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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 27, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> fox5 news at 11 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, hundreds of thousands of people are flooding into the district for the march for life rally. what you need to know for to. plus a church group in town for the march attacked. this is a new one, the toes to tid owes chip bag that can tell if you've been drinking and can even help you catch a ride home. and the doom's day clock takes in historically for. how close are we to at apock lips. your news starts now. we begin tonight with the march for life rally. it sticks off tomorrow morning right here in the district. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend. thanks for staying with us, i'm shawn yancy and i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins. what you need to know about the events, plus there's a warning for visitors.
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sarah simmons starts us off. eagle bank arena is packed tonight for this life is good recall yes a lot of the people are starting to filter out already at this point. it's been a huge event. to give p you an idea how many people are inside,' take a look over here at all of the tour buses that are lined up here in the the parking lot. this is put on every year by the catholic disease of arlington and it has groan each year. let's take a look inside the stadium and you'll get an idea what we're talking about here. 8400 people gathering here tonight for a concert and speeches to get everyone excited for tomorrow's big march. i talked with those who attend ted the event. they say this isn't an anti abortion rally, but a chance to have all voices heard. regardless of who is in the white huss and regardless what other protests are happening we want to make sure that young people have an understanding of what it means to be pro life. god willing abortion is made legal one it's making
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we respect all people, from natural conception all the way to natural degradation. march for life, we've been doing this for 44 years and the women's march in washington got 129 press coverage. that's just crazy because if read over a 5,000 people are going to be at the march tomorrow. if i can just say that and realize my voice i heard. that's a win for me. > here's what you need to know if you're heading down to the march for live, it starts at washington and market. that's at 15th and constitution. there is music that will kickoff the event at 11:45. then at 1:00 p.m. is when the march will begin. they will then end the at supreme court. the big advice here of course is for people to take metro. they why areinging to be running additional trains to. they encourage people to get the smart cards in advance much that's the latest at george mason university. a youth ministry group that was in town for the march for
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says a group of teens attacked them near a metro station in southeast. marina maracco is live on the national mall where this rally will take place. >>reporter: this group is pretty familiar with where they've been staying for the past three years. they've been staying down in southeast specifically at the assumption catholic church off of martin luther king avenue. they say following last night's violent attack they're going to be regrouping and reconsider how they move about the city. it lasted for 20 seconds. but in just 20 seconds a pack of teens was able to do some seer just damage, a broken nose, a fracture of the eye socket. the other adult leader, as far as we can tell or what i've been told, some type of concussion. he has a little bit of memory loss as far as a he remembers up to having dinner that night and then after that details are a little l fuzzy on that. 22 teens and two
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got off here at the congress heights metro stop in southeast d.c. they started a mile track to the catholic church. one of the adult chaperones was in the back of the group was attacked. when the rest came back to defense their own they were met by a pack of teens hurling racial slurs, armed with a knife and ready to steal their belongings, the victims cried for help at a nearby firehouse. they say despite the scare and the injuries they'll be out on the mall for the march for life, a trip they made every year for the past two decades. nobody is going to rob us of that joy and the troy meaning of why we're here to celebrate life even when something horrible happens like that we're still going to be juvenile. still no arrests in the case. marina maracco, fox5 local new. > green piece protestors are facing certify j
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after scaling the construction crane. once they got to the top off the crane they unfurled a banner that said resist. you can see it above the white house. the protestor are charged with burglary, unlawful demonstrating and destruction of property. ific requested they could face hefty fines up to a year and a half in jail. mexico's president canceled a planned meeting with president trump in washington next week over rising intentions over the border wall. they say mexico will not pay forth wall. the white horse is reporting edly considering a up in of ways to get mexico to pay, including a 20 percent import tax on mexican goods. gathering up for a fight with president trump. the battle over sanctuary cities could also end up in court. president trump signed an order fund. d.c. do not go
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imigrant. an approximate 25 percent of illegal immigrants life in the district. people are worried. it's a feeling of being scared and it's okay to feel owe scared because it's uncertainty. people don't know what's going to happen or how it's going to a. d.c.'s mayor says lawmakers are reviewing the executive order to determine exactly wait means for the situate time d.c. law doesn't allow police to ask residents their immigration status. a am toker islamic extremist hired by george washington university has been ared. jessie morton has been accused of bringing cocaine to meet a pros time. he was brought in to provide consulting services for gw's program. he was convicted and served time on terror-related charges and then he served as an fbi form informant. the university says morton no
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tonight more changes for metro and these are coming in the wake of the agency's final report on the system-wide track inspection. general manager paul white feld announced fearly two dozen workers have been let go for falsifying records relating to the deratement of a train near falls church. jack evans says he agrees with the decision. union members say the situation is far from resolved. when the public supports, if somebody is falsifying a record, i don't care why they're falsify it, they deserve to be fired. they're still in the process of investigating it. it's an ongoing investigation from my part. i don't want to get too department into the firings because we are still going to have to defense the workers. > metro official also revealed that it was operator error that caused the doors to open on a yellow line train. this happened away from the platform at reagan national apport on tuesday. still to come tonight, zine islamic extremists say we
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edging closer to the aa pock lips. the tostados chip bag that can tell if you've been drinking. > what. >> that's not all. the national zoo tweeted out this cute pick tougher its brand new baby seal. it started a twitter war of who has itself cutest animal. we'll explain coming up.
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> perhaps you heard, ben's chilly bowl talk of the town today, the historic d.c. restaurant's famous mural, featureing chuck brown, bill cosby, barack obama now gone. it is a white wall with the words new year, new mural. the family says the mural was weather worn and simply time for a change and not because of the controversy surrounding the sex assaults surrounding business cosby. i'm just wondering and thinking we're the not the
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patience. we're just ben's chili bowl. let's see most importantly what the community wants up there. for now the d.c. landmark is allowing people to leave their own positive messages on the wall. you can also go to their website and vote on who should be featured on the next mural. about p 20 names on the list. some of the names list from rosa parks to eleanor homes norton to prince, rachel ray and jimmy falon. the doom's clock is ticking. it what does this mean? here's fox's laura ingle. >>reporter: in an unprecedented move, scientists nogged the hands of of the doom's day clock 30 seconds closer to midnight. the symbolic count down to the end of the world is now two and a half minutes from the he pock lips. the first has been a cavalier and reckless language used across the globe especially in the united states and after. around nuclear weapons and nuclr
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the board blaming a cocktail of threats for influencing this year's adjustments citing cyber threats and donald trump's comments on nuclear arms and climate issues. the trump administration needs to state clearly and unequivocally that it accepts climate change as reality. no problem can be sold unless its existence is first recognized. in 2015 the clock was moved from five to three members remaining there for 2016. this is now the closest the clock has come to midnight since 1953 when scientists moved it to two minutes from midnight after seeing both s and the some of yet union test hydrogen bombs. the nuclear weapons development, the steady art modification l■ and pakistan and stagnation in arm's'
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this is also the first time in the doom's clock 70-year history that the advisory board has adjusted the clock by 30 seconds. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. > it is the tostadas chip's bag that knows when you've been drinking. from it owe lay partnered with mothers against drunk driving. it detect alcohol on a person's breath. if you've had a drink you breathe on it and the circle on the bag turns into a steering wheel with a message that flashes don't drink and drive. unfortunately you won't find a bag at the grocery store. they are only hand aing out a couple as a super bowl promotion. >> what if it's not right. >> i'm sure it's not a reel gauge. what about if 30 people dipped into the bag. >> that's a good point. if you're drunk and eatings to teeth
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probably empty. go to bed. > all right. so it is almost friday, the weekend is coming up. folks are looking at the weather. if you sleep better when it's cold, this is going to be a great weekend for you. we have seen a run of nice warm days. jim is getting sleepily. >> were you coming over to cuddle with me. > earlier he asked me to mary him. now he wants me to cuddle. >> it's been a special night on fox5. > jim is on too many meds today. >> it's been one of those days. > we're going to go onto the weather and let jim medicate himself a little bit more as we deal with the chip i'll tell you though, i feel like somebody has some kind of head cold. it is every where. and a lot of that has to do with the big temperature swings. we're going to stay on the low side of the pendulum for a
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little while. we've made a pattern swift. we're not talking about the polar vortex. we're talking about temperatures getting back to where they should be. the frontal boundary came through this morning. it dropped temperatures from the 60s down into the 30s and we're headed for the 30s tonight. a colder weekend awaits with many place he not getting out of the 30s for high temperatures. i wanted to show you where we are right now. our temperature in the city slow to drop. 37 in winchester, 43 in manassas and 43 for frederick. it was all about the big wind gusts today. a small sampling of what we saw, including a 43-mile gust. 51 hyattsville had a gust of 46. that brought down trees and limbs and while we'll still be breezy tomorrow and we're still breezy tonight, keep in mind while they're not 40 and 50, it can still bring down a limb. we just dropped down to
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down a little bit. that definitely has an effect on the wind chill. it's feeling 28 to 39 across the region with winchester being one of the coldest spots now bottom line, air temperatures head for the low and mid 30s overnight. it feels like it's in the 20s in the morning. with a bus stop with a temperature range of 30 to 36 it feel like it's in the mid 20s because of the breeze. the breezy might be a little bit stronger in the afternoon when the kids are dropped objection to the form 42 to 47-degrees but again feeling like it's in the 30s. a check wind chills at 7 in the morning, it may feel like 20. 26 if ever cull pep per, 26 for annapolis, 27 here in the district. by 1:00 it feels like 36 in the district. we've certainly been colder. 29 for hagerstown. 34 tordil and going out for dinner tomorrow evening, dress for wind chills. again mid 20s to low 30s even as late as 10:00 we're back in the 0s with the wind chills and that's how it's going to go this
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weekend. strong winds blowing across the lakes. we may get several inches of snow in the mountains. the chill back entirely through the weekend and i think the breezes even stick around into saturday although they're not going to be awful. here is a range of temperatures tomorrow between 38 for hagerstown to 46 in the district. 44 for fredericksburg, 42 for culpeper. the weekend looks pretty quiet. mostly temperatures in the 40s and think think saturday may be a little bit sunnier than sunday is going to be. we'll see the clouds coming in a little bit more on sunday, especially sunday night. i also have to mention there is going to be a weak disturbance crossing the area sunday night that could produce very late at night some snow flurries and we're going to keep them in the forecast for monday as well. it should eventually climb to 40. we're 20s at night going for. tuesday 46-degrees, lots of sunshine. we're cool on wednesday at 47. but check the nighttime temperatures. not a lot o
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forecast but at least we have a little bit more cold air coming into town and thursday about 42-degrees as we wrap up the month of january and bring february in on wednesday. that was fast. > that's your seven day forecast. brody, over to you. thanks, sue. well, you know was ain'ting about the spelling of the verizon center? what. >> no ls. the caps and wizards have gun 2017, a perfect 14 and o at their shared space in chinatown this is the first time in 20 years that the caps and the wizards have won at least six straight at home at the same time. the last caps loss at home, that was to the devils. who they play tonight in new jersey. and dry beer cough skim he has ate points in his last five games. the capitols get off to the usual quick start. his 23rd of the year, just six minutes in.
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2-1 caps. makes it 3-1. and then kiss nets off. back hand. one of his then look at this hit right here. straight d skater and then ring the bell. it's a melee, a brew haha, whatever you want to call it. the sweaters are being removed, pun chess thrown and that was about it. the caps win 5 to 2. after what am thought was a snub, john wall made the star game. he was voted by the coaches to be an all star research. third in the league in assists with 10.1 per game. was recently named nba player for december. the tiger is back. well, kind of. playing in his first official pga tour. tiger woods looked like
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who spent a year and a half off the tour. pharmacovigilanceers open at tour i pines. tour i pines is where he had ate career victory tiger knows he has a long way to go before he is truly back. >> certainly i'm trying to get a feel for it and try get a feel for playing. this is so much -- so much is different. > and talk about tiger being back, the back is a problem. multiple back surgeries and multiple knee surgeries. i looked at a list and it's like 14 different surgeon wrist he's had. maybe he's better good. it's kind of amazing to think about, he was on top of the world and things happened in his personal life and he's not been the same since. > and also his swing. as he he's gotten older he can't play the same way. that's right. he had the acl tear. >> that's what happens. > the cute animal twitter wars up next
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this. on good day d.c., these love birds are getting hitched live on our all. make sure you catchall the fun right here on fox5 tomorr
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who on the web tonight it is a twitter war over the cutest animals. >> the best kind of war there is. it all started when the national zoo tweeted out a picture of its new baby seal. they anouned his birth on yesterday. then a twitter user challenged a virginia aquarium to come up with something cuter than that little l guy. and on ther in the background. otters always win for me. the national zoo then responded with this sweat photo photo. >> this
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the twitter war wasn't over. other dos jumped on the band wagon. atlanta tweeted out a pick of the baby panda right there. >> this is a cute i. and then the bronx zoo got in on the action with two tiger cubs playing together. >> not as cute as the panda. > we're going to go to brody's hometown of miami. >> miami added a photo of a baby deer with its mall. > sweat, not -- >> almost sweat enough to go clubbing on south beach. > almost. only brody. i could have snapped this picture on 28. > anyway, we don't know who you guys think is the cutest, but certainly i'm voting for the animals at the national zoo. >> i'm going for arrangatang. > i'm always team
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nobody is team osprey. >> talk amongst yourselves, itself morning crew gets back at
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