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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead at 6:00,ox5 g waking upah eato a lot of changa in there district as the city c is one day away from the he presidential road closures overnight tos oveo tell you about, plus if you're headed to the national mall for the big event you mightbi want tog pevaenck a poncho.pon. the timing of rain changingangi just a little bit.bit tucker will fill us all in.n good thursday morning, i'm allison seymour.r. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste first up at 6:00 let's headhead overseas. breaking news in italy where whe as many as 30 people are trapped inside a hotel afterafer that hotel was struck by anb avalanche. 0 guests and sevend seven staff members were at theatthe hotel which is in the sameich ih area where three earthquakeshres hit yesterday. there are reports of at least le one guest who acknowledged get out along with a maintenancemain worker. rescue teams have been tryingmsv overnight to help save those victims. >> also following breaking
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news from iran where state st media is reporting 30orng firefighters are feared deadrs a and 75 others injured after a highrise residential buildinguil in the capitol city of tehranehn collapsed after a massive fire. take a look the shocking scene unfolding on live television.le. 200 firefighters called to thecl scene of the burning 17-story building. buil officials fear many people are e still trapped inside thatped ina burning rubble of the highriseh which is among the first built in the city.. >> former president georgeside h.w. bush still in intensiventnv care this morning at a houstonin hospital. the former presidentform recovering after a procedurea p to help clear his airway wasy s successful. su the former president had the hat procedure yesterday afterh having been in the hospitalre ya since salturday battlingbatng pneumonia. former first lady barbara bushrh was also admitted yesterday as a a precaution after sufferingffei fatigue and coughing.d >> local news at a minuteal n after the hour noeww.hour n skyfox over the scene of af building fire. this is on flower avenue inue takoma park.rk. about 75 firefightersirefig currently on
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the blaze ignited at manna restaurant. >> a day to go until the inauguration. president-elect donald trumptiup and vice president-elect mikees pence preparing toide make theet rounds in washington. was >> two of the day's mainain public events taking place atplt the lincoln memorial which isn i where we findch i our melanieure alnwick this morning.nwic m what's going on mel? goodl?oo morning. >> reporter: lots going onteg steve and allison.eve and al i mean, constitution avenueitute very, very busy this morning. m not only with traffic butfic we've seen motorcades of golfdel carts with people who arewith pe getting ready to set up for for this event as well as security y barriers going in flashingashing lights all over downtown d.c.tod this morning. so, here at 10:30, it is the t first celebration, an event evet called voices of the people ats the lincolnof memorial featuring bands and performers fromand pes local schools f and civicand groups. last night there were twore wee official di donald trump flew into d.c.ew i. from new york last night for on
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theelec nt ational portrait gale another dinner featuring cabinet nominees at theees he library of congress.grs. later today, 3:30 this30 afternoon is when it all getse under way in earnest.ea we'll have mr. trump and mr. pence with a wreath laying ceremony at arlington nationaltl cemetery. ce the pair will then head to theot lincoln memorial here for the te make america great again welcome celebration.bration. mr. trump is expected to make me a short speech there and thanktk his supporters but i don'tbut it think he's going stay for theta tire event.t. the concert itself will feature toby keith john voight o lee greenwood three doors downoo as well as military bands rsanda a fireworks then a private event 7:30 this evening. we've heard about this.e he it's candlelightar dinner for very wealthy donors that bothat president-elect trump and vicead president-elect pence willt-el attend and then we understandndr that they'll be staying at blair house tonight.. last night trump made aade
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pennsylvania avenue after those dinners, he was greetedwa by some applause fromse from supporters there.pportersre. he took his private plane back to new york last night york la t probably for his last night inin awhile at his home at trumptrup tower and then he makes his maks way back to washington thishingn morning for the duration offo his presidency.r thency. live on constitution avenue,on v i'm melanie alnwick fox5 local l news. >> mel, thank you very much. m police officers fromliceffi around the country traveled to o the nation's capitol thishis week. week they'll help patrol the largero crowds for the inauguration.ugur today at the d.c. armory u.s. u. marshall service will swear inar more than 3,000 officers fromr more than 200 departments andpa at fedexr field 3500 nationaln guard soldiers and airmen willm take the oath of duty.dut they will help d.c. policep manage traffic and crowde traf >> in a show of support for fr lgbt rights hundreds of protestors held a dance partypa in the chevy chase area inea n d.c. neat rented house of vice e president-elect mike pence.t-el the group was supposed to holdec the event
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house but his his road wasoad ws blocked off by police. the organization disrupt j20sru2 helped to organize the partyor and the group isga planning mora provost this >> donald trump expected toexpe name his final cabinet memberemr today. fox news has confirmed hefirmede plans to nominate georgiageorg governor sonny purdue to serve as agriculture secretary.ecr purdue will be the firstl be th southerner to lead the te agriculture department in moree than two decades.ecades. >> confirmation hearingsnf continue on the hill todayirmatl with president-elect secretary y of energy nominee in the hote ht seat former texas governorgoverr rick perry expected to faceo fa tough questions about thehe keystone pipeline which hewhichh supports. a report in the "new yorke "ne times" says when perry wasw first nominate henominatee misunderstood the job not realizing his biggestis responsibility would be tobi oversee theli country's nuclear arsenal. his team says he's educating himself. >> new york good morningw yo tucker barnes. >> hey, good morning.rk . hey, go. you >> okay. >> okay. the weather is nic. >> feeling a little congested.
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>> personally. >> otherwise i'm great. weather is going to be going to today will be the nicest day of the week. still forecasting rain showersgs for tomorrow. we'll talk about that. >> ifl ta only we could is a swp >> yeah, that would be a lothato better with everybody outsideoue tomorrow but today will turnl into a beautiful afternoon.fter. we'll be right back into theighc mid to upper 50's.50' yesterday we hit 60 degrees.ree. who knew? we only hit it foritr a few minutes.ew 43 at reagan national, 44 dulles and 44 up in baltimorebam at bwi marshall. those temperatures already warmer than our averageege daytime highs this time of timef year, so -- >> oh. >> oh. >> -- you know where we'reu know e headed in a warm directions.rec. temperatures will be a goodd almost 15 degrees above normalen later this afternoon.r this aft a little cloud cover out toernoo the west.the wes we will not be concerned with. w that we'll be in for a partly sunny day and it should be ae dry afternoon for us. . so, if you want to go out and practice your -- let's see -- se activities for tomorrow --orro-- >> okay. you can do so with sunshine sunshi tod >> dress
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>> yes. 57 this afternoon.ft partly cloudy out there. clo should be a nice day. d i'll give you the timing on t the rain tomorrow, how muchorr we're going get.going ge bottom line is it's not a biga g deal but enough that it willgh l be a nuisance. >> okay. >> i bought some ponchos lastcha time i was in new york if wasnek anybody needs to borrow them.. >> no umbrellas gloam they'relam already spoken for.ady spen for. very nice of you. 6:07 now.w. hi, erin.hi, erin. >> hey, good morning, steve.ning right now we have somet now hae breaking news out of takoma park. this is a big building fire at i the manna restaurant closing cl piney branch road right near flower flower avenue closed as well w so that intersectionrsection definitely affected.affecte cry tri to keep to iti to university boulevard. i got a tweet a quiveerssition s this big fire is causing anyaus beltway delays. asbe of right now just typicaltp volume on the outer loop loop through university boulevard area but noiver major delays but again as you can see a huge hue fire and police presence.ce ce. tracking this breaking news ns and you'll need to add extra ext time to your commute in silver r spring and takoma park thistakos morning.mornin as we switch to our maps ap in
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crash. because of there we have a ha disabled vehicle blocking theleb right lane.lo right 295 northbounlad backing up from suitland parkway to the 11the 11 street bridge as you crossu ss that scene.that s also just dealing with somewithm other problems aside from thatit fire that we're dealing with.wi. southbound bw parkway crash at a 175. the left lane is blocked there. backed up to 100. take 95.take 9. morning commute typical delays on the outer loop thro ughhro college park and again parking restrictions and street and str closures in place throughoute tu the district. so much to get we have team coverage thiso morning.morning. fox5's annie yu she's oute's out there by the capitol tellingpiti us the very >> reporter: hey, good h, good morning, erin. e good morning, everybody.e i'll tell was downtown areaown r around the lincoln memorial,mri, independence avenue,dependence , constitution avenue, the national mall, basically theica swath of downtown is bright br lights and flashing lightsand ai everywhere you lngook and if yof take a look now at this live shot, this street view, whatw you're look, at is one of thee security check points right bypn the lincoln memorial and so
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blocks or so and they'rehey' setting things up gettingp get ready for the big day. day. thousands of personnelersnnel involved with this. so, security is definitelyitely super tight.ight. no matter if you're attendingtte the inauguration on friday oridr if you're going to the concerts tonight or the galas gs and things like that, just be prepared for long lines ands nd tight security everywhere you go. if you can avoid the downtownown area for the next few days, dys, even into the weekend, that would be a good idea becausea not only do you have theou havee events going on today, thee inauguration tomorrow but also the big women's march ong womenn washington where they'regton w expecting hundreds ofhecting huf thousands of folks to come to the nation's capitol.p what you're looking at now is no a list of the major closures.os. the red zone area, that's the'st perimeter where no one isis allowed to enter. e that is for authorized authorizd vehicles only.hicles you will be towed.ow you will be denied.will be de. the green zone is opened tod to traffic. however, you're going to beyooi asked to show proper i.d. ford.r residency as well asell employment. employme now, this list is a list of list things that you are not to bring. brg.
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list which we've gotmore listedl for you on our web site but selfie sticks,ies drones, obviously firearms orear weapons of any kind.n you want to avoid those big bg signs and back packs and bags and also umbrellas.mb while the rain is coming down which is unfortunate we should be thankful that we're not we're dealing with the blustery coldhr like we did in inaugurationsaugr in the past. back to you in the studio. the u >> president obama holds hisnt a final press conference and h takes aess scoubtle jab at dond trump. that's coming up next. ne >> plus the story that'sory that getting a lot of attention a a lot of backlash this morning.or a too much here is refusing toro let his students watch donalds d trump's inauguration speech.pee. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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>> ♪♪ >> with just one day now from the inauguration to gjuo,st o te new trump international hotel hl in d.c. is off limits to all members of the media.memb the ban will stay in perlacein c through sunday.rough sunday it's to protect the privacy ofaf guests. the hotel first opened in september after donald trumpmp won a lease from these government to renovate the oldtl post office building.uiling hotel officials say the banhe does not violate their leaseeire or any city laws. meanwhile new questions thise ns morning about atio conflict offf interest surrounding theng the president-elect's plans to expand his golf course resorte t in scotland.s this morning some lawyers whowye specialize in governmentiali ethics say they're not
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convinced the expansion is nothe a conflict of interest. in donald trump has vowed thatp hav his company will do "no new " foreign deals while he'sigdeals president." a spokesperson for the resortres says the expansion is not aansii new deal though, just another phase of construction that hadna already been approved yearsear ago. >> president obama held hisd final press conference at thees white house.s co whe ho the presidentus e.touching onou several things that haveral happened over the past eightasth years also talked about recent headlines from russia'sussias involvement in the election tooo his decision to shorten the sentence of chelsea manning. ma he was asked how he thinkshe president-elect donald trumpt- will do and here's what willre he to say. >> i don't think we'll know know until he has an actual chance al to get sworn in and sit behind that desk. and i think a lot of his views are going to be shaped by hisshy advisers, the people aroundarund him which is why it's it's important to pay attention ton t these confirmation hearings.tior >> president obama says hesi plans to do some writing anddese spend time with whiris family f the meantime when he leavesaves office. >> a michigan teacher causing the stir this morning after hehe reportedly center an
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top parents telling them thatnt their children would notth be allowed to watch thelowed toatce inauguration of donald trumptiot in his class tomorrow. class they have school.. parents with students in the stt class, the fourth grade class cs and other classes at explorerxor elementary school in williams williamston sounded off sayingof he was wrong >> i think it's for parents tor handle political things withpoli our kidsti and decide whether or not they watch it. . >> the teacher here is alsos a facing major backlash onklash social media over his controversial decision.eisio next metro is changing itshi plans for saturday's women'surde march on washington.ashi >> live look over the scene ofte a building fire in takomaire ina park. this is on flower avenue.on floe much more on this coming upthisg after the break.after the break. it's now 6:13. 6 weather is n we'll talk about if it's goingis to rain on inauguration day.
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>> live picture right now from takoma park. there is a fire there at api businessct ane d wise had s akyfox up had x overhead a few minute ago.w mut there you can see some of the te crews on the ground. gron they've been working to knockg this down. we'll getot more information fof you coming up just as soon asust we get a little bit more butre at this point that's all wehat'w know. there you can see the ladder lar truck is up and the folks arefoe still working there, the t firefighters still working toghe try to rsknock down some smoke that is remaining.remaining. tuck. >> thank you very much, let's get going. steve. little chilly this morning.le c temperatures overnighthi fllallg back into the 40's locally afnd there's some 30's north andsomed west. after school today, to temperatures are going to go soar. right back into the mid toback o upper 50's, may touch tou 60 degrees in a few spots. sps. so should be a very, very nicey thursday afternoon. all right, here's your 43 ino the city. manassas 31 degrees, 30 in0 in culpeper. 43 up in frederick thisedeck morning. we're getting cloud cover.oud ce 37 in leonardtown.eo should be a mix of clouds and cu sun for you day today. today but a nice afternoon.ce af we do have some clouds alreadysd
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to our south and west and the origins of our next stormt storm system which will likely bringkg us some shower activityus somowt starting to get bettert organized here off to ourganizee south and west. there's the big picture andcturd again we're far enough awaywe'ry from any rain showers thatt remain dry today we should shuld just be kind of partly as we get into thend overnight hours, pardon me, we'll cleare'r up and then we should get some rain showers moving inoving i unfortunately the timing looks l to be late morning early ea afternoon. ternoon. obviously i know tomorrow is at big day to be outdoors and asoor far as timing this t-it looks- like we could have some rainhave showers again by late morning early i fast forwarded it. i this is friday morning at 7:00i0 a.m. so watch what happens here.s here we are at 11:00.1:00. everybody's gathering andringand right at about noon to 1:00, we're get something light're ge showers across the army itsoer will be a quics k mover.acro i think in time for the pwiallre by 2, 3 o'clock the rain mayloce be out of here. hee but we're definitely goingfi have a period of rain showersof again late morning early eary afternoon. quick reminder.rem you can't bring umbrellas downtr to the mall so packo pa accordingly if you're
6:18 am
be outdoors for any period of time tomorrow as it looks like e those rain showers will bee ra with us right during intheg the middle of the day. a not a heavy rain. rin. but we'll have a couple hours during the late morning, earlygr afternoon tomorrow where werrowe have some rain showers around.w. saturday looks great and thenndn rain returns on sunday intonto monday. temperatures in the 50's. did i mention today looks beautiful? temperatures inl? the upper 50's.'s. >> i'm busy.>> i >> tell me what's going onmes with the look. lk >> because i'm wearing wea sneakers with my dress? arers w you going to tell everybodyevyby about that. that i'm very >> wowucker.r. >> i'm just asking.t i thought maybe she wasybe wa fashion forward. fow >> he shoe shamed me.oe shame. >> i'm the one who walkedhe onee around in bare feet.ound in ba it's okay.'s she can wear whatever shecan weh wants. >> you're right. fine, i desee itve it. right now there's a ho.use firee breaking news we're trackingtr out of takoma park maryland.r flower avenue closed at piney branch road. r huge scene over mannane over maa restaurant. fire trucks on scene as well
6:19 am
as a lot of first notice a lot of extra traffic tc on piney branch road.roa in addition take university taky boulevard to get around and and lot of traffic picking up onffin the top of the beltway on the outer loop already throughea college park so be prepared for that.dy ege aspa w move over from thisveris house fire to our maps not the only thing going on around theue area right now. now. inbound 11th street bridgeth disabled vehicle blocking theckt right lane so that's causing a a lot of backed up traffic 295af northbound assumed across thero belch street southbound side of bw parkway br crash at 175. the left lane still blocked.till that's up to 100. take 95 southbound from thethbor baltimore beltway towards the capital that will save i wasat will sa significant amount of timef this morning. aside from that wanted to helpop you get around these majore ma closures that kicked in around d 3 o'clock this morning. fourteenth street bridge thetred hov lanes are closed rightare cg now. however the main lanes are ae opened. memorial bridge right now the ne arlington memorial bridge isge s closed because it's so close to the events gsoingo on at theo lincoln memorial today.ay. third street tunnel
6:20 am
oh it closes tomorrow at 6:00loo a.m. so that's something to so m keep in mind.etkeep imind. however, the ninth street, 12th street and e streetstrt tunnels closed right now. w also closed right now some now e major routes they closed around 3 a.m. this morning independence avenue from 12thfrh street bridge to the memorial ma and ohio drive frome o independence avenue to rockpendn creek pacerk away. pa a lot of closures in placein pl already today so if you'ref yo just trying to get to work w just be mindful you need to have some you can't park in that redt parr zone. green zone closures go intone co place for parking restrictions atr 7:00 so that's a hugea portion of the city around the national mall, today, lincoln, memorial as well as thell convention center and white house.. any questions at erin fox5ques d.c. on twitter.d.c. on twitter. >> changes for metro.>> cnges trains will run on an enhanced h saturday schedule. that means stations willsa openn at 5:00 a.m. two hours earlier i than normal. zen trains willz be added to the red and orange r line to help accommodate theate crowds. with the increase i
6:21 am
service is expected to runto every four to six minutes at all of the stations infouralof t downtown d.che.n d. >> donald trump getting a second twitter accountit tomorrow. so what's happening with thent one that het's happen currentlya the time. >> plus netflix sharing a plu record high ands getting competition from rival hbo. hb business beat coming up after the break. >> ♪♪
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>> donald trump's pick ford truf treasury secretary society getiy a grilling on capitol hillng o today. joining us from fox businessines network studios lauren ln simonetti. good morning. >> reporter: hello. >> so. ter:eporter: good morning. rning. >> markets right now premarketrt activity looks like it will beel down. let's roll there into ther hearings. talking money on the hill today.g mone to how might that be tied in. >> reporter: yup. >> what might wall street bell e listening for.enin >> reporter: headedg to t washington is someone who w hails from wall street, even hoywooood. trump's pick for treasury secretary steven mnuchin.. he'll get grilled on capitolril hill.hi people have s
6:24 am
his -- how he dealt with the te mortgage he was head of a company called one west that really rely foreclosed on so manyny homeowners during the crisis thr and benefited from those homeowners' misfortunes.sfounes. that's probably going to beg brought up today.t up tay. also anything he has to saying t about the u.s. dollar trump tp recently said it was too too strong. st how that affects china andhia ad interest rates.tes. so, steve mnuchin very likelykly our next treasury secretarilycry he gets grilled today as welllld as t energy secretary pick, rick perry. >> will donald trump use the th second account or not. >> reporter: we think so. we have 140 orctehr:aracters to tweet and we think trump whoru tweets all the time is goings go to get double that because hee e has two accounts.two acc. he has at real donald trump trmp which has about 20's million followers end gets at moat at mo potus as the 45th president ofpr
6:25 am
so what happens to at potus a that was used by barack obama. they kind of siphon off all of l the tweets that barack madehat a and then give the at potus account to donald trump.t to d >> and then we'll see whatwe'll happens with the followers ifolf the followers that followed fowe the current president go away a as of tomorrow.tomo >> reporter: and how do you do manage to -- how is he going i to know what to say on what w account. >> please, lauren, i can't ca handle more than one socialthans media account at a time butco i'm not the president.unt t >> reporter: isn't ithte pre confusing. i know. i know. >> apparently there are more m powers there. npo netflix tflis whe was on its death bed now it'seds taking over the world.wor >> reporter: all time highi for the stock, 94 million 94 min subscribers around the worldword just tearing apart in theirpartr earnings report last night.nigh. lots of original content easycoy to use folks are loving it. the international expansion pretty darn g now netflix is sayingn g hbo real quick theycy might actually start to air full seasons all at oncece before those shows air on live e television.
6:26 am
>> wow. okay. >> reporter: i know.k >> blows the mind.mind. thanks lauren. >> reporter: we'll see you yu tomorrow morning.morn 6:25.6: >> hello tucker. tuc >> what if if we do a whole season of our morning show. sho >> i think i'm the only personpe that doesn't have a netflix subscription.tion. >> can i give you my code. giv >> i tried using that.sing i didn't watch. >> he has 900 other channelsherc he can watch.wat today it will be well aboveabove normal temperature-wise and itn should be dry. winds out of thesht of the north-northwest this morning.orn a spot or two is belowlo freezing, culpeper andper a manassas thinking of you guysu you're right around 30 degreeses this morning. clouds off to our west.wes we will get clouds thisclods ths afternoon so we'll goal partly we'll go partly
6:27 am
you want to look at it. it rain showers tomorrow.omo plan much more on the friday fr forecast coming up.u >> can you do anything for thenr folks down there.the >> actually i control therol the weather so i'm going to beng to manipulating it just a >> bump it up a few degrees,egrs too. >> hi erin. >> hashtag blame tucker with bla that attitude. att right now 6:27.. active scene, fire crews areewse on location in takoma park.p flower avenue at piney branchanc road. huge scene there.te keep to it university boulevard and just keep init k mind as you travel through the h outer loop at university a lotis of extra volume there as well.we this is slowing things down.ngs you can see a huge first responders scene there. we'll keep you updated.ep you u. as we look at our maps real re quick you can see all the red re in the district a lot ofstri closures in place inlace preparation of theprepion of t inauguration. keep it to fox5.ep we'll help you steer clear ofarf all of those road closures assua we continue.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. at live30 looking at live pictures here of this fire we have been talking about inou takoma park.p this is at a restaurant calledc the manna restaurant.res i believe you see the fire r response there. there we'll stay on top of thisp of story for you.ory fo looks like the flames are out at now but the response still sti strong and the area around aund that shut down this morning.r welcome back to fox5 news5 ws morning. weather and traffic on ther 5s atd 6:35.6:5. right now at 6:30, as many as 30 people missing after anaft avalanche buried a mountain mou hotel in italy.y.
6:31 am
overnight. ernigh at least 20 guests and sevennd n staff members were at the at the hotel which is in the same se area where three earthquakes hit yesterday. dramatic images meantimemea out of iran this morning whereh state media is reporting thatinh 30 firefighters are fearede dead there and 200 others othes injured. this is after a highrisehigrise residential building in thentiai capitol city of tehrantehran collapsed after a massive fire. officials now combing throughs the rubble searchinnog for any survivors there in ir. former president georgeent h.w. bush remains in intensivene care at a houston hospitaltonl recovering after a procedureng to help a clear his airway was successful.ccessful. former first lady barbara bushrh also admitted yesterday as a precaution after sufferingsuffe fatigue and coughing.ghing. just a quick update for your yo there. starting today the> district will be a verystst difficult place to riget ahcto round in.roun. lots of road closures andures ad restrictions taking effect infen preparation for tomorrow'smorows inauguration.auguration. fox5's annie yu is liveiv downtown with the latest now.
6:32 am
annie, good in a car >> reporter: i know n-a carw n roving around the district andi surrounding areas for you. yo. we're getting your survival kit together.tog we're you go to jump onto thete roosevelt bridge.. you have tunnels and bridgesd be closed as well that feed into io the district sewn roosevelt is a good backup because 14thse th street and memorial bridgesemora are closed as of 4 o'clock this we checked at memorial and it at was definitely closed and sosedo those are in effect.efct. the key bridge as well as roosevelt again good backups to feed into the district ofinto columbia for you. for yu. i also want to show you thee list of street closures thates h we have along with a flapa shows you two zones, the red re and the green zones.ones. the red zone you cannot go in. it's for authorized vehicleshor only. there are parking restrictions.e you'll be towed and thatare pa be to obviously wesurrounds the whitet house, pennsylvania avenue, parts of constitution andution d union station
6:33 am
all the major landmarks where we the festivities are takingare ti place and then the green zoneeee is open to traffic. however, you will be asked to at show your photo i.d. by national guardsmen at certain ct points prove your residencyr and your employment before yoump enter that zone.loy zoe. whether you're going to the events or tonight or the inauguration expect longguec lines. these are the items you're notut allowed to take to any of the te events. selfie sticks big signs stis bin obviously firearms or weaponsapn of any kind.of i want to add umbrellas to theah list. expecting rain tomorrow.g rain best to t wear a poncho orch or raincoat if you have onecoat ifo because umbrellas could falluldl under one of the potential hazardous items. item there's a list. he secretcrett service, fbi, d.c. police po other local law enforcementfem agencies have been working forai months on the security aspecttya of it. of i security will be tight. tig they actually shut down five metro stations on friday as a
6:34 am
those on our web site that's the latfoest here from d.c. annie yu fox5 local news.yu foxl >> thank you very new much. mu d.c. police hope thispe th surveillance video will helpan lead them to a gunman who shotnt and killed app grandmother inndn southeast on monday.heast you can see onone m man way a ga chasing another firing at himhem as they run. rn. vivian marrow was the victim here. she was in a motorizeds in a mid wheelchair. she was hit by a b ullet and died at the scene. sene. in northwest d.c. the hunt. is on for vandals who broke into bancroft elementaryt elemet school in the 1700 block ofock f newton street. the school is currently underenr construction.constion. police believe the suspects usps broke into the school twicech during the weekends of january 6th and january 13th.ua1 >> time for the morning linefor right now at th6:34. hey, let's start with your u washington wizards on a roll. r. another win last night at home h and that makes it 13 in a row ro and that's their fourthhe longest home winning streakng sk ever. late third quarter hosting the e grizzlies. bradley beal on the baseline
6:35 am
drives double clutches.ives john wall to otto d porter and he drove one of his career c high six theirs 3-pointers there. wizards win 103-104.-1 next trip up to new yorko taking on the knicks on theon te road. longest home winning streak for the wizards 22 games. g stale little ways to go but fourth longest streak of all time. e >> kevin durant getting the durn ball offth russell westbrook.we westbrook posted a league high triple-double. the warriors win 121-100. 21 they are 36 and six.n that's an nba best.t. shocking upset overnight. six time champion novak n djokovic is out.t. if you're not familiar withnot dennis estoman. e he may be because he's rankeds 117th in the world.. love the underdog.lo i love it.t. djokovic had been aiming to bea the first man to win the
6:36 am
he'll have to wait untxt year. >> i like his swag. swag. >> pretty sweet. now you know who he is. how aboutw you this? ? congratulations three morela baseball greats headed to the g hall ohef fame, two of them with d.c. baseball ties. ivan pudge rodriguez.rod pudge played his final twoplay seasons right here in nationals park for youryor washington nationals and he was inducted with one of the montreal expo players timeaye rains. the washington nationals used toona be the montreal expos.exo. get it. >> astros jeff bagwell also the newest member of thenewestbe baseball hall of fame. f >> i can't believe he's beenn' out of baseball long enough toto be -- when wnge're e getting oln the time goes --g >> i know.>> i k >> i feel like pudge like pud three years ago, right. >> yeah. make a he make an impact here with the nats. er hereer h hisn im pacctare but he d law still playing
6:37 am
strong -- he was still playing strong. in addition to his office hefic has a very sharp baseball mind. helped the young strasburgg ssbg when they were gettin started. >> none of the juicers made it. >> now that you get it.e of t me >> barry bonds and rogerand clemens didn't make it. >> none of the juicers. [laughter] [laughter] >> 43 in washington.>> 4 washing >> wow. >> there's a reason -- >> that's a shade roll iat think. >> there's a reason i'm not an anchor o'sb iviously. a rviously 41 in new york. yrk 33 in boston. all right, hey, we got partly gt sunny skies to look forward towo today. nice and mild afternoon.ild afte mid to upperr 50's. 's. it will be dry today. dry tod rain showers in the forecastn tt for tomorrow a big day.tomorrow big. we'll talk about the timing on e the rain showers but today asas you're outbound 57 degrees. d enjoy a nice afternoon.teron. hey, coming up #morning
6:38 am
>> yay! >> brand new segment.w egme >> it's going to be.>> >> we have more. i >> it's going we hato regularle at 6:45.45. >> tucker will surprise usprises with something.omethi >> we'll all enjoy it we'll allj together.oy >> the ones i have aren't that good. >> that's all right. tha we're just getting >> if you need inspiration isp would like to see a shadyhady tucker meme. >> i know. >> they would be hilarious.ilus. he's not loving that.he'sov i got the side eye. e after he called me out after wearing my comfy mall walking w shoes to work. building fire, huge fire fi presence at that location and first responders need to detourt re around that. t outer loop crash at colesville l road, the left lane is blocked o and that's already in theady in delays from 95 over toto georgia. so please allow for about 25b extra minutes there.there. southbound bw parkway crash rash cleared at 175.d at residual delays back to 100.o 10 95 still nice and quiet.iet. inbound 11th street bridgest disabled vehicle blocks theed right lane. you're backed up v eho
6:39 am
[000:38:59;00] northbound to suitlandrthb parkway. and keep in mind ininin preparation of the inauguralia ceremony and parade and all an the events today street st closures kicked in about about 3 a.m. avoid the 14th street bridge b hov lanes memorial bridge isdges closed. third street tunnel is there closes at 6 o'clocke clt tomorrow morning.rrow however the ninth, 12th and e ae street tunnels are any questions at erin fox5esti d.c. on twitter. be back in just a fewnj moments.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
moments. >> ♪♪ >> 6:41. we're back now with what is trending on the web on this on o thursday morning amount dallas a cowboys fan made a bold prick p that the cowboys would win the super bowl and he got a well, they are not in theo super bowl and the fan is noww getting death threats over theoe tattoo from angry fans sayingnsg they jinxed the team. te. >> come on. >> he's getting death threatsthe is what i said.t i said. this fan though doesn't care. cr he just changed the roman numeral on the tattoo saying the cowboys will be champse little positive he'll be all right.t. ivanka trump moving to a $5.5 million home in d.c. andc. since every new home needs new furniture ivanka wenta shopping. shopping workers were seen bringing inngn furniture from, wait for it,it, ikea for the home.
6:43 am
uh-huh. a mover spotted -- was spotted d carrying a $179 assembly bed. together steve. steve. >> no. >> finally there's news goingly around the hollywood thatd at superstar jack nicholson isk nis retiring. at an event his friend peter fonda told the newspapera told t nicholson is basicallychn is b retired. tired. nicholson is 79 years ol. he's been on the big screencreen for 60 years and he's won three academy awards.awar he says i'm done.. but here's my comment when icom saw this >> what is retirement when itett comes to acting. >> yeah you never really cthear about -- it's kind of -- you --y don't ask any more.k any more. >> it's not like he's workingo a day job. >> which is why i've so enviedactors.. >> peta and planned parenthoodpl both hostingann preinauguralpre events tonight.onight. details next. de plus rolling outtail the red carpet for the people's choice e wards in hollywood.wards in yes, there was an aw haolrd shoa last night.
6:44 am
i know we're sola caught up inhn the inauguration. >> mariah's world.>> next year al.xt year al we'll talk about this year'ss yr big winners and best moments
6:45 am
6:46 am
ahead. >> ♪♪ >> can't see me right now but ee me am ---- >> i can attest you'reyou' grooving. and sexy. smooth >> i think when you have to w describe it yourself --he [laughter]ghter] >> leave it to me. me he was walking smooth andoth an
6:47 am
sexy. >> thank you allison.lln. if you say it takes on moremoe meaning. mean >> thank you very much.ha appreciatenk y it. it. best day of the week. day o it wasn't smooth or sexy but ife tried. here we go. temperatures let's see they're s cool. 43 now in washington.shington. 37 in quantico.uao. 36 in leonardtown.nardtown. 30 we're below freezing,reng, culpeper manassas you guysassasy dipped below the freezingo bel mark.ow cloud cover holdingd coveholdin temperatures in the low 40's.g it's cool but not ces iold.cold. it will be a nice mild finish.f. mid to upper 50's.50's yesterday we hit 60 at reagan national. we'll get close to that againclt today with temperaturesagy withm expected to be a good 10,peratu1 degrees above normal. you can see some clouds nout tot the south and west.the sout we'll havh ean clouds thiss afternoon. unfortunately that's theunat makings of our next rain nex shower activity which willctivit arrive just when we don't wantdw it to, kind of late morninge mog early afternoon tomorrow.t it's going to be a little tit touch and go. it may not get in here untill 1 o'clock but it may arrive as a early as 11 o'clock or so. so this is tomorrow morning.o there's futurecast.tur again i'm setting this up forp r tomorrow maybe a sprinklemo early andy ad
6:48 am
then the main event will gete in here bete 10 o'clock and noon and then we'll have scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. this is not going to be atomorr washout. i think the heaviest of the the rain only lasts for an hour orar two and then it will kind of itf push off to the north andthe nod east. it's a warm front.fron and we'll be left with just a ja few leftover showers here byowey early afternoon.noo however, obviously the timingimn not don't forget you can't bringt yc an umbrella down to thean mall l tomorrow so pack a paunch choaun or a jacket that kind of thing o tomorrow afternoon and thennoon we'll a get it out of tomorrow night looks dry justdr cloudy. 57 today.57 today. the showers are going to hold td temperatures down a little tomorrow, upper 40's back into's the 50's saturday. s sunday monday, rain aroundin temps in the 50's.s in the 5 that's weather.ther. .erin is back with traffic.traf. >> closures downtown for thes df inaugural events plus just a jua busy morning commute. com right now this is a look inok i takoma park maryland. maylan building fire at the mannathe ma restaurant. flower avenue remains shut sut down at piney branch road.nch rd still a very huge fire and
6:49 am
police presence as well aswell first responders out h take university boulevard.ou we'll switch it over to our our maps. we have an outer loop crash bycraby colesville roadblocking the roao left lane. traffic backed up from routefroo one all the way over toe way to georgia avenue with about a 25 5 minute slowdown.owdown. so be prepared for that one.tha inner loop still quiet. quiet. as we take a look at the at t inbound 11th street bridge ab disabled vehicle was blockinghi right ght it's moved over. over that big delay we were dealingei with back to suitland parkwayuia dissipated. dissated. 295 southbound heavy.heavy. and look at this, for theor t inaugural welcome celebration cn today, all around the lincoln l memorial we have several road closures in place includingncing constitution avenue from 23rdonu to 1e 5th. 1 annie yu is down there giving gi us team coverage.cov the memorial bridge is closed co as well because it's so closeo to the celebration. celebra you can take the roosevelt r bridge or the key bridge.rie. keep in mind a lot of tunnelsf t are closed and all around arund union station for an event. the main entrance union e station is closed.statio parking restrictions are ins ar place. use the westport companyestport entrance if you need to c access union station.ion station. give yourself extra time to timt get to union station as well simply because of an increased
6:50 am
security presence there. pretty much everywhere aro map out some of the roads thatet are opened for you.are opor you again roosevelt bridge key ke bridge chain bridge are allin bl accessible right now.ssible rig south capitol streetht bridge ag well as the 11th street bridge. sousa bridge and rock creek cek parkway. that's north of virginiavi avenue for rock creek parkway.p. use clara barton parkway eastay capitol street benning roadninga new york avenue as well as a southeast-southwest freeway.ewa. third street tunnel closesunnelo tomorrow at 6 o'clock in theo'ce morning. however right now the rest ofest your tunnels are pretty muchett all shut down.l sh if you have any questions at a erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.c. ont these are all the closures ins n place already.lready. metro right now is on time. t we'll keep you updated on that. again just reach out to me on on twitter enough any questions.ue if youst live in d.c. for a lono time inauguration time of yearor just means a lot of roads shut t down you need extra patience.rat that's a lot of traffic to getct through. but now i'll bring in tuckern tk barnes. >> i've been left in a daze da after all that.
6:51 am
hey, it is timeter al for our n favorite segment.favorite snt. >> yes. >> the morning meme #morning meme.#m >> i love this one.or >> send us your>> i l morning mm this is the first one we ever got and we want to thank mary jo. >> giant cup of coffee.nt cup o >> she is says i like bigke b cups. >> and i cannot lie.nnot . >> and i cannot lie.not li >> love it. want to singat doesn't it. >> >> our second submission ofco the day. >> how many are hend we doing day.dy. >> just a couple real fast.eal . >> i like this >> okay, wait.kay, w >> let's see thae meme. >> bring up the meme.m >> give to it steve andiv allison so thee yto can see thee memes. >> i can't read it. >> i can't read>> i c it. it >> flip the screen. >> it might be harder than wet h >> it says you'll never getou'lt into work on time, ha ha, onene of those traffic signs.hose t >> i like this one.n
6:52 am
>> when your friend hates on "ddpool."." >> send us your hashtag hashtag morning meme. at some point we're going tosht get this downwein so it looks lo pretty good. >> #morning meme. >> we'll put them up on the #moo bin gth screen. sc >> thank youer. >> we're getting good ones.>>d . >> thank you to everybody.o ever >> and ps erin gave me a coffee cup that big for big r christmas. >> it was a big coffee cup. >> it was a good christmas gift. gift. >> i promise come back.ome ba we'll do it right next time.tie. >> i guess we don't do ito tomorrow. >> maybe not. a busy dausy day. it is a busyy day on our good gd day guest list. l look who is visiting us actress melissa fitzgeralditz from the west wing. w she will join us later this this morning. >> all right.ght. and how about a hollywood heart throb antonio sabato jr.aj will be here and he's bringingrg his dimples with him i'mi pretty sure.
6:53 am
he's part of the inauguralugur ball at the new mgm weekend and you of course know w the surfer guy from tmz isz what i always knew him as buts b his real name is max and he'se's actually hosting that ball atbat the mgm. th going to be a busy >> cool. >> he's going to be with us asws well. >> and he does have a lasta lat name too.o. it's max hodges.h max will be joining us not max t from tmz. t. >> maybe he just wants to be max like sade or cher.or cher. >> a groups will gather to ask k ike leggett to sign into law a 15-dollar minimum w the county council approved apra bill to raise the minute mi william wage to $15 an hour by y the year 2020 but it's unclearul if leg get will veto it. montgomery county's minimumminm wage stands at $10.75.1 >> food lion holding a job fair in waldorf.
6:54 am
the grocer is hiring forring fo various positions includ produce managers producepr associates meat managers and mea other positions. if you're interested head downrt to the hilton garden inn ininnin waldorf. make sure you take your resume e and interviews will be held right on site.right on site. that's 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., so all day if you're yo looking for a job.lookr >> happening tonight in d.c. d. peta hosting its inauguralina bash called animals party that will be at the willard hotel h meant to celebrate members of mb congress involved in animal protection.ection co-host pamela anderson and mary matlin. matl planned parenthood hosting a free preinauguration concertcon at the 930 club. cl. common and the national will be among the performers. tickets are required.r the event will seretvs e aars aa "call to action for supportersos of reproductive freedom to take action wherever they are." today's fox beat. hollywood biggest stars steinrst many shining brightly lastghtlyt night at the people's choicepeo awards jennifer lopez tomez tom hanks christian bell johnstian
6:55 am
stamos lobeoking sharm on then e red carpet. the show which is voted onhi i fan favorites no inn moviesrites music and television.eisio big winners included one of kevin's favorites ryanfa reynolds as well as britneys spears melissa mccarthy jennifer lawrence and kevinawre hart. >> johnny depp making headlines this morning for his h time on stage lastis night.igt. the actor thanking fans fors their support just days after finalizing his tumultuous divorce from his wife amber heard.d. depp expressed gratitude tode to fans who stood by him throughthh "whatever good times or bad" seemingly referencing heard's accusations of domestic abuse. . and the press falloutfa there followed.ol last thing because i lost myt m camera not at what he said of of course. all right. >> johnny depp's look hasok has always been unique.nique. >> yeah. i think -- yeah, uh-huh. >> yeah. >> won't say anything.nything. 'cause i'm not in his head soado i won't psycho analyze hisanalys look. >> but he's fairly consistenttet
6:56 am
in his uniqueness.iquenss. >> right. i think sometimes from how handsome you are al ala brad pitt and tucker. >> you should have enjoyed it. . >> sometimes you spend half hal your life trying to hide it. t. >> exactly that's what i'mhat saying and by the time you yo feel like okay.. >> steve let's go to the tothe forecast. >> let's do the forecast.recast. >> i did give him a compliment o and he flipped it on me. it on m >> he's in a bit of a mood a today. >> i'm in a bad mood because moc my #morning meme isn't runme wing g >> it's going to be wildly wildy successful. su >> okay, steve, icces know. kn i'm just a little touchy about o it right nowuc.ight now. hey we got cloud cover movingr n n partly sunny mid-50's thisd-5s afternoon with a -- you know-- w what, a beautiful thursday.ursd. enjoy your day today becausebeca we have a few showers around tomorrow.morrow. unfortunately late morning
6:57 am
early afternoon traffic erin right now. >> 6:56 we'll move over from orm the seven-day forecast shown- you a loodaky at skyfox where e are tracking some breaking news. fire scene under control.nt. fire avenue and takoma park at piney branch road. road. use caution.aun. watch for delay.wa more news, weather and traffic in just a few. we'll be right back.
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ig eath >> ♪♪ fox5 news morning.oring. >> one day and counting.ay and c we're a little bit more thanli 24 hours awaytt right now fromnm the inauguration and there isd s a live look right now at thet lincoln memorial and that is th going to be a busy, busy place later today.ter of course the big celebratoryely concert coming up in just aust few hours.few hours we'll let you know all aboutll that plus road closures and what's on tap for donald trump p today. >> and breaking right nownow overseas, two nations, twoatio tragedies. in one place a desperateesp search for survivors following devastating avalanche therealan and in another place, a massive fire sends a historicre building down to the s the very latest just ahead. >> latest on the condition ofonf former president george h.w. bush. he's still in the hospitalosital battling pneumonia.eunia. closer look at the dangers heg faces at his age. he's 92 years old. ol. >> first though a live looke l outside. it's thursday morning, just ag,a


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