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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 6, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. right now at 10:00, can i say nova conartist, a local man is using online dating services to meet women and swindle them for thousands of dollars. how he's to get end away with it time and time again. >> bed bugs and rodents infesting a
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revolved in a matter of days. e much longer. students and family are coping. >> nearly three years after the local model and aspiring rapper was murdered in front of his mother's home, his mom still looking for answers >> detectives, law enforcement have not been >> at 10:00, one woman's mission to find justice for her son. we begin with a fox 5 exclusive, a conartist targeting women across the country find his latest in montgomery county. i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. the women you're about to meet thought she could trust the man she had been dating two months. then she learned the truth, marina marraco is live in bethesda with the story. >> reporter: police here if montgomery county were first alerted to this criminal can i say nova in late december. his
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coming from social media where apparently he continues to lure other women in the area. >> seemed charming >> seemed like love at first sight >> we could go to dinner or an nba game and you know, most people have the check card in their pocket. this guy would have a wad of cash, like i would guess 8 to $10,000 in cash. >> lavish dates hour long conversations that included what this woman thought was proof of her man's wealth >> he had $98 million in a statement account. he showed me a deeded trust statement for luxurious properties between la, miami, and even here. it's all safe.
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so the fact that he was on his phone having business calls seemed real. so yes, he is a professional conartist. >> she checked online for her new boyfriend but there was no apparent damage footprint. a man this montgomery county woman met on a dating website. two months in the pair had a tripped to celebrate her birthday. text messages with his supposed assistant showed plans to travel there on her new boyfriend's private jet. in two months, she only had videos of their dogs playing to show for their relationship but a red flag did come in the form of a check. >> it was $700. >> reporter: at the bank she saw it with her own eyes >> it was made out to this company that i've never heard of. and it was endorsed. it looked like my signature were you the his initials the name he was
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as mine. >> reporter: officers had no record of devon glaze but quickly she learned she wasn't the only woman caught on his trail. >> i went to rip-off and typed in the name devon glaze and that's where everything just was in front of me. >> reporter: dozens of women across the country and california, florida, illinois and georgia claim they too were scam by this man. mug shots and rap sheets that include felony theft felony and fraud were edged across court documents with this man's name. she confronted him and he denied it and disappeared. until her friends found him on yet another dating ap with a new name, charles? my heart dropped. because i thought maybe he would leave the area. >> reporter: she got a
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another woman who says she's an arlington county public school teacher also scammed by the same man. >> she said that she found another woman who they got engaged. and they, she booked the hotel, had invitations made. >> reporter: this montgomery county woman got her money back and said she'll be ok. she's telling her story for just one reason. >> i would hate for a woman to become engaged to this guy or have a date. i believe he had a lot across the u.s. i believe he's also married to at least five, six women right now with different names and telling them all different stories telling them he's traveling the world for work or family. that's not the case, he's coning you. >> reporter: and because of this case this man is now facing several open warrants
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montgomery county. misdemeanor as well as felony charge forgery. marina marraco fox 5 local news fox 5 >> did police have any ready idea where he lives and resides >> i called police and when i asked for his last registered address. turns out he's been using this woman's address. that's address listed on his driver's license. police i have no idea where this man is and of course, warrants for his arrests not only here but across the country. >> ladies you're warned. marina, thank you. developing in the district, it could be weeks before students of the dc elementary school can return to class in their school building. savoy elementary is infested with bed bugs and rats. it was so bad some students went home with bed bugs bites. school officials originally said this would take a few
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clean up? . >> reporter: that's right. shawn, here's th savoy elementary school would be closed on monday and tuesday. that was the initial information they provided to parents. then on sunday, they essentially said that students would be going to an alternate location for at least a month. when we arrived tonight, the lights were on and pest control crews were here on the father-in-law of savoy. the sign was on the door, we spotted crews down the hall in the multi-purpose room. where the rodent problem we're told on this father-in-law of the school reportedly started. again, school is closed today and tomorrow and here's what we saw tonight, take a look at this video. a maryland based pest control company was here at least a dozen people working on getting rodents and bed bugs out of the school. the pest control crew was also set up in a multi-purpose room. we will likely see more in the coming da
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a massive cleaning and extermination process. on sunday, savoy notified parents on facebook about amount of money plans which include sending savoy students to nearby hope alarm costume. made no mention of how long savoy students would be attend, the alternate locations. neither did friday's correspondence. now, dc public school said savoy students could be displaced the whole month while clean-up is underway after fox 5 local news contacted them. ronda heinz spoke with the district's department of health and said it could be longer than that >> first they have to find out where the infestation is at the heaviest. when they locate where the heaviest is, they can start treating right there. it takes two to three weeks just for a small infestation. but if it's larger, it might run
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whatever it takes. as long as the school is safe health-wise for them babies to come back. >> reporter: dc public schools said it will be providing transportation to the alternate location. what's interesting a resident came up to us while we were out here walking by a woman and a man and they said that even though crew cruise are working feverishly to revolve the production. the real problem is an alleyway people dump their trash. these alleyways attracts rodentses and mice and that's the real problem. until that problem is fixed, this could be a continual problem. a continual issue here at savoy. tisha lewis fox 5 local news.
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crimes a couple was held at gunpoint in front of their small children in the middle of the afternoon. fox 5 lindsay watts is live with the rate of on this crime spree. >> reporter: it happened just down the street from fox 5 in friendship heights. the couple didn't want to go on camera but according to a police report, this is what happened. the woman was getting her two young children out of the back of the car when the robber came up put a gun to her side and demanded she hand over her diaper bag. that suspect went around car to her husband, who was in the driver's seat, told him to empty his pockets and took off run and. we talked to victims of another recent crime it happened just a few miles from here >> x box, a laptop. >> we ended
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>> it was like. >> reporter: items taken from these guys who live on x street near georgetown. they say they've always felt this was a safe area but then early friday, someone broke into their home while they were sleeping. the thieves came in through a back door that has been better secured since. they think it was only one person, because there were valuables that could have been taken that were left behind. police told these victims they are not alone and there have been a wave recently around the area. >> there are similar cases around the neighborhood pretty much electronics and money lost. we were all in the house asleep, and we have friends that -- >> someone could of easily been on the couch asleep. and some guy came i
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x box. that's scariest part >> dc's second district there have been 34 reports of theft. there have also been four robberies and burglary we mention here. they could be part of a bigger crime spree. they're saying npd is currently investigating a number of robberies that have occurred in districts 2, 4 and 5. we believe theame suspects are responsible for the spree of city-wide crimes. there's a dark-colored sedan or light colorado sedan. we have utilized our departmental helicopter as a valuable resource to combat these crimes. police are putting in extra efforts to try to get to the bottom of this. the couple robbed here in friendship heights are hoping for their neighbors's help, somebody may have caught the
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suspect on surveillance camera. they say that the suspect took off on garrison street towards 39th. then they believe that he took a left from fort reknow park and this happened on saturday afternoon. it was around 1:00. if you do have information about these crimes, of course, contact dc police. re. an a inspiring fashion designer and rapper, in early 2014 he seemed to have it all. ♪ ♪ >> it came to an bramante and tragic end outside of his mother's house when he was shot nearly 30 times. her mission to find justice for her son next when fox 5 news at 10:00.
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headed for the u.s. supreme court >> are you more comfortable texting than making phone calls? what one psychologist said is causing all the anxiety. >> much colder air isn't far behind, we'll talk about the next chance of snow tomorrow on fox 5 news morning. abrupt
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. tomorrow could be better. is that right, sue palka >> we might be breaking record high temperatures tomorrow shawn, there could be spots if we get sun. it was more typical's of what we might see in late march, early april, 61 at reagan. 63 at dulles, bmi 61, a beautiful day, lovely evening, temperatures aren't even that cold at this hour. and here's where we're thinking we're heading tomorrow. we're going to forecast a high of 67 degrees tomorrow. the record is reagan national is 64. we set that in 2008. and 1887. not sure we're going to hit 70 at reagan national but some places could hit 70 south of dc if we get sunshine. and the last time we had a 70 degree day in february was in 2012. there will be showers around tomorrow morning, so you don't want to leave without your umbrella in the morning. but there will probably be gone after just a couple of hours and looks like most of the day will be dry after we get through a
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current manassas is still 54, dulles 51, cooler toward frederick. cumberland 43. we're staying mild tonight. we will see the clouds increasing showers will develop. the bulk move through between 5:00 in the morning and 8:00 in the morning, the rest of the day should be dry and mild. we'll talk more about what to expect tomorrow and i got snow in the forecast. i'll fill you in in a few minutes at my tony? it has been nearly three years since a model an inspiring rapper was gunned down in a vicious attack. this mother believes it was an ambush. dimencio lewis was making his mark when his life was taken in the hail of gunfire. paul wagner has the rewind to the crime. ♪ ♪
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argument, dimencio lewis had his own style. that's him, high healed times, a guitar. 23-year-old couldn't get enough of the fashionable stitches and colors that made him stand out. come on, check these out. that was all dimencio >> he loved modelling but he wrote songs. he did music. so many things. he was talented. he made his own clothes. we spoke with the mom before the first anniversary of his son's death, nearly three years later knows little more than she knew back then >> the detectives, l
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side with this. dead on the street. it's nothing like that. my son had no affiliation with drugs, balance, nothing at all. so it bothers me that justice is not done. >> reporter: he was openly gay, which his mothers things may have had something to do >> absolutely. absolutely. because he had such a good heart, a good spirit. just because he was a gay man. he still was dimencio, my son, my baby. and he wouldn't hurt anyone. violence or causing any hurt or harm or danger to anyone, he wouldn't do that. >> reporter: dc police have said little about what may have happened the night of march 13th, 2014, but this much is clear. the night he was killed, had he just had dinner with his mother and the
10:21 pm
company together. when dimencio got call. he told his mother chris was wait downstairs and he'd be right back. within minutes an officer nearby heard multiple gunshots and found him lying here in the middle of the street southeast. his mother said he had been shot 27 times. it was vicious killing. why? >> the last memory i have of my son because we were extremely close, he left out the door telling me he will be right back. and we were having a wonderful dinner, salmon and steak and he went out the door laughing and smiling and blowing kisses at me and i said hurry up back. i did not realize that would be the last time i would see my son. >> reporter: dc police said the gunman may have left the area in a honda
10:22 pm
voice can be the voice to the voice less because a lot of mothers suffering like i am. i want that for my son. i hear him speak that to me frequently that he wants justice. and so do i. >> he was 23 years old when he was killed. there's $25,000 on the table for the person who can tell his mother and police why. paul wagner fox 5 local news. they got to stay up all night. let's take a look at the floor of the u.s. senate where senate democrats right now are holding the floor for 24 hours, they're doing this right now to protest the nomination of betsy devos as education secretary. we have seen a number of senators throughout the night making statements. they plan to keep this happen we will keep an eye on this >> we caugh
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expected to speak, his message on all of this when we come back. take a look at these barbeque trophies: "best cracked pepper sauce" "most ribs eaten while calf roping".
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senate is set to vote tomorrow but there's a last minute push to block the confirmation of betsy devos. it appears efforts will come up one vote short. group of protesters gathered outside the capitol tonight, and senate democrats are holding the senate floor overnight to protest the nomination of betsy devos. tim kaine will be taking the 3:00 a.m. time slot. he spoke to fox 5 earlier. >> on any nomination, we're entitled to have 30 hours of debate. a day and a half. one day and six hours. this is big important position, i don't think there's anything more critical to the nation's economy than how we educate our
10:27 pm
also to our economy. hours of debate and the majority it's their right to say if you're going to do that we're going to make you do it overnight. 30 hours consecutively. >> the votes in the senate appear to be grid locked in a 50-50 split. if that's the case, the tie breaking votes goes to mike pence who has said he will vote to confirm betsy devos. judges are set to hear arguments tomorrow in the legal battle over president trump's executive order on immigration and refugees. the justice department found a new defense of the order with the federal appeals court on friday, a federal judge in washington state temporarily halted the travel ban. justice department lawyers say a travel ban is what they call a lawful exercise of the president's authority to protect national security and that the judge's order to put the policy on hold should be overruled. whatever the appeals court decides, they could ask the supreme court to intervene >> hundreds of
10:28 pm
slashed from metro. we'll positions are on the chopping block.
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. this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. back now with tonight's top stories first bed bugs and rodents? crews are working to clean up a southeast alarm school. tisha? >> reporter: shawn a long day here at the elementary school for pest control crews, wrapped up just moments ago. they were here hoping to tackle the rodent and bed bugs problem, we can tell you that timeline is changing about problem will be revolved. it started as a couple days of school closed have now turned into several weeks. we're hearing that it coulding longer. shawn? . police tracking dozens of
10:32 pm
northwest. according to crime reports there have been nearly 35 thefts and robberies in the area in the last five days. among the victims a couple robbed at gunpoint. we're getting young kids out of a car. >> reporter: he's been swindling women out of money for years, this man has several open arrests warrants in montgomery county. take a look. this is trevor devon, who also goes by devon glaze, one of his most recent victims lives in gaithersburg and although he only robbed her of $700, she's telling her story in hopes of saving another woman from falling in his trap. you see marina out there without a coat. eight mild evening following a very mild day. and with temperatures not getting cold tonight we're going to be seeing the mild morning continue. do be prepared for the possibility of morning light rain or showers between about 5:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the morning, i don't think it las
10:33 pm
clouds might linger until the early afternoon. if we enough sun we're likely headed for 70 and will probably break the record at reagan national. now, we're not done with cold weather yet. cold will return later this week and we're watching the possibility of snow or rain on thursday morning. cold enough that we could actually see a little bit of snow that the snow lovers have been waiting so desperately to seely tomorrow morning, another taste of spring, 45 to 50. again keep the umbrella handy after school, at the bus stop, you're not going to need the rain gear, you'll need to shed the jacket, 65 to 70 56d school it will be breezy, cloud cover around but the more sun we get the warmer it will be on tuesday. so make plans to get outside tomorrow. tony? bad news for some metro employees, the transit system says it plans to cut 200 more jobs this year. metro sent out a press release saying 200 positions including managers are being
10:34 pm
another 300 jobsr consideration by the board. the latest cuts come after metro announced an initial 500 positions would be eliminated. the new wave of cuts are based on redundancy and efficiency. crime is actually down on metro according to new statistics. over of the later five years, crime is dropped nearly five %. assaults on mr. bus operates went down by 14%. bicycle thefts reduced by 15 and 32% fewer reports of sexual harassment. the transit agency ranked most, there were 53 serious crimes report there. in maryland, 50 at the southern avenue station and in virginia, 16 reports of various crimes at the franconia springfield station if you get an e-mail from the irs ask
10:35 pm
and yrscam. the w 2 fishing exam are fakema to be a corporate employee. if you get one delete it. the irs said it would never e-mail you and ask for personal information. a local community is preparing for the unthinkable. faith leaders in prince william's county met with police to learn how to protect the congregations in an emergency situations it's part of a program called worship watch. anjali hemphill has more. >> reporter: many churches like this one already have basic security measures in place, today's political and cultural climate have forced some to consider taking further steps >> we just need to raise awareness about our surround goes >> a house of worship is a safe haven. but this diverse crowd of safe leaders are here to learn how to make theirs more secure. >> if you were to find yourself in the middle of an
10:36 pm
shooter event. >> reporter: the prince william's county police department and representatives from several local churns and mosques watched videos like this one, part of a program call worship watch. it's an ongoing effort to allow faith based organizations to have an open line of communication with local law enforcements and a plan for both natural disasters and active violence. >> you see it's just crazy. every life is important no matter what color. >> reporter: local chaplain says there have been several times where he's worried about the safety of both his staff and church goers. >> i just made a list, as i said, she was talking. and i came up with 11 different incidents that occurred over the years. >> reporter: leaders now learning life saving techniques like proper lighting, escape routes and urged to create safety teams within the congregation. >> do you have some sort of plan of
10:37 pm
something happens. >> reporter: a lesson evmotes p must prepared. >> it's troubling. it's heartbreaking to know that the society in which we live in today has caused this. how we come into church for worship and praise. how we have to teach people how. everyone that comes into our church come in. >> reporter: most local police departments do offer a service where officers can come out to inspect and advise the institution or business on how to be safer. in manassas, anjali hemphill, fox 5 local news. have you -- i know you seen it. people are cracking up at melissa mccarthy's impression of sean spicer on saturday night live >> did he find it funny? see what he has to say >>
10:38 pm
this picture on inag wahlberg said they had to cut out because his younger son wasn't feeling well. he wrote i would have loved to be at the stadium, but family first. we'll be right back. k. >> appears most americans don't have the will to create a will because a new survey finds more than half of adults don't have one. two biggest excuses not getting around to it and then don't have enough assets. brand name drug, the average price for the most commonly used jumping 11% but popular generic dropping by 9%. looking for a job, look into the general. the discount retailer planning to hire around 10,000 works as it opens up 1,000 new
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♪♪ never waver. ♪♪ because going around is rarely ever as enjoyable... going right through. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ people still buzzing about actress melissa mccarthy's
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appearance. the sketch caught the attention of the real sean spicer. caught up with fox and friends for this reaction. >> it is cute. funny. i'd rather talk about the issue since the president is committed to helping americans but you know, it's part of american culture. >> the snl skit has been viewed more than 12 million times on you tube. he went on to say he thought she did a good job but chewed too many pieces of gum. looks like 24 pieces >> killing the gum a little bit. when she first came out, when the skit first who is that? it's amazing then when i heard the voice, my goodness, it's melissa mccarthy. great surprise. >> well, perhaps you saw it tonight the second episode of the new fox series 24 legacy aired right here on fox 5. just a moment we're going to hear from this guy the star of the show, first if you haven't seen the thriller
10:44 pm
>> why does he need to be you >> he was the youngest squad leader. he doesn't fail. the battle isn't over. >> we left all this for a reason. >> all over this country. do you understand me? >> it's intense, the star 24 legacy is dc native corey hawk ins >> he was previously on the hit tv show the walking dead. you perhaps best know him as dr. dre. corey's mom dc police officer who often gives him advice about his acting roles. in fact, corey told wisdom about it >> do you ever talk to your mom about the action venture? did she give you advice about taking on an action role on tv? you know you got to rely on mom. you got to ask her everything >> she gave meor
10:45 pm
sometimes i want >> you got to filter some of that out >> she'll watch a show and she'll be like i think in this part. she's great. she loves the business too. she's actually a police officer in dc. you know, she, has been my entire life. so, you know, i look up to what she does. she's loving the ride just like i am. she loves that side of it. you can you know, so it's fun to see my family enjoy it. >> corey it is fun to enjoy watching 24 legacibia airs monday nights at 8:00 p.m. right here on fox 5. when we come back, the district is getting ready to welcome a new baby eagles. we'll have a live check in from the nest. hear from the local actress who shared the super bowl mvp tonight at 11:00.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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♪ ♪ some exciting news, the district is getting ready to welcome yet another baby eagles let. there's a live look at the eagles cam showing freedom and justice you remember them, bald eagle purged outside of the southeast academy. they've been there more than a decade. dc police announced today they recently produced one egg. the eagles is expected to hatch some time next month. and an egg may pop up in the next couple days >> the last time this happened the whole region was on eagles watch. there's a little movement. >> it's fascinating. >> i hope the second one that would be nice. enjoy the company. . little warmer for the little eggs. >> signs of spring. my gosh, so
10:50 pm
reagan national. will be warmer tomorrow. we're really thinking the reagan national will break the record and we may be headed for 67 degrees here in the city. south of dc with enough sunshine you may actually be looking at 70. saw another great sign of spring not just the eagles nest. 6:00 i mentioned it wouldn't be long before we got crocus pictures. lion groundhog. that's very cute thank you for the picture. i have that on my facebook and twitter page, if you get any crocus shots send them to me. again, i do have a little bit of snow in the forecast, which we'll talk in a moment. we got a warm front coming through. we're not going to have a cold night. 49 in dc. you can see the warm air not gotten up to bing ton new york city or boston 34, they can keep warm from the warmth of their trophies the lombardi tropy,
10:51 pm
congratulations patriots fans, unbelievable game. but here is something that's a little bit unbelievable and it's the temperature trend. up and then down. average high now climbs to 45 degrees. we're going to be way above tomorrow at 67. wednesday pretty mild. this will ker earlier and then drop. william be cooler on thursday with a temperature of 43. colder still for friday at 39. so we're going to keep these crocuses from blooming too much. a little bit of rain in the forecast tomorrow, doesn't look like a lot of rain but enough that you may need rain gear a few hours tomorrow morning, i think by about 10:00, 11:00, this is all out of here. frontal boundary pushes through. strong south breeze. keeps us mild overnight. temperature in the 40's. showers around in the morning. they're gone by noon at the latest. and if we get peaks of sun in the afternoon, definitely 60's doable maybe 70 again down to our south and this is what we're predictingor
10:52 pm
tomorrow. 67 dc morning showers, 69 f fredericksburg, 67 for culpeper. winchester 68. manassas 68. annapolis 61, we also have a little bit of a breeze tomorrow afternoon, don't let that surprise you, it could gust 2030 miles per hour, that's a strong south breeze and it will be noticeable but certainly won't be bringing in cold air, we'll wait until thursday and why are we saying all eyes on thursday? because as colder air is trying to come in. looks like a weak wave of low pressure will be passing by to our south and we could see rain changing to snow on thursday. obviously it will be warm next couple days. we're not sure how much of this is going to be able to accumulate. but if it's vigorous enough we may have delays to talk about on thursday mortgage. we'll be watching that closely. here's tomorrow morning's rain. as i show you quickly into thursday, don't be too alarmed you'll see the snow coming
10:53 pm
overnight and be around at 4:00. by time we get the rush hour started it appears to be out. it's a quick hitter thursday, we have a few days to continue to watch. ground temperatures mild with these kinds of highs the next two days. thursday morning, rain or snow, and maybe a little bit of both, we're cold again on friday. but then, we're bounce, right back up. look 10 weekend. mid 50's saturday, sunday 64 with a few showers possible. monday about 55, up and down this week with a little something for everybody. shawn, tony back to you the wizards and caps need a little extra time >> let the politics begin, less than 24 hours after hoisting the trophy, a member of the patriots says he's skipping a white house visit. >> tomorrow on good day dc valentine's day week away and we have everything you need to know, make a reservation buy chocolates and flowers. if you're not down with the mushy stuff.
10:54 pm
give your sweetheart something special and your tuesday talkers all tomorrow on good day dc. valentine's day
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. 17 straight wins this is a team that didn't hit the 500 mark until december. they came in four and a half games behind first place cleveland. this is also a team in the league ranked 25 out of 30. you know a lot of those tickets went to calves fans. wizards down by three. labron james is going to get blocked. wizards breaked and they go to bradley beal toward the top of the key, three is good, 116 beal with game high 41 points. then in the final seconds of the game, the cavs down by three, a long inbou
10:58 pm
retrieves, spins,k board for three good with less than a second. it stuns everyone. ties the game. james had 31 points, followed you out. gives the cavs the lead, the wizards lose. this is the first home loss in two months. good things are happening there for surely check them out. one of the stars in the patriot super bowl who brought his young daughter to the post game. he will skip the white house whenever that ends out being, he said check his twitter feed which is clearly anti-trump. brady skipped the team's white house visit two years ago he said he had a family commitment but seen working
10:59 pm
stadium. let's take you to atlanta. stores were so sure of the falcons win they not only boxed the championship gear they put it on the mannequins and shelves but here you see them packing things up. packing the hats and shirts, sending them back, longstanding relationship with the international charity that ships the gear up to far away countries. that gear goes a long way in clothing the less fortunate. any time you have a super bowl like that, what do you do with the shirts and hats? they were all ready to go. they were all in on that. >> i think a lot of people were. you know, >> i think we all were too. now, half time, ok, this is. >> i believe when it's 28-3, that's a pretty safe sight. all the stores open up early. open up late. . >> they were probably up really late making up those changes. >> thanks, jim. >> news at 11:00 starts now. ♪ ♪. this is fox 5 local news a
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11:00. at 11:00, police say he is the sweetheart since thennedler >> he seemed charming. have all the stuff together. just a good first did it >> police are looking for the man who uses online dating aps to conwomen out of thousands of dollars. >> a local school infested with bed bugs and rodents, we've learned the clean-up is going to take much longer than anticipated. a joyful reunion at dulles for brothers who sued president trump. the staggerthing amount. a casanova contrast. police are looking for a man accused of scamming women across the country. >> she said she dated him two months before she learned the truth, fox 5 marina marraco has the story. ma


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