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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> overnight flurries in the d.c. region didn't last long. the snow mostly staying oisut tt the west and while a lot of us f dodged a bullet, a new systemys that could dump a couple inches of snow is headed or was.wa >> also the scene of a major maj traffic accident happened upent in howard county.inard delays on 95 continue to growe w this hour as crews continue toto clean up a fuel spill afterup a two tract for-trailers collidedi in jessu >> good friday morning goo everybody, i'm allisonerody, seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news i'm mornin. well, it might not have been non as much in your house informse r some places it was in you have e to call school delays andschooly closings. >> let's take a look at them. tk ine a virginia loudoun countyno schools delayed two hours.delayo also in virginia shenandoahndoah warren and page county schoolsco are closed
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>> and in maryland frederick f county schools on a two-hourtwor delay while out to the westes garrett and allegany county cnt schools also on a two-hour twoou delay this morning.orng >> head to west virginia now jefferson and harding countyngou schools you are closed. berkeley hampshire and grant are all delayed two hours. we'll have all tl hede closingsg and delays scrolling along thesl bottom of your scroneen.g of yr you can also find the updatedhet list on and the the fox5 news app. a >> let's get to tucker rightcker now and just like you thoughtho tuck right up the 81 corridor ci for the most stuff. stu. >> mostly north and west andesta that's where the slick spots are this morning. ar my r tusting on my car that was about it.about much of the area here not a n whole lot of anything but it'sui all out of here. h quickly go to some snowickly go you got to get north and west.e. winchester two and a halff inches manchester maryland 3-inches, purcellville closelvlc to an inch. i reagan national just a trace a a here and as mentioned i hadioned enough to call it a dusting asts i had enough to cover my car my here. all right. it's all out of here. we're going to improve impro conditions and we'll get some sunshine today.suns it will be a chilly
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temperatures in the mid 30's.0'. snow up towards new york and boston. boston. again we'll clear it outwe'll e today. temperature in the mid 30's. all right, plenty moruree me weather. hey we got storm number two wetw got to focus on real quick.. details momentarily.omenrily. let's do some traffic withic erin. >> tucker we are tracking somegs big problems on the roads.oads skyfox just got up to jessup,go maryland, where we arere we e tracking a crash involving a tractor-trailer. it's actually two itoland-trailers involved and a fuel spill. we'll get to that visual inal just a moment.omen very backed up traffic asff as well. you can see from our camera o cm there skyfox positioning so we'll bring you that view asw soon as it becomes availablevaib but notice how traffic is parked between 175 and 100.00. three lanes are blocked justed s one left lane getting by so because of those huge backupsac you're sluggish back towardsowas 895. 895. come do you know from baltimore my best advice toyou n you take 295ore my southbound.oo that will save you about 15 to5 20 minutes as volume increases i 95 southbound just gettingthbo even more backed up.cked u and you can see traffic is not n going anywhere any time soon. so aside from that we'll go ahead a
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our maps.s. not the only problem area that t we're tracking this morning. icy conditions.diti be very mindful you want tot slow it down use caution as caun you head out this o around the beltway we're stillri very quiet through oxon hill.ghl my best advice to you slow itloi down especially on those t secondaries throughout yourar neighborhood as well asies bridges overpasses on and offovs ramps they tend to get the icest in the mornings. just watch for slick spots.atch again a light fdusting around the dmv. dmv i did notice a lot of salt ontie the road on my ride into wo ark this morning. morni asides from that we'll keephat you posted around the dmv anddm we have team coverage thisoveris morning. fox5's anjali hemphill has been tracking the huge crash. how are things shaping uppi traffic-wise through that area. >> reporter: yeah, erin, we are tracking thehat delayorstert rere. we got back onto route 100 rte 1 which is the exit right before f 165 where this accident s you te see we're passing it on our o right right as we speak. earlier, it was taking uss about 10-point in get through-pi this crash. nontw it's about 15 to 2
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again, we just passed thatha tractor-trailer that earlierarli was laying on its side blocking three lanes of les of traffic. you can see now it has been uprighted and we also swunglso n around to a side road and got some pictures of the box truck t that was also involved in this two-truck crash i should say that is off the embankmentan also on its side.n itse. it looks like a cloverlandloverd farms dairy box truck.rm things are starting s to moveg m out here in terms of getting gti this cleaned up. like i said they haveth have uprighted the truck.ruck it looks like they are nowksey taking out everything that wasve in the back of the truck and and putting it on the side of the s road so they can go ahead and aa tow this truck out of here. outh it looks like they also have ao the light shining on the box the truck maybe about to getybout started working thon as well.n l again though traffic justraffics getting by on the left side.ide. three lanes still blocked. block there was a fender-bender asder- you approach the accident onhe a the right.the ri again people having some trouble with the zip erring errn maneuver and merging into thatot far left lane probably hity each other doing that.ther d tha e cautionon. it i
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still even though thisen thos accident happened around 2:30 2 this other than that, though, roadsua are looking really gm you can see in the cameras right nowighn even on the exit ramps and side roads clear, not wet., nott i think even the slick spotspots are starting to kind of k o dissipate as well. so, do avoid southbound 95 ind 5 jessup if you can. other than that, roads areoadsre looking pretty good.etty that's the latest here in in jessup. je anjali hemphill fox5 localoc news. >> let's take it from 95 north of the dakise trict to southboud last night.last n look at the toll road at the bottom. bo a shock for drivers on thehe southbound beltway expressouay lanes. they saw toll prices rise up to $ $30. officials say that priceciy increase was attempted tottempto deter drivers to use the lanes because two salt trucks werecksw in the area prepping the roads. >> looks like an interesting ins path. pa developing overnight ave family out in the cold afterlo their home in clinton marylandan went up in take a look at this video. vid very dramatic here.
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the 6500 block of springbrookbr ne.e. thankfully officials say nofficy one was hurt. >> 6:05 right now.5 right n let's check in with tucker tuc once again get a look atkt what's happening out there.he he's all over the place. micro conferencing right now r n getting the latest on what'sha happening beijing you're -- obviously it snowed in somey its places last night but you gott t the next one knocking on theinon door. >> we're really focused on on what's in the future. fure. anywhere between a trace to ara dusting to a couple inches inchs last night. nig >> enough, enough to -- t >> love the green by the way. >> what? it's friday. frida >> i noticed. notic wow. i can't wear green.wear g >> wake up everybody.>> wake upe >> let's do the foverecastrybo t right to it here.t to i watching the weekend storm.ndtom this arrives tomorrow morningnig and this will be primarilyim washington points south andsoutd east.east we'll focus more on this inonhis just a couple minutes but ifut i you are a viewer in southernoutr maryland, lower eastern shore you're going want to keeprn atoe close eye on that forecastt because that has higher boom hi potential than the one we hadhew last night. la temp
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reagan national 29 dulles bwi marshall 30. officially a trace at reaganly a national so locally i don'tallyd think july any problems on the e roadways locally inside the beltway you're not going haveotv any problems driving thisving ti morning. mornin obviously north and west where e we had some snow accumulationumo you will.yowill exit stage right off to the northeast there out of here.of new york and boston still get sg something snow. s we'll clear it out and be and partly sunny blustery andluer chilly this afternoon highs in n the mid 30's. the that's the makings of our nextfn storm system that we got to g t watch for tomorrow morning for the first half of tomorrow.haf o i'll have more details on thatt coming up. 37 this afternoon. mix of clouds and sun and coldol and breezy.ezy. >> that's cold. >> right. >> all right. >> thanks tucker. et>> snow you need n to make a snowman and send meend a picture.a pictu >> that would be g >> i need to levesque carequ iously through the viewers.he ve >> i know. let's check in with erin. eri >> felt like a little kide going to school in the morningni because i peaked out thei aked window and i was like oh, man. n >> i did the same thing.e tng >> yeah, it was a little bit
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take a look at this.hi this is skyfox. they've made it to the bigma delay we're tderacking 95cking southbound in jessup as anjalii hemphill told us with our team cover crash involving a box b truck an 18-wheeler and a box truck an fuel spill.pi outer left lane skiing by with n speeds under 20 miles an hour.e2 the backup extends past 100ast 0 out towards 895.95. this location past 100 closer to 175.. really big mess out there as tra skyfox zooms in and you can see a ton of emergency crewsrgcc as well. because these delays areese dela growing as more folks hit the ht road now that we've hit the h te 6 o'clock hour coming down dow from baltimore toward thed capital beltway take 295.watake that will save you a lot ofouot time but keep in mind 295 mind southbound seeing a lot moreor congestion now because so many folks opting for that as theyas wake up and take a look atk a what's going on.wh going on. looks like that cleanup willke t be out there for someha time. t we don't anticipate thate at clearing any time soon.ring any. let's move it over to ourer to o camera. i want to show thcaat you backub just to show you how parkedow pr things are leading up towards ts that active accident scene.t sce again closer t
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out by 100.y again speeds under 10 mileser 1 per hour. pretty nasty crash there.ty nas let's go ahead and take aty c lo at our maps becauseecse unfortunately that's not theatel only problem. only aside from that p crorash on 95 let's forward our maps we'res w' also dealing with a crash on 66 eastbound.tbnd it's just before fairfax drive e and look at that red line.t red. you're jammed all the way back b to the dulles toll road right now so inside the beltway btway through falls church reallyh big delayfas picllking up. you may want to opt for takingok 50 to get around that delay.. outside the beltway we're also seeing 66 eastbound slow by b 234. aside from that for the restom of your friday morning t commutm we are seeing quiet conditions i on the beltway right now. n pretty much typical commute inme college park 95 to georgia. grg all metro rail lines are on a time but grab your snow boots. t 's going to be slick outo be s o there. use caution walking to theutiowk metro stops or the bus stope bu this morning.s this any questions at erin fox5uest d.c. on twitter. mind 95in95io northbound volume through daleal city as usual.sual allison and steve.. >> a grieving mother wantsriev answers after her son wasas struck by a delivery truckery uc dr
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>> new details indr kidnapping and torture case out ofe chicago. the charges the suspects facecah and the reaction fromction f president barack obama.side we'll have it for you next. 6:09. 6:09. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> it is 6:10 now an mother in laurel maryland is outraged this morning.:10 maryl
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who struck and killed her sonon is not being charged.rg the accident happened lastcide tuesday on route one when jonathan swinton was hit by b 55-year-old ryan ether who washw driving a box truck. box t it was the second time in justus three months that he struck suck and killed a pedestrian.edtria the 23-year-old victim's victim' mother is now questioningnow quo whether this tragedy couldgedy u have been avoided. aid >> there's no crosswalk there. he was walking. get home. hg to and i know him. h he wasn't in the middle of thehe street. does this manney need his eyes e checked? something else hasg el to be done.s to just like, oh hee killed two people and that'snd t the ends of it.ends o i it's not you killed somebody's familyodyf member. the human thing in you should have done pick up the phone. call. ca try to find the family. apologize. >> both accidents that this driver was involved inh acci in happiened along ro
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busy four-lane roadway with no h officials though in howardthouha county say he will not be charged because the victimsic were walking in the roadwayoadwy when they were >> due in a chicago courtroom today the ur sfouspects charged with hate crimes inday s connection with the video with e broadcast live on facebookon fac that showed a mentallytall disabled white man being beaten and tortured. t police say the assault went onet for hours. it all started after the 18-year-old victim met up withdi one of the attackers said to be hishe a friend on new year's eve. police found that young manou mn bloody on a chicago president obama now amongnow a those reacting. >> it's -- it's terrible.. and -- so part of what technology allows us to see now is the terrible toll thatl t racism and discrimination and hate takes on families andilies communities but that's part of o how we learn and how we get >> the president already hadlrea
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chicago tv stations yesterday. d the victim's family also speaking outer saying they're grateful for the prayers and f efforts that led to his safeor return.return >> ♪♪ >> 6:12 right now and also happening today, tod president-elect donald trumpnalt will be briefed on then suspected russian hacking bykinb director of nationalnal intelligence james clapper. cppr yesterday clapper told theda senate armed serviceser committee that russia had stepped up its cyber espionage a but stopped short of declaringfd the russian hacking an act off war. meantime donald trump hastil tapped former indiana senator sn dan coats to lead the office of the director of national intelligence. coats served as a member ofin the senate intelligenceellinc committee before retiring last year. year donald trump taking aim atni another automaker toyota.ota. we'll have that for you in today's business beat. >> right now let's loodaky' nowl outside as we head to break on d this friday morning. ty morn boy, there are some traffic arer problems out there and this is t the big one. i-95 south of 100
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box trucks involved in and in an accident and traffic is reallyfa backed up.b we'll check in with erin in just a minute we'll get the the details there.s there if you have snow in your areare send pictures to tucker.uc he'll try to get some on to share with everybody else. it's 6:13.
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>> good morning welcome back.mon off to the north and west,in t n chuck thank you for sendingen this in, he did the old ruleldul are act here, about 3-inches-inc in middletown maryland just to the, just outside frederick so again, fantastic.agai there you go.ere yogo. 3-inches up in middleton. middl. all right, please send me your pictures tucker fox5 and let and me know how much snow you got.ot there's snow totals.ot win chestetwo and a half, manchester three.manchester t purcellville abouthree .8.ut reagan national on the a trace. not a very impressive storm.torm we never thought it would be ite but off to the north and west aw enough to cause morningorng delays. 32 now in washington.hiton. cold enough that anything that
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north and west going to stick around today.arnd dulles 29. 32 quantico, 32 leonardtown.wn our next storm we're reallyeall going to focus to the southe and east here.and st her we'll talk about that coming up. storm number one out of hereber off to new york and boston.os we'll be partly sunny today. s it's going to be a chilly day. y temperatures in the 30's with wt a pretty good wind out of the go northd and storm number two.umber two this is going to be a big storm for the south.r th sou this is like atlanta aunttlan winter storm warning thisr st morning. what's going to happen here is we'll see this energy getng t tosegeisther a en area of low o pressure will roll off to our wo south and east early tomorroworw morning and during the daytimeay hours saturday and it's going i' to be a really close call for fr us. us. as this passes off to the east a of us, we've got a lot of dryotd air in place and the line of lie the have and have-nots heree-nor with the snow is going to be very, very well defined rightnet across our area so we thinko w k north and west of d.c. not much of anything here. her this is tomorrow's i'm focused on tomorrow.omro could get some light lht accumulations in the immediate washington area early tomorrow a and th
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in facthe tre's a winter stormrm watch for saint mary's county.y. i wouldn't be surprised if these advisories don't get extended further to the northo e and north and west. west. bottom line really watch thech fork. if you'll be out tomorrowomor particularly to the south and a east watch the forecast it will be fine tuned latere tu today to give us a better chance of where the line is of h going to be between the have t h and have-nots of snow tomorrow. there's your seven day.ere' daytims eyo highs saturday andua sunday do not get oft 20's. 20'. >> 20's?0's? >> 20's. i know somebody going to a football game on sunday i snomyn pittsburgh and it's going to be cold. col he looks sad about it. >> so hard to go to a playoffla game. >> it's going to be fun but i would prefer to watch the gameg bundled up on myer t t couch inm sweats. >> that's what i'm going tot's h do. do >> unfortunately we're unf tracking breaking news.acking b it has been out there since wein
6:19 am
morning. happened just after 2:00 a.m. js 95af steouthbound in jessup aesa crash at 175 blocking threere lanes. n 18-wheeler ale box truck and a fuel spill. spi. injuries involved as well. w three lanes blocked.ree la just the left lane getting byt g and as more folks are hitting ht the road we're seeing these 95 delays. delays. let's go ahead and take a look at ourhead cameras since skyfoxo having some issues.havi som that's the delay we're talking e about. it's going back past 100 now towards 895. so, if you want to get around an this heading from baltimore tort the district, i would say 295 s2 is a better bet. b but keep in mind 295 is seeing e heavy congestion from 895 to past 100 with so many folksan f bailing out and opting forg thatou. route one southbound an option t too but i would say heavyay h congestion on 295 and movingnd n is a better bet than sittingit in that backup trying to getba g through that left we'llugh keep you updated on tt cleanup and when more lanes door open. want to switch over to a camera on 66 insides thensid t beltway. there's a crash right now rht blocking that left shoulder thao and center median. we're seeing some delays. this is just beforee seei fairff drive and heavy delays
6:20 am
the dulles toll road.olload. still insides the beltway theel anticipate that and just used ju caution. you may still hit some slicke s spots around the dmv this dmvhi morning. allison and steve.d stev >> the final jobs report fors rp the obama administration duetri out today. what we can expect it willt it l look like. we'll have i t next. >> plus rent or buy. it is a tough question for so many people. next new numbers take ato looug e a at how much of your pay checkouk is going to where you live. >> can i leave for that part. >> think ear muffs. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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d before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> welcome back on a friday at b 6:22. donald trump taking aim atacy at anmpakotheinr automaker thisakei toyota. first though a check of theheck market and a peek at the jobsheb report. port joining us from the foxhe business network studio on a a friday no more alarm clocksrm ck this week lauren, lauren, ure simonetti. >> reporter: i love thatsimo loa sleeping in on good friday morning. mni >> good friday morning.ood so, we're waiting on a jobs a j report and we're checking outren what's going on on then on the markets.ets. >> reporter: yes. two hours from now the t
6:23 am
the confetti is ready. r my hat is not a hundred points away from dow 20,000 but if we get a blowout jobs number we could totally have thattolly milestone today. we're expecting that 178,000t 10 jobs were added last month andtd the jobless rate can tick up to 4.7 percent. that's the expectation.taon. it's for december 2016 the16 first full month since the t election where companies manufacturers started to sing,so oh, should we hire morere workers because we have a newwe administration coming in? and a also the wages, are they goinghg up enough to make rent andake d mortgages more affordable? >> we going to talk about thataa in a second first i got tofirs talk about donald trump andmp a toyota.. the mandate he's giving this automaker. >> reporter: there it is.epor he'ster: hitting another ano manufacturer targeting them with a big border tax if they it make their stuff in mexico andeo then sell it in the u.s..s for toyota, donald trump saidmpi the corolla you make it inak i your mexico factory it ain't iai coming to the u.s. withouta
6:24 am
nice big hefty tariff attachedaf to it. it. toyota's response, we employ a lot of people in the u.s. we do make cofars i pneo mexicoc we are not changing anythingnyin that we do until after the inauguration and that doesn'ttoe necessarily mean that we will change anything. toyota shares down in asia i a today by 2 percent. pernt >> wait and see what happensan with that. let's dget s back to what aat person is to do when they're looking to rent or to buy.g >> reporter: pick your poison. they're both repurn >> right. >> reporter: in your neck of ter:woods, it's cheaper to buy. so we have the latest data dat from a real estate tracking tckn company called adam data solutions. in the washington area,a, 74 percent of your salary goes to renting.ti 46 percent of your salary goes to owning a home.wning hom >> hm. >> reporter: so there you have it.eporte >> okay. >> reporter: rent is more expensive. but nationally the neporte umbers arers neck and neck. around 381st of your salaryour a every month going to eitherh gor rents or the mortgagehe m
6:25 am
so things brings us to theto t jobs report.or if wages continue to go up andoo rents continue to go up ditto d for mortgages it's more affordable but so many peopley e feel priced out especiallyrice from some of the big citiesome e right now. big >> right.>> it can be very depressing. depre all righty.l ty. lauren, thank you. you have a wonderful weekend. a won we'll see you modenday.e yo >> reporter: you, too. >> bye. >> i like the way it startede th at least with all the wall positivity and the enthusiasmnti and then, hey, the champagne cmp chilled. >> are you surprised it's less expensive -- the numbers-wise te to buy in d.c. in the area than to rent?o >> rents have gone up i think he a lot like over the lastast decade at least. lea >> uh-huh.h- >> significantly higher.ig >> all feels like it's too's t much. if you're buying a house youe bu got to come up with the downdo payment. >> the down payment thepa t closing that interest stuff atht the signing. sni >> you get it all back at some s point in your taxes. taxes >> i'm still saving up for mytiv rst t new there you go. let's do the forecast.orec 32 in washington.asngton. one storm is out, next stormt or coming in. busy time of
6:26 am
>> is the next one going to beoi a little bit more, you know -- >> well, it's --s >> impactful for all of us.f u >> it's got more boom more bo potential for those of us that h are going to site but not but n everybody is going to get it.oie we'll talk about wind chill 24 here.4 h storm number one out of here. o. parts of the area no more thanre a little bit on your other parts of the area two orrw 3-inches so that's the wrapupthw on the storm that's pushingha off to the north and east. the d we're going to be partly sunny y today. no more issues with snow wh sn today. you're in the clear. alyou'though it will be a chilly day. temperatures only in the midsteo 30's.idst then we'll focus on o ur nextur next storm system and coming up here i'll try to talk about some of the details of what we expect with this one but the bottom line is tomorrow duringor the daytime hours it lookst oks like primarily d.c. south andma east we could have anrily eastaccumulate snowing a wcrosee area. southern maryland thinking of m you guys,arylan down towards kik george county in virginiaa thinking of you guys, lowers, l eastern shore that part of thee world could be looking at some in some cases significant snowno >> you know, the weekends arehe busy. we'll be calling you uncle u tuck.
6:27 am
send me your snow pictures ptu tucker fox5.ckerox5. we'll start a collage.olla. >> cool. erin busy for you today, too.,o. >> yeah, busy unfortunately.rtne 6:26 right now. n skyfox over this huge crashs huh scene in jessup, 95 on the southbound side right near 175. three lanes blocked.s blocked just the left lane isjust squeezing by. t a box aoxis involving truck, a tractor-trailer and aod fuel spill. you can see one of thoseonof the trucks actually off the roadoad right there into that grassyha hill. so, a lot of cleanup under way. traffic had been stacked past 100. right now traffic is backed uhat to 895 we're seeing delays onel your alternates of route oneerne and 295 southbound as well.el no real rubber neck delay.l rubn keep it to back in just a few andew we have you covered on this oth chilly friday morning.rning >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> it is 6:30. giving you another live lookthee at this accident we have beenhae talking about. about. this is out of howard county, jessup to be specific. speci i-95, the southbound lanes, crash right there at maryland 175. 175. erin will be along shortly tortt tell you about the work around. looks like firsart are managingg to eke through with one lanethro there not to mention those wet roadugs outto m there. tucker ad erin will be along with weather and traffic on thetraffc 5s at 6:35.:35. right now though many of us woke up to some snow this sw morning depending on where youpd live and it could have been a dusting, could have been more cu significant amount. there are closings and delaysldl to talk about in our area but at in the meantime fox5's fox mela
6:31 am
frederick, maryland, nowan n checking out the snow levels. lv hello my frie good morning. >> rnieporter: good morningd rnn allison and so we're here ine hi frederick and we wanted toantedt come here to the trance it? center just to give you aer j sensust e of if you look at the front camera you can see whateew the roads would look like ifookf they had not been treated. so, lots of folks here are using public transportation ton get to work this morning butng you can see on the roadsee on itself, also take a look at the grassy areas and thesy a sidewalks, you can see a couple inches of swanolkw actuay fell on the ground here in frederick. frederick still under a snowders emergency. saw a number of salt trucksmber out there and peoplesalt did t e to use shovels to clear their sidewalks and clear some walking paths waas i think that'spath part of theat reason for the two-hour delayhe of schools this morningmorning because it's just really the secondary roads, the the neighborhood main roads areighb looking prett .ood. occasionally there will beallyhe delays as
6:32 am
any of those salt trucksru because they are stille th are s treating at this hour.eang a it's still very, very cold and occasionally we've seen alyve se little bit of flurries stills kind of kicking up in the airhe here and there. overall, i think this is whathat people were hoping for, one off those pretty snows. snows causes a few delays thises a morning but not any major problems. so, so far so good allison. fars back to you. >> all right, mel thank you very much. steve, oveigr htto you.. >> al thanks very much. muc pretty where mel s nothing here in the district though. thg time for the morning line.or the that's where we like to see mors the ice at verizon center indoors. let's begin with the caps. the c ending the blue jacketsjack winning streak at 16.t 1 that's like a major leagueor leu baseball winning like 40 in a row.row. just one shy of the alt time mark set by the penguins back in 1993. caps went up early kept addingtg to the lead then won big time, five-nothing shutout bradenutra holtby gets the shutout turned ba
6:33 am
his fourth shutout of theut o t season. in d.c. we like to focus on fcus the cleaning house the entire entire defensive coaching staff gonely we'll take a look at we' some of those who may bell takob moving in right dj flex with us. good to see you. >> got too cold for wisdom. w >> that's my guy.s >> we're holding down thehe fort. >> yes, sir. teamhen the team gets rid of the entire coaching staff onre h one side of the ball good thing or bad thing. thi >> for the redskins it's a the good thing. every week we talked footballall and the keys to the game wasam w always defense, defense.,ef they started off half a seasoneo couldn't tackle anybody. secondary has been week. i understand there have been some injuries we get that buttat they haven't been that consistt and they actually played -- pye defense played okay againstgaint the giants but it was too >> at that point.oint. >> yeah. >> if a new -- obviously a new coaching staff will be broughtlg n let's say a defensiveensive coordinator comes in maybe maybe does a better job with theit guys you have there is thatou hv enough for this team or do youou still need to add more pieces pe as far as the players.lars essentially does a newew coaching staff make a big
6:34 am
>> still need more players pye because the secondary is just horrible so you got to fixu to f that. you got to fix the line i lin mean, it's a lot of parts youpa got to do. so, a coach is going to get ito going but you need somebodyomod can make great decisions and somebody communicates with themi players and the players wantan to play for him.d >> before we talk about next season let's grady this seasondn what did you think now that the season is over in the books unfortunaidtely f youroseo the expectations were at theons start to the finish of the season. season >> scale of one to 10 i would give them a four. of on them a f >> really? that low.eall >> yeah. >> why is that. >> 'cause they just gave up at the end and ithey just don'ton't want -- i want to see progression. i want to see you fighting for it so nextsee season you went t blazing you laid it all on the o field but they laid down so i just -- i don't like the wayikey they went out. >> okay.ka so if you have the opportunity to bring in somebody tohave lead this did he first then is thatei the kind of fired upp personality to lead this team.ha >> yeah, fire it up.>> yh, fireu if it was up to me i wouldou bring in wade >> why is that. >> wad
6:35 am
good communicator. he can get these guys goingoing because if you can talk too them make them want to fighttoig for you you got a greatat chance. chan >> if the offense stays intact t you can pick more guys on thes n defensive side of the ball butfl the offense has question marksss too especially with theo es receiver core. you keep , who do you, who do let go. >> you keep i think that deshawn goes andn the reason why i think deshawnna is probably going to go is i g think he's going back tok he philadelphia and he's going get a big i'm not mad at him for. h f that you keep pierre and makepim sure that you don't messyon't around and lose kirk. kirk. >> that's the key and especially when you look at -->a that means -- there's six vacancies forehead coaches ins o the nfl right now.reth two names thrown out for almost every one of them are kyle shannahan and also sean mcvay. mcva >> and they will easily snatch h up kirk quick. kirk quick >> especially a team likespecy denver that would love to have h a shannahan name and woulde andd love to have a quarterback. >> absolutely. >> so should we even focus on what that could do ifould w yous deshawn and kirk and you gotyou to rep
6:36 am
>> if we do that we're back to square >> we'll save that for nextor n time. >> iti do believe the redskins k will sell us hope like theye always do. we look forward to the hope h that they'll selling us. >> always do in the off season. >> i'll be buying tickets again in the off season. >> thanks man.'ll ben in tnks 6:36. 6:36. back to tucker with a check of k the forecast. >> those tickets seem to be soeo expensive. >> his big bag will be smallerea after the season tickets. tke i want to see them get better gt year to year.toea sort of a sideways step this year. they were in the playoffs last year. >> we got to do weather. weaer we don't know anything about sports. let's go to the forecast.s go t>> excuse me. i know when we're not winningini and not in the playoffs.layoffs. >> or we're tying, right., right >> any way look at ts. >> hey, that's 3-inches up in middletown. thanks to chuck for sendingk fog that in. if you want to make a pinee a
6:37 am
>> i don't think so 'cause it seems mocking. >> okay. okay. >> right. >> in you want to make a pine p needle snowman please don'twmans make that and send it in. in. bwi marshall 30 degrees. cold. co we're clearing out today.od daytime highs only in the midhem 30's so if you got the snowheno cover it will be particularlyy chilly for you with a breeze.rez make sure you're dressedress accordingly for a chilly friday but a dry there's our next storm not going tomorrow packet allg o of us but those thatmo get it tomorrow could be looking at a a snow bonanza. bonan how much are we talking about? i'll have details coming up. >> will you tell us exactlyl you where? >> i'm going to do my best too tell you exact where but the bhe honest truth is we're not n exactly sure. >> i like that honesty. >> the word bonanza reminds mers of a banana split. split >> i get it appealing. >> appealing. >> i don't know why i go t
6:38 am
right now big problems inblem jessup maryland.aran we've been tracking this sincehi 4:00 a.m. this morning.ning 95 southbound by 175, one laneel of traffic just that left laneln slowly squeezing by you can can see from skyfox. crash involving a fuel spill asl box trucks an tractor-trailer-t that overturned. one of those trucks actuallysctl off the road so big cleanuplean under way.undeay delays extending past 100 now to 895. to 8 let's take a look at t95hat loot delay from our camera.uramer you can see traffic is parked i right now at 100.right now at 1 i would avoid 95 southbound coming from baltimore toward the beltway capital w i would take 295 or route one southbound but keep that innd mind those alternates are seeing a lot of congestion as well so please get an early start as you w bake up tho ise n baltimore head through jessuphrj this morning. mapsurake a look at our right now.ow other problems you're up'r u against this morning inboundth new york avenue in northeast we're dealing with a crash atist montana avenue jammed all thel way back to south dakota dakot avenue with heavy traffic andffc new york avenue tends to back up this time of morning anyway a so give yourself extra time to t get through that ara.
6:39 am
beltway in falls churchhurch dealing with problems there the and then 270 on the southbound h side disabled vehicle withisab heavy traffic from 28 down ton t falls road.fa we got you covered.ed turning into a busy commute. bu. keep it to fox5. >> ♪♪
6:40 am
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> ♪♪
6:42 am
the web on this friday morning. hello. there we are. former nbaeck the aying. player lamar odom checked out of rehab.b he was there for a month. last month he was t decided to o treatment to make sure hee saint barnabas sober. barnabas e sources say he's doing greathe'g looking forward to the new year. year. in light traffic volume chrisht brown and rapper soldier boy'slin te feuradown retired r employed mayweather says he'sedm going toay now train soldier bor for a boxing match between he he and chris brown. >> stop it steve. stop it ste come back and sit down.k and sid >> i'm just the messenger. >> now you're just making you'rt stuff up. >> on instagram mayweather maywe post add photo of brown and soldier boy hyping up theing up match. of course it's on pay per view. finally sources saynally soy president-elect donald trumpen willt- ask congress not mexicoic to fund the border wall.r w this move would break his bak campaign promise when donald trump said he would makep sa mexico pay for the wallxico paye although trump back in w octobet did suggest that mexico wouldld reimburse the costs of theos wall if the u.s. pays for it up front.
6:43 am
trump's team says it has the h authority through a buescheruesc are a law but lacks the money to do so. mey that will play out inilay o congress. look for an april closing day for that deal. >> okay. as long as you're not talking yl to me about a fight withit soulja boy and chris brown. b >> who would you take in thatint fight. >> chris all b right. i don't want to see it.alwant ti thanks steve.anks ste kevin mccarthy is set foret this weekend's big awardss next his golden globesn g prediction. he joins us from los angelesom g where he's also set to sito seto down with a big a-lister thisr h morning. we'll check in with him live. l it's going to make you go a ooh next.
6:44 am
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back everybody. we've been talking about this majorcomeen m tesals out in thep area. we've been talking about work arounds and very much anry mh an active scene though it looksho k like that truck has been pulled out of the predictamentrn it was in. >> how much snow did you getuchy last night? starting to get totals from folks out to theut t west. >> thanks for pictures.r pictes. >> mostly out to the west andy the north that's whout ere thewh accumulations were gre
6:47 am
please send me your pictures tucker five. five. otherwise look at the ruler picture all day that that somebody sent me. >> not that it's not. tit's >> okay, it's great.>> okay, it. >> have we pulled out ourleout ruler with the snowman on top. . no need around here. i had just enough to wipe it off my car quickly. quick let's go some snow totals.go son then we got to get onto stormnts number two winchester two andwo a half inches. win aa re big enough eno that you can make a small snowman. manchester 3-inches. 3-inc purcellville virginia about .8bo of an inch.n ih. dulles officially now on the board now with .1 of an inch i at baltimore, bwi marshall we had .1 an trace at reagan national. north and west. w 29 dulles. 32 here in the city. leonardtown we're going to focus on your part of the part e rld shorortly. 32 for you.ou this part of the world thatld t we're concerned about stormrm number two.wo there goes our storm from last evening. very l
6:48 am
area. still a couple flakes upe fl towards new york city andyork cn parts of southern and southeastern new england stillrn getting some snow as well butelb what we're really focused onus is storm number two now. n let me mention today no more we'll be partly sunny and temperatures in the 30's.ares i0 here's storm number two getting its act historic storm is what they'reha calling it across the deep south. winter storm warning in atlanta. there's a city thatnt thaert s t handles snow even more poorlyoo than we do. d they're expecting just a couple're inches but the bell b sounded there for a major situation there over the next nx we are hours. 24 area of low pressure off the coast and then slides theen sl t coast of new england by late byl tomorrow afternoon tomorrowernon evening. we're on the western aren'testea northern fringe of this storm fi but it looks like it gets just slows enough that we couldngks d local snow accumulation. here it is and again a lot ofisa dry air in place.aiin p we just don't know exactlyw ecty where that line is going to be l between the haves anind have-nots
6:49 am
my suggestion is just kind ofsts watch the forecast later thise we'll give you updates aret 5:00 5 and 6:00 and i'll be tweeting tt all day tucker fox5. f looks like the heaviest snowvies with this one will be just tolle our south and east.our uth you guys in southern maryland, parts of virginia here, lowerow eastern shore look like you'reoy going to get some snow andnd still possible along that 95 th5 corridor. id north and west where you gotwheo the snow last night i don't think you get much of anything, lasthink maybe a fewe with this one. already winter storm warnings wg one to towards atlanta. atlan as you get out to the west w here advisories have beenhaveee how much snow are we looking at? got a tweet from somebodyob asking about spotsylvaniatsyl avenue. dusting to 2-inches. look howdust well defined thatnt line s north and west nothing.og then more like four, six maybe 8-inches towards salisbury ocean city perhaps saint snt mary's city here duringur daytime hours tomorrow.orrow. this storm will arrive earlyar tomorrow and be with us during the day tomorrow.the day to otherwise cold for thee co for weekend.
6:50 am
>> bundle up. bune >> i'm wrapping. >> okay.y. >> look at you. ebody following youebody with afo >> we're live streaming right lv now weather ande traffic on facebook as as well. >> cool. >> the viewers in the know andwnd giving them a little taste ofe o behind the scenes.behind the s >> how is 95 doing.oi >> skyfox is over 95is ove southbound in jessup. they temporarily that stoppedt all lanes of traffic in orderofi to get one of the tractor-trailers involved in aae crash by 175 cleared out ofaredo the way and after they dider th that you can see two lanes nowws opened and getting by which ishs really good news because it'saui been shut down all those lanes l three lanes of traffic for so fr many hours this morning.orng we're seeing big backups allg ba the way back to 895. again, two left lanes now opened. one of the box trucks involved still out there. the crash was a involving a tractor-trailsher, l box truck and a fuel spill, so o still a big cleanup under way.nw a bit of a rubber neck delay picking up on the northbound side. those taillights past pas your best bet if you'reou'r heading out in jessup avoid 95 5 southbound.hb take either 295 south or route one south but just know a lot k of bailout traffic there
6:51 am
as as well. as we move to our camerasamer we'll show you a look at thek at backups as folks wait to merge into those two left lanes.hose 95 is literally parked by 100.y1 that's why i'm advising thosese alternates. as we switch over for a look at our maps we have some otheriv problems you need to be aware yo of. inbound new york avenue inyovenu northeast section of the the district at montana avenuena ane you're jammed to south dakota dt with a heavy flow of traffic because of that crash.ofhat then 66 eastbound there's abod ' crash before fairfax drive as de well as another one by one b westemoreland so through fallsar church you're jammed back to bk the dulles toll road. 270 southbound disabled vehicle blocking a left center lane at falls road.blockilane a delays back to 28.ack to8. metro is on time if you wantou to take the rails.ake the rail allison and steve, back toac you. yo >> for today's fox beat, cue bec kevin's music we head to los los angeles. that's where kevin mccarthy w is standing bheyre with his goln globes predictions.rediions >> kevin has an amazing a-lister interview planned for this morningnt.erorni dish you. >> i do. steve and allison, it's it' three:47 in the morning on:47 ii friday and i don't want to bnge
6:52 am
right now than being on the air with you guys. g love you so much.uc >> we love you back.>> we ac >> i love you guys.uys. yeah, i'm interviewing ben affleck for the movie live by night which i'm excited about.ut he's one of the best directors c working today. i know that sounds crazy but gone baby gone, argue go, the town, i mean he's one of the t best film makers and mostost consistent film makers working w today. looking forward to talking toalg him. i also want to talk to himo ta about his brother caseyrother affleck who will be nominatedwhl and probably win the oscarar this year for manchester byr b the sea so it's going to be aoe cool day here in l.a. and thende i see resident evil tonightlon and the interviews for that that are tomorrow. tomorro golden globes are sunday.bes e a i'm very excited about this. t >> let's talk about that kev.alt what do you have lined up foru goldenha globes this year? whaw do you think is going to beto b grab, headlines. >> first of all i'm super excited by jimmy fallonaln hosting. g. he's an amazing idea for afor host. host he'll bring a funny comedicny cm avenue to it. to in the predictions category we'll go through the sick mainhu
6:53 am
best picture drama, remember rr the golden globes mix-upbemi musical and comedy and they t also drama into differentt categories so in the drama thera category you have hell or high water, lion, manchester by the sea moonlight and hacksaw ridge. i think the will win here anderd the should win is definitely det moonlight one of the bestlight films of the year and absolutely a masterpiece by barry jenkins and one of the most important films you'll f see it's killed moonlight. on oscar night you'll be b seeing a lot of this. best director will lead me leade into the musical comedy com category it goes to damien shazell who directed "la-laectea land" which is a plaster pieceer beyond words. should winill win for damien shaz. sz. ll. if you haven't seen whiplasheenp check that out as well his first feature film. film. best musical or comedy a great g category because now generallyal i don't like the split in theth golden globes but it
6:54 am
opportunity for films that f t normally wouldn't get oscarly w nominations to get nominated. nd here one of 20th century women w you have "deadpool" which is awesome florence foster f jenkins and sing street.ins and the will win isisng la-la-lalan. my should win i have three movies la-la land dead poolool and sing street. i would be happy if all three ar somehow won. quickly here best picturehere drama you can see the nominees casey affleck denzelleck washington. wa the will win casey affleck forfe manchester by the z. the by th should win though in my m opinion is denzel he gave the best performance pen of the year for fence. for f best actor in a musical orr comedy colin ferrell ryanyan gosling hugh grant jonah hill and ryan reynolds. graryan reynd will win is ryan gosling. gosli la-la land and then should winul ryan reynolds nor "deadpool."deo i would love to see reynoldseyls win this award.
6:55 am
though gosling was amazing inosa "la-la land" i would love toldot see reynolds win and then realhr fast best actress drama, will win natalie portman.or should win natalie pn best actress musical comedyom emma stone for "la-la land."and. so many man it's this sunday night.'s this i'll be sulive tweeting the the entire thing at kevint ke mccarthy tv.rthy tv. i love and miss you guys and g a tell tucker i love and miss mis him as well. wel >> 10 seconds or less has0 se there everco been for best picture more than one award given.give >> that's a great question.t's r i don't think qudothink i mean, i say those threesehree films only because i want allt three of them to win. i think it's going to be la-laoe land but honestly if "deadpool" surprises in anyn category i'm going to be verybev happy. e we are aware. thanks karev.than k we'll talk to you next hour. >> goodness. >> 6:55.>> >> twitter feed will explode and i'll knower f immediately if "deadpool" wouldn't >> kevin will set a record for most consecutive
6:56 am
>> allison if you've weanoue we watching west world. wor >> i binge watched the whole season. i just watchedle it too. >> kev is one of those people.eo >> he might be more.>> h >> i think he's more machine.e'e here's the 32 right now in washington.ashio snow from last night out ofut o here. parts of the area enough to cover your car other areas areas couple inches.he bottom line on today partlyodayp sunny mid 30's today.oday. that snow you can very quickly pushing up into southern newouer we'll clear it out.d.weclea storm number two going to talknt about this coming up but thisutt could impact parts of the area with more of a snow boom thanomt what we got last night.ig in fact there's a winter stormro watch for saint mary's countyou so stay tuned here. you'll want to hear about that t storm for going to impacort parts of the o area tomorrow.omorro there's your seven day.e's more coming up.p. erin is coming back withith musical roads.l r. >> yes, i am at 6:56 right now n tucker. tuck you see your forecast anticipating snow tomorrow as ts well and right now skyfoxfo remains over 95 on the southboundmain side. they're kind of zooming ine ki there so let's switch over to lt a look at our's swi camera of te back
6:57 am
on 95 southbound by 175. heavy delays back to 895. to 8 you can see you're basically bal rkeded by 11. the good news is two lanes nowan getting by that big tractoracto trailer crashly we'll keep youle updated here on fox 7 o'clock hour is coming rightgt back. >> ♪♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items.
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