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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  January 31, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a dramatic move. president donald trump fires nation's ton law enforcement officer after she refused to defend the latest executive order on border control. who is now taking over that position and more on the latest fallout. >> and this all comes as president is getting ready to name his pick for the supreme court in primetime tonight. coming up what we need to know about the two leading candidates. >> a live look outside tuesday january -- excuse my 1 lasd day of january, 2017. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm widz wiz in for steve chenevey look for fox news morning and ahead at 6 the major shake young at the justice department the president issuing first pink slip as rally as cross the country continue. this was the scene in c.d.c. last night. protestsing president travel ban on
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nations. that travel ban and refusal to enforcement led president trump to fire and hire new acting attorney general all within a matter of hours. >> had is out and in and why did it all happen. our melanie alnwick is live outside of the justice department, good morning. >> good morning, allison and wisdom. yes, angry accusations from the white house all of this over president trump's immigration ban executive order and message last night from the white house press secretary to centers is basically if they can't get with the program they can get out. we have a statement from the white house overall of this. and it's saying that sally yates, who is acting attorney general of the united states "betrayed department of justice by refusing to enforce a legal order described to protect citizens of the united states and yates said in memo monday she was not convinced trump's executive order halting u.s. refugee program and entry from
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seven muslim majority nations is lawful and nor defense is consists wept department's obligation to "always seek justice and stand for what is rights" yaikz was what pointed by president obama. interestingly enough jeff sessions asked many her confirmation hearing whether attorney general should be independent of the president. >> if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful should the attorney general or deputy attorney general say no. >> nor, i believe that the attorney general or deputy attorney general has an obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice to the president. >> and that is what she believed. that is what she did. and that is what she lost her job for. and now, 6-year-old dana boente u.s. attorney for eastern distinct of pennsylvania was sworn in last
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in his opinion it is legal and properly drafted. he will lead the justice department until jeff sessions is confirmed to be next attorney general of the united states. he has final vote in senate judiciary committee today and then his full confirmation vote in senate would be scheduled for sometime in the coming days or weeks. and live at the justice department i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> in the meantime one group hopes to stop jeff sessions confirmation the women's march on washington will hold a rally this morning outside of the senate jushry committee. he stood against civil rights of minorities and women and they're against the nomination of betsy buboss. >> and former president bram is weighing in on trump's controversial travel ban. it's his first statement since leaving the white house. he d
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discrimination pace on page fame or religion. >> and he initially plans to announce it on thursday but will do so 8 pael from the who the house. >> a person up believably high rerespect he and i think you will be very impressed with this person. >> now sources confirmed two finalists judge neil gorsuch is of the 10th circuit appellate court in denver ruled in favor of companies on swreingting on religious grounds for obamacare map date and judge thomas hardiman of the third circuit in the philadelphia he supported gun ownership rights and serves alongside trump's sister parry. they will filibuster the nominee. >>
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came last night this were freeing concerns after "new york times" reported this was executive in order in the making that would the terp the barring lgb. it in the workplace. >> and 6:05 let's get you started on developing story out of prince george country search continues for a gunman that shot and killed a man at the bp gas station on walters lane yesterday. this happened in district heights. "fox5" first on the scene. police do not know if the shooting was random or targeted. and it appears to be a robbery. victim was not employee at the gas station. >>. >> all right. wisdom here this morning? >> i know. >> guest appreance. >> he is under the weather. >> yeah. >> cold outside. >> always looking sharp. >> sharp haircut, check. >> uh-huh. >> man all this love this
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more often. >> basketball cope of the stars. >> let's talk about that and after the forecast. reagan national 2-1. dulles, bwi we have a warm front coming through and i want to show you on radar light snow shower activity form and west and please he twot me sucker "fox5" if you see this touch the ground that's falling out there is light and north of washington here. this is warmer air working in lightser today after morning cloud we should be partly sunny and top out around 50 or so. look at breezes though he'll be back west gusting to 0. >> okay. >> morning snow shower and afternoon sun. >> thank you, tucker. >> appreciate it. >> all right. let's go to erin como and talk about traffic. >> oh, yeah. good morning, 6:06 now and i don't like what i'm seeing in
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shot is north of fairfax country parkway and earlier crash on cramps to utter loop and that cleared. what we're dealing with is leftover very heavy volume from that earlier backup. you're in a for 30 minute delay and route 1 is seeing congestion for the 6:00 hour. south of that point heavier volume past courthouse road. good news metro rail lines are on time if you want to avoid that. let's switch it over tore a pick of maps. give yourself a few extra moment there. 9 r5 southbound from beltway down to 50 a little stop and go traffic and heavier south of 50 past eastern avenue and 20 southbound uld ping delays 70 to clarksburg are heavy now and you see the yellow line from earlier turned red indicating speeds under 10 miles an hour it's 30 minute delay
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beltway. once you get this things moving better. outside the beltway 66 eastbound light volume centerville to beltway as you make your way gainsville to centerville you need 20 extra minutes we're seeing a heavy flow of cop juston leading inbound and we're not seeing any minimum or delays it 95 to george atraffic on the way to bwi, reagan and dulles. looking good. back to you wisdom and allison. >> thanks, erin. >> bob cat. >> missing from the national zoo still missingment kind scary. zoo officials say it's 25 pounds named ollie escaped yesterday zoo keepers last saw the bob dmat morning and by breakfast she was gone. it will remain closed until she is found. which is frightening to the must be public and
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contract to authorities. a twitter popped up user at d.c. would be cats claiming to be the missing national zoo bob cat. there are funny tweets on account for the record i'm approachable but some days grochowskiy. #escaped d.c. bobcats don't hate me because i'm beautiful. >> yeah. >> don't hate me because i'm beautiful sdpr and don't approach me because i'm a wild animal. >> serious part is it is. it's a zoo animal and she's scared i'm sure to the public too. >> time now is 6:0 next up major shift in policy for boy scouts of america. >> mruts muss drink up first pro bought barista summing up what you want we're back in 30 second
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6:10 is too many a 27-year-old nope for far right views is identified as suspected gunman that opened fire on mosque in quebec city alexander is charged with killing 6 people during evening prayers on sunday and it's believed he acted alone. canada prime minister called it act of terrorism and paris overnight going dark sign
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solidarity for the victims. >> a big shift in policy for boy kouts they will now allow transgender person that identify with boys and are in the boys program. they will go with what the gepder lists on the application. >> former president george h.w. bush is back home after spending more than two weeks if a houston hospital. the 92-year-old was treated for memonia and hearing nfl wants to honor him before sunday super bowl by him being the official corn flipper and so in this we're you don't is to travel far. it's unclear if you'll feel up to doing it. >> maybe you with visit quo it. >> awesome, glab for that news. >> here's a message for young girl, u.s. launched charity believe in yourself project pro poet
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under privileged girls and teens with brad new dress the. last night the tresses were handed out at five boys and girls clubs across the sit yep and organization says they'll provide them with more clothes in the future. >> good idea. >> nothing like a new dress. >> that's right. >> check this out unique employee on the job at a coffee shop in an francisco the first ever robot barista it served mainy purposes. and this is cafe's x first robotic cafe in the country but they hop to on locations in the united states. >> it's a good day. >> yes. >> i hope you enjoy this cup of coffee. >> what's the difference in that and sticking it under the thuping and hitting the button. >> that means instead of coffee costing 5 it's now 18. >> and then it means that too. walmart is taking aim at amazon speeding up delivery and it's free. >> live look outside as we go to break
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college park typical rush hour volume this side of the day
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cloudy and chilly and sunshine this afternoon. few light snow showers and flurries off north and west. 3 washington. doesn't feel warm out early this morning. 32 leonardtown and 30 baltimore and everybody vb to the west and north is below freezing and 30 dulles and 26 culpeper and 29 haag rz town and here's the li
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it's now sneaking down to 70 and i'm not sure much is touching the ground and hey if you're out there and see snow flurries let me know at tucker "fox5" is my witnesser report and i'll report them. looks like montgomery county, mourd county, frederick county, loudoun county, getting in light snow flurries and spot or two this may be enough to coat the ground. temperatures below freezing and could be a slick spot off to the north and west. bigger picture low pressure clipper system and rolling through to the north. and that's responsible for the light snow shower activity and predominantly and here's a look for today and pass to the north and sunshine this afternoon. partial sunshine and this is warm front coming through and temperatures will get a chance to warm up a little bit up near 50 a little later this afternoon. quickly to you 7 day 15 tomorrow, clouds and sun.
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that's fill. he's waving to crowd. temperatures in the 40s. we'll look at phil thursday. next chance for little rain and/or snow would be sunday to monday. keep you of super bowl night to early monday. possibilities. >> i love super bowl food. it's the best part of the game. >> thank you for sharing. >> what is your favorite part. >> buffalo chicken dip. >> just saying. >> shout-out. >> right now sky fox over top side of beltway this is outer loop 95 college park seeing heavier volume build 95 to georgia and not tear iling now as you can see with sky fox backing up a little because of coneston and as we forward sky fox and make our way to cameras we're league a nasty look. wisdom sums this up nice. 95 not looking hot. fairfax to lorton to beltway 30 gentleman minute now and always try your luck route 1 northbound that's backing up as well.
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across bridge coneston and it's 5 minute slow down and wngs you get on freeway east and west by third street tunnel heavier volume increasing as well. it's a little dark out there promise it's not really that dark. look at that. okay. back to sky fox now where you can see upper and lawsuiter he loop and as we switch to maps we're seeing slow downs, 20 southbound heavy traffic as you make your way from the inbound delays in northern par mar 210 for the washington and definitely slowing toward the beltway and 301 and 5 at the smrait, met reis on time i like that back to you allison and wisdom. >> a packed meeting at metro headquarters last night focus budget propose allal that could have big impact on riders facing $00 million definite and
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is fare increase. rail fares he could jump 25 cents and metro would go up a quarter and metro parking would go up 10 cents. some bus lines could be eliminated altogether and metro expected to approve budget this spring. >> well worst day of year on wall street how money is looking this morning. >> plus there's a new cold brew on store shelves this is good news, dunkin donuts is getting into bottled coffee business more more on that next.
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z2933z zstz y2933y ysty
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>> we had all knees policies put forth by president trump and then temporary immigration ban an investigators were saying that's distracting us from the economy from talk of tax cuts. and with that we saw major arms in a big way and airlines fell 4% each yesterday and a lot of text companies fell in immigration and they fell sharply as well. >> okay. we'll continue to watch that. in the mean time i like it when somebody or something knows i cannot compete. let me back out of this. i'm in way too over my head and seems like that's what walmart did when they tried to go after amazon. >> walmart versus amazon is a familiar story line. not too long ago last year walmart came out with shipping pass essentially that was their version of amazon
6:23 am
$49 a year. half the price of prime. paid $49 a year and everything shifts for free in two days. and i'm guessing it might not have been that successful. we do not have official numbers it was test program and walmart is backing out of it and instead they'll ship millions of items if you spend 35 they'll ship for free over two days and it goes to show you how big and massive prime is and how tough is it is for giant like walmart to come neat successful way. >> i get it. >> to be honest when i think of good prices i good to walmart. maybe they decided to stay with that. somebody branching out dunkin donuts and they have cold brews on the shelf. >> i'm so excited. you may start to see those things bottles of ice the coffee you can buy in food store. >> love it. >>
6:24 am
wait to find them. dung inteaming one coca-cola to bottle the coffee. it's a muj harket for them. dunkin' donuts is looking to get in and i wanted to tell you quickly allison starbucks has voice ordering now you know any of those complicated orders you use their app you don't have to type it in you can tell the app what you want. >> okay that's the same thing with amazon alexis. >> alexa. >> alexa. >> and ps i gotta lex afore christmas and love it. >> and. >> and love it. >> alexa i juan the latte extra hot and extra pump of whatever and you know half calf i don't know you're complicated order hopefully alexa will not mess up. >> hopefully will she go and get and bring it back. >> that's 018 story good we'll look forward to that. lauren, thank you so much. have a up super tuesday. >> you too. >> i'm not a cold coffee person.
6:25 am
>> you are, though. >> i can do it in summer. >> do you do starbucks bottles. >> does it taste good. >> it's okay. >> not as good as you get it. >> yeah. essentially because when i first started drinking it i tried to driching the bottle it was not the same. >> no. >> okay. dunkin donuts is doing it. >> good for them. >> can you talk romantically to alexa what happens. >> it's probably like do not talk to me that way. >> you have ever tried to insult siri. >> no. >> i have sgl i have. >> you can try to insult her and do it in front of the kids, too. >> female of the year sdmru wonder what they do at home on the weekends. >> winds southeast here at 13. wind chill 24 chilly out there. little very light snow shower activity falling off north. i've been asking for tweets. if you seen anything have not had any tweets saying i seen anything i will say this
6:26 am
a big deal off north it is possible there could be enough to coat the ground in a spot or two and once it is norm of us turns sunny this afternoon and breezy. you mptioned breezes back high temperatures near 50. it will be a decent afternoon after morning clouds and cold temps. >> cold temps if you go to school. >> and groundhog day thursday again get it? >> the groundhog determines whether we keep going in winter time right. >> right. >> why shouldn't we just get rid of groundhog. >> that gave me chills that was cold. >> not get rid of the groundhog. >> and make him retire. >> make him go away. >> i'm scared now. >> it was more presentation and delivery of the statement than what he said. >> he drop the voice it was scary. >> it was a little rough. right now 95 northbound fairfax country parkway traffic is moving better and still delays about 25 minutes from lorton to beltway
6:27 am
quiteet. south stafford eeing congestion to fredericksburg and plaque road things slowing down. we'll take a look at maps. we'll show you other delays for the most part it's relatively quiet tuesday morning you don't want to jivrping us. 66 to lar ling ton. other than that back to you allison and wisdom. >> a virginia mom says hundreds of kids. >> and super bowl opening night as usual plenty of questions not about football. morning line next
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>> tuesday morning, not bad out there the temp wise. no snow right now. welcome back to "fox5 news morning". weather and traffic coming up for up the fives at 6:30 if you join us this morning let get you up to date. here's a look at top stories 6:30. president trump fired acting attorney general sallyiate last night. yates reforced top fuse the ban some of them they say yates betrayed the justice department and in her place
6:31 am
and he says he will defend the executive order on immigration. he was sworn in late last night after yates was sacked and probably won't be on the job long jeff sessions is up today and could be confirmed by thursday. >> and president instrumentp just now tweeting in relation so the acting attorney general shakeup at 6:30 just posted from the president with will the democrats give us our attorney general and rest of cabinet they should be ashamed of themselves no wonder d.c. doesn't work. as far as mr. trump's picks go we should see more people confirmed this week. >> and late last night president trump made another change in administration. president appointed thos d. hullman as imfwraitions and customs enforcement replacing ragsdale. no reason was given for ragsdale dismissal.
6:32 am
removal and enforcement since 2013. >> june sentencing date set for former prince george country volunteer. de app take caroway admitting to recording and engaging in sext acts with children as young as 9 years old. it happened at judge sylvania woods elementary school and victims homes as well. caroway faces 60 to 100 years if prison. >> makeshift memorial growing outside of blue sunday bar and grill in buoy and surveillance inside the bar helped police identify the suspect. 40-year-old carleef malala yousafzai worked as bartender in the restaurant and victims were 46-year-old restaurant manager cherwood morgan and co-owners 27-year-old begin chen and jew sue. the us is inspection
6:33 am
is in the hospital from two self up nringted gunshot wounds. >> and new very veal from affordable howing from air bnb and short time rentals. it rawsed rent across the district and says new legislation provides tougher penalties and reporting requirements. >> and today d.c. mayor muriel bowser will join forces with delegate eleanor holmes norriton to defend death with dignity account the district's medical aid in dying legislation. the bill is currently in danger of being killed by congress. d.c. has authority over local laws and bills musting transmitted to congress for review before they can take effect. >> and vir sir mother is on a mission. she wants to extend recess for children starting first at her own child's school. barbara larry more wants opportunities get more recess
6:34 am
larry more started to change recess and pe classes and it has hundreds of signature. >> once i realized that people if fairfax county were getting three pe a week and 0 minute recesses and other places in prince william that have better pe and recess policies than we have at lake rob jennings i realized there was more we could be doing in tells of our kids in it tells of movement and play. >> next step town hall meeting with prince william county school board chairman. back to you. >> more time for the morning line. another entertaining puper bowl oftening night in the books. yes, fs actually pay money to see this. and 10200 people showed up for the festivities. something new this year after the falcons media availability coaches and captains both teams shook hand before the patriots took the microphone. let's get back to interviews here. as always few
6:35 am
crowd. >> are you relatesed to julioen glaisious. >> i am sglot are you you here for the right reason. >> i'm here for the right reason. >> yeah sght right reason. >> yeah. >> what do you mean the right reason. >> yeah. >> to win the super bowl. >> of course, i'm not -- >> next question. >> okay. let's talk about this. stressful moment for atlanta falcons coordinate nature kyle shanahan who will be head coach of 49ers according to rumors his backpack with super bowl play book and tickets wentz missing turing his session with reporters. turns out a reporter accidentally picked up shanahan bag instead of own and it was quickly returned. basically the offensive cord coordinator comes to media day with a back sglak play sglook puts
6:36 am
>> can't find it. >> right on. >> and then reporter picks it up and walks away with it and then 30 minutes or so later he comes back and gives hypothetical the play book bag. >> after he copied the plays and taken on his disguise tom brady is that what happened snpd. >> we have sunday plans ready to go wake up and keep it to them at "fox5". 7 1/2 hours of free game coverage begins 11 a.m. pate raets looking for fifth super bowl win. falcons trying to get first. >> wisdom everybody knows that doesn't happen anyone football. >> yeah i mean it's perfectty okay for the offensive coordinator in the super bowl to put his play book in a backpack and go to media day because that's what you do on media day is talk about plays. i'm saying. >> if it's a backpack he could do like -- >> why is the play book in the backpack at media day. >> why? >> this will be the head coach of 49ers. >> i he can see it. >> what happens in the game. >> the patriots will win
6:37 am
that's irrelevant. i'm saying why does he have the play book in backpack at media day r someday. >> did it say his name and ep get it returned to him. >> it's a lot of questions to be honest tucker. >> i don't have that many questions. i have weather to talk about. >> washington. cold temperatures to start the day. dress accordingly it's cloudy and cold out there. and even a few snowflakes and showers off north. most is not touching ground. i throw it out there you might encounter light snow showers moving through. this have a warm front. you think daytime eyes later today would be near 50 and turning partly sunny and pleasant afternoon. let me mention breezes they'll be with us much of the day. xwreezy day. #morning meme not too late to send me morning meme. >> i got a great idea bay backpack. >> oh, yeah. >> i'll work on that now. >> erin, good morning. >> good morning, wisdom is nn
6:38 am
>> ease usually funny but extra funny today. earlier train malfunction king street and delays to largo up to center keep that in mind and breaking news out of bladeensburg. mark brady ling you know fatal pedestrian incident few and we're sending 'a true and will keep you updated watch for police presence at walk at ken ill worm avenue. aside from that 295 southbound 50 to 11 street bridge officially jammed with heavy cop juston. suitland very slow as well towards south capitol and inbound to chefly not looking hot and past new york avenue past blade he's epzburg dealing with heavy volume. etsell road to 14 street bridge. heavier volume. stop and go traffic. heaviest from the mixing bowl to pent going and things on a bit to the 14 street bridge. 95 northbound dale city to the beltway backed up with heavy volume and long line of yellow. basically 20 minutes from you south of woodbridge to beltway and dealing with
6:39 am
northbound by 610 and caution there in stafford and more traffic, news, weather in a few. keep it it to
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6:42 am
>> jack froze to death and rose -- >> spoiler alert. >> well if you have not seen it yet i'll spoil it for you. >> jack gave his place up so she could survive. it's that simple. >> we knew that. >> this is it. >> case closed, moving on. >> next up in just a few days millions around the can't write will watch one of our nation's biggest event and we're not talking about the super bowl. think billioner than the super bowl. yes, you're right, it's groundhog day. don't believe it's bigger. but right now raised in punxatawny pennsylvania are more expensive than texas it's it $450 for one night stay in pennsylvania compared tower $50 in houston finally three new dog breeds at next month
6:43 am
ill club westminster dog show. >> take apension. >> hungarian hearding dog and african hound and hairless tearier they're known at pun any, fluffy and american airless and will compete among 200 other breeds for best if show award. >> which is hairless. >> middle cutey pie he doesn't have hair. >> you're right. >> which is pumy. >> fluffy one on the right. >> you're good. >> i'm a dog mom. >> that's true. >> look at the one on the left saying you're not going to say nothing about me. >> ease obvious. >> thavringz, wiz, appreciate it. >> next actor key an ureaves he sits down with kevin mc tammy and how given geeks out about that within a new beauty and the beast trailer. it's already gone viral next we're going to hear for the first time john legend and airian agrand a version of tale as o
6:44 am
>> back after this
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>> good look at washington monument. cold temperatures to start the day. overnight lows 20s to low 0s. few flurries out there at the moment. after school upper 40s to 50. will be breezy. and it will remain cool this afternoon. and we'll probably get sunshine in the forecast. 3 washington. 32 last hour.
6:47 am
32 leonardtown and 34 annapolis and notice just about everybody just west here is at or below freezing. 30 you dulles and 31 mannasas and 30 frederick and cold enough what we got out there early this morning light snow. i got a tweet from olney light snow there and pushing out through columbia and hourtd county and out toward annapolis and buoy and anne arrundel county. this is a warm front and we're at the southern edge working through. bottom line we should be warmer today and we'll turn partly sunny after plenty of clouds this morning. you see clouds out there and light snow flying across the area here. low pressure north. that will stay norm. most of action will stay in pennsylvania as far as any accumulations and we're too far south for this one and there you go. you can see the area of low pressure and we should turn partly sunny and pleasant this afternoon. i want to mentio
6:48 am
it will feel cooler and low 50s later today. tomorrow, 50, hey, as in punxsutawney on thursday. >> right the. >> oar a maryland guy. >> thank you. >> tucker teases the way i say maryland he says i don't say it right. >> i love how you say it. >> par mar. >> it's the accent right. >> maryland. >> maryland. >> there you go. >> i think i say it like him and he says no. >> say it how you want to say it. >> you don't want to be wrong. >> you're not wrong -- >> i'll make you a special sunday morning meme. >> residual delays to largo town center blue line. watch for them as you make your way out in the bladeensburg kenilworth 4200 block and mark brady large police presence or are delays and crash with delays on i 295 seeing some backed up
6:49 am
eastbound on 11 street bridge and 295 northbound backing up to 11 street bridge as well and heavy traffic 5 inbound towards 295 and 395 etsell road to 14 street bridge not tear ill and majority of delays from beltway up to the pentagon. back to you guys. >> come over for morning meme. >> i got so excited i forgot i was wrapped up in trafficking. >> you're in there. >> all right. time for the morning meme. >> i love the theme song. >> doesn't it sound like -- >> you're in the picture and have to be in the sellingment. >> i want to be here are i will talk about the traffic. >> two quick moving memes this morning. first one bird is the word. >> yeah. >> it is the word when you go to caps games
6:50 am
this on there been a few incar naiings of meme we had to make sure it's rated g. >> it was killing me not to the say happy birthday. >> other g rated ones float around. >> that means your boyfriend and we had to edit them a few times before we got down to there. there we go. >> it's a good thing. i don't want to know what the other options are thank you. >> send us morning meme #morning meme send them in. #morning meme. >> thank you, tucker. >> i want to eat one of your girl scout cookies for breakfast this morning. >> do you have plans today. >> i'm getting a big plate of pasta for dinner. >> there you go. >> erin
6:51 am
woman. >> simple means. >> glass of red wipe and carbs. >> i love it happy birthday to you. >> we adore you. >> so we talked in the past few weeks about movie "la la land" musical cleaning up at award shows fans loved the singing and dancing so we thought why not try to channel the moves of ryan gosling and emma stochbility they're winning all aawards why can't we do it. later this morning erin and kevin whip go out and get "la la land" dance lessons and show out their moves happening good day d.c., stay tuned for that and for korey hawkins in young actor with d.c. ties about to star in the new 24 debuting this sunday after the super bowl wisdom talks with him and don't miss pop culture expert john mari he will be with the live in the lost. for a specialel celebrity dish today is the last day of january. you have given up on new or's relations
6:52 am
we'll share easy ways to stick with the goals. and actually weight loss that's what we're talking about. >> very good, kevin mccarthy here with today's fox beat. >> wisdom martin. >> allison seymour. >> good to see you this morning. >> i'm excited about goyping dance lessons with erin today. happy birthday to you as well. >> i brought my ballroom daptsing shoes. >> i brought dancing shoes as well. i'm exited about this. >> are they cop verse. >> they're actually dress shoes this time around and they had the tapping ability so makes cool tapping sounds. >> you're taking it up a notch. >> i'm excited about this. >> final beauty and the beast trailer came out last night i'm honestly excited about it my mom and i danced to tales of oldest time at my ed wedding and we get to hear john legend and airian aversion of tale as old as time. >> tale as old as time♪ >> are you read all of these books. >> some of them are in greek. >> true as it
6:53 am
>> barly even friends♪ >> the video was posted less than nine hours ago on facebook and has 21 million views on there and ton more on youtube as well. it's already up wvr most talked about films. i think disney live action remakes have been good so far. cinderella fantastic. stars emma watson as bell. i'll post full trailer on facebook page kevin mccarthy fox. >> it looks good. >> i'm excited about josh. >> this is upsetting news to me. ben affleck is stepping down as director of the solo batman movie. >> even though he said he would not. >> he told me he would direct it three weeks ago go. >> he says, there are certain character who hold a special place in hearts of millions and said it has become clearly can cannot do both jobs to level they require together wi
6:54 am
partner and director who will collaborate with me on this massive film. i think this is upsetting news. here is ben affleck telling me he would direct it. >> yes, by the way, batman, superman top ten of the year. >> meez direct batman movie. >> we're getting going. >> and he told jimmy kimmel he would direct it as well. moving on fact. speaking of action films. >> he did say together with the studio. >> maybe it was not in his hands. >> i don't know. >> matrix one of the greatest movies of all time a scene playing on a loop and slowing it down this is nieto slowing agent smith to top of subway system. here's the cool thing. this stunt doubled as meo his name is chad he's director of john wick ii. i spoke to mr. key an" owe reaves what was crazeest is it not you ever
6:55 am
mentioned this. >> was there one that blew you away chad did. >> in the first one he really just had to take some really kind of sketchy blows there's a thing where neos in subway and ground part and looking up and train is m canning and smith is on his back and goes up on to the ground and comes back down. >> yes. >> and book on the ceiling. >> yes. >> and chad had that -- he had stub on his back and blew his knee out after he did that. >> oh, my god. >> but yeah it was bad. >> so next time you watch the matrix know that his stunt double chad is now director of john wick and john wick ii codirector of first one. it opens next by dr. and as i said yesterday it's awesome. >> bep had not directed before this. >> he codirected first matrix or i'm sorry john wick he
6:56 am
>> now that's stuck in my head. >> very goo cool. >> tucker barnes. >> as a man with extensive dance experience i want to wish you luck. >> i did dance lessons for my dance wetting. >> you were super cute at your wedding. >> i did six dance lessons i was serious about this. >> 4 washington. snow undery as cross ear. getting tweets of people reporting light snow showers. here's a quick look at radar. it's fast moving and you may enters cower are a flurry of two. most east of us now with expected day time highs and a little later today and listen we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon and low0s out there and breezy day. most of the day is partly sunny. and plenty more weather coming up. let's do more traffic with the birthday girl. >> thank you, 6:356 now normal service resumed on blue line. earlier malfunction king street. we're dealing with delays largo town center.
6:57 am
avenue 4200 block bladeensburg fatal pedestrian incident mark brady letting you know all crews on scene. there we'll keep youp dated and more traffic and news and weather as we continue. deep to "fox5" ♪♪ i checked, everything's there... wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer...
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>> you're fired the acting attorney for united states is dismissed after she refused to defend the president temporary immigration ban. we're live with who is now taking over the top spot and how lawmakers are responding. >> all this on heels of president's highly anticipated supreme court nomination and this morning we say closer look at who the president may choose and impact the decision could have on major issues that come before the court. plus, >> ollie the wayward bob scat still on the lam this morning. i'm bob barnard what you need to look out for. >> first a live look outside on tuesday morning, january 31, 2017. we will have weather and traffic coming up for you on the five at 7:0 5. good tuesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm holly morris in for steve chenevey. we welcome you


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