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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  January 11, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> and facing corruption charges related to liquor board bribery scandal. fox news morning starts right now. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, january 11. >> erin como is talking task and michael thomas is talking about a weather warjup. >> we have a school closing baldwin elementary is closed and all stuff need to report. they are undergoing building repairs because of water issues. >> what we've been talking about a couple days confirmation hearings continue for nominees for president-elect trump cab test jeff sessions will be back on capitol hill for a second straight day. the long time alabama senator is one of the most conservative of the senate. during yesterday's hearing sessions faced challenge from patrick layhe over an issue related to trump campaig
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>> do you agree with the president-elect that the united states can or should deny entry to members of the particular religion. >> i believe the president-elect subsequent to that statement made clear he believes the focus should be on individuals coming from countries that have history of terrorism secretary the state rex tillerson is coming up and billionaire investor willburg ross was scheduled to appear before the senate tomorrow and committee postponed hearing giving nominee more time to time lies ethics agreement. >> meanwhile explosive and unsubstantiated reports claim the russian government could have damaging information about president-elect donald trump. >> and there's word that surrogates routinely exchange information with the russian government.
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story fake. our melanie alnwick live is morning with the latest. what a story, mel. absolutely. intelligence officials briefing both obama and president-elect trump on the secret files yesterday this is separate from the hacking briefings they received and those meeting were confirmed by associated press. what might might be in the files. personal and financial information on donald trump compiled over sometime and began as opposition reserve that was paid for by a republican client that opposed trmp and then apparently that operative worked for british intelligence and somehow democrats later gotta hold of the file and picked up the tab. mother jones first reported on existence of the seek met there october and the operative turned the information to th fbi. trump's owe bone ebts said the report has information that links president-elect deeply
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all this unsubstantiated but still information that the units intelligence deemed necessary to protect the president and president elect. speaking of donald trump took to twitter as usual claiming after news reports of this docer service is fake news and total witch hunt. he is supposed to hold a conference. there was one supposed to be scheduled in december and that got rescheduled today 11 a.m. at trump tower in new york and you can bet that this report and the russian hacking report will be at the top of the reporters list. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:in a fearful good-bye president obama said farewell to the nation and president returned to adoptive hometown of chicago where the campaign began. there he hanked the nation and refl
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years and stressed importance of coming together as a nation. >> going forward we need to uphold laws against discrimination that hiring and in housing and in education and in the criminal justice system. that is what our constitution and highest ideals require. and lut laws alone won't be enough. hearts must change. >> president's address was a few miles from 2008 grant part election speech. >> 4:34 developing in montgomery country police are looking for a suspect that stabbed two people to death inside the west field wheaton mall. it hand yesterday afternoon. the victims were taken to the hospital and both later died. investigators are reviewing surveillance from inside the mall as they try to figure out what led to the deadly attack and in prince georgeou
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county lirk or board is growing and former state delegate and counseling member william campos admitted he accepted bribes and pocketed taxpayer money. he plead guilty last week. campos faces prison time and will pay restitution of at least 340,000. maryland govrming nor larry hogan told "fox5" prosecutors say other elected officials are under investigation. >> and happening today, virginia governor terri mcauliffe will deliver a final state of the commonwealth speech as general assembly reconvenes. on his to-do list this year repeal voter i.d. law and sxend expand absent tee voting and that might not be easy as republicans control both chambers. it will be in richd mond, 7:00 tonight. >> 4:35 is the time. let's goat michael thomas and talk about the warm-up. normally which would not be an issue because we would
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>> but it happens to be tropical compared to what we had monday right. >> it happens to be january. it's all relative toy what time of year it s usually waking up to 20s and 30s and waking up to upper 30s and 40s in most locations. we will be heading to 50s later this afternoon. much better day tomorrow, though, even wisdom will enjoy temperatures coming your way thursday. let's start with today. here's your satellite and radar. there goes the rain that moves through overnight in fact freezing rain in some locations north and west and even those locations started to push freezing and i don't expect major impatient on the road this morning and erin como will tell you if anything is out there. 41 though your current number in d.c. as well as gaithersburg and baltimore 4 and annapolis 45 and steve insville 4. good morning to mannasas as 44 this hour. here's planner for the day today here in washington i think we started with a good amount of sunshine. clouds breaking up out there and should give a good amount of it and up to 50s early afternoon and clouds return late afternoon and some s
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all right. that's a look at the weather, erin como is looking at the road this morning, hey, erin. >> coming up on 4:37 if you wake up in tyson for wednesday morning commute we're tracking construction eastbound ob the toll road and it's right near the area to 28. you're slow back to old ox road we will keep you updated on that one and a tap of the brakes left lane blocked dulles toll eastbound as you headed to tie sons, other than that 66 that is wide on now and no delays as you make your way 29 to centerville and fairfax and inside the beltway same story upper loop quiet. 395 smooth to 14 street bridge and in fact all area bridges right now running nicely. roosevelt memorial, key bridge rosalyn to georgetown look going and i like what i'm seeing 95 southbound dale city to beltway south of that point fredericksburg to stafford you're nice and quiet and metro service begins at five any questions @erinfoxdc
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twitter and that's it's much warmer than yesterday. >> another be loved american business is coming under fire for supporting president-elect campaign. >> you will never believe how president obama spent his weekend. >> all right, as we go to break right now with a live look across the dmv, 4:38 tractor-trailer time and 4 1st sem tour. back in a moment
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4:40, on the web right now first up president-elect donald trump has appointed robert f. kennedy jr. to be in charge of a new commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity and two men in the trump tower -- they met at trump tower i should say. kennedy say prominent vaccine skeptic believing that some vax eachs may cause autism.
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and rfk jr. becomes the first democrat. >> walls for l.l. beaten to be boycotted linda beaten donated to trump. and that # is used by people that boycott new business with the trump family. >> the first family was in chicago last night. president obama farewell speech. not everyone was there. sasha obama missed her father's speech and stayed home to study for a test according to white house. he paid tribute to his girls of saying of all i've done in my life i'm most proud to be your dad. >> and he was in top aid marvin nickelson's wedding in florida. nicholson is white house trip director and president obama's golf partner. >> that's the job i want in the white house. trip director and golf partner.
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>> and high profile people show up at your wedding. >> win/win. >> and gop has a mandate to repeal the affordable care act and they keep running into the problem of what to replace it with. >> and popular town isn'tner northern virginia is making you pay to park before you shop. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region this morning. we're at 4:4 and we're in the low 40s already at this early hour. we got more fox news morning coming back after this
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>> 4:44 is the time now. coming up on "fox news morning" president-elect donald trump will be liver and televised trump is getting ready for news conference in months and there's damaging claims about russia
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>> temperatures in the 40s could feel oh, so good. finally here and will keep on getting warmer that's what we like. good morning to you i'm holly morris. >> i'm wisdom martin, january 11, we've been talking about our team being in place, erin como is talking traffic and first, i have to say, walking out this morning it was quite pleasant. when you've been in the teens for a couple days everything above 20 feels like a summer solstice. >> live lesson is, it's all relative. >> i admit it it definitely does. today is beginning of warm-up. we have two days here things get better. 50s back. we're talking low potentially mid 50s down to the south and west of town. and i actually think a decent amount of sunshine through the first half of the day. future cast quick 7:00 temps falling back to 0s in washington as skies clear out. that's not too uncommon and we rebound to the 40s. 10:00, mid 40s d.c. and still chilly and warmer than
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been the last several days and by the time we get to:00 in the afternoon looks like partly cloudy skies, 52 that will feel pleasant and culpeper 55. although clouds kind of quickly move back in during the afternoon and by the time we get to early evening hours it looks like we'll have showers returning back to the region here. but temps today mild through the late evening hours and by 10:00 tonight future cast going with 10 degrees in washington. all in all not bad. 5 daytime high today with again a good amount of morning sun and evening showers in washington tomorrow warm, breezy, temperatures nid 60s, 65. something to look forward to thursday afternoon. let's check the forecast. erin como has traffic. hey, erin. >> hey, mike, happy to see warmer temperatures. as you wake up in virginia and head toe sterling construction eastbound dulles toll road construction at virginia 28 slow to old ox road and little bit of caution there and tysons this morning leesburg pike route 7 construction blocking left lane and that could c
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a slow down as well. we'll let you know as soon as the construction zones clear. i'm hoping by 5, 5:30 half hour. 66 eastbound wide on westbound side towards gainsville moving fine and 28 north ever centerville and chantilly looking good and 395 problem free and we like what we're seeing in terms of beltway traffic. upper and outer loop across the wilson bridge is smooth sailing and 9 5 northbound dale city to beltway is quiet eet. no problems across the occoquan. same story for all southern maryland roads and northern maryland as well 270 southbound delay 270 to the spur from urbana to germantown and gaithersburg and rockville. no slow down there. 40, 27 nice and quiet and outer loop, topside of beltway, another representation of all the nice calm, quiet conditions we're tracking i'll let you know if and when that changes any questions @erinfoxdc twitter, wisdom and holly. >> 4:47 is the time if you
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on this morning's top stories. >> we begin with donald trump and claim that russian government have damaging information on hill. president-elect said the story is fake. there's no doubt he'll be asked about it in the first news conference in months. melanie alnwick is live on the hill with the story. good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys, explosive to say the least. u.s. intelligence officials briefed president obama and president-elect trump last week those briefings confirmed with associated press. what was in the files? it could be personal and financial information about donald trump that has been compiled over many years. apparently this began as opposition research paid for by a republican client who opposed trump. published reports say the operative had previously worked for british intelligence and for some reason democrats later picked up the tab on this. jones first reported on existence of secret document in october and said the operative was so concerned over what h
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the trump campaign and kremlin that he turned the information over to the fbi. again, all this is unsubstantiated and still information that the u.s. deemed necessary to brief both the president and the president-elect. now, speaking of, donald trump on twitter as he usually does reacted to the published news reports that came out on this yesterday saying "fake news, total political witch hunt."later this morning president-elect trump is scheduled to hold the first press conference since being elected and previously scheduled one on the 15th and that was pumped to today. in new york he's been doing most of his business there as trump tower 11:00 this morning. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> all right. mel, thank you very much for the report. 4:49 is the time now. president-elect donald trump continues to push to replace and repeal obamacare. there's
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the effort without a replacement in hand. speaker paul ryan said the house would aim to take both steps concurrently scraping obamacare could leave 0 million people that gained coverage under the law in limbo. five republican senators are pushing a plan to wait until end of march before taking action on obamacare. >> a federal judge refused to stop execution of virginia inmate who is challenging state plan to use lethal injection drugs from farm say. ricky gray's attorney says one of the chemicals used in lethal injection is not a proper anesthetic and gray is scheduled to be put to death next week he was convicted of killing a family of four during a home invasion in 2006. >> happening today, montgomery county executive isaiah legit will hold a second of five forums. it begins 7 a.m. eastern regional services center on bridge chaney road. >> a popular shopping area is now forcing shoppers to pay t
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park. since january 3 pate ropes of rest intown center have noticed new parking meters. they cost $3 an hour and there's a $2 hour limit. some businesses say it's negatively impacting them. >> that's a lot of money to pay if you want to park there and run in. >> yes. >> all right. >> coming up on "fox news morning" a piece of american history from the ref lawtion arie era is going on the auction block. >> member of joe gibbs racing team plans top walk away from nascar. >> as we head to break at 4:51 here's a live look across the region at 41 degrees. back in a moment
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>> we're back now at 4:53. a doctor that once worked for usa gymnastics team. 53-year-old larry nasser assaulted them during medical procedures. they're suing him for molestation and harassment. one chose to come forward rather than remain anonymous. >> it's only as prominent as the people around him allow him to be. i can do nerve you my power to ensure larry necessaryer is prosecuted for his crimes and never has an opportunity to harm another child. without the ability to speak to the institutional ref
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nothing about the next predator that rises to take his place. >> besides nasa michigan state university where he once worked and usa gymnastics listed as defendants mean while in northern california flooding has forced resident to evacuate their homes in sonoma county where rain slick roads found spin-outs and high winds brought down power lines and trees by drought and saturated soil. the steady rain is expected today and tomorrow. >> our attention now to nascar. "fox sports" is reporting carl edwards is leaving joe gibbs mace racing and will not compete in 017. nor details will be relaced today during a news conference. edward says he wants to pursue interests outside of racing. >> the hottest broadway show is shipping its spotlight on the collectn
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american document. alexander hamilton's letter are being auctioned in new york city. dozen will go on the block january 18 letters are estimated between 1.4 and 2 million dollars interests in the musical hamilton are expected to drive prices up. >> okay. five minutes before the hour that means it's time for uing to talk weather. >> one of the things about the california storm as well several locations have several inches of rain. front range got between 6 and 10 feet of snow and a lot of good that's good for them. they need it and been in the drought and all is certainly welcome and they didn't want it all as fast as they game. 34 to 45 for kids at the bus stop this morning and clouds breaking up and should be a better start than the past few and still bundled up chilly start to the day. after school, cool, mild, 47 to 54 and maybe even 55 or 56 down
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to 53 in the is they today before clouds and showers return for the evening commute. by the time we get tomorrow, 65. keep it dry all day tomorrow. great news. there one more warm day friday 5 and we go back to the 30s with maybe a wintery mix around by the time we goat saturday. airport erin has traffic wednesday morning. >> and keeping close eye on cameras you can see traffic wide on east and westbound side gainsville and beltway. inside the beltway that quiet trend continues. i'll let you know if normal congestion start to pop. moving 270 to the spur. light volume southbound sixt i like what i'm seating from 0 past truck scales and get together beltway. speaking of beltway we'll move the cameras over and she you what you're up against past new hampshire. 95 to georgia and inare loop looking good. same story bottom side of the beltwaac
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bridge inner and outer loop and volume increasing there and not enough to cause slow down from prince georgia cross the ridge to alexandria and outer loop looking good through largo up towards baltimore washington parkway. metro picks up at 5 and i'll let you know if there's delays there as well. any questions erin fox d.c. twitter holly and wisdom. >> 4:57 now. coming up. law maingzers in the commonwealth and free state head back to work today. >> and alexander ovechkin will leave d.c. and go to os language tlos play hockey. >> he's coming back though right? >> he's coming back. >> fox news morning is back after this
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>> straight at 5:00 big headline today on "fox" news morning does russia have damming information on president-elect donald trump. explosive claims continue to be investigated and this is sure to be a big topic when the president-elect faisz the press today in the first news conference in months. >> temperatures in the high 30 ez and 40s can feel so good. finally here it will get warmer than


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