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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00 a d.c. cool is sem rarey shuttling down buzz a bed bug and rat infestation. >> hi to call the news for you all to get here and them to do something. >> frustrated maerpts are speaking out about the school district's slow response. >> and
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accident in the same area, fairfax country. tonight we're asking if the roadway post a danger to neighbors. >> and montgomery high school students reached out to "fox5" after this video from their locker room surfaced they're upset and drawing line between joke and racist defensive behavior right now on "fox5"news at 10. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. a district judge in seattle temporarily suspended president president trumpp's executive order the band's immigrants and orts from 7 muslim countries. people are celebrating in front of the trump international hotel in the district. >> a u.s. district judge in seattle ruled washington, d.c. state and minnesota had standing to challenge trump's order and the two states won a temporary restraining order while the court considers a lawsuit which aims to permanently block the travel ban. here's a reaction from the washington state attorney general. >>
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immediately, effective now puts a halt to president trumpp's unconty constitutional and unlawful executive order. want to repeat that. it puts a stop to it immediately, nationwide. the law is a powerful thing and has ability to hold everybody accountable to it and that includes the president of the united states. >> what does this mean. >> white house columnist nile is here from the white house news. what this means for travelers and people that got caught in the system over the weekend has there been any response from the white house. >> there was a tweet from donald trump that says we need to keep the nation safe from evil ill but not in my inbox a white house statement about this. >> what does this mean then for travelers moving forward and anybody that is trying to come
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happens now. >> i think the first thing to say, sarah, there is a lot of uncertainty about this. around 60,000 visas were revoked. what we don't know if those remain unrow vokd if they has legal standing this puts everything on hold until the court can consider full merits of the case. >> what if tonl someone from one of those 7 countries athey in the free and clear to come in. >> we don't know. it would seem likely they are. we don't know if administration will challenge this stay. i'm given there has been considerable months of chaos about this order in the favorite place. i think it is likely to deepen that. >> that's what i was wondering if the administration would challenge you imagine given our president he likes to challenge things. what -- how far could they take this. is this something tied up for months, years, could this take a while. >> this order is about the idea that
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would be done to people who sovred from this. the administration can challenge it in court. the biggest question is whether president trumpp tries to make a more public debate and confronttation with the judiciary over this and once again in unchartered waters. we have not heard from minnesota the state that joined washington, d.c. state and there are other cases brought by different states and other activist groups. we're in a state of limbo because this was put on hold and it leaves time for others to bring similar stays. >> it's tough to watch and keep track of it all. could other states, are we hearing, going to jump
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with this how many others are in the wings. >> i think there could be other states. now the force of this ruling is to say washington state and minnesota have the right to do this. and that they have the liningly had hood of proving their case. and that just by its very nature would seem to be a encouragement for other states to join. >> i have to imagine that the trump administration the wheels are spinning now and people are running around behind the scenes trying to figure out what do we do? how quickly do you think we will see a response from the administration? >> it depends if they want to challenge the stay or broader case. if they want to challenge the stay i think we'll see almost immediate response. built in the battle for public opinion i also think we see a very rapid response. >> battle lines have been drawn and we'll probably see you on monday to talk about this. >> thank you. >> it's unclear how tonight's ruling will affect the lawsuit virginia filed to stop the president executive order on immigration and this morning a dpral judgen
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the suit can pro seextd virginia attorney general says the travel ban in harming virginia families, students and business and must be overturned. >> we're concerned about the impact on lawful permanent residence and visa holders whether they're student visas or work visas it does not include refugees or asylum speakers or visa holders whether students or working visas. >> a preliminary hearing is set for nexty friday. mean time attorney general is trying to help sfrunt virginia coming back into the united states because of the executive order. if you are active on social media parly twitter you may have noticed over the past month or so post after post about missing children in d.c.. there's a good reason for that. lauren demarco joins us to explain. lauren. >> sarah, shawn, when you look at the picture laid out it is eye-opening.
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critical missing cases in d.c. right now. take a look here. palace songog, emerald shaw, faith nelson, niana carrington. reej own alyrics christmas and sha quan scott and chastityty smith a 14-year-old, three 15 years and three 16 years some missing for days and others missing for about two months now and this is just today. and at one point last month there was 15 active cases. police say alarming as the numbers are it's not that they're seeing uptic instead the reason that we're hearing more about it is because ever a brand new police commander sxwli don't know what is going on but it's definitely deeper issue. >> chaniel dickerson brought over commander as d.c. police yum and family services division five weeks ago. she was shocked at the number of missing girls in the city. some seemed to be part of revolving door of runaways and she's vowing to treat
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every ce with the same level of service and media attention and says it does not stop once the child is found. >> are you running away from something or to something? so we are making sure that you know we follow up with that to make sure that any other kind of activity is not taking place and whatever resources that family needs. >> when it comes to criminal activity one fear is sex trafficking there are no fears in the current cases but with so money children mussing it's a concern. the founder of courtney house those forced into prostitution says it's a problem in d.c. and she's seen a steady flow. >> we get four to five referrals per week on top of what we v that may mean they are in juvenile or their parent was looking for them and they call us beforehand or referral came from police or probation and case managers as well. there's more awareness we're having and that means we're getting referrals and
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identify for the most important part of all this is they're survivors, actually call themselves sometimes and bring their friend or refer their friends as well. >> tina front says sex tracking is hard to track and sometimes happens within families and we need to be realistic about what's going on. >> i think it's really about the words that we use to describe trafficking and people put them in two categories but legally under the legal definition means the exact same thing. >> i want to create a program and get assistance from the community to try tone gauge you know this vulnerable population and let them know they're valuable to the community and to respect their bodies and mind. >> commander dickerson made it her goal to figure out what is going on dace by case and create awareness and bring this alarming number of missing children down. >> commander dickerson says often girls pu miss ago day or
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family and she urges adults not to stay with them without a parent knowing about. it at the least these kids are missing cool and again there's a chance they could be in real danger. if you have seen any of them to, call police. and if you would like to help commander dick are son in her efforts to slash numbers contact the d.c. police youth and family services division. lauren demarco, "fox5 local news". >> last night in fairfax country a car hit and killed a woman casing a busy intersection and it happened between two major shopping centers where there's plenty of foot traffic. "fox5" tisha lewis is live tonight in alexandria with the latest. tisha. >> shawn it happened here along braddock road near little river turn park near one of the most dangerous intersections in the country right down the road at lincoln avenue. police say 5-year-old woman was crossing the street outside of the crosswalk when she was struck by a man driving a pickup truck. he did
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now, plea say she was wearing dark khojing and didn't have any reflecttors or reflective clothing on at the time of the incident when she was crossing the street. and it happened around 8:00 thursday night and the driver was apparently making a right turn off braddock on to little river turnpike and the intersection here is necessaryled again between two major shopping centers and we're told foot traffic can be very heavy in this area and tonight we're learning more about the victim in this tragedy. neighbors say she was retired, single and well liked in the neighborhood and they say they often had unique displays outside her home for the holidays and this particular intersection where the accident occurred can be a dangerous one because drivers often try to beat the light. >> people are going to work. they're going to a lot of things and that intersection has left turning and right turning from all lanes. people try to make the light. and that doesn't work. >> i'm surprised
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eat adrives around in her truck. but if she was walking i don't know she do sl have for exercise gone to home depot or some place and that would have made section. but traffic can be tough. people compete for lanes up there. >> reporter: police say they do got believe alcohol nor drugs played a factor in this accident. now, we do know most of these fate tallties involving pedestrians and cars seem to happen between 6 and 7 a.m. and then 5 and 10 p.m. because there is less daylight during those hours. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> straight ahead tonight student at a local high school recorded disturbing video that can be heard in the video using racist length waj. what is the school doing about it? and parking problems some business owners at rest intoub centercy a parking app is hurting their bottom line and what they're planning to do about. it
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>> let's take it outside rights w
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house tonight. if you're going out there still you have to bundle up. it is cold and temperatures dipping into the 20s and tomorrow, well, it's going to continue to be cold. let's check in with gwen and find out what to expect for the weekend. >> hi, there, the sun will be deceiving tomorrow. shawn is right it will continue to be cold across the region. we have an arrangetic air mass in place, folks, just remember that. in the meantime for tonight current temperatures 32 in the nation's capitol and 29 baltimore and 27 gaithersburg and 25 westminster and 26 haagers down and 2 winchester and cold conditions for sure and we have some wind chills. the winds were gusty earlier today. they're gradually going to die down. i know it does not feel like it now take a look wind gusts 18 to 30 miles an hour this hour. 5 in d.c. and 23 gaithersburg and 30 winchester. you factor in the air temperatures and winds and you get what it actually feels like when you step
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that's what we call the wind chill factor. right now it feels like only 21 in d.c. and look at gaithersburg, 1. 14 westminster and 15 march continuesburg and same with winchester and 24 culpeper. cold front as we get into the overnight hours and overnight low will number the 20s. our wind chill factors will drop into to the teens and single digits. skies clearing out throw. take a look at this high pressure moving in large and in charm and for tonight as i mentioned 26 degrees winds will push in from the northwest and it is going to be a chilly night with those wind chills. tomorrow, only warming up to 0s and low 40s. back to you. >> all right. thank you, gwen. >> a d.c. school is closing for at least two days due to a bed bug infestation. "fox5" was first to tell you about it in savoy. the school was closed monday and tuesday for a cleaning and it's still
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>> this evening we've been watching pest control professionals go doing in and out of the school saying that the majority teachers did not show up today because of concerns about bedbugs. then this afternoon, students and parents got this letter and announcing the two day closure next week. it says in part, during the cleaning and inspection process this sovoy community will temporarily locate. we'll update you sunday about where. something parents need to know about at this time it's unclear where the alternative facility will be and there's a chance there will be no school for these students on monday and tuesday. this is something we have been covering for a week now. parents have been contacting us about this problem. one of them providing these photos of the bites on his child he believes to be in bedbugs. this was also emotional emergency meeting at the school last night
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us they feel the district has not handled this properly and it's been known since december maybe november there was a bed bug problem here and some is feel what's happening now should have happened immediately like the dad who gave us those photos of the child. >> i should have not took for me to call for you news to get her and it shouldn't have taken that. >> let parents be aware and not wonder why the kids bit up and to come to the child's school and get this i have a problem with that. >> here's what we know about the timeline. some started hearing weeks ago about the bed bug problem in addition to issues with rats here. on january 16, the school said in a letter there is not a bed bug infestation. single isolated incident with one adult and one child were cited and one week ago parents were notified this was, in fact, a bigger problem and the school was being treated for
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pests. this was the first week on the job for the new d.c. schools chancellor and this is what he said about parents concerns that what's happening now is too little too late. >> what i say is this you know i cannot go back and talk about what did or does not happen as you know i can say it's an important issue and it's come to my attention and we'll do what we can to aid dress it now and if there are things we can do to learn from what happened in the past we'll learn those lessons. >> we'll let you know just as soon as school officials decide if there will be school monday and tuesday for this savoy students and where those classes will be held. in southeast, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". straight ahead at 10 retailers say the new way to pay for parking at a fair fax shopping center is hurting their pod only line. >> we'll have more on the story coming up fox news at 10.
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>> we have an update to breaking news earlier at the top of the show we told you seattle judge order aid nationwide halt to a president trump travel ban m. the white house respond aid short time ago. spokesman sean spicer tweeted out at the earliest possible time the department of justice intends to time emergency stay of the order and defend executive order ever the president which we believe is lawful and appropriate. the president's order is intended to protect the kupt written he has conty constitutional authority and responsibility to protect the american people as law states whenever the president finds the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the united states would be detrimental to the interest of the u.s.. he may by proclamation and period. necessary suspend aliens or any class of ill yenz as immigrants or non imgrant or impose
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restrictions may deem to be appropriate. again that's coming from white house press secretary sean spicer. we will, of course, be following this throughout the next 60 minutes. keep it right here. >> let's take you to "fox5" in montgomery county where school officials are responding to a disturbing video that shows the students using racist language and behavior is shocking. "fox5" alexandra limon reports from the burtons ville. >> you know we'll point out we actually got this video in an email from students and they signed it, a concerned group of mcps students and they said they wanted to start a bigger he kchtion about where the line should be drawn about what is a joke and what is very offensive because they told us this incident happened earlier this week at paint branch high school. they say it was intended as a joke. howe
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yourself in this video it's highly offensive. >> this video was posted on social media so at least three students you can see the arms ever two caucasian students push around a third african-american student who has a collar around his neck and they're repeating using offensive words like boy and the n word. the student that is september this video said it was a joke. i can tell you from watching it even the student wearing the collar does not seem to be offended and thought it was funny. i'll tell you the principal here at the high school did not find it funny. in fact, the district says the students were disciplined and a letter was immediately september home to parents the day it happened. the letter said in part "while the first
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all with the right to free speech, language and behaviors that are hateful and offensive will not be tolerated at paint branch high school and today we spoke to paint branch high school teachers, parents and students. there's racism anywhere is not acceptable reality and i would like to say our high school is not reflective of that video. it's not reflective of the words shared within it. >> paint wrap. is a very safe environment. we have incredibly diverse population of students and teachers and we work very hard to make people feel safe you in a really conflicted time in our nation. >> i think sometimes kids take some things out of context. they are kids. but, that's where education comes into play from the parent as well as school. >> i'm not going to lie. like the first time i
10:28 pm
video i was shocked and when i heard people talking about it they were actually, play, yeah, i think it was just jokes, yeah, that's how i feel. >> this is not the first racial incident to happen at a montgomery country public school in recent months. in fact you may remember back in november the superintendent release aid statement after racist gave graffiti was found at several schools and he called the incident disturbing and offensive. reporting in burtonsville, alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". >> a popular shopping center in rest inis now having people pay to to park. we'll have the details next. it. >> coming up monday on "fox5"morning news dr. oz will june telling us about the breads that can help you lose weight and singer russel taylor will be live in the lost for performance ahead of
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upcoming tour. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back now with some of the top stories a federal judge temporarily blocked president trump's order on immigrants from seven predominantly muslim countries and the state of washington and minnesota sued and the judge puts a restraining order on the executive order while the court considers the lawsuit. protesters celebrated the ruling outside the trump hotel tonight in d.c. and it's not clear what happens next for people who wait to receive visas and come into the u.s.. a white house spokesperson says the justice department will file an emergency stay against the court order. >> a car hit and killed a woman crossing a busy intersection in fairfax county and the crash happened at the intersection of braddock road and little river turnpike between two major shopping centers and there's a
10:33 pm
the traffic there. police do not believe the drugs or alcohol played a part. >> savoy elementary school willing closed two days due to a bed bug infestation and the school notified parents today in a letter that the school will be shut down monday and tuesday and students will be relocated during that time and the school district says it will let parents know the exact location by p.m. sunday. >> and it's pretty cold outside tonight and we've got wind chills and gusty winds to deal with. we've got arctic air that is really situated in place and here's a look at current wind chill values in the 20s and in the teens and it feels like it's only 19 in frederick this hour and 21 in the district and 12 winchester avenue only 15 martinsburg. we'll see a ridge of high pressure could be tin to build in and as it does we'll get clearing skies tonight. it will be cold. overnight lows will number the 20s and those wind chills will drop to single digits. tomorrow, we will be only into the 40s. i'll have full forecast
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back to you, shawn, sarah. >> thank you, between. >> all right. so parking is a sore subject at reston town center an a brand new parking payment system is hurting their pod only line. >> some are considering legal action over this. "fox5" anjali hemphill reports from restin. >> as soon as you sign up for the reston town center april it asks for your phone number or email address to verify a code and find you in the system and some say the process too long and confusing and it's not worth making the trip. >> we think it's ridiculous in reston we shouldn't have to pay we think it's greed. >> some say ever since restin town center implemented a paid parking system the sense of khunty here changed. >> people work together and shop together and now there's just all this security around and they're not security trying to help you they're trying to gave you a ticket. >> starting last month, boston
10:35 pm
ticketless pay parking system customers parking that outdoor shopping center must use park rtc app or the parking stayings and if they topt have a designated validation area. vice-president of big bowl restaurant says his customers complain the parking system is way too complicated and intrusive. >> people don't want to give license plate information. people don't know that they have to know which garage they narkd and different retailers have different garages they validate in which is confusing to the customers. >> he is one of 60 other pizs here now meeting next week to consider options going forward. including a possible lawsuit. >> everyone has expressed lower sales and decrease in traffic and people have mentioned range from 10 to 50%. >> meanwhile officials representing boston properties say there has been more than
10:36 pm
app since launch in january while it would be inappropriate to speculate or respond to legal action against them they did release this statement "there has been misinformation reported about reston town center retail and parking restaurant validation that requires immediate collar fition and each retailer and restaurant tour at soul sgrix deciding which they validate. they make their own decision about participate in the validation program and what validation terms they choose to incorporate within their unique business model to include validating for all or select garages. >> there's so many people that cannot figure out how to use it and i make friends here from other places and they won't come because they don't have the app. >> but, some customers and retailers here continue to worry the longer the current system stays in place the harder it will be to bring back the crowds. >> i'm afraid we're going
10:37 pm
lose this special place. >> rest inchamber of commerce have received several complaints about parking and look forward to this being resolved as far as everybody involved. they'll meet with retailers monday to discuss options going forward. in rest in, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> and metro is dealing with another smoke-related problem and this time it happened along the red line due hospital circle station. you can see is smoke coming from underneath the train. service was delayed this morning for about 30 minute as crews nrookd that issue and things were to normal 7:00 this morning and no word fromel metro on what caused that smoke. >> heads up if you plan to take meto. six stations on the orange, blue and silver lines will be closed saturday and sunday. far gat west, mcpherson square, federal triangle. single sewnian, federal center southwest and capitol south.
10:38 pm
it will allow them to make tunnel repairs and plan to up to 45 minute of additional travel time. >> when we come back tonight the effort the new batman lego using to. >> a new clothing store plans to drop apparel with the first lady's name on it. >> a big jolt 20r job the economy adding 227,000 new jobs in january that's a lot more than expected and unemployment rate taking up 4.8% and keep in mind that's partly because more people started looking for work last motion granted. and stocks rocking on friday along with president trump pushing tax cut ago agenda with key business leaders dow closing above 20,000 and drivers feeling less pain at the pump for now. the national average for regular unleaded gas
10:39 pm
gallon and we've been headed down but prices are up 50 dprents last year. if you sdriv a bmw you may not be filling up this weekend the german auto maker pulling baca round 20,000 cars and suvs in u.s. because of faulty air bags made by tacata. the recall impacting several models from 2000 to 2003. that's buzz i'm davidasmond.
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>> girl scout cookie season is almost here. thousands of box arrived in a shipment rfk stadium today parents and troop leaders picked up the orders of thin minute, tag alongs
10:43 pm
one of 2 deliveryes around the d.c. metro area and over 4 million box where shipped to the region and girl scouts start setting up cookie boths outside area businesses on february 17. the cookies will be on sale until march 19. >> gothum city is getting a diverse makeover in the new lego batman movie due out next week. the film's director is a huge fan of the batman franchise and realized cast of character was made up of white men. mckay made it a point hire a diverse cast including mariah carey will play mayor and billy d. williams two face and wilson as back girl. each on screen lego character will reflect how they look in real life. it hits theaters last friday. >> mariah is the mayor. >> yes. >> i can't wait to see what her character looks like. >> will it have underwear on. it will be fun to see. knee man marcus is latest
10:44 pm
department store to drop ivanka trump business label. the luxury retailer said it stopped sellinging jewelry due to productivity it comes after nordstroms announced it would not sell her line. it has nothing to do with politics but based on poor sales. >> and straight ahead at 10:00 is nasa ready to return to the moon. >> the space program shifted focus from the moon years ago and that could change under president frump. trump. and super bowl coverage with something you have not seen before. we'll explain at
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>> so now the president trump is in office what will that mean for space exploration. >> they hope change in administration could mean more dollars for nasa and probably return to the moon which astronauts last visited in 197. >> that long? >> yes. >> gary mcgrady has me.
10:48 pm
airspace museum in washington d.c. one of the first things you see giant lunar lander definitely a draw here. thousands come through this museum every day. big question are we headed back to the moon? it looks more and more likely. a trip to the asteroid belt looks iffy and certainly mars is ultimate goal. this is not your grand father's moon shot and if the folks we talked to today are any indication it seems another trip to the moon may just have pretty good support. >> i think for that single reason it's going to propel us forward in many other ways we don't yet know. i think it's valuable to do. >> i think it is very great opportunity because of the future we don't know what's going on in the future and it's very important. >> you may be surprised to find out there's already a mission underway in space right now. nasa goddard has a lunar mi
10:49 pm
since 2009 send being back data every day and there's a new space race really google lunar x prize and it will be in a private company if they can make it to the moon. some scientists think there's more platinum on the moon than earth which may make going there worth the price. so it is looking more and more likely that maybe we're headed for another moon shot and remember the moon shot is really a goal to get to mars. so it potentially the next visitors to come to air and space museum instead of touching a piece of the moon they may be touching a piece of mars. from the air and space museum in washington z.c. i'm gary mcgrady. >> and fascinating. >> i know. >> i know. >> very fascinating yes. >> you want to talk about it now the red. >> we're all wearing red today it's a very important day we're wearing red to draw awareness to the fact that there
10:50 pm
huge problem with heart disease and stroke for women and people may not realize it one in three women every year die from heart disease and stroke. it's awareness thing. go women. >> go red. >> go red for women. >> let me get that right. >> go for it. >> go red wear red for women today. >> making a point here and being part of a great cause. >> absolutely. >> definitely. >> all right. do we have great weather coming our way. >> you know we have nice weather but we have cold weather. >> okay. >> how about 60s sometimes. >> you know what sarah if you want 60s i'll tell you what i'll deliver it. >> how is that. >> i love it thank you. >> i aim to please. >> what can i tell you? >> i aim to please. look we have to go through a couple things before we get there though. in the meantime, tonight, we're talking clearing skies. ridge of high pressure building in and cold fight as well. and we've got temperatures now into the 20s and 30s and overnight lows are going to be in the 20s but it's going to
10:51 pm
feel a lot colder than that because we have wind chills to talk about. right now 3 in the nation's capitol and 2 gaithersburg and 26 martinsburg and 30 dulles and here's a look at those winds. they've been gusting ought day long. they will start to die down as we move through into the early part of tomorrow. but in the meantime, wind gusts anywhere from 18 up to 6 miles per hour right now in our neighborhoods and you factor in air temperature and wind and get the wind chill. that's what it feels like when you actually step outside. and right now it feels like it's only 21 d.c. and 19 frederick and only 13 look at this westminster and 16 haikers town and 13 winchester once we get to overnight hours we're talking single digits here and definitely a very cold night. you want to bundle up and make sure you turn the heat up. not to be taken lightly at all. satellite and radar showing you clearing skies as that ridge of high fresh builds in and that will set us up for sunshine for tomorrow
10:52 pm
and as we move through into sunday we'll see clouds returning and we have a disturbance that will move its way north of us and precipitation anticipated but mainly north and northwest. so, we're going to watch that closely for you not thinking anything will hit the area at all. tomorrow, temperatures into the low 40s and upper 0s and right across the board. don't be fooled by the bright skies. i have no shortage of sunshine for you tomorrow. and it's going to be a cold one. and winds will start to lighten up a little bit that won't be an issue at all it will be a cold day. by the time we hit made day it's 3. your wake-up forecast at 8 is 28 and 4:00 hour, 40. and let's look at the 7 day forecast. i broms sarah 60s. >> yeah! >> i deliver, girl, look at weather buffet, tuesday, wednesday, headed to low 6 owes. take something else with it we'll serve up rainfall. showers expected by the time we get to tuesday and hump
10:53 pm
gradual warm-up begins on sunday as clouds start increase and we're looking at maybe a little precipitation to the norm and norm west by sunday night. monday looks great. mild day. 56 and once we have the 60s it's reality check because by the time we get back to end of week again thursday and friday we're right back to low 40s where we should be. back to you. >> all right. gwen, thanks. >> and teeners parents and students turned out for a fundraiser at quincy orchard high school to help a classmate battling cancer. austin cohen has bone cancer and diagnosed three years ago. and tonight's fundraiser took place during the boys and girls basketball games and his parents attended the event which helps osteo sarcoma research and first ever conversation that will deal with the childhood disease. it will be taking in miami and brings doctors and
10:54 pm
around the country with better options to battle the disease. >> super bowl sunday is almost here and anticipation is building for the big game. we'll take you to houston where final preps are underway as we come back ♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> go.'s joe walden. >> anticipation is building here ahead of sunday super bowl and some tickets are still available. prices are quickly rising. >> while the new england patriots and atlanta fall cop have been hitting the practice field, resting and preparing for sunday football fans arriving in houston are
10:58 pm
>> pock receipts climbing actually. >> the least sxen sivr super bowl li ticket is going for 2100 and ticket sellers say average fleiss year is around 4300. >> they were 2595 the last i looked 400 more than jedd. >> the number of tickets sold is up about 14% compared to this point last year. >> you know you're looking at hotels, holiday inns 10 mile a way 1500 a night. >> meantime security is tight and tightening in and around houston. george h.w. bush is performsh the coin toss and mike pence will be in attended answer. they are reporting extremely high interest in the match-up and this is expected to be a record setting year for super bowl waimingers. patriot's owner bob craft adding to excitement and weighing in on the falcons today. >> they never won a
10:59 pm
bowl, they're young, fast team it's pretty exciting. >> kickoff is test to take place at 6:30 p.m. eastern time and you can watch the big game right here on "fox". in houston, superbowl li, joe waddell, fox news. >> "fox 5 news" at 11 starts right now >> breakings in a federal judge temporary halted president trump's controversial travel ban nationwide and what happens next and then a local school infested with bedbugs. "fox5" reported on the problem for days and now the school system is taking action and you're going to see something new during the super bowl plus a marketing expert previews the commercials. your news start now. >> right now at 11:00 breaking news. a fe
11:00 pm
halted president trump's controversial travel ban nationwide so what happens next? >> a local school infested with bedbugs. "fox5" reported on the problem for days and now the school takes action. >> and something new in the super bowl an a marketing preview. we'll stay on top of that. >> a district judge in seattle stayed a ban on travel from kuptyes. this is people celebrating the ruling in front of trump international hotel in the district. >> u.s. district judge in see al atle ruled washington state and minnesota had standing to challenge trump's order. the two states won a temporary restraining order while the court considers a lawsuit that aims to permanently block the travel ban. >> the law say powerful thing. it has ability to old everybody accountable to it and that include the


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