounting tensions between the u.s. and russia. president obama handing down sanctions overe u.obam electiono interference. reaction and details >> we're just 48 hours untilil the new year and in new york yor major preps are under way tondeo make sure everything goes offhie without any we're going to talk about thatk as well. as w >> we'll talk about this, too. t our weather taking a live look outside on this beautifuls beauf friday morning. it is clear, it isfr cool, 37 degrees. we're going have the detailsg vt coming up in just a bit. bit >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joinink g ins. i'm wisdom martin. mar >> i'm maureen umeh.reen uh. yes, we're talking weather andtd traffic on the 5s coming up u with gary mcgrady and erinand in como. but first.t >> we have news to talk abouto how many it's the national it'sh story makinge headlines this morning, the u.s. slapped u. sl russia with sanctions accusingun the country of trying to sway the presidential election fortit donald >> fox5's annie yu is live is le with the latest developmentsevep this morning. good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodey morning to you maureen andtoou m wisdom. well, a number of the 35 the 3 diplomats and their familiesd that have been ordered toave ber leave the u.s. within the next


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