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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 6, 2017 5:00am-5:59am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. fr >> school closed.osed the students at a southeastutt d.c. elementary school temporarily relocated whilewhi their school building isil cleaned of an infestation.festa. >> live look outside. livsi we're in for anotheranoer unseasonably warm day and this one is just the beginning of a a warm trend. te whoo-hoo! >> happy monday.>> hap monda >> right. [laughter] >> good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm>>or i maureen umeh.maur >> and i'm holly morris.ris. today is monday february 6th.rua >> mike is going to talk aboutk that warmup, erin is talking tak about traffic. both of them inf them just a a. first let's tell y
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happening in the news thisin ths morning. okay, they looked old, out manr quarterback was frazzled butd tom brady and the new england patriots still managing to win the supemar bowl. b brady leading one of the greatest comebacks in superacksr bowl history to win 34 to 28 to in overtime.e this is new england's fifthd's h nfl championship.ionship. >> they're all sweet, so sweet,o they're all different and, you,u know, this has been a -- just an incredible team and just jt happy to, you know, be part of f it. it's just a great group of of coaches and teammates andd overcame a lot of differentot ot things and the it's all worthth it. >> brady was named the superas e bowl s m.v.p. m. this is the first super bowl game to go into overtime.. >> president trump first ladyy melania watched some of theome super bowl at their estate mar-a-lago. sidente show the pre left his golf club
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last night.ght. it's unclear whether thehether e president tuned back in but hene did tweet congratulations tong the patriots owner coach andch d team after at game. gae. in a pregame interview with fox news channel bill o'reilly mr. trump predicted theedictee patriots woman win by eight points. patriots won by six. >> there are no classes todaytoy or so many for students whileudi the building is still beingl ben cleaned and treated.eanete >> our melanie alnwick is lives this morning outside d.c. d. school headquarters in headquarr northeast with thes details. mel. >> reporter: good morning.ter: so, on friday d.c. schools chancellor antawn wilson was at fox5 listening to if theng te concerns that we brought to him. him. our interviews with parentsws wt and teachers saying that theyt y really had had enough here andra that they -- they felt that that the only solution to thisly solo ongoing problemn was to eclosee the scho
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eradicate the problem, notem, nt just kind of play around withh it any longer, and thenny longed shortly after t that, that'st when this letter went out tolett the school community basically saying that their demands werera being met. so, the cleaning of the schoola was and scheduled to begin bein friday after school let out. le. in addition to the thoroughhoouh cleaning all soft materials in the building are being replaced asbu ilwell. well. parents and teachers have been b reporting problems with ratsms s and bed bugs since the fall despite one scrubdown of theubde building and an ongoing on cleaning plan, the infestation persisted. rsisted. teachers and frustratedsat parents reached out to fox5. some staged a sickout onkoutn friday saying they justaying th couldn't take it anye longer.lo. >> for me to call fox5 newsx5 es for y'all to get here for them to show us. it really soon have took that.ok >> reporter: so, studentstden who need free and reducedand meals can still get those, breakfast lunch and dinner at berry farms recreation centerati today and tomorrow.morrow
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resume but at the far bee hope hope. that will provide transportation.ansp all of the information is being upda ttedhe on i the schos facebook pavement live at d.c.e public school headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5mentch5 local newsily.ewsily. >> thanks mel.nks mel. 5:04 is the time. t president trump agreed toent tr attend the nato summit ino summn pavement the move comes inco spite of the president'sresidens criticism of the nato.n in the past the president hasas called nato "objects ailette"ilt and railed against countrieses that owe millions to thelions organization. >> overnight developments in the legal fight ovhter president trump's immigrant and refugeeree travel ban. early this morning the states mr of washingtonni and minnesotain filed briefs with the federals f appeals court that's deciding'sd on whether to uphold a ruling rg that stops the ban. layers for the state say ifif the ban goes back into effect et it woman "unleash chaos agai"." dozens of tech companiesh cnies including apple and google also filed papers with theed pap court saying the travel banel
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more difficult to i recruit ent has until 6 o'clock tonight tooni to file its brief in the appealspea case. on fox news sunday vicesund president mike penceay said thet white house will use all legal e man's at its disposal to getosag the ban reinstated.insta >> we're going to move very quickly into the merits of this argument and as themed as e president said we're going toino win this argument becauseent bec we're going to take the stepst necessary to protect theary tott country which the president ofen the united states has theed stat authority to d >> as long as we're honoringho the constitution, we're willing to work.nsti now, as president obama did in n 2011, we always have tohav to subject our vetting toet scrutiny to see if it'ssee if is working but that doesn't mean we institute a unconstitutional immoral banti on muslimsona coming into the country. coun >> despite all of the backlashac president trump is not backingbg down. he says the ban is necessary ne to secure our borders and to protect our country.try. >> 5:05 is our time. ti mike thomas on deck right now
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our way.y. >> yeah, good words for ards foa monday morning.monday morning. we got some sunshine in thesunse forecast. we got temperatures heading uprp through the 50's and by tomorrow, a little secret, 60's, 60's on tap. >> whoo-hoo! >> satellite and radar this morning we had clouds down to the slioteuth, a had clo southen maybe waking up to a little it cloud cover northern neck ofnecf virginia, more sunshine coming o our way though this afternoonh n and again that's going to helpop warm things up. p. not quite yet, though -- as as temperatures outside still onidl the chilly side.illy si we dropped to 33 here inheren washington, gaithersburggtongais waking up to temperatures of 30, 27 dulles, 26 manassas and culpeper.culpep. fredericksburg good morning 29go this morning and good morningod to leonardtown as well at at 32 degrees t highs later onater this afternoon generally 50's 5 coming our way. 56 here in washington, 58 for culpeper, 57 for fredericksburg.freder again, wait until theain, waiun afternoon hours forafternoon hor temperatures to feel ons fothe mild side and then check outck u this temperature trend. tempera you're going to like this. thi 56 today, again up to 67 degrees to
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wednesday, too, in the mid tod upper 60's at 66.t 6. now each of those days will wi come with some shower chances.ce we'll talk about that in justhat a bit.a bit. bottom falls out a little bititt on thursday which may end,end maybe, with just a little bittte of snowfall.w we'll keep our eye on that tht one. we'll bring you the latest details in a couple minutes.inu. for now let's go, for a check ck of traffic this morning.or >> on-time traffic brought tora you by toyota.ff visit by to for special e ofrs.s. >> 5:07. right now all metro rail lines s are on time.e on if you're hitting the roads rods and skipping the rails we arengt dealing with ahe crash as you head through laurel northbound o baltimore-washington parkway right lane blocked at one alternate. you can see a few miles ofrthbwa backed up traffic leneading b see a few mile towards that that point. trying to get towards 32 this 3s morning 95 northbound willboundl save you some time heading h from the capital beltwaypital by towards the baltimore if you have an early flight at bwi again 95 northbound a better 270 southbound on the spurboun delay free right there. no problems from 70y free down n the spur. let's go ahead and switcha
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live look outside in virginia.i. 95 northbound as you make your r way up towards newingtonewigton volume moving along just fine on the northbound side in fact t from fredericksburg throughksbug stafford all the way up to the mixing bowl we are at speedl wea right now evet nsp though thgh congestion is increasing.crea we'll forward our cameras ander show you 395 by edsall road rad looking really nice fromf alexandria up through theugh the pentagon and no issues acrosscrs the 14th street bridge.treet bre once you get onto the freewayrey east and westbound looking loo very nice past the thirde ird street tunnel.nel. 66 on the eastbound sideound sie volume increasing as you come ce past sudley road but not enough to cause slowdowns orownr add any additional time toi your drive. i got you covered.cov any questions at erin fox5st d.c. on twitter.ionsd.c. o seems like things aren waking g up a little bit earlier oni this monday monday mo back to you.rn n.erhank you eri coming up on fox5 newson fo morning gop lawmakersawma expressing frustration withng f president trump after heruen refuses tt o trshareum their vif certain world leaders.adrs. >> and a trump nominee removedro his name from considerationom cs saying thanks butider no thanks. >> heading to break with ao br a live look across the d.c.
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region. traffic not much out there there right now but probably goingn to pick up you can bet on o that. that. 5:08 is your time and an 36 degrees your temperature.temp back after this. afters. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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09. have a and have a teachers on the verge of getting their biggest pay raise in nearly f i de showdown betweenn b governor mcauliffe and and lawmakers may stand in the state way. republican leaders inn virginia's general assemblyral y proposed and budgets yesterday. they would increase state woulds spending on public education edt and while that could be used co for raises, it isn't a mandateme so it would be up to a local lca government to decide how tohow spend the money. >> israel's prime ministernister moving ahead with a contentious law that would wo legalize dozens of settlement posts in the bank.b prime minister benjaminbenjami netanyahu is that underahu ist r intense pressure from thate preu members of his ownre coalition o to bring the bill to a vote in parliament. parliame >> the white house says thathi president trump's nominee forter army secretary has dropped d out. the military times reportsepo that many vincent viola i withdrew his name from consideration because he is unable to separate himself to sf from his business ties. viola is the founder of sera
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es he owns the nhl's florida fda panthers and pas chairman of the new yorkhe mercantile exchange.exc >> pope francis reached out toot americans on super bowlon superl sunday. the pope started the video vido message saying "great sportingog events such as today's superdayp bowl are hyland symbolichyland m showing that it is possible toos bailed culture of encountern and a world out of peace.ut of the pope is set to be an avidand sports fan and often speakse about how sports can bringorts c about that social change. ch >> coming up on fox5 newsfox5 nw morning, this year's batch of super bowl commercials tendedme to be political, some funny,fun, some were just weird though.t wd so, which were the best? best? we'll take a look coming up.g u. >> key piece of super bowl li l history now missing or ratherowm it appears to have been stolen.stolen >> hm. >> mystery. >> yeah. >> as we head to break, hey,, look at that beautiful liveutife picture at the ferris wheeleri down at national harbor.r. we're on tap for a pretty nice e day. a pretty nice couple of days i i think. mike thomas will have more ore when we come back.k. 5:11 is our time. ti >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:13 right now and fairfax county police searching for a missing springfield trieenghagen and her baby.a they believeba the two might bet in danger. 16-year-old liz see colindresols and five month old aidanidan castillo-rivera were last seen january 14th when they left eft with aidan's father 18-year-old josé castillostio rivas. s. police have tron believe that the mother and son lefteft against their will.eir wil >> also today the searchserch continues for tom brady'sr tom super bowl jersey. j brady says his game jerseye jery disappeared from his lockerloc after the game was over. he says he remembers puttingrs t it in his lock or.lo security and stadium staffdium t were sent to look for it butit t at this time it is still missing. >> ♪♪ >> yeah. >> inside job, right.b, rh >> i'm indicate, too.>> i'm i >> many uh-huh. uh >> yup. >>sey gategate. >> jersey gate, i like it.sey ga i like it. it. and i like the warmhe w temperatures head our way mike e thomas. >> yeah, we got a nice goodgo warmup coming up
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feels more like spring maybe by this afternoon but more soore tomorrow and wednesday withnd w temperatures approaching 70 inan a few spots. a we'll get therefew eventuallyua later this afternoon.ter temperatures on the rise aer today.attoday. starting off cold this morningmo though so grab the jacket ase js you head out. here are temperatures around the region. near d.c. sitting at at 33 degrees. and yeah, some 20's out there t in the suburbs so again jackett needed this morning.his mo 31 for pittsburgh, 24 columbus. this cold air is act uallyuall lifting off to the north. richmond is as 40 degrees.egree. raleigh at 34 and later ona this afternoon we're going to pull in the southerly wind soutw that's going to startin pullingg in warmth from down south asn sh we work our way into thosethose afteoon hours.s. just a little bit of cloudt o cover this morning across r southern maryland portions ofio eastern virginia.irgia. that's about o your only worry y for today is ouch cloud coveroud chow much cloudcover will we hh looks like al good amount of alo sunshine as we roll throughne ar the afternoon hours. ho high pressure down to our to ur south. we have a warm front that's tht' trying to scoot up intocoot up o region.
5:16 am
necessary to kick up anyssary tk showers but front we will got l the southerly breeze withouth temperatures warming up to the o mid to upper 50's around the the region especially d.c. points south and west. en ehe north ofpe town wcie'r talking lower 50's but still sll mild for this time of yeare when our average high is onlyy 45 degrees. we're going to45 be about 10 above normal today with a goodad amount oayf sunshine once againa for the afternoon.ftnoon. let's do futurecast.turast. 3 o'clock not even showing anysi cloud cover out there so gete s out there and enjoy youry y monday afternoon. we get to minddaynight a we stat see clouds pulling in fromin southwest to northeast.ort could have a few showersd have through the overnight hours a fv and through the early perniaghrf tomorrow morning it does lookoeo like some moderate rain as it comes through early tomorrowymow morning. by the afternoon we start tostat break off into some sunshineme and we don't need muched tomorrow to really get those ths temperatures up and if we getget a little more sun than futurecast is showing we couldcl easily hit 70 degrees
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washington. tomorrow mostly sunny a mild afternoon. af clouds will be on the rise,se showers overnight 46 degrees. d. that's your fox5 accuweather acr 7-day forecast. 67 tomorrow t66 on wednesday.ed. we work our way into thursday, though. we have a cold front come our fr way. we may start as rain, end as snow. right now this doesn't looko like too big of a deal buta de we'll keep oural eye on it over the next few days.xt things could change f fridayou is cold ldonly 39 degrees withe lots of sunshine beforehine befr temperatures start to swing to back up as we he ad towards thee weekend. chance of showers on sunday and 64 degrees. d all right, that's a check ofs a the forecast.the fo erin como, good mondayda morning. how late did you stay up for u the game. >> i watched the lady gagae la a halftime show fell asleep and then i woke that was an amazing second half. >> can't believe you missed it. >> no delays't fo brelissed mett problems on the roads. r let's show our the outer loop. r we have a crash right now leftow lane blocked just aftert aftr
5:18 am
we're seeing green on the maporm right now but because folkscaus are waking up and hitting the te road if this accident scene sc lingers it could 'cause youuld ' were delays. ut of the way you can see that blip of yellow onln bw parkway northbound. noou an earlier crash cleared.cle all lanes reopened at one at o night. a little bit of a residualesidl delay lingering.n traffic on the way to reagan thn national and dulles looking andg good as we forward our mapsr mas traffic moving along just fine e 270. on the southbound side on yourt waysi down to the spur from 70m7 traffic is cruising at speed. s. congestion starting to buildingu through urbana but not enough eh to turn our map yellow.yel 70 looking good.d. problem free on father hurley boulevard. southern maryland quiet drive. 301 coming through brandywine b as you make your way throughy th clinton and no issues on 210 on through fort washington.hingto looking good in uppern upper marlboro. things picking up in virginia.. any questions at erin
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get you movement maureen and holly back to you.o you. >> wisdom is back with our wit realtime news tracker. t >> speeches made by one ofeche president trump's advisers and one of his cabinet membersinet s being questioned by critics.s. rudy giuliani and eileen chao c gave paid speeches to aneches ta iranian group that killedian gr americans before the ou1979p th islamic revolution accordingrevu to a report relievedport elieve yesterday. the report says giuliani wasanis paid an unknown amount to address the group. r eileen chao was paid $50,000 for a five minute speech.spe chao is also the wife of senator mitch mcconnell.mcconel. next up republicans are reeling over president trump'sed latest defense of russianussian president vladimir putin. pu now over the weekend trumper spoke to fox news' t billill o'reilly saying that he respected putin and hoped tod ho get along with
5:20 am
reilly seemed perplexed and responded saying "but he's a killer." trump as a matter of fact said m we've got killers. do you think our countryatwe iso innocent. mitch mcconnell later called er ca putin a thug and rejected aa comparison between russia and ad the united states.ed states. next up the battle of the te dakota access pipeline ragesel s on. on. standing rock native american ae tribe said they're working wo with federal officials toals stabilize the situation at atioa protest site.protest sie. but they say they don't wantt w to be forcibly removed as the protester tribal residentses have asked the protesters tooteo leave right now. a few hleundred remain behind.b. they argue the project couldoud cause environmental damage andmd disturb ancient burial sites.ur the company 84 lumber was forced to rework its super to ru bowl ad after it was rejected re for depicting presidentting pren trump's mexico border wall. wll. the original ad depicted acted a mexican family on their way tot cross the border when they come across a depiction of a huge wall similar to wham
5:21 am
as they look up at that wall thl the commercial ends in a clif manner style. style. however, fox said the ad was as too controversial.ntroversial. finally this morning we'reyh taking a look at some of the best and loo worst super bowl as among the best bud wives prot bo immigration ad audi's ofdi's o gender equality ad an sprint's can you hearsp me ad. among the worst mr. clean.. there you have it.ere you have there's your commercially. >> no, it's sexy. >> i laughed out loud.l >> can i tell you that my kidse were sitting there whenhere whe mr. clean came on and they were disgusted. >> were they.e th >> i don't think it relates to t kids but to the --e - >> the middle aged housewives it's funny.a knitow your audience.auence. >> true. >> thanks, wisdom.s, w >> coming up on fox5 newsing upn morning, a numberew of people ip the houston area used the super bowl tous make some money.
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>> 5:21 and 36 degrees. drees. fox news morning back afterk a this. this >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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z27mkz z16fz
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y27mky y16fy >> 5:24. surprising news in the jewelryel world.ry wo tiffany and company has announced its ceo is out.i he will be replaced by they he board chairman.ha >> qatar airways flight claiming to have flown the longest intercommercial flightet ever. it landed in auckland newkl new zealand early this morning. the flight flew over 9,000 miles. the route is measured by the circle distance between thence two b airports.i >> how much would you pay forh o a killer parkuling spot? whatpt about one at last night'se at l super bowl game.super bo the owner
5:25 am
outside of nrg stadium chargedh $200 for the single spot witht h tickets last night's gameam averaging about $5,000 itit seems that that was almost al reasonable. >> did someone pay it.rene pay i >> i'm thinking someonenkin probably did.. >> $200 for park -- youu know -- >> if you're going to theyo superu're bowl -- >> probably. >> all right. right 5:25 right and mike, man, this winteriner just keeps being good. good >> what winter? wwi >> if you don't like the super r cold i should say.ld i shoul >> if you don't like the coldd ' and you don't like thet lisnke this is the winter for you andu we got warmer temperatures on te the way as we mpheerad into the middle portion of this week. satellite and radar out there t this morning not showing toohowo much, just a little bit of cloud cover here and there but generally speaking we will getet back to the sunshine as weaswe head into those afternoon aftero hours. take a look all right temperatures outside thoughhoh because we are not on the warm m side. we're rather chilly to start s the day.y. 33 washington, manassas 2424 culpeper 25 up to the north nor and west hagerstown at 39.at39. cumberland actually one of theue
5:26 am
start their day but still jacket weather asou head he outside. your planner for the day 10 o'clock, 44 degrees.4 bite afternoon we're warmingnore up nicely, sunshine and 52 by 1 o'clock, by 4 o'clock o' 55 degrees and mild55 conditions. deg here's a look at rehi todayghs around the region.region. 56 your daytime high here in washington. 58 in manassas.nassas. look at that fredericksburgderig 60 degrees for you later onter this afternoon.this afte if you don't havern afternoonafo plans go ahead count enjoyd coue that weather. that's a check of theck of te forecast. erin como has got traffic this f >> 5:26. keeping an eye on the road and d we're starting off 66 inn virginia. virg eastbound side getting heaviinea as you make your way from fr sudley road towards 28 in centreville. you don't really need to leave l too early yet but it's that's t time of morning where you wantwu to get out the door at least 10 minutes earlyl to geto g towards the beltway.belay. westbound side throughroh gainsville much quieterquiter commute at this moment.ut as we forware dat our cameras we take a look at the top of thee p beltway the outer loop lookingop good past new hampshirew haire avenue. but as you proceed towardstows georgia we have a crash
5:27 am
georgia avenue blocking a lane a on the outer loop. outer loo so a little bit of a tap of ta the brakes once you getrake g towards that location but asat u you can see delays nott spanning back too far at all right now.ack we'll lriet you know if thatt y changes. coming down through germantownma traffic picking up. congestion 70 to your been. 7 we'll let you know when things0 start tou know get pretty backep there. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter.tionitter. back to you. >> thanks erin. erin. coming up on fox5 newsng upf morning several parts ofveral pf afghanistan are recovering from deadly avalanches.lnches. >> and with the immigrationmi travel ban now lifted a numberdb of people are rushing torushingt return home to the u.s.u.s ly. >> let's go to break now. go toe as we dako, live look outsideous across the d.c. region on a monday morning and the middle mi of february -- the first part pt of february i should say.ay. 5:27 is our time right now. n. we're at a pleasanteast 36 degrees. 36 d we'll be right'll beht b >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morningn w o-immigration ban president trump's executive exec order on immigration faces aa legal hurdle allowing severallel people to returownin to work in the united states.sta school closed.> school clo the students of as southeastsout d.c. elementary school are temporarily relocated while whil their school building islding is cleaned for an infestation.fest. and super comeback.r cmebac. the new england patriotstriots played one of the best secondst halves in sports history in ts s overcoming a 25-point deficit dt to win super bowl li. fox5 news morning starts sta right now. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ fox5 news morning.m >> good morning to you.ood thank you very much formo joining us.ining us.
5:31 am
>> and i'm holly morris.morris. >> mike thomas talking about aot weather, erin como talkinglking about traffic coming up inafficn just a moment but first let's f' talk about what happened lastpea night. an historic super bowlr bowl history. >> amazing. >> for the new england patriots putting theiror t coach and star quarterback in the qua history books and sendingrtoks g their fans into the streets to celebrate. ce >> if you went to bed before the game ended like us weandnt s you're just getting up now youwu are in for one incredible story. story. fox's joel waldman is at nrgrg stadium in houston thisuston ths morning. >> reporter: the new englandengd patriots proved they can keepovp winning super bowls after an amazing comeback against themebe atlanta falcons sunday >> playing in overtime for the e championship so doesn't getn't g any closer than that. >> reporter: the super bowluperl goes into overtime for thee fort first time in history afterfr the patriots come back fromba the grave. the falcons unable to holdho them off. >> penalties and just -- youst-u know, just mistakes and so,nd you knoow, i don't think it wasw one thing or another, just aus a couple things here and there.het >> reporter: the falconsao were u
5:32 am
quarter before falling apart.p >> i think for sure we ran out a of gas. i can tell you how hard these te guys battled for it and weandw knew it was going to come downed to the end for >> reporter: patriots pat scoring 19 points in theg 19 fourth quarter with runningh rug back james white scoring the whe winning touchdown in overtime.m. >> he did it.>> h >> i mean, i don't think itdon't was -- i mean you're playingou'l with fire if you're likelike trying to manage the clockage tk when you're down eight pointsgh so just get it in however youveu can and james ran it what did he have three touchdowns tonight? id he unbelievable.unbe >> reporter: patriots falins fas never giving up faith whenfait their team was down.dwn >> they never give up.r give up i think they went in the went e locker room and belichick toldht them never give >> reporter: atlanta fansa fs can't believe the falconsfalco couldn't hold on for the victory. or >> we should have won the game v and i'm heartbroken.hea >> reporter: boston is going gog hold a parade for the patriotsrt this week with tsheir famousfm duck boats. in houston at super bowl li,li joel waldman, fox >> 5:32 is the time right now. w we have some breaking n
5:33 am
from overnight a teenaged boyeed was shot and killed ined heast d.c.d.c. >> shooting happened aroundg had 9:30 last night on anacostianasa road. so far there have not been any arrests. arrest there are new developmentsopmes though this morning in the ongoing legal fight ohio riverl valley president trump's immigrant and refugee travel fil ban. ban. early this morning the states sa of washington and minnesotain filed previous with a federalusl appeals court that is decide on whether to uphold a rulingrul that stops the ban t lawyerst for the state say if the banthen goes back into effect it would "unleash chaos again." now the justice department hasma until 6 o'clock tonight tooni to file its brief in the appealse l case a on fox news sunday viceud president mike pence said themie white house will use all p legal means at its disposal to geto et the ban reinstated.einst >> we're going to move veryy quickly into the merits of this argument and as the the president said we're going toidg win this argument because ba we're going take the steps st necessary to protect the t country which the president ofs the united states has thetes hah authority to do. d >> as long as we're honoringho the constitution, we're,
5:34 am
now, as president obama did in n 2011, we always have tove subject our vetting tott scrutiny to see if it'se if it' working but that doesn't meanan we institute a unconstitutional immoral banonab on muslims coming into the country. >> now despite all theespite alt backlash president trump is p not backing down fromresi his h executive order and maintainsi it is necessary to secure our or borders and to protect ourr country. coun >> now with the ban liftedted travelers from the seven sen predominantly muslim countries are on the there were tearful reunionsl r yesterday at airports across theat a country.o an iranian researcher who has a visa to conduct research onucn robotic surgery at stanford sord university was turned away from traveling to america lastar week but now that the ban hasba been eased over the weekend heed saw his window of opportunity. >> it feels great finally i'm considering that last 10 days we had no idea whether we wered going to be able to make itwe or not. saturday morning i woke up and saw the news of th
5:35 am
order so i gave it another try. i booked the first directhe firs ticket and now i'm here.t dind n >> last weowe ik the united stas canceled the visas of nearly n 60,000 foreigners. ♪♪♪♪ >> 5:35 right now andght happening today, no classes cls for students at savoyt savoy elementary school in southeastot d.c. because of the ongoingongng bed bug and rodent infestation.fest school officials say the oicials schoolay is closed for cleaningl savoy students will not attendtn classes today or tomorrow.omoro. the school system will still stl offer meals though forr students both days at berry be farm recreation classes will resume on wednesday in southeast.sou >> allight.t. 5:35 is your time right now. let's go over and pay mike pay e thomas a visit and talk tal about -- he said that at onea point this week we may have h temperatures up to the 70's. >> 70's? oh i just heard 60's. 60's. >> we might touch 70 might touch it. >> 70's, reach up and touch at this time like the falconsfalcns reached up and touched thathed t
5:36 am
>> >> and then it disappeared.isap. >> patriots said no, no, no. no. >> went from their grasp.eir gp. we don't want 70 to be like that. th we and want to be able to feelet it. [laughter] >> and you want it to stickstick around for a little while not n just come again like that.t but i think we have a coupleave days of warmerc temperaturesteer here. not quite yet th it's still very chilly outsideo us a step out this morning.rnin. 33 here in washington.shi there's very, very light li winds. no real wind chill to talkll t about out there.out oue it feels like 33 here inre i washgton.n. 20's though elsewhere aroundrund the suburbs so still a heavy a h jacket morning but maybe by this afternoon we can shed a a couple layers here. satellite and radar lookingcoup like just a fewlooking clouds ou there to start the day but by by the afternoon i'm expectingxp mostly sunny skies to kind ofy take over the region and weskthe expect agi preontty nice day.ic. 56 degrees your daytime highhih today. then there's that springlikespringlike weather. maybe some showers overnighterig and into early tomorrowomrrow morning but 67 with a littleli bit of sunshine mixing ining in tomorrow afternoon.ft all right, that's a check of che the forecast; has got a check ch of the roads on a mondaymoday morning. hey, erin. >> yes, i do, mike thomas and td right now we're taking
5:37 am
at everything cruising aroundg d the area and as you can see things are picking up. . still not enough volume to cause any red zones on our map 95 northbound through newington you can access is the ramp. r any questions at erin fox5ons d.c. on twitter.d. right now metro is itc. on time. back to >> thank you very much.ou very . coming up on fox5 news morningr after more than 70 years of70 yf conflict the u.s. military miliy base is being relocated.reloca >> and one of d.c.'s most popular landmarks will soon so have a glass box outside oftsidf it. >> as we head to break rightreah now here's a live looklook outside. the time is 5:37, the the temperature is 36 degrees.6 degs we're back after this.fter thi >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
5:38 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:40 is the time.>> severe weather hit various parts of ago. heavy snowfall causing avalanches killing 54 andg 5 injuring 50 others.. providences have been hit byha bad at least 168 homes have been damaged or destroyed.desroyed. >> construction work has c started inon japan for the offtf shore u.s. marine base on okinawa. this is just the beginning of the process to moves ju the mare corps air station to
5:41 am
jamie moyer mattis was therer ma last week ahead of thettahead oe construction which has beentr stalled for nearlyucti 20's yeay because of protests. pr a lot of residents there want the u.s. base removed not relocated. >> in the coming months youont u may soon see some construction s near the washington monument.ton the national capitol planningplg commission has okayed theay design of a new visitorssitors screening center. the center will replace a temporary structure.t it's expected to take two ande n a half years to complete. >> it cwill look lot nicer. >> coming up on fox5 newsx5 news morning google's super bowl adbd has an unexpected reaction onac some of its customers.. >> queen elizabeth gets ready ry top celebrate another milestone that no other british monarch has received. >> don't stop believing said patriots fans everywhere last e night, right.right. fox5 news morning back rights m after this. afte >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:44 is the time right now. happening today the queen ofg td england celebayra tting a milestone. she'll commemorate her 65th 65th anniversary as queen.nniv here's a question for you.n for. what do you get a woman who seemingly has everythingveything sapphires, that's the answers, of course. t the 65th year y of her reign and 65 is theth sapphire anniversary.nnivsary. it's also al
5:45 am
no other british monarch hastis ruled that long. lon queen elizabeth is 90 yearsis 9 old. >> that's one amazing woman.amaa >> yeah. >> look how beautiful shebeautie looks. >> i know. incredible. >> yes. >> ♪♪ omas.ike thu mike th there's the queen of englandegld and then you.d then >> we're on slightly differentd levels >> we're not getting youyo anything. >> but listen you are liker royalty this week if you'rey th bringing us near 70's in in february. >> i'm trying. >> i mean, come on.>> >> you know, i got an e-mail io- this weekend from a nigerianer prince so i just might beust royalty. >> really. >> i'm entitled to his fortune. >> right. >> ♪♪ [laughter] >> we'll find out.out. hey, all you got to do is sandy little money and he'llitt send a bunch back hemo tellsney. sunny and mild later thislaer t afternoon. it's going to be a beautiful start to the work week here, even warmer as we get into theng middle of the t ther as w week. believe it or not we have 60's ' maybe a couple get close to 70 0 as we head into your tuesday
5:46 am
d however, that warmth does comets with a price and that price p will be the chance of some ome showers tomorrow morning andning it looks through the firstgh half of wednesday that we thawe could have a couple moreve a coe showers around the region as well and then winter is not the done yet. we get a brief shot of colderfcold air thursday into friday maybee even a couple snowflakes on thursday that we're going topl o keep an eye on here.ep an eye on no real details on that justjut yet. we have to watch it as we headee to the next day or so.o. 33 degrees your current numbercn here in washington so stillon s need the jacket as you headou he out the door this morning o30go0 for gaithersburg, dulles in the 20's as du well as manassasa culpeper all of them in theofthe 20's as they start their day. d. good morning leonardtownleondton 32 degrees for you as you wake up on a monday morning.orning. satellite and radar herell generally speakingite we got al these clear skies just on ther to thesk west.west that's all trying to scoot incoi our direction so a good amounto of sunshine coming our wayng ouy later on this afternoon t again, expect pentagon mostly ey conditions.cond low pressure starting to pushsut in froming tothe west. high pressure to the south.essu. we get a southerly push of pushf warmer air this afternoon andera temperatures here in d.c. inures
5:47 am
maybe a 60-degree reading or two not too far south of thet city as we work our wayoo finto those afternoon hours so a a monday worth getting out andut d enjoying if you're able to dotod so after work and school.. sunrise this morning, sunsetuset tonight is 5:36.:36. adding about two minutes plus ps of daylight a day now.ayli a d so, we're on our way to spring s and summer eventually.enlly and that's a quick look at theke futurecast. re clouds and showers that will tht move in from the southwest asomt we head to award the late evening and overnight hours. ho. here's your tuesday morningy rng commute. maybe some rain around forsome i that. but as we get into thee get intt afternoon hours we break theak clouds up just enough to geto e some sunshine and really heaty t things up. fox5 accuweather 7-dayer 7-day forecast 67 your daytime high hh tomorrow o66 on wednesday.en then things start to change on n thursday. is possible.pole. temperatures peak early in therk 40's and e then we fall the res of the day. the all right, that's a check ofa ch the erin como isr getting you to yoo work on time on a mondaya moay morning. >> we're trying trying . 5:47. dealing with this.
5:48 am
95 northbound a disabled truckou blocking the shoundlder d on thl so a few extra minutes needed.n. look at the yellow. we have a crasokh in athe backp there. let's switch it over for a live lookswit outside.. shoulders blocked towardsocked newington as i get out of the i way you can see as they they readjust the camera you can see traffic flowing but to theco left. behind the sign there'sign thers flashing lights right there. lig again the crash is blockingis bg the left shoulder.shulde save yourself a few extraextra minutes to get past thatat scene. scene. as we hop to our maps 95 maps 95 northbound as you head uphboundu through newington, the inner loop looking good throughod thuh annandale. we're problem free on 395 to5 to the 14th street bridge in fact t all of our area bridges are atrt speed. i like what i'm seeing on then wilson bridge american legione n bridge reason 11th street reasoh bridge. s t to see any congestion congesti from 50 down to the 11th the 1 street and 50 itself outside thee beltway through bowie lookingk good and inside the beltwayide y just a touch of congestion congn picking up 50 inbound through cheverly as you head towardstows 295. 29 earlier crash on the outercrash loop byon georgia avenue hasue s cleared. we're at speed right now buto we are starting to see somee volume picking up.
5:49 am
where we're seeing quiet conditions 270 southbound as so you come down from frederickfrec through the truck scales aboutet a 10 minute delay there and then 66 eastbound light traffic volume 234 to nutley street. metro is onvoluey time. ti any questions at erin fox5 d.c. onestio twitter.twtter. back to you wisdom and holly. ho >> thanks erin. 5:49. etailsdlearning new d this morning about an indiana ia university college studentlege t from rockville that died over dd the weekend.the wekend police say this man bradys maady distefano is being held without bond and is facingfacing assault charges on friday fiday night distefano got into an altercation with caleb zweig z and choked him. hm. zweig later died at the he hospital. the two men were members ofmemef the phi delta fraternity. >> meanwhile prince george'shile county police are looking forolc several peoplee they say
5:50 am
a car rammed a police cruiserme and then tried to run over an o this happened around 11:30:30 saturday night near 51stea1s street in bladensburg.bladensbug police were investigating theine report of a stolen car whenr whe they spotted the vehicle.ehicle. investigators say the driver drv crashed into a police cruiser ce and then tried to hit an officer. officer. police fired shots at thets at e suspects but they drove away. a. no one was hurt and a short a time later a car matching theche stolen vehicle's description was that found burning on jurnij street in northeast.nortast. police are still investigating. >> some businesses at restoneson town center joining forces forcs over a parking app they say is hurting their bottom line. lin they plan to hold a.m. meeting m this afternoon top discuss top potential legal action.l legal n in january the town centerown cn implemented a new paid parking g system. if the business you're he buss you' visiting does not have a designated validation area, you have to download an a.ownl some retailers say customersus are complaining the parkingparig system is just way too complicated. >> people don't want to given'te their license platee information. that theyhat the have to know which garage
5:51 am
they parked in.they par different retailers haveav different garages that they validate in which is confusingco for the customers.. >> he represents one of 60ts on0 other businesses who are meeting to investigate their options.. each retailer decides whetherci to participate in the validation program and whichwhch garages they choose to to lidately.y. >> 5:51 is the time.>> 5 let's take a look at thelook at stories you're engaging withu're the most this morning onmorning social mdia. >> maureen is back standing byny at our realtime newts tracker.r >> good morning to both ofad mot you.h first up internet servicenternee providers are no longerare no ln allowed to participate in the federal lifeline the lifeline program provides pv low income americans withericanw internet the fcc said federal regulators blocked nine companies from taking bpalrt ina that program. ro the lifeline program wasram was established in 1985 andand provides discounted phone andona internet service. thein fcc expanded the pro
5:52 am
band and according to pew research 5 million householdsili with school aged children are without internetoo l acagcess. s next up, last night before b the super bowl the nfl honored n hall of fame players from historically black collegesleges and universities. many praised the move because they say the conivtribuistion ef hbc us often goes unmentioned.n. honorees included jerry riceer e and michael strayhan. google's new super bowl ad d literally came into many ma people's homes.people's homes the feels good google home ad triggered houses with the google assistants. a in the commercial severalrcial l families give their google ggle home commands.ho several people took to bel social media to share pehoopw te commercial set off their ownir n devices. one person tweeted the ad gave e his google home a melt down. dow lady gay gallon brought theal house down at last night'sn super bowl
5:53 am
she sang god bless america and this land is your land.nd. she lept from the roof in an fr acrobatic displayin beforefore jamming tout mashup of herof her many hits. and finally tom brady andlyd the new england patriots ared pa once again supertr bowlowl champions and after the gamethe brady broke down in tears asear he hugged his mother who hasmoth been battling an undisclosedunde illness. it was the first game hisgamehis mother had attended all season long. brady had said last week hesaide wanted to win the game for her h and boy, did he do it in grand fashion. fashi >> yup, sure did.. >> do you have have that wholewh second half thing. half th couldn't you just win from thefe start. >> the movie flit still on top t at the box office. the thriller brought in in $14 million. not far behind anotheran thriller "rings" this eveninggse million followed by "a dog'snifa purpose" d and "hidden figures"i each bringing in 10 million.0
5:54 am
out the top five with wth 7 million. >> it was an historic super bowl victory for the newe england patriots. last nigenht's super bowl win bn coming as a big loss for theforh atlanta falcons.lcns. this was the scene late lasttast night at an atlanta retailer. ra employees had to remove on the falcons victory shirts from mannequins and championshipns am hats frompi store she
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> right now as you wake upht n around theow area this monday morning, seven eastbound aund crash blocking the right before loudon county parkway.on. moving things along 66alog eastbound some light volumee lie picking up as you make your yo way 234 to nutley street sotreeo heading through centrevillerouge you'll need to leave a touchuch early. early. things on 28 still looking goodbye frying pan road.bye 95 northbound in virginiav disabled truck blocking theing e shoulder on the ramp to themp te springfield interchange.fiel
5:57 am
there as you make your way up ap through newington. we haugvh e a crash b
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