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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> the stage is set for tough battle on capitol hill. president trump announcing supreme court pick a decision that could affect the country long after his presidency. reaction from both side coming up. >> violence in the district. four people shots overnight. live at the scene south east with the latest. >> live look outside on this wednesday morning february 1 we'll have weather and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday, everybody, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> thanks for being with us welcome to more morning the big news out of d.c. this morning president donald trump selecting federal appeals court judge neil cavuto to replace antonin scalia. he meets reconservative views and harvard and oxford and he lives in colorado with wife and teenage daughters and 49 years old he would be high court youngest justice in 25 years. >> selection begins with what could be a brutal
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capitol hill. mel. >> good morning, guys as you mentioned 49 years old gorsuch would be the youngest member of stream court pen. and people saying he better have a lot of stamina. it could be a long and contentious battle. >> when rights are at risks americans stand up to defend their core principles. >> protesters outside the supreme court are condemning president trump pick for supreme court. judge neil cavuto but many evangelical voters believe he's the right pick. >> we're delighted he's porch jurorist in the mold of justice scalia. >> they hope the supreme court is closer to overturning roe v. wade on abortion. >> more nanny of us in the evangelical and faith community, this was the reason why we voted for donald trump. >> many democrats are worried
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supreme court will protect president trump's decision on civil rights including recent immigration order. >> millions of americans are scared. they're scared their rights will be destroyed and mrael be rounded up. >> republican analyst are expecting liberals to scrutinize gorsuch's past decisions for problems. >> very clever groups on the left will use either words from his decisions even if in a footnote or outcomes. >> senator jeff americaly of oregon is already planning to filibuster the senate confirmation process in retaliation for republicans blocking the confy maition ofmeret garland, obama's pick. >> the republicans stole this seat you hear. so with that kind of attitude you can and that democrats will put up a fight. now today on-call toll hill gorsuch will have a number of immediate ingdz including
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with senate majority committee. 60 votes are required for cop fir maiing and that means eight senate democrats in the senate would have to cross party lines. live on-call toll hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> ill tillerson headed to confirmation to become next secretary of state. several democrats backed party lines and several other votes on president's cabinet nominees are planned in committees today and yesterday's they do i coted nominees representative price and steve manuchin sfwlep achallenging the president you've order on refugees and immigration. mark hairing called the order up lawful. >> canada has substantial interest justifying intervention and make no mistake the commonwealth of virginia and our people are already being harmed by this ban. >> a number of several civil right grou
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the ban. >> three minute past the hour now. we're following developing story as roun the d.c. region. first southeast d.c. where four people were shot late last night happened 10:30, mlk jr. avenue. no word what led to shooting all victims should survive. >> fairfax need help locating young american and infant son. lizzy elizabeth rivera her and her 5-month-old son aidan were last seen in springfield, virginia. there's the babe we. lizzy's mom reported them missing. new information suggestions that she and the baby might be in danger. police believe she may have left out of fear of the child's father. >> in prince george country they're searching for a missing teen a.m. er jason behindton that went missing addison road he 5:30 if you seen this teenager
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call. >> montgomery country police investigating after a 2-year-old was reported missing from parking lot of costco in gaithersburg and child's mother said they left her daughter in the car when she ran into costco and the child was gone. the child was not in the car and was left home alone in their home the entire time. child services is investigating. >> bu question police are still searching for the gunman that opened fire on a father and son sitting in suv. the shooting happened yesterday near park on urbana lane. when police arrived they found the father in backseat of the vehicle shot in the leg and son had grays wound to arm. both will be okay. police say they found drugs and a gun in the car. >> happening today, it is d.c. chancellor antoine wilson first official day on the job. wilson replacing chancellor kaia henderson who led
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district 5 1/2 road and he was named to the post in never and will welcome her to the system this morning at 10:30. >> lar lar will deliver thirty state of the stated dress title real lasting change before that rally opposing fracking will be held. they want governor and i maryland lawmakers to passe permanent ban on fracking. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> hi. >> hello. >> good morning. >> cloud cover out there and temps in the0s for the most part. dulles down to 28. and more clouds than yesterday. yesterday turned to beautiful day. >> i'm trying to remember. >> mid 50s. average sunshine. >> yeah, no complaint. >> yeah, it turned out pretty good current numbers. out at dulles again 8. 39 here in baltimore. bwi marshall. not here but there and we've got cloud cover and snow out to the west and
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during the evening hours and effective east of us the clouds are still with us and there are some light snow showers off to north and west. i don't think we'll get any of those in here in the immediate area. but out to the west of mountains they'll continue to see snow. we'll keep the clouds around today. and cooler temperatures yesterday. not unpleasantly so. about 50 with mostly cloudy conditions and breezes out of west 15 to 20. it will be a breezy day. breezy and cloudy temperatures about 50. >> fair enough. >> okay. >> okay. >> okay. >> i was not pleased with that. >> you deposit like that one. >> good for you you have 6 more this morning. >> exactly. >> see you next time. >> thanks, tuck. >> 6:07 keeping eyes on roads right now. parking lot conditions on 95 northbound now by prince william parkway no crashes just a whole lot of volume now as you try to make your way to dale city getting ew
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mixing bowl from fred rikdzburg on you up. leave who the house early. courthouse road as well in that typical spot. sky fox over the southbound side of bw parkway 19 a crash blocking right shoulder traffic is moving along okay they are getting ready to tow the vehicle out of that area. you can take 5 southbound if you don't want to d. as we take a look at maps. 5 now dealing with construction on northbound side benning road and that's causing atypical slow downs. usually northbound side against the morning rush and doing nicely that's not the case today factor in gentleman time there. soyb officially backed up all the way from 50 really done to 11 street bridge with heavy volume. and again 50 on this -- excuse me 295 southbound from 50 on down not looking great.
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loop 95 to georgiament light volume picking up and bw parkway southbound from the beltway on down to 450 also a little heavier volume. 270 southbound slow traffic from 85 to clarksburg and that's about 0 minute delay with heavy volume and metro rail lines on time now. any questions erin fox d.c. on twaiter allison and steve back to you. >> thank you. next update overnight on the dakota access pipeline. >> and moving super bowl ad putting spotlight on immigration. coming up early look at new budweiser commercial trending this morning
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the country is in dire stwait government controlling bare hi half of country. as for security force numbers declining the report was issued by watchdog organization says drug production is on the rise and organization calling a report good opportunity for trump administration to reflect on 117 billion in washington invested in the country reconstruction and security forces since 2002. >> army corps of engineers given the green light to finish the controversial dakota access pipeline it runs through four states. standing rock su proposed to
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stop it. recently there are concerns about contamination to their drinking water and running through among other issues. >> the issue of cyber security. did would have but the office of management and budget in charge within the executive branch. >> u.s. customs and border protection named ronald vitiallo after his predecessor resigned after pressure. an out spoken backer of presidential bid the appointment is not subject to senate confirmation. >> today the daily press briefing at the white house going virts you'll. four reporters can ask questions via skype. seats are on to journalists
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that live beyond 50 miles of d.c. area and organizations that don't have credentials into the the white house. >> new safety test this morning that takes as i close eric look at electric cars that's next. >> and live look outside as we head to break on this wednesday morning. weather and traffic on the five coming up next. >> 6:1
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>> already one of the most taked about ads tells the story how the beer came to be including immigrant journey of cofounder from germany to united states. budweiser confirms the 60 second ad was confirmed long before the controversial
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executive order regarding refugees and immigrants. coming up you'll see a brand new add for bush beer released this morning for exclusively fox stations. don't want to miss that. keep your eye on tv super bowl sunday on "fox5"the 7 1/2 hours of pregame coverage begins at 11 a.m. kickoff is at 6:30 people which goes to prove, sucker the only thing longer that our show in the morning is pregame show for the super bowl. >> i'm going to turn it on at 11 to see what they're offing up. the players are probably still asleep right as a little far out. bus stop forecast cloudy conditions chilly temperatures out there. in fact few 20s we'll show you on the map. lightser today upper 30s, 40s, low 50s and cloud cover and we'll be dry. early spring practice outdoors, that kind of thing you should be okay for it. 36 washington leonardtown 36. dulles is bottom
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which is little unexpected as everybody else is in 30s and 40s off west. hagerstown win chest 41 this morning. cloud cover plenty of that. snow slamming into the mountains to the west. stiff enough to be noticed out there and plenty of cloud cover sneaks across the mountains we may see a sprinkle or two this afternoon. for the most part we'll be generally cloudy and keep temperatures little closer to normal upper 40s do 50. looking long rage cold front on the way. will not arrive today. this will lockdown the cool by the end of week and daytime highs by friday and saturday should be faw deez degrees other side of normal. below average. no big storms. looks like by sunday, monday we may get mix of perhaps rain question marks about that system on sunday monday. 40 to 56. 51 today. visit from phil tomorrow we'll have to see what happens there if he sees shadow.
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9 saturday and second half of sunday into early monday likely mixture of rain and we'll warm it up. we might do 60 next week. >> it's a possibility. >> yeah. >> you've been hanging out with mike in the weather center we appreciate your forecast. breaking news off the top, blue, orange and silver dealing with medical emergency now and we'll get you more information on that and watch for delays on metro. and aside from that, roads, right now, outer lone coalsville 95 to georgia a ten point slow down and let's switch things to maps and show what you you're facing this morning. 295 dealing with delays by benning road and we're feeling a little relatively quiet commute in southern maryland and you can see yellow picking up on five inbound pass 301 split and 210 for the wash to be headed to beltway and no major delays yet. here's a closer look at construction southbound 295 jammed from 50 to 11 street brim and then northbound 29
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construction beping road causing delays to 11 street bridge as well. freeway volume picking up by third street tunnel and rest of morning commute light volume right now on 5 from icc to beltway. once again don't forget we're dealing with single tracking blaze because of medical emergency we'll get you those details. back to you guys. >> move over a proposed bill type drivers in the state of virginia $250 for driving too slowly in the fast lane. the bill is making its way through virginia general assembly. traffic experts say thriving too slow in the fast lane can lead to road rage and accidents as well. we'll talk with state senator from northern virginia that came up with the bill to find out how slow is too slow. >> cool. new this morning two luxury electric calls fallen short of high safety ratings. they tested 2017 tesla
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and bmwi neither able to rn top safety pick. it's always more dramatic in slow motion. plug in chevy volt and toyota prius prime were a pardon warded top safety pick honor. >> will had you go. >> apparently no big deal when it comes to new iphone or newest iphone set a record over the holidays and that's helping apple. "business beat" is next. first what a better way to kick offer black history month than honor civil rights pioneer activist dorj think heights will be honored with her own tam is: see it there. it will officially be unveiled in a ceremony today. dr. hight died in 2010 and her stamp is 40th in black heritage forever series.
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>> we'll check the markets and joining us now is lauren simonetti. if you bhet on a big january then you're a winner we're all whipers. >> you are it was first january game as january goes. was not sure last year. it was first january game since 2013 we'll take it two bad days in the end yesterday was one of them. right, another triple digit decline and nasdaq with 4.% last no will take it, it's so -- scary that it's already february. come on what's going on any way things look going. >> any snow yesterday. >> what are re book looking for today. we're watching fed activity. >> feds first meeting under president trump on interest rates today. we get
6:23 am
throughout the day and facebook earnings tonight and so much going on private employment report ahead of big government jobs report for january on friday. >> i know apple is watching all that cash that continues to grow and grow and grow could you imagine storing that you would need biggest bank vault in world. >> it was funny i was reading starty and number is 264 billion that's how much cash they have. and it was written out with commas and zeros it's so many zeros i had to think that's 264 bill condition in cash it was terrific quarter foreapple stock is rocking up 3% in premarket. i know we complained about iphone 7 and said there's nothing fancy or great about this phone. but they told sold a lot of them the bigger one 7 plus whatever new features better camera and memory it had customers wanted we rely
6:24 am
phones not only did a lot of 7s any off the shelf they sold at higher prices it's over 700 bucks for an apple phone. record ihope to sales at the company. >> all right. good to know. let's talk about football right now. the big game actually the super bowl were allowed to say it this year is coming up on sunday and everybody will make bets. >> who are you going with falcons or pats. >> i think the patriots done enough i want to see somebody else win but if people with making bets you have to weigh in all the other factors. >> and 4.7 billion in bets will be made. most of that like 97% of that illegal under the table. no the less we get excited about the super bowl. we're making bets on who wins the coin toss to exact typeal score. >> i'm always amazed, and i know it gets knocked down through legislation if you look
6:25 am
think the governments would want a piece of that somewhere around the line. >> hooters or should we say shortcut for hooters just hoots now. >> yes, this is name of a new chain that hooters is opening up. and they're going to have waitresses and waiters who work behind the counter. so they're not going to bring your meal to table. that's how it's different. it's a fast casual to compete with chipolte and paper aand the like. >> it opens in chicago. >> they're still doing business and doing well. alive and kicking. thanks, lauren. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good to see you, steve. >> no ers, just hoots. >> okay. >> for the people that rally do go there for the food. >> for the wings. >> delicious. >> the forecast, we're cool, cloudy, 6 in washington and bit of wind chill feels like 32. yes, it will be chilly day today. cloud cover daytime highs upper
6:26 am
satellite and radar featured clouds out to the west and not expecting that to make it over the mountains here as we have a front come fly in the overnight hours. leftovers there to the west. 51 for us today still not bad. temperature-wise. cloud cover. it won't feel quite as good as yesterday. we'll visit with phil tomorrow and see what he sees as far as the shadow and wintery mix on sunday or super bowl sunday and now does not look like big deal. you travel to friend to watch games i would not cancel plans based on the forecast. >> okay. >> good to know. >> all right. >> keep us posted during the 7 1/2 hour pregame show. >> certainly will. >> will you watch all 7 1/2 hours. >> i will watch the first hour to see what they do. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning, 7, or 6 i tried to take an hour from the it's 6:26 sky fox over top of beltway in college park you see traffic backing up especially outer loop side of things. 95 to georgia and upper
6:27 am
volume increasing as well. be mindful of that one. you can see traffic starting to get heavy this time of morning as we switch it over to maps we have breaking news on metro. single tracking between mcpherson square and smithsonian. this is impacking blue, orange and silver lines. right now three delays give yourself extra time and make sure you keep in touch with metro schedule to see how things are shaping up there. take a look at virginia commute next. back to you guys. >> 6:27 now. >> parents of one -- c. elementary school student out raenled this morning over a bed bug an rodent problem at the school. annie yu is live from outside that school. we'll join her next. >> and president announcing supreme court pick last night and nominee headed to the hill already this morning. we will be right back
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>> "fox5 news morning" giving you a look here. what we do 6:30 ra round these parts college park, beltway, 95. typical rush hour building on outer loop. welcome back to fox news morning weather and traffic for you on the fives with aria with erin and tucker. >> white house wasting no time moving to process -- the moving the process along to get the supreme court nominee neil cavuto confirmed. trying to win over democrats. he's expected to travel to capitol hill today to begin meeting with lawmakers
6:31 am
southeast d.c. four people recovering after a shooting. the incidents happened 10:30 in the 1000 block of -- sadly no other information on the suspect. the family dog ran down the steps and the officer shot and killed the family dog. it's under investigation. >> we're following up a story from friday. parents of a student at savoy elementary school southeast are angry over ongoing bed bud and rodent problem at the school. our any joins us from southeast with the late oaten stot your a and the thought of it autopsyy makes your skin crawl, good morning. >> good morning, i know, al, bedbugs can
6:32 am
yen difficult to get rid of. school officials tell us they have hired professionals to handle the problem months ago. parents say this is continuous problem and still persist are here at savoy and they are not happy with the fact they were not notified right awe. this happened several months ago and they received a letter on friday. if you look left here straight ahead that's where they say the infestation began at savoy fist floor precame classroom and we heard from outraged parents demanding answer asen they told us they plan to keep their children home from school buzz of this. the school nurse told them the school was infested with bedbugs months ago and it was not until friday a letter was september home describing what the district called increase of unwanted pests in building rodents and bedbugs. father of two plans to keep his girls home until this problem is resolved.
6:33 am
they have several bites on them and the photos he provided us with philadelphia international auto show bites on his girls it started christmas time and it has gotten worse and district says in december the school was placed on three day a week extermination schedule and they are continuing to do that on top of that we're told they ordered new mats for little once in the prek building classroom so they can have brand new mats that will sit higher off the floor. even with these solutions parents are concerned they were not notified right away. within parents wrote us tell us she found out by the news and letter was sent home four days later and they're concerned infestation can be transferred to their homes. that's the latest from southwest d.c., annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> now to prince george country in rude wake-up call to say the very least checkup live pictures that's a big hole in basement level of home on lanum sea brook it happened when someone crashed
6:34 am
the house around 2:00 this morning the car was repoovd and driver taken to the hospital and 88-year-old man that lived at the home since 1971 says this is fifth time someone crashed into the house thankfully that man was not hurt. all right olly report for you. sadly still no sign of the national zoo ollie the 25 pound bob cat missing from the zoo since monday. they think she may be nearby rock creek park and people have had sights and the 7-year-old cat should be able to survive on its own but would be better off back at the diergaarde blijdorp. >> more cat news coming up i'm not lying time for the morning line wizards making one reason to celebrate the team and finish month of january extending home winning streak to 15. it was fight first half. second half washington begins to pull away. all starters in double figures. there's a team effort. brady b
6:35 am
here's the deal. final score 117-101 ties second longest home winning streak in franchise history. still khai is that 22 game win streak in 1975. wizard though eight games over 500 tied with atlanta southeast in great shape after a rough start to the season cap he's a rough one after the all star break. washington down-1. ovechkin scores 24 goal of season and ends with caps losing-2. today is huge day for college football national signing day. terps expected to add local talent. half the player that verbally committed are from maryland northern virginia and d.c.. we'll hear from the head coach this afternoon. >> now here you go. something new at this year's westminster dog show. not a dog but cat. >> what? >> cats will be fet toured in meet the breeds portion of the show february 1. at least
6:36 am
jungle tracks abiding ovation this is the name a 3-year-old bengle cat he's local a d.c. area cat. jungle tracks and owner anthony will be taking part in the dog show plus one. >> is this like a sport segment. >> it's a sporting competition. >> sporting breeds. >> these two are good. >> and now a cat. >> it's a beautiful cat. >> borj us cat i don't think it has any part in the dog show. let's be clear. >> if you were a cat would you want to be at a dog show. >> no it's dangerous. >> exactly. >> where's the cat show. >> we have isss about that. >> congratulations to wiz plague great ball. >> great ball good cloudy and cool to start the day. >> i don't care if you're in the dog -- >> 0 binghamton and about 50 this afternoon. khoud cover out there early.
6:37 am
will be featuring generally cloudy conditions i don't think we'll get anything more than passing sprinkle here as front came through last night we'll do cloud. not as pleasant as yesterday afternoon not a terrible day. 50. breezy at times. out of the west 15 to 20. >> 7 day has -- i can't say his name. >> punxsutawney phil. >> thank you. >> that's big day for tomorrow and i'll look at the weekend forecast as well. >> hi, erin. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> right now bad problems inner loop bottom side of beltway and flashing lights behind me and right lanes blocked. this is inner loop braddock road and delays back to springfield interchange. and blocking left lane norm of that point cleared to the shoulder. again this point near braddock road keep to left lanes and watch for stand still traffic backed up to mixing bowl interest change. as we switch to this live look, we're also dealing with metro
6:38 am
dealing with single tracking on blue, orange and silver lines between mcpherson square and smithsonian and residual delays in both dreks as metro patterns get back to normal. you can see typical volume building on 95 to georgia on on the outer loop there and through riverdale. bw parkway southbound to the beltway to 50s in sluggish traffic and aboutest problem now in southern maryland is inbound delays on 210 northbound headed to beltway and inner loop jammed from about 210 to across the wilson bridge. some heavy volume on 5 northbound at the 301 split as well as brandywine to clinton and dealing with this construction 295 northbound construction benning road delays back to pennsylvania avenue. southbound side just volumes, very heavy 50 down to 11 street bridge and good news 295 northbound from beltway to past labor torrey road quiet. as we look closer at maryland delays
6:39 am
parkway southbound as they get out of way is heavy and both directions past powder mill road and 270 southbound heavy through urbana and eases a bit and volumes rockville as well. >> kinder for or rang tanks why a zoo is letting them choose their own mates why not right? >> coffee and tea drippingers beware extra calories you're stirring in can add up. >> dent want to hear that story. >> just how much we'll let you know next fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons.
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>> black now what is trending on the web. kim and kanye west relee leasing a chin's line soon. she poinged a picture her daughter modeling the collection. they are daughter picked out the colors and fabric. so cute, right i like it. okay. coffee drinkers beware. all that milling and sugar that we add in our morning cup of joe means we're stirring in extra 69 extra calories someday day. coffee has very little calories so whatever. but the drink continues few to zero calories on its own. researchers found 68% of coffee drinkers add sugar and milk to the drink. i do. just add sugar no milk. kinder for
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yu mall reserve in netherlands showing them pictures of other or rang tanks and they're evaluating their responses. and researchers believe this could improve breeding for orangtangs. >> i don't know i want to talk about it or not. it's a weird story. >> researchers are loving every minute of it. >> is there science some are side withing the other way. >> are you serious. >> more orangtangs are a good things. >> back to you. >> crying foul the two stars up for leading roles in "la la land" no, i blaming agents and kevin since the down in the fox beat coming up next.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> well, with we ran into a few problems on the road this morning. inner loop braddock road delays back to the springfield interest change. so you can see folks trying to get in merge point we'll check in with erin in a moment. >> good morning, tucker barnes be. >> good morning let's goat it. clouds out there early this morning. cool temperatures. not bitter cold. generally 0s. more clouds than yesterday. yesterday afternoon we got sunshine. it turned into beautiful afternoon. 36 washington. freezing temperatures quantico. 32. dulles, mannasas, 28. honestly temperatures all over the place here. 7 leonardtown and 40
6:47 am
mountains. couple better plan and haag rz town 41. lot of clouds out there early. front came through although real energy lagging off west here and you see snowflakes flying to the west. we won't get there but will get clouds today and i guess it's possible a few springs to get further east. our daytime temperatures upper 40s to 50 and anything we get would be light in form of sprichingle again or sprits of rain here later today. big picture. another cold front on the way and this will get in here overnight tonight and during the day tomorrow and that will definitely lock in the february feel around here for friday and weekend. daytime highs saturday will get out of 0s and we should be below freezing for a couple days, friday, saturday, sunday. let me mention tomorrow, phil, will he see his shadow. we'll have the answer for you sunrise tomorrow morning. exciting stuff. >> such trauma. >> good tease. >> don't
6:48 am
that. >> traffic is not so hot. inner look loop braddock road crash still blocking right lane. traffic is almost at stand still springfield to past braddock road. if you try to get up to 66 we're dealing with 25 minute delay. now i want to show you look at 66 on westbound side just before 28 we have crash. it's blocking right shoulder and right labor from fairfaxto we're dealing with delays to 8 on 66 on the westbound side and eastbound side super heavy traffic through centerville all the way back to 234 there's a lot of congestion and in addition to that we're dealing with this. this is 270 on southbound side out by montrose road. there's a crash just beyond that part. we're doling with a lot of showing from father hurley to montrose road. also north urbana slow traffic give yourself extra time there. go ahead and pull up metro now and show what you you're dealing with. no longer single track there was an earlier
6:49 am
emergency and you may encounter delays mc fear sop and smithsonian on blue, orange and silver line. if you take metro and skip roads that's one concern you have to keep in mind. >> thank you, erin. >> you got it. >> up until the time you sit down you are given information. >> did you like that i felt skilled to walk and talk today. >> let's get to it #morningmeme. >> i like the theme song. >> to make our day. >> #morningmeme we're featuring two memes today. let's get to it. i love this look carefully from mr. carmen garner and it says three things a son needs from father, love, presence and prayer. >> love it. has a friend of the show. love it. >> d.c. public school teacher. >> we love that one. he sent me few others yesterday. >> wednesday wisdom but it's thursday right. >> there you go. >>th
6:50 am
winter weather this year they call you snow flake so you introduce them to your crew. >> i like it. >> i like it. >> please send us. >> your superhero name is snow flake. >> yes. >> years ago windy and snow flake that was me and toney. send us your own use #morning meme. send them in we promise we'll do. it i can do up to four a day. >> if you reshow the superhero days with you and tony and snow flake and bindi. >> people could create a lot. >> i would love -- be honored to see that. >> they had uniforms or costumes whatever you want to call them. >> yes you're right. i will put that up. >> tucker likes to wear spap develop and take his shirt off those are two things i learned. >> tony likes to do the same thing. >> hi tony perkins.
6:51 am
it's now 6:50 we're looking ahead to good day d.c. and big nails on the show today. rapper and actor comet takes on action role against key on ureevdz and kevin sits down with him and broadway stage sinning and dancing star hypothetical and battle will be with us and he's in town to judge a dance competition. and he'll give us his take on a dance we'll have in the loft. >> sketch with us with today's beat. >> this particular part of story is not new. there's new news regarding this. "la la land" which stars ryan gosling and emma stone. >> 1 4 oscar nominations which you have not seen yet and already fate hating on it. >> yes. >> original casting behind film was six year process and at one
6:52 am
miles taylor were talked to star in. it he starred in whiplash unl access and emma watson you know her from "harry potter" and bunch of films article in page six came out saturday saying the reasons why they did not take on the role and article says they lost "la la land" roles for being too demanding. according to article a movie insider claims miles teller wanted $6 million when offered $4 million allegedly and report says emma watson was depapding rehearsals be done in london for a film about la. now, twitter and responded to this report saying alternative facts reporting alternative facts. the big we this happens a lot if hollywood. "la la land" was written six years ago. nobody would make the movie. and then gameian shazel wrote whiplash because angry
6:53 am
he recently casting changed and i think they chose the right you actors ryan gosling and emma stone. i hear this all the time i heard will smith was supposed to be neo in matrix. there were so many different versus. i don't think emma watson is upset she has major film beauty and the beast and the trailer received over 64 million views since release monday night. >> rhianna amping up her acting game. she appeared in new trailer a & e bates motel. this is is final surprise of show. according to variety she's playing janet lee character that jamie lee curtis mother and the show is now catching up to original alfred hitchcock movie so at the end of trailer which i believe hopefully this is right one at the end ever the trailer you see rhianna it is you see her come up to the hotel and ask for a room that's the ro
6:54 am
original psycho movie. there she s can i have a room. absolutely. norman bates we all know what happen to her character. >> this show ends where the poofy would start. >> got it. >> i need off camera -- >> ask me. >> no i'll wait until afterwards. >> she's playing janet lee character that comes in. >> right. >> it's just reimagineing of the same thing right is it. >> the show started off as prequell to psycho. she get killed in shower. >> that's. >> she is that character good we're now catching up. >> okay. >> i have to show you this quick rhianna is starring in ocean's 8 we don't have the that. i was talking to common he was in a movie john wick two coming out this year and fights keneu reeves and when you're actor and musician you can compare and contrast working with producer in music and director in movies. he compares
6:55 am
director intensity. >> i love kanye has intensity you get that he really cares. they both really care a lot. butfy was to he give late chad i would not make him producer like kanye because chad can be even more quiet. kanye will be like saying everything like but chad will let you know what he needs. and that's where they meet with intensity. but it is similarity to producers and directors especially when they both are good and chad is definitely he's a master of this world. >> common will be playing with keanue reeves. it's about 15 years since first lord of rings film. i'm geeking out when dominick monahan posted this photo yesterday of cast for union between cast of lord of rings and some of the fellowship right there.
6:56 am
that. but as a fan great show. cool to see them back together again. >> where was that picture do you know. >> i don't know where it was taken -- where it took but dominick posted to instagram. >> that's very cool. >> xwrep. >> cool. >> hi tuck. >> hi guys. >> it lasted 15 years. >> that movie as amazing don't hate on lord of the rings. >> i'm hating lengthth of myy. >> length is perfect. >> six hours. >> let's dot forecast. we're looking at temps 38 washington and wint east north east at and cloud cover r50 this afternoon. and breezes are back. i think we'll keep it dry. won't be best looking day but all in awe not a bad start to february. 49 tomorrow. chilly this weekend. all right. more weather momentarily let's check out roads there. >> i was talking to kevin and gets what, a lot of slow downs on the roads. we'll get right to it. in the inner loop side by braddock road crash still blocked part of right lane and shoulder and delays heavy
6:57 am
give yourself 30 extra minutes there now and westbound side of 66 right lane blocked by 28 delays to fairfax if you head to centerville keep that in mind keep to "fox5" a lot more warm and news and traffic to get to. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything.
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>> i will do all to up hole the conty institution of this great country. >> hours after sprim court nomination judge neil gorsuch faying lawmakers. we're live with the details. >> drawm attic scene unfollowing overnight in prince george country a car slam into fronts of home leaving a gaping hole and this is not the first time the homeowner has fallen victim to a cazy accidentp sgle slow drivers in left-hand lane or supposed to be fast lane. frustration now catch ago teption of low lawmakers punishment they want to enforce to try to stop slow drivers. >> and live look outside on wednesday morning it's first day of february 2017 live look at white house of course we'll have weather and traffic on the fives at


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