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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ this is fox5 local news at 10. 1 right now at 10, the white house pushes back with an appeal. the latest on the legal battle a over president trump's executivx order on immigrants and refugees. plus we are less
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away. houston is gathering up for bowl 51 tomorrow t night. last minute preps are underway. we'll take youpr there. and hopefully you are bundled up right now. it's freezing outside. gwen will tell us if temperatures will warm for yourr sunday. fox5 news at 10 starts right nos thank you so much for joining uu tonight, i'm lauren demarco and i'm matt ackland. the white house is moving forward with the legal battle l over president trump's executivc order on immigrants and refugees. the department of justice hasrte filed a notice to appeal a app ruling made by a federal judge. yesterday's ruling calls the cal executive order for now. now here is foxes mollie hennenberg. >>reporter: for now no more extra vetting for travelers coming in from the us from the seven orders included in president trump executive ordere one of the plaintiffs in the in case is celebrating the decision judge row bart's decision de effective immediately, effective now puts
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trump's unconstitutional and lawful executive order. i want t to repeat that. it puts a stop to it federal judge james l. row bart appointed in 2003 by president george w bush says sa this tro applies nationwide.ppl he wrote in his decision thathis the states of washington and minnesota, which filed the suit, quote, have met their burden of demonstrating that they face immediate and he reparable injuries as the result of thehe signing and implementation ofon the executive order. the executive order adversely affects the states residence ind areas of education, employment, business and family relations and freedom to travel.rave for now, as the trump administration prepares for the next rang of legal wrangle they lifted the vetting requirements and said those individuals withi with visas that were not physically canceled may now cancel with the visa is
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we are working closely with the department of homeland securityc another judge said the trumprump administration does have the authority on national security n grounds to apply the extraxtra vetting measures which means the case likely will go to the th appellate level and then possibly to the supreme in washington, mollie hennenberg, fox news. > the president responded too the ruling today on twitter writing, quote, when a country is no longer able to say who cah and who cannot come in and out, especially for reasons of safety and security, big trouble. he then added the opinion off this so-called judge, which essentially takes lawesse enforcement away from our country is ridiculous and will be overwhelmed turned.verw meanwhile, the president sat down for a one-on-one interviewe with fox's billow riley it's said to air tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. before the bowl righte here on fox5 a. here's a preview four. do you respect put in. >> i do respect him. d > do you, why.
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people, but that doesn't meanat that i'm going to get along himh he's a leader of his country. i say it's better to get along with rugs than not and if rugs helps us in the fight against a isis, which is a major fight and islamic terrorism all over the world, major fight,s that he's a good incorporate this.good will i get along with him, i i have no idea. > he's a kill, though, put in k is a killer.ilis a >> there's a lot of killers. you think our country is so innocent? > you can catch that interviewn tomorrowte at 4:00 p.m. followed by the t that's all right here on fox5. all right. let's turn to the weather. take a live look outside this th evening. have you been outside? boy, ito is cold, but some good sunshineo this afternoon. the big question is what is boww sunday looking like. we're going to check in with gwen for the answer. a >> hi, there, it's going to get warmer. that's at least some good news, a dry day, some mixture of sun u an
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going to start to be on the rice. let's take a look at what we hii today. we're actually blow seasonal se into the low 40s and upper 30s at all three airports. we had plenty of sunshine and id said yesterday, don't be fooledb by the sune it's going to be a nippy day out there and it it certainly right now we 33 at d.c. d. a chilly 28 at frederick and at martinsburg. 28 at cumberland, 32 at manassam and 30 at fredericksburg. f winds continue to be calm, a far cry from yesterday when we had really gusty winds across the area. right now three to 14-mile perie hour wind gusts, but we still have some wind chills. it feels like it's only 25 in the district, only 23 at gaithersburg, we have 28 at at frederick and 23 at hagerstown. still feeling that pinch of the wind chill factors. fac clouds are still rolling in across the area and we're goingn to see mainly cloudy skies for tonight. so just be prepared. and the big day, folks, bowl sunday, well, here at
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we're going to have clouds in thhae morning and then by the b afternoon it will be partly sunny so you'll be able to geto out early in the day without any distractions, get all your al snacks ready and watch us on fox5. i'll have more details later. > fox5 in prince george'sox5 county tonight where family and friends are remembering a 20 year old man shot and killed inside a district heights gas ga station this week. the vigil was held this eveningv at the place where he lost hisot life and fox5's lindsay watts w was there. >>reporter: the murder happened inside this building connected to the bp gas station here onre pennsylvania avenue and walters lane. tonight friends and familiarfr live theiend victim returned her they gathered right over here te remember caring ton day. he was known as cj. cj is not gone because he willwl forever be right here in our ou parts. that's day's mother with the th balloons. there was a big crowd here
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police say on monday there had t been some kind of dispute between day and the alleged gunman, an 18 year old named steve and robinson.obin day's mother tells me she s doesn't know what that wasas about. this is how she describes her son. everyone who came in contact in with him enjoyed his smile. he was a person who would wou quickly befriend someone and once he befriended you he wouldo always be there for you no matter what. she says this kind of violence, especially between african-american men needs to to stop. bye, she says she feels for the suspect's family, too., his mother is going to have to deal with her son being lockedne up and i have to deal with burying my son. so i hold no animosity towards anyone. this is what it looked like herd on monday. i was here soon after the the shooting happened. it was just before 5:00. we learned this gas station hasi been the scene of multiple crimes recently. there have been at least six
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fatally in just about the last three years.ears day's family says they hope to see some kind of change here. he perhaps additional policing to try to stop future violence. in district heights, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > to charles county, maryland u now where sheriff deputies arere investigating a deadly shooting that happened around 1:30 this 1 morning in the parking lot of aa sports bar on crane highway iniw wall door. investigators say a man wasas attacked inside of the bar. a short time later he walked out with a woman. that's when gunfire erupted. the man was hit in the leg, but, the woman, mia quite a gray wasa critically wounded and later died. deputies are looking for the th people straight ahead at 10, thousands0 of, officers on the ground in whose to. the city is getting ready for ra bowl 51. we'll take you to houston for how they're handing
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and then parking problems. some business owners at reston town center say a parking app is hurting their bottom line. what they're planning to do about it. it. ♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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> iran is not backing down fron the united states, the senior commander warned any miss step from iran's enemies will resultl in its miss ills raining down on their heads. despite new us sanctions iran ia tested its missile and radar systems command and control centers and cyber warfare systems today.oday new defense secretary james mata us says iran's conduct will havt to be addressed saying the t country is the single mostost biggest threat of terrorism in r the world. he doesn't expect the number in the id million east to increase any
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law enforcement officers on hand. federal agencies have been working around the clock to makm sure the event is safe. fox's catherine heritage has more. >>reporter: securing the skiese over houston is a massive underi taking and relies on defense department and homeland security assets. down past the exxonmobil. this week news went inside the control system. what's sufficient during superr bowl. the aircraft are going to be airborne and prior to super bowb 55. the federal aviationth administration will issue a temporary flight restriction area which is centered on nrg stadium. extending for 30 miles and up to 18,000 feet air crews call it the tfr. why is the flight exclusion zonl so large.
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they're traveling two or three miles a minute. we need time and that 30 million ring gives us a buffer which allows time to id, track and intercept these air crafts. > events where these citation aircraft come in. in equipped with air to air radar they'll fly along skies to make radio contact or use hand signals. it also includes a major refinery for petrochemicals.etro what's the threat there. >> the petrochemical complex isa one of the largest if not thehe largest in the united states. it's considered a critical parta of your em per structure for resources flowing into theurce united states. we want to make sure that during game day, during the time that the fro is in place, any planes that are flying don't intend too cause any harm. life streaming video to law enforcement people on the grounr so they have a
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any threats. near the 50-yard line. i continue to be amazed how we can come together very quickly and become a very singed up team. no one else can do what we do. . we're the best at this missionat right here and we're glad to bee here. we want to paying sure that we w remain behind the scenes, no one knows we're there and the people can enjoy super bowl 51. bow in the skies over houston.ous > back here at home, heads up h if you're planning to take metrr to a super bowl party tomorrow,a sixrt stations on the orange, bg and silver lines will be closed again tomorrow. federal west, federal center southwest and capital south. the weekend closures is to allow the workers to make tunnel repairs as well cellphone and radio infrastructure upgrades. metro is telling the riders the to plan for 45 additional
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> we want tea it outside forde another check on the forecast. trees the washington monument, a live local. it is cold outs co there. >> gwen is with us tonight. to gwen, a the look of people are wondering how the weather is going to be as they make their h way over to a super bowl partywp tomorrow. there's not going to be any issues weather wise.eath i'm happy to say that. it's going to be actually warmer than today. you know, just get up and getnd yourself situated situated. do it accordingly. let's take a look at ourat temperature right now becauseatr it's going toe be a cold night. we are already at 33-degrees. it feels like it's 25. it the winds are light tonight, buu the clouds are rolling in. 30-degrees in gaithersburg, theh same at baltimore, a chilly 28cl at frederick and 28 at at cumberland this hour. ho so the cold air is in place.lace we will get a gradual warmup once we get into tomorrow, but b cloudy skies for tonight right across the board. so nothing happening there.her and your overnight we
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and the upper 20s, a lot colder to the north and the northwest,r of course. as far as tomorrow is concerned, as i mentioned, no issue, a feww clouds in the morning and then becoming partly sunny much as m the temperatures start to rise into the week, we have a nice ni warmup for you. it's going to be mild by mid week. we're headed to the 6 30s. i'll have that and more details a little later. > back to you. >> parking has become a sore so subject at a popular local shopping center. a new pay for parking app was launched in january at the th reston town center, but some retailers say it is hurting their bottom line.ine. some businesses are banning together to possibly seek legale action. fox5's anjali hemp riel reports present reston. >>reporter: as soon as you signou s up for the reston town center parking app it asks for youror phone number or e-mail address so it can send you a co
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some people y the whole process takes too long and it's too con fusing that it's not even worth making the trip. we think it'sry dozen.t's in reston we shouldn't have to o pay. it's just greed. ever since they implemented a new parking pay system, theyste sense of the community has changed. people work together and shop together. now there's just all this security around and they're not security trying to help you with the app they're trying to give you a ticket t. starting last month boston properties launched a newew ticketless pay parking system. they must now use the park atc app or pay at these parking stations if the business they'rt visiting doesn't have designated parking area. ar customers complained the parking system is way too complicated and even intrusive. people don't want to give theiri license plate information. people don't know that they hava to know which
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parked in, different retailers have different garages that they validate in which is confusing for the customer. morph a says he's one of other 60 other businesses here who are meeting next week to consider their actions going forward, fo including a possible lawsuit. everyone has expressed lower low sales and a decrease in traffic. people have mentioned ranges present 10 to 50 percent. 50 meanwhile officials representing boston properties say there have been more than 70,000 downloads of the park rtc app since its launch in january.n while they say it would be b inappropriate to speculate or o respond to any possible legal po action against them, they did release this statement, quote, there has been misinformationtin reported about reston town center retail and restaurant parking validation that requirea immediate clarification. each retailer and restaurateur at their sole discretion which garages they choose to validate. each retailer and restaurateuret makes their own
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one, participating in the validation program and two, which validation systems they choose to incorporate within their own business models. so many people that can't figure out to use it and i meet friend here from othemer places, h they won't come because they don't have the app. some customers and retailers here continue to worry the longer the current system stays in place, the harder it will bring to bring back the crowd. r i'm just afraid we're going too lose this special place in reston. reston chamber of commerce sayss they have received several complaints about the parking here and quote, look forward tof this tissue being resolved in the best interest of everyone involved.ed meanwhile those 60 retailers will meet with lawyers on monda to discuss their option going forward. in restoration anjali anjali he, fox5 local news. > parking problems there.arki we've talked about it in the past. parking apps can be a little bil of a pain. especially for us older
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right? i just don't like whenhn my credit card updates and you have on go back n. your knee a n rush to get to the store. that's when it always happen. h > can't we just pay cash ca anymore. >> right. straight ahead, secondhand smoke smo and pets. your animals are especially vulnerable. the results of a new study abouty the effects of second-hand smoke on pets. that's coming up next. ext.
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> secondhand smoke is not just a concern for people. your petssmokconcer can be espey vulnerable. ingest the chemical residue left on your zine or clothing. fox's bet calvin has more. we can smell the smoke on thee dogs. >>reporter: here at this denver va hospital.ital i see doings asthma.
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smoke. dr. kevin fitzgerald says second-hand smoke is dangerous.r they can breathe it in lie liking their skin or clothesothe when they groom themselves.emse smoke can stick on her coat. dogs and cats their furnish fur is like a shammy clot. it can collect the smoke.. > fitzgerald says pets couldld have respiratory problems or sores in their mouths and they could be at greater risk of cancer.canc they can accumulate autopsy thea nicotine and toxins in that mouth. a study done by tufts showed a higher incidence of tongue cancer in homes where people smoke. a higher number of nasal tumors in dogs whose owners smoke. smokers may need to take someme action. i have a choose and they don't.o look von standard is a smoker but she says she's always smoked away from her pets. we've h m
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always have and always smoked outside. second-hand smoke is not good for any living people.eop dr. fitzgerald says that's a's good decision, because a healthy home is a smoke-free for the fox medical team, t i am he'll beth calvin. > that little guy was so cute. i can smell smoke so far awayay now, even if someone is smoking outside. >> ever since they banned it indoors, a different world. > we are now less than 24 hours away from the super bowl. get your nachos ready. do you watch for the game or for the commercials? >> what do you think, matt. > commercials. >> by the> way, you can watch e game and the ads right here on fox5.x5. it's the only station. coming up we're going to give you you a sneak preview of this year's crop of advertisement. stay with us. we're back in a moment. ment.
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[ alarm clock beeping ] weather. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ] cartoons. wait for it. [ cat screech ] [ laughter ] ♪ ♪ [ screaming ] [ laughter ] make everyday awesome with the power of xfinity x1... hi grandma! and the fastest internet. [ girl screaming ] [ laughter ]
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. i'll tell you what i was goingoi to go out to brunch today. we woke up, stepped outside to take the dogs out and i said never mind. get out that pan and make some eggs. and did you. >> no. pancakes and everything. >> no. > it was cold. same way. i know you hate when i skip ahead, but i remember you saying 60s in the forecast.ecas >> definitely 60s in the forecast.fore i'm really happy to say that. we have some mixed conditions on those 60 days, but a little variety on the weather at least it won't be so frigid. it was really cold yesterday any last night because of the winds. that's what made it even worse. we had wind chills that made itm feel like it was in the teenseen and in some parts single digits. matt is right, we have
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coming up for you.u. in the meantime let's take a look at what's going on with ouh weather headlines. cloudy and a cold tonight. we're not going to have any 60s for you tomorrow at all. at we have a mix of sun and clouds for super bowl sunday. it will be cool, but warmer. we're going to get temperature rice. once we geture into mid-week ths when we're going to seat 6 20s.t it is on its way. it wasn'twa there today, highs in the upper 30s and low 40s.0s it was definitely cold out therr and i said last night don't beo' fooled by the sun because we had plenty of sunshine today. the minute people see it, they're like it's not going to be too cold out there and theyty don't dress properly. we have this artic mass in placc and it's pushing a lot of thef cold air down the mid atlantic.t we're going to see a reverse of that next week. 33 at manassas, 30 at baltimore and gaithersburg, 28 at martinsburg this hour. only 3 # at hagerstown and 32 at fredericksburg. now, the winds are fairly light. but we
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chills. they're not quite as bad, though, as they were yesterday, as i mentioned.tion but we still have winds rightht now anywhere from three too 14 miles per hour and so it actually feels like it's only 2y right now at d.c. 24 at gaithersburg and 23 at hagerstown. definitely chilly out there. clouds are still roling in. mostly cloudy skies for tonighti we'll have a few of these clouds lingering for itself early partl of tomorrow.of then we'll clear out and end upd with more sunshine with a mixture of some sun and clouds. in the meantime tonight cloudyto conditions and it's tomorrow we will see dryer conditions for the south, but tt the north, northwest over theve higherr elevations or potomac highlands i can't rule out maybe by tomorrow night a littlelitt passing snow shower or soor because we have a piece of energy moving to the north of n us. other than that it's going to be really pleasant. 45-degrees by midday tomorrow.oo a little chilly side. by the 4:00 hour we'll be about 48. wr
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mostly cloudy and cold.cold light wind from the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. but it feels like it's only inyi the 20s. tomorrow 49-degrees, partly sunny with some light wind. take a look at this seven dayths forecast. you can see the temperatur e rising.ri that's right, head into the 630s. 61 on tuesday and then wednesdas at 60, but we've got some rain coming due to an upper level disturbance. expect to see some rain showers, but like i said it will be warmer. we cool down behind the system the next couple of days headingd right back to reality check. > the 30s and 40s.0s. i've got a little something toei show off here because gwen wasn gone for a few weeks there. i went on a cuis he. this was something that happenet while you werehing away. i wasn't able to go to the awards ceremony becae
10:34 pm
out of the country, but i want to manning women in film and video because they have me an award for community service.y se i'm really honored and humbled to have received it from.t a fantastic organization. i ' really proud to be a member. a nice rack low kid. rac for those people that don't know you work very hard in thethe community. you give a lot back. i should be doing it more asas well. i should use my free time to do that. you're always so helpful. > so well deserved. we're happy to see you bei recognized. and she does the weather. we thank you so much.uch. on top of it all we get toget harass you on the cold days. > see you in a bit. hundreds of thousands of peoplef have descended on houston forto super bowl 51. > how did you say that. >> hundreds of thousands.thou you can catch tomorrow night's big game right here on fox5.ox houston also happens to be the e home of nasa
10:35 pm
center so it's not surprise ther space agency is planning a -- playing a part in the pre-superp bowl festivities. here is fox5's cheryl sony. >>reporter: well, hello from super bowl 51 in houston, texas. as the game gets underway fans get the chance to ride the 90-foot drop known as thethe general any to mars.mars it's nasa's bill unveil of whatf they hope will be the future of space flights. jack beer now the ceo of the brewer group agreed to take ata ride with me and it was pretty let's do this. we're about to go up 90 feet so we can drop 930 feet. jack, you're afraid of heights, right? i can't believe you talked me into this.this we're standing in the middle ofd a field at nrg stadium.dium the only thing missing here is you.
10:36 pm
we're on the orion space craft. we're approaching mars.mars >> it's kind of beautiful actually. n. laughter) the fact that i didn't say anything that was not for tv appropriate is that was so crazy. >> it was cool. > jack, here we go. are you okay in. >> yeah, i was just happy that i didn't have an accident on theon way down.down i'm a little dizzy. we just went to mars. > it was only a two-minute ride, but it was worth the thrill. nearly 1
10:37 pm
through super bowl live here in houston, texas and of course thc big game is on sunday. at super bowl 51 at houston, text, cheryl contact sony, fox news. > it looks like fun. it looks like fun. maybe one of these days we'll bl able to get to go. i was going to say maybe one of these days we'll see the redskins in the super bowl.r >> that would be good. th.e wizards have won 16 straigt home games. tonight john wall and companyand try to make it 17 straight.stra brody logan has the action ahead from chinatown ahead in sports. .
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♪♪ new year, time to get rid of stuff. simplify, declutter, unplug, purge, or even quit cold turkey. i raise turkeys without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. if you're looking for little ways to simplify life, feeling good about what your family eats is a pretty simple place to start. my name is tammy plumlee, and i raise honest, simple turkey for shady brook farms.
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> let me ask you the same m question, commercials ore the game. >> the game. > you're going to ask a sports guy. >> can you imagine if he said
10:41 pm
commercials. >> we show the package on the commercials.s. who is that guy to say what's the best commercial?? >> also, do you watch the commercials ahead of time?ti >> yeah. i've watched two, i think soink far. > i don't. >> i try not to. i like during the game. > during the game, i love thatt mr. clean one that he wasthat showing looks kind of cool. > thanks for giving it away. >> i didn't tell you whathat happened. it is the night before the super bowl and it's more about debating awards than haul of fame entrance than debating whog is going to win the big game. that in ts tonight with the the nfl honors show where falcons quarterback matt ryan won mvp.v. the biggest debate once again we'll reserve forth five-persone pro football haul of fame.e. the second skins great joejoe jacoby did not make the hall. he did not even make the final ten.
10:42 pm
ier ill owens was also snubbed. here is the 207 haul of famee class. broncos running matier ethanol davis. the super bowl 33mvp. danny thompson rushed for 13,000 yards. curt warner mvp winner and super bowl champion on. jason taylor he reported more sacs than any player from 2000 and 2011.. cowboys owner jerry jones and the see hawks also easily madee the hall. tomthe brady will play in his seventh super bowl against mvp matt ryan.yan. in case you haven't heard thatt game is right here on 5:30 at fox5. pregame coverage starting at 11:00 a.m. foxes joel waldman has more. >>reporter: while thne
10:43 pm
england pay the interrogatories and the atlanta falcons prepare for tomorrow's game, it's at's different story for the fans. i love houston.ston houston is right on time. they did this perfect. crowds in houston are growing as game day draws near. excitement building throughout i the city as fans hit the festivities. >> the falcons are going all the way. both the new england patriots and atlanta falcons are eyeingyn records at super bowl 55.l this is the patriots ninth supet bowl, more than any other in nfl franchise history.stor a win tomorrow will put coach bill bell check in the books for the most wingings. they've done all year off season program, training camps. the work ethic has not been a problem with this group. they come to, would. they practice hard. they compete well. meanwhile the fail cons areon hoping to take home a win in
10:44 pm
their second super bowl ever.cod law enforcement agencies are confident housto sn is secure. while officials in atlanta andaa boston are doing all they can to prep for any post-game chaos. whatever the outcome in boston we're going to put public safett first. i don't want to see a lot of arrests on sunday night. sun i want to see a lot of celebration shall a lot of happiness. many demonstrators have alreadye kicked off protests around houston, mainly in response to president trump's executive order ontr immigration. those protests are expected to continue through game time. for super bowl, joel waldman, fox news. > sports books in vague as area preparing for a record day of waging, last year's total of $105 million and part of that will be $1.1 million wagered by one anonymous better. the gambler placed a phone wager on the falcons plus three points which will return 2.1 million if itetur
10:45 pm
kirk cousins news doesn't involve a contract. he doesn't appreciate the rev taking the time to get the ball back. he shoves the rev in a charity game. look at another angle. push, unsports man-like mannernr by cousins. he must have been having a bad day. >> not a good day for him. you know what, 2017 has beenas good to d.c. sports winter teams. the caps are in first place ande the wizards look like they'lly'l never lose at home again. they've now won 16 straight atrg the verizon center. the last home loss december john wall and the wizards at home again. stretching his legs because the wizards were out and running. the second half, for to the with the block and then the wizards turn a little defense and thenan some offense. wall out running the front. the big man runs the break. you got to feed hip, reward him.
10:46 pm
on polish heritage night. a little bit later, more defense than offense. block gets wall out running. so quick with the ball. 17 break points for the wizards ties the game to 76. less than three minutes left. wall with the strip and they're running again. look at this, john wall against three defenders, doesn't matte. take is the with the harm, 4 points, five steels for john wall. the wizards win their 17thir 1 straight home game, 105 to 91. you know you're going to get a win. you pay to see a wizards game. they haven't since december 6. on fire. > do you have a prediction. >> falcons. > it's the year of atlanta. atlanta won the global globes and atlanta is the super bowl. > i don't think the boss will like
10:47 pm
coming up next, this is what we've been talking about, you guys better look away because brady versus ryan may be thethe main attraction, but super bowl attracts are the other big draw. what is that about mr. clean. ce we're giving you a preview of this year's most anticipated that's coming up next. ext. ♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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> when you tune into super bowl 51 tomorrow right here on fox5,x the game, well, it's going to bo the main attraction, but the ads are probably a very closeery second. we're excited for them anyway. fox's adam housley gives an an early look for some of the brands that paid top doll or for a spot during the big game. >>reporter: it's not just the game
10:51 pm
super bowl sunday. su jason harris, ceo of mechanism, a creative agency based in new york say it's all about the ads and getting placed during thece super bowld is not cheap. the cost this year has skyrocketed. for a 30 second media placement it's $5 million and productionmi on topllio of that is maybe 1 million. if you're talking celebrities it could be upwards of 3 or 4 million, so in all you're talking 6 to 9 million for 30 fo seconds. to humor, nostril yeah, to ads,s mr. clean hit the mark this year. the mr. clean ad, that's a fun ad. it hits a broad audience. because people watch it in an social setting and really it's t about making men feel sexy for i think it does a really good go job. it's entertaining and
10:52 pm
he also likes audi. what do i tell my daughter in. >> the audi drive progress ad, i think that makes a really good emotional statement. audi sa3ing that they're going to do equal pay for men and women. and skittles. haiti. i really like the skittles ad. . it's simple, clever and reelrynd can speak to an audience from 8 to 80. and viewing. with you not such a fan of wendy's. you're as cold as ice. their ad simply shows someone with a blow torch in a freezerre dethawing the frozen pat advertise. i don't think you take away that wendy's is fresh beef from that. mechanism also has an ad roling out this weekend. we
10:53 pm
are going to be in the big gamei this weekend. they just got purchased from our client war net and they're for a game called world of pink. about 20 percent of people tuning in will be doing so just for the commerges. catch it all this sunday right here at fox. > i have seen another one with melissa mccarthy that is reallyr really good. i won't spoil it for you. fo i like the commercials and the h food. for sure.ure. only thanksgiving beats out the super bowl when it comes to food. tomorrow is the second biggest day for food consumption in the united you'remp going to need a superuper sized workout to burn off of your food. three chicken winnings 1400 galleries, a foot long meatball sub a thousand calories, pizza is 270-calories a slice.
10:54 pm
a couple of beers add up pretty fast. the average american will eat 2400 california wrist at super bowl parties. that's no joke. my friend barry just texted me,e he's making his special cheese dip tomorrow which is really, re really good. it probably has a thousand calories per p that's what you're going to be eating. >> you bet. i'm working, but i was telling t matt years ago, buffalo chicken meet balances. you can make those tonight and o bring them in. in -úi have a baby. my excuse for everything. > believe me.e. what do you think about candy and sushi, does it sound goodood together as an appetizing combination? nestle's thinks it does. nestle has found a way on bring the two together. the candy company showed off cand
10:55 pm
store. it's made to look like tune a and a see edge event. a > i didn't know wha st that wa. mass capone.apon it's an italian sweat cheese. > you learn something new everyday. and a pumpkin pudding kit cat. they are put on top of sugar-coated puffed rice. like the savory version of sushu they were accompanied with wasabi or at least a powdered version. i know my food. that doesn't look good to me. >> no. > i like wasabi on other things. you never know. you got to try it. > true. back in a moment. moment.
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> this fox5 local news at # 1.# thank you for joining us tonight, for fox5 local news i'm lauren demarco than a i'm ' matt ackland. tonight the white house is moving forward with the legal battle over president trump's's executive order on immigration and rev geez. the department of justice hasusi filed a notice to appeal a ruling made by a federal judge yesterday. yesterday's ruling holts thes executive order for now rul hers fox's mollie hennenberg. >>reporter: for now no more extra vetting of travelerslers coming into the us from the seven country included in president trump's executive order and the democratic attorney general of washinon
11:00 pm
in the case is celebrating the decision. judge row bart's decision effective immediately, effective now, puts a halt to president trump's unconstitutional and unlawful executive order.der. i want to repeat that. it puts a stop to it immediately. federal judge james l. row bart appointed in 2003 by president george were bush says this temporary restraining order applies nationwide. he wrote in his decision thatsin the states of washington and minnesota which filed the suit both have met their burden of meeting immediate and i irreparable injury.y. the executive order adversary effects the save residents in areas of employment, education,n business, family relations and freedom to travel. for now as the trumpum administration prepares for the next round of legal wranglinggln the state depart


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