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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5. news morning.og >> right now at 6:00, somber sbe start to the new year for f students at one maryland highanh school after one of theirf tir classmates is shot and killed ke inside her own we're live with how they're ty'e remembering her this morning.or. >> the redskins blowing theirsk playoff chances in a toughins cn loss right here at herah we'll break it all down andn a what's next for the burgundygund and gold. gold. >> meantime a live lookeante a outside on this monday january 2nd. oh, boy, it is wet out there. te ooh, luckily a lot of you arelyl not working today so we'reo 'r only going to do news and a weather today.atheday. a check of that was coming upomg at 6:05. 6:0 good morning, i'm maureen mauren umeh. >> and i'm erin como. steve and a allndis ion, they ae enjoying this morning off. thisn a lot of people aroundg of the v enjoying the day off as well. w. welcome back to fox5 news morning. >> let's start with what's in the news. isis taking rtartespo wns ibility foril the deadly nightclub attack in istanbul turkey.urke turkish police are tryingh track down the gunmen whopoli killed 39 people on new year's at a popular nightclub.ub among the dead is a policedead officer and clos ie to 70 people
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american man. most of themam are foreigners fi we're talking about theng a injured there. officials say the gunmen was armed way longer. barreled weapon.po >> closer to home police in in upper marlboro say a man was m w struck and killed along ang pennsylvania avenue last night. an investigation revealed theni man had been walking across the road when he had app possible medical emergency.rgen police say he was then runhe over by an unknown vehicle. the man was pronounced dead onnn the scene when emergency crews arrived. if you have any information you're asked to please cavale ln police. >> d.c. police they need yourlie helped finding this missing child 11-year-old brianna toddnt was last seen in the 1000 block of brentwood road inoa i northeast. she's 5 feet one and weighs wgh 130 pounds. she has a mole on her lefter l cheek. she was last seen wearing a blue jacket red shirt bluehirt u jeans and black and yellow jordan shoes. if you have any informationn about her whereabouts pleases pl give d.c. police a call. c >> also developing thislso morning a deadly shooting it'sde rocking a small marylandyland >> 15-year-old boy is accused of shooting and killing-old bd g anothe
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mother over the weekend inekin ellicott cy. >> our melanie alnwick she'sckhe live there this morning withhisn all those disturbing details. mel. >> reporter: well, good wel goo morning. friends of charlotte zarembaba just 16 years old are askingg their fellow classmates here her to wear black to school thisoots morning at howard high schoolhis in honor and remembrance of charlotte they say that she was the kindas of kid that always brought aroua smile with her wherever she went and they just cannot maketk sense of this shooting. sin they're also posting on social l media one of the ways inone they're trying to work through their grief over this really rll shocking turn of eventsvents posting pictures and sweetand memories of their friend frid charlotte. it was 2:00 a.m. sunday whendayw howard county police raced to the home on knoll glen road. charlotte's mother suzanner zann heard a scuffle in herner daughter's bedroom.edro police say when she went to wen check it out she was shot by a a 15-year-old boy who then shott charlotte and himself.. char
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hospital but did not survive. s. suzanne was also treated for her gunshot wound but released. people who know the family areia ununned. >> it's horrible. it's -- i -- i can't put night words.rd i just can't. it's one of the, i feel -- for f her mom to be in the room and to -- to survive, i mean, i just can't even imagine.'t this is r i this is a friend. this is someone you knew.ou kne >> reporter: police say it s is unclear if the shooter hadot any connections to the we're told no one else waseas involved in this incident.t. police tell us they have tell he identified the 15-year-oldyear-d suspect as a young man from ellicott city but they're not n going to say anything else s any about his identity because atse this point he's still beingtillb treated as a juvenile in this case. he remains in the hospitalns with a gunshot wound to the the head, he's in critical condition.
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will be resources grievees gri counselors that sort of thinghi here on hand for students when they return to school today.od live in ellicott city, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 localfox5 l news. >> thank you melanie. you coming up on 6:04 and in thenhe district it's still unclear uler how a man got up to the roof roo of the dupont circle hotel hot in northwest before sadly falling to his death. death it happened early sundayuny moing.g. police say 23-year-old john john leonard of virginia fell 10 fl floors down the boiler shaft of the basement.asen police believe leonard mayeord m have climbed to the roof tombed get a look at the t beautiful view. >> ♪♪ >> happening today, the d.c.e d. council will swear in newlyin ny elected public officials.ffials that ceremony set to beginemonyg around 10:00 thisin morning at the washington convention convtn center. this event free and opened tone the public and among thoseho being sworn is in former d.c. dc mayor vincent gray who will wl represent ward seven on the council. excuse me. also today vague indication indn o
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he will deliver his farewell fal speech next week his hometownwes of chicago. hof ccago >> a little sports now andrts n redskins fans, ooh, waking up to such a tough morning.orng wish i could say it was allwall just a bad dream but they'rehey' officially done for the seasonra after that brutal loss to the tt giants at home yesterday.teay the burgundy and gold didn'td dt even score until the third quarter.qute they fell 19 to 10 after the giants' did he first ended theei game with a fumble recovery touchdown.touc coach jay gruden he was sullen l as to be expected during theng e postgame presser. >> caught.augh there's beckham.ecam. that's what he chooses to do. d >> we'll break down more on me n this heartbreaking lose comingom up at 6:30.:30. i know wisdom probably has a a lot he wants to add to that tha one, maureen.
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>> he does.>> he es. he always does. happy new year. haappyew yew yeaher. >> i she you got the short end e of the stick, too. >> i have been fighting thisgs cold for two >> i was hoping it was a good ag new year's party. pty >> if only. we watched the rocking new year's with mariah and -- a - >> i watched it, too. >> what was that.>> w >> we'll talk about it. >> okay, yeah.h. >> like what do i >> tucker went to bed before b that happened. >> no, you. >> and no, i was awake.nd no, >> yeah, i know, i know.w, ino >> you're not that old. >> no. >> he was our partying it up. >> oh, man it's wouet outr tpae how are we starting off theg ofe new year's with showers although one could say as i told caitlin cleansing.leansing. >> detox for 2017.>> >> i could use d one. >> we all could. >> yes, we've got rain showers overcast skies, drizzle acrosscs the area and it will be with wih us for -- i guess today is a holiday for
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>> not us. >> a federal holiday. a feder >> there you h ifol it'ids you>>r day off, clos around. around. off to the south and west more rain showers a.nd w we'll keepin s them in the the forecast today. not going to rain every and end minute but we'll have the b threat of showers around as we geutt wow whaert we call overru, 47 today with showers aroundrsrn for much of the day.. this pattern will continue into tomorrow went got a lot of weather to talk about in the new to >> snow?now? >> that sounds ominous. >> certainly a possibility.bity >> me no like.ik >> hang o hit it. shall i run over done traffic,t, too. >> there's no traffic today. tod >> i'm going stop doing d traffic after 6:30. 6:3 >> i thought we weren't doingoi any traffic since it was so >> they said because it's raining. raining. >> three people on the roads. rs >> we'll keep them posted. post. >> the man convicted of of killing nine people insides aids south carolina church due back in court today. today we'll explain why.aiwhy. >> protestors hanging highig above a
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dakota pipeline. back with those details in just 30 seconds. >> ♪♪ >> back now at 6:08 and developing overnight iraqi rack noverna suicide bombe attacked a bustling market int eastern baghdad.bad. 18 people died in the blast 25 t others were wounded.ued the bomber used a car with w explosives inside to carry outrt the deadly attack. attk. now, s
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claiming responsibility fornsibl that attack. aack. >> happening now, theowthe ceasefire that took effect in in syria last week is still sti holding up in most areas.treas hundreds of civilians areiliansa fleeing the region outside of damascus. so far some 1300 people haveeav left the area even though though there is a that area is still under attack.ta. >> happening today in southsoh carolina, dylann roof system s expected to be back in courtourt for another hearing toearing to determine his mental health. he. it comes just one day before bor the sentencing phase of his ois murder conviction begins. bin he was found guilty last monthtm of killing nine people at a historically black church in 2015. he faces life in prison or the death penalty but if the judge d rules fifty two not competentome today, he will be sent to a mental health >> in miami several people are recovering after drive byy shoot on new year's day.s day police say at least sevenstev people were shot including incdi three juveniles.le six of the victims are listed ld in serious condition.ious cditi a 17-year-old is said to be in i critical condition. con in word ondi a possible motive v or a
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morning for missing coloradoado police say six-year-old davidd d picket was last seen saturdayura morning before he wanted away.wa police say he has a learning len disability and has history ofan and wanderingof off. >> city of chicagoan up 20162016 with one of its most violent years in near two decades.cas. 762 homicides recorded for for 2016, up 57 percent over lastr s year and more than 4300 shootings incidents werentwer recorded that is up 46 percent6n over last year.r. chicago out paced both newh york city and los angeles angel combined to shootings andshoinga homicides. on saturday hundreds of people marchehud silndently in downtown chicago carrying white crosses for each person killed in the city last year.erson >> 6:10.0. the hollywood sign got a new new year's day makeover from an unknown vandal who used a black tarp to transform theformt letters into a message celebrating black tarps were used to turnd r the o's into e's. e's. one appeared to have a image ime of a peace s
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captured on surveillancervll video. police say he could face trespassing charges but quiteg h a sight for those celebrating the new yeararr thos in hollywod >> cleanup under way this t morning in parts of the flapflap panhandle after storms rippedipe through the region yesterday. the storm toppled trees power t lines, too. li more than two dozen homes wereee damaged.da several roads had to be closed o because of flooding andoding and debris. but the good news, no injuries reported. >> end of the minnesota vikings home game against the bears got an eye full afterft two men protest pentagon thehe dakota access pipeline climbed the rafters to hang a sign.g s. one of the men was wearing aeana brett farve jersey. jse they were up there for morehere than an hour bef fore rappelling down to await police and security. they were arrested and charged g with trespassingly. >> burgundy and golds fansndy aren't starting the new year asrtin happy as they hoped. hopd
6:12 am
shot at the playoff.ot a closer a look at their tough u loss to the giants that's coming up. >> and a live look outsi de asutsi we head to break this monday thy morning. a check of the forecast, firstit monday, rny monday of 2017. we're back right after theer t break and look how light how l traffic is. very empty beltway right now. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> we're back at 6:14 and a check of onere bac man's garbaga being another maybe goat's treasure. these goats are feasting feast summon delicious christmas d trees. the owner of telhiass farm inrm minnesota started this unique recycling plant to dispose off trees. tree not only does it keep trees t out of landfills but the goats g get a healthy dose of vitaminoft c along with other nutrients. >> i don't know about you but i did't kno not know goats atete christmas trees. tes >> they eat anything. they t an they e
6:15 am
goats -- actually there wasll guy in arlington i believe whoiw had a couple of goats to keep his lawn manicured well did aurw story on it a couple years ago. >> cute. >> cute, a lit>>tle weird.ittlw. >> i covered a fainting goat festival.fest >> isn't that the weirdest. weis >> the weirdest thing ever. weih >> tucker is like i don't knowin what to say with tishi ls. >> 6:15.>> 65. taking a live look at the at capitol. it's dark and wet out there,re too. good morning, tucker. >> a small telescope, i don't know that shot was. we're chilly out there toe start your day. t th at the 30's off to the north and weste . frederick 36, 39 hagerstown.agsw we were concerned we could getld some freezing rain early off to the north bezinut fortunatele temperatures have been justatur warm enough that we've beeesn ae few degrees above freezing freeg which is great so it's just rain. 42 quantico.ic 41 leonardtown.41 leo again, it's going to be a cools and rainy one for ugos today.od not going to be raining every e minute but we have had some showers. here in d.c. getting a break a b but we'll get more showers
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you're up this morning inng i happy creek let me know. kno not familiar with happy hopefully it's a real place. there you go. you g showers off toff the south as well that will bell moving through during theghing h morning hours and really right through the afternoon.fternoon take an umbrella today.umbrel you're going to want itwa because even if it's not is measurablely raining we'll rain' have some drizzle out there.e . we're getting warmer moistermers air from the south and west sout riding up over some cool air at the surface butool coupleou areas of low pressure here.urssh i'll show you a map but temperatures day cool.ay all right high pressure off tohe our north that's going to lockoc in the cool pattern for the f day today. our temperatures aren't going get out of the 40's and you'llsl feel kind of a chilly breezeyre here out of the north and eastnd for much of the day and thereane we go, a couple areas of lowf pressure pressing up into our pp area. so the bottom lin ie is showers around today, tonight andight during the day tomorrow.w. not going to be raining everynie minute but when it's notte buth raining it will be cloudy cud overcast with drizzle outcast there as well. w futue recastas show that youcast aower activity. might get a break thisreak this morning. we'll get a second wave thist av afternoon that should bring usbu additional showers and thenhe right into tomorrow we keepw wek showers in the forecast.s the .
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have some showers around.omome r there you go. the actual area of low low pressure passes tomorrowses during the afternoon.tduri that will probably when we get t the heaviest rain before wen b clear it out early onar wednesday and after a coupleer e of days of temperatures in the a 40's we're going cool it downitd by the end of the week. wee look what happens here by thursday, friday and into your weekend, temperatures don't get out of the low to mid 30's. could be some snow showers around by early friday morningbr so lots to talk about here as we got into our new year. our first fuel week of the newff year. year. >> whoo-hoo! >> now i typically say erin's got traffic but she doesn't have traffic. traff she's got anchoring back toto you. you. >> things are quiet on the t roads f you're not riding theg rails you're likely drivingely g around town sitting for ait traffic story as 2016 draws to1s a close drivers have noticed aod spike in gas prices.ce aaa says the average cost of regular unlead is there now $2.32 a gallon. that's a 17-cent jump over thenj past month and it's 32 centss 3c higher than year ago. some analysts say it may get mag worse before the gas pricesri get better.r.
6:18 am
gas prices in 2017.01 they say we could see a three ar dollars a gallon gas in some gallon gas, that doesn't soundss fun. >> no. >> no. another change in the new yearar especially for anyone whonyone lives or visits the city of gaithersburg. vapeing and e-cigarettes are nowan bd anned.ned. in public buildings and also als public spaces that includes ince parks stores restaurantss st schools theaters, too.s thea, to the new law went into effect yesterday.ster bars clubs and retail tobacco shops have an exemption.em who is to blame for, oh, mariah >> such a talker. tal >> i feel forker.>> feel forker. >> we'll talk about it. >> and pour star seems to know, what she's saying about the ordeal erin just ahead.he >> we'll break that one downone but first the holiday shoppingay season may be over for most of the u.s. but retailers are still cashing in.ill ca details of their gift thathat keeps on giving coming up right now.
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>> normally at this time weorma would check with our friends at the fox business networkllchx but bbecause ofes news year'se holiday being observed stockervk markets are closed. ma on.moving >> we'll sat khat with them kha about thist time tomorrow when the stock market opens. o >> there are questions aboutions how much trump will use those uo computers. he recently told reporter thattt is no computer is safe fromafe r hack and says if he has ane s an important message to get outet he would use a courier to courio deliver it. >> well then. ell 6:21. no secret that donald trump hee does like to once he takes office he will likely switch from his ownwn twitter to the potus twitter t account that president obamat te currently uses.s the potus account was launchedhe in 2 as for president obama he willro no longer have access
6:22 am
account once he leaves officeve but will likely keep using hisuh perth twitter account to keepcoe us >> a new year could bring long awaited changes for users. twitter's ceo says they'ree thinking about allowing you toio edit tweets. twe right now your only option is to delete a tweet. >> i would like that. amazon may store its shipments in the sky one day.nt the online retailer hasin filedl a patent for what's called and airborne fulfillment center. cr. sounds like something out ofme o the jet sons. the centers would travel toerulr areas where the demand forand certain goods is higher. they would be manned by employees who fill online o orders via drone. the pat at the present time was filed two years ago but itp wasn't granted until lastyears l >> a lot of people got applef pt iphones for christmas this research shows apple usersrs activated more than twice the t number of phones comparehad todt their competitor samsung. ssung apple had a 44 percent sharet sa samsung had a 21 percent shareea of devices activated. activat the holidays may be ove
6:23 am
but the cash registers ares still ringing. >> that's right. ers>> t are seeing anup tick anu in online sales and tomorrow tor is known as "holiday hangoverve day" where shoppers head backhed to work with gift cards in towdt and shoppers a heads up, it's u' best to buy bedding exercisexe equipment winter accessoriesenti and electronics after the holidays. i'll keep that in mind. >> a lot of thei'll k electronic items that you'll find stores'li during after miss christmas sales are items that wereer given as gifts have beents hav returned and are now being resold as open box items so s that's something youething you definitely want to have in thely back of your min wd as you'resou out shopping. >> a lot of retailers arelers a reporting their best holiday hol season. amazon is one of hem. i need to get a prime account.c. i don't have one yet.i n't to you. >> absolutely. he best it's one of t things i did. o it's lneike o$9 9 a year. a y >> i heard the it basicallytical pays for yourself if you shop online at all. >> it does. i'm all for shopping, keepingl that going.for >> absolutely. >> do you kind of feel like you're odd man out today?o you ? >
6:24 am
we're going to talk football. >> forgot about wisdom.dom. >> it's the woman show.ho >> yeah, when they say the manhe show. >> we're in then he man estroge. >> the two of us aren't enough a woman for you tucker.uc >> i like it.>> ie it. >> girl, yes.l, y. >> the sans no, you're not.'r let's do the forecast.t's d >> oh, that's a burn. b e bue burned us. my goodness.oodns. bringing us down to e >> the first monday of 2017, 201 come on. >> 41 in washington this 41 morning. hey, wind chill 35 winds out of thet of the north-northeast at 10.h-northeas we've got chilly conditionstion and rain showers in the t forecast for much of your day today. if it's not raining, you'llou'l have drizzle so take your take there cool christmashris umbrella santa brought you.. >> right. >> okay. >> okay. >> okay. there you go. rain showers continue a crosse acr the area. you can see we've got more got m moredeveloping off to our southu quick look at the seven
6:25 am
we do it again tomorrow. d i know back to work, back too school, back to real life here tomorrow. rain showers will be with us for much of the day tomorrowhowh as well. in fact we may have mv a period of pretty good rainetti tomorrow afternoon as low afterw pressure moves through and thsuenre we get sunshine sunine wednesday. however, more wintry weatherea by the end of the week. w >> actual white conditions ononi the ground. >> well, i don't want to go that far yet butell, i at leastt possibility is out there.ibilite we have a few possibilities of winter weather. >> i like the way t sounds. sou it's that time of year.ea >> you do. >> i like seeing a lightg a l dusting of snow, nothing thathig affects the roads but just j enough to be pretty.tty. we'll talk at the break.he bre you can school me on that. tha it's not the year the redskinsek fans are hoping for afterft burgundy and gold miss outers oe on their final playoff chance. a >> every year.ry year. >> we'll take a look at thell t good, the bad, the down right ugly next. burgundy and gold expert gold ex wisdom martin and tucker tuc barnes breaking it down, the t x's and o's.d. back after this.hi >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back to fox5>> wcomeo morning news. f rn taking a live look outside, itue is dreary out there. the. the vein coming down it is cold, 41 degrees. hopefully this mellow groove meo puts you in the mood to sitood s back, relax, watch fox5 news n morning. in first, right now at 6:30 a 6:30a look at some of the top stories this morning.this m in ellicott city marylandt l police are investigating agatina deadly triple 16-year-old charlotte zaremba zr was shot and
6:29 am
bedroom on new year's day.s d the teen's mother was alsols injured and the accused acced shooter is a 15-year-old boy.arb he was injured and is in the hospital this morning.hosp so far no arrests or motive in v the deadly shooting.hooting. also in maryland, policeryn, are still looking for whoeverorv killed a mom suitland.killed a police say the body of tiara petty was found in the back of k an apartment building alongldina silver park drive a $25,000 a $5 reward is being offered forer information leading to an arrest. d.c. police need your help h finding a missing child c 11-year-old breanne todd wasr-ol last seen around 1:30een around yesterday afternoon in the i 1000 block of brentwood road r in northeast if you have any information about breaniya's bry whereabouts you're asked toeabo call d.c. police.utca d.c. >> time to talk football now. n what happened yesterday if weif want to call that a gameam because it was deplorable. deplo it was a must win situation at home. home everything lined up in theirhing favor. >> uh-huh. >> and it was a dud.
6:30 am
this. this. >> it was nfl game of the weeks andnf any time the redskins plan any kind of game of the weekan -y -ki week >> right. >> -- seems like we get the- sei same result. >> yeah. which is not g it's alwayss alwy like an l. it's incredible.e. so, tuck, i mean, i'm watch i'mw this game yesterday and thissteh is just from a fan perspective, obviously we'reiouy not professional footballl players but we can see.ers but c >> well, i last played inn sixth grade.rade >> i last played in the ninth grade and i got run over and id quit which is almost like what happened yesterday with therday burgundy and gold. g they got run over.r. >> the giants weren't even trying to win this game gam it was like they did okay. ley a >> i almost don't know wheren'te to start because i was shocked at how little -- i'm sure there was effort.was rigight. >> but it seemed like thered li wasn't passion. >> right. >> there wasn't passion for football. like it didn't seem like it mattered to them whether they wonhere wr it died or to lost. >> right. >> the only thing i can thinkthi without breaking it down eachh play is they played tight. t they felt a lot of pressure.
6:31 am
any time the skins seem to the s play a game with pressure theyse seem to not show up. u >> well, let's -- i mean, there's a number of things. t josh norman. >> inexcusable i don't care good you are, if you let let somebody get in your head your e they're going to take you out y of your game.r g >> kirk cousins and the turnovers. he got sacked four times got yesterday, there were two wo turnovers.turners. they weren't even close. i mean, if you want to be theehe guy and obviously he's goinge's to be here, he's going to get tt his money for one more yeareea probably, franchise 24 million4 but if you want to bemi the guye there is no excuse yesterday yed for that offense to be b nonproductive for almost thet t entire >> i completely agreement i com mean, the firstel interception t was on him because theim becaust receiver slipped but the the second one he knows betternows r than. that he's been in the league for four, five years now. you don't throwe's r tfohaurt . >> right. >> they were already almosthey within field goal range and, you know, i just -- i can't
6:32 am
imagine -- i think this is thess one where he slipped. he slipped >> this is one of the good ones that garcon caught and added a lot of yards to an otherwise dismal offensive off performance the defense wase okay but it wasn't like thee th giants were running up ande rung down the field. down t they were turning around -- eli, i don't know if he even don got touched.ouch they would hand off andd nd o punter. pu that's the one where you sai he slipped but still.pp but sti. >> my question is here's mys hey feeling about it. skins fans deserve better thanrr >> yes. >> you know, i'll use the'le t example last week. ravens lost to the materialsials but at least the ravens showedev up and played a hard game.a har. >> right. >> i'm not convinced that the te redskins were here to win.. >> yes. >> right. >> you get 70,000 people out ge, there.000 >> at home. >> this is what you give them. >> in a mustt win situation.itn all you got do is win this and s go to the playoffs. pyo the giants had nothing playy for. we had kirk cousins throwingg interceptions getting sacked four times. the field goal kicker. kicker. >> no running game.unni g >> the field goal kicker all of a sudden --
6:33 am
kick field goals which is which ridiculous.lous >> if you're the owner of the team where do you go fromhere d here. >> i start loading up on the defensive sifted ball. they need to figure out thousand get morethey n pressure from the defensive sidesiid softball and put pressure onress the opposing teamosinte quarterbacks.terbacks. number two, i don't know who t is calling these plays for twohe team. you got a great running backng c who doesn't cost you a lot of money as far as nfl moneysfl m goes, you got your franchise f quarterback, if you will, youf u got the receivers, deseanceivern jackson is probably not goingbai to be here but you don't need him because you got jamisonam you got to get these guys the ge ball. the red flag was being in thehe red zone at one point thist thi year they were 29th in there9t red zone in the nfl.d zo in that's unacceptable when youen y have jordan read, you've got pierre garcon, you had you desean jackson, you got r.ouot kelley and you can't score in'ti the red zone. the red i don't know if izot's play p calling.g. i don't know what it is. u got get that unddoern't that control. jay gruden you got to fix
6:34 am
>> what do you do with kirkou dr cousins? cous >> you got the weapon. you're right on the this will be the make or breaker season for him.seasor if you don't go back to the playoffs next year under thendee franchise tag you may bee tag y seeing a situation whereti you're moving on. o >> i look back at the season s and i think of what could haveco been. there were so many games where they were right there, witreh sh missed field goal. this game where they didn't d show up. thatt carolina game. g >> the bengals game. whew.wh >> could be a whole different story here.ld be e in thest playoffs. instead we're talking about moving forward to next year.eadd now we goto ne to talk about tht draft, we got to talk about talk free agency and we got to moveom on. you got to move on. move on. >> got to move on. >> all right.>> >> just like we have to move>> on right nowhave because we're u of time. >> oh, no, i'm not.'m i'm going to continue. >> we're out of time for football 'cause he's going to do weather. >> hey, we've got 41 degreesll a e go now in washington.t degw you okay? >> (bell).>> >> i mean it was a whole season of this. you okay.u o >> i'm okay. didn't have a choice.didn't >> i'm in the okay about
6:35 am
yet. at halftime they had like two first downs or something.ethi they had like zero it. like ze >> it was pathetic in a mustn a win situation at home. hom okay, enough already.lready >> now let's go back to weather. >> back to weather.weat >> and another thing. back no, to42 i wn>>nd a quantico.ic 30's north and west. w the deal is this.l is t temperatures above freezinger which is great news becauseaturn we've got rain showers acrossews e ararea. we're very concerned withrned freezing rain across the northern tier of marylandrthe during the overnight hours butrs it hasn't materialized. just rain. if it's not measurable at yourry house it's going to be drizzleed for much of the day today.od. overcast skies and cool in theon mid 40's. mid enjoy your day off. day off. i don't know if kevin isin coming in today but maybe it'sue a good day to go to the movie. >> it's never bad idea. i you just got to pick the right movie. movi >> 47 with rain showers throughout the day. tthonight tonig int ro and tomorrow as well.tomo i'll have all the details onils our first week of the new year momentarily. >> the multifaceted tuck
6:36 am
the same blo >> just a fan.t a f >> there were lots of fans outsf there yesterday that anderday aa witnessed what we witnessed. wie >> they should get their moneysu back. m that's what they should do,oney guarantees.guarante that end they'll play hard. e >> then they may nevnder mak tee we're done talking about're football. time to talk traffic. >> yeah, we're going to ktieepmo you updated on the roads evenoae though it's a very quiet first t monday of 2017.ay of 017. federal holiday today. tod metro rail service is kickingcei in at 7:00 a.m. right now no rail alerts reported.po metrobus operate on a sundaya sy schedule. metro access subscription trip nceled.d. something to keep in findthintok you're taking peanut butterpean lick it's a rainy monday morning a rn comme.ut the good news is look at allode the l histh quietsuiever t but last week, the weekhe between christmas and the new tn year very quiet as well and as you can see traffic cruisingffiu around the beltway, 295 this, 2 evening 95. only at advice i can give isn gi you the roads are slick frome r the rain. if you're working today like tol we are you shouldn't lit anydn a major delays getting there.he you can enjoy cup of
6:37 am
maybe have some breakfast toreaa start the week off right.ig let's show you a live look ativk some of the wet roads.some traffic moving on 295 a little e bit of a glare from the wetm tht conditions but not terribleit right now.ions very light pretty much represents every muc road i'm seeing around the dmv. any questions for your commute e at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. tr got you covered. cov rainy a little bit more on 66. 6 back to you maureen.en. >> thanks erin. tha e pop star mariah careyiaharey singing a new tune thisew te morning after that new year's eve performance flub. what she's n nowew y sayevine go all of that. that's coming up next. ringing in the new yearea times the unique way one family welcomed 2017.welc stay with us. fox5 news morning back afteracka this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> back at 6:40 with what's trending on the web this monday morning. moconoup despiteat t 6he eco:4no political and culturalra consequences over northr rth carolina's controversialtroveral bathroom bill texas seems poised to pass a similar legislation.legisl one of the state's most senioren politicians is pushing for a women's privacy act calling itli necessary so that women andy so girls can have privacy and safety in their restrooms showers and locker rooms. the bill is likely to be tn ha introduced in the state's next legislative session. mariah carey now claims her new year's eve act was "sabotage bite producers of new year's rocking eve on abcbc croat her people say she complainedome about audio problems with herith
6:41 am
show. dick clark productions responded saying carrie was the one to decide not do a sound check beforehand. finally the new yeare newea holiday was particularlyticularl memorable for a family iny in arizona. they gave birth to twins born just minutes apart in different years. yrs one was born at 11:59 p.m. and the other 12:01.2:01. congrats to mom and dad. d >> i can hear them saying children it doesn't matter whorw was born first. >> i'm a day older. o >> right. >> thank you maureen. maureen. >> all right. also this morning, the search th for the hollywood sign vandalnd continues. it's not the first time it's it' fallen victim to such a prank.a. we've got those details comingam up next and a reminder beforedee we head to break, if you have h a news tip you want to tell uses about share it with
6:42 am
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>> ♪♪ >> good morning. >> hey, good morning and back now with our facebook fan of the day. go malikod kearny. m oureay. malik plays college footballtb for the unc his parents adrienne andie lamont say he was raised ons ra fox5 so they wanted to sandy s proud parent shout-out.-o yes. >> his parents say he workede wo hard on
6:45 am
and his ambition and hard workdk played off so congrats to malik adrienne and go tarheels. >> good job young man. >> maybe one day he can help on out the local team. t >> i think a lot of fans arenk a hoping that can happen onepon day. day. >> yeah. >> okay. well, looking outside, thede sheen from all that rain that fell. >> yeah, it's raining or o drizzling or it's mistingt'isti depending where you'reinwher watching from this morning. that will be the theme all dayll today. cool tem mid 40'spe and we'll have periods of kind of on again,gai, off again rain showers. >> okay. >> wet next couple n it will be tonight and wtomorrowil as well there thatt we'll be dealing with these on n again off again showers asrs i'll show you w ahat's happenini here in the atmosphere butpher lots going on.n. 41 now in washington. north and west we weret we were concerned about freezing hasn't materialized. temperatures never hit the freezing mark. news.atur gaithersburg 37, frederick 37, 39 hagerstown.erst leonardtown you guys inardtowu u southern maryland 41 degrees,1 ,
6:46 am
fredericksburg. all right. there's your rain shower activity. not so much right now in the immediate -- inside the uch nse t beltway here but you can seeherc we've got lots of raanin showers in the neighborhood here withhe some good showers off to ourd or noh anand west. lots of rain here to thetohe south. few showers up towardsp towards baltimore as well and i'll put in it motion and what's it happening here is we get whatmot we call overrunning so we're getting warm moist air pushingus us over cold air at the air a te surface and that's causing itsss rain showers to develop so to vo area of low pressure here, it ht will take its time pushing up pu towards our area and thats means we're going toou keep clouds with showers and mist anm and drizzle in the forecast forc through the afternoon andafternd evening. really through the dayoughhe tomorrow we're going to keep t k rain chances in the forecast.ors chilly conditions.s. high pressure just to our north. setup is just a littletle different. we've had a little bit more in the way of arctic air around arn we would be talking about snowbo but we're talking rain here.ere. couple areas of low pressure and they'll push towards our area over the next 24ds o hoursu here's futurecast.ut notice we get a bit of a break re.e. might just be mostly cloudylylo
6:47 am there we are at 5 o'clock.'cck not sure what kind of evening oe rush hour we'll have. hav a few showers later thiser t afternoon. overnight we'll keep thet we'lee showers and the drizzle in the i forecast before rain returnsur for the day tomorrow.the datomo notice tomorrow afternoon,fternn there we go, that's the actualca area of low pressure movingur through and that's going to goig give us some pretty good rainsmp across the area during the afternoon tomorrow. the so, we still running at a pretty good rainfall deficit dec from the fall months that weretw so dry last year.ea now i'm saying last year.ea and we could use the rain so r there you go.there go. there's your seven day.ay we'll keep it mild or mildish ml on wednesday with someh some sunshine, 55.hine 55. and then much colder air colderr filters in here.filterin h could be some snow showers by friday does not look like a big deal bd at this point but things gething more interesting as we get we ge into friday, saturday sunday. might have a little area oftla lowe off the southeast coast we'll have to. he what notice your daytime highseo only in the 30's and overnight g lows in the low 20's so more m like january by the end of thenh week.we. >> hm. hm. >> how are roads?owre roads >> take a guess.
6:48 am
>> wet and wild. w >> wet but not so quiet. >> okay. >> you can see behind me top bep of the beltway well a littletwa bit of heavier rain comingom down the 95 stretch fromm virginia in newington. traffic is really light inc is both directions. directi northbound side fromnohbou fredericksburg throughericksbu stafford all the way up to thelt beltway looking good.y loing we are wide opened us a make a k your way out right now tryingowt get out on 270 southbound.outhun i'm counting the cars. c that's how quiet theow qui southbound side is headingis h towards the spur and top ofnd tf the beltway looking good outokgo by new hampshire problem free. f traffic moving along just fineue as you make your way out on mak the outer loop. little more congestion by new hampshire but other than that we are moving along without any issues movin right now on te secondaries same story there. te you can see it's a light lg steady flow of volume. vum we're observing new year's daywd today, just keep in mind if i you do have to head to work w roads aren't going slow young su down. metro rail service operating ora on a sunday schedule. sch service picking up in the nextci 12 minutes starting at 7:n 00th: a.m. i'll let you know if there'snowe any rail slowdowns but safe butf track taking a break so that'sne good news.ak go back to you maureen andu maeen wisdom..
6:49 am
a new year and a new subway swa line in new york city.y. dozens of people waitedopleted outside the station to rideid the brand new second of aonof line. the project decades in theojecte making opened for the firstir time yesterday taking ridersingr from the upper east side in manhattan all the way to coney o island wow. >> plans for the 2-mile long-mi segment started back in 1929.9. >> wow.>> w >> and it's taken near al it's e essential tree become aecome a reality. real >> who was building that? ha same people building our metro system? 1929?? 929? >> it's a long time. t >> i was going say.oing >> looks like they got it soo right.ks likght. >> finally.>> final okay. it's the phone call that couldho mean the differe cnce between b life and death.nd d >> but with more and moreut wh e emergency calls coming fro amcoo cell phones, it's tougher toougo pinpoint exactly where thent emergency is. eergenc. fox's jonathan serrie >> reporter: checking in onn facebook ordering an uber,okrder your smartphone's gps can pinpoint your exact location.r but when youex call 911, 911 operators may have no idea ide where you are. a what between 70 to 80 percentrct of all emergency calls are made
6:50 am
>> 911, what is the address of s your emergency. >> reporter: and many of those calls go to theepor wrongo 911 center. 911 >> our most important questiontm is what is the location ofation your emergency?mergcy >> reporter: current cre technology uses cell towers toes determine where you are.yo a but the tower your phone pingshn may be miles away or even in another jurisdiction. >> i'm going have to transferoig you to hav the city of roswell e because you're outside of ourf o juices jurisdictionism we jur conducted a test call standing inside of the alpharetta 911 call center where there were wer three miss directiond phonemiss calls in the two hours we were e there.wo >> 911 what is the address oft a your emergency. >> reporter: this isurs is jonathan serrie with fox newseri doing a test. can you tell me whate add t address is showing up on your y computer.mputer. >> i'm only showing your cell tower location 3129 old miltonln parkway. >> reporter: more than a mile away from where i was standing so we conductedepor aw second test using technologyechn from the startup layers 911. >> can you please tell me theu a address that just popped up onop your screen. scr >> reporter: and this time the 911 operator pinpointed
6:51 am
our exact location immediately. >> your phone is very good at e ver understanding where it is.tand so we let the phone do its work. . it tells our system where it whe is and then our system utilizes the cellular networkr just to transmit the voice and data necessary to complete thesa call. >> the amount of time tharyt' ta spent in the 911 center getting to the right location lt is time that's wasted getting gt responder to the scene.der to se >> reporter: the federalter: ted communications commissionions estimates even a one minute mut improvement in 911 responses times for mobile callers could c save more than 10,000 lives a a year. the fcc is mandated that by 2021, 911 centers must be able l to identify at leasteast 80 percent of emergency callers. even so, that means as many as one in five may still fall f through the cracks. the cra in alpharetta, jonathan jonat serrie, fox5 news. n >> queen elizabeth said to be ea feeling better after sufferingef from heavy cold. c concerns over her healtherns ohe intensified after she missed ase new year's day church service. i queen later released a prerecorded video s
6:52 am
congratulations to the people of canada for the 150th yearea of confederation.ra she also missed a christmasris church service last week forvicr the first time in decades. decad >> in the inn this morning'sni fox beat singer georgeeorge michael's boyfriend is denyingei he sent out a series of tweetsss saying michael had attempted aem to commit suicide severalom times on sunday a series ofmit i tweets were center out from his twitter account claiming george michael was suicide suici today. the singer's ex claims hisims twitter account was hacked. hace an autopsy was inconclusive asia to how george michael he has struggled with drug addiction and depression forresr many years. ma >> as police in los angeless ang try to figure out who vandalized the hollywood sign s changing it to hollyweed we'rew' learn and this isn't the first t time it's been changed to read that particular >> adam housely takes a look back at the other pranks. >> reporter: an iconicn c landmark changed overnight thehe hollywood sign in californiaalii altered to read hollyweed.lwe the los angeles police ang department is inv
6:53 am
the vandalism people that gathered at the griffith parkff observatory to see the signhe s for themselves and take photos. >> i kind of like the>> id of traditional sign but it's kind of cool being here at the moment. i guess they have to fix that and get back to thethey and traditional hollywood sign.g >> we came to seat hollywoodollo sign not the hollyweed sixtyed y nine it's okay with me. >> reporter: the l.a.p.d..a says a male suspect was seenwase all in black scaling up thelinge hills. the sign was using tarps tong turn the o's into e's. >> makes you wonder first of all how they did it.did i it's pretty creative and at anda the same time that's not myme t lifestyle but i can stilltill appreciate the creativenessativs and the artistry of it all so it's pretty >> reporter: the sign hass been tampered with numerous nums times over the year.time this is the second time it was w altered to read hollyweed.olly. it happened the day a marijuana took effect then. california voters legalizedaliz pot in the state beginning in 2018. wh
6:54 am
it said hollywood land. lan police are looking for the suspect. su in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. >> "rogue 1" a "star wars" story is number one at the boxrt office for the third straightai week earning $49 million overr the three day weekend thateekent pushes its total hall past the t $400 million mark in the u.s. movie studios will adas totals t to the box office because itau t is federal holiday the animated song ---- >> it's one of those cartoon movies. >> sing was second. s >> you haven't heard the cartoon characters doing the commercial. >> kind of an american idol. i >> yeah i-just never paidst n attention to the name. >> yourevtent daughter wouldou presidential love to see it.ti >> i'm sure. list.he lt on theal probably a good day to go dooo that today.od >> thanks wisdom.wido >> hi, tucker.
6:55 am
so maybe we can get the real review. >> here's the real review. don't waste your time. i going hear about the plot of f the movie. mov >> y'all are just joshing ont jh the poor guy. >> we already know the plot. we already know how it turns tus out if you follow "star wars." >> good versus evil. >> how does it end. >> i'm not going to till howo th it ends. >> wow. >> oh, man. >> hey, we got clouds and rainsr showers and drizzle out there.. 41 degrees this morning. mning winds northeast at nine.heast n wind chill 35. chill 3 it's a raw rain. r >> i like that. >> yeah, it's going to be ah, in chilly one today, only in thenlt mid 40's this afternoon. afterno if you want to see a movieto sem this would be a good day for it. it. rain showers on and off throughout the day. heaviest of the rain root now is south of us down towards fredericksburg southern maryland getting some pretty good rain,in sho lowthro oerf t but all of us will stay in thetn shower mix throughout the dayghh here with the temperatures notpt warming up a whole lot.
6:56 am
so, take a jacket and thend umbrella today if you're going out to play. rain tonight. tight rain showers tomorrow.hoom we'll get some sunshine sshin wednesday but look at thatook at cold air by the end of the week. week. could be snow showers aroundnowr here by thursday night, n friday. >> snow showers? >> that time of year. that me o mid january.mid janua >> i know. >> 2017. >> 2017. >> not trying to hear it.g to all right, let's hear about abo our traffic.ra is there any, erin.rin. >> no, actually it is sos s quiet. i'm happy. if you have to work on thisk t observed new year's day, i sayey enjoy the road conditions.on metro service, rail kicking in g at 7:00 so within the next the four minutes. four min no rail alerts reported.ut metrobus on sunday schedule sedl and metro access subscriptionubt trips are canceled.trips ar all green alle good over the beltway. problem free in college park.llr delay free from that 70 down d to the spur.e sp such light volume. only advice because it is bse raining please be cautious, be b mindful there might be somere me slick conditions out there butis the good news is o we're all wea delay free on the outer early morning flight at bwi
6:57 am
things on 95 looking g no delays on the way to reagan a or dulles. we'll keep you posted.ou pte keep it to fox5. it we'll be right back with your y 7 o'clock hour. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> happening rightis fox now at 7 o'clock,
7:00 am
classmates is shot and killed il inside their own home.wnom we're live with how they're remembering they are this morning. >> what can we expect fromect fo capitol hill and beyond in thehe coming year. y >> oh so close.lo maybe not.mayb the burgundy and golds blowingwg their playoff chances in a tough plloss aayt home.t he. we're going to break it allll down from fan reaction to whatct may be next foo r the football team. >> all right. now onok outside right this monday january 2nd 2017.01 we've got weather, we've got got traffic coming up on the 5s at 7:05. first, thanks for waking up wakp with us. good morning to you, i'm wisdom martin. mor >> and i'm maureen umeh.ndh. steve and allison are off thisso morning. welcome to fox5 news morning. we'll start this hour inr howard county where it will be i a somber start to the new yearey for students at howard i high >> this comes after their tir classmate charlotte zarembaarem was shot and killed inside herns home this weekend. >> fox5's melanie alnwick iswi


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