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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 12, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> straight ahead at 6:00, a teenager behind bars chargedrg with stabbing two women to death at montgomery county c mall -- montgomery county- mo mall. what police santyy led them to o the suspect. >> plus lawmakers take thee t first step toward repeelingd rel and replacing the affordableffor care act after a session thatsin ended just a few hours ago. a >> live look outside on this t thursday morning. mni it is january 12th 2017.h01 weather and traffic coming upin the 5's at 6:05.:0 good morning, everybody.ybody. i'm allison seymour.m al >> and i'm steve chenevey.vehene welcome to fox5 news first up at 6:00 and0nd developing overnight policeht pe made an arrest in connection con with the deadly stabbing of of two people at wheaton mall. 17-year-old angelo jackson is charged with two counts of murder. >> eulalio tordil will be back in court to face aup ordi
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pretrial hring he shot and killed his wife at a their daughter's high school sch in prince george's county backeo in may. he isrge' the n accused of going on o a shooting rampage the next next day in montgomery countymery cy killing two people in separatese shootings. lcapihilnight on capitol hil for lawmakers just before 1:30 a.m., literally just a fewt f hours ago, the republican led l senate voted to officiallyfficiy launch its effort to repeal repa and replace the affordableorda care act. care act. the senate approved theroved t measure in a nearly party linee vote of 51-48. 51-48 it will keep democrats fromtsro being able to filibusteribus future repeal legislation.l le the house plans to vote on these measure tomorrow.e tomoow. there's word some republicansom in congress are apprehensivehe about setting the repealepeal effort in motion without aut better idea of the replacement plan.plan >> and new questions thisnshi morning on just who leaked lea watch the director oftch intelligence says he hasthce sse spoken with donald trump about the unsubstantiated report repot claiming that russia has compromising personal and persoa financial information aboutl him. james clapper says he told thers president-elect he does not
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intelligence community. he told donald trumpk tllheigee intelligence community hasn't made any judgment that the information is reliable. now in the meantime doudnaldatid trump not letting up on his fake news attack.ttack. he tweeted this overnight "wewe had a great news conference atna trump tower today.wer tod a couple of fake news organizations were there but tht the people truly get what'st's going on ." the social media post camet c several hours after he called out buzz feed and refused toefut take a question from a c in. i n reporter.po. >> a group of moms from af ms fo dozen states will gather atl gat the capitol today to lobbytoy to senators to oppose thee t nomination of scott pruitt toitt head the epa. the group called moms cleanle air force believes supportingupn pruitt would be dangerous too children and families. >> inauguration just a weekk away. >> today we're due to learn we'r more about safety and snecurityy for the inauguration and thegutn big day of protests that willhal llowow it. annie yu live at rfk which rfkhi will serve as a critical o
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and protestors. annie good morningism goodning morning steve and allisison.d a. good morning, everybody. rfk will be a hot spot for ther big day.g day. we're told by council member mee charles al and will already 2,000 bus parking permits have h been requested.been requested later today, they're going tong be holding a meeting more mor about the inaugural crowds andsd the security aspects. hopefully as you mentioned med we'll learn more but we're we' just eight days away from the ft big day and this is going tooi t be serving as sort of af headquarters for all those t people that are going to beg b pouring into the district,ic into the nation's capitol andia so of course getting them inin and out of d.c. safely is priority number one for law enforcement.ement. meantime officials areicia are anticipating a larger thanr t usual number of protestors foror this inauguration.ation. they say several planned pnned demonstrations will be takingnst place, among them the women'shem marks it's one of the biggest and most historic planned pnned protests expected to take tak place according to the event's t facebook page this morning pag more than 183,000 people saypl they are going to be attendingti this event.nt officials say they are readyredy for all of the tpe
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expected to come here. the aclu, we spoke to them, and they say protestors really l need to be prepared in case cas they do violate any type of o laws and say d.c. police havee h right idea when it comes to ceso protests. take a listen. >> usually police in d.c. do a d pretty good job.ob. they understand their role as facilitating not disruptingting demonstrations but jus nt in case, we have informationorma about dealing with policepoce understanding what to say,o s most importantly what not tohato say and what to do if things go wro.g. >> reporter: what should you y say and what should you nothat h say? >> you should give your name and addressul id f asked. ask but you should not answer questions about what the the police are alleging that you did. did. don't give explanations. don't give if you are being arrested or questioned you should say thats you want to remain silent andle that you want a lawyer. lye >> reporter: now, that's alls very good information but ifmati you want more
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aclu has made it easier andier a they've rolled out this mobilesi app and you can download it.dt. it's called the mobile justice d.c. app. smartphone.rtphone. it's an easy guide ony gu everything you need to know inwi case you have any questions orio come across an altercation ononn the big day. d a lot of multiple agencies aresa taking place -- are involved ine in the big day on friday the the 20th. we're talking not only d.c. police, thousands of police officers as well as thousandshon of members of the nationalatna guard.guar we're right outside rfkfk stadium this morning, annie yuay fox5 local news.s. >> annie thanks much.nnie thank we'll talk withmu council membem charles allen at 7:45 this5 is morning, get some moreor details.tails. >> meanwhile we're all excited ' for. >> one day of summer.ummer. >> spring. >> one day of spring. >> 67-degree day.ay >> love the purple.>> love >> you dtho?e pu thank you. yo. >> yeah. >> this thing is y like eight lh years old. >> looks brand new to me. >> thank you tucker. he's such aks bra tha nice guy. >> it's a taste of spring inprii glinted i love it.d i lot. >> 60's today. 60's this is the day.. >> it feels
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>> i will say this. a few little droplets this morning when i was coming >> you're getting technical onao me but you're right.. >> droplets.>> droplets. >> that's going to go away.gotog not going to be a perp if he pef cannily sunny day.cannily su i don't want to ovennrsy ell ths day. >> you said that yesterday.atted you had a name for it. it. >> yeah. >> cloudy. >> grumpy 60's. >> grumpy 60's. 60's. >> dulles is 53 and up in baltimore it's 54 degrees. lots of rain showers areshors ae moving through the area. thr you can see we're pretty much p in the tlear still a couple sprinkles north h and east towards baltimore.altie the bottom line on our forecast, 67 degrees today.. there will be some sunshinee sue from time to time but we'lle also have some clouds around but theto bot ttosomme line is o temperatures are 20 plus degrees above normal, almost a 25 degrees above >> do you look forward to your y grumpy 60's, tuck.0's, tuc >> i look forward to anything. y >> you mean the real one. >> yeah, that's pretty funny. fy >> still a couple decadeses ayay. hi, erin good >> hi, good morning. i'm walking in right now taking
6:07 am we're jammed up and we have he metro delays. so much going on this morning already. alre unscheduled track repairtrack pi between grosvenor and white andi flint. if you're taking the red linekir watch for delays in both directions there. we'll keep you posted ondire tha let's hop outside for a live look. want to show you some of our cameras. this is 95 southbound side ase crash in lorton is blocking blog the right shoulder. shode southbound side is stillti flowing though but look at the b northbound congestion. there's a rubber neck delayuthbl past the southbound crash plussu a lot of congestion fromn woodbridge. you can seeod you're basically parked on that northbound on thside. south that of point inh th stafford you're congested from f 630 to 610 so from fredericksburg to the beltwaybug leave the house t at least 35eat minutes 270 southbound another painful p day right now. we have a crash in frederickri by 85 well north of that pointpn so from 70 to 85 you're y'r stacked and then again coming tg down from urbana it's suchs suc heavy volume you need at leasttl 45 extra minutes to get from f 70 to the spur this morning. yesterday was was ah rough ahou ride on 270
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95 in college park over to georgia, it's already 15lready 1 minute slowdown.lowd inner loop nice and quiet. metrobuss are on time but wee bw have a lot of congestion lot picking up 295 southbound fromuf 50 down to the 11th street bridge. a little damp this morning so watch for a little bit of slick spots.for a i talked to mike and we'llslic l talk to tucker and he said s that was just a little spottytlt shower and it's going to be ao clear morning commute in terms s ofainfall.l. back to you guys.back >> erin thanks. new video released b>>y the taliban shows an american arican being held hostage.ostage his plea to donald trump. >> plus, one find late night appearance has first lady michelle obama having a little l fun on jimmy fallon. we're back in just 30 seconds. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. >> ♪♪ >> new video released by the taliban showing kidnapped american kevin kinidgeoba ann sh australian citizen timothyizen weeks both teachers from thefr t american university oferan u afghanistan in kabul.anistan inb they kidnapped by a group of armed meniere the school fivenir months ago.e thmoe video claw reportedly recorded on january 1st shows the two men pleading to president-elect donald trumpld t to negotiate for theirir release.ase. >> also developing inng i afghanistan, the u.s. military is finished its investigationesn into a november fire fightight with taliban fighters. fight the raid left 33 civilians33 cia dead including women ad
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children the probe determined te civilians were killed when pre e american troops fired on therose taliban who were using civilian houses as firingg >> in northern california thea e result of days of heavy rains. r part of the concretecre foundation of this home in the hollywood hills fell off andd hl landed in the road below. the couple who rents the home te was safely evacuated.ated. meanwhile in the town of hollister more than two dozeno z homes flooded after a creek c overflowed. >> making good on a campaign promise. corey stewart republican head of the prince williamewar ct ouu board of supervisors and alsond a candidate for virginia vgi governor, gave away an ar-15 assault rifle.le he presented the rifle to rick thompson. he's a navy veteran from woodbridge.brid stuart tells us the gungels us n contest was a stunt. a stu he hopes it will call c attention to the need tontio the expand on second amendment rights in the the drawing helped stuartst raise $10,000 for hisise campaign. to the district where there's a new pro toll to make to theo toll it easier t fo orma homeless pee to use the
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one idea is to build small s restrooms so people will haves o a place to go.o. the proposed bill would evenldve offer incentives for for businesses to open up their the bathrooms. >> michelle obama made herhell final late night appearance asec first lady sitting down on thehe tonight show with jimmy fallon.fallon. fallon thanked the firston family for being good spo trts s and he also asked the first lady for some help with aheh little bit he does writing w mock thank you notes.ouot >> thank you, barack, forark, proving you're not a lameot l duck.du but my very own silver fox. >> probably the best moment m when the first lady surprised sr people who were recordingdi goodbye messages to her. t h she was watching the entire ent time waiting right behind theint curtain. >> love that. t easier foring i you to drop off and pick up your packages. >> live look outside as we head to breake olon this thurst morning. >> i like it steve.>> i lik >> weather and
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t 5s coming up next. off to a good start. 52 degrees. >> ♪♪
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>> 6:13. following breaking news coming from up in baltimore where a house fire sent fivebr peaeople the hospital but what is worseoe or could be worse at least, lea there are reports that sixhat children may be trapped in in that home. hom our sister station in stati baltimore said the call to cal firefighters came in overnight.ov of those who went to their wento hospital, a woman and her twoa e children are in critical c condition. a third child in serious condition. one firefighter with minorghwith injuries but again, word that six children may still be missing in connection with that fire that has been burning for some time up inat baltimor firg for e.ltim as soon as we get more mor information of course we'llourse pass it along. go to skyfox right now. today's accident of the morning, 270 jammed from 70 inn the crash is at 85.t also erin was talking aboutking problems on 95 coming up fromgp the south into d.c. so we'llo get you caught up on both ofth o those in a minute.os a minut first though tucker actuallyua has a
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>> i get to do the good news, n, steve after you get to do all dl the bad news. n let's do it. your bus stop forecast. f i guess spots are cool out cool there. we've got temperaturesrau in some places in the 40's buta most of us in the 50's to's t start the day and look at yourau after school forecast today. yeah, little springtimele s preview here. warm temperatures.empe kind of partly mid to upper 60's expectedecte across parts of the area here later this afternoon. after 54 now in washington. washing 57 glorious degrees inin annapolis. 52 up in westminster, frederick 52 degrees.2 grees. 49 in martinsburg. in martinsbu. still there is a pocket ofocket cold. if you're one of our viewersur s in cumberland you're still 39 degrees. little pocket there of cold temperatures off to our north po and west. all right. the reason we're getting the warmer temperatures tapping into a southwest wind heretd re ahead of our next frontal nexfrn system allowing very mild air in here for a time of 18 the 18 current winds out of the southn and west. it will be a breezy day today.a. we'll have some breezes out ofet the south and south and westnd at about 15 to 20 throughout the day. all right. ernigrs overnight. most of
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few leftover showers, little lit stragglers towards baltimoremore and havre de grace in belair bai our focus is on the cold frontof back towards o that will get in here tonight.ig the bottom line is up ahead ofao it are temperatures 20 tos 20 t 25 degrees above normal a norma little later this afternoon as s we're going to be in for a f great looking thursday. thursda. alght.ght. cooler weather high pressure is going startssur setting up that i understandup t cold front. i want to mention the setup here. this is what we to metu cpall cold air cold damning for the very strong area of high es cold air at the surface andrfa we'll get what we calle c overrunning and looks liked lool we'll have a period of lightight ice perhaps some snow acrossaps the area. this would be o n saturday.urda on early a.m. to early p.m. early during the day on saturday we s could have a period of iced of oundnd here. keep that in mind as you'reas y making your weekend plans. plan. i'm not sure everybody isno going to get it but parts oft sf the area are going get a g wintry mix through much of the t day on saturday. sat 67 today and then the tn rollercoaster ride goes down.sow 30's around here by saturday. sr okay. that's the w
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let's find out about roads.find >> if i was planning to o leavea saturday morning to driveo d somewhere north, would i beul b okay on the roads or. i better leaving friday night? i'll let you think about that.ut >> that's a good question. q >> tucker is going do someo research for me. this is in frederick. frederick let me blocked on 270 on southbound at 85.d at 85. crash involving several cars. c because just the right lane is r squeezing by this crash scene s we are parked from 70 down ton t 85 with about a 20 minute0in delay. unfortunately heavy volume volum does continue down through urbana as you make your wayma yu through gaithersburg as well. from 70 down to the spur as dows you get to the beltway leave lea the house at least 30 minutes early. let's switch over from skyfox to a look init vchirgini oa. 95 on the southbound side right shoulder blocked atder bld lorton road. lo an earlier crash and vehiclendeh fire under control. control lanes are getting by. b little tap of the brakes pastra that scene. look at that northbound norboun slowdown. let's show you a look at ourow y other camera because we're we' jammed fro
6:18 am
northbound side all the way toly newington where we have a crash in the express lanes.xpres some very heavy volume there.e t i would say fromm fredericksburg to the mixing mix bowl you need a good 45 extra ea minutes. we have a ton of stop-and-go-a traffic in stafford as welll between 630 and 610 and then ant as you can see you're upee youeu against this parking lot. some bailout traffic crowdingwdg route one northbound as well. as if you want to keep it to theitt rails and skip the roads, we w do have a red line alert for you. unscheduled track repairep between grosvenor and white a w flint. delays in both directions onn bh the red line. dire rene. rest of your rail lines on l ti.e. 295 southbound from visit toro the 11th street bridge volumeum building. inner loop heavy towards the tow wilson bridge from prince george's county. l kel keep a close eye on epever a cything for you.ou. allison and steve.allin and stev >> erin thank you.>>ri a top health insurer is dropping coverage of the epipen.ep cigna will only cover the cost e of the half price genericen version which launched in december. de mylan the embattled maker ofemba the epipen said it anticipatednt a coverage change followinge the launch of the generic
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>> if you need to keep up withn work or your friends onkeep youy next flight if you are flyingg jetblue, you can do so for f free. the airline carrier just completed installing the free in flight wifi on all of its 227 planes. pla it's free. it's called fly fi, high speeded unrepresented.en passengers don't need to wait'to until they're in the air to airt log on. on my last flight allison itllis got the try it and it was glorious.glorious. >> but what about any>> b interference and all that. why couldn't we do it before.ut >> you can but they charge you c for it. most airlines go through a thr third party and then you haved y to pay for the wifi service. >> okay. >> jetblue doing it for j >> let me see where jetblue jet goes.goes. >> advantage jetblue. jbl >> ethics officials not happy o with the president-elect's plans to separate from his businesses. we're going to break it down for you you ne >> first, don't try this at home but if you can, there is io a recoru d that can be this is a new guinness worlds hard to believe there was ane sa old guinness worlds record but r these brothers smashed the sma previous record for most
6:20 am
while balancing another personnn on your head. >> no way. >> they made it up all 90 90 steps of the cathedral inhedraln spain. >> is that real?at >> it is documented.end. they did it in 52 seconds by seb the way. but sometime not a a >> what in the world?or >> the old record was 25 so they did shatter i >> is it just head on head. hd. >> head on head. >> a little plate in there.ittl >> heade to head and --nd >> how do they get down or do od they just walk around likeun that? let's see how he gets down.
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>> fedex making it easier forasr you to drop off and pick upp your packages.acge first up a check of the mark. joining us is hillary vaughn. vu good morningism good morning, mg allison. >> how are we doing on thedoinge market? we keep waiting for that 20,000 mark but i guess0 i we're still waiting.aiti >> reporter: all right, we r are inching closer and closerose but you're right, we haven'twe v been able to close the
6:23 am
yesterday 98 points closing at 19,954 points.oi very, very close to the 20,000. nasdaq up 11 points closing at a 5,563 and the s & p also up u six points closing at 2275.27 >> one of the big news itemse ge to come out of thet president-elect's position is how he'll separate himselfl from his businesses. bin we know donald trump as a billionaire businessman.insm now some people who make their business to be ethics areic a saying hey we want to make wwan sure everything is on the on t straight and narrow.ignd narrow. what's going on here? what'soio the state of thesen he affairs?s >> reporter: right. so, yesterday president-electrdy trump said that he's going to putid tha his two sons in chargf his business and he's in the going to be involvenedss at all end also said they're notd they going to make any foreignny f deals while he's in office. in . mentioning that they already rejected or turned down a $2 billion deal offered from a businessmen in dubai butub ethics watch dogs aren't happyre with that. they're saying that essentially his decision toecn step a
6:24 am
what they say "meaningless" insn terms of conflicts of interestfs saying that it doesn't resolve s a lot of questions they havens and they're urging him toim t follow a standard that theyhe say other president-electsnt-e have followed for the past pas four decades.ades but donald trump is pushingushi back his lawyer that he brought on stage with him at h a the presser yesterday alsord said that putting his assets in a blind trust or divertingsti them just really isn'ty n' feasible and a nonstarter. nonse so it seems that trump is going ahead with this positionsi of putting his kids ahead andhea promising to stay out of it.f >> let's talk about what fedex f is doing making it really in my opinion a whole lot easier ee for us to get our packages packa out. >> reporter: right. fedex is partnering wither walgreens. they're going to be spreading this out to 8,000 sgotoreinsg through 2018 it's going the
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expand it out but that's righto you'll be able to pick up, mail and drop off any of your yr packages at a fedex at any a walgreens in your neighborhoodgd starting in 2018. 2 >> convenient. thanks hillary. appreciate it. day. dayod >> reporter: yup.>> r thanks allison. u,u, too. >> okay, bye.y,ye. >> 6:25. hi, tuck. >> hey, good morning.>> hey i get the good, go news of telll everybody it's going to be in the 60's today.th60's y yeah. very nice. >> yup. >> yup let's do it.. >> it's like a smack window of 60's or a all dayke a affair.ff >> this is a small window ofindf just a couple hours but b temperatures are already inea the mid-50's so even when youwhy head out this morning it'ss mori going to be nice and >> so best hours to be outside e today if you want to take tak lunch. >> steve i would suggest you i w go out between the hours of,et let's wesee, 1:00 and i'd be inb by 3:30. >> fantastic. >> okay. >> 54 this morning.ning winds south-southwest at 18lyy we'll dealing with clouding ithu cover. i can't promise you'll get ais lot of sun. you're going to want to chaseng the sun. t when the sun com
6:26 am
afternoon that's when you want to be out. >> it's a grump y 60's. 6 >> that's right t couple cple showers out there strong southwest flow ahead oft our cold front is going to t allow temperatures to soar. i know you're just waking upou'r rubbine g your eyes but those b are actually 60's on the map. 67 today.ay cooler weather tomorrow and and then plain old cold aroundd ar here again this weekend. weeke raw, rainy, icy. i >> i mean, is it like a stay indoors roads kind of crazyra day on saturday? >> saturday?>>atur >> yeah. >> we'll talk more about it. t it's going to be veryal lightigt but we're worried we could c have some icing.ou somici we'll talk about it.ut it. >> thank you.>> tha you >> uh-huh. >> good to know. speaking of the roads andnd conditions, hi, erin. e >> i feel like tucker gets to gt bring the good news todays t about warm temperatures andnd i'm like look behind me.nd me. >> but the good news is yous isy look like an angel in offeln white dress. >> thank you so much allison. >> it's easier just looking atng you saying it.yo >> i love you. y skyfox is over 270 southbound.un earlier crash by 85 cl
6:27 am
but look at those delaysel coming onto 270 from 70 completely jammed and 270nd southbound is just such a slowlw llll. a 20 minute delay from 70 to t 85 and your typical congestion e through urbana so get at leastea 30 minute extra start from 70ro to the spur. to the s from skyfox let's show you thesu crash that was behind me ath moment previously three lanes wereere blocked. blocke they quickly moved this to the o side. this is 66 eastbound at 50. a you can see traffic is slowlylo getting past that scenece allison and steve. and >> all right, erin thanks. 6:27 right now.ow >> appreciate it. coming up next, we>> are on theh top of that breaking news out n of baltimore. terrible story. a house fire with reports ofof children trapped inside. >> plus, big nfl news. news. the san diego chargers coulderco be on the move and fans, well,e, some fans not happy aboutpy abo that. th coming up next what happenedp ne to the team'sxt f wront offices overnight.overnight. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:30. welcome back to fox5 news morning. trouble out there on the roads. hase back h ade ou a tough week wk reporting all this mess out mes there but this is 66 is eastbound.ea there's a crash at route 50.out5 looks like folks are sort oft o squeaking by a little slowertle but at least they're gettingre t by. erin and tucker will be along on the 5s with weather andker d traffic. welcome back to fox5 news morning. if you are just getting upre now at 6:30, let's catch you y up on the morning's topop stories. we begin with really sadad breaking news out of baltimorete where as man
6:31 am
may be trapped in the rubblee rl of an overnight hours fire. fir our sister station in i baltimore says the call toys t l firefighters came in around 12:30 this morning. morning. four people were able to get get out and were taken to the hospital. a woman and two children arehile in critical condition and the t third child is in serious condition. we understand crews are now waiting for a crane to arriveorr to remove the heavy debrisebris that fell when one of thee of floors of the home collapsed.ths we'll keep you up to date on this morning, here in ouror areahe, in montgomery county aoy 17-year-old is under arrest inns the deadly stabbing of two of tw people at wheaton mall this whe week. the new details coming outming o late last night. last ght. fox5's melanie alnwick is i live in wheaton with the story y now. morning,, m >> reporter: good morning, goodi steve and allison. allis it was surveillance video from inside the mall as well as eyewitness accounts that tt helped montgomery county mon police put this case together. apparently this suspect wasas known to detectives and once a they were able to get a still
6:32 am
video during the stabbing and circulate it among montgomeryon county police, that is whenshe they were able to identify the t 17-year-old he was arrested at his home in i montgomery village. police say the mall video shows 17-year-old angeloyear-o g lamont jackson stabbing onebbone man with a knife then going goi after the second victim. victim. this happened tuesday tuesday afternoon many noon on then ma mall's lower level outside j. oj c. penney and hollister.list now, shortly before this stabbing, there was as police called eight physicalcal altercation between jacksoneen and the two victims which washis broken up by mall patrons. then they got back into it 24-year-old angel alfredo pineda-gomez and the other still unidentified victim both died at the hospital. at spit jackson we're told was somehow w able to walk out of the mall.e now he's being charged as an adult on two counts of firstfi degree murder. mde westfield whet ton tells fox5et that it is reviewing the t incident and its security surity procedures. lie in wat
6:33 am
>> melanie thank thaou. new this morning, senateis r republicans are a step closernig to repealing the affordableorbl care act also known as obamacare. after the republican lawmakersms passed a budget measure earlyre this morning by a vote of 51 o51 48.8. now the measure is necessarynecy to start the repeal process. prs the house is expected to casto t votes on the bill tomorrow.w. steve. >> time for the morning liner tn and let's start with a celebration this morning for alex ovechkin. he's come a long way since his h rookie season in 2006.n 200 to date the great eight has played in 880 games and last las night it took just 35 seconds on the ice for him to hit another milestone, the, th opponent the pittsburgh penguins.peng the milestone, 1,000 points.oint pregame ovie and the caps. but that you go ovie beats andre fleury scores careereucore goal 545.go45 gives him 1,000 career points.nt caps end up rallying.allyin they w
6:34 am
row final score five-two.ive-tw congratulations alex ovechkin one of the greatest to lace up the skates. ska lloyd money man mayweather r after he bragged about how much money he won.much m otto porter from the corner cor knocks down the 3-pointer.-poin. whiz up by one. that would be the last lead ofwt the game. wizards fall 117-108. that little dustup betweentle john wall and jay crowder,ro crowder piss his finger in wall's face, wall said get itet out of here and then they the basically said both of youot guys get out of here.ys get outo wall revealed in postgameostgam he'll get an x-ray on his leftil wrist. there is not g moneyerot mayweather tweeted allison he won money on clemson beating alabama.ama. tough night for gw facing vcu. gw dominated by vcu85 to 55. 55. redskins may be in the hunt theh for a new offensiveenve coordinator because sean sean mcvay emerging as thehe leading candidate for the los ange
6:35 am
had a second interview this week. if hired mcveigh will be theweci youngest coach in nfl youngestes nfl coach.. he's 30 years old.ld he'll be 31 when the season sea starts. good for him. but gothe skins would love toin keep him. h searching for a defensivedefens coordinator here in washington. yesterday formercoordi jags head coach gus bradley was interviewed for the he put together the greatweogr h seattle defense before he wentot to the meeting comes two dayswoay after former browns coach mike k pettine paid a visit to vis t redskins park. the chargers may be movingeovin there officially.icy. talked about for years but b espn reporting the team isea i expected to announce as soon son as today they they will moveyil to los angeles ending a 55 a year incident san diego.ent sa chargers actually played thelaye first game -- first season sso their first season in l.a. in i 1960 before moving to san to san diego. diego. some fans egged the doors ofe ds the chargers front offices overnight. security expected to be tight at thexp staecditeum today.oday. and look at this.> the cowboysand the top seed inp the nfc
6:36 am
released a bandwagon fan application form on twitter. questions include previous pre experience rooting for thece r cowboys. ever talk crash about the cowboys? have you ever rootedro for the redskins packers orns po the steelers?teelers? >> cute. >> that you go. >> i think it's funny. >> thirom hld go from having no teams tavino having two team. >> yeah and poor san diego you remember their basketball teamir became the clippers, toot >> they're not a good sports srt town? >> i think it's a beach >> yeah. >> yeah. >> okay. >> it's a great weather town. >> uh-huh. >> also if you're a san diego do fan you probably want to win on occasion. >> i don't know anything about that being a wasnohiw ngton fan. >> 54 now washington.4 no 54 in new york. hey, we are off just -- it'st' all about warm air today. t mild temperatures in fact warmtr temperatures. we'll be well into the 60's this afternoon w.ell afterno so, steve, you know, that cool c outfit you got for spring -- sp >> yeah. >> , at christmastime.tmasti >> little
6:37 am
>> that your mom sent you.yo you can urwear date.wearat >> today is the day to breakre it out. o. >> yes. we'll have some clouds around. . it will be the grumpy 60's will hold true today. tod 67, enjoy it. cooler weather tonight with a wh cold front. much, much cooler back tok t january by this weekend. innd.n fact we have a wintry mix on saturday. >> today is a get off my lawn mw day. >> definitely get off my lawn mn day. [laughter] >> erin how about a look of a l the roads. >> get of a my lawn kids. >> i could see that happening some day. see tsome d right now skyfox is flying soskx we're going to go ahead and ahea move to our maps.ap southbound crash on 270n 270 cleared at 85 so that's good news there but residual delays y 270 really heavy traffic from fm 70 down to 85. from 70 to the spur you needuee at least 35 extra minutes.utes good news for metro. earlier unscheduled trackr untr repair between grosvenor and a white flint has wrapped up.edp. dealing with residual delaysth on the red line in both di rrectesions.he red if you're hdieareding down from maryland passing0
6:38 am
southbound kenilworth avenuevenu right now on the maryland sidedd is closed at riverdale road. ro. dealing with a big crash scenese there and a huge delay. del parked traffic leading towardsia thocatocation. do yourself a favor and take tak 295 southbound from theund beltway but keep in mind 2955 southbound before it blends into kenilworth is dealing dling with some very heavy traffic tfc as well.l. so very atypical delays on 295 9 in kenilworth because of thatuso southbound closure.utnd c 295 southbound once you pass p 50 completely jams up down to do the 11th street bridge and 50 a0 inbound is just sire backed up. want to take a live look outside and show youcked howo tu things are shaping up on 66.6. eastbound side at 50 there's ahs crash blocking the left .houlder. previously blocking threelock lanes. really heavy residual delays from 234 to 50. 50. give yourself at least 40 least extra minutes. you'll need that extra things are starting to clearole up as we make our way out on o .5. 95 on the southbound side we have a crash that was blocking k the shoulder.thlder. you can see northbound delays because of a crash towards newington. keep it to fox5. back in just a few.kest a
6:39 am
>> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> back with what is trending on the web on this thursday morning. marie osmondwith w web o says ie asked to sing at s president-elect donald trump'sel she said she would.ou she says america needs to needst unite and support ourunit president. she's performed ate severaleval inau
6:42 am
including ronald reagan.ld reaga sounds like she kind of wants ws to sing at the inauguration.urat maybe that's a way of asking ask can i sing. you've heard of a white heaw collar crime but what about abo white tooth crime? police inpoi wisconsin looking for this t woman who they say has stolen st more than $6,000 worth of crest white strips. white stripsip are lited for sale on sites like ebay. eba and finally call eight blasteigs from the past.ast. apple actually is releasing aei little info about its new iphone which it never does. d it will pay homage to the iphone four.ipne f going forward by looking sources say apple is reviving the stainless steel frame ofel the iphone four and using tong it perfect the design.n. seems like the last one juste js came out. >> but will it make it lesss resistant to cracking. cck they got to do something about -hat -- >> the glass that did does notot break. >> they got t o do somethingomethi about that.outt. thanks so much steve sve appec
6:43 am
>> you're welcome.e welcome >> paris jackson has someasom harsh words reacting to that urban myth trailer in therailert actor playing her father her f michael jackson. jackson alec baldwin appears tors have other plans besides snl for his trump character. kevin is here with the fox beat. beat
6:44 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it...
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oulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios. >> ♪♪ >> i feel like we should be playing this music.l likeic. >> yeah, i know.
6:46 am
>> hopefully it relaxes you to t deal with it. 295 that's what you're lookingkg at from oxon hill to the inner loop. backups there every day. it's nondiscriminatory. we've had it from the north, fr from the south two, 95 today.95. it's all over the place.p. >> we win in bad traffic. traffc that's the only place we win.. >> we do excel there.cel tre. >> yeah, we do excel. meanwhile we'll excel inl cel warmer temperatures. you can actually roll downactu your window whileally you're yor sitting in traffic thisin tra t morning. >> yay! >> taste of spring and winter. e a true taste of spring. we'll be well into the 60's today as we got a cold frontd fo off to our north and west butt b it's not going get in hereer until tater later thisl ta evening. so we get a nice one day warmup.warm 54 in leonardtown 55 degrees.ardt55 i'm not sure if there's any's a snow left to our south here inen southern maryland but if thereuh is, not for long with these temperatures. 55 in quantico. dulles 53. 50 in hagerstown town. everybody is already abovedy abo normal later this afternoon withth temperatures well into theures
6:47 am
temperatures 20 in some caseses 25 degrees above normal. all right, winds gusting heretir out of the south and west. wes that's the reason that we'rewe'r getting the warmer temperatures. we're pumping in the warm airinn up t ahead of our next coldex front from the south and southha and west so kind of a one day special here. it won't last but at least we warm it up thisast bu afternoonn couple leftover sprinkles andprs showers. we had rain showers this is associatederni with our warm front that's been pushingep through the area during thethe a overnight hours and we aret ho going to be left with some witso cloud cover.cloucove so, you know, i've been i've b calling it kind of the grumpy 60's because we'll have some we' clouds. i think we'll get some sunshine this aft ink ernoon. but it's going to take some som time. ti here's our next cold front and d this cold front will pushont llh through tonight.rough ght. so cooler weather for the dayort tomorrow and then the setupe sep for the weekend, i just wantustt to give you a quick heads up here. saturday doesn't look like a great day.oesn cold arctic high pressure off preurf to our north. it is january aftorer all. all and when you get that flow going here with strong surface a winds and the bottom line is lin our temperatures going to bees g in the low to midoi 30's on o saturday and it looks liket looe we're going to get some precipitation.prec the bottom line is here ice
6:48 am
it may start as a brief perioder of snow on saturday and then the change over to some light icing. this is -- our amounts are going to be pretty light butligb it could cause problems on thehe roadways.adways notice the colder temperatures back in the forecast by saturday and sunday. in th 67 today.67 today let's start with today. w warm and breezy.wa enjoy a beautiful erin has got miserable roadways and all your details. . >> there are so many miserable y roads i've been very busy picking the most port ones torte tell you about. abo. right now we'll give you thel ge od n news. start with the good news.heood >> yes. >> southbound kenilworthth avenue a crash cleared atbo rdverdale road.ra we still have heavy residualvy d delays. this is in maryland before you merge 295 in kenilworth. 295 southbound jammed up fromd u the beltway down. want to switch it over for a live look outside. outde 28 northbound north of 66,f 6 huge crash there.he look at that. traffic is parked. the crash at frying pan roadg p has us jammed back to willard wd road. big problems on 28 northbound.on 66 also an issue as we forwardwa our cam
6:49 am
66 eastbound there's a crash crh by it's blocking the left lef shoulder but it had been bn blocking several lanes beforeesr it moved over. so, from 234 prince william wili parkway all the way through 50ou you're in for about a 45 a 45 minute delay this morning.orning some heavy traffic there.. forwarding our cameras againeraa this is the camera steve andve allison were just talkingre jusn about. 295 northbound coming from the t beltway towards malcolm x of a x traffic is basically no crashes to report.epor just so much congestion there. t southbound side of 295 getting g towards the beltway in much in m better shape.bettpe the inner loop jams froms fro prince george's from brancheorg avenue across the wilsone' bridge and metro right n aow ics on time. red line dealing with residualhe delays from an earlier e unscheduled track repair issueue out by white flint.hite f we'll keep you updated butut just a lot of heavy slowdowns lingering. 270 southbound throw by 85y 85 from an earlier crash. cra allison and steve.steve. >> thanks erin. no word on what sparked a>> fire in the 13th floor of thefhe newly renovated watergatete complex. smoke could be seen fromro several floors. crews evacuated the building. no one wasuated
6:50 am
a man who has donated tons of none d.c. will get a key to t the city. today philanthropist davidilan reubenstein will be presented with a key to the city fromy fro mayor bowser and congresswomanes eleanor holmes norton.nort donations are helped restored rt lincoln memorial washington monument and inimprove the u.s. marine corps warorps war memorial. >> he's done so much to keep ne r sunning. runngd time for the fox beat right now. >> i mouthed the words because e you weren't on.en't o >> kev is here now. >> hey, allison. >> yay! >> this is the tie that -- >> you cracked the code. the >> i've been here since 2007en and today is the first day istay figured out, wait, today -- tody >> no, no, no. no. >> it's just something we do.stg it's nothing --hing >> thursday is purple day. day >> well, we like to on thursdays we wear >> allison got me this tie forsr christmas and i love this tie te t it really is really n thank you so much.souch. >> see i did the skin fleekin fe try. i'm not trying to like changelig your style. >> right. thank you
6:51 am
the urban myth trailer came out yesterday the trailer til where the white actor isor playing michael jackson in a truish the alleged story of atoa road trip that took placece between elizabeth taylor marlon brando and mr. michael ma jackson.ckson. paris jackson -- two screen scrn shots of the trailer. michael jackson.on >> truish. did it really happen.lly ppen >> no, truish means urban u myth. this is a story -- sto >> but have i heard this hav before. i hearbefod michael jackson had meeting and one of thee buildings -- >> after 9/11. >> and on that a day and he andh wasn't there that day.ere th day >> right. >> of that terrible tragedy.rier then he did leave on a roadoa trip. is that not true. >> it'sis t unverified.nverie that's why it's called urbanan myth. >> got you. >> those are two screen paris jackson his daughter isd now responding to this trailer l this morning saying i'm soo incredibly offended by it ast a i'm sure plenty of people arere as well and honestly makes mee wants to vomit. she continues
6:52 am
where is the respect? they rese worked through blood sweat and tears for ages to createy 88ey such profound legacies. legie slam full finally she said it angers merse to see how obviouslybvioly intentional it was for them toor be this insulting not just jus towards my father but my godmother liz as well. and yes, those are the tweetshee that are coming out -- that- at came out last night fromt from paris. somebody asked her what she whae thought about the trailer. the show actually the british premiers. it looks more jokish. >> satire. >> alec baldwin is back as donalbad tldrump.rump he says "we're going to play pla him the day after the i'm doingaugu snl after thehe inauguration and he says trump t is our head writer. he just hands it to us in a i basket with a big bow on it on t every day. so, the episode will be hosted by
6:53 am
that's the day after the we'll be back so january 21st. breaking bad >> oh, boy.>> oh, boy >> got a gift for you this g morning.if i'm very exciteed. >> is it a tie bar. is tie >> no.o. breaking bad is in my opinion mn the best show ever but the -- te one of the characters in thats show is a guy named gus ring gun who you know from do the rightht thing. he's a drug kingpin that usedtse a restaurant as his front toro t basically do the drug he used that as his cover. so, better call saul the tvhe t show that takes place before bor breaking bad and they released a this promo yesterday kind of hinting that gus ring may behatb coming back and we might see s the beginnings of how he got where he is as the drug d kingpin in breaking bad. >> the
6:54 am
with love and care and alwayss delivered deliver with a friendly smile. s >> come and trymi our new curlyr fries. we'll so sure you'll like them t and if you don't they're onre o me. me. >> the taste of family.he >> t so, if you haven'tas seen e breaking bad, the bit is he is a murderous drug kingpin who uses that restaurant as at as a front to say this is where ire he's making his money really. r. he tweet that'd tweet twe yesterday saying he's comingin back which i'm really excited ed about and i'm looking for wardg to seeing the rise of his characters.. >> a prequell. >> better call saul has donecall two seasons. seasons. >> we're waiting for walterte white to come up as cup athis is the tweet i'm backac what you've been waiting for the rise of gus is coming. cing. if you haven't seen breakingrein bad netflix has the whole series.. he's one of the best ch'saracters on th oe show. sho. i'm talking to denzelenze washington today atgton t a 12:30 p.m., he's going to give v me a call. i'm serious.erus he's calling me at
6:55 am
if you have a question for mr. denzel washington tweet me at kevin mccarthy tv. t let me know what you want to wat ask him. i'll use your twitter name orerr whatever you want me to say.e ty send me the best question. qio he's calling me at 12:30 so hurry up.p. it's less than six hours away. denzel is calling me.nge. this phone is going to ring atg 12:30. >> and it's going to be deel.l. >> don't hang up on him wheng ni you take the screen shot. >> dw. d >> is that what it's going goi say. >> no, it's going say two-something.o- >> i love it.e today is our facebook fan of the day. the honor goes to ronnie taylor.tayl. ronnie has ties to fox5. has says he was the securityecur supervisor here from 1989 to t 1997.97 hi, ronnie. good morning. >> just missed him.>> jus ronnie startt ed watching fox5 in 1985 and he says working w here was a dream come true. te. he watches us every day. d we can tell you that he is one of our dear rest friends onear social we interact with him all theim e time. ti he even
6:56 am
was on vacation in the bahamas. >> ronnie what was appreciate that but vacation is vacation. >> no, no,what no, w sattayio ih >> are you texting denzel. den >> i'm sending i was question. i'm going to sign it mr. t. mr.t that's how you know it's me. >> have you seen breaking bad tucker? >> no, i haven't. no, i hen >> i feel bad for everyone inba this room whofo has not seen sn breaking bad. bad you've seen it. >> love it. f show of all time.yo >> this is my 12 seconds.econ >> i'm sorry. >> 55 in washington.5 in whing hey, winds south-southwest atsta 23. we'll be in the mid 60's later l today. cloud cover but the vain out vau the rain isout of here. here. look at that 67.7. dress appropriately.te enjoy a beautiful day. day erin. >> as for my 12 seconds i canonn tell you everything isouvery crowded. take a look behind me. 28 northbound crash at frying fg pan road. flashing lights beyond this camera. southbound side towards 66 l heavy.ight speaking of 66, we'llnd sid forward forward our cameras 66 eastbound crashsh at 50 jammed from 234 prince4 pr
6:57 am
with about a 45 minute slowdown. at least metro is on timest right now. mro keep it to fox5.t n we are back iownep i just a fewh your news, weather and news, wea traffic. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪♪ news >> breaking news right now offnw the top at 7 o'clock.'cck we don't typically start wayta w story out of baltimore but amorb house fire there ove
7:00 am
leave as many as six childrenld unaccounted for.d for they could be trapped in the be rubble avenue collapsed house. e several others are in criticalri condition so we're keeping an wi eye on this.ngons. we'll share the latest withwith you. >> hang in montgomery county a teen under arrest for thatontg deadly double stabbing at wheaton mal how police tracked him down.d hi >> developing overnight onoping capitol hillov iter was a very late night an late night vote vt that brings lawmakers one steprs closer to repeeling and replacing obamacare this ass the president-elect is eight is days away from taking office. final 47 preparations are underre way. w wa >> president obama lookingde oba forward to some post whitet it house life and that willt wi surely include some timee this morning one local golfne lf course with members whomes who reportedly say he's not welcome. take a live look outside on this thursday it's january 12th, 2017.h, 201 starting to see a few tracesra of sunlight with the clouds.los. temperatures are already up to


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