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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 17, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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♪ ♪. this is fox 5 news morning. inauguration boycotts a number of lawmakers refusing to attend friday's's swearing in of donald trump continues to grow. a fairfax county scene of a shooting that ended in police gunfire, what we learned about the suspect and his motive. look outside on tuesday, january 17th it's a rough start to the day. careful when you're heading out. we're going to have weather and traffic coming up. in the meantime good morning to you, thank you for join and us i'm maureen umeh >> first up at 6:00, confirmation hearings on capitol hill continue for two more cabinet picks, lawmakers will betsy devos and interior secretary nominee ryan zinke. betsy devos is expected to face the most backlash. >> more than 40 members of congress say they plan to skip the president-elect's inauguration ceremony. fox 5 anjali hemphill is live on
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capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, as preparations continue here out on the national mall as well as inside the capitol building for trump transition some existing members of congress, specifically some democrats are choosing to boycott the inauguration. following the lead of congressman john lewis, who said trump's presidency is not legitimate. i want to show you the most recent two to join the list are from our area, and they took to twitter to announce that decision. this is a tweet from virginia's eighth district representative don beyer who in that tweet mentions dr. martin luther king junior. and the second tweet is from maryland's fourth district congressman anthony brown who also says he's not going and mention his support for representative lewis who found him a target of trump tweets. dozens more democrats joined the list. meanwhile, trump and other republicans are dismissing the
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democrats who are participating sore losers. it will be interesting to see if the democrats who pledged to boycott will keep their promise. that's latest on capitol hill. anjali hemphill fox 5 local news happening today, calling for the nations and the death penalty will be demonstrating outside of the supreme court around 10:00, marks the 40th anniversary of the evidence first execution under a contemporary laws, since then there have been more than 1,000 executions, five more are scheduled this month, including one in virginia happening tomorrow night. let's check the other top stories, a shooting, a fire and a police stand-off happened yesterday had a herndon virginia neighborhood near fox mill road and sunrise valley drive. shoot two people, took another hostage and set up a house on fire. the hunt is still on who were shooting and killed
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great grandmother caught in the court reporter, 67-year-old vivian died as she was riding her scooter trying to go to the corner store. another person was shot but they survived, dc police say they have a crime camera in that neighborhood and are reviewing the footage for clues. in northwest dc, three arm robber happening within an hour of each other. there's a map of the robbers 4700 block of tilton street, second one, 5300 block of ensurier place and the last the 1600 block of k street about 33 blocks from the white house. we have video from the sherier place scene, somebody spotted a dark color audi sedan, 43 ca or c, it's not clear what state the tag was from, a dark-colored add di also spotted at the k street scene. nobody hurt in any of the robbers. coming up on
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tucker barnes sliding in shortly. i'm afraid traffic will be a mess. >> hi, guys >> you got a haircut too >> i got it a few days ago. >> sorry. >> yes. maybe you he came freshly done yesterday >> you look nice. every day, but >> took a shower yesterday, too. >> 41 reagan national. 40 dulles, 39 at bwi marshal. we're hoping to get up near 50 later. we got the cloud cover lingering and the threat of showers on and off for our day. i do think we'll see some additional showers develop during the morning hours here and then into the afternoon, bottom line, keep it cloudy, about 50 this afternoon, we're hoping to get to a high temperature in the mid 50's
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better should have the rain showers. here's your forecast, 55, cloudy skies, scattered showers, keep your umbrella handy. we'll talk about the rest of the week, look look we have rain spires friday. that's a big day >> much colder on inauguration day for sure. checking in on traffic 6:05, it's a little bit wet and traffic is getting heavy, look at 66. you can see the eastbound side very jammed up we're seeing delays from 234 to 28 in centerville and as you get closer to the beltway inside the beltway through arlington, right now, from 234 on through arlington leave the house about 30 minutes early, westbound side slower because of the wet roads, we forward our cameras. this is by prince with my parkway to the beltway slow, south of that in stafford jammed 630 to 610 jammed u
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area, and also look at the volume across the 14th street bridge as make your way at 395. volume is increasing as we take a look at our maps, the beltway itself quiet we're not seeing big red zones but things are starting to slow down and we got our 6:00 hour coming from fredericksberg jambs from 70 to clarkberg, that is about 30-minute delay right now, also seeing delays starting to pop up on 295 southbound. outer loop still quiet. metro rail lines on time. i'll let you know if that changes, a grab your umbrella you're going to need it for the walk to and from the bus stop. any question at erin@fox5dc on twitter. the mayor of the small montgomery county community is giving up his membership to a local golf course whose members may deny president obama from joining the woodmont country club mainly jewish members and some do not want pes
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to join the club over his administration stan with israel >> jennifer slay ins said he can no longer belong to a community where tolerance is accepted. history forgotten where the nation's first black president is disrespected. new details in the istanbul night club attacker were captured. back in just 30 seconds.
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6:08 a fingerprint match is confirmed suspected gunman in the deadly new years eve night club attack is in custody, the man is a pakistan national was found in an overnight raid hiding out with his young son on the european side of istanbul. he reportedly resisted arrest, isis claimed responsibility and turkey officials say the suspect confessed. the widow of the oral night club shooter will make her first court appearance today, noor salmon was arrested after her husband killed 49 people at a popular gay bar, facing several charges including aiding and abetting. her attorney said she had no known knowledge of the attack. a colorado woman was among five killed. four
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sunday at a night club during the annual electric music festival. her death was either due to an accident fall or the result of a stampeed as people tried to ge out. terrorism ruled out the shooting is believed to be linked to drug trade day of peace turning into violence, eight people shot happened during a martin luther king junior event. detectives say two people on the scene were detained for questioning but it's still unclear if anyone is actually under arrest. the man accused of killing five people at the fort lauderdale airport is due in court 26-year-old esteban santiago will face the judge for a hearing. santiago had his gun seized on two separate occasions once in puerto rican and most recently in alaska. both times investigations were closed and his guns were returned. new this morning, search suspended nearly three years after malaysia
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370 vanished. officials ended the search efforts. vanished from radar to be jing in march of 2014. with 239 people on board. some of the passengers family member expressed disappointment calling the decision a responsible but not a trace of the plane found in the designated search area. family of four who went missing from a ski resort in japan recovering after spending 24 hours in the bitter cold. police say an australian woman in her 50's and three sons went up course while skiing and were unable to find their way back. they survived the night by digging a hole in the snow and sitting inside of that hole. rescue crews found them the next morning walking down a hiking trail shivering and showing signs of hypo they are me. online con assignment shops are cleaning up, inventory of unwanted gifts growing fast a live look outside as we head to break on tuesday. 6:10. weather reason traffic coming up.
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6:13. moving why not? 95 northbound, my gosh, prince william parkway, delays, this is not looking good. i'm suspecting that the rain is a factor in this mess. of course, people heading back to work after the long weekend. if you're caught in this, we're so sorry, so sorry, you'll get there eventually. hopefully you're listening to us will make it easier for you on the road. check in with erin in a few, here's tucker. if you were just done being president where would you go >> i mean, >> somewherely warm, palm springs is not a bad option >> o
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>> if you were president you wouldn't be able to walk down the boardwalk. >> i don't know why we're looking at track. hi. ok. yeah, something bad is happening. that's not good. unfortunately clouds and cool conditions, everybody back to work and school. showers, i think it's better showers this morning than afternoon but i can't promise we don't have a few that will linger. in the mid 50's. low 50's after school today, i think it might take most of today to warm up. 41 in washington. cool out there. frederick 36, 34 in hagerstown. 39 in leonardtown. a few showers overnight. most light. at the moment. this is good news, hitting the roadways, we're not getting locally michelle rain but it will redevelop here -- before too long as we got warmer, this is what's happening we have a warm front lifting through
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that's going to bring us a period of rain shower, temps will be mild but we will be dealing with clouds and rain showers, no let-up in the pattern and it's been relatively mild past week or so, and we'll keep that going next several days, there's a warm front coming through and pushes temperatures into the mid 50's. upper 50's tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon sunshine into the day thursday, big day friday. shower activity but the bulk -- the bulk of it will hold off until friday afternoon and and we'll give that your early saturday, if you're headed out early friday, i think it will be cloudy with temperatures in the 40's. that is the weather update. erin is back with the roads. >> very, very good job traffic reporting. >> i'm not sure that's my calling. >> you get a chance to do weather >> look at that the inauguration is coming up friday. >> keep you updated on that. right now, this is the beltway by the american legion bridge,
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cleared. sluggish conditions tyson's corner and tail lights coming up the spur. let's go ahead and take a look at other cameras, stafford we have a crash by courthouse road and prince william parkway, we're go ahead and take a look at our maps. and show you what else you're up against, earlier train malfunction at bending on the blue line dealing with residual delays that both directions in that area. aside from that, rest of your metro commute is looking good. safetrack surge 12 isn't starting until february. as you can see slow moving traffic through falls church, outside the beltway, fairfax sluggish and 295 from 50 to the 11th street bridge backing up. 270 southbound jammed, to clarksberg, look at that long line of red and yellow, 45 minute delay from 70 to
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spur. little bit wet and congestion. outer loop starting to slow down and we got a five minute delay from 95 over to georgia and 50 by 202. we'll keep you updated. that's a look at traffic. maureen and steve back to you guys. none of my predecessors ever got a chance to say welcome to the white house, world series champion chicago cubs. >> that was yesterday at the white house. he hosted a championship sport team and just so happens it's from hometown chicago. the cubs rolled into town with gifts including the cubs jersey with a number 44 and a lifetime pass to wrigley field for the entire obama family. how many cubs fans would love to have that? a signed wflag they fly above wrigley. by the way, he's a bit of a
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from but his wife roots for the cubs, too. >> love to see that. back to the future, flying cars are a real thing, the prototype we could see hit the skies. a huge gator spotted taking a stroll. supposedly a visitor spotted this and posted a video online, which has since gone viral. the person estimated the gator to be 12 feet long, did wisdom comment on this >> he did. calling it foul play >> 12 yard penalty? how are we continuing to fall for this gag? months after month? man.
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pup's life. no one was home except the family dog. they gave the dog an oxygen mask and took it to an animal shelter. the family tweeted out this photo thanking dc fire and ems for saving his life. they hope their family dog pulls through. they've been calling them heroic. vice president elect pence, steve? >> picking up. we can do it. he's to going to use the bible used by former president ronald reagan, it will be administered by clarence thomas. it will happen on the u.s. capitol immediately after donald trump is sworn into office. there you go. 6:21. let's talk about our business. two auto makers are making america work again, joining us the one and only lawrence simonetti. good morning. >> hey there. first full week of me in quite
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yesterday was a holiday but we were here, even though the markets were closed. when the mark opens today, the dow will stand at 19,885. it's not going to stay there or move higher. it will go down, futures were indicating about an 80 point fall at the moment. the news this morning is expected to be dominated by what's happening overseas, the prime minister of great before it teresa may is expected to announce a divorce, sharp exit from the european union and what she says will make investors skiddish. >> chase thing the allusive 20,000 and going in the wrong direction last week or so. let's talk about what's happening here in this country, auto makers starting to put more money into this country? general motors and hyundai creating jobs right here in the u.s., gm
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dollars and expected to make this announcement later this morning and add or maintain basically it's an investment of 1,000 jobs. gm did say while all this was going on before, months ago, before president-elect donald trump decided to come after the auto makers for building their vehicles in mexico and selling them here in the u.s. that's the news from gm. hyundai is investigating over 3 billion dollars in the u.s., they're creating a new factory here in the next five years and also vesting in the current factories they do have. auto again that america >> we're going all jetson'ss now when we're talking about taking the cars off the road into skies >> why not? it was just about 100 years ago we went under ground with transportation. not only any flying car but an
6:24 am
going to get one in the sky this year, prototype. calm down, we're not going to be riding in this any time soon. can you imagine using an uber-like ap to hail a flying car and picking up your friend and basically flying to work >> i feel like they have them now called private jets for those who could afford to have them. we're still trying to figure out how we can regularity drones. how are we going to have room for flying cars and lanes of travel and room. >> they say this would be the end of grid lock and traffic as we know it because the skies are much more expectancy and essentially it would be cheaper because you're not building concrete bridges. i don't know how you would police or regulate highways in the sky >> i'm giving you my emoji i don't know look right now. especially in dc where you can't fly anywhere within 30 miles of the city. let's move on to the next phase. christmas gifts unwanted, flooding con assignment
6:25 am
does that mean there are deals to be had for folks out there looking to pick something up in january >> yes, go to your local con assignment shop or of any of those resellers online because people are dumping their unwanted stuff especially from the holidays at the consignment stores, one popular one called that has a pretty expansive inventory right now of stuff that people didn't want they have consigned. >> always options. >> i give stuff to con assignment stores all the time. >> reason i'm getting rid of the stuff is so i don't buy more so i give rather than buying from them. >> thank you, >> no more clutter. by. >> checking in with >> rain showers had a spot or two yesterday and clouds and clouds today around as
6:26 am
>> are we going to warm up? >> why do you look like you don't approve? once you get no a pattern, let switch it up >> i think you guys are losing the perspective. >> it's been a mild january. >> we'll accept that. >> 41 now in washington. and we think we're going to get in the 50's today. probably low 50's by afternoon maybe even temperatures rising. as the warm front comes through, sprinkle or shower moved through, we got additional showers on the horizon, look out to the west. you'll see the showers developing and those will be moving in during the course of our day today. particularly during the morning hours we'll have scattered showers and again this is warm front coming through, temperatures will eventually, eventfully, having technical problems be in the mid 50's. there's your seven-day. looks like rain showers on friday, bulk of that will hold off. he we do have scattered showers on friday,
6:27 am
>> more for the parade than the folks coming out early >> but i mean we're still -- got to fine tune it. keep a close eye on the forecast. >> check in with erin 6:26. and things really slow on 95 northbound coming up from virginia. past prince william parkway. delays to the beltway south of that point in stafford and earlier crash by courthouse road cleared. however, still very heavy as you head towards courthouse road. from fredericksberg to the beltway extra 45 minutes. other red zones starting to pick up including 66 inbound through falls church, slow conditions 295 from 50 to the 11th street bridge. southern maryland had been a quiet drive look at that fort washington, 210 northbound picking up towards the beltway. keep it to fox 5 news morning, we'll take a look at blue line delays with metro next.
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welcome back. taking a live look outside. it is a wet start. we're going to give you the details what you can expect weather and traffic wise, coming up at 6:35. first at 6:30, let's take a live look at capitol hill. two confirmation hearings set for today, congressman ryan zinke who's been tapped for the interior secretary and betsy devos who's been nominated for education secretary. and meanwhile a growing list of lawmakers are boycotting the inauguration, more than 40 house democrats say they will not attend the en
6:31 am
say it's in protest of donald trump's world feud and civil rights twist john lewis a congressman from georgia. fairfax county police are investigating a shooting and stand-off situation in herndon. police say a man shot two people, took another person hostage and set his house and fire. an officer later shot and killed the man. this morning, the hunt is still on for the to people who were shooting at each other in southeast yesterday and killed a great grandmother caught in the cross fire, 67-year-old vivian marrow died as she was riding her scooter to the corner store near ellen and stanton road. another person was shot but survived. they have a crime camera in the neighborhood and are reviewing the footage. in northwest, three armed robberies happening within an hour of each other between 8:00 and 9:00. investigators do believe they're related. take a look at this map, the first robbery was in the
6:32 am
bill clinton of till done in spring valley near, au, the second happened in the 5300 block of sherier place and last in the 1600 block of k street about three blocks from the white house, our crews got video from the sherier, they spotted a audi sedan with the partial tag number of 43 ca or 43 c. not clear what state. a dark-colored audi was spotted at k street dc police are searching for this missing man, 44-year-old withdrew jen kits went missing january 13th last seen on g street in southeast but he wasn't reported missing until monday. if you seen this man please give dc police a call. top of the morning, if you watch the game last night, we're going to start on the ice. caps looks to extend the nine game winning strea
6:33 am
nothing lead in the second period. then things got weird. penguins scored five straight goal, brayden was pulled. caps still down one, initial shot with scott. rebound, second goal for sellers on the night. 14 goals in regulation, game headed to overtime tied at seven. the caps were leading three to 0, 34 seconds into overtime. sherry was stopped but sherry jammed away a loose puck and the caps lose 8-7. 15 goals in a hockey game is rare. bradley bealed 25 points 21 in the first half. s with studios beat portland 120. next up the memphis us. >>lys tomorrow night. wizards play during the day. different results wizards
6:34 am
hoya is did no 74-56, not doing so well. nba cavaliers for the oracle arena for the first time since the finals taking on golden state, warriors, thomas and curry with five, green with a third a double of the season, 126-91. labron hit six shots, held to 20 points. oregon ducks pushing too hard, at least three duck football players are in the hospital after a series of grueling conditioning work-outs at the university of oregon. reported by the oregonian and flares had to finish the same work-out this week. >> rob ryan did meet, phils defensive coordinator looking for a job after buffalo severed ties. pretty impressive resume with the past radars, cowboy, saints, browns, question is there the skins be the next stop for the ryan xp
6:35 am
find out. why? >> i don't know >> he's -- >> i want to say hi to everyone at the verizon center. great time. >> i owe a walk to a few of the >> you do owe a walk. >> ok. >> try and get it by 8:00 this morning. 75 points the first half. they were just >> yeah. it was great game. start to finish. they were dominated. >> i think it's what? ten in a row at home? >> 12 i think. >> 12? >> beautiful. >> go wizards >> 41 in washington. we'll be about 50's this afternoon, low 50 this afternoon, it's a, we got a warm front coming through, that's responsible for cloud cover and had showers overnight. pretty light although we are seeing additional showers redevelop out to the west. in hagerstown. you can see it. so take your umbrellto
6:36 am
be ready for some scattered showers for, i think, predominantly first half of the day. your tuesday forecast? back to work and school. have a great day. 55 today. recent scattered showers around. it's not bad. it will be mild this afternoon >> getting to school or work might be a challenge because the roads not looking good for re from a lot of the traffic cameras erin has been showing us. you're going to be a busy lady today >> busy for sure, maureen. the good thing is we don't have major traffic accidents but the bad news is because the roads are wet and a little bit sluggish, do you want to stand next to me? >> nodding approvingly. >> maybe talking the roads are a little bit wet right now. >> i like that. >> here's 270 southbound, no crashes but heavier crash, stop and go from 70. as you get
6:37 am
the northbound side. as we forward it along, look at this, 95 northbound by prince william parkway, super heavy volume to the beltway and south of that through stafford, 60 extra minutes needed to battle that congestion and keep in mind route one northbound dealing with heavier traffic. as we go ahead and take a look at our maps, we'll show you, if you're taking the rails instead of the roads earlier train malfunctioned a bending, blue line residuals in both directions and tuesday morning, you can see 50 through cheverly from the beltway. south side of the beltway 95 to georgia about a ten-minute delay and southern maryland we do have inbound delays picked up five at the 301 split from brandywine into clinton and fort washington slow as well and prince george's county in the inner loop. same story, rosslyn on the key bridge and 395, the
6:38 am
bridge now it's from south of the mixing bowl to the pentagon area. we'll keep you updated. and maureen and steve back to you. three days until inauguration and a growing list of performers dropping out of the festivities >> last person to walk on the moon died. next reaction pouring in as we remember a former astronaut. onau
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trending on the web, first up the last man to walk on the moon died. he passed away yesterday surrounded by his family. he spent three days on the moon in december of 1972, cernan also traced the initials of his 9-year-old daughter into the dust of the lunar surface. a tribute band known as the b street band cancelled plans to play at the inauguration ago la. they said the decision is based out of the respect and gratitude for bruce and the e street band, bruce springsteen lab a vocal critic. and jennifer hollywood said she cancelled because of death threats and gather brooks is
6:42 am
if iing why he wouldn't be performing. and how is your resolution coming along? today is thought to be the day when a large number of people abandon their resolution. according to recent study, 88% of people who set new year's resolution ultimately fail at them. unfortunately. if you never start, nothing to worry about. set that bar low. betty white celebrating a big birthday, rob schneider under a bit of fire for a put tweet to representative john lewis, what he told the civil rights icon, a lot of people weighing in on that, 6:42.
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dark we're adding 1 minute and 20 seconds of light per day. >> that is good news. >> what's our sunset time? >> i have no idea. >> ok. i can find out for you. happen ap >> man. >> you got all the info. >> i see you. if you were to lie someone will tweet you and say you were wrong. yeah. >> it's a little after 5:00. i know that. >> let's go to the forecast. >> i promise steve i will know shortly. on and off showers today. cloud cover as well and we do have the milder temperatures trying to work on in. it will be mild next couple days, average daytime high is typically in the low
6:46 am
time of year, and we are going to be well above that for the next week or so. in fact, maybe 50 to 55 later this afternoon, best day, partial sunshine thursday, looks like rain showers friday. i think it will hold off and we'll just have clouds friday morning but i can't guarantee it might be tweaked. light rain showers in 40 dulles, manassas, 36 in frederick. 34 in hagerstown. and again, some cool temperatures start today, but warmer air trying to work through. warm front and that's responsible for the cloud cover and the rain showers getting a break at the moment, although we've had a few showers overnight and look what's developing out to the west. additional rain showers on the way. a ill will later this morning, definitely keep an umbrella handy. we're going to have
6:47 am
warm front lifts through. warming up just rain for us, warmer air moving on in, we'll be in 50's next couple offense including this afternoon, weak cold front tonight. can't see it on that particular map will clear things out later tonight and i think we'll get a little sunshine tomorrow. futurecast. showers around afternoon evening rush hour, scattered not heavy rain, even through 8:00, 9:00. we should clear on it overnight once the cold front comes through. early shower tomorrow and afternoon sun, tomorrow is great upper 50's thursday looks good, mid 50's, and looks like showers return by friday, best chance in the afternoon, doesn't look terribly heavy. that will hold back temperatures little bit, highs about 50 for our big day on friday. erin back with morning. 6:47. damp out there if you're skipping the roads. earlier train malfunction a
6:48 am
benning road. blue line in each direction, starting to see slow downs and a couple crash scenes in bethesda. you can see a little bit of a backup from old georgetown, right shoulder block on a ramp from the outer loop and you can see the outer loop jambs 95 to george and we're dealing with an inbound crash on suitland parkway. for southern maryland inbound delays on 210. show you congestion. 95 northbound steady flow of to congestion on northbound side. out by 123 is also very slow. we're seeing congestion there as we make our way from 234 to the beltway stop and go about half hour delay. also seeing delays on 270 on the southbound side. from 70 in frederick past montrose road
6:49 am
in urbana, about a 45 minute delay from 70 to the beltway and don't forget the outer loop has a crash in bethesda by the spur and by new hampshire you can see the backup by georgia on the ramp to georgia avenue northbound. more traffic in a few back to you, maureen and steve. nfl record packers cowboys divisional playoff was the most watched nfl divisional playoff game ever. and what great game it was. nearly 49 million people watched the packers win in that last second field goal by mason crosby. maryland governor larry hogan 34 farms for dedication for the agriculture. farms in 18 counties will be recognized. here's coming up on good day dc, a lot of star power on the show. how cute is the little guy on the left. that is actor sonny who stars in the new
6:50 am
edgar ramir, and carl ray will be here. he's done michelle obama's makeup years and shows us how to get hot looks for inauguration festivities coming up today. here with us right now, kevin mccarthy. >> hey guys, rob schneider is under fire for a tweet to john lewis after he decided to explain the civil rights icon to the civil rights icon what mlk day is about, this is of course comes after lewis said last week he would not attend friday's inauguration because he didn't see donald trump as a legitimate president. now, that set off a trump twitter rant against lewis, yesterday schneider added to the drama by tweeting this. representative lewis you are great person but dr. king didn't give into his anger or his hurt. that is how he accomplished an
6:51 am
now, thoughts on that particular tweet? steve? maureen >> on the surface, nothing wrong with the tweet. i think where people are upset how are you explaining this dr. king in civil rights someone who knew the man and was directly involved. >> do you think the tweet was warranted? he should be able to say something like that >> of course, freedom of speech >> kind of think before you tweet or say something. again, you know, on the surface, nothing wrong what he said. >> i don't think it was distasteful. i think it comes like maureen said more it's like me telling you how to review movies. >> and interested in the reactions some funny reactions this is from a gentleman name will wheaton, rob schneider recollection chambering john lewis is most embarrassing thing he's ever done, yes, this includes the animal which was a really funny movie and this one made me laugh. i love home alone two, it keeps getting worse as the picture of rob schneider in home
6:52 am
and to the right you see donald trump with mccauley cul kin. that was pretty funny. happy birthday to betty white. 95 years old. 95 years old. the actress is recognized by guinness world records as having the longest television career for a female entertain, he's obviously best known for her role on golden girls in the sit come in the 80's, still going strong. >> good for her >> that is the key to staying healthy and getting older in my opinion is working, keeping your brain going, keeping, my grandfather, he's 92, continues to paint. keep that creative brain going. you have to do something. >> moving on. we mentioned sonny, this is a film called lion tells the incredible true story of how a 5-year-old got lost in india as a little boy and
6:53 am
by an australian couple, which is played by nicole kid man is the wife in the film and using google earth, he found and is reunited with his birth mother 25 years later. this is an actual true story. des put a tell plays him later in life. first time he's been in a feature film. didn't know any english had to learn phonetically. he doesn't speak a lot of english in the film. but i did think the film was incredible. we're going to have sonny in studio at 9:40 a.m. if you have a question for him. if you seen the film tweet me >> it came out a couple weeks ago, it's going to be nominated at the oscars >> i don't feel like i heard a lot about it >> probably haven't. it's an independent type of movie through winestein company. winestein company release an independent type movie. this was not
6:54 am
they're usually bought by the studios. could have been been made by weinstein. it is a small budget film. very cool he's going to be on the show. >> excited about it >> what will you talk about >> he was here yesterday, he med president obama at the white house, he went to the mlk memorial. got a local trip to washington, dc, 8-year-old little kid he place 5-year-old in the. so it's very cool >> all these people playing roles for their age. what am i doing with my life? >> thank you very much. facebook fan of the day, the kelly russell and her absolutely wonderful family. everybody getting together. good morning everybody. >> kelly says she watches us every morning while at the gym then she which is home and turns us on for the kids while they get ready for work and school. we thank you for your loyalty, and if you would like to be our facebook fan of the day, post your picture below this gorgeous picture of kelly russell and her family. thanks againor
6:55 am
>> unfortunately probably not the sunshine we see in the picture. >> coming up rain showers and quick perspective. kevin cried at the end of that and home alone too. >> i do cry a lot but i did cry at the end of lion, my wife and i are watching it again last night and literally just dieing on the couch >> happy. i cried at the end of batman and super man, because i was over it. i wanted it to keep going, lion is really good. it really is. >> i love you. i know you do. 42 in washington, cloud cover out there. wind calm we do have shower activity that's been kind of intermittent overnight. i would count on showers moving through during the -- at least the first half of our day, warm front moving in, and eventually it's going to push our temperatures into the low 50's this afternoon. however, we are going to be dealing with both clouds and showers for much of your tuesday. bring your umbrella and ready for showers. there you go. things look brighter tomorrow, thursday looks nice, showers return f
6:56 am
about 50 for the big day. and it, it will cool out there with showers that develop by the afternoon. we'll fine tune it. erin is back with the roadways. 6:56. blue line if you're skip the roads. bridges delays in both directions, the rest of metro rail lines are on time. i'll let you know if that changes. the roads for tuesday morning, we do have red zones now, damp conditions, light rain causing slick conditions slow it down, give yourself extra time. inbound washington boulevard crash before memorial bridge. jammed back to the pentagon. watch for that one. dealing in maryland an accident block the right shoulder on the ramp from the outer loop to georgia avenue. it's a 50 minute delay from 95 to georgia, 95 southbound jambs from north of the icc to the inner loop and we have another crash jammed from silver hill road a little bit of
6:57 am
can how backed up things are suitland inbound 295 inbound looks good. keep it to fox 5 news morning, we'll be back.
6:58 am
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. fox 5 news morning. it's 7:00. three days until the presidential inauguration several major developments on who is and
7:00 am
friday's ceremony. time coverage this morning from all over washington and the latest lawmakers who say they're skipping the inauguration. and new detail this morning on who will be a part of the inaugural celebration. breaking overnight in turkey, police arresting the man they say opened fire inside an istanbul night club new years eve killing dozens, police tracked him down and this morning a confession from the suspected gunman. here at home, outrage after a great grandmother is shot and killed caught in the cross fire on her way to the corner store. as police search for the killer family and neighbors remember the woman they call the candy lady tuesday morning not much to see this morning. some rain showers out in the distance, lot of cloud cover. 41 degrees right now at 7:00. it's tuesday, january 17th. 2017. we'll check in with tucker in a couple minutes. i'm


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