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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 26, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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same thing. >> fox news at 11 starts right now. right now at 11:00 a d.c. man's identity stolen. a d.c. subcontractor may be to plame. how are d.c. leaders reacting? >> plus, president trump executive actions on border wall and sanctuary cities and is water boarding next. >> does torture work? and the answer was yes, absolutely. >> and what a local school cheerleader squad did tonight after the principal had controversial comments about their routine. your news starts right now. >> we begin tonight with developing story that lasted all day.
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last hour of green peace protesters coming done a 270 foot crane in northwest and d.c. police say they now arrested and charged four men and three women with burglary. more charges are pending. this protest began short i after 7:00 this morning when they climbed the crane 15 and l streets and hung a banner that said, resist. the student game a day after trump signed executive orders to restart construction on two controversial oil pipelines. >> also tonight a story you will only see on "fox5". someone stole his identity because of a security breach involving a social worker who is contractor for city department of behavioral health. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> this comes a week after we. >> reporter:ed on a case work area caused of hireing a complete stranger to do some of her work that involved confidential files and "fox5" tisha lewis is live with the details
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tisha. >> well, tony, shawn, we were able to catch up with d.c. mayor bowser and she had a public event national city church. you hear her response in a few moments and on the outrage scale this is way up here. we're talking about vulnerable d.c. residents that turn to inner city family services for help and it turns out they're victimized over and over and over again. >> i will pull it up on the computer anything in my name and it said ticket in my name and never had a license or no car or nothing and cable bill in my name. t-mobile said i owed a bill i never owed t-mobile i mean sprint for 00. >> and all this surfaced in the last week after we first reported about security breach at upper city family services in south east. miller's file was one of a dozen case files inner city family services support worker latonya voder emailed to this college student a total straipinger that reised to job add posted
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the files included patient social security numbers, date of birth and medical diagnosis. >> i called sanders and asked what was going on and asked if my information was gone and she said no and then four days later she said yes. >> sanders last week we ran into the same road block miller is facing. >> call the lawyer and have a conversation with him. do not come into the clinic again. >> i want a lawyer. i want to get a lawyer in this case. you think my identity out there anybody could have anything in my name. again we spoke with muriel bowser about all this and here's what she had to say. >> i think the department knows the scope of the problem and it's limited and the personnel actions necessary have been taken. >> will the districts continue relationship with inner city family services given the breach of of a dozen victims
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numbers and date of birth -- >> like i said i think the department worked with that contractor and the problem is limited and the personnel issue is addressed. >> what do you say to the victim. we've spoken to two and more what do you say to the victims now. >> we're aware of the limited problem and we feel like we are able to be address the personnel situation. >> what discipline are action will take place. >> the person was fired. >> and you heard right there the mayor using term limited at least three times. we want to remind our viewers how we started this investigation. someone with upper city family services emailed out case filed at least a dozen patient case files to a complete strangerer on facebook. so whether it's two people or whether it's twelve people or whether it's 20 people or 200 people it's outrageous for an agency that is supposed to protect your information to essentially have it
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we will stay on this and let you know if there's any developments with the story. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> and well its with a busy afternoon for d.c. police. officers responded to three separate shooting screens it all within the span of 30 minutes. and in total, 7 people were shot and four of the victims are teenagers. and the shootings happened along minnesota avenue northeast bass place south the and mellon street south right all of the victims survived. police are looking into whether there's any connection between the shootings. >> president trump signed two major executive orders today. the first jump starts construction of border wall between u.s. and mexico and taxpayers are expected to pay for the wall up front and up interestp xlaimz mexico will reimbur the u.s. and mexico president says his country will not pay for the wall and his office says he's considering canceling the meeting with president trump next week at the white house and president signed another
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stripping federal funding from sanctuary cities like the district and it applies to cities and counties that do not go after undocumented imfwrapts for violating immigration laws and muriel bowser held a press conference to respond to the president executive order. >> anything that would suggest that the government not work with an american city is worrysome. obviously there's a lot of things that we do in cities and in partnership with our government and we would object and we do object to anything that the federal government wants to do to local jurisdiction that would make it less safe. >> the mayor says attorneys for district are reviewing executive order and it's unclear how the federal government tend to implement that plan. >> president trump first sit down interview since taking office he spoke with "abc news". he's on to bringing back water boarding and enhanced
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interrogation tactics in the fight against terrorism. >> when we're chopping off heads of people because they happen to be chris than in middle east and isis is doing nobody heard of since medieval times would i feel strongly about water boarding as far as i'm concerned fight fire with fire. with that being said, i'm going with between ral matt is and i'm going with my secretary because i think pompeo will be phenomenal. i'll go with what they say. but i have spoken as recently as 24 hours ago with people at the highest level of intelligence and i asked them the question, does it work? does torture work? and the answer was, yes. absolutely. >> a 2015 u.s. law prohibits enhanced interrogation. secretary james mattis and mike pompeo both say they oppose it although pompeo said he would consider under certain circumstances.
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>> new details now in story we first brought you last night at 10. springbrook high school principal apologized to the cheerleader teams after calling a routine too ghetto. "fox5" marina marraco is live in silver spring with what the cheerleaders had to say, marina. >> the controversy continuing tonight and girls dressed in plaque with their meeting with the school principle, administrators and tonight they did got get a lot accomplished and still a lot of questions that remain unanswered and take a look at video. because this shows some routines that came under fire by the school principle when he quoted saying too ghetto for the routines. these routines posted on social media sit according to girls they're stomp and shake it's a mix between stepping african-american culture and cheer and they say even though their principal apologized for calling routine at a game last week "too
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ready to accept the apology until these questions are answered. >> we wanted to know why why. the style threatening who said the ghetto statement because there's back and forth of who said it and we have to get rid of cheers we've been doing four plus years and what are the new years we have to do to meet the new standards and what has been said to other teams what was said to us. >> our style is hbu and culture we're proud of he said in rebuttal the way we were hereing was nothing to be proud of i said it's our culture and i'm proud of it he said you should not be he we took it after that we're not welcome we're here and negative cheering was not welcome towards the other team in his new standards of athletics. >> and the girls say once those questions are answered that's when they'll be ready to end boycott and for now they have no plan toes
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next varsity game on friday. marina marraco, "fox5 local news". >> some of the best video of the day, one video involved a massive sink hole and the other a train and semi-. plus, there are 91 i'm sorry plus are the 91 redskins the best super bowl team of all time. we're debating that. kalamazoo . >> also, tonight, you may have seep the viral story a texas man in town for inauguration left this local waitress a big tip. tonight, both of them are sharing their stories. >> and as we head toe break we're remembering legendary actress mary tyler moore. she pass away today in the company of her family and friends at a hospital in connecticut. moore gained fame in the 196 0s on classic sitcom the dick van dyke show and won four emmys from her role in the mary tyler moore show a great sitcom from the 70s. she
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was 0 years old
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>> we're learning new information about the man accused of shooting a woman at
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several children roland sixt mms turned himself in this morning. simms is the female of a young girl that witnesses say he tried to grab adds she was standing at the bus stop and they also told you the woman he's accused of shooting had restraining order against him. sims faces several charges including attempted first degree murder and none of the students at the bus stop were hurt and woman is in good condition in area hospital. we have two incredible things to show you this sinkhole in philadelphia swallowed part of two yards. fay a look at the pickup truck teetering on the edge it appears to hold that truck up the hot is 20 feet deep and crews don't know what us kaed the ground to give we and for the thatly no one was hurt and the homeowners have to find some place else to stay
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vedo of this crash. it happened in utah a train slammed into that fedex truck. today investigators say it appears the cross is gate were up and should have been down which would have prevented any vehicle from going across the tracks there. draer citing mechanical problems and weather companies and have not ruled out human error yet thankfully no one as seriously hurt. hey, i was busy watching video. this story also has people talking on social media tonight we're hearing from the drtion c. waitress that got a giant tip and the doctor that gave it to her. rosalyn is a server and after he and his friends ate jason white left her a aspiring note and 450 tip on $72 lunch bill. harris says she learned a valuable lesson
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he he said its with a weekend he'll never forget. >> he didn't want to cot a scene but wanted to let me know that this was a great experience and this is what he hopes for people in general. it was very touching. it's really amazing and makes me want to go about my interaction with that kind of energy more often. >> the american spirit was real and it was real with everybody whether trump supporter or part of women's rally. >> it was great to see the way the story came together. >> the note he wrote on the receipt is fantastic. >> that whole story is fantastic. it's way more than pressing said on facebook. be nice to each other. >> and listen. >> and because you tend to it's chasing a little now people are used to doing it on social media you tend to listen more and be more
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>> in person. >> it's hard to be route to somebody's face. >> absolutely i agree. >> unfortunately the weather we had today cannot keep it going. it won't be terrible tomorrow. we'll have temperatures track above average and changeover today and cooler air coming back in town reminds us it's still winter and we'll be right behind it tonight settled. we're still at 49 in district and very comfortable for this time of year and that's allly wormer than we would be for the high for the day and tomorrow, what we're advertising it will be getting cooler and it certainly will be getting preezy and that will begin tomorrow afternoon for the most part. we'll see that front coming through in the morning and that's why we think there's a slight chance you could see a shower and better chance is south and eat of d.c.. frederick now dropped to 9. bs d.c. happening ng on to 49. winchester 50 and cumberland 45 and fredericksburg 55 and if you didn't catch the earlier newscast there war places that hit 70 are across central
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charlottesville. overnight, mostly 40s. not all that cold. we'll be cloudy. there's a frontal boundary coming and some of you could see showers out of it. tonight the showers are very spotty. bigger picture though snow coming behind this thing and not necessarily for us us though the mountains may get 3 to 6" snow beginning thursday and continuing maybe be into friday and saturday and for us it's cloud and spotty showers tonight dropping to 48 degrees and 47 really because we're close to 4, 49 now and still that's very mild and tomorrow, 56. but we will see temperatures dropping in the afternoon. there would be a couple of early morning showers and preezs west northwest 10 to 0 occasionally higher than that we want to get you ready for that. tomorrow morning the front is approaching. don't expect to see a lot of sunshine. clouds around. surprise will be back tomorrow afternoon as cooler air arrives and breeze kicks up. i thought i would show you breezes tomorrow. not bad in morning. thursday morning, winds
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maybe 15 miles an hour that's not terrible as we fwet to noon hour not bad you begin to see places lining winchester getting stronger wind and cumberland 6. here in d.c. 13 and by 5:00 for evening rush hour got pretty good winds going across the region and look at gusts in cumberland projected by future cast to be up and over 40 miles an hour and into late night hour by 10, 11:00 couldn't bundling up against gusty winds. falling back to normal friday with temperatures back in 40s we wrap it up with "fox5" accuweather 7 day forecast from 56 tomorrow and dropping down into the 0s to 46 on friday an mid 40s through the weekend and although generally dry and monday chilly at 40. that's first below normal day we had in a while. tuesday, 46. maybe a few showers in the forecast for us on wednesday at 47. still no snow in sight just yet and pretty good snow for moup tanz this weekend. tony, shawn. all righ
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joe montana 49ers and '85 bears and '91 skins. none of the cowboys teams. >> we're debating the b
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georgetown, spelled a little blood in the whater blue jays lost one to market on monday and lost watson to a new injury. hoyas and earlier on jt three looking auntcy. first half always defense. leads two offense. l.j. peak find rodney prior quark screw lay-up and falls and gets foul. prior 15 of 18 points in first half alone and second half off georgetown jsy goman out worked everybody for the rebound
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bench and hoyas jonathan spots a wide on for the jam that is it, 71, 51 the final score. >> look tonight revolutionary rivalry renewed george mason hosting george washington in fairfax. watch gw they're the ones in blue. great lead pass by justin to camari newman and high off the glass and then foul and green man group liked it. mason down by 6. second half tyler cavanaugh left alone hundred the arch. he hits three from corner over there and finishes 20 points. gw wins 87-68. >> and talk super bowl right now. which between you can watch here on "fox5"by virtue of being de facto home team falcons get dibz they'll could go with red and that
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go with red and that effect-ally seals the deal for the patriots. note of the teams were won when wearing white exception to the rule packsers versus steelers in '45. >> 25 years ago tomorrow redskins won last super bowl vick toy your 34-27 win over bills metrodome in super bowl 26. metrodome is not there anymore. fox ranged all previous super bowl champions and '91 redskins topped list finishing 17-2 out scored playoffs 102-41 mark ripen was sacked all yearlong only step times. if you think building up owe that moment those were good starts. >> how do you feel about that, tony. >> well i love it. i'm shocked because redskins tend to be underrated. it was a great year. they dominated that year. ripen was amazing. they put up more points than
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i get it. >> i only laughing because i'm not from here i have no idea who that quarterback is never heard his name until today. >> all i'm thinking about is super bowl with san antonio holmes out there for the steelers. >> and they have six rings. >> they do. >> anybody else have more than that. >> no. >> we won't get a 7th this year. >> so we're going through the list written by a guy name chris chase, chris chase from "fox sports" from bethesda. >> through you go. >> any bias. >> no bias at all. >> the other redskins wins were further down on the list. i was going through this there's a call on the last page here. we don't have time to run it down. we'll send a link out. >> they say john rig ins run for the 82 red skips on that fourth and one was most famous super bowl play in the first 25 years of his career. >> again here on "fo
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♪ ♪ >> we decided to sow seed in the time of famine. and look what god did for us. >> all god wants is your obedience. so once you sow that seed, expect god to perform his word for you. >> utterly lost on the importance of sowing in faith for miracles. >> as a result of me planting that seed that night, god sustained me. ♪ we declare nobody like you ♪ ♪ we worship adore you ♪ we declare


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