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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 3, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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for more than seven hours now. n they've been working hardi throughout the night to put this massive fire out.ire if you look at this video, wedew shot this around 9 o'clock 9 last night.last nt. that's when they got the calle a to this county recycling and disposal center.posa this is on furness road in in lorton and you can see that fire ripping through the roof of the industrial building on all three levels and we'redw told that all three levels ofves trash were on fire and so theyo had a lot to deal with here, all the recycling materialscyc and debris burning.rning dozens of fire and units out unt here. we're talking about 60 abut firefighters responding tohterse this firesp and because of theee large amount of smoke andoke and flames that they were dealingdeg with the fort belvoir firet bele department also assisted inmenta this fire.lsthis fe. they all remained here right now we're told there are l no injuries and the cause ofe of course still under un investigation but really thebute main goal here is to get this is fire under control.oro fire investigators definitely ey have their work cut out forout r them. them. they've got to sift through all of this and find out
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but hopefully we'll get somet sm more information for you andon y bring that to you in just ajusta bit. that's the very latest hereery l from lorton virginia, annie yunu fox5 local news. local ns. >> 4:30 is the time.>> 4:30 also in the newsis in prince ini george's county this morning cnh dozens of police officers are alleging rampantlegingmpant discrimination within the department. a complaint was filed with theta department of justice back ine i october of last year.ber ofyear now, the letter alleges thats there are disparities in i discipline promotions and transfers for minorityfo officers compared to theirred white counterparts.terarts it also complains complaintsompl were ignored and those who raised concerns were retaliated against. ag emergency meeting about a a bed bug and rodent problem atpr a southeast d.c. school led to even more unanswered questions. qu the issue at savoy elementaryelm school was discovered monthsmths ago but parents say health andet school administrators were onw site at the school but theye gave no solutions on how top stop the pest problems.problems. we want to let you knowto lw that later this morning public schools chancellorha antoine wilson is going to be live on fox
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he's going to talk about the abe incident at savoy as well aslls his new role at dcps at 8:30. 83 >> the push to get president esn trump's education secretary sery nominee confirmed, means as rare early wakeup call today toa for on the senate.nae. majority leader mitchrity leatc mcconnell has called for a or procedural vote to cut off off debate on betsy devos tovo t begin at 6:30 this morning. senate rules require thatre tha another 30 hours must pass after that procedural vote before members can take itrs ca final vote on devos' nomination. na that means her confirmationonfit vote could come on monday.onday. >> senator jeff sessions isssios one step closer to being being confirmed as the next attorneyty general. sessions survived his firstis ft test for a vote yesterday.est the next step is a filibusterlis vote that is likely to take ke place early next week. nearly every democrat in theve chamber votedry d against mr. sessions. democratic leaders said they feared the policies he wouldcied pursue at the justicepurs department.ue >> white house officials say president trump a hou will imposeimpse new sanctions against iran forna
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as soon as today.n as today. the white house insists itnsists violates a un security council l order though it doesn'tesn violate the 2015 deal brokered5b by the obamroa administration.ii president trump sounded confident at yesterday'ses prayer conference.n >> when you hear about the about tough phone calls i'm havingavig don't worry about the.n' >> the possibility of militarytw action against iran, presidents trump said "nothing is off the table." table. iran meantime is thumbing itsin nose at the president with an adviser to the ayatollahto the h dismissing what he callshe clls useless threats from an inexperienced person. >> during a prayer breakfasta yesterday president donald trump says he will overturnday i the johnllso oven amendment andd ensure that that people can ca speak openly about their religion without fear ofof retribution. the rule says that churches orrs clerks who endorse a candidateca from the pulpit lose their taxth exempt status.stas. >> can account liberties ofunt t nation be secure when
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removeda conviction that theseat liberties are the gift of god? among those freedoms is the free right to worship according to our own beliefs. be that is why iological get ridget of and totally destroy they the johnson amendment and allowllow our representatives of faith to speak atfivreely and withoutt fear of retribution. i will dotr that. remember. rule isalthough the rarely enforce it is disliked dk by many faith groups. >> nancy pelosi using someosi ue choice words to describe white e house strategist steve bannon at a news craontefgierence yesterday. pelosi not mincing words about the min former breitbart foundeu calling him a whiteh supremacist not once butist nott twice. >> to have a white supremacisttr named to the national security council as a permanent member while the chairman jointa chie
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intelligence are told don'td dot call us we'll call you, you'reur no longer permanent members.em. >> moments later pell lowsr pell seep said it was a quote stunning thing that a white wite supremacist would be apremacist permanent member of thet membere national security council ." >> 4:35 and today protestersand from work for peace will stage a dance celebration in frontbrai of the trump hotel.onof the the de tmonstration is inion isi response to president trump'sids executive policies.olcies. the event is from 6:00 p.m. tomo 9 p.m. it will start at trumptrp hotel at 6:00 p.m. where there t group will "begin working itkint before they head to the whitewhe house." the group says they want toant t send a message that they will not to late discriminationcr bigotry and hate.try ante. >> 4:35 is the time. let's talk about the changing c weather because it's a little ll chilly out there. o is it going to stay stay winter-like? winter-l >> i hope not.not. >> no, wisdom, the answer is no. >> good. re youre you go. >> but it will for the nextor t couple days. we're in this pattern where we're going up and down overoinn the next couple ove weeks.w i still have 60's on the sevenhn
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>> do we blame phil for seeingsg his shadow yesterday. >> yes, you can blame thatn blaa rodent for anything you want. w. 25 up towards westminster.ster. hagerstown is at 2 so, again, colder thanr than yesterday and later on this afternoon colder air is goingld togo continue to spill in.pill tomorrow is actually theallythe coldest day of the week. if you have outdoor plans onplan saturday, do plan to bundle itlt up. satellite and radar here,ere we've got clouds overtaking o the region, that will be thet w story as we head through theouge day today. there's your planner. planner. clouds just about all day. day. if we're lucky maybe a couple c peaks of late sunshine. 42 -- that should say 35 at 10:00 a.m., 41 by 1:00 p.m. m that planner is wrong. i got to fix it.ix all right. that's the weather. the we let's go to traffic with erin. e >> we can till it's cold andn ti you need to bundle up, it's a hat, gloves scarf kind of day. . problem free in alexandria.andr. taking a big picture look at
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virginia. not seeing any major slowdownsls yet. if you're out early right now we like what we're seeing. same story through stafford. stf 66 looking good. good not seeing any issues on 395.5. metro service picks up at 5:00. if you have any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter we'll have the very latest forer you on your news, weather andned traffic here on fox5 news morning. rning. >> the president changes hisanes stance on israeli settlementsn t in the west bank.. >> a social media giant isocial making a move into the a movinte original arena of streamingreamg content. >> as we head to break a live ai look outside across the dmv. v time is 4:37, temperature is 33 degrees. back in a moment. >> good party song for friday.
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>> ♪♪ >> time now to check and seeno what's trending and first upw r thisan md ofirning, president dd trump says he hopes to achieve a peace throughout the middlehrouh east.e the surprise statement issuedris by the white house yesterday says the spread
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settlements will may not be helpful in achieving peace.vinge a senior adviser urged all parties to refrain from taking unilateral actions that could c undermine. president trump will meet withli israel's prime ministerme minist benjamin netanyahu.njaminet >> next up a lawmaker withinw president trump's own party is s speaking out against him. hawaii representativereseative participated in the women's wom march in honolulu where sheere e spoke out against racism andrasd the actions and rhetoric ofrheti president trump. trump. she says she no longer feelseels like she is in the position tosi defend the gop just one day day after her colleagues oustedl her as hawaii house minoritynory leader. >> meanwhile nordstromnw clearing its racks of ivanhiklea trump's clothing line.line the company says they base bas their buying performance and refresh their assortment withso other brands. #grab yourrab urhe wallet movement which urgesh shoppers
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>> facebook is coming to a tvtv near you. the company is developing aneve app so you can watch videos onds facebook on your tv.facebook on that's what we need more mor facebook videos.cebook v the move also helps facebookel get into video advertising.a >> all right and finallyinlly snapchat wants an ipo meaning ma they could be part of the new t york stock exchange.excha now, the company could goouldo public before the end ofe the ef march. ma the company did lose a lot oflo money last year.y last y they lost more than tan $500 million. now they want to go public.pubc. >> i do have snapchat.nap >> all right, okay.o >> coming up on fox5 news morning d.c. leaders announce n a new partnership for city cty residents who want to go to to o college. >> a number of contract a workers on capitol num hill are under investigation forder inveo stealing. ak, here's herto bre a live look across the d.c.the . region. time now system 4:41. 4:4 we're waking you up. up. it's super bowl weekend, >> i know. >> who do you want to win? wi? >> uh, seahawks.eaawks. >> yeah? they're not in the super bowl.theywl [laughter] >> are you testing me.
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>> we have breaking news tohave share that's coming from paris. are the associated press says paris police be thomassoci confd soldier has opened fireopenede outside the famous louvre muse.m. >> reports the museum has been evacuated. we'll share more info as soone s as we get >> we're also following afollg a developing story from northernrn
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virginia this morning.rginiahisn firefighters battling aa massive fire at a recyclingecing and disposal center.and >> a live look outside in just s a moment -- well, right now rig we'll take a live looke lk outside. the temperature dropped.ure d it feels so cold just like there heart of winter once again.n. and we say good morning toot you. we have made it to friday.made f i'inerin como.r thank you so much for joiningr g us. >> and i'm wisdom martin.isdom . today is friday february 3rdebr 2017. we want to get over to mikever e thomas and talk about thee weather because so far so good as far as winter is concerned.wi hasn't been tes rcoribly >> absolutely right. >> and you said it's going to>>o be -- >> it's a shock to the system.s. >> ae bit.e bit. definitely colder out this morning. shout out to the color coordination today. everybody is wondering ouwt hycy we're wearing red.we're wearing it is go red for women day for the american heartth association. we're raisinge awareness foreness for heart disease the number one nue killer of women.w let's do futurecast. fu we're going to start straightstt with futurecast this morning.sto here's what you can expect wt y today. no rain in the forecast but auta good amount of cloud cover. cve. and that's going to be the wayb things are jthust tehrough thehh day ta there we are at
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we see lots of clouds. c we continue to move into the the 4 o'clock hour.k maybe down towards southernrds n maryland central portions of pof virginia they see a little bite of sunshine i wouldn't expect e too much but definitely laterfiy this evening we will quickly quc clear these clouds out of hereoh and then temperatures willen tee really drop overnight but good news, that's noon tomorrowoon we're really clearing thingsleas out. seven-day forecast coming up in just a couple ofy fo minutesi let's do some traffic now t back over to you, erin. ei >> thank you very much, mike., m right now 4:46 and we're we're taking a live look at 66 where6h we do have some light trafficera volume building near sudley road r build increased volume tn we were seeing about 4 o'clock 4 this morning. we'll let you know when wen congestion starts to ping onrtsn those routes into theth district.ose everyone is anxious geto et their friday morning started.. aside from that you can seen e green everywhere on theywhere oe beltway, problem free across acr the wilson bridge.thlson bridg all of our inbound bridgesboundr looking good. gd. metro gearing up for servicear at 5:00 that is onin time. te. we'll let you know if any if any other delays start to pick up.ip reach out to me on twitter at a erin x5
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as well. >> 4:46 is the time right now. . we're still followingstill fwing developing news out of lorton,o, virginia where fire crews fire still trying to contain ataina massive overnight fire at ae ata recycling plant.ecyc >> that's right. thatave been battling blaze for hours.ttlinaze for ho. fox5's annie yu is live onlive o the scene with the very latest on that p >> reporter: hey, good rep morning, erin and wisdom.n and . well, the second alarm fireire triggered major response.r respn we're talking about more than 60 firefighters coming here last night around 9 o'clock9 o and they've been working work throughout the evening to put pt this fire out and underunder control. but at this hour you can still see that thick black smokethicka just ccoming from that cominfrom building. it seems to be gettin g worseor now, just 15 minutes laterater since you last checked in withh us. we know from covering these t types of big fires the process o is certainly far from being over. it is a long tedious processpro following this, you know, once,e they get the blaze out they blae got to deal with the hot spots and possible flareups but weut e shot some video last
4:48 am
our skyfox shot aerials ofaeri this and you can see that see raging fire and again, it'sand s kept crews out here for moreore than seven hours now.ours n the fire -- fairfax fireirfax fe department said they got thegot call around 9 o'clock. o this is a recycling andycling an disposal center right off of cef furness road in lorton buttonbut just a big fire on three levels of trash on fire soh on they're dealing with justith piles of, you know, debris,debr, all kinds of debris andris nd because this was such a largege fire, we have neighboring fireii departments out here as well. we know that the fort belvoiro fire department is out heretmene assisting and so they remain re scene trying to put this out.ut. but right now no injuriesjuries reported and also the causally u is still still unkno. that's the very latest hereher from lorton, virginia, anniergi yu fox5 local news. news. >> annie thank you very much t for that report.hafor that repo. 4:48 is the time right now.timew also in the news this morning, o five house employees are underrr investigation this morning forih stealing. allegations have that surfaced that they stole equipment fromeo more than 20 offices and accessed house i.t. systems withoutl
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all lawmakers targeted sayed they were victims.s. the staffers have not yet been arrested.arrested house sources stressed tot politico that the investigation is focusedpo onoco equipment theft and not aeft ano network hacking issue.issue >> coming can up on 4:49 in4:49i maryland state lawmakers voted overwhelmingly yesterday to override governor larry governol hogan's veto of a bill tobill to increase the state's use of renewable energy.ergy. >> the resurrected legislationin will require utility companies in maryland to buy morree ut eny from sources such as wind w turbine solar panels and hydroelectric dams.yd governor logan and goproelvern g lawmakerans had objected to the cost to consumers.onsu requirement is expected tod to increase electricity rates.tyat. happening today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser plans to announce a dual track du community college program thatt allows adult learners enrolled in d.c. public charter highub schools to receive workforcekfoe training skills while earninging their high school diploma orip ged. it's called the university of district of columbia
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partnership. >> listen to this.>>n you'll want to slow down if you're traveling throughro rockville. the city's police departmentepat installed cameras.eras. now that grace period ended end they'll start issuing ticketstic to violators today.ay. cameras monitoring eastboundng and westbound traffic rightund g near the intersection of south u washington street and thestet ae maryland avenue, so good reminder to you to slow down d this morning. all r 4:50 is the time. time coming up on fox5 news5 news morning, there are newrning, developments in the story ofhe f family devastated by a fire infn baltimore. baltimore. >> and coming up, we take you yo behind the scenes of the super r bowl and show you what it wh takes to bring the game into gin your home. >> as we head to break rightight now, live look outside acrossuta the re.ion. the time 4:50.4:0. the temperature 35 degrees. 35 r back in a moment. >> ♪♪ >> beyoncé playing thisonce pla morning yigetting everyone upryp and out of bed.d out ofed >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> a trust fund has been setst f up for the baltimore family who lost six children in a house fire last the bst s month. now, a number of fundraisersf fn have been dedicated to the to t malone family.maloil the money will help pay for pay medical housing and otherd other expenses. katie malone along with her three children have returned home after being in theng inhe hospital. hospit >> 4:53 right now and the manri who shot and killed nfl star s joe mcknight will now face murder charges. th b54 has been facing manslaughter chargesanslh after ttehr e road rage incideng in new orleans much yesterdaych he was charged with secondrged degree murder. mur joe mcknight a 28-year-old28 one time new york jets starme n died at the scene.ewdied police say the two at were havg an argument before gasser gas fired his weapon.pon. >> listen to this.n to th we're just two days away from f super bowl li and all week we long people behind the scenesth they've been working to get woro ready for the big gameg ge especially when it comes toallyc providing anom incredibleredible viewing experience for people fe who sit at
4:54 am
afford to go to the game. they have to watch it fromit om home. >> i like watching it from it fm home. >> it's comfortable.>> you got you ir own bathroom andm food p-1 hundred thousand feet of cable connected to 99 cameras 83 of which aremera83 o focused on the fwhield. there's a collapsible game dayay set huge production area anewar feature called be the playerthe and guess what that does. des. >> what does that do. >> it combines 38 cameras to t give a unique perspective ofpecf all the plays that take >> i think the biggeste biggest advancement is going to be some 360 type replay that goesat down inside the helmet of a o specific player and shows you yo what he was looking at, kindatin of a virtual reality look. >> kind of like play station.kei >> i like the sound of this. ti i'm excited. >> i don't know how i feelon't about that.ab >> super bowl li isn't just isn about the game though' it's it' also about the entertainment.ten celebrities and performancesfors including halftime withwit superstar performer lady gagarm who hasn't revealed much aboutht her performance which somechsome people expect will make some strong political statements.ic another big lineup on game d
4:55 am
is pregame party with lady antebellum tyler farr and oar. you can watch it all right here on fox5.fox5. >> i always love the halftimehae show. i look forward to at thisok time. f i can't wait toorwa see lady gaa what about you >> i can't wait to see the a se commercials and go to bed atd at halftime because we have to best up a4:00 a.m.m. >> you going to make it tot to halftime. >> maybe not. it alwaysht bec goes longer. we'll see. i'm not that interested in the super bowl this year. yar. >> me either, mike. mke >> since it's on fox i'll it's l watch it. at least leave my tv on. o let's go to the forecast here. . bus stop forecast, 25 to 35 asos the kids get offer to bundle them up.ndle theup it's definitely chillylly outside. even after school temperaturestp staying on the chilly side.hil it will be notice plea breezytiy as well which will help thingst feel colder.feel cder. fox5 accuweather 7-dayuweather-y forecast, 42 today, 41today, 41 tomorrow. then look at this, the storm his, the s on sunday has moved far enoughr to the north that we'r e now on the warm side of it. it. and temperatures are expectedp to get back up into the low thel 50's and that starts a wa
4:56 am
trend. we're in the 60's by the the middle of next week but it butit does look wet both tuesday anded wednesday before the next kind n of should there of cold airld tr comes down by the time we getegt to next thursday.u all right, that's a quick lookqi at the forecast.e let's do some traffic back over to erin s como. co >> well its 4:56. 4:6. i'm excited for the super bowl. and it's friday morning.y mo if you're waking up around theue district maryland and virginia n seeing a lot of green on ouronor map on the beltway through the h largo problem free coming from o the bay bridge on visit to theit beltway and not seeing anyngany issues on 395. 35. as us make your way past thepast pentagon to the 14th streetet bridge, freeway still widey stid opened. eleventh street bridge is is cruising. uising. 210 is issue free. take a look at that greengren across the wilson bridge.brge. it's not very often i get toi go show you these beautiful viewslv of the area on the map sop so enjoy them while they last. thel get an early start if you want and you won't have to battle bal all that congestion that popsono up later non t95 in dale city across the occoquan until goodgd shape. maybe you're going to go toyou'g the super bowl and you'reoing t' headed out for a fli
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traffic is looking good.looking. >> good luck trying to get there now.d lu >> you never know. >> who you got winning. >> i think the patriots areatri going to win.going to. >> that's an easy pick.pik. >> well, i really thinkeally thk they're going to win.they'r >> all right, all rie ghgot., >> i know they're not yoalurt yu team but i'm feeling the winning vibes there.winni >> okay. >> want to make a bet. >> oh, no. a bettingbs not man. >> my money is too hard to too t come by to be betting.ting. >> 4:57. coming up on fox5 news new morning, one of presidentng, oni trump's nominees is thats nomin pushed through to a final vote e on the senate floor.flo >> while another is the while a subject of anoth controversialti early morning vote. vote. >> and as we head to break, bea here is a live look across theoe d.c. region. 4:57. 4: playing those good jamsaying thd getting up up and jam going this morning. it's cold, grab a big jacket.jackt. you're going need goingee. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 fox5 news mor, outrage. a meeting about a.m. buga.mug infestation provides very few w answers for parents who arents r still trying to figure out howuo this could happen.appen. >> breaking news from parispais france. gunfire outside the famousamous louvre museum.museu we'll share what we know about t a soldier opening fire >> make sure you grab your your coat and hat. ht winter has returned to theo te dmv. it is cold outside.ou got into my car this morning on the first thing i said was brr it's cold.old >> that's why you warm it upyoup ahead of


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