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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.or. >> straight ahead, a stabbings at a restaurant in fairfaxfai county overnight.unty overnig what police are saying led tog d this incident and new detailsd about the suspects involved.invv >> plus, anger and outrage.nd oe protests held across just just about every american city over r the president'sent's inauguration -- immigration iigi should say travel ban. ban. despite the criticism thesm e trump team is calling the callig travel ban a major success.sues. >> and a live look outside onoud this mondaye morning, it's january 30th. some of you waking up to snow.n. a winter weather advisory is and in effect for aboatuhet thee another hour for the metro region and southern nice way to wake up. up it was kind of pretty some inomn spots. good morning, i'm alexandriaalea seem. >> and i'm steve chenevey. if you're seeing snow on your deck, your lawns your trees te the burst overnight enough to
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have closings.lo >> there are delays inre delaysn virginia fairfax countycouny schools, fauquier county, rappahannock county schoolsnockc and warouren county schoolsunt you're on a two-hour delay. dea. prince william county schoolstyo are also delayed two hours.hou that's for staff only though.ho students already had the dayad y off. off. >> and in maryland princeyd george's county charles countycy calvert county and saint and s mary's county schools all delayed two hours o.layed tw complete list of closings andosd delays scrolling on the bottomno of your screen andn updating on >> let's get more now from tucker barneos.wcker bars. tuck. tuck. >> hey, guys.>> hey, actually very beautiful out ou early this >> very prettily.>> v >> not speaking of theot speakie roadways here in the city, ci let's get to the radar. rad things are winding up prettyp py quickly but you can see on theee east side of the beltwaytway pushing out towards crofton bowie and if annapolis still stl getting light snow falling fal parts of calvert county.u we have another little band developing just out to theut tot west. you can see it as you roll outt along 66 east there, fronth royal pushing down towardstowa gainsvil
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leftover snow showers but the t bulk of the snow that weat e expected overnight has now now pushed to the east and things will be winding down shortly. sh how much snow? a coating toingt about an inch in spots andspotsa again most of that nothat not sticking to roadways butays ut temperatures are now freezing. so, just be on the lookout foror some slick spots as you head asd out this morning. eventually we'll turn and turn partly sunny, maybe a few snow e showers this afternoon.ers highs in the upper 30's.thin it t u will feel brisk out therh with winds out of the north and west gustingds o to 25. plenty more weather coming upmip in just app minute.inute. back to >> time forehead lines at twoeha minutes after the hour. breaking news overnight intes af northern n ewvs irovginia.virg one person stabbed, two othersts injured in a fight at the lach l o. za grille restaurant. g this happenedri allround 2 o'clo in the morning all the victims nonlife-threatening injuries.res police say three suspects arepe involved and two are inwo arein custody. >> breaking news out ofaking nes quebec. a house of worship underunder attack after gunmen openedmen oe fire in the men's section of aa mosque during evening six people were ll
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others injured last night.. canada's prime ministerda's pri calling the shooting meashooting terrorist attack on muslims.. investigators are stilligators searching for the attackersfor t and still looking for ata motive. mo president trump issued thetd executive order t over theve weekend aimed to preventd ai terrorists from entering the f united states and theyrom ened includesand th nations of iraq a iran sudan libya so many somany malia and yemen.een. the white house defendingef donald trump's new executive order and the department ofp homeland security is enforcingur the the ban. ae president releasingit statement on facebook aboutt on the executive order s fayingsayg "this is no the about religion. this is about terror andabout to keeping our country r safaend.yf there are over 40 differentdifft countries worldwide that are majority muslim that are notm tt affected by this order.r we will that again be issuingssg visas to all countries once weee are insured we reviewed andevied implemented the most securese policies over the next 90 days." >> on twitter president trumpte responded prto senators johnatjn mccain and lindsey grahamaham calling their joint statementirj wrong and said "they are sadly a weak on immigration."mmigration" the two senators should focus fo
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immigration and border bor security instead of always insts looking to start world three. t. >> the political battle over this ban just heating up.g up airports across the countrycr filled with protesters overostet the weekend from washingtonrom a state to chicago no, boston botn here the the white house heree e at dulles inners in ally airport in northern >> that's where we finds oure melanie alnwick. melanie, a lot of outrage, af oa lot of emgeotion the last couple of days. >> reporter: that's right,ter: ' allison and i acs triuallghy cae through here myself yesterday coming back into the countryc and the saw it and felt it. t the people, you see the stanchions here, it was literally filled this whole wole arrivals area, all the way around the corner.rne but it's still quiet here thiss morning.g. first flight not scheduled tocho arrive until about 6:30.6:0. as questions still remain re about the executive orderor itself and how many peopleny ple have actually been detained.etan as we mentioned we'll show you u the video now of what i what i experienced when we came ine in yesterday and many reportersepor we saw here throughout theughoue weekend, people arriving here
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airport greeted with justth just throngs of demonstrators.mon they were shouting and support s for the refugees and the immigrants. lawyers hereso offering services for anyonenye dee and taken. they were just liningde the the roads all the way to the exit.e. no one has been able to put an t exact number on those being bei detained but many families areie being impacted by the travel order. ly. >> she was granted 52 essa.nted5 she's a per2 manentessa resident she's a sudanese national. nati she was granted visa oned visaon tuesday to come and see her son yesterday she wasn yesterda traveling to come over to seey her son. she was denied so she was sentat away and this is her only son. . god knows when she will be s able to see him again.a >> just we here to showo sho everybody what's going so, i mean, even mr. president, i don't thinken t he will be like denyingdeying anybody to see their only son in this situation.tu >> there's a lot of fear inin and people aren't sure about what's happening.ening. unfortunately there's a lot ofyh stuff we as attorneys don'torneo
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that's rngeally unfortunate that we're trying to sorte're throughout the mess. trohout really what we nee td to know is if people are being dee ande taken we need to have access acs to them and be able to help. hep that's not what's happening righnow.w. that's our concerned.on >> reporter: now as far as as fs those numbers go we believe at t least 50 people have been dee detained at dullest international airport based onln a lawsuit that was filed was fi saying it was on behalf of 50 o5 people that were dee and takenet detained.a federal judge in casd issue a temporary ban againstgat deporting any people with green cards so if they'rey'r caught up with this and end upeu being held here they can not ca be deported for at least a leas week and that's in addition todo the federal ban from new yorkomk also saying that in any immigrants being detained cannot be the dee and takeneeand either. department of homelandhomeland security says it is complyingay with all ofs it those judicialji orders also clarifying that tha green cardholders would be allowed back into the
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a threat.he uning a a at live at dulles. internationallyy airport i'm melanie alnwicki'm fox5 local newsme. ne >> we will be closelyloely monitoring developments in aa federal courtroom in that c prince george's county will former volunteer oudreoneotrgeet carraway and scheduled toscheduo appear at a hearing thisearing morning expected to plead guiltyly in a child porn he's hack offered coo of accuseg children to engage in sexualn activities that was capturedha on cell pht one.pho >> police say the suspectpect 40-year-old karlief moye shotie and killed three people oned tee sunday around 2:15 in the15 inhe morning. all three of the victims andic the shooter were workers at the bar and grille.r right now it appears to be an be incident of workplacecidef violence. the shooter was and found hours laterter with twowit self-inflicted gunshot andn wounds. he is recovering in thes reng hospital and this morningal police are. expected to and identify all three victims. s. >> hi
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overnight. >> yeah, we did. >> this is, what, mayb>>e y numn two this season.e not amounting to such a big bg deal on the roads at leastat let inside the beltway but enough bh to cover the ground and itnd t looks beautiful.aut >> it does look beautiful inifun my >> let me mention some delaysboa right. >> that's right. t >> and closings.>>nd closi >> and closings out there.e. hey, 32 now in washington.s we have dipped to the freezingpe mark. that's important because there could be sod metogtant slipperys developing here. h the bulk of the snow that wethee got and by bulk i meanbulk mean anywhere from a coating toing to about an inch is very quicklykly pushing offer to the east. east things will be winding downown shortly. we have this additional batchti of snow developing out to thepi west so maybe one more little l hurrah here as we get into thett next hour or so. later today we'll turn partly sunny with a few snow showers. . it will be brisk and cool with h daytime highs probably notobablt getting out of the 30's forout f mostf us.s. the there's the bigger look. you can see the bulk of that activity quickly pushing a you a have to the east and a littleeat band out to the west.e wes.
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today upper 30's breezy andreezy cool and again as far as accumulating snow i thinkw we're pretty much done withetty it. muc there may be another round off snow showers or two and duringor the course of the day butay t anywhere from a coating toing about an inch.ab wewe'll do snow totals next. >> gradually ease into snowally >> february is around thend e corner. >> erin is back. bak. >> almost slept through mysl alarm today. to i didn't hear it.i >> it happens reallydi quickly.l >> it does it happens so quickec you forget what it's like to's wake up a the 2:30 in thein e morning. right now if you're drivingou'rn around this monday morningo around the dmv please use pleass caution. this is 95 on the northbound side. o there is a crash n after fairfaf county parkway.arkway. they've readjusted the camera ca so you're seeing past thet te crash scene. traffic is moving but please pls give yourself extra time astime you head towards the mixingmixng bowl. southbound side not doingg terrible. this is 66 right now as yous you make your way out at sudleysudey road. traffic is backing up.up a lot of brake lights st
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to pile up from 234 to 28 that2t sweet spot where we see a lote a of stop-and-go traffic and ad congtion.n. wet roads there but so far ourrr majors 66, 395, 95 are just jst seeing wet conditions not sonoso much of a.m. slushy or snowy mix. this is 270 as you make itke it past falls road. rod. major congestion on and 270 a between 70 and the truckn a scales and urbana throughthroh clarksburg and someksbu stop-and-go traffic down too tr the spur.spur. all in all about app 20 minute delay. not terr ible.terr you can see that shine fromat s the wet conditions.cond slow down especially on thely oe seconds.ies. fredericksburg woodbridgeoodbrie portions of southern marylandmal as well we're seeing thoseing to school delays.el let's go ahead and switch itd st over right now. actually the our computer isr cs restarting so there you go.ther. it's monday morning and i'm getting back in the swing ofhe f things. green line delays to branchne db avenue because of an earlier malfunction. and then red line singleine tracking between tacoma andoma silver sri we got you covered.overed. back to you guys. to yo thanks so much erin.eri there is a new miss universe this morning.this m
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missed the big snow lastw last night. >> big issues for deltadelta overnight. why the airline had to groundo all also did flights and whattst travelers can expect thisers morning. we're back in just 30 seconds. o. >> new this morning the n presidents are pick for theew ts supreme court could be apr announced as soon as today.emn t last week president trump saidr he w
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on thursday but a white house he official said time frame couldtf be sperd up.up. three federal court appeala judges appear to the short list. president trump praisingid brave u.s. forces who carrieden out a raid in yemen. ye one service member was killed wd the first american combatt amerm death under this president.r thp three others were you hadou had injured. the president said threeinidenth senior al-qaeda leaders wereder killed and the u.s. collecteds.d important intelligence.ntel >> search expanded in malaysia for six people still missing two days after a boat sankboank with 28 chinese tourists on8 chs board.e to that boat was headedboar to an n island when it started taking tk on water for 10 hours.hou 20 of the tourists all wearinglg life vests formed a humand chain to stay together untiltayh help three chinese tourists though,t, did die. >> new this morning, majoring, r oblems overnight for deltadelta passengers across the country.. the airline grounded domesticuni flights do to you a nationwident system outage it blamed on anan automationing issue. i there could be lingering lingerg delays.
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double-check to make sure yourar flight is on time. >> toyota no longer the world's biggest auto make per.p. the top spot belongs to to volkswagen despite being b tainted by an emission scandal. general motors reports sales sa next week but isly expected toxt be behind both toyota and volkswagen corporatecorpate resistance to presidentresident trump's travel ban. ban. >> and a live look outside ast we head to break on thisn moay morningng. yes, there is snow out there. tr fortunately not really on then roads so you just kind ofind o enjoy the beauty of it. t. weather and traffic on theic one 5s next.
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>> an accident on 95.>> a heads up if you're coming up from down aron und if fairfax x county parkway that's where the activity is and you cans anu see all lanes are blockede right here.right hee. they're moving people lookse mo likevi onto the express lanes.te that's the ramp, ssokay, rampy,p from fairfax county parkway onto 95 is what is closedl right there so we'll get
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with the details for us. . >> you're pretty good steve.ood. don't sell yourself shortself st there. let's get to it. obviously a quick burst ofuick snow overnight anywhere from a a coating to about an inch. ih. look at opal at 1.8. that's the outliar.e o generally a coating to an inchnc of snow. sn dulles about a third of anf inch. not too much out of the of the winchester. oakton virginia half an inch.nia do melf a favor, tucker fox5, tweet me or send it to my t facebook how much you got in h the way ofow snow and we'll put it on the map.. here are your current numbers.r let's start with temperaturesh t which are just about forb everybody. at least washington and west now below 32. leastwest n 3 an2.d that's important as there could be some slippery spotsipps developing the. leonardtown 32 degrees. 32 d twenty two it in gaithersburg. knowles the 20's in thein20's ih mountains hagerstownerstn 28 degrees, 28 down at dulles,dl 29 this morning in manassas. so, temperatures are at or at below freezing for just about everybody. here's the good news as far as r the morning commute.g com the heaviest of the snow and it wasn't terribly heavy isly hs now pushing to the east
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county looks like we'rety looksr getting light snows and all ofd this is pushing offer to theal east. we have the possibility of athel few more snow showers todayre and it looks like sno that litta batch developing just out tojust our west right along 66 is andsd slowly making progress to thetoh east. so you may encounter a few additional snow showers hereerse later this morning during theis afternoon. mor n see thate you can see that little piece of energy pushing through west to east it's east s getting out of here and we aret going to be left with partlywit sunny skies and a new snowand aw showers this brisk and chilly. c little exiting area of low pressure and then a little bit t of, energy off to the north noth and we have the possibility of a a few flurries. nice map, mike. mike breezy conditions around hereoue a little later today. tody. 39 this afternoon.s maybe an early flurryrly flurr tomorrow, early snow shower. eventually we'll get up to 48 t tomorrow. that's warmer air moving in.ving is that in ill?ll? >> hey, phil. >> my gosh, look at phil there e with some sunshine to lookne tok forward
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the our next significantsignif chance of a storm would be theoe end of next weekend so we justw got to get through thisr morning but i'm sure it's notitt making the roads any morey more pleasant than they usually arear on monday morning.mog. look who is back erin. e >> no, no its snowy just so it i can stay on my toes for myes fom first day back from vacation.van >> welcome back. welcomeck. >> 95 northbound crash after crf the ramp from fairfax county cuy parkway but look at they but loa traffic right there on theont right-hand side of the those cars right there aree making their way on the rampth from fairfax county parkway p cutting across to 95 and5nd that's causing dangerousangeus conditions.ns. keep it to the left lanes 95lan5 northbound. they're adjusting the cameraadjt to show you some ofing th thosee delays. a lot of flashing lights, ai lot of backed up trafficffic heading north towards the mixing bowl. xing b delays back to lorton please use caution secondaries prettyor slick from the wet rail problems as well. single tracking on the red line because of an issue attack coma between tacoma andca silver spring.s red line delays in bothn b directions.
6:19 am
greenbelt. we had an e tarli er can't disabled train at delays back to branch avenue.av. yellow and red picking up. up. usual delays.ual d the northbound bw parkway aarkw crash at 450.t delays back to 202 and the anded southbound side of w parkway from inside thee the beltway down to 50 very sluggish through riverdale andie south of 50295 very slow fromw f 50 down to the 11th street the e bridge. back to you to you >> ly. >> 6:19 right now.>> 6:1right no a 23-year-old dental studentsdet from france is the new miss universe. iris. the miss haiti a survivor of the 2010 earthquake that tht destroyed her hometown was named first runner up. at the recommend of the showommh steve harvey said i gote it i right referring to last yearto when he announced runner up aseu the winner.the >> good congratulations to you.ngra some good newstu if if you o are still thinking aboutking buying a ticket to the super bowl.
6:20 am
weekend. >> yeah, next wweeekend.end >> next why it may be a buyers s market later this week closerlo to game day.ame day. >> hundreds of people here ined washington kicked ofoff p the yh of the rooster over the the weekend. r the chinese new year celebration also featured a a parade held in chinatown. >> ♪♪
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>> corporate resistance to thea presidents immigration ban. first we'll check the markets. joining us fromlyreen tsfo ix bs network studio laurenlauren simonetti. it's monday morning.mor good morning. >> reporter: good monday. ho you are you. >> good.epor markets.the te >> reporter: not th ebad. you know, expecting to seeto ee more backlash after fridayf ooh, the donald trump travelravl ban. ba the markets taking it in stride t you have so manyyou hay markets in asia closed for the lunar new year.lunar neyear european markets are down down 1 percent. here in the u.s. down slightly i i would say a quarter of a of a percent across-the-board at-thet most. winning week last week. all three major averagesup
6:23 am
least 1 percent.least >> that's good news.1 hat's go . you mention the travel ban.vel b what's the impact onimact o corporations when it comes toio this? we've heard that sord many especially the high techech sectors and companies, youmpiesu know, so many workers that mayy be affected there.ected the what's it mean though for theugo companies themselves.the >> reporter: a lot ofrter: a lot companies aren't sayingmpanies many of them are worenking with rki the many of them don'tpre want to be called out on social media be me by the president.resdent. but we are hearing and hearing vigorously from silicon valleyi apple microsoft and google offering legal aid to theirng affected workers and leg calling the ban on immigrants and refugees wrong.r then you have the starbucks ceo, he's saying howards sayingh schultz is going to hireng to 10,000 refugees in the next ref five year augnd air bnb says anyone not aloud in the united states we'll get you housinghou for free. >> when it comes up to celebrating this weekend ifatinh you want to gois to houston, the big game, the tickets arere getting cheaper. ch >> reporter: i know,
6:24 am
down like 9 percent and people e who watch this sort of thingting say they'll get cheaper as wer get closer to sunday. sun the average price on stub hubst a resame market is $5,000.$5,00. down 9 percent from last year. why? fatigue.t we are done with the patriotstrs its, what, seven super bowls now for belichick and brady. and what do you think the reasonyo is.u reas >> it's a t ough question. uestion. breaking news here because iause just pulled up stub hub while hu we were chatting it's down to $2,100 for the cheapest tickete right now.ght >> reporter: it was 25 so itoit went down some more. more >> yeah, i mean, seems like inin years past it was four, $5,000$0 just to get in the door and there are threeoo or 4,000 4,0 tickets that are available.av i know face value $900 to $1200. they'll still be making moneym it were i don't know what it i d is this time around. i don't know if it's theonis the matchup people aren't loving.eni if the fact they thought thehthe cowboys would be in it andn it a they bought up all the ticketstt and now they just want to get t rid of them. them. not su
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closer to the game to see if it go he is do un.s do un. >> not enough for me to afford. thanks lauren. >> reporter: bye.e youye. >> 6:25 now. >> a right.t. tucker good morning.d so much happening in thein the weather world. >> excitement for you. een >> oh, yeah, love it.e 32 in and washington. still some light snow flurrieslh for parts of the area. area. little batch of snow comef ow c through and the it androug delivered anywhere fh rom arom coating to about an inch off snow. i just looked at the national nl zoo. >> uh-huh. >> our favorite animals arenimae frolicly in and 1.1-inches so1. there you go. 32 now in make sure you dresse you drs appropriately when you headriatl out today.y wh illy.chiy. to be ch winds out of the north and the d west and our daytime highsme hhs only in the 30's so it will beo a chilly day there's a quick look at yourk satellite and i want to metention most of thef action is out of here. hee. do have a few additional snowitw showers that will develop outil to the west sol we're not quite done with the possibility of a quick burst of snow bu
6:26 am
as accumulations i think we'retn pretty much topped out here.pp there's a quick look at the seven day. we warm it up midweek.mieek. february right around theund t corner so we see the groundhe hog. >> is it that day again. that d. >> thursday, coming up. thurs >> gdness.s.da >> okay. >> all right. >> hope you dry cleaned yourleae ground hog costume.ostume >> can't wait.'t wit. >> hi erin.. >> that's a very plump cartoon a ground hog. looksgr >> he was hibernating. he >> exactly and that's how ii feel. right now 95 and northbound n north of fairfax countycount parkway, there's a crash its is moved over to the shoulder soulo that's good news. ws. much safer conditions to areondo folks heading from the on-ramp to 295 northbound but look at at all those brake lights.e lights. a sea of slow moving trafficngr from lorton to the mixing bowlii seeing slow conditions becausece of that crash and the heavy hea flow of traffic t please slow sw it down use caution on thee secondaries especially in virginia fredericksburgredicksbg woodbridge parts of southernuthn maryland. let's switch to our happens
6:27 am
you can see other delays delys northbound bw parkway crash atat 450. delays to 202.202 southbound bw parkway north ofnf the beltway down seeing bign seb delays and once you cross 529525 southbound from visit to thend f 11th streetro bridge super sloww moving with a lot ofith a lot congestion. the watch for slick spots again on the secondaries inhe sa the district.isrict. crash investigation route one at dorsey run road in elk ridge maryland caution there. 270 southbound sluggish there. e back to you. >> back to dulles internationally airport. age and a lot>>rnatage an of emotiond there. the >> as we take you to a breaka br giving you a look in garrisonville, virginia.irnia. check out the snow.the snow. real pretty. pretty. pretty but it's causing a lotu of school delays and closingscls in our area. our aea. we'll have the list for you. 6:27.
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>> monday morning, 6:30.on good morning, everybody. we're back now with a liveda mor look ibanck n garrisonville virginia. w. snw.ut that sno pretty, right, but it's causing some and backups, someks delays out there and scho-wise someme cancellations. it is enough to close severale e schools and delay many other os. the complete of closings andingd delays scrolling along thescrong bottom of your screen andeen an updating at welcome back.welcome bac weather and traffic on ther 5s atand 6:35.6:35. we begin many with breaking witg news out of northern fairfax county police say oneaye person was s
6:31 am
others injured in a fight at the lachoza grille restaurantile in mclean around 2 o'clock2 o in the morning in lee highway.h. all victims will live. >> in canada deadly shooting at a mosque leaves 66 dead andld eight others wounded.wou officials are calling it an act of terrorism. it hand yesterday in quebecacec city. two suspects in custody.cusody. the shooting comes after canterc today offered temporarilympo permits to muslims stranded by president trump's travel ban. b. protesters gathering wherete day three of protests oversts or thes immigration plan. pan the ban blocks some immigrants refugees and even u.s.even.s. residents from getting intonts t the country.e co our melanie alnwick is live ate dulles international now withtio the latest. l good morning, mel.i >> reporter: good morning,: goog guys. no sign of demonstrations herenr just however, you can see thatat the --
6:32 am
stanchions are still up heretile in case they do show up.w a lot of confusion still, sill, also, over the enforcement ofor the president's executive exeute order. last night though thehoughhe administration appeared toeared ease some of those restrictions saying in ans sayi statement last night nght clarifying that holders of u.s. green cards who happen toao be citizens of the sevene even affected countries will be allowed to reenter the unitedhei states as long as there's noe'so information that they would beho a threat, not clear what kindatd of additional screening they would be subject to.woul there's also questions aboutd b how many people have beenso que and taken by customs and detained. we know there have beenre congressmen trying to getssmen e information, legaln, representation trying to findtof out exactly how many people p are needing legal assistancel as at this point.sat ts point. were he believe perhaps 50 at least detained here onere on saturday based on a lawsuit that was filed by a localloc legal group in
6:33 am
virginia, in a federal courthouse. two federal judges have that issued temporary restraining orders pl reemventingpo anyone h was detained because of thiscau order fromly being deported d out of the country and alsod alo the department of homeland security saying they are complying with those judicial orders and carrying outyt say wt jobs humanely and professionally. live at dullespr airport, i'mrt, melanie alnwick, fox5 localocal news. >> let's get to the morning's g line right now. melanie.mee. time to load up the equipmenthem truck and head south and it's as perfect with the snow falling,a it is truck day and the it hasa specialand meaning it marks the unofficial start of the inaugural spring training.train. the ballpark of the palmar beaches. the truck is due to arrive onon thursday. pitchers and catchersth reportas in just about two weeks. w john wall and the wizards wz have been playing great ateeplay home. how about on the road? oad? playing the pelicans at theans t smoothie king center.ceer. wizards up 17 at the half. ha wizards sealed the deal downhe n the brady
6:34 am
? and wall had a career high 19 assists.ssi wizards win 107-94.0794. next up they host the knickst tomorrow night.tomorr night. too it to keep that homet ho winning fifty two he caning f ta going. competitive pro bowl inprw orlando. ever heard that before? there? game came down to oneo possession in the final minutes kirk cousins engineering a come backs midnurd deep in a if.. c territory until he threw anhra interception but the good newsns is watch him hustle, hustle,u hustle. here comes kirk. ki there's kirk. knocked the ball out of hisl ous hands. that's how you finish a play. pa the funny thing is he was h was actually picked off by his former teammate lorenzo alexander. >> was that lorenzo. >> kirk chased him down. way tirk o go kirk. a if.f. c wins 20-17.2-17. >> perhaps the highlighterhaps though the halftime show flagowg football a team from leesburgeeg virginia extreme redskinsedskins representing the nfc taking onan a team from miami.iam virginia extreme came on topn op flag football fashi
6:35 am
champions. less than a week out from t the super bowl right ha ere onwk fox5.x5. falcons arrived in houstonhous ahead of sunday's game witha the patriots.atots. game about the quarterbacks,s, matt ryan and tom bradym b ranking number one and number two. where they differ t-thefer t-the experience. this will be ryan's firstl be supe rrya bowl brady's seventh.v >> and i mentioned last week w brady has been to the super bowl more than everybody onv the falcons. >> amaze ago.. it is dynasty.naty. >> the dynasty ends on >> let's go to the fortyecast.or not going to visit that we had a little batch of snowlew move through thr a coating upou tgho about an inh please, tucker fox5, tweet metwe your totals. thk you.u. getting lots of them. t dawn down in fredericksburgederg says she got 2-inches andches ad alexandria about an inch, out in front royal about an inch. in great news. great news 32 now at reagan national.l. the i do that want to mentionmen just about everybody below every freezing so there could bebe slippery spots that develop.ts a most of the
6:36 am
inside the beltway aren't ar covered in snow but i can'ti ct promise you won't encounter aoua couple slick >> slick spots. >> there's the bulk of there's snow activity east of the bay.fa still dealing with this littleh batch out to the west so i can't promise we won't get a gea few more snow showers but generally today will be partlyly sunny, breezy and quite cool.ol. daytime highs don't get out of't the 30's and with a wind out of the north and west it'ses going to feel like a wintrywinty day today. tody. dress accordingly when youac head out to work coor if you o have a two hour school delay, going badeck to bed for an hourh then you wake up, then you andod want to dress accordingly.ccorly 39 this afternoon.afternoon. coming up hashtag morningtag mo meme. please send me your creativee original memes in the next me three minutes and we'll put them on. >> there you go.minute great way to>> tgetre yon tv.t >> great way. i've done a lot over the weekend but many of them i t can't use.use. [laughter] >> and i understand we're trendingnd i u in many directio. >> i bet they're funny,funny though. at the p hi. at go,. t >> good morning. ok atlok ato take a helo that list as soon as traffic tr is ovr. right now look behind me. 95 nor
6:37 am
complete stand still.tand still. earlier crash that wasier crasts partially blocking the on ramp fairfax county 95 cleared to the shoulder.ld residual delays from lorton tooo the o springfield stafford heavier traffic byrd hf courthouse. courth fredericksburg to the beltwayks giveburg yourself 45 extrarselft minutes. this is a look at the innerthe i loop by 295. 29. very sluggish traffic headingadg towards the wilson bridge.brid. factor in extra time there. 295 northbound towards thetowars 11th street bridge picking up.up you can see 270 out by falls fl road heavy volume on the onthe southbound side.hbound sid really we're seeing a heavy heav flow of traffic from 70 to the7t truck scales in frederick andri then again through urbana and clarksburg. this is a look 295 on then he southbound side. heading down past easternpast as avenue very sluggish towardsh os the 11th street bridge. northbound 295 much betteround c there. and notice how the roads are hos just a little wet. are a little. we're seeing more conditionsco comparable to that of a rainy day than a snow day for they fo most part inside the beltway. ba all majors pretty much clearedhl by salt trucks but again use
6:38 am
as you move things over for afoa look at our maps from our our cameras keep in mind we're w seeing that usual congestionong 50 inbound through cheverlyound and that's a look at that red tr zone we showed you in the you ie camera on the inner lo crash northbound bw parkway at t 450, delays to 202. southbound 295 delays areelays pretty heavy there. there. secondaries a little slowerittls and a crash investigation elkgae ridge route one at dorsey rundon road. we got you of covered this y morning. delays on the red and greenred d line. a look there net. allison and steve.d stev >> coming up next the actress ae who took home the title oftle of worst dressed at last night'snig sag awards.sag ard >> that's an award? awa >> yeah. >> going in the wrong direction. dire plusct celebrities using then ceremony platform to bash thessh travel ban. kevin is coming up were you with thatin the fox beat. >> ♪♪
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> we are back now wi>th whatith is trending on the web on this s monday morning.monday min first up, it may be the yeary of the rooster but for nicoler o kidman it's the year of the parrot. ot kidman leads the list of worstwt dressed stars at the sag t awards for wearing this green gn gucci gown and it featuresatures parrot on each shoulder.hou there's a parrot, there's aa parrot. the dress was and roundlyo panned by folks who do thiso t online. one person said she looked like a mardi gras float. remember that's gucci.mber next u
6:42 am
career change. how about profescasion inre ally cuddling? awe.cuddling? a a woman from texas charges chrgs strangers 80 bucks an hour to snuggle so far she's earned over oer $17,000. she's a profession in ally cuddler. did you hear me? here she is. i this is too much. but -- this is too much any way she's making a british lord defending thedine children of the world'swo wealthiest families.ealt he says those kids arehi just as disadvantaged as the poorest.heo why? because he says it it affects their mental well being. research has claimed that richth children area twice as likely lk to have mental health problems. lord putnam says it may be duebe to a lack of direction from diro being able to do pretty much mh anything they want to do.. >> hence the affluenzaffluenza defense, remember.nse, >> yeah, i do. yeah, i do. outrageous and outrageous. >> yeah. >> doesn't seem like aik a snuggling story comes up
6:43 am
>> sadly. >> yeah. >> she's making money.'s makinm. >> okay. >> she's only snuggling. >> okay. >> back to you. >> a lot of big surprises atofr the sag awards last the awceremonyar tdsurned a lite political. celebrities taking aim at aim president trump's immigrationign ban. the to, beat is next. >> ♪♪
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the bakery flavors you love... [ ding! ] available in your dunkin' coffee. sip in the happy with a medium vanilla cupcake, or new fudge brownie macchiato or latte for $1.99 from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. >> 6:45:garrisonville virginiaar just outside as much quantico for a many point of reference.rn
6:46 am
little bit of snow.s i can vouch for other parts offf virginia getting some snow assnw well overnight.ll overni but the good news, tucker, intun the few miles i traveled this morning the roads were t fine. >> yeah, of course>> y temperatures have been bufferur freezing for two weeks everesy h afternoon so the temperatures aren't that col >> perfect snow. you can enjoy it see howe pretty it is and it doesn'tdoes impact traffic. >> and you still managed tomanao score a little delay today andad even some cancellation as itslls a >> it was cold last night. ni you could tell the snow was coming. >> let's get to it. thank you. tucker>> l fox5. fo5 send me your snow tools. t oakton virginia about a half inch. let me just mention just aboutte everybody a coating to about abt an inch. i have seen a few outliarsw with a little bit more there t in oakville virginia, 1.8, a 1.8 you believe can reports of uprtp to about two but when it kind of compacts it here it should be about an inch. national zoo 1.1,
6:47 am
coating to an inch of snow mostly on nonpaved surfacesur here. 32 in and washington. i want to mentionenti tempaturures. leonardtown 32, quantico 32.o 3. have bottomed out at the at freezing mark or below. you can see the 20's off toff our west in north. noth. dulles 28 degrees.degr so it's certainly possibley that there could be some icymeiy spots on some of those roads ro that develop here in the nexthet couple heaviest of the snow is easts et of us. it wasn't terribly heavy snow.ty pushing across the bay pretty py quick and we have this leftover batch that'sbat developed out to the westchlo rolling in kind ofped along 666 here. so, i can't promise we won't we see a few more snow showerse sn during the your day today butda as far as accumulating snow ilan think most of that now is and i pushed to the east.shed you t can see we have upstream m few addition in ally snowtionn w showers. it's possible you'll see aee flurry or a snow shower. our high temperatures willte that feel cold here with wind chills in the 20's throughl co much oldf in the day and daytiy highs only in the 30's.. winter weather advisory stillhe continue here eastf
6:48 am
o anne arrundel c county. cu these will that expire in andllt a coupleha minutes.mi i don't know why i showed youno that map. little areath of low pressuref e developing off of the delmarvala peninsula. we've got this little troughtt off to our west and that could be responsible for some cloudom cover and a few more flurries this afternoon. afternoon so, flurries breezy, chilly conditions expected but as far as accumulating snow we're aller done with that. tat. >> whoo-hoo! >> send me your snow totals. 39 degrees today.39 degrees there you go. the you go. there's your seven day. d >> thanks tucker.>> thank keeping an eye on the railsa and the starting off with the rails.ith we have three differentrent delays. yellow line delays to huntington possible because of extra congestion because oftion green line delays. taking a loogrk at the greene line delays earlier disabledisal train at greenbelt. delays to branch avenue. because ofys tthat are still lingering and overflowing ontofo thatwi yellow.y red line single trackingracing between tacoma and differa andir spring. delays in both a lot of congestion picking upip switching to a look outside ou this is 95 northbound north ofnf route one. rout delays lingering from lorton lo to the beltway and that'sd because of an earlier crash byry
6:49 am
had been blocking thee shoulder. should heavier slowdownser there soo give yourself some extra timesom to get around that. that. route one backing up.cking p. use caution on the secondaries bridges overpasses on and offovr ramps. they could be a little slushy s from the weather conditionso we're dealing with but for thete most part it looks like moreokse of a rainy day commute than atha snow day commute on a lot ofa lt those majors.jors. however the secondaries rightndt tucker could be a littleittle sluggish. gi >> yeah, freezing temperaturesir things could get slick even if it's just water just jus refreezing. >> what do you say we lighten a mood a little bit then.od a ll >> i like the sound of te hat.o. >> sounds like a pickup line. >> hey, what do you say we, whaw lighten the mood up.e moo up. >> yeah, might work.wo >> thanks, man.nks, >> let's get to it. #morning meme.#m >> i like the music.m >> all right, featuring two today. the first comes from i like this name salty weatherman. [laughter] >> all right.>> all r reagan national be like snow, so what snow? [laughter] >> because no matter how muchse snow we get in n tho e
6:50 am
national seems to alwayso al report zero. that's a little inside jokeni for the weather community.munit. >> that's funny they noticednoti that. >> they know how to play to ur strtrengths.y know >> remember last year when wer w got 3 feet reagan national gotlt like 14-inches. >> .3-inches.3- >> if you got an inch at your house reagan nationalin gou tgoa flurry. thank you salty weatherman.ty w. >> funny. >> our next one comes from ifrom think his name is jillly. ji when i see a flooder in my inmy room. >> i like it. >> that might be a littleitt bee much. >> the i just scream and runru out. out. >> got a chuckle from kevin.. >> as you use #morning meme.morg please send them in.please send if they are r or k ask. a rated i will laugh but i can'tla show them. >> but the lissht is funny evenn though we can't show them.ow the very >> yes. i do see all of them. >> #morning meme send them in.g we'll get mormee going tomorrow. >> thanks tuck.>> t >> thanks tuck. >> let's say good mornin
6:51 am
our facebook fan of the gaygay ida elaine looks like she has an altera ego because is that wonderecau would many?sed ma >> yes. >> love it. ida says she starts every dayev ready to use her powers forowerr good just like fox5. okay, ida. we do try to use our powerse ou for good. thanks for the love. than you look t great.grat. >> that's awesome.>> all right. let's keep it going now.g a lot of surprises at last night's sag awards.t's kevin mccarthy is here with ith that in today's fox beat. e good morning.r >> this is the look onhe look n someone's face when they've seen john wick tw. i saw it this weekend itsend i amazing. >> okay. >> o >> i interviewed keanu we'll have him in the 10:00 the0 a.m. hour. one thing i'll say if you're a a fan of the first one it's over r the to that action, 84 deathson in the first one. 141 in this one. oe not that deaths are good. good. in an action movie over theovere top it's fun. f >> one a minute.nute. >> awesome. huge last night at the sagthesag awards very, very excitede about this, i screamed whenceam "hidden figures" took homeme outstanding cast.ast to me this was
6:52 am
reaction from taraji p. p. henson. look how happy she was as wellll as janelle monae and octaviaoct spencer. this movie has made m $104 million at the box milln at as taraji said last night night hidden figures no more. mo i love that and line. li "la-la land" not nominated in in this category not really an ensemble more about ryanuryan gosling and emma stone. emmston. "moonlight" appeared to be the frontrunner just because itt won the golden globes, soes, so happy for this. ths i love that it wouldn't lastt lt night. >> do you think and againink ann these are members of sag thatf s were voting to are this but dot you think when you talk e aboutt ensemble these were to be fair the biggest names togetherggesat collectively in a cast. >> totally. i would say "moonlight" was ahta better ensemble because thereeau were so many differentre smany e characters. >> but we weren't familiaramilir with a lot of those actors. a >> "hidden figures,"
6:53 am
ali did win.ali di >> they had could continue thete character art. denzel washington hugen ug rprise.e. look at denzel's face. denzel had no idea he wasel had going to win. >> and denzel even said i didn't have faith. i said that young boy isze l gog to win. denzel you ain't going to win. w i didn't even prepare. >> come on denzel.>> come on >> tucker you need to alwaysalas watch when denzel walks. his walk is outstanding.tst. >> the cool thing about it wasts the rock even tweeted congratulations to denzel.d emma stone took home the award o for best actressk again this is a.m. category where i thoughtoht natalie portman was going ton wn win for "jackie.""jaie." this was more of a of of predictable one because it'suses an actory type film. fim she said she was surprised.urprs she said i forgot everything iyi have thought in my
6:54 am
ick quick supporting actor maher shall la ali. a worthy of the awards but i awari knew -- we knew that was going i to amazing. >> really nice looking in thatot white. >> he's amazing.amazi i loved him in the house ofuse o cards. >> best for >> best speech giver ever. >> amazing. >> she's amazing. i love to watch she's her. r >> i love her. love r she's so passionate and she's amazing in "fences." >> a lot out of celebritiest oue reacting to brthe ban on immigration.ation here's what julia louis-dreyfus had to say. say. >> i love this country andis cod because i love this country, i am horrified by its blemishesems and this immigrant ban is aa is blemish and it is >> celebrities are also c donating to theeleb american cii liberties union ooh aclu
6:55 am
up to $100. rosie o'donnell said she would matche that pledge as well. wel. real quick let's fast forward f to the oscars. o this is a story you tweeted met over the weekend and an and iranian filmmaker directed areca movie called the salesman is sas nominated for best foreignb language movie says he won'two't attend the awards show even if he were granted an exceptionexce top president donald trump'sdona visa ban.ban. also not attending the tehranhea born actress hoop stars in thern salesman calling the ban onn on refugees from muslim majoritymay countries "racist.""r a lot of interesting news over r the weekend but the sagthe awards, i thought the winnerswin were so surprising.surp i was so happy frior "hidden"hie figures." >> did you agree with most of that em.ou >> i would love to see "hidden " figures" win.hi i think it'dds - listenl louisiana andland is going toino win everything.eryth >> we'll talk about this laterab but do you think thatou couldt impact the os today are p
6:56 am
>> denzel. i think he has a chance to winin the best actor. aor. >> snow overnight anywheret a from a coating to about anout a inch out there. not sticking so much on the t roads. a lot of temperatures at orof tt below freezing this morning sogn there could be some icy spots ss that develop pretty quick. pret windqu chill 26 degrees as our a winds are out of the north and west at eight.. the bulk of the snow activityofs is off to theno east. a snow issues developing out toue thede west. west. not done with the possibilityssl of a quick moving burst of snow shower activity or a few flurries but most of your day will be kind of partly sunnywe upperr ac but mkind o 30's with the 20'sch. the it will be chilly.ill be c make sure you dress accordingly. plenty more weather.eather. >> busy morning new crash. cr this is 66 eastbound just is before66 the beltway. bel traffic back pentagon up asc ba you keep it to those lefthose lt lanes. from visit to the beltway this is what you're up against. up aa give yourself about 20 extrapbo
6:57 am
usual congestion from 234 to 23o 28. keep it to fox5 news morning. m we'll be back in a few. f we have delays on the yelloww green and red line we'll getwel you around as well.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now 7:00 o'clocko' continued backlash over ove
7:00 am
immigration white house standing firm on iti decision. it will help make our nationur t safer. we're live with more on thelive president's decision and impactt on thousands of families. >> breaking overnight in canadan gunman open fire inside of a o mosque killing at least six six people and injuring several andj others. this morning, the tragedy beingb called an act of terror. the very latest straight ahead. >> evening at work turns deadlya for maryland restaurant after aa employee shoots and kills two o his co-workers before turning ti the gun on himself. we're live with how that dramatic seen played out.ed o first though life a liveifae look outside on this mondayhis morning. pretty shot right there.rire it's january 30th, 2017.01 weather and traffic coming upin for you on the 5's at 7:05. 7:0 >> last day of january, yeah? >> no.. >> january, february. o. no. >> okay.ka >> we're close.lo good morning i'm allis seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm second to last day s otefve jany burst of winter weather is our r big story this morning.orng. waking up to snow.king


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