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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 24, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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snv another packed schedule at the white house. and minimum wage hike in montgomery country vetoed. why the bill was returned to council members a week after they pass the measure. >> a live look outside, tuesday morning, january 24. we will have "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. straight up 6 right now though. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steven kazmierczak. >> welcome do mosh morning morning. >> a live look at the white house. >> imagine the white house if you will. >> you know what it looks like.
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melanie is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> no doubt president trump idea or calls to impose a border and import tax is going to be a significant portion of today's meeting with those big three auto makers because it will have an impact on the u.s. and probably global auto industry. meanwhile on capitol hill republican lawmakers are already handing mr. trump cabinet victories. let's start with last night. when congressman mike pompeo was confirmed as sworn in as next cia director after 66 to 32 vote in senate and this comes at time when new administration is trying to mend fences with intelligence community and some democrats and one republican kentucky senator ran paul opposed pompeo confirmation because of stance on torture and surveillance. >> and hurdle cleared for secretary of state nominee exxon mobile ceo tillerson has come under criticism for business d
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yesterday his nomination did clear a senate committee. so full confirmation vote in senate is likely to come next week and also today here on capitol hill press secretary and georgia congressman tom price and secretary nominee we should say and georgia congressman tom price goes under a second hearing this one in fronts of senate finance committee and don't know if it will go as long as last one which was quiingt contentious and if that finance committee says that they can proceed with his nomination then it would go on also to a vote to continue. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> mel, thank you, 6:02 now president trump busy designing executive orders yesterday he entered one of obama signature trade deals transpacific partnership. he then reinstated so-called mexico city policy which prohibits federal funds from going to overa seas organizations that perform offer promote
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>> president ordered high hiring freeze for many federal employees with exception of military. president saying the preez is needed to reduce payroll and rain in size of federal workforce. critics say this costs tax mayors more money by forcing agencies to hire more expensive contractors to do that civilian government employees to do what i should say government employees do for mess. >> montgomery country executive ike legit vetoed a $15 an hour minimum wage measure passed by county council last week. legit says more study of wage increase needs to be donna long with sketches for small buzzes and youth workers and county executive says unlike cities with tourist tax dollars to fund increase montgomery county taxpayers would shoulder most of burden here. legit says she still supports mazeing min wrum wage to 15 by year 2022. >> developing overnight d.c. police looking for suspect who shot a man in northeast d.c. early this morning and it happened in the 4600 block of hunt place and police ar
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looking for chevy impala virginia license plates and no word yet own motive behind shooting and victim was conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. >> just a couple hours a man accused of shooting inside a d.c. pizzeria due back in court. edgar welsh plead not getty and is currently in jail. well. is is accused of firing shots in comet ping pong after reading a fake news story that claims restaurant was at center of child sex ring organized by hillary clinton presidential campaign. >> fairfax police continue to search for two suspects they believe tried to kill a police officer. that's suspect vehicle right there. and it all happened sunday night great falls virginia an officer was making a traffic stop when somebody inside the car shot at the officer. the police car was damaged. yesterday police issued video taken from the dashcam ra i think that's what we just saw so hop
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recognize that. so let's move on now. 6:0 5 time to get a check on the forecast this morning. >> empty chair. >> yeah it's wet out there. i'll defer to the expert when he gets here. but nothing like we had yesterday, that's for sure, hi, tuck, good morning. >> that windy mess was a pain yesterday. >> whipped, yes, cold tem toorz and rain and it was really raining out. >> then really raining. >> really coming down midday. quieting it down. it wail take a couple more hour. later this afternoon we may get sunshine. >> really? >> yes. >> awesome. >> cold, damp and we're looking for -- >> don't say it. >> chilly. >> don't say foggy. >> i'll let you you say it. >> 37 dulles and up in baltimore 7. leftover springle it maying falling as a flurry in spot or two up 95 columbia and laurel let's see maybe up towardsel i could cot city
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sprinkle or shower. this is all back end of system which will be slowly faying off northeast and as it does so, we will still deal with breezes and cool temperatures. by this afternoon we think we'll get at looingt a little bit of sunshine. there's forecast. improvement over yesterday 49 degrees. look for late afternoon sun and morning drills. winds north west keep it cool. and at about 25. hey, tomorrow, how about sunny and 60. >> i'll take it. >> that's what i show you on a map in a minute. >> cool. >> sounds good. >> mild actually. >> yes. you're correct. >> hi caityln, good morning. >> steve good morning to you morning commute yesterday very, very tough wet roads out there this morning. snowed out of the winds completely as you begin journey to work this morning watch out we have slick conditions. not really causing too many issues but if i can find out where the camera shot is at i'll tell you more about it. let's pull up the banner for it inbound route 50. this is area inbound jammed all
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lights. from landover road all the way back to baltimore washington parkway. so, let's go to maps. we'll show you where we have a crash on 295 and this is big issue so far this morning 295. here's crash northbound coming at you on the 11 street bridge you have crash on on cramp 295 to bridge delays back to suitland parkway and now extending even several mileson that as well. 295 southbound doesn't look well. no accidents there. heavy volume. you see delays extend back to route 50. there's where we showed you route 50 landover road to 295. that was camera shot of moderately heavy volume and ever hade volume once you get to 295 in district. topside of beltway slowing down moderate volume at least 95 to georgia avenue otherwise 95 baltimore washington parkway themselves look okay. 270 southbound heavy delays route 70 to clarksburg and breaks free montgomery country germantown through
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rockville okay. 95 northbound etsell road to 14 street bridge light volume off the beltway and then break free of that. dale city to beltway starting to take heavy volume around woodbridge that is just volume and 66 eastbound heavy volume 234 to route 28. that's how it looks now. give yourself extra time with drizzle throughout on wet roads. steve. >> high tech way to fight fires in dubai getting attention on social media. >> and plus medical scare for minnesota governor. he collapsed during state of stated dress. next up date on his condition. we'll be back in 30 second
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snv receive sear storms taking toll across the country. death toll 15, killed in the town of georgia near possible 40 tornadoes reported early saturday to sung evening and flooding still a major concern as rain showers continue into the morning. weeks of have flooded roads and homes and left four people dead and three people remain missing and governorle california declared state of marina marraco for 50 counties. >> overseas death toll in central italy stands for 1 as firefighter found five more bodies
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they're holding out hope somebody may be alive six days after disaster. first funerals will be held today. some of that hope that they might find survivors because they found three puppies that were trapped under low tell. those three puppies you see right there all survived for six days notice snow crews could get to them. >> second day of peace talks in syria underway. discussions got off to rocky start yesterday with harsh exchanges between demascus government and rebels and shoring up a cease-fire in place since last month and followed by more negotiationss in again eva next month. >> and to nfv cincinnati apologized for adam "pacman"jones altercation at a hotel the day after season ended in cincinnati captured on video released monday. jones charmed for confrontation and allegedly spitting on nurse afterwards. he's denied charges the nfl could
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is finished under the personal conduct policy. >> mark dayton state of the stated dress he paused to take a sip of water and then then happened [ slurring ]. >> that is hard to watch. you see the governor slurs words and collapses and didn't finish speech but walked out of the building on own without help. his son tweeted update overnight saying dad is doing great and dayton is expected to get back to work today releasing state budget proposal this morning. we don't have a cause of what happened though. >> well, move out of the way fire trucks. it's all about the jet skis in dubai italy firefighters on jet skis using them to help fight fires quickly. in this video you see within seconds arriving firefighter deploys jet pack and force of water elevating him to street-level to battle the
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street-level to battle the fire. do they do every fire in dubai. >> i can't ma'am inbalance on the jet pack and all that pressure out of the hose. if they can make it work i guess it's a good thing. >> yes. >> i don't see that happening everywhere. >> exactly. >> it looks pretty cool, too. >> irs is accepting and processing tax returns and this year why refund may be late. >> and live look outside as we head to break tuesday morning. here's a look at wilson bridge. weather and traffic next at 6:1 2.
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z290ez zi0z y290ey yi0y >> eye live look as we go to break. 9 degrees. not so bad this morning. tuck, better than yesterday. >> we'll improve here we may get sunshine by afternoon. but we're doing leftover clouds and drizzle and even breezes out of north. and north and west early this morning. here's bus stop forecast drizzle and clouds and little sunshine around here with temperatures in upper 40s. maybe get to 50 this afternoon. current numbers.
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it's cool out there chilly. 39 washington and leonardtown 37, mannasas 38, 37 dulles and you get the idea generally 30s. i'm looking north and west above freezing which is good sign we won't deal with icing issues across the region locally. winds gusting at times to 24 and flow here now out of north and eventually northwest. we're looking at leftover system here and there's still a little bit of really what we're looking at here is light drizzle. have not had any ipd kaiings of any slight snow pellets or sleet. if you get some let me know. montgomery county, howard county to loudoun county maybe leftover here and there's big picture you see the flow out of north and leftover light sprinkles and little drizzle. what can we expect today. system will continue to area of low pressure pushing away from us and as that process take place we should fwrad you'llly see drizzle fall apart and eventually clouds
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get afternoon sunshine and bit of improvement in forecast today that area of low pressure condition continues to get out of here. there's surface today. mentioned late sun. breezes here and temps 40s. feels cool across the area. tomorrow will not feel cool. high pressure south and east. one day warm-up ahead of cooler in fact cold are air end of week. we may hit 60. >> all right allison. >> we may hit 60 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. nice pleasant day to look forward to wednesday early shower on thursday. that's a cold front. look what it does to weekend hey guess what feels normal around here. >> does it ever feel normal around here. let's ask caityln. >> every season and every month around here. >> yes. >> spring, winter, all of it i don't know what we had yesterday. nor easter was crazy. so much wind and rain and problems on roads. we're not problem free but little better this morning. however as we take a look at inbound 1
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slow as you usually are jammed from the bridge to pentagon. that's not out of the normal but it is still out there. let's go back to maps where generally we have not seen weather related problems. there's definitely slow downs out there namely 66 and 295 and let's start though coming out of frederick county heavy delays 70 clarksburg and break free of them through montgomery country and germantown and gaithersburg as we hit the spur you're okay. topside of beltway here starting to pick up heavy 95 to george aavenue and southbound 295 very heavy from route 50 to the 11 street bridge and is that the leading into crash site on northbound 29 5 side that would be the on ramp to 11 street bridge. that's where you have crash. police are on the scene. heavy delays now beyond suitland parkway. both directions 295 converging 11 street bridge. heavy. there probably worst road as we speak. >> 95 northbnd
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stafford. you break free closer to dale city. beyond dale city to occoquan heavy volume on and off to beltway. and inside the beltway 395 showed you this on camera approaching 1 street bridge. you have pretty heavy volume and lastly 66 eastbound heavy volume 234 to route 2 getting inside the beltway 66 through arlington heavy. that's a look at traffic. more in less than ten minute, allison. >> caityln, thanks. >> file this one under things not fair. >> okay. >> necessarily. >> just because you file taxes early doesn't mean you get refund early. >> things not fair. >> how does that work. >> next when you can expect to receive that check this year. >> car shopping can be stressful and overwhelming and this morning a new way to buy a car online. things that are fair.
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because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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employee killed while on back of trash truck is identified as marcus colebert an suv hit a parked car in laurel monday morning and swerved into truck and that's where that vehicle struck mr. callbert no word if suv driver will face charges. >> and in alexandria a man stole a car with a child inside along king street when a woman left car running while using atm. the suspect stopped when he realized there was a child in the backseat and took off in another kara parptly driven by an accomplice. >> and how about this? something that keeps you busy at work. phones in popular, d.c. deli will not stop ringing. callers are not looking for sandwiches they want to leave a message to president trump. the phone number one digit off from white house comment line and store owner said they got between 50 and 60 calls looking
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>> that's a pain. >> that's business. okay. detroit big three auto maker headed to white house today. first a check of market. joininging fouts from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti on a tuesday, hello. >> hello, good morning. >> well, fox took a -- stocks took a dip and we've been riding pretty high let's be honest. >> now we seaside ways trading let's face it we've seen the last two weeks because we're waiting to see what happens in the first 100 days of president trump being in office. and so we have small declines yesterday and dow fell 27 points and at the end of the day and futures this morning up a little bit. >> okay. >> not going to worry about it we're still doing well. we have not hit that magic number yet. >> 20 thaus yes. >> it's the time of year we love tax time and maybe we file early but maybe we still don't get refund checkelly. >> yes. >> i tried t
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because my accountant gets so backed up. but nonetheless, what you need to know is that the irs has opened the tax filing season. however, there's a caveat here. if you file early so you can get your refund early not going to happen this year. here's the reason. they're trying to prevent fraud what they're doing is any return or refund that is tied to earned income tax credit and additional child tax credit you have to wait so they can match all the information with the w 2 and 1099 forms. to prevent fraud. 70% of taxpayers get ary fund you is to wait until february 27 weekend. >> how much money are we talking about. >> neming
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>> i can get some too. >> and it's a little joke. let's talk about the president welcoming auto makers in and this is after trying -- claims or i should say campaigns promising to keep jobs in the united states. what do we expect today? >> second full day in office, he's meeting with big fly detroit auto amakers in washington d.c. having a breakfast meeting. ceo of gm, ford, caseler three topics. most likely to be discussed, trade, what to do about nav it and how to get more manufacturing jobs right here in the u.s. and how to penalize companies who decide they don't want to manufacturer here what's the border tax going to look like if you make less let's say cars in mexico and sell in u.s. >> okay we'll wait to see what happens here. speaking of cars there's a new way to do it. sounds great. because i always feel like when you go to buy car and for me it's used car
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20 years when you go to do it it's forever sitting there in the showroom. >> you're with me i leave that to my husband deal with the car situation. however my sister-in-law called the other day and said you can drive me to the dealership i have to ping up the car kids with me of course i'll do you favor two an a half hours later i was sitting in the kids in the car because she was in the dealership getting the paperwork done. ford is saying don't worry about it do everything online including financing of car buy and finance car on the computer. >> perfect. >> thanks to new software show up at the dealership pick up keys and bust. >> just with ford though right. >> so far ford. they hope to expand nationwide. >> thank you so much we'll see you tomorrow. >> that may be first "business beat"
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>> business is fun. >> sometimes you have to make it fun. >>s that the pest way to buy a car. >> there's others getting on board with that too. >> if you know what you want it's easier to order from home. and if they delivered it, better. >> perfect. >> good morning. >> meanwhile let's get to weather far cast. we have drizzle. chilly temperatures and we're looking at 30 now. 9 washington and winds north, northwest at 15 and accommodation giving us wind chill of 31. make sure you wear a jacket when you run out of school this morning. yeah, get to school today, yeah. >> what a privilege. >> uh-huh. >> little drizzle leftover. there's a look locally here. things are winding down quickly. we should gradually turn partly sunny this afternoon. or at least some peeks of sufficient sunshine. know there no northern pennsylvania parts of upstate new york. finger lakes. 4 to 8" of snow. there you go. day forecast 49 today. 60 tomorrow. 6
6:27 am
big cool down. >> that will be nice. >> one day special. >> all right. >> tucker. >> speaking of cars. >> caityln keeping track of all of them. >> all of them this morning and still it's a slow morning we have drizzle out there. it's not widespread wind and rain of yesterday and plenty of slow downs if you take a wide view. beltway itself is good. 295 especially caityln roth "fox5" on twitter and heavy delays southbound frederick to 0 clarksburg and break free montgomery country and outer loop heavy, 95 to georgia avenue not really moving and southbound 295 where i think the worst is right now. route 50 to 11 street bridge southbound and northbound beltway all the way up to 11 street bridge where we hadelier crash tat cleared. that's a look at traffic. stay with us "fox 5 news morning" will be back after
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ know you can save today for what's important tomorrow.
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>> 6:30 welcome back to fox news morning weather and traffic coming unon the fives at 6:35. first now today a second senate committee will question president trump pick for health and human services secretary. congressman tom price is backs by fellow gop lawmakers under fire for democrats of his support of tearing down president barack obama's health care
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and president trump scores victory. confirmation amid strained relationship between new administration and intelligence community over russian hacking scandle and however some democrats opposed this confirmation. >> developing overnight, d.c. police are being ing for suspect that shot a man in northeast early this morning. that shooting happened in the 4600 block of hunt place. police are being ing for a chevy impala with virginia tags of the no word on motive behind the shooting and victim was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. and just a couple hours the man accused of shooting inside a d.c. pizzeria due back in court. edgar well. plead not getty. he's accused shots inside comet ping pong in d.c. after reading a fake news story that claimed restaurants was at center of child sex ring organized by hillary clinton's presidential cam taken. in prince george county sketches
6:32 am
the woman shot this death in hill crest heights earlier this month and victim is sgrikd as african-american woman between 25 and 0 and about 5' 6", 125 pounds and also has several tattoos. >> and howard county police need help locateing a man accused of robbing bank. this picture was taken friday morning pnc on penn oaks road and the man fwhawkd demand manneded cash from teller and took off with money. >> new this morning the city of frederick is warning residents that a film production this week will include fake guns during the production tomorrow and thursday night actors will be in law enforcement swat gear and filling will be mdl holiday cinemas property near intersection of u.s. 40 and u.s. 15 and film crew is with story house products and company has produced reality, documentary and non fiction programming for national geographic. smithsonian net wrkz and
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>> all right time for morning line right now. wizards planning to wear all black for tonight's game against celtic at verizon center why? you remember after last game they met the most recent incident earlier this month crowder and wall exchanged words after "the buzzer" both were fine when asked about the dress code they said all black everything. and last night wizard on the road beat the hornets. 10 9-99 held to 939% shooting and wizards fifth victory in last six games. nice outing for kelly ubre jr. >> on the ice caps going strong. tag a stick to the mouth as he fell hard ouch caps up and slap shot past the goalie cam ward. caps cruise 6-1. 44 goals last eight games and nhl leading
6:34 am
we've been there before though let's pace ourselves to get past the first around of playoffs. kirk cousins was extended he was at matt and will suit up replacing aaron rodgers in orlando. and i'm are way he's going to pro bowl. cousins first pro bowl experience and tackle trent williams expected to also join him. somewhere voted in and are injured and will not go. >> super bowl set up between patriots and falcons and "people" magazine put together a list of most searched food ongoingle by state. think wings? let's see what's in our area? in the districts lien beef meatballs i'm on board with that and maryland most searched food chick pea and queen what tore teal asoup and in virginia buffalo chicken dip. maryland is trying to be
6:35 am
>> what's wrong with that. >> for a super bowl party it seems a little too helmy. >> i don't believe that. >> can i -- can i throw a red flag i don't believe that's true ot all. >> i don't think that's true. >> i think maryland will do what you know everybody else does. >> it doesn't seem like rather specific and obscure recipe for entire state to search for. >> i don't believe it. >> plaque on the play. >> yeah. >> okay. >> i mean super bowl is like holiday of eating. you should be able to eat whatever you want. >> there's no mass chick pea soup gatherings. >> we're if agreement here. it's a very specific recipe. >> somebody is lying on maryland. >> and specific tortilla chick pea quiona combination. >> good soup weather yesterday and today we're off to dreary and drizzly start. if you look carefully at are are
6:36 am
wind north, and northwest. it's chilly out there this morning. maybe leftover driz m. we'll burn that off and as our storm system continues to push away from us we gradually clear out a little this afternoon. not promising a sunny achb. at least peeks of sunshine and daytime high 50. as far as heavy rain we had yesterday and winds and rest of it, most of that should be a thing of the past by afternoon. >> cow. >> okay. >> i'm currently looking up what the real favorite food is for super bowl in maryland. >> probably something to have to do with blue crabs. >> crab balls. >> might be. >> i would be ready to see the super bowl party where they serve the chick pea he. >> and glass of chardonnay while you watch the game. >> all right. >> it would be a different type of funny think. not fun out there on the roads. is it ever. we have drizzle and wet roads slow out there. use a lot of break instance distance.
6:37 am
tuesday morning commute lut start with 66 here. volume. no reports of accidents. looks like a long line of moderate traffic. and trying to get on to 66 trying you to cents areville. loss eps a bit fairfax to beltway. once you get on there and go through arlington area. one long, slow line of traffic. 295 also has been a huge issue this morning and you're at least moderately heavy southbound 295 route 50 to 11 street bridge and actually route 50 heavy as well once you get on to 95 all the way to 11 street bridge heavy. earlier crash northbound sigh of 29511 street bridge cleared. and still plenty of traffic. very heavy back down to beltway and looks like even spilling on to outer loop in both directions on to the wilson bridge. heavy there. also southern maryland inbound delays 210 accessing inner loop. that's a look at trachbling. more weather and traffic coming up 6
6:38 am
>> ready for snl still under fire this morning what she tweeted about donald trump barron. >> and johnny manziel taking to twitter with a message to the new president what he said and after that tweet went viral. you can imagine. we'll be right back.
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>> what's trending on web tuesday morning saturday nights live writer who made fun of barron trump is suspended indefinitely. katie rich tweeted barron will be the country first home school shoter and she apologized that was not good enough and chelsea clinton showed her support saying he deserves chance every child does to be a kid. not fired but us is spebed indefinitely. >> in president presumep these a social director he should talk to johnny manziel if he wants the job for five minutes. manziel offered advice. he suggested donald trump stay away from notifications on twitser saying it will drive him raise crazy he sedin stayed lead country and let them hate and manziel me lid threated twitter which is sill down this morning. >> david beckham having fun with sun brookyln on social media. and
6:42 am
he followed up with that's my shirt of the he commented about the shirt again and posted pick of himself later on instagram. darryl dad, david beckham made a comment on son's post, no, no, dads and said hey where did you get that from. september it fun, al. >> the girls have all my kloms on sometimes. >> do you comment on instagram posts. >> yes. >> i know you're trending every day. >> not true. thanks, steve. anticipation is bud ago head of this morning's kos ar nominations concern is coming up with his predictions. plus the couldn't versusy continues actor dennis quaid speaking out about the video of his movie a dog's purpose
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you missed it tuck her and i folks have been hang ooing round these parts 50 years and never been to top. >> it was amazing. >> till me how nice it was. >> amazing wish you could have been there. >> i know. >> story, steph. >> we're sorry. >> quick what's going on. >> pm clearing i have a lot of weather to talk about. >> here we go. >> let's look at current numbers. chilly out. there temps 30s.
6:46 am
39 washington and 36 gauge rzburg and 37 leonardtown and 39 quantico and everybody in 30s to start the day and quite chilly winds out of knowledge an west. still gusting here to 20 to 25. gusts to 24 washington in last couple minutes. so still breezy. cool, little drizzle leftover across the area. we're going to get all that out of here and gradual improvement today. you see most part quiet and drizzle and radar is not if i can picking up and storm system centserd right about here continues to push east and north. lock at that change to winter weather across pennsylvania and new york overnight and they're expecting several inching of much needed snow in ski country over the next hours. area of low pressure out of here. we will gradually, gradually get sunshine this afternoon and it will be breezy and cool. upper 40s to 50. and but we get a one-day steve calls it one-day special to look forward to ahead of the next cold front
6:47 am
lots of sunshine to look forward to and it feels like winter hereby end of week. there's weather. let's see traffic caityln is here. >> let's do it quickly we can do #morning mean and 6:4 6 view of inner loop heavy traffic in maryland on upper loop at brand of avenue jammed to wilson bridge and i think once you gets on to wilson bridge it's slow, too. that's the taillight you're seeing all those brake lights headed to the wilson bridge jammed on upper loop. just volume. no accidents though. let's goat maps. tuesday morning commute shows long line of traffic 66 problems 295 and all volume including on topside of beltway there. and we can advance maps owe to show you some closer in spots for you. and by the way you can always tweet me caityln roth "fox5" lights see if we can zoom in. topside of beltway. yes, this is heavy even from leading up to 95 exit to georgia avenue no one mo
6:48 am
95 southbound and you're encountering that as you get to beltway there. >> 20 southbound delays to clarksburg and that's spilling now to montgomery country through germantown through gaithersburg and even towards rockville and we'll have more on virginia side coming up in just a little bit. eastbound one line of traffic and now time for morning meem. >> morning meem, hit it. ♪ >> all right that's smoothest we've done so far. >> yes. >> go ahead [ applause ]. >> let's go to the graphics. we have three things to featured. if you send me r rated morning meme that's like evening meme they're hilarious. >> we can't do that. >> when you hate both tools of nfc championship sgleem
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>> and un corn power dmv. and number two i love this one. back to this. if you read square actually says tooth farry lost her mind. >> tooth farry. >> yeah. >> times changed. >> yeah right. >> that's really cute. >> stack cash. >> and all right you don't always watch the news but when i do, it's "fox5". >> all right. >> good pose. >> lock at his pose. >> kelly c. jones. >> we want toen urge courage you send us your own #morningmeme this is collective effort. send them in and i promise we'll make it more and more fun as we go. >> i tell you pace yourself. >> you run out of ideas. >> do run one a day. >> if we get desperate we can
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>> i love that. >> we have could be fair careful about that. i love that that's so much fun. 6:49 look ago head to good day d.c.. you don't want to miss it. of course that's every day. wisdom sits down with cast of mini series and my dvr is set and i know yours is too. local actress takes in a crime role that was all too real here in the d.c. area. you'll meet sophia bell green owe and she shares tips for aspiring actors and real opportunities in our area and continuing with very important decision for brides. flowers. we show you designs that you can vote for. of course that couple is getting married on our air on friday. >> right it will be exciting. >> now what else is exciting today one of the biggest days of year for hollywood it's oscar nomination day and we'll hear about that in the 8:00 hour. >> calls
6:51 am
day. oscar day. i'm excited about nominations i think this year will be surprising and great things are happening and can kimmie kimmel hoeinging and jimmy fallon hosting golden fwlobz deposit lot love that producing of that show but overall excited. "la la land", no question whatsoever. amazing movie. have you seen it? >> no. >> it's amazing seven golden blobe wins most ever in show's history and something i found interesting this year a lot of films front runners have made a lot of money in the box office. already made 174 million worldwide front runner and now i think it will win best picture. nominate fovrd picture, actor, actress, song, score i love the negativity i'm getting from steve and allison and they have not seen the movie. >> you have not even seen the film. >> i've seen enough from the trail to know what it is. >> i have the dvd sitting next to the tv and can't p
6:52 am
>> moonlight i love this move i front runner as well "la la land". this movie only made $15 million. go see it right now. it's very important film. this will be up for best picture and won gold own globe for drawm and hoping it gets bunch of oscar nominations an hidden figures at film that will cross a million. number one two weeks in a row. and best picture i think definitely up for this and best supporting actress for octaveia spencer i hope and though janelle mone te sdevbs the nomination here and terajey for leading and "deadpool" everybody thinks i'm joking i may be a fan boy about this here's the thing this is realistic thing that can happen nominated for director guild award and writers guild award and golden globe award and also critic's choice. will it get with best picture probably not.
6:53 am
get writing nomination. one oscar nomination for "deadpool" is a win. >> it's already won kevin mccarthy. >> and next is arooil this is steve's favorite film of the year. >> this is last one you saw i'm still scarred. >> fences you see this up for denzel washington and viola davis definitely wins supporting actress. >> i saw "fences" and i was like oh, that's why troy was like that and that's why -- it's one of those things you don't think you're thinking about it but you're think about it. think about that. >> we'll react live to these coming up at 8:00 hour. we have update real quick on controversial scene in new movie "a dog's purpose" i'm seeing the film tonight i was supposed to interview dennis quaid and my interview got cancelled we seen this behind the scenes of german sheppard forced to churning water and
6:54 am
is shutting down abuse allegations saying the video doesn't tell the whole story and he he would never be onset that had any kind of animal abuse to animals and meanwhile trainers of movie released a statement climbing tmz falsely edited video and say herk uhe's was chosen for the film because he loves water and that video was taken after he performed several successful takes of the scene throughout the day when he refused to go in he was asked to jump from a different side of pool and was trying to get. >> yes. >> because our wonderful producer in the booth raids germans and she was explaining this more saying they're very much creatures of habit. if anything changed from what they were supposed to do, they'll you know sort of like ball being at it he was doing this from the other end of pool. my point is the moment that he for whatever reason doesn't want to do this stunt you cannot explain to him look we're doing it from a different
6:55 am
wrong i'm not punishing you and for dennis quaid to say he was not onset that sounds tricky because no he was not onset here. >> i want to point out for me when i watch films this may be weird to say i find it harder to watch animals get hurt in movie than human beings because animal can't defend itself. i'm very passionate about dogs and dog lover and i'm very upset about the footage i've seen i'm sealing the film tonight i'll review from critical standpoint that is part of the movie now. >> when you see the scene i'm sure it will be hard -- i can't see the movie you know what i'm saying. i really like dennis quaid aim dispointed. >> my interviews were cancelled. cancelled so i don't know why he's doing ellen. >> as of now it's scheduled to be released. >> comes out friday i'm seeing it tonight. >> "star wars" new title. >> yes. >> episode 8 "star wars" "the last jedi" comes out
6:56 am
december. >> it's like the last jedi steve chenevey. >> red is supposed to be -- they pulled my "deadpool" card. >> it's going to be a dark movie i think. >> i'm so excited. >> i will go out on a limb and say evil will not win in the end. who is the last jedi jedi is one or mrawral think about that. >> that's true. >> more time to debate this ten months months. >> who is the last jedi. >> 9 degrees. >> winds north and wet at 16. storms getting out of here. we'll clear it out later today. bottom line sunshine this afternoon. not the rainy windy mess we had yesterday and it will be a cool day. caityln has a last look at traffic this hour. >> last look at traffic this hour and we're going to take a live look at accident scene behind me dulles airport. it's route 28 frying pan ro
6:57 am
is scene of accident and you can see plenty of lights and emergency vehicles onsite. jammed back to route 50 that site again by dulles if you're familiar with this area in virginia and expect heavy delays back to route 50 from frying pan road. that's a look at traffic. we'll be back after
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> president donald trump has another schedule at the white house including a big business meet,. who will be there. we'll let you know. this while confirmation of top nominees moves on. >> head lines of the day on keeping president safe. outside of the white house could get a makeover. changes to defense get a new green light. >> and live look outside on tuesday morning. there is a look at the washington monument on this january 24, 2017 warm and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. >> good tuesday morning from you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to fox news morning. president trump having breakfast meetings with detroit big three auto makers. top appoint hes have been confirmed with one coming in late last night and many presidents picks are waiting on action from capitol hill and that's why we find "fox5" melanie alnwickiv


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