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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f >> straight ahead at 6:0ox05 i has been a busy week so far ar for president donald trump andnr today will be no diumfferep nt.. he will host his first world wod leader at the white house.hous >> plus preparations are well under way for today's march's mr for life event on the nationalel mall ton kick things off thousands are gearing up toring attend a youth rally before the big march.march. >> live look outside on thisides friday. we made it to friday morning, january 27th. a return7th. of winter.nter. weather and traffic coming upd f also on the 5s at 6:05. 6: good morning.rning. i'm allison seymour.allisose >> and i'm steve chenevey. chen. welcome to fox5 news first responder at 6:00 we6:0we have just learned the first official conversation will con take place between donaldnald trump and russian president vladimir putin.put kremlin confirmed they're setnfr tomed speak by phone tomorrow. the call will be the first time the two have wil spoken si putin congratulated donaldngra trump on his victory shortlyshoy after the
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putin plained presidentined prei trump's promise to mend tiesnd with moscow.with mosco >> today at the white housee president trump will meet withh his first world leader since taking o british primeme minister theresa may looking lon to continue the economic tradete relationship as her countryshipa works to leave s thhee european union. but may has a differentdi opinions than the president when itpr comes to the iran deaa nato and torture.ortre. a joint press conferencet between the two is setpr forfor 1:00 this afternoon. also today, thae presidenti scheduled to visit the te pentagon for the ceremonialrem swearing in of the secretarysecy of defense general james jame mattis.mattis >> meanwhile last nightle l president trump appeared onappeo fox's hannity. >> oh they're the liars. let me give you an example.exa when john got up he talked about the audience anda hle and talked about i had the largestrt audience. i d i had the largest audienceud if you add the television, iflei you add all the sources thercese largest audience in the
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however inaugurations.augura i d.d. they try to demean it so much. h >> president trump's chief c white house strategist stevetrae bannon also bashing the media ta in an interview with the newe york times he repeatedlyepe described news organizationsra as quote the opposition partyior "and said the media shouldshould quote keep its mouth shut and ih just listen fo srhu awhile."whi" >> taking to the media to talkok about the media.ia. debate over how manyan people attended the inauguration. according to the washington post the day atifteg r theto t e swearing in rthe presidentres asked the acting director of the park sedrvice to produceodue additional photos of the crowd. cr >> also this morning's outrage continues over who will pay for the wall along mexico'smexic border with the united states. mexico's president abruptlybrupy canceled a visit to theisit to district this week with theek wh president not long after that ta president trump's spokesmanokean floated the idea that of a of a 20 percent tax on mexicanexcan
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of the wall but after negativene reaction from some members ofme congress, the white house later said it was just onestone idea being floated as to hows tw to pay for the wall.w >> let's get to today righto toi now in the district. big convenient planned whereient thousands of antiabortionabortn activists are in town for theowr march for life.marcfor lif >> and the rally and the marchnc take on new significance nowgnii that the trump administrationrup is taking action a to restrictet funding for abortions.ab annie yu is live at the rallytha site with more. good morning.go >> reporter: hey, goodep morning, steve andor allison.l good morning, this is the 44th year that thehe march for life rally has takentn place and this year thei ye the eventwill host its biggest r yet. vice president mike pence isikec expected to speak at this at ths rally. you also have kellyanne conwayo one of the president trump'srups top adviser speaking tottensotes of thousands of people.peopl organizers say they got agota permit from the national parke i service to hoston about 50,000u0 people or so but the
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expecting more to come out here. there are no tickets requiredu for the event.for the even as you can see the preps are p well under way out here and you can expect super tightigt security. any moment now the roads will be shutting dow n.own. again they're expectingey're ext thousands of people here soof po we're talking groups andsnd antiabortion activists from all across america coming hereig to the nation's capitol. it all kicks off around 11:45.5. now this march happens eachs year to mark the anniversarynn of the 1973 roe v. wade w supreme court decision which w legalized abortion nationwideati and it's really touched off o fierce debate ever sin. this year for the first timer ti inme years, participants willntw have the political momentum moem when they hold their annual event with president trump in that office and the gains tthee movement has made you have pro life policy pol already churning out of a a republican controlled congressog including a federal ban on abortions, defunding planneddinn parenthood and of course appointing a pro life m
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to the u.s. supreme court. so, a lot happening.ening participants say this is anthisn extra special year for if you plan to come out know kn that it begins at 11:45.1: the map officially kicks officik at 1:00.1:0. participants will march from here top capitol hill and endd at the supreme court buildingbug and of course as always whenwa you have these large events metro is that your best bet. bee that's the very latest here ere from northwest d.c., annie yu, u fox5 local news.ew >> annie thank you. 6:05 and there was an an unfortunate term for a youth y group. they say abo ut a group of 20of0 teens attacked them. t they were head to assumptionss catholic church where theych whe the group from texas says the te assault lasted about 20bout 20 seconds leaving some of their t members battered and >> developing overnight theopine faa investigating after aing af plane that took off fromf dulles international airporter had to make an emernagency landing in nashville after oneft of the engines caught on fire.en the plane was safely evacuatedee and officials were table tocial put out thes hot spot but the e runway was closed and has
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remained closed since thate that incident. >>n overnhtveight police spent hours on theours oe scene of a deadly accident.ccid. this happened just beforened jue 10 o'clock last night in the t 7600 block of clifton road in fairfax station.station one person was killed when a car slammed into a another was taken to the hospital. an investigation into a causee is ongoing. >> ♪♪ >> hello tucker barnes. good morning.ello t >> happy friday.rid. >> whoop whoop. >> end of the >>week. wek. >> much colder air has moved moe in. think about last friday how busy everybody was. was >> i know, right. we are setting up for a decent c friday and then a nice looking weekend but a cooler weekendee than what we've had. a >> we were spoiled.>> w we had that beautiful day.e fuly >> oh, yeah and yesterday westee still got to 61 degrees.1 i know winds were >> weird. didn't feel like it.l like it. >> that's because the winds w were howling at 50 miles an50 mn hour. ho >> that can make a difference.c. >> exactly. 42 reagan national. bwi marshall 40.l
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not you guys, everybody else.el. oh, okay.y. [laughter] >> according to my radar we're getting snow off to the north and west.ow off witnessing any ofsing any o this snow, please tweet met e tucker fox5 and let me know.w. it's at least radar indicated.d. not sure any of that is touching the ground.ou earlier out to the west wet we had -- remind me whichh schools. >> garrett county. gar county. >> garrett county closed forntyd the day because of all the a snow along the alleghenyeghe front. s your sat rammed yousat ramm can see snow showers flying off to our north and snoww seste morning. we got a little cloud cover out littl there.the still eezy.y. going to be a partly sunnyly pacific northwest breezy cool day for us forrthwes our fridayr there are your palm trees. 46 degrees, sunshine and againsi the winds are going to pick up p today. not as blustery as yesterday.ay. still winds at 25 miles an2 hour with a temperature in themr 40's will make it feel quite q cool. >> now that i see they'reheyre potted plants i flee with you. . the ones in the middle youiddle couldn't see the pots. po >> look like good
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>> does look like it could be wiith those nice little palmittl trees. live look of the inner loop atep 66 where we have app disabled a vehicle taking ppout one ofut of the -- let me get out of the met way so you can site better,be one of the left center lanes las that just left.ft. so, we could see it earlierarr about 10 minutes ago but nowut o the vehicle has picked up and u moved along but we still have he some residual heavy volume inner loop right before 66. 66. also next camera 14th street14tt bridge right after you exit 14th street bridge we had anad n accident that's quicklyhat's qiy cleared. it's kind of in between theweene 14th and the k street bridgesets but that has cleared.cleare however, we're still seeing see some residual volume asidual vos everyone is squeezing onto theoh bridge there inbound 395t 3 let's get back to our maps ma those two spots only goingly pick up with intensity as thehe friday morning commute beginsome right after 6:00 a.m. here. he. still looking okay in i maryland, coming in on 95 95 you're smooth as well router one baltimore-washingtonltim parkway and 29.nd9 top of the beltway stilltway sti looking okay, too.too 27
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volume just about i-70 toto clarksburg. you breakthroughs of it as as you're going through thr montgomery county down to the c so far mom volume in that section mom v of 270.of light traffic volume 234 to route 28 on six eastbound and then 395 northbound probably a lot of cars out there but notbut indicating any volume that'shat' building quite yet edsall roadal to the 14th street bridge.brid. the district normal volumel volu building here 295 southbounduthd route visit to the 11th street t bridge and southern maryland we had an earlierhern crash onsh branch avenue very early, just,t after 5:00 a.m. this morning. m. that has since cleared. ca it was just around the camp cam springs area at allentown at aln road. i still see a little bit of bitf volume so even thou therethre isn't a scene out there maybe my you'll encounter a little bitert of volume southbound on branchth avenue just south of thehe beltway. beltway. 95 northbound dale city to the t beltway building volumewa through woodbridge.y buh that's awo look at traffic.traf. allison. al >> thanks caitlin.aitlin happening today, a man convicted 20 times foricted es r sexually assaulting women inomnn the district was arrestedarred again this week. wee. now this morning he'll face afae judge once he was arrested wednesdayd
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around 2:00 in the morning forn groping a woman in the 1600h block of seventh street northwest. nort d.c. judge order 57-year-old michael hilliard held untilhilld his preliminary hearing h today. >> also happening today, al preliminary hearing scheduledg for the man accused of killing n a local actress and yoga instructor tricia cawley.ricia . according to the medicaling he m examiner's officers mccauleyccay was strangled to death and mayth have also been sexually assaulted. >> also today, a funeral willl l be held for laurel departmentau of public wdorks employee marcus colbert. he died while riding on the on e back of a trash truck.tuck. services begin at noon at the he bethany community church inchucn laurel. >> next, we are rememberingemebg another hollywood star thisood s week. the latest passing the star ofo a popular 1960's tv show.ho. >> plus late night host conant o'brien packing up and heading south of the
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we'll explain. back in just 30 seconds. we'll explain. back in just 30 seconds. >> today holocaust remembranceoc day marking the 72nd anniversary ofday the liberatii of the auschwitz nazi n concentration camp.cen this is video of auschwitz now w where a major new constructiontc project is under way to to restore buildings there tothereo their original state.igina today here in the districthere more than
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survivors will gather with th ambassadors from a number oforsm nations for a cere amony at the u.s. holocaust memorials. holoca museum. >> another hollywood death toodo report this week p mike mike connors. mike was the star of the tv show mannix. ma connors passed away yesterday afternoon in a los angelesnges hospital from thatro complications ofm leukemia. he was 91 years old. o >> one of the first action stars. >> then show like yesterday sadly.n show >> late nighty host conanhs o'brien making headlines fordlir his response to theponse controversy over the wallrsy erw along the mexican border.bor conan says he wanted to dowanteo something positive followingtivo this week's negative news poutsp relationship between thetion united states and mexico sos ano here's his plan. p ly. >> i'm going to head down to mexico city rent a televisiontyn studio and shoot an episode ofso our show with the help of anof n all mexican staff, crew, guests and studio audience and d we're going to call it conanit n without borders made in mexico.
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first. conan made headlines with ama political road trip two yearsdes ago when he filmed an episode of his show in cuba and most recently conan without bordersbo berlin aired last month. a lot of activity takingt ov place ahead of this sunday'ss pro bowl including what else but dodge ball. lastll man standing for the afc. ezekial elliott knocks him out t and then rips his shirt off to celebrate.el kirk cousins playing for the afc team.c >> i will it when people arele e doing other things especially with people who you don't seet e mixing it all the time. t >> they were having fun withing each other but i will say i was watching a little i didn'tti want anybody to get hurt. >> right, exactly. >> 700-pound shreds and stuff.nt >> we would be on here why w would you ever do it messing with your car regent corona
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tequila. they could get more expensive.x. we'll talk about thebout 20 percent tax on mexican imports. imports. >> outside right now nothing rig to stop you temperature-wise.peu it's a little chilly but it's january. let's keep that in mind.s there's a look at the bridge right now wilson bridge.kea lots traffic and weatheonr bri cominp next. >> ♪♪
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what are you doing up? mom said i could have a midnight snack. it's not even midnight, it's ten forty-three. well, let's have a ten forty-three snack. quietly, though. okay. yeah. mmmm. shhhh. hey i'll share my yoplait custard if you share your yoplait dippers? al.hhh. deal. mmmm. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> taking a live look 14thg street bridge. . on 39a 5 right near the bridge so keepsok in mind volume already alread starting to build especiallyld those trying to get into thet ie district this we're going have caitlin whog ha is in for erin this week going g keep a close eye.ey. first though here's tucker. tck. >> that's not good.od. hey, good morning.ood mornin hi. let's get to it.let's geto it. bus stop forecast not so bado out there.he it is chill let me mention the h chilly temperatures started torr move back inte d with overnightt lows back in the 30's and low 40's. 40's. chilly conditions to startto your day. we'll be dealing with breezesbr out of the north and w
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to 25. that will make it feel pretty fy cool out there with daytime highs in the mid 40's but it should be partly sunny fore parn much of our friday. it's friday.f all right.a 42 now in washington.shin. leonardtown down to 34 degrees. dulles quantico k dulles 38 degrees. 38egrees. 37 up in 36 in hagerstown.age let me show you radar off toar our north and west.and we if you're getting any of theset snowflakes at all let me know as we got a little at al batch t snow that develops off to ourde north and west early thiveslolys morning. winds back with us here at 22 a2 now in in washi 28 in gaithersburg.thurg. 37 in martinsburg so we're not ' done with that very strongtron northwest flow that moved invein yesterday behind our front. that's our light snow showert sw activity. i guess some of it is probably of s probab getting to 81 although this is s very light stuff out towardsrds hagerstown, perhaps frederickr this is getting a light flurryg maybe west mount airy andount ad western howard county youhowa ct might get a few light snowht snw shows.s. if you're seeing it let me know. i don't think the -- thet thinkt progress east is kind ofind o falling apart so i don't think we'll see any of that get anygey
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washington area.wa off to the north and west ieline we've got some pretty goodme lake effect snows there eff kicking upec just east lake and we'll be dealing with thati many today with that strong,str, strong northwest flow.flow. setup for the weekend.eknd. nice quiet but cool and chilly h out there.ere 30's and 40's around here both h saturday and sunday.. lows below freezing soak ready for a chilly weekend.weeknd. that's where we should be forshr this time of year.of year. monday morning we may have a haa few snow showers arou. we'll talk more about that buttt what we are likely to see areeee very light amounts but perhaps p enough that there could be at to slick spot or two on a roadway. that's a look at traffic.traffi. hey, it's friday.y, it's iday. caitlin is here.lin is h >> it is friday. fri good morning, tucker.. like that hand kerchief yourchiu got going on there.he is that a new accesser.accer. >> it's a fashion splash.n . >> oh, a fashion splash.hio we can count on you tucker forrr the fashion splash.f if you take 395 into theas intoe district this is.rict this is volume getting ont
6:19 am
street bridge.street bridge. right as you get off the 14ththe street bridge and you're y causing the case bridge makingmg your way into the districtdi there is a crash so that iso ths leading to tons of volumeolu building on the bridge andge d then at least moderate toto probably heavy building volume all the way back to the te pentagon on 395. so, tough going trying toyi cross 14th street bridge thisdgs morning. let's go to our besides that we're starting toao see volume build in all ourl normal spots.rmal ss. metro update. updat we have blue line a disabledsald train. expect delays to largo town t center due to that disabled train. train. give yourself plenty of extra ea time if you can. c beltway okay. normal volume on the top sides at the outer loop 95 to georgia of a tapping the o brakes. 95 sf outhbo und still looks oath oa building volume 270 southbound i-70 to clarksburg.larkurg. then you break free free itree t through montgomery county.unty. 66 eastbound light traffic volume 234 to 28 through 234 to centreville and going through28h fairfax you look okay
6:20 am
although there might be some sme spotty volume already.ready 395 northbound edsall road to the 14th street bridge again 14th street bridge thatdge at accident on 395 going to cause u those slowdowns.lowwns. and southbound 295 normalnomal volume here route visit to thes 11th street bridge.brdge. southern maryland we still have some inbound delays here de on 210 northward hitting the the beltway. belt earlier accident on branchn br avenue has cleared but still sil some southbound delays right ri there. that's a look at traffic.affic. more weather and traffic at 6:25. steve. hanks vein thanks very much. here's a question for you.ry muo how often are youu late for lat work and there's not one part or of my eye that's looking atng t you alli i'm straight ahead dead intoeino the camera right now. >> you either.her. >> career builder did a littled research on this. also takes a lookrese at some oo the more wild excuses people pee come up with.with. >> things really happen.ha >> let's focus on the cutehecute then. th >> the cincinnati zooinnati o brightening up our friday withdw new video showing a preemie pre hippo getting her first bathirsh yesterday. the thesn't want to be in water . >> [laughter]
6:21 am
she was born dsix weeks early,r gaining strength, gainingnin weight, doing look at her big paws. >> she's going to be a bigoing e hippo. a >> feet? what do you call --cl >> hippo feet. going to love the water one of>e these days, though, you knoofw it. >> yes, she how sweet.
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>> 6:23. time for our business beat this morning. sounds goodor o corona tequila margaritas. rgaritas. first let's check the we need money to buyo by everything. good morning. >> reporter: this is the first official week with president trump and the ep markets are orat lloft truumppt 1.1 percent. yesterday's small one pointll pt setback for the nasdaq and thea s & p but the dow not onlynot oy goes up it goes to and 20,100. things are looking pretty goodty as far as your 401k is concerned. >> let's talk about the l tequila maretgarit'sa corona ths coming from a member ofembero congress. >> reporter: yeah.>>epor
6:24 am
you make those more expensivee because of this border waller that you want to make betweene e the u.s. and mexico and yourd yu suggestion we slap a 20 percent import tax on items s like tequila that come from from mexico american customers areer going to haves to pay moreay moe money and he calls that mucho mo sad. i would agree. a did you know that 80 percent 80 of our avocados come fromrom mexico. i buy them all the time. it's three dollars peree dollarr avocado. it can't get more expensiveexpe than that put i guess itt i esst could.could. we'll see what happens witht hae this idea of paying for that h 2000-mile wall with a tax, a a 20 percent tax that american amn customers would have to pay onwa mexican imports iny if thereif were not federal regulationsgul limiting this i would drive t you a truckloadhi of of a cadeoo doughs here where they're notno quite three dollars a piecere lauren and help youe out in o that department. >> reporter: wait. they>> there? when? i was in arizona last week they were 44 cents so i boughtib a lot but in new jersey and ina new york they're three dollarsts each. >> oh. those arizonaians
6:25 am
t bargains. >> reporter: listen i wouldn't buy them but mybut my daughter is obsessed withssed wh them. >> it's a necessary evil.t's cer it's all about moneyt money management lauren. this is what you doma for a fr living. livi you're living and breathingand g it. career builder coming out andd saying people are tardy toe t work this year being creativecre with excuses but maybe it doesn't matter because bossesmat these days they tone reallyerheo care do they.o th >> reporter: the three ofof you onset now, fess up howup often are you late to work.wor >> we have a fluid schedule.che. i have had days where like i've lost app contact lens andtd then -- i mean it sounds sillyns but it's -- i can't go to work k with one eye and then i havei ve top find another contact lenson and that next thing you knowxt n you're behind. 're five'rfivend you minutes late. tes okay.okay. career builder finds builder f 29 percent of workers are latee to work once a month at least.l. 16 percent late at least once a ek.k. welcome to the club people. pee. here's the thing. t bosses really don't rea we're working in a world wherewo you take your iphone homeake with you a
6:26 am
day, it's fluid schedule likech some of the excuses for beingr g late bosses that are not giving you leeway, i forgot it o wasn't the weekend.ekend come on, has that happened youae to before, you're so confused c when you wake up in the middlent of the night and your days areae off. >> no, but i've had mondaysd mod that feel like thursdays so isdi get it. >> reporter: okay. i put petroleum jelly in myiny eyes. now, i can agree were it this one and allison might toogh too because sometimes i take myakemy eye makeup off with thewith the petroleum jelly. >> yes, definitely.f >> reporter: thank you.eporter:t myhank mother-in-law wouldn't sp talking. come on? that's true.rue. >> that's one you would thinks n you would want to gete away awy fr.m. [laughter] >> reporter: anyway justy just wanted to share some of the somf excuses the best ones.s the bese >> thank you for a littlel morning levity this morningvityn and yes they're fluide schedules in the morning and mog at night.ight. so, it works out.s >> reporter: right.>> r >> thank you lauren.auren see you tomorrow -- no,row -- monday. see i got my days confused.conf >> reporter: see you gotee you o confus
6:27 am
>> we'll be right back. >> so a giant one avocado $1.70 each. >> they were on special.n speci. i can't believe 75 percent. i thought california grew aif lot of avocados.avado >> they're marketing campaign mt says they do.heydo. >> we need to take an in depthi investigative report on this.poh winds are back. b even some snowflakes off tome our north and s tweet me tucker fox5 if you5 iyu see any of those but the bigtheg picture is that. t we'll be partly sunny and much h cooler today. toay. 46 for a dayime high. igh weekend looks good butod but seasonably cool. >> thank you. >> check in with caitlin.c good morning.k good morng. >> stevedoring. metro update blue line a li disabled train at nationalatial airport if you do take the p blue line get going. gong. expect delays to largo town o center. friday commute on the roadmute d starting to pick up top of thept belt
6:28 am
off and on volumeop from 95 to georgia avenue.orgia avue 270 building volume as well.ell that's your traffic.our traffic. fox5 news morning will being right back after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:30. welcome back. live look at the 14th street bridge. a bit of a backup right th k atet the caitlin was talking about this a moment ago.nt ago. we're going to get the finalet word on what's going on.n. pretty early 6:30 for this th backup. we'll let you know what'swha going on and possibly how toblyt
6:31 am
welcome back. traffic trweather and coming up on the 5s :35. well, you are now taking atakng live look at the national mall m and today tens of thousandshosas will head to the mall. m they are will there togethertogr to take part in the annualannual march for life rally.ray the antiabortion march takes on new significance this year y with the trump administrationnin taking action to restrictstict funding for abortions.bor the rally starts at noon andoona the march begins at 15th street and constitution avenueoe northwest. no tickets are needed to participate. icipat today at the white housey president trump will meet withah his first world leader sincedere taking office.fic british prime minister theresa may a joint press conference prs between the two is set for one 1:00. the trump administrationmp adm pulling back on advertising toi promote insurance signups onan the closing days of tcehe 2017e1 enrollment season for the the affordable care act or or obamacare. the health and human
6:32 am
department has pulledds as partf its effort to cust costs.coss. opponents say it could keepldp young healthy people fromalthy p getting into thele insurancens pool which would drive up costs. and today president trumptoa is expected to signy angn an executive action to launch an an investigation into widespreadid voter fraud. the president's claim that th voter fraud was rampant in the t 2016 election and has beeneen widely debunked already but heue is insisting on another lookh at the white house oversightversigt committee chairman says hiss his committee will not investigate the matter. the quite ama battle setting up senp there. today beginning at noon d.c.c. residents can begin signing upn for the summer youthsu employment program.ploy people aged 42 end to 24 are eligible. mayor muriel bowser yor muri bow tempseorrarily expand, thera program to include districtditrt residents up to 24 years old.s d today the mayor will call onwi the council toll make that agete limit permanent.per the summer jobs program provides six wee
6:33 am
happening today, peta willai be at the regal gallery place stadium 14 theater to protesteae the opening of the new film a a dog's purpose. the demonstration comes in thed way of inleak ted video from the set that shows a terrified te germ shepherd being forcedng fod into churning water for one ofrf the film's scenes.sces. today police fire and ems ms will plunge raising money forf special olympics part of a of time honored maryland tradition that draws more thanet 10,000 participants from across the state. s stay frosty, my friends.riend goodob.b. >> that will wake you up int the morning.willthe morning. time for the morning line.or t a little check on sportshe foror you. nhl all-star weekend getsll under way in los angeles-stgel tonight. tomorrow the all-star game atgam the staples center home of the l.a. kings. a. kin alex ovechkin braden holtby representing your washingtonr w capitals for the metropolitan division. cap entered the all-star breakr with a win in
6:34 am
washington off to the usualusual quick start.start alex ovechkin scoring six minutes in. caps enter the all-star break leading the leak in points. that's awesome.aweome. john wall made the nba all-star team way to go wizards point guard voted byted the coaches to be an eastern asn conference all-star reserve.r re wall has the wizards riding ari 14 game home winning streak.str the nba all-star and weekend wed begins february 17th this yearhe it's in new orleans.orl great to see local teams doing o well and well represented.epre tiger woods back on the lynxkonh in action playing in his firsti official pga tour event in aentn year and a. had a. showing a little bit of r.ust.o. shot an opening round four over, a 76 at the farmers open n at torrey pines.pines. eight career victories there.e right now the cut line is eveni par. so today he would have to go go about four under to make theo me cut and continue play into the e weekend. of course that could change by b a stroke or so throughout the day. da the. no beer for u
6:35 am
to sell sam adams beer untilr un after the super bowl. b of course atlanta is in the sur bowl.l. the manager said he decided toit halt sales of the boston brewbos after he read a column in thent boston globe with the headlinebt it's a hard to get pumped uppedu about a super bowl against aaint atlanta. well, sam adams caught wind ofif the stunt and replied to their e tweet wop be their only lossnl s and followed this by don't don't worry atlanta we're still stll drinking could erica cola.ica ca trying to take the high road there because of course cokeu headquarters are in atlanta. >> a little trash talking.talin. >> no review of the skillsls competition last night. >> shockingly no.. >> the drum drop was >> tucker texted me last night t and said it's o. is o. forced me to watch. w >> it was fun. >> it was something. it was >> it wassome something. [laughter] >> 42. it wasn't the old battle of the network stars.n'th
6:36 am
the battle of the network ny i t >> that's why i loved it, too. i was hoping some of mye of my favorite 70's stars were going r to come out. comeout. >> like the captain.e th >> i did like the crash intoras the styrofoam wall at the endh of the obstacle course.c >> how about the quarterbackarbk losing at moving targets. >> i hope that everybody hope vo watching watched last night.g >> i'm sure nobody elsedy else watched but me and steve. and s. showers off to our north andur h west. thank you. than just got app couple reports ofkl some of this touche ing theouche ground and in west virginian wea but for the rest of us we're looking at a partly sunny a pary breezies are back today, partly sunny day today andny dad daytime highs are going to beoie much cooler than the lasthe couple days only in the middle e 40's so make sure if you're youe headed off to school walking wa to the bus stop, walking tolki work today, taking the dog outou you're ready for a much coolercr day. you'll notice it the momentice t you step out this morning.he most of the day utdr ty. dy. i'll have the weekend forecastth and coming up.e >> thank you tuckcoer.mi tuker. >> check in with caitlin get alt look at the roads now.s >> good morning to you all.d mo roads here on this fridayrns morning we're going tohere on gt actually begin on the 14tht streeth bridge.dge. this is inbound 395 getting ige don't and to the bridge. the br
6:37 am
once you get past the bridgethe is where we have an it's pushed over to the to shoulder but on a bridge ordge r getting off a bridge there'sidge not really a shoulder.r. 395 heavy leading up to thatat crash. delays on 395 probably back toy the pentagon.the let's go to our maps and this is going to be an issue in n downtown d.c. today.tod we've got annie yu outu o covering the march for lifer lif rolling closures in theg closurs district as a result of too many to list right here rige but the three big onesig o constitution of a 15th streeta t and seventh street.s they're rolling meaninging mea they'll be changing throughoutin the day at diffgerent times inin different areas but if youen want to avot id it just avoid ao this whole area downtownowntn because they will be settingbe t up soon if they haven't't already. alread also i retweeted the completecol list from d.c. police.po that is on my twitter caitlinit rothox5.5. a crash on powder mill roadll ro here in this is southbound right around beltzville you've got police approachingpri the scene and they're using --i- alternating between some worke k around there. the it will get you through it i but heavy delays as the crashder blocks the sout
6:38 am
between cherry hill and riggsgs road. road heads up in beltzville there'szt that crash on 212.2. otherwise the beltway looks loks fairly smooth only some minor m delays at this hour. h all right that's a look atookat traffic. steve. >> caitlin thanks.>> ticking away, the doomsday clock resetting with a new new look into the future. >> plus, hours after hours a mcdonald's gave away 10,000ay ,0 bottles of its big mac specialsl secret sauce, some bottles bottl showed up on ebay. e can you believe that? here'sat' what you're not going togo believe. how much they were goi for. f back in a moment. nt.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> back now with what's trending on the bac wk eb on thi friday morning.o did i already say whoop whoopred it's friday. i think i did.y i first thup hours after af mcdonald gave away 10,000y 10,0 bottles of its trademark big mac special sauce as part of its big mac promotion someomotie bottles being sold on ebay as much as $15,000. $ for the big mac fan on aon tighter budget there are pott th tells going forecloser to $30 as well. maybe there's are like littlele tiny sample don't do it. it. we're getting closer toloero the apocalypse according to a group of scientists who manageoe the doomsday clock a symbolicboc instrument informing the
6:42 am
public when the earth is reaching imminent disaster tdisa it move its minute hand from three minutes to midnight tot two and a half minutes before the final hour yesterday.esrday. everybody got that? okay. oay. it's the closest the clock has been to midnight since 1953, 15, the year after the first testing of the h bomb. bo good news, right. riht. and finally an international stem cell research team announced theuncee creation of the first human pihg embryos which could open aa new frontier in the researchth of mashups of human and animal n tissues. term goal of theth research is to be able to harvest organs from animalst ors that could be used f for human n transplants. ists sayists scient is critical because 22 people per day die in the uniteday d states while on wait lists forto organs. that's fascinating research.earc >> speaking of research i looked into this whole specials sauce deal thing. a lot of bottles asare sellingsg forecloser to 50 bucks or 60 or bucks a piece.cks a pece. there have been some that soldt for thousands
6:43 am
in those proceeds went tods weno charity. in some cases people were were opening up their wallets tollett help out charities.harities >> the big mac comes in the big different sizes. mdi >> that was part of thffethe promotion. >> a big mac eighty twohty uneighty four. >> put the sauces out there. sau >> if you likece the whopper jr. you'll like the big mac jr. i'm saying it mic drop. drp >> it's a movie review fridaywry today. kevin will join us.kevin will this time around it'sund it's something a little different.a d remember all the controversy alt with the movie ahe c dog's purpose. well kevin actually saw it. it not going to let thet the controversy get in the way ofrs his reviegew but he'll sharee'l what he thought about the film itself. final chapter so we think in the residentl chap evil sagat he spent a lot of money to gotog see last night and he'll explain why. >> ♪♪
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪♪ >> hey welcome back. we are off to a chilly start.>>. overnight lows getting back into winterthurer towi something we haven't done ag we lot of h and the winds are still with us. us it's going to be a and decentd t friday here. he all in all not a bad friday. fr. chilly conditions stilltill breezes. you thoseuhose momentarily and most of theand e area still above freezing aboveg here. after school today mid 40's, mi, breezy conditions but weut should be nice and dry. dry. current number 42 in in washington, 36 in gaithersburg. gait 38 dheulles. dules. leonardtown 34 degrees.onardt we're seeing those numbers tho falling here early thisarl this morning as we continue to
6:47 am
37 martinsburg and even lightvet snow developed off to our north and west thunderstormsd twehstis of west g a little snow on the ground.gru. this hasn't moved a lot.t movet. i wouldn't expect it to getect e further east.further ea it's possible if you're inre loudoun county frederick frederk county you might encounter a couple flurries here hm youlurr can see thatie very strong son northwest flow coming off the lake producing lake effectuc snows into parts oinf pennsylvania. for us partly sunny. a cool eel like january janry around here with daytime highs in the mid 40's and thenand th tonight even i think at reagantn national get very close to the s freezing mark but a nicenic looking weekend both saturdaybot and sunday are featuringatring plenty of sunshine. suns there's a look at your seven atn day. maybe a few snow showers around here by monday. all right. that's a look at weather.athe caitlin is back with thelin isah roads. >> your jacket is back from is m the dry cleaners by the way. by. >> oh, thank you. you >> very speedy here at fox5. >> thank you. >> inbound 395 here crashnb after the 14th streetou bridgeb so you can see the volumehe vo building getting onto the
6:48 am
bridge. the crash is over to thetohe shoulder. however building volumeolume getting on the bridge and in extends back to the pentagon.e let's go to our maps.ap. friday morning commute caitlinun roth fox5. find me on twitter.witter i'll tweet out any crashesny that will slow you down. top side of the beltwayp getting heavy 95 toside georgiae avenue as and 270 southbound actuallybouna doesn't look so bad. ba light traffic volume from 70 to clarksburg andaffi and then n picking up on much volume through montgomery county. cu 66 eastbound light traffic volume from 234 top 28stboun ann and northbound edsall road toroo the 14th street bridgee 14th st starting to see that volume v build within the district southbound 295 route visit tond5 the 11th stree rt bridge somee e normal volume right there.olum we'll have another look atook at traffic coming up at 6:55 but b first good morning and time time for. >> hit it. the morning meme.ning meme. >> ♪♪ >> all right. featuring threetu memes. i put up a picture a couplecoup days ago on my twitter tuckerker fox5 and asked some people toe
6:49 am
>> meme this. >> meme this. all right. t was steve and allison inon in our news conference room andomad the winner is, when you'ren ye trying to convince yourur coworker the benefits of wine.fe >> and to be fair you were t quite convincingo .conincing. >> right. battle.on that [laughr]r] >> we love that picture. pi all right.all rit. number two is from my friend f lloyd. i think everybody he's in theode weather center's friend. fri he takes beautiful pictures.ics. >> out in where is he in middleburg virginia. virg lloyd sent this headed home toi watch fox5.he >> i like it lloyd.llod. >> lloyd, i don't know wheredonh you found that et but that's tha pretty awesome. >> yes.>> yes. >> so, hopefully that's not inun your basement but he think hi it's cool. it's cool. your last one comes from mikey k t at fox5. when you have thursday off, can you see him over there, he's in the middle and youu seed invite all your y friendsou to celebrate. >> is that is sad is that the poor mike. >> for the rest of us it'sat is the the weekend. send us y
6:50 am
just use #morning meme andr send them otherwise you'll look at theat e same memes on >> you don't want m >> #morning memes.>> thanks if i say in thank you.f y >> it's 6:49 right now. now. guess what time it is now? ime w time to look forward to good goo day. we have whole bunch coming up p on good day d.c. today. t >> if you have been with us this week we know you havewe knv then you know we have beenewe hn planning a part of -- we've -- been doing the entire planning of an entire wedding in just aja week and it comes down to down o today. hit it. >> ♪♪ >> that's sara and corey and and they're going to be tying theyin knot right here in our studios s and this will be live on goodong day today. day to yeah, we're having a wedding.we. that's basically the bottom line. we'll and checking in with both the bride and groome throughout the morningughout t g beginning next hour leading upap to the big moment at 10:30 10:3 when they tie the knot.he kn everybody is invited. inited. we're asking for you to share some happy marriage advice forae the soon to be new couple.oup tweet us using
6:51 am
ly. >> how fun. also on the show, the reigninge miss universe about to give upup her crown this year's pageantr' happening sunday night rightg su here on fox and we're going toto talk with miss universe.nivers also backstage post ashley a grim.ri now, if you have been watchingwg us too many you know we wereany supposed tyoo have pageant hostt steve harvey on the show.e he chaanrvnot make it today. tod so we apologize if you wereize e waiting for that interview but we do have ashley graham andam d we all know and love her andr ad miss universe univee too. >> cool. that's coming up on good day. d kevin mccarthy always a part pat of good day d.c. and a part off our lives and telling us whatusw to see at the movies.movies. he's with us now. w. >> steve and allison.llison. married life last night myight y wife and i went to taco belle for dinner.dinner. that's #married life.fe >> #love it. >> we have the naked chalupa it's like a fried chickenik shell.e it's a little bit expeennsiveexe though it's like$3
6:52 am
was like but the chicken is really good. all right.righ it's fried chicken a tacotaco shell with lettuce and >> if anyone questions kevin'sks mind game this is something hem and his wife have always loved w dog together.r. >> our first date was taco firs bell. bel >> exactly. >> it's normal to me. >> i go>> ibt'ack to one of mym favorite bean burrito no n onions just 79 cents.cents. >> 99-cent double decker >> that's the best one i love the double decker taco. a it's classic.classic. moving on "a dog's purpose,"upoe bring it back down here, yeah, e controversy surrounding thisdins film. i do that want to comment ont wm it.ent i just want toon say i wasa horrified when i saw the video footage that was leaked bys leay tmz. i was very disappointed thatappa this happened on thisppened on s particular set. s for me, when you watched thehede movie and you see the scene ofsf the german shepherd in the inhe water it's hard not to thinko about the footage that was released of the tmz. z. now that aside, getting into geo the story line of this movie mov the idea behind the film isfil s that it's a canine spiritninespt continuing to live m
6:53 am
life times in different dogs' d' bodies so the idea it's kind it' of cool but the downside of itw is you're dealing with multiple dog's deathsdog' throughout the film and thatd t to me was a problem because mye wife and i are big dog peopleg we have a rescue i love dogs more than anything so when ihen saw marley and me, that was the first time i ever uglyrst cried in a movie: like i lost o it. so this is kind of a repeat --e- like you're repeating thateati four times in the movieng ate t times but at the end i'm not ot giving anything away it does have this amazing connectionng between animals and humans. hma. to me it worked and i don'tnd i know how people are going tore i be able to separate theepa controversial video from thevide movie itself but i thoughtho dennis quaid was great. the dog is voiced by josh gad jo who also did olaf in "frozen."rn the middle two stories i storiei didn't care for.didn't care fo but the beginning and end arend great. i give it a three and a half a h out of five.f f it depends on if you can sitif n through it and not think about that. it depends on you as a viewer aw totally. i thought it was good. i just didn't think
6:54 am
great. >> i think that's a fair analysis. >> next up resident evil finalei chapter. i have my ticket stub from lasticke night.nig. i paid $20.49 to see this movie in imax 3-d. imax 3. >> and. was a waste of money. m here's the thing. thi the movie is not bad but six dollars for imax 3-d. imax 3-d i took my glasses off a bunchaso offf a times. t it wasn't even that thatven tat blurry. the 3-d was terrible and then te the imax didn't expand to the full screen so if you're scree seeing thin sso movie, save yourself six dollars. do not be scammed by the imaximx 3-d. >> who gets the some and when it's like that? so if app app ticket is $20 and the it makesdh a million dollars in the boxhe x office i know that's low.ce inot >> the majority goes to thegoese studio. from what i understand therstane theaters, this could be wrong bg the theaters rent the print. t i don't know where the moneymoey goes though.goes though >> are they just doing it toheyd make money oroing what's what's happening. >> a hundred percent. the the movie gave it>> a ha t out of five.out of fi. i'm a big fan of this
6:55 am
franchise watching it since s 2002 a great throw back to the t original film it had did that actionhat terrible script but it was fun to watch.crip it's app mindless dumb actions dumb actn movie. speaking of action films john j wick two is coming out and indi am a big john wick f even our directors giving aa little head nod. i loved the first one. oe. >> i love keanu. k >> i'm geeing out with keanuoutu reeves and laurence fishburnefie this weekend tomorrow morningomr in los angeles i'm flying outyig tonight to see the if you have any questions forans the cast tweet me at kevin at kn mccarthy tv.rthy tv i'm just letting you know it's s going to be a 32-year-old2- grown man sitting across from keanu reeves geeing out aboutt o the matrix. ma >> hard toed a mitt i'm a looking forward to seeing himin on the big screen again. agin. >> i loved john wick.ed jo first washn amazing.. >> best resident evil.ent >> this and the first. t this werehi unwas pretty good. o v. thanks kev. >> just don't see it in i mack 3-d. 3-d. tucker
6:56 am
it tomorrow night.night. >> does taco bell make you more energetic than >> it actually does. i had five tacos last night.e tc >> i'm surprised you didn't s like that the sixth incarnation isnation i uslllly the best. >> it was okay. i didn't dislike it.'t dis >> 41 in washington.>> 4as hey, we're going to be mid 40's today. t knowles your winds north and you west at 13.r we they're back at ck tod. not the 50 miles per hourper hor gusts we had yesterday but 20bu0 to 25 today and a partly sunny day today. t snowflakes off to the northakeso and west. wet enough to cancel school inhool n garrett county this here's your.un hest fst for the weekend as well.orhe wee looks great but much cooler toco end the month of january.ry. couple it's can you believe it's almost february. >> i cannot . so-so review i'miew i'm like okay it's horrible.hor >> i thought it was fun. n. mindless action.s act. >> you're an enthusiast so if if you're just saying so-so it-so can't be good. >> do you mind if i rudely i r walk by your cram.ou
6:57 am
>> a crash on beltsville 212ts blocks the southbound lane between cherry hill and riggshei road. you can see where it's blockedbd and heavy delays building.u could throw you down locally lo in beltsv that's a look at traffic. traff. fox5 news morning will beri right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5
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>> one week ago today it was inauguration today.. gnarred america for a dayay britain's prime minister hasnias had se.ise. criticism for the> criticis >> a major story in the district today. major sto madirch for life tenslife of thousands expected to hit the streets to call for an end to abortion.aboon. a stand that is getting a lotttt of support in washington withash the new administration.i >> and a man who is no is no stranger to the law accused of groping women in the nation's nn capitol is facing a judge facin again today. and you will not believe howot many times he's been arrestedrrd locked up and let go again.gan. >> first though a live look outside of the white house on this friday january 27th. a cool morning.morng. snow out to our west cool cl enough to close -- enough snowno and i should say in westernwesen maryland. weather and traffic coming upd o on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good morning, i'm allison i'm an >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m ste welcome tove fox5 news morning.. right now we start with two wito big events happening in d.c..c. today. a world leader will be at thet white


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