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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  January 16, 2017 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead, four days and ahed couin donald trump takes his oath ofat office friday.. but one very prominent democrata says he won't be there. civil rights legend john lewisew skipping the inauguration aftert a pui
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president-elect.ect. we'll have a live report. plus, a deadly winter stormo making its way east. east ice blanketing the southern plains while heavy rain hitss texas. what's in store for us? as wesw get ready for one of biggest bie events of the year. fired for a tweet? a frederick county school employee who poke fun at a student's badd spelling is now looking for a f new job.w . but does the punish many fit the crime? we're asking you toou weigh in. >> it is good!oo >> the packers are moving on.. >> later, the first place cowboys sent packing.acng we'll have highlights from a fm wild weekend in the nfl and anda look ahead to the conferencefe championship games. ges good day at 9a starts now. now. >> apologize for the punt andzef future pad p it's monday, january 17th,, 2017. . i'm steve alongside holly,
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wisdom is off today. >> it's martin luther king, jr.j it's not day off. off it's a day of service across tht dc region. dc we'll show you some of the ways people in our area are markingki the life and legacy of the civiv rights hero. i love that it's become thaa tradition. >> right. >> i mean we got e-mails from my son's school and everythingryth about different things to i just think it's so great. g >> you said this morning, not an day off. it's a day on.n >> i like >> right. >> good way of putting it. >> owan oury platforms we havee little ideas and things if youou want to get involved today.ay. >> yeah.eah foxox5 d.c. >> it's early. the day is is young. >> you have the whole day aheade of you to do something besideses watch us. for the next two hours sit. let's talk about this. ahis. the weather. we're in for store a mild end td the holiday weekend, and theandt above average temperatures coule stick around actually for inauguration friday.on fri that's good news for anyone who will be out on the mall comelom friday morning for all the forhe details let's check in with w tucker. hey, tuck. he >> good morning.orning we'll be average today. today not terribly warm. so if you're doing to the par rid that kind of thing thise
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to make sure you bring a jackete only in the mid 40s later todayy i think a lot of sunshine ite will feel pretty cool. hanging on to 39 with winds outh of the north and east at threete here.he i'll show you the playersre, ana this satellite picture because b of the low clouds hasn't donen'e justice the amount of cloud ocld cover we have across the area at this hour. it will be a mostly cloudy dayyd today.toda high pressure to our north. nor. we're getting winds off the the ocean. and that's locking in a the cool pattern and b, the clouds for the day today. be ready for cool one thishi afternoon with highs in the lowe to mid 40s. 4. little bit of drizzle off to tho south and west.anest. might see a little of that asli well this afternoon but all in i all not bad day.y. we certainly had colder martinti luther king days with wh temperatures this afternoon aft expected to be in the mid 40s.0s there you go. mostly cloudy. cloud i will be back with a look at the rest of the of e we most of the week featuringturi temperatures above normal. ave r we might do 60 degrees.s i'll let you know when, and we'll of course take a look at l the friday forecast coming upg guys.ys back to you. >> thanks, thas, t big story of course atsty of 9:00 o'clock this morning thecki pre
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four days away from the swearing in ceremony but the political divide in washington seems to bt deepening.deepin >> some democratic lawmakersmoct refusing to attend donaldld trump's swearing in as the president-elect prepares to assume the office including civil rights legend. l our melanie alnwick is live inve northwest d.c. with the latest s this morning. morng good morning, mel. >> reporter: well, steve andnd allison you can see behind meehn the mall is preparing to hosto hundreds of thousands of peoplee just four days from now, but today, there is controversy over a possible visit from the president-elect to the national museum of africanto-american history and culture all of this stemming from a weekend verball sparring match with georgiarg representative john lewis. l he may not look like donalddona trump, here in washington, theye used stand ins for the incoming president, first lady and others to run through friday's programr a massive undertaking that takes place every four years here, but this is hardly going to be b routine.routin
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talking trade with the londonn times. >> i won the election because of strong borders and trade.ra >> reporter: trump and sweater t taking on some other targetsargs including outgoing cia directoro john brennan questioned trump'ss grasp of threats facing theacg t country and georgia congressmanm john lew who said that trumpmp isn't legitimate and has decided to boycott the inaugurationurion along with more than two dozen others.hers president obama on cbs's 60 minutes last night argued that partisanship is out of theships control. >> the incentives for politicians in this town to be so sharply partisan have gottene so out of hand that, um, we're weakening ourselves report row report back at the capitol as we get closer to t thehe actual evt the chairman of the inauguralnal committee says the president-elect despite aespit a reputation for over the top productions wanted something soi scaled back not a politicaliticl rally.ra >> we immediately went to the t direction t
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who said, look, i don't want tot do that. tt. it's not appropriate after whata we went through. tou we need a more healing kind of an inauguration. we don't need a celebration oflo me the victor. >> reporter: and as evidencevide that there will be only three tr official inaugural balls thisnal time around in some s inaugurations past there's been as many as 10 to 14 inauguralnar balls. going back to the museum controversy here, there werereer some news outlets reporting that president-elect trump canceledad on his visit for today.ay. but i did speak directly with a spokesperson for the smithsoniai who told me that though theugh t trauma many transition team had made some inquiries about abo a possible visit, that nothing had been planned. pnn live at the museum of nationalao american history and -- - african-american history andtord culture i'm melanie alnwick,ck, fox5 local news.ews >> contention witness affordable care act. the president-electwi nowtn sayn gow saying he's got a plan for when ther t health care law is repealed andd everyone is ge
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under him. he made the promise in anise i a interview for the washington was post but he didn't give anyive a details of what he has in mine.. the republican controlledtrolle congress set to repeal the t affordable care act and that's s go lot of people worried theyrie will immediately lose coverage.. the president-elect also sayslss he's going to force drugg companies to lower their pricese he says big pharmaceuticalrmac companies won't be politicallyly protected any more. ♪♪ develop us this morning outo of mexico deadly shooting at the blue parrot in playa dell carme a popular sport former touristst not far from cancun. cancun. at least four people are dead. . nine others are injured in the shooting. many of those in the crowd werew there for the bmp mus festival. there are reports the shootingp may have have been gang relatedd meanwhile the death toll inolln deadly plane crash that happene overseas is now up to 37. turkish cargo jet crashed into o village in the central asian nation of occur sick stan. stan. the american made boeing 747 was flying from hong kong to turkey when
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an airport.port it was reportedly trying to land inck fck fog. many of those killed were on tht ground when the plane hitla hit several homes. ♪♪ happening this morning, a wreath laying ceremony in honor of dr. martin luther king, jr. j happening at the memorial down d on the national mall. ml it is supposed to get underway any minute now.ow. many americans are committing to hours of community service invi the name of the slain civiliniv rights leader including the president and the first lady.stl later today, they'll participata in an event at the the jobs have priority nail lore road family shelter.shelr and we want to take a minute to show you this picture.ictu take look.ook. powerful tweeted out yesterday by dr. king's youngest daughterter bernice. be she captured the picture withreh the message quote happy birthday dad. i miss you. dr. king's actual birthday was yesterday. of course, she was way just at little girl when he was gunned e down.down. >> um-hmm. >> it must be something with>>si having a father who is
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iconic figure for justice and peace, but also your dad.rad >> it's your dad.>> >> it's your dad. >> so, a sweet moment rightentig ere.e. happening today, it will bei a busy day for d.c. mayor muriel bowser she'll attend several ser city events honoring dr. kingr.g and also launch dc's version ofo president obama's pry brother'sr keeper initiative it's a prograp to promote justice, education,ci health and opportunities for boys and men of color. cor. after the launch the mayor wille host the martin luther king, ki, jr., holiday parade.. >> a lot of great eventsnt happening around the city andare region this morning. also trending in the region this morning a maryland schoolool employee who playfully say thatt in air quotes called out a student for spelling error onine twitter now looking for a newr w job.b. >> it also started after aed aea student tweeted asking if schooo would be closed. fox5's anjali hemphill joiningoi us live from frederick with thet details. anjali?li >> reporter: well, goodl, goo rning,g, guys. like it or not, we are in a time where a tweet can get you terminated and that's exactly what happened to a web servicese empl
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county public schools. schls her name is katie nash on friday, she was fired after shes sent a tweet to a student correcting his spelling. spell i want to you take a look. loo back on january 5th a student tweeted to frederick countyount public schools asking if school would be closed tomorrow.lo you can see in his tweet therese tomorrow clearly misspelled with as instead of o's there. well nash under the fcps twitter handled tweeted back to him "bu" then how would you learn how to spell tomorrow smiley face.e. obviously that tweet tomorrow ii spelled right. well, this created quite a conversation on social media some going as far as saying whaa she wrote was cyber shaming.. others saying the did you trick went too far and we spoke toar p katie nash this morning who sayy she never meant for her comment to be taken in a condescendingsi way. take a listen .ten >> i think there has to be intent. i think you have to really showy that this person that's tryingg to, you know, shame or bully isi doing it over a pattern of timet and there
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make someone feel bad and iad ai think if, you know, certainly ii was inn appropriate that's a good conversation to have.av if anything positive comes outvt of this i'm really excited thata people are so concerned aboutne bullying and cyber shaming. cybi i have two kids myself.f. i know that the world is i changing as we go.chging and i think it's really reall important conversation to have.. but in this instance it was soo obvious that there was noe waso attempt to make this child, thet student feel so i think it might have been ae little bit of an over reach. >> reporter: after katie nash responded to that student who originally had misspelled tweet, that student even responded tond her saying that he thought itug was funny her response and he ae didn't take it personally.sonal. well, meanwhile we've alsove alo reached out to the schoolhechoo district here but being that it is a holiday, we have not hearda back from them as of yet. y that's the latest here inere frederick.ed guys, back to you. >> thanks anjali.ali we're having our side barear discussions about the story. i know i want you guys to weighi in because i don't know for me personally, i didn't think itnki came off as her being snarky or
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trying to bully or shame. sha i just thought it was, you know, a comment she made but to bet te fired seems a little excessive.e >> it was just flip pant.lip p you know what i mean that's how i took it.mean t did anyone else notice in thee t follow up tweets that people ppl misspelled thought andpell personally. >> good job.. >> i'm not going to thaiai >> let us know what you think.hi >> to lose your job i'm gettingg it's one thing to be reprimandea but the whole firing thingirin t that's a little much. >> zero tolerance.ce >> exactly. e then it comes down to we've seen this in other situation, too, peop lose their jobs or regain i their jobs based on social media feedback. t' that's true. >> what does that say? basically if enough people say s you shouldn't have been firedeed you get hired back?d back >> yeah.>> yh. >> whole thing is very bizarre. but, yeah, we said it again weigh in. let us know what you think. thik >> let us know hash tag good day dc as always.ays all right. right two men, 50 states, 80 days anda one goal coming up a little lite later we'll sit down with the creators of the let's connect
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can get involved.t volv >> first nfl conferencerence championships set now after afta wild weekend.ld weend. grander paulsen will join usll u live with highlights an look who will likely be super bowl boundl after next sunday and for dallas fans, well, sorry? sorry >> oh, man. >> ride off into the sunset,unse cowboys. ♪♪
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♪♪ okay.y. 9:16 right now.9:16ht let's talk little football footb yesterday.da >> uh-huh. >> we're down to four teams left. have iing for the super bowle sl championship. after the wild card round ofarrf games pretty much blow outs noto all that exciting at least we lt couple of close games yesterdayd >> oh yeah. >> the first one might have beee one of the best play onff gamesm of all time. the way it went back and forth r he is earl spell the way it i ended.. so let's talk first of all chric which one you want to start to t with, grown bay or start with - >> we'll start with late gameh e last night in folks are gettingi up this pittsburgh and kansas last night this was after the early game im wasn't the most exciting game ag far as scoring. sring but they had the big ice stormce out there. they had to delay the startheta time. supposed to be 1:00 p.m. start t and it ended up being 8:20 start. pittsburgh wins the game.sbur that was the finalgh score 18-1.
9:17 am
advance to the afc championship without scoring a touchdown. tou >> that's mazing.. >> and/or sad. ar like you said.. >> i'm not quite sure which onew it is. but it's one or the other but ib came down again to the end t e because kansas city had scored.. they went for two. t they thought they had it to tiet the game. ge it was all called back onack holding call a penalty. pal >> was the holding call >> did you see it. i >> to be honest holly i went too bed.. >> oh.h. >> camera suggesting the holding call -- i'll be honest with youy ill always looks like they're le holding to me in football.g i can never r meally tell when it's, you know it's an actualct one or one that's okay.hat's ok. >> when does it happen a teamea doesn't score but -- >> touchdown. >> only gets it through fieldge goals.ts i >> i'd have to look that up. u not that i can remember toembe actually advance to that part. >> steve stump.. >> what? >> if you want to play this game it will happen a lotnt t. >> steve.>>teve. >> you're so smart.>>e >> it will happen a lot.t >> what was the other game first game i thought was amazing. amag one at least one of the best
9:18 am
if you're cowboys fan i'm sorryr but it was one of best last 90 seconds of game you'll everyou'e going to find. >> it even was excite fog thefog cowboys fans because the cowboyo came back in the third quarter.. they were down and then theywn a came back they were excited bute then i'm just telling you, i y, would not want to play aaron a rodgers right now. no. that man is on fire. >> he is.s >> riddle me this. dallas was the tweet team toet t beat all season long.l what happened? how did they unravel in this fashion becauseu they looked good.oo i only watch highlights.hligs. they were looking good. werokin low lights.w l >> any given you're facing arguably hot toast test team in football in the the green bay packers. aaron rodgers has been showing s his veteran leadership and youhp know what, maureen, that's whata made it such a great game. dallas will come back. bk they were down earl allot.. double ditch points then cameitp back and when have you seen three, 50 plus yard field goalsg in the last minute and a half of the game to change the lead thel three times to go back and
9:19 am
forth. in this case, i mean, if they'd have played anotherse, i 30 sec maybe dallas would have gonewoun down the field again and won the game. >> i'm typically a wealth of a f football information but to myum credit i was on plane last nighg didn't not see the game. >> you were traveling.e tr >> i'm excited.>> i'm exc the super bowl is getting set s and i don't have anybody in it.. >> here's what i will say.e' it will bs e great matchups.atc. next week the matchup green bayy will go to atlanta.atlta >> that will be good.d. >> atlanta game was -- - >> atlanta game was good.was go. atlanta has been putting up up major points.s that game who notice? it couldd be 48-45 by the time that one is over. >> i think it had been high h scoring. >> pittsburgh against newtsrgh i england. both teams have better defensese here's what i think iss interesting. common thread. one of the things about dallas, dallas had great team but themut people who were saying dallas da might not go to the super bowl,w saying look at the two leaders offensively on their team with w dak prescott and ezekiel ellioto both rookies. record setting looks for the four teams matt ryan will be the p
9:20 am
brady, aaron rod guess and ben b roethlisberger all future halll of >> we have to rooter for packerc now. >> he'll root for the steelers.o >> on the nfc side. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> cool thing if the packer gete in. >> i like to see the veterans.en >> they're all veterans. >> pretty much. muc >> i know. n rod guess is the name.e. if he's on this role i'd like to see him go all the way.ll the w >> you want to root for theor packers.pack >> you love history. y >> i do. >> you're a big history aoubove. ry above >> if the packers get in this in will be the 50th anniversarynnea of the first super bowl --ow >> won the first super bowl? >> it's already written.rien >> stars >> it's already written.iten >> there's your little tidbit. >> i'm going for green bay, tooo midwest thing. thi solidarity. >> i like aaron rod guess.ron re >> he's cute. ll gfor thatthat. [ laughter ] >> tom brady is cute, too. t >> he's had his day.his >> if you had tom brady and brad aaron rod guess. gue >> oh my gosh. >> must see tv. >> cute overload. >> i'm not talking about the game. >> that's right.ot t the>> tha >>s ri it's 9:20.>> it's thank you, steve.
9:21 am
there so you were awesome.. don't look at me. m >> way to point out our guest g not showing up. >> that's cool. >> severe weather strander something football fans over tht weekend. i'm saying he stepped in andeppa he's a clutch player. >> did >> fill the gap. fil >> that's right. new details about the worldwidee wealth gap speaking of gaps andd nasa hidden figures making theie mark on hollywood again this t weekend we'll check out what out else is making headlines next. >> later, the thousand placeslae you need to see before you die.. the author of the popular bookoo is going to join us live in then loft with a list of some of thet near five places you don't wantu to miss. i'm looking forward to that. tot >> your wheels are turning.r whe >> it's the love/hate. >> it's a cycle.
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♪♪ all 9:24 is our time.outime. on this monday.s moay. right now in means it's time fof check of what else is makes mak headlines this morning.ning first up a deadly winter weatheh system blasting parts of thefhe central u.s. with ice.h i it's also threatening some areae with severe weather includingng tornadoes right now the system e is being blamed for at least six deaths in kansas, oklahoma, missouri, severe weather inn dallas forced fans, media and staff to stay inside the at andd t stadium after the game. gam the shelter in place order had h been given due to soar madeoar e dough watch near the stadium.
9:25 am
mega church leader eddie edd long being remembered this morning.mornin controversial georgia pastorialr passed away over the weekend. he was 63 years old afterft battling cancer.battli can passed away.pass however his legacy tarnished by scandal after former church chu members accused of him of sexuaa misconduct in 2010. the case was eventually settledd out of court.. the obama administrationinit making a final push to pair down the population at guantonimo y bay. 10 detainees will be moved to omam last week authorities mentioned 19 of the remaining 55 prisoners in cuba were clearedee for release.release no word on when they'll bey'll b freed. fr us president-elect donald trumpp said during his campaign hen e wants to keep get mow open and he wants to quote load it up with some bad dudes. it's a startling look at global wealth inequalityalit according to recent report,ept, eight men just eight own as much wealth as 3.6 billion
9:26 am
poorest people globally.lolly. last year it was 62 peopleeoe holding most of the wealth anded anti poverty advocates call the gap obscene note something som people survive on less than $2 a day. da they believe it will lead to seismic political ships around a the world.e wor. finally, a bit of nasa history s continues to soar. above the competition at the box fice.e. hidden figures is the number one movie in america right now.hto for the second week in a row. the tale about three black mathh geniuses who were women in the 1960s in the space race took ini more than $20 million. million. here's a look at the top three.. oscar favorite la la land ind i second place.ce. animated sing shows good staying power with nearly $14 million in it's third weekend rogue one aua star wars story finish north. nh the religious drama silence had $50 million budget and earned er just $1.9 million.mi >> ouch. l. it didn't do well. .> no. >> not even a little bit.ven a i >> back to you.
9:27 am
thanks, al. bringing the nation togethee one selfie at a time coming up p next the guy behind the let'set connect campaign they're joinine us live to talk about theirabour cross country trip.p. their mission and what they'renn doing here in d.c..c. >> first though the end of era e ringling brothers shutting downn the circus. after more than 100 years. >> and then fresh at 10a a0a a warning about a website putting your personal informationnform online. what you need to know to opt out.ou plus, meet the new boss. bos she's a local skin care designee competing on new reality show,t, and this morning she's life wit us in the loft.oft. plus, a special mlk day performance from singer joshua right now 9:27.w7. we'll be right back.
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♪♪ happy birthday to you ♪♪ >> look at the martin lutherth king memorial. southwest d.c. yesterday would have dr. king's 88th birthday. yes, my friend. folwolowuld at t say, if me on instagram, then you knowok that spencer and i my youngest s took a trip to alabama on civilv rights tour,nd aou can't talk tl civil rights in alabama withoutt mentioning over and over againga the contributions and sacrifices doctor king and we already haddy respect for him it just takes tk whole other level when you'ren y boots on the ground and you zoor he exactly what these courageoue young people most of them and tm older people, of course dark fok the movement. we could all be sit hereem todet so thank you. thank >> great opportunity for to your take your daughter down there.
9:31 am
>> share in that experience.n te >> most devil. >> 9:30.>> 9 folks also still reactioning too news ringling brothers androther barnum and bailey circus willirw shut down in may.n in m the end of an era for the greatest show on earth. 150 years strong the ringlinghel brothers circus has been goingng but now the end of the owners say it is due toue declining tick sales andnd continuous fights with animalmal rights groups. group the final appearance again in an may but there will be one last s stop in d.c..c. your last chance to see theee t circus will be march 31st to april 2nd at verizon center.te i know they tried to change actt over the years involving some oi the animals and everything elses but it look like they reach thet end of the rope.the rope. >> i understand why it's goingst away but it does make me aanes e little sad. >> i'm thinking why can't theywh just do it without the animal acts. >> i think they tried and -- an- >> it wasn't successful.'tcess >> attendance was dropping.g >> which shows that people that were paying to may have wanted n to see that. but at the same time the overalo picture they weren't makinge thn money. >> people in history wanted tois
9:32 am
things have been abolish andbosh it's okay f there's any question about the treatment of those oho elephants and those -- they'rey' not supposed to be doing that.ha so sorry. sorry >> all right. >> i will say, also, though, in -- yes, i agree with youith y everything you said. s but ringling brothers did also a do a lot to help animals. anils they had like a sanctuary for elephants and stuff too. t i'm not saying h they treated them in the show was the right way. >> you're saying afterwards thei let them gong off -- >> they did have some goodome go things too. >> all right.>> all >> circus people.cus people. >> let's talk about this. got to show this's t. these are my adorable cousins cu much that's alicia and anaga.naa ali is a's baptism was yesterday she's four months old the is she not the most edible baby. >> her parents george and -- i-i wanted to take her home yesterday. >> i wish you had. >> i know. i know. w.t she's just the most>> ds justelightful little baby th. hey baptism cutie.utie >> big brother, too. big broer, >> they're the most adorable.
9:33 am
>> she's so expressive like that oh, my gosh. >> try to babysit and i'll come 'll c over. >> i know. >> since they don't know itknow might be scary for them.m. >> you know me. >> stranger >> right. >> i'll take them away. themwa >> my thanks for having us over. >> you have to bring them back,b >> exactly.>> exact sit here and talking aboutbo taking the children away.ldreny just watch them.atch >> for the day.>> f if for the day right. day r tucker barnes, also very cute. >> hi. >> gucci goo. gucci goo. >> thanks. >> they love you by the way.ou a >> that's cute.hat's ute. >> this family wakes up to you.y you guys the three of you steve, allison and tucker they love you so. >> they know me. no stranger danger. >> they do. >> okay. >> that's my crowd under [ laughter ] u >> you're a hit in their house.irou >> or over 75.>> oover 75. my two >> yes,, ined >> thank you. t do the forecast.ecast. holiday of course, clouds spotty drizzle and cool conditions. cdi i know a lot of people out andut about later today going totoday parades.. and day giving and that kind of thing. if you'll be outside today makem sure you're ready for a cool a c one. shower
9:34 am
best chance for rain showersncro this week. we are going to keepoeep temperatures nice and mild.atur we might does 60 degrees on wednesday it looks like a fewe f showers by fri i think we'll hold the showershe off until friday afternoon but t that forecast needs to be to tweaked or fine tuned a littlent bit. we got to keep an eye out forut friday for some showers.we cool temps, 39 now in washington. 36 in gaithersburg. arthritic out at dulles 36. iuls 40 quantico.ntico 37 leonardtown.rdtown freezing numbers to our northurn and west.d west. frederick and hagerstown 32, 31 degrees respectively.pectel so chilly out with the cloud cover across the area, and not a lot of sunshinee even with temps in the 40s it 4i will feel like a cool afternoono we may get a little drizzlele going later today. tod you can see some drizzle and light showers off to our south u and west. wes as a frontal system starts to st get pushed up in our area, werew may be doing just little bit of drizzle later today.ay big story continues to be thishi ice storm.sto ice event first it was kansasasa city and parts of kansas nows it's up into nebraska.. iowa dealing with major icing ig situation up into wisconsin now. so that will continue to be ato
9:35 am
they're having terrible problemm with downed power lines and a trees and that kind of thing.d . for us, this system will makel e its presence felt in the form oo some rain showers tomorrow.ers first it will be a warm front ft and then this cold front willntl come through later tomorrow ando early wednesday.ednesd not really going cool thingsl down in fact we'll be very veryv mild around here by wednesday.ed but that's our next chance for a rain. high pressure today and thathat northeast flow any time we get t flow off the owing this type ofe year we'll keep it cloudy andloy cool. i mentioned the frontal system e off to the south and west thatt will approach and give us rain u showers overnight tonight and a tuesday into early wednesday. we there's your seven day. notice those numbers. nbe well above normal here. h we should be about 42 overnight low in the 20s that is not ins i the seven day temperatures will be mild allese week which is good news because i know we got a lot of outdoor activities planned for the next week or so. guys, speaking ofnned f activities, steve, we're going to a basketball game later today. t >> that's right.riht wizards game 2:00 p.m. today.:0. >> please come say hi to us.. >> maureen, over to you. >> thas,
9:36 am
our next guest goal is simple. they want to connect people inn order to bring balance to the world. they're hoping to createcre awareness for what is happening around us to communicate withith and to understand each other ana they're doing it with a crossros country trip. co the initial tiff encouragesncou people all over the world toe dt take selfies, connecting palm to palm like emoji to create areat moment of togetherness andethes peace. joining us this morning to tell us how to get involved the founders most manuel frederick and andrew tis well. w good morning to both of you.ou. >> good morning.morn >> we have to say good morning like this. to >> um-hm m.m-hmm >> i'll try to cross over thisyo way. not quite as art full.t qu there you go. just like that. le that >> um-hmm. >> um-hmm. >> how did this come about?? >> we felt like we have to get t up and do something. somet the situation in the world weore both from germany and andrew ise from france. fra we decided like to be the the change, you know, we wanted todo see.e. >> yeah. >> which you hear a lot of bef the change you want to >> today is martin luther kingek
9:37 am
>> when makes it so appropriatee that's wonderful, but why? whaw is this going to accomplish?ccos >> it's the human touch. touch so connected today the cinderhee net and social media butedia but one-on-one conversations, the te one-on-one exchangexcng communication between peopleeope directly that's something that'' missing especially with the wite younger generation.r geneon. >> are people lee seven tiffee v when you come up and tell themot about this you want to touchch palm? are they receptive.ecti >> i get the sense in this daysa and age a lot of folks are so s closed off. cl they don't want that physicalhya ntact.t. so how are you received when you bring this message to people? >> depends.. sometimes like the differencerec very large with in some place like big news step back.. to understand this gesture create i become him and he h become me.come we can't hate each that's create bridge full peacea >> we're trying to make it fun. >> indeed you are.u if we come back out here liveer you brought this along. very curb visual peace.eace what is this hood m
9:38 am
symbolize?oliz >> this is the hood race ford rf peace traveling road trip foroar peace and traveling all the 50 5 states with this car that's thet hood of our jeep. jeep. >> it's a tribute for the 499 victims of the orlando shootingn and during our stop in orlando n family and friends who lose l their best friend, their cousin, put their palm print next to the initials of the 49 victims. vti we put all the 49 initials allla over the car and six of them ara right here. h >> you have leaders like john lewis, the president of peacee corps -- >> camilla harris. hri >> member of congress. >> right. your big one you wanted toig o guessed president obama.ama. >> yes. >> to sign it as well. >> president obama says grab a a lip clipboard and get somegetom signatures. we got a clipboard and we're we' going to take the signatures snu right here. here >> i love that.ove tht.
9:39 am
we wanthe him to put one last pm print repping the unity of all 50 states.50 state because it's the united states.. >> absolutely. >> of america. >> is this your last stop here in d.c.>> you or have you more e to go? to go? >> we have more morats it's 24 states now.. >> okay.kay >> so we going to -- we hope going to before we leave. leave >> you only have a couple ofplef days.ys >> hurry up. >> it's just doing to take himoe 10 minutes. 10 min >> when you creature your finall state what happens are are you p trying to put this in museum oru what happens after that? >> yes. yes stop in orlando was very veryer emotional.emotiona very touched. touch. we didn't expect that. t we were welcomed with openith o hearts and open doors, and -- - >> open palms. >> and open palms very much weuh feel this is -- this has to go t back to orlando.rldo >> take it back to orlando. bac then where does the movementk oo continue after that if someone o wants to get involved? what are you urging them to do ifm to d anything? >> please, on the road we'ree, still going up north.still we'rgoe going to be in new jerse and new york connect with us ifh you see us. yo reach out tou
9:40 am
>> we're on facebook, twitter,wr instagram.agm. >> okay. >> and, yes, for now it's raceac for peace in usa then we're doing all around the world. thew >> the both of us we havee caribbean roots.oo >> take it all around the worldr >> that's right.t's ri >> gentleman, i think what you're doing is wonderful and the connection itlemsoing i reas powerful.powe so with that i say thank you anu let's join palms. >> um-hmm.. >> um-hmm.>> um. >> um-hmm. >> all right. you heard that. >> back over to you guys. thank yoacuk to again. thanks much. much great evident, guys.t ent, >> d.c. has strong ties to theee life and work of dr. martinr. mi luther king, kin this morning the washington wasg narcotic cathedral is marking dr. king's birthday with a veryv special even. eve coming up next a special gospele perform maps and look how the h community is continuing the mission of peace and justice. it's 9:40.'s 9:40.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
♪♪ welcome back maureen that was beautiful. >> thank you. entt beautiful movementome n .tt i hear you.. 9:43 right n washington, d.c. has close tiest to the reverend dr. march kinch luther king, jr., and his work k toward social justice and reckoc silage. he gave the final sunday sermonn at the washington national natnl cathedral. they're paying tribute to hiso s life and work with a specialcial celebration.atio. erin como is there with the wit
9:44 am
>> reporter: good morning.r r:o honor to be out here today.od i have joining dr. reverendeven kelly brown douglas. dgl thank you so much for to takeo t the time to tell us about thebo tribute year having today here.e >> thank you for being here.ein. >> tell us about what you'reus doing here for the community too honor the life of dr. martin drn luther king, jr. darks.ks >> today of course we'ref se w gathering at the national cathedral not simply to do the easy work of remembering andri a celebrating the life and legacyy doctor martin lou king, jr., but we're hear gathered rededicatind ourselves to doing the difficult work carrying force his legacyeg and of trying to carry forthhe work of building this beloveds v community of which he spoke, the beloved community where indeed there would be justice for all l in particularly a concern foronn racial justice.racial justi >> reporter: i understandr: i ud yesterday there was a movingy t workshop here. tell me the focus of that tha workshop.. >> well, i'm not quite sure ofur the focus of that particular
9:45 am
cathedral dedicating and a committed throughout the year to carrying forth dial logs, workshops and other programmingm in which we invite people toe t come in to have those difficult conversations, the conversationo that so often are not had in this nation to get over these divides of race. race. >> reporter: all the meetingss here all serve the same purposes to bring people together andplte start that dialogue and today music is a big part of that.fha tell me about the choir behind h us.. >> yes. we are very>> honored to have wt us on this day leading us in this so many abrasion they rasi patrick lundy ministers of music, who hail from theail om washington, d.c. metropolitann area. area and they will be carrying forthr and witness through song because we know that music and song wasw not only significant to thehe civil rights movement, but it it has been significant to thehe struggle of african-american people as
9:46 am
soljured for freedom in this i t country. >> reporter: absolutely.epor they're teperforming today aty t 2:00 and we've gotten a little l taste of the performance.formce beautiful song.beautis >> yes. >> reporter: what is your iour would say not favorite part butu were do you think the mosto you significant part of having suchh a day of tribute for martinar luther king, jr., here for you here at the cathedral.hedral >> for us at the cathedral it it of particular significanceigni because martin luther kingng delivered his last sunday sermor from our canterbury pulpit heree in the pulpit five days before r his assassination and we're always called to live into his legacy and to live into the call of his sermon, and i recall from his sermon that he called us to live into the time that was now, to carry forth the vision foriof what, of course, we all knowll o that he called the belovedoved community whereas he said,aid, justice would roll down like water and right
9:47 am
ever living stream we at this ts cathedral are committed to commt making and leading the way inn this nation of what it means tos be a church, to be sanctuary for those people who suffer from any kind of injustice and to be a a witness in this country againstn all forms of injustice even ass we are a witness for the justici that has yet to come in thiss country.un >> reporter: doctor, i appreciate you so much foro mh having us out today, reverend.en thank you for sharing yourr powerful words and passion and p inviting our viewers out to thee cathedral today.oday let's givism them a taste thehe beautiful performance visitorsit will experience today at 2:00.:. thank you. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> all right.>> a if you have a bucket list youisu might want to update it afterft hearing from our next guest. gue because she's the author of 1,000 places to see before youey die.die. patricia schultz is joining us u live in the good day studiotudio today, and so this has been a a sensation this book.n this so the first one was literallyiy covered the whole world, right.. that came out in -- >> 2003.>> 2003. >> in 2007 you did an additionit that's a thousand places just i the u.s. and canada. >> yeah. >> all of these -- both of thost are updated regularly thisly t wasn't just came out.. >> just before christmas.t befoe it's kind of like the bridge,dg you know, you know sooner updatt and finish it and then you have to go back and start all over o again.again. >> here's my question. when you update, doere' places l off the list when you discover a new one or do new things happenp at the places you've all rightar sa
9:53 am
>> yes, yes, and yes. >> so we try to keep it as frese and relevant and updated but the breath of the book is sos so incredibly challenging that, um, we hope it's as best updated ass possible.. but things burn down, ships shi move, you know, change in management, even the most knowno and the most established generations old change, youe, y know, thing change and so it's really daunting. >> i know. i have a hard time just keepingg my christmas list address listit updated from year to year. tea i can't imagine trying to doryg this. let's talk about some of the new ones.ut this is for the us s and canada people should go see andgo see starting with a place i actuall have been and i agree it'seet' pretty amazing the built more. >> i chose it because it'sauset' connected with the shenandoah valley in ashville with the blue ridge hoy way so it's actually a gorgeous 700-mile drive orr 500 miles actually.ll but the built more when it was built in 1875 was the largest private residence ever built 250 rooms
9:54 am
vander bill the bill so i guess he was expecting ang lot of guests.ue i think there's 35 guest rooms.. it's spectacular christmas times it's magical. in the autumn time the colorsol are beautiful and in the springtime which is soon upon us the gardens are some of the moss beautiful anywhere.wher >> he had a lot of books.had t f >> yes. >> he had a lot of books. >> yeshad a . >> sensational library in this i use.e. >> ya, it is. i most visited winery in america.. >> really?>>eally? >> outside of ashville which iss a wonderful town.hv. >> um-hmm. >> real eating scene.eal eatinge lots of galleries.alri real art destination.on very vibrant cultural scene.ce so ashville is really great, t too. >> all right. well, let's move on to the second place where i havet' amoo been. which is new orleans. >> yeah. >> what can you say about new orleans.n yo s is'm not shocked this is ou n the list.t. what's update idea.ede >> i think it's the most unamerican of our quintessentially americ cities. and already i think in 2015 itnt was the 10-year anniversary ofeo katrina and
9:55 am
remarkablely still thinking that it's been did he say is he mated. there's damage.s dama i'll wait until it kind of comec around it came around almost immediately.imdiat there's music on every corner. incredible food. the architecture the spanish sph french caribbean influence andca just outside of new orleans as a well a lot of plantation museums and cajun country the whole aree that whole area of louisiana too me just fascinates me.cinate >> and the spirit is amazing. it's palpable when you're l wehe don't have a lot of time. monument valley. valley. i haven't been here.. >> it's that area of the southwest called the fourour s.rners. it's sacred navajo territory, and we've seen it a million mli times because all of the john ford western movies in the 30s or 40s are filmed that. stage coach, yellow ribbon, johh wayne it's beautiful, it'st' pristine. it's empty and it's breathprs bh >> this a place i do have on my listing to i've always heards h seven about it and that
9:56 am
canada it's their 150th 1th anniversary this year. yr. who knew? much older but theire federation dates back 100. all of their parks par free. fr. it's massive so there will be crowds but 2000 sand 500 squarer miles you can get lot of easily. lake louise is one of its gems.. really mag fief sent the province of >> and staying in canada i oftet heard if you can get to europe p go to montreal.l. >> yes.>> y >> right? >> i used to say you can go can without the passport but now wew do need a passport.a passport. it's without the jetlag. jla >> and montreal is celebratingng its 375th anniversary thisryhi year. ye so it's a big year for canada. canada doesn't get much tourismm from america. america which is something thatha fascinates me. i don't know why.i don'ow it's quite easy to get there, and we share so much maybeh maye that's the reason, butut especially eastern canada and quebec where they speak frenchak
9:57 am
quo that makes it feel foreign f and exciting.d iting. >> real quickly.>> real is there a place you haven't p been that you'dla like to go? g? >> there are million places i'de like to go back to. >> so no. >> she's been everywhere. patricia schultz thank you so ys much her late at the timeime edition out a thousand places to see in the u.s. and canada canad before you the updated version. ver ge now now. back on over to you. you >> awesome. cominge comingore outpatient the 10a.outpnt t first though if you want the mu it's coffee time if you want tht dunkin' donuts mug for your forr dunkin' donuts coffee head tod o fox5 did the com/or facebookk page. one contestant selected byelted random drawing.wi get your entry in by 11am.m. it's now 9:57. 9:57.
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♪♪ on this martin luther king day monday lots of have you the day off which makes it perfect day for to you turn on good day. and we promise not to disappoint. >> right out of the gate trending today, how you can win a date with is drisma lots ich t elbiga.htoday, e don't fall over, maureen. finally some good play offplay o football.ll. and a new white house staff anda friend to good day says, yes, to the think shark tank for minority. it's called queen boss an locall gal with her own skin care linen is hoping to take home the tile, but first she's pitching her wears live in the loft. >> also live in the loft, joshua winstead.tead his new album pays tribute to to dr. king whom better to have wo with us today and, yes, he willl perform. >> they've been named the nation's breck out brand when ie comes to restaurn they just opened their locate in maryland.ry fire bird wood fire i
10:02 am
setting up shot in our good dayy cafe today.oday. >> we told you it was going to g be good so let's get right itigt to. the 10a starts now.. ♪♪ >> part of culinary chem tree ct class going on writ here. h >> i know, right film what are e we cooking?weking >> i get this. you get that. >> what can we come and with? wt >> see what you can make witht a it. >> go. >> call 8-day. 8-day i think i got the easy >> you win. [ laughter ] ka okay. salad dressing. >> it will be pretty good. good. >> fantastic. we'll do that later on.. good day.ay. martin luther king, it's a day off, day on. o day off of work for many peoplel but not necessarily a day toa dt stop working.g. that's the message being put ouo there today. tay it is couple minutes past thet t hour. thanks for joining us i'm steves along holly, allison and maureen. wisdom has the day off today nfy was that u2 song written for . king.g. >> yes. >> in the name of love. in seemed like my mind isthe na pug together all the
10:03 am
>> very >> very awesome.y ome. >> yes. >> it is martin luther king,he day, in the united states and ad wreath laying ceremony in honorn of dr. martin luther king, jr.,j scheduled to get underway thisyi morning down at the memorial onn the national many americans are committed tot hours of community service today in the name of the civil rightsg leader. you're looking at a live pictura right not w of the memorial.l. the president and first ladystay also going to have a day of service as well, and in fact i f later today, they'll participate in an event at the jobs have priority nail lore road family shelter, and looks like they'ree bringing in the wreath as weeats speak there. the moving pictures.ic moving pictures, and that's juss such a wonderful place an wonderful monument and even morm so obviously on this veryhier special day.eciaday >> i love seeing all the younghu people especially in attendance. for them to be part of this to s learn about the man, learn about his mission and legacy very verv important. i remember when the monument m first opened, the faces of youny people that's what stayed
10:04 am
just watching them reacting andd watching them learning andnd watching them trying to mav gatt their place in this movement asa their standing under this towering monument of dr. king. k just very moving. mg. very moving. >> people just filing in there t and walking.alng you know, i hate to -- you known when do you something, just on t your mind, but just learning that so many young people theeoe youngest participant in then the children's marches back in in birmingham in '63 just six yeara old. >> six years old.>> sea >> six years old so many of thet jailed and taken down with the water hoses and the dogs and so to see now children standing ing front is just very fitting for dr. king's legacy. >> i love that. tt. that monument is magnanimousagno when you stand there like youou said so big and so so much. >> check back in with this lifei pictures right now down at theot memorial.merial in the m
10:05 am
hour. ho let's check what's 10ing this ig morning. al. >> back to reality day. d >> it is inauguration week. inat >> yes. first up your news saturday sur night would go there with donalt trump's inauguration on fridayoi so actor alec baldwin whoho portrays trump back in then limelight poking fun at donaldnd trump's first conference whichei took place last week.teek. here's a little bit of it. >> let me tell you something,eti ben carson is great. gat he's going to be the best brainb surgeon to ever run the housingg development. [ laughter ] >> if he has any trouble i justs appointed someone yesterday toet help him hut this man is an african-american icon who has done so much for our country.ntry >> is it congressman john lewiss that man is a hero. her >> i got somebody even better. e eve e harvey.r. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> that's right.s r it's me, steve harvey, i do government now. now [ laughter ] >> the
10:06 am
the lack of entertainment for the inauguration saying the lineup includes three doors down, jackie what's her faceac from america pogs got talent and one rocket with the least moneyt in her savings. >> aww. >> as expected the president-elect not a fan at all tweeted out this message onsageo sunday calling the show notot funny.y. also saying nbc news is bad. but saturday night live is theis worst of nbc. n. the cast was terrible, the exitt a complete hit job. j all all right. meanwhile preparations are wellw underway ahead of friday's inauguration ceremony.emy yesterday the army band memberr and army band member stood insti for the president-elect during a dress rehearsal.. serious assignment for the 53he5 year vocal it will greg low rowr he went out and baud a red tie for the you can watch live coverage.. 45th presidential inaugurationlu this friday at 4:00 a.m. >> we go s
10:07 am
the parade. >> i don't think it was outhinka there before.efore been wouldn'ting about whether or not there would be flyovers v over the branches of thenche military are are taking part inr the parade. five, one for each branch of the military.ta >> that's impressive. >> never didn't done b teforhaee during inaugural parade. inaugu. that's something to look for foo sure on fridayok.y. a lot of folks have their eyes glued to the tv play offff football packers in arlington,o, texas.xas. taking on the cowboys of dallasl green bay threatening to running away with 28-13 lead.ea cowboys responded though theyhot tied it at 28 and that's whent'w things got crazy. led to dramatic fourth quarter just seconds remaining green bay seal it with a field goal final score was 34 to 31. 3 there were three, 50 plus fielde goals in the last minute and ahm half of the game.inutlf of e ga green bay will face the falcons next week. they will play in atlanta to seo which one of those two teamswoes represents the nfc if the superr bowl. bo on the other side afwlc the steelers versus the new englandd yesterday it was steelers kansan city and this was all about a
10:08 am
steelers kicker chris boswellsos with a play off record six fiele goals but no still good enough to win. chiefs trailed 18 to 10 in the fourth almost tied it up with up two minutes left.o mi but a holding call shut down thn two-point effort.ffort. final score 18-16. 1 so the steelers travel tolo outside of boston to play the pt patriots in the afc championship. this next story has a lot of people talkt sting about onlinee have you ever heard the t genealogy site family treee apparently, it's notts very well known but the sitee seems to know a lot about people. the washington post says the site includes people'singt age,e birth months, names of family members, addresses and phone phe numbers. nu so you mmbight be wondering whaa the issue here? well, some som people are concerned that thehe free site gives out too muchuc personal information. i making it easy for bullying,g, harassment or other wrongdoing.g you can opt out of the site anda then your information won't betw visible to the public.ubli. you can go to family treefamilye and t
10:09 am
information on how you can get your private info taken down. this is so crazy to me we're mew doing this story today becauseae literally on saturday, i got a t text from my niece in cincinnatn and she was like, aunt holly,oly they just did a story on thetort news and i looked you up and i thinki you need to opt out. because she's like it it's got t everything, every former name fm you had, it had addresses, back like six or seven addresses thae i had had.. it's like your kids, your parents, um -- >> oh. >> i tried to opt out and i couldn't.'t. >> flaw -- because it said you need to verify. >> czechoslovkia this box.chosli there was no box to check. t ch. how the heck are you supposed o that. >> i'm looking it up right now.t >> on saturday i was able to dos it. >> i went today -- i was going to go ahead and do my mom, my, dad, all my family members and m had the same thing. tng i couldn't operate op out. o >> now that the news is out --- >> right. >> i don't know. but i find that veryt i nd t interesting. >> first of all i don't like ane website you have to opt out toot not hav
10:10 am
information there.format second of all i don't care likek web sites where you have to sigo up or verify just to not have h your information out there.nfori >> it seems like it's mull pie layers. almost they're trying to contain that information.or >> look, a lot of that innk, a seventy three out there it's no like they did aggregate of all l the web searches and put it alli in one place.. >> like one person made the the point which i personally didn'td think of but then now i understand that like so it lists all your siblings, your siblings spouses, anybody --bo -- >> wow. >> if you were really targeting someone like maybe you would dod something to their family you now now who their family is. i >> you can get to them. you >> don't bring that up. that at's's scary. >> it's very scary.>> is ve very scary.veryry >> okay. >> opting out. i know, rightht. >> if you know how to do it let. me >> i want out, too. too. >> well they were not planningnt to opt out of the p restaurant r business but this one shot shutt down.. popular yet controversial shawha bijou closed the doors for g weg talk about this so many timesant recently they tried to changeoha the business model it didn't work.wo the pricey restaurant that justj
10:11 am
initially featured a 13 course menu that cost $185 a person. po well then it changed it now it apparently that was good enoughd either. they shut down top chef kwame'sa first executive chef gig one ofo the priciest meals and mixed mid he's not sure what he will do >> oh wow. >> here's the thing too.ere's th when you get review from the the washington post that says i had 13 courses. >> right. wantetill wanted to go get a pizza afterwards. >> that's a problem. >> then that's not going t>>o to well with people. >> even when you change yourwhen model. >> grant add lot of people goeol for the uber expensive daveing money more of a social think so than trying leave the place full. >> i'll put it this way.'ll pu he's very youngt .itery yo. so unfortunately this is his is first for ray out.y not the most successful.fu maybe he learned lessons from it. i never tasted the food. >> some other more established h chefs in the region kind of saii that. you know, like, there's nothingt wrong with having a very vy expensive restaurant.
10:12 am >> right. >> let people know who you are.u >> earn your way up to that.ha >> everybody knows who he is now.bodye is >> right. l chefas successful chef has had -- >> set backs. >> failures and set backs.s. >> yeah. >> he'll be fine. >> all right. right. >> i believe in you.. >> we all believe in you. we really do. reay d the up coming season of sayo yes to the dress is going to beo a big one.big o the show is coming up on its tenth anniversary and they'vey e got some big names to celebratee including only rosa she's's engaged to jacksonville pastor john allen new man she's not n making it easy for randy. she says randy never worked with a bride like lady o he's about'o to get hit in the head with fouo bibles. bibles. the new season premieres onmiern february 25th on tlc.. >> i guess did she like thatikea one. >> i think so. that might be a winner. >> it might be theat one mig. >> ahh!>> >> we'll see. hat>> show. s t >> if not she's a great actress. >> coming up musical tribute toe two civil rights legends. little later on joshua
10:13 am
join us live to perform a new single from new solo album. >> we're sitting down with a local businessman opening she's be the new queen of boss. 10:13. we're back after this.'rback ♪♪ ♪♪
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
in you next is local businesst s woman trying to become next queen boss lyin her skin care ce line. check it out.check >> who has taken the approach tt work slow and steady i like to e pile things on. ♪♪ >> that wasn't rah ma'am right.. she appeared on queen boss onoso centric tv the first reality rli show focusing on african-american female entrepreneurs and judges. jge she joins me now to talk aboutbt pitching her product to a paneln of judges and how she's hoping the tv show helps to raise awareness socially consciousscis products like her own.ike her on good morning to you.od morning t >> good morning, maureen.o yod e >> this is my friend right hener i love this woman much she's s's been at this for years.ears i'm so happy for you to be to b getting this attention because e we'll explain the good work that
10:17 am
how did you end upn queen ss?s? >> maureen, thank you so much, h for havingan me. happy mlk day.ay. >> absolutely. absolutel >> yes, man. dayreat day to celebrate. >> it is. to cele >> i got on the show. got i got a link to the applicationn applied and was called in for ao casting interview, and then, you know, the rest is history. ea yeah. >> i got an opportunity to be aa part of the inaugural class of 18 women who pitch their products to a panel of threeee judges.dges and was able to share my storyty as the founder of shaye heleneee and get in -- being in the hotot seat. >> exactly. resent psesent my sorry, p my line. >> how did you pitch shaye helene the name of the brand. bd learn that name. name. >> how did you pitch it? did i you practice or what were the t his lights you wanted to makee sure they got.surey >> one things i wanted to makeae sure i got across was that there are a lot of shaye products inr the marketplace.rket what makes me unique.ples me ue i feel like anywhere you look yo you see a product with shayeh sy butter, and i'm a
10:18 am
corps volunteer i served oferved served in west african lived a a small sewell village and that's' really the back story behind the brand. we worked directly with womenme cooperatives in west africa specifically northern began in r a.ern we sourced the shaye butter bute directly from the women and shaye butter is made from thefre sets. shea fruit. what we do by working with these women and helping them to create high quality products we'res wre helping them generate living lin wages. >> which is i love so much about your product.lovet. you are helping a village of women empower themselves.mselve. y yes. >> with every beauty producty sold and that is just sot isusto remarkable. this woman you've been honored h by the un.n. these types of places much thism is not just -- i'm trying toin o make you look you you are doing good works >> thank you maureen.nk yaure tryy. i mean, for me, i believe whenve we look at issues of poverty, we really need to look at job cree creation.. i think that to be celebratingri mlk on today it's what he wantee us to do in our communities.niti >> absolutely. >> create jobs. ter>> future.
10:19 am
half begin yann on my potter'so' side it was important for me too use my life and use my time to do something to give back. bac and our products are also >> i was going to say.oing ty. let's talk product. pro while we are doing good, we also want to look good.o lo goo >> yes.>> >> i can tell you i've you'veel' some ovef this stuff and, yes, i is hot.. >> okay. so you're actually not just j salon you have a luxury line.y . >> this is a luxury line we just launched mgm national resort ata the national harbor. and we have body polishes for scbsbs. we have body balms for massage and you're trying a really popular our tobacco vanilla cream.ea >> ooh. >> it just rubs into your skin. >> it's a great product if youfu have dry skin, um, shea butter has anti inflammatory properspe that's woo it's good for massage the spa mgm national harbor isbi using the products in theirdu t treatments and selling thets and products in their
10:20 am
division good we have a coupleav more seconds left.more how can possible get then ssib products if they don't go to mgm? >> they can get -- thishey caexclusive ton mgm. mgm they have to go to get theseo te products. we also have a line of productso at wholefoods marks. >> awesome. >> you can get the products on amazon and onet t our website.ei >> how did you do on the show? >> queen boss. >> queen boss premiered preed saturday. if you saw the show, lauren lake said i had all of it together.oe i had all of my peas.ys. i didn't get to the next roundto but i feel like a queen boss.qub >> you are a queen a q all right queen boss.l right qu you're doing dng i'm tellin ag you guys i know yu mentioned a lot of shea productt not like yours.t li yours. i'm wishing all the success incs the world.the world. >> thank you so much. >> she's a thank sweetheart.weer can you tell you i love this woman.wo continued stuck says to >> thank you for all yourucou fa suppllort. yppor >> absolutely. when i see good thing i like to shout it out.ood th >> shea helene everybody. >> thank you. >> back over to you guys.o youuy >> queen boss. queen boss. >> look at that
10:21 am
it is -- thank you 10:20 right now. coming up kevin sits down with joey saldano and see nanny n miller the actors of live by night. >> saving you money in theg ne kitchen. we'll show you how to make someo of your salad dressing at home. that's when we head on into thee good day cafe..
10:22 am
10:23 am
jimmy dean delights frittatas. a delicious, savory egg breakfast, without all the bread and carbs. made with real ingredients. an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning. jimmy dean delights frittatas. ♪♪
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welcome back to good day d.c. taking live look at the mlk memorial down there on the mall. a lot of people coming out todad to pay tribute.. pay homage to our fallen civil rights heat using this as day of service in a lot of cases, whicw we hope everyone does. >> yeah. ea >> everybody bundled up outrybob there this morning as well asun you might imagine it's a littlet chilly out there this morning.og >> the question about today'sod weather and leading up to theo week right up inauguration day on friday. so tucker is keeping close eyeng on the entire week for us. f u >> yeah, the general theme wille be mild temperatures. i mean later today, it's stills going to be cool with temps inei e 4 40s. however, lots of 50s this week.. we may do 60 by wednesday.nesd so temperatures all in all abovo normal for the week here.k h let's look at this morning's numbers. it was chilly overnight back bac below freezing north and westnd and we were in the mid 30s in the city. th 40 degrees at reagan national. o winds are out of the east southu and east here generally the easy and north and east today.od they'll be light but with flow f off the ocean here weep keal itl
10:25 am
jackets and hats and that would be my advice today we'll keep ii cloudy with daytime highs in the mid 40s. 4 watch the clouds really flare ue there. ther once we got that sun up we werew able to get good satellite s picture you can see all theall t cloud could have across the the area. we will remain mostly cloudyloy today. again, high pressure off to ourt north up towards new york city.t off the coast t that gives us that flow off thef ocean so that will do coupleo up thing. a, keep it cool here, b, keep it cloudy. cloudy see the light sprinkles light l green back into west virginia.ii we may get a little drizzle driz developing around here later hel this afternoon or couple of sprinkles.ri here's a look at the rest ofest your forecast for today. oh, pardon me this for friday.ri i thought that was for today. fy this is for friday.s for iday temperatures will be in the lowl 50s. i do want to mention that by friday we could have a fewe f showers across the area. a right now looks like the bulk oo that activity will be during thg afternoon hours.. but it's certainly possible heri on friday we could have a fewe f showers. look at the seven day
10:26 am
can see the theme is to keepo temperatures on the mild side. as far as inaugurations, i think this one will be our warmer onee have to go back in the recordecr books but if memory serves meer well, which sometimes it doesn't, i think the first rounr of reagan temperatures were well in the 50s this will be one of the warmer one.mer that's a weather update. a u again cloudy, cool thisool this afternoon temperatures in then e fours,mp guys. guy toss it back upstairs to you. >> zen 26:00. just in time for martin luthernr king day, a musical tribute tobt two civil rights legends comingg up next musician joshua winstean joins us live to perform a new single from his solo album. right now, it is 10:26.26 we'll hear from him when we comc right back. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:27 am
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>> this morning we're mark during martin luther king's birthday with new music. joshua winstead was long time basis for a canadianartin ay wsd he was born in america.merica the songs on it commentaryary struggles many people face pplea including justice, identity andd race. he's also using his music toico promote a movement reward g r we'll talk to him about that ini just a moment. men here to perform the song the the streets please welcome joshua winstead. . ♪♪
10:30 am
♪♪♪♪ >> people, people, come around again to you ♪♪ >> ♪♪ one of niece days we'llay push on through, you'll see ♪♪ >> ♪♪ confusion in the streets, water p.m. doesn't seep, whatp,w are you and who are we, we are people, people, comes aroundund again to you ♪♪ >> ♪♪ and in this dream the needle was you in me, the
10:31 am
strive ♪♪ >> ♪♪ confusion in the streets, the water does recede, what arer you and who are we, we are people, people note, comeses around again to you ♪♪ ♪♪
10:32 am
10:33 am
♪♪ [ applause ] >> joshua winstead. w thanks for coming in today.omin. >> thank you very much.ha how is it going. >> good to see you.nk why today do relea yse thohis>>? >> today as you know martinu kni luther king, jr., day, and the album i did mmxx has a large political content.nt. >> picking up on that. that. >> yeah.>> >> including the title itself. >> yeah. >> well it's not direct but it's mmxxm for malcolm and for martin luther king and xx happened to o be like the xs for kisses and xs for cross dice ma'am martin loved you and killed.le they loved you very differentfet ways and fought for our freedome and both were killed for their r viewpoints.poin. >> i want to ask you.ou so you were metric for a longic >> still in metric. mri can nan yann band there.n yann n born in texas. lived in new ys.ork. new
10:34 am
>> that's right.t. >> even though you found a wayha to make music in canadian base ban.. but this sounds different fromie the music put out in metric as s .ell. >> absolutely. >> you always wanted to do thest political and social commentarym through music? is thatsha something that's been there for you? >> it's in the that i want to do always do it. at's just that it's always ban a part of my i lt'ifs e.always bif a feeling that as my first albut i feel like it's a really important statement to no mattet i don't know if i'll do do something again you hope to. ho. i plan to but i felt as the t first thing i did i needed to bb true to what i truly believed bd some of the definite depth it'se important for everyone to dofi their part.nifoev mallth.eir nd small that people live their wholeheio lives for it and some people p just give moments they can. can. as an artist it was important ia for me to say something what the streets is about.. people, people comes down to you. >> let's talk about people anda talk about actions.ctio there's a way people can get involved in this as well. ta abobout had. >> i'm doing this on a platform called thunder clap on the web e and i think it's thunder c
10:35 am
and using it as a way to -- it's basically a crowd sourcing application, and you can donatee a tweet or a facebook post andoa it goes out today. tod you only have a couple left. lef you go on there and support it and click support and you get tt shoot out a one-time tweet witht the video and idea of reward did good which is the sense i'mse'm trying to start positivity thisi year instead of all the negative news, support some of the peoplh who have done goode oput there. tag someone that's done something inspires you to doinsp some good. oo >> good way to get gl how you be for the new year? ya what are you planning as far asf music wise or outside musicusic wise. >> writing more music for myself and metric and keep trying to d positive things.siti >> no doubt about it.doubabou we're glad you're here to do her this. the rest of the album today dood we expect.xpt. >> from mmxx?mxx? >> this is your baby now.our baw right?t >> it's all there.he it's all there. tre everything truth of life it'sf ' all there. all th >> when you get a chance afterer you've been with a band for an a long time unget a chance to doe your own solo thing do you try
10:36 am
to conscious the separatesciouse yourself from that s band and ss this is something i wanted to do or pick up thing along the jay.y >> not at all. it's all one journey.ourney and being in metric helped me dd this. it's interesting because takingn this back to metric, i'm betterr musics than i ever was before.. so it's --so is >> look you've made your way playing base playing guitar.uitr i think you're pretty qualifieda in the music standpoint no matter when instrument you havet in yourru hand. where can folks find out bore be your music. joshua >> thanks for joining us today.n >> thank you. >> appreciate you sharing youreo gift of music. >> back over to you guys. very nice. thanks, ben affleck's new movieov bombed at the box office. >> aww.ww >> kevin didn't look atomism hes didn't throw me darts. me he'll be back with some of the e reasons why it didn't do well,l, and his sit down with zoey saldano and see nanny miller tww of ben affleck's coach stars ini the new drama. 10:36.
10:37 am
10:38 am
10:39 am
i want to you work directly with me and you can charge me a higher price. >> what do we get inwod yo ru et ret >> you get access to cops andnd which we now control and most ot whom wouldn't do business withde you otherwise because you'reou cuban.. >> you would want exclusive access. >> no you just can't sell at the white operation. opeti >> white are pay
10:40 am
>> you never had a problem withw him. >> i know the white.w the w i think you might like to deal d with someone who treated youne d like a human being. >> it's possible this will brini bloodshed.d. >> this will definitely bring bloodshed. these are very favorable terms. >> hmm. >> did you wake up? >> and scene. and sce >> thank you. >> goodness. >> thank you. >> were you snoring. snori [ laughter ] >> man. oh, well.>>wel. >> ben affleck we're sorry. >> sleep apnea.pnea >> i'd like to nominate you forr the oscar best supporting role.. >> thank you. >> in a comedy, thank you sonk much. >> so that was a clip from the new movie was called live by ni. it's an american crime drama. latest movie written and by and directed by and starring ben sta affleck. it's based on a book by denise ane.e. dennis will he he wasn't. >> that camera. where are we? wh >> we're in the here? i thougho that was light
10:41 am
that red thing on top. on t i'm sorry.m that's not a light.. okay.. it also co-stars zoey sell danno and see nanny miller.ille kevin got the chance to sit dows witness actresses doesn't itoesi look like a light.ight it's like a red sticker. >> does it. i >> kevin, are we being too hardo on it. that little scene was snoresville. >> does bev affleck ever get ouf of that chair.flof >> couple things to note. to ne ben affleck is a phenomenal film maker. bon baby bon are a go or theo oe >>ev - -- >> live by night is very slow. >> i gave the movie a c onn friday when i reviewed it. i i don't think it's horrendously bad. >> i'm sorry. >> we do will he grades.ra >> i've gate a three. >> i thought i was missing i was something. >> it had pretty interesting moment.d action scenes are great.prngcena scene very boring. we showed a very boring the movie first two acts are very boring in my opinion. the last act -- >> is itst boring? borin >> at times. at ti yeah.yeah
10:42 am
i think it's beautifully shot by robert richardson it has really great cinema too far. far >> i did speak to see nannyanny miller and zoey sell danno. dan i don't know why we're tossingrt this now. this now >> go ahead. >> i talk to them about theirut accents in the film. f >> this is america. we can agree to dis>>agree t. >> i know. i know. i know. i know. >> it has nothing to do with my love for f you. >> i love you guys too. i lov i feel likes to to go the g t package seems weird we wereeirdw talking about how boring thehe movie is.. >> maybe they'll change their ct minds. >> it won't but i can say that.t >> we could leave.e could leave. >> where would we go? >> somewhere warm.. >> my brother danny lives in.n >> i'd go to california.ifni >> i don't know much about i got to tell you.l you >> ooh said anything abouting ao honest work >> the acting is incredible.rede do you stay -- accent is is do you stay in it throughoutou product. some actors do it because it'sai such an interesting act zen. act do you stay it even when then
10:43 am
>> i stayed it during filmingmi the entire time and afterwards r for a good month because i lovev it. >> did you really? [ laughter ]>> >> rot really. the whole time of shooting wheno i went home my daughter wasghr s like, mommy, please, can you cay just talk -- talk like when were you get in the car to go to work but not in the house.ouse >> did you real goal home -- >> hello. >> it was the most fun voice. actually ben started talkingalki like it and bob richardson talkl started talking like it and half the crew had irish accents andcs we were all crying with laughter the whole >> you never had a problem withh him. >> i know al have a white. whi i thought you might like to deal with someone who treater you like a human being. bng >> i'm assuming you jump in and out of the act zen betwee takes. >> it was difficult for me, because i was trying to soundo s like my myot [ laughter ] >> and, um, that's nice, butic b when nobody is watching, i meanm nobody is like, you know, havinv the lense in front of you -- um- but i didn't rehearse, i didn'tt practice it because i thought that i can just act zen it super quickly it's what i've har
10:44 am
whole life.ife there were times we would do ala take and i'd look at ben, can ww do one more? i think i can do d better with the accent.ith acce. he's like absolutely.el and i would.ou because the moment i get reallyr relaxed i just started like zoel which i don't know what accenthn that is. it certainly accentuateda sometimes. so we would have to come backac and correct i also went back and when i did adr, i managed to make her very consistent. >> okay. >> we're back on. >>.we gowe go >> it's okay. >> you guys get some rest. >> zzz. >> they went all out for thisnto one. >> let you guys you aren'ts yoe' alone. movie made $5 million thision th weekend at the box office.e >> all those people that wentten got great great >> they did. >> i didn't think it was as bada as tha it had pretty slow moments.ents >> perhaps we chose very slowerw moments in the film.mos in >> yeah, yeah.h, i apologize.olize >> it's a gangster movie, right, >> it's a gangster movie. mie >>t is.s. >> i didn't show the violencehee and act on the morning show. ow.
10:45 am
>> this is really cool.ed ts isl hid depth figures number one at the box office this weekend iof loved ficethis film so much. m number one film of the year.ea most important film of 2016 2 definitely one of the best filml of 2016. octavia spencer actually boughtb out a theater this weekend. weee here's her instagram post. p she says tomorrow i bought the a 8:00 p.m. showing of hiddenn figure at the rave in baldwinn i hills if you know family need n that would like to see our movie but can't avenue for have them t come. . first come first serve.come my mom would not have been ablel to afford to take me and my siblings i'm honoring her and all sip gel parents this mlk weekend pass the word.or i thought that was very veryer cool. >> that's amazing. >> she paid for it with her ownn money.moy. byes the whole theater. tat it dropped 10% down this weekene and in my opinion take youre you entire fily. go all the kids should see it.t. pg. it's an important film. fil i'm telling you right now, thest women are role models they'res incredible people and you got tt see the film.e them >> going today.ay >> yeah.>>eah. >> let me know was think about it after you see it.ft you >> can i do one more shout out s
10:46 am
>> yes.>> yes. jonelle mo'ne portrays the woman from hampton. >> pa tara gee is from right here in washington, d.c., d. >> shout out to >> cool. >> thanks guys. ssio fluding your passion for movies regardless. >> i love you guys.>>ove >> if they're boring or not.or n >> never fall asleep on you. o y >> never ever.>> >> love the movie either. eithe just didn't hate it.e i >> valentine's day is rightenti around the corner. >> is it?riar >> it is. t is >> really? >> look this is very important for you, iir. your first valentine's day as aa married man. marr >> that's right. >> you don't have>> any valentine's plans yet how about a date with my ex-boyfriend. [ laughter ] >> this man. >> we'll get things started off with cocktails. or perhaps champagne. >> he has a sense of humor. >> once we're comfortable we cac order whatever your heart desires.res >> truffles, perhaps some steak, pepper soup and foo foo an
10:47 am
>> we had some yesterday.esrday. >> i'll let you pound my yams. >> oh. >> that's enough.t's enou. >> idris elba. e >> guess what he used palm oil.. >> i heard -- shout out. >> okay.. >> pound his yams.>> >> get a date with idris for a od c cause.ate he made the pitch on youtube. this is the problem. problem can i move over. ove >> he offered a romantic evenine to raise money for a charity called women everywhere canwher it provides mentoring and educational support to teenagedd girls on the continent of africr and the winner gets airfare toeo be with him, not, you're notyore going to of a forty three casmas you're not doing that. but stay at a four star hotel and the candlelit dinner withh idris.ids. >> nice. >> you can enter by making a bya donation to the website. omaze website. web >> lete
10:48 am
i mean they're going to raise se much money. >> do we know where it stanre i right now?ght >> i don't know but i will look. >> oh maze is an amazing company. i want to talk to him aboutut pacific rim and geek out aboutab >> i'll organize a passe to come and get you. awesome. >> let's somebody -- letody -- t somebody go on a date with idrii d nonot you. >> i volunteer. >> i'll follow the story.he sto >> do it for the married ladiesd who are not going.. >> i fall on the sword. >> 10:48. oseing you money on those expensive restaurant the team from fire birds wood wd fired drill is here to show us o how to make restaurant worthyy salad dressings right in yourghn own kitchen believe it or not.ot i'll drink to that. that.
10:49 am
10:50 am
everything you need to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of. always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. z27mlz z16fz y27mly y16fy
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♪♪ ever notice how the saladice dressings in good restaurantsta always seem to taste better thaa the ones that you actually keep in the fridge at home? welle? this morning we are going ohe gg learn some restaurant secrets ss for m
10:52 am
that everyone in the family cany s going to want to eat. e joining us life chef danny chunc from fired birds wood fire grill. there are more than 40 fire birds i understand around the at country now newest one opening o in gaithersburg. verse maryland for people who aren't familiaril with your restaurant tell us about it.our ab >> fire birds basically is a steakhouse classic americanmeria scratch kitchen we makeeascratc everything inkitchen house.. daily soups, weekly soups,ps everything all freshly m we use locally fresh ingrediente and all of our butchery done in house by our chefs.hefs. we prepare seafood that comesham into our store every day.. all the meats butchered every ee day. we use wood fire a lot of wood w that makes great flavor on thevn steaks. >> it gives very distinct flavol when you use that. it sounds amazing.when younds i. i definitely want to check itlyc out. ou but we cast you with teachingh n how to make amazing salad
10:53 am
at home. i'm going to be honest thise hot looks like a lot of ingredients. >> it looks a lot but it's notts that much. you know i just -- first f dressing we're going to makeo cilantro lime vinaigrette.inaigr very it's my daughter haley's's favorite salad dressing. >> let's start with that for sure.'s sor we've only got four minute.our n we got to get to work in theorkt kitchen and get it all done. >> we have all the moving partsr this is everything there ing the here. >> you will the fresh ingredients>> y and lime and lid juice and all we're going to dog mick it, you want to mick it orr do you want to --ant to-- >> i want to to mix it.. >> put it on low speed just in s case.. >> why, you don't trust me?hy, [ laughter ] >> okay. >> how does it turn on? >> where is the bert ton? bert ? [ laughter ] >> oh, okay. oka >> there we go. >> slowly.y. >> and then i'm going to slowlyo add oil. >> and i'm going to not that yot couldn't figure this out alreada i do not have a mi
10:54 am
at home. can i just do this in a regularl blender. >> absolutely. >> okay. oka >> i know where the buttons aree on that. t [ laughter ] >> that's it? >> that's it. easy.y. >> it does look pretty g sott g you're going to serve this onrvn what kind of salad?atd of s >> we'll serve today on mixed o green salad.. >> um-hmm. >> house special salad.alad >> and that's the one with the salmon? >> correct. >> that's this one right here it thisamazining. >> that has a pecans and -- >> here's my quick question when you make this so, you know, we o buy a bottle of salad dressing.g how long will this last fresh ih your fridge. >> two days. t. you need to eat i >> okay. let's get on to the next one w>w only got a couple minutes. minus the next one a raspberries vinaigrette.tte >> correct. it of ipot of chipotle. little bit of a kick it to.icit >> there's the chipotle. the >> all the chip potty systempott right here. righ ginger and fresh ingredients.din >> okay. same thing? put it in there. t >> all of these you're justt adding you
10:55 am
>> olive oil. >> olive oil this one straightgt canola oil. >> okay.>> oy. >> gotcha. >> this one is definitelye thicker. >> thicker and also has a greate sweetness has a little bit heat to it. >> and then you'll serve that on -- >> on the salad, pecans, grannyn smith apples and grilled woodllo chicken which gives it distincti flavor. >> a lot of people would love to know how to make the perfectct caesar dressing because it's aga favorite for a lot of people. p so what do you think the key isi to yours?? >> our secret is hint of pepper. >> you do a lot of chipotle.hipl >> little bit of heat. hea has great flavor. fla >> that's this right here? righ? >>orrectct. >> let's bring that over. >> how do you know how much first per serve? how much to mt make? >> good question.stion [ laughter ]
10:56 am
>> at home i just try to make about -- >> whatever you're going serveve for that salad.r sad. >> correct. >> okay. >> this is bubbling up. ka okay. >> wow ! >> this looks like a milkshakeka almost.. >> a little thicker. in yeah. >> then there you have it.n thei >> there you go. >> what's the biggest mistake>>a you think people make whenmake w making their own salad dressings?dressing >> maybe putting too much puttio vinegar in it. h ally. too much vinegar. yeah. yeah every salad looks absolutelyely amazing. we thank you so much for comingc in. come on over salad eaters. >> and they rush the stage. sta did you see that? t [ laughter ]lauger ] >> there is salmon, chicken. >> all >> no, no, that was just to addd a little extra flavor. >> it looks amazing.>> i >> thank you so much for comingg check it out.eck they're open now in gaithersburg. >> we chow down hope you make
10:57 am
haowpp dy meilk, jr., day., d go out and serve.go out and s >> all right. >> holly, if you said there's ts wine to pair with that we coulda have come around.t >> i didn't have the right pitch. >> you'll get there. >> see you tomorrow. >> thank you, chef.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? [ cheers ] we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ♪♪ [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! ♪♪ [ wild cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yes! ♪♪ >> wendy: you're the one. thank you very much for watching our show! [ cheers ]


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