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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. this is fox 5 news morning breaking news, a former president is in the hospital this hour, what we're learning about why president george h w bush was admitted overnight a growing on capitol hill donald trump pick for secretary. cabinet hits head to the hill. >> live look outside. it is wednesday morning. january 18th. weather and traffic coming up on the 5 at 6:05. good morning, i'm allison allison seymour the 92-year-old is at a houston hospital reported to be stable and doing fine expected to go home in a couple of days, we're hearing reports he was taken to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath. the oldest living former living u.s. president is 92 breaking news, this is out of europe, at least two large earthquakes hit central
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those quakes happening within the last hour, they hit a region of italy is still recovering from quakes over the past two years, we do know the shaking was intense in rome and that subway system has been closed so that inspections for possible damage can take place, we haven't heard reports from damage or injuries yet. updates as soon as we get them. kelce manning will be released in may after president obama commuted her sentence, she leaked state secrets to wikileaks and video of u.s. soldiers killing civilians, he was arrested and charged withes mean nach and sentenced to 35 years in prison. when she's released she will have served less than seven, we'll learn more about when he holds his press conference at the white house, we'll have live coverage of the news conference set to begin at 2:15. watch it on air and on line. the work to get the trump
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administration in place goes on. there will be four more confirmation hearings today for the president-elect's nominees, they include health and human service secretary, commerce secretary, u.n. ambassador and the administrator of the environmental protection agency. donald trump's nominee betsy devos took her turn on the hot seat last night. the michigan billionaire told senators she looks forward to working with them to improve the nation's schools. several democrats, took time to talk to her, to give her hard questions over her qualifications. >> have you ever taken out a student loan from the federal government to help pay for college? >> i have not. >> have any of your children had to borrow money in order to go to college >> they have been fortunate not to. >> have you had personal experience with the program? >> not personal experience, but certainly friends and students with whom >> you have no personal
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financial aid or management of higher education? let's start with >> that's betsy devos there and trump nominated her to lay out the education plan which included vouchers for families. as you find your commute over the district. we got a respective of what it might be like >> annie yu live with a look at closures already getting ready to begin. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison, we're two days away from the inauguration on friday. and it's going to start to get real tricky. parking and driving around the district. now, we're live at the national mall. we've seen the no parking signs up on a lot of the posts but there's a lot of work underway, a lot needs to be done but this, of course, is where thousands are expected to gather on friday to see president-elect donald trump get inaugurated. many roads will be closed to cars and pedestrians, so it
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district tough starting today. now, i want to show you this map, inauguration planners broken things down to a red zone and green zone perimeter and starting today at noon, the red zone goes into effect. it will be lifted monday, the red zone basically blocks off traffic in a large part downtown, national mall, capitol white house, only authorized vehicles. the green zone goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. lifted saturday and this is open to traffic. however, just open to those who live and work there. national guard members will be checking your photo id. i also want to show you a list of street closure that is will go into effect starting tomorrow, thursday. you can see it's pennsylvania avenue, lincoln memorial, constitution avenue and parts of union station and capitol hill area. live, if you're heading out, there are five stations near the mall that will be closed for security reasons, metro at
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square, smithsonian and the pentagon but metro is opening up at 4:00 a.m. which is an hour earlier than normal to accommodate the big crowds and it will close at midnight. that's the latest here from the national mall. annie yu fox 5 local news. today, president-elect donald trump will sit down with andrew cuomo, well-known democrat, possibly a 20-20 white house contender. his agenda plans to upgrade and rebuild bridges train stations and airports in new york city and elsewhere around the state. last night, the president-elect was here in the district for a black tie invitation only dinner at the andrew melon auditorium held to introduce foreign diplomats to the incoming trump administration, about 500 guests in attendance for the evening. 6:05, ever so closer to the big day. oo
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friday, not a rain-out but it will be cloudy and rather cool. let's try to clear out what we did yesterday. the fog -- are you all right there? >> over these past 20 years, you can't do this before work. >> 47 at reagan national. dulles 44 degrees. bwi marshal 43. i got the hick cups. we're going to be in the 50's. fog and low clouds are out there it's a cold front coming through and once we get that through, the wind will shift out of the north and west, temperatures will eventually be in the arrows. through here, we'll eventually get sunshine this afternoon and it will feel a lot drier around here. enjoy the afternoon sunshine and mild temperatures this to him of year >> 47 degrees >> thanks. a lot of fog out there this morning >>
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if you're heading out. please use caution, slow it down, we also have a crash southbound gw parkway after the key bridge blocking the ritalin so problems there in addition to that four inbound that upper marlboro, crash as dowere house road. please use caution. for overall wednesday morning commute we're seeing slowdowns top side of the beltway. let's take a live look outside. that is the outer loop by new hampshire avenue. you can see elevated fog but brake lights, there's a crash beyond that point blocking a lane from 95 to new hampshire you're in for about a five to seven minute delay. inner loop looking good, if you encounter dense er patches of fog, use your low beams, we're getting reports. again, outer loop crash by new hampshire where we have light fog. let's move it back to the maps. if you are headed out to union station today, there is an event scheduled for tomorrow, parking restrictions begin at 1:00 a.m. thursday and also as of right now, and
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the main entrance union station closed, a lot of extra security to get around through union station you can use the west port co entrance, where metro is on the west side or h street, allow yourself to get around, you told us about the red zone closures and parking restrictions today at noon. that will cause issues for people, only approved vehicles allowed inside that re zone starting at noon around white house, capitol, green zone begins 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the outer perimeter of the maps, only folks that live and work in that area. they will be checking for registration, give yourself extra time if you're heading into the district. you're going to have to park far away. any questions at erin@fox5dc on twitter. we wanted to give you a good respective so you know what you're up against this evening and lasting through inauguration weekend. more closures after inauguration on saturday for the women's march everything you need to know a
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gunfire eruption at a resort town in mexico. the latest one in cancun. the suspect accused of killing an orlando police officer behind bars this morning, next, how he was tracked down, back in 30 seconds.
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warning to americans in the cancun mexico, the u.s. embassy activate add code red. gunfire broke out at extra downtown locations leaving three dead. this latest attack comes one day after a deadly shooting at a music festival. an american was among five victim of that night club attack. the manhunt for the suspect accused of shooting an orlando police officer to death is over this morning. an your husband mark keith lloyd behind bars found in an abandoned house last night wearing body armor and carrying two guns. lloyd was originally wanted for shooting and killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend in december. he was set to make his first court appearance today. the police chief said they used the late officers handcuffs when they arrested him a police officer in texas was killed responding to a call about man with a gun outside of a house. when officers arrived, the suspect ran inside and opened fire on the officers hitting walker in the in contact. that suspect
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dead inside the house after a six-hour standoff. former homeland security secretary janet la paula between know is in hospital due to complications for treatment with cancer. she's expected to be released this week. two sister since the 1980s have been found alive and their mother is behind bars, elaine yates is said to appear in rotate island damage accused of taking off with the two more than 30 years ago after an argument with her husband. the girls were ten and three months old at the time. kelly and kimberly were located in texas. a tip led them to houston where they were found living under different nails. justices will consider whether a law violating disparaging trademarks violates free speech. it could have implications for the red
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trademark for a name because it is considered to be -- the washington redskins had their trademark cancelled after the trademark trial of the u.s. patent and trademark office ruled the team name was drag tour and offensive. . a virginia woman is turning to her passion to help raise money for cancer research and her inspiring story is next there's a lot of fog out there. heads up there. we'll get the details tucker after the break. and traffic we're starting to see those inauguration closures around the district.
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milestone on interstate 66 inside the beltway. crews put up the first of eight gantries for the told lanes scheduled to open
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they will hold cameras and equipment to communicate with ez pass. money collected from the tolls will be used to help. time for me to get an ez pass. virginia woman is preparing for an race that expands the entire world. she'll run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. think about that. these been battling brain cancer more than a decade. it served as an inspiration, she hopes this race gets her to $1 million. we're behind you >> i'll bet it does. we're behind you. if you're in good enough shape to do that you'd probably continue on the next day. i don't know what a gantry is >> i didn't know either. >> the things that go above the highway that measure yo
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>> sometimes you learn things when you stay with the story. >> thank you. breezy, mild, and actually sunshine to look forward to, take a little time getting here but i think by afternoon, we'll start chance, good chance to start drying out. if we put the prompter, that would be fantastic. 47 now in washington. 45 in gaithersburg, 46 leonardtown. all of us, we got cool conditions and still dealing with fog, especially washington points north here early this morning as a warm air kind of stuck in place here and with the cold front coming through, that will mix up the atmosphere enough. we should get the fog out. satellite and radar quiet condition, there are a few showers up, a little lows will come through and it's possible there could be a spotty shower across the northern part of the viewing area, but otherwise clouds, fogs will start today and gradually as high pressure builds in from the west we'll be able to clear things out a little bit and get sunshine in
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here later this afternoon, with high pressure building in, a mild afternoon, we'll be in the mid to upper 50's a little later today, it should be a beautiful and even more importantly dry afternoon, there's your seven-day. focus on friday, looks like we get clouds and shower activity by late morning, early afternoon, looks to be light but any time, you know, forecast showers on a big day like that, you probably want an umbrella or something to protect yourself, there will be rain showers on friday. temps in the upper 40's. enjoy the afternoon sunshine. erin is here and has the roads. 6:17, because of that light fog and kind of misty commute. i want to give you a tour of the cameras. this is 66 on the eastbound side by dudley road. a lot of brake lights, from 234 to 28, jammed up with about a 20-minute delay and stop and go traffic inside the
6:18 am
westund side looking really nice, as we forward the cameras, i got the only area in virginia dealing with backups, 95 on the northbound side by prince william parkway, if you're getting to the mixing bowl you're slow and south of to point and slow in stafford by courthouse road. a ton of morning volume picking up. dan north route one seeing congestion. here we are -- traffic is moving, no major delays just yet from the beltway to the 14th street bridge but we do have volume increasing for sure, slowdowns later. an earlier crash on new hampshire avenue and the outer loop cleared, from 95 to georgia about a ten-minute delay. light elevated fog. take a look, you can see elevated fog along 270 as you come down from clarksberg, heavy traffic from 70 to urban in a and towards the spur, it's about a 25 minute delay
6:19 am
beltway. northbound side quiet and problem free on secondaries through rockville. i'll let you know if that changes, metro on time, we'll be talking inauguration traffic and road closures throughout the morning, things kicking in as early as noon today. >> couch potatoes. more great programming coming to netflix. president-elect donald trump takes his oath of office. talking about the wax figure that will be unveiled later this morning.
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what is going on with wal-mart? first job cuts now word of a big hirings, first a check of the markets joining us from the fox business network
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simonetti. >> the home improvement chain is slashing 2400 positions. it was rumored now official. they're doing so at their distribution centers, their customer support centers, even the corporate office. and they're going to do this as they start to move some of the back office employees to the front of the store, to help people coming in with their projects and the like. lowe's has reported slower foot traffic. competing with home depot and others, and unfortunately, we got job cuts i have to say job cuts is a rare term to use these days as donald trump is getting set to become the president. >> interesting, just quickly, that he makes a statement about the dollar, and we see the reaction right after that. it's kind of fascinating. >> it fell sharply yesterday to the lowest level in about a month and a half and the reason would be donald trump told the wall street journal he thinks the drugs or alcohol
6:23 am
strong, with that the dollar falls, yesterday it was down 59 points, the nasdaq lowered by 35. it had been on a string of record closing highs. today is about banks, more banks reporting, goldman sacks speaks this afternoon on monetary policy in california >> let's talk about wal-mart making changes. >> we just told you lowe's was cutting and wal-mart is hiring workers 10,000 of this year. this is the thing to do to get in the president-elect's good graces. wal-mart says these 10,000 jobs will be added to the new stores, the current stores they're expanding and their online operations. >> that is a little good news. how about good news if you just wants to stay home and bin. watch something? i was watching west world but finish that day too soon, now i'm watching the mariah cary's
6:24 am
mariah's world very good. >> i could see your girls really liking that one, do you watch with them >> no >> ok. >> ok. i'm shocked. guilty pleasure, what netflix is adding 1,000 hours of original programming this year, that's how they suck the subscribers in, you can only see this on netflix and everybody is talking about it. they're upping it from 600 next year, also inc a deal with jerry seinfeld. did you ever watch comedians getting coffee >> i've seen a couple of episodes >> i haven't seen it but i've tried all morning to remember the name of that show and i have to look down every time. >> comedians and cars getting coffee. anything jerry seinfeld is good. >> i think the first one was comedian george
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were roommates in new york, something really weird. really good. >> honestly i'm missing tv these days. >> i understand. >> no time >> just the baby >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you. it's fun i'm watching mariah's world >> nothing wrong >> she's very likeable on the show. not that we know any of these celebrities, but you might not think that likeable, that she led with that maybe? i don't know but she's >> i saw a little clip when her christmas song came on and she started singing along to it. that was very nice. >> true story. >> yes. let's do the forecast. we're going to clear it out. we're going to dry it out. both good news here after fog and rains yesterday, 47 in washington, windchills 45 -- feels like 45 out there. winter light out of the south southeast about five miles an hour, the clouds hanging tough. fogs through parts of the area,
6:26 am
coming through as we speak. it may kick off a sprinkle or shower, what it will do is allow high pressure out to the west to and the bottom line is we're going to clear it out and keep it nice and mild. most of your day at least your afternoon should feature sunshine, tomorrow fantastic, friday not so much, clouds and a few showers by early afternoon. it's not going to be a wash-out but we will have scattered showers on friday, and again on sunday. so plan accordingly. >> thank you >> dress warm on try, it's going to be chilly >> probably going to be if you're outside at the inauguration, you're going to be out there a little while >> hours and hours. >> let's get a look at our roads this morning. >> 626 right now and we're taking a live look outside, 95 on the southbound side. this is just outside the beltway on the top side as you come down from the icc heavy traffic down to the beltway. light fog as well. give yourself extra time, bw parkway southbound better in that area. bottom side
6:27 am
inner loop as you head out from camp springs down through prince george's county getting to the wilson bridge, we're seeing heavier volume. the outer loop is picking up but the inner loop heavier. as we forward the cameras, you can see over the leakage end bridge. we had reports of denser fogs in that area, use your low beams, if you encounter denser patches of fogs, especially water ways, bridges and overpasses, keep it to fox 5 news morning. we'll get back to you.
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6:29 and back with a live look at pennsylvania avenue outside of the trump hotel. a lot of police activity as we enter closer to the inauguration, a man apparently tried to set himself on fire on the street outside of the hotel. he told me the outlet that he was protesting the election of donald trump. taken to the hospital minor burns, welcome back we'll have weather and traffic coming up on the 5 at 6:35. we're following breaking news out of europe, at least two large earthquakes have hit central italy. those quakes happening within the last hour, they hit in a region still recovering over devastating quakes, we do not the shaking was intense in rome and that that city subway's system has been closed so that
6:31 am
can take place, we haven't heard of reports of other damage or injuries, we'll share updates as soon as we get them. >> breaking overnight. george h w bush in a houston hospital. we're hearing he was taken to the hospital after having shortness of breath. he's report to be stable and doing fine and expected to go home in a couple of days. now to a story that's every apparently nightmare. you drop your child off at day care and something bad happens. a child choked on a piece of food a meatball at a day care, that's where anjali hemphill is with more on what is just a heartbreaking story anjali. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it really is just so tragic, a mother takes her healthy three-year-old young boy to day care where she works for the u.s. go. no less for him to end up choking to death
6:32 am
same building the whole time unaware of what's going on. the family of three-year-old sterling moore is demanding answers about what happened's his mother is an accountant here with the labor department and he yesterday, she dropped him off at the child development center where he had been going the last two years. the family says while mom had stepped away from her desk for a moment. the day care called her and left her a voice mail. by the time mom came downstairs, her son was in an ambulance and unresponsive after choking on a meatball. the family wants to know how this could have happened under the supervision of two teachers. >> he was just at my niece baby shower. he ate meatballs there. how big are these meatballs claiming that he choked on and why are they feeding children and not watching them? . >> reporter: the day care did
6:33 am
shocked and deeply saddened as we grief the sudden death of one of our children today while eating lunch, the child showed difficulty breathing, our trained staff responded immediately to call 911 and perform the heimlich maneuver and cpr. the child was transported to children had that hospital by paramedics and passed away. we're devastated by the tragedy and our hearts and condolences go out to the family. we do not know the cause of death at this time but our fully cooperating with authorities following this tragic loss. now, fox 5 has learned the staff here of this day care is required by law to be trained in cpr and the heimlich maneuver. it is unclear the status of those two employees who were involve in all of this and the case remains under investigation. that's the latest live in northwest anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. it's 6:37 a vigil will be held for
6:34 am
the cross fire of a gun battle. a gunman he said had no regard for where he was firing, one of the bullets hit her who was in a wheelchair. >> she did a lot of stuff for a lot of people. always had her door open where people can come in there and sleep. they had no place to go, all that kind of stuff. i know that if somebody in that complex knows something, they going to talk hopefully. i'm wishing and praying. >> her family set up a gofundme page to help pay for her funeral. the goal $5,000. you can find a link on our website hundreds of people showed up in ellicott city to debate a proposed sanctuary bill it would allow howard county to protect undocumented workers from deportation. deporters wore green shirts, opponents wore
6:35 am
this morning bad news about a dog rescued from a house fire. the dog's owner say that caesar has died. the family tweeted the news to dc fire and ems and also thanked the first responders for rescuing him calling them heroic. >> hate to hear that. 6:35. australian overnight 15 in his williams advanced to third round, pulled out of a double match. serena will focus on her round three singles match friday. skins still need a defensive coordinator. they look in-house, current outside linebackers craig was interviewed by the skins, started his playing career in '88 coaching career with the redskins in 2001, served as defensive coordinator for the colts and 49ers. speaking of the 49ers a name set to head west, kyle shanahan, former coordinator and son of
6:36 am
choice for the head coach job. a busy running the falcons as they get ready to face the packers on sunday. antonio oh brown apologizing for streaming the locker room on sunday live on facebook, on twitter he said i let my emotions and genuine excitement get the best of me and wanted to share the moment with the fans, the coach was not a fan, mike thomas said brown will be punished internally by the team. >> that's too bad. >> got to be careful. >> that would be like ming to that in our editorial meeting. >> right. weather. we got big changes if you want sunshine and drier air, you will love this afternoon, not quite there. 47 in washington, still fog, low clouds, even a spot or two of drizzle working through the area, there was a look at regional tempetu
6:37 am
we're going to be mild afternoon, mid to upper 50's later today, we got a cold front coming through right now. once it gets east. we'll start to see the clearing trend later this afternoon and as mentioned, temperatures temps 15 degrees above normal later. 57 this afternoon, there's your forecast for thursday night. i just want to mention friday looks like clouds with showers around. if you got an extra moment, hang in here, because we're going to try a brand new segment at 6:45. >> ok? >> yes. at 6:45 >> you're going to make us wait eight minutes >> we can do that. look forward to it. meantime here's erin >> you did an lol, i did i think you should wait around for i it's exciting. 6:37. we're seeing slowdowns, light fog, kind of a gloomy start to wednesday, southeast, southwest freeway westbound there's a cross walk in the center line after the 3rd street tunnel, westbound and eastbod
6:38 am
congestion in that area. gw parkway earlier southbound crash. look at those delays, remain really heavy back past 123 toward the key bridge. as you head out today, keep in mind parking restrictions and street closures go into place today as early as noon, green zone begins 7:00 a.m. thursday where only vehicles that are allowed in the area will be allowed to go through but the red zone all over the capitol area as you make your way out by the white house, just a large span of secondaries in the district shutdown. make sure you plan ahead at erin@fox5dc on twitter. and union station event tomorrow parking restrictions begin as early as 1:00 a.m. we'll have more on that as we continue keep it to fox 5. 5.
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6:41, these going to be doing the half time show at the super bowl. and the nfl is slamming claims i it told her not to talk politics, the it started following a report that quoted an unnamed source, the nfl called that report nonsense and said people are trying to stir up controversy. . ariana grant day under fire. in the post,
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. 6:45. there's a look at the c
6:46 am
dome. >> stars or the lens? >> that's the lens >> check out the visitors center. maybe i'll try friday to see what's going on down there. >> there will be lots of parking. >> fantastic. >> these are live. >> trying to be funny. breezy, milder conditions expected later this afternoon and a chance to dry out here, we'll get the fog and low clouds out of here later today with highs expected to be in the mid to upper 50's. 44 now in washington. 41 for you in frederick. reports out of winchester we're still getting pretty good fog, 37 in winchester, this way, and again cool temperatures out there at this hour, clouds fall. both of those unfortunately we're still dealing with we shouldn't lose the fog and clouds as the frontal system comes through, piece of energy out here, sprinkle or shower in the northern part of the area, the trend wil
6:47 am
things out and actually a nice wednesday afternoon, so temperatures about -- we'll gotten plus degrees above normal. speaking of above normal. that's the weather pattern for the time being and with a big area of high pressure across much of the country here, we're looking at temperatures, expected to be well above normal for the next week or so, does look like we'll get colder air towards end of january. 50's we'll have a few days next week where we flirt with 60, you can see the seven-day forecast above normal. 57, clouds for our day on friday, with showers around. stay tune, we got a new segment coming up erin >> 6:47, excited for the segment, there's a new crash in 14th street bridge blocking the center lane causing additional congestion. a gloomy start. 6:47. outer loop jammed with about a 25 minute slowdown. southeast southwest freeway,
6:48 am
westbound side a crash is bill clintoning the center lane after the 3rd street tunnel. westbound side backed up same on eastbound side. a lot of heavy volume 11th street bridge is sluggish. after a crash after key bridge did clear, delays remain all the way back by 123. aside from the 270 southbound, the light volume is still in place from 70 down through urbana and montgomery county. it's about a 30 minutes delay, let's take a live look outside. seeing slow traffic and denser fog right now developing on 395. it's about a 15-minute delay from the beltway then again a crash at the center line 14th street bridge not helping at all and this is a live look as you make your way 270 southbound. a lot of heavy traffic i think that yellow line we were seeing is going to start to turn red, allow for extra time. it's time for tucker barnes's new segme
6:49 am
exciting if not more than this walk. >> that's a heavy sell >> many of you that have watched for a period of time we used to do tony and tucker back in the day. >> ask the weather guys. >> any time i'm out and about people are like you guys bring something back for the 6:00 hour here. something that's fun and reminiscent of that. well. we are bringing back a new segment with your help, where's my -- >> off to a great start >> where's my intro? >> i can give you an intro. >> there it is. >> make our day, the brand new segment. total fox 5 style. the morning meme. we want to encourage you guys to send us your morning meme every morning, this is the first one. sent from a viewer to me a few weeks ago. i can't remember exactly what i did, but i thought that was
6:50 am
hilarious. >> it's really good. >> how is this whole thing going to work >> so if you see a my client eme that you like and want to share it send it to us at #morning meme and we'll try to put it on each morning. >> our viewers are creative, so we encourage people to make their own >> here are the rules, there are no rules. you don't need -- the memes don't have to be about us, anything that you think is relevant. here's another one. >> when your boyfriend decides he wants to try on your clothes. that's when tucker borrowed my shirt when we were watching cars together. >> here's another one. when you're trying to be enthusiastic but it's monday. that one really made me laugh. >> so here's a few that we put together. there you go. driving that light snow. >> you know, the idea is folks get a little creative as well. but just let's you know,
6:51 am
tasteful. keep it friendly. >> tv friendly. #morning meme send them in. we'll do a little segment >> again, it does not have to be us. you know, so it's just whatever, and it's funny >> we'll give people a little lift >> little lift on the way out the door >> bring steve into a meme, that's so funny. trying therapeutic. >> #morning meme, it will be fun. we'll look forward to it. 6:45 every morning. something else we look forward to. meme play tucker's theme again. you might want to sit on that side. >> hold on. there he is. >> come on back. >> it's good to see you guys, real quick, movie called lion out in theaters right now about a young 5-year-old boy gets separated from his
6:52 am
incredible story, and he's adopted by an australian family and 25 years later, is reconnected with his birth mother, an incredible story. we had the young boy in the studio who plays the young boy name is sunny pawar who was in dc a lot of events but specifically met barack obama the other day, check out the interview right here. >> you've been in washington, dc since yet. . you met president obama at the white house. how was that for you? >> it was an absolute honor. thank you very much, it was a pleasure. >> when you shook his hand, what did he say to you? (translating) >> he said well done little boy >> you're wearing a tasman
6:53 am
shirt, did you get to keep it >> not only just the shirt, i've gotten so many gifts my bag is overfull and i have to take extra baggage when i go back home >> you probably recognize him from the golden globes when they lifted him up and reintroduced the lion >> he wore the same shoes >> and the gentleman next to him is had us translator. the movie is incredibly moving. you'll be crying at the end. it's a beautiful story in theaters now and he was in studio yesterday morning. it was very cool to have that. he's amazing. mccarthy he goes into so much detail. the tasmanian shirt is what he was wearing when he gets adopted >> just say kiki palmer >> she's amazing, she's from scream queens, watch this. ♪ ♪
6:54 am
instagram. let's get to the chorus. hold on. amazing. this is on her instagram feed, and she just nails it. that's the story. it's just kiki palmer singing a beyonce song and sounds awesome we wanted to play it for you this morning. moving on and the instagram post is >> all grown up for you >> she's amazing, >> last story lin manual heading back to the stage as alexander hamilton. this is footage of the show, he made the announcement on twitter after president obama commuted to send oscar rivera. he tweeted he would return for
6:55 am
performance. we have the tweets here while rivera was born in puerto rican he lived in chicago after earning a bronze star during vietnam. he was convicted in 1981, help me with this particular word. >> sa dishes conspiracy while he was the pro puerto rican independent group, that was responsible for more than 100 bombings in the 70's and 80's. and after the news, he tweeted this, he said i'm sobbing with gratitude in london and oscar is coming home thank you, potus. and he said he'll be returning one show only and it will be in chicago. very cool. >> thanks, kevin. >> 6:65. get to work on your memes. we're going to be mid 50's later this afternoon, and we got a little fog and cloud cover early, 46 in wasin
6:56 am
a look at your satellite and radar. we're going to clear and dry it out. that will be the best part later temperatures a good ten degrees above normal. get ready to enjoy couple mild afternoons starting with today. 57 degrees and again, should be dry for much of the afternoon here after morning clouds and fog. tomorrow looks great. friday not as much cloud cover and there will be few showers around during friday. it could start as early as 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, keep in mind if you're participating in the events on friday. plenty more weather coming up. #morning meme. >> i can't wait to see whatever coming up with light fog, bad traffic, southeast southwest from your. a lot of heavy traffic in both directions, be prepared for that one, eastbound side heavy. 11th street bridge jammed, gw parkway crash is cleared but jam packed from north of
6:57 am
the key bridge. we had a crash 395 by little river turnpike quickly cleared but still jammed towards the 14th street bridge. metro on time. keep it to fox 5 we'll take a look at all the closures as we prepare for the big day on fox 5.
6:58 am
the enamel on my teeth was weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that.
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7:00. breaking news that george hw bush is in the hospital and we've learn he's been there for days. what else we've learned about the condition this hour the presidential inauguration inches closer some of you will start to feel the impact of the ceremony. today with major parking and road restrictions set to begin we're live with what you need to know the to best avoid a commuter nightmare in the hot seat, the nominee for our education secretary taking heat from lawmakers including virginia senator tim cane, more hearings get underway today >> i'm demanding answers why and how long did it take for them to realize he was suffocating >> a toddler chokes on food. happening inside of a day care in a government building. this wednesday morning ready for the


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