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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 1, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EST

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it estimateed at. > fox5 news at 11 1 # starts right now. right now at 11, the president's prime time pick. judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills, a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and has easterned bipartisan support. what we've learned about the man who may soon sit on the us supreme court. plus a fox5 exclusive, a local family says police officer killed their dog. i heard a shot and i thought, owe, my god. and it went pow, pow, pow, never stopped. > what happened and why the owner says their beloved pet did not have to die. > and two kids rescued present a house fire 58 years ago. now they're groan up and
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safed their lives. your news starts right now. we begin tonight with president trump's nomination for the us supreme court it is a decision that could shape the country's legal landscape for decades to do. i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. tonight the president nominated judge neil gorsuch who currently serves on the tenth circuit court of a appeals in denver. conservatives are hailing the choice of the 49 year old gorsuch is a smart move and many legal analysts put him in the same league as latent ton none kaelia. they are already gathering up for a fight for the nomination. tonight, from the white house, president trump cited his inclusion of gorsuch in a list of potential justices he offered up during the campaign and his subsequent victory that's the sign of the kind of justice voters are looking
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i promised to select someone who respects our laws and is respective of power, constitution and who loves our constitution and someone who will interpret them as written. i respect, too, the fact that in our legal order it is for congress and not the courts to write new laws. it is the role of judges to apply. not alter the work of the people's representative, a judge who likes every outcome he reaches is a very likely a bad judge. stretching for results he prefers rather than those the law demands. and a few more facts which you'll likely to hear over the next couple of weeks. they call the scalia index indicating how close that will be to the late justice, gorsuch ranked second on the list. he hasn't ranked abortion, he favored the hobby lobby to
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employees. for the kate owe institute he would be in favor of term limits for justices. his former former head of the epa during the reagan institution and he attend ted georgetown prep in bethesda. both sides are gathering up for battle. democrats say they are preparing -- many democrats already put out a statement saying they plan to oppose the nomination of justice gorsuch. > a d.c. family is demanding answers after they say a police officer shot and killed their dog. the officer was responding to a domestic disturbance at the family's home in southeast over the weekend. police are still investigating the incident. fox5's marina maracco reports. and this family says they're completely heartbroken. they say this doing was more than just a pet for the path family. it was another member in this big family of five biological childrens 14 foster children. all of them one unit, a unit they say is completely broken after the officer who the
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killed that doing. they say it was a completely avoidable accident. they blew my dog's neck off. they didn't have to do it like that. it started as a domestic call to the 17th home in southeast d.c., a fight between mother and son as she got ready to go to sunday service. he called the cops. i said let me lock the gait because we have a dog in here. them police did not care, man. it was about five of them. a police report shows west' son slapped an officers' hand after asking him to step back. four officers tackle her son leaving him bruceed and bloody. but there's no mention of police shooting and killing fresh, the family's nine year old dog they raised since she was a newborn puppy. she's never harmed a human. she protected us at all costs, if it was to wake up when the fire was coming or to keep my mom from falling after knee
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surgery. the eleven year old sister watched from the as fresh ran down the steps after hearing a ruckus. i heard a shot and i thought owe, my god, never stopped. by the time i came to the door. i said they killed my dog and she was laying there kicking her leg. she was kicking her leg. owe, god. they killed my dog. they killed my dog. they killed my dog. shell casings still lay in the front yard just inches away from where fresh was shot dead. mpd general orders announcing officers shall seek the cooperation of the owner, custodian in confining the animal so as to eliminate any danger and/or to await the response of an animal control agency representative. the woman who executed my
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was told three times that i had a dog here, allow me to shot the gates. the other officer said to her ' have a dog, let's back up. they did not do that. they bum rushed my house, tackle my son on the floor, four officers on top of my son on the floor, the dog never bitten not one of them. miss west contests had she been allow to shut the front door gait fresh would never have ran outside and would still be alive. she never made it to the gait. how do you fear for your safety when she bypass six officers? whose safety do you fear for or is it because she's a pit bull that is owned by black owners in the urban community. mpd is reviewing the matter, but had no comment for fox5. > police in bowie are still searching for the gunman who opened fire on a father and son sitting in their suv. it happened just after 2:00 p.m. near a pack on your ban a lane. when police arrived they found a father in the backseat
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from gunshot wounds to his leg. the son had a grace wound to the arm am they were both rushed to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. police say they also found drugs and a gun in the car. father and son we are told are from baltimore right now. right now it's unclear why they were here in this area. we now know the identity of a man killed at the bp gas station in district heights. police say someone shot and killed 2 # year old day jr. police are trying to figure out what led to the shooting and they are still looking for the gunman. fairfax county police need your help to find a 16 year old and her son. they were last seen january 14 in springfield, virginia. her mother reporterred them missing the very next day. investigators initially thought the young woman left on her own with her son and the child's fare apparently they now believe she and her son may be in danger. police are asking anyone who may know about their w
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give them a call. > while allot of attention was paid to president trump's justice appointment, the immigration ban is calling. they announced the commonwealth will join an already filed lawsuit that challenges the executive order. the commonwealth is compelled to challenge in the eastern district to challenge the executive order. the case is aziz versus trump and others. virginia has substantial interests justifying it's intervention and make no mistake, the commonwealth of virginia and our people are already being harmed by this ban. a number of civil rights groups along with several other states are also suing to stop the ban. the secretary of homeland security is denying media stories that he was kept out of the loop about president trump's immigration settive other. in a briefing with
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secretary john kelly says he's not only defending the plan, but is enforcing the order humanely. secretary kelly said not only did he expect the order for perfect more than a year, but that department of home land staffers helped write it. kelly said he reviewed at least two drafts of the executive order and was knowledgeable about when the president was going to inuit. heads up if you drive in virginia, you could be fined for driving too slow in the fast lane. a proposed bill would fine drivers $250 for driving too slow in that left lane. the bill is currently making its way through the virginia assembly. driving too slow in that lane can lead to road rage and even accidents. state officials hope the sign will cut down on some of those issues. still to come tonight, the bobcat breakout where people claim they have actually spotted ollie since she escaped the national zoo. and security is super tight ahead of the super bowl this weekend. a look at the swath teams, k9 unit
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to keep the crowd safe. words that cannot express enough our gratitude to you. a brother and sister who nearly died in a house fire 58 years ago were reunited with the heros who saved their lives. that story is coming right up.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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we have an odd story to tell you about right now, montgomery county are still investigating after a two year old was reported missing in gaithersburg. the child's mother told investigators she left her daughter in her car while she ran into the costco on russell avenue. she says when she went back to the correspond the toddler was gone. well, it turns
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never in the car. she had been left alone in their home the entire time. it's unclear if any charges will be filed. child protective services is investigating. meanwhile in the district there's still no sign of the bobcat that disappeared present the national zoo. the 25-pound bobcat named also i.e. scaped sometime yesterday morning. zoo keepers think she may be in nearby rock creek park. people reported sitings in rock creek rock. they say the bobcat could survive on its own, but would be better off back at the zoo. they are not aggressive unless confronted. schools outside the area suspended recess, but our crews spotted kids playing out behind a fence at eaton. houston gets ready to host super bowl 51. the fbi has swath teams deployed around the stadium
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they are sharing intelligence information with local law enforcement agencies. fox's karen hedge has more. >>reporter: heavy security in and around houston texas as the city prepares for h this week's super bowl. leading up to kickoff some 200 trucks a i day enter the secure area around the stadium all now going by special dogs. we have a manifest of what is inside the barrels. security is always our top priority and we look to balance that with minimal inconvenience to the fans as they experience the event. the security planning began 15 months ago. the super bowl has the government's highest security designation, second only to the presidential inauguration. this year 25 federal agencies in
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scene. in addition to more than 10,000 uniformed law enforcement officers intelligent analysts and surveillance specialists will also be on hand. while there are no known threats there is extremely high event. our authorities at the federal, state and local levels are working together to ensure security throughout the event. with blackhawk helicopters and f16 fighter jets securing the skies more than a million people are expected this weekend. in houston, texas. you may see the famous face, d.c. former d.c. chief cathy lanier now heads up security. > kickoff is 6:00 p.m. > i hope they can get it all in.
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> then you can cover everything. i do like tuning in around 2, 2:30. >> just to check out to see what they're talking about. they cover everything they can possibly cover. >> they talk about the shoes. a lot of background stories. i was interested in what jim showed with tom brady getting emotional with his father. i don't know, apparently there's some kind of issue with the family. it looks like it. maybe if we tune in at 2:00 sunday we'll find out. right here on fox5. right here on fox5 and actually sunday could be an interesting day around here because it will be a little bit chillier and we could have a little bit of mixed rain and snow showers coming through. earlier in the week it looked like it may be more substantial but now it looks like it's going to keep on moving. temperature is around 40. i had a lot of people saying please try to get us a monday off.
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would be in las vegas right now. meanwhile, how about this the end of january going out on such a mild note. 56-degrees is more typical of mid march here. so you have a little bit of a spring preview today. in fact, i've had a number of people tell me they feel like they're getting sensitive to tree possibly and there's a little bit of tree pollen showing up tax to this mild january. bwi52-degrees. not going to be quite that warm tomorrow. but it's not going to be quite as warm tomorrow. tomorrow morning more of a range of 37 to 43. maybe a few spots closer to the mid 30s like 34, 35 in frederick some sunshine through clouds but after school probably a little bit cloudier. definitely a cloudier afternoon tomorrow than we had today. but the temperature range should be in the upper 40s to near 50 a, if not a little bit above it. average high is 44-degrees and you'll see during the month of february that that average high begins to go up. tomorrow at 350-degrees we're above average.
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but it starts getting cooler as we head into friday as well as saturday and even sunday so we're going to trend down from 41 to 39 and eventually to 40-degrees on sunday. in esmolol formulation of moisture maybe a quick light shower tomorrow night, but nothing big and certainly with these temperatures we're well above where we were last night. 49h1 if the district, dulles 34. you may touch the freezing mark in a few spots, but not head hed for 20s. winds are also fairly light but we noticed winchester getting sustained winds. we had a frontal boundary passing on through and that will keep the winds up just a little and that means that a the temperatures can't drop too much. we've had a disturbance to our left, a clipper, it did manage to produce a little bit of light snow. i didn't produce any slick spots. the frontal boundary swings on through keeping our temperatures in the 30s tonight thanks to the cloud cover. bottom line a cooler day
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temperatures, though, not quite as cold as we had overnight last night and that mild southwest flow still gets us into the upper 40s with a good deal of cloud cover. we'll show you that quickly and then head out to the seven day forecast. at 5:00 we zillion have a little bit of cloud cover and a little bit of mountain cover. your fox5 seven day forecast leads us to a sunnier brighter day for thursday, ground hawg day, but a little cooler at 38. a chilly three days in a row, friday, saturday and sunday. late day mix of rain and snow showers on sunday, not expecting a lot of problems. it's gone by monday morning. we head back to 49 on monday. tuesday 55 and even some warmer days beyond tuesday coming next week. tony and shawn, that's your seven day forecast. > a heart warming reunion 358 years in the making took place in adelphi, maryland this
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were trapped inside the house. the kids grew up and recently put out a note on facebook hoping to meet the people who safed their lives. today one of those former firefighters, stew newman was reunited with linda and michael heart. (applause). newman is 84 years old now, but he tells us he remembers what happened as if it were yesterday. i do remember handing linda out the window to a police officer that was on the ladder on the rear of the building, taking michael out off the bed. it was very smoking up there. i about the onto the stairwell and took my air mask off and put it on his face because he was without air longer than i was. got downstairs and handed them to the ambulance crew. i didn't go with them. linda and michael heart say they owe their lives to newman and the othe
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one more note we also found out today that linda actually worked at fox5 back in the 1970s. it is always such a spall world. what an incredible reunion today, though, wasn't it? it's fantastic. it's something that i'm sure you don't think about day-to-day, but he safed their lives and everything they've been able to do since then is because of him and the first experience. > coming up next perfection was on the line tonight for not
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y2934y ysty > welcome back, nothing like home cooking for the caps and wizards. so far this year, neither of the home teams have notched a single loss at verizon center. the caps are 7 and 0. tonight the wizards looking to also go undefeated for the month and extend their winning streak. john wall early on, he is out mr. . he's driving, he goes in with the layup. 5 points, the
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there at the break. then in the second half, wall goes cross court to bradley beal. beal up three, game high 28 points. the wizards they start loading up and going home, why not. wall this time to otto porter, porter splits the defense. 15 points, all starters in double figures, the wizards win 117 to 101. 15 wins at verizon center. they are 8 and 20 overall. melo trimble shawn's favorite name trying to stay undefeated. trimble does what he does. terps with a ten point lead. later on, the terps up by one lousy point, this could be the play of the game. justin jackson down court, maryland wins 77 to 71. 20 and 2 overall. they are 8 and one in big ten play. a lot of good
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creighton and butler they're on the road at depaul. second half hoyas down by one. drains the three, of the team's 57 points. georgetown by two. drives, get the foul. added another basket to score the last five points and the hoyas win that one 76 to 73. let's wrap it up caps. they are back after the all star break. nobody is going to the games. true story they're getting boyed out of the barkly center. 1-0 caps. all the way to the final minute, the caps down. alex ovechkin, scores. that's how it ends, the caps lose 3-2 and that's a look at sports. if you play basketball, that's a good sign
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that does it for us,
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