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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  January 31, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 10.0. right now at 10, a fox5 exclusive, a d.c. woman says a police officer shot and killed her dog while responding to a to call at her home. one, two, three, four, five, fi six, seven, ate, nine.ine. it was so bad
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why she says the police officere killed her dog for no reason.eao bed bugs crawling around a d.c. elementary school. we hear from one outraged parene who's demanding accountability. they have several bites on them and i'm very concerned about the situation. an announcement months in the making. today i'm keeping another promise to the american by nominating judge neil gorsuch.nj what we've learned about the man president trump chose to becomeo the next supreme court justice. right now on fox5 news at 10. we begin with breaking news,ws president trump chose neil gorsuch to serve on the supreme court. >> gorsuch currently serves on the circuit of appeals in colorado. conservatives are hailing theti choice ofve the 49 year old choh is a smart move.
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latent ton scalia. he'll be facing an up hill battle l after republicans refused to present merritt garland votes.s as a sign that gorsuch is the t type ohf justice voters are looking for. i promise to select someone whoo respects our laws and is representative of power and and constitution and who loves our constitution and someone whoome will interpret them as written. i respect, too, the fact that in our legal order it is for congress and not the courts to write new it is the role of judges to apply, not alter the work of the people's representatives, arepr judge who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad bad judge. stretching for results he prefers rather
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law demands. all right, a couple items here on judge gorsuch. first of all there was a legal candidate that put together a list of panelists that presidenl trumpists was considering. they ranked gorsuch second. his similarity to interpret the law as former justice anton none scalia would.ia he has not ruled on any abortion cases so far, but by all ratesll and measures it appears he woulo be a pro choice type of judge. he is certainly no stranger to washington, his mother ann gorsuch was the first female head of the environmental protection agency under theofr president reagan and he attendee georgetown prep high school in bethesda. a little bit on judge gorsuch, o but no doubt we'll be hearing about both democrats and republicans join us. > to discuss the
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gorsuch could have on the high court in if the senate confirms him. during the flurry at white house today, the president abruptly canceled a signing of an executive order of cyberybe security. it would review cyber defenses and capabilities. sarah simmons is here with morei on what the president is expected to sign. >>reporter: this administratioi is known for throwing some curve balls. after meeting with a group of cyber security experts the scheduled signing was canceled. the reason why is somewhat unclear at this point. the white house officials say expect him to sign it soon. s the order holds federal agenciee account allocable for enhancingh security on their computer private companies and federal c governmentom agencies have been hit with a waive of sib beer of attacks over the last few years exposing vulnerabilities in the nation's cyber networks. being up the defenses will wi improve safety for everything we use, from cars that run on on comput
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threat to our nation's power grids. kind of set the stage for themor to start really organizing a national security response and really treat cyber security issues as a national security threat that they are really are. additionally the order isrde expected to push the defendant of defense, the national the security agency and the department of homeland security to review not only the the absolutely bernice in thesolu computer network, but also thete us capabilities on the cyber front. we lag behind other countries in terms of bee preparedness andrep the lack of education in thein field is partly to blame.lam there are over 200,000 just in the us cyber security jobs that are unfilled. my son studies frontal systemt over a millionud worldwide. we need to put ourselves on an path toward addressing thatddre need. can during his informational inf session with cyber experts today, president trump pointedri to the hacking of the democratio national committee as an example of
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make improvements. the order also calls for defense officials to look at adversaries in the cyber world. so many are curious to see what significance russia will play ir this order. > tony. >> all right, sarah, thank you very much.ight the president's executive order on immigration is still causing an uproar and more legalega challenges tonight. this afternoon virginia's attorney general mark herring announced the commonwealth will join an already filed federal lawsuit that challenges the th executive order.e the commonwealth is compelled to intervene in the easternster district of virginia toia t challenge the executive orderxec and the case is askids versuss a trump and others. v has substantial interests int justifying its interest vex and make no mistake, the commonwealth of virginia and our people are already being harmed by this ban. a number of civil rights groups along wth
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also areer suing to stop the ba. a d.c. family is devastated and demanding answers a after theyhy say a police officer shot and killed their dog for no reason. the officers were deresponding to a domestic disturbance call over the weekend. marina maracco is live at polict headquarters with the latest on this story. >>reporter: a very sad story. this doing was more than just a dog for this family. there's five biological children, 14 foster children and this doing was one of them. after sunday they say they're broken and they say what happened could have been unavoided. they blew my dog's neck over. it started as a domestic call to the 17th home in southeast d.c., a fight between mother and son as she got ready to go to sunday service, he called thehe cops. i said let me lock the gait because we have a dog in here. the police did not care. there was about
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salinas slapped an officer's hand afteran asking him to stepo back. four officers tackle their son leaving him bruceed and bloodeed did i. there's no mention of police shooting and killing fresh,li theirng family's nine year old g they raised since she was a newborn puppy. she's never harmed a human. she protected us at all costs. if it was to wake up when thehen fire was coming or to keep my mom from falling after knee surgery. she didn't have to be killed. their eleven year old sister watched from the home steps as fresh ran down the stairs after hearing the ruckus. i heard a shot and it went pow pow pow pow, never by the time i came to the dog, i said did they kill my doing. she was laying there kicking her leg. owe,
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they killed my doing. they killed my doing.oin they killed my doing. shell casings still lay in thehe the front yard just inches away from where fresh was shot dead. mpd general orders addressing officers shall seek theek cooperation of the owner inn confining the animal so as to eliminate any danger and/or to a wait the response of an animal control representative.ive. the woman who executed my dog was three times that i had a dog and allow me to shut the gates. the other officer said she haved a dog. 4e did not do it.ot d four officers on top of my dog on the floor. the dog never about it not onene of them. miss west contends had she been allow to shut the front door gait fresh would never ran outside and still would be alive. she never made it
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how do you feel for your safety when she bypassed six officers?i is it because she is a pit bulll that is owned by black owners in the urban community? d.c. police only saying tonight thatg they're looking into the matter. live tonight outside d.c. police headquarters. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > a bed bug and rodent problem causing a stir at a d.c. school for daze now. no teisha lewis is live on the scene tonight with the latest. teisha? >>reporter: parents telling uss they are pulling their kids out of school until the problem is resolved. one father saying the infestation is over and he's got the pictures to prove it. the search continues tonight toi find this missing 16 year oldld mother and their five-month old son. they vanished from their fairfam county home and police are a concerned for their well-being. these stories are next on fox5 news at 10.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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> take a good look at thesego picks terse.odpi thisck is 16 year old lizzie lit bet contact layer owe and her five month old son aiden. they were last seen january 14 in virginia. lizzie's mother reported h her missing the next day. she first thought she left with her and the baby's father but new information suggests shesu might begges in danger. she may have left out of fear of her child's father. the child's mother told investigators she left her her daughter in her car while she ran into costco on russellsell avenue. she says when she went back to the car the toddler was gone, but it turns out the toddler war never in the car. she had been left aloan the at home the whole time. > bowie police are still p searching for thole gunman whonn opened fire on a father and son sitting in their suv. it happened just after 2:00 this afternoon near a park near your ban a
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when police arrived they found the father i tn the back set of the vehicle suffering from gunshot wounds in his leg. the son had a grace wound to the arm. they were rushed to a nearby hospital. they are both expected to survive. police said they also foundnd drugs and a gun in the car. the initial lookout was given for a dark complected hispanicnc male with blue jeans and curly hair. we set up the perimeter to and could not locate the suspect at this time. he fled on foot. >> he fled on foot. > police say the father and son are from baltimorement it is unclear right now why he were here in this area.. > let's take it outside right now. not too bad out there today.ere in fact, it was warm for ther last day of january, wasn't it? the question is how long will this warmup last? let's checkk in with sue palka for more. hi, there, tony and shawn, whats aha finish to january. >> for starters it
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21-degrees at dulles and northern suburbs did see that light snow. it didn't cause any problems. that went by. the last thing yog think that we're going to get up to 56-degrees. we did. you know what i think, januarynr went out like a lamb. usually we say that for ther month of march, but i think it definitely applies in this cases and it's pretty comfortable outr there tonight.ight 53 at dulles after 2 # last night. 52 at bwi more typical of what we might see in mid-march. and as we begin the month of february tomorrow it will also be on the mild note, but not as warm as we were today.y. although at this hour it's still 46-degrees in the district which is a couple of degrees above our average high for the day. you can see a lot of otherr places already into the mid 30s. while it's not going to fall into the 20s tonight because wee do have a little bit of wind out there we're certainly going to see temperatures generally in the 30s overnight. this is quite a bit warmer than we were last night by some
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to do withat has cloud cover. there's the snow that was passing by to our north today. that was with a system that s brought iny first the warm air, but now the cool front has been swinging on through and theand clouds likely will stick with us through the night. you should expect tomorrow that will start on a cool note, butt not cold and we'll have more clouds than sun as we see our temperatures rising into the upper 40s to near 50s so not a bad start to the first week of february. we'll let you know if there is anything else of excitement on the seven day coming up a littlo bitmi later. we have a followup now to a story we first brought you last friday on fox5 news at 10. some parents of students atuden deinvoice elementary school in southeast d.c. are fueling overa a bedre bug and rodent problem m the school. the school tells fox5 they senty a letter home with students saying professionals were hiredw to geter rid of the pests. some parents tell us the problem is persisting. today one parent wrote to us and said this is not how
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notify parents of rats and bedta bugs. i had to see it on the news and then the school doesn't notify the parents until two days later. teisha lou is caught up with other concerned parent.r >>reporter: wcoe'renc hearing t the bed bug infestation started actually right here on the first floor in the pre-k class and one parent tells tuesday it quickly spread throughout the school. that same parent goes onto say that he keeps his children, he plans to keep them out of school until the problem is resolved. the district says they are working on it, but some say it's not they have several bites on them and i'm very concerned about the situation. i will not be sending them to school tomorrow.scho when will you allow them toem return to school?l? >> well, i made a few calls and once i hear something backk about, you know, them properlym taking care of the situation,ua then i will consider sending
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i'm their father. > aaron done i shows us these snap shots saying they are bites. he has two daughters, nine and ten years old. he said the bed bug bitess started around christmas and have gotten worse since. the school nurse told him the school was infected with bed w bugsi months ago, but it was ony friday a note was sent home with what the district called an increase of pests in the building. done ' wasn't satisfied with the correspondence. it never mentioned bedco bugs in the letter. they said rodent and flees. like a form of a coverup. no, no, i didn't appreciate thea information that they gave me. the district says that the school is on a three-day a week
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extermination schedule since december. they also say in the pre-k class new mats with two foot risers has been installed. even though none of this may be enough to transmit the transmission from the school to the students' homes.ts' i did ask a district advisor about that and she says it goess both what is. it's important that the lettertt was sent homemade no mention of bed bugs by name, but a district school person says when they say pests, that does include bed bugs. > your last opportunity to sign up forppor insurance under the affordable care act is nearing. what you need to know if you're trying to meet the deadline to qualify for the healthcarehcar coverage. >> and a former california governor and current host of celebrity apprentice arnold shorts wearinger is weighing ini that impacts travel from seven muslim countries.un as we head to the break we've got into a glimpse
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l robotic arm serves many visits of coffee which are made to order at the cafe. the owner says he brewed up the idea because he was tired of standing in long lines. >> what about the personal connect. what about hey, shawn, hey sunshine. >> is that what's causing the lines?
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jeffrey clemente likes to travel. in fact, he's been all over the world. but perhaps his most rewarding trip was the one he took one day to d.c. just to play the lottery. he feels luckier here. after all, he won nearly $400,000 playing dc-5. so it's no wonder that he has pictures of all the nice people he met here. people like washington, lincoln... jefferson, franklin. ♪♪ i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network.
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comcast business. built for security. built for business. your path to retirement may not always be clear.s. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. even though president trump and the republican congress say they want to repealpr andesan replace affordable care act it is stilll the law and midnight tonight is the deadline for people to sign up for health insurance for thee year. critics say republicans haven'te put forth a credible license toe replace obama care and until they do they should leave the program alone.m >> now the question is can ey
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to replace it? that's going to be the key. repeal is easy. replacing it is going to be more difficult. but president trump has argued thatent the affordable care acn its current form is a disaster saying premiums have skyrocket rocketed under the program and people don't have the choice toi have the dr. and the care they want. the daily press is going virtual. four reporters who cannot attene the briefings in person can now ask briefings in skype. the last larson show, jeff jones from ken tuck think and wpri ini rhode island.isla press secretary sean spicer made the announcement of the addition of those cyber seats last week.k they open up the briefing that live 50 miles beyond the organization and organizations that don't currently have a hard pass to get into the white
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> the new host about the apprentice is speaking out. while he supports the order toer keep terrorists out of the us he calls president trump's hasty and not well vetted. it says it makes the united states look stupid. > earlier this evening president trump named his pick to fill the vacancy on the supreme court.ou >> later on we'll look at the background of neil gorsuch and how he could i am pack the court when we come back.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. we're back now with a look at tonight's top stories.p we begin in the district with a family says a c plaintiffs killed their dog nor no reason.. the police were arrived for a domestic dispute. when the officers arrived the family doing ran down the steps. the police who the and killedile the police are still
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police in fairfax county are searching for this mfaissingir teenager and her baby, this is 16 year old lizzie list bet contact layer a and her fiveve month old son aiden.en they were last seen january 14. officials originally thoughtri theygi left on her own and with the child's father. students at saw invoice elementary are outraged overra pest problems at the school.hool they say the school sent a letter home friday about bed bug and rodent issues and said professionals were hired to get rid of the pets. officials say they weren't notified the problem is continuing. said he will keep his children home until the issue is resolved. > farewell to january in less than an hour and a half. it took it easy on us. herself here's the difference tomorrow, a little bit moret cloud cover around than we had today. still it's a bargain forin february 1 and we'll
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mild side, at least above 44,, 45-degrees through thursday. we are going to get a colderlder shot coming into town. that will be friday into the weekend. as you probably know we've been monitoring the chance of a little bit of mixedxed participation. it could be some rain or snowow showers right now it's still not looking like it's going to present big problems around our area. it's a pretty slow system. wednesday will featurell temperatures that are warmerar than this morning.rn 47 to 33 with some limited sunshine. after school 47 to 55 a little t bit more cloud cover than we had. that's a look at forecast. seven day forecast a little bite later. > today i'm keeping another promise to the'm america kn peon by nominating george neil gorsuch. i respect, too, the fact that in our legal order it is fors congress and not the courts to write new laws. it is the role of the judges to apply, not alter the work of the
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people's representative, a judgu who likes every outcome he reaches is very likely a bad judge.e. tonight president trumpiden addressed the nation and announced his election to fill p the supreme court seat that's been sitting vacant for nearly one year. judge neil gorsuch who serves on the tenth circuit appeals in denver is trump's pick. what does this mean to the supreme court. david brown is help us sort itrt all out. > david i'm going to start with you, first off, what is your thought on this? we've heardard from some other democrats who came out we're going to go go straight for the 60 votes to confirm him.conf >> i think it's the greatestest political heist of all times. this was merritt garland's seat. this is what the republicans told from president obama, denied him them pr right to nome judge garland who uniformly regarded as one of the best jurist in the
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politically a theft for thethe ages. in terms of who judge for itch is and what this nomination th means. democrats said we would support a mainstream nominee.inee that's all the more importantpot when we look in the past week when we look at the extreme agenda that the president has. he was unanimously elected when. schumer is going to be in a box with this one. what we did with merritt guard land candidly wasn't the right thing to do. >> thank you.u. >> however, trump now has a four-year term.four they can't oppose everything foy four years. if schumer is going to take this obstructionist position the only thing mitchell mcconnell can do is other turn the filibuster. it's sad forth us senate. he doesn't want to do it. i don't want to do it. it has to be done. i think mcconnell and schumer. mcconnell and schumer should gel together and make a
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they should say you can kill one of these cabinet nominees, in exchange we get the others and we get gorsuch. we move on.we that sounds nice. that sounds nice we do want to talk about gorsuch, but i've goe to address something you just said. you say they should get togethet and make a deal. but there has been an unwillingness to make any kind of deal on anything for the lase eight years and you say, okay, look, he's going on be presidend for four years now, the last president wasn't for eight years and there was what am peopleop would say nothing but obstructionist policies floating around. you're right and th e countryuntr becomes more divided, more bitterly partisan which i thinki is a same. the guy that caused a lot oft this is a gentleman by the name of harry reid. read as dave knows got rid of the filibuster seven years ago during healthcare. >> i was actually in the senatee as an aid when the filibuster was taken away and he it was taken away for a very specific
10:35 pm
it was because we were in a judicial he emergency situate because mitchell mcconnell were obstructing lower court nominations to the point where they had to declare a judicialdi emergency. how are ever going to go forward if both sides keep this tit or tat shouldn't democrats take a hard look at this and say, it's the law we're posed to do this. just because the republicans didn't do it during obama's term shouldn't they move forward.they >> i think it's an important important question and i think i it's a fair question. democrats will confirm a mainstream nominee. >> do you think he's not a mainstream mom no.main >> i haven't had an opportunityi to study his profile. harvard, colombia, was unanimously nominated to the. he's a man without a i'm not even his pr guy. mcconnell is
10:36 pm
the filibuster. i don't want to see this happen, we're going to role him on this. we're going to role him on healthcare.. it's a shame because it's's trashing the institution of the senate. it's what's going to happen. we warned harry reid about thiss years ago, they didn't listen. should republicans be concernedr about this two years, four years from now if this happens thisis way. >> they jack and iou don't agree on muc, but i i degree that the damage that has been done to the senate is very tragic. the senate has been designed toe be the greatest describetive body. we have seen the destruction ofu the institution.ti are there enough democrats tomo play ball on this nominee and id some other cases as well in terms of getting some of these confirmations done? >> look, if i'm on the other side i'm going to focus who is in cycle in h 2018, i think probably yes. from mitchell mcconnell's yes, there are some
10:37 pm
they can pick off. you won't get to 60.. north da coat, they're moderatet they'll be forced inhe on this. we won't get to 60. we might get to 56 in a miracle scenario. alternately we use the same standard or rice to the same level of accord and con sensee just that we achieved withth justice ginsberg and justice kennedy. justice kennedy was unanimously could be firmed by the us national. justice ginsberg got 96 votes. we are certainly in a differentf time. what do you have to say. >> i said we have to really think at what's at steak, row v wade, labor rights, the environment.t. the american people have said these issues matter to them many and we have to nominate theat right person who is going to fairly and justly apply the law. > do you have something you thought there. >> no, i
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we can't equate back to the 199 20s. sadly i don't think we'll ever w see that kind of us senate is gone. thank you for coming in. > stay with us. we'ls.l be right back. . janice done.jani stocks not so bad, more up and downs. the s and p500 all finishing higher. not he in you have to keep shoppers optimistic. slipping blight after a 15 year high in december.cemb there's uncertainly over jobs and income. consumers not losing confidence in apple, however. a record setting quarter, include asking the holiday shopping season, the main reasoo apple sold 78.3 million iphones. it looks like there will be some super sized betting going
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year super bowl. americans will bet 4 billion-dollar much that's eleven percent more than last year. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. .
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> a major loss for a maryland-based company under armor. their shares dropped 25 percentr before the opening bell today. this comes after the sports wear company reported disappointingda holiday sales and issued an under women sales target for 2017. under armor's chief financial officer chip malloy is alsoalso stepping down for personal reasons. despite these developments under armor in ts to invest in it's brand.
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to redevelopment area. it would include a mix of housing, retail shops around a new under armor retail campus. a new studies shows children may have a stronger bond with the family doing or cat than withhan their own family. participants reported havinghavi stronger relationships withrela their furry friends. children also reported less conflicts with their pets than with their brother or sister. that would be normal. the pets can't talk back. it's not like one of these mommy, he's poking me. the doing is not going to do that to you. the dog doesn't say he's looking at me. me. i'm not priced by that. a major change is coming to the famed westminster dog show. wait until you hear this and what brought patriots quarterback tom brady to tears.. that's coming up next in
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reunited with a localloca firefighter who saved their lives 58 years ago. their heart warming story at 11. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. jeffrey clemente likes to travel. in fact, he's been all over the world. but perhaps his most rewarding trip was the one he took one day to d.c. just to play the lottery. he feels luckier here. after all, he won nearly $400,000 playing dc-5. so it's no wonder that he has pictures of all the nice people he met here. people like washington, lincoln... jefferson, franklin. ♪♪ z2933z zstz
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y2933y ysty 10:47 on tuesday, the last dayt of january. goodbye january. that was fast. what's the temperature >> the weather made it easy fora it to move along pretty quicklyy no 30-inch blizzard. a mild january. >> and tonight because thebeca temperatures were so mild maybe you had a chance to see outside and see in the southwestern sky, the view. beautiful. you see that bright object toat the right of b it that is the planet venues and if you have really good eyes and you may noy be able to see it, but high above the moon the planet marspn is also in h picture.lso it wasin just enough cloud coveo it was hard to see it.t. it formed a
10:48 pm
triangle. the planets will be a littleittl farther apart tomorrow. i posted about it on facebook and twitter earlier today. our sky guy in virginia, there's mars. you see it up here in his picture. when i show you the picture picture, venous. another reason to be outside because it certainly was a comfortable evening as we started coming down from the temperatures that topped out int the 50s thisha afternoon.afte it is a mild mid week that we're going through. tomorrow igos still on the mild side, but not quite as warm asa today we're going to have more cloudme cover for starters tomorroworro apparently maybe we hit 50 in the district but i would not bee surprised if we stay in the 40s. one benefit is with the clouds tonight just everybody is goingg to stay above freezing. no snowplows like we had this morning north of d.c. thursday should be a brighter day but a little bit cooler. the thing to note they're stilll above average. we
10:49 pm
note, but we have a coupleoupl cooler days but nothing we can't handle. 34 for frederick. maybe toward re frederick youdei could dip down to pressing, butt there's a little bit of a freeze out here so hopefully it won't be too cool for most places. it was a bit warmer than it was last night. you can still see that the warm air that came through earlierrle today hasn't gotten to new york city. birmingham 25. raleigh still coming in at 37at3 and they're seeing signs of spring awakening down in thethe deep south. a clipper storm did clip some o the counties to the north.nort the clouds are coming in as theh cooler air associated with that system is starting to p pull on through. a tiny about it breezy. overnight, though, we should stay with temperatures in the low to mid 30s. 37 for
10:50 pm
pressure tomorrow still tries to keep the mild southwest flow in place with temperaturesth generally in the 40s near 50. but again a lot more cloud cover than we had today. we're goin to describe tomorrowc as mostly cloudy. by noon 36-degrees, by 4:00 we:0 should be able to at least getea close to 50-degrees, but if not certainly the upper 40s doable as you can see on our map forfor tomorrow with mild temperatures■ so thursday is ground hawg day. it should be a nice sunny day for the ground hawg to see his shadow. we're cooler friday so that's ta the chilly change that comes in for the weekend. sunday's temperature 40. notice we're painting on a mix of rain and snow showers.howe even if we do see snow showers on super bowl sunday they'lley'l melt. monday we pop up to 39-degrees. next week looking mild.d. tuesday coming in with a
10:51 pm
we could push 68 or 730-degrees at least one day next week. not feeling like football weather.we >> what does it matter.ter. we're here, they're there. for atlanta falcons quarterback matt ryan his f timale in housts his first taste of the super bowl lime night, but for tom brady it's nothing new. sunday is going to be the second start. thanks to a seven year old junior media sports reporter wer got a little insight. who is your hero. a great question.esti well, i think my dad is my hero because he's someone that i look up to every day and on -- my dad. you have different things that yourif
10:52 pm
course of your life and it's been a challenging year for, you know, my family just for some personal reasons and you know iw would just be nice to haveve everyone here watching us this i weekend. if you want to watch it, too, guess what we gotcha covered. wake it up, keep it right here on fox5 super bowl sunday.unda pregame starts at 11:00 a.m. kickoff at 6:30 am p. patriots looking for super bowl number five, the falcons for their first. maybe there's hope for america right. in this fractureed times, theim way to put two groups hopelessly divided in every other way, shape or form. there is a cat in the westminster dog show this year. jungle tracts along with owner anthony hutchinson down inn charles county be taking part. it is a
10:53 pm
looks a bit like a leopard. he will not be a part of the actual judging. ladies and gentlemen this is a big step for dog and lovers that can unite together. > when the cat comes in are all the dogs going to go crazy in. >> it could turn into a free for all. you would think that they would be well behaved enough. it's their chew when they can't find the busysy bee. that's a great movie. we'll have more with fox5s at 10. you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second.
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then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. hambone! sally! 22! hut hut! tiki barber running a barber shop? yes!!! surprising. yes!!! what's not surprising? how much money david saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. who's next?
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> a montgomery county woman whr helped police solve some seriou crimes ovesorlv a number of decs is hanging up her incorporate pad. today
10:57 pm
day on the job as a fingerprint expert.rt we take the prints that are lifted from the scene of a crime and try to compare them withhem known prints to see if there is sufficient agreement to be able to say that it's an identification. i'm looking at this littleit enclosure right there. when i was in high school, theo, fbi came and achuted and they hired me and they trained me in fingerprints there. the fbi didn't have any automated fingerprint capabilitiesment it's all manual and there was an entire floor or file cabinets. you just stood there and searched fingerprint cards manually lieu the file cabinetst it was very tedious. it was time consuming and it was really very boring and i worked there for three years before i came to this office and i'vee been in this office ever since,, since i was 206789 i've actually had an o
10:58 pm
some of the major cases. laura holding stands out to me very clearly. monday seen or wells. the horn matter, the horn triple homicide, the sadness of that case. very analytical as far as yours thought process. so you have to be very aware not to let any bias creep in.ep i'm going to miss a lot of it.t. i'm going to miss the people of course most of all, but i am going to miss the job as well. i've always like it. i've always enjoyed doing what i do. it's literally trying to come to the that's all that really matters.r that's great. fascinating. a job that you love to do for that long. >> yes. > check this out, an american airlines mechanic discovered seven bricks of cocaine inside the nose of a plane. it was found after the plane landed in oklahoma for a ro
10:59 pm
maintenance check. the flight was coming fromro bowing that, colombia. i couldn't tell what was written there. investigators say the nearlyarly 30 pounds of cocaine was covered in wheel degrees which detectives thought was an attempt to hide it from dog sniffing dogs. d it estimateed at. > fox5 news at 11 1 # starts right now.. right now at 11, the president's prime time pick. judge gorsuch has outstandinghas legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and has easterned bipartisan support. what we've learned about the man who may soon sit on the us supreme court. plus a fox5 exclusive, a local family says police officer killed their dog.thei
11:00 pm
owe, my god. and it went pow, pow, pow, never stopped. > what happened and why the why owner says their beloved pet did not have to die. > and two kids rescued presents a house fire 58 years ago. now they're groan up and reunited with a firefighter who safed their lives.ives your news starts right now. we begin tonight with presidentp trump's nomination for the us supreme court it is a decisionci that could shape the country's legal landscape for decades to do.o i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight the president nominated judge neil gorsuch who currently serves onorsu the tenth circuit court of a appeals in denver. conservatives are hailing thetie choice ofs the 49 year old gorsuch is a smart move and many legal analysts put him in the same league as latent ton none kaelia. they are already gathering up for alrea


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