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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  February 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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were last seen 24 days ago. >>reporter: this this is an apartment complex in springfielf where they were last seen. we were right next to the capital beltway and today fairfax countyan police release some new information about thet person that may be with theh th mother and the it's this man. he's 18 years old and his nameme is jose contact till a leave as. he's father of the baby. police believe that the three may be together.ethe no one has seen them since the middle of january. let's show you some pictures now that we shot here at the apartment complex earlier today. fairfax county police have been trying to find lizzie rivera could he line dress and her son aiden for more than three weekse now and today a team of officers came out here to this apartment complex on back like road looking for anyone that can help them. officers fanned out with flyersr and questioned anyone they came across while also knocking
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many doors as they do. it's where lizzie and her baby were last seen.n. listen now to officer contain if right explain the circumstancesm of their disappearance of wheree the -- and where the investigation has now gone.. she was last seen on january 141 around 10:00 p.m. at fight at her home by her mom. when her mom woke up the next day, lids i and the baby were gone. her mom was very obviously experience bad this so they t reported her to missing police. we have been looking for her and the baby every since. has there been any investigatioi that these two are alive somewhere and want to be away from the area? anything at all. >> we've received a lot of conflicting information, but we do know that they left togethere where they are now, that'sat's exactly what we're trying to figure out and we're hoping that the more people we talk to, the more we get out and talk to the same people over and over we're hoping that somebody will giveve us some information that we can connect to other information we
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let's take another look at this photograph. these 18 year old jose contact see a rivas, he's the father of the five month old baby. a protective other was taken out by the 16 year old against mr.ry vast. we went to the fairfax county courthouse to see that protective order, but we were told it is under seal. the center for missing and exploited children who is based in alexandria. if you have seen this man, calla fairfax county police immediately in springfield, paul wagner, fox5 local news. > we have a followup on a fox55 exclusive now.clus last night we told you about a ma'am who is scam women across a the country, including oneudin person in montgomery county.nt after our story aired we heard from a handful of other womenr who apparently were victimizedcm by the same guy. fox5's marina maracco has been
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following this story. she joins us live from bethesda with more. >>reporter: we've heard from plenty of other women since our story aired last night. it has taken off on social media much we've not only heard from women, we've heard from realtors who say they, too, have been conned by this man. they range geographically from virginia all the way up to baltimore and today we've beene able to confirm that there is now a parallel investigation tot the one right here in montgomery that investigation happening inn howard county, also trying to track the whereabouts of this man believed to be a con artist who is also scam more victims.m take a listen tomo one of his latest victims, her story here from montgomery county. he seemed very charge, has all of his stuff together.geth >> it seemed like love at first site. we would go out to dinner or we would go to an
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people have a check card ind their pocket. the guy would have a wad of cash. i would guess 8 to $10,000 in cash. they spent hour-long conversations what included what this woman thought was proof of herman's wealth. he had $98 million in a high yield savings account.nt he has shown me deed of trust statements for this very luxurious properties between la, miami, and even here.e. it's all fake. none of these were red flags to you. so the fact that he was on his phone having business calls. there was no apparent distaj footprint.foot a man this montgomery county mon woman met on a dating
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planned trip to costa rica to celebrate her birthday. texas messages with his supposed assistant showed plans to fly there on her new boyfriend's private jet. a red flag eventually did come in the form of a check. i was $700. > at the bank seesaw it with her own eyes.her there it was, it was made out to this company that i've neverver heard of called fleet street.eet it was endorsed. it looked like my signature, about about but his initial, the name that he was using was thes same initials as mine. when she reported to him to police, officers had no record of devon glaze, but quickly she learned she wasn't the only hot trail. i typed in the name devon glazen and that's where everything just
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dozens of women across the country in california, florida,d illinois and georgia all claimed they, too, were scammed by thiss man whose reel name is trevor devon fordham.n mug shots that date back to the early 2000s and wrap sheets that include, forgery and fraud are etched across court documentsss with c this man's name. she confronted him and he denied it all and then disappeared. until her friend met him on another dating app, this time with a new name, charles. my heart dropped because i thought maybe he would leave the area. then she got a call from another woman who says she's an arlington county public schoolhl teacher also scammed by the same man. she said that she came across another woman who actually they got engaged and they booked -- she booked the hotel, had invitations this h montgomery county got he money back and says she'll
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okay. but he says she's telling herlig story for just one reason.n. i would hate for a woman toan become engaged to this guy or have a baby with this guys because i believe he has multiple kids across the us. i believe he's also married to at least five or six women right now with different names. and he's telling them all these different stories of him travelling the world for work or for family and it's not the case. he's conning you. > since our story aired lasted night there has been a subsequent investigation,stig criminal investigation that's been opened in howard countyunty with another victim. now here in montgomery countycon because of this woman's story this man now facing several opel warrants for his arrest and he's facing charges both misdemeanord as well as felonies for fraud and forgery. live tonight in bethesda, marind maracco, fox5 local news. > on this vote, t
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50, the anyways are 50. the senate being equally divided. the vice-president votes in the affirmative and the nomination is confirmed. this has never happenedefore. it took the historic step of the vice president to break a tie and now tonight bet did i devos is now officially the secretary ofially education. > ronica cleary is here with a look at what america's nextt secretary of education will e bring to the table. >>reporter: think devos has been t an active player in the michigan party.y. after major efforts put forth by the democrats and even two republicans who did not vote for her, bet did i devos has been confirmed as the next secretaryt ofhe n education. soon after the hearing that you just heard a little bit of thatt took place today she took to twitter to thank everyoneyone senate, she says i appreciatecit the senate's diligence and i'm honored to serve as
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department of educationn secretary. let's improve option and out comes for all s students. during today's white house briefing, press secretary sean spicer, he spoke about those democrats who worked to stop bets situate devos from becominf the secretary ofro education. the fact that we had to get too the point where theere vice-president had to be pulled in to over come the democrat's historic and partisan log jamb of the president's clarified nominee is another klehring remain of the unprecedented obstruction the senate democrats have engaged throughout this pros. the american people sent ant strong message when they elected president trump in november.embe they're fed up with business in washington. expect voters shouldte remember in a in enacting in a way in putting him into office.. > let's take a look at the philosophies that devos will
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bring with her.r. first, a major point of criticisms that democrats havect brought force.brou it had to do with the fact thatt she has no direct experience in public schools. her work experience, insteadtead it's focused on fill and that pian politics. though she has focused on a on great deal of educational issues while in those rolls. second, she supports school vouchers, school choice and charter schools. next, she served on the board of jeb bush foundation forbu excellence insh f education. bush posted on facebook that he felt detective ertel did i woule make a great secretary ofrt education. now to tell you about a effortse of her in 2000 he she tried to00 give h michigan students $3,000s opportunity scholarships if they attended a school that did not have a graduation rate of at least two out of three students. the scholarship would have allow those students to attend a non a public school
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though the legislation did not pass. divorce did not support common core. what are thoughts on this nomination. find me,where to facebook and twitter at ronica cleary. back to you, jim and star. and > fox5 is going to loudondon county now where some young students are doing their part to protect cheat ass the wild. students in sterling held a k-9 battle. this year they raisedised 928-dollars. this marks the fifth year the school has held the fundraiser for cheat a conservation. c right now at 5, reviving a cold case. my son, my baby. he wouldn't hurt anyone. his heart is pour.hi he wattss an aexpiring fashion designer and rapper shot 30 times outside his
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his mother seeking justice three years afr his death. the white house arguing in court forth reinstatement of presidene trump's executive order.r. while critics say the administration is breathing life into terrorists. mela nanny trump's law soughtht you against a blogger. we got up to 73-degrees at reagan national.nal. the record was 64 degrees.degr hit 72 at dulles and bwi. records across the board, while, we bask in the spring warmthth they're starting to post winter storm watches up throughroug pennsylvania. we could be seeing some snow here, so the roller coaster continues. we ' have a preview of what to a expect right after the break.k. we'll be right back.
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> have you ever how the weathet effects the music you listen to. apparently the forecast plays al huge role in the tunes we choose. gary mcgrady is going to have a lot mere from accuweather and spotify. they got together and saidd they're going to make the perfect weather play list.ay i think there is something like that. let's check in with sue beforeor we get to gary mack grady to see how long we will enjoy thissen usually warm weather
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>> he doesn't have a coat. >> he doesn't need a coat. you probably were able to shed your coat coming into work todak as i'm sure a lot of people today because ding ding ding we broke the records. how about 73-degrees on this february day and dulles at 72. bwi72. incredible. record, theof record was 64 so we definitely have shattered that. that was an old one going back to 2008, but before that 1887. of course records have been kepe at reagan national since 1941 s9 that wouldive been in the city. it's still very mild at 71 here7 in the district. culpeper is 73. hagerstown a little cooler at 54-degrees.54-d annapolis a bit cooler, but leonardtown coming in at 70.. but what an evening this is. it is a little bit gusty, westy, expected the strong winds out ot the south that helped to power the temperatures up and over the 70-degree mark to also be pretty gusty and they certainly are. dallas i getting a
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gaithersburg i also wanted to mention we did have a tremendous severe outbreak today in louisiana. several can tornado have touched down. state of emergency has been ine effect there.en a lot of damage, but no fatalities. system allemt same the way up to our area where we've just had clouds, but could have a few more showers a bit later this that's why we're going to see, we'll keep maybe a random showea innd at 7:00.00. by 9:00, 63, 11:00 62, that's early april weather even at 11:00 at i'm not i've got a big change to tell you about.ut everybody needs to start paying attention to this because ituse looks like we're going froming spring to snow and that will occur wednesday night into n thursdayi morning. we think there will be some rain that develops late tomorrow night, but cold air is pulling into town and that rain is like go to change to some snow overnight. the accumulation because of the warm temperatures should mash
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we're hoping roads won't be tooo bad. we're going to watch the rate at which the snow falls. we certainly think some delaysys might now even be possible on thursday, especially north and west. this just happened a few minutes ago. all of these places up through pennsylvania now in a winter storm system from wednesday night to thursday morning for four to ate inches of snow. s that another february weather. we are definitely onr febr a ror coaster and i know i'm going to trap in. gary, you've got the perfect subject to talk about how weather and music really comeme together in a nice way on a nice day like this. feel us in. i think more than anything it'ss probably just an excuse for me to figure out a way to get outside because it's -- we are down at the georgetownorge waterfront and just a couple of minutes ago there were like 50 people here. i don't know where they all went. a lot of these people have beenn here for two hours.
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doing all kinds of good stuff t. 73 today, give me a break. really, the reason i'm here and this is something that came out, we all know about spotify, right? all my kids use it, i'm sure most of you use it, too. now, spotify has got a really nice little partnership hereip with accuweather. you don't really think about thh two going together, but when you think about it this way it's called climb a tune. spotify got with accuweather and they studied all this weatherer data for a year, other other mon 80 million of spotify's streams, they're trying to pair the music according to the weather outside. spotify with your phone,, preferably on the app. they know what the weather is going to be like. you have different categories, sunshine, so spotify has figured out that for sunny weather people are more inclined to listen to some high energy, up beat music and then if it's rainy, obvioly
5:20 pm
opposite of sunny, right in a little bit more low energy, a little bit more low key, maybee some balance adds or something even tending towards medical con i and snow.and i don't get this at all, but for snow they've kind of isolated that it would more like instrumental type of music.. that's what they've learnedarne anyway. they've got a website, too. on the website -- the web eighti is really neat. they don't want you to go to the website. you can choose different categories to kind of get a play list that coincides with theo particular weather of thein day. if it's sunny, they've got cloudy. if it's gotkgí cloudy, wind definitely all of the weather conditions all o are basically e here. it loose like we're going to end up with almost all of these weather conditionsof over the nt 24 hours so. when we came down here to the waterfront it didn't take longng to find the spotify user, that's for
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hello.hell gary, can you hear us? >> i can hear you. did something happen? no, we, weren't sure if we wering whying to hear more music or if youf were going to dance for us. >> we had a couple of people down here and one of them o thought itf was a great idea -- she actually listening to spotify when we talked to her. she wanted to pick the play list on her own. basically, it's your optionur whether you want to do it or not. i don't want to think about my music, so if i click on that c presidential on than al say give me the right music, pair me the right music, i'd be better offer with that. do not listen toe on a cold rainy day.y. just don't go there. i love her, but -- basically ity takes all your options away. >> yes, it does., you need the
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for the sad, raining days. > i think that's a part item? a thanks, gary, appreciate it. > on the way, a police-involved shooting in southeast d.c. i could have got shot. ' just glad i'm alive. officers open fire shooting a man who they say refused to obey their commands. what witnesses say led up to the altercations and the reaction to all of it. crews comb potomac looking for a missing a major piece of legislationlati that could have put more officers on the street, it's failed the council today, but it's not over yet. i'm matt ackland, i'll explain coming up in a live report.
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something a lot of people ine d.c. is needed to reduce crime, but an emergency plan presented by former d.c. mayor vincent gray failed today too get enough votes. it would move the number to 42. fox5's matt ackland joins us now with more. this no vote wasn't ending thee legislation, was it?slat >>reporter: basically it was an end to it happening immediately. what happens now, it will go to committee and they'll be a ablee to talk about things like how it will work, how much money it m willon cost. the former mayor, gray, and former council member said listen there's a lot of crime happening in ward 7 and if thisf kind of crime was happening allg over the city many more council members would be voting now to enact this law. the declaration fails.. in a 9-4 vote the legislation is defeated p
5:27 pm
neighborhood commissioner from ward 8 to protest loud did i in the hallway. tired of seeing violent crime in his ward 7, council member advice event gray urged the council to act now and not to wait for legislative debate. we have an emergency right now. there is a violent crime crisis in certain parts of the sit particular, especially on the east end. william morris mother vivian was murdered in her wheelchair recently. he thinks more police may have prevented his mother's death. young people running around with these guys. extra police presence need to be on that side all day every day. council members want to hear more about gray's plan to recruit and row contain seniorio officers. but the head of the judiciary committee, charles allen says, the plan needs to be vetted in committee. i think that we need to look
5:28 pm
how wastable lies our officers. we need to be a competitivempet workplace and a place that is a great place to work with a stable workforce. i'm not sure if passing on emergency is the right way to go. some said former mayor gray could have done to recruit and retain these officers when he was leading the city and they say that he is just playing politics now by trying to push this along because there h isau talk thaset the former mayor cod run for mayor in the future.ture but mayor gray today on the die asaid this is simply noty politics at all. he wants to help the people all over the people when it comes tt dealing with violent crime.. live at the wilson building, matt ackland, fox5 local news. ahead at 5:30, deep divide one the hill over the proposed him gracious ban. tom fitzgerald is working that story for us >>reporter: critics are saying that immigration ban will be a recruitment tool for isis, but
5:29 pm
major watchdog group today saidd not so fast. who was responsible for this limo fire during that inauguration day rioting, remember that? showing the exact suspect tossing flares inside the vehicle. it has been nearly three years since the unsolved murder of a d.c. model and appearing rapperp coming uppe where the investigation stands today and why his mother believes he was targeted.
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this is fox5 local news at 5. a look now at more of our top stories. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting in northeast. officers said a man shot to death in the 1500 block of the irving street. there is no word on a suspect or a mot
5:33 pm
investigators trying to figure out an apartment fire in ain a building overnight. this happened at the 300 block northwest. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke exposure. the search continues tonight foh a woman who went missing near the potomac woman.. 66 year old becky mccloskey wass reported missing by her family.y her car was found parked at the virginia side of the river.. search crews are now combing thg area on land, by boat and by helicopter. > tonight, president trump is on defense. commander in chief says his controversial immigration ban is a matter national security andry just plain commonsense he says. remarks came as a federal courtt hearing will begin in just about an hour on whether to allow thew ban to resume or not. there's really a dep divide on capital hill because you have a lot of people who are for thisr and a
5:34 pm
way.way. you're right about this. >>reporter: since the presidene signed this executive order critics have often said this punishes people who have nothing to do with terrorism and there is often this repeated claim r that they are using this to recruit. the president pushed back hardak on all of that, refocusing this debate on what he says spurred the immigration ban to begingin with. and he says that keeping radical islamic terrorists like isis ous of the us. how far are you willing to take your travel ban fight.l ba >> we're going to take it through the system. it's very important for thee country regardless of me or forever successes at a later date, we have to have securityve in our country. key have to have the ability when you take someplace like situate syria you take all of the different people.e di if yffou remember, isis said we are going to infiltrate the united states and other
5:35 pm
and then we're going to have to be tough on the people coming in. and while all that was going on today up here on capital hill in the senate foreign relations committee mr. was a hearinging underway looking at isis andd looking at what the unitedhat states is doing both in syria and iraq. it did not take long for the ranking democrat on this committee, maryland benecard dan to refocus attention on the the immigration it is a recruiting tool for isis. one thing is clear to me, the muslim ban is a recruitment tooe that ill with be used that will help hurt our chances of defeating isis. and no, mr. president this isis not like some other proposal that's been made by previous administrations. this is much
5:36 pm
and is clearly been interpreted and is based upon the religiongn of the individuals.idua and that alienates over 1.7 million muslims globally. > but it turns out the watchdog group,.lid fact they release a report today saying that in their view there has been noen credible evidence that isis is actually using the immigrationri banas a recruitment tool. in fact they quoted the social media who are mocking the words. pow tit facts saying no one has marketing the ban. we're live on the hill. tom fitzgerald, fox5 local news. > d.c. police need your help finding the vandals who set a limo on fire on
5:37 pm
they not only trashed the limo but set it on fire. this happened on k street in franklin square during riots when president trump was being sworn into offers. you can see the vandals tossingn flares into the limo during the video. if you recognize these two people please call also in the district we're learning more tonight about a police-involved shooting that happened in southeast. police say a man allegedly stole a woman's purse from a drugug addiction treatment later and ad moments later he was shot by an officer after refusing to drop the gun. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition.diti now for a new seg men here at fox5 called rewind to the crime where we take a look back at at some of the region's unsolved crimes. tonight we focus on the unsolved murder of an appearing d.c. rapper. it's been threely years since dementia lou is was shot andot killed in southeast. his mother believes it was an ambush, fox5's paul
5:38 pm
the story. >>reporter: ping lips looking like pink lemonade.nade you could say without getting much of an argument dementia lewis had his own brand of style. that's him posing for the camera. high heeled times, sunglasses, a cap and jewelry, a guitar his prop. a 23 year old who couldn't get enough of the fashion al stitches and colors that made him stand out.t. come on, check these out. that was all did i men show. he loved modeling, but he wrote. he wrote songs. he did music. so many things. he was just talented. he made his own clothes. we first spoke with did i men so's mom two years ago just before the first anniversary of his death. sha rita lewis said she's at a loss to explain her son's murder and at this point nearly three
5:39 pm
years later knows little more than she did then. the detective, the lawtive enforcement have not been on my side with this. it's not just another black young man who is dead on the it's nothing like that. my son had no affiliation with drugs, balance, nothing at all. so it bothers me that justice ic not done. > did i men show was openly gay which his mother thinks may hava had something to do with his death.deat absolutely. > why so. >> because he had such a good heart, a good spirit. just because he was a gay man he still was did did i men show. he was my son, my baby. he wouldn't hurt anyone. violence or causing any hurt, harm or danger to someone, he wouldn't do that. c police have said very little about what may have happened to did i men so lewis the night of march 13, 2014, but this much is
5:40 pm
clear. the night that did i men so lou is was killed he had just had hd dinner with his mother and the two were enjoying their companyy together when he got a call on the cellphone. he told his mother chris was waiting downstairs and he'd be'b right back. within minutes an officer nearby heard multiple gun shots and found did i men show plying ing the middle of south place. his mother said he had been shot 20 times. it was a vision killing vicious killing. the last memory of my son he left out the door telling me he would be right back and we were having a wonderful dinner, salmon and steak and he went out the door laughing and smilingd and blowing kisses at me. i said hurry on back. i didn't realize that would be the last time i'd see my son.n. the gunman may have left the area in a hyundai
5:41 pm
she was told two guns were used. it bothers me that justice is not done.. i hope my voice can be the voice to the voiceless because a lott of mothers suffering just like i am and justice is not served. i weren't that for my f involvement i hear him speakort thati to me frequently. > wow. that is difficult, that mom inm such heartache. >> all she wants is justice and p we can help facilitate that, then let's do it. > a new development in first lady me lane yeah trump suit agains
5:42 pm
> jim and star action what ant incredible day it's been with record-high temperatures in the 70s. that's because we're south of a warm front that's all part of a tell that's very strong.on we'll be bringing some snow into parts of the northeast as early as late tomorrow night. winter storm watches are already out in blue for sections ofti pennsylvania and new jersey much how this snow will impact us and your thursday evening commute is coming up when fox5 returns with your seven day forecast forecast
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. > and welcome back, first lady melania trump has settled a defamation law against a maryland blogger. police trump once worked as an escort. he since agreed to apologize to the trump family and pay her what's been called as a substantial sum.
5:46 pm
department story being pressurei to droopy van contact's clothing line. forward strap's said it's going to drop her clothing line. right now almost all ivanka trump merchandise has been drastically marked down on the website. it looks former president barack obama is enjoying retirement. this is a photo of him kitete serving. of after a couple days of learning how to kite surfing he beat mr. bronson. inviting the obamas to his private island to the british virgin islands was a huge honor. he can do it now. the world has been lifted off his shoulders right now? it literally has. that smile. i know. you haven't seen that in the past eight years. is he going to die the hair back
5:47 pm
in. >> he can do whatever he wants a now he's a no one is judging, or at least he dogs haven't have to deal with the public replications. r can't blame him. what a beautiful tuesday afternoon it was. temperatures well into the 70s. we are very warm again to. it could possibly break somebrea records with temperatures well m into the mid to upper 60s. rain comes in in by wednesdaysdy evening and with much colder air surging it it will change the rain over to snow. that's why we've been k-9ingg this week present spring to snow. old record at 64. now a new record high 73-degrees. not tooship i at dulles and bwi. new record high temperatures of 72 degrees. how about dinner outside this evening. might be dark, but it's still 71. still 7 out at dulles. we'll be very mild still gusting
5:48 pm
hour. we've had some higher gusts up to 25 miles an hour. a warm front well off towards our north and the cold front not yet arriving until late tomorrow means we'll have another mildd day. maybe some showers late in the afternoon, but primarily dry with even some peaks of sunshine. temperatures will fall very rapidly overnight wednesday overnight into thursday. you've got cold air pouring in and that's enough for rain to change over to snow from washington and points northwardh it's still dry. rain arrives after midnight.ight we'll stop the clock at 3:00 a.m. temperatures are in the 40s, but it's already snowing north and west. it can snow and snow heavily. gradually from northwest to southeast we'll see the rain rai change over to snow, the exception being southerning maryland and the delmarva. we are expecting that there will be a person of some heavy snowow right around the morning commute
5:49 pm
from 6 to 8:00 a.m. before00 things taper off. accumulations are likely only on grassy surfaces. if things change over quick enough, you can easily get some more accumulations.mula thursday will be incredible colder, windy and with snow squall possible in wi the late evening. here's what we call our snowfall first call. expect. this isolate wednesday night basically through the commutee thursday morning and additionaln snow showers thursday. just northwest of there where you get that elevation bump is where you have a better inch to have an inch to two mainly oniny the grassy surfaces but i could see roads if this comes down heavy enough from hagerstown up through the pennsylvania/maryland border and then over towards philadelphia so finally winter is arriving, but it will be brief. we have morning snow changing to cold conditions. very chilly on friday. look at this weekend forecast, 58 on
5:50 pm
s. 66 on monday.nday happy dances again.ces if you can get through the shoce to your system with the snow anw the cold thursday and friday wey are right back to the spring-like weather.ring we'll send it back to you. > snow. >> why did you have to ruin it? > snow. it's what's on the water buffet, star. thanks. appreciate it.te the patriots are on parade after a fifth super bowl title. he is one of the down field threats, but was he's the deal in what is he going to wearing next season? sports next.
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from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant. > the 2016n season officially s wrapped up about 44 hoursea hins so let's start looking ahead to next the redskins are setting off some alarms bells already. if you look
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cousins he's front and center. the team is from february 15 to march 1, the franchisechis transition tag. who is not there? a couple of receivers. first and foremost desan jackson, a free agent.son, there are a lot of people out there who think he come back from wentz he came, the philadelphia eagles.gles it was good to see him healthy and connect with kirk cousins when he did. pierre garcon he's another freea agent we have to talk about. but can they support another quarterback? they threw a little l parade in boston today, they marked the cracking of bill bell check's smile.ile. it comes with new england's super bowl parade. tom brady also out there. he got a big crowd.d. there's the sp
5:55 pm
tom brady, kind of passed fromed reporter out there.ere. his son was on the boat, too. this is the tenth title. there was buck boats every where.wh georgetown in philadelphia too face villanova, but yesterday the team was involved in a crash on 295 outside of baltimore. the players got off the bus to s help people in the other car who were involved in that crash. there are pictures there. coming up, a special treat for one elementary school in northeast d.c. big day musical guests stopping by for a surprise performance. we'll show you how the students reacted coming up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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members of the c youth orchestra.estr this is all part of a federalral program called turnaround charts. d.c. mayor muriel bowser and anton wilson was there, also. fox5 news at 6 starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 6.t a dramatic search for a missing young mother and her baby, thanks for joining us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. police believe the two might be in the danger.r. they were last seen two weeks ago with the child's father. police have reason to believe mother and son left against their will. fox5's paul wagner starts us off live in springfield with newth information on that disappearance. paul. tony and shawn, fairfax county police sayairfax it's been 24 ds since they've heard from the fro mother and the baby. the this is where they were last seen at this apartme
6:00 pm
here on back cliff road. i'm in springfield right next to the beltway. the police were out here handing out flyers looking for any kind of information. they also release new information about who may bey be with the mother and the baby and it's this teenager much he's 18 years old. his name is jose contact see a, rivas, according to fairfax county police he has gang ties and there was a protective order saying that he couldn't be withn the mother and the baby. let's show you some video that we shot earlier today. fairfax county police have been trying to find lizzie rivera could he line dress and her son aiden for more than three weeks now and today a team of officers came out here to this apartment complex onto t back like road looking for anyone that can help them. officers spanned out with flyers and questioned anyone they came across while also knocking on as many doors as they could. it's where lizzie and her baby were last seen.


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