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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> straight ahead at 6:00 a scare for a metro worght keahr r a 35-foot fall down a shaft. sh. we're on the scene of that of at overnight rescue near the t bethesda station where it took o crews awhile to pull that man tt to safety. >> today's other big story is snow. sn just cold temperatures outsideri right now on this thursdayhu january 5th but there could berb snow moving in later today.ay >> good thursday morning toornio you. i'm allison seymour and.n seymra >> i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning.ori so first up at 6:00 you see s them behind us right now working hard tucker barnes inarn the weather center. good morning.en ning.goood morood mor let's get right to it, right.. the main event as it were. i w not a terribly big event tobig look forward to but we have whae snowflakes in the not for the daytime h ioun rs bt the big change from yesterdayge the timing on this ha fs movedsv up a little bit so we think in i time for sort of the end ofhe ed the evening rush hour some off this light snow shower activity will move in and beigli with us through the
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snow showers developing backck into ohio indiana kentucky.enck weak upper level disturbancean will be coming through andcomi r that's expected to dropted to dp anywhere between a dusting to about an inch, if you're offou to the north and west moret mor like an inch plus by early ely tomorrow morning.orni. again, temperatures are going to be cold enoughratu this willl fall all as snow across theoss t area but again we're talking tag about very light amounts. lightn we'll talk timing, we'll talkal when it gets out of here we'lle' talk about the potential for for some weekend snows coming up.inu snow gets in here. h big change if yesterday gets in here earlier this evening eve than we expected yesterday so make sure you're prepared forre that big inch of more back to tu. >> developing overnightg ovnigh dramatic rescue caught onught o camera. a metro worker falling nearlyeal 35 feet in a shaft was pulled p to safety. >> this happened at thehis intersection of wisconsinf cons avenue and elm street. fox5 is live in bethesda now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ter:lisod allison and let me showle you this is the grate
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here where that worker washarker rescued so, when we got here a little lt after 3 o'clock this morning,, these grates were opened up and they were still continuingon the let me take you to theti videoid that was shot by montgomery county fire and rescue earlier r this morning. morng the call came in about 1:30:3 and they had to conduct this very tricky technical rescueescu bringing in a ladder truckruck string something ropes andomng r making basically a pulley a pule system to get down into thiss shaft to rescue that metro there you see him coming out the.e. we're told orthopedic're injuries, so injuries perhaps totoso inj his back, leg that st of thing and certainly some scary moments though and it took some time for rescuee workers to get down into into there. they wanted to make sure there h were no additional injuries to the patient, no additionalitiona injuries to any workers downrs there. let me show you some video we vd shot later when the shaft was sw cleared to really give you an ya idea of what it looks like.sik so, there's a -- i
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in total all the way down. but there's a -- first there's e a ledge that you can see there e and then down further down thehe ledge is where that worker wor then plunged. plued so, an additional 20 feet 20 fe looks like perhaps he maybeay slid off the side of the ledge and then down the further furth shaft. this crew was in there, theyre,y were conducting just someusom clearing operations, cleaning cn out debris and other thingshi into these these are part of the metro tunnels that run underneathernet wisconsin a we don't knoww exactly what happened and whyath thatap worker slipped off thefft ledge. ledge. perhaps it could have been just some slippery leaves orsl deipbris but for now the goodheo news is that worker is going g to be okay.ka steve and allison. allison. >> in the meantime this morning water has been restored to washingtoinng ngn adventist hospital in takoma a pipe burst last night. bur officials say that happened about 6:00 p.m.s say ised pabatientoust 6: visitors and staff not to t drink water and use handand sanitizers in addition to washing their hands. wssc crews still on the scene.. the hospital is still hack at h
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the present timing patientsen working at fullt ti >> a wild police chase with a small child in the suspect's spt car. it ends in a crash at the mixing bowl in that northernl in virginia. d.c. police say it started stard when an officer tried to pullo l over a car in southeast.outhea now, that driver backed into aie police cruiser, then took off. f police chased that car throughtt prince george's county intohr fairfax county where the suspect crashed into a jerseyy wall in officers discovered a youngoung girl in the suspect's car. car. she wasn't hurt.she the driver was arrested.rreste >> the search is on for a black four door mercedesfour spotted at the scene of ahe sneo shooting in southeast d.c.east . a man was shot last night nht around 10 o'clock in the 26000 block of martin luther king jr. avenue.. police believe that car couldve be involvet d in the crime. cri the victim was responsive whenee taken to the hospital.pil. >> prince william county now.un. multiple suspects still on the e loose after a shooting inn manassas. this happened along a walking path near the manassas mallal which also is just about three t blocks away from schools.oo. police say one young man was shot. shot another victim had injuries iur
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with some sort of object. objt. investigators do not believeel this attack was random. rdo >> and happening today that t north carolina man accused oflia fi manring shots inside of a d.. pizzeria is expected to be ind b court for a status edgar madisson welch pled not guilty and is in a d.c. welch is accused of firingf fin shots inside comet ping-pongpo in northwest after reading a ren fake news story claiming the restaurant was at the centerthee of a child sex ring organizedrgn by hillary clinton's presidential campaign. >> today president barack obama receivers the report that he requested last monthay p intoreceivques allegations on rs interfered with ourrfered wit presidential eleion. and tomorrow high level intelligence plans officialsffis plan to brief the president-elect donald trumpld p on the classified finding. fin the white house says it will release an unclassifiednclassif version to the public sometimete before the president leavesdeeae office. meanwhile on capitol hilll today, national intelligence director james clapper is set s to testify in the russian rsi haing scandal. >> 6:05 right
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you just heard from tucker offuf the top of the hour.ou let's check in with him once again. >> he's in deep conferencep conc with mike thomas right now,t n he's approaching thehing the basically. >> sure. the weather department is in depart discussion with about when the t first flakes may fall.ak >> yeah, sorry about that.ut tt. will to get my bets in fors in f football this weekend. weekend >> is that true. >> i think we're going to goo with oakland over tennessee. tee let's do the fork. tork. i'm just kidding.stding your bus stop fork here you go. no issues this morning. mor no issues at all this morning.og temperatures are cold.erat we got cold overnight.rnht back into the 20's and lowow 30's out there. currently at rage analysis we rg hit the freezing marke anark 32 degrees. 27leulles. bwi marshall 29.shall all right. l ri got this little snow event eve we're looking forward to or t o maybe not looking forward to but we got to deal it looks like it moves in aitovs little earlier than what weha w expected yesterday. so, i would plan on it towardsar the end of the evening rushvenir hour, six, 7, 8 o'clock atlo a night and be with us perhapss p 2, 3 o'clock in the morning sons as far as tra
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tomorrow morning, they'rehey're likely to be a few delays.s. again, this is not going to beoe major event you can see. we've got just very light snowho out to the west.tohe wes all right. how much are we talking about? generally a dusting to an inch i for our area.r are if you're off to the north andod west you might get a dustinght d to an inch plus. an ch plu if you're in the mountainsountns you'll get a little more butut it will be cold enough that enot when it starts to fall it f sticks. so, i wouldn't expect any problems on the beltway or on main thorough fares but secondary roads may have some accumulations. if you're running out the doortr to work or school, thatl, tt saturday we got to watch ao w little bit.littit. there could be a few snowew s showers particularly 95 and a east to south so our friends fri in southern maryland lowerylr eastern shore we got to watch wt that storm carefully. careful it will be will be >> all right. all >> okay. >> tricky weather. >> yes. back in a minute. we'll talk more about>> t back it. >> let's say good morning to erin. >> you guys look so royal in i the purple.. purple is my favorite day.e >> is it.
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fuscia. >> thank you. i tried to like get into the o t game but i need to get myo g m colors down better. bte let's move ton traffic rightffit now. 270 southbound heavy volume 70o0 through urbana.ugh it's about a 15 minute delay d with a lot of once you pass 109 things openpe up towards the spur. spur. things on 70 also moving along without any problems as forany your commute in maryland,marynd, volume increasing on the outerut loop through college park. but not in you have to cause any major slowdowns from u 95 to georgia. still seeing green on thatn t portion of our map. map let's look at our cameras. came. virginia is a different storyfes right now. we're seeing a lot of heavyt ofy congestion coming up through newington on 95 and northbound o from prince william parkway up u to the mixing bowl, i would say you need about 20 extra 20 x minutes simply because ofcause f congestion across all lanes. le. south that of point in of int in stafford past 610 it's thet's t same story. and then as you make your wayr w out on 66, 66 inbound from 234 3 to centreville is also very v slow with heavy congestion.onge and then again inside theid t beltway you slow throughgh and you can take a look we're also seeing a lot ofa loto heavy volume right now as youowu make
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loop of the beltway.op of be also keep in mind red lightred t residual delays because of an earlier malfunction at shady sha grove. we'll keep our eyes and ears ear on the roads.oads. any questions at erin fox5tion d.c. on twitter. we want tod. help you around on this friday eve presnow.reow. >> app disabled chicago mangoan held hostage being tortured tord and beaten. the question this morning was this politically motivated? ived we're back in 30 seconds. .
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>> ♪♪ >> it is a shocking video that went viral for all the wrong reasons. s >> a group of peopleiral holding a developmentally disabled man man hostage streaming his tortureise live on facebook and thisve morning the incident is being o cag thlled ae in possible hate e and holly joins us now withol j the latest. th holly. >> reporter: this is a verytehiy disturbing story to say thebingy least. police say that the victim ofctm this horrific crime whoc cr appears to be in his late his teens or early 20's may have been held and tortured by his by captors for as long as 48 hours and this morning thosehose responsible are one step ste closer to being brought to justice.. >> (bleep) donald trump. >> reporter: after a brutal attack on a mentally challenged man in chicago i chi which was seen around the aund world on t
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video police have arrested tlicr fourre >> images in the video put on display het brazenness of the offenders who assaulted theault victim and then broadcast itcasi for the entire world to see. >> reporter: the victim wasm from the suburbs but the t attack happened on chicago's chi west side. the video shows the suspects sut ripping the man's clothes, beating him and cutting him with a knife. anife >> we're still talking to the victim. it's quite a possibility thatliy it is a kidnapping and that's t' certainly one of the chargese of we'll be seeking if it turns tur out to be that but he's a little -- he's traumatized by the incident and it's veryt' tough to communicate with him h at this pointism the suspectstis can be heard swearing aboutg president-elect donald trump but chicago police don'tent-icac believe this aettack i ds is politically motivated.ated. >> they think somehow sort of of invoking trump is their tickethr to do this.s. they see celebrities hate on hat trump. >> reporter: community activists are calling this a hate crime. >> i think this is a hate crime. i don't care what race you are and that's why we>> rsts i thiate hca
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crimes and this law. l politics aside this video is disgusting. disgus >> reporter: police areti>> r interviewing the victim.iewing c >> our detectives upon being notified by the officers from the 11th district became bec involved in the investigation i andnv communicated with theted suburb where the subject was sjt missing from.ssg f after his treatment at thetmente hospital, he was released and his parents came.ents >> reporter: so difficult.ficu charges are expected to beectedb filed in the next 24 hours.d inn although president-elect donald trump was mentioned inoun the videotion again chicago polp do not believe the crime wasmeas politically motivated andivated there is a big debate that'shat' going on on social media witheda many saying this should be considered a hate crime and that if the roles werees wer reversed way black person per tortured by four whiteorby fourt suspects that hate crimespts t charges would definitely be onw the table. we'll be talking about thisut t throughout the morning but let t us know was think.hink sound off on our fox5 d.c. d facebook and twitter.face allison and steve.te. >> so hard to watch.atch. holly, thank you very much.y h. 6:12 right let's get to some breakingin overnight news off
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of san pedro in california cifoi where the search is on for an r missing helicopter. helicop officials say the two seats sat chopper did not issue a issue distress signal or make any a calls before going down but iton was spotted by a cruise ship sp leaving port in los officials are now using sonarngs to scan the area for debris. deb >> the airport capitol of capitl costa rica packed withkedit stranded travelers thislers morning. mo six airlines canceled flightsgh to and from san jose due to a volcano erupting spewing gaswins and ash all over the city. tourists hope they'll be able hh to get homeye sometime tomorrowr >> a private memorial will berim held for actresses carriesses cr fisher and her mother debbiee reynolds. fisher passed away last month m after suffering a heart attacki on a flight from london. reynolds, her mom, died justied one day later.ay lat reports say fisher was alreadylr cremate add. a her ashes will be buried be bie alongside her mother's body.s b a private funeral is set for tomorrow. macy's stores will soon be'e closing in and for good. good. it's one of 100 getting
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we'll fill in you.'ll >> a live look outside as wesid head to break on this thursdayhu morning. look at the lincoln memorialoler right now. weather and traffic on the 5sher is coming up up yes, there's a chance for somefs snow. make sure you listen to kickerok all morning. tucker all morning. he'll keep you up to date on the latest. always wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business.
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you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business.
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>> welcome back. let's get right to it. talking about ourt's minor snow event that we're expecngti eecti later this evening but i dong bi want to get some headlinesdl here. could be a few snow showers ashe early as this afternoon upno u ahead of our weak little upper p level disturbance.. steadiest of the snow lookst oft move inhe s tonight. maybe, 7, 8, 9 o'clock.'cck most of the accumulation ision between about eight andabt ei 2 o'clock and by accumulationumn we're using that loosely.e dusting to an inch for most ofus the area. are it will be gone by sunrise.unse tomorrow morning there couldnihe be some school delays but is b think most of us will go to t work and school tomorrow as tomo the totals here are not going ng to be terribly impressiveiv across the are
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32 now in washington.hin. 27 in gaithersburg.ur hey, the cold has moved n letovl me mention that. tha the cold has moved in overnight. 28 leonardtown. culpeper andan8 frederick. there's your satellite and radas r.yo a little upper level disturbance doesn't have a lote' to work with but it will dol d everything it can to kick outick some light accumulations andio d maybe our first inch of theh of year for parts of the area here as far as snow. s we'll get a little sunshineun here early and then we cloud it.. westbound see flakes as early as the afternoon hours butd seee bulk of this will hold offold o until after sunset 3 o'clock starting to see some m flakes out to the west andes and notice by 6 o'clock it's it's possible that our neighborsle t here off to the north and westha could have some snowflakes. there we are at 8 o'clock withh perhaps a burst or two of somef pretty good snow bands that bant will be enough to accumulateul on the by one, 2 o'clock in thelock morning things are windingg thin down and by 6, 7di o'clock'c tomorrow morning we're backe'reb into the sunshine and we'llunshn get a chance to clean up, broom off, sweep off maybe is m the right word here our ig
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snow accumulations.ulations no advisories locally. my expectation is the weather wh service will extend this somewhat to the east perhaps t not here in washo in i i'll let you know as soon as ios see them but there are weather advisories to the west. how much snow are we talkingeal about? dusting to an inch locally. should be beautiful.shouldauti yeah, if you don't have to go anywhere go outside and enjoynd it. dusting to 2-inches off to the t north and west. w a little bit more to the west tw tomorrow morning. a quick ltoook at the seven day. still tracking that coastal storm. heads up if you'rtrace offkil of southern maryland lowerylan eastern shore you guys haveav the best chance on saturday ofuo get something lightethinght accumulations of snow as thatw s storm passes off to our southouh and east so keep a close eye cle on the forecast. we'll continue to update things here with that coastal events on saturday. surda that's separate from whatm w we're expecting later tonight tg and early tomorrow. torro cold for the weekends.ld for we do not t get above thebove freezing mark saturday and sunday.sund that is a long weather.g weather how about a long traffic. t how is it >> i'm going get you some pepp
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>> i got a cold.d. >> it's teetering on the edgedg of becoming a cold. c we don't than to happen.appe >> that's what's going on.t's >> you need some honey in your o tea. tea. skyfox over the in the college e park inner loop and outer loop by 95 volume building bothing directions but especially the outer loop 95 over to georgia. g need about 10 extra minutes. we'll switch to our maps. m we have other issues in the area including metrossue delaysl there was an earlier train malfunction at stadium-armory.or because of that residual residll delays to vienna franconia andoa wiehle. wieh allow for extra time.ra tim residual delays on the redhe line to glenmont from the an earlier train malfunction atalfi shady grove. four out of six lines dealinges with delays. with check your metro del schedule sh before you head out.eforyou bundle up. it's cold.'sol definitely felt colder than it n had been feeling earlier inen fe the week todayar wlihen eri goto to my car. car tweet from d.c. police trafficra lane closures along connecticut avenue from malcolm to quebec street. keep that in mind.olm to mind. that's for constructionstru through january 9th.ry 9 we're adjusting to thatha paer
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it's causing steve and allison.ison >> a bombshell announcementncem from macy's next.fracy' why it's closing dozens of itsts stores nationwide and we arend e affected here locally.ocally. >> yes, there's one store ate's least that's going toon closeloe here plus pajamas that makee you sleep better and what does d tom brady is to do with all of this? we'll find out coming cig up. it is 6:20. 0.
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>> 6:22. time to talk business. unfortunately for macy's fans f one local macy's store will bei closing for good. we'll check the markets andcle a joining us from the fox business network studio goodtuoo morning lauren simonetti. simet >> reporter: two for two onortef wa strtreet. >> not a bad start to theot aads year. how we looking today.w we lookid >> reporter: yes,ay. stocksto gained other second trading oth day.ering yesterday 58 points away from fo 20,000. can we get to 20,000 today? absolutely.solu dow futures relatively we get an oil inventoryto report, we get a services servi sector report, we get joblessobe claims and tomorrow the bigheig government jobs report.
6:23 am
so, perhaps, perhaps with the te strong jobs report tomorrow werm do finally see 20,000.0, but who very elusive. >> been so elusive. esive we're knocking on the door. d when we talk about interest ints rates, this was big at the endtn of 2016 but we're hearing likenk a gradual increase is whate i w investors are looking for. for like how gradual is gradual. gru >> reporter: that's whatt's investors like to hear. h a measured and gradual gdual approach to making mortgages and auto loans and everythingveg else more expensive forexpee fo consumers, the cost to lend money. mone the fed promised us three rate r hikes in 27. that's not terrible, right. rht so, if they stick to that plan and don't hike by a large amount or hike more than three times, maybe investors are m okay with that because theyayith understand that the economyt tho can handle it because it'suse t' getting stronger. >> all i want to get to the last >>nt day t.o not to shortchange macy's here h but quickly macy's is makingak more adjustments switching stc over some stores,
6:24 am
number of stores including oneng here in the d.c. area. a >> reporter: yeah. the landmark alexandria macy'sac 119 workers there will be outl of jobs. 10,000 workers nationwide willei be out of jobs as 100 storess close. they have detailed 68 of those t 100 and like i said one of them in your area. are macy's is struggling.uggling. it was a disappointing holiday season. i bought $150 cashmere sweateret on black friday for $40 andor40d that just seemed too good of aso deal. deal >> it's a win for consumersonsue but it's not a win for f employees and the company.. right. >> for folks that are watching they're going to sell that tysons store. sto. different ownership. ownersh they play those game.they >> reporter: that's right. >> let's talk about sleep wear. por tom brady and underteet a'srmoup r armou three things i would not expect to come together. toget >> reporter: i didn't know tom brady was such a sleeper. he gets eight hours plus a night. he make sure he's in bed by
6:25 am
8:30 did you know that. >> i was not aware of tom brady's sleep patterns shockingly enough.nough. now you know.w you k i don't have personal experience with them but i did read that. w i wish i hitad personalso experience with them.m. >> easy now. >> reporter: that's not the case.orter: >> stillthe early. ear >> reporter: i have to deall with g oh, boy. oh, the consumer electronics showrow kicks off today in las vegasf and everybody and their motherth is going to show you something i technological and under armourc is out with tom brady pajamas. s they're calling them athlete recovery sleep wear. w they're powered by tb12. basically it's a -- prints a -pr that has infrared energy that when it combines with youres wiu body's heat it does all thisllhi fancy technological stuff thatch gives you a better night'sig sleep. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: at a cost of between, depending on if youen want the short sleeves or theeso long sleeves. >> i'm waiting for it. >> reporter: 8lo0 i'm and a a hundred bucks. >> that's fantastic. look, i'm the biggest skepticke as anybody and i was reading rei that under armour was sayingayin we understand we h
6:26 am
here, they claim it itr i'm not going to shell out 80 o8 to a hundred dollars for it. but i value my sleep so. sep >> reporter: i have no havno problems sleeping.problems sleep my head hits the pillow,il lights out. o >> i hear you. >> reporter: i get nowhereorterw near eight to nine hours a night. nigh i'm sure you don't either. you e >> imagine how good you'd feel with your tom bradu'y tb12's all wrapped up in it.wr >> reporter: you know what,orte maybe i'm sold on themr: y now.m >> there you go. the see, it's all in the marketing pitch. bye lauren. by buy i was pair. was p >> powered by tb12 as in tomn t brady's uniform number. >> oh, okay. thank you. y >> if you love tom bradytom especially. >> or maybe they work. who knows. o >> or maybe they work.r >> i wouldn't pay to try it or but -- >> you'll need some sleep, s sir. sir. >> i look like i need somelike sleep. big day actually is today. act going to be out of here bytoout tomorrow. yeah, that's a good point.'s a i things have moved up a bit. a b 32 in washington. what are we talking about? snow on there we way. yesterday we thought it would get here after midnight.nigh
6:27 am
like seven or nine or 10 o'clock tonight. we're not talking about veryg ay much. dusting to an inch maybe ang inch plus if you're nortoth and west and quick look at thatk ata seven day. going to be cold around here. highs only in the 30's today. bo okay, i promise i'll give more details momentarily. >> all right g deal.ll right g a >> thanks tuck. >> we'll see you in a couple minutes. here's erin. see >> 6:27. seeing big delays coming uping from stafford. sffor this is actually from dales actu city through newington up tointo the beltway. really heavy traffic a20ffic te dte delay. south that of point you jam up past 610. from from fredericksburg torick the beltway you need time toe get through congestion. congest. keep it to fox5 news morning.tof we'll be back inox5 just a feww with more news weather andnd traffic. af >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> it is 6:30. welcome back. nck h skyfox top of the beltway in college park.way typical delays out there.he later today, though, we coulde c see some snow and you knowno that slows down everything.veryh tun tuned. tucker has your full forecast. weather and traffic from erinm i and tucker on the 5's at 6:35. first right now developing overnight a dramatic rescue inci bethesda. a metro worker fell aroundround 35 feet down a shaft. 35 feet. this happened just after 1:30 ft in the aft merorning at the t intersection of wisconsin wiscon avenue and elm street. rescue crews used ropes tosed r save that man whose conditiononi isu
6:31 am
but he is above this morning water hasis mot been restored to washingtonng adventist hospital in takoman park. this after a pipe burst lastburt night. officials say it happened around 6:00 p.m.cials they hadound advised patientsnt visitors and staff not toot drink water from faucets and a to use hand sanitizer inier i addition to washing their their hands. wssc crews are still on scene o but the hospital is stillti accepting patients and working i at full capacity. cacit the family of a of 29-year-old shot to death byeath police on christmas day still denying that he was armed whenrw he died despite the release of e body camera video that shows s gerald javon hall had a knife. e mayor bowser approved theve t release of this video afterideot several requests by hall's family members and they said they may not have seen temhebe weapon the first time they sawim the video. >> i've seen it many times. tims i've seen it slowed, i've seen s it frame by but if you're seeing it quickly, you may not see the
6:32 am
after reviewing it many times and so it is possible, and i a i can see it is possible fors poso somebody who may have viewede it quickly not to have seen the -- to see everything thatina the officer encountered. >> several 911 calls were made e that morning and in them them t callers tell dispatchers thatrst hall had a knife in his hands h and he was beating hisng girlfriend.rlfr now that's what the caller cal he leaves behind fourur >> a person of interest wantedn in a deadlyof shooting ofof herbert downton gunned down last tuesday in the middle of the afternoon.sday i this happened in the 800 block of qenia street. s a woman liking lik disconfederate a violin caselins with two guns inside.ns when investigators arrived at av the scene they found several more guns and ammunition ation a another nearby l
6:33 am
and electrical issue believed to be the cause of aauf fire at tucker road ice rinkoadi in fort washington.ashing heavy smoke could be seen for f miles yesterday afternoon.fterno fire officials say two peopleayp were inside when that firens t started. no one was hurt. steve over to you.r toou >> time for the morning line. l a lot of college hoops. getting into that season. first upin dg ukine and thatt indefinite suspension fornsio fr duke's grayson allen. allen would it be all season? easo conference play? one back on court. court the junior guard missed one mis game for tripping an opponenttrp a couple weeks ago scored 15go e points last night and duke won easily. easily. cruised to a obviously they needed himsly the because they only won 110 to 57. this was also coach k's last l game for awhile. awh he'll undergo back surgerygo bky tomorrow. he'll be out for a month.. villanova upset by butler b in indiana. iia the wildcats had won 20 straight games fryer lastht gamy night's 66 to 58 loss.66 los upset season already.dy.
6:34 am
big east play after losing toos providence last night. georgetown kept it close thanks to sophomore derrick samuelson. next up a home game againsta g butler on saturday. >> buzz williams and virginia ar tech top 21. at nc state this one all wolf al pack. they dominated the hokies 104-78. 104-78 tough night for our local teams. teams. let's switch to footballs maybe that will be a little bit better nowswthat w with pier garcon and desean jacksonac free agents the redskins haveska their eyes on rams widerams wide receiver kenny britt. bri brit quiet as far as the the country because of the team hee plays on but he had a prettyha good year.r. his first thousand yard seasonea in an otherwise miserable year a for the rams. for the catch is that while brit wht has told friends he wants toriea play with kirk cousins it ish kk so far far from a done deal because the skins haven't even locked up kirk cousins. so, i don't know what's boater
6:35 am
football at this point ors t basketball blowouts? bwo >> basketball blowouts. >> you had four of them to had u talk about. ta and virginia lost, too. t that were >> there you go. go. >> thanks steve for sharing.forg >> but the weather that's theera g ststory today. >> it will be later today t because look there as we get our first snowflakes of therst season much of the area.snonuc snh ow off to the north and we have. have let's do it. 32 in washington.hingn. 20's off to the north ando the d west. everybody has gotten coldtten cd overnight so we set the stage ts as far as the cold air in a place here. 27 dulles. dles. 29 up in baltimore, bwi marshall. ma there's our little system.s our it really doesn't have a lott hl to work with here.orr it's not able to tap into any in moisture to the south and the bottom shrine we're not goingin to get a lot of snow but we're w going get enough that i thinktht it could cause a few travelra issues and there may be enough to -- i'm not sure we'll be able to get shovels out att sh this point. it mightov be the broom as we'lls we'l get a dusting to about an inch i across the area.acro the a how much are we talking about? a
6:36 am
an inch. the timing has moved up.ed up. if you watch a few more few more minutes i'll show you our futurecast coming up here but ht it looks like we could seeldee some snowflakes as early as this afternoon and sort of prime time now will be between e about 8 o'clock tonight andht ad 2 o'clock in the morning. mni yesterday we thought it wouldy be a little later than tweha tto just heads up here the snow isnw going to move in earlier thiseri g.ening. 38 today. might see some snowflakes this s afternoon but the main eventome as it were, this is not a not great monday event if you like l big snowstorms will beg snow tonight. 30. it will be cold enough it willdw stick. just want to point that outtut again. cold enough that it will enostick. >> all right. lready alrea roads a pretreated this morning coming wto work. >> saw that as well.>> saw >> getting a little jump startp on that. speaking of the roads here'soadr erin. good morning. >> good morning, steve allison and tucker. rninand 6:tuck36er and even though weath is not an issue on the roadsoa okok behind me. no crashes here either. h this is 95 and northboundthboun through newington.ewgt you are jammed all the way t back from dale city to the beltway south of that point fromy sout fredericksburg throuh stafford.affo to
6:37 am
about a 60 minute delay as youas make your way from thatmha fredericksburg to the beltway. y just because of slow moving traffic and a whole lot off traffic on the road. road. we'll keep you posted on that t one. route one also starting to seei delays picking up northbound. nn skyfox right now over the toprhe of the beltway. beltway headlights coming towards us on the outer loop taillights on the inner loop. this is outouter on by 95 in cog park. as you make your gray 95 toray georgia the outer loop ister los seeing about a 15 minuteinute slowdown with volume. v inner loop only about a five abv minute delay from the 270 spur u to 95 and that's only because'so of a little bit of lignlhtt ofig volume t we'll check in with our maps whp because a few 450 eastbound a crash bothoth shoulders blocked on the rampd m to the beltway. btw and then a crash blocking the t right shoulder on the innerhe loop at central avenue. so two issues out there on o that side of the beltway as they you make your way out past 50. aside from that metro earlier train pal malfunction atncti a stadium-armory. residual delays on the orange blue and delay silver to vienna franconia and wiehle. whl earlier red line delaysr red ne cleared up.eared no more residual d
6:38 am
looking really good tnghere.oodt we'll keep you updated on thehe roads and rails.ails. allison and steve.te >> save up if you plan to buyn o girl scout cookies. cookies. prices are going up. >> i'm out of girl scout cocky t business. >> i'm out of the money business. i'm >> you've been a long've en a supporter. first impressions coming up next, this is the t uncle to america.meca everybody wants this guy. guy this uncle who dressed up toed t meet his newborn the picture has gone viral. gon. wait until you find out why he h dressed up to meet her. her back in a moment. moment.
6:39 am
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back at 6:41. back now with what wel is trendg on the web this thursday t morning.heay so, if you want to d o businesso in china you got to play by china's rule.s the times web site has beenha blocked by china since 2012. the move proved how much power o china has over tech companiesmp and how that important chinaw at consumers are to apple. a the price of girl scoutgirl cookies going up in some partsgo of theing country.. each girl scout council setst cs its own prices. pri for example in georgia most ofpl thee prices for old favorites r like thin mints or samoas are sa four bucks.uc that's what we're used tot we'rt paying. but the new s
6:42 am
are six bucks a box.ox. 2017 is the 100 anniversary ofry girl scout cookies sales. despite the bullet and buythe ba away. final al proud uncle to be t is winning the hearts of the people everywhere all forall r taking pride in hisng pr i appearance. he's 18 years old his name is grant kessler em wore a suiter e and tie to meet his newborn n niece in the hospital. when asked why he said becauseew first impressions matter. mat that is just the sweetest thing. first impressions matter so matr when he met his newborn nieceewn he wanted her to be like l that's my >> always look sharp. >> i love him. l >> i love it. i don't love expensive girlxpeng scout cookies.ies. >> those little girl scouts l hold you hostage. seen one notificationific here and they were still four fr dollars. >> toffee tastic.
6:43 am
princess leia a disney incess.s. that's coming up in the fox's c beat. if you have a news tip share she it with us at (202) 895-3000 or e-mail us at fox5 at
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> this is not the way youis want to start your workday. nst >> no. >> by the time you goat workoark you'll be feeling like young li want to turn around and goturn home. this is coming you have 95 for9f anybody who is
6:46 am
it's not you yet. hopefully it won't be but problems coming up from thehe south 95 northbound intobound in washington ton. ewingtwaon.inon backups due to congestiongestion right now. w. we'll check in wither flynn ar a few minutes and see what the latest is. i a quick note about today'sny good day d.c. fresh off announcement she'll get a jobnt in the trump administration sheo omarosa will be joining usinings live this she'll be on good day at 10:00 a. we'll have a chance to talk toat her about what her role willr r be in the white house. house >> good morning tuck. goo >> lots to talk about. not majord ots event.vent. let's start by saying minor event. >> it's the first one and wersen got to get it.. >> i got it. make sure you have your broomouo handy. here's the big change fromfr yesterday. looks like the storm is moving a little faster so ihe s think t bulk of the activity here willel be during the evening hours tonighg the not the overnight hours butut more like
6:47 am
midnight. main event between about eightig and 2 o'clock.'c light the whole thing will be out of t here by sunrise. sunrise it is cold enough that tha everything that falls should t arrive in the form of snowflakes later thisowfl afternoon and tonight. 32 inakrnoo washington, 28 leonardtown 30 quantico.uantic plenty of 20's off to theff t north and to the west winchester 23 degrees up in in hagerstown 25 degrees. all right, here's our littlee'o system, little upper level disturbance.distba really doesn't have a lot tosn't work with. it's very weak but you can see the snowflakes are flying outaks to our west and this a will kini of pivot up and into our region a little later thiser thi afternoon and during theoon evening hours and again i think the prime time for somee i light accumulations betweenetwe about 8 o'clock tonight andnd 2 o'clock in the morning as this system moves on futurecast will do a nice job nj of showing you that.ha there we are at 4 o'clock. o'clo if you're out to the west you may get flakes earlier.arlier. at 6 o'clock if you're hanging'g in at work a little latewo lit tonight just be on the lookoutut heret
6:48 am
snowflakes flying and it's possible there could bees f a a quick burst or two and causet oo some light accumulations aight l quickly on some of the roads.ds there we are at 9 o'clock 9 o'ck tonight and then the whole who thing will wrap up and be out of here by early tomorrowom morning. tomorrow morning's commute noor issuesning. into ie right back sunshine by tomorrow morning,nig the 7 o'clock hour and it willll be cold enough overnight thatha we probably will have someom delays tomorrow. tom i would not expect any cancellations. probable have to do your homework tonight.le hhome there'wosrk t your winter weathr advisories out to the west. that's all i ever cared about ea whether i was doing myhewas homework or not. listen i think it will extenden further to the east as the t storm system gets closer. close. dusting to an inch perhaps a pha little more off to the north t h and west.d w i expect everybody, my twitter handle is tucker fox5 so let sle me know how much snow you get. . get out there with the rulerhe r on the back deck and let meac know how much you get.k how we'll have some fun 38 today, 38 tomorrow.omro cold weekend. this coastal storm still needstl to be watched south
6:49 am
southern maryland lowerand lo eastern shore you could seeshoro some light accumulations fu corm this system on saturday.ys i think the rest of us will btee dealing with just clouds buts bt notice the cold temperaturesmper for the weekend.. saturday and sunday about freezing. my voice, you know, i've got au' cold. >> it sounds good, though.h. >> it's husky but it's not sexot z it needs to be deeper. deeper. >> sounds good. good. doesn't sound like you're onundy the verge of here's the thing tucker aboutut homework i think now with with e-mail things have changed c from when we were in that tha school. is your homework still duetill because of e-mail? >> good point. goo >> that's a good question. qstio maybe we should ask miss alson.n. >> no. it should be she says with an evil laugh. l >> me she paused before the evil laugh.ev laugh. university boulevard crash oneoc lane getting by this is in the silver spring wheaton area. are extra time needed to get through that very good.
6:50 am
volume on veirs mill. disabled vehicle block the right lane past bladensburg souo some caution there coming theomn inbound past 295. 295 southbound super heavy as hy you head south of 50 down towards the 11th street bridge. residual delays for metro across the orange blueal del ana silver vienna franconia and a wiehle because of an earlierlier train malfunction. on your way to glenmont things should be back to normal. trmal 270 southbound heavy volumeolume from 70 through urbana. urban you can see that red line. lin things still sluggish pasthas urbana getting throughhrou gaithersburg and rockville. rocv it's about a 45 minute delay day from 70 down to the spur righth now. tsee getting into those typical traffic patterns now that thes holiday week has wee wrapped up and take a look at aa the outer loop from route onet over to georgialoop.m georg it's about a 20 minute delayeel because of congestion on therehe side of the outer loop.ouloop 95 still looking good from thedr icc down.icc down 95 northbound coming up fromrom virginia super heavy traffic through stafford and theh stafft newington. i would say about a 45 minute delay at leasty abou from stafford stafd to the beltway.tohe b allison and
6:51 am
>> and thank you. happening today in the anacostia river a footballootbal field size digging machine nicknamed nanny will fish -- fh excuse me finish its 14 monthont the massive machine dug a 2.2-mile tunnel from near rfk stadium to popular point asnt a part of the clean riverss project to help keep the anacostia river clean.le. >> quite the journey.ou. >> also today we'll get a newda look at plans for the for t redevelopment of the rfk adiuium. events d.c. will host a city c wide community meeting tonightig from 6:30 to 8:30 to provide plans updates as well as information on short termion onm plans for that nearly 200-acrey- campus and a report on theonhe progress of an environmentalirol study on the entire area.rea. maybe we'll find out what thet t plans are for some future useure for that stadium.di. >> in virginia now a new bill that proposes to allow allow counties and cities and townsd s to decide whether to banan smoking in outdoor publicor pubi spaces like pacrks. l the legislationik would impose a $25 fine for violators and is
6:52 am
likely to gain favor in to arlington county. back in 2009 the commonwealtharw passed a law prohibitinghing smoking inside restaurantsestaan bars lounges convenience stores and other similar simil facilities. this one talks about prohibiting them outside inn common spaces. >> let's check in with kevin mccarthy here with a cue thewite music fox beat. b >> don't read the i want to throw something outngo to you. oscar season is upon us.n us. i want to find something iomethi find interesting.esting. i'll read a bunch of moviench om titles and i want you to tell tl me which one of these stickshess out from the bunch or doesn'theh seem like a particular oscar osc type of choice. >> cool. >> arrival. mon light, senses nocturnalrnal animals la-la land hell or high water loving, manchester by the sea, hidden figures, "deadpool."ool. >> "deadpool."deadol." >> "deadpool.">> "de yeah, good.ah, goo so, you hear "deadpool."adol you hear the other titles youley think to yourself --
6:53 am
"deadpool." >> i don't hate it.>> i don i feel you're obsessed with it. >> i am obsessed with it for f good it's my favorite film of 2016.01 i'm not the only one that t thinks that.t. the question now is can "deadpool" get a best picturere nomination at the academy awards. yesterday things got prettyy serious when it was nominated for a writer's guild award against films like fences, fenc, la-la land, nocturnal now again it's adapted fromedro the original screenplay.y. this is in the adapted screenplay category but the wga is a massive indicator for what will be nominated for the car.r. "deadpool" has a golden globeloe nomination for best picture on n sunday in musical comedy. in mu ryan reynolds has a best best actor. acto >> i have to see this movie. mov >> golden globes.>>den >> up against la-la it's going to loss to la-lao laa land. >> nomination is significant.s >> here's the thing. i think her superhero films area being taken more seriously nowow because.caus >> they're everywhere. saturated t m
6:54 am
>> the dark knight was one ofige the greatest o movies of allof time. the year it came out it wasn't nominated because that yearhat they only had five slotse slot available. >> now they have 10. 1 >> 10 was brought back becausebe of the dark knight and nowow "deadpool" could possibly possil sneak in. i would seriously give all my am faith back to the academyback t awards because i lost faith on march 21st, 1999 when they the gave to it shakespeare in love l over saving private ryan.aving v the worst decatision in the history of the oscars. oar >> even more so over whenen marisa tomei won. won >> kubrick never won, won hitchcock never won.. if "deadpool" gets in there. the >> it will solve all thell t problems. >> i want to see this movie. mo. >> i'm excited.. >> you're not going to love itto as much as kevin does.s. fans supporting a new petition to crown carrie fisher's princess leia li a official princess. the petition is
6:55 am
bob iger and says after the t tragic loss of carrie fisher fhe we feel that this is the only thing fitting for disney to doo away with the rule that anhat a official disney pri princessi ps must be animated. almost 32,000 supporters haves v signed up for this and it needs 3,000 more to reach itschi goal and according to the article the creator cat of the petition has five p daughters so obviously heets sov feioels that this is a very big role model. >> disney bought "star wars"bo so why nugot. >> they bought "star wars" forhr 4 billion. the movies have almost made m 3 billion dolls and there willos be one every year. yr. >> awesome since disney ownsnewn the franchise for them to nameon her a princess. >> she deserves the wierll be a privatememorialh mother today in la. l >> they've now designated a national "deadpool" day. day >> kev. >> i'm into that. >> take over the world>> i in 2 been. be >> have you seen "deadpool." >> i feel your pain. i f "eelde i f like american pie
6:56 am
>> so was grownups to two ando a zoo lander two. t. >> hot tub time machine.chin >> i haven't seen "deadpool."adl i tried watching it on the it ot plane kev. >> don't watch movies on the plane.plan how dare you. >> either that or order oer another cocktail. all right, there you go.t, theog we got snow out to the westes and that will be moving in. i listen it's going to get in get here earlier than what wehat expected yesterday so between about 8 o'clock and 10 o'clock tonight expect isn't snowsn s showers. dusting to an inch perhaps anha inch plus north and west. plenty more on the upcoming upcg snow at the top of the hour.e pf let's do traffic with erin.. >> i'm wearing a spring dressss in protest of the outer loop you can see the flashing lights boot 95 split. we're dealing with a crashalingc block the shoulder.ock thou a car into the side mediania heavy traffic on the outeruter loop from route one past 95ast 5 getting to georgia.eorgia it's about a 25 minute slow
6:57 am
we're seeing some congestionst growing on the inner loop as lop well past 95. 9 keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we'll keep you posted on that ta and take a look at your you virginia commute and metro ass we continue. >> "deadpool."
6:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> ♪♪ is foxs is fox5 news morning. >> happening right now atappe 7 o'clock this morning, winterni weather preparation
7:00 am
under way a cold start to your y thursday as snow is expected eec to hit the area later tonight. t we have team coverage on just js how much we could expect and exp just how it could impact your commute. >> shocking, disgusting,isst disturbing video from chicagohi going viral around the world. tr a disabled man held hostage and tortured all while his his alleged attackers streamed the e whole thing live on facebook this morning. why the incident is open an a huge debate about this ands a whether it's a hate crime. cri >> dramatic video of a metroet worker being rescued aftered aft falling 35 feet down a shaft.aha we're there lie this morning.. >> is president-elect donaldesid trump planning a major shakeup involving america'sg america's intelligence agencies? alls? a this as he continues toontinu t question the findings thosesho agencies made over claims that russia interfered in theia i presidential election.esid good thursday morningod t everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 new i'ms morning right off the top this hour h it's that that winter weatherint that is headed our way.ay >> i have on uggs to prove itpr


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