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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> vaiingt ahead at 6. gearing up for hearings for cabinet nominee for president-elect hoping to have much of his team in place come inauguration day. democrats are hoping to slow down the pace. >> there's a newton team in college football. what an ending. tilingers take home the national championship after taking down the crimson tide. >> a live look outside on this tuesday morning it's january 10 into the double dim its already into the first month of the new year. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:05. >> good tuesday i'm allison seymour. >> we could say the same about the temperatures. . double digits in some areas. and we have closings to talk about. in virginia, king george country and spotsylvania county schools still closed today. fredericksburg city schools and madison country schools have a two hour delay. >> to maryland now
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country, dorchester county, queen and county and tall bet county schools you are all closed. calvert, kent, st. mary you're on two hour delay. you can fund a complete listings on bottom of your scene and and "fox 5 news" app. >> baldwin lnltry school in mannasas will be closed today because of a water problem at that particular school. baldwin elementary in mannasas closed today. >> a minute after the hour and happening today on capitol hill the first confirmation hears will begin today for trump's cabinet picks. first up jeff sessions for attorney general. we'll also face questions by lawmakers today. it's sessioned facing most back clash and where he stands on immigration and civil rights.
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>> opposing sections and moping to make their voices heart. >> live from capitol hill, hel mel, good morning. >> those hearings begin at 9:0 and they were moved to the russel building to gvr a little more space because it is expected to be a very well attended hearing lots of people want to see and hear what sessions will have to say. he's going to be questioned as you said on a number of things. his record and his personal opinions on things such as immigration, women's rights, we talk about community policing and civil rights as well. an you can see behind me there's a number of groups here hoping to number line for some of those public seats. it's first come first serve behind me folks are advocating for marijuana right and they're kenned about -- he does not agree with states to have legal lies maryland and some folks
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to ensure their voices are heard whether it comes to immigration and treatment of muslims in the country and other women's issues as well. sessions was confident going into these hearings. we know he's been very well prepared on this. but he has trouble before the senate judiciary committee hearings 30 years ago in 1986 when supposed to be nominated for a federal judge tip and that nomination was derailed because of allegations of race imand comment he made and he does have supporters. this no proof he has taken racist actions and they believe he will be confirmed and democrats evrlingts to derail him will ultimately fail. >> in the end it won't work jeff sessions will be proved and the burden will be on trump administration to prove it's committed to a new deal for african americans. determination was racial insensitivity issues that he wa
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here we are 30 years later americans want anticipations to those questions. >> and again those questions will be very pointed. we know congressional black caucus has three people that are going to testify as well. first time ever corey booker will testify and testifying against current colleague in the senate. also, john lewis from the house who as we know is civil rights pioneer they will speak out against jeff sessions and again, republicans have the votes to go ahead and confirm them and they're really hoping democrats are to draw this out over two days and make him seem like unqualified can daughter but trump and supporters say he's a good man and perfect for the job. that's what we have from capitol hill. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 6:04 president-elect raising concerns with latest tire. he appointed son-in-law jared kushner as white house senior adviser.
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executive married to donald trump's daughter ivanka he will be heavily involved in domest ache and foreign policy but it may be khvrpinged based on 1960 law from govern are officials present them have hiring. >> president willsh uwarnings about politics of his successor. the hoingtest ticket in the windy surprise. some of those tickets now selling for up to $5,000 on web slights like ebay. you can catch tonight's farewell address on "fox5"at 9 p.m. >> not be happy to hear that actually. happening now, 6:05. locally, d.c. counsel ill member vincent gray will introduce laejlation and number of officers on city police force to 400, 500 more t
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department employs and below the number chiefy kathleen ear said it wouldn'ting mez tent to -- >> still going on strong in south carolina and tampa too. clemson celebrating after 5 years of not being national champion. fourth quarter they tie take the lead over alabama with one second left in the clock. tigers the first team to beat crimson tide in national title game. what the head coach had to say about that big win. >> watson may have played himself into a number one pick for that performance last night. i know you're a south carolina dirl. tough to celebrate clemson win. >> we'll take it. >> tailgate top. >> we have the number one red, aroundwe
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happens when the worster gabbing goes to clinton. >> maybe the next one will. >> forecast, meanwhile, a gradual warm-up. >> i hear it will be like 60. >> not today, but later this week. >> okay. >> that's the gradual part. >> today we're hoping to get to 40 that would be a major accomplishment. >> 21 dulles and 19 baltimore and bwi marshall and clouds to start the day. i know that little swaj of snow you see out to the west looks ominous but it's actually fall ago part. we mayen count are a few snow flurries or even mayen count are a know shower. not expected to stick as it moves through and again fall ago part here. this is warmer air moving in from upper layers of the atmosphere down towards the ground. so that's a sift you can see things to come. reaction is up to parts of mib mish and stop candidates there as well. >> for us we're expecting cloudy
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temperatures upper 30s. chilly and breezy out there. definitely want a khak jacket. if you have an icy spot and can't get it out hang in there. it will melt off later this afternoon and then wheeling bell above freezing that's 60 by thursday. >> how do you know i have app icy spot in my drive way. >> i had a feeling. >> he knows you so well. >> he does. >> hi erin. >> unfortunately a lot of breaking news on the road already. we'll take a look right now with what you're dealing with. this is a live look at the topside of the beltway dealing with crash blocking center lane original gentleman avenue and backed up solid 95 to 29 and again center lane blocked at georgia. watch for huge delays. you may want to keep to east west highway upper loop looking good and flashing lights around the curb there. let's look live on 28 right now where we are dealing with a deadly crash investigation, 28 on northbound side beee
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compton vod and new braddock. the police chief is blocking shoulder. traffic is getting we to the left there. but, very slowly. so we're backing up past lie yearia avenue to september are trill trying to get to 66, expect big delays. a lot of pokes take 28 this time of morning. and as we take a look at maps breaking news doesn't end there. 15 southbound closed now. as you come down from maryland into virginia through point of rock the crash is blocking all lanes love et ceteraville road it's a multi-vehicle accident causing huge delays coming down from 340 and keep it to 3 40 and filed a work ought because of that outer loop crash georgia avenue right now all lanes outer loop are blocked. we'll work on getting more information for that for you. delays back to 95 jam packed back to you guys. >> erin,
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said time the lights went out in washington monument. it took crews 90 minutes to solve the problem. they'll return to figure out what went wrong. word is they didn't have power. wiring in the ground may be to plame. >> new assisted suicide law may be facing uphill bat until congress. those details are ahead. >> muriel bowser challenging incoming stance on immigration. what she's doing and why it's raising a lot of eye balls. bakt in just 0 second ♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 6:11 thousand the manhunt continues for a man that shot and killed an officer debra clayton after approaching him outside a walmart store. she wasn't to wabded for questioning of shooting his exgirlfriend last month. >> the ft. lauderdale airport shooting suspect is due back in court next week. esteban santiago had a flight reservation to new york new year's eve and cancelled due to unknown reason. he's held without bond. >> and locally, former virginia senator charles koing an will be laid to rest tomorrow morning cole began was longest standing member of senate he died at the age of 90. virginia governor terri mcauliffe
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surgery and all saint canalic church in mass. >> d.c. plans to block the new suicide law. he'll invoked coming guess at authority to evoke. it he fentment alley. with just days now before new administration taking overs the federal government mayor bowser introduced a new initiative to help imgrant in the district. bowser committed half a million dollars to help legal fund help with d.c. residents with deportation proceedings now initiative would help families without any issues pertaining to immigration. >> confusion to what happened to nba derrek rose as he missed last night's game in new york. he took place in pregame shoot around and left without per in addition through
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said he left to return to home up to of chicago for a family situation. think of new york and fints. plane serviced united air lines flight was so bad and we're delayed because of cleanup efforts. those claims are false >> another big win general motors at the auto show. >> car of the year. >> and live look outside as we theater break. afore, 6:13 a chilly 24 weather and traffic on the five is next.
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loop far right of the screen not moving at all. crash right now. blocked georgia avenue. we'll check in with naern a minute. first here's tucker. >> that's a nightmare. busy road. good morning, let's get going. we have mostly cloudy conditions out there early this morning. mostly cloudy day today. good news with the forecast. gradual. that's the word of the day gradual warmup we're above freezing today first time in several days late this afternoon or this evening. forecast, cold out this. 44 city and we do have teens out there. cool conditions and again we'll be breezy today and we should get to eventual daytime highs above freezing later this afternoon. cold, 24 washington and leonardtown good morning 21 dre agrees and 25 quanitco and 0 mannasas and 20 dulles anden mannasas 23. 19 frederick. and 20 hagerstown and cloud
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in quick. and i know what you're thinking. what's going on with this? this is generally what we call ver gus if you're seeing snowflakes let me know and i'll report. it i don't think we'll get anything more than flake or two as this moves through this is indication of warmer air moving in. and warmer air unlike cold air which abruptly arrives this time of year a transtoytion warmer air mass. toronto, detroit, has snow earlier this morning that's where all the action is. here's the setup. arctic high pressure pushes away from the area and push the warmer air in. lot of clouds today. showers tonight. and we may develop a little fog overnight as temperatures overnight will be well above freezing probably 40 overnight and setting stage for
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still on track for the big day thursday. wiz temperatures you into the 60s can you believe it. >> we fwrept high temperature on okay i'm done you're not you're busy. >> i have good breaking news right now moved crash on outer loop so traffic is moving. last we showed you this view it was completely parked. now it's slow crawl. the crash we're dealing with outer loop between coalsville road and george aavenue and they moved it over last now just locking right lane. left lane is getting by. right shoulder, right lane blocked and we'll see a big delay where we park 95 to georgia dissipate and in for a 45 minute delay until things get back to normal. upper loop looking northernal as well. as we move things over 28 now you see that
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trying to get to the crash scream. this is centerville. 28 northbound side between new braddock to come top road. previously just almost lane was getting by and they reopened that lane as well. two lanes towards 6 keep in mind traffic is very much backed up back to liberia avenue. coming up from liberia towards 66 you hit a big delay we're hoping to starts to ease now that traffic is getting by. that deadly crash investigation still blocking right shoulder and lane. let's go to maps. other big problems you need to be aware of maryland to virginia to point of rock 15 southbound closed. multiple vehicle crash lover its theville road keen to 340 and detour that way taking 287 or other side roads. 270 southbound crash be urbana jammed from 70 could coming down 70 do 80 backed up traffic and then starts to ease once you get through urbana and however you need 0 extra minutes to get from 70 to
6:20 am
gas main work out in leesburg. leesburg police letting us know drivers should expect delays at east market and plaza street before 7 a.m. this morning and gas line repair cleanup is underway and should be wrapped soon and earlier delay orange line cleared normal service resumed at dunn lauering, allison and steve? >> cracking metro on tuesday morning thanks, airport, transit agency says they're not obligated to help passengers in events of emergency. this comes as metro is asking a yj to dismiss all lawsuits against them stemming from last january death of carol glover and other injuries to riders when smoke filled tunnel at l'enfant. metro says d.c. fire iling in order obligations it agreed to undertake. d.c. is expected to file a simpler motion. >> more jobsz coming to united states say thanks to amazon of china. >> plus if sprinkles is changing look.
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gi. >> in the cylinder. >> changing new line of chips and taste will be helmier coming up next
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a big win for general motors at the auto show. here's lauren simonetti. >> happy tuesday. >> jobs maybe coming not united states courtesy china. >> yes. >> courtsey of china and courtsey of president-elect donald trump. so, jack mah is head of alibubba head of ecommerce giant it's amazon of china but is bugger than amazon. he sat down with trump yesterday and promised to bring a million u.s. jobs in next half decade by encouraging u.s. small businesses and farmers to sell on ali bubba and on
6:24 am
asia. >> okay. >> and i cannot each ma'am insomething abouter than amazon. i'm still stuck on that. >> i have the latest numbers for you but it's like five time the size of that. >> amazing. >> let's talk about chevy and huge win. i love to see american cars getting any sort of reg recognition and they're number one american car. >> yes. >> last year it was honda car the receive iing and north american car this year is general motors khv write bolt the fully electric car that gets 38 miles on single charge that's double most electric cars out there and it starts 37, 38,000 before nral tax cred id its but you're looking for it. good job gm. >> let's talk about pringles
6:25 am
when it is not made of you what think it is made of, tell us about the new pringles option. >> why would you think a potato chip is not made of potatoes. >> it's coming up out with non potato potato chip called loud it's made of corp, grain and veges. they're apparently healthier. those are five flavors they come in. they have same number of calories and i know it's about what's in the chip and not always you calories and the like outta i'm not. >> so it is suppose to be healthier. >> yes. >> interesting name for a snack food. >> loud. >> crunchier because of the corn i don't know. >> e
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>> okay, bye. >> bye-bye. >> i'll try them. i'll try anything. >> you should have been paying more attention. >> sorry. >> if it's healthier it's one thing. but pringles my favorite chip is muncho and that's not paid of potatoes. >> onion dust. >> muncho. >> as far as my pal lot goes i'm out. >> let do the forecast. talk about snack food all day right? i was going to say what i'm into but make i shouldn't. wind chill 15. below freezing. we'll warm it up today well into 0s we may hit 40s late this afternoon and evening. gradual warm up and still on track for conditions around here will be in the 60s
6:27 am
>> cloud cover yeah that's out to the west and what that is, is warmer air working its way in. i would not be concerned about that touching the ground. if you see a flurry let me know. 40 today, showers overnight today and wednesday and there's warm-up by thursday. >> tomorrow will feel nice, hi, erin. >> right now i feel bad for outer loop commuter topside of beltway sky fox over parking lot and even though crash between we went to green cross between georgia and coalsville did clear we have parked traffic 95. this is outer loop crash you can see it's extending back towards route 1 in addition to that 15 point of rock southbound side closed a closer look at that next. all lanes blocked love et et ceteraville road and several injuries reported. keep it to "fox5". more news and weather and traffic in a few.
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>> welcome back, it's:30 breaking news outer loop up to beltway between coalsville and georgia avenue crash moved over to right lane. but traffic still packed up all the way before i 95. that's your route. please, stay tuned, airport will be around shortly at 6:35. welcome back. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. first this morning a family can go after it caught fire overnight. fire caused by misplaced fire he
6:31 am
hill. firefighters say two people were inside and no one was injured that's good news. d.c. police need your help finding a woman they describe as critically missing alexis taylor take a look at juror screen. she was last seen friday january, 3,000 block van necessary street and she is described as white female, 5' 7, 150 pound, blonde hair and light brown eyes. in this picture her hair clearly died a different color and also known as jonathan that were. >> hol hi would it joining forces actress spumer and johann san and mc norman and khelcy happenedler will lead a sister march in park city utah one of 150 solidarity marn. s across the the country and that ends the world that day.
6:32 am
thieves making off with guns. 14 firearms have been stolen through cars throughout the county. drivers should lock their doors. a lot of cars they were stolen out of were unlocked. there's a free gun lock safety kit. and well have a lump. >> and now to a "fox5" exclusive a multi-million tlar in south seeingt is at anteer -- the recreation center was closed for a year. in that year nearly 7 million was spent. lighting issues saferty issues gas meters out in the on. we asked about the unacceptable conditions. >> what happens when the kids
6:33 am
>> again this is -- >> no it's your building. >> you're building now. >> what we're looking to do is work with you to figure out the best way to make this as safe as possible. >> they'll be a follow up meeting next week. several d.c. officials will be at that meeting. steve. >> time for morning line this morning sweet taste of reconveniently that snaps alabama 24 game whipping streak and they beat a number one team for the first time believe it or not tuingers took the lead and bama scored coring a touch and quarterback desean watson took the team down the field and caused past interference 1st and two and the tigers decided to go
6:34 am
they got it. touchdown pass to walk own receiver typeal score 35-31. >> i right now when they scored i seen two minutes and one second on the clock and i nodded and i knew i told my guys let be len enter arie and dpraet. >> at the end of the i okay we rest more doubt tonight. we wanted to play alabama because now you all got to change your stories and change narrative. >> clemson coach played college ball at alabama. watson was named offensive mvp and he'll head to the draft and cast on the road he. >> it's a great move. >> 3-1 now. nick bax trom, alex
6:35 am
>> both now 29th on all time goals list o vx. coming up. 1999 career point. they'll be playing peping wins at home wednesday. get that 1,000 points then. >> georgetown and jackson bulldogs yes to ever show cool jack on skate board. what was he wearing through tucker. >> jameyes, no sleeping on the word, hoy owes. >> and to update you on the skins new deanyone receive coordinator, former head coach bradley and another one on the radar and brown's head oaf mark petin. hopes he turns the jets aupped ro. no word on what a decision will be made. we learned matt scherzer
6:36 am
not be at the classic and says he has a stress fracture in knuckle of ring finger. >> and pitchers or catchers over a month on valentine dace gay thor this weekend. >> spring is hall most here. turn the corner. >> maybe thursday we'll nreel like 0. >> this is slow here. >> this is the for the cart. all right, let's go 24 washington m we're not there yet ut below freezing houvrks i i we should enjoy balmy he. >> there we go balmy. that's better than the last four days. cloud cover and few light snow showers or even a flurry out to the west. not getting reports of this touching the ground.
6:37 am
if you see a snow shower. no accumulation here. this is warping back in up and down. be patient we'll get that warmer air later today. >> generally cloudy tuesday for you we will ipt nus nrouzers on the rest of the workweek he does have 60s in it you know when that arrives and what you can expect first vehicle. >> yes that's friday. >> balmy. >> let rally. okay. >> thank you, tuck. >> i don't know what's happening today but there are so many crashes and backed up traffic everywhere. look at sky fox. this is a sad view of beltway now. outer loop is completely parked all the way back to route 1 towards coalsville road we had earlier crash coalsville and georgia that has all of lanes blocked and since moved to shoulder and unforna
6:38 am
>> you know you're always looking at the traffic on the other way and saying i'm happy that's not me. >> because you're slowing down to look you're giving rubber neck delay for slowing down your side of the road, right, tucker. >> pain a little. >> i know i made that sad. you were trying to be nice and i turned it around. again you don't want to sit in outer loop delay maybe east west highway or keeping to secondarys. let's move from sky fox now and show you what you're up against ut centerville is 28 northbound deadly crash investigation underway between come top road and new braddock. right now two reigns getting by on 2. if you get towards 66 this morning and extra delays choose alternate or leave early to get through that active investigation scene on 8. as we look at maps other problems four inbound right now there's a crash blocking
6:39 am
lane do youer house road and in toward the beltway from upper marboro you hit a lot of backed up traffic on 4 inpound ape as you head through point of rocks check all lanes. take that to 2 867. i would aprovide 15 southbound you'll be forced to detour. a crash at urbana moving from 0 and more delays pick up. rights now it's 30 minute delay 70 to spur. and upper loop there's a disabled vehicle blocking right lane and annapolis road. that's causing inner loop delays and earlier metro delay on orange and blue line klaerd up and metro doing nice this morning if you want to skipt road and good tots rail. allison and steve. >> robert grif up the third back in the spotlight. >> okay. >> clemson not the only thing trending after the last night's championship game. that's the
6:40 am
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>> 6:42 here's what's trending on the web raiseing a child could cost you yeah nearly a quarter of a million tlarz and that doesn't factor in college. according to new report family can expect to spend 14,000 a year on average to raise a child
6:43 am
estimate 23,000 and robert griffin the third not on the field this time of year but will be on tv tonight featured toured on hgtv fixer upper he wul be helping me renovate the home of bill grammy and others part of rg foundation and family of three he planned to renovate grams home to make it more responsible for veterans. >> hoeing child it nar sessions as my friend were saying he doesn't skip arm game. and people mez moreizeed by his impress every physique. it's tough to work with tucker because you get memorized like that. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. >> i thought we would get more. >> it is. >> "rogue one" detlond as number one movie at the box office. plus casey aleck sits down with
6:44 am
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6:47 am
>> 6:46 as steve mentioned let get another check on weather. >> gradual warm-up. that's the theme here. later today 40 and we're not here yet. roads icy. erin will tell you about the roads. >> that's worst when majority of roads is good and you hit the icy patch and you leave the world alone. >> especially our friends to the south they had nor snow. >> we're pushing 100 hours dulles with temperatures below freezing and we're expecting big temperature rise back it in low 0s by thursday. today cloud cover and not a whole lot of showers today. this will be like this evening overnight tonight and luckily to get fog developing as the warmer air impresses itself own night and couple of miles days, colder temperatures, not arctic cold just particularly cold by the weekend. here we go. 24 washington. everybody remains below fr
6:48 am
spot today and 6 annapolis and 21 leonardtown and 19 fred rikdzburg and mannasas 18 for you and 20 hagerstown. clouds moving in here and light flurries maybe a snow shower out to the west. still waiting for anybody to actually see this hit the ground. we call it vergas. if you ep count are a flurry let me know. this moves you through. it this is supposed occasions the warmer air is moving in. and that will be the theme here. we'll gradually bring warmer air in through the day today and we should get to high temperatures. here we are this morning. there's a lot of clouds around. 5. cloudy, and with showers and tonight. and it should be warm enough by the time precipitation gets in here with temperatures upper 30s, low 40s. rain oveig
6:49 am
showers throughout for say wednesday. we'll have another around of showers wednesday night. there's the 7 day. 40 today. still looking bad. it's like oasis in midst of winter. >> that's a good way to put it. >> 6. and then well cool it down next week. nice around here saturday. i said that fast so no one cares. >> i have a feeling there's no ice this morning. so my advice to folks slow it down. brims, secondarys, over and under ramps and then feel it's colder. tag a look at the outer loop it's about quite sometime now. earlier crash between georgesville and yornl ahad all linda blocked from georgia we're in for 45 minute delay. average speeds and brake light there under ten miles an hour. inner loop better. as we move over
6:50 am
northbound actually we'll keep that one and go to maps geeling with delays from new braddock road. it's shut down because of multiple vehicle accident love et ceteraville road. caution there. northbound traffic is diverted north and southbound side closed and keep it to 340, 287, use alternate. there's map of 28 northbound where the crash investigation near new braddock has it past liberia avenue. coming to september areville you hit that delay and 66, huge delays from before 234 all the way to 2 dealing with 30 minute slow down on 66. as for four. pennsylvania avenue inbound there's a crash blocking left lane of do youer house road. heavy delays upper marboro and earlier crash ush app acleared and second one near father
6:51 am
metro is on time now. >> showing unity before the union election. more than 1,000 vge employees will vote tomorrow or thursday to form own union. that rally starts at 11. >> well if you look for a job. listen up. aldi's the discount closing train is hiring an event for frederick county stores and opportunities include store associate. shift manager, warehouse, elector, warehouse positions to located at the hamilton in, in fredericksburg. ♪ all right this fox beat music and kevin must to be my right. >> there you are. >> steve wishes for this moment every single morning he's like why is not concern sitting next to me. >> i get up and hang with sglechb as all he ever thinks about. >> well do you. >> i have really good news i'm
6:52 am
limited figures is playing in limited release since christmas day. here in the d.c. area across the country it timely opened up in wide release january 6 to me this is most important film i saw in 2016 and yesterday afternoon yesterday late morning officially came out that this film was number one at the box office this past weekend and it beats "star wars" "rogue one" fourth week at the box office doesn't seem huge deal right but from film was in 2471 theaters and "star wars" 4157 theaters. so it's a huge win for this film considering the idea that the story was never told before and in my opinion it is mass every win and all over the web and for a story that no one
6:53 am
it's important owe film. you have to see it if you have not checked it out yet. really to me it's a great family movie. pg. have you seen it, allison. >> i have not i keep waiting to. go. >> it's incredible. my interview with lovey ladies it available on my facebook page kevin mc carpaly fox. it was awesome. if you have seen it alreadyer is asy did all chalk born writing and they shot scenes with ferrell song playing live so she could run to the beat. >> very, very cool. >> we know casey affleck is in front for award he won the golden glove sunday night i spoke to his brother ben affleck over the weekend about the first time he watched his brother in this role. it's a devastating performance and i wanted to know what it felt like to watch your performance in this type of role and again, ben directed him in gone
6:54 am
matt day monday produced this and ben and matt day monday are best friends. take a look athis. >> do you remember the first time you saw it and do you have an idea what was going through your mind. >> the fist time you saw it i thought casey's performance was really, really speshld and i was focused on that less than the movie and really when you know somebody well you know their tribz and games they play as actors and when they're reel and it was not a tricked up performance and vague and using electronics. >> by the way, batman, superman, top ten of the year. police is direct batman. >> we're going, we're going. >> so couple things reason for the moment at the end last work a story came out where ben affleck said something in a interview it was not a set thing he would direct the next batman hoofy everybody freaked out
6:55 am
the web and i wept in mraetding please direct the next batman. he said they're still doing it and told kimmel he's still doing it. if you read the story and following batman news there's setbacks. >> the last one. >> no the late one was guy named zach snyder batman versus super man. ben affleck was sposed to direct the solo batman. >> yeah. >> did you get a. >> hunger is excited about this he's wondering kevin when is the next tie bar coming in. >> welcome to our fan of the day. then we'll get tucker. we want to see high to bernie first. >> and it says it all. "fox5" in the morning got me like oohh. >> and he's daily mandatory ritual and been watching 15 years and counting. bernie, thank you so much. we'll
6:56 am
back at you. it's happy to be insulted or excited. >> he shares thoughts when he hears about the batman movie. >> everybody is cited tweet us i know they are and after fleck affleck is the best for that. >> batman versus deadpool. >> i'm watching it. >> hey we got cold temperatures to start someday. we'll get highs 40 this afternoon. but, it will take several hours to get there and a lot of clouds. getting records of sleet in west virginia thank you i just got a tweet. if you encountered any light shower or activity let if he know. most of it should he frap rate. >> 6:56 right now. wisdom martin avenue north west is closed at idaho avenue dealing with a vehicle fire. you have to detour around that. i suggest keeping massachusetts
6:57 am
15 southbound coming down from point of rock. clotsed all lanes blocked crash involving several roads. northbound side do i verityed as well. keep it to "fox 5 news morning" at least all metro lanes are on treatment♪ .
6:58 am
♪♪ it's go time at dunkin' with two wake-up wraps for $3. enjoy two freshly made oven-toasted wraps with bacon, sausage, or ham and keep on all day. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> right now at 7:00 a big day on capital hill. cover formation hearings begin for trump nominees and the nomination for next turn general being met with resistance. some of the groups opposing the nomination and we hope to get to that hearing today. >> developing right now in florida a massive manhunt underway for this man wanted in the deaths of two police officers killed just hours apart. we're he learning about the incidences and the officers had on community. >> who is responsible for your taivty on a met row train in event of emergency. metro says it's not them. i'm bob barnard we'll explain. >> and what a beautiful start to tuesday morning. we made it into double dimmingit for the year 017 it's january 10 weather and traffic on the five at 7:05. looks like we're off to a good started. >> good tuesday to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >>


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